The Beautiful Ones (2017) Movie Script

I spent my life traveling
in one direction.
Driven by greed, narcissism, arrogance.
And a slight obsession
with Steve McQueen.
You see I'm what I call
a professional criminal.
But back in the day
you'd have called me a gangster.
I was blood-tied to the second most...
...powerful crime family in Los Angeles.
Then, well, one decision changed it all.
See that girl?
That girl happens to be
the daughter of the boss...
...of our bitter enemy, The Romanos.
But first, the most powerful
crime family in California.
Talk about star-crossed lovers.
But right now, here...
We're about to cross
that wonderful line in the sand.
That glorious mark of no return.
As Steve McQueen said...
I live for myself...
...and I answer to nobody.
In 1972 McQueen fell in love
with his co-star in The Getaway.
And at that point she was married
to studio chief Robert Evans.
When a divorce was mentioned,
Evans found incriminating
information on McQueen...
...and the divorce was settled quickly.
To this day, the nature
of that evidence is unknown.
I mean, what did those
private investigators dig up...
...on McQueen that was so volatile?
I want you to think about that.
Because what's
happening in here is private.
And I don't want you imagining...
...anything that's going on.
There's moments of calm
that you remember.
Not the actual storm itself.
How quiet. How soulful.
How without pretense she is.
You think of all the magical
things you want to say to her...
...and you go to speak
and nothing comes out.
So you just smile.
She smiles back and it's all fine.
The girl's in the truck. Let's go.
I've known you since...
For how long now?
Since before you were
in the army, right?
Since you were a kid.
I'm your friend Carl.
I'm your people, Gabe.
Gabe, buddy.
It shouldn't be like this, man.
It's undignified.
Man, I know what you're capable of.
No need to labor the point.
I heard about Sebastian.
You're famous, man.
Yeah. Big man on campus, huh, Gabe?
Just tell him what you heard, Carl.
What I heard...
Oh, well...
I heard that Sebastian was into
Caterina for, like, ten large.
What you did to that poor man...
And how you left him.
It's the stuff of legend, Gabriel.
It really is.
But if you've got a heart...
I was hoping I could reach you
with my observation.
And I now fully appreciate
my position here, so...
I am happy to pay, Gabe.
But I need it to be known...
That it wasn't without resistance.
That you broke me, okay?
It's all here. Every bit of it.
He's good.
I'm good.
I don't think you're as bad
as your reputation, Gabe!
But I'm happy to let that be.
Glasses like this were made
to hide some awful pain.
They were designed to disguise
some deep psychological trauma.
I feel like Peggy Cummings in Gun Crazy.
About to embark
on an interstate robbery spree.
You want some of me, Copper?
You'll never take me alive.
That's fifteen for the wing tips...
...and six hundred
and fifty for the Presols.
Six hundred and fifty for a pair
of second hand shades, Gabe?
Six fifty and tax.
They're worth every penny.
714 Persol, folding sunglasses.
Blue glass anti-glare lens.
And the handmade Italian leather case.
Steve McQueen owned a pair.
Yes, he did.
- Keep the change.
- Thank you.
He also wore M43 rough outs in
the Great Escape.
Fashionably tapered white chinos.
A button up woolen cardigan
over a sport shirt.
It's not that I don't have
my own sense of style.
It just seems that my life
is that much easier...
...dressed like the man.
You ready, blondie?
Now remember, you can't smile
wearing these glasses.
No. Of course not.
And it's absolutely essential that...
...we wear them inside
in the darkened hallways...
...of a shady apartment
building somewhere.
But that will all change
when we get the package.
- Is that right?
- Mm-hmm.
From who? The big fat scary man?
You bought those shades because...
...Steve McQueen wore
the same make, didn't you?
Why does it always have to be
Steve McQueen?
Don't you think it's a little...
- A little weird?
- What is?
How obsessed you are over some actor.
I mean I can only name
maybe one of his movies.
Have you seen Papillon?
Sounds riveting.
See, that comment
right there just killed...
...any chance of
a long-term commitment from me.
So when I take her home and
I tell her I'm going to call her,
I won't.
And that will be the end of that.
You ready?
Thank you.
