The Bay of Silence (2020) Movie Script

We're in the bay of silence.
Oh, that's right.
Now, my child,
what is your confession?
I lied yesterday.
I see. Do you often lie,
my child?
If I say no,
will you believe me?
Yes, absolutely.
And what is your confession,
my boy?
Well, I have been having
these impure thoughts
about a woman.
A very fascinating widow.
A famous artist.
How impure?
I wanna live here one day.
- We'll fix it up.
- Mmm.
Well, I can fix up anything.
Um, old bicycles,
broken hearts, anything.
Do you know what they call
this in French?
But you know what it means?
Mussel. A mussel. It's a mussel.
Mm, what else does it mean?
- No idea. No, no, no, no.
- Yeah.
- Really?
- C'est la moule.
- Can I have it?
- That's my moule!
I know. Now it's mine.
You ate my moule!
- Please don't.
- Sorry.
- What's wrong?
- Nothing.
I'm fine.
- Don't do that.
- I... I'm sorry!
- Don't do it.
- I didn't mean to scare you.
Please... Gimme your hand.
Please, say yes.
Have to consult the twins.
We'll get
a proper one later. Okay?
Come on.
What? No! Oh, my god,
you'll break your back!
But we need to do this right.
But I'm so heavy.
No, you're not!
I'm strong for god sakes.
Here we are.
My god. Look at this!
Can you work here?
Come... come.
Yeah, yeah.
Oh, are you okay?
- All right?
- It's okay, it's just a twinge.
Mummy! Mummy!
Mummy! Mummy!
Wait, will ya?
Candy kept saying fuck.
Because we got lost.
Yeah, well the GPS
said to drive into the canal.
Fuck me it's big!
You wanna go
check out the kitchen?
You mean, shall I make some tea?
Yes, come on.
- Hey, girls.
- Hi, will.
- Hi, will.
- Hi candy.
Oh, my gosh, it's huge!
This is so nice.
It's heaven.
I'll check out the bath.
There's no milk!
- Let's Bury will!
- Yeah, let's.
- Lie down, will.
- No!
Oh, no, not in my ear!
Do you think mummy'll have
twins like us?
- We want a baby each, so it'll be fair.
- Oh, do you?
Baby each!
Baby each! Baby each!
Baby each! Baby each!
Hey, will! Lift your head up.
Hey, ros, careful.
Careful! No, ros, no!
- What's happening?
- Excuse me.
Drift you off to sleep now.
What's wrong?
- Suction...
- More suction.
- What's wrong?
- You need to leave now.
Tell me what's wrong, please?
He's a lucky lad.
Had quite a shock
with that fall.
Didn't expect to be born
so soon, did he?
He's sleeping.
And he's beautiful.
Where is the other one?
I had twins, didn't I?
One died.
No! No, no, no, no, darling.
Just one beautiful boy.
And he needed help breathing,
- but he's very much alive.
- No.
No. I had twins again, I saw.
They took him out?
Hey. Let it heal. Let it heal.
You let them take my baby?
Try... try and get some rest.
Try and sleep, ros, okay?
Why did you let them
take my baby?
Why didn't you just
name him Jesus?
It's not religious, mum.
Amadeo means "loved by god".
He needed all the help
he could get.
And it's Italian.
Thought you'd like it.
Vivian, with that name he can
play for any European football team.
It's just our family has always
had such normal names.
Johnny, Tommy, bertie.
Oh, yeah. Really normal.
You look tired.
Everything all right?
I'm fine.
Ah, Raul!
He's an ex-matador. Raul...
- You okay, honey?
- I'm good.
- Fine?
- Yeah.
Take him for a bit.
Hello, my darling.
Hi, marcia.
- Fancy party.
- Fancy wife.
And that's will's boss.
- Hey.
- Hey.
So, did you bring...
No, no. Let's not go there.
There you are!
Oh, is Vivian's ex
still managing ros?
Yeah, they're cool.
Rosalind, my darling.
