The Bermuda Triangle (1978) Movie Script

Dammit, if you're just going
to sit there getting drunk
for the next five weeks,
why the hell did you bring me?
I brought you?
Have you already forgotten
this trip was your lousy idea?
If I'd had any peace from
you in the last two months,
there's no way I'd be
floating on this pile of crap.
I told you a thousand
times not to go up there.
Naughty child.
Now don't you ever do it again.
Mommy look, there's
something floating over there
in the water.
Where, dear?
You're right.
Edward, come over
and have a look.
Michelle, quickly,
tell the captain
there's something in the water.
Tell him to stop the boat.
A Naval
air force squadron takes off
from Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
Their mission, to fly 160 miles
east in straight formation.
Then turn north,
and return to base.
In command was Colonel
Charles C. Taylor,
a Marine veteran with
thousands of hours in the air,
and now a Navy test pilot.
All aircraft had been
fueled to fly 1000 miles.
Engines, instruments,
radio, and safety equipment
had been carefully checked
out and reported in order.
The temperature was 38.
The day was bright with
a few cumulus clouds,
and there was a
moderate northeast wind.
That day, at
precisely 3:15 p.m.,
the radio operator at Fort
Lauderdale's control tower
received a strange message.
Commander flight
19 calling control tower.
Fort Lauderdale.
Flight 19, this is Fort
Lauderdale's control tower, over.
I can't understand
what's going on.
Apparently we've
lost our course.
We can't see ground.
Repeat, we can't see a thing.
What's your position, 19?
We can't tell where
we are, exactly.
Tell him to turn west.
Turn due west, 19, over.
How in the hell can we
find out where west is?
Our magnetic gyroscopes have
gone crazy. Nothing works.
They're all showing
different bearings.
This is crazy.
I can't see the water now.
The ocean has gone all white.
My god.
What's this?
Flight 19, I've lost you.
What's happening?
Flight 19, come in.
Over. Answer.
Flight 19, what's
happening? Come in.
- Captain look, a doll.
- It looks very old.
Some little girl must be
very unhappy at this moment.
Let me see her.
I've never seen a
doll like this before.
It's very strange.
- I found her, so she's mine.
- Can I have her, please, Daddy?
Of course she's
yours, darling.
Put her in the sun to dry out.
Hi. Can we take a look?
Sure. Come on in.
Hey, this is neat, a radar.
Look, Michelle. These
are the radios, right?
Right. You're a
pretty bright kid.
What do you do on the boat?
Well, I'm the navigator.
I'm the radio operator,
and the helmsman.
On this boat you have to
be able to do everything.
I'd just like
to be the captain.
Your work must be fun.
Sometimes, and sometimes hard.
And at times it's
very, very enjoyable.
Now this new camera
for stills will be yours.
Michelle's gonna take this one.
It's great, Dad. I
can't wait to try it.
Let's take all this and store
it away in a secure place.
Do you think we'll
have bad weather?
The captain says that
in the zone we're entering
we're liable to have rough seas.
I see you're an expert sailor.
Every time my father
goes to photograph
something interesting
he takes us along,
and I try to learn
everything I can.
Good idea. What's he
gonna photograph now?
Well, my father says
that close to Andros Island
there are some ruins.
He thinks they're
from an ancient city
that sank under the sea.
Do you think it
could be Atlantis?
I don't know,
Billy. I don't know.
But in that zone,
the sea is very deep.
Your father must
be an expert diver.
He is. So are
Dave and Michelle.
And what about you?
Well, they think
I'm too young,
but I know a lot of
things my brother, Dave,
doesn't know, Tony.
Sure, like coiling a rope.
Look, how would you like me
to teach you
something else, Billy?
Tonight I'll be on watch,
and I'm gonna show you
how to steer the boat.
Really? Wow, Tony, thanks.
How's your doll, angel?
- Oh, she's nearly dry now.
- She told me she's very hungry.
Sure, angel. What
would you like?
A cookie for me and a
piece of raw meat for her.
Raw meat?
I'm sure your dolly would
rather have some cookies.
Like these.
No, she definitely said she
wanted a good piece of meat,
raw meat.
