The Best of Times (2001) Movie Script

Come here!
I have to hang something
You never stop!
"""Okay, okay!"""
Get me the 8-God banner
I know what you need
"""Granny, where is it?"""
It's there!
I got it
"""Right, it's Dragon Boat Festival day"""
Here's the 8-God banner
I'll show you some magic
Watch this Here
"""1, 2, 3! It's here, right? Watch!"""
Why are you standing there?
Keep quiet!
"""Watch 1, 2, 3!"""
My kid brother plays tricks
Shut up!
My kid brother plays tricks
"""1 , 2, 3!"""
"""The water's boiling, quick!"""
Who are these gods?
The 8 Gods
I know that much!
Put it up
Your sticky rice is ready
How does it go?
Keep it level!
"""Dad, the water's too hot!"""
"""Ah Kee, what are you doing?"""
Washing my feet!
"""That water's for the rice,
not to wash your feet!"""
Damn it!
"""Careful, it's hot"""
"80 hot, so hot
Here's the sticky rice
Feels good!
You're soaked again! Every time it rains
Act your age! What's wrong with you?
Don't you ever listen?
Clean up your room! You never listen!
What's wrong with my room?
It's a pigsty!
"""If you hadn't squandered all our money,"""
We'd be better off
"""All right, Granny, don't go on at him
Min is sleeping"""
What is it?
Get Wei a towel
Why can't he get one himself?
Where's my mousse?
I didn't take it
"""Come on, get it for me"""
Here it is
"""Jie, what have you done?"""
The floor's all wet!
Mop it up! You hear me?
Why don't you do one of me?
Wouldn't you rather Min did one?
Don't you like hers better?
You do one
"""Don't want to, mine are no good"""
How come you're all wet?
Never you mind
Won't you catch cold?
Just be quiet!
"""Jie, won't you catch cold?"""
Stop pacing around! Sit down!
Where's the pen I was using yesterday?
"""Ah Jie! Ah Kee, come here and pray!"""
Come on! Did you hear me?
Mu-Dad' rm here..."-
Where's Jie?
"""Dad, I've done it"""
Ah Kee
"""Ah Jie, I've done mine"""
Aren't those the ones?
I want to do something like this
You'd find it easier to start with
a pencil sketch
Start with a sketch
I want to do this kind. Where is this?
Where you and your boyfriend...
How come the sea looks dead?
Does it?
"""Sure, there's no fish!"""
Here it's beautiful
"""See, the sun shines through the blue waves"""
guess so, it was just the way I saw it"""
But the most important thing
is my Bruce Lee!
"""No, no"""
Paint a Bruce Lee for me
Do one yourself
Please do Bruce Lee in oils for me!
Do it yourself!
"""Uncle, don't drink too much"""
Put your shirt on!
Put your shirt on!
More rice?
Put your shirt on!
Just had a shower, I'm still hot"""
Wear your shirt at the table
"""Dudu, can I have some rice?"""
Put it down.
Why don't you listen to your dad?
"""Ah Kee, you caught a cold?"""
Put on your shirt or I'll spank you!
Wipe your nose!
"""Dudu, turn down the TV, it's too noisy"""
Why is it always me?
Just the vegetables?
"""Granny, can I help you with anything?"""
I can manage
You can manage okay
"""Dad, did you try the lottery again?"""
I wouldn't dare
"""Jie, I don't have any rice"""
You don't? Hang on
"""Granny, does Dad still try the lottery?"""
"""He used to, but he's stopped now"""
Take this to Dad
You haven't given him any rice
He just wants vegetables
"""Ah Jie, any chilli sauce?"""
"""Oh, it's here never mind"""
"""Hello, good evening"""
First time here?
"""No, we're regulars I'm with Manager Ho"""
"""Ah, Manager Ho it's been a while"""
How's business?
"""Great, couldn't be better"""
Any nice chicks?
Everything you could want!
I'll tell them you're coming up
"""Hello, two coming up. It's Manager Ho"""
Ah Jie and I are very different
I've always thought of myself as a happy guy
A very particular kind of person
"""Pretty well grounded,
not much of a dreamer
It's just that
...l seem to hit too many bumps in the road
Good evening
"""Good-looking! Nice butt, too!"""
Feel this! I got a big one!
Ready for your best chicks!
Cut it out
"""Yes, sir they'll look after you upstairs"""
"""Hello, a group of three Weird guys"""
Roger! Upstairs copy!
My cousin Ah Jie completely hooked on conjuring tricks
He'd love to be able to transform
anything and everything
I remember when he was in junior high
He took a bus to Taichung all by himself
to look for his mother
But she brought him straight back here
That was on Mothers' Day
"""From that day on,
he's been the way he is now"""
Ah Jie and I are very different
My mother died of cancer
My twin sister Min has a terminal illness too
The family gets along okay
Let her rest.
"""You two are twins, and your sister's so ill
Are you gonna have a problem too?