More radiant than ever.
When do I get my percentage?
Well, 10% of you, my darling,
means 5% of this bubala.
Milton, you might have
to run that by me.
Happy to negotiate. Ooh...
Let me take him, honey.
Open the box.
Oh, my god!
Milton, I think he would have
been happier with a rattle.
Now, this is my bit.
Right... here.
You're spoiling her, Milton.
Oh, well.
- I'm so sorry.
- Milton!
Just go upstairs
and get a t-shirt.
Sorry about that.
Better get out
of this wet shirt.
Is he okay, honey?
Yeah, he's fine.
You know, it might be
the flowers.
It's okay.
Here we are, my dear Lena.
- It's all name value.
- Sorry?
Market is tribal.
Real artists don't have a hope.
Well, my wife's work
is selling as well as ever.
I graduated in anthropology
three years ago.
It qualifies me for babysitting
and table dancing.
- A dark room.
- Erm, please, that's private.
We have these at the red velvet.
The club where I dance.
Can I ask you to go out, please?
Should come and see me
some time.
To be continued.
No, no. Go on!
No, no, no, it's time to sleep.
- Please!
- No, no, no, no, no.
Time to sleep.
Good night. Good night.
Tickle! Tickle! Tickle!
- All right.
- Tickle! Tickle!
You ready?
Stop that!
They need to go to sleep.
All right.
Sleep tight, girls.
Hey, you.
Why are you awake?
Why you not sleeping?
He's crying.
And I need to get him out.
Honey, come back to bed.
You're dreaming.
Come back to bed, honey. Come.
Is ros still upstairs?
Yeah, she needs
a bit of rest, I think.
Good morning, amadeo.
I got a call from
newcastle city council.
If we win this bid, we won't have
to worry for the next three years.
That's great.
I'm making you project
leader. You know that.
Yeah, that's fine. Fine.
Hey, it's good. It's all
we worked for. Well done!
You know, my sister
had godawful depression
after her second child.
She's tired. That's all.
It's gonna be fine.
Hey, will.
She's taken amadeo for
a check-up at the hospital.
He's not due.
Is something wrong?
He's fine!
They're all nameless babies.
This is where
they buried his twin.
You're lying to me.
Ros... No one is lying.
Everyone lies.
All the time.
I need to talk to you.
About ros.
She's a bit stressed
after the birth.
Well, no surprise there.
Dr. Muller's good.
She's been seeing him
on and off for years.
More of a specialist really.
My job to know.
Lugano is in Switzerland.
She's a well-travelled girl.
He skypes.
My gp might as well
be in Switzerland.
The time it takes to get an
appointment's a bloody disgrace.
Here you are.
Thank you.
Oh. Do they work?
Collector's dispensation.
And that's my service pistol.
On the right there.
I could never see you
in the army.
Military intelligence.
Beats business school.
Ros, aged 14.
Photographed by
the August John birtram raven,
cbe, ra, frps, the list goes on.
Bertie or jb as I knew him.
Vivian's brother.
Uh, step brother.
75 gs on that wall.
"Bel reve, France."
Seaside place.
Viv inherited from him
when he died.
Place is a wreck.
She never goes.
You know,
I'm in a position to help.
Financially. Whatever.
Milton, I can look after us.
Don't be too proud, will.
All the things you don't say.
Why are you looking at me
like that?
I went to see Milton
about your depression.
But I'm not depressed.
Will, I'm not depressed and you
should talk to me when it's about me.
Honey, can I show you something?
Let me see your hand.
Do you know how this happened?
Do you know why our brand
new wallpaper's all shredded?
You did it. In your sleep.
You were sleepwalking.
- Shh, shh, shh.
What are you doing?
Hey, you. Bye-bye.
Uh, I'm back from
newcastle tomorrow night.
Please remember to pick the
girls up from swimming, okay?
Bye, Lena.
Rosalind pallister?
Oh, sure.
No, because we're good at this.
We are good at this.
