The Beautiful Game (2024) Movie Script

[man 1] Listen to that crowd.
[crowd cheers]
[man 1] London holds its breath
on this historic occasion.
Honestly, I'm on the edge of my seat.
What a game. What a game it's been.
The emotion.
The incredible display of skill.
These players are
at the top of their game.
The talent is unbelievable,
and they've given everything today.
It's been end to end.
Still 0-0, but something's got to give.
Oh, this could be it right here.
Plays it wide, passes it down the line,
goes to whip it in!
Oh no! It's a handball.
The players are going crazy at him.
[kids shout]
It's a free kick.
- And who's taking this free kick?
- [man 2] Don't let yourselves down.
Just the greatest of all time.
- The legend that is Maradona?
- [man 2] Come on, sort it out now.
[man 1] There's a hush in the stadium
as he places the ball.
- And it's like the whole world waits.
- [man 2] Five in the wall boys.
It may seem like
this is gonna be unstoppable,
but look at the talent
they've got in that wall.
You've got Messi.
Oh, David Beckham.
A big Messi,
a mini Messi,
and a classic Barcelona Messi.
- And in goal, you've got
- [man 2] Get your line together!
[man 1] Alfie!
It's Maradona against Alfie.
He approaches the ball,
strikes it with his left,
and oh, what a save!
Who's gonna get on the end of it? Me!
[boy] Yeah, give us the ball.
- [man 1] Want the ball, do ya? Go on.
- [boy] Give us the ball back.
- Yeah, sir.
- [boy] Give us the ball.
- [boy 1] What are you doing?
- [boy 2] Pass the ball!
- [man 1] Here you go. Go on!
- [boy] Give it back!
- Oi! Give the ball back, will you, mate?
- [man 1 laughs]
[man 3] That's him.
He's the one I told you about.
[man 1] Get up, mate!
Goalkeeper, you got it, you got it.
No, you don't! Go on, get back in goal.
Go on. Watch and learn!
- [boy] What are you doing?
- Come on!
- That had swagger.
- It really did.
[man 1] Yes! And it's Vinny!
[man 2] Oi! What do you think
you're doing?
- [man 4] Mark, relax.
- [Vinny] What?
You can't come clowning around
while kids are training.
What are you talking about?
[Mark] You can't just do that
with young players. That's my son.
He's a kid. Look, he's traumatized.
Traumatized? Are you being for real?
Mate, I didn't even...
- I'll take care of this, gents.
- [Vinny] Who are you?
- Is he with you?
- Why don't you help Kevin with the balls?
- [Vinny] What are you talk...
- Kevin, with the balls. Go on.
You're Mal Bradley.
Legend! [laughs]
- Hey, weren't you...
- Yes, I'm retired.
Yeah, but did you see my son play? Did ya?
Come here.
What'd you think of him? Think he might
have a chance of turning professional?
- What's your name, son?
- Rory.
Rory, you're very fast,
but fast is nothing without awareness,
so keep your head up and look around.
Also, maybe find yourself
a new role model.
Hear that? Get your head up.
How many times have I told you?
[man 5] Yeah, man. Course we're
[Mal] Morning, dream team. Looking good.
Apart from you, Nathan, obviously.
Should I leave these here?
Yeah. Thanks, uh
- Vinny.
- Vinny. Vinny?
Vinny Walker. Everyone, meet Vinny Walker.
Some very fancy skills.
- Hello.
- Nice to meet you, Vinny Walker.
- Do you play for anyone around here?
- No, I don't. Not anymore.
- You should. You're really good.
- Yeah, against kids.
We're an international football team.
- And what nation would that be exactly?
- England. We're England.
They're actually a really talented bunch.
I think they could really get somewhere.
[man 6] Cal!
- Aldar!
- [man 7] Wait!
The more they play together,
the stronger they get.
- Oh no.
- [man 8] Kevin!
[man 6] Yes!
Kevin's really good in goal.
I mean, it's hard to tell
when your shooting's so shit.
It's one thing to say that.
It's another to put one past him.
[man 9] Kevin, this ain't a joke.
How am I supposed to score goals if...
- Boys!
- Gonna take one?
[Vinny] Why not?
[men groan and laugh]
- [man 7] Nice!
- This is an education.
- Want me to do it again?
- Yeah!
[man 8] It's not an education.
- [laughs] That was impressive.
- [man 9] What a move.
[man 7] Really good.
I'll remember that when we go to Rome.
We're going to Rome, by the way.
Gelateria, pizzeria.
Eiffel Tower.
- The Eiffel Tower is in Paris.
- Donut!
We're gonna play in a tournament.
An international football tournament.
I take a team every year.
This will be my 12th.
- [Vinny] You ever won it?
- It's not about winning.
- You're desperate to win.
- Well, I wouldn't object.
[Vinny] With this lot?
You're not gonna win.
We all go for something to eat
after training. You're welcome to join us.
[Mal blows whistle]
[Mal] Boys!
[upbeat music plays]
See that moment when he got up?
He just [whooshes]
Jason, Aldar, Cal, Nathan!
Come through. We've got a table ready.
Oh, new face!
Very nice face.
- We're gonna win the cup!
- [cheering]
[man] Come on, boys. Bring it home!
- If we had a striker like you...
- We do have a striker.
But you're not like him.
You're more like you.
It's coming up for six.
Is everyone sorted for tonight?
You have to call and check in
before six if you're staying.
- I booked.
- [Jason] I'm in.
- Me too.
- [Cal] I have.
- Good.
- I'm gonna go see my mam.
Yeah, but you're still gonna need
somewhere to stay.
[Mal] So the football competition's
street soccer,
four a side, really fast.
Some excellent players, all homeless.
[Mal] Yeah. All homeless.
It's called the Homeless World Cup.
There'll be players coming to Rome
from all over the world.
["Let's Start" by Fela Kuti plays]
[Mal] From Cape Town to Copenhagen.
Some great athletes.
Some who can barely kick a ball.
Makes no difference.
When that ball goes in
everyone goes crazy.
- [woman] Samson.
- [man] Come on!
- [Samson] Hey.
- You're coming with us. To Rome.
You're going to represent South Africa.
You're going to win this thing. Hm?
[Mal] And every player
has a story to tell.
[woman] Carla! Carla!
[Mal] Heartbreaking,
unexpected, thrilling stories.
I got picked! I got picked!!
[Mal] And they tell those stories
in one great universal language.
[in Spanish] I'm going to Rome!
[friend speaks Spanish]
And that's football.
People who've fallen through the cracks,
lost their way,
their pride, their dreams.
This competition brings us all together.
It's an opportunity, a second chance
to be part of a team.
[in Japanese] Tanroh, Shusaku.
You're coming to Rome!
["Let's Start" continues]
[Mal] And this lot
are England's best players.
And they're going to Rome.
["Let's Start" continues]
Get stuck in?
Wear this for luck.
Get stuck in.
[in Spanish] I'm going to Rome!
Get stuck Get stuck Get stuck in!
- You should come with us.
- Instead of who?
Honestly, I think you're the best
football player I've ever seen.
- Well, except on the telly.
- Hm?
- Do you think that I'm...
- You're a great striker.
We've got a great striker.
Namely me. Mal picked all of us...
I don't qualify.
'Cause this is the Homeless World Cup.
And I am not homeless.
[Nathan] Sorry.
- We just assumed.
- [Vinny] Well, I've got a car, a job.
What What job?
Uh, logistics.
Good luck, yeah?
Embarrassing, that.
We thought he was homeless.
- He's just a bit of a twat.
- [laughter]
[Jason] We're still England though.
Best team in the world.
[Cal] That's just made-up.
So job, car. Wife, kids?
Yep. I'm taken. Sorry.
- No, I meant have you got anywhere...
- This is me.
This is my car.
Uh, oh. Right, yeah.
Good luck, man.
Come to Rome.
W-What? I can't.
[Mal] I think you can.
Here's my number.
[TV commentator] Really struggling
to play through the middle.
He carries.
Credit to Leeds so far
in the way they've defended.
Taking that ball forwards.
Still West Ham come.
Oh, that's a decent ball.
Can he keep it in play?
He did.
Leeds don't think so. In goes the cross.
And will West Ham They will!
They got there in the end.
And the Hammers
break the Leeds resistance.
[soft music plays]
[doorbell rings]
[Nathan] Hiya, Mam.
