The Beast (2023) Movie Script

Rustles and steps
- Move forward a little.
OK. This way, it's okay.
Turn around a little. That's it, like that.
See there, behind me?
This is the living room you came from.
The staircase is right there,
on the left.
On your right,
you have the kitchen window.
On the table here,
you have the knife.
And you see the mark in tape,
really on your right?
This is where
the shadow of the beast will appear.
At one point
you look over and see her. OK?
- OK.
- Uh...
Loosen your hair a little.
That's it, like that. Perfect.
And take two, three steps towards me.
That's it, like that.
How are you?
- Yes, I am fine. I am ready.
- We are going to go there.
And it's.
when you want to.
Helicopter flyover
Intriguing music
Heavy breathing
Someone is walking.
Anxiety music
Severe shock
Stressful music
Suspense music
Chamber music
Discreet hubbub
you haven't seen my husband?
- He was in the other living room
a few minutes ago.
- You haven't seen Georges?
- Yes. He was in the living room
on the other side five minutes ago.
Tell me, why at parties,
we always try
to find the people we live with
and that we see every day?
Little laugh
- You are having fun?
- A lot.
But I lost my husband.
- What luck! Enjoy it.
Discreet laughter
- I'm taking advantage of it.
Too much.
- I saw him go that way.
He must have gone to see the workshop.
- L'atelier?
- You haven't met Anton?
- No.
- Anton!
We lent him a room
so he could work.
Tonight he shows things.
Go for it. It's powerful,
and as dark
as the times are bright.
Curious contrast.
- In this case.
- I leave you.
- It's over there?
- Yes.
After the back lounge, on the right.
I can take you if you want.
- Thanks, but I can manage.
- You don't want a drink first?
- I have a drink.
- And a glove that hides something.
I bow.
I hope that pleases you.
- I am sure.
Discreet conversations
(British accent)
- What do you think?
- It's violent. Psychiatric.
Quite beautiful, I think.
- He could paint you.
- No way.
I hold on to my soul.
- You remember, don't you?
- What?
- That we have already met.
- Oh yes?
- In Rome. Years ago.
Three years ago.
A dinner,
organized after a performance
of Madame Butterfly.
You were with your uncle
and your aunt.
You were wearing a
fairly dark green dress, with a bun.
- It was in Naples.
Not in Rome.
It was six years ago.
I was with my mother and my brother.
In fact, you don't remember
me at all.
- Maybe I'm a little vague
on the details.
But on the other hand,
I remember you very well.
- That much?
- Yes.
- And why?
- Because you told me something
that I never forgot
and who, since then,
often makes me think of you.
Something you told me
on the way home.
You have forgotten?
- We spoke in French?
- I think we were mixing languages.
I don't know if I'm doing the right thing
by trying to remind you, then.
- But yes, go ahead.
- It's risky to bring someone back
to what they once were.
But if you moved away from it,
so much the better.
So, did this happen?
It's something
we can't forget.
So, did what you told me
about happen?
- I think I know what you're talking about.
I had forgotten having shared
such an intimate confidence.
- Am I the only one who knows?
- Yes.
- I never told anyone.
- It's very good like that.
- I'm sorry to disturb you
in your conversation,
but I can't resist.
You are Gabrielle Monnier,
- Indeed.
- So, I just wanted
to confess my admiration to you.
You are a magnificent musician.
A pianist
of rare sensitivity and...
It touches me infinitely.
- Since I dare to speak to you,
I dare to tell you:
I would love to
dress you one day.
- Get dressed?
- Yes, I am Paul Poiret.
- Oh?
In this case, I happily accept.
I am very flattered.
- But not as much as me.
I won't bother you any longer.
- Do you still have the same feeling?
- What did I tell you?
- Something
you felt very young.
Very deep within you.
The feeling of being destined
to a rare, strange, terrible thing,
which was bound to happen sooner or later.
You were convinced
that she would end up glaring at you.
I think that's the word
you used: thunderbolt.
- Did I tell you anything else?
- That you do not want
to commit to a relationship
a disaster was going to happen
and reduce you to nothing.
You and all your loved ones.
- It's true.
Nothing has happened
to answer your question.
- And you still got married?
- How do you know?
- The shape of a wedding ring
under your glove...
- Obviously.
- And your husband?
Where is he?
- I don't know...
Yes, I took the risk.
But I was young and...
And now,
It all seems very distant to me.
- Then you told me
about something that was going to happen,
like a hidden beast,
and destroy everything in you
and around you.
- What did you answer?
- Nothing.
It scared me a little.
But maybe I was too young.
- Gabrielle?
Beauty, how are you?
- Have you seen the paintings
in the workshop?
- Yes.
- Is George there?
- In one of the living rooms, I imagine.
- All right.
Well, I'll go say hello, then.
Good visit.
Intriguing music
- It's not always easy
being married.
- Excuse me,
I am going to leave you.
- Please,
stay with me.
Chamber music
Did you think I was crazy?
- No. I think I understood.
- You mean my obsession
could correspond
to a certain reality?
- To a certain reality,
Yes surely.
Today, I could
watch for this beast near you.
But if you're no longer afraid,
it's useless.
- You are serious?
- Completely.
- I can pretend to be afraid
if you want to watch.
By my side.
- It was to me
that you revealed this confidence,
even if you don't remember it anymore.
You entrusted me with something.
Even if this is all far away.
- And you?
Doesn't that scare you anymore?
- Of course yes.
But I can take that risk.
I'm not so young now.
- I am very touched.
Viennese Waltz
- Are you okay, darling?
Where were you?
- I was looking for you.
- I am here.
How are you?
- Yes.
- If you had to describe
your skills,
your training and your
personal project, what would you say?
- I don't know.
I am fast, intuitive.
As for training,
I never really had any,
I moved to the United States
when I was nine years old.
- For what?
- I don't remember very well,
I was very little.
My parents said
that the climate had become unbearable.
They were scared.
And then,
when we arrived in the United States,
the civil war broke out.
And so, we left.
- Yes, in Chengdu, for nine years.
