The Beach House Murders (2024) Movie Script

[dramatic music]

[heavy breathing]

[heavy breathing]

[intense music]

[siren wailing]
[dramatic music]

[police officer]
This is the police!
Can anyone hear me?
I would like to make a toast.
[police officer]
Please step back.
Thank you,
I'll handle it from here.
[woman] We've known each other
for most of our lives.
Since high school.
Wow, am I that old?

I'm counting on you
to take care of my girl now.
You better not let me down.
Police officer!
[woman] I mean, you both
are truly like a couple
out of one of those
cheesy novels Sarah writes.
I mean, I would know.
I sell them for her.
But in all seriousness...
I love you, baby.
And I know
that you both will live
a long and fruitful life

And this is us.
We are here at our new house.
And this is...
my beautiful...
new wife.
Mrs. Sarah Brewer,
thank you very much.

And I'm gonna make you
an excellent wife,
Miles Brewer,
even when I'm old and wrinkly.
[Miles] We're gonna be
together forever.
You'll never be free of me.

I love you.
I love you.
[tense music]

[dark music]

Officer 008 requesting a 10-52.
Address is 21340
Loma Verde. Copy?
Copy. 10-52, en route.
[tense music]

What happened here?

Sir, what happened here?

I don't know.
[intense music]

[soft music]

[tapping of computer keys]

[tapping of computer keys]

[somber music]

[grunting, doorbell rings]
[suspenseful music]

Who is it? What do you want?
It's me! I'm early. Relax.
[soft music]

Did anybody follow you?
No, babes. It's just me.
Can I come in?
You better have coffee.
[birds chirping]
- How are you?
- I'm okay, really.
[Alice] Ugh, I can't believe
they let him out
for good behavior.
[Sarah] Yeah, well,
I'm sure he still had
one friend at the DA's office
who helped him
pull some strings.
[Alice] Well, that's
our justice system for you.
I told you you should've
never married that guy.
- Alice...
- I'm sorry.
I'm worried about you.
[Sarah] There's no reason
to be, I'm fine.
Besides, I don't think
he'll come after me.
I'm sure he's learned
his lesson.
You don't believe that,
or you wouldn't be so scared
every time
someone rings your doorbell.
Look, I never see you.
You never go out anywhere.
You have everything delivered,
it's like you're a...
Ghost? Yeah, that's the point.
How's the book coming along?
- It's coming.
- Yeah, you've been
telling me that for months.
- This isn't like you.
- I'm stuck.
Call it writer's block
or something.
I don't know.
I've written 230 pages.
I've outlined it, and I just...
I can't get through
this one section.
And it's like I just...
[Alice] Do you want me to read
what you have done already?
- No.
- Do you want me
to bring in an editor
to help you?
I don't want anybody's help.
You keep asking me that.
It's like you're telling me
I don't know what I'm doing.
I know what I'm doing.
Sorry I asked.
I know you guys
are impatiently waiting for it.
- I know that.
- We're excited.
We're not impatient,
there's a difference.
Look. We've got
the artwork done.
This is the front cover.
And this is the back cover.
The ad campaign is ready to go.
Look at that. Isn't that great?
Yeah. It's...
- It's nice.
- I mean,
everyone is waiting for
Sarah Brewer's next masterpiece.
And I know it will be
a masterpiece.
Why do I say that?
Because you're my best friend?
Because I know talent.
And I also know
how to handle talent.
And as your agent,
I think you need a break.
- A break?
- Why don't you get out
of this dark fortress
of solitude
and get some sunshine
in your life?
Hey, why don't you go and stay
at our summer house
- for a little while?
- I couldn't.
Why not?
I mean, Brad and I
aren't using it.
He's off in Europe for some
boring business conference
Look, it's the perfect place
to break through
a case of writer's block
and get this masterpiece
Mm, I don't know.
Aw, come on.
I'll think about it.
Great. I'll set everything up,
and you can be there
in two hours.
I said I'd think about it.
[moody music]

[suspenseful music]

[soft music]

[lock clicking]

[heavy breathing]

[waves whooshing]

[mellow music]

[melancholy music]

[man 1]
I'm glad I could help you guys
get her back here safely.
That poop deck
was a mess, wasn't it?
So, when do you think you'll be
taking her back out again?
[man 2]
Not sure, as soon as possible.

[man 1] If you need a crew
when you sail to Hawaii,
let me know, okay?
[man 3]
Excuse me, I know you, right?
- I don't think so.
- No, no, no.
I do, you're that author,
Sarah Brewer, right?
- Yes.
- [man 3] The Gateway Murders.
What was that movie
that came out a few years ago
that was based
on one of your books?
The Confession Hour.
- Right! Wow!
- Yes.
So, what are you doing here?
You haven't put out a new book
in a while, have ya?
No, I haven't.
That's why I'm here.
[man 3] Oh, you're here
to write your new book?
Well, that's great!
Would you mind
if I got a picture?
Oh, I don't...
[man 3]
My wife is gonna love this.
[man 3]
Wow, that is so great.
Yeah, well,
it was nice meeting you.
[man 3]
You too.
Hey, I'll look forward
to that new book, okay?
[soft music]

[seagull squawking]
[jazz music]
[indistinct chatter]

- Hi, can I help you?
- Uh, yeah,
I'd like to order some takeout.
Yeah, sure thing.
Tonight's specials
are the Alaskan salmon
and the New England
clam chowder.
Thank you.

