The Berlin File (2013) Movie Script

3hours ago
One warm doner for 2 o'clock.
Room 607, The Westin Grand
What do you have to say
about the missile test results?
Korean NlS
Surveillance vehicle
The estimates you gave us were off
by over two kilometers.
Russian arms broker
Our technicians were not present
for the test.
Smaller arms and
the older missiles are not a problem.
We worry about the new missiles.
Hey, what just happened?
We lost audio.
Do something.
Korean National lntelligence Agency
Berlin Office
The Russian's opening his laptop.
- Fix the damn audio.
- Hang on a second.
- Are you getting audio?
- They're not closing the deal yet.
Who's that pretty boy?
I'm not getting anything.
Nothing on ClA,
Ml6 or Mossad database.
What the...?
A ghost?
I haven't seen one of those
in a while.
If you don't purchase
the new missiles,
we will not provide
the additional weapons.
Anti-lmperialist Arab League
And then we run another test
with North Korean technicians.
What do you say?
Somebody fix the goddamn audio.
Let me call you back.
Surveillance department
North Korean embassy, Berlin
I don't make the decisions.
I only follow orders.
You have the
new young leader now.
You must be more flexible comrade.
You claim to oppose imperialism,
but you negotiate with this imperialistic logic?
Our terms are non-negotiable.
Lee Hak-su
North Korea's ambassador to Germany
Excuse me.
What's the problem between you?
You came to sign the contract,
not negotiate.
This is the most reasonable
deal I've seen in years.
You're both being stubborn.
You're slaves to your pride.
We cannot match
his price in dollars.
And what about Euros?
I can speak to him about that, at least.
Get the helpers ready.
First, you sign the papers,
then you bet the money.
The transfer first.
Abort! Abort!
The deal is off.
Get the hell out of there!
This is the Mossad!
Our cleanup squad's here
in ten minutes.
Mossad (Israeli secret service)
Don't make this
any worse than it already is.
We can end this here.
We've got no interest
in your weapons deal.
We're only here for
the Russian broker and the Arab.
You've got plenty of other clients
to do business with.
Target on rooftop.
Proceed to service corridor
on the opposite side.
Distance to target 150 meters.
Come quietly.
They train you to put the gun
on the temple?
I just need to know the terms
and confirm the goods.
I turn my head
and the bullet misses me.
Alright, let's go.
The Berlin File.
Your spectacular screw-up
could reverberate all the way
to the Presidential House.
This is an absolute
diplomatic nightmare.
And for what gain?
We got the deal on tape.
Did you get the conversation?
Or the actual goods on tape?
You've got nothing to confirm
the deal terms.
No recording of the conversation.
Exactly what do you have?
He put a gun to my face.
What proof do we need?
And because of that commie,
one of our men sustained
a severe injury to the spine.
We still can't escape blame
under international law.
You opened fire based
on speculation,
- at a person whose identity...
- Don't dump your crap on us!
For fuck's sake.
You've got no information
on this supposed North Korean agent.
Are we even sure we're dealing
with North Koreans?
Who's going to clean up this mess?
Berlin unit under Chief Kang.
Prepare to be disbanded.
Mr. Inspector,
disbanding the team isn't
going to solve the problem.
A third country party intervened
at the scene.
A third party?
Give me that.
It's not the weapons
trade we're after.
We're tracking down Kim Jong-il's
secret account worth 4 billion dollars
believed to have been moved from
Macau to Europe before his death.
If we find that account,
we get the upper hand in issues
regarding aid to North Korea.
It's unlike you to make
such mistake.
Yuri is an arms broker wanted
by the US government.
That explains how the South Koreans
knew about the deal.
But Assim is
an anti-American activist.
Why did Israelis show up,
not the Americans?
The leak must have come
from one of three parties.
Either the Russians sold
the information to the Israelis
or the Arab was a double agent
working for the Mossad...
Or it came from us.
Pyo Jong-seong.
Watch your mouth!
listen to me carefully.
Do you know who's on his way
from Pyongyang?
Dong Myung-su.
Why would they dispatch an agent
when you're out here?
They don't trust us.
Foreign offices are put under
scrutiny under the new leadership.
Even you, the Republic's hero,
need to be watched.
- Take care where you tread...
- Comrade Ambassador,
have you forgotten
what my job is?
I'm only saying...
I will not make an official
record of your statement.