You didn't go to school there.
- Non.
But I still learned a lot
on my own.
I learn rather easily.
Mysterious growl
- And your personal project?
- To work.
If possible
WHERE I can feel useful.
- Useful?
- Yes, useful.
Something other than what I'm
doing now.
Intriguing music
Not approaching
- Pardon!
Do you work here?
- No, I'm sorry.
- Ah! You're like me, then.
- I don't know what you are like.
- A little lost.
- In the building
or in life?
- In the building already, that's for sure.
I'm coming for an interview,
I don't know where it is.
- I'm coming out.
It's just behind, to the right.
- It went well?
- It's even.
I have to go to work.
Good luck.
Metallic squeak
Mysterious chiming
-Minus 4012.
- If you had to give me
a good reason
so that we can help you
find another job?
- I am smart.
I know how to do lots of things.
- Today, there is no shortage of intelligence .
- The intelligence you speak of
still lacks humanity.
- The intelligence I speak
of saved humanity.
- I'm talking about humanity in the human sense.
Of human presence.
- Artificial intelligence
has become responsible and fair.
So, ultimately, human.
This is immense progress.
- Honestly, I find it difficult
to talk about progress,
with 67% unemployment
and 20% mechanical work.
They call us useless people.
I don't know
if you realize the contempt?
I'm just asking for work
that matches my abilities.
- Do you hear your anger?
You have far too much affect
for certain jobs.
As it stands, you will
only be able to do work in which the affect
cannot interfere with the result.
Like the one you have today.
- Because we have to choose
between work and affects?
- For certain jobs, yes.
Particularly those which involve
responsibility and reflection.
And these are obviously
the ones that interest you.
there are no more biased decisions
taken by someone
who is upset or depressed.
Look at the calm.
- Yes. Well,
I don't know if that's a good thing.
- Do you want to relive the same thing
as in 2025?
The same dramas?
- No, of course.
- Don't be paranoid,
or worse, sentimental.
All this is very recent,
hence your distrust.
But the worker will readjust
as he always has.
We have already suggested
that you dive back into your past lives
to clean your DNA.
And you refused.
- I've just
a little afraid of the consequences.
- In which way?
- I am afraid of.
to no longer be able to feel.
- It's a rumor, that.
Obviously we can still feel.
But we feel more serenely,
that's all.
Nature sounds
Crows calling nearby
Oppressive note
- You know, stop being afraid, darling.
You can always fuck.
Besides, I fuck more than you.
It's a little different,
but it's not necessarily worse.
This is another thing.
And its been scientifically proven
to work.
You can trust science.
- Science
has proven absolutely nothing.
And we absolutely don't know
how it works,
artificial intelligence.
In any case, I am sure
that it cannot be objective.
- Yes. We discover what Buddhism
has always known, that's all.
You go through everything that has damaged you
for centuries,
and you get rid of it.
- Oh yes?
And when you wake up,
do you remember it?
- Oh yes.
And I can tell you: it works.
- In any case, I
don't want to become
neither a Buddhist nor a robot.
- No, but I haven't become
a robot.
my emotions no longer make me suffer.
You have nothing to lose
and everything to gain.
- And.
Exactly, I have to lose.
- What?
What do you have to lose,
for example?
- Not maybe
never experience a strong feeling.
- Great novels
are fantasy, darling.
In any case,
I don't regret it for a second.
Let go.
And above all,
you have the right to more interesting work
than checking the temperature
of the data plates.
So, if we offer it to you,
that might mean
that, in some way,
you are worth it.
Like me.
- By purifying your DNA,
you cleanse old trauma
which you have inherited
for centuries
and which have contaminated your subconscious.
It's like regulating
but at a much higher level.
You understand?
- Yes I think.
- As I told you,
we can help you.
We can help you
get rid of your affects.
- Of all?
Of all?
It's just
that I have a very deep feeling
that something terrible
is going to happen.
Kind of a disaster.
And that I will have to face it.
Be there.
Even though it terrifies me.
- You see? Affects, thats it.
Its this fear, for example.
Nothing serious can happen anymore.
Rest assured.
All the disasters are behind.
- What should I do
to rehabilitate?
- You close your eyes.
You reopen them. That's all.
Do it.
- What?
- Close your eyes.
Reopen them.
It's going to be like this.
Nothing more.
Dark note
Metallic rumbles in the distance
Mysterious signal
- Do not move.
You're going to get a sting
in your ear.
It's absolutely not painful.
- I'm a little scared.
- This is going to go very well.
You will close your eyes,
and that's it.
Nothing more.
Close your eyes.
- Close your eyes.
- Do you find me old?
- Non.
- Obviously a little.
- How old were you?
- Is that a fancy way of asking
how old I am today?
He's laughing.
- No way. No way.
Excuse me.
It's none of my business, but.
The dolls,
Is this your idea?
Soft piano music
- Because as a child,
I was a little girl?
I'm only interested in music.
- But how did your husband get
into doll making?
- A bit by chance.
He was studying law.
And one morning
he woke up and he said to me:
I had this dream.
I want to make dolls.
"I saw them."
-And so you married him.
- And so, now
we have this factory.
- When did you get married?
- Leaving the conservatory.
I didn't want to stay at home,
I wanted to make music, go out,
enjoy the world.
Oddly enough,
getting married gave me freedom.
- Is that why
you didn't have children?
- How do you know?
- I inquired.
- Indeed.
At the moment, I don't have one, but.
I want some.
And I will have some.
- I have no doubt about it.
Soft music
- And you, then?
- I find Paris more stimulating
than London at the moment.
- You are not answering my question.
- Moi?
Let's just say I'm a big loner.
- I'm hungry.
I want pancakes.
Do you think the Seine
will rise again?
That we will have to leave Paris?
- If Paris becomes Venice, that suits me.
It will make the city
even more mythological.
- And we will even be happy to die here.
- We'll get you some pancakes.
- And jam.
and pain au chocolat.
- This may be the catastrophe
you feared.
- That Paris is engulfed?
