The Beach House (2018) Movie Script

[Narrator] Welcome
to tonight's all new
Hallmark Hall of Fame
presentation of The Beach House.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Hi sweetie.
Good morning!
(voicemail): You have
two unheard messages.
First message.
Cara, I just heard...
you got fired?
Are you kidding me?
Look, I know you're on your way
back home for a visit...
Hi Cara, hi it's Richard.
Look, I really wanted to tell
you in person
but I- I don't want you to hear
it from someone else.
They gave me your accounts
and they're...
They're moving me upstairs.
[cars honking]
[phone ringing]
[cars honking]
Hi, mama.
I can't believe it.
What a wonderful surprise.
Sorry, I would have called,
I just...
Oh, well, whatever brought you
I couldn't be happier. everything alright?
Of course.
How long have you been asking me
to visit?
And you're always too busy.
Oh, baby.
I have missed you.
Come on in the house.
You hungry?
Kick those shoes off.
Go barefoot.
You know, when you were little
I couldn't keep shoes on you.
Mama, this house looks
a little run down.
Well, we're just one big
shabby chic around here
and I'm including myself.
Can't stop the ruins of Rome.
That's what I tell myself.
What does that even mean?
You get old.
Mama, you're not old.
Well, thank you, baby.
You haven't changed a thing.
Well, it's perfect
just the way it is.
Why would I?
Boy, we had some
good times here, didn't we?
You and your brother just
running around like wild things.
How long can you stay?
I don't know, a week?
A week?
Well, that's no time at all.
They must be just working you
to death up there in Chicago.
Let's not waste a minute.
We'll walk on the beach.
The turtles are layin'.
Mama, the turtles...
I think I'm gonna go check out
the marina.
You still like shrimp?
Of course I do.
I'm still me, aren't I?
I guess so, yeah.
Would ya look at her.
I know, right.
Can I help you?
Yeah, uh, two pounds
of shrimp, please.
Two pounds of shrimp.
You got it.
First time on the island?
Uh, no.
Uh, I've been coming here
since I was a baby.
I wouldn't have guessed.
'Cause of these?
I'd go with the brown ones.
It matches your eyes.
[small chuckle]
They are still brown, right?
Didn't see you there.
Uh, yes you did.
I'll take the brown and the red.
It matches the stain
on his t-shirt.
Barbecue sauce.
Still putting that
on everything?
Including my shirt,
Oh, Caretta.
Uh, yeah.
People don't call me
that anymore.
That's too bad.
How long has it been,
five years?
Three, actually.
Your heels weren't as high.
Yeah, and you had a fianc.
Yeah, it didn't work out.
She didn't like barbecue sauce
on everything?
Yeah, pretty much.
You know, I gotta tell ya,
I'm really glad to see you.
Yeah, your mom's been
worried sick about you.
Wait, why is she worried
about me?
She doesn't like you
being alone.
Well, I am not alone, so...
She says you're having trouble
finding a...
a nice guy.
You having fun embarrassing me?
Well, I should go.
Wouldn't want my mom to worry.
Oh, there we go!
Those were very expensive!
Most useless things are!
I'll see you around, Caretta!
If you're lucky!
Did you hear?
Hear what?
Two new nests, right back there.
Two, why didn't you tell me?
Well, I just did.
I thought you were
coming out earlier.
I had a surprise.
Cara came to see me.
Oh, that's wonderful.
How is she?
The same.
Maybe more so.
Well, I'm sure the advertising
world is stressful.
She's a real go-getter,
that girl.
She always has been.
Where is she?
In town.
Anything to avoid
my turtles.
Well, this might come as a shock
but not everyone
in the universe wants to spend
their day
staking turtle's nests.
Well, I don't know why not.
Especially my own daughter.
That apple rolled
far from this tree.
The nest is right over here.
Look at that.
Yes, it's beautiful.
Isn't that wonderful?
Can you believe it?
It's huge.
Ok, here we go.
Now, where did you
put those eggs?
Be careful.
Ok, it's not there.
Try the center.
Oh, that's fabulous.
I just love it.
[blender sounds]
Oh, you're Caretta.
Sorry, I recognized you
from your photos.
Just making Mama Lovie
her green smoothie.
Mama Lovie?
Uh, yeah... just a silly
little thing.
I call her Mama Lovie
and she calls me Mama Toy.
'Cause I'm expecting.
I see that.
Do you mind taking this
to her for me?
I'm just gonna head off
to my room.
It was nice meeting you.
Your room?
What room?
Uh, Palmer's room.
Palmer's room.
Toy's only 20 years old.
Alone and pregnant.
She's like a companion.
She helps me out
and I help her out.
So you asked her
to move in with you?
Why not?
No one else is using
those rooms.
Besides, she has no family.
What about the baby's father?
A bolter.
Gone like the wind.
Flo heard about her situation
and thought I could use
some help.
She's a sweet girl.
I didn't know you
like green juices.
I don't.
But Toy thinks they're good
for me
and I don't want to hurt
her feelings.
[phone rings]
Oh honey, can you
go get that, please?
You sound just like a Yankee.
And your accent gets thicker
by the year.
Oh, you know nothing
ever changes down here.
Not the weather,
not the accents.
How long are you in town for?
I was gonna stay a week
but I don't know
if I'll last that long.
Advertising world can't
live without you, huh?
Something like that.
How's the family?
How about you come see them
for yourself?
You and mom come out to
Charleston for the weekend.