What kind of problem?
How should I know?
Isn't it the same thing that killed your Ma?
Are you gonna have a problem too?
I don't know!
Give me a light
"""Fuck, I'll have to fix that light again tomorrow"""
Just tell your dad to put up less street lights!
This one is here so you can read the sign
He is the way!
You should cherish your life
and learn from me
For I am the truth
Shut up! Moron
Whose it that?
Who didn't clean up after themselves?
"""Naughty kid, I'll punish you"""
Ah Jie! Get a move on!
This should have been fixed earlier
I'm coming
Where's your spirit?
"""They're always going out, dunno why"""
Not even a spark of spirit I've had it
It needs a new bulb!
"""The way, the truth and the life
what the hell?"""
It breaks every three days
Hurry UP!
I was talking to Dad
Talking? While I'm waiting here?
I could do that
Then why don't you? You fix it!
Hold it steady
Hold this
It's always broken
ls this one a dud?
Bring it
"""No, I don't want to
Hold it
"""No, I don't want to carry the steps"""
""""The way, the truth and the light
I was right about that one"""
"""Here, I'll show you some magic. Watch"""
"""The marble is here, right?"""
I take this pen The marble's in this hand
"""Watch! 1, 2, 3! The pen's gone!"""
Seen that before
Seen it
ls the marble still in here?
Seen it
I showed you before?
Seen it
"""That's not cool, don't embarrass me"""
You showed me before
Embarrassing! What can I do?
Let's see...
I could make the paper bird fly
out the window
Or how about I think it and you
make it happen?
"""Okay, let's do it! Concentrate!"""
Are you sure?
"""Eyes closed, palms together
"""Eyes closed, concentrate
Palms together?
Think of one particular thing!
Not like Ah Kee does it
mu-Okay' rm thinking"...-
"""Okay, here it comes!"""
I'm thinking
Go! Go! Be serious!
Ah Jie!
What? What are you thinking of?
There's a unicorn
What is this?
It's fake!
"""Sorry, I hope it didn't scare you"""
"""Hey, this is yours"""
Thanks! Sorry
It's okay
That's a big horse!
Is that what you thought of?
What's happening?
No response
Damn it!
You idiot
Scared the shit outta me
You couldn't reach him?
Where the hell has he gone?
What next?
Any ideas?
Dear cousin I could economize
by making less hand-phone calls!
"""Shut it, dear cousin Don't tease me"""
"""Ah Jie, stop doing that"""
"""Don't worry, the water will carry them away"""
Weren't you gonna get me a job
doing valet parking?
Didn't you promise ages ago?
...l did' I did"...-
"""I'm waiting to hear, okay?"""
It's taking forever!
"""Ah Jie, be patient"""
It's not a question of patience!
Cool! Double flames!
Brother! Please!
I beg of you otherwise I'll die
"""Don't worry! I promise, it'll be okay!"""
What's a pig doing here?
Anyone raise pigs around here?
This'll blow you away
I'm gonna turn that pig black
Don't believe me? Just watch!
Black! Black! Turn black!
"""Look, people always need money"""
"""Stop doing that, okay?"""
Turn black!
I'll try one more time. Watch closely!
Ah Jie
Where's the pig?
Ah Jie! What else do you want?
Where the hell did it go?
"""Dear cousin, where is your black pig?"""
How should I know?
I really will turn it black
It's the gang
Hey! Ah Wei!
What's up? Long time no see!
Pretending not to know us?
"""No, I don't want any trouble"""
You think saying 'Hi' to me means trouble?
In fact it's just like this shithole here
full of garbage and fucked-up guys
Why should I feel unhappy?
"""Indeed, for me
getting used to such things
is a virtue in itself
My sister explained that to me
in the hospital
right after she gave up the therapy
It's just that getting used to all this crap
takes a little patience
Fuck VOL! guys!
Next time I see you I'll turn you into pigs
"""Cut it out, Ah Jie"""
I'm too mad to look for the pig
"""Ah Jie, have a smoke"""
Don't feel like it
Have a smoke!
How could a damn great pig just vanish?
Fuck! Morons!
"""Hey, isn't that it?"""
That goose
That's a duck
Who cares if it's a duck or a goose?
It must be somewhere around here
Help me look for it!
Look for what?
The pig! Aren't you listening?
You turned it into a goose
Get real! You don't believe that
"""Come on, help me find it"""
You must sleep well and get better
We'll wipe your body
It'll feel nice
"""Lt doesn't hurt, does it?"""
Everybody feels for you.
You don't need to worry
"""That feels good, doesn't it?"""
I don't think I'll get well
"""The house won't be that close by,
but don't worry about it"""
Your clad will build a bigger
house for you to live in
You won't miss this place
This house will still be here anyway
"""Aren't you worried, Granny?"""
