The Beekeeper (2024) Movie Script

That's them in there
just like that?
Just like that.
I wouldn't go in there
for a day or two.
Heard the expression
kick the hornet's nest?
I'll stay right here.
Thank you.
Those things
scare me to death.
They been killing
my honey bees.
A few days unchecked,
they'll wipe out
the whole colony.
What are you gonna
do with them?
Well, that's between
me and them,
if you don't mind.
That's okay.
I understand these things.
I just wanted to thank you
for putting up with me,
and all of my bees.
This place was crabgrass
and weeds,
and you brought it
back to life.
You're a blessing.
No one's ever
taken care of me before.
I'll, uh...
Mr. Clay...
Come back at suppertime.
Let me feed you.
-You got something, yeah?
-I got one.
I want it. I need it.
Hey, put it in my ear.
Get this fucking
hippie shit down, please.
United Data Group.
Good afternoon. This is Boyd.
How may I help you?
Uh, hello.
I just got a message saying
that there's a problem
with my computer.
Don't you worry.
The message you received
is from our United Data Group
antivirus software.
It's part of
the software package
that you pre-installed
on your computer.
I'm sorry.
I'm not a computer person.
What did you say the name
of your product is again?
Now, our records show
that you actually
have an older version
on your account.
So what I'm going to need you
to do is uninstall that
and install
the latest version.
Well, I have no idea
how to do that.
My daughter set up
everything for me.
Well, I would recommend
you take your computer
to an IT specialist.
However, keep in mind
that you will lose
all your data,
since they'll have to replace
the hard drive.
I'm pretty remote out here.
Everything I have
is on the computer.
Okay. There is actually
a software package
that you can download
that would allow me
to reinstall remotely.
All right.
Tell me what to do.
It's okay. Can you, uh,
can you type this,
Friendly friend dot net?
Spelled just how it sounds.
Okay. I'm there.
And there should be a button
on your screen
that says "install."
Can you click on that button?
I clicked the button.
So you're about
to see some windows
open, close on your desktop,
as I reinstall
the virus shield for you.
I hope you fucking clowns
are paying attention.
You stick to the script,
but not so much that you sound
like a goddamn robot.
All right?
She has got
10K checking,
life insurance annuity,
Roth IRA,
teacher's pension and...
Holy fucking shit!
All right.
She is a signatory
on a $2 million dollar
Some, uh...
It's some fucking charity.
All right, kids,
let the strip mining begin.
My computer's going crazy.
Totally normal.
Just do not touch
your keyboard.
Because of this inconvenience,
I'm going to credit back
your subscription fees.
How about that?
I've gone ahead
and deposited $500
into the account ending 020.
Oh, that's not my account.
That's an account
that I manage.
Can you log into that account
and verify the transfer,
please, Miss Parker?
Just hold on.
Yes, there's...
There's a transfer
for $50,000?
Set the hook with sympathy.
Miss Parker, I...
I made a terrible mistake.
I was supposed
to credit you 500,
but I don't know,
I got a stuck key here.
I'm gonna lose my job here.
I got kids.
I ain't got fucking kids.
Oh, I don't want you
to get in trouble, but...
I could wire the amount back.
I will need
a different password though.
One second.
This is the master password
for all her accounts.
Okay, so the second we get it,
we zero out everything.
You know, I, um...
I think
I should call the bank. Hm?
You know what?
You're probably right.
But there goes my job,
and there goes all your data.
All my kids' pictures
are on this computer.
Boom! Fucking yes!
That is what
I am talking about! Come on!
Let me fucking hear it!
I fucking love you people!
I fucking love you!
Hello? You still there?
What did I do?
Mrs. Parker?
Don't move.
Don't you fucking move.
Drop the knife.
Hands behind your back.
Slowly get on your knees
one knee at a time.
Now, who the fuck are you...
...and what are you doing
in my mother's house?
I'm so sorry.
How do you know my...
Until we can clear him,
he's our best and only perp.
Clear him?
Agent Parker,
I know that's your mother.
I understand.
But there's a world where
she committed suicide.
Suicide? You can't be serious.
That woman loved life
more than anybody I know.
But by all means,
let's just completely ignore
the big white dude
in her house with a knife.
Get him up.
Come on.
It's Clay, right?
Adam Clay?
I don't have much to say.
Mr. Clay, we just got
a couple of questions.
Like, what the fuck
were you doing
in my mother's house?
I was bringing her
a jar of honey.
A jar of honey.
Who the fuck are you?
I keep bees.
How do you know my mother?
I rent some space
in the barn from her.
I have a signed lease.
But what the fuck
were you doing in her house?
She didn't answer
when I knocked.
I noted her car
in the driveway.
I heard the smoke alarm
and I entered.
You "noted"?
You got a law enforcement
I told you,
I take care of bees.
Oh, my God.
His hands tested
negative for gunshot residue.
But the prints on the gun
were your mother's.
It seems, sadly,
it was suicide.
Mr. Clay, I need to apologize
for last night.
I realize I may have been
a little aggressive.
That's understandable.
Could I interest you
in something a bit stronger?
But I'll sit with you
if you like.
No, thank you.
I wanted to thank you
for taking care of my mom.
I tried to stay in her life
as much as I could.
Obviously, I could have
done a better job.
Being old
can be a lonely thing.
Turn a certain age, you cease
to exist. Cease to matter.
Used to be a part of life,
of the family.
Part of the hive,
I guess you could say.
There's some British Isles
hiding in your accent.
I was born there.
I hated that she was
out here alone.
She wouldn't leave.
There's too many memories.
You know, I think I know
why she liked you.