Okay, honey, but tell her
to chew it real well, Diane,
'cause it's tough.
How's it going, Gordon?
Everything down here
is okay, sir. Up to now.
What do you mean by that?
Please forget it, captain.
It's just that I get a little
jumpy around these waters.
Gordon, we've cruised
these waters about 50 times
since you've joined us,
nothing's happened yet.
So forget your silly notions.
I don't care if we come into
these waters a thousand times
one day it will happen.
Flight 57 here,
reporting to Nassau
Airport control tower.
Go ahead, 57. We read
you loud and clear.
Flight 57,
200 miles out of Bermuda
on regular route to the Azores.
We're in the middle of
some clouds and turbulence.
Visibility, zero. Request
weather information.
Now listen flight 57, your
weather's supposed to be good.
We have no reports of
bad weather in that area.
control tower, 57 here.
Having problems with controls.
Listen to this.
The instrument's
We're going into a spin.
Can't control the plane.
Mayday, mayday, mayday!
We'll dispatch
help immediately.
We know your position.
Hang in there 57,
help is on its way.
Nassau's control tower
here, all ships in vicinity
of Bermuda-Azores run,
look for survivors,
Super Constellation flight 57.
Captain, reporting
commercial flight 57 lost.
A Super Constellation
with 42 persons aboard,
including five crew.
the majority of those
missing are family members
of Naval personnel, sir.
Here it is, at the
center of the vertex
formed between Puerto Rico,
Miami, and the Bermuda islands.
The Bermuda Triangle.
Where did you put
my seasick pills?
Oh, I'm sorry, Peter,
I forgot to buy them.
Dammit Sybil, you
did it on purpose.
No, I told you, I just forgot.
I told you three times, I
even wrote it down for you.
Stop shouting.
They must have some
here, ask Caption Briggs.
Ask Captain Briggs.
I doubt they even have
an aspirin on this tub.
I hope you're the
first to get seasick.
Peter, please. You
promised to stop.
To the great doctor,
Peter Marvin. Hmm.
- Forget all that.
- Why torment yourself?
You know you were brilliant.
Brilliant, huh?
I certainly killed
that child brilliantly.
Every day, hundreds of
children die on operating tables
all over the world.
Sure, they die, but
they're not murdered.
All right, you killed her.
We all know that you killed
her, but she's not coming back.
Even if you drink every damn
bottle of whiskey in the world,
she's not coming back.
Edward is right, the
only way you'll ever stop
is when you get that
through your head.
Edward, my new
psychiatrist. Jesus.
That fool of my
half-brother only thinks of
finding lost cities out there.
And you're telling
me what he says?
Do yourself a favor,
Sybil, and leave me alone.
Worry about that crazy
brother-in-law of yours.
Would you like a drink?
To us, my friend.
That one is the Big Bear.
And this one is
the Northern Star.
She's the faithful
companion of all seamen,
because she always
shows us the north
and helps to guide
us safely to port.
You know, it's wonderful
to look at the sky.
In the big cities, nobody
ever worries about it.
It's been a long time
since I last watched it.
All of these stars
are my friends,
and every night I watch them.
Hmm, maybe someone up
there is watching us too.
You know what I'm
thinking, Uncle Peter?
No. What Diane?
One of these nights, one
of those fearsome animals
are going to come
out and grab us.
Yes, and the first
one he's going to eat
is your Ant Sybil.
Yeah, and Billy.
And then, Dave.
And last, Michelle.
Diane, you left your
doll in the hallway.
No, Mommy. I just left her
on that chair, over there.
I'm going to punish you
so that you don't ever
hide from me again.
Constellation disappeared
in exactly the same
unexplainable way
as many other hundreds of
boats and planes before.
Searching for more
accurate information,
this reporter was handed an
official-looking document,
which read as follows.
"The Bermuda Triangle
is a zone situated
in front of the
southeast Atlantic coast
off the United States, where
dozens of ships, boats,
and planes have disappeared
without a trace.
Most of these disappearances
have occurred in this century,
although losses go back...
- Good evening, everyone.
- More than 200...