"""No! Not very happy"""
No redevelopment here
As long as you get better
"""Don't worry,
your parents will always love you"""
That's good
One time I got drunk
I was stationed on Mt Turtle Island
The crabs there were bigger than these
was a mess sergeant, quite a high rank"""
One day our captain
He and some buddies got me drunk
And they put me on a boat
ended up on Taiwan, and I was discharged!"""
"""What could I do?
Anyhow, I was discharged"""
And see what's become of me!
My wife ran away
Never mind
I lost everything
"""Never mind, uncle Life begins at 70!"""
Let's get rich and go to Vietnam to find wives
"""Sure, why not, as long as we have money
"""Yeah! Come on, drink up"""
How will you get rich
if you gamble every day?
Keep the noise down
Min and Granny are asleep
Don't worry
"""Ah-Shiu, not so loud"""
"""Yes, yes, I'll be quiet."""
Take a seat
"""Sorry about this, I know you don't visit often"""
"""Sorry, but our Granny and Min are sleeping"""
Ah Kee!
"""Sorry, I'm peeing here"""
Ah Kee! Ah Kee!
He's not there
ls he here?
Not in there
Ah Kee!
"""Ah Kee, what are you doing there?"""
Some guys fell in the water
That's nothing to do with you!
Come home to eat crabs
"""That's right, that's right"""
happened to see it, they jumped right there
So they're rescuers
what are you doing here?
I was passing by
Two young men jumped in
couldn't stop them, so I called the police"""
Tell him what you saw
I was going along there
and I saw two men jump
You saw?
You really saw people jump in?
"""Two young men, they jumped into the water"""
You saw two young men jump?
Crazy! From where?
They jumped here
Why would anyone jump into
This filthy water?
"""Well, they did"""
Would you jump in?
He was wearing a shirt like yours
Like mine? And ...?
That guy he looked like you
You're asking for it! He looked like me?
Would I jump into such filthy water?
I'll throw you in if you go on
talking nonsense!
Sticky rice!
"""Mister, have some sticky rice Sticky rice!"""
Director Chang!
Why haven't you cast me in a film?
You're getting more handsome
""'You bet, but it's all wasted if you don't cast me""'
You bet!
Very Interested!
"""These are VIPs, give them good service"""
"""Wei is so good-looking,
you should cast him!"""
lulu-rake care' sir-m"
Take care
Look after him well
"""Good evening, sir"""
Ah Wei!
"""Are you all right, sir?"""
Couldn't be better
mu-Goodbye' sir"...-
"""Director Chang, cast me in a film!"""
No problem
I want to play the lead!
"""Sure, no problem"""
Hello? Speaking
I'll be right back
"""Okey, bye"""
Brother Tse
You have to go?
A customer needs his car
Go if you have to
Take care of yourself in Taipei
I'll walk you back
"""No need, it's raining. I can go alone"""
"""It's all right, I'll stop off at the john anyway"""
Let's go together
Come to Yilan when you have time
How is your sister these days?
She's about the same
"""Brother Tse, the car's here"""
mu-Okay' take care"...-
"""Don't forget, visit me in Yilan"""
I will
I'll go freshen up
Brother Tse Bye
"""Hey, kid!"""
Can I help you?
"""Hey, kid! It's a Mercedes! Cool!"""
What do you want?
Nothing We saw a dog pissing here
"""We did you a favor, scaring it off"""
So we're
Kids! You got a problem?
Mu-No' nothing..."-
No problem at all
"""Sorry, I won't do it again"""
Let's talk over there
"""You go ahead, quick! Go ahead"""
"""Sorry, it was my mistake"""
"""Brother Tse, I'll go now"""
mu-Okay' hurry"...-
"""Bye, Brother Tse"""
My sister really did break up with him
On the day she found out she had leukemia
He really did break up with my sister
You don't need to worry so much
You won't be homeless
What will the kids have when they grow up?
At least you won't be homeless
You were always useless!
"""But you will have a place to live, right?"""
Don't you dare!
You never bring home any money
Where are you going?
"""Min, are you throwing out all these books?"""
What a shame
What is it? You're too slow!
What are you looking for?
What stuff?
Where's my hat?
How should I know?
It's your responsibility
Why wear a hat to play mahjong?
Where is it?
You lost when you got drunk yesterday
How should I know where it ended up?
Help me find it! Come on!
See where it's got to
""" Jie hurry """
What's the rush?
You're too slow
You should take care of it yourself
What's the rush?
You couldn't find it
We're not at war! What's the rush?
Ready? Sit tight
"""sit tight' okay?"""
"""Hey, Dad!"""
Nothing I was calling my Dad
I'm going now
Drive carefully
mu-Okay' rm having"...-
What's the rush?
Got things to do
What things?
Got an appointment
"""Hi, Meizi!"""
Wei! What brings you here?
Ah Hua told me to come
This is Ah Jie
"""How are you doing Jie?"""
Why weren't you at work yesterday?
I went to Chungli with some friends
Why Chungli?