For the drive...
The glasses.
Gabriel, I'll call you.
She used to walk around my apartment... these black stockings.
Just those and a T-shirt.
Oh my God, those legs.
I'd watch her make coffee
just pretending to be asleep.
Just watch her march,
doing that tip toe walk
that girls do in their socks.
You see how white her skin is?
That juxtaposition of white
against black on her thigh.
You want to put your mouth there.
Like a baby on a milk bottle.
Do I respect her?
Yeah, of course.
But if it came down to keeping
or discarding her...
That wonderful thigh swinging bounce...
Farewell, my love.
There she is.
When McQueen met McGraw
in The Getaway...
...he said she was the kind
of woman you would cheat...
...and then kill for.
I ask myself that question
every time I see a woman I like.
It just kills me.
I should stay but...
My family... You don't want to be early.
And I sure as hell
don't want to be late.
See, my family,
they're dangerous people.
And they expect punctuality
from their employees.
And as such they demand that
the family set a rigid example.
So I work for my aunt Caterina.
And presently that means
that I run with the enforcers.
See she put me on this detail
because she figured... was a good way
to get me back into the game.
Knock away any aspirations
I may have picked up...
...while in the Middle East.
My delightful companions for
the afternoon.
Listen, if you're looking to correct...
...the imbalance of justice in
the world...
...then this is not your line of work.
Because like the man said...
Justice is for one and all...
The same way the Ritz Hotel is.
We don't want to be here just as
much as you don't want us here.
All right? But Caterina has got
a reputation to uphold.
And if you fail to acknowledge that...
...then where does that leave us, huh?
So, listen to me, brother.
Before this goes any further, tell me...
Are you going to pay or not...
...because I've got
some decisions to make.
- Yeah.
- You sure?
It's in the dresser.
Top drawer. Grocery bag.
You all right?
You all right?
That wasn't so hard now, was it?
Looking a little pale there, Gabriel.
It's been awhile, Casper.
I heard you were playing
castrati in a quartet...
...for the Aryan Brotherhood.
How's your singing voice, champ?
That's very funny.
Now don't trip over yourself when
you see what I've got for you.
A little present from up north.
Like them apples, twinkle toes?
Real elephant ivory grips.
I had them fashion me a type and match.
You're pretty tough with the steel...
...for a mealy-mouthed faggot.
You want to see what you are
without it, huh?
Big man, thinks his war record
is something special,
but what does it mean?
I'll tell you what...
Some phony medals
and a hillbilly heroin habit.
I know you better than you think.
Don't forget that.
Now while you were away...
Learning to polish your boots...
I was learning the ropes.
Tony's been grooming me.
Which means, one day you and I
will go head to head.
Or what?
Are you willing to play nice
and share your toys?
You can come over, man.
Be like old times.
You've just got to say it.
Just say I'm sorry.
You know what the problem is?
You let your ambition outweigh
your ability, Casper.
You'll only ever be the odd man out.
You won't mean shit as a chief.
You may wish you'd have taken
my advice there, sunshine!
My aunt Caterina runs a club downtown.
It's an ugly little place.
From there she manages at least a
dozen more questionable venues.
Her miniature empire
of sleaze covers everything...
...from dance clubs to strip clubs...
A taxi dancing slum.
Several section eight housing
facilities and a laundry mat.
She takes her percentage from any pimps,
prostitutes or drug dealers...
...who peddle their wares in
these high class venues.
She inherited the family business
from her pa.
If I play my cards right,
I'm next in line to reign over
this rotten regency.
Gramps was one of
the original LA bag men.
An old Oakland biker who beat,
stole and intimidated his way
into money.
He carved out for himself
a nice little niche.
And that's where he sat,
as ruler and grand inquisitor.
Unchallenged for almost thirty years.
Now age and booze may have broken him...
But mark my words, he is still
a formidable presence.
He sure as hell is the only person... aunt Caterina is afraid of.
I'm begging you...
He's begging you!
Paulie collects tomorrow.
The payment or your liver.
Your choice.
There she is. The queen.
- My aunt Caterina.
- Gabe.
They don't even breathe
without her permission.
Just finishing up here.
You'll drive, okay?