Yeah, I don't know
if I'm gonna make it.
I ain't takin' no for an answer
You haven't been up to the
house since daddy's funeral.
Look, I'll make you some
frogmore stew.
You remembered.
Oh, little lady.
How am I supposed to forget
my sister's favorite meal?
Can you help me with these
golf clubs, buddy?
Is mama home?
Hey honey, I'm home.
I don't think she likes me.
She's just been away too long,
that's all.
She'll come around.
I do get the sense that
something else is bothering her.
She was never the type
of daughter to confide
in her mother.
You think this is
why she came to visit?
She doesn't know anything
about it
and we're gonna keep
it that way, right?
Don't you worry.
Everything's gonna be ok.
I'm so excited about
the frogmore stew.
That is a lovely idea.
And I haven't been
to the house in ages.
You say that like
it's an expedition.
It's less than an hour away.
And it's your house.
Well, it's really Palmer's now.
And besides, why leave paradise?
Looks like paradise could use
a little fixing up.
And the pergola looks like it
could come down any minute.
We're fine.
And besides, Palmer's got me
on a strict budget.
Palmer has you on a budget?
I have an idea.
Why don't we make
a casserole together
and we can take it over
to Palmer's Saturday night?
Are you sure?
But that's a family thing.
Well, you're family too, baby.
I'd love to. Thank you.
Evening, Caretta.
Hi Brett.
You brought flowers.
Yes I did.
That's very nice.
I try.
Thank you.
You saved me a trip
to the nursery.
I was going right by there.
Now, let's have a look
at that leaky sink.
And you're staying for dinner.
If you insist.
I hope you brought
your appetite.
Oh yeah.
How did you like what Brett's
done with the marina, sweetie?
It's lovely, mama.
Yeah, it has changed a lot
since you two were dating.
Oh, Brett and Cara made
the cutest couple.
It was one summer, mom.
Actually, I think it was
about a year and a half.
If we're counting that summer
you went to Chicago.
We're not.
Riding on the boat ride?
You stranded us on purpose.
We ran out of gas.
Did we?
Who can remember these things?
I... maybe I had a spare tank
of gas somewhere.
Oh, there is nothing like
first love.
I will never understand
why you two broke up.
Me either.
His life is here and mine's not.
Plus, she was a little snooty.
I wasn't snooty.
Was I snooty?
Ok, maybe a little.
To Cara and Brett.
And the turtles.
How about just to the turtles?
To the turtles.
To the turtles.
Well, if y'all will excuse me,
I'm gonna head on up to bed.
Me too.
'Night, Lovie.
Thanks for dinner.
Good night.
Have fun.
Do you believe this?
They're trying to set us up.
Hey, don't look at me.
I just came to fix the sink.
The sink that wasn't broken.
So uh... I saw one of
your ad campaigns.
You did?
Cheese-less mac and cheese.
Yeah, Lovie, she- she cut it out
of a magazine,
distributed it all
over the island.
Oh no.
Oh yes.
And I gotta tell you the truth.
I bought a box.
What'd you think?
It needed cheese.
I'm sorry. I'll reimburse you.
Ah, well then you're gonna have
to reimburse me
for that better butter spray
stuff, too, God it was awful.
Oh God, now I'm really
Don't be.
Look at you.
You moved away and achieved
your dreams.
How many people can
say that?
A lot of people.
Only one I know.
She's sitting right there.
It's really sweet the way
you look after Lovie.
She does her share
of looking after me, too.
I doubt you need much
looking after.
Every now and then
we all do, right?
Do you remember when we said
the only thing we wanted
was to be happy?
I'm pretty sure I'm the one
that said that, yeah.
What did I say?
You wanted more.
I said that?
You have a good memory.
Unfortunately for both
of us that's true.
Well, goodnight, Caretta.
Uh, you know, I was thinkin'...
maybe we finish that boat ride
while you're around.
I don't know.
I got a bigger tank of gas.
Ooh, and a new boat.
It's just that I'm not here
for very long, so...
Did you just see me get down
on one knee and propose?
It's just a spin up
the waterway.
Come on.
It's just that I don't wanna
waste your time
with me leaving and everything.
Well, what was I thinking?
Have a wonderful night, Caretta.
You ok?
You alright?
Yeah, I'm ok.
Just got a little dizzy,
that's all.
Oh, hello.
Mama, you ok?
Oh, yeah, I'm fine.
You would think that I would
know to eat breakfast
before I go check
on my loggerheads.
We have a new nest.
Do you wanna come see the nest?
I would love to but I was gonna
do a little shopping
in town if that's ok?
Of course, baby.
You don't need my permission.
Just be sure you're back in time
to get to Charleston for dinner.
Oh, oh, oh, and um...
you might wanna change
that dress.
You don't wanna get it wet
in case you're on a boat
or something.
I'm not getting on a boat.
[clears throat]
Would you like to rent
a boat today, ma'am?
This place is more fancy
than I remember.
Yeah, yeah, you gotta keep up
appearances for the boat people.
Especially the ones
from Chicago.
They're persnickety.
Who says persnickety?
I saw it in this morning's
It means picky.
I know what it means.
Oh, you didn't have to do this.
I put in extra barbecue sauce.
I see you kept your
dad's boathouse.
Sentimental value.
I thought maybe, you know,
I don't know,
for old time's sake,
maybe if you wanted to go out
on the water or something...
Are you asking me out?
No, it's just out on the water.