"""I'll tell you later, come in first"""
Vice President
This is Wei and Jie
Nice to meet you
I'll go find Brother Hua
Who's that guy?
My buddy
Brother Hua
"""Noisy here, isn't it?"""
Fuck! You have to talk so loud?
What's the fuss about?
Tell those two kids to come in
"""Hi boss"""
I'll need two guys to pick up
"""all the cash tonight, okay?"""
"""All right, Brother Ma?"""
"""Fine, no trouble at all"""
"""Brother Gu, I'll wait outside"""
I see
Ah Hua!
I hear Wei's a good worker
He's perfect
ls that so?
The company needs manpower
Transfer him to the business department
Give him a chance
Who's this?
"""Brother Gu, this is my buddy Jie"""
"""Nice to meet you, Brother Gu"""
Ah Jie?
What did you do before?
I was with a ceremonial troupe in temples
A ceremonial troupe?
Could you fit in here?
I think so
Are you sure?
Stick with Ah Wei and learn from him
The company will treat you well as
long as you work hard
I didn't drink much tonight
How come I'm so drunk?
"""Everybody out! Listen to me, all of you!"""
Attention! Stand still!
Salute! Attention!
You're all useless!
Train you well usually,
but today's a write-off"""
Stand still!
Don't make more trouble for me
I usually train you well
You're all making trouble for me
Are you going to bed?
""""Don't sleep, okey?"""
How was it on Mt Turtle Island?
Tell me
Wake up!
Ah Wei!
Your uncle is taking me to Mt Turtle Island
ls that okay?
Ah Wei! Do you hear me?
Why don't you answer me?
"""Time to sleep, Dad, it's late"""
I know it's late
Your uncle's taking me to Mt Turtle Island
"""Dad, the lottery closes tomorrow"""
"""Oh, the lottery!"""
"""If I win, I won't get drunk"""
What is taking so long?
The ignition key jammed?
It's okay now
"""Hey, are they going to my place?"""
Let's go! Let's get there and come straight back
...Bye' Uncle!...
"""Auntie, sister, good to see you"""
Granny! Sister! The doctor's here
Sister! The doctor's here to see you
"""Young man, may I sit there?"""
"""Hey, I'll show you some magic"""
Let's change seats I'll show you
"""Sure I will, just watch me"""
"""Here's a dollar coin, right?"""
"""1, 2, 3! It's here, right? Watch closely"""
"""1, 2, 3! It's gone!"""
You hid it in your pocket
I don't have any pocket
How did you do that?
"""I'll bring it back. 1, 2, 3!"""
Want to see it again?
"""I'll do it again, watch closely"""
I'll do it slowly
1, 2, 3!! It's gone
"""You're good, very good"""
"nun-s gone' right-y..."
You are really good
"""Ah Jie, does your cell-phone work here?"""
Mu-Okay' I know..."-
We missed our stop!
""""Ah Jie, hurry!""""
Slow down. Wait for me
We missed the stop! Hurry!
You're as white as a corpse!
Let me catch my breath
Ah Wei! It's so heavy!
It's really heavy!
"""Wei, shall we look inside?"""
You open it
"""Hey, what's the matter with you?"""
Ah Wei! Are you okay?
Ah Wei! Want to see?
You take a look
I've seen it
Want to take a look?
What are you two doing here?
Nothing He's carsick
Carsick? A kid like him gets carsick?
Don't throw up there!
Use the garbage bins at the back!
Don't do it there!
Let's go. Sorry!
Let's get outta here. Or he'll find he's
out of gas and ask us to push!
"""Hey, kids! Will you do me a favor?"""
Let's get out of here!
Wait for me
"""Ah Min, if there's nothing else,
I'll leave now"""
She's worried about her hair
I'll ask Dudu to buy her a wig
"""Sister, you want it straight or curled?"""
She cares so much about how she looks
"""Ah Min, you said I was pretty
Our Min was pretty before
"""She still is now
With a wig, she'd be beautiful"""
She's beautiful even without one
She's always beautiful
"""Min, I'm leaving"""
I'll see her out
"""Granny, I'm leaving"""
"""Sister, are you hot?"""
Sweating a lot
You feel very hot? ls that better?
It's hard for you all
It's hard for Dad too
"""It's hard for her, and for all of you too
It's to be expected"""
The doctor will do all he can
"""If anything changes, just call us"""
The doctor will take care of it
Don't worry too much
Thank you
Don't neglect yourselves for her sake
Dad must take care of himself too
I'll see them off
"""Dad, what's going on?"""
Out of the way!
What is it? How is sister?
"""Sister, how are you?"""
It's okay. No change
Did the doctor say anything?
It was just a check-up
Why are you sweating so much?
I don't know
"""I'm busy daytime, but I'll
keep you company in the evenings"""
I'm free then
"""Ah Wei, you know what?"""