I I was thinking, you know,
'cause I'm going away, that
maybe I, like, could...
[Nathan's mom] Please don't do this to me,
Nathan. We've been through it.
We've agreed you can't come in.
- But I'm going...
- [Nathan's mom] When you come back, maybe.
[woman] Okay. Time to move down.
It's just the rules.
- All right?
- Come on. Okay.
- [woman] Hello, Kevin. How are you?
- Hi.
[soft music plays]
[people chatter and laugh]
- [man] I'm calling it now.
- We've gotta go.
- [man] We'll talk about this later.
- [woman] Quick!
Get off the bus. Don't fall over! [laughs]
[soft music continues]
I'm sorry. I'm gonna have to do this.
I'm sorry, Chiara.
[soft music continues]
There he is.
Found it.
[soft music continues]
Sorry about that.
[soft music continues]
[birds chirp]
- [woman] Enjoy.
- Have a good day.
- Morning.
- And you. Hello, love.
- [Vinny] Hey.
- Just a tea?
- Yeah. Could I get the key?
- [woman] Yeah.
- There you go.
- Thank you.
[woman] You're welcome.
[knocking on door]
- Morning.
- Oh, Vinny.
Picking up.
Um, nothing for you today, Vinny.
Nothing for the next few days actually.
Would you let them know
if they need anyone, I'm here?
Maybe give the office a call Monday?
All right, cool.
[man] Oh, scanner.
- Can I have your scanner back?
- Oh, yeah. Course. Thanks.
Cheers, mate. See ya.
[gasps] He's here!
[Vinny] Sorry. Sorry I'm late.
Work Work's been mad.
Hi, Squirrel.
Tell me all your news.
We're having a special assembly.
I'm doing a speech.
A speech? Wow! What about?
About someone I admire.
Are you looking after yourself, Vinny?
You look rough.
Where are you living?
- Who are you gonna talk about, Evie?
- [Evie] Zendaya.
You can come.
Did you know Zendaya's slightly Scottish?
Are you going to come?
Of course I'll be there.
[Evie giggles]
Are you gonna be there?
- I just said I'll be there.
- [woman] Okay.
Because if you're not, please say so.
I mean now. Don't let her down.
Just tell her you're not coming.
She'll be looking at the door
hoping to see you walk in
instead of thinking about her speech.
This is her big day.
Just tell her you're not coming.
I don't care what you say.
Any lie you like.
When is it? Next Friday?
- [sighs] Squirrel.
- [Evie] Yeah?
Look, I'm really sorry,
but I can't come to your assembly.
- I'm gonna be away.
- [Evie] Where?
Yeah. Rome.
I've gotta go to Rome, but
Mummy can film it for me, yeah?
[Vinny chuckles]
[Vinny] Squirrel, show Daddy
how high you can go.
- Can you go higher?
- Yeah.
["Magnificent 7" by The Clash plays]
I used to hate having these things taken
for work, driver's license, or passport.
Always make you look
about ten years older.
Not today.
Today, I feel like I won the jackpot.
Tell me about it.
Perfect, Aldar.
We haven't taken it yet. Aldar. Sit down.
[clears throat]
- [Mal] No smiling.
- I'm trying not to smile, Mal.
But to be honest,
this is a very exciting thing we're doing.
Oh, I meant to say,
I'm dropping you from the team.
Of course you're coming.
You lot! What?
Don't stop
[Mal] Cal, I know I said no smiling,
but you look suicidal.
Focused, Mal. Just staying focused.
- You lot!
- What?
[Mal] What are you doing, son?
I don't I don't know.
The flash makes me nervous.
You're frettin', you're sweatin'
But did you notice
Not getting anywhere?
Don't you ever stop
Long enough to start?
And that's perfect.
It's not as hard as it looks.
The Magnificent Seven!
Mal. I've not had a drink in two years.
I've trained for this.
We all have. Together. We're a team.
We know nothing about him. Who is he?
Cal, I promise you
Vinny deserves a place in the team.
So you just concentrate on scoring goals,
and leave the rest to me.
Do you know where you're going, Aldar?
Rome. Capital of Italy.
898 miles south-southeast.
Desk 23.
[cell phone rings]
Hello? Yeah. Hi.
Yeah, hold on.
- Hello?
- [Nathan's mom] Nathan?
- Mam!
- [Nathan's mom] You okay?
Yeah. Yeah. Got here on time. All set.
- Thanks...
- [Nathan's mom] Turn around.
[chuckles] Couldn't let you go without
Oh! You must be Vinny.
He's told me all about you.
You'll look after him for me, won't you?
I mean, that's Mal's job really.
I'm just here to score goals.
Yeah, I know,
but this is a team, isn't it?
And you look like a good person.
- Go on. Go. Go on. [chuckles]
- Yeah.
Boys, boys, before you go through,
I wanna give you all something.
You're about to represent
your country, so,
officially supplied by the FA itself,
when you put on this shirt,
you're putting on the history
of the beautiful game.
All the pain and all the glory.
And remember, to make good players,
you need good people.
And that's you and you. Even you.
- [Jason laughs]
- [Mal] Let's go.
[Jason] We're going to Rome! Woo-hoo! Woo!
[woman] Welcome to Rome, the Eternal City.
As one of the founders
of this competition,
it's my pleasure to welcome you all
to the 20th Homeless World Cup!
[inspiring music plays]
[woman] You have come here
from all over the world
to represent your countries.
But more than that,
to represent homeless people
all over the world.
[footballers chant]
[woman] You are showing the world
how hope can transform our lives.
Italia! Italia! Italia!
[woman] You are an inspiration to us all.
And now, please welcome Mexico!
Argentina! Kenya! Austria!
Brazil! Pakistan! Ukraine!
And a cheer for my home team,
and the definite favorites, Italia!
[crowd cheers]
[inspiring music continues]
Italia! Italia!
[woman] All the way
from America, Team USA!
[inspiring music continues]
And for their Homeless World Cup debut,
[crowd cheers]
It's like a proper
international football competition.
Sorry, I thought I made that clear.
This is the real deal.
And you're only allowed to come once,
so make the most of it.
And please, welcome to Rome England!
A dash of panache, please.
[crowd cheers]
[inspiring music continues]
And finally,
a warm welcome to Afghanistan!
[crowd cheers]
[inspiring music continues]
[woman] You represent
the possibility of change.
You represent
the massive potential that sport has
to help build a better world.
So come on,
let Rome know you're here.
[crowd cheers]
[inspiring music continues]
Let the world know you're here!
[crowd cheers]
[shouts in Italian]
Let's play football!
[crowd cheers]
[inspiring music continues]
This is mad. [laughs]
We're here!
[woman] Hello. Hey, how are you?
[woman speaks Japanese]
- Uh, England?
- England Team, yes.
- These are your passes.
- [Aldar] Thank you very much.
[volunteer] Nathan and Vinny
are gonna stay in room 23
and the rest of you in room 24. Okay?
- Thank you.
- You're welcome. Grazie.
- Thank you.
- Prego, prego.
- [Nathan] Thank you.
- Grazie.
[Nathan] Hey, if my mam could see this.
It's gonna be great, sharing like this.
- Is it all right to use that shower?
- All right? I think it's essential.
You're gonna love this! Woo! [laughs]
Hey, lads. Check this out!
The Jason special!
Anyone forget their sunglasses?
- [man] What is that?
- [Jason laughs]
You bought and paid
for a side of peat-smoked, sustainable,
organic wild salmon from Kyle of Lochalsh?
A snack. Housewarming.
[Mal] I'm supposed
to send you home for this.
I've never been to an airport before.
They make you walk through a shop.
I kept thinking I'll come to the checkout.
Next thing I knew, I was in Rome.
[Mal] Jason, I'm gonna deal with this
on the way home,
and I'm gonna give you one more chance
- A-And Friday?
- Friday's off.
A-ha. Here she is!
- [woman chuckles]
- Think we're allowed to use these towels?
[gasps] Oh, oh, oh!
Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry!
- [Kevin] That's Nathan. Sorry about him.
- [laughter]
England, you have my sympathies.
Twelve World Cups, and never won a thing.
Do you know who's in your group?
Yeah. Japan.
Never played before. Tre punti.
- Portugal.
- Another three points.
And Mal's all-time favorites
South Africa.
South Africa will destroy you.
But then, true champions
show their worth in defeat.
- Alex Ferguson.