It's not out.
Out is out.
It's not--
Hey. Uh, we're from
the Coastal Commission.
Terry said you could help us
with the dolphin research?
Right, no, yeah, he called.
Uh, let me help you aboard.
Come on.
You a dolphin expert now?
Jack of all trades.
Come on, Cara.
There's plenty of room.
No. That's ok.
Join us.
Another time.
I'm gonna hold you to that.
Boat ride over already?
Brett was busy.
Mama, what are all these photos?
Oh, it's a project I'm finally
getting around to.
Look at my Lady Bank roses.
They're so beautiful.
The fragrance.
You could smell it all the way
down to the beach.
Who's this?
Oh, that's Russell.
Russell Bennet.
He owned some property
on the beach.
You're blushing.
I am not.
You are.
He's the one that taught me
about the turtles, that's all.
Oh, that's all?
It was a lifetime ago.
Before I met your father.
Well, we better get dressed
for dinner.
There might be traffic.
Where did I put my pearls?
Mama, we're just going
to Palmer's.
I know, but every time
I go in town
some proper southern lady
takes over.
Nothing fits.
Oh honey, you look so pretty.
Not for your son's house.
Oh, for heaven sakes.
I'll tell you what.
Put this on.
Now there you go.
Let's see.
Oh yes.
You look so nice.
Why don't you just keep it?
Thank you, that's so sweet.
So Palmer's fish AND the boat
keys ended up in the water.
You talk funny.
I do?
That's 'cause she sounds like
a Yankee now.
What's a Yankee?
I'll tell you what a Yankee is.
A Yankee is someone
that leaves their family
without even a backwards glance.
He lost at golf today
which always makes him cranky.
I'm not cranky.
Welcome home, favorite sister.
She's your only sister.
Careful with that drink.
Might put the southern back
in you, Caretta.
How come you call her Caretta?
That's her name, sweetheart.
It was.
I like it.
Me too.
Caretta is the scientific name
for the loggerheads.
The world's largest
hardshell turtle.
Your grandmother thinks I have
a hard shell.
I named you after something
I love.
It's a good thing she didn't
name me "shrimp".
To our family.
All back together again.
Toy, honey, let's go
into the kitchen
and help Julia with dinner.
She is one of Charleston's
finest cooks.
I don't recall her being
that motherly to us.
You know mama.
Always a sucker
for the lost cause.
Just like she is
for her turtles.
Why don't you come on in?
I'll show you what Julia's done
with the place.
There he is.
Still staring down at us.
Can you believe he's been gone
three years now?
Everything's so different.
What'd mama think?
I'd think she'd wanna start
dismantling the house
and sell it now that he's gone.
Did she say something to you?
Or are you speculating?
You gonna come eat, you two?
Yes, dear.
After you.
Just like his daddy,
right honey.
What about that time
you flipped that golf cart?
Oh God.
You remember that?
I've never seen daddy so worried
and mad at the same time.
Well, Julia darling,
this has just been lovely.
But we better be getting
on the road.
Oh, no.
The night's still young, mama.
Oh, Palmer, it's a long drive.
I don't ever get to see you.
Just stay a little bit longer.
Palmer, it's a long drive.
Stay a little bit longer.
I'm tired-
I don't get to see you-
Palmer, stop!
Well, if y'all don't mind I'm
gonna go rest up on the couch
a little bit.
Ok sweetheart.
That's ok?
Yes, baby.
Look, I was thinking about
what you said earlier.
About the house and um...
mama, I think you should come
stay here with Julie and I.
Because I miss you.
Do I need another reason?
Besides, that old beach house?
A little wind could blow
that place down.
Primrose Cottage has survived
a number of hurricanes.
I am fine right where I am.
Yeah, mama, I just don't like
you out there all by yourself.
I'm not by myself.
Toy is with me.
Well, that's something else
we need to talk about.
She is a sweet girl.
I'm sure she is, but
best be counting the silver.
What? That's what daddy
would always say.
Trouble is, Palmer, all of
mama's silver is here with you.
Along with the rest
of the house.
You don't have a horse
in this race.
You left us a long time ago.
Besides, I haven't taken
anything from anyone.
I'm simply managing
mama's affairs.
You know she doesn't have
a mind for numbers.
When did you become
just like daddy?
Mama, tell him you're perfectly
capable of handling
your own affairs.
He's right, I- I'm not
particularly good
at those sort of things.
You see?
And that's that.
Sweetheart, will you please cut
me another slice of cake?
I think we've all had
enough sugar-
I asked for another slice
of cake.
Will you please cut it for me?
I didn't realize anyone was up.
Sorry, I couldn't sleep.
I'll get out of your way.
Hang on, Toy.
I'm sorry about Palmer,
I don't know much you heard.
I didn't belong there,
Don't say that.
He had no right to talk
like that.
It's fine.
It's not fine.
And I haven't been that nice,
Maybe I can make it up
to you?
I could take you to lunch
before I leave today?
Before you leave?
I... I thought you were staying
a week?
Yeah, um... I-
I gotta get back.
Cara, honey.
Why are you leaving?
Is this about last night?
Mama, I just don't fit in here.
I never did.
Oh honey, that's not true.
Please don't mind Palmer.
He means well underneath.
He's a good boy.
Go ahead and defend him.
Just like you defended daddy.
You know I don't
like confrontation.
Because it's not ladylike?
We're supposed to just smile
and needlepoint our lives away
and everything will magically
be alright?