[man 1]
I saw you earlier, didn't I?
I'm sorry?
[man 1]
I saw you at the beach earlier?
Oh! Yeah.
[man 1]
You're some kind of writer?
I overheard you talking
to one of your fans.
- You heard that, huh?
- That guy seemed
pretty excited
to meet someone famous.
[Sarah] Oh, I wouldn't
call myself famous.
I mean, I always get flustered
when someone recognizes me.

[man 1]
I'm Tony.
- Sarah.
- [Tony] Nice to meet you, Sarah.
Nice to meet you.


I hope I'm not being
too forward,
but I was about to grab
some dinner.
Would you care to join me?

The best shrimp
you'll ever have.
What do you say?

I'd love to, yeah.
So, Sarah, what brings you
to this little slice
of paradise?
[Sarah] Well, my friend
has a house at the beach,
and I developed a severe case
of writer's block,
so she suggested
I stay at her place
and see if it helps.
- That's some friend.
- Yeah.
- Is it helping?
- Yeah. I think so.
I had a little breakthrough
Must be the ocean breeze.
[Tony] Carpinteria
is a whole lot better
- than LA, right?
- Sure is.

How did you know I was from LA?
I'm sorry, I just assumed.
I heard you talking
about your book
getting made
into a movie and all.

So what about you?
I was in the Marines.
-Marines. Wow.
[Tony] Blew out my knee
in a training exercise.
Got discharged two years ago.
Mostly just do freelance work
here and there.
What kind of freelance work
does one do around here?
[Tony] Fixing boats
for rich people mostly.
My folks used to live
up the coast a ways,
but they're gone now,
so I found myself here.

There's just something,
I don't know,
magical about this place.
Feels like it's away
from the real world.
Doesn't feel so empty.

I agree.
It was so good.
Thank you for dinner.
You're welcome.
Would you like me
to walk you home?
Oh, no, it's-it's really close.
I'll be fine.
Well, I'd love to see you again.
- Uh...
- Tell you what,
let me give you my number,
and if you want
to do this again,
or go on a boat ride,
or I don't know,
give me a call.
[soft music]
Okay. Deal.

Got it.
Um, it was very nice
meeting you.
You too.
I'm gonna go use the restroom.
Um, have a good night.

See you later.

[melancholy music]

[hip-hop music]

- Hi, what can I get ya?
- Hi.
I would like a small latte,
no sugar, dash of cinnamon.
Okay, hot or iced?
- Hot.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
- Yeah, sure.

[ominous music]

Stay the hell away from me!
- Are you okay?
- What you doing here?
- Don't come near me.
- Won't, I swear.
I just came here
to get a coffee.
[Sarah] That is a bunch of BS
and you know it.
You followed me here,
didn't you?
Followed you? No.
I'm just staying
with some friends up the road
until I can, you know,
get back on my feet.
You are not supposed to come
within a hundred yards of me.
[Miles] Don't Alice and Brad
have a beach house around here?
I am calling the cops right now!
There's no reason for that.
I'll go.
But can I say one thing first?
I'm feeling better now.
Yeah, I learned a lot of things
- while I was away.
- Well, good for you.
Now get the hell out of my face!

And if I see you again,
you're going back to jail!

I am so sorry.
Can I buy you another one?
- Honey, don't worry.
- Okay.

[tapping of computer keys]

[dark music]

- Where were you?
- Hey.
I called you five times.
You were supposed to be home
hours ago.
[Sarah] We all went out to eat,
and we were talking
about ideas for the book promo.

Why are you sitting in the dark?

You're drunk. Go to bed.
We can talk about this
in the morning.
Don't you talk to me like that.
Don't you ever talk to me
like that.
Why are you so upset?
[Miles] Who else
was out with you tonight?
[Sarah] Just Alice
and some of her friends.
- Like who?
- I am not having
this conversation with you
right now.
Like who?

[lamp clicking]

[birds chirping]
[eerie music]
[man 3]
Good morning, beautiful.
What the hell is this?
[man 3]
Did you get my letters?
I sent you love letters.
They're in red envelopes.
- Did you get them?
- Yes, I got them.
Get out of my house!
[man 3]
Oh, come on, don't act that way.
You know you like what you see.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
I'm just gonna make love to you.
I'm calling the police.
[man 3]
Don't run away.
Come here, Sarah.
Let's go back to bed.
You're gonna enjoy yourself,
I promise.
911, what's your emergency?
A man broke into my house
and he's trying to rape me!
[man 3] I've waited
for this moment for years!
[tense music]
I read all your books, you know?
All your love scenes.
Okay, what's the address?
[Sarah] 11013 Beachcomber Lane,
[operator] The patrol car
is on its way, ma'am.
[man 3] I know what
turns you on, Sarah Brewer.
[Sarah] Don't come near me,
or I swear to God,
- I will kill you!
- Remember
in The Gateway Murders
that scene
when your main character
wakes up in the morning
and there's a strange,
handsome man in her bed?
Stay back!
[man 3]
She has no idea who he is.
A few pages later,
they end up having sex.
And a few pages after that,
she kills the guy,
I'm warning you!
[man 3]
We can have amazing sex.

Just how you wrote it.
We could do exactly
what you wrote.
You want that?
I want you
to get out of my house!
[man 3]
Don't lie to me.
You wouldn't have written it
if you didn't want it.

I'm right, aren't I?

[siren wailing]
[intense music]

Ma'am, are you still there?
He-he went out the back door.
I think he's gone.