- Mal's had plenty of practice at defeat.
The harder won the victory,
the deeper the happiness.
- Pel.
- Correct.
- And what victory would that be?
- [Mal] The quarterfinals in Rio.
Highly questionable penalty.
If you win, I'll buy you dinner.
- That's very kind.
- But you're not gonna win.
- Ciao?
- Ooh, Mal! [laughs]
She's a professional acquaintance.
[man] Oh, really, Mal?
This is gonna be so good.
[Vinny] Gonna be great.
So, what's logistics?
- What?
- [Nathan] Your job.
You said your job was logistics.
What are you doing?
Oh, um, methadone.
I was on heroin for a long time.
Have you seen the free stuff we got?
Mal, is this a joke? You didn't tell me
I'd be sharing a room. I thought
You got me sharing a room with a junkie?
- Everyone has a reason for being here.
- I came here to play football.
Yeah, so did Nathan.
[Vinny scoffs]
[Mal sighs]
Great first touch.
[pensive music plays]
[pensive music continues]
[pensive music continues]
[music fades]
[PA 1] Good morning, friends.
[PA 2] Welcome to the first day
of the Homeless World Cup.
- [Jason] Never came back?
- [Nathan] No.
[Cal] Oh God. It was crazy to bring him.
- [Kevin] He never slept in his bed?
- No. I told you, he didn't come back.
- [Cal] But we start today.
- Oh man.
If he comes, he comes, okay?
Forget about him. We need to train.
Let's just start.
[PA 1] Should see some interesting games.
[PA 2] We have the first game of Group A,
England versus South Africa.
[Nathan] Yes, Cal.
[Cal] Back to me. Jason, pay attention.
- [Jason] Sorry, sorry.
- [Cal] Faster. Faster.
[Nathan] Cal.
- [Kevin] All right, Aldar?
- [Nathan] Aldar.
- And again. And again.
- [Aldar] Back to me.
Boys. Oh, boys. H-He's here.
- [Nathan chuckles]
- We thought you'd gone home.
I said I'd play football with you. Didn't
say I'd share my sleeping arrangements.
- [PA 1] The next game starts
- Quicker, quicker!
[PA 1] Players proceed
Yo! Focus on the ball.
[PA 1] For the first game of Group A,
please welcome England and South Africa.
[horn blares]
[Mal] You've worked all year for this.
A year of hard work and sacrifice
has brought you to this.
Fourteen minutes of truth.
Now, remember, boys, this game is fast.
- It waits for no one. Are you ready?
- Yeah.
Now, we are here to represent our country,
with good tailoring, check me out,
and excellent football.
Now, come here.
- Let's go and win this game.
- Come on!
[all] Engerland! Engerland!
Engerland! Engerland
We can't find South Africa.
South Africa is at the bottom of Africa,
just underneath Botswana and Zimbabwe.
She's referring to the football team.
They left, but they didn't arrive.
You You mean this, uh
This match is, uh
- Are you saying we don't get to play?
- [woman] I'm saying you got three points.
[Mal] How awful.
Oh, I mean
[Kevin] We've got three points
[players] We've got three points
We've got three points n the bag
We've got three points in the bag!
Obviously, we're We're disappointed.
Of course.
You got three points for nothing.
Catch them up. They're your teammates.
[PA 2] The next game will be Group B.
Scotland and India, proceed to the pitch.
He seems like a team player.
Well, you can't have everything.
- [PA 2] England, three points.
- [PA 1] South Africa, no show.
So, madam.
It's sister. I'm a nun, not a madam.
Of course, these are not nuns.
They're the South African football team
representing your country
in an international competition.
But this one is not South African.
He's from Zimbabwe.
He's a refugee.
Why is he representing South Africa?
Because our beautiful country
welcomed him with open arms
in his hour of need.
And now he wants to say thank you
by winning the World Cup for us.
Madam, he cannot
depart South Africa on this visa.
He does not have permission
to be in South Africa.
Then you should deport him.
To Italy.
He already has a ticket to Rome.
It'll be easier all around.
[woman] Madam, the rest of you can go.
The problem is this gentleman.
[sister] There is no rest of us.
We're a team, yes?
It's all of us, or none of us.
Now, excuse me.
[woman] Madam?
- [sister] Thank you.
- You're welcome.
I was not thanking you.
I was thanking him
for making you see sense.
Okay, team, let's go.
God bless you, madam.
[upbeat music plays]
Once upon a time, this was my normal life.
Going abroad, seeing the sights.
- But then everything just kind of...
- He lost it all. Didn't you?
- It was no one's fault but his own.
- [Kevin] Blackjack, poker, roulette.
I was in construction, right?
Took out a loan once to pay wages.
Blew half of it
before I got down to the site.
Spinning plates, living in fear.
Kind of a relief when it all came down.
You know what?
I don't think I've ever been happier.
Lads? If Portugal don't turn up,
do we get another three points?
[horn blares]
[Mal] Vinny and Nathan,
you're on the bench.
Cal, Aldar, Jason, Kevin, you're up first.
I want you to win, but I to win with
dignity, sportsmanship and discipline.
- Let's do this.
- Come on, let's go!
- Come on, Vin, let's go!
- Jose.
- Boa sorte.
- Obrigado, Mal. And good luck to you too.
Good luck, guys.
[Nathan] You okay, Vinny?
[Cal] Right, let's go, boys!
[Mal] Right, come on!
It's important to get a good start!
[man] Over here, over here!
[groans quietly]
Come on! Come on!
- Cal!
- [Cal] All right.
- [man] Let's go.
- [Jason] Bang it!
- [yells]
- [groans]
- Let's go, boys.
- [man] Pick up!
- [crowd groans]
- Jason, get tight! Over here!
Over here! Here!
[Mal] Right, boys, keep calm.
- Did you see that?
- No.
Neither did the ref.
Ref, are your eyes painted on?!
Oh, he can hear!
Shame you can't see a bloody thing!
- Please leave the pitch.
- This is not a pitch. It's a crime scene.
- That was criminal.
- Sir, I already asked you.
Oh, brilliant. What a surprise.
[referee] Please, leave the pitch.
- I thought he said sportsmanship.
- Discipline.
[PA 1] Mal Bradley, red card.
[Mal] Get on, son!
- [Nathan] Do you think he meant me?
- Shut up, man.
What are you doing?
I'm playing.
[PA 1] Player replacement.
Number seven, Vinny,
for number eight, Cal.
[Vinny] Kev, go on, give it to me! To me!
[upbeat music plays]
[man] Pick it up, pick it up!
[Kevin] Get it, Vinny! Do it, Vinny!
[music fades]
- Vinny!
- [Nathan] Come on!
- [Mal cheers]
- [referee blows whistle]
Come on, come on!
Let's go, England! Let's go.
Run at him! Run in, Jason!
Come on, Aldar!
[PA 1] After the five-minute interval,
we will continue
[Mal] Look.
He's giving them a team talk.
Look, you are a shite team.
But a shite team can win
if they have a good game plan.
Plans are good. Plans make me
feel comfortable. What's the plan?
4-4-2. That always works.
Classic, simple 4-4-2.
[Cal] Jason, this is four a side.
[Jason] All right.
Wherever you are on the pitch,
get the ball, give it to me.
- Unless I'm in a better position.
- Not gonna happen. You pass it to me.
- [Kevin] Lads, come on, let's go.
- [Cal] Come on, let's win this!
Yes, Cal! Yes, Cal!
[Vinny] Pass it!
[players shout]
[Nathan] Yes!
I scored! I scored!
Yeah! Yeah, Nathan! Yeah, Nathan!
[upbeat music plays]
- Vinny!
- Here!
[Mal] Vinny!
- Yeah!
- Vinny! Vinny!
- Yeah!
- No!
[referee blows whistle]
- Yes!
- [Aldar] We did it!
England, England!
Come on, Japan!
Go, Japan!
Get stuck in!
Get stuck in!
[horn blares]
[woman in Japanese] We are here
to honor our country.
To make ourselves proud.
So hard work!
Hard work.
[woman] Loyalty!
[woman] Commitment!
And goals. Lots of goals!
[in English] Get stuck in!
[whistle blows]
["Dona Dona" by The Peanuts plays]
[crowd cheers]
Number three, wake up, mate. Wake up!
["Dona Dona" continues]
[referee blows whistle]
[cheering and applause]
When I first brought a team here,
they got thumped 9-0 in Glasgow.