Now, how much time do
you need for the final specs?
Three, four days?
I can't believe they need
one more bridge here.
I know.
City center, please.
Ros, what's going on?
Where are the kids?
Call me, please?
Candy, are you with ros?
Please ask her to call me.
Oh, for fuck's sake!
Bloody hell!
How did you get in?
My dear boy,
you left the door open.
Milton, what's going on?
Where are they?
I don't know.
She called yesterday to
say that she was leaving.
I tried to talk her
out of it, of course.
What happened between you two?
Absolutely nothing. Why?
Well, she was so angry.
So determined to leave.
I'm gonna call the police.
- What can they do?
- She took the passports
and she took my son
maybe out of the country.
Calm down. Take a breath.
She's not well, Milton.
She's not well.
I know.
Let me just try her again.
Hi, ros here.
Leave a message. Bye.
Ros, it's me. Again.
Listen whatever this is,
whatever you think this is,
we can work it out. I'm sure.
We can fix it.
Please, call me.
Come home.
Do you have
any of his portraits?
Unfortunately not.
His last 20 years were dedicated
to travel and landscapes.
He could make a tree knot
look subversive.
I predict a 15% rise in
market value within five years.
He had a place in France, right?
Normandy. His early work
is very hard to get.
I would say impossible.
Hi, Milton, it's will.
Did she mention that a parcel
came that day from normandy?
Please gimme a call back.
Hello? Hello?
Please ask him to come.
Girls, is that, is that you?
We need him right now.
Someone has to come
put mummy in the pram.
What do you mean
"mummy in the pram"?
Is mummy there?
Can you put her on, please?
Hello? Girls?
I got your text
about jb's beach house.
- Did someone want to buy?
- Where is it?
Larenguebec. No one's been
there for years.
I wouldn't be surprised if it
had fallen off the edge of the cliff.
Everything all right?
Bonjour. Um, I'm looking
for this woman.
Have you seen her?
Do you speak English?
What do you want?
I'm, uh, I'm looking for,
for this woman.
Have you seen her?
- No.
- Sure?
It's my wife. My children.
I had it first!
It's mine!
Not fair! Give it back!
Ow! That hurt!
Girls, stop fighting! Stop!
Stop, stop, stop, stop!
What are you fighting for?
Wha... stop.
What's going on?
You all right?
I've been worried.
Where's mummy?
She doesn't come out anymore.
She has to stay in the dark.
What do you mean?
Where's candy and amadeo?
They're for amadeo
to get better.
Is... is he not well?
What's wrong with him?
Has candy called a doctor?
She fell in the sea.
She did not.
She went to get help!
Did... Did she call a doctor? Please,
She was too scared.
She was not!
She wouldn't leave us!
Girls. No, no, no, no!
Let's go back now.
See if we can find them. Right?
Come on.
Let's find amadeo and...
- We'll push it.
- No, I'll push it. It's far too heavy.
We'll push it!
Hurry! Hurry up!
Mummy needs a doctor!
We'll leave amadeo outside.
Stop! Stop! Girls, girls,
girls, stop. Please.
Please, no more games.
We're not playing, will.
Girls, I, I need you to go
and stay with mummy now.
You just go and stay with mummy.
I'm gonna, I'm gonna run
down and try and get some help.
Don't leave us!
I need to get some help.
Please go and stay with mummy.
We're not grown up!
Please, girls.
Need some help.
Need some help.
What happened?
It's me. It's will.
Amadeo, what happened to him?
Please... It's me. It's will.
You need to tell me
what happened.
Please stop it! Stop, stop!
Where is candy?
No, will, stop! No!
No, no, no.
Will, it's you.
Ah, it's will.
Ah, we need rest.
That's all I want is rest.
Get some rest.
Hello? Police? Ambulance?
Hello? Monsieur?
We're hungry.
We'll get something on
the road when we're packed.
Should we take amadeo
to the beach?
Do you remember when
we found that baby bird
that had fallen from its nest?