I'm on my way.
I'll be there
in less than two hours.
Are you okay?
Yeah. I think so.
What happened with the cops?
They came, filed a report,
told me to lock my windows
and my doors.
- Then they left.
- That's it?
They're not gonna look
for this guy?
- Not really.
- Are they at least
gonna have a patrol car
cruise the neighborhood?
I asked.
They said they couldn't,
they're short-staffed.
[Alice] What the hell am I
paying taxes for?
[suspenseful music]
[somber music]
It's me!

I'm so sorry about this.
It's not your fault.
I think I know who this guy is.

You know him?
Not personally.
But over the past year
I've received
three love letters
from somebody.
At first, I thought
they were from Miles,
but it wasn't his handwriting.
The cards were all signed
"your biggest fan."
And the guy from this morning,
he asked me,
"Have you received my letters?"
I can only assume
it's the same person.
Then that means this fan
probably found your LA address,
followed you,
and, now, since he's been
inside the house,
he knows you're here
by yourself.
Yeah, probably.
[Alice groans]
And there's something else.
- What?
- This morning,
I went to that coffee spot
a few blocks up.
Miles walked in.
Said he was staying
with friends near here.
That's bull!
He followed you.
To hell with him.
You're not safe here.
We need to pack up your stuff,
clean up the place.
You're coming to stay with me.
[Sarah sighs]
Okay, I'll take care
of the kitchen.
You start packing.
- What's the matter?
- I'm not leaving.
You can't stay here.
[Sarah] I can't
live my life in fear like this.
The guy was in your bed.
- In my bed.
- I know he was,
but when is all this gonna stop?
You expect me to stay
at your place forever?
[Alice] Just until
the cops catch this guy.
And what if they don't?
As long as I'm writing books,
there's always gonna be
some weirdo out there
like Mr. Speedo this morning.
He was wearing a Speedo?
And what about Miles?
He knows where I live in LA,
he bought the damn house.
So, you move.
And he can still find me.
Do you know how easy it is
to find
somebody's address these days?
Look, you were right.
I've been scared,
I've been paranoid,
and I've locked myself away
for the past year.
I'm not doing it anymore.
I'm drawing a line
right here, right now.
I'm staying in your beautiful
house no matter what,
and I'm having this vacation,
and I'm finishing this novel
even if it kills me.
You know what I mean.
[soft music]

What are you doing?

One by your bed.
One for each door.

One in your car.

Pepper spray.
You keep this with you
at all times.

- I love you.
- I love you too.

I'll stay with you tonight,
but I have to get back to LA

[waves whooshing]

[tapping of computer keys]

[ominous music]

Can we talk?


What part of "restraining order"
- don't you understand?
- I heard
about what happened yesterday.
Police checked in
with my parole officer.
I just came by
to see if you were all right.
[Sarah] Don't give me that crap.
What do you want?
I want to talk to you.
For one minute.

I can call the cops right now
and have you arrested.
[tense music]
First, I want you
to know how sorry I am
about what happened.
That night, I swear to you,
I-I didn't do it.
We heard all this at the trial.
[Miles] I walked in the house,
the living room was busted up...
[Sarah] Completely destroyed,
and then you found me
knocked out
on the bedroom floor.
You tried to wake me,
got blood on your hands,
then you spaced out and sat
on the edge of the bathtub
until the cop came in.
Blah, blah, blah. Yeah, yeah.
It's old news.
Did you see me attack you?
- You know all this.
- Did you?
I was knocked out
from behind, remember?
I have no idea who it was.
Well, it wasn't your husband.
[Sarah] My husband should've
called the ambulance,
but he didn't.
I thought
you were dead.
I thought somebody had come
into my house and...
and killed you.
I panicked, I froze.
I admit it.
Look, I know we had a bad fight
a couple of nights prior.
And I was jealous, I was drunk,
but I did not try to kill you.
Somebody else did, trust me,
I'm telling you the truth.
[Sarah] That's the thing
about trust, Miles.
Once you break it,
it stays that way.
[soft music]
Okay, fine,
you don't believe me.
I get it.
I want you to know
that while I was away,
I was in therapy.
Had a lot of stuff to work out.
I'm better now.
You're the best thing
in my life.
And I hope you remember
the good times we had
because we had a lot of 'em.
You were good to me.
Kept me solid.

[Alice] How dare you talk to her
after what you did!
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
[Alice] If you come
anywhere near my place again,
I'm calling the police!
What the hell was that about?
Let's go inside.
[dramatic music]

[Alice] Why on earth were you
out there talking to him?
He was standing on the beach,
said he wanted to talk,
there were
a lot of people around,
so I thought it'd be okay.
Why didn't you come and get me?
Because you were sleeping.
Are you crazy?
Sarah, you can't go
anywhere near him.
He tried to kill you, remember?
He still claims it wasn't him.
Said somebody else attacked me.
[Alice] Well, the judge and jury
figured otherwise.
You know, he's lucky he's out.
What else did he say?
That he was in therapy
and he's doing a lot better.
Sure he is.
You don't believe him, do you?
No. Of course not.
But I have to admit,
he is... I don't know,
[Alice] That's 'cause
he's a lying manipulator.
And a wife beater.
You know,
he's always been this way.
Actually, he only
freaked out on me
that one time.
I mean, it was
totally out of nowhere.
Out of nowhere?
He's been that way
since the very beginning.
I mean, we all saw
how messed up he was.
"We"? Who's "we"?
Me. Rochelle. Shemika.
I mean, look,
we tried to tell you, but...
you were so in love
that you wouldn't listen.
I mean, don't you remember
how he would just flip out
over the smallest thing?
That was just him being picky.
[Alice] That was him being
a nightmare control freak.
Listen, he's working you,
and you're starting
to believe his lies again.
No, I am not.
We all do it.
We fall in love,
we think they're perfect,
but because
the love makes us stupid,
we don't see
who they really are.
You're lucky. You know why?
[Alice] Because the night
he tried to kill you,
oof, he showed you
his true colors,
that's for damn sure.
He's gonna contact you again.
He's gonna try to convince you
that he's not a threat.
But no matter what he says,
no matter what you feel inside,
do not... look at me...
Do not engage him.
That restraining order
pertains to you as well.
You hear what I'm saying?
I hear you.
[Alice] Ugh, okay, well,
I need to eat and shower
and get on the road.
I've got meetings back to back
for the next three weeks.
Oh, and we need your pages.
They're coming.
Come here.
[Alice sighs]
Why'd you hit him like that?
[uneasy music]
- [Alice] What do you mean?
- On the beach.
It looked like
you were gonna kill him.
He tries to hurt you again...
I will kill him.