The heartache heals with time.
Actually, that's not true.
I still wake up screaming.
I'm sorry. I'll just, uh
[in Japanese] You have no pride. No honor.
We need to train harder. Twice as hard.
You have let me down.
I did not push you hard enough
[continues speaking Japanese]
Totally humiliating
We will train and be proud.
["Cha Cha No. 29"
by Irving Fields Trio plays]
say it after me, we will win.
[PA 1 in English] The second game
for Group D,
please make some noise
for USA against Austria.
[horn blares]
Come on, come on!
Take it out, come on!
- Woo!
- [USA coach] Yeah!
Yes! Yes, yes!
She's now the top scorer
in the competition.
Number nine.
Come on, come on, come on!
[referee blows whistle]
- [Jason] Hey, number nine.
- Yeah.
- [Jason] We're the English team.
- Okay.
- You got any English in you?
- What? No.
Do you want some?
["Like Sugar" by Chaka Khan plays]
It's like sugar
It's like sugar
It's like sugar
So sweet
Good enough
To eat
When I feel the funk
I give in
Get up on your feet
Come on, USA!
Why, with the state that I'm in
Everybody here is dancing
All I wanna do is get your
Body next to mine
Baby, won't you
Forza, Italia!
and make a move
Maybe teach ya something like this
Funky, funky groove
It's like sugar
So sweet
Good enough to eat
When I feel the funk, I give in
Get up on
Sorry. Are we allowed
to stick stuff on the wall like that?
[Cal] So, that's what it's like
inside Aldar's head? Genius.
[crowd cheers]
I like it
Like sugar, like sugar
It's like sugar
Like sugar, like sugar
It's like sugar
- Like sugar, like sugar, like sugar
- Ooh
We made it.
We are really here.
You made it.
You are so welcome, all of you.
I'm gonna make sure
that everything is ready for you.
Don't worry. We are happy to be here.
The only thing we need now
is to play England.
- I know. I know.
- Mwah. Okay, boys.
Which team is currently sitting at the top
of Group A in the Homeless World Cup,
having secured six points
out of a possible six?
- We are.
- Yes!
- And who put you there?
- We all did. We're a team.
Very funny. [laughs]
Oh man.
I keep trying to, you know,
be proper teammates with him.
He just likes his own bit of space.
I'm meant to be sharing with him.
He hasn't slept in the room once.
[men speak Xhosa]
- [man] Thanks, my brother.
- What a good player.
You could be professional.
Oh, England.
Mal would have been very sorry
that we couldn't play
our match against you.
He'd be very disappointed
not to have the chance
to play the best team here.
Though you are very lucky,
because we would have won.
- [scoffs] I don't think so.
- My team are also disappointed too.
The officials say
there's nothing they can do
to get us back into the competition.
[sighs] So we are sad.
But God has sent you to me.
I said to him,
"I need a real player who loves the game
to volunteer to play against us."
- And now here you are.
- [Vinny] What are you talking about?
[Protasia] You don't want
to win with free points.
You want to win
because you're a real player.
Yeah. Th-That's true. But I...
Hallelujah! I knew it.
Come here. Come here.
Oh, thank you. Thank you so much.
We are so grateful.
And God is also grateful,
because God supports South Africa.
He has a season ticket.
He's at every game. You can go now.
What's your name? Oh! Vinny!
Vinny-Vinny. See you on the pitch, huh?
Fine boy. My goodness.
Hey, God is good every time. Hm.
[raucous laughter]
[laughter fades]
Where's Mal?
One of your boys talked
to one of my players about his penis.
Nah. I I wouldn't. I I didn't mean
for it to come across like that.
What did he say about his
- Penis.
- Thank you, Aldar.
He said, "Do you have any English in you?"
She said, "No." And he said...
Yeah. I think we know the rest.
- I didn't mean I mean, I didn't...
- [Mal] Jason, be quiet.
Boys, give us a minute, please.
- [Cal] "Got any English in you?"
- [Jason] Stop.
You know my girls have been through
every kind of hell.
They're just beginning to feel good
about themselves, and that's a miracle.
And the name of that miracle is respect.
Your boy makes his funny joke,
and what they hear is no respect.
[Mal] He's already on a warning.
I'm sorry.
- [USA coach] What is it with him?
- Usual story.
Three care homes, young offenders,
18, left to work it all out for himself.
- None of that is an excuse.
- I trust you to deal with your boy.
But I need him to know this is serious
and he needs to make amends.
[Mal] Sorry, I thought he was ready.
When you're on the streets,
no one talks to you.
So you can't say the wrong thing.
You definitely said the wrong thing
this time. "Got any English in you?"
I need to let her know that I'm sorry.
Just say, "I'm sorry."
But I really like her.
Then say,
"I'm sorry."
"I really like you."
I got you a present.
A fish?
Sustainable from Scotland.
All protein, no fat. Organic.
I'm giving this to you
because I respect you as a sportsperson.
And to say sorry.
Thank you.
- [in Japanese] I liked the pistachio.
- That's a classic!
- Do you think we'll get in trouble?
- No!
I We
No. Let me.
This is an international
football competition.
I brought you here
so that you could find pride.
Experience something positive
and beautiful.
But I have failed you.
You have found only humiliation.
But we have seen many beautiful things.
Thanks to you.
[Team South Africa sing in Xhosa]
[in English] Oh! See?
See what we have to do?
[Team South Africa continue singing]
South Africa look good.
Doesn't matter. They came too late.
5,231 miles.
Rome to Cape Town.
It's a long way.
[Cal chuckles]
- [man] Hey.
- Hey.
- Ciao.
- Oh, ciao. Hello.
I'm Joram, the Italian captain.
We heard you lost your shirts
on the journey.
So, on behalf of the competition,
we got this for you.
- [Protasia giggles] Thank you.
- [Joram chuckles]
Oh my goodness!
Look at that! [laughs]
Guys, look at this!
[Protasia laughs]
[Kevin] They got South Africa new kits.
- Thank you.
- You like it?
Oh, beautiful things keep happening.
[Protasia laughs]
[Team South Africa chant in Xhosa]
- [Kevin] South Africa still singing?
- [Team South Africa sing in Xhosa]
[Jason] Buongiorno, Vinny.
- [Nathan] Morning, Vinny.
- [Vinny] Morning.
Where you sleep,
is it much nicer than here?
[Aldar] You missed a barbecue last night.
- Ah.
- [Gabriella chuckles]
- Good morning.
- [Mal] Buongiorno.
On behalf of the Homeless World Cup,
I'd like to give
a big thank you to all of you.
We are overwhelmed.
[Mal] Really?
Volunteering to play South Africa.
It's wonderful.
Congratulations. You freed
the spirit of this competition.
You volunteered us to play them?
- Didn't he ask?
- Well, yeah.
Well, no, not Um
Not directly.
I mean, he He didn't have to,
b-because we're here
to play the beautiful game,
and this is, uh,
And it transcends football.
We don't wanna transcend football.
We wanna win football.
Let's make sure we win then.
Look, boys, tomorrow,
when we play South Africa,
remember that you're a team.
Not a terrible team.
We can actually win this competition.
Wow. You've never called us
"not terrible" before.
"Idiots." That's what you called us.
"Useless idiots."
"Useless morons," to be precise.
"Idiotic, useless morons."
Shove it up your bollocks.
What's that mean?
- It means you're scared.
- What?
- Nothing. Uh, sorry.
- [Vinny] No, go on.
- I said you were scared.
- Of what? [scoffs] You lot?
Of yourself.
When you're on the pitch,
you're brilliant.
But as soon as that's over,
you're shunning us and walking off.
Mal didn't bring you here
just to score goals.
So, what did he bring me here for?
Come on?
To sit around and chat about myself?
See, this is the problem with you lot.
You just don't get it.
There's no commitment. None.
[Mal] You can question their ability,
you can question their tactics,
you can even question their sanity,
but you can never, ever
question their commitment.
[Vinny] All I'm saying is...
Aldar, who you may have noticed
is not from England.
He's from Afrin.
It's the Kurdish part of Syria.
His town was bombed flat.
He lost his whole family.
He's got no one and nowhere to go back to.
If he did go back to Syria,
he would be killed.
He's dealing with that,
and he's playing for England,
because it's the only place currently
he can call home.
That's commitment.
