The Bear (1999) Movie Script

The Bear
That's a huge male.
Bet he's more than 1500 pounds.
Hey look!
An Hour ... Hour and a half.
Good. We're downwind now.
Why'd you shoot?
- I was in a good position.
- Well you should have waited for me son.
A damned shame.
You got him in the left shoulder.
He spun around on his forlegs -
from right to left.
If you'd had hit him in the hindlegs
he'd never gotten up again.
A bear always turns into his wounds.
You spooked him son.
My gun jammed.
You're not even close to seeing him again.
Not even with them glasses.
Take it from me. Give up!
He's miles away by now.
What's that?
Easy girl.
Come on.
Whooa boy.
Hold it!
I swear it. I'll kill you.
Don't worry.
With a little luck I'll be back
before your foot is mended.
Wait 'till you see them dogs!
We'll have us some fun.
Come on Dixie Belle.
Come on you curlyhaired girl.
Come on beautiful. Good dog.
Hoppin' around. Hop with me.
Did you miss me Dixie?
Over here!
Get up there, come on.
There he is.
Here grab on.
He's out of range.
Don't shoot. You'll hit the dogs!
You wanna bite me huh?
You're a naughty little fella.
Who's that up there?
Men - stupid men.
I'm Tom.
You hear that?
The dogs have made it back.
Come on my babies. Come here.
Look what he's done to you.
Back here, get back here.
Here Kamic. Here.
Take it easy.
Lie down! Stop it!
Look ...
Darn cubby chewed through the rope.
Forget him. Let's move on.
What's that?
Good huh?
Come on ... you hungry?
You wanna stand up?
It's down here now ...
No it's up here. Stand up.
He likes it.
You do want it don't you?
Where did it go?
Stop fooling around.
We've got things to do.
You'll see Tom. This is
just the place to box him in.
You told Joseph to keep the
dogs muzzled didn't you?
He's waiting by the creek.
Here we are.
You pick a spot up there.
I'll take the other side.
Sooner or later he's gotta come through here.
You stay put.
Don't worry.
I won't move.
Please don't kill me.
Go, go away.
Get out of sight. Hide.
I got him. He fell like a stone
there - clear over the edge.
Okay little fella.
You're free to go now.
So long.
How long have we known each other?
- Three months?
- Five.
I don't like to ask folks questions.
Everyone has their secrets.
By God that's the way it should be.
Look who's taken a shine
to civilization.
Good luck little fella.
The greatest thrill
is not in killing -
- but in letting live.
James Oliver Curwood.