I dont think
thats what scares me the most.
- So you're still afraid?
- Well, you tell me,
since you will be at my side,
- I promise you.
- I seemed scared in Naples?
- Non.
You said everything very calmly.
I have a bit of a stupid question , but...
how do you invent a doll's face?
How do we choose
our expression, our features?
- It's not a stupid question.
In fact, there are basics
that we do not question.
And others who evolve.
- Are there several expressions?
A happy doll.
A terrified doll.
A sad doll.
- There is only one,
quite neutral,
without too much emotion,
that can please everyone.
- And what does
this neutral doll look like?
- A little bit about that.
Intriguing notes on the piano
Mysterious music
I can show you around,
if you want.
I really like this place.
- I would be happy to.
I would love to hear you play.
- I am not ready.
- What are you working
on at the moment?
- Schonberg.
I am suffering.
- Is it that difficult?
- For me, yes.
It's full of invention, but.
it's hard to find the feeling
inside that.
Maybe thats whats exciting.
Because honestly,
there are things that have become impossible.
- Like what?
- Precisely, the illusion of feeling.
The illusion of music
that satisfies itself.
- But the feeling
is the beginning of the emotion.
- Not necessarily.
It can come in another way.
- Let's admit that there is an interest
in making music without feeling,
what remains to be proven,
what would that be?
Very cold compositions?
- Not necessarily.
This would provide an experience
which is less classic.
An unprecedented experience.
May I.
see your hands?
Are pianists' hands
Or is it just their sensitivity?
They are very beautiful.
I have to go back home,
it's late.
Majestic music
Crescendo of distressing music
- What were you playing
just now?
- A piece by Schoenberg.
- You are doing well.
- I don't know.
I don't feel like
I understand everything yet.
- We don't
always have to understand everything, right?
- I guess not.
- We're fine without electricity, actually.
I've never seen the living room like that.
It's beautiful.
We should go on a trip.
We haven't been alone for a long time.
You do not want?
- Doesn't that scare you?
- What?
- To be alone with me?
Not approaching
- I like being scared.
I feel alive.
I would like to tell you something.
- Do you want me to close the shutters,
- No, I will, thank you. See you tomorrow.
- I still have a little work to do.
The footsteps recede.
A door creaks then closes.
Scary music
Clinking of glass objects
Frantic screams
The pigeon coos.
- Everything is fine. Everything is fine.
He went out.
I am here.
It's nothing, it's a pigeon.
He went in, he went out.
(I love you.)
(-Me too.)
- I keep thinking
about your premonition, you know.
- Yes?
- The disaster
may have already occurred.
- That's to say?
- You married a boring man.
- He's not.
No way.
And I really like it.
- Maybe you're just afraid
of being alone.
- I love solitude.
I even need it often.
- So, that's not it?
- Non.
- In this case,
I have a proposition.
But you may
find it absurd.
- Certainly no more
than what's happening right now.
What do you have in mind?
- If you have a feeling,
that is to say a premonitory intuition,
maybe I can.
accompany you to a clairvoyant.
- Do you know one?
- Otherwise, I wouldn't have offered it to you.
- I don't know...
Isn't it dangerous
to know the future?
- I do not believe.
It all depends on how you interpret it.
And what you do with it.
- I don't know
if we should rush things.
- All this has been going on for years,
I don't call it rushing.
- It's true.
- SO?
- SO?
- You can take it lightly.
(-Alright then.)
Majestic music
We left before the end.
It's not serious?
- No way.
I was starting to get bored.
- This evening, we didn't feel
the drama of loss in her.
The one who played Butterfly
was more moving in Naples.
- Do you see it like that?
An endless drama of loss?
- That's all she's faced with.
The loss of a father,
from his family,
of his own identity,
of his love.
And it will ultimately lead her
to suicide.
Let's protect ourselves from this.
Intriguing music
- I hope you don't want to know
if Paris is going to be swallowed up,
because I can't
answer this question anymore.
- No, that's not why I came.
- So much the better.
- This is the first time I've done this.
How exactly does it happen?
- Things are going pretty well, in general.
- I ask you questions
and you answer me, right?
- Do you know that I do hypnosis?
- No I did not know.
- Oh?
- And how much does it cost?
- It's already paid for.
What exactly are you coming for?
- It is difficult to explain.
I have had anxiety for a long time.
A feeling.
For years,
a feeling
that something is going to happen,
but which, at the same time, does not happen.
And I wanted to know.
- A love story?
- Non.
- You seem confident.
- Yes.
I married a man I love
and who loves me.
- Tell me about him.
- He was someone who helped me a lot
when I was younger.
when this anxiety was suffocating me.
Besides, I know
he's still worried about me.
Even if that fear has gone away.
We get on very well.
It concerns something else.
Don't influence me.
- But I just wanted to know.
Is there a risk?
- Of course.
There is definitely a risk.
But a risk is beautiful,
its strong, its alive.
Close your eyes.
An intriguing note
Close your eyes.
And listen to me.
There is a natural disaster,
but it's not the one
everyone is talking about.
There is a beast.
A beast ready to pounce.
There is also a pigeon,
but it's not that beast.
it is a representation
of the Holy Spirit.
He's a messenger.
It's a good sign.
Unless he comes into your house.
Dark notes
That means
someone is going to die.
Maybe you, maybe a loved one.
Anxiety music
There is a man.
But he can only make love
in his dreams.
There is a difficult choice to make.
A feeling of impossibility to do it,
without the possibility of destroying everything.
Like an inner pain
which slowly eats away at you and burns you.
But the most destructive,
its this non-choice.
Intriguing music
On a table,
a knife that you take.
A man in the next room.
A disaster.
But it's not the one
you're thinking of.
It's because you hesitate
that there will be a catastrophe.
You should not.
We have to leave.
It's far too dangerous.
He can only make love
in his dreams.
At three,
you can slowly open your eyes.
An intriguing note
- I stopped by the factory this morning,
and the electricity is miraculously
not cut off.
These walls
are very humid.
But there is no infiltration.