[Nathan] Uh
S-Sorry for earlier.
But the thing is,
talking about things really does help.
When I was using heroin,
I found that when you talk...
Real players don't take drugs.
[Nathan] He just walked out again.
I shouldn't have said anything.
[Kevin] Forget it.
He can look after himself.
Uh, my My friend, um, Fergus
he walked out of rehab once and
h-h-he never came back.
- I'm gonna go find him.
- Okay, Nathan.
If it makes you happy,
we'll go and look for him, okay?
- Okay.
- Yeah?
But what if he does come back?
[Cal] Then we all go look for him,
and you stay here in case he comes back.
Thank you.
Let's go.
- [Kevin] Jason, come on.
- [Jason] Vinny doesn't even like us.
- [Kevin] We'll pick up ice cream as well.
- [Jason] Promise?
What I like most about Rome
is when I look up in the air,
there are no bombs.
[Jason] Oh, do you think
those nuns will play for us?
[Aldar] Priests, Jason.
You see the wolf?
There are two babies underneath.
["Roma Nun Fa' La Stupida Stasera"
by Ornella Vanoni plays]
- [Jason] We didn't pass the Colosseum.
- Is it that way?
[in Japanese] Beautiful.
["Roma Nun Fa' La Stupida Stasera"
[Kevin in English] Vinny,
Vinny, Vinny, Vinny!
We're never gonna find him.
[Cal] Whoa.
This is where you've been sleeping?
Jeez, you must really hate us.
Sleeping out here when there's a clean bed
and hot and cold running water.
Well, if you haven't got pride,
what have you got?
Listen, I did something,
you know, years back.
But I'm different now.
But I have to prove that.
What did you do?
All right.
My boy.
Left him on his own
when I went out on one,
and, you know, lost a day.
How long was he on his own for?
Forty-eight hours.
He was four.
- [Vinny sighs]
- Yeah, I know.
I know.
Sometimes you just gotta face the fact
that your kid is just
better off without you, man.
Nah. I'm different now.
I get two hours with him a week.
Two hours supervised, that is.
If I could just get that changed
to unsupervised...
You think football can do that?
Course it can.
[Aldar] Ciao. Buono sera.
What's going on?
I came with Cal,
but I didn't want to interrupt.
- Fine. Well, you can...
- [Jason] Here he is.
Oh, perfect.
- Anyone else?
- Wow. Nice spot, Vin.
- Great view.
- [Jason] We've all been looking for you.
[Cal] Vinny and I were actually trying
to have a conversation, but
- This is like One Snowy Night.
- What's One Snowy Night?
You wouldn't know it. It's a book.
Percy the park keeper is snug in his bed.
It's snowing outside,
and a weasel knocks on the door.
A weasel knocks,
you'd have a heart attack.
Yeah, and the weasel says...
A talking weasel?
Jesus, I'd be scared out of my box.
The weasel says...
It's a squirrel.
Percy opens the door,
and it's a squirrel on the doorstep.
He's saying, "I'm freezing my squirrelly
nuts off out here in all this snow."
"Can you let me in?"
Percy's soft, so he says,
"Okay, you can sleep in here with me."
They're just getting cozy in the bed,
and there's another knock at the door.
And it's rabbits.
Percy says, "Okay, you can sleep
in here with me and the squirrel."
By this point, the word is out.
Next thing you know, you got a fox,
badger, a couple of ducks, a hedgehog.
It's crazy. They're all crowding in,
filling the place. There's just no room.
Then there's this noise
underneath the floorboards
and all the animals start freaking out.
So they go to hide in Percy's sock drawer,
his hat, his coat pocket, whatever.
Then the noise gets louder
and louder and louder.
[chuckles] Then this mole pops up,
and says,
- "Hello! Room for one more?"
- [Jason laughs]
And Percy says, "Yeah, course."
All the other animals stayed
in their warm little hiding spots,
all comfy.
And Percy and the mole cuddle up in bed
and go to bed happy.
[Aldar] A question.
What is the moral
of this story?
Moral is, do one little good deed,
like playing South Africa
when you don't need to, and...
We should play them.
- Really?
- Mm-hmm.
Yeah, I think fair play is a good thing.
Very English.
[all chuckle]
[Jason] Yeah. If Vinny
thinks we can beat 'em,
I'm down with that.
Right, then, lads. Time for bed.
Big game tomorrow.
Come on. Nathan will be waiting.
Boy or girl?
I'm not exactly gonna talk to you
about her, am I?
So a girl, then.
Little girl.
[classical music plays]
[Mal] Grazie.
[classical music continues]
Everywhere else changes.
But here,
it could still be 1983.
Which is probably why
I've accidentally on purpose
bought you an espresso.
I'm gonna need both
as we're playing South Africa,
thanks to Vinny Walker.
Not sure how much you're getting up there,
but he can't half play football.
[Vinny] Ready to beat them?
[Cal] I've not scored.
Strikers are supposed to score goals.
It's hard in a tournament like this.
Everything's so tight. You know?
You gotta create space. Come at me.
[Vinny laughs]
- See?
- What happened? How'd you do that?
It's called the Cruyff turn.
Invented by Johan Cruyff, perfected by me.
I'll show you.
See, you turn, then you shoot.
Your turn.
Mate, come on.
Kind of. You're getting there.
You gotta wrap your foot around it.
[PA 1] After a demonstration
of the true English spirit,
please welcome England and South Africa.
[crowd] England! England!
England! England!
England! England! England!
[Kevin] Smart move, Vinny.
Now we've got real fans.
- What's going on?
- [Kevin] They're singing for us.
Everyone loves us.
Because we agreed
to play South Africa. Come on, boys!
That's a lot of people.
It wasn't like that before.
- In the game, it'll help you focus.
- Oh, so you're used to this?
I got something to tell you, Vinny.
I took your advice.
Nathan, just focus on the game, yeah?
[crowd] England! England!
England! England!
England! England! England!
- [Mal] I knew we'd have to play you.
- [Protasia laughs]
You're going to lose. Hm?
[laughs] You're going to lose.
[Vinny] Let's go, boys!
[whistle blows]
[Kevin] Come on, lads! Come on, Nathan!
- Come on, come on.
- [Protasia] Come on! Come on, focus.
- Nathan.
- [Protasia] Focus!
[low-pitched drone]
- [Kevin] Watch out!
- [Protasia] Yes!
- Nathan!
- What are you doing, man?
- Sorry.
- [Vinny] Wake up!
[distantly] Sorry, Vinny. Sorry, Vin.
Ready, yes.
[Protasia] Go, Samson! Samson!
Yeah, Samson!
- What are you doing, man?
- [distantly] Sorry. Sorry.
[low-pitched drone]
[Vinny] What are you doing?
What's he doing?
- You okay?
- [Vinny] What's he doing?
- The game doesn't wait. Let's go.
- [Kevin] Come on, Mal.
Aldar, urgency! We can still win this.
[PA 1] Player replacement.
Number three, Nathan,
for number five, Aldar.
[Vinny] Yeah, pick him up.
- [Aldar] Get the ball.
- I'm here.
[crowd groans]
[tense music plays]
[referee blows whistle]
[tense music continues]
[crowd cheers]
[South Africa team chant]
What was going on with Nathan?
Listen, mate, whatever it is, Mal's on it.
We've got the Japan game to worry about.
[Protasia] Vinny!
Thank you.
You are such good men
to play us when you didn't need to.
That's why we only scored three.
Afterwards, against Japan,
we scored many more.
how many did they score against Japan?
[Aldar] Twelve.
So for us to go through
to the knockout stages,
we need to win by eight goals.
[PA 1] For the final game of Group A,
England plays against Japan.
[horn blares]
[PA 1] Please proceed to the main pitch.
[in Japanese] We are here
to make happy memories,
and that is all that matters.
What's wrong?
If we scored one goal,
that would be a happy memory.
Okay! I want you to go home
with happy memories.
Be proud.
So keep your heads up.
Go out there and score a goal.
Let's do it!
[all] Let's do it!
[Japanese coach in English] Get stuck in!
[crowd cheers]
[Japanese coach laughs]
[in Japanese] I love you guys!
["O Sole Mio" plays]
[Japanese player cheers]
- [in English] I love them so much.
- I'm really happy for you.
Turn around. Come on, man.
Yes! Jason! Jason, go!
What you doing?
[speaks Japanese]
[Vinny] Pick him up!
