The Beauty of Love (2021) Movie Script

Hey, Trevor.
Where are you?
The line was intense at the coffeehouse.
I've never seen such desperation
for a caffeine fix.
Some guy even offered Knicks
tickets just to cut in line.
- Did it work?
- Well, of course.
I'm just walking in now.
Look at this set up.
It's, uh, sassy chic.
Are we talking about you or the display?
Okay, touch.
I just -- I feel like it needs
a little something more.
It doesn't quite pop.
Uh, I have some gold silk ribbons,
and, uh, maybe if we swap out
a pair of heels
for some hot pink ones.
I mean, that is your color after all.
That is why I hired you.
Don't look now, but Francesca's here.
Ah, the quarterly review meeting.
I hope this isn't bad news.
Hey, we got this.
- I'll meet you up there.
- Okay.
So, last quarter,
our numbers have been flat.
How flat?
- Your double espresso.
- Thanks.
Um, you know, nothing to be
too concerned about.
But if we don't stay on top of it,
I think we could be in some real trouble.
Well, Trevor and I
can brainstorm
some new marketing campaigns.
Uh, shake things up a little.
- Good.
- What?
Well, I was just gonna add
that I think that,
uh, we'd become a bit stagnant.
Oh, you know what?
"Stagnant" -- that's -
that's too strong of a word.
It's just -- you know
how we've always been
on the forefront of the latest trends?
- Mm-hmm.
- I just feel like lately,
we've been letting that slide a bit.
What do you suggest?
For starters, I think we should refresh
some of the product lines.
Hear me out.
It appears that people
are craving comfort.
Little indulgences that
they can more easily afford.
I know hot and trendy has been
our sweet spot,
but what about hot and cozy,
where we redefine hot
to be something more accessible
to the average person.
I see.
So, it's like people are seeking
meaningful coziness.
Meaningful co-- Yes. Yes!
Now we just need to find
products that reflect that.
- And fit our brand.
- Right.
Okay, Trevor, you're up.
What are the times
that we received this week?
Uh, make your own tie-dye
kits, uh, pajamas,
blankets, a pom-pom beanie.
As much as my teenage self
would be disappointed in me, pass.
Don't hate on the pom-pom beanie.
Even Beyonc wears one.
It was a double pom-pom.
It is too niche.
We need something with -
- with broader appeal.
- Right.
What about the thing
that you got yesterday?
- The -- The homemade lotion?
- "Vermont Botanicals."
I'm not sure that homemade
is really our niche.
Let's just take a little look.
- Okay.
- "Hi, Emma.
I'm sure you get a million
of these letters,
but I'm hoping to be
the exception to the rule.
I'd be honored if you'd try
my skincare line
made with organic botanicals
grown in our Vermont Inn's garden.
Vermont Botanicals -
handcrafted by Jill."
I mean, you have to admit,
the packaging looks professional.
It is charming.
Oh, I love the design.
Oh, you can smell the lavender.
That is cozy, and I'm thinking
we need to consider this.
It hits all the right notes,
and skincare is a growth market.
- It's at least worth a call.
- Okay.
What's her number?
Jill Smith speaking.
Hi, Jill.
It's Emma Reynolds.
Thank you for your samples.
- We are intrigued.
- Oh, my gosh!
Thank you so much!
But the first question
we always ask is "Why you?"
What differentiates you
from other products?
Wow, Emma, hi.
First of all, I just wanna say,
uh, it is an honor
to speak with you.
Now, to answer your question, uh, for us -
for us, it's the ingredients.
Uh, uh, it's so hard to do it
justice over the phone.
Wait, why don't you come to Vermont?
You can come and you can see
how our products are made
and where we grow our very own
herbs and botanicals.
Plus, it'll be great social media content.
- "Classically Emma on location."
- I appreciate the offer, but -
My family has a beautiful inn.
We will put you in our finest room.
You'll be completely pampered.
Who doesn't love to be spoiled?
Now, have you ever been to Vermont?
No. No. No.
Now's your chance.
You're gonna love it.
How -- How's this weekend?
Uh, it's fine, I guess.
Though -
I will text you the address.
See you soon.
What just happened?
I think you just got outmaneuvered
by an ambitious Gen Z.
Oh, my God.
I guess I'll be packing tonight.
Perfect, because the sooner
we find the right
new products, the better.
- Okay.
- Cheers.
Cheers. You guys.
Welcome to...
It's a beautiful 79 degrees...
Oh! Look out!
Oh. Are you okay?
Yeah. I, uh -- I'm fine.
- Fingers still intact.
- Uh, well, good.
First rule of innkeeping -
don't injure the guests.
Um, sorry about that.
I was just playing a little ball
with my dad,
but that was still an impressive catch.
- Can you throw just as good?
- Maybe.
Sounds like a challenge.
Come on.
Let's go.
Let's see what you got.
Hey, Dad, back up.
This one says she's got an arm.
- Okay.
- Back up.
Back up, back up.
You might have to make
a diving catch for this one.
- Oh?
- Ready?
I am.
- Hey.
- Whoo!
Touchdown! Good job.
- Not bad. Nice throw.
- Thank you.
Feel like I should be
asking you for pointers.
- Perhaps while I'm here?
- Uh, sorry.
Actually, our inn is closed.
So, we shut down for renovations.
We're not opening until after
the final inspection,
but more than happy to help you
find another place to stay.
I'm actually Emma.
Uh, though you probably know me
as Classically Emma.
Okay. I -
Actually Emma, I'm -
- I'm Definitely Jesse.
- Emma!
Emma! Oh, my gosh.
I'm so happy you're here.
So nice to finally meet you in person.
- It's -- It's Emma!
- Yeah.
I've been hearing that a lot recently.
It would be a lot more exciting
if I knew who Emma was.
- No offense.
- Oh, none taken.
Of course you know who she is.
She's Emma, of Classically Emma.
Only the most brilliant
and successful lifestyle
platform out there.
I'd like to apologize for my brother
and business partner Jesse.
Wasn't quite the greeting
I had in mind.
No. No. It was actually a great greeting.
- I scored a touchdown.
- Mm.
Actually, Emma did...
So, what -
what brings you to our inn?
Uh, do you have your keys
or your suitcase in your car?
- Suitcase?
- Yeah.
- Could I have your keys?
- Sure.
Jesse, can you please take
Emma's stuff upstairs?
Thank you.
Um, let me show you around.
I'm so happy you're here.
- How was your drive?
- Good. Almost no traffic.