Good evening.
Isn't Peter coming
to have dinner with us?
I don't know
- and I don't care.
- What really is out there
in the Bermuda Triangle?
Well, I know what's out there.
Sea monsters, and
creatures from outer space.
And also the
devil, Uncle Peter.
Well, there've always been
so-called disappearances.
And as long as there's
the possibility
of human or mechanical
error, there always will be.
I don't think that's
a viable explanation
for all the accidents in
this part of the ocean.
Talk, talk, talk.
The solution of the mystery
is related to the sea.
Maybe there's a big magnetic
field under the ocean.
What do you think, captain?
Well, centuries ago, people
let their imaginations wander.
And they attributed the
disappearance of vessels
to hurricanes, pirates, or
frightening sea monsters.
Of course that's nonsense.
All those accidents have
been caused by human
or mechanical error,
Like Mr. Marvin said.
Huh, the supernatural's
only a myth.
That plane must've
crashed into the sea.
Most probably.
What a shame, you're spoiling
a perfectly spooky trip.
Sorry for putting
a damper on your fun.
- What happened?
- Oh my god,
- what's happened?
- How is she?
Don't worry,
everything's all right now.
Calm down, dear.
What do you say now, Captain?
It's strange.
What's happened, Peter?
Their throats.
They all had their throats
cut, as if they've been bitten.
- All right, calm down.
- It's all over now.
Give her some water.
Look at her mouth.
There's a light at port.
Can't make out
any baring lights.
It could be a fishing
or a rescue boat.
Get towards it.
Who's there?
It's Dave, Simon.
Oh my god, you scared
the hell out of me, boy.
Sorry, Simon, I only
wanted a glass of milk.
Well, don't ever come
up on me like that again.
You could've given
me a heart attack.
You're as white as that
milk. What's the matter?
Oh, nothing.
No, I never get seasick.
I had a nightmare.
There was this pilot, he had
a horrible look on his face.
He came floating
out of the water,
like he was trying
to tell me something.
Please David, you better
stop. I don't wanna know.
Otherwise, I'm gonna have
all kinds of nightmares
when I go to bed.
S-O-S, they're
calling for help.
Answer it, so they know
we've seen their signal.
Tony, take the helm.
Yes, captain?
Full speed ahead.
Full speed ahead.
Okay, Captain.
Follow the light.
Edward, where are you
going? What's wrong?
Nothing's wrong.
I'm gonna see why they
accelerated the engines.
That's strange.
What's strange, captain?
The radar doesn't
show anything.
What's going on,
Captain Briggs?
Look over there, Mr. Marvin.
What's happening, Dad?
It seems a ship
is signaling us.
We're going to approach it.
Do you think they need help?
I don't know,
son. I suppose so.
Something very
weird is happening.
This is just not possible.
What do you mean? What
are you talking about?
They identified themselves
as the City of Glasgow.
That boat disappeared.
They were going from uh,
Philadelphia to England.
They had 480 people aboard.
Tell Gordon to reduce speed.
Gordon? Gordon, minimum speed.
Aye-aye, sir.
Any sign?
Whoever they are,
we're gonna give a
signal every two minutes.
Starboard, all starboard!
Mommy. Mommy.
Oh, everything's okay.
There's nothing to
be worried about.
It's all right.
Peter, what's going on?
Just how in the devil
do you expect me to know?
Come on, have a drink with me.
It'll be a lot easier
for you to enter hell.
- Black Whale ill here.
- Black Whale ill here.
If someone reads me,
please come in, over.
Black Whale ill here.
Black Whale ill here.
If someone reads me,
please come in, over.
Any sign of that boat,
or whatever we did see
last night, Captain Briggs?
No, Mr. Marvin, nothing.
Sir, we're continuing
- on our course.
- This is Black Whale III.
And we'll soon be arriving
in the area that
you wanna explore.
Do you read me?
Please come in, over.
Black Whale ill here.
Black Whale ill here.
If someone reads
me, come in, over.
I've studied the
ocean all my life.
I've been in some rough
situations, you know uh,
storms, fogs, even
a few hurricanes.