[Kevin] Get back!
[Japanese coach cheers]
[Vinny] Seriously, what's going on?
- [coach speaks Japanese]
- [Vinny] Would you wake up?!
[Aldar] Vinny, one more!
[Kevin] Come back. Focus, lads!
[Vinny] Come on, man.
The game doesn't wait!
[Cal] Come on, boys! Come on, Vinny!
- One more!
- Kev, quick.
[Cal] Vinny, one more!
[Kevin] Do it, Vinny. Do it!
- Yeah!
- Yes!
[referee blows whistle]
["O Sole Mio" continues]
[crowd cheers]
- Quarterfinals here we go!
- [Vinny] Let's go!
Quarterfinals, here we...
Nathan Walsh, thanks largely to me,
we're gonna be playing in a knockout
Nathan's going home.
He's what? No.
I'm taking him to the airport now
and his mum's coming
to meet him from the plane.
But he can't just go. We're a team.
- Yeah, what's going on?
- He forgot to take his methadone.
But he went to his meetings, didn't he?
How could he forget?
Well, can't he just take it now?
Mal, please can we just go?
Nathan was always nervous about coming.
We all promised him
that if he wanted to go home, he could.
[Cal] Nathan,
we wouldn't be here without you.
Safe home, yeah.
[Jason] Bye, Nathan.
[Aldar] Thank you for everything.
- [Mal] Give us a hand, Cal.
- [Cal] Yeah.
[uneasy music plays]
Is Nathan gonna be okay?
He stopped taking his methadone.
What does that mean?
[Mal] Well, without it,
it's overwhelming for him.
He'll be better at home.
He can get to meetings and regroup.
His mum's there.
He's not supposed to see her,
but there's no one else, so
[uneasy music continues]
[music fades]
Your warm-up is very poor.
Maybe you aren't really warming up.
Maybe you're just waiting for me.
No. I'm not spying on you
or anything like that.
We ate your fish.
It was weird.
Oh God, no. I'm sorry.
- I liked it.
- Oh.
Is that normal where you come from?
To apologize with a fish?
That was my idea.
[Rosita] Well, I accept your fish
and your apology.
[sighs with relief]
Great, 'cause I really wanna say...
No, don't! Don't say anything more.
Maybe you'll say something else
and I'll have to forgive you again.
Run with me if you like.
Relax, you're so tense.
Just Yeah. That's
[Rosita chuckles]
I'm a Dreamer.
Me too. I'm always
looking out of the window.
Oh, no.
No, uh, a Dreamer is a thing in the US.
It means we came to the US illegally.
My parents, they They were deported.
I can stay, but not forever.
If I can win here,
I get a chance to stay in the US.
Do you know what pizza I like?
The one with pineapple on top. Hawaiian.
On pizza?
Not everyone likes it.
You can't knock it till you try it.
[Rosita] Pineapple on pizza
and fish apologies?
What is wrong with England?
Don't answer that! Come on.
Let's run. I need to win.
I wanna make my family proud.
A gold medal? A place in the final?
Come on, fish boy.
[PA 1] For the first semifinal game
of the day,
please welcome USA and South Africa.
[Rosita] Let's go, let's go!
[horn blares]
[woman] Mark your man!
[Rosita] Let's go!
[upbeat music plays]
Come on!
Go on, Samson!
Samson, come on!
[Protasia] Come on, come on!
[referee blows whistle]
[Protasia] Samson, what is it?
- [PA 2] Substitution.
- [Protasia] Are you hurt?
Number seven, Samson,
replaced by number five, Dylan.
[upbeat music continues]
- Come on!
- [Protasia] It's okay.
Come on! Bring it home, baby!
[referee blows whistle]
[gentle music plays]
[Aldar] Even though their striker is the
highest-scoring player in the competition,
America missed out on the final.
South Africa have gone through. Meanwhile
we beat Mexico in the quarterfinals.
Now we play the home favorites, Italy,
in the semis for our place in the final.
Woo! Yeah.
It's a pity that Nathan is 898 miles away.
- Why do you know stuff like that?
- To fill my brain.
If I keep my brain
filled with good things,
then there is no room
for bad things to get in.
And if Nathan was not 898 miles away,
then it wouldn't be so difficult
for me to tell you
that I will not be playing
with you today against Italy.
- What?
- Huh?
I'm sorry, did you say you're not playing?
In the semifinal?
- Yes, because I'm a Kurd.
- I swear you said you were from Syria.
I'm from the Syrian part of Kurdistan.
And what? The Kurds hate the Italians?
Well, Joram, the Italian captain,
is Turkmen Syrian.
We are in a civil war in Syria right now.
Let me explain.
After the First World War
when the Ottoman Empire was collapsed...
- Aldar, Aldar.
- [Aldar] Britain and her allies...
Aldar. Aldar.
Maybe under the circumstances,
we can take the fall
of the Ottoman Empire for granted.
Now, listen, don't worry, because
Because we're gonna win this thing.
And we're gonna win it for you
and for Nathan.
[PA 1] To decide who is going to play
against South Africa in the final,
please welcome England
and the home team, Italia.
["Seven Nation Army"
by The White Stripes plays]
[Mal] Any team that loses a player
can borrow one from the pool.
- So, what, it's like a transfer window?
- Exactly.
This is Roberto,
and he comes from Argentina.
Do you know Messi?
[Mal sighs]
I'm very happy to be playing for you.
I'm very good with the dead ball.
Roberto, number three!
Vinny, Vinny!
[Vinny] Roberto!
[Kevin] Yes, nice!
Go, Vin! Go, Vin!
Vin! Vinny!
- [Vinny] Ref!
- Hey!
Ref, come on!
[referee blows whistle]
[man in crowd] Referee!
What are you doing?
You got this?
[crowd yells]
[Kevin] You got it, Roberto! You got it.
[crowd] Ooh!
[crowd cheers]
[Vinny] Are you being serious?
- No one is this bad! What are you doing?
- [referee blows whistle]
- What was that?
- Vinny. I...
- What do you mean?
- Vinny, Vinny!
How is that a foul? He's on our team!
- You're gonna give a free kick?
- He's on our team!
- [referee] Sin bin.
- This is a joke!
What is this?
You're sending me off, but keeping him on?
Two minutes.
[PA 1] Number seven, Vinny, yellow card.
[crowd yells]
[PA 1] Mal Bradley, red card.
["Seven Nation Army"
by The White Stripes plays]
Yes, Aldar. Come on.
[referee blows whistle]
I'm gonna fight 'em all
Come on, Aldar!
A seven nation army
Couldn't hold me back
Yeah, nice. Finish. Finish!
Kevin, hold the ball! Hold the ball!
time right behind my back
And a message coming from
Says leave it alone
What are you doing?
What the hell are you playing at?
hear about it
Every single one's got a
Get back, get back! Ref, how long?
Check how long.
[referee blows whistle]
Do your best, son.
From the queen of England
to the hounds
Cal, find me.
And a feeling coming from my bones
- Yeah!
- Yeah! Yes!
[Joram speaks Italian]
Vinny! Vinny!
[Vinny] Close them down!
[referee blows whistle]
Penalties against Italy.
What could possibly go wrong?
[PA 2] The finalist
will be decided by penalties.
[crowd] Ooh!
[crowd cheers]
[Cal] Let's go, Aldar.
[crowd] Ooh!
- Yes!
- Yes!
[Cal] Get in, Aldar!
[crowd] Pinza! Pinza! Pinza! Pinza!
Pinza! Pinza! Pinza! Pinza!
- Yes, yes, yes!
- That's what I'm talking about!
Let's go, Cal!
[crowd] Ooh!
[crowd cheer]
[man in crowd] Forza, Italia!
[crowd] Ooh!
Italia! Italia! Italia!
[crowd cheers]
Vinny! Vinny!
Vinny! Vinny! Vinny!
Vinny! Vinny!
Vinny! Vinny!
[crowd] Ooh!
[high-pitched ringing tone]
[crowd roars]
[PA 1] Congratulations to the second
finalist in the Homeless World Cup,
- We lost this game, but look where we are.
- Not in the final.
We are in the playoffs for third.
Third in the world.
That means medals. I'm so proud of you.
We might not have won the Cup,
but listen to that.
[crowd] England! England! England!
England! England! England! England!
England! England! England! England!
England! England! England!