Do you ever think about just...
...getting away?
Leaving it all behind.
Happy birthday, Dad.
How are they treating you?
I saw a documentary
on Sturgis last week.
I thought of you.
What do you want?
It's your birthday.
God dammit, I don't know why you bother.
I'm dealing with this hell hole
on my own.
And, uh...
I don't need you to remind me
of my own mortality.
Well you're here
because we want you to be happy.
And look at the pretty girl
who takes care of you.
You wouldn't want me wiping
your ass, would you?
Are you trying to make light
of my situation?
You ungrateful shit-whore.
Look at me, Caterina!
I feel like shit!
I'm angry all the time!
I miss my legs.
I miss my fists!
And I miss my cock.
You're thinking...
I'm going to go away.
I won't go quietly.
This is a place for you
to reflect on your past, Pa.
The present.
That's all a man has anyway.
See that town out there?
That was my town.
It was like a big, ripe whore.
And it was mine for the taking.
And I took it!
I commanded...
...utter respect.
I'd just nod my head...
...and I could change a man's life.
The women wanted me.
Your mother...
You have no idea
of all the things I've done.
So don't you talk down to me.
Why you come around here anyways?
I just...
I don't know trying to...
...appease your guilty consciences?
Make you feel better about yourselves?
Because I don't want you here. See?
I don't need you...
...dredging up the past.
I don't want to share it with you.
Now fuck off.
Who the fuck are you?
What the fuck are you doing here?
Nurse, I want to go back to my room now!
The Magnificent Seven was supposed... be Yule Brynner's movie.
I mean he bought the rights,
he produced it and starred in it.
At one point
he even considered directing it.
You want to see a class act,
and I mean unadulterated scene stealing?
Then watch any frame
that McQueen and Brynner share.
I defy you to take your eyes off him.
There's something to learn from that.
...and was like, I wanted a bookcase.
So we built a bookcase
and a coffee table and...
...all that kind of stuff.
And I just jokingly said...
We should start a company.
Dolenz and Daughters Fine Furniture...
...and she ran with it.
One of the most dangerous women I know.
That show... the closest thing
she's had to a relationship...
...since her marriage.
You saw Tyler?
And gave him my message?
Take off your glasses.
I want to see your eyes.
You know the situation
between me and the Shark.
You know we're in a war.
At some point we may need
to address Casper though.
Ugh, Casper.
Watch yourself around him.
He'll do anything to tear us apart.
I have something for you.
Tony the Shark has a daughter.
I want you to get to know her.
You know...
Gently get comfortable with her.
Yeah? Why me?
Paulie knows where she eats
and hangs out.
Just be yourself.
She'll like you.
Do it for me.
Don't forget to turn off the lights.
Hi. Sorry to... Sorry to bother you all.
I can't quite believe
I'm about to say this but...
I've seen you somewhere before.
Am I right?
Uh huh.
No, I know. Look at them.
Straight away.
I know it sounds like a hit on play.
It's not. It's complete sincerity.
I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be rude.
- It's just, we were talking...
- With your friends.
I interrupted.
Absolutely. I get it.
Ladies, I apologize but, um...
Give me some slack.
I can tell this is going to be
a tough crowd.
Gabriel Tancredi.
Just give me two minutes.
Let me buy you a cup of coffee...
...because there's more
to you than meets the eye.
Prove me wrong.
Eva Romano.
Ms. Romano, it's a pleasure to meet you.
Ladies, do you mind if I borrow her...
...for a couple of minutes?
I promise I'll bring her back.
Thank you for letting me try my luck.
Be right back.
Seems sweet.
Very nice.
Pretty sure of yourself, aren't you?
Come on, it's a little endearing, right?
I prefer my friends to invest
in a little humility.
As you should. As you should.
What do you want to drink?
Ice blended green tea.
Hey, George.
Get an ice blended...
- Green tea.
- Green tea, and you know what.
Take care of the girls' tab for me.
Thank you very much.
That was a fifty.
Yeah, there's a saying in
the Koran that when... meet a new friend
on the road of life...'s a blessing from God.
So, you know.
I guess I'm just doing
my part until I'm done.
Something like that.
When did you read the Koran?