But, last night, I don't
know what to make of it.
I felt as if something
were playing with us.
Listen, Mr. Marvin,
I know last night
the whole thing was frightening,
but I have to believe that
there's an explanation.
There's fog on these waters
even at this time of the year.
And the rocking, it
must've been caused
by underwater currents.
You and your father better
leave the sea in peace.
And not tempt the
supernatural forces in it.
What do you mean?
What supernatural forces
are you talking about?
Listen, boy, not all
the seas are the same.
Look at this one, for example.
They call this the
sea of the gulf weeds.
It's so calm.
It's as if you could
see your own life in it.
I tell you boy, leave the
sea and its secrets in peace.
We're only gonna take
some underwater photographs.
- Respect its secrets.
- Don't provoke its wrath.
I must confess
that I almost decided
not to make this flight
when I found out the
pilot was a woman.
Don't worry, sir.
I have more than 3,000
hours of flying time,
mostly on charter
flights to these islands.
I'm fully licensed.
Bonanza extra alpha
tango echo Victor here,
calling Nassau's control tower,
on regular route to Grand Turk.
Visibility and
weather excellent.
Arriving Grand Turk
ETA, mm, 1300 hours GMT.
Now this is our
actual position,
and this is the place
you wanted to explore.
Ed, do you have an extra
set of diving equipment?
Peter, are you
coming down with us?
- Peter, diving?
- Are you kidding?
If he swallowed with some
water without whiskey
he would definitely die.
Hm, no, not for
me. Just for you.
They could take you down
to discover the ruins
and forget you in a
catacomb of Atlantis.
I don't need to
find any more ruins.
With you I have enough.
Take Peter
along as a shark repellent.
Not even they would
take him.
Thanks for your kindness,
dear sister-in-law,
but I can already see your
brave and courageous husband
floating like a toad into
the mouth of a shark.
Poor animal, he will
die of indigestion.
The thing I like best
about being a sailor
is having a girl in every part.
How many girls do you have, hm?
Oh, I've already lost count.
But right now I'm only
interested in one.
Only one? That's
not enough for a sailor.
I have one near the
house and two at school.
That's what he says.
None of those girls ever
pay him any attention.
- Oh yeah?
- I've kissed them all.
Don't worry,
it's the same with me.
She's just jealous
because she hasn't
got a boyfriend.
Diane, what advice
could you give me
so that I get a girlfriend?
Well, all of us
women are different.
We're already superior to men.
If you love the sea so much,
you should look for a mermaid.
What's wrong?
It's nothing, don't worry.
It's just an air pocket.
I must've slept a while.
We're almost there.
The radar's working
perfectly now.
There's a point on the screen
that looks like
a small aircraft.
Attention, bonanza extra
alpha tango echo Victor here.
This is an emergency.
I repeat, mayday,
mayday, mayday.
I don't understand
what's happening.
Some strange force
controlling the plane.
No visibility.
Can't control plane.
Attention, Bimini control tower.
Mayday, mayday, mayday.
Something strange is going on.
It's light.
It's light.
Radar lost 'em.
We are arriving now.
Gordon, Gordon, minimum speed.
Tony, 12 degrees at starboard.
Alan, did you fix the radar?
It's working fine.
Something strange happened.
I saw a light. I
thought it was a plane.
Then, a larger light appeared,
and they fused together,
and they both disappeared.
Tony, go to the
anchor, take the helm.
20 fathoms, 30.
We're in the zone.
Gordon, Gordon.
Stop the engines.
Tony, drop the anchor.
Yes, captain.
Good luck.
Thanks a lot, Alan.
Maybe I'll capture
your future wife.
What type of mermaid
do you prefer?
Short or long tail?
One like yours
will do.
Aren't you going
with them, Mr. Marvin?
Do I look like a fish
or something similar?
Why don't you go down?
Who, me?
No way, I'll stay in the galley.
I would never
have believed it.
Peter Marvin studying a
Marine navigation chart.
I simply wanted to know
the distance to the islands,
especially the closest
one to the boat.
Why all the interest?
Are you thinking
of visiting one?