[gentle uplifting music plays]
[gentle uplifting music continues]
[music stops]
[Kevin] We were so close.
[Jason] Yeah, then Vinny blew it.
[Vinny] Shut up, Jason.
Cal missed his penalty too.
Well, you lost us Nathan.
[Cal] You were his roommate.
You were supposed to look out for him.
We all look out for each other.
But not you.
Disappearing every night,
leaving him to himself.
Do you know what he said
just before he left? Tell him, Mal.
He said, "Tell Vinny I'm sorry."
He thought he'd let you down.
How sad is that?
Where do you get off
talking to me like that?
- Before you start, stop.
- No.
It's not like I abandoned my own kid.
- Or gambled away my house and marriage.
- That's enough.
No, I'm not a junkie, Mal.
Or a thieving little weasel.
Or a
A barber.
You are describing what people were like
before they came here.
I was a barber.
And today, I want to thank you all.
You have become like a family to me.
So my question is
who would like an excellent shave?
I think I could do
with an excellent shave.
[Vinny] No.
I'll go first.
[Aldar] You know, back home,
barber is a dangerous job.
Because people come into the shop
and they talk.
Sometimes, they talk too much
and say the wrong things.
One day, when things are getting better,
I will be a barber again.
But it will be like this.
Ordinary. Like this.
[cell phone rings]
[cell phone continues ringing]
- [Evie] Hi, Dad.
- [Vinny] Hey, Squirrel. How are you?
It's my daughter.
How was the assembly?
- She had to make a speech.
- [Evie] I talked about you.
[Evie] I was gonna do Zendaya.
But I did you instead.
I told them how you've gone to Rome
to win the Homeless World Cup.
- The Homeless World Cup?
- [Evie] Are you going to win the Cup?
[Vinny] Put your mum on.
The Homeless World Cup?
She told everyone in her class
that her dad is homeless?
She's humiliated me.
She's humiliated herself.
- What do you think...
- [Ellie] It's in the paper.
Everyone's thrilled for you.
Everyone knows.
[Vinny] Yo, Mal, this is on you, you know?
You blagged me in to coming here
and now my daughter,
my own daughter,
thinks I'm a loser like them.
[Cal] Right, I'm sick of this.
Thinking you're better than us
just 'cause you can kick a ball?
- You're not better.
- He is the better player.
- I'm not better than you?
- Yeah.
[Vinny] Mate.
I was a player.
I played for West Ham.
I was on the books at West Ham United.
That's who I am.
The team that Bobby Moore,
captain of England, played for.
And Geoff Hurst, who scored a hat trick
in the World Cup final.
That's who I am.
Yeah. And now I'm here with you lot.
[Vinny] That's who I am. A real player.
A real player.
That's who I am.
That's who I am.
[gentle music plays]
[men speak Italian]
[men speak Italian]
[men] Oh!
["Solid Ground" by Michael Kiwanuka plays]
[men laugh]
[men speak Italian]
[Vinny] Vinny Walker.
He's a legend in the making.
What a debut at West Ham United.
They can't stop him.
They can't stop him. Look.
He beats one.
He beats two!
That's it, Vin.
[crowd cheers]
[Vinny] What a goal!
Come on!
You know the bet was dinner if you win.
We didn't win.
I know.
Shall we try and talk about something
other than football?
- That's an excellent shave.
- [Mal chuckles]
[Gabriella chuckles]
Your turn.
[Mal] Okay, uh
Chiara and I came to Rome
for our honeymoon.
Is it, uh, strange to be back?
Strange, but
good strange.
[waiter speaks Italian]
- Grazie.
- [Gabriella] So, your boy.
He scores a lot of goals,
but he has his manager's temper.
I don't actually have a temper.
Except on
or near a football pitch. [chuckles]
- Vinny needs to be here.
- [Gabriella] Does he?
Or this is about you winning?
Is he even homeless?
He's been living in his car for months.
But did he ask to come here?
I didn't bring Vinny
because I wanted to win.
I brought him
How does it feel
because I wanted to make amends.
What does that mean?
Vinny was a pro, for a while.
He was on the books at West Ham.
You scouted him?
Mother says kneel and pray
There he is.
- Vincent Walker.
- [Vinny] Yes, Vinny.
Vinny Walker.
- [Mal] Twelve years old.
- [Vinny] Twelve years old.
Scouted by West Ham.
[young Vinny] West Ham United.
Team of legends.
[Mal] Fast,
- [young Vinny] Best player they ever seen.
- [Mal] Sweet left foot.
- [young Vinny] He's going all the way!
- [Mal] See that little squiggle there?
That's what I used to write
when I thought I'd seen a spark.
- [young Vinny] Nothing can stop him.
- [Mal] He had the spark.
He was brilliant.
We all thought he'd go all the way.
[Vinny] Yes, Vinny!
What a goal!
Come on!
Solid ground
And what happened?
[Mal] Well, I guess, like so many others,
he was just not good enough.
[Vinny] Not good enough.
That's who you are. Not good enough.
[Mal] He thought he had everything.
- [Vinny] That's who you are.
- [Mal] It left him with nothing.
[Vinny] Vinny Walker,
you're not good enough.
Solid ground
[Vinny] That's who I am.
Never was good enough.
Never been good enough.
Never will be good enough.
Not good enough for anything, anyone.
Everyone's better off without me.
Worthless. Homeless.
That's who you are.
Yeah, that's who I am.
You never really meet
the ones who don't make it.
At least I hadn't, till I met Vinny.
When it gets dark
I will know no
[Mal] It changed the course of his life,
and he's never found his way back.
He's lost.
That's why I brought him here.
Hanging around
On the edge of the world
- [Vinny yells]
- Finally, no one around
[Gabriella] Have you
talked to him about this?
I didn't know how.
You've got to.
He needs you
to help find his way.
Ask Chiara.
You still talk to her
every once in a while, don't you?
Go and ask her.
Pretty sure
she will tell you that I am right,
by the way.
Thank you, Chiara.
I knew you'd know.
How long have you lot been there?
Your professional acquaintance
told us you might be here.
[Jason] We weren't sure
what you were doing.
I'm in the middle of one
of the most beautiful churches in Europe.
What did you think
I was doing? Zumba? [chuckles]
Come on. I want to show you something.
They say if you throw a coin
over your shoulder and make a wish,
you'll come back.
Yeah. I did it with Chiara.
My wife.
On our honeymoon.
We never did come back.
- So it doesn't work.
- For Christ's sake, Jason.
Oh, sorry. Um
I hope she does come back one day, Mal.
She's dead, Jason.
- Well, that would not be good, then.
- [chuckles] Course she'll be back.
She'll be cheering you on
when you win today.
[train horn blares]
[bell tolls]
[tense percussive music plays]
[horn blares]
[tense music continues]
No Vinny?
He'll come.
[PA 1] Welcome to the final day
of the tournament.
We will begin
with the third-place playoff.
[tense music continues]
If he doesn't show, we'll be humiliated.
[PA 1] To battle it out
for third place with the USA,
please welcome England.
[crowd cheers]
["Electric Pow Wow Drum"
by The Halluci Nation plays]
[Japanese team cheer in Japanese]
He'll come.
Come on!
- One, two, three
- [all] England!
[Kevin] Yes, Jason. Yes, Cal!
["Electric Pow Wow Drum" continues]
Hey, hey, hey, hey. [speaks Italian]
- What?
- Come on, come on, come on, come on!
I'm a player. In the Homeless World Cup.
- Straight from the whistle.
- I'm meant to be playing.
- England.
- [volunteer speaks Italian]
- I'm a player. I'm homeless.
- Let's go!
I'm homeless.
But I'm homeless!
- [volunteer speaks Italian]
- [referee blows whistle]
[crowd cheers]
[Kevin] Pick up the man! Yes, Aldar!
Get the ball! Cal! Come across!
["Electric Pow Wow Drum" continues]
[Kevin] Watch your back.
Rosita, babes, I'm so sorry!
[crowd cheers]
Go with her, go with her! Aldar!
[Rosita yells]
["Electric Pow Wow Drum" continues]
[Kevin] Aldar, Aldar!
Let's go, let's go.
Pick her up!
[USA coach yells]
- [Cal] Kev!
- Go! Go back!
[Kevin] Let's go.
Pick it up, Aldar! Aldar!
- Yes, Aldar!
- [Aldar] To me!
[Kevin] Yes, Aldar! Yes!