Is that all I am to you?
An object of surveillance?
You're losing your focus.
These are all speculations at best.
Where is intelligence?
You gotta do better than
this to transfer to US office.
The agent in charge,
Jung Jin-su,
I heard he stirred up
trouble in Libya, too.
These old-timers hung up
on anti-communistic ideas are just burdens.
I prefer not to see his name
on your next report, understood?
I trust you'll take care of it.
Bring me results.
Man, I told you to stay clear
of Korean restaurants.
Are you pissed off at me
for not covering your ass?
It's my birthday today.
I felt like a bowl
of seaweed soup.
So, I came to this restaurant
where no Koreans come.
For a bowl of home-made soup.
I meant to give you a heads-up
about the account.
But I missed the timing.
That's your excuse?
Cut me some slack, man.
This is not some sloppy industrial
espionage job we're dealing with.
I have a political
position to consider.
Screw you.
What political position
with commies?
I don't even make left turns
at intersections.
Anyone in my position
in any organization,
prefers to work with someone
that listens to you.
Do you know what your problem is?
You make people uncomfortable.
Why are you sitting
with someone so uncomfortable?
Fine, I'll get off your face.
What do you want from me?
You can get rid of me.
You can transfer to
the US office.
But our man who got busted
by the commie today,
he'll be confined to a wheelchair
for the rest of his life.
Just do your job.
I'll do mine.
We have a reservation
under the name, Ryun Jung-hee.
Upstairs, please.
He's already here.
He proposed this meeting.
So, he'll pick up the bill?
Didn't I tell you to take off
your wedding band?
It takes more than translation
skills to be a good interpreter.
There was a discussion at the bundestag
regarding North Korean diplomats
who got caught smuggling cigarettes.
...caught smuggling cigarettes.
Why is German parliament concerned
with what happened in Austria?
Didn't we explain that
it was a simple misunderstanding?
If this becomes a pattern,
it's hard for them to help
with our medical supply issues.
They need to set a clear position
on the matter...
We payed him up
out of empty pockets.
And that's all he has to say?
Hackescher Market tram stop
All I need is the grounds
to convince the parliament.
You know how things work.
Everything needs
to be recorded in Germany.
He is so shamelessly blatant
that it makes me blush.
Sick bastard.
Take a good care of him.
He wants a more personal gesture.
They need to set a clear position
on the matter.
We payed him up
out of empty pockets.
And that's all he has to say?
All I need is something to...
What brings you here?
Without calling me.
It's late.
Wash up and go to bed.
Take a good care of him.
- Let me look at your wound.
- It's not necessary.
Any news from Pyongyang?
What news?
We're way past due to return.
We don't make decisions.
We follow orders.
We can at least apply
for relocation.
When did the comrades at the embassy
last had their self-criticism?
Can't you just ask me
why I want to go back?
I guess I thought wrong.
I forgot that you're Republic's hero
before you're my husband.
Oh my God.
There is a dead woman here!
Waitress commits suicide
by overdosing
Let's find a new way to meet up.
Kids these days
they try these fancy
new techniques
always end up gettin'
their asses handed to them.
And these guys like you and me,
two old dogs,
with old tricks,
- but we're still kicking.
- Enough with the old dogs.
You really makes us sound old.
I hate yo break it to the pal,
but we are old.
So, what can uncle Marty
do for his favorite ally?
I need to know
if that guy's in your database.
A North Korean?
White or Black Ops?
A ghost.
You heard about the Westin Hotel
kidnapping two days ago,
didn't you?
He was there.
And You were there too?
Ah, fuck...
You knew my team was
tracking Asim and his network!
Way to bend me over the barrel, pal!
I had no time.
If I got that fucking commie
I was gonna hand over
the others as my Present.
What the hell with your present.
You told me you'd leak any intel
you had about the North's weapons deals!
And now,
you tell me the shit hit the fan.
Hey! Shut up.
I got you
a very special present.
I got you
a very special present...?
A guy named Sigmund,
who is the German ODA
had a meeting with
the North Korean ambassador.
At the end, the ambassador told
his female translator
to take good care of Sigmund.
I'm going home
at the end of the month, alright?
The only thing I want
on my plate right now,
- is my wife's home cooking.
- Hey. Hey, old dog!
Your Foreign Affairs would love it.
What got you delayed?
I had to take care of
something upon my arrival.