On the other hand, this wall
has a crack.
Water from the street
could flow into the workshop.
Light steps
The door closes.
- What if the water rises again?
- For now, it should be fine.
But when the flood has subsided,
The damaged part of the wall will have to be repaired .
- Unless he comes into your house.
A man in the next room.
- Afterwards, what I would like
is to recover this floor, here,
which overlooks the street.
I tell myself
that with a minimum of work.
Dark melody on the piano
With a minimum of work, we could
open one store and sell the other.
- My love,
I know you tried everything
to accompany me
in a path that would be personal to me,
towards a confidence, towards a possibility,
at a time when I was not able
to do nothing, I was so paralyzed.
And those years
were the happiest of my life.
But I have an inner pain
that slowly eats away at me and burns me.
That of feeling a part of me
that begins to move away from us,
the difficulty of retaining it
and reuniting with you,
the intuition of immense loss,
impossible to imagine,
and my resistance to this tear.
I tried to hold on
all those months that seemed pale to you.
I tried to be there,
to believe in us,
but we couldn't escape
to this panic, to this evil.
And everything started to send us back there,
the day and the night.
What has become most unbearable
is seeing ourselves unhappy,
while we
loved each other so much, carried each other,
since day one
and all these years.
I also feel like I'm walking
in an unreal world.
I can never tell you
that you are no longer part of my life,
because in every intimate plot,
my substance
is all that we have been together.
Dark melody on the piano
Saying goodbye
is too difficult for me.
I hope you will pass me
this weakness,
because all these words already hurt so much.
Deep breathing
- Good morning.
I am Kelly doll.
I'm part of the protocol.
I'm here to make sure
everything is okay
and accompany you.
I'm like a nurse.
(-Oh fuck!)
- Can we address each other in a less formal manner?
Come on, come on.
I'll take you.
Crow calls
Barking in the distance
Calls of various wild animals
I understand
that you keep things to yourself.
And I'm not asking you to tell everything.
It's a very special experience
to go through all that.
I just want to know how you feel.
- I feel good.
- You don't look like it.
What's the matter?
- There is nothing.
- Tell me.
- It's just that I don't want
to become like you.
- What do you mean, like me?
- Like you.
You're not even going to die.
Sorry excuse me.
That's not what I meant.
It's just that you bore me.
- I have a lot of possibilities,
you know.
Take advantage of me.
I can tell stories.
I also make puns.
Do you want to play something?
- Not really, no?
- You want to make love with me?
- You're a little creepy, you know.
- What do you want to do, then?
- To dance?
- OK.
Let's dance.
- Here?
Soul rock music
- Hey!
T'as l'air cool.
- Do you want a cigarette?
- No thanks.
- Here you can smoke.
- Ah? OK.
- All the music is from 1972, I love it.
- And why 1972?
- I don't know, but it's crazy.
- Enjoy!
But what is this here?
- There's no real name.
Here you can do lots of things
that you can't do elsewhere.
It's like an airlock.
What do you want to do?
- I want to pee.
- The purification center.
- Yes.
- What are you doing here?
"Yuki Ga Furu (Tombe la neige)"
(Savior Adam)
- I am with a friend.
- So this happened?
Have you decided
to try the experience?
- I didn't go there.
- For what?
- I don't know. An intuition.
I think I don't like
that they call it "purification".
I don't feel impure, actually.
- I too am starting to doubt.
Yesterday I was certain of my decision,
and today,
it's the contrary.
So, I think I can't stand
my anxiety attacks anymore.
- It makes anxiety come alive.
- Maybe.
But I thought about the Stoics.
is in the lack of passion.
- Do you know Madame Butterfly?
The opera.
- Not really.
- Look at my hand.
Take the,
- You have beautiful hands, yes.
- What are you going to do, then?
- Maybe we can give ourselves
a few more days.
- Maybe yes.
I had never seen people
dance like that.
- Me neither.
That's why I come here often.
- I'll come back then.
Slow music
- Who were you talking to?
- One day, I left my husband
for this man.
- Wow!
You did well.
- I don't know.
- You still have this feeling
that something terrible
is going to happen?
- No, not really anymore.
Well, I don't think so.
- Not really anymore?
- No, I don't have it anymore.
- I'll show you a picture.
You're going to tell me
what that means to you.
- What is this?
- You can open your eyes.
The image is no longer there.
It's a difficult test,
but it shows where you are.
There is something
that still resists.
It happens sometimes.
You will have
another session in two days.
Don't worry.
- How long did it last in total?
- Apparently, ten minutes.
- And do you remember everything
- Yes, it's quite disturbing.
However, it is difficult to know
the degree of reality of things.
Mysterious chiming
- Believe me, it's real.
- It's scary. I'm hesitant to start again.
-Minus 4012.
- What do you really fear?
Ask yourself honestly.
- I am torn between the will
to continue in the past
and the fear of ruining the present.
- It is continuing in the past
that will allow you
not to spoil the present, precisely.
Either way, losing your loved one
is so excruciating that...
even when things go well,
you are still in anguish
of the loss to come, then.
You might as well not live it.
You're so much better.
You get rid of the pain.
- Certainly.
In any case,
I don't want to end here.
I'm going to turn myself into a wardrobe.
- You're better than that, yes.
- Say, Sophie.
Do you think
we'll meet one day?
- I don't know.
But I love you, darling.
- Me too.
Dark music
Moving music
- Would you like some tea, madam?
- No. Thank you, Bertrand.
- I am late?
- No way.
Let's go, Bertrand.
- Hello Sir. This way.
We are in the midst of a
manufacturing transition.
We are going to move on from the classic
porcelain doll,
to a new celluloid doll.
You will be able to see a little of both.
We make 30 dolls per day,
for a production of 7,000 per year.
There are 12 employees here at the company
and three who work from home.
On celluloid, everything is done
using a new method
of blowing into the mold.
A pasty liquid is introduced,
then the mold is removed.
And it gives a plate like this.
- Fascinating.
- Once they have removed
all the members from the plates,
We sand gently
so that it is soft.
