The Betrayal (2021) Movie Script

(dramatic music)
(upbeat music)
- [Diamond] Being
betrayed can have you
in a cold, dark space.
Have you thinking that
you going fucking crazy.
I was with somebody
for four years
who I thought was my everything,
just to find out I was
another bitch he was playing.
My name is Diamond,
24 years old,
from Brooklyn, New York.
But let me introduce you
into the cold world
of being betrayed.
Stroke my ego,
don't be shy, girl
Help protect a nigga pride,
help protect a nigga pride
Know you're rocking
with a real one
Why, 'cause you can
see it in my eyes
Devil praying I demise
Back against the wall
Head held high, they
keep praying that I fall
But you don't understand
how you never get to ball
I ain't have to sell my soul
And I ain't answer
Satan's call at all
Fuck meditating,
I'm losing patience
- I'm fucked up.
10 at you too, bruh.
- Bruh, you doing
all that 'bout a 10,
boy, them folks just fucked
you up that bad in a dice game,
you crying to a dude?
- Damn, you the bullshit, bruh.
I can't get my 10 back, bruh?
- Man, I got you, bro.
- Where the fuck my new spot at?
- Man, right here by the
gas station, man, same spot.
- You talking 'bout the goddamn.
- Man, crazy man,
the Rap Cafe, man.
- That's the same
thing, crazy man!
- Man, Marmaduke's on
10 man, bring yo ass on.
- Man, what?
We be going 80, boy.
- 80?
- Man, you think she'll fuck
with a nigga one time, bruh?
- We all eat bread,
bruh, you know I got you.
- Man, I'm for real, Tez.
- And I got you.
(phone ringing)
Just come on!
- What's up?
- [Diamond] Now this is Devin,
I bet y'all been waiting to see
who the hell is this nigga
I was talking about, right?
Me and Devin been messing around
for I will say about seven
years, been together four,
we break up so much.
He just can't never seem to
keep his dick in his pants.
I don't know what's going
on, I mean I love him,
but sometimes I wanna kill him.
I don't know,
but it's just like that
saying, matter fact,
that saying true,
"For the love of money
is the root of all evil."
How far will somebody go
to really cross you out?
I don't know, I love him,
but sometimes I got
a question that,
will he cross me
out for some money.
- And it's cap, the
nigga ain't talking about
no money, bruh.
No, nigga ain't
talking about no money,
but don't answer the
phone for the nigga, bruh.
- What's up, Unc?
- What's up, nephew?
- Where Mama at?
- She stepped out for a lil
bit, you brought that for me?
- Yeah, I got that for you unc.
- [Diamond] Now this
nigga here, this Cortez.
Him and Devin been best friends
for a good lil minute.
Now, if you wanna know
the definition of loyalty,
yeah his name will pop up.
He's just so damn loud.
- You been aight out there?
- I been aight, just chilling.
- You sure?
Don't lie to me now, you
tell me the truth, now.
- Unc, you know I
wouldn't lie to you.
- Now you heard about what
happened down the street,
them two brothers?
One of 'em ended up dead.
- Damn!
- Can you say betrayal?
- Damn, that's how the game go.
- Unc, what's going on, Unc?
- What's up, D?
- You know me, Unc, slow
motion, man, how you feeling?
- Man, you know me, I'm
blessed and highly flavored.
- That shit lame as hell, Unc.
- Hey, how you doing?
Welcome to Intarap Cafe.
- You got a cigarette?
I'm just bullshitting,
but can I see a menu?
- What's your name?
- My name TK, can I get that
chicken and shrimp salad?
- Sorry, we only
got barbecue today.
- Bro, where I know you from?
- Bruh, you don't know me.
- Nah, you look
real familiar, bruh,
and I don't forget faces.
- Sure you probably
seen someone,
but you don't know me, bruh.
- Aight, lil bruh.
- Talking about.
Damn baby, I don't even eat
no more red meat no mo'.
- Sorry
- It's cool.
When Ms. Felicia come back?
- Tomorrow afternoon.
- Let her know TK came by.
- Sure thing.
- Bruh, you know that nigga?
- Yeah, that's Pee
Wee lil brother.
- I knew it, bruh, I
knew I wasn't tripping,
nigga act like he don't know
who the fuck I'm is, bruh!
- Yeah you done
lost a lil weight.
- I knew I wasn't tripping,
I knew I knew that
nigga in here, man!
- Yeah, that's that nigga.
- Cap ass nigga.
- Yeah.
(pensive music)
Came outta nowhere
Make me feel
something I wanna feel
Life really ain't fair
- [TK] Alicia?
- Hey.
- Got something to tell you.
- [Diamond] Now Alicia,
that's one down ass bitch.
She been loyal since day
one, that's Devin's sister.
Now, I trust her with my life.
She a real one, but she holding
in a lotta deep secrets.
They say a lil smile can
hold back a million tears.
Let's just say she
holding a lot back,
for her husband,
Michael, but he go by TK.
You'll see what
I'm talking about.
(wistful music)
(distant siren wailing)
- Yeah, you know it man.
- I'ma fuck with it.
- Aight, man, have a good one.
- Yeah.
- Where the fuck my money?
- Man, hold up, man, hold up.
- Pee Wee, where the fuck
my money at, Pee Wee?
- Man, nigga stole my
shoes, stole my girl shoes
and they stole my car, man!
- Nigga, caught you
slipping like that?
- Matter of fact and
the money I owe you man,
that shit was in the car too!
- It was in the car too?
- Hell yeah, man.
Man, come on.
- Where that money at nigga?
- Man, hold on man,
I'ma pay you back!
I'ma pay you with interest
and everything tho bruh.
- Fuck wrong with you nigga?
Fuck up nigga!
- Damn, spare him one
time, bro, he good for it.
- Hold up for I punch
yo pussy ass, nigga.
- Ay, I just came to get
me a blunt right quick,
bruh I'm gone.
(tense music)
- That bag, fuck off me!
Broke ass nigga.
(tense music continues)
- You can't just walk in here
and tell me you got a baby.