I wasn't informed of your delay.
Watch this and you'll understand.
Back then,
orders never contradicted each other.
They all had the same voice.
That's not how things work now.
The new Comrade Commander
doesn't like the old ways.
You recognize that woman?
Yes, it's my favorite restaurant.
Germans like it, too.
So do the South Koreans.
They suspect you have a leak
in Berlin office.
It's not possible.
The most trustworthy is
the one to be watched most closely.
Comrade Stalin said that.
Did you inform
the Party about this?
I made a record of it.
Wouldn't it be better coming
from you than from me?
What if there is no evidence?
The Party says there is
a leak and you disagree?
That means the Party is wrong.
It makes the Party incompetent.
Say that again.
Who sold the information?
The woman...
The interpreter for the embassy
who made a reservation
under the name,
Ryun Jung-hee.
The waitress was an informant
for the South Koreans.
You know the accusation is false.
Are you suggesting that
Dong fabricated the confession?
Whether it was fabricated
or not isn't important.
Your wife's name
came up in an inquiry
conducted by the Security Department.
A name that Pyongyang wanted to hear.
If you try to defend her
when the Party says she's guilty.
That makes
you guilty, too.
There is no solid evidence
other than this confession.
Even you said that
the leak about the weapons deal
could have come from us.
For someone in my position,
you always have to have an answer
if not an alternative.
How much time do we have?
48 hours.
There's storm coming,
but no place to hide.
Are you sure it was this woman?
How's work these days?
Same as always.
What you said
the other day about Pyongyang...
Do you want to go home?
Let's not talk about that.
I believe we can live
with our heads held high
even if we are poor.
Our facial recognition analysis
found three men showing over 85% match.
These two have plenty sources
for lD verification.
Bring up the travel agent.
But there is hardly any record
nor pictures of this man.
I only found one
taken at a culture promotion event.
Ouch! Damn it.
- Hey! Interested in something hot?
- What?
A North Korean official stationed in Berlin
just filed for defection.
To America?
No, he's asking for political asylum
through the UN to some third country.
When's next contact?
What brings you to call me
at this hour?
I have to drop by the embassy.
Did you have lunch?
I'm on my way to
the Parliament library.
I can't have lunch with you.
I'll see you at home, then.
Moran Peak 4639
requesting Comrade Ryun's
signing out record.
The next station is
Brandenburger Tor.
Is the Parliament library
close to Brandenburger Tor?
It's at the Bundestag station.
Next to the Parliament building.
What's in Brandenburger Tor area?
US and British embassies
are in the area.
This is a confidential communication.
I'll report it myself.
Are you going out?
You didn't say anything to me.
US embassy
When is the next...
When is the next contact?
When is the next...
When is the next contact?
Long time, Comrade.
Still have two more days.
Did you put a tail on her?
I'm not here about your wife.
How can a perfectionist like you.
Let this happen under your nose?
Something doesn't add up.
Is that an official statement?
We'll know soon enough.
I'm not accusing you of anything.
The guilty will stand
for their crime.
Why are you really here?
It's a sticky situation.
And it's a matter outside my authority.
One happy family.
There is a reactionary
seeking political asylum.
Someone from the embassy.
It's Comrade Ambassador.
Comrade Lee emptied out
the embassy's strong box.
This device will self
destruct after checking
Your password will be verbally
confirmed upon point of contact.
The agent key-phrase is,
It looks like it's going to rain.
Your answer, verbatim, is,
But I've lost my folding umbrella.
Your password will be verbally
confirmed upon point of contact.
The agent key-phrase is,
it looks like it's going to rain.
Your answer, verbatim, is,
But I've lost...
This is the time
and venue of rendezvous.
What's taking you so long?
What's taking so long?
You're the one that wanted
some private time with the guy.
We're gonna head to
the U.S. Embassy,
And enter the safe-house.
- You mean the laundromat?
- Excuse me. Do you speak English?
We've got about the three hours
until the official time of contact,
so, factorin' in travel,
I can spare you about an hour.
We can say you work for the company
and that you're interrogating him.
That's as far as you
and I take this.
After that,
it's every old dog for himself.
And regardless of
what happens here,
the ClA has no affiliation
whatsoever with this operation.
There should be absolutely no records,
do you here me?
- What's he offering you?
- We're not sure yet,
But he mentioned a file, some kind of
shady account they've been managing.