I used to feel that time has stopped
But as I think about it
it feels more as if it's me
who has stopped, not time"""
I hate going to the hospital
All those tests
hate it, I really hate it"""
I'm always trying to find things
to say to Sister
"""At first, she tried to make me feel better"""
She'd say that she was used to her illness
But these days she's always throwing up
Even when she's dreaming
She keeps saying
that Dad didn't look after Mother well
He went gambling every day
Ah Min left the family
Later she said she'd been naive
Now she always thinks
that the happiest thing is
just to go on living
That's the happiest thing
Hello? Yes
I've been busy day and night
"""Look' he-s dead"""
You'll never see him again
What the hell is this government doing?
Isn't it shameful?
We spend 40 or 50 years fighting for
the nation
and end up in Taiwan without
proper healthcare!
Nobody cares if we die!
This damn government never
looked after him
"""All right, all right I sorted out his things"""
Come and take a look
He wanted his effects sent back
to his hometown
No problem
Ah Jie!
Come here!
What's this? It's heavy
Anything else?
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
Are you crying?
Mu-Hey' your hat..."-
Where to?
To fetch my bike
I parked it over by the temple
Why the hell did you leave it so far away?
"""Ah Jie, got a light?"""
Got a light?
I only just fixed it!
"""Yeah, hang on
"""Pity, it's out of gas"""
Where's your bike?
I told you already
Why so far away?
Ah Wei
Ah Jie
Your Buddy?
"""Yeah, My younger brother."""
You did a great job
Brother Joe has brought you a gift
Brother Ma
Open it
Be careful!
"""Thank you Brother Ma, Brother Joe"""
This is something special for you guys
That's enough
"""Okay, you can go now"""
"""Yes Thank you, Brother Ma"""
We'll wait outside
How about eight hundred...
"""I'm giving you one bullet,"""
just for protection
Don't load it
"""Thank you, Brother"""
"""Bad luck today. Stop playing.
No luck today, I'll stop."""
"""Come on, quick"""
You've lost all that in one day?
I couldn't help it
Then you shouldn't go on playing!
"""Okay, never mind"""
Don't lose your temper!
I can't help my temper
You lost so much and you
want to go on playing
I'm in luck!
"""Come on, hurry up!"""
"""Okay, I'm quitting!"""
Why? How can you do that?
You quit just like that?
I don't mind that I lost
How can we play without you?
You can go on without me
What's the problem?
I'm quitting!
What do you mean?
What do you want?
I've stopped playing!
Fuck! What's wrong with you?
Don't fight!
Stop that! What do you want?
What am I doing? Why are you yelling?
Why are you yelling?
"""Come on, let me take a look"""
"""That went well
Hardly had to open our mouths,"""
"""and they handed over 100,000"""
You want to see the money?
You took out the gun the
moment we walked in!
Of course they were scared!
That's what the gun is for!
"""Are you thick, or what?
Where's the gun?"""
Don't show it on the street!
Let me see the bullet! Come on!
Be careful
It's real!
Don't hold it up like that!
Don't hit my head!
How many times must I tell you?
"""You're such a cute little dick,
I can't resist doing it"""
Cute little dick? Fuck you!
Those friends of yours ...They should
remember he's our brother-in-law
Beating him up like this
If people hear that your friend did this to you
You'd die of shame
What do you know?
You just jabber on and on
They shouldn't use violence!
"""Shut up, woman!""""
What do you know about it?
What if he'd lost an eye?
Have you finished?
Next time you drink, keep your voice down"""
"""Better, keep your mouth shut!"""
You don't want any more injuries like this
Where are the scissors?
Where are they?
What happened?
"'It's nothing, he'll be fine with some ointment on it"'
It's nothing
"""Sergeant, did you fall down?"""
Just go up to bed
What happened to him?
Don't go on about it
I got drunk and fell over
"""Ah Jie, I'm going"""
Did you really fall down?
That's right
It's nothing serious
"""Ah Kee, what happened?"""
My dad was beaten up
"""Never mind, go up to bed"""
"""Ah Kee, keep quiet"""
Who did it? His mahjong partners?
"""All right, that's enough!"""
I should sleep?
Go up to bed!
Shut up
Who beat you up?
The mahjong players?
Who then?
It was
Uncle's friend
""" Kee shut up"""
Go take your shower
Uncle's friend did this?
Uncle! It's your friend did it?
He's your father!
Show him some respect!
Got a problem with that?
Or are you too much of a big shot now?
Do you live here?
Go up to bed
Go up to bed!
Take a shower
"""All right, that's enough ointment!"""
"""Well, Brother-in-law
Shut up!
Don't be angry.
Who's the master of this house?
Calm down ls it my home or his?
I'm warning you No more gambling!
All right
"""You piece of shit, you always make trouble"""
Go to hell!
Don't ever overturn the table again!
"""I won't, I won't""""
Ah Jie!
"""Closed up for the day, Uncle?"""
"""Ah Jie! Let's go back, okay?"""