So, I have you in our finest room.
New everything.
The more luxurious sheets
you're ever gonna sleep on.
And if you need anything -
day or night -
- just let me or Jesse know.
- I appreciate it.
Thank you.
And I know Vermont Botanicals
is not exactly on-brand for you,
and Emma, I have heart.
I put everything I have into my business.
I know I'm gonna win you
and the Classically Emma
audience over.
Well, you've got me for a few days.
Give it your best shot.
- I dare you to impress me.
- Look, really, Betty,
you didn't have to come all this way.
I could have driven you
to pick up the groceries.
- Hi, Betty.
- It gets me out of the store.
Otherwise, all I do is work.
Betty, this is Emma.
Emma is here to learn more
about Vermont Botanicals.
- Hi.
- How lovely.
You know, my store
was the first one to carry them.
Oh, very nice.
Anyone care for an apple cider donut?
They're still warm.
Thank you.
They look scrumptious.
Betty, you're just in time.
Care for a donut?
- Uh, split one with you?
- Music to my ears.
If it wasn't obvious already,
my dad has a bit of a sweet tooth.
It's all about the guests' stay sweeter.
I think it's smart, Carl.
You're giving your guests
a cozy inn experience.
I mean, who wouldn't love
to walk through that front door
and be welcome with a homemade dessert?
It's my thoughts exactly.
Speaking of guests, Jesse...
Oh. Uh, that's my cue.
Let me show you up to your room.
Well, I will see you all later.
Thank you for the sweet treat.
Hey, girls.
Ruth, Betsy.
Hey. Come on.
You guys gotta share.
What do you think?
It's pretty good, right?
Very impressive.
These are tinctures I made
from botanicals in my garden.
I like to pick my herbs
early in the morning,
when the volatile oils are at their peak.
These are herbs and flowers
that are dried,
and I use them to make the tinctures
and essential oils, and -- and soaps.
Oh, this is my favorite soap
it has lavender flowers and rosemary.
It's really calming on your skin.
Mm. Wow.
Your products are so fragrant.
You can really smell each one.
- Home grown with love.
- Uh, I'm sorry, Emma.
What, uh -- What exactly
is your interest in us?
We're -- We're not exactly trendy luxury.
My base isn't just about luxury.
I think everyone is craving
a bit more coziness these days.
The simple things, you know?
People are shifting their priorities.
- Companies are, too.
- Oh, I know what you mean.
We're experimenting with
sustainable packaging options,
things like bamboo and cork,
recycled glass.
Just no plastic.
Sustainability is a really
good business move for us.
I've been actually doing
research on the solar-powered
greenhouses, like we talked about.
So, any extra energy,
we're gonna use for the inn.
Isn't Jesse amazing?
He just finds a way to make
the finances work
when my creative impulses run wild.
It's one of the benefits
of having an Ivy League MBA
in the family.
Well, someone has to keep
the creative brilliant
from bankrupting us.
Uh, this is our raspberry cream.
- Wanna try some?
- Sure. Sure.
Oh. It's so velvety.
Shall I take a few photos
and videos for my assistant
Trevor to post?
- I-I would love that.
- Okay, great.
Uh, well, let's give it
a more personal flair and get you in it.
We really want to feel your passion.
- Yeah.
- Uh, do -
do you want to get in there as well?
No, no, no, no.
That's just you girls.
Just keep it light, easy.
- Am I good right here?
- Yep, that's perfect.
It'll be really easy.
No pressure.
Um, and whenever you're ready.
Three, two, one.
Welcome to
Vermont Botanicals -
home grown with love
from my garden to you.
Oh, these are some of
my favorites over here.
This is a rose-infused bath bomb.
Just made it the other day.
And some lavender.
Freshly picked, of course.
You know, I have to say.
I am impressed.
I think Jill might be the real deal.
Well, I'm loving these photos and videos.
- I'm gonna post them right away.
- Awesome.
Listen to this.
"The global skincare market
has increased in value
nearly 60% in the past decade,
and 48% of women here in the US
look for natural and organic
ingredients in their products."
Well, Francesca will be pleased.
I think there is a huge opportunity here.
And look, I know
I was hesitant to come.
- Uh, hello. Understatement.
- Okay.
What I am trying to say
is thank you
for encouraging me to come here.
Thank you for forcing me to come here.
Em, have I ever steered you wrong?
Mm, Trevor, your advice
is as flawless as your style.
- Always.
- I'll talk to you tomorrow.
- Goodnight.
- Bye!
Alright, so, spill it.
Why didn't you tell me about Emma?
I'm sorry.
I know I should have.
I-I guess I just thought
you wouldn't understand.
- What do you mean?
- I don't know.
You came home so you could
escape the big city
and the business world and all that stuff,
and here I am,
inviting one of the trendiest
New York lifestyle
brand founders to the inn.
Yeah, which I'm more
than capable of dealing with.
But even so,
she's not even on brand for us.
You don't know that.
You know, she's -
Pivoting towards a new direction. I know.
But still, working with an influencer -
- it dilutes our brand.
- She's not fake.
And I wouldn't want to work
with anyone who was.
Just get to know her.
- You'll see.
- Help me understand this.
Is -- Is this just a pure marketing ploy?
Like, what's the business angle with this?
She can help elevate our brand's profile.
Help us get our sales to go national.
And maybe even international.
Yeah, which we decided
we didn't want to do anyway.
No, you decided.
Jesse, look, the more
successful you and I are,
the more we can help out Dad.
He put everything
he had into this remodel.
And you know how much
the inn means to him.
I know.
Plus, would it be so bad to make it big?
What if I told you that was my dream?
Hello? This is Jill.
Wait, what do you mean they're all wrong?
Okay. Okay.
I'm -- I'm on my way.
Okay, thanks.
- What happened?
- It's our new shipment of jars.
They messed up the color.
I need to go see if any of them
are salvageable.
But can you work with Emma while I'm gone?
Just, like, show her some creams.
Like, maybe the mint line?
Uh, okay. Fine.
But you owe me.
Anything you want.
I remember you said that.
Well, whatever it'll be,
it will be worth it,
and can you finish making her breakfast?
- She's waiting for it.
- Jill.
- Love you.
- Jill.
- Thanks.
- I...
What do influencers eat?
- Hey, Emma.
- Good morning.
Uh, good morning.
Hope a continental breakfast is okay.
Muffin, fresh fruit, coffee.
Of course.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
Um, Jill got called away.
Uh, jar emergency.
She asked me to fill in for her.