A long time ago. You know...
For a brief moment I was in
a middle eastern country and...
I did nothing to be proud of.
Anyway I was raised here by my aunt.
A strong woman...
With a deep and
profound hatred of the army or...
...any government organization,
in fact, so...
Sure enough, at seventeen,
and full of rebellious teen spirit,
I defected and I joined up.
And that's when you discovered
the Koran?
Well, there are no atheists
in war, right?
So I read the Bible, first.
Also looked down upon...
...with distinct disdain
in our household.
And then the Koran and anything
else I could get my hands on.
Were you injured?
I got a headache
from reading by flashlight.
So what are you girls up to tonight?
Are you destroying the town?
Painting it red?
We are going to catch a foreign film.
Foreign film, huh? Wow.
Girl's got culture.
Visconti's Il Gattopardo.
The Leopard. I know it well.
It's a beautiful one.
Yeah. Yeah.
I like the classics.
But I have a real love and
I mean an aching fondness...
...for the Japanese films
of the '60s and '70s.
I don't know if you know them.
Akira Kurosawa?
Wow. That was a nice pull.
But, no. No.
My go to desert island movies are the...
...yakuza pictures of Kinji Fukasaku.
- You know him?
- No.
Maybe you're smarter than I thought.
I have said nothing for you
to base that conclusion on.
You know, you're right.
I take it all back.
So, listen, you've managed
to make me talk about myself...
...without divulging a single
personal detail about you.
You know how impressive that is?
So is it worth me asking to
extend our two minutes together?
We have class.
- Oh, you've got a thing, huh?
- Really...
- We have to go.
- Okay. Yeah.
Well, Eva Romano...
It was a pleasure.
I don't normally do this but...
Uh oh.
I'm getting the digits?
Here's my number.
- Call me, okay?
- You got it.
You upset me with that odd man out crap.
Then I apologize.
How's your mother?
Getting old.
She worries.
How's the old man?
He's from a different era, you know?
I mean, they hit first, carried
a gun and paid off the cops.
It's easy to remember how
your life was...
...when all of your friends
are dead or in prison.
His time is over. He knows it.
You think the game
has really changed that much?
If you're looking to make
a career out of it, yeah.
I heard his mind was starting
to shut down.
Not at all. Sharp as a tack.
I hope I have his spark
when I'm that age.
So did you think about it?
About coming over?
We'll let Caterina run her club.
She just has to back away from the vice.
It's not the time, buddy.
I know why you're stalling, Gabriel.
But Tony...
Tony might see your indecision
as a decision.
You're an outcast, Casper.
A little Korean boy trying
to impress the Yakuza.
But when your first hit went off wrong,
remember what happened?
I do.
You ran. Right?
Whether it was the FBI or
the 8-9-3 who were after you,
we'll never know but what
we do know is that you ran...
...and you haven't stopped running.
You're trying to provoke me.
I'm not judging you, brother.
I've seen what war does.
Every fiber of your soul screaming...
...that you're in the wrong place.
To get out, get down,
just get the fuck away.
You're stripped to the most basic
of human reactions.
But you know what the difference
between you and I is though?
I didn't run.
You're talking about things
you don't understand.
The Yakuza are a formidably
culturally oriented society.
Right? I mean, they must have
made it painfully clear...
...that you were beneath
them not being Japanese.
And now you've got Tony.
Man gets more talent as he ages.
And he's never going to look
at you as anything other...
...than a curiosity within that firm.
I see.
Do you?
See, you've devoted your life... advancing in two sub cultures...
...that really have no interest
in seeing you... anything other
than a glorified errand boy.
Professional bitch.
He wants you on board.
He won't ask again.
And if you're not with us, well then...
Another time.
I take her out a couple more times,
but it always comes back to the car.
I like this car.
There's a stately elegance to it.
A carry over from an age of beauty.
The social upheaval of the '60s.
Great movies, the best music.
The best music.
An era of political fire, a war.
No one will ever look back
on our generation and say this...
...this was when America lost
her innocence.
Who's to judge when all
the judges have been...
...dragged before the bar?
I don't understand.
Well, with no conventional way
of thinking to rebel against,
what do you rebel against?