[waves breaking]
The guy was in your bed?
It gets worse.
The next day,
my ex-husband shows up
and my best friend
beats the hell out of him
with a golf club.
Why'd she do that?
Because he tried
to kill me a year ago.
I know.
I've got a ton of baggage,
don't I?
You don't wanna go out
with me anymore, do you?
I didn't say that,
- this is just...
- A lot, I know.
Yes, for me
to process, it's a lot.
So do you think
your ex-husband's
telling the truth
that he didn't do it?
At first, I was
certain that he did do it,
but I was completely
knocked out,
so I have no way
of really knowing.
No, no, no, no, no.
He did it.
I know he did it.
I just have to trust the cops
and the legal process.
Yeah, I guess so.

[mellow R&B music]
Can I ask you a question?
Do you think people can change?
I mean, for the better?
I think we just grow into
more of what we've always been.
If you were a bad person
when you were a kid,
you're even worse
when you grow up.
Aren't you the pessimist.
I'm a realist.
Fair enough.
So what do you think?
I'd like to think
that we can improve ourselves.
Change our evil ways.
I mean, if not, then what's
the point in all of this?
I'll drink to that.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
[glasses clink]

Your life's a complete mess,
but I like the way you think.
Are you trying to seduce me
- with a line like that?
- Is it working?
- Not at all.
- Hmm.

It might be working... maybe?
[female singer]
Shooting stars
Falling fences,
no defenses now
No defenses now
But you oughta listen to
your mind over fear
It's deep in some part of you
that tells you the deal
Still you are walking in,
in for the kill
This is how we chill,
how we gon' chill
But you oughta listen to
your mind over fear
It's deep in some part of you
that tells you the deal
Still you are walking in,
in for the kill
This is how we chill,
how we gon' chill
Can I see you again?
No. I had a terrible time.
Oh well.
Yeah, that was awful, wasn't it?
I'm not gonna call you.
[soft music]

[door closes]

[disturbing music]

[Mr. Speedo] I have waited
for this moment for years.

[engine starts, revs]

Why were you talking
to that guy?
[Tony] He was asking for
directions to Orango Drive.
[Sarah] You were acting
like you were old friends.
[Tony] He asked me
if I lived around here
and if I knew
of any good restaurants.
Do you know who that was?
Uh... some tourist who got lost?
[Sarah] That was the guy
that tried to rape me.
That was Mr. Speedo.
That's Mr. Speedo?
[Sarah] Yes! You didn't
recognize him from the beach
the day you saw me?
[tense music]
I wasn't looking at who
you were talking to that day;
I was looking at you.
Sarah, I swear,
I don't know that guy.
Should we call the cops?
[Sarah sighs]
You probably scared him away.
[Tony] Do you want me
to stay with you awhile
in case he comes back?
I'm gonna go shopping.
So I won't be here
this afternoon.
When I get back,
I'll lock the place up.
I got my pepper spray.
Okay, well, I'm gonna go,
but I'm gonna call
and check on you, okay?
All right. Come here.

How did you know
I was from L.A.?
I'm sorry, I-I just assumed.

[door closes]

What are you doing?

What the hell are you doing?
Sarah. You scared me.
I thought... I thought you
wouldn't be here.
Why are you in my backyard?
Oh yeah, I'm sorry.
I came to fix
your patio furniture.
I wanted it to be a surprise.
With rope and duct tape?
Yeah, it's to...
It's to hold it together
so I can get to the hinges.
You came here
to tie me up, didn't you?
Well, I certainly can,
but I didn't think you were
into that sort of thing.
Don't get smart with me.
You followed me from L.A.
No I didn't!
[Sarah] You're working
with Mr. Speedo, aren't you?
Working with him?
When we first met,
Mr. Speedo was at the beach
the same time as you.
And then I see you
talking out front with him?
Coincidence? I don't think so.
Next thing I know,
you're in my backyard
doing God knows what.
I wanted it to be a surprise!
You wanted
to break in here, tie me up,
then you and Mr. Speedo
take turns with me.
No, not at all!
Is that the sort of thing
you write in your books?
Get off of this property
before I call the police.
Sarah, you're being ridiculous.
Get the hell outta here, Tony,
or whatever your name is.
Tony! My name really is Tony!
I can't believe I trusted you.
I can't believe I let myself
have sex with you, you...
you bastard, you pervert!
Get outta here now!
[suspenseful music]