I was calculating
the time it would take
to reach the closest
one, by swimming.
By swimming?
What kind of a foolish
idea is this one, Peter?
My dear, have you
forgotten that I was champion
in long distance
swimming in college?
Sure, in your bathtub.
All right, but doesn't
anyone think here?
Those planes and those
boats disappearing,
and last night this
floating bathtub
turned into a roller coaster.
And those birds. What
about those birds?
And the doll. Where
did it come from?
Have you ever
really looked at it?
I can assure you,
the thing is alive.
He's nuts.
I swear he's gone crazy.
Hmm, maybe, but I'm getting
off this floating tub.
I ordered Captain Briggs to
take me to the nearest island.
This decision deserves a toast.
What the devil
are you doing there?
Oh, Mr. Peter, thank you.
You saved my life.
The door closed on me.
What a fright.
Oh god, what a fright
I had. I was so cold.
What a freeze and scare I had.
I don't know why
you got so scared.
You won't die frozen. You'll
die in a different way.
That child is a devil.
They dove long ago. I don't
think they have much air left.
There was a sea quake.
Michele is trapped
under some rocks.
We need new tanks. Hurry.
Will she be all right, Alan?
What about Edward?
Dad's down there with her.
Don't worry. We'll
rescue her in a moment.
Get me another tank, a full one.
Tony, pass a long
cable to the bow winch.
We're gonna try and pull that
rock away from Michelle's leg.
Gordon, give me a new tank.
Start the engine.
When Tony signals
you, full speed ahead.
Simon, take the helm.
10 degrees at starboard.
Yes, you.
Hmm. Well, okay.
Full speed ahead.
Slow the engines.
Her legs are
badly hurt, careful.
Easy, please.
Oh, my poor darling.
They're completely
destroyed, right?
I hope this
floating tub of yours
has the necessary
first aid, my friend.
What do you need?
First of all, an anesthetic,
or some sleeping pills.
Anything to kill the pain.
Please help my
sister, Uncle Peter.
I'll do what I can.
Kim, you're going to help me.
Thank you, Peter.
Please leave the room.
I don't need an audience.
- Here, come.
- Out.
Do you think you
uh, can do anything?
Her wounds are serious.
All' I can do is stop
the hemorrhaging
until we reach a place
where I can operate.
The nearest island is Bimini.
Briggs is taking us there
as soon as possible.
Alan, try and make
contact with Bimini.
Yes, captain?
Tony, get that anchor up.
Yes, captain?
- Gordon...
- Attention, Bimini
- this is an emergency.
- Get those engines moving.
Aye-aye, sir.
This is Black Whale
[I out of Miami.
This is Black Whale
[I out of Miami.
We have a very
seriously injured girl...
Get that anchor up!
We have a...
Please come in, over.
- Gordon, full speed ahead.
- She needs medical attention.
Right away, sir.
If someone is listening
to us, please come in, over.
There's a lot of interference.
Keep trying.
Thank God everything's over.
When I saw her in the
middle of that avalanche,
I thought she'd never make it.
Michelle's wounds
are very serious.
Don't worry, Michelle
will be all right.
It's too bad it's all over.
Now we'll have to go back.
Listen, boy.
It's better to be on firm ground
than aboard a black
whale with 13 passengers.
What color would
Simon be when he dies?
Purple or white?
Diane, why must you always
be talking about people dying?
Because today I was talking
to a man none of you know,
and he told me about it.
You've got the worst habit
of inventing all kinds of lies.
They're not lies. I know
how everybody's going to die.
Simon is going to be the first.
How's Michelle, Pete?
I'm sorry, Sybil, her
legs can't be saved.
I didn't wanna tell
Edward and Kim.
It's likely they'll amputate
when we get to the hospital,
if she arrives alive.
Without amputating her legs, I
cannot stop the hemorrhaging,
and that's a decision
I can't make.
You've got to
tell them the truth.
They have a right to know.
I'll do it later on.
Why do you hesitate?
Aren't you sure about it?
Are you afraid of making a
mistake again in the diagnosis?
Are you afraid they'll save
her legs in the hospital
and you'll be humiliated?