You're simplifying it.
But I understand what you mean.
It's funny, normally I'd argue but...
For some reason I find myself
agreeing with you.
That's no fun.
I know.
I could stop speaking if you want.
No. That's okay.
I think that's the answer.
You're not going
to disappoint me, are you, Gabe?
Once I'm past this colorful exterior.
I'm nothing special.
That's the only answer I'd believe.
I just wish someone
would try and hurt you.
Just so that I could kill them for you.
That's the nicest thing
anyone's ever said to me.
I can't explain it
but it feels different.
Unfortunately, I think I may lose
my cool with this one.
Tempus fugit.
Time flies.
I'm hungry.
Me too.
You know, people look at you like
they should know you.
- They do, huh?
- Mm-hmm.
Well that's because I'm with you.
What do you do for a living, Gabe?
Legal and accounting.
Supervision mostly.
The only people I know
who keep cash around like... do are gangsters
and drug dealers.
Well, I'll keep that in mind.
I'd hate to be confused
for a drug dealer.
Don't dance around me, Gabe.
I have gangsters in my family.
I know how they are.
I watched them destroy
my mother's looks,
her sanity, her self-worth.
I'm not going down that road.
You shouldn't.
Would it help if I told you that
the dancing was an effect of... being slightly nervous around you?
Nervous of the fact that
I don't think I felt this way...
...about anyone in a long time.
Steve did two films with Sam Peckinpah.
The Walter Hill scripted The Getaway,
and the character study Junior Bonner.
On its release,
it disappointed fans of both...
...McQueen and Peckinpah, but...
Watch it, and you'll see Steve
at his most natural.
Bloody Sam got his start working
for B movie director Don Siegel.
Siegel and McQueen had
worked together years before.
Then he went on
to direct such classics... Dirty Harry
and Escape From Alcatraz.
Defying that old Hollywood rule...
...that a director's pictures
deteriorate as he ages.
He became a legend after
shooting The Wild Bunch.
But he already had a reputation
for bad behavior.
Once, he showed his appreciation
for a movie... pissing on a
theater screen during a preview.
- She's been asking for you, Gabe.
- Thanks, sweetheart.
So John Wayne may have had
Hawkes and Ford... his twin fathers but...
I think McQueen more than made up
for it with the influence...
...Peckinpah had on his work.
Poor Willy.
He's been with us since he was underage.
Two of them go down
to Marcello's Tacos on 6th.
They got followed. They got shot.
Tony the fucking Shark.
He's laughing at me, Gabe.
How do you know it's him?
One of the boys
saw Casper here last night.
He asked him to leave. He did.
And he pointed his finger like a gun.
A threat.
All right, I'll have David
call Michael at the foundry...
...and we'll get rid of the bodies.
Now I have to get some air.
I need to think.
Casper could be working on his own.
He benefits from a war.
Romano doesn't.
Remember that.
And the girl?
I'm working on it.
That's where he went down.
The other boy was hit
a little further away.
Still strong enough
to come back for his brother.
Middle of the day, huh?
Everyone vanished when
the shooting started.
Seeing a man bleeding out as he walks,
carrying his friend over his shoulder...
Had they stayed put...
They probably would have survived.
Any ideas?
Came and went. Habeas Corpus.
Did you see the shooter?
I don't like being shot at, Gabe.
I don't like it at all.
I could have had that life.
I could have rolled with it and made...
...a lot more money than frying tacos.
Don't think I don't dream about it.
The path chooses you, Marcello.
I'll say this, Gabe.
There was only one gun.
How do you know that?
No car, no yelling.
He runs afterwards.
It was a big gun. Magnum.
You could tell by the sound.
You saw him, didn't you?
I've seen him around. That's all.
You saw him.
Go ahead, take it.
Son of a...
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
She's finished, Gabriel.
Can't you see that?
Are you going to use it
or just keep flashing it?
Because I'm right here.
Why did he run?
For the same reason I ran after him.
We both knew he couldn't
look me in the eye...
...and lie about killing
Caterina's two boys.
A drive by?
A fucking drive by shooting?
We lost two of our own last night.
Now I've carried you
for the last dozen years or so.
You've made money.