We call it trimming.
- It's true that the skin is very soft.
Intriguing music
It smells like vanilla.
- We also continue
the classic porcelain doll.
The transition will happen gradually
over a few years.
It's this way.
No, don't smoke, please.
Celluloid is very flammable.
- Excuse me.
- That's the problem with this material,
but we arrive at much more realistic dolls .
There, we give them a little color.
we finalize the dolls' heads.
- They took your eyes as a model?
- Maybe.
- Over here we have lockpicking.
The bodies are made of papier-mch
and we assemble all the members
to have a complete doll.
There, on the other side,
is the doll clinic.
- The clinic?
- Yes.
We repair broken dolls.
Thank you, Bertrand.
Soft music
Shall I show you the showroom?
- Gladly.
What scares you
so much?
You can tell me now.
- I don't know.
It's hard to put
a feeling into words.
- You can trust me.
- I spent my life thinking
only about terrible things
that I can't tell.
- Because they are
too terrible?
- Yes.
- We don't hear anything anymore.
- It's 7:30 p.m.
Everybody is gone.
- What is stronger?
Your fear?
Or your love for me?
- Because you think
I love you?
- Show me your hand again.
Gabrielle's lascivious sigh
Lascivious breathing
- I'm sorry.
I can't.
- You can't
or don't want to?
- Both.
Dry snap
- Do not move.
Powerful crackling
Glass shatters.
Is there another exit?
- Yes maybe.
There is a sort of gallery underneath.
This way, come!
- Where is it?
- Here!
It's not long,
10-15 meters.
Glass fragments
- If it's the only way out,
you have to swim underwater.
I'm taking all that away from you.
You can't swim with that weight.
I'll go first.
If I see that it's not possible,
I'll come back.
We still have a few minutes left.
In two minutes,
if you don't see me, you're swimming.
- Yes.
- All right?
- Non.
I do not want.
(I do not want.)
- It'll be OK.
(-I do not want.)
- It's only a few meters.
I'll come back if there's a problem.
- I'll be back.
I will be back.
Powerful shards of glass
Powerful shards of glass
Muffled metallic clicks
Intriguing music
- Saying goodbye is too difficult.
I hope you will pass me
this weakness,
because all these words already hurt so much.
We are not made the same
and it's very beautiful
because we get along so well.
You need to experience
absolute love.
I need to pursue
a form of sweet reverie,
while telling myself that our bond
will not be cut forever
and that something, one day,
will reinvent itself.
Otherwise, I fall.
Intriguing music
Flyover of a motorized vehicle
Birds chirping
Barking in the distance
- Health.
It's Louis Lewanski.
I'm in town here,
Its really a beautiful day.
But like I always said,
a beautiful environment is absolute hell
if you have to experience it alone.
And unfortunately,
I have been alone for a very long time.
I've been at UC Santa Barbara
for two years.
And in two years, I experienced nothing
but loneliness and despair.
And my problem.
It's the girls.
There are so many beautiful girls here.
But none give me a chance.
I do not know why.
I don't know why
I disgust you so much.
That does not make any sense.
I do everything I can
to be attractive.
I dress well.
I'm sophisticated.
I am wonderful.
I have a nice car.
Well, way prettier
than 90% of the people at my college.
I am polite.
I am the ultimate gentleman.
And you girls
don't give me a chance.
I do not know why.
I make an effort
to dress well.
These sunglasses cost $300.
Giorgio Armani.
I put them on... See?
Look how gorgeous I am!
I'm 30 years old
and I've never had a girlfriend.
I'm still a virgin.
I never had the chance
to sleep with a girl,
to sleep with a girl,
to kiss a girl.
Don't even hold his hand.
I don't have a girl's number
on my cell phone.
And it's so unfair because...
I am wonderful.
I deserve girls.
It's Louis Lewanski.
It is May 7, 2014.
I'm admiring the view
of my father's neighborhood.
What a beautiful day,
not a single cloud in the sky.
I hear children playing.
It reminds me of my childhood.
It was the most beautiful period of my life.
I wish I was still a child
and be able to live
without knowing that the world is cruel.
When you're a kid,
you don't have to worry about being attractive
or to please girls.
And when you hit puberty,
your life becomes happiness on earth
or pure hell.
My life has become pure hell.
No girl likes me
and I hate them all for that.
Discreet laughter
- Anita Fulci.
Dakota Mill.
Kristen Meyer.
Gabrielle Monnier.
Maya Smith.
Phoebe Brown.
Penelope Jones.
OK, ladies, walk on.
Alright. Slow down.
With grace.
- And?
I'm over 20 years old.
- Shit.
Do you want the address of a surgeon?
- No thanks.
I want to be an actress, not a model.
- Then
you really need a surgeon.
Call the Aphrodite Clinic
and ask for Dr. Weill.
Say you came from me.
They did my cheekbones.
- It's pretty.
- Dakota.
Dakota Mill.
-Gabrielle Monnier.
- Hi.
- Hi.
She told me about domestic pubs.
- What did you say?
- I don't know.
It's what?
- Soap, laundry detergent...
Yogurt, phone.
- Super.
- Don't touch your mouth.
She's sexy.
- Hi. It's Louis Lewanski.
I'm inside my car,
looking at the beach.
And my eyesight is ruined by it!
In front of me, walking alone on the beach,
there is a young couple.
They are about my age.
I was enjoying the view
before they come over
and start kissing.
Why can't I experience this?
Look at them!
Holding hands.
It's torture to watch,
but I have to watch.
I have to film this.
I have to show the world
why life is unfair.
I have to show everyone
why I hate humanity.
Because no girl
wants to do that with me.
Motorized vehicles nearby
- I'm a fucking babysitter.
Speaking of domestic.
- I keep a house all summer.
It's not better.
- I don't know what's worse.
Guarding a house or dwarves?
- How much are you paid?
- $10 per hour. And you?
Whisper of reflection
- $1000 for the month.
Plus the room.
- What brings in the most?
10 per hour or 1000 per month?
- I don't know.