Calm down, Sybil. You
don't have to get angry.
I can't be mistaken. It's
the truth, I'm sorry.
I haven't told them because,
because I respect their
sorrow at this moment.
You've got to tell
them, you have to.
Thanks for the drink.
I'll ask the captain
where we're headed for.
How's Michelle?
Oh, I don't know.
Peter has done what he could.
We're already on
our way to Bimini.
We'll be at the island by dawn.
Michelle will be in the
hospital tomorrow morning.
Bimini's the closest island.
Why not Nassau?
It'd take another
night to get there.
Do you think they'll have a
good hospital on the island?
There's a Naval base there
with a whole complete clinic.
You're the authority
on board, right?
- That's right, I am.
- Say what's on your mind.
What I wanna say is that
I don't like any of this.
The fog, the boat shaking,
the sea turning into
a strange color.
I don't really know what
happened down below,
but the sooner we get out
of this inferno, the better.
Mr. Marvin, this
is not the right time
to find an explanation of
the Bermuda phenomenon.
What we must do is get
Michelle to a hospital,
and Bimini is the
nearest island.
- Forget about Michelle.
- She can't be saved.
She could die any moment now.
What in the devil
are you saying?
I'm a doctor, even though
I might not look like one,
Captain Briggs.
And I know that if we don't
amputate both of her legs
she won't survive, and I
don't dare to do it aboard.
Well, if you're a doctor and
so sure of what you're saying
why don't you try saving her?
I've done whatever I could do.
All that remains is
to wait for the end.
Doctor, I feel sorry
for you. You're a coward.
A storm is approaching.
The barometer has
gone down a lot.
And the north wind
is blowing stronger.
Have you made
contact with Bimini?
Not with Bimini
or any other island.
I don't know what
the hell's going on.
We can't contact anyone.
Hey boy, come here a minute.
Here, Dave, you
might wanna read this
during the storm
that's gonna hit.
I can smell storms, boy.
And I promise you that
we'll be in a middle
of a big hurricane
before midnight.
Billy go to your
cabinet and stay there.
I don't want anybody on deck.
Yes, captain.
It's me, Alan.
Please, don't be alarmed.
We're going to have a storm.
Just keep your portholes
closed and nothing will happen.
All right, Alan. Thank you.
Where's your husband?
Where there's a
bottle of whiskey.
Yes. Who is it?
Mr. Marvin, please don't
bother to open the door.
Is Diane with you?
It's just that we're
gonna have a little storm
and the captain wants
everyone in their cabin.
Please keep your
portholes holes locked.
They're closed.
How's Michelle?
She's still unconscious,
but her breathing is better.
If there's anything I
can do, something you need.
Thanks, Alan.
Please let me know.
For worrying about Michelle.
Diane, what're you
doing out of bed?
- Mommy, she's thirsty.
- I'm going to the kitchen.
The poor little one is scared.
Diane, leave that doll alone.
Get back to your
bed, immediately.
And at what time have
you calculated our sinking,
my dear friend?
I don't really know.
But, what're you worried about?
You're already
drowned, in liquor.
Watch the radar.
Yes, captain?
Slow down the engine.
Yes, sir. Right away.
Mark, we're heading
for some rocks.
Impossible, the only
rocks marked in this area
are 70 miles away from here.
Then the compass is showing
the wrong route completely.
Look out, Tony, all
the way to starboard.
More rocks on
bow and starboard.
Turn to port side.
Captain, the
starboard engine's out.
The propeller must
have hit something.
Do the best you can.
We'll have to manage
with the other one.
We also have a leak down here,
but I think I can handle it.
Tony, go down and help Gordon.
Yes, sir.
Get the drainage pumps working.
Alan, the helm isn't responding.
It must have been
damaged from the blow.
We're moving away
from the rocks, Mark.
We're drifting, but at
least not toward the rocks.
Gordon, we have no steering.
Reduce speed to minimum.
Yes, captain. Right away.
Alan, come and help me
throw two short anchors
at starboard.
Aye-aye, sir.
Let's see if we can
compensate for the deviation
of the other engine.
I don't like any of this.