Do you think I overreacted?
No, Sarah.
Your reaction was
completely appropriate...
Of course you overreacted!
He was just trying
to do something nice for you.
Yeah, but why was
he talking to Mr. Speedo?
[Alice] Did you ever think that
maybe Tony's telling the truth?
That maybe he's
a really good guy
and you're unable to trust men
after what Miles did to you?
[Sarah] If you were me,
would you trust men?
Babes, if I were you,
I'd be so terrified,
I'd probably pepper-spray
any man that smiled at me.
But look, I get it.
You have every right
to be paranoid.
Thank you.
But you don't have a right
to turn down a favor
from a good guy
who seems to really like you.
Besides, do you know
how hard it is to find
a decent handyman in that town?
I'll give you his number.
I'll do you one better.
Call him, apologize,
and get him back there
to fix my patio furniture.
[waves breaking]
[soft, tense music]

[coffee being poured]

[Mr. Speedo]
We could have amazing sex.

Just how you wrote it.
Had a lot of stuff to work out.
I'm better now.
You were good to me,
kept me solid.
How dare you talk to her
after what you did!
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Why'd you hit him like that?
He tries to hurt you again...
I will kill him.

[dramatic music]

[lock clicks]

[lock clicks]
[cell phone ringing]

[Mr. Speedo]
Hi, Sarah.
Who is this?
[Mr. Speedo]
It's your biggest fan.
I have your computer
and your hard drives.
It was you!
You broke into the house
this afternoon.
[Mr. Speedo]
Yeah, I did.
I'm reading your novel
right now.
I-I-I can see you're
not done with it, though.
Give me back my computer!
[Mr. Speedo] Oh, oh... you can
have it all back,
no problem.
For $100,000.
- What?
- [Mr. Speedo] 100K you heard me.
I can't get that kind of money!
[Mr. Speedo] Oh, you don't
need your computer?
I'll throw it
in the ocean for you.
Wait, wait, I need it.
Then get me my money, you have
two days.
Why are you doing this to me?
What did I ever do to you?
[Mr. Speedo] Do you know how
long I waited to meet you?
And what do you do?
You go and have sex
with some random guy
you pick up at a restaurant?
You need to be taught a lesson.
You either get me
$100,000 in the next two days,
or I'm gonna throw
your little computer
and that novel
you've been working on
for, what, a year now?
I'm gonna throw it
all into the ocean.
How would you like that?
I wouldn't like it at all.
[Mr. Speedo]
I know.
That's why you're gonna
get the money.
A hundred thousand.
Tuesday at noon, I'll call you
with an exact location.

[soft, tense music]
A hundred grand?
I'm not asking you for money.
I'm asking for your advice.
- [Alice] Call the cops.
- Obviously.
I'm gonna do that
first thing in the morning.
But say they can't do anything.
Do you think I should pay him?
Hell no.
Even if you did pay him,
there's no way to stop him
from wiping out
your computer's memory.
Besides, that doesn't matter,
'cause you backed
everything up, right?
Yes. On my hard drive.
- Where is it?
- [Sarah] He's got it.
That's what I've been
trying to tell you.
He's got my computer,
my bag, my drive,
the entire novel,
everything I've been working on
for the past year.
He's got it,
I don't have anything.
[Alice] You didn't back it
up on the cloud?
You told me not to do that.
You said somebody
might try to steal it.
- Remember?
- [Alice] Yes, I remember.
I'm sorry.
[Alice] Do you realize
how many people
are waiting for your book?
How much money
we've already spent
on the artwork, the ad campaign?
Yes, yes.
- I know. I'm screwed.
- [Alice] No, babes.
We're both screwed.
So what are you gonna do?
[suspenseful music]

[ringing doorbell]

[vehicle approaches]

[vehicle door opens]

- Hi.
- Hi.
And you're here because...
I came to apologize.
I completely overreacted.
You sure did.
I brought you some cookies.
These are from the store.
[Sarah] I know. I thought
that if I put 'em
in the Tupperware,
you'd think they were homemade.
- I guess it didn't work.
- [Tony] Not even close.
But I like 'em.
So I have some bad news.
From you? No way... seriously?
Mr. Speedo stole my computer,
my hard drives,
and the entire novel
that I've been working on.
- Holy crap.
- [Sarah] Yeah.
And he called and said
he wanted 100K to give it back.
Did you talk to the cops?
[Sarah] The police said
they couldn't trace the call
because he used a burner phone.
What would they do,
tap your phone?
[Sarah] They would need
a warrant signed by a judge,
and that could take weeks.
And chances are, a judge
wouldn't even approve it,
because in their eyes,
it's barely grand theft.
So we're on our own,
you and me versus Mr. Speedo.
I want to catch him.
- You what?
- [Sarah] I wanna make
a citizen's arrest,
and I want you to help me.
No way, Sarah, too risky.
I can't let this guy
continue to torment me
like this.
I have to make it stop.
If I don't, he's gonna do it
to somebody else.
- Please.
- [Tony sighs]
- On one condition.
- Name it.
[Tony] The other day,
you were convinced
that I was just like him,
that I'm some kind of monster.
Well, I'm not,
I'm one of the good guys,
and contrary to popular opinion,
we do exist.
Do you think
you can believe that?
[soft music]
I'll do my best.

[suspenseful music]
[blade slicing]

[cell phone ringing]

It's him.