Wanna meet me in the cosmetics
room after breakfast?
Uh, in about a half hour?
- Well, uh, after you.
- Thank you.
Uh, I'm gonna show you our newest line.
Jill thought about highlighting
the different varieties of mint.
You mean there's more than
Yeah. Uh, yeah. Yeah.
There's -- There's over
600 varieties of mint.
Wow. Uh, okay.
So, there is spearmint, peppermint...
...minty mint?
These are not flavors of bubble gum.
- Okay.
- But yeah.
So we only have a few more to go.
You did get spearmint.
That happens to be that one.
- Here. This -
- Ooh.
- You okay?
- Mm-hmm.
- Smell.
- Wow.
- So, that's sweet mint.
- Mm-hmm.
Then spearmint, which you did get.
Um, lavender mint.
This one's an apple mint.
This one's orange,
and then we have lavender mint.
All the others' in the garden.
Wow. I just -
I had no idea there were
so many varieties of mint.
And that is so brilliant of Jill -
taking the familiar mint
and giving it a unique twist.
Oh, she's pretty great.
Uh, she even came up with the idea to do
the mint green glass jars.
So, this is our licorice mint.
Go ahead and open that, smell it.
That is incredible.
And the jars are just so beautiful.
Do you mind if I do
a quick video for my social?
Uh... I don't -
I don't know.
If you don't like it,
I'll delete it.
No questions asked.
And would you do me one favor
and film it as well?
- Sure.
- That's perfect like that.
Hi, everyone.
It's me, Emma, and today,
I am livestreaming
from the Maple Seed Inn,
where I'm sharing my newest discovery -
Vermont Botanicals.
So, what makes a product special?
It's when it touches something
in us, something meaningful.
This is sea glass.
I found it on the beach
back home when I was a kid.
It was this little piece of magic
that just washed up
on the shore, and I kept it.
And it represents home,
and when I need that connection,
I just -
I hold it and I know
everything's gonna be okay.
So, when I saw this jar
of Vermont Botanicals cream
and it's seafoam colored glass,
I thought of my sea glass,
and I was transported home
for this beautiful moment.
So, when has something
like this happened to you?
I'd love to hear your memories.
Uh, I don't know what to say.
Oh. It's fine.
- I won't post it.
- No.
No, actually -- actually,
I think you should post it.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
This, um, this is our mint soap.
That's our homemade maple lemonade.
So, you're not from New York?
Sorry to disappoint you,
but I am from a small
coastal town in Massachusetts.
I moved to New York
when the website took off.
It was better for running the business.
Is that another reply to your video?
Yeah, it's been doing great.
Did you want to see?
- Can I -- Yeah.
- Yeah, okay.
"Every autumn, my favorite
restaurant serves
butterscotch milkshakes.
They remind me of the butterscotch candies
my grandmother used to give me as a kid.
She'd tell me not to tell my mom.
It was our little secret."
That is a sweet one.
Okay, so people -
people just often share
their personal stories with you?
We both do.
It's about that connection.
We share each other's worlds in a way.
And it's -- and it's not
just a marketing ploy?
No. No. There's a real relationship there.
It's -- it's one that
we both feel a part of.
Yeah, but -
but you promote luxury items.
I give people a moment
to forget about life's problems.
Whether it's through a relaxing bath
with one of Jill's bath bombs,
or feeling like a million bucks
in a pair of stunning high heels.
It's about what makes you happy.
But enough about myself.
Tell me something about you.
What makes you happy?
You know, I still need
to show you the orchard.
That's our main lodge.
So, after the final inspection,
that's where the guests are gonna stay.
By the way, uh, nice segue
off the "what makes you happy" question.
- What? What?
- Okay. Nothing too personal.
How about something fun?
Perhaps a game of "Either/Or"?
Uh, okay.
- Road trip or plane?
- Train.
Definitely a train.
Something really romantic about a train.
Wouldn't you say?
I mean, the sights, the sounds,
the people,
just looking out the window.
You do know this is a game
called "Either/Or?"
Alright, ask again.
- Sunrise or sunset?
- Am I alone or with someone?
What? No, hear me out.
Seriously, hear me out.
Sunrise -- perfect for self-contemplation.
Uh, sunsets -- better shared
with somebody else.
Yeah, I know what you mean,
but you're still not
answering the question.
Let's see how you do this.
- Okay.
- Chocolate or vanilla?
- Vanilla.
- That's it?
No -- No cake or ice cream?
- No.
- Pudding?
Milkshake? Nothing?
Some of us don't make life so complicated.
I see it as clarity, not a complication.
It's the gray area
that gets you in trouble.
But the gray area is a part of life.
I mean, yeah, it can be troublesome,
but it also adds to the adventure.
Alright, Miss Adventuress,
hiking or going to the movies?
- Hiking.
- Really? Why?
It's just you and the trail.
Everything else melts away.
That's when the magic happens.
You know, I had a, uh, monarch
butterfly land on me once.
I just stared at it, mesmerized,
scared to even breathe.
It was one of my favorite moments.
Well, you know,
Vermont Botanicals -
it was inspired by a hike.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Tell me more.
I-I'd love to hear more about it,
'cause I really think
it could help my audience
connect with your brand.
Well, maybe while you're here,
I can take you.
- There you are. Hey.
- Hey.
How's it going?
What happened?
There were so many
inconsistencies, but, you know,
I think it's actually
gonna work to our benefit.
Now each jar is unique.
But guys, have you seen
the orders for today?
Like, the numbers are off the charts.
- Really?
- Yeah.
I wonder what could have -
- Her video.
- I told you.
Emma weaves magic like no other.
I think you two are the ones
who have created something magical.
Well, thank you.
Hey, um, can we go down to the store?
I'm running low on shipping supplies.
Do you mind if I borrow him from you?
Oh. No, not at all.
- I-I have some work to do anyway.
- Perfect. Perfect. See you.
Three stars.
Only three?
- Five would be better.
- Not according to Michelin.
The point is, everyone's loving
Vermont Botanicals.
We're seeing our highest
engagement numbers of the year.
I've never seen Francesca so giddy.
I can't even imagine Francesca
acting giddy.
Believe me, it's best
that you don't see it.
Speaking of...
- Hi, Francesca.
- Hi.
Please tell me things
are still going well,
because our numbers are trending up
and we need to sustain this momentum.
Well, keep it up.
Everything is going smoothly.
I think Vermont Botanicals is the key.
So, are you confident they're ready?
I'm doing my due diligence,
but I believe so.