How old is she?
- She nine months, just
found out last night.
(baby cooing)
Say hey.
- No, why is she here?
- She's staying
with us from now on.
- She not staying here.
- Yeah, she's staying with
us, you gotta deal with her.
- I'm not dealing.
- You got no choice.
- I don't know what
to you, I'm leaving.
- [TK] Where you going?
(ominous music)
- I'm not staying here.
- [TK] You not going
no fucking where!
- You can't do this to me.
- What the number is?
- Tre ball, tre, tre, tre, tre
- That's junk, that's
junk, that's junk.
(voices overlapping)
- The hell going on, bruh?
- Man, I'm on the way, bruh.
I just ran into this
fuck nigga Pee Wee, bruh.
Had to blitz that
nigga ass, bruh.
- Oh yeah?
- I seen the nigga
and you know I pulled
right up on him like damn,
man fuck that "Where
that money at?"
- What the hell
he talking 'bout?
Cap ass shit, man.
- Well, you know he did,
talking all that geeked
up ass shit, bruh.
I go right in that
nigga box, bruh.
- Man, where you at, bruh?
You need to bring yo
ass down here, man.
These niggas ain't got
me stressed (indistinct).
- Aight, I'm on the way, nigga.
So unique, got
the beat boy stew
I've been doing this
shit since the yank
Ran the street wilding
all I wanted was the money
I've been doing this
shit since the yank
Ran the street wilding
all I wanted was the money
All I wanted was the money,
all I wanted was the money
All I wanted was the money
All I wanted was the money,
all I wanted was the money
Money, money
- Hey, what's up, boo?
- Nothing, what's going on?
- Nothing, you left
your charger over here,
I think you should come get it.
- Really bruh, you
the (indistinct),
bruh my charger though, really?
- Hell yeah, plus
I wanna sit on it,
so fuck what you doing
and come over here.
- Aight, look I'ma
be on the way soon,
soon as I get to (indistinct)
ass, I'm on the way!
On God!
- All right, I love
you baby daddy.
- Love you too.
- [Girl] All right, I'll be up.
- Bet.
(foreboding music)
(phone ringing)
- Hello?
- What's up sis, you good?
- Hey lil bro, I'm
good, why you ask that?
- Shit, yo ass usually call
me, I ain't heard from you.
- Oh no, I'm good, I'm
just here with the girls.
- With the girls,
what they doing?
They need anything?
- No, we good, bro.
- You sure, sis?
Don't be lying to me, you
know if y'all need anything,
you just ask me, bruh,
you know I ain't tripping.
- I'm not, I promise.
- Aight, I love you, bruh.
- Love you too.
- Later.
- What's good?
- What's going on?
- Same shit,
different day, bruh.
- Boy, I had done seen you
and Diamond here earlier.
What the hell y'all
had going on, man?
- Bruh.
- [Diamond] Rico, Rico,
Rico, every time I see him
he be wanting me to
put him on to somebody.
If I'm not mistaken, this
man got about 10 baby mamas
and I don't even know,
but he a real one.
Whenever Devin get
into something,
he be the first one he call,
he be ready to shoot something.
- She been on my ass, bruh,
she tripping 'bout
quality time, bruh.
So, I took her ass for a
walk, hell you talking 'bout.
- Yo ass be tripping.
- Boy, you know me.
- You got a good ass girl bruh,
you gonna make a nigga
like me snatch her ass up,
boy you be tripping, these
niggas out here hungry, bruh.
- Man, I already know it bruh.
You got me fucked up, but I
already know it though, bruh.
- Man, get right.
- I'ma get right, bruh,
I'ma get right.
- Man, get right shawty.
And what's going on with that
nigga Pee Wee though, homes?
- Man, fuck that
nigga Pee Wee bro,
I don't wanna talk
about that shit,
man let's get on this
goddamn dice game!
- Come on!
- Ay, y'all need to
get down (indistinct).
- Damn, she need to come
on with this duck sauce.
What up, bruh?
- Yo, bruh, where
the hell you at fool?
- Oh shit, I'm out
here with my girl, man.
- Man, we down here
in a big dice game,
man, these niggas down
here (indistinct), bruh.
- I need you to
get down here ASAP.
- Shit, aight, give
me about 10 minutes,
I'ma let you know.
- Man, aight, fool, aight.
- Aight.
- Man, that nigga, his ass
be tripping man (indistinct).
- Called that nigga
this morning, bruh.
All in her pussy, boy.
You know he ate her
ass (indistinct).
(voices overlapping)
- This girl here, what the
hell she got going on now?
Yo, what's up best friend?
- Hey.
- So, like I tried to call
you all day yesterday,
didn't get a call back
and now you just pop up.
Like what's happening,
what's going on with you?
What's wrong?
- We got into a fight.
- Who, you, who?
With, please don't tell
me who I think it is.
Best friend, you know
we don't go for that.
Best friend?
- Stop.
- We ain't got time.
We can, you want me to go?
Come on, best friend.
- No, no!
- So, what you
wanna do about it?
- What can I do?
- Where is Michael?
- On a business trip.
- That nigga ain't
got no business.
You know he ain't
got no business trip,
you gonna keep believing that?
This is what you gonna do?
This what you gonna do?
- Can we just go?
- Fine, best friend, whatever.
(lively music)
- Oh, baby, y'all
need a cigarette?
- Nah, we good.
(lively music continues)
- TK, what the hell
going on, you aight?
- What's going on, bro?
- Nothing aight,
what's up family?
What's up, what's up?
Ay man, what you got for me?
- Shit, I got some shorts
and I got some longs.
- Man, nigga don't want
no damn cigarette, man!
- Man, shit, I don't do
nothing during the week,
shit, you gonna have to wait
til the weekend for that.
- Nigga what?
- Man, nigga stop
playing and come on bruh.
- Bruh, I don't know
this nigga, but I mean,
I might got some for you,
but I ain't fucking with him.
- I don't want no
bullshit either.
- Why my shit gotta
be bullshit, bruh?
- 'Cause nigga
you some bullshit!