Something sinister
is following us.
Ed, where's Diane?
In her bed.
Where are you? Diane?
We're in its cross currents.
We won't be able to
hold on much longer.
Gordon, stop the engine.
Kim, wait!
- Diane!
- Kim!
- The Marvins fell overboard.
- Throw them a life preserver.
Gordon, keep the
child down below.
Mr. Marvin!
Help me lower the boat.
Tony, you're coming with me.
Alan, shoot up flares
every 10 minutes
so that we can get back.
Let's go.
Mr. Marvin?
Mrs. Marvin?
Mr. Marvin.
Mrs. Marvin.
Mr. Marvin!
Mrs. Marvin!
Look, captain,
a life preserver.
It's ours.
What's the matter?
It's Simon. You better
come to the kitchen.
Poor Simon, he fell with
the bottle and cut his neck.
Alan, somehow we have to
make contact with Bimini,
or some other place.
You want me to tell
"em what's been going on?
Do any of you really
know what's going on?
Gordon, cover him and
put him in his bunk.
I need a drink.
- Oh, poor little thing.
- You were thirsty, right?
Once and for all, I'll
throw that goddamn doll
into the ocean.
Gordon, let's
check the damages.
Come with me.
Mommy and Daddy?
Dave, where are they?
Where are Mommy and Daddy?
Have you felt much pain?
They took them.
They? Who are they?
The same ones that are
going to take all of us.
But they are not dead, you know.
They are with them, down below.
Diane, don't say that.
Don't pay any attention. The
child's a little nervous.
What happened?
Dave, tell me the truth.
Michelle, last night
during the storm,
Mom and Dad fell into the sea.
Oh my god.
Dave, if I should also die,
take care of Billy and Diane.
You're already a man.
The main leak is covered
by a plate we welded on.
There were other small breaks
where the water's coming in.
But as long as the
drainage pump is working,
there's no problem.
That's good news, but
they have to be fixed.
But the most important
thing right now
is to check the
propeller in the helm.
You know, captain, I've
been observing that child.
Maybe I'm crazy, but she
hasn't stopped whispering
to that horrible doll.
I can almost swear that
the thing answers her.
- That's enough, Gordon.
- Leave that child alone.
She's as frightened as we are.
Captain, that
girl is the devil.
Now will you stop
the nonsense, Gordon?
Fix the helm of the
propeller, and hurry it up.
What the hell's happening?
I don't know. I
can't understand.
I can't stop the engine.
Cut the fuel line.
I already did, and
nothing happened.
Did you push the start button?
No, captain, I
didn't do it, she did.
Ask her, you'll see.
She'll tell you.
She said we all have
to join the others.
What others?
All her friends.
She told me Mommy and Daddy
are there, and also Simon.
And you know something?
Gordon is on the way there too.
What is she talking about?
I don't know,
Alan. I don't know.
Attention, this
is an emergency.
Attention, this is an emergency.
This is Black Whale
[I out of Miami.
Black Whale I'll out of Miami.
We're damaged and adrift.
We're damaged and adrift.
We've got a seriously
injured girl aboard.
If someone's listening,
please come in, over.
Attention, this is an
emergency. This is an emergency.
Mayday, mayday, mayday, mayday.
This is Black Whale
[I out of Miami.
Black Whale I'll out of Miami.
We're damaged and adrift.
We're damaged and adrift.
We've got a very seriously
injured girl on board.
We've got a very seriously
injured girl on board.
If someone is listening,
please come in, over.
Nothing, captain.
this is an emergency.
This is cargo ship
Sandra on normal route
from Savannah, Georgia to
Puerto Cabello, Venezuela.
Our position is 30 degrees
southeast of Andros.
Strange things are to
happening to the ship.
Oh my god, it's
coming toward us.
It's on top of us!
Lieutenant Olson,
reporting to Coast
Guard station.
Found the Conamerica IV
mysteriously abandoned
400 miles southeast
of Bermuda, other day.
Nassau, flight 57 calling.
Attention Nassau, got
problems with controls.
Instruments malfunctioning.
That was flight 57, captain.