Perfect. We need to move things
alone ASAP.
I am working on it.
Jill will be on board, but her -
her brother, who handles
the business side,
might not be as ready to leap.
But you can convince him, right?
Of course.
It's a win-win for both of us.
Yes. Music to my ears.
I'm gonna talk to you later.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Can I help?
No. You're our guest.
- Please, take a seat, though.
- Thank you.
You know, I hear it's been quite the day.
Jill said there's never been
so many orders.
I told you, Dad.
It's time for the greenhouse.
And how amazing would it be
if we had our own farm, too?
And if we could just have farms all over,
we could grow botanicals native
to all different regions.
I love your vision,
and what you're trying to build,
but how do you get there?
Let's say, you become
an overnight sensation,
and you need to scale up immediately.
Could you, for instance,
fulfill 1,000 orders next week
if you had to?
Oh, yeah.
That's not a problem.
We have, uh,
we have plenty of co-packing
companies in the area.
We've used them before when necessary.
Though, ultimately,
I'd like to have
a bigger facility ourselves
so we can keep everything in-house.
I think Jesse can make the finances work
so we can make it happen.
- Yeah, that's easy.
- But the short answer is yes.
Yes. We can do it.
Uh, tomorrow, how about we do
something fun?
Make some creams.
Give you a little peek behind the curtain.
Yeah. I would love that.
Oh, my gosh.
Dinner's in the oven still.
I got distracted.
I'm so sorry.
I will be right back.
Hey, honey, would you
take this for me, please?
- Yes, of course.
- Do you need any help?
No. I'm good.
I got it. I got it.
This is so exciting.
You guys do it all.
- Oh, here it is.
- Yes.
Oh. Oh, look at you.
Dinner looks wonderful, Jill.
- Thank you.
- My favorite.
- It smells amazing.
- Mm-hmm.
- Thanks, guys.
- Oh, not so fast, Jesse.
- I'd like to make a toast.
- Oh, no.
Dad, Dad, please, no toasts.
Dad is the master at awkward rambling.
- Eye-roll-inducing.
- Routinely uncomfortable.
And occasionally bizarre toasts.
Now, don't forget the "Oh,
darn, what do I do now?" toast.
Okay, Dad gave a very touching,
lovely toast to our cousins,
Eric and Brittany,
on their move to California.
Yeah. Unfortunately, they
hadn't told their parents yet.
- Oh.
- Dad broke it to them.
- Oh, no.
- And yet, it's still my fault.
Tease my toast all you like,
but don't dish it out
if you can't take it.
I'm sorry.
Is -- Was that to me?
Yeah. Uh, definitely.
Right to you.
Bring it on.
What do you got?
Don't. No.
Come on, Jesse.
You know you want to do it.
What is this?
Uh, in college,
I might've been in a boy band.
Oh, please,
I have got to see this.
- No.
- Oh, yes.
No. Absolutely -
There is no way.
Absolutely not.
- Boo!
- Boo!
I've never heard that before.
I just want to say. Now.
I'm sorry I challenged the master.
If we can just move on with the toast.
Okay. Alright.
- We were really good.
- To Emma.
Though we only just met,
your kindness and generosity
have already shown through,
and that you would choose
to share your wonderful gifts
with our family.
For that, I toast you, and I thank you.
Well, thank you, Carl.
I appreciate your kindness, as well.
And thank you all for having me.
- To Emma.
- To Emma.
- To Emma.
- Thank you, guys.
- Alright, now, let's dive in.
- Please.
Would you like a roll?
- Yes, please.
- I made them myself.
- Of course you did.
- What was that?
- Nothing.
- Here.
Oh. Actually, I'm sorry.
These aren't keto,
gluten-free, or low-carb.
Oh, that's okay.
You know, those take a really
skilled baker to make.
I can show you, if you want, actually.
This is beautiful.
Thank you. Thank you.
- Some corn?
- Uh, yes, please.
I know you want the mash.
That's the last of the dishes.
You were right about Emma.
What did you say?
I didn't quite hear you.
Can you say that again?
You were right about Emma.
- Mm.
- Yeah.
She wasn't what I was expecting.
She's got substance.
And working with her
might not be such a bad idea.
Okay, it might even be a good idea.
See? You know better than to doubt me.
Jill, what -- do you -
do you really want
Vermont Botanicals to go big,
to be this successful brand?
Is that really your dream?
I thought you were happy
with it being a small family business?
Yeah. I am.
That's not what I'm asking.
Why didn't you tell me?
Jill, I don't want anything
from my past, ever,
to stand in the way of your dreams.
Do you really mean that?
You're my kid sister,
of course I mean that.
So, let's do this.
Operation Impress Emma starts right now.
- Are you in?
- I am so in!
Are you kidding?
Come here.
Good morning.
So, what's the big surprise?
Well, hurry up, New York.
Come on.
You're gonna love this.
Wild blueberries.
They grow everywhere.
How about blueberry pancakes
for breakfast?
- With local maple syrup?
- Of course.
It's tradition. Are you in?
- Definitely.
- Yeah?
- One more.
- Here.
- Mm. Yum.
- To the industrial kitchen.
Our special dark amber,
and this is from last season.
Wait, wait, wait.
Final touch.
Boom. Enjoy.
Bon apptit.
- Thank you.
- So, get ready.
Your life is about to change.
I might be known in these parts
for my blueberry pancakes.
Jill did say she wanted you
to be pampered.
- Well, it is working.
- Mm.
I am a firm believer that breakfast
is the most important meal of the day.
Every single bite should be savored.
Most people, they just grab a protein bar
and rush out the door.
Well, sometimes, you gotta rush.
Yeah, but sometimes, you have to savor.
That was just like really good.
Hey, guys. Perfect timing.
Emma, would you like to learn
how to make some body butter?
Yes, please.
I love body butter.
It's so rich and luscious.
Well, it doesn't have any water in it,
like lotions and creams.
That's why it's so rich.
So, this is shea butter,
and I'm gonna add some jojoba oil to it.
It's a carrier oil,
so it'll make it more malleable
and will absorb better
in the skin. Alright?
And now, I'm going to mix it all up.
And you can smell the hibiscus.
- Mm-hmm.
- Good.
Now, I'm going to put it
in the refrigerator
for it to harden.
- She's amazing.
- She's incredible.
And while we wait,
let's have a little fun.
Don't go for second best, baby
Put your love to the test
You know, you know you've got to
Got to express how you feel
And maybe then you'll know
your love is real
- What are you doing?