Honey, now you're
just being dramatic.
No, I'm not.
I grew up watching the way
daddy treated you.
The perfect docile wife
that made daddy look good
at the country club.
Don't you ever wonder why I ran
away when I was younger?
I know you had to get away
from your father,
you two were like fire
and gasoline.
Not because of him.
Because of you.
You couldn't stand up to him,
not once.
And now you can't stand up
to Palmer.
I'm not like you, mom.
I'll never be.
I'm sorry.
I know.
I didn't mean those things
I said.
You're right.
I've made a million mistakes.
We all have.
I didn't come here to fight.
I know, sweetheart.
Mama, what are all those
pills for?
Oh, um... just this
and that.
I'm um... vitamins.
I've never known you to take
anything resembling a vitamin.
Well, you haven't been
around that much.
Oh, Toy's on a health regimen
and I thought why not?
I'm glad you're not here alone.
Oh, baby.
I could never be alone here.
There are way too many memories.
Cara, I um...
I'm sure you've got a lot of
work piling up in Chicago but...
could you stay a little longer?
You just got here.
Just like that.
No argument.
Lovie, are you ready to go?
Oh, I'm gonna take Toy
on her appointment.
Mama, I can take her.
No baby, you stay here
and let Brett in.
He's coming over to fix
the sink.
He just fixed it two days ago.
Oh, it broke again.
Mama, are you breaking things
just so he'll come by?
Now would I do that?
Yes, you would.
Sink's fine.
Of course it is.
I'm sorry.
That's ok.
Guess what? Turns out
I have the afternoon off.
Oh, that's ok.
What're you talking about?
Come on, we wouldn't wanna
let Lovie down.
We wouldn't want
to disappoint her.
She put so much work into this.
I've disappointed her plenty.
It's all she talks about,
how proud of you she is.
Come on.
You owe me a boat ride.
It's been forever since
I've done this.
Pretty sure you've got a
big-sized lake up there.
Yeah, I can see it from
my 30th story window.
Sounds tall.
It is.
Especially when
the elevators break.
There's something to be said
about a ground floor, huh?
You're so lucky you get
to do what you love
every day.
Don't you?
Well, I've spent
every waking moment
for the last five years
in an office.
That's a lot of moments.
It's very competitive.
I got fired a couple
of days ago.
You're the first person
I've told.
I'm sorry.
It's ok.
I do feel a little
blindsided though.
Richard, my co-worker -
he was a little more than
my co-worker -
he's the one who threw me
under the bus.
Right there.
There we go.
Welcome home.
I wish I had different news.
I do think you should continue
the treatment.
Will it cure me?
Well, as I said,
there is no cure.
And the tumor
can't be operated on,
but radiation will give us
more time-
Tell me, Dr. Pittman,
if you had one summer left
would you spend it
getting radiation?
You know, summer has always been
my favorite season.
One more is good enough for me.
Please, mama Lovin, please just
listen to what the doctor says.
Oh, Toy, honey, come on now,
don't you go getting upset.
Your baby can feel your sadness.
And we don't have time
for one single sad minute.
You know what?
I would really like a milkshake.
And a real one.
Not one of those green ones.
Come on, let's go.
Thank you, Dr. Pittman.
[seagulls squawking]
You have to tell Cara.
She is just so tightly wound.
And I don't want her
telling me what to do.
But she's family.
Have you told your family
about your baby yet?
That's different.
The only reason they'd care
is to remind themselves
of why they don't
want me around.
If you don't tell her
and she leaves
she might not ever
see you again.
I know, sweetheart.
You're right.
It almost feels like
I never left.
Didn't I just see you wearing
high heels at the marina?
Yeah, I guess you did.
You're never gonna let me
live that down, are you?
Fair enough.
You know, I almost left
a few years back.
I had it all planned out.
After dad retired I fixed
the place up.
Put the whole business up
for sale.
I got some good offers, too.
I bet you did.
I just couldn't do it.
It kind of turns out
I love this place.
It's me, I guess.
It is you.
It was you once, too.
I mean, I guess, but
summer's not real life.
Is it?
I don't know, I'm not sure
I'd say that.
Declaration of Independence
came about in summer.
The moon landing.
Most importantly
Babe Ruth's 500.
Home run.
Wow, you're just a wealth
of information, aren't you?
Yeah, I read a lot.
Yeah, but comic books
don't count.
[seagulls squawking]
I didn't catch your name.
Russell Bennett.
I was just about to go look
for some new nests,
if you'd like to come with me?
I'll teach you everything
I know.
Earth to mama.
Where were you just then?
Oh, just thinking about how much
I love this place.
It is really beautiful.
Did you have a good time
with Brett?
I did.
You were gone a long time.
Were we?
Mama, is that Palmer?
What is he doing here?
And wearing his street shoes
in the sand.
Oh, I swear that boy didn't get
a single one of my genes.
These two parcels here,
they were deeded to the Coastal
but this one right here
in the middle.
I can't find a transfer
of title.
At one point they were all owned
by the same person.
Have you ever heard of someone
by the name of Russell Bennett?
Yes. A long time ago.
I figured you would.
He was some kind
of marine biologist.
Turtles were his thing.
Why don't we go in the house
and have some tea
and talk about something more
civilized than real estate?
Mama, that's some view
you've got.
It's the same view
she's always had.
That spot that you saw me
out on the beach.
I wanna buy that.