You're just like my brother.
He was in MARSOC,
a Marine Raider.
He was killed
a few years ago kicking doors.
She loved him.
He'd mow the lawn
and you'd think
he invented fire.
You know, while I graduated
the FBI Academy
and she said,
"Oh, that's nice."
She got scammed.
Somebody emptied out
all her accounts,
her savings, her retirement.
Got every penny.
Maxed out all her cards.
She was an educator,
director of a charity
for kids.
They got two million
out of that account.
You know who did it?
I talked to an agent
in our cyber-crimes office.
This crew's been operating
for two years
and we don't even have names.
And even if we did, good luck
building an indictment
that would stand up in court.
Some defense attorney
would just argue that
the elderly victim agreed
to wire a complete stranger
his entire life savings.
Taking from an elderly person
is as bad as stealing
from a child.
Maybe worse.
Someone hurts a child,
there are parents.
People who care,
ready to step in.
Someone hurts
an older person...
sometimes they're left to face
the hornets alone.
Because either
it goes unnoticed...
or no one cares.
I care.
And I'm stubborn.
And so help me God,
I'm going to get these
motherfuckers who did this.
I need to take care
of the hive.
You've been up all night.
The hive
is more important.
What are you doing?
-I thought you retired.
-I did.
I need a favor.
What kind of favor?
A name and address.
-Not easy.
Even the FBI can't
find these people.
Well, we're not the FBI,
are we?
Shoot me the deets
and stand by.
You weren't kidding.
This one kicked my butt.
They're routing
all over the world.
But you found them?
But who are these people?
I'm gonna find out.
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
The hell you think
you're going, pal?
This United Data Group?
Don't know nothing about that.
This is private property,
and you're trespassing.
I'm going inside.
I'm going to burn it down.
Yeah, that's not happening,
You're not going
except right the fuck back
the way you came.
Do you know what they do here?
Buddy, I'm counting to three.
One, two, three.
There. I did it for you.
You aware
this is a criminal outfit?
Scamming the weakest
in our society.
Stealing everything they have.
Do you know
that's who you work for?
I'm looking
for the call center.
you're in the right place.
You just have to sign in here.
Tell any other companies
in the building
to evacuate now.
-There's going to be a fire.
-Okay. Th...
Hang up the phone.
Nah, I'm good, buddy.
I'm just doing my thing here.
Hang up the phone.
Uh, Miss Perkins, so sorry,
I'll have to
-call you right back.
I need your attention, please.
Repeat after me.
I will never steal
from the weak
and the vulnerable again.
I sent you
a department download,
and we'll find out
what's going on...
Repeat after me.
I will never steal
from the weak
and the vulnerable again.
I will never steal
from the weak
and the vulnerable again.
To help you keep that promise,
I'm gonna burn this place
to the ground.
Might be a good time
to go home.
Oh, my God!
-It's gas!
-Fucking psycho.
It's gas!
It's gas! It's gas!
Hey, hey, hey, hey!
What the fuck, bro?
What the fuck
do you think you're doing?
I'm a beekeeper.
I protect the hive.
Sometimes I use fire
to smoke out hornets.
This a multi-million dollar
operation, asshole.
Okay, so you can't
come up here,
white-knighting shit.
Will you stomp
his ass out, please?
I got it. You fucking get him.
You fucking get him!
Bet you feel
really proud of yourself.
-Uh, uh, Garnett.
-Mr. Garnett.
I don't care if your friends
here live or die.
The next call
from your little phishing scam
to this call center
will make a spark
across these wires.
Given all of
the gasoline fumes in here,
I promise you...
anything alive in here
won't be.
Uh, guys,
we might want to dip out.
Hey. What's going on?
Uh, let me get flat white,
oat milk, of course,
and, uh,
extra shot of espresso.
-Of course, sir.
-Thank you.
Good morning. Did we get
the otoro and the uni in?
-Yes, sure.
-We did?
-Fucking finally. Great.
-Hey, Michaela.
It... it came back.
The whole thing. Yeah.
And it's like I can barely
fucking move.
It's all tweaked.
-Oh, those are nice.
-Those the new bowls?
-That's perfect. Thank you.
What? I'm in a meeting.
You said
hit me on voice
if there's an emergency.
Okay. Right. Well, uh...
It seems we had
a disgruntled customer.
Uh, I just can't comprehend
why you're bothering me.
Just get in touch
with the attorney
and start shoving back.
Well, yeah, I don't think
that legal's gonna help much.
Okay, tell me what the fuck
is going on right now.
This dude just strolls in
saying we're stealing
from people,
and he just tears through
all my security guys,
like, fucking tissue paper
and, um...
And what?
And he burns the place
to the ground.
Yeah. The call center is gone.
I'm standing here staring
at a $30 million building,
it's now
a giant fucking ashtray.
Four people didn't get out.
You're telling me
that this asshole
burnt the entire building down
and dropped
four fucking bodies?
Yeah, that's not exactly
a disgruntled customer, is it?
Who did this?
Give me a name right now.
Sir, I don't have it.
All the cameras and the drives
burned up in the fire.
He had a hat.
Oh, he had a hat. Okay.
I'm gonna hit you back.
All right?
I got to go big-dog this shit
for a minute.
-Hey, I need to talk to you.
-About what?
What? What? No, nothing.
I mean, if I had a friend
who, like, had a call center
and someone burned it down,
maybe killed some people,
you could get him, right?
Get him?
like disappear the problem.
Come on.
I'll be an hour.
That's way above my pay grade.
You literally ran the CIA,
and you're telling me
you can't just find
some guy in Massachusetts?