- Hey!
Make him love you till you can't come down
Are you ready for my favorite part?
I'm on it.
- Now, I am really intrigued.
- I -- It's true.
This is our secret weapon -
an old-fashioned hand mixer.
And let's add a little
something to make it special.
Uh, okay, these are essential oils
made from plants in our garden.
What about...
Ooh, let's add some lavender.
Eh, I mean -- I mean, yeah,
it's a classic for skin care,
but let's do something a little more fun.
Okay. Um...
A little anise hysop?
- Some licorice mint action.
- Mm.
- Why don't we let Emma pick?
- Yes. Of course. Of course.
- Emma -
- Alright, so what -
what would fit that
Classically Emma community?
- Hmm.
- Okay.
Whatever you want.
Well, I do love rose.
Ooh. Maple.
Made from our very now maple trees.
You know, I have been doing some research,
and studies have shown that maple leaf
extract reduces wrinkles.
But you guys probably use maple
all the time.
Actually, you know,
just for the bath bombs.
I always get distracted by other plants.
Sounds like it's calling
your name, so go for it.
- Add a few drops.
- Okay.
That's perfect.
I think she should do the honors.
Yes. Absolutely.
- Oh, I shouldn't.
- It's just like mixing batter,
and you do know how to bake, right?
If I remember that claim
from last night at dinner.
It's okay. I mean, unless
you're too scared.
Uh, do -
do you mind if I film you?
Oh. No.
That's a great idea.
- Perfect.
- Okay.
- And go for it.
- Hey, everyone.
It's me, Emma, and today, I want
to thank Vermont Botanicals
for sharing their secret weapon
in the fight against dry skin.
A hand mixer.
So, now I am going to make
maple body butter with, uh,
maple essential oil
from their very own maple trees.
Wish me luck.
Let's try this.
That's great!
- Perfect.
- Okay.
I think we have a winner.
Mm. Oh.
It reminds me of cozy night,
staying in, baking with the family.
So, ladies and gentlemen,
the very first, exclusive,
Classically Emma maple body butter.
You guys, that was so good.
Wait, our new shipment
just came in at the post office.
C-Can you show Emma the rest of the line?
- Uh, sure.
- Okay.
I'll be back in just a few.
Just a few.
Uh, gosh.
I have a lot to learn.
This is nice.
Alright, we gotta mix it
a little bit more, though.
See how it's not quite rubbing in?
- Mm-hmm.
- Okay.
So, add some more -
add some more maple to it.
Don't be shy.
Like the pancakes this morning.
Just go for it.
- Alright, ready?
- Mm-hmm.
So, that's actually one
of our most popular elixirs.
And then, of course, your
soon-to-be maple body butter.
Ah. Sorry.
You're quite the multi-talent.
Jar filler.
Football player. Bread baker.
Chicken feeder.
Okay, are you sure there's
a compliment in there somewhere?
You do make the most heavenly
blueberry pancakes I ever had.
Well, thank you.
So, uh, what's your biggest seller?
Uh, honestly, anything with lavender.
And did you know it's been
shown just the smell of lavender
can help relieve mood and elevate stress?
So, basically, it makes you happy?
Uh, yeah. Yeah, it can.
This is our lavender serum.
- Okay.
- So, smell it first.
Mm. Mm. That is nice.
- And then, do you want some?
- A little bit.
- Just a touch.
- Ooh.
And just rub that around.
You know, you never did answer
my question.
What makes you happy?
Apart from lavender, of course.
Uh, well, my -- my family.
Jill succeeding, and the inn doing well.
What makes you happy?
The operative word being "you."
You know, I just haven't
really asked myself
that question in a long time.
I know what you mean.
What do they say, though, it's
the -- it's the simple things?
Like a sunset and a smile.
I'm happy right now.
Me, too.
That's our lavender serum.
Yeah. Mm.
That's -- That's great.
Um, you know, I actually have
a bunch of content
I should send to Trevor to post.
Yeah, I-I have to finish
bottling this load, too.
You said you wanted to see
how Vermont Botanicals started, right?
How about that hike?
I was planning to post about it.
- It is work.
- I'll just go change.
Alright, Miss Adventurous,
so, uh, Trail names.
Some people just make up their own.
But I believe it has to be
bestowed upon you
by another hiker, such as moi.
- So what's yours?
- Mine is the Edge-ster,
and it's 'cause I always stop
at the steepest edges
looking for the most perfect views.
Mm, I can totally relate.
What should yours be?
Let's do City Girl.
I'm assuming you mean that
as a compliment, right?
Okay, maybe something else.
Um, what about
Butterfly Whisperer?
Butterfly Whisperer.
I like it.
Uh, I also want to apologize.
I want to apologize for being
wary when you first got here.
I really didn't see how your business
was gonna be complementary to ours.
And, uh, I can be a little
overprotective of Jill.
It's one of the perils
of being a bigger brother.
Yeah. I have a confession
to make, as well.
- What is it?
- I didn't want to come.
I thought it would be a waste of time,
and my team wouldn't let me back out.
So the truth finally comes out.
Um, I take my apology back.
Hey, sorry, no take backs.
Okay, fair enough.
I, uh,
I do have a question, though.
Okay, I have an answer.
You know how you joked about an exclusive
Classically Emma maple body butter?
I wasn't joking.
You were thinking the same thing?
Yeah. Yeah, I think it'd be
a really smart partnership.
How about not just body butter,
but an entire maple line
for Classically Emma?
I like that.
Good afternoon, Carl.
Betty. Good afternoon.
- You're looking dapper.
- Why, thank you.
- What's the occasion?
- I just wanted to ask you...
Uh, what do you think?
I've been getting some fashion tips
from that young lady you met.
She's a big New York City style guru, so...
I thought you always
looked good. Always have.
I mean, the whole clothes make
the man thing is such nonsense.
A true gentleman shines
from the inside out.
Betty would you like to -
Betty to the register, please.
Y-You better go.
We can chat later.
What were you gonna ask?
J-Just some -- some advice -
some advice about -
about this, um, this, uh, this face cream.
- You're buying face cream?
- Yes.
Market research. Uh...
But I'm good.
You just go and check on your staff.
Okay. See you later?
Carl, next time, pick a better fib.
Will do.
So, when do I get to hear
this origin story?
Patience, we're almost there.
I'm a New Yorker,
I'm impatient.
You're a transplant.
But okay, our story begins in spring,
and Jill was out
walking in this very field,
and then she looks out
and she sees it entirely
covered in wildflowers.