Do you know how much
that property is worth?
Flanked by protected beach?
There isn't any more land to
develop up and down the coast.
If I could just find out
who owns it.
You sound just like your father.
Always looking for more.
Why can't you be satisfied
with what you've got?
Actually, mama, I could use
the money.
I mean, with the kids
and everything...
She gave you the house
in Charleston.
There's no mortgage on it.
There is now.
You borrowed against her house?
Mama, did you agree to that?
I don't understand, Palmer.
That's exactly it, mama.
You don't need to understand.
I have all your finances
under control.
But you said that
you don't have money.
How are you gonna buy the house
if you-
We're gonna sell this old place.
As soon as I find that
chain of title
I'm gonna buy that title,
we're gonna put up some condos-
we're gonna make a fortune.
Palmer, she loves this house.
Look, this doesn't concern you.
You walked out on us years ago.
Well, I'm here now.
And how long before you
run back to Chicago
for another 15 years, sis?
Another day or two?
Long enough to speak up
for my mother.
I can speak for myself.
My parents left me this house,
and your father resented it
the whole time
we were married
because it was mine.
And it's the only thing
that was.
When I couldn't take it anymore,
the country club or
the cocktail parties
for his business partners,
this is where I would come.
It is the only place I have
ever felt like myself.
It is my home.
And nobody's selling it.
So, Brett Beauchamps, huh?
What'd you tell her, mama?
Flo knows everything
about everyone on the island.
Honey, I am faster than
the internet.
Now, where were we?
There's nothing to tell, Flo.
That blush does not say nothing.
It's not blush, it's...
it's a sunburn.
And there he is now,
right on time.
Good morning.
Lovie will be so happy.
They're beautiful.
Actually, they're for you.
And a card.
That's very sweet.
That's so sweet.
Uh, do you wanna get outta here?
Ooh, summer love.
I don't know if she believes
in that concept anymore.
Who doesn't believe in love?
I wasn't the best role model.
Oh, you did your best.
You're gonna have to tell her
before she leaves.
I know.
My humble abode.
Go on.
Yep, come a long way since that
apartment above the bait shop.
Plus, it doesn't smell
like bait.
No, it doesn't.
Come on.
My mom had one of those.
She gave it to me.
Did she?
Nah, she's been a good friend
to me.
You know, after
the last hurricane
I thought I was gonna
go out of business.
I probably would have, too,
if it wasn't for her talking me
up to everyone on the island.
Not to mention she stopped me
from making a really
big mistake.
Oh yeah?
Go on.
She sat me down,
made me a nice dinner,
and she told me on not so
uncertain terms that my fianc
was completely wrong for me.
You broke up
because of my mother?
She was right.
I'm sorry.
I like to say I was blindsided
but actually I was relieved.
I'm sure you would have figured
it out without Lovie.
She did teach me one thing,
What's that?
You gotta wait
for the right one.
Isn't it all you boatmen who say
there's plenty of fish
in the sea?
Not me.
'Cause I'm pretty sure
that was on your website.
You looked up my website.
I mean, I might have for, like,
professional reasons.
Of course, of course.
I didn't assume anything else.
But... but what did you think?
Professionally, of course.
Professionally speaking, I think
that you could probably use a...
I don't know, a catch phrase.
A catch phrase.
Like what?
Like something...
My... my smile isn't enough?
No, sadly, I don't think so.
I think something like um...
"good things come
to those who bait".
I like that.
Thank you.
It's on the house.
You can have that.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Good grip.
There you go.
Take down and roll.
Take it down and roll.
Ok, ok, I can do it.
Maybe we could talk about us,
Look, I'm sure I could fall
for you all over again
with that annoying southern
charm and those big blue eyes.
Keep going.
No, I like where this is going.
Keep going.
I just think we'll end up
where we did before.
You might be right.
Maybe this is who we are
supposed to be.
Two people who run into each
other every few years.
Take a magical boat ride.
You dropped your towel.
I know.
I'll get it.
But we'll never know
if you keep running away.
I'm not running away.
Your life is here
and mine's not.
All I'm sayin' is maybe you're
just afraid to feel something.
Because if you do you might have
to stick around.
You were named
after the turtles.
I know they migrate, too,
but they always come home.
This isn't my home.
It's just a place I spent
a few summers.
It's ok.
Have a safe trip back, alright?
Can we talk?
Tell Lovie I'll be back to fix
the shutters after you leave.
Oh my!
Oh, Cara, honey?
Get out of the shower,
get dressed quick.
I have something to show you.
Right now?
Yes, Cara, honey!
Come on, right now!
Oh, mom.
You brought me out here
to see a turtle?
I thought something happened.
Something did, honey.
Come look.
Oh, you won't believe how rare
it is to see a mama Loggerhead.
Honey, come sit.
She's diggin' her nest.
I saw her come up
right out of the ocean.
In all my years I've only seen
it a couple of times.
Oh, look.
She's starting to lay.
Mama, is she... crying?
The scientists have
an explanation for it
but I think she's cryin'.
After she lays her eggs
she'll make her way back
to the ocean and swim away.
She won't be able
to protect them.
She won't know if any of them
made it.
And there's so many predators,
and the worst are humans.
I had no idea.
That's why we're all so nuts.
Us crazy turtle people.
We're all she's got
in her corner.
I am so lucky I got to see you
grow into a wonderful,
strong woman.
Mama, I'll come visit.
A lot.
I promise.