The Kim Jong-il account?
From Macau?
Oh sweet Jesus.
I wouldn't that
make everyones fuckin' day?
You owe me pal big time.
3737 G406.
11 o'clock
Target's location confirmed.
Don't stand out Blend in, idiots!
Did you tap my phone?
You're out of your mind
to interfere with ClA business.
How is North Korean ambassador
a ClA business?
It's ours.
Stand back if anything happens.
I'll take over.
You, son of a...!
Target is getting away
He's heading to the subway.
Team A follow the subject.
Team B go across.
We gotta snatch the bastard
before anybody else.
Think about what you're doing.
We'll talk later.
Put the gun down.
This is our turf.
You don't want any more trouble...
Take it easy, man.
Listen to me carefully now.
Go back to the headquarter.
Find everything you can on
the ClA agents out here.
- But it's ClA...
- Shut the hell up.
Another word from your mouth
and I'll chew your brain out.
Hi, Daddy.
I love you.
Good bye.
Come on, Cindy.
You knew my team was
tracking Asim and his network!
Way to bend me
over the barrel, pal!
Send me the address
of the travel agency.
Why did you do it?
I want you to think hard
why Dong Myung-su is here
why your wife is being suspected.
You were planning to abandon
your family and defect to the West.
This is all part of a scheme
set by Dong Myung-su...
No, his father Dong Jung-ho
to take over the Berlin office.
Dong's father wasn't an ally
with the new leader
and yet, he survived.
When Kim Jong-un's men pocketed
profit from illegal weapons trade.
The deal was handled
by Dong Jung-ho.
When the Americans tracked down
the Macau account.
Dongs had to clean up the mess
in order to stay in the game.
What did you get her to do?
But you don't believe
anything I say.
Questioning is in progress.
You can go in.
when you're blocked by the sea,
sing 'Arirang' a semitone down
and 'whistle' the chorus.
The Party wants to see
and hear for themselves.
Tell me what you want to hear.
I'll give an answer you want
in return for a quick death.
Your family is never
your concern even to the end.
There is nothing
I can do about them.
He talks as
if he's being framed.
Your name and position.
Lee Hak-su.
I'm an ambassador of
Democratic People's Republic of Korea
to Germany.
Why did you betray your country?
I just sent you the address
of the travel agency.
Frequent address changes
suggest it's a front company.
Shouldn't we notify Chief Kang?
I'll take care of it.
There is a break-in
in my building.
The address is Einstenufer 9D.
It's the travel agency building.
What happened here?
Why did you lie to me
about where you were
going this afternoon?
Do you have anything
to say to me?
You knew about it all?
You weren't going to say anything
if I didn't?
I don't know where to begin.
I suppose I missed the right time.
Tell me how it started.
It was an order
from Comrade Ambassador.
Not out of my will.
You're not giving me an answer.
Perhaps I don't know
what you want.
What have you been up to?
What am I supposed to do?
Entertaining guest was an order.
But I assure you.
This baby is ours.
This man was asking me
about an event at the square.
And this is
where my obstetrician is.
Why didn't you tell me?
I thought you wouldn't believe
it's ours.
What I think is not important.
Tell me the truth.
This is the truth.
Why didn't you say
anything earlier?
Did you ever listen?
Do you know what it's like
to endure this kind of filth?
Our first child
It's been two years since
we lost her
How much the little thing
must have suffered...
Have you ever thought about that?
So what?
Were you going to
have an abortion?
How can you say such a thing?
We'll go to the hospital tomorrow.
If it turns out to be false...
You'll report me as a spy?
That will give you
a peace of mind.
That's what the Party
wants to hear.
Comrade Ambassador made an attempt
to defect to the West.
Write down all your whereabouts
in the last seven days.
Did you get her confession?
We still have time.
I must have interrupted
at an inconvenient time.
How did the interrogation go?
Successful, thanks to you.
His body will be
repatriated to Pyongyang.
Good work, Comrade.
I haven't found any evidence tying
Jung-hee to her charges.
Relax, man.
You have passed
the loyalty test.
All this was necessary
because of Lee Hak-su.
After Comrade Chairman Kim Jong-il
passed away,
foreign funds coming into
Pyongyang dropped considerably.
While all focus was on ensuring
successful transition of power,
there was a suspicion that
Lee Hak-su
would smuggle his
private assets and defect.