And then she gets so inspired
that she goes
and buys wildflower seeds
and starts planting them at the Inn.
And then Dad, of course, he starts saying,
"What do wildflowers have to do
with the Maple Seed Inn?"
Next thing we knew, she started
making these handmade soaps
for the guest bathroom,
and they became so popular
that she started making
all these other toiletries.
Then she just wanted
the finest ingredients,
so she started planting them at the inn,
and the rest is history.
- She found her passion.
- Yeah.
Yeah, she did.
How about you?
I think sometimes you can
just get so comfortable
with the little world that you've created
that it's hard to see beyond it sometimes.
Until someone comes by and opens
your eyes to the possibilities.
I bet that's how Jill felt
when she saw all of these wildflowers.
Yeah, perhaps.
Perhaps that same magic will strike twice.
You can tell her.
Oh, my gosh.
This is beautiful.
You guys were gone for a long time.
Yeah, and you never seem to stop working.
Well, you know I get
inspiration out here sometimes.
- I know.
- How was your hike?
Oh, so nice.
The trail was gorgeous,
and Jesse showed me
the famous wildflower spot.
And I had a question.
- Yeah.
- We had a question.
So, the maple body butter we made,
what would you say to partnering on it?
Well, more than just the body butter.
We're talking an exclusive
Classically Emma maple line.
Wait, seriously?
Are you joking?
Come on, would I do that?
Okay, maybe I would,
but would Emma do that?
- So that's a yes?
- Yes!
I was wondering, what would you both say
to having a little announcement party
while I'm still here at the Inn?
Make a big splash.
- I-I would love that.
- Yeah, that sounds great.
- Should we do it in the barn?
- Yeah, we -- we have lights
that we can string to make it sparkle.
- Oh, man!
- Is everything okay?
This darn ice cream machine.
I can't figure out what's wrong.
I want to make maple creemees
for the party.
What can I do to help?
You know anything
about ice cream machines?
I did work at an ice cream shop.
Um, what's the problem?
It's the texture.
It's too runny.
It's not freezing up the way it should.
It's too close to the wall.
There's not enough venting space.
It's restricting the air flow
and overheating the ice cream.
- Thus the melty mess.
- That's my guess.
Here, let's pull it from the wall.
- Wait, let me help you.
- Okay.
- One, two, three.
- Great.
Alright, let's just give it a few minutes.
Okay. Thanks a lot, Emma.
I owe you one.
You know, I did come down
for a sweet treat, after all.
Well, maple deliciousness coming right up.
I can now say without hesitation
that you've not fully lived
until you've had a maple creemee.
Carl, you are my hero.
Let's just say we make a good team.
Yes, we do.
I tell you, between this
and the blueberry pancakes,
I may never leave.
Mmm. Okay, Carl, time to spill the tea.
What is up with you and Betty?
- There's no tea to spill.
- But why?
Betty is clearly crazy about you,
and you like her, right?
- That I do.
- And?
I don't know if I'm ready
to start dating yet.
Well, you won't know until you try.
And Jill and Jesse seem
to think it's a great idea.
I-I don't think they would be
so encouraging
if they didn't think you were ready.
I guess.
Why don't you invite Betty to the party?
That'll take the pressure
off of it feeling like a date.
You can just go in, have fun, relax.
- It'll be easy.
- Hmm.
Maybe I will.
Ah, well, I really should be
getting to bed.
Thank you for the creemee, Carl.
- Goodnight, Emma.
- Goodnight.
Thank you.
So, welcome to the country store.
This is literally the heartbeat
of the town,
and it's the best place to go
if you want to find out
what's up with anything.
It is so charming.
Well, it's been charming
locals and tourists alike
for over 100 years.
I'm just gonna go do my shopping.
Oh, uh, let me know if you
need any help picking out items.
I think I'm good.
I know exactly what I want.
It is like a maple wonderland.
Yeah. Yeah, it is.
It's maple-yummy.
- What?
- Nothing.
No, you can't -
you can't do something like that
and not tell me.
- What?
- Maple-yummy?
It's a little corny, don't you think?
Well, I think it's maple-icious.
Let me see.
Yeah. You'll love it.
Jesse, can you please help
your dad make up his mind
- on his sandwich order?
- A sandwich order?
Dad, since when have you had
a sandwich you didn't like?
I can be choosy.
I -- But you know what?
You go ahead and order.
Take your time.
Uh, okay, so Emma has
never been to Vermont before.
I wanted to introduce her
to some of our finest cheeses
that we have.
If you could just bag up
whatever your favorite currents are,
that'd be amazing.
Coming right up.
Life is better with cheddar.
- Right?
- Unless you're a mouse.
You see, the whole thing
about mice loving cheese,
well, that's simply not true.
Mice actually prefer nuts
and fruit, grains.
But I, myself,
I-I prefer cheese.
Everything's better with cheese.
True that.
Uh, could I get some bread, as well?
Have you decided, Carl?
Um, take a baguette.
- Is that it?
- Yep.
Charge it to our account.
So, Betty, Jesse and I
are actually partnering
on a new skincare line,
and we're announcing it
at a big party tomorrow night.
You know, people are coming in
even from New York City.
Well, that sounds like quite the shindig.
Why don't you come?
I'm -- We'd really be -
I would be very happy if you would come.
Well, I think I can dig up
some dancing shoes.
Well, it was lovely to see you.
Thank you.
Uh, I'm gonna give you a call later
for the food order for the party.
- Sounds good.
- Thank you, Betty.
Okay, I'm sorry, am I missing something?
No idea.
I don't know what you're talking about.
I swear, I've -
I've never seen my dad act
this way before.
I don't know what you're doing to him.
He bribed me with ice cream.
It's a totally one-sided relationship.
Really? It's one-sided?
- Mm-hmm.
- And ice cream's involved?
- It always works.
- Well, well, well.
What do we have here?
It's lovely.
I did promise you
a food-tasting excursion.
So, of course we have strawberries.
We do have a couple different
kinds of cheeses,
so may want to try a cheese next.
- Mm-hmm.
- This is a smoked chili Asiago.
- Mmm.
- Phenomenal.
Okay. Ooh.
- Want to try that?
- Mm-hmm.
No, no, no.
That's better on bread.
You're going for it anyway.
I -- Don't say
I didn't warn you.
I can't tell if that's enjoyment
or confusion on your face right now.
- Oh, that's good.
- Y-You're lying.
- You got to try it.
- Thank you, I will pass.
Oh, come on.