"""Ah Jie, what are you doing here?"""
"""Nothing, Uncle, just taking a stroll"""
"""It was you, right?"""
Your hair
What are you doing?
He's gone crazy!
Fuck you!
What are you doing?
What do you want?
What do you think I want?
Ah Jie!
Where'd you get the gun?
It's a toy
Ah Jie!
Where did you get it?
Don't do anything stupid
Ah Jie! Let's go!
Don't be stupid
"""Ah Jie, have you gone mad?"""
You want some of it too?
It's none of your business
I'm your uncle
I don't care who you are
Where did you get the gun?
What's the matter with you?
Where did you get it?
I'm your uncle
Makes no difference
Let's go.
"""Uncle, don't mind him I'm sorry"""
"""It's not loaded, you have the bullet"""
Fuck! You tricked me!
I did not!
How could you lose your cool like that?
Stop pacing around!
I didn't trick you
You'll be in deep shit if you go on like that
Deep shit?
I'm right
Can't you read? "I am the way..."
I know
No use talking to a crazy monkey
Let's do this
"""I'll keep the gun, you keep the bullet"""
"""I'd feel safer if we keep them separate, okay?"""
So I'll keep the gun
"""How about I keep the gun,"""
you keep the bullet?
"""Makes no difference anyway,
because I can do magic"""
"""Anyhow, they'll be kept separate"""
You can do magic? Go on then
Control your temper! I mean it
"""If you say that again, I'll turn you into a fish"""
Go ahead
If I'd loaded this bullet in the gun
it would've been all over for you
If I wanted to shoot for real
If I wanted to shoot for real
it wouldn't matter if it was loaded or not
can do magic, man"""
Abracadabra Bang!
Blow his brains out!
"""Damn, mind where you point it!"""
Mind your hand!
You'll get hurt!
Why did you tear up my magazine?
Who'd want to do that?
It must've been Ah Kee
Still awake?
Why are you up so late?
Why aren't you sleeping?
"""Uncle, I'm going home now"""
Very well. Go home.
You should get some rest
"""What's up Dad?"""
"""Wei, I want you to spend more time
with your sister"""
She doesn't even watch the fish any more
"""And she never takes walks
Just hides away in her room, writing"""
I will
Just give her a bit more of your time
I don't know what to say to her
I think she still blames me
"""Keep your voice down, Dad"""
So I want you to stay with her a bit more
I will
know, I should get some rest"""
"""Your elders have had breakfast,
been out and come back!"""
"""So much to do, but you do nothing!"""
He's going to do something
I'm doing the laundry
You must do something!
You young people
You're barely human!
You two Spend all day rushing about
"""If you've nothing better to do, mop the floor!"""
Get Dudu to do it
Why should I do it?
Someone has to do it
"""You're an adult, but you still don't listen.
Never seen anything like it"""
Okay Nothing better to do than work
Sister looks very well today
Does she?
She hardly slept last night
But she looks well today
Don't talk nonsense
Ah Wei! Let's go
I'll come back to take you for a
walk this afternoon
mu-Min' rm going now"...-
What's wrong with you?
What's the matter with you?
"""If I threw up like that in the morning,
I'd pass out!"""
"""Hey, is this the right door?"""
"""Fuck, this door opens by itself!"""
"""Ah Jie, doesn't this seem a bit odd?"""
"""Nah, what seems odd?"""
Isn't that Ah Kun's motorbike?
"""It's nothing like it, come on.
Which floor?"""
Ah Jie! I'm sure that was Ah Kun's bike
"""So what? If he's there,
he can kneel down to us! Fuck!"""
You got the bullet?
We won't need it
Come on We'll just show them the gun
I didn't bring it
Don't play dumb
I swear!
"""Just for a moment, come on!"""
I really didn't bring it
Who is it?
"""We're ...See, it ain't Ah Kun."""
Not his voice Better luck than last time
Who is it?
We're Brother Hsu's friends
"""Don't panic, it'll be fine"""
Good day.
We're looking for Brother Hsu
Looking for Hsu?
Brother Hsu! Two kids looking for you
What are you on about now?
You're unhappy?
You don't want me to go shopping?
What are you buying?
Why do you want me to stay home all day?
I can send someone out to buy
anything you want
I like going shopping myself!
Even wash your underwear,"""
and you're still not happy?
Might as well throw it all away then
What are you talking about?
Brother Hsu! That
Now what?
Can't I go shopping?
Is it safe for you to walk around out there?
Then I won't go
What if something happened
to you out there?
You's always so goddam noisy!
She's been moaning since she got up!
What am I going to do with her?
They want to see Hsu.
Take care of them for him
What do you want?
Sorry to bother you
We're collecting a debt ...from the nightclub
Brother Gu's
What the fuck? Brother Cool?
Who the fuck is Brother Gu?
He owns that fucking nightclub!
What's going on?
They sent you two
What's with you? How come?
We're just here to collect a debt
Collect a debt?