Listen, this sounds
like a job for the police.
I just need a name.
Well, you won't get it
from me.
And you keep me
a million miles away
from your metaverse meth lab
or whatever it is.
So check it out.
Daddy can't hold your hand
on this one.
Uh, this is clearly some kind
of crime of passion,
spur of the moment,
someone snapped,
like, whatever.
But, uh,
what we're going to do is
I'm going to send you
some credentials,
you're going
to log into our cloud
and you're going
to look at anyone connected
to the last few deals
you closed. All right?
Just, I don't know,
start there.
And, like,
what if I find this guy?
Then what?
You get a wrecking crew
and you go Goodfellas
on him.
I mean, come on,
you're a connected guy, right?
Do you understand?
Yeah. No, I understand.
I, uh...
I'll get it done.
It's called a day off.
V, you good?
Yeah, I'm great. Why?
I mean, you did
lose your mother yesterday.
What do you want, Wiley?
Are you leaving?
Please don't go.
I'm going to yoga.
Remember United Data Group?
Go on.
You sober enough to drive?
Give us a few seconds,
thank you.
Where's mine?
It's an old cup from my car
with instant
and gas station hot water.
-You want a sip?
So the fire fried
all the CCTV footage.
Receptionist said she saw
some jacked dude in his 40s,
manhandled security
and walked in
with a couple gas cans.
This clown car saw everything,
but no one's talking.
They're all frequent fliers
with perjury,
fraud and cyber BeEFs.
Fucking scumbags.
I want IDs on all of them.
You know, this is just the tip
of, like, 20 spears, right?
Can I just have this moment?
Eloise Parker.
Yeah, I took her for over
two million yesterday.
She's, uh... she's Black,
widow, just has a daughter
in Boston.
I don't think this is it,
but, you know.
You said your boy
has an old-ass pickup truck.
That's him.
What the hell are those?
Fucking beehives.
Yeah, dickhead was talking
about them.
I guess he's a, like,
bee lover.
You know what?
He breaks my shit,
you break his shit.
Where you at, bee boy?
You fucking hiding, bitch?
Come out and fucking face us!
Bye, bitch, now!
Let's go!
Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit!
Can someone,
like, fucking help me?
No! I'm okay.
We can talk about this.
We can talk about this.
Let's just work this out,
me and you. We can fix...
No, no!
Oh, fuck! Fuck! Fuck!
So, help me understand
because I'm a little confused.
What's the nature
of your business?
Don't know nothing
about no business.
So then why are people
just wiring you
their entire life savings?
Must be
your winning personality.
They got us lawyers,
so maybe
you want to talk to them.
You know, this is a really
nice shirt, by the way.
Did you steal it out
of a casket, you dog fucker?
Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa. Uh...
Verona, if you're done
shitting all over
this gentleman's civil rights,
can I speak to you
for a moment?
That's a nice shirt.
-Yeah, I know. I know.
I'm an asshole.
Oh, so you like fires?
Yeah, today I do.
Good, 'cause, uh,
today's your lucky day.
'Cause apparently,
your mother's house
is on fire, too,
and some other shit.
-Let's go.
-Wait. What?
Yeah. Shit's on fire.
Let's go.
You good?
V, you okay?
-That's a new one.
-Jesus Christ.
Where's Maggie?
Hey, Maggie, ID?
-United Data Group.
-Well, he's handsome.
Thank you.
Are you okay?
Yeah, Wiley, I'm good.
I'm good.
You think there's
even the remotest chance
that the dude who burned down
United Data Group
is the same guy
renting this spot
from your mother?
The beekeeper.
I lost my virginity
in that barn.
Fucking shit.
The universe is going
to have to wait.
I gotta take this.
Yo, what's up, playa?
This is the part
where you tell me
what a good job you did,
and I put you on a G6
to Hawaii to chill for a week.
I'm so sorry, Mr. Danforth.
Did you fuck this up?
Are you fucking crying
right now?
I'm not crying.
I'm bleeding.
Why are you bleeding?
What do you mean, bleeding?
My fingers on my right hand.
He cut them off.
Okay. Fuck off. Go. Go.
He? Who the fuck is he?
Tell me who he is right now.
I don't know.
A fucking beekeeper.
Makes honey and
fucks with beehives.
He fucks with beehives?
What's he saying about bees?
I don't know.
He said he was, like,
protecting the hive
or something.
Oh, fuck, man. What the...
Oh, Jesus Christ!
No, no, no! Bro, bro, bro!
What do you want from me?
You want money?
You want crypto? NFTs?
I got fucking NFTs.
What are you fucking... What?
No! Dude,
what the fuck is this, man?
Don't move.
I fucking can't move!
You're fucking crazy, man.
What the fuck, bro?
What the fuck!
No, no, no, no! No, no, no!
Fucking stop the fucking car!
No! No!
Who do I have the pleasure
of speaking with?
Fuck you. That's who.
You burned down
my million-dollar
fucking call center.
Now I'm going
to burn you down.
You haven't told me your name.
I told you my name.
It's fuck you. Mr. Fuck You.
You better fucking
remember it.
Because you don't
burn me down.
I burn you down.
You understand me?
You are fucking with forces
that you cannot comprehend.
You sound young.
I bet you don't
have estate planning.
I'm fucking 28 years old.
Why would I need that?
I'm about to show you.
Breaking news in Springfield,
where three bodies
have been discovered
following an arson fire
at a small farm.
There was an office building
-And you say one guy did this?
Killed seven armed men
without firing a shot.
Yup. And he said
he was going to kill me.
And this is your
data mining consumer service
business, right?