- Man, nigga fuck
ya' black ass nigga.
- What's up boy?
- What the hell going on,
man, you aight?
- Yes, sir.
- What's going on with you?
- What's going on?
- Hell yeah.
- Ay Pee Wee, man why the
hell yo shirt off, bruh?
- Man, I ain't
even tell you, man,
Devin done caught me down bad
up there at the store early,
but I set him up though
and he don't even know it.
- Speaking of them lames, I
know where the nigga be at
and just seen that
nigga earlier today.
- Oh, sho nuff?
- Yeah, how the
hell you set him up?
- Okay look, he don't know
when he took the
money from me earlier
that shit wasn't nothing
but some counterfeit money.
- So you know what's up
when we see that nigga
too, ya heard me?
- Sounds personal nigga,
I'ma ride with you.
- Y'all niggas just gonna act
like I ain't standing
right here, bruh.
- [Diamond] Now, the
light-skinned nigga here,
who look like Nipsey Hussle,
(chuckles) that's Amir.
That's Devin cousin.
Basically, might as
well say they brothers.
Some things seem a lil fishy
since he came back in town.
I don't know what's
going on, but we'll see.
- You ain't know
that's my cousin, bruh.
- This ain't got
nothing to do with you.
- Man, fuck that, but that's
my cousin though nigga,
I ain't just finna
let, man come on, bruh.
- Let's ride, bruh.
Come on, bruh, you just
gonna move like that?
- [Rocky] Bitch,
you messy as fuck.
- I don't give a
fuck about that shit.
- Damn, bitch, I didn't
even get no fork.
- Girl, this shit nasty
anyway, fuck the goddamn cake.
- I wanted to eat
some of mine, D.
- I really got a headache, like.
- Why, what's wrong?
- 'Cause like, that Devin
shit really pissed me off.
Roxy, you seen how
funny he was acting.
- Girl, fuck that nigga, you
need to focus on yourself, D.
It's always something
about Devin?
- Right, I know that,
but still like, but Roxy,
but you seen when
he was tripping.
Mm mm, I don't know
about all that.
Anyway, you want
something out this store?
- Yeah, you can just bring
me a Sprite or something.
- Alright, come on,
Roxy, go in here with me.
- All right, girl.
- Hey my lady, how you doing?
Damn, you ain't gonna
say nothing back?
Man, you bald head, broke bitch!
- Nigga, who the fuck
you calling broke?
- Man, I was talking
to yo lil musty ass!
(voices overlapping)
- Come on, man, come on.
(tense music)
Bruh, that's Devin's girl,
bruh, you doing too much.
- Oh, that's Devin's girl?
- Man, you trying
to have me beefing
with the whole hood, man.
- I got something for
that nigga ass too.
- You ain't got
shit with my nigga!
No, you ain't got
shit with my nigga!
- I got it, I got it, I got
it, all right, man, come on.
- [Diamond] And I
bet watching that,
I bet you like what the
fuck going on (chuckles)?
All I can say is stay tuned.
I would say stay safe,
but shit, stay dangerous.
(pensive music)
Good god almighty
I wanna get to
know you better
I got to get to
know you better
I wanna get to know,
gotta, gotta, gotta
Gotta know you better
I wanna get to
know you better
- Hey.
I know that ain't you.
- Hey!
- Yeah.
- Where you been, Amir?
- Man, I was just out of
town, but I'm back now,
how you been?
- I been good.
- You been doing good?
- Doing music (indistinct).
- That's good to hear,
that's good to hear.
Auntie back there?
- Ms. Felicia?
- Yes, baby?
- Hey, how you doing?
- I'm good, how are you?
- I'm good, how you been?
- Man, it's been a minute, huh?
- Just came by to check on you,
I ain't seen you
since I left town.
- I'm trying to get
this catering order out.
I appreciate you coming
by to check on me though,
I love you.
- Okay, I ain't gonna hold
you up, I'll see you later.
- [Felicia] All right.
- So.
- What can I get you?
- Let me try this Chicken
Avocado, but hold the avocado,
I don't want that.
- You still eat so simple.
- Yeah, you know
I'm a simple nigga.
It ain't simple tips though.
Tell Ms. Felicia I
left something for her.
- Okay then!
- For sho.
You know y'all
family, I love y'all.
- We love you too, Amir.
(pensive music)
Yeah, you know how I do
Starting everything
Soon as you can
touch it, it move
If my palms itching
Mardo said she
want to get it
I hope that we all get it
Put my deuce
off in the billy
Now I'm on the
block with you
Trying to keep
a glock or two
You said that
you're popping me
Well look, bro, he
gonna pop at you
Trying to make a bag now
Hope that she ain't sad now
Mama feel so bad now
I will never back down
Dad's still in prison
Trying to get it
I've been trying to live it
Crazy that they with me
How you with me if
my vision different
Told 'em we ain't
getting it in the kitchen
She been studying with me
Told 'em don't be worried
We gonna make it
Straight up by them trenches
(indistinct) run outta gas
Only in the back 'cause
I can't (indistinct)
They gonna put
him in the jail
They couldn't stop
my (indistinct)
(weapon firing)
I know that I'm
going for a reason
Dropping every day, trying
to make it through the season
- Keep going, bruh.
Go, go, go, go,
go, go, go, go, go.
I'm surprised y'all
ain't start drinking
- Stop right there.
- Hell yeah, Cuh.
- Yes, sir.
You already know, some
of that yours, dog.
- That's today,
that's all today!
Nigga ass keep calling.
- Yeah.
- You ain't getting that back.
- Shit.
- Shit!
- Slow down, oh you gonna try
to give me some of mine, look!
(both laughing)
Ay nigga.
- Yeah, it's free bands, Cuh.
- Man, this shit free!
- Shit.
- This shit free as hell.
Only thing I can
think about though.
- Hmm?
- Stop playing.
- Hell yeah.
- These niggas can't
stop this shit, man.
- This shit look
too good, don't it.
- Yes, sir.
- I just need you staying
out the way, Cuh, and
just staying out the way.