Door slam
- Did you see?
I can wax my knees
with my teeth.
- It's cool.
- T'as un mec?
- No! I don't want to die so young.
And you?
- Non.
There is a club
on Hollywood Boulevard.
The Fractal.
There is good sound.
Can we go there at midnight?
- Great.
- I have to go to work.
- OK.
- Can you keep them?
Until tonight?
- It's what?
- 2C-B.
- I do not know.
- It's crazy. You see colors
like in a video game.
It's awesome!
But my mother searches me,
I don't want her to take them.
- Really?
Whisper of approval
- When I arrive at their house,
I raise my arms and she searches me.
Like at the airport!
She's crazy.
I'm going to the metal detector!
- No way!
- Tu imagines?
She sees terrorists everywhere.
That's crazy.
I see you at Fractal?
- Yes.
Suspense music
Police siren nearby
-For all lovers of the night,
for lovers of love,
You belong to me, de la reine Patsy.
Its Saturday, its 2:27 a.m.
The night is young,
the night is deep.
"You Belong to me"
(Patsy Cline)
Crackling of gunshots
- Hey, you!
Keyboard clicking
Welcome to the Aphrodite clinic.
Take advantage of our website.
Contact us by phone or email
for more details.
Or even better, for a date.
Have a good day.
Malicious laugh
Soft music
Indian music
Welcome to the Aphrodite clinic.
Take advantage of our website.
Contact us by phone or email
for more details.
-If you are calling
for a rhinoplasty, type 1.
If you are calling
for liposuction, type 2.
If you are calling
for a blepharoplasty, type 3.
If you call
for a facelift
or breast surgery, type 4.
If you are calling
for a brachioplasty, type 5.
If you are calling for labiaplasty
or other genital surgery,
type 6.
If you call
for a rhinoplasty...
Electro rap music
Sorry, I can't tonight.
Enjoy! Dako
Downtempo electro music
- Health!
Can I sit with you?
- To do what?
- I don't know. To take a drink?
I don't want to be alone.
- Who is this whore?
- I don't know.
- Girl, as you see, we are between us.
- Yeah...
If you sit down with us,
you have to take responsibility.
And when I look at you,
I don't see you taking responsibility.
- Get out, bitch!
-It's Saturday, it's 2:27 a.m.
The night is young,
the night is deep.
Rhythmic electro music
- Thank you.
"You Belong to me"
(Patsy Cline)
-Here, it's two o'clock in the afternoon.
It's hell, there's nothing you can do.
You can't even sleep anymore.
What time is it?
- Five o'clock in the morning.
-Oh fuck! Luck.
What are you doing?
- I do not really know.
I'm looking for work, I guess.
-No, but tonight?
- Nothing special.
I must be the only model in LA
who doesn't fuck on Saturday nights.
I feel like I'm 150 years old.
Pop-up signal
-Are you a model now?
- Well, I don't really know what I am.
I don't really know what I'm doing here.
Indian music
Find love?
My professional future?
-What is this music?
- My darling, I'm going to leave you.
-But it is okay?
- Yes, I am fine.
I love you.
-I love you too.
-Your wait time is 1 minute.
- Hey you!
Well I think...
This is the first time I've done this.
How's it going?
-It always goes well,
you'll see.
- I ask you questions
and you answer me?
-Not necessarily. We will see.
- And it works?
-Gabrielle, in the future,
many things
which no one
believes today will be proven.
They will have become rational.
The invisible that we can see,
past lives, future lives...
Even if today
it is only taken seriously
by a few mystics,
it will be scientifically proven.
So, yes, it works.
- How do you know?
I saw it.
- And how much does that cost?
How do we pay?
-Don't worry about that.
This is automatically deducted
from your subscription.
You have a beautiful house.
- It's not mine.
I'm keeping it, that's all.
Shes still beautiful.
Are you alone here?
- Yes.
-You are not afraid?
- No. Everything is closed.
-How did you find me?
- A bit random.
-I do not believe.
You are looking for a job.
You may have
the necessary qualifications.
- How so?
but you will need
an operation first.
- Surgery?
-I don't know.
On the other hand,
I see that you want a child.
- No way.
-But you are moving away
from a man at the same time.
- I don't understand anything you say.
-Yes it's normal,
you are
in a huge state of confusion.
And you want to know if you will see
the man you love again.
- What a man?
There is no man.
-That's why
you come to me, right?
You have been looking for a long time.
- Non.
I just wanted to know
if I made the right decision,
by moving here and...
if I had a chance.
-You are far too self-centered.
You are going through
a very deep narcissistic crisis.
It is very destructive
and also very banal.
It's ordinary.
This is the great evil of the times.
But we have to get out of that.
- What?
-You are a good person.
I see him.
- Why are you telling me that?
-Because I'm afraid for you.
From what I see,
I'm afraid for you.
He only makes love in his dreams.
Not in real life.
- What the hell are you talking about?
Snapping away
There is someone?
Phone ring
-It's Mr. Denver.
You are not sleeping?
- Non.
-Here, its 2 p.m.
What does it do? 5 hours for you?
- Yes... It's 5 a.m.
-A neighbor saw a light.
I wanted to make sure
everything was okay.
- Yes everything is fine.
I was reading.
-He also saw someone
lurking around the house.
You didn't notice anything?
- Non.
Nothing at all.
But I'll check.
Dark music
Gabrielle hums.
Mysterious vibrations
Metallic ringing
The ringing gets louder.
Police siren nearby
Helicopter flyover
- Are there any deaths?
- I don't know.
Excuse me.
An intriguing note
It really looks finished, right?
- Yes I think.
Were you injured?
- Non.
- Which is your house?
- At the moment, I live in this house.
It's not mine,
but it's where I live.
Do you live in the neighborhood?
- Not far away.
- 'm...
- Louis Lewanski.
- Would you like to take me home?
- No I can not.
I really can't.
- For what?
- Because...
I can not.
I'm afraid of doing something stupid.
- I don't want to be alone.
Not after all this.
- No.
- Please.
- No.
- So good bye.