Yes, something like that.
Pulling in 9 million a month
in one office.
I've got, like, 20.
And the only thing
you know about him
is he says he's a beekeeper.
Yeah, it's like
his whole brand or whatever.
For someone who has elevated
fucking up into an art form,
this might well
be your Mona Lisa.
How did I fuck up?
I don't know.
You've done something.
You've disturbed a Beekeeper.
Oh, okay.
So fucking what?
Why'd I care if the guy
keeps bees?
If a Beekeeper
says you're gonna die,
you're gonna die.
There's nothing I can do
or anybody else to stop it.
So, like, what do you
even do here, then?
What good are you?
I did 35 years of loyal
government service,
culminating as director
of the world's
premier intelligence agency.
I could have done anything,
but I chose this job
as a favor to your mother.
I keep
Danforth Enterprises safe.
Keep her reputation safe,
her name safe.
It's my fucking name too,
all right?
Oh, sit down.
I put up with you.
I've put up
with your tantrums,
kept you out of the tabloids,
kept you out of jail.
The endless stream
of sex workers.
You're a drowning man.
Do you know that?
You're scared.
Dead right I'm scared.
Terrified. So should you be.
Wallace, just tell me
what the fuck this guy is.
He's probably
the last pair of eyes
that you're going to sneer at.
Okay, listen.
Remember our favorite
burning building?
United Data Group.
The guys who work there
are hackers,
con men, fraudsters,
et cetera, et cetera.
Guy who ran it. Garnett.
He's in the book.
He's a known mob associate.
He's missing, but I've got
PD chasing him down.
Okay, so I had some analysts
run some shit,
and I think I'm starting to
get the shape of the animal.
Dude, I think
United Data Group
is one of several
call centers.
So there's got to be
like a central office
that's controlling
all of them,
and that's what
we got to find.
Wiley, this could be like
a billion-dollar-a-year
Did you hear a single word
I just said?
I was just thinking
you come in here,
hungover on your day off,
and gain more yardage
on this thing
than the whole squad has
in two years.
Yeah, well,
they fucked with my family.
What'd you get on Clay?
-Your beekeeper?
He's a ghost.
Yeah, all I have
is a birth certificate
and a social.
The guy's never even
had a bank account,
credit card, flown on a plane.
I ran his prints through
every database
I can think of, no hits.
That's bullshit.
This dude is former military
all day.
No hits. I'm telling you.
Either he's never
been printed,
or Adam Clay doesn't exist.
Which is terrifying to me
because he's probably
in a classified program.
Special Agent Wiley.
-Let's go.
-They found the guy, Garnett.
-They found him. Let's go.
-Oh, shit.
I think you know
why I'm calling.
You know,
I'd do anything for you.
Anything for you.
Derek's scared shitless.
I've never seen him
this scared.
Well, he's made his bed.
I'll give you a board seat
on the holding company.
That's another million a year.
Plus you promised
you'd take care of him.
Look, I don't need that.
I have enough.
So you got this?
Yeah. You have my word.
I still think of you...
Why are you calling me
on the "never call this line"
This is priority one, Janet.
Well, if it was priority one,
I would know about it.
Look, I'm heading downtown
to a POTUS brief.
Just hear me out.
Now, you know who I work for,
don't you?
Oh, yeah.
God help you, Wallace.
Well, Director Harward,
my young friend,
seems to have caught
the unwanted attentions of...
I don't know
how else to say this.
Of a Beekeeper.
Wait, a Beekeeper Beekeeper?
As in.
-Well, that's not good.
-No, it's not.
-What's the body count?
-Seven today.
You busy making
funeral arrangements?
I need help, Janet. Not jokes.
Is that Garnett?
He was strapped
to an old pickup.
Check this out.
Does this mean you've
taken pity on an old man?
So your problem?
He's retired from the program.
No longer active.
Well, that changes everything.
The current active Beekeeper
is aware of the issue
and is going
to be taking things from here.
You can rest easy, old friend.
Oh, no. Janet.
The current active Beekeeper
is a fucking lunatic
who should have been removed
months ago.
God help us now.
Get out of here!
-Excuse me.
-You're cool.
You've been a busy bee.
You're supposed to be retired.
I'm assuming
you're my replacement.
Fuck you!
I need your keys.
There's an issue.
The problem
has not been solved.
That is a surprise.
The Beekeepers
have studied the situation
and have decided
to remain neutral.
How can they do that?
He was their man,
for fuck's sake!
I'm sorry, Wallace.
You're on your own.
I thought you could
fucking handle this.
I can handle this!
Thank you.
What you got for us,
That's her vehicle,
to a Anisette Landress.
The ATF are en route inbound
to take care of it.
We're way cooler than ATF.
I'll show you
why I called them.
That's a Minigun.
They use those
on military vehicles.
Did you know that puppy shoots
6,000 rounds a minute?
I know.
Did you know
that's 100 rounds a second?
Yep, I know.
Did you know
that you know a lot?
Yes, I do.
It's because
I minored in math.
I'm a pretty smart guy
Okay, then, do you know
who Anisette Landress is?
-Yes, I do.
-Go ahead and tell me.
Someone who doesn't exist
in any commercial
or government database.
Someone who's a ghost.
Like our good friend
Adam Clay.
"Beekeeping for Beekeepers."
Here's another reason
that Anisette Landress
is like our good friend
Adam Clay.
Do you know what's that way?
...where the call center
was torched.
And that way
where Adam Clay's headed?
Let's go.
Thank you.
How are you, my friend?
-Good to see you, sir.
-Good to see you.
Yeah, come on,
leave them alone.