Now we are in a situation
that has to be handled...
...or we are going to be in a long...
...protracted war on all fronts.
It's Casper. Not Romano.
He's trying to provoke you.
Just let me do him.
It's too late for that, Gabe.
Tony the Shark.
Tony the Shark's ex-wife lives
in Barbados or something.
His kid is in town. Film school.
We have at her tomorrow, after class.
Kidnapping his daughter,
that's hitting him below the belt.
Gabe's been keeping his eye on the girl.
So he can lead us right to her.
Tomorrow night, Gabe.
Wait up. Wait.
Nothing in life is random, Gabe.
Tony and I were raised together... slowly destroy
each other's lives as adults.
There's a profound poetry to it.
Another step twenty years ago,
we might have been lovers.
That's great, but will you
just take a breath for a second.
Listen to me.
It's your nephew and trusted council.
If you're going to let Paulie do this...
...then you'll have to get out of town.
Go somewhere. Anywhere but here.
It's not safe.
There's an old island proverb.
The coral waxes,
the palm grows but man departs.
Jesus Christ.
They've drawn first blood.
We have to retaliate.
And when the smoke clears
they will see...
...that they want no part
of a conflict with me.
Well, you're nuts.
I can't talk to you. You're nuts.
I'll go talk with Gramps.
Gramps died.
He passed last night.
Was it peaceful?
He passed in his sleep.
The nurse found him this morning.
Hey, it's me. Where are you?
All right, stay there.
I'm on my way.
So, listen...
Eva, I know who your father is.
I've always known who he is.
- What do you mean?
- You know what I mean.
What are the chances of this happening?
The one woman in the entire world
who I cannot, should not,
ever get involved with.
So when the time comes to make
a life changing decision,
you pause...
Weigh the options.
And walking away from my line
of work is not one, so...
Like anything painful,
it needs to be done quickly
and without hesitation.
I know the guys
who came after you today.
They're not going to stop.
My point is we can't stay here, okay?
So I need you to pack a bag,
just for a couple of days and...
Let's go somewhere else.
We'll have time to think.
- Where are we going to go?
- It doesn't matter.
I'm asking you to trust me.
We don't have time.
I'll be right back.
How you doing, Gabe?
I'm bringing her in.
I'm doing this the civilized way.
- Is that so?
- Yeah, it is.
Out of mutual respect for Tony
we're doing this gentle.
I knew the boys who got shot, Gabe.
Good guys.
Real slick,
courting the Shark's daughter.
Might move you up in this world.
You've got some imagination, Paulie.
You know that?
I could give a shit about Caterina.
Those boys? They were my friends.
Are you done?
We're done.
I'll tell you when we're done.
Paulie, what?
You couldn't leave it alone, could you?
It's all right.
He never fucking learns.
Are you okay?
I have a delayed reaction to stress.
It passes.
Let her go.
Are you dictating terms to me?
I'm asking you nicely.
Fuck you.
Five million in hard cash.
You get it to me
or you'll never see her again.
You try anything at all I will kill her.
Watch the girl.
If they try anything
you know what to do.
We know what to do, boss.
You listen to me. You do nothing.
Absolutely nothing.
You understand?
I don't like guns.
I spent too much
of my youth cleaning them.
The problem is that owning one
is never the end of the story.
You have to be prepared to use it.
There's a saying...
You kill a man and you're a murderer.
You kill thousands
and you're a conqueror.
I can no longer deny whose blood
is running through my veins.
He's here.
Is she really that special, Gabe?
Are you really going to throw it
all away for her?
I don't think there was ever
a man who was willing... throw it all away for me.
It makes me strangely jealous.
It's funny, isn't it?
It's sad actually.
Feeling sorry for me, Gabe?
I don't think our DNA has
the capacity for sympathy.
You need a moral compass for that.
My earliest memories...
...since I was a kid, they're all...
They're all variations
of wanting to be like you.
To do what you do.
And when did that change?
I don't remember.
How did I go so wrong with you, Gabriel?
That's as close
as you'll ever get to her.
Keep it as a souvenir.
You shouldn't of done it.
What do you want?
You knew I couldn't let her live.
I'll tell you what...