- Yes goodbye.
... bad actress in the cinema,
and such a great actress in life.
Nice to see you
on our show.
We hope you like it,
we have
great singers today.
And who come from everywhere.
A few from very far away.
And they came to sing for you.
"I hope you will like it.
Thanks for being with us
and enjoy the show!
She cuts the sound.
She fills a glass.
- You came.
- No thanks.
I don't drink alcohol.
I'm sorry for what I said.
I was afraid.
- What were you afraid of?
- I do not really know.
I spend my life
thinking about horrible things.
So, after a while,
it gets scary.
- What kind of things?
- It is difficult to explain.
- Because it's too horrible?
- Yes.
- Try...
You can trust me.
I won't judge you.
- This earthquake, for example.
I found it super normal.
I almost wanted it to last.
- I understand.
- You understand?
- Yes I understand.
But you see,
you still managed to come.
Do not be afraid.
Come closer.
You did the hardest part.
You came.
Do not be afraid.
There are surely beautiful things
in this chaos.
Do not be afraid.
Sustained breaths
Lascivious sigh
You are here.
Who the fuck are you?
- Pardon?
- Who are you?
- Who I am? Are you kidding me?
- 'm...
I'm a little lost, I think.
- What is happening?
- I don't know.
- It'll be OK? Are you doing well?
- Yes...
Everything is fine.
I'm sorry.
- OK, I'm going to leave.
- Yes.
He closes the door.
Anxiety music
- Health.
It's Louis.
Louis Lewanski.
I spent the night alone in my car.
Most people have slept
in a bed together, or made love.
But I don't care anymore.
There was an earthquake
And it was great.
I wish
it would have lasted all night.
It was great.
I'm parked in front of a house.
I look at a girl who is at home.
A super beautiful girl.
We spoke earlier.
She wanted me to come to her house,
supposedly to reassure her.
But she's like the others.
She would never want
to fuck with me.
She would have turned me on
before showing me that I disgust her.
I was afraid
of what I had to do, because...
I felt sorry.
I don't know why,
but she moved me and I didn't do anything.
It's absurd.
I didn't move any of them.
I can't be moved.
I can't be moved or pity!
She wouldn't have felt sorry for me!
And then, I don't want pity.
I deserve these girls.
I faltered, but I will falter again.
I said it:
today is the day of punishment.
Phone ring
- Yes?
-It's Mr. Denver.
- Yes.
-It seems that there was an earthquake
. Is there any damage?
- No, nothing important.
Small things fell out.
The little blue vase broke.
-OK, it's not a big deal.
- And also... the Chinese vase.
The one on the table.
-Whore! He's a Ming.
It is a Ming vase.
My God.
- I am very sorry.
-Otherwise a neighbor told me that someone
had just left the house.
It's true?
- Yes, a friend came by.
-Everything is fine?
- Yes.
Yes. Everything is fine.
You don't have to worry.
Answer the question
before the song ends.
...and win $10,000!
- Kelly?
- Kelly is absent today.
She is undergoing tests.
- It's serious?
- Nothing is serious.
Don't worry.
- Darling,
It's normal to go
through difficult times.
- I do not understand anymore.
There was the TV on,
and there was this song.
And I started crying
while listening to it.
I don't know why,
but I was crying so much.
- It shows how
necessary what you are doing is.
- Where are you?
- At home, my cat is sick.
- Oh? I'm sorry.
It's serious?
- He has a fever and...
difficulty breathing.
But I will cure him.
- I know you love
your little cat so much.
I have one last session tomorrow.
They say it still hasn't worked
and they have to start again.
Suffocating breathing
Bone crunches
-And where are you?
"Fade to grey"
- Good evening.
- You are looking for someone?
- Yes, I'm looking for someone
named Louis.
He comes here often.
- He often came here.
- Do you know where I can find it?
- That's not the kind of thing we say,
even here.
- Please. It is important.
I'll have a vodka,
Can I sit with you?
- For what?
- I don't know, just for discussion.
I don't want to be alone.
- Who is this whore?
- I don't know.
- Girl, we're between us now.
- Yeah, if you sit with us,
you have to assume.
There, you don't seem to assume it.
- Get out, bitch.
Either way,
we screwed everything up.
We had everything.
But we blew it.
Nothing can happen to us anymore.
The disaster has already occurred.
We're pissing ourselves off.
- I am ready.
- SO...
my boyfriend absolutely wanted it.
you know what I mean...
kiss, that is.
And I didn't want to,
I just wanted to sleep.
But Brett isn't working right now,
so he still wants to fuck.
And I was just, you know.
Youre not the one
who gets up early in the morning!
After a while
I'm like, OK, let's do it.
And I can sleep.
So I lay on my back.
And I close my eyes
to make it go faster...
Voice of the makeup artist in the distance
- You are here.
- "The big one, the big one!"
I didn't understand.
What is this thing, "the big one"?
Yes, I'm going to cum like never before but...
And then I understood.
"The Big One.
San Andreas, the earthquake.
I really started to freak out.
You didn't sleep much either.
- Cindy? You're Cindy, right?
- No.
- Shit!
Who are you, then?
- Um... Gabrielle. Monnier.
- Gabrielle.
Are you here for the
road safety ad?
- Yes I think.
- OK. Alright.
Okay, you're here. Here we go!
Listen, it's very simple.
You are walking with your son
on the sidewalk.
We will add it in post-production.
You hold his hand.
You get a text,
so you let go of his hand
and he crosses the street.
You notice this and run after him.
You drop your phone in the street.
A quarter of a second,
you hesitate between getting
your phone or your son back.
Fatal quarter of a second,
because boom!
You got hit by a car.
And the slogan is:
You had an unlimited plan.
Can you be afraid
of something that's not there?
You can?
- Yes I think.
I can try.
- Super.
On and off. Dave!
Come on guys! Here we go!
- Hold.
- And if it breaks,
I have others, OK?
- Perfect!
Just. Yes.
- Quiet Please!
Engine! And. action!
You walk with the little one.
Top message!