Leave them alone.
Don't play with those things.
They go off.
Sit down.
Make yourself comfortable.
When I was sworn in
as director,
I was read into programs
I never imagined existed.
there are programs
even I wasn't privy to.
Like the Beekeepers.
The honeybee has always
had a special relationship
with humanity.
A sacred relationship.
Why? No bees, no agriculture.
No agriculture,
no civilization.
Our nation is not
unlike a beehive,
with its complex systems
of workers,
caretakers, even royalty.
If any of the beehive's
complex mechanisms
are compromised,
the hive collapses.
a long time ago decided
that a mechanism was needed
to keep our nation safe.
A mechanism
outside the chain of command,
outside the system.
Its one mission,
to keep the system safe.
Beekeepers are given
all resources,
empowered to act
on their own judgment.
For decades,
they have quietly worked
to keep the hive safe.
That is, until now.
It appears
that a retired Beekeeper
has gone off program
and is acting
in what he mistakenly believes
is the hive's best interest.
Can't somebody just
pick up the phone
and tell this yahoo
to stand-the-fuck down?
That's the one thing
Beekeepers don't do.
Stand down.
Not unlike bees themselves,
Beekeepers keep working
until they die.
So he's basically one of us.
No. He's not like you.
You're tier one operators,
former SEAL Team Six,
Delta Group.
You are, in other words,
If you were in the same room,
he would kill you.
With enough of you,
then maybe you just might
in fact be able to kill him
before he accomplishes
his goal.
What would that be?
To kill his way
to the top of the hive.
Mr. Pettis, you should
get your people moving.
Dude, bees are interesting
little shits.
Did you know that?
I know they pollinate
a bunch of shit
and we'd be fucked
without them.
"Some bees are queen slayers,
"which will rise up
and kill their queen
"if she fails to produce
"the right kind
of male offspring."
-Hm. Nope.
-It's your turn. You can't...
Special Agent Parker.
Thank you.
The deputy director is flying
up from DC to see us.
Oh, fuck. This is your fault.
Here's another
interesting factoid.
Thank fuck.
You know,
I was getting sick of enjoying
my peaceful thoughts.
this is Special Agent Parker,
Special Agent Wiley.
They'll be briefing you.
This is Deputy Director Prigg
and Amanda Munoz,
special counsel.
Mr. Deputy Director,
my colleague and I believe
that three major crime scenes
in our area
are connected
to a single subject.
Adam Clay.
He killed six people today.
Based on the extensive
use of tradecraft
and the nature of his alias,
we believe
that Mr. Clay is connected
to a classified program
named Beekeeper.
A program that none
of our partner agencies
seem willing to acknowledge.
Let's stick to what we know,
Special Agent Parker.
Yes, sir.
In any event, this individual
is highly capable
and extremely motivated,
and we believe that he's
on his way to Boston,
if not already here.
And we believe
that this is his next target,
Nine Star United,
which appears to be the entity
operating the regional
call centers,
like the one
that Mr. Clay burned down.
Why is Adam Clay
on this rampage?
He's, um,
protecting the hive, sir.
It's what Beekeepers do.
I have enough
to brief the director.
-What's your ask?
-My ask?
Uh, well, a SWAT team,
for starters.
Surveillance support,
additional agents, analysts.
That shouldn't be a problem.
Thank you.
-Did that just happen?
All right.
Everybody, listen up.
It's roll call time.
I'm getting ready
for my dick to get hard
with some wonderful,
beautiful numbers.
Let's start with Phoenix.
Where we at?
Phoenix is up 201K.
200K, I'm gonna
suck your dick. I love you.
New Orleans, show me,
tell me. Where we at?
It's down 93K, boss.
Down? You're a fucking loser.
You give me
a fucking headache.
You give me fucking cancer.
New York, make me happy.
I beg you.
New York City's up 64 ASCOT.
Yeah! I love you, New York!
Gather around!
I want all weapons
front on entry.
-Everybody give me an oos!
Let's go!
Power down, my federal friend.
Power down.
Private security here
on the orders of the Governor.
State Department certified
to carry weapons
in all 50 states.
Feel free to call
the highlighted numbers
to verify.
You're not welcome here.
Get the fuck out.
All right, boys, let's go!
Set up a perimeter outside.
Your goals, they mean bonuses.
Money, money, money,
we fucking love it.
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
What the fuck?
Who the fuck are you?
You can't be in here.
We're the guys
keeping you alive.
Shut it down now.
Everybody, listen up.
Anyone who's
not carrying a weapon,
get the fuck out!
Shouldn't you be killing
bin Laden or something?
Listen to me, my friend.
This place prints money.
No one's shutting down.
Anybody so much as puts
a phone down, they're fired!
I'm sorry to break it to you,
but bin Laden's been dead
for a while.
So I'm going to say this
one last time.
Shut it down.
The fuck I am.
Call your fucking boss.
You want me to call my boss?
I'll do that.
And you'll be so fucked,
it's gonna be beautiful.
Don't be shy. Come on.
What about the parking garage?
Closed and locked. Steel gate.
I want a body on comms
watching it.
-Delivery dock?
-Same deal.
-Station an agent there too.
-Yes, sir.
Sure there's no back entrances
into this place?
there're no other entrances.
Federal law enforcement
operation in progress.
Move along
at a minimum retreat
to a safe distance.
Thank you.
Someone scout
the service tunnel.
The other option,
instead of going in
is to smoke them out.
Excuse me?
I figured I'd give
the firefighters a break.
I've put them through
enough already.
What'd you say your name was?
Currently I go by Adam Clay.
Trust me,
if there was a back entrance,
I would've used it.