- Come on, Aldar!
- [Aldar] To me! To me!
- [Kevin] Yes, Aldar!
- Yeah! Come on!
["Electric Pow Wow Drum" continues]
- Yes, Kev!
- [Kevin] Jason!
- Jason!
- [Jason] Sorry, babe!
[Cal] Jason, to me!
[Kevin] Come on, Cal!
Come on, Cal!
Shoot! Do it!
[echoing] Do it! Do it!
[music fades]
[Kevin] Shoot!
Come on!
["Electric Pow Wow Drum" resumes]
- [referee blows whistle]
- Come on!
[referee blows whistle]
- Yes!
- Yes! Yes!
[uplifting music plays]
I love you!
[uplifting music continues]
[all] Engerland!
[uplifting music continues]
Sorry we won, but, um
Oh wow.
You're crying.
I've been scouted.
What? You mean
University of Colorado.
They had a man here.
[Rosita chuckles]
I'm going to Colorado.
To play soccer.
Hey, that's really good.
Nice one.
[Rosita chuckles]
Don't trouble the water
- I won't
- Leave it alone
Why don't you
[Protasia] Thank you, God,
for bringing me this man.
Thank you.
Still water run deep
I need your help.
Yes, it do
- I know that
- Whoa
Poor Samson,
he is injured
and cannot play in the final.
But I have permission
to ask anyone I like to join us.
Anyone I like.
And the only one I like is you.
[Vinny] No. I'm done.
[Protasia] No.
You have passion.
You have creativity.
And you are unpredictable.
I need unpredictability.
You were our second chance.
Let us be yours.
Listen, the sun comes up
every day like new.
Every day it comes up,
there's another chance.
You've been playing football all your life
and you didn't notice
it was a game of two halves?
Nobody can save themselves.
We save each other.
Don't trouble the water
- Said I wouldn't
- Leave it alone
Why don't you
Why don't you let it be?
[Samson] Vinny.
Wear this for me, please.
Yes, it do
Whoa, yeah
If you only believe
When you're down and out
When you're on the street
He's here. He's play He's playing. Vinny!
Come on! Boys. Boys. Come on!
- Go, Vinny!
- Vinny!
- Vinny!
- Go, Vinny!
Vinny, Vinny, Vinny, Vinny!
[England team] Vinny,
Vinny, Vinny, Vinny, Vinny!
Vinny, Vinny, Vinny!
- Vinny, Vinny, Vinny!
- [crowd cheers]
Just like a bridge
I will lay me down
[horn blares]
[Vinny] Faster, faster, faster!
[player speaks Italian]
[Protasia] Come on, Vinny!
Sail on silver girl
[Vinny] That was for you, bro.
On your right!
- Your time has come to shine
- Come on!
- [Protasia] Come on, Vinny!
- After him! Lads, lads!
See how they
Come on!
Oh, if you ever need
Need a friend
- Past him. Finish. Finish!
- Come on!
Oh, like a bridge over
Yes! Yes!
Come on, Vinny!
- [Aldar] Vinny!
- [Cal] Yes!
I will lay me down
I'll be your bridge, yes, I will
Don't trouble the water
Said I wouldn't
Leave it alone
Why don't you
Why don't you let it be?
[Protasia] Mark him! Mark him!
- Still water run deep
- [Protasia] Come on!
- I know that
- Yes, it do
[crowd cheers]
[man] Forza, Italia!
- Don't trouble the water
- Yeah
Leave it alone
Why don't you, why don't you let it be?
- What are you doing? Come on!
- Out to him.
- Line!
- Still water run deep
You know they run deep
[Vinny] Pass it! Finish, finish!
[crowd cheers]
[Protasia] Yes!
- Yeah!
- [Protasia] Yes!
Why don't you
Why don't you let it be?
Talking about still water
- Still water run deep
- You know they run deep
Yes, it do
Whoa, yeah
Well, I'm gonna be your bridge, yeah
Over troubled water
Leave it alone
[Gabriella and volunteer speak Italian]
Well, you finally found a way to win.
You just need to put your boys
playing for different countries.
[Gabriella laughs]
Did you speak to your boy?
- I'm going to.
- [Gabriella] Hm.
- Good.
- Thank you.
[Gabriella] Hey.
See you next year?
[Gabriella chuckles]
[Gabriella] What a week.
Congratulations to all of you.
Italia, well done.
You've got the silver medal.
[crowd cheers]
[Gabriella] Roma is so proud of you.
Molto bene! Bravi!
And, England,
you made it to the semifinal.
That shows that here anything is possible.
And now,
we present the award
for Player of the Tournament.
From Team USA,
Rosita Hernandez!
[crowd cheers]
[crowd chants] Rosita! Rosita! Rosita!
[Rosita yells]
[Gabriella] And finally,
please welcome
the Homeless World Cup champions,
South Africa!
[crowd cheers]
by Ladysmith Black Mambazo plays]
["Homeless" continues]
Oooooh! [cheering]
[Mal] Vinny.
Mal, I am so sorry.
You're a liability.
I know.
This is yours.
[Vinny] Thank you.
Thank you for playing, Vinny. Thank you.
Is this one for Nathan?
I want to show you something.
You see that?
That's you.
You scouted me?
Well, I know it didn't work out.
I'm sorry.
I mean, there's so many things to say.
This is amazing.
Mal Bradley scouted me.
"Vinny Walker."
"Agile, fast, feisty."
- "Sweet left foot."
- Yeah.
I was good, then?
You were terrific.
You still are.
[Cal] Vinny!
Come on, man.
All right, boys. Look who's back!
["Homeless" by Paul Simon plays]
We are homeless
We're homeless
We're homeless
[Cal] Pick him up, pick him up!
No, no!
No! No!
[crowd cheers]
We're homeless
The moonlight sleeping on a
[England team chant] Vinny! Vinny!
Vinny! Vinny! Vinny!
Moonlight sleeping on a midnight lake
We're homeless
The moonlight sleeping
Come on!
[crowd cheers]
We are homeless
The moonlight sleeping
On a midnight lake
And we are homeless
And we are homeless
The moonlight sleeping
On a midnight lake
And we are homeless
And we are homeless
The moonlight sleeping
On a midnight lake
And we are homeless
And we are homeless
The moonlight sleeping
On a midnight lake
[players cheer]
And we are homeless
The moonlight sleeping
On a midnight lake
[Vinny] Basically, last year,
I was a mess.
And Mal, he gave me a chance.
I took that chance and I played.
I played and I got a medal.
But that's not what it's all about.
You don't play for medals.
You play for the team.
[all] Oooooh! [cheering]
[Vinny] Being a part of something.
Belonging to something.
That's what this competition does.
It makes you belong again.
This is for Nathan.
I'll make sure he gets this.
The moonlight sleeping on a midnight
[Nathan's mom] You go. Go on.
He'll be thrilled
to see you in the papers.
The moonlight sleeping
On a midnight lake
[Vinny] And if you lose your way,
be sure that the team
will always come and find you.
Like me,
you can also be part of something.
This is your chance. Your second chance.
Take it.
It's true what someone once told me.
"We don't save ourselves."
"We save each other."
[uplifting music plays]
Anyway I'll show you how it's done.
[whistle blows]
[horn blares]
[Vinny] Come on!
That's what I'm talking about.
["Let's Start" by Fela Kuti plays]
[Japanese team cheer]
["Let's Start" continues]
["Let's Start" continues]
[crowd cheering]
[horn blares]
["Let's Start" continues]
[commentator] tripping out of it as well.
This'd be a great goal.
Good save again by the goalkeeper.
We've got a goal!
["Let's Start" continues]
[players chant]
Yes, yes, yes, yes!
[Protasia] Come on!
[Protasia laughs and squeals]
Take it!
[Cal] Yes!
- [PA 2] What a game. Game on.
- [Nathan] Yes!
[Kevin] Pick it up!
Here we go! Aldar, focus.
Yes! Focus, lads!
Oh, I love Rome.
1993, Man United. What happened?
One word. Eric Cantona.
Two words.
[sighs] Yeah.
- [referee blows whistle]
- [coach shouts in Japanese]
[cheers in Japanese]
Come on, come on!
Let's play football!
[horn blares]
["Let's Start" continues]
["Let's Start" continues]
["Let's Start" continues]
["Let's Start" continues]
["Let's Start" continues]
[music fades]