You got the money?
[Mr. Speedo]
Cordovo Beach, noon.
Take the trail
that leads into the woods.
There's a big oak tree,
you can't miss it.
If you're late, I toss
your computer in the ocean.
Okay. But how do I know
you haven't erased...
[sharp rap]

[Sarah sighs]

[Mr. Speedo]
You're still so beautiful.
Even when you're scared.

Gimme the money.
First, give me my computer.
- And my hard drives.
- [Mr. Speedo] Sarah, come on.
How many of these types
of scenes have you written?
You know how it works:
You give me the money,
I count it,
and then I give you the goods.
Come on, you know the procedure.
The Gateway Murders, page 68.
The warehouse scene
with Cora and Mrs. George?
Do you want me to quote you?
No. That is quite all right.

You used too much tape.
[Sarah] I know.
It's a lot of money.
I didn't want it to get lost.

[Man 3 laughs softly]
[Mr. Speedo]

You liar!
[sounds of struggle]

[grunt, scream]

[thwack of punch]

You okay?
I'm okay, I'm okay;
go after him!



[sounds of struggle]

[Tony exclaims]
[Tony groans]

My leg, oh!
- Are you okay?
- Where'd he go?

[Tony groans]
He's gone.

[Tony groans]
- I got you.
- Come on.
[Tony groaning]
[soft music]
You know, considering
how much fun we have together,
I'm thinking we should go
exclusive with each other.
I am so sorry.
That was such a bad idea
of mine.
What are those, sleeping pills?
Yeah. I usually don't take 'em,
- but after today...
- Go easy on those.
I'm serious, we should
keep seeing each other.
You're the most fun I've had
since Afghanistan.
You must really
hate me right now.
I do, very much. But...
You know that part
about through thick and thin,
for better or worse?
You know the part
I'm talking about, right?
- What are you saying?
- [Tony] I'm saying,
we're getting that stuff
out of the way right now,
and technically, it's not
even our third date yet.
That is true. We are.
So what that means is,
the next 20 years
are gonna be easy.

- I hope you're right.
- Mm-hm.
Oh, oh, oh, oh!
I'm so sorry... Sorry!
I'm sorry!

I think you've stopped bleeding.
Oh, I think so too.
Lemme get it.
Okay, okay... I got you.

Thank you.

For what? He got away from me.
You tried.
And you're here for me.
That's all that matters.

Can I kiss you again
or is it gonna hurt?
Yes. To both questions.

- Ouch.
- The pain,
it was worth it.

[waves crashing]
[soft music]

Wake up, sleepyhead.

[eerie, tense music]

No! No!
[camera shutter clicking]

[bag zippering,
stretcher clattering]
Then, we met him in the woods
near Cordovo Beach.
He tried to catch him.
And he got away.
[Detective] You should
have called the police.
I did. Twice.
They were no help.
[Detective] So you
think this Mr. Speedo character
is the one who killed
you boyfriend?
More than likely.
[Detective] Can't think
of anyone else who might have
had a reason to kill Tony?
[indistinct radio chatter]
- No.
- How 'bout your ex-husband?
He just got out.
He tried to kill you,
what, 13 months ago.
You think maybe he had a problem
with you dating someone new?
You don't seem too convinced.
Let's just say my ex-husband's
turned a corner.
How would you know that?
Have you seen him?
- You talk to him?
- Yes.
[Detective] So he
violated his restraining order.
He was...
- well-behaved.
- That's irrelevant.
You need to tell us
when he contacts you.
Did you and Tony get into
a fight last night?
I know what you are implying.
Please don't go there.
You were the last person to see
him alive.
No, we did not get into a fight.
Truth is, I was starting
to fall for him.
There, I said it.
Now I'm not gonna say
another word
until I'm sitting next
to my lawyer.
[indistinct radio chatter]
[Detective] Found
a knife out front in the bushes.
Gonna run the biometrics
and get back to ya.
If I were you,
I wouldn't leave town.
Got a place to stay?
Yeah. Right here.
You can't stay there.
Sarah, it's not safe.
I told you, I'm not gonna hide
from this anymore.
I heard that before,
but this getting ridiculous.
What, your boyfriend
was stabbed to death
while you were sleeping.
Did that detective call you?
Yes. I gave him my statement
and he said there's no reason
for me to drive up there.
You need to get out of there
and come back to LA now.
No, I'm not leaving here
until I catch whoever did this.
Do you hear what you're saying?
That's the stupidest idea
I have ever heard.
It's a matter of principle.
[Alice] No, it's a matter
of you being an idiot.
I am not being an idiot.
[Alice] You were an idiot
to marry Miles,
you were an idiot to wallow
in your depression for a year,
and now you're an idiot
to play junior detective.
I have to figure this out.
Don't you get it?
I don't know who really
attacked me last year.
I don't know who killed Tony.
For all I know,
you could have done it.
[tense music]
- Me?
- Yeah, you.
Did the police tell you
that Tony was stabbed?

- No.
- Well, I didn't either.
How did you know
that Tony was stabbed?
How do you know
he wasn't shot with a gun?
You think I'm a murderer?
I think I saw you
beat the hell out of Miles
on the beach and then threaten
to kill him.
I was protecting my best friend.
[Sarah] Were you?
Or was it something else?
[Alice] Come on,
it's me you're talking to.

I've never even met Tony
in person.
What reason would I have
to kill him?
I don't know.
I'm sorry. I'm just...
[Alice] Look, what you're going
through is overwhelming
and you're confused,
but you need to come home.
In fact, I'm ordering you.
Get out of my house now
and come back to LA.
[Sarah] No. I am on vacation
and I'm gonna catch this guy,
and you can't stop me.
You're not my mother,
you're my agent.
Not anymore I'm not.
What are you talking about?