I don't want to injure anyone
who's innocent
and non-involved.
But it is what it is.
Somebody detain this guy!
Don't shoot! Don't shoot!
Oh, wow,
if it isn't the fucking
golden goose himself.
Sir, I got
Captain Caveman here
telling me
to send everyone home.
If we do that,
we're walking away
from a lot of money.
Mm. Put him on.
It's for you.
Why are you fucking
with my business?
Because Mr. Westwyld hired me
to kick some
fucking Beekeeper's ass.
Mr. Westwyld works for me,
which means
that you work for me.
Now, listen, that place
is the crown jewel
of my kingdom.
I'm not gonna
let some crash test dummy
with a fucking gun fuck it up.
Is that clear, Mr. Pettis?
Didn't this character
already burn
one of your centers
to the ground?
Well, you know,
they didn't have you,
and that's why.
So maybe you just
do your fucking job
and don't tell me
how to do mine, please.
-We got it?
-Copy that.
Fall out.
Set up a perimeter outside.
Let's go. Move!
Round of applause.
Let's say goodbye
to our good friends.
Bye-bye, Admiral.
Go join fucking Space Force.
You are beautiful.
Now get the fuck out!
Keep walking.
Bye-bye, dickhead.
What a bunch of jackoffs.
Yeah, we love you!
One time amnesty.
Whoever doesn't want to die
this evening,
can in an orderly fashion
leave now.
Uh, uh, uh. No fucking way.
It's not happening.
Anybody moves, you're fired.
-No bonus, vesting, two weeks.
-Come on, boys! Move, move!
Nada. Zero!
Are you fucking nuts?
Each one of these
pricks is worth
30 to 40 million a year
in profit.
So no one is shooting no guns.
Not a good day to drag
innocent people into this.
These assholes?
They're not innocent.
For either one of us
to close that distance,
some of them will get hurt.
Let's start with this prick
right here.
On me!
Take right!
Pettis, we got a man down.
Fire. Fire.
Fire. Fire.
You know
who you're working for?
None of my fucking business.
I'm just the guy they call
when there's a problem.
And you are our problem.
Goddamn right, I'm a problem.
Fire. Fire.
Fire. Fire.
Dan, what the hell happened?
Any dead?
Not dead,
but we got our asses kicked.
-Our guy. What do we know?
-He's in the building.
I'm waiting more men
to roll in.
I don't know what this guy is,
but nobody can do
what he's done.
He's just a Beekeeper.
Bad idea.
I'm not waiting.
-V, wait!
Come on, Wiley, keep up.
We got him!
-You done?
Everybody out!
You're done.
We should take the stairs.
Subject is in the hallway.
Command, report back.
Anybody on comm?
Please, please don't kill me.
I'm just a middle manager.
I never hurt nobody.
I'd respect you more
if you look people
in their eyes
when you steal from them.
Now, you're making
a lot of money here.
Tell me where it's all going.
I don't know, man.
I know you're the middle man.
-Who's above you?
-No. They'll kill me.
I'll torture you,
then kill you.
Come on, guys. You got it.
get your ass up here!
Yeah, well,
I'm not an Olympian.
Make it stop.
You can make it stop.
You've stolen
hundreds of millions
from people
who've done nothing
but work hard all their lives.
She was an educator, a mom.
Dedicated her whole life
to helping people.
Yesterday, she shot herself
because you took two million
from a charity she ran.
She was the only person
who ever took care of me.
Who and where, Mr. Anzalone?
-Tell me who and where.
-I can't.
Look, these people,
they're untouchable.
I can't...
No, please! Please!
Stop! I will! I will!
Let me show you.
Let me show you.
I told you
they were untouchable.
Nobody's untouchable.
Sometimes when the hive's
out of balance...
you have to replace the queen.
That man is directly
for your mother's death.
I believe you.
But we have laws
for these things.
You have laws for these things
until they fail.
Then you have me.
Arrest him!
On your feet before I blow
your fucking head off.
I just been thrown through
a plate glass window.
Shut your fucking mouth!
Whoa. I have four kids.
I know. Three boys and a girl.
Wiley? You okay?
-Yeah. He went that way.
-You okay?
-Have you been hit?
-My wife thinks
I'm doing computer nerd shit.
Well, I won't tell her
if you don't.
-Have you been hit?
-No, I'm good, Mom.
Did you get him?
-Did you?
-No, he's tricky.
-Get up. You okay?
-Almost, but...
I guess that's just evidence.
-Can I borrow your gun?
-Yeah. Let's go.
-On me. On me. On me. On me.
I want interviews
with all of them.
We're going to talk.
Get him out of here.
Holy shit.
Do you mind
if I ask you
a really boring question?
Do you actually prefer
the money or the power?
That's deep.
Oh, I'm so sorry. Excuse me.
Oh, God. Uh...
Would you excuse me
for a moment? Come upstairs.
You said these guys
were the fucking best. Uh...
Why are they all dead?
You kicked the beehive
and now we have
to reap the whirlwind.
Unless, unless,
unless fucking what?
Maybe now is the time
to call your mother.
I'm paying you
so much fucking money
and your advice
is to call my mother?
He can't make his move on us
if we're in her proximity,
can he?
Her people.
You're a fuck.
-You're scared...
-I certainly am scared.
...and you want
to use my mother
as a human shield.
Just call her.
Just call her. Come on.
It's not a game now.
Oh, it's all a game.
Come on.
Yes, Derek. What do you want?
Hey, Mom. No, nothing.
I was just, you know,
thinking about you.
I miss you. I was hoping
to maybe see you this weekend.