Top, the little one leaves!
Let's go!
You are dead. Not moving.
You are dead.
(OG Maco)
Suspense music
- I am very sorry.
Don't you remember this boy?
He was right there.
Intriguing music
Cry of surprise
Cry of disgust
(Piss off, damn.)
Keyboard clicking
They sing "Evergreen".
Keyboard clicking
Indian music
-Your waiting time
is 6 minutes.
-A day,
I will be president of the United States
and therefore, of the world.
-Security message.
Your computer is contaminated.
Your IP address has been used
by sites
that steal your identity.
To unlock, please call.
Dry clicks
Computer warning messages
Doll squeals
High-power alarm
Heavy breathing
- Hello?
Someone there?
Phone ring
Computer alert message
-EPS Security Center.
Your alarm has gone off.
- Yes I know.
-Your password?
- Everything is fine, I think.
I think...
it just happened.
-Your password?
- Yes excuse me.
Two seconds.
It is.
"White Jazz".
-Perfect. Is everything okay, ma'am?
- Yes I think. Everything is fine.
-If someone is there
and you can't speak,
just say: I was going to bed.
- Yes.
It's good, really.
-Good evening.
-Shutting down the computer
stops illegal activities.
-Your wait time
is 3 minutes.
-Okay, this is my last video.
Everything leads to this.
I cant go back.
is the day of punishment.
The day I have my revenge
against humanity.
I'm going to massacre all these blondes
that I wanted so much
and who have all rejected me...
Ironic laughter
I'm 30 years old and a virgin.
I have never kissed a girl.
And it was torture.
I only make love in my dreams.
Not in real life.
I only make love when I sleep.
I don't make love
when I'm alive.
Only when I'm dead!
There, I'm going to make love
with dead girls.
If I can't have you,
I will destroy you.
You deprived me of a happy life,
In return,
I will deprive you of your life.
It's only fair.
You are animals
and I will slaughter you
like animals.
I hate you all so much.
Humanity is a disgusting species.
... hard.
I only make love in my dreams.
Not in real life.
I only make love when I sleep!
-What do you want?
Where are you?
- Explain to me
what you told me yesterday:
He can only make love
in his dreams.
What did you see?
Why did you say that?
Tell me.
I'm sorry, I hung up yesterday.
Heavy breathing
-These are intimate things.
- That's why I'm calling you.
I need your help.
Tell me.
I need to know.
-I prefer to only speak to you.
- I am here.
Go for it.
-I prefer to talk
when you are alone.
- I don't understand.
-I don't want
the person behind you to hear me.
Intriguing music
Someone is walking nearby.
Anxiety music
Dry snap
The music gradually fades away.
Strong breathing
Stressful percussion
Scary music
Strong breathing
Someone is approaching.
- I can't go back.
Anxiety music
Gabrielle screams.
I can't go back.
- Of course you can.
- No, it's too late.
- The fear you're talking about
is just this.
There are no others.
-I'm not afraid anymore.
It's over.
- I'll open the door, okay?
-I wouldn't do that.
- For what?
-Don't open the door!
- If you ask me not to open,
Deep down,
you mean no harm to me.
Stop being afraid.
Trust me.
- Trust me.
All right?
I'm going to open the door.
- Prove it!
What you say!
Prove it!
- I know, that's all.
Trust me.
I'm going to open the door.
Metallic clack
Sustained breaths
Trust me.
Come, my lover.
Trust me.
I will.
Metallic clack
Anxiety music
open now.
Metallic clacking
Majestic music
Come my love.
Digital crackle
Anxiety music
Strong breathing
- You should not collapse
in front of this image.
Even if it is that
of your own death,
of your decline,
of the end
- Pardon.
- It's me who's sorry.
It doesn't work on you.
It doesn't work at all.
We only have 0.7% failure
and you are
unfortunately one of them.
I am really sorry.
- You're sad?
- No.
On the contrary.
- So, how are you.
I had a dream with you
last night.
This is the first time
I've done one.
You were in that club
we went to together.
But this time the atmosphere
was completely different.
There was no one there
except you and a man.
You were dancing on the floor,
against each other.
And then,
there was a song
which spoke of a love
enduring through the years.
An evergreen love.
- And what happened afterwards?
- I do not know anymore.
I just remember you,
so happy,
so sexy.
I want you.
- You're a doll, Kelly.
I have something to ask you.
I know you don't have the right,
but you need to help me
find someone's contact.
- Would that really make you happy?
- Yes.
Louis? It's Gabrielle.
We said to ourselves
that we would give ourselves a few days,
and we did well.
Every time we were
in front of each other,
we were completely helpless.
We were lost because we were moved,
without really knowing why.
Now I know why.
We need to see each other.
As soon as possible.
Try to meet me tonight at the club
where we last saw each other.
Tonight, if you can.
I will wait for you.
I beg you, come.
See you tonight.
Majestic orchestral music
- What is stronger?
Your fear or your love for me?
- Because you think
I love you?
- Show me your hand again.
Intriguing orchestral music
Suspenseful orchestral music
"It will be like this"
(Gino Paoli)
- He came back.
- Where?
- He's over here.
Do you want one?
Decreasing assourdi
- It's weird.
There is absolutely no
one there today.
- Yes, it's weird.
It's not bad that there's no one there.
- I agree.
After we saw each other
last time,
I listened to Madame Butterfly in its entirety.
Its true that its magnificent.
- I am happy to see you.
- Me too.
You wanted to tell me something?
- Yes.
But it's hard to say.
I don't really know where to start.
- In this case,
you have to start at the end.
(Roy Orbison)
- Do you want to dance with me?
We did well to wait.
- We listened to
this piece together so much.
- But when?
- When he came out.
I reviewed all the images
during the purification.
- What did you do?
- I got a job
at the Ministry of Justice.
I have just started.
It's quite exciting.
You should apply.
It would be nice if we were together,
don't you think?
We would see each other often, like this.
(-I love you.)
- Me too.
I'm happy to see you.
- Non!
Dark music
Hiventy by TransPerfect