- Yeah, we gonna run it up.
- I'm finna take
the fuck on, man.
- Man, you gonna
get out of state.
(both laughing)
- Fuck wrong with you man?
You need to be in Cali, man.
- Whatever.
- Shit, fuck with these.
- Ay, this shit crazy.
- Whatever with that shit.
- Uh huh.
- Yeah, you feel me?
That's just how it's
gonna have to go.
- Amir, your food ready.
Amir, food ready.
- Appreciate that.
Thank you.
- You too.
- Aight, Ms. Felicia.
All right, later.
- I'll catch you next
time, baby, all right.
(defiant music)
It's your life
- Saying, so what
you gonna do, bruh?
- I know you already know,
I want that nigga head,
bruh, ya heard me?
- I'm saying, you
trying to whoop
that nigga up or something?
- I'm saying though, Blu,
man that nigga tried me,
I got on the (indistinct)
and his girl, man,
I gotta get him, Blu.
- Aight, say no mo'.
- Ay, man y'all know I
know where that nigga
come to his mama spot at.
And them niggas be there.
- I say we map that shit out
and we run the whole shit.
- I'm with it, I like that.
We gonna do that,
we gonna do that.
All that money that
was on the table?
- Hell yeah, I grabbed.
- Was up on the towel,
who grabbed them?
- Nigga, I grabbed everything!
Where the hell them
niggas at now though?
- This lil hoe I
used to fuck on,
told me where them niggas be at.
- On the west side, right?
- Hell yeah, at the
(indistinct) to be exact.
- Come on man, let's slide.
- Hold on (indistinct)
add three.
Man, we need some more
folks, what the hell
y'all trying to die!
- Man, Blu, get yo'
scary ass on man.
- Nah, for real though, bruh,
gotta be smart about this shit.
We going to this
nigga's hood, bruh!
- Man, come on, TK, you
know I don't give a fuck
'bout none of that,
man let's slide.
- Aight, gonna head on, dummy!
- Nah for real, you stupid.
- Man, fuck y'all, man!
- Man, where the hell
them niggas ass been
in the (indistinct) man?
- The hoe said
they'll be at the top.
- Shit, aight let's
see what's going on.
- Ay, y'all niggas tripping,
y'all really trying to do
this shit in the daylight?
- Man, hell nah TK, we just
trying to slide through
that motherfucker right there-
- What the fuck you mean
we trying to slide
through that motherfucker,
man, I ain't trying to slide
on nigga, play peek-a-boo.
- Man, y'all folks chill out,
I told you I know where the
(indistinct) mama shop at, bruh.
(phone ringing)
- Hold on, I have
somebody calling,
let me get out
this motherfucker.
- Man, y'all niggas
ain't trying to do shit.
- Man, that's yo
scary ass brother.
- Hold up, check this
out, right, I got a plan.
- Aight, talk to me.
- So you know I ran into that
nigga ass in the restaurant?
I ain't really had no
beef with him though.
- Yeah.
- How 'bout I set the nigga up?
- Set him up?
- Man, you trying to get killed?
Man, you sound dumb as fuck.
- Man, no the fuck I don't,
think about this shit.
- Man, you trying to get killed,
y'all need to move
sea turtle slow.
- Aye, Pee Wee, bruh!
- Hold on, nigga, I'm
on the phone, man.
- Now, y'all niggas
dumb as fuck,
drop me off for
y'all get me killed.
- Nah, hold up, bruh.
Come on Pee Wee, where
the hell you at, bruh?
- Ay, y'all niggas tripping,
drop me off at my hoe, bruh.
- Ay man, man them niggas ass
ain't even over there, bruh.
- How the fuck yo
scary ass know?
- Yeah, nigga how
the fuck you know?
- Man, I just got off
the phone with the hoe
who stay over there
man, ya heard me?
- Um, aight, did your
motherfucking genius ass brother
tell you his master plan?
- Nigga what master plan?
- Tell him what
the fuck going on.
- Hey, Dev, what's up
with them percs, bruh?
- Boy, me and Ric just
popped a nigger too,
dead in the head.
- Oh for real?
- Over.
- Ay, let me hold 'bout
$500 real quick, Cuh.
- You already owe me $500, bruh.
- Bruh, I'm short, bruh.
- Owe me $500, Cuh
- Boy, you owe me too, boy!
You need to come down,
you crazy as hell.
You need to come down.
- Y'all niggas capping.
- You think it might be cap,
but I know I gave you
$10,000 together, bruh,
so you dead in the head, bruh.
- Y'all niggas as hell, bruh.
- Come here right quick.
I know y'all seen that shit
Blu posted on social media.
- Who the fuck is Blu?
- Man, that nigga that
be with Pee Wee them.
- I don't know that hoe.
- Man, the nigga bitch, bruh?
Anyway, she said
when she see Ric,
she going slap the
fuck out Ric ass, bruh!
- On God, man.
- On God.
- You got me fucked up, I'll
slap the shit out that hoe.
- For real?
- Nah for real.
- Nah on God.
- She tote crack too.
- Shit, at Tez spot.
- Man, don't be telling
no hoe where I stay at,
always mapping out my shit.
Who the hell that is?
- It's Summer, bruh.
- Oh shit, my bad, Su.
- Yeah, we ain't doing shit.
Shit, I'll pull up on you.
I'll hit you when I'm on my way.
- I'ma get at you later on.
- Damn bruh, you got that?
- Yeah, I got you,
let me get change.
- Man, you forgot all
about shawty.
- Stretch right
y'all, stop playing.
(indistinct) let me
call Devin real quick.
(phone ringing)
- What's up, baby?
- Why the fuck you ain't
tell me you got into it
with that fuck nigga Pee Wee?
- Man, calm down, first of all,
you was up there with Roxy.
That's why you probably got
into it with this nigga ass!
- No, the fuck I wasn't
with no damn Roxy,
bruh, stop playing with me.
- Aight, aight, I ain't
gonna lie, I ain't gonna lie.
Look, I got into with the
fuck nigga Pee Wee, bruh.