And your name popped up
in the process.
A group of us including
myself insisted
that you would never
betray the Republic.
The Party's position, of course,
is not the same.
So, I suggested that
we test your loyalty.
How can we suspect the loyalty of
a man who will report his own wife
if there are
suspicious circumstances?
Agents from Security Department
will pay you a visit shortly.
You'll return to
Pyongyang and be promoted
in recognition of your loyalty.
Congratulations, Comrade.
You have saved me also.
How much did you hear?
You're a coward.
What the hell are you doing?
Once they find out what you're doing to me,
you're a fucking dead man.
what do you think
will happen to you?
a North Korean fucking commie
blew a hole through my friend's head.
At Brandenburg Gate?
My friend was
ClA tracking Asim's group.
If I report your lD
and tell them that
Israel is working with
the North Koreans who took Asim,
your fucking face will be on every ClA
watch-list in the world within 48 hours.
What now?
Do you want a cool diplomatic dispute
with America over this?
About a month ago,
Pyongyang contacted
Mossad Collections.
I'm not here about your wife
How can a perfectionist like you
let this happen under your nose?
The guilty will stand
for their crime.
They told us that
if we gave them the opportunity
to replace a few of their
people in Berlin...
Then they'd hand over the man
they do business with. Asim.
The weapons deal had to fail.
It was the opportunity
they needed.
Did someone on the inside
betray the North?
I only know
what I need to know,
but... I think
the North Korean agent
at the scene was double-crossed.
There is a sudden noise in the house.
Be careful.
You have the phone records
from that time?
You want those?
I never mentioned
about reporting you
I have recorded everything
you've said here.
The word came out
of your mouth
How can I have passed the test?
It's a trap
We must run
Do you want it deleted?
Then you're gonna give me your
conversation with the fucking commie.
Did you finish packing?
We'll make some record
for reporting purposes.
Looking for this?
I warned you to be careful.
Didn't l?
Sorry I'm late.
So... what happened to
your brother?
The Mossad executed him
without trial.
I found the rat who gave your brother
Asim over to the Israelis...
If you get on it now,
you can still catch him.
Who is it?
It's someone we both know.
Pyo Jong-seong.
Take this.
A shooting incident was
just reported to the police.
A North Korean interpreter
lives at the address.
Can you tap ClA satellite
communication network?
Put a surveillance on all channels
within 20km radius.
Are you out of your mind?
Just do as I say for once.
Tapping is your expertise,
isn't it?
- See you again.
- Watch your back.
You're going to run
into the Mossad again one day,
and it won't be pretty.
Man, you talk too much.
Do you have a room?
I prefer not to fill out
the register.
Are you alright?
We should treat
your wounds first.
Hey, policeman.
I'm from the consulate.
Here to lD the victim.
Can you speak English?
- Nein.
- No?
We got a call from
a Korean student...
No problem.
Just a moment.
An Asian
from the consulate is here.
A single precision shot each
to the head and chest.
These bastards are not circumcised
and their dental work suggests
they're North Koreans.
I gotta get moving.
- Hey! Halt?
- Hi. I'll be right back.
He killed all of
our comrades and escaped.
- He's good, huh?
- We'll get him.
Okay. First,
have your men search every hotel
within ten kilometers.
Their names will not be on record.
So look for a couple who paid in cash
and checked-in in the last 1 0 minutes.
How certain are you of this?
It's what he taught me.
If you're being hunted,
hide right under the hound's nose.
Hey. Allo.
This is a direct order from the boss.
Search every hotel within 10Km radius.
Look for a man and a woman
who paid cash and
didn't fill out the register.
I'm sending you their picture.
Sir, the keywords 'North Korea,' 'Abdul,'
and 'Assim' emerged on ClA satellite network.
- Language used is Arabic.
- Arabic? What's the location?
It's concentrated in the 1 0Km radius
of the shooting scene.
Give us the traitor.
I'd like to,
but I need to get them
back as a set.
Hey, listen man.
If I become the director of Berlin.
Then we can cut out the broker.
Everything will be
cheaper and faster.
We can pack up some super-notes for you
if you want.
Because no one better
dollars than we do.
But that's only after you drag out
this bastard's corpse, isnt' it?
Trust me.
Where are you?
It's a couple?
when you're blocked by the sea,
sing Arirang a semitone down
and whistle the chorus.
there was a suspicion that
Lee Hak-su
would smuggle his private
assets and defect.