Are you not daring?
- Really?
- You know you want to.
That's what you're going with?
I know. I know, I'm sorry.
Mmm. That's so good.
Why would you do that to me?
I can't help it.
Smoked chili and maple butter
is not a good combination.
- Nope.
- Okay, we can be friends again.
So, I'm gonna use those for the extracts.
So, what do you miss
most about your hometown?
I used to jog on the beach
early in the mornings.
It was just me, the crashing
waves, the seagulls.
It was soothing to the soul,
yet motivating at the same time.
Was it hard to go from that to New York?
No, just a different vibe in New York.
You know, the energy
of the city, the people.
Their passions and their drive.
I love both places very much,
just in different ways.
So then what are your thoughts
about Vermont?
I'm starting to see the appeal
of the Vermont pace.
How about you?
Have you ever left Vermont?
Uh, yeah.
I did for college.
I-I came back after my mother passed away.
- I'm sorry.
- Oh, it's -- it's okay.
Yeah, my -- my family really
needed me, especially Jill.
So, I came back, helped take
care of them for a little bit,
and then I left and I got my MBA,
did the whole corporate finance thing.
Very quickly realized
that that world was not for me.
Um, yeah.
And I also realized
that my business acumen
could be better served
taking care of my family
or helping them out
instead of some corporate behemoth.
- Yeah.
- I don't know, enough about me.
Come on. Sit up.
May I have your hand?
"To see a World in a Grain of Sand.
And to see a Heaven in a Wild Flower."
William Blake.
It's beautiful.
Thank you.
You're very welcome.
So, do you make lots
of wildflower bracelets?
I-I haven't wanted to make one
for a very long time, until now.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Oh! I'm sorry.
No, you were -- that's...
It's alright. It's fine.
Oh, here.
That one looks like a dog.
Right there.
A dog wearing a top hat.
Yeah, it's getting ready to go to a party.
I bet you they're serving
maple butter there.
Let me help carry something.
No, no need, no need.
I got it.
Dad. You broke out the old porch bench.
Yeah. I though it'd be perfect
for the party.
Give it a little old-school inn charm.
It's an amazing piece.
I'm glad you like it.
Oh. I'm sorry.
I-I have to take this.
Hi, Trevor.
I'm just gonna go, uh,
throw this in the washer.
- Mm-hmm.
- It looks good, Dad.
- You think -
- Shh! Don't jinx it.
Yes, Absolutely.
So, who have you been able
to wrangle for coverage
at the party tomorrow?
Guess who didn't say no this time?
You could sweet talk my grandma
into skydiving.
And I would, too, if I wasn't so scared
of your mother telling me off.
She's not that bad.
I will send you photos and videos tonight,
and keep the buzz growing.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Okay, bye.
Uh, yes, let's move
that table closer to me.
Perfect. Right there.
Okay, and then we'll grab
this other table, yeah,
and just bring it closer to me, as well.
I want to make it symmetrical
with this one.
Keep going, uh-huh.
Okay, a little bit to the left,
and that's it right there.
Dad, those are beautiful!
There are more in the car.
- I'll get 'em.
- I love these.
Carl, those are perfect.
Thank you.
And we have a string quartet playing.
- What?
- Oh, my God!
We can put 'em right here!
- It's perfect.
- Dad, you're the best!
Okay, okay, we have a party
to get ready for.
Okay. What's next?
I think it's time to open the doors.
Oh, I wanna dance with somebody
I wanna feel the heat with somebody
Yeah, I wanna dance with somebody
With somebody who loves me
Oh, I wanna dance with somebody
I wanna feel the heat with somebody
Yeah, I wanna dance with somebody
Who wants some cold apple cider?
Oh, I do!
What's with all the standing around?
You know I don't go anywhere
without my girl.
Everyone, this is Trevor,
my Classically Emma right hand.
Well, hi, Trevor.
Let me show you to your room.
- From Francesca.
- Thank you.
Don't mind if I do.
Oh, shoot!
I forgot to put towels in Trevor's room.
This is the preliminary
agreement from Francesca.
- We should sign it.
- Uh, hi.
Um, if someone could show me
where to get set up, that would be great.
Here, follow me.
Thank you.
Oh! Help, please.
- Help has arrived.
- Emma, you look amazing!
Thank you.
You look gorgeous.
Thank you!
Okay, so these dresses
have been flown straight
from New York City.
There must be something in there.
Let's see.
Okay, no.
No. Uh, no.
And this has possibilities.
But it needs a little more flair.
I'm on it.
Nothing too over the top, though.
- Do you mind?
- No, not at all.
It's better, but it's not
really Jill's vibe.
We need it to scream, "Look out, world,
- Jill has arrived."
- Exactly.
Thank goodness we brought all our goodies.
- Oh, my -- they're gorgeous!
- Go try them on.
- Really?
- Yes.
Thank you, thanks!
- Isn't she adorable?
- She really is.
- Good work.
- Always.
I missed you.
Oh, hello!
- Oh, yeah.
- What do you think?
You like it?
I love it. Spin, spin.
Oh! Oh, yeah.
Okay, one, two, three.
- Classically Emma.
- Classically Emma.
- Oh!
- Hello, gorgeous!
Oh, my goodness.
Come on!
I vote little black dress.
You can never go wrong with a classic.
Now, I think you look stunning
in all of them,
but they don't really
capture your essence.
There's a photo in the lobby of you
wearing a simple yet elegant floral dress.
That was my mother's dress.
I know exactly where it is, too.
Be right back.
Classic work, Emma.
Is this seat taken?
- You came.
- Of course.
I told you I would.
Besides, I'm not as good
at fibbing as you are.
May I have this dance?
But there's no music.
We'll just have to make our own.
You're making me look good.
Guests are arriving.
Don't worry,
Carl's manning the door.
What the...
Trevor, is that...
Edward Hawk?
New York's leading investor in beauty
and cosmetic companies?
- What is he doing here?
- Mm.
What do you guys think?
You look lovely.
We're almost there.
Just when he thinks a look is complete...
I add just one more thing.
Oh, Trevor, this is beautiful.
You guys, thank you so much
for everything.
I'm gonna go put this on
and I'll see you guys down there, okay?
- Okay.
- Okay.
Nice work.
Now, I think I will go have a chat
with the illustrious Mr. Hawk.
It's showtime, baby.
You know, getting
the Classically Emma brand
to promote you, that's significant.
- Very smart of you.
- Thank you.
I'm really pleased to hear that, Edward.