I'm saying, like the
nigga owed me some money,
so I robbed that
fuck nigga, what?
I'm saying, he touched
you or something?
- No, no, he did
not touch me, no.
- Aight, I'm finna pull up.
Who is my cousin?
Amir, you sound crazy,
Amir's in Tennessee baby,
you tripping!
No, I ain't saying you lying.
Man, look, I don't know
what the hell you on,
but my cousin in Tennessee,
he ain't out there.
- All right, I'm finna pull up.
- All right, bruh, well,
all right, all right, bye.
- She got a smart
ass mouth, man.
- You good, girl?
- Yeah, I'm straight.
- Y'all, we need to go
'head and do this video
for the "She a
Winner" challenge.
- Okay.
- Look, there go the
cameraman, right now.
- Okay, let's do it.
- Good to meet ya.
- Hi, what's up?
- Hey, Mr. cameraman.
- How y'all doing today?
- Alright.
- All right, we're
gonna get to work,
want y'all to look sexy for me.
- All right.
- Ay Tez, let me holla
at you right quick, bruh.
- What the hell going
on, what done happened?
- Tell me why Diamond
said she done got into it
with this fuck
nigga, Pee Wee, bruh.
- Nah!
- But look, that ain't even
the crazy part about it.
She said my cousin
there with her.
- What the fuck?
But look, boy I know Diamond
got a smart ass mouth,
what the fuck he say?
- Bruh, she ain't say
what happened, bruh,
I just know the nigga
talking 'bout (indistinct)
I'ma beat the nigga ass bruh.
- Man, listen, man.
You know Su?
They must don't know
who the fuck going on,
who gonna slide on they ass.
Who the fuck is
yo cousin though?
- Look bruh, she ain't really
even just say what happened
bruh, like, Diamond just called
the phone straight going in
like, you know how she do, bruh.
- I'm just saying though,
if this nigga touch
my girl though, bruh,
I'ma beat that nigga ass.
- Bruh, you wanna
slide or what, bruh?
- Nah, we ain't gonna
slide right now, bruh,
we gonna map this
shit out perfect, bro.
I'ma slide, we gotta
spin this shit right,
we gotta map this shit out
perfect, know what I'm saying?
- Man, fuck that, man,
I'm ready to slide on
these niggas ass man.
You keep going back and
forth with this bullshit,
what's goin on?
- Man, look, it's two
of these things there,
owe Corey $500,
y'all folks to split that
how y'all wanna split it.
- I'm with that.
- Aight, aight, say less, man.
But D got some mo'
shit going on, man.
- Don't worry about that,
what the hell going on D?
- Man, I'm finna slide.
- What's up?
- Y'all finna slide?
- Yeah.
- Y'all niggas be safe, bruh.
- Be safe, bruh.
- Nah matter of fact, bruh we
going stay dangerous together.
- Then stay dangerous
together then.
You going worry about that, bro?
- You know it,
always (indistinct).
- Ay bruh, don't get in this
car slamming my doors either.
- Oh shit, I gotta go drop
these folks off at the pool,
right quick.
- Man, don't get left.
- Y'all niggas wait on
me right quick, bruh!
These folks need dropped off.
- Car junky as fuck,
boy, pop the trunk.
- Man put that shit over, man.
- Damn.
- Hey Dev, what exactly
did Diamond say?
And when the fuck she
move to the (indistinct)?
- Goddamn, it's hot as fuck
in here, turn the air on!
- Goddamn, let a nigga
get in the car first,
ugly ass nigga!
Man, I'm finna make
you beat yo' feet Cuh.
Bruh, she goddamn, she
said she got into with
this fuck nigga Pee Wee
in the (indistinct), bruh.
He said some slick ass shit,
make me wanna spin
his shit, bruh.
- So what, let's push up to
the (indistinct) then nigga.
- Devin, Devin!
So, you don't know me?
- Oh yeah, what's up?
- Where Diamond at?
- Shit, I'm on my
way to her now.
- Oh well, when you see her
tell her to give me a call.
- Aight, bet.
- Aight.
- What's up, bro?
- Bruh, what the hell
y'all got going on,
bruh man, y'all niggas stop
motherfucking playing, man!
Lame ass nigga, ugly ass boy!
- Bring yo ass on, man.
He finna try and get
yo seat, I know he is.
- You got a nigga in the back.
D, man, what the hell going on?
Nigga 300 goddamn pounds, bruh.
- Man, we going five
minutes away, boy.
- Where we going, bruh?
- Shit, Diamond crib.
- Okay, cool, bruh.
- Just talked to
some Summer anyway,
they doing a video over there.
- Diamond did mention,
something about
this lil workout
video they doing bruh.
- Bruh, you know sis gonna
have all them hoes out there,
bruh ya ass know, bruh.
But ya ass know boy,
you know April and
them moved out there.
They his folks.
- Man, let me call them, man.
Nah get yo ass caught up.
Retarded ass nigga.
- Gonna finish the same
motherfucking (indistinct).
- Yeah.
- Ain't even answering.
- Oh, shit finna
get real, buddy!
- Man, let's push out, man.
Slam my door, bruh.
- The fuck?
- That's Pee Wee hoe.
- No.
Which one the whole team yet?
- Bitch ass nigga,
you got me fucked up,
I'll have my nigga
rob all of y'all.
- She must've heard what
happened at the store.
- Shit, shit.
I'll get my nigga
to rob all of y'all.
- She talking crazy.
Stop standing (indistinct).
You talking crazy.
- Man, look man, we ain't
even going back and forth
with her though, bruh.
I'ma put the
whole dick in her
She gonna fuck
me for some money
'Cause that hoe shit in her
She gong pop it,
she gong shake it
'Cause that hoe shit in her
I'ma throw these bands at
her cause I know she a winner
Hit back
If the price is right,
I know you out right
Gonna buss it down,
bless you gezundheit
I say it ain't no fun if
you ain't bussing buns
Ain't no fun if
you got no for us
No love for the scrubs is it
I unbuckle your pants,
your handles love licking
Love handles, gripping
'em while I'm rub getting
Thug bid'ness
Nasty dealer,
I love kitchens
Hug kittens
I been in 'em, I
love digging 'em
Hurt feelings, you'll
never find a nigga living
I say
Buss it how you want to baby
- Get the fuck up outta
here man you tripping.