When Kim Jong-un's men pocketed
profit from illegal weapons trade.
The deal was handled
by Dong Jung-ho.
And your name popped up
in the process.
The Whistle
When the Americans tracked
down the Macau account.
Dongs had to clean up the mess
in order to stay in the game.
How can we suspect the loyalty of a man
who will report his own wife
if there are
suspicious circumstances?
I want you to think hard
why Dong Myung-su came here
and why your wife is
suspected of spying.
Listen to me carefully.
Dong Myung-su
is setting me up to make it appear
that I sold classified information.
He is trying to turn me
and Lee Hak-su into traitors
and take over the Berlin office.
If that's true,
what are we doing here?
Can we ever go back to Pyongyang?
We'll go separate ways from here.
Where will you go?
I can prove our innocence to the Party.
You must trust me.
The Party, the people,
even the fatherland can all suspect me.
But you...
you should have believed in me.
Will you defect or something?
How can you be so cruel?
Kill me whenever you want.
But now is not the time.
We're not here to kill you.
But if you continue to resist,
we have no choice.
You have ten seconds to decide.
We're getting out alive,
all three of us.
That's all you gotta think about.
You only got the woman?
You said there would be only two!
You gave us incorrect information!
There was another man there.
What? Another guy?
A Yankee?
They said he looked like you.
It's a South Korean.
Welcome South Korean guy.
You've really gone too far.
This is getting interesting.
Let me get this straight.
My team breaks up
the arms deal Yuri set for Asim
and you'll hand both
of them over to us?
I don't believe you.
Take the wheel,
if you want to hear the rest.
It's been so long.
This is why I like you so much.
Why do you think the Mossad
let you go at the hotel?
From Macau to Berlin,
arms dealing, diplomatic office,
spying, assassination and defection.
How do they all link up?
The account that Lee Hak-su
held as a hidden card,
the 4 billion dollar fund that
Kim Jong-il left behind is the key.
After his death,
they had to transfer the funds
to the new leader
and change the people
that manage the account.
Neither Pyongyang nor Lee Hak-su
could trust each other.
As far as Pyongyang is concerned,
the diplomatic offices' loyalty
to the new leader is questionable.
So, they decided to change everyone
with those they trust.
You've been discarded
in the process.
You're totally fucked.
You're wrong.
It's not the Republic
that betrayed me.
Do we use different Korean
in North and South these days?
You need to get the facts straight.
This is all Dong Jung-ho's act.
The father of the assassin that
killed your ClA friend.
The secret account belongs
to Dong Jung-ho and his allies,
not to Comrade Chairman
Kim Jong-il.
Lee Hak-su was part of that
circle and got betrayed.
Where the hell is that bastard?
Think about who you saw
at the hotel.
Your husband has
crossed over to South.
It's over.
You can't be waiting for the scumbag
who abandoned his wife to save himself?
Think about it.
Testify on your husband's
double-crossing charges.
I'll take care of the rest.
Do you expect to live after
what you have done to us?
Who would know about it?
Who knows about this place?
The person who used to use it.
It's me.
All the sausages you ate
must have slowed you down.
What took you so long?
How are the South Koreans
treating you?
Let my wife go.
Wouldn't I need a witness
for a testimony?
After all, isn't it true that
you're collaborating with the South Koreans?
Put her on the phone.
Are you safe?
I'm fine.
Be strong and hang in there.
For now, do as Myung-su tells you.
I'll come and get you soon.
What use is giving her
a false hope?
Watch it if you want a clean death.
I'll die when I feel like it.
So, cut the crap
and get your ass over here now.
If you let me go,
I'll get you the account.
Pyo Jong-seong,
do you take me for a fool?
If I don't go,
you'll never find that account.
Nor can you find your wife.
An innocent woman will die.
Everyone dies.
She's carrying a baby.
It's not mine.
I'll convert.
Request for backup denied
The company denies all involvement
The backup's going to
be a little late.
Too many people can put the safety
of the hostage at risk.
I can do this alone
if you have my back.
If we get her out,
will she cross over with you?
She may refuse.
Let's just be honest
while we're at it.
You're willing to risk your life
for your wife who may not convert?
How am I supposed to understand that?
It's harder for me to understand
why you're risking your life for this.
It's my job.
There is no reason for doing your job.
You just do it.