You go home and think about
what you're doing with your life.
Call me in the morning and apologize.
We're family.
I'll let you do that.
You shouldn't have done it, C.
You don't know me.
You never did.
But I always looked out for you.
You want her?
She's in there.
Hey! Let's go! Let's go!
Get the fuck out there!
You better talk to her!
Or I'm going to talk to her!
If I talk to her,
I'm going to fucking kill her!
Calm down? Calm down?
You better talk to her!
Non slip lambskin gloves.
Amber tint target defining glasses.
Foam earplugs.
In any encounter it's half the battle.
She did the only thing she understood.
Paulie sent me out here to talk to you.
I want you to put that gun down
and we'll talk this out.
Gabe. Gabe, come on!
We're all on the same team here.
What are you doing?
This is family.
Come out, Gabe!
Sorry I beat your ass!
Come out so I can end your days!
We're cool. All right?
Hold on, hold on. Come on.
Do you know who I am?
I'm Tony Romano.
Sometimes known as The Shark.
I really don't like that nickname.
I'm Italian not a spick.
You know,
I carried a torch for her once.
You're Gabe Tancredi.
She's your aunt, right?
You know...
You're more fucked up than
I imagined you were.
She was more man than
you could ever hope to be.
Tell me, Gabe.
How did you see this
playing out in your head?
Did you see yourself
just walking away from this?
I saw my chances
as slightly better than yours.
You know, they say the word mafia
was coined in a revolt...
...that happened when
a French soldier raped...
...a young Palermo woman
on her wedding day,
on Easter Monday, 1282.
A group of Sicilian men...
...retaliated by
killing the French soldier.
As the news spread of the retaliation,
the word mafia became
the Sicilian battle cry...
Coined from the raped girl's mother...
...who ran through the streets
yelling and shouting...
Ma fia! Ma fia!
Which in Italian means my daughter.
My daughter.
So I came here for my daughter.
My Eva.
And I really don't care
about anything else...
...but leaving here with her.
Do you understand?
She's gone.
I don't know how they did it.
I don't know why they did it.
But I blame every motherfucker
in this room.
Mr. Romano was my employer
for ten years.
He may not have been perfect,
but he's fair.
He was retiring this year.
Do you know who he chose
to take over after him?
We both lose today, Casper.
You want it?
It's yours. Take it all.
I don't need it.
Does she mean that much to you?
They killed her just like
they kill everything else.
This place makes me sick.
Just take whatever you want.
Wake up.
And go to bed.
Knowing that I turned my back on
the one person...
On the one person who kept me
from fulfilling my destiny?
A position I groomed
and nurtured for years.
Digesting abuse.
Slaving like a dog.
For what?
You turned into a sad story
I'll tell over a drink.
I won't be that man today, Gabriel.
You're not about to just walk away.
The present is all a man has anyways.
You can't dwell on
the past or plan the future.
In our game you live
for the moment. Right?
Or not at all.
It's only life that hurts.
Death carries with it no pain at all.
This is barbaric.
Let's not do this.
Casper, just take the club.
All right?
I was planning on leaving
this morning...
...and my plans haven't changed.
Listen to me.
I'm giving it to you.
I'll just disappear. Just...
That's the thing.
When it comes down to it
I don't really care...
...about any of it either.
Not like they did.
I guess I'm not the designating type.
I do my own dirty work.
Are you ready?
Are you ready?
We'll see.
Christ, look at your face, man.
Casper, this is
a no win situation, all right?
Just walk away.
You've got nothing to prove.
You're wrong again.
She's alive.
You thought she was dead
but she's alive.
She's in the back.
I could have beat you.
But I got beat.
Hey. You're done.
You're done.
You're done.
You did it all for love, man.
That's beautiful.
Come here.
Listen. Listen to me.
I need you to trust me.
But you've got to promise me...
You've got to keep your eyes closed.
Do you understand?
Say it.
Ten hours in a Mexican hospital
couldn't save my arm.
But I'll live.
And Eva will forgive me.
And although we laugh and love.
Ultimately we lost.
We lost all the reasons
we couldn't be together.
Do I feel bad about it?
I didn't throw up,
if that's what you mean.