I had to tell
the partners what happened.
And that you need another year
to finish the book.
- At least that.
- Everybody went nuts
and we lost the deal
with the publisher.
I'm sorry, babes, we have
to drop you from the agency.
[Sarah] So not only does
my boyfriend get murdered
this morning,
my best friend is firing me
because some crazy fan
stole my computer.
- What a day.
- I tried to keep you on.
The partners
wouldn't listen to me.
- I gotta go.
- Sarah...
[soft, somber music]

[cell phone ringing]
- Hello?
- Hi, Sarah.
Listen to this.
[eerie music]

[spits, slams cup down]
Do you know what that sound is?
You gargling?
[Mr. Speedo] No, that's the
sound of your computer
floating to the bottom
of the ocean.
- Go to hell.
- How dare you
tell me that.
I waited for you.
I waited for you in that
awful place for a whole year.
You could have waited for me.
Where were you waiting,
a mental hospital?
[Mr. Speedo] No, it wasn't
a mental hospital,
it was a treatment center.

Anyway, I hope
you enjoyed your punishment
the same way
you enjoyed it last year.

- What did you say?
- I punished you
last year.
It was me
who broke into your house
and beat you half to death,
and your stupid husband
went to jail for it,
'cause you sent him there.
It was me.
I did it.
And you wanna know why?
It's because you ignored me.
You ruined it.
So then I was thinking
to myself, you know, like,
"Okay, I'll give her... I'll give
you a chance.
I'll give you a chance
to do the right thing
and be my girlfriend,
my lover."
I was in your bed.
Isn't that enough to prove
to you that I love you?
But no, no, no, no, no,
you threw it right back
into my face and you lied to me.
You... you tried to give me
fake money.
All I wanted to do is show you
how much that I... I love you.
So, yeah, it was me
who attacked you last year,
and I'm proud of it.

I was hurt.
And you know what else?
You're gonna get
some more punishment later.
Just you wait.
[hangs up phone]
[suspenseful music]

[birds chirping]
[indistinct chatter]
He, um...
he said...
he said you didn't do it.
And he basically confessed
to the whole thing.
[Miles] Did you happen
to record the phone call?
[Sarah] No, I didn't think
of it, I should have.
[Miles] No, not that it would
have changed anything.
I did the time already.
We can't relitigate the past.
Sarah, I'm trying.
But I can't get a job.
I can't get
my life back together
with this thing
hanging over my head.
You think you can help me?
- What can I do?
- You can tell people
that I didn't do it.
Tell them
that I'm actually a good guy.
Do you think you can do that?
Um... yeah.
I'm so sorry, Miles.
I am so, so sorry.
Um, I should go.
[distant sirens]
[Detective] So, we got the
forensics report on the knife.
Fingerprints belong to this man,
Jack Willis, age 32.
Is this the guy
who broke into your house?
Yeah, that's him.
[Detective] Guy's got
a real colorful resume.
Burglary, mugging, cocaine.
[Sarah] Please tell me
you've arrested him.
[Detective] Not yet.
We're looking for him.
Oh, great, that's comforting.
We'll get him, Mrs. Brewer.
He called me again last night,
probably from
another burner phone.
What'd you two talk about?
[Sarah] He said that he's
the one that tried to kill me
last year, not my ex-husband.
You think he's lying?
- Yep.
- Why?
That's what drug addicts do.
[soft, somber music]

[running footsteps]
[screaming, indistinct speaking]
Help! Help me!
I loved you,
but now I'm gonna kill you.
Help me! Help me!
Hey! Hey! Get away from her!
[Jack grunts, Sarah gasps]
Ah, son of a...
[soft, tense music]
You okay?

He's dead.

[Sarah] Why are you here?
Were you waiting for me?
[Miles] No, I brought you some
flowers just as a thank you.
I know I shouldn't be here,

I... they'll... they'll arrest me.

For violating
my restraining order, for this.
I can't be here.

You can tell them
it was self-defense.

Take it.

Sarah, please.

Thank you.

You want these?

[door closes, engine starts]

[indistinct radio chatter]
[Sarah] He, uh,
tried to choke me to death.
Luckily, my hand found
the tire iron,
and I, um, I had to.
It was self-defense.
Got it.
Sure did a professional job
on the side of this head.
Hey, after what he's done
to you, he deserved it.
Second dead body
at your house in two days.
It's starting to become
a regular thing with you.
Is that supposed to be funny?
[soft music]
Are you gonna be okay?
I'll be fine.

- What?
- Looks like
the mystery novelist
solved her own mystery.

[button chimes]

Hi, my name is Sarah Brewer,
and I'm a novelist.
I'm making this video on behalf
of my ex-husband, Miles Brewer.
I want everyone to know
that he is a good man.

A year ago, I was assaulted
in my home, almost killed,
but I never saw the person
that did it.
At the time,
I assumed it was Miles.

He went to jail for it.

Recently, another man,
Jack Willis,
confessed to the crime.

Because of this new information,
I want everyone to know
that I now firmly believe
that Miles Brewer
did not attack me.
I repeat, Miles Brewer
did not attack me.
He is a decent, innocent man.
I feel terrible that
my testimony was instrumental
in sending my ex-husband to jail
for a crime he didn't commit.

My only hope is that Miles
can somehow forgive me.

[waves crashing,
seagulls calling]

[cell phone ringing]

Hi, how are you?
Ha, real good.
Just getting ready
to go into this interview
for this terrific new job.