Who couldn't hold his head up.
Yes. We buried him.
Put a stone to remember him by,
to keep him safe.
So he could go to heaven.
Yeah. That's right.
Is mummy going to heaven, too?
Mummy will be fine.
We just need to help her.
Just take it easy.
It's fine, it's fine.
We're just going up to the car.
All right. Come on.
Come on, you can do it.
It's all right.
Hey. Is she okay?
Yeah, she's fine, thank you.
I'm just taking her home.
She's well, no problem.
Thank you. Thank you.
Take it easy, honey.
Take it easy. Take it easy.
Come on,
we're getting into the car.
Can I, can I ask you...
Please let go of her.
Come on, darling, we need to go.
Darling, darling, come on.
- Yes, thank you.
- Doctor.
- Thank you.
- Doc... understand?
Thank you, I understand.
Thank you.
Just need to get
in the car. Come on.
I came as quickly as I could.
She was off her medication?
She's stabilized now.
Where's that candy?
Being useful with the baby
for once, I hope?
We need to talk.
She hasn't had an episode in...
Three years.
Not since she met you.
Milton told me
how worried you are.
That he gave you
Dr. Muller's number.
Yes, that's right.
But before that I'd never heard
your name. Not once.
It's printed on the medication.
- Well, that's for migraine.
- That's what she told you?
How could you not know?
It's not uncommon.
Even if she wanted to tell you,
she probably couldn't.
Dissociative memory loss
is a well know side effect
of a schizophrenic breakdown.
She's schizophrenic?
And... And when did she
come here the first time?
- When she was 14.
- 14!
It was, um...
Jb's summer assistant,
Pierre Laurent.
They say it was rape.
He got the maximum.
Milton's lawyers
made sure of it.
Of course, the villagers
took his side.
Village... Where I found her?
God knows why
she went back there.
Is this him?
He forgives her?
He destroyed her childhood!
Where did you get this?
I was too late, Vivian.
I mean,
if only you'd told me when she couldn't,
but you didn't.
If only I'd known,
none of this would have happened.
None of it.
You buried him?
I tried to save her, Vivian.
I tried to save us all.
Candy was missing,
and every scenario ended up
with ros being blamed.
I was in shock for fuck's sake!
I have to face up.
Go to the authorities.
No. She's my daughter.
You don't think that...
- You can't think that she...
- I don't think anything.
My son is dead.
Amadeo is dead.
Is there anything else
I need to know, Vivian?
Go. Find candy.
I'll look after my daughter
and my grandchildren.
But please, think of them first.
A Mrs. Joy Williams.
I'm looking
for her sister candy.
Have you got
a forwarding address, please?
Or a number?
All right.
Thank you.
Is that Mr. Pallister?
- Walsh.
- Rosalind's husband right?
- Yes.
- Love her work.
About the car accident.
Can you confirm
where it happened?
Sooner or later, every man
has something to hide.
I need to tell the truth, mil.
Oh, you buried the truth.
I'm not saying
it was the wrong decision,
but you do have to think
how it might look.
I kept it simple.
Car accident abroad.
But, but this guy
and her past...
I've been checking regularly.
No one's picked it up.
A journalist has been
calling the house.
- I mean, I'm being followed.
- Will...
You have to get a grip.
Look, French death certificate
police accident report,
all verified
by the French consulate.
- How?
- I'll settle for a thank you.
- Please...
- It'll tide you over.
Rosalind and the twins.
- Hmm.
- We wait for rosalind to improve.
When she talks, then we decide.
- Not before.
- And what about candy?
Well, candy's disappearance
points to guilt,
wouldn't you say?
Even more reason
to go to the police.
Oh, no,
let's leave the police out of it for now.
Milton, I need to know.
I need to find out how he died.
Thank you.
Uh, I'm looking for Becca.
Becca, does she work here?
Please tell her a friend
was in a car accident.
Thank you.
99.9 percent certain these are
from the lost normandy series,
in the garden of good and evil.