What's this? You're not happy?
Let's talk Come here
Can't I touch your head?
What's this debt?
Don't touch my head!
Jay. Don't
Don't like your head touched?
What are you doing now?
You want money?
We'll leave if you pay up
This son-of-a-bitch is carrying a gun!
Is that a toy gun?
Collecting a debt?
"""We'll go, okay?"""
Get up!
I told you to shut up
Ah Jie!
Don't mess with them! We'll go!
You shut up!
"""We'll forget the debt, okay?"""
Brother Hsu! Will you take care of this?
Nothing to do with me! What did I do?
They got a gun
They want to collect some debt from you
And what debt is that?
What debt?
You're not satisfied?
Who sent you?
Shut up! Who sent you?
You aren't talking? Fuck you!
Fuck you!
Ah Jie!
Who sent you?
Give him back his gun
You talk plenty
Come on
Ah Jie!
Aim well!
Have you got the balls?
Ah Jie!
You talk plenty
"""Ah Jie, don't lose your temper"""
"""Go on, shoot! Aim well!"""
Ah Jie!
You come here with a gun. Big deal!
Mu-Go on' sheen..."-
"""Hey, my bike!"""
Leave it
Fuck you! Move it! There! Quick!
Boss! Wait!
What? Hurry up!
I can't go out dressed like this
Fuck you! Don't run!
Throwing UP?
What shall we do?
What shall we do?
Where's the gun?
You Fuck!
"""All right, call Brother Gu"""
Where's the bag? You left it there?
I didn't have it!
Hello? Brother Gu? I...
"""No, we left the gun behind"""
Ah Jie fired it
Fuck you!
What's going on?
He said he didn't know us
Fuck! Tell him to eat shit
Now what?
Is it broken?
Mr Extravagant!
Now what?
How should I know?
We left the bag and the gun
Why the fuck did you fire the gun?
You said it wasn't loaded
I didn't bring the bullet!
Then how come it was loaded?
How should I know?
Brother Tse
"""Ah Jie, come here"""
What's up? What's going on now?
Something happened
Something wrong? This is your friend?
My cousin Ah Jie
Brother Tse
Something serious?
"""Well, come back with me first
Get in the car"""
You're back
"""How are you, Ma'am?"""
My friends from Taipei
What's going on?
They'll stay for the night
Any room free?
"""Yes, up there.
At the very end, on the corner"""
Go ahead
This is your room
Come to my room
Brother Tse
Your fish tank is exactly like ours at home
Ours has that same red plant
Really? Can't be
I put some new fish in it just the other day
My sister set it up with you?
That's right
She'd quarreled with your dad
She stayed here with me
I took her scuba diving
"""Brother Tse, you like scuba diving too?"""
My sister has a wet suit just like that
I saw my sister's
Let's not talk about that
Tell me what happened to you
It's a little misunderstanding
"""Misunderstanding? If you two were
misunderstood,it must be quite serious"""
It was a huge fuck-up
His being born was a fuck-up
Shut up!
"""Hey, I want to call home, okay?"""
"""Me too, but there's no way"""
Wait till later
"""It's a crap TV set, but at least it works"""
Are we out of beers?
How do you change the channel?
Drink mine
I don't want to drink yours
What's that?
Let's go see
He can play the piano!
"""Come in, don't just stand there"""
"""Brother Tse, you play the piano
Sit down. Never seen anyone play piano?
"""No, we're just surprised"""
Haven't practiced for a while
I should practice every day
I stopped when I went to Taipei
Ah Tse! Tse! Yi-Tse!
Didn't you say you'd go eel-fishing?
"""Go now, or you'll be too late"""
I'll get changed
"""Get a move on! The sooner you go,
the quicker you'll be back"""
There's a lot to do here
need you back here to help, Understand?"""
mu-OK' I got it..."-
Be quick
You take care
"""Mind the current, you hear me?"""
"""Come on, let's go to the beach"""
The beach?
"""Ah Wei, turn Off the light"""
Which one is he?
There's so many out there
Just call his name!
Brother Tse!
Brother Tse!
Hey! Turn that off!
Didn't you hear?
What the hell does it matter?
You idiot
Don't you get it?
"""There's so many out there, which one is he?"""
Stop using the flashlight! Let's go
Why are they shouting at us?
Turn off the damn flashlight!
How do you turn it off?
Just twist it
Are you tired?
You shone the flashlight on them
It's not allowed
That's why they didn't catch much
What's wrong with you?
"""He does it all the time, I got used to it"""
He can't drink. He's often like that
"""Brother Tse, is there a clinic
or hospital around here?"""
I'd like to see a doctor
Are you drunk or sick?
See a doctor after having a few beers?
"""My gut aches, I don't feel well"""
Really don't feel well?
"""Yes, really...
We'll get you to a doctor
I'll take him to a doctor
Does he need one?