Must have called these guys
about 10 times,
and they finally called me back.
I think I'm gonna get it.
Miles, that is so good to hear.
[Miles] And it's all thanks
to you and your video.
It's actually starting to work.
[Sarah] Yeah, well, I'm glad
I could do something for you
after sending you to that
luxury hotel for a year.
[Miles] Hey, okay,
that's part of the past.
Forget it.
And besides,
like I told you before,
I got some really great help
while I was in there.
No regrets, okay?
No regrets.
It's really good
to hear your voice.
Yours too.
I know this might
be presumptuous of me,
but, um,
would you like to go
to dinner some time?
I don't think we should.
All right, fair enough.
I just thought we could,
you know, uh...
Never mind.
Sorry I asked.
- Let's do it.
- What?
I'll have dinner with you.
You will? For real?
Yeah. For real.
[Miles] No, no, no, no,
you got it all wrong.
- What?
- We went to go see
that doctor movie, um,
what was his name?
- What was his name?
- Eric something, right?
- Julia's brother.
- Yes! That was it.
- He was awful.
- I actually thought
- he was pretty good.
- What?
[Sarah] I remember that movie,
and that was not our first date.
You forget our first date.
- No, I do not.
- Mm-hm. Yeah, you do.
[Miles] What was... what was our
first date?
[Sarah] Our first date,
your car broke down,
and we never even made it
to the movie theater.
- Oh yeah.
- Or to dinner.
- Do you remember that?
- I remember, I remember.
[Miles] That was great,
that was embarrassing.
[Sarah] We were on
the side of the road forever.
Then you decided to pull out
that little flashlight.
[Miles] Okay, you was hating
on my flashlight all night.
[Sarah] You were pretending
like you knew
what you were doing
under the hood...
[Miles] I'm trying to impress
you, what do you mean?
[Sarah] I knew you didn't know
what you were doing.
Then you tried
to make a move on me.
[Miles] Well, I had
to figure out something
after I didn't know
what the hell I was doing
under the hood, so...
How did that go?
You rejected me once.
[mellow music]
- Not for long though.
- Mm, that's for sure.
You were so nervous that night.
[Miles] I was not nervous,
you were nervous.
[Sarah] You couldn't even
find the courage to kiss me.
- That is not true.
- I had to ask you,
"Do you want to kiss me?"
And it took you 15 minutes
to find an answer.
[Miles] Okay, you're right,
I was nervous
because I was attracted
to you, still am.
[soft music]
After all this time.

Do you know...

what your kisses...

remind me of?


How much...

I hate you.
[sinister music]
What the hell are you doing?

Now listen closely, Sarah,
because it's the part
of your novel
where the bad guy explains
how and why he did everything.
This is the liquid
concentrated dose
of those sleeping pills
you like to take.
After you fall asleep,
I'm gonna throw you in the pool,
make it look like
a typical drowning accident,
nice and tidy.


It was you.
You did try to kill me
last year.
- Yep, sure did.
- It wasn't Jack.
No, Jack was an employee.
Part-time actor,
full-time cocaine addict.
You know, it's amazing to me
what a coke fiend will do
to maintain a steady fix.
I gave him a script
and he performed it perfectly.
You didn't have
to kill Tony, you bastard.
He made you happy.
You're not allowed to be happy.
Not after what you did to me.
Hey, hey, don't fall asleep,
I'm talkin' here.
I gave you everything I had.
Who supported your writing
career before it took off?
I did.
And how did you repay me
a year ago?
You started sleeping
with your publisher
to sell your stupid books.
That is... that is not true.
Yes, it is.
You cheated on me and you
deserve to be punished.
But instead
of taking your punishment
like a good wife should,
you sent me to prison.
You ruined my entire life.
So if you're wondering why
the bad guy is doing
what he's doing,
there's your explanation.

You were never interested
in anything I had to say.
That's another reason.
[suspenseful music]


[hangers clatter]

I have good news.
[eerie music]
I convinced the partners
to bring you back on...

[suspenseful music]

[water splashes]

For the record...

you're a lousy writer.

[pot shatters]
[water splashing]

[Alice] Oh God, oh God, oh God,
no, no, no, no.
No, no, no, no, no, no.

I just got your job back,
don't you die on me.

[heavy breathing]
Oh, come on, come one.
One, two...
[Sarah coughing]
Yes, yes, yes!
[grunting, whimpering]
[thud, grunt]
[bottle shatters]


[thud, grunting]

[squelching thud, grunting]

[thud, water splashes]

Alice! Alice!
[soft, somber music]

[waves crashing]

[soft music]

Are you awake?
Yeah, I'm awake.
I wanna know what you think.

About what?
[Alice] This whole thing
we just went through.
Think it'll make a good novel?
- No.
- What? Come on.
I think it would be great.
It's too sad.
It's way too dark.

- Why too dark?
- Because Tony dies.

I was really starting
to fall for him.
If you want a happy ending,
the main character
has to find love in the end.
Well, what if we change it?

What if he doesn't die?
Yeah, what if he didn't die?
I think that's a great idea,

You awake?
- Hey.
- Yeah. What?

You gotta tell me.
Tell you what?
Your next book.
The subject matter.
What's the story gonna be?

Look, I worked my butt off
to get them to take you back on,
and everybody's waiting
for pages, Joe especially.
Look, I gotta tell 'em
So, what's it gonna be?
Another murder mystery?



It's gonna be a love story.

[tense music]