I'm at the beach house.
You're welcome to join
if you behave.
I would love to. And, hey,
I actually was going to,
you know,
get together with some of my
tech homies and stuff,
if that's, uh,
if that's cool with you.
Fine. No drugs.
Give Kelly the details.
Love you. Have to go.
Derek's joining me
this weekend.
Help me keep him sober.
Yes, ma'am.
I love babysitting.
Madame President, Funmi Lawal.
Hello. Good to meet you.
Sola Oyemade.
Sola, thank you so much
for coming.
Susan Aneno.
Thank you so much
for coming all this way.
Oli Ray-Imanuel.
-Oli, how good to meet you.
-Great to meet you, ma'am.
You don't have to do this,
you know?
Why not let Clay do his thing?
Your mom is dead
because of these people.
Wherever it's headed...
I swore an oath.
I can't stand by
and watch it happen.
Even if he's right?
Even if he's right.
Damn plane was delayed.
What have you got?
We think we have a sense
of Mr. Clay's true intentions.
He seems to be
following the money.
What money is that?
Usually it's from people
with no heirs, no family.
Nine Star United uses
data mining software
to identify these people
and then target their assets.
There's another
company involved, sir,
a company who is a vendor
to the intelligence community
and to the Justice Department.
In fact,
we use this company's software
in this very office
to identify financial fraud.
Are you going to tell me
the name of this company?
Danforth Enterprises.
With an annual revenue
of $10 billion,
founded and operated
by Jessica Danforth,
who recently stepped down
because she was sworn in
as President
of the United States.
She self-financed
her campaign.
None of that money was clean.
Who else knows this?
Us three.
I have a really bad memory,
Let's, uh,
keep the circle small,
until I can brief the director
and the attorney general.
Not a word of this to anyone.
Yes, sir.
And, Mr. Clay,
I see his kill count
is steadily rising.
In a beehive,
there is something
called a "queen slayer."
It's a bee that will rise up
and kill the queen
if she produces
defective offspring.
I thought we were sticking
to the known knowns.
Right. Yes.
Not that Beekeepers exist.
But Mr. Clay
does keep honey bees.
He admires their willingness
to sacrifice themselves
for the greater good.
Our concern is that Clay
believes that Derek Danforth
is the defective offspring
of a queen,
thereby Clay will strike
at the heart of the problem
and become a queen slayer.
Adam Clay's next victim
is Derek Danforth's mother?
President Danforth, sir.
You have a blank check.
Good luck.
Thank you.
Hey, whoa, whoa,
whoa. This is a private event.
I'm gonna need you
to turn around, go away.
Federal Bureau of something
or another.
We're good.
We have invites right here.
All right. You'll need
to excuse my partner.
He's recently concussed
and hasn't slept in two days.
We're on the access list.
We're good, boss.
Get the Secret Service
out of the house.
I don't want them here.
They're C team.
B team at best.
Uh, Mom's detail is not going
to like that.
Well, if Mom's detail
gets in the way
of what's coming for us,
they're dead men
and so are we.
Tell them they can
stay in the kitchen.
Yes, sir.
He has a little talent,
doesn't he?
He's absolutely
fucking terrifying.
Good men,
but clearly not good enough.
-Fuck, bruh!
How'd you piss this oak off,
-You're looking at me?
How is any of this my fault?
Wasn't your supersecret CIA
data mining software
supposed to,
I don't know, maybe filter out
killing machines?
Don't you fuck with me,
young man!
Any other life,
you'd be in jail.
Hey, this is the fucking
Yeah, you know
I killed one once.
Oh, you see?
Yeah. Only 'cause I was lucky.
-And un-fucking-lucky.
-Oh, jeez.
Yeah, don't piss your pants,
My team will be out shortly.
If anyone can knock
this guy's dick in the dirt,
it's them.
Ain't that right, money man?
I'm supposed to be
at a kids' birthday party
with my wife.
You are at a kids'
birthday party.
And I'm your work wife.
Madam President,
you look spectacular.
When the fuck are you
going to tell me
what's going on, Wallace?
Good. Go through.
Tell that guy
to hurry up.
I want every manhole
on this street welded shut.
Six up.
Good to go.
Let's go. Let's go.
Come on. Move it up.
Put your head
on a swivel, gentlemen.
We got eyes
on the second floor.
All right, you're good.
Coming through.
Hey. When, uh, did you get in?
What a surprise.
You didn't hear
the giant Marine helicopter
land on the front lawn?
Ah, I guess not. Hm.
Is this, uh, nicotine
or a carnival ride?
Uh, I wouldn't unless
you want to go
talk with the machine elves.
Hey, you look fucking great,
by the way.
I mean, power,
it just looks so good on you.
Doing blow
on your father's desk.
God, how I wish
he was still alive
so I could kill him.
Stop picking your face.
Why does Wallace Westwyld
look nervous as a burning cat?
What have you done to the man?
Mm, I wouldn't know, Mother.
Well, he's there
to protect you
if you'll let him.
You're a good looking kid.
You really are. You know that?
What does that mean?
It means that God doesn't give
with both hands.
Uh, okay.
I love you too, Mom.
Gotta go run the free world.
Don't burn it down.
Fucking fantastic!
Wiley, look.
Oh, shit.
Danforth looks like
she wants to throw up.
Look at her body language.
Bad vibes.
She got caught riding dirty.
What have we done?
Are you, uh, fucking
with crypto at all, right now?
It's gonna pop.
They're minting next week,
so just hit me up on Insta.
-I'll connect your wallet.
-May I borrow my son?
-Of course.
Speak to you a moment
in private?