Mayday, mayday, mayday.
Black Whale III here,
Black Whale ill here.
We've got a seriously
injured girl aboard.
If someone reads me,
please come in, over.
Don't say anything to anyone.
Do you hear me?
Why did we hear the
communication of flight 57?
Why did we hear our
own communication?
I don't know, Alan.
I don't know.
She's going into a coma.
You have to be strong, children.
You have to do something.
You can't let her die.
I'm sorry, Dave, only
a miracle could save her.
And I don't believe in miracles.
You said that amputating
her legs could save her.
Why don't you try it?
Without the necessary
instruments, I don't dare.
She's very weak.
I don't think she can survive.
Uncle Pete, we can't just
stand here and not do anything.
We've got to attempt everything.
We have to take her to
land on one of the boats.
You're right.
Let's go and talk
to the captain.
There's nothing they can do.
Michelle, you're beyond hope.
It's the only chance, captain.
Whatever happens, we are
ready to take the risk.
Don't you see? We must do it.
Every minute we lose is
valuable to Michelle's life.
As much as you do, I
want Michelle to live.
And if you're determined,
there's nothing I can do.
It's not necessary for
them to take the risk.
We're about 80
miles from Bimini.
With the Zodiac at full speed,
I can put her in land
in about six hours.
Then I'll let the
Coast Guard know
and they can come
and rescue you.
Thank you, but someone
has to go with you
to take care of Michelle.
I'll go.
All right now,
watch your step.
Be careful.
You've got enough
gas for 20 hours.
More than enough.
Tony, come with me
to the stern of the yacht.
Aye-aye, sir.
Meanwhile, you're in
charge of the two children.
Goodbye, Michelle.
What stupidity.
When I told them I
wanted to go to land,
they should have
sent me in that boat.
They should have left my
niece in this floating coffin.
The logical thing is to save
the living, not the dead.
Please shut up, Peter.
It makes me sick to
hear you talk like that.
I can't stand it.
Huh, I am the one
who can't stand you.
You should be at the bottom
of the sea, not Ed and Kim,
in the company of
your relatives.
They're going to take
all of us, and you're next,
and you're next, Aunt Sybil.
God willing tomorrow
the helm will be fixed.
Do you think they're
in Bimini by now, captain?
By this time, your sister
should be in the hospital
in the hands of some
good doctors, Billy.
Don't worry, Dave.
Probably the captain and I were
wrong in figuring the time,
but we'll make it.
Uncle Peter.
I wanna talk to you
about my sister.
I think that from all
that's been happening,
she's going crazy,
or she's bewitched.
Well, that's not surprising.
All of us here are already
crazy or bewitched.
We're a lost cause,
my dear, Billy.
The yacht is out of order and
nobody's coming to our aid.
Your parents are dead.
Gordon's dead.
Simon's dead.
I wonder who'll be next?
It's them, Aunt
Sybil, it's them.
Tony, have you seen my wife?
The last time I saw her,
uh, she was at the stern,
having a cup of coffee,
on the upper deck.
Dave, where are we?
Please, don't worry.
Alan is taking us to a place
where they're gonna
take care of you.
It's late, Dave, too late.
Alan, why haven't
we arrived yet?
What's happened? Are we lost?
Please Dave, be patient.
Have faith in God. He'll
get us there, you'll see.
We'll look again.
It's useless.
I'm afraid my wife met the
same fate as the others.
My sister is dead.
She's dead, Alan.
Michelle has died.
Oh my god, why?
We're all gonna die, Alan.
This is Captain Mark Briggs
of the Black Whale III.
This is a general
call, mayday, mayday.
S-O-S, S-O-S.
This is an emergency.
Do you read me?
This is Bimini, this
is Bimini, captain.
We received your S-O-S.
Please give name
and position again.
Bimini, Bimini, thank
God you finally heard us.
This is Captain Mark Briggs
of the Black Whale III.
This is Captain Mark Briggs
of the Black Whale III.
That guy must be wrong,
or you didn't
understand the message.
The Black Whale I'll disappeared
with its entire crew,
and a family named Marvin,
about 12 years ago, my friend.