He just needs to lie down for a bit
You shut up
Keep an eye on these for me
I'll get some sleep
Stay back if you want to sleep
Dawn's not far off. The tide will rise
Okay don't be long
I'm just going to see a doctor
You're such a fake
"""The hell with it, I'll get some sleep"""
I'm going to shit!
You can't hold it?
I'll help you
"""Take it outside, Dudu, throw it away"""
"""Ah Min, where is the pain worst?"""
You'll be better soon
You'll feel better once it's out
I'll wipe you
Can you manage?
I'm going to shit!
Know it hurts, just hang on"""
Don't forget to come back to see us
"""Be sure you come back, remember that!"""
"""Come, I'll help you over the bridge to the
other world. Let Granny help you"""
Where's the pain?
You can't avoid it
You'll have to recognize us
Don't forget to come back!
"""Call your brother, tell him to come back"""
That must be the Mt Turtle Island
which Dad goes on about
"""You really like fooling around, kid"""
You're back at last! They've
been waiting for you
Waiting for me?
"M-Go on in' quick"...-
Had fun? Couldn't tear yourself away?
Dry your hair and get changed
I called a cab for you already
Go back to Taipei with Ah Wei
"""Ah Tse, watch the front desk
I'll take a nap"""
Help him with his problem
What's going on?
Something urgent in Taipei
"""Hurry, get changed"""
"""Ah Wei, slow down ...My feet ache"""
Ah Wei! Who are those guys?
They know we live here?
"""Come on, let's get out of here"""
"""Hey, kids!"""
Ah Jie! Quick!
Ah Jie! This way!
Hurry! Fuck you!
Hack him to death! Damned kids!
"""You two, cut through there"""
This way!
Mu-No' 'ms wavy-m-...
This way is better for home
They'll be waiting at the door!
"""I'll circle around, See you at the bridge"""
What are you doing?
Is anybody there?
"""It's safe, no-one here"""
Son-of-a-bitch! Where can you hide?
Get him! Kill him!
Out of the way!
Run some more!
Get up!
I'm hurt!
Get up!
It hurts so much
Keep going
left home for a time"
"""Let him read it, Give it to him to read"""
See how he feels
"Since I was little I always remember
the sound of arguments at home"
"And when Mother left
I began to hate this family"
Read it louder! I want to hear it
"After a while away from home
I completely forgot this family"
"Until the day I got sick"
""""Dad, you were watching me at the hospital""""
"And I suddenly realized
that I did belong in this family"
leaving now, I owe this family too much""""
"I came into the family
a minute earlier than Ah Wei"
"As an elder sister
I will always miss my dear
younger brother and sister"
""""And Granny and Dad, you love me so dearly""""
"I hope I can be your child again
in the next life"
""""Then I'd always be with you,
with the whole family, With all of you""""
"Now I leave you - Sister"
Nothing to say?
What are you on about now?
You spoiled him
spoiled you, too"""
My grandchildren have grown big in my care
You only thought about making money
and running around
Did you ever notice how much they suffered?
You were like a wild beast! Useless!
Didn't you ever think about feeding
and supporting them?
You still fooled around every day
even when your wife died
Get up
mu-Brother' get up"...-
"""Fuck you! "The way, the truth and the life""""
Where's your magic?
How can bullet be there?
I'll get the water
Burn a pair of shoes for her
"""Gone, she's gone. What can we do?"""
mu-Granny' Water"...-
Hot or cold?
"""Hot water, Hot water is cleaner"""
I'll wipe these things clean
She's gone
"""Dudu, my kid brother died"""
This morning?
"""Yeah, my kid brother died"""
"""Granny, go see what happened"""
"""Cousin, cousin!"""
"""Cousin, my kid brother died
My kid brother died
Go see what happened
"""Brother, where are you going?"""
Sister died, and a kid brother too
My kid brother died
Fuck! Who are you honking at?
Why were you honking?
Fuck you! Fuck you!
Where did he go? Where did he go?
Over there!
"""Get him in the car first, quick!"""
Fuck you!
"""Fuck you! Get him in the car first, quick!"""
What are you doing there?
Where else should I be?
What took you so long?
"""Quick, what are you doing?"""
There's no-one here.
What are you afraid of?
Is it you?
"""Who else? Quick, what are you doing?"""
Got you! Kill him!
Ah Jie! Get up!
This way!
"""Last time, taking that way killed me!"""
"""Hang on Jie"""
Quicker! Stop running!
"""Go on, run!"""
Where can you run to now?
Where can you run to now?
"""Go on, run!"""
Run! What are you looking at?
Where can you run to now? Run!
Where can you run to now?
"""Go on, run!"""
My cousin Ah Jie completely hooked on conjuring tricks
He'd love to be able to transform
anything and everything
Ah Jie and I are very different
I've always thought of myself
As a happy guy
A very particular kind of person
"""Pretty well grounded, not much
Of a dreamer
It's just that
...l seem to hit too many bumps in the road