- My bad, bro.
- Man, get the fuck
on man, fuck on.
- Bitch ass on
- Hi.
- Oh, do that
motherfucker again.
- Yeah, buss it down
like you want to, baby,
yeah that shit
seems so funny now?
- Shaking that ass like you
need a tip or something.
- Yes, sir.
- Boy, bye.
- Out here in the park
with me, where yo man at?
- Um hmm.
- In the park.
- In the park.
- Bruh, while I'm talking
you going be on yo phone?
- I'm just trying to
handle this play, man.
You always tripping,
bruh, it ain't that,
I'm just handling a play.
What time the video shoot end?
- Why, you don't support me
anyway, so why it matter?
- What you mean, I do support
you, I'm yo biggest fan.
- You called me a THOT.
- You is, but you my THOT, bruh.
- Bruh watch out,
but look though,
next Saturday
let's go on a date.
- Shit, anywhere you
wanna go, we can go.
- Nah, nah I'm for real,
'cause you be bullshitting
when it come down to your
friends, you wanna leave me.
- Baby, anywhere you
wanna go, we can go, man.
- Damn, hello!
- I'm saying, I gotta
go though, I gotta go.
Come here.
- Bye, uh huh, bye, bye,
bye, bye.
- Yeah, I'm all right.
- Oh, okay, look, you
wanna work together?
- No, (indistinct).
- The hell you brought me
all the way over here for?
- I gotta talk to you.
- Talk to me about what?
- You just can't
tell Mama, okay?
- Aw man, what the
hell you done did,
what the hell going on?
- I think I'm pregnant.
- Pregnant?
Man, you ain't nothing
but fucking 17.
What the hell you mean you
pregnant, pregnant by who?
- This nigga named Schoolboy.
- Schoolboy, from the
fucking (indistinct)?
- No, stupid, he just some
nigga I been seeing now.
- Man, I don't believe
that shit anyway,
who the hell you
get pregnant by?
- This nigga name
Schoolboy, I think.
- You think, then you
talking about you think,
so you fucking more than
one nigga unprotected?
Oh yeah, I think I might
do have to tell Mama.
- I don't know, it's
either between him
or somebody else
I think you know.
- Somebody I know, like who?
- Pee Wee.
- Aw man, yeah, I'm most
definitely telling Mama.
This all of it, man?
I don't even wanna
talk to you no mo'.
- Come on now, don't do that,
don't even do that for real.
- Ay, what the hell
you doing in my hood?
- Ay, who the fuck is you?
- Man, I got the weed, I
got shorts, I got long.
- Aw shit, Cigarette Man?
- Man my bad, bruh I didn't
know who the fuck you was.
- Yeah, man you tripping, I
really coulda popped yo ass.
- What's going on though man?
You been aight?
You heard about what
him down the street?
- Shit something like that,
but you know my motto,
"My eyes never see,
my ears never hear."
I'm sticking to the script.
- Yeah, that's right too
yeah, just be safe bruh,
'cause you know them
folk riding around.
You and Pee Wee still
beefing and shit?
- Nigga, hell nah,
what you wearing a wire
or something nigga?
- Nah, nah, hell nah, man
I'm just saying bruh like,
it's too much money out here,
y'all folks need to try
and build an empire!
- Man, bruh fuck Pee Wee
and whoever with him,
boy they all can die.
And if a nigga feeling
like a messenger,
that's a message
from the source.
- Man, nah, bruh it
ain't nothing like that,
you know what I'm saying,
like I fuck with you,
I just want y'all folks
to stick together man,
that shit it's too
much money out here.
- Cigarette Man, you
aight with me, bruh.
I fuck with you, you get ya
money, you stay out the way,
you cool as fuck.
- Yeah man, ain't nothing
else going on, man.
I gotta get me some
money to feed my family,
that's all what go on.
- I'ma tell you though,
this shit with Pee Wee,
you gotta be high
off your own shit,
think I'm do this shit
with Pee Wee bruh.
That shit dead, but.
- Nah.
- If it ain't 'bout money
bruh, I ain't interested bruh,
so I get what you saying though.
- Man, y'all folks just
squash that shit, man.
- Look man, stay dangerous.
- Nah be safe, nah ain't no
fucking stay dangerous boy,
I sell weed and cigarettes
like, y'all folks be dangerous,
I ain't shooting at nobody,
but you be safe though, bruh.
I'ma holla at you.
- For sho.
(lively music)
Ace let's gotta fool
I had it out for niggas
There you go (indistinct)
Niggas so greedy
Deep into their blind,
they lie, deceiving
Some people paying
attention, no really he good
Better watching me
- Where the fuck you
was at last night?
- Damn, shawty, I just
got in the fucking car.
- Yeah, 'cause you a
whole hoe, the fuck?
- Damn, I leave out one night,
man I come home and
fuck you every night,
man and you gonna sit
here and (indistinct)?
- Um hmm, you probably
got HIV by now.
- Man, shut yo dumb ass up,
'cause if I got
it, you got it too.
- Boy, quit playing with me,
you be with TK
more than anything.
- Man, I told you I
had some shit going on
with that fuck nigga Devin, man.
- I just seen the hoe Summer,
she go with his homeboy.
- Swear.
- Yeah, I ain't wanna have
to tell you like this,
but now you got me
worried about you.
- Damn baby, give me a kiss.
- Now give me some money,
so I can start shopping.
- Here man, oh my God, already.
- Ay man, nigga gotta
spin (indistinct).
The hell going on over there?
- You know, I don't even
be knowing what's going on,
I try to stay in my own lane.
- Believe it was you too.
I know how you play.
- We ain't playing like that.
We ain't doing
nothing like that.
What the fuck going on though?
Talk to Ric?