You really raised your profile.
But Classically Emma has no money,
nor the extensive skincare
industry connects that I have.
Uh, you are right,
Edward, but...
perhaps we just see things
a little differently now,
because when -
when Jill and I first
started Vermont Botanicals -
I think I know where you're headed.
- Have you signed anything yet?
- No.
No, actually, we have
the contract right here.
This is great.
We're gonna make some money together.
- Very nice, everything.
- Mm-hmm.
Thank you for coming.
And I'll see you inside.
Hi, Carl.
This was in the fridge.
Jesse asked me to give it to you.
He had some sort of business
to take care of.
- May I?
- Sure.
Just wanted to thank you
for everything you're doing
for my kids.
Jill, she's always carefree.
But Jesse, I -
it's been a long time
since I've seen him so -
him with such a spark.
It's what you've brought to him.
Is everything okay?
Yeah. Yeah.
You know you could tell me
if something was wrong.
I appreciate that, Carl.
But unfortunately, this isn't
something you can fix.
Well, my mom used to say
sometimes all we need
is someone to simply listen.
She sounds like a very wise woman.
That's one of many reasons
my father fell in love with her.
How did they meet?
On a train in Vermont.
There's something romantic about a train.
Yes, there is.
Now, once upon a time, my father
was getting off a train
when he saw my mom boarding.
He decided to stay on and...
and rode two hours in the wrong direction
just so he could speak with her.
By the time they got
to her stop, well, it was late.
He needed a place to stay
and ended up staying
right here in this very inn.
Isn't life funny sometimes?
It is.
Well, duty calls.
Remember, if you need a late-night chat,
my maple creemee stand is always open.
- Thank you, Carl.
- Yeah.
- Where'd you go?
- Trevor.
Okay, spill it.
What's wrong?
They were using us all along.
- Who?
- Jill and Jesse.
They were never interested
in a partnership.
They were using us for
social media and marketing
so that they could strike
a deal with Edward Hawk.
- B-But we had an agreement.
- No. We don't.
Conveniently, they didn't sign yet.
- What?
- I mean, who does that?
Especially someone who you...
Okay, Emma, what's really going on?
This is me you're talking to now.
I am just embarrassed, okay?
You know, I just -
I got sucked in.
I mean, I just don't know
how I could've misread
- everything so badly.
- Em, Em.
You're the strongest, smartest,
most fabulous woman
I've ever met, okay?
You'll find a way to turn this
into a Classically Emma success.
You always find a way.
How am I gonna break
the news to Francesca?
Don't worry about
Francesca, okay?
We can find a way to turn this into a big
marketing opportunity.
You know what? You are right.
It's just one product.
I-It's okay it didn't work out.
I mean, there's not just one product
that you're meant to be with
for the rest of your life.
Wait, wait, wait.
Are we talking about products
or are we talking about men?
Oh, I see what's going on.
So you've fallen for
the ruggedly handsome,
but geographically undesirable innkeeper.
- Maybe.
- Oh, Em.
And I just -
I thought he felt the same way.
And Jill, she seems so sincere.
I just -- I don't know how my instincts
could've been so wrong.
Well, it was me
who encouraged you to come.
Forced me to come.
It's all my fault.
- I know. It is.
- Come here, come here.
You'll feel better about this
once we get back to New York,
okay, where you belong.
But first, you have
a presentation to lead.
- It's showtime, baby.
- I'm ready.
Hi, everyone.
I'm Emma Reynolds.
Thank you all for joining us tonight.
Classically Emma would not be
what it is today without your support.
I came to the Maple Seed Inn
in search of something.
I call it meaningful coziness.
Where meaning and connection are found
in the simple things
that bring us together.
And what I found with Jill
and Jesse
of Vermont Botanicals
was, um...
Was, um...
I'm sorry.
Is she okay?
It was supposed to be
a surprise for after the party.
I don't understand.
Me neither, Emma.
What happened back there?
I should be the one
asking you that question.
I mean, I can almost accept
the business betrayal,
but the personal one?
- Was it all a lie?
- I-I'm sorry,
but I have no idea
what you're talking about.
I would've believed that
right up until Edward Hawk
ripped up our agreement.
- You saw that?
- Yeah.
Emma, I don't know -
I don't know how Edward
found out about the party.
I didn't tell him.
I knew him from our corporate
finance days,
and he had zero interest in Jill and I
until Classically Emma came on the scene.
He would make your company
an overnight success.
He would make us huge.
But it's -- it's not worth
what it would cost.
Which is what?
Emma, I-I want to partner with you.
If you still don't believe me...
It's your very own key to the inn.
For an office here,
since we'll be working together.
If that's something that
you're still interested in.
I don't know what to say.
You asked me what makes me happy,
and I've been avoiding
the question this entire time
because I didn't know
until you came into my life.
Emma, you gave me a glimpse
of what true happiness really feels like.
And I can't imagine my world
without you in it.
The only thing that truly scared me
wasn't losing out
on the business partnership.
It was that I thought
I lost you.
- What?
- The announcement.
We have to get back to the party.
Let's do this, partner.
- May I?
- Please.
Trevor! Do you -
Do you know what's going on?
I don't know.
We're gonna have to do something.
We're -
We're gonna have to go up.
- You. Yeah, come on.
- Are you -- Okay.
Who wants some, uh,
free maple body butter?
To the woman in the green dress.
Uh, what's more cozy than
a tie-dye beanie, am I right?
Everything's up to up
to our cozy-meister, Emma.
Ain't nobody know cozy like she do.
- Emma!
- Emma!
Emma, Emma, Emma, Emma,
Emma, Emma, Emma, Emma,
Emma, Emma, Emma, Emma...
- There she is!
- Yeah!
Looks like they have something
to announce, too.
We do.
To partnerships.
In fact, I would like to think
of us all as partners,
because a true partnership
transcends any one person's needs.
It's a coming together,
having each other's backs,
and in its authenticity,
creating something truly special.
So, with that said,
I am pleased to announce
that Vermont Botanicals
and Classically Emma
have united to create our
very own maple skincare line.
So, please, everyone, raise your glass
for a toast to maple dreams
and to our newest partner,
Classically Emma.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
You know,
I do have one more thing
- that I want to discuss with you.
- Oh?
I have a suggestion for what
meaningful coziness means to me.
Well, it looks like you and me
snuggled up under a blanket
in front of the fireplace,
sipping hot chocolate.
And savoring some of your
heavenly blueberry pancakes?
Would you guys just kiss already?
May I?