And no one else
could have taken them?
Oh, I don't think so.
Where did you get them?
Private collection.
You know his assistant
was jailed for rape?
- Yes, yes.
- They found incriminating photos
of the underage victim
in his home.
He claimed that he was framed.
- That the photos...
- Were raven's, I know, yeah.
Well, he was
a celebrated photographer.
The assistant
didn't stand a chance.
But surely
the victim must have...
Too traumatized to testify.
Think it was her?
How is she?
She's, um...
She's coming home.
Will, what happened out there?
My wife is coming home
in a couple of days,
and I don't know
how to deal with it.
I wish I did.
Oh, Lena,
they look so wonderful.
I was so sad to hear
about the accident.
Everything that happened.
Lena, thank you
for all your help.
Ros really needs to rest now.
You go to bed. I made borscht.
Borscht is fine.
I miss the twins.
They're fine with your mother.
- It's gonna be all right.
- Yeah.
I don't remember making these.
Mum says there was
a car accident...
And our baby died.
Which is why
I was ill for so long.
I know I had a baby,
but I can't find
any of his things.
I packed them up.
Guess it hurt.
I was angry.
- Angry?
- Yes.
Ros, can you please try
and make me understand?
Talk me through what happened.
Listen, I know,
I... Maybe I should have asked, but...
Why didn't you tell me that
you needed those prescriptions?
Why did you stop
taking your pills?
- We miss you, mummy!
- I miss you, too.
Hi, girls. All good?
We're gonna leave now.
To the mountains with ponies.
And then home.
When mummy's better.
Oh, but, I am better.
Aren't I, Lena?
We see you very soon, darlings.
Hey, excuse me.
Can you help me? I'm
looking for a girl called Becca.
I think she works here.
Perhaps she's
got a different name here.
- I mean...
- Fuck off, will you?
Hey. I'm just...
Take it easy.
Let's just leave the city.
Go to the sun.
Find an old house on a cliff.
You know, like the one
in sestri you love so much.
Are you asking me to marry you?
See, my memory's getting better.
You know, the girls
can go to a local school.
I can work remotely,
or get something local.
- I mean ev...
- If we had a car accident,
how come we still have
the same car?
I remember.
I remember.
I didn't want
to take my pills anymore.
When I felt him
in my belly, growing,
because I didn't
want to hurt him.
Go on.
And, er,
I remember...
Hands pulling me
through the window.
The twins crying.
Was that the accident
mum told me about?
That was no car accident.
Amadeo died.
And we don't know why.
What are you doing with that?
Mr. Milton tell me he
want me to give it to him.
He said it's okay with
you and miss rosalind.
How did you even know
where to find it?
Give it to me.
Give it to me!
What's going on?
What are you doing
with this case?
Let's wait with this one.
- Let's, let's, let's...
- Wait, wait. Is this...
Have you got a key to our house?
I'm taking rosalind for tea.
Isn't that right, ros?
To er, to talk about this?
You opened it.
Ask him.
- I've never opened it.
- No.
Well, let's wait
till you're better.
Oh, no, I am better.
You don't know that.
The doctor says I'm better.
I... I feel better.
I look better. I'm better.
I'm fucking better, okay?
Then why are you yelling?
Because it's you.
You made this place a morgue.
Ros, it is a morgue.
Our son is dead.
You took him and he died.
- Stop it, will.
- How dare you?
- How dare you?
- Your memory
- is so convenient, isn't it?
- Let me go!
You're hurting...
- No!
- Amadeo.
- Remember?
- No.
- No? No.
- No. No.
Enough! So convenient, isn't it?
- I don't remember.
- Outside, will. Outside!
I don't remember!
I've worked out
why you're so desperate
for those missing photos.
To save your precious
raven's arse!
I won't let you unravel this.
Fuck you!
It needs to disappear.
Stay buried.
Nothing can be gained from
rosalind reliving this trauma.
You want the twins
taken away from her? Hmm?