- Man, Ric ass the one
fucking up the money.
Gambling, keep telling
nigga to stop gambling.
- Ric around?
'Posed to been right here.
- We right here
though, we a team.
- For sho.
We should probably start
getting this money
moving (indistinct).
- Oh, I told yo ass,
do the homework on
that shit, bruh.
- Homework already done,
you already gotta
just put it together,
we already told you
what's going on.
- Shit, I'm ready to move
on that shit tonight!
- Shit, 'cause what you think?
- I'm ready whenever, Cuh.
- You ready whenever, aight.
Shit with D, I meant with Ric.
- Ay, what's up big homie?
- Nigga, who the fuck is you?
- Bruh, I'm Slug,
you don't me, but-
- Exactly, I don't
know you, bruh.
So get the fuck on!
- I'm just trying to
get down with your shit.
- Look, nigga I don't know
you, so get the fuck on.
- Bruh, ask your boy Rico, bruh.
- How the fuck you
know Rico, nigga?
- That's my partner
from the east side,
bruh the hell you mean?
- Ay 'cause, get
Rico over here, bruh.
(voices overlapping)
- Bruh, I ain't even
going for that, bruh.
- You ain't going for what?
- I ain't even
going for it, bruh.
- Man, you think this
shit a movie nigga?
- Yeah, man.
- Skinny nigga.
- Hold, hold, hold!
- Hold, hold, hold, hold!
- Ric, you know this nigga, bro?
- Come on bruh, man, I told
you I know this nigga, bruh.
- Bruh what the fuck you want?
- Bruh, I just need protection.
- Protection, what
the fuck, bruh?
- That nigga said
protection, bruh.
- Clown ass nigga,
bruh, what the fuck?
Protection, shawty?
You can't walk on
ya own 10, shawty?
I'm not sweating this nigga.
- I know you ain't, but
look, look, look, listen,
nigga could be our Do Boy, bruh.
- Do Boy?
- Yes.
- We don't need this nigga
to do shit for me, bruh.
- Bruh, it ain't
even like that, bruh.
- It ain't even like that, bruh.
- Just chill, boy
listen, look bruh,
it's too much going on
in the city right now,
bruh, you could be a
opp all I know, bruh.
- Why the hell would I be
a opp walking up on you
like this, bruh?
- We should kill
this nigga, man.
- Bruh, what the hell, bruh?
It ain't even that damn
serious though, bruh.
- Ay, look, look, you doing
too much talking, bruh.
Look, we'll be in touch.
- Aight, bruh, say less,
I'ma fuck with you.
- Stop bringing these
niggas around, bruh.
- D, hey D, you keep these
country boys around, boy.
You know you do.
I gotta give it to you, D boy,
you know how to keep
these niggas around,
keep 'em working
(chuckles), I love you boy.
- I love you nigga.
- You better know that.
Stay dangerous, nigga.
- You better fucking
stay dangerous, Cuh.
Ya hear me?
- He wanna come spend
some money with y'all.
Protection, get the money.
- All money ain't good
money, you know that.
- He want protection though?
- That's what he say, shit.
- What we always say, "All
money ain't good money."
- Y'all ain't gonna never learn.
- This the only nigga that
don't understand that.
- Ay yo, what's up my nigga?
- Hey, what up?
- Long time no see nigga.
- What's going on, Chris?
- You straight?
- Yes sir, boy what
you been up to?
- Man, ay look, you see what
it is, same shit in the hood.
- You good though, bruh?
- Shit's crazy man.
- Ay boy, ya cousin Devin
over there, so early.
- Shit, word, yeah I'm finna
go check on (indistinct)
right now man.
- That's a bet.
- Good to see you man,
ay, come back, stay up.
- What's going on, bruh?
Where the hell you at?
Man, what the fuck, man.
Here I come.
- Man, come on man, get
ya ass in the car, man.
- Man, what the fuck
took you so long?
- Man, just drive.
- Ay y'all niggas
ain't get down, bruh
and I don't want none
of that broke ass shit.
What's happening?
- Man, y'all need to get
down on these nuts nigga,
I been in here all
motherfucking week nigga.
Y'all niggas ass, man
you better call ya hoe
and tell her to give
you another $100,
so I can take that.
- Y'all niggas crazy as hell.
- Fuck wrong with you?
Man I ain't even
playing (indistinct).
Man, y'all can get out.
- Went to the bank.
What's in there?
(phone ringing)
(voices overlapping)
- Bruh goddamn, somebody
goddamn feet stank man!
- That's that nigga
Tez big ass feet.
- Y'all niggas got me fucked up,
man I'm too old for my
feet to be stinking.
- Man, that is you, 'cause that
shit hitting right here man!
- Boy them
motherfuckers hitting!
- Don't be doing all that.
Y'all don't even smell nothing.
- Bruh, she was loud as
fuck, what's in there?
- We don't (indistinct).
(voices overlapping)
- Hey, Dev?
- Yeah.
- I thought I seen your hoe
at the store, bud.
- Which one?
(voices overlapping)
- Who is my hoe?
- That hoe April.
- Real slut bucket.
- Man watch out.
- Whoa.
(voices overlapping)
- Talking 'bout she pregnant.
- Oh, she's pregnant?
- Only hit her,
(indistinct) though, bruh.
- Oh, shit she pregnant?
You know you fucked that girl.
- Shawty with the braids?
- That ain't my baby, bruh.
- Shit, what you
gonna do, nigga?
- I don't know, bruh, I
might get down with, bruh.
- Whoa.
- For real, bruh.
- Boy, Diamond
gonna kill yo ass.
- I'm talking about shawty
with the braids though.
- Oh, I mean, bruh
I don't know her,
but shit I'll ask
her about her nigga.
- Aight, say less.
Shawty fine as hell though.
See what's going on.
- Aight do that, I don't
know if I'ma do that, bruh.
- Hey, I put a big ass
(indistinct) in the hood,
boy y'all niggas coming?
- Hell yeah, I'ma pull up man.
Y'all niggas be cap,
but I'ma come though.