I have been trying to think
of a easy way to tell you this
and there just isn't one.
I have cancer.
It's terminal.
No, mom.
I can get you the best doctors
in Chicago.
We can fight this.
You're not gonna die.
I know, Cara.
I've tried all that.
Honey, I've done all the work,
I know, I...
All I want is for you to stay
a little longer.
That's all I want.
My baby.
I don't understand why she's
not willing to fight this.
Well, the doctor said um...
it'll just slow down what's
already gonna happen.
Believe me, I tried.
She wants this last summer
the way she wants it.
Last summer?
Well, the doctor said
that's how long she has left.
I don't know what we're
gonna do without her.
Thank you for being here
with her.
Well, you're here now.
We both are.
Oh dear.
You two look like someone's
dying around here.
Come on, now.
We're gonna have none of that.
We're gonna make this
the best summer yet.
It already is, honey.
I just picked the first bunch
of limes from my tree.
Lovie pretends they're
for limeade
but she really likes them
for her evening margaritas.
Well, guess who I just ran into
down at the boat dock?
Oooh, I bet I can guess.
He doesn't seem as happy
as he was a few days ago.
We kinda decided to end things.
End things?
But you just started.
It's just easier this way, mama.
Well, who said that love
was easy?
I don't know.
It's not love.
Well, then what is it?
I don't know.
Maybe it's something
like your hatchlings,
some make it to the water,
some don't.
Well, they try like the dickens
to get there.
Oh, honey.
I just want you to be able
to give your heart to someone
without being afraid
to have it broken.
That's not what I'm afraid of.
I get it.
You don't wanna end up like me.
And I don't blame you.
Your father and I were not
a match made in heaven.
But I do know what true love is.
I'm sorry, mama Lovie.
Oh, don't you worry about that,
I should have torn it
down years ago.
But you love sitting
on that swing.
We can fix it.
Girl, I am old as the hills
and she's big as a house.
No you're not,
and we can do this.
We can do it.
Give it to me.
We can do it.
And then will you forward
the rest of my mail?
Thank you.
And I'll let you know
when I'll be home.
Now, I don't know what is
more surprising.
Seeing you here or what the heck
is in that shopping cart.
Uh... the pergola broke.
And you thought you'd just fix
it on your way out of town?
No, I meant to come and tell you
I wasn't leaving
but um... I just...
Hey, you alright?
Lovie's sick.
Um... I think she's dying.
Oh, jeez, come here.
I'm sorry.
I am so sorry.
I had no idea.
I'm sorry.
I just feel like I wasted so
many years being mad at her.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
No, stop that.
Stop that.
You're here now.
And that's what matters.
I just feel so helpless.
It doesn't look that easy to me.
We're just gonna need
some more tools.
It's ok.
Stand by, ladies.
Flo has arrived.
What is that?
Maybe this was a bad idea?
If the wind doesn't blow
too hard we'll be fine.
So, what next, ladies?
Where are you going?
You'll see!
Where are you off to?
I don't know.
Awe, look at you?
Do you like it?
Oh my gosh.
Our newest turtle lady.
Look at them, making
their way to the ocean.
Here they come.
Come on!
He's so cute.
My turtle girl.
You're my turtle girl now.
Here's another one.
Two more.
Oh my goodness.
Sixty-seven hatchlings.
Not bad.
Are you ok?
Yeah, just uh... wondering if
you're still gonna leave.
With mama Lovie like this
and all.
No, of course not.
What about um...
you know, after?
Well, I'll go back to Chicago,
and come visit you and the baby
as much as possible.
That'd be nice.
Uh, I was in the neighborhood,
figured I'd finish her up.
I hope you don't mind.
Of course we don't mind,
do we, Cara?
It's still a little wet, so...
Oh, my Lady Bank roses.
How did you know?
Uh, I didn't.
The uh, nursery
just dropped them off.
I ordered them, mama.
You remembered, Cara.
Of course I did.
Well, we'll have 'em climbing
the pillars in no time.
That sounds just wonderful.
Maybe Cara will help you.
Well, um, I've got
an appointment in town
and you ladies-
An appointment for what?
Oh, it's not a doctor,
don't you worry about it.
[country music playing]
Toy looks so pretty
in her new dress.
It was sweet of you
to take her shopping.
Oh, it was nothing.
She looks beautiful.
You know, I have a ton of baby
stuff up in the attic,
I'm gonna send it right over.
Oh no, I couldn't.
Of course you could.
I should have thought
of it sooner.
Silly me.
I'm gonna go have a little
talk with Palmer.
Come on, Aunt Cara.
Is Brett your boyfriend?
Toy says you really like
each other.
Well yeah, he's my friend.
You're burning the chicken.
Chicken's fine.
Go talk to her.
She's going to leave
and then how will you feel?
She left before
and I was just fine.
'Cause I remember you being
pretty torn apart back then.
We were kids.
Come on.
And now you're not.
You know, Flo, you bring
a whole new meaning
to the term "grilling".
Oh, please.
Alright, who's hungry?
Food is on.
Linnea and Cooper are having
so much fun.
Yeah, they are.
You should bring them
out here more often.
Their sports and music.
Their schedules are busier
than mine.
Besides, you'll be seeing plenty
of them in Charleston.
Mom, the house looks great.
I see you got your roses back,
It's good curb appeal.
Curb appeal.
To sell the house.
Did you forget
what we talked about?
Apparently you did.
Don't get your feathers ruffled.