Uh, who's this?
Jackson Prigg.
He's number two at the FBI.
Have a seat.
Uh, I'm cool. I'll stand.
What is this, like,
an ambush or something?
This feels weird.
I don't like it.
No, you'll sit.
I'll sit.
Kelly, would you
give us a moment?
It's okay, ma'am.
I can take notes.
I need you to step outside.
The deputy director
has flagged his, uh, concerns
about some
uncomfortable things
happening inside
the family company.
Like what?
Uncomfortable things about
the source
of my campaign funds.
Sounds serious. What's up?
Deputy Director.
Mr. Danforth, are you familiar
with, uh, United Data Group?
United Data Group.
Yeah. Yeah, I, uh...
I invested in that.
I invest everywhere.
I mean, there's...
It's everywhere.
-It's very diverse.
How about, uh,
Nine Star United?
Yeah, that was, uh...
that's more of, like,
a consulting type role.
It's block chain issues.
And you probably...
I don't want to bore you
with all that.
What do you know
about a classified algorithmic
data mining software package
developed by
the intelligence community?
He's here.
All stations, target's
in the building. East wing.
Give me everything you got.
He's in the house!
Assault team, saddle up!
Let's move, boys!
Get a move on!
Let's move! Come on!
-Go! Come on. Move!
-Go! Go!
Package is in the house!
Level three, side four.
Blue over blue, you see him,
you fucking get him!
Put your fucking hands up.
Now turn the fuck around.
He's outside.
Target's outside.
Move! Move!
Let's get this fucking guy!
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Easy, killer. You see him?
-That's right.
That's right.
Now, on your knees!
On your knees!
Lace your fingers
behind your head.
Down on your knees now!
Do it now!
Beekeeper, huh?
God's right hand?
You aren't shit.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
take a step back.
I'm putting this asshole's
brains on the lawn.
What are you doing?
He's not even armed.
As long as this motherfucker's
breathing, he's armed.
You're not fucking
executing him.
Nice crowd
you're rolling with.
Watch me.
V, what the fuck is going on?
To "bee" or not to "bee"?
Isn't that
the bloody question?
I think I'll take
to "bee."
-Yeah, you good?
Get off me!
He's fucking mine!
Talk to me, people.
I need news.
He's here!
Go! Go! All stations!
Take it easy. Take it easy.
Go with the flow.
Not clear.
He's not clear.
Hang tight.
On me.
Get on the ground.
Get on the ground.
You understand you did this,
You broke the rules.
You corrupted an imperfect
but functioning system.
I was just trying
to get you into office, Mom.
How else do you think
you got elected?
I was going to win
with or without your help.
We were already rich.
Your father built an empire.
Yeah. And you were going
to fucking
break it up into pieces
and sell it off.
Well, in the name
of public service
because I care and I want
to leave a better world.
Okay. Right.
Yeah, because
you hate the fact
that being the president
is just like
an endless cocktail party.
You realize
that you were behind
in 15 of 20 counties
you needed to win.
15 of 20 counties!
I taught CIA software
to hunt money
and not terrorists.
You didn't hear that.
You got elected because of me,
and you know that.
Yeah, I know it.
Everyone knows it.
Now I know
where the money came from...
...and all the people
you hurt.
Okay, whatever.
It's computer data, Mom.
Somebody in this family
has to have
their fucking feet
on the ground
to actually get shit done.
You understand that?
Mom, the wolves are
at the fucking door right now.
What are you going to do
to fix this?
Tell the truth.
The fucking...
What does that even mean?
What does that even mean,
tell the fucking truth?
You have an entire building
full of PR people
that are going to choose
the right way forward.
That guy who's coming
to kill us, that Beekeeper,
I'm telling him the truth
about what you did, Derek.
Then I'm telling
the entire nation.
And if it costs me everything,
well, so be it.
You fucking git!
You're just a man.
I know.
Thank you.
Jesus. Looks like
a tornado came through here.
What's your plan here, huh?
You're going to tell this guy
the fucking truth
and hope that he spares you
and kills me instead?
No, Derek,
I'll tell him the truth
because it's the truth.
It's gone far enough.
You've proved your point.
Beekeepers live
for the good of society.
I'm retired.
This is personal.
All the more reason to stop.
Go back. Live a quiet life.
Making honey
for your neighbors.
That's all I wanted.
-My neighbor's dead.
-I know. I'm sorry.
But do you live
in the real world
or just protect it?
What does it matter to you
how presidents
come to be elected?
-It doesn't.
What does matter to you?
Right and wrong.
It's not fashionable.
I believe there's good
in the universe.
Yeah, well, we agree.
I mean, that's my view.
Until the Danforth family
bought you.
-You can stop pretending.
We wouldn't need Beekeepers
if it wasn't for men like you.
Don't do that.
Sir, you might want
to step back.
-I don't want you to get hurt.
-I'm sorry. I can't do that.
Now, have a seat.
Nah, fuck the truth, man.
The truth...
-Wait. You put that down.
-No, Derek.
...comes out
of your fucking...
Jesus Christ!
That's fucking real
right there.
-Clay, no!
-Drop your weapon. Drop it!
You decide who you work for.
For the law
or for justice.
Fuck this.
Bye, Mom.
-Go! Go!
-Move. Move.
-Move it out. Out of the way.
-You're okay.
-I got you. I got you.
-No. No. I want my...
Come with us right now!
-No! I want my... I want my...
-Back away. Back away.
You need to come
with me. Come on.
-Move out. Move out.
-Give me your hand. Come on!
Goodbye, Adam Clay.
Keep eyes on! Let's go!