It's my wife.
There is no reason
for saving my wife.
Is he really coming?
It's going to be a while.
He won't be here till after 4AM.
Standard KGB attack time.
When humans are weakest.
Like that.
The sun will come up soon.
Have you had a sniper training?
I used to get reward vacations
for outstanding shooting skills.
Secure position.
Be careful.
On the perimeter,
two North Koreans and two Arabs.
Two Arabs by the center table.
One North Korean
by the window at 3 o'clock.
Hostage is...
on far left corner tied to a chair.
She seems to be in...
good condition.
Shake your head
if you can hear me.
Shake your head, damn it!
Son of a bitch.
You can't kill a man like that.
Revenge is a dish
best served cold.
What happened to
your South Korean buddies?
I can't bring in retards
to catch an idiot.
Bring the hostage over
and check the perimeter.
She made a few attempts
to escape while waiting.
Your family didn't
have to do this
to take control of
the Berlin office.
You can't have two heads
on one body.
You can endure hunger,
but can't endure headache.
Is that the kind of
trust you have
between Comrade Commander
and your father?
Comrade Commander is a human, too.
Men betray.
I came here to be
the traitor you want.
If you let us go, we'll live in
hiding for the rest of our lives.
My confession to treason
is in that voice recorder.
The kind of things you'll do to live.
It's an honor to hear
the confession of the Republic's hero.
Comrade Pyo betraying the Republic.
This is so exciting.
Let's hear it, shall we?
Before we do that,
Let me ask you one thing.
Did you frame my wife
knowing that
her obstetrician was
near the US embassy?
That's right! Your wife is pregnant.
It was a lucky swing.
You're the one that
built up the story.
Isn't it your specialty?
Making a criminal out of the innocent.
I, Pyo Jong-seong, a warrior of
the Democratic People's Republic of Korea
is having a self-criticism session.
The party wants to replace
the Berlin branch.
But right now,
replacing the current officials
isn't justified.
Play the rest.
If we ambush the deal Yuri
is onto with Asim
then you will have the justified reason
to replace the current officials, right?
Right. So finally you Israelis
will have Yuri and Asim,
Like you've been wanting.
We can hand them over.
Explain yourself.
Didn't I always tell you?
You always get your temper
get the best of you.
You think you have it all?
Look at what you got yourself
into playing a hero.
I admit you were a good teacher.
Are you alright?
You must leave me
if you wish to live.
Don't be silly.
I know how you feel.
Then stick it out to the end.
Are you okay?
It's okay.
I'm on your side.
Do you think you can move?
Go on.
Inject me.
You know killing me
won't put an end to this.
I'll put in a good word
for you to my father.
Let's just call it a day here, eh?
Men betray.
What's your hometown?
It's okay.
Let's go.
Come on, Jung-hee.
We still have
so much to talk about.
Let's go now.
We can go anywhere we want.
I'm sorry.
wake up.
come on.
Come with me.
Where are we at with the procedure?
Application for Defection
Application for Defection
At the last stage.
He could convert to our side
if he wishes
or choose a third country
through the UN.
Good work, everyone.
Let's wrap up this
investigation here.
All documents regarding
the account or Pyo Jong-seong
must be destroyed living
only the minimum record
to be classified as class 1 secret.
There are still
a few remaining procedures.
The President has announced
a new gas pipe project during
his visit to Russia.
We concluded our negotiations
with Pyongyang.
Their last condition was for us to hand over
the account and Pyo Jong-seong to them.
Will he be purged
along with Dong Jung-ho?
Why would Dong be purged?
He is the one that
set up this deal.
You know those types
don't go down easily.
Get off.
Get out of the car,
you goddamn commie!
I can't watch a commie like you
Live a trouble-free life.
You failed to protect your wife
and the baby that she was carrying.
You even betrayed a man
who risked his life to help you.
You betrayed your country
and the people.
That's who you are.
Live in hiding all your life
Looking over your shoulder.
Live like that. Like a dirt.
Don't even think about letting
your heart out to anyone.
Don't think about revenge.
Just lay low breathing shallow.
Like the most common people.
It's me.
How have you been?
Did you hope to live after
what you did to my son?
You're not going anywhere.
It's not just us who's after you.
You don't have to find me
I'll come find you.
Make it fast.
I'll make you pant like a dog
begging me to kill you.
Vladivostok, one way.