Besides, you have your
whole family all together,
just the way you like us.
I didn't wanna bring this up
at the party
but I went down to the bank
to see Mr. Davis.
Why would you bother doing that?
I wanted to understand
my financial situation.
Mama, that's what
you have me for.
Mr. Davis gave me all the time
I needed.
What he couldn't explain is why
there are so many withdrawals
from my account
that I never received.
You're gonna get it all back.
I can tell you where
every penny-
I don't want it back and you
don't even have to explain.
But I did ask Mr. Davis to
transfer the rest of my funds
into a new account
which I will tend to.
You haven't written a check
yourself in 20 years.
If I have any problems,
which I won't,
Cara has always had a fine head
for numbers.
I get it.
She waltzes back down here after
umpteen years of being gone,
figures out the price
of real estate down here-
Palmer, stop.
Dollars to doughnuts she starts
coming down here
every summer
to get back to her roots-
That won't be happening!
I'll put money on it.
Because I am not gonna be here.
Where are you gonna go?
Mama, what?
I have cancer.
What're you sayin'?
I'm really sorry, Palmer.
There aren't gonna be
anymore summers.
I'm sorry, son.
Mama, no.
Linnea, Cooper, Julia,
let's go.
What? Babe?
Let's go. Let's go, let's go.
In the car.
Palmer, honey, are you ok?
[quiet sobs]
Mama, are you ok?
Oh, uh... he is such
a fragile boy.
You told him.
Oh, I should have
done it right away.
That's what you would have done.
You've always been upfront
about things.
Not always.
My big life in Chicago?
I kinda fell apart.
I lost my job.
Oh, but you are such a star.
Well, apparently
I've been out-shined.
You know, all these years
I thought
I was running
towards something
but I think I've been
running away.
You've accomplished so much.
Maybe on the outside.
But on the inside I've been
keeping everyone
at arm's length.
I thought I was being
One day you'll look back at your
life and it'll all be clear.
The only problem is, sometimes
you realize it too late.
Oh no, no, no.
Go back!
What's happening?
They're confused.
They're going in
the wrong direction.
They're supposed to go towards
the reflection of the moon
on the ocean.
It's that house back there.
Somebody tell those fools
to cut their lights off!
Let's just block the light
for now.
Just drop down.
Get real close together.
What do we do?
Go back.
Get closer so they
don't go through.
Ok, where is he?
Oh, there he is.
How are we gonna-
Come on, go, go, go, go.
There's your light.
Who is that?
Uh, it's Brett.
We called him when we
first noticed these hatchlings.
See the light.
They're turning around. Yes.
Oh, it's working!
Yes, yes, yes, yes!
There you go.
There you go.
It worked.
Just in the nick of time.
Oh, he's taking off.
Go! Go!
Go, babies.
To what do I owe the honor
of this visit?
Come and see her.
At least call.
I'm sure you've got everything
under control.
That's what you're good at,
Y'all don't need me.
Mama made that clear as crystal.
What's gotten into you?
She's sick-
No. No, you don't get
to go there, Cara.
Who do you think's been here
all those years
when you just waltzed off, huh?
I know.
And I'm sorry.
If I could change the past
I would.
Would you?
What about leaving me here
to deal with him, huh?
Would you do that again?
I used to be so proud of you.
'Cause nobody could stand up
to him like you.
God knows I couldn't.
And if I couldn't then mama
definitely couldn't but you,
you looked that old man right
in his eye.
Ain't that right, daddy?
She could tell you
all the things
we were too scared to say.
'Til one day you just up
and leave.
Leave mom and I here holding
the bag.
I don't wanna fight with you.
She needs you.
[door closes]
Well, hey there!
Hey, Lovie.
The rain's due in hard tonight.
Figured I'd get these closed up
for you before it hits.
What would we do without you
around here?
Cara will be back soon
in case you're wondering.
The only thing I'm thinkin'
about right now
is keeping you out of the rain,
keeping you dry.
Hey, Toy.
Oh, hey.
Not another one of these.
Come on, we have a deal.
Do they get better?
They don't.
You have your doctor's
appointment today,
I'll be happy to take you.
I'm taking the bus today.
It's just a check-up.
But there's that storm comin'.
I've been through
a storm or two.
Besides, if I can't take care
of myself for one afternoon
how am I gonna take care
of a baby?
Good point.
You just be careful.
Hello ladies.
Hey, Flo.
Oh, not again.
Want some?
It gets in your teeth
a little bit, but...
I'll get you an iced tea.
Thank you.
Can I help you?
Yeah, I'm not sure
I'm in the right place.
I'm looking for Cara Rudland.
Uh, yeah, this is the place.
She's out.
Oh, man.
Well, would you mind
if I waited for her?
I'm a friend from Chicago.
Richard Devries.
Brett, are you the handyman
around here or something?
Or somethin'.
What're you doing here?
You didn't return my calls.
I wanted to come in person.
Brett, this is-
Richard. We met.
Can we go somewhere and talk,
Unless you got plans.
No plans here.
Uh, tell Lovie I'm done
with the shutters.
Thank you.
You seem different.
I am different.
Well, whatever it is,
you look beautiful.
You didn't come all the way
down here to flatter me.
That's one of the reasons.
What's the other reason?
Look, I know you're mad.
I should have told you
I was getting promoted.
You didn't just get promoted.
You got my promotion-
I'm sorry about that.
But look, that's all
in the past.