Taken away from you?
Is that what you want?
We have to protect
the ones we love.
Happy birthday to you
You let them take my baby.
You love your wife.
She's my daughter.
You don't think that...
You can't think that she...
Is there anything else
I need to know, Vivian?
Mummy says that
he has to stay in the light.
Hey, it's Becca.
- So...
- I haven't seen her in weeks.
She's off Facebook, Instagram,
her phone just rings.
Please, help me.
I really need to find
out where she is.
Have you tried her mum?
- Yes. Yes.
- Her sister?
Look, I read
about the car crash.
I'm so sorry.
No, Becca, listen. Can we...
I'll be next door.
So now what?
You're gonna blackmail me?
Not if you listen.
So those videos...
That was you?
Amadeo, you should
lie down, darling.
You need to rest.
You okay, darling?
Are you a bit hot?
So he was sick?
It seemed like a summer cold.
That's all.
The villagers hated us.
We'd throw those crabs out.
In the morning they'd be back.
Made ros mad.
She yelled at them in the bar.
She was having problems
before we left.
She rang Milton.
Screamed and yelled at him.
Then started packing.
She kept saying everything
was her fault.
She was obsessed with finding
the guy that sent the parcel.
Who is he?
She wouldn't say.
The night on the beach,
I saw them.
That night just sent her
over the edge.
- Don't make a noise.
- You're scaring them.
No, we have to hide. No.
No, put them back on!
Put them back on!
Somebody's stolen his twin.
We had to protect amadeo.
Get out!
Get out of here!
She locked his bedroom
door and wouldn't let anyone in.
The next morning...
I got scared and ran.
I'm sorry.
I loved him.
But so did ros.
How did I get here?
Ah, these are not mine.
Mild sedative.
Doctor's orders.
I want the twins.
In good time.
Please, let me sleep.
Milton, let me in
for god's sake!
Open the door!
Milton, let me in!
Please! Five minutes!
Open the door!
Milton! Open the god damn door!
I just want to help you.
You're Pierre Laurent.
Tell me what you know
about my son.
I know nothing about your son.
At the trial they called me
photographer's assistant.
I was not.
I was doing everything,
but touch a camera, never.
One night, she came to me
carrying a camera case.
She wanted a place to hide it.
She asked me to wait
while she buried it.
And when she's done,
she starts running.
But when I touch her,
she starts screaming.
For years, I expected
the prison door to open
and see her standing there,
saying she was sorry.
You know, after I came out,
I searched
for that hiding place.
It had been 20 years.
I found it.
But why send them to her now?
Raven's dead.
But Milton is not.
Look at the ring on his finger.
You want her?
I want him.
Milton, I know it was you.
You don't know
what you're talking about.
I have proof.
But I'll leave you alone
if you let me take my wife.
Stay still.
I'm a quiet man.
Hate fuss.
Work hard.
People rely on me.
After all I've done for you.
Where is she?
Rosalind's always understood
what she was doing.
- You just don't get it.
- You know that's a lie.
That signet ring
you're so proud of.
It's there.
In every picture.
You know, it really
is a tight-knit,
little community at the top.
I could have you
put away for life.
You screwed it up
all by yourself.
Buried him in some
misguided belief
you were saving
the woman you love.
You're a sick person.
I was different from jb.
I just loved her.
I adored her.
I own her.
I always have.
What did I ever do to you?
Please, stop. I beg you.
Did you stop when I begged you?
No, please!
You said Pierre
did those things to me.
He was my friend.
I want to know.
I want your love.
That's all I ever wanted.
I need you.
The twins need you.
Careful, girls.
Hatty! Hatty, come back.
You'll need your towel.
Where are you going?
Where are you going?
- Due.
- Due.
- Tre.
- Tre.
- Quattro.
- Quattro.
What comes next?
What about the toes?
We already covered your feet.
Did you?
I can see them.
Oh, I just covered them.
Are you gonna leave me here?
I can't move.
We're in the bay of silence.