- Man, y'all niggas
gonna have some food?
- Man, you greedy as hell, man.
- Nigga ass be hungry, bruh.
- Man, you a old
greedy ass nigga.
- Who the fuck showed
this nigga Slim
where the safe house is, man?
- Man, chill out bruh, I
told him pull up, bruh.
I need him to set
Pee Wee up, bruh.
I got this shit.
- Man, fuck that nigga,
I don't trust that nigga,
man, we all gonna die
(indistinct), bruh.
Fuck the nigga.
Who the fuck sent you nigga?
Who the fuck followed you nigga?
- Nigga nobody, nigga.
- Who followed you?
- Ay, what's up y'all?
What's going on, (indistinct)?
That nigga tripping, bruh.
- Bruh, I told you Slim good.
(voices overlapping)
- Sit down, bruh.
We'll talk to you, bruh.
- About what?
- Look nigga, you
goin set Pee Wee up.
And if everything don't
go smooth sailing bruh,
I'ma spin yo ass.
- Huh?
- Nigga, you gonna set
the nigga Pee Wee up nigga
you heard what the fuck he said!
- And guess what?
If everything don't go
smooth, I'ma spin yo ass.
- Shoot yo ass in yo
motherfucking face, nigga.
- So you gonna set Pee Wee up
or I'ma spin you,
simple as that.
- Shit simple.
- Hey shit, bruh.
If it's up, then
it's up then, bruh.
- That's what's going on.
- Shit, you know
I'm with you, bruh.
- Say no mo', that's what it is.
- If it's up, it's up.
- It's up.
- I don't trust that nigga.
- Nah he good, bruh.
We gonna see what he
gonna do with this task.
If not, we gonna body his ass.
- Bruh, you don't
do what I say, bruh,
we gonna top yo ass, bro.
- I got you, bruh, I told y'all
niggas I'm with you, bruh.
- I got faith in you bruh.
- Hold on man, don't do that.
- This shit, everybody
around you gonna die.
- I ain't trying to die.
- Y'all niggas ain't
through gambling?
- Hell nah.
- Hell yeah.
- What's up y'all?
- Nigga get up.
Get the fuck up so my
sister can sit down nigga.
And stand somewhere so I
can fucking see you nigga!
- What the hell going
on, sis, you aight?
- I'm good, how y'all doing?
- What's going on,
sis, you aight?
- Yeah, I'm good.
What's up?
- I need you to handle
something for me.
- My new thing, what's
up, what's good?
- Look, I know you know about
this shit going on with me
and that fuck nigga Pee Wee.
- Um hmm.
- Listen, I'm sending this nigga
to go look after this
nigga, to set something up.
I need you to follow
through with that plan,
make sure that shit
go down smooth.
- I got you.
- If not, he food.
- All right, simple.
- Anything out the way sis,
I'ma top that nigga ass.
- You feel like getting
us something to eat?
- Shit, I'm down, you coming?
- No hot wings (indistinct).
- Y'all be safe out there.
- Call me when you get there,
let me know which one you want.
- Get the door, D, goddamn.
- Mommy, your brother here.
- What took you so
long to get here?
- I had to make this
money move real quick.
Where Aaliyah at?
- She sleeping, I
just put her down.
- Man, why you over there
man, you know I miss you.
- Right, you got a
whole wife at home.
- Man, you playing, I'm
trying to get with you though.
- How I'm playing,
Michael, shut the fuck up.
- Man, don't call
me that shit bruh.
- That's your name.
- That ain't my name.
Can you go get Aaliyah? I
wanna see her real quick.
- No, Aaliyah asleep, damn!
- Well, come here then, suck
on this dick, I miss you.
- I think the fuck not,
you came from your
Amazon wife house
and you think I'm
finna suck dick?
You can eat this pussy though.
- Ay sis, can you go in
the room right quick?
I'm trying to finish
this conversation.
- Negative, no.
- Fuck it.
- Uh uh, stop playing
with me for real,
'cause you come over
here every other day
thinking this shit is okay.
If I'm not with you no more,
we not gonna be fucking no more.
- So you telling me you
giving my pussy away?
- Look, you made that choice
when you decided to
lie about your marriage
and be out here
faking it with me.
You got me out here
looking stupid.
- How I got you looking
out here looking stupid?
Me and Lisa ain't
got shit going on,
we ain't fucking, none of that.
I just bought her
to see Aaliyah.
- And what happened?
- She told me to leave.
- Okay, fuck that hoe, she
ain't gotta accept my baby,
but if she say anything else
about her, I'ma beat her ass.
- Man, she ain't say
shit out the way bruh.
- Okay, I'm just
letting you know.
See and this is why I
don't deal with niggas,
who got babies, 'cause all
that baby mama drama shit,
that's not for me.
I was doing good before
you came in my life.
And, I mean my baby here now,
but I'm really tired of yo ass.
- Man, (indistinct) be together.
- Uh uh, it's gonna
be another nigga
walking around this
house, 'cause I'm not
finna wait on you.
- Can you go get Aaliyah?
- Give me my baby.
Hi, mama.
- Can I hold her?
- No, move.
- So, you telling me
I can't hold my baby?
- No, you seen her and
you can really leave,
'cause I don't wanna
be bothered no more.
- Aight, let me whip out.
Aaliyah, I love you.
Daddy, see you later, okay?
Aight, sis, I love you.
- I love you too.
- I was just playing,
you ain't supposed
to say it for real.
In the hood every day
On the block saw a shot
Watch your back (indistinct)
Gotta count up,
gotta live it up
I don't give a fuck,
I'm gonna live it up
Can't give it up 'cause
you know what's up, aye
Watch your back
from (indistinct)
Guy saw a shot in the
hood on the block, yeah
Gotta live it up
Yeah, I ain't giving up
We all give a fuck, aye
Watch your back, friend
I just gotta live it up
I ain't giving, now
you know what's up, aye
You know what's up
Gotta live it up
And you know
- Let me hear (indistinct).
I'm a (indistinct)
So you see me coming
(women