We got the Barclay account.
We got your baby.
And I let the partners know
that it was all because of you.
And they want you back
as a senior VP
and group director
of the account.
With a salary commensurate
with all of that.
My mom is sick.
I wouldn't be able to start
for a while, anyway. I can't.
Oh my gosh, I'm sorry.
But look, we'll wait.
Take all the time you need.
But you know there's another
reason I'm here, too.
It's because I miss you.
I really do.
I want it in writing.
How much I miss you?
The offer.
There's a storm coming in.
You should leave now.
[wind blowing]
[rain pouring]
Sarah? Sarah, ok you're next
Excuse me, hi.
Um, do you know how much longer
until the doctor can see me?
When are you due?
Uh, not for another three weeks.
I'm sorry, sweetie.
You'll have to wait
with the others.
It's a crazy day.
I need to get home.
[Coast Guard
radio announcements]
[radio] Another hurricane has arrived
in the low country of South Carolina.
Just in the last couple of hour
rain falling sideways
and winds gusting
over 40 miles an hour.
Today was the last day
to prep or get out.
Tonight South Carolina
counting the hours
until what could
be a direct hit.
[rain pouring hard]
Mama, what're
you doing?
Have you packed your bags?
We gotta go!
Oh honey, I'm not leaving.
Mom, it's a full-on hurricane.
We're the last ones here.
Your father, your brother,
everyone is trying to get me
out of this beach house.
Oh honey, I have been through
so many hurricanes.
And this is just a little
tropical storm.
I'm not goin'.
If you're staying, I'm staying.
Mama, don't try and talk
me out of it,
you know how stubborn I am.
Toy Sooner?
Toy Sooner?
[horns honking]
I mean, they're offering
to double my salary
plus stock options.
Pretty much everything
I ever wanted.
If this were a week ago
I'd be mentally decorating
my office right now.
Well, you can decorate
in person.
Mama, shouldn't Toy be back
by now?
Maybe I should go look for her.
You'll do no such thing.
She'll be fine.
She's a smart girl, I'm sure
she just stayed at the clinic.
No, no, no, no, no!
Hey Lovie, it's me.
I'm on my way.
I'm just worried about you.
See you soon.
It's Flo!
Here let me help you.
I broke the law but the tide was
washing them away.
What're you talking about?
Oh, she removed the eggs
from the nest.
It's illegal, we'll put them
back afterwards.
Let 'em arrest us,
right Flo?
You got that right.
[groaning in pain]
[screaming in pain]
Toy, you ok?
Well, Caretta, this is quite
the adventure.
That's one way of putting it.
Oh, this old cottage has been
through worse.
And so have we.
I'm sorry for the way
I left back then, mama.
Oh honey, don't be.
I have always loved your spirit
and your backbone.
Ever since you were
a little girl.
I wanted to see you fly as far,
as high as you could.
I wanted that for you as much
as you did.
Do you believe in soulmates?
I'm skeptical.
I know it's silly, I used to not
believe in that stuff, either.
Until I met Russell Bennett.
I thought there was more
to that story.
Back then the dunes stretched
as far as the eye could see.
There was no development.
The ocean, the salt air,
our turtles and each other.
It was only a summer
but we spent every minute
we could together
without causin' people to talk.
Why would people talk?
He had a fianc.
He had made a commitment
and I could see the agony
that it caused him
so I stepped away.
Did he marry her?
I got a letter from him.
He said that he was flying
to her house to break it off
in person.
What happened?
His plane went down
over the ocean.
Engine failure.
Ah, mama.
When your father came along
I was still numb inside.
A part of me had died.
This is the deed to a parcel
of land that Russell left me.
It was gonna be
my wedding present.
It's the dunes in front of
the house
where the turtles lay
their eggs.
I want you to have it,
And this house, too.
They're yours now.
I just hope you come to find
that the beach house
is not so much a place
as a state of mind.
Oh my goodness, Toy!
We were just gonna come
look for you, honey.
You had the baby!
Are you alright?
Yeah, we're ok.
Brett took me to the hospital
and spent the entire night
in a chair.
Yeah, and she should
still be there, too.
Practically fought her way out.
Look, I'm gonna go check
out your place,
see how she held up.
Come on.
I couldn't get through.
I had to make sure you were ok.
Oh, it was just a little old
tropical storm.
You made it through another one.
Of course I did.
Mama, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Oh honey, it's ok.
I should have been here for you.
I love you.
Oh, I love you.
Well, I think I can salvage
most of it.
You know, southern ladies do
need their pergola and roses.
We do, don't we?
I'm not leaving.
I'm sorry, I... you mean like,
I mean like ever.
This is my home right here.
Lovie always said I'd look
around one day
and I would know what was right.
This is right.
[kettle whistling]
There you go, mama.
Oh thank you, baby.
It's been such a nice summer,
It's been the best.
You're a good mama.
I love you.
I love you, sweetheart.
You know, um... I feel
a little chilly.
If you could just get me
a blanket.
Of course.
You gonna let an old lady
go faster than you?
Woah, cool!
Mama Lovie would have
loved this.
Oh, wow.
Do you guys remember the
scientific name for turtles?
Look, there's another one.
There's gonna be a bunch
of them.
Well, here's to a beautiful
summer together.
A lot can happen
in the summer.
Births, loss...
You're in love?
Anyone I know?
Just some guy who
likes barbecue sauce.
Sounds like quite a catch.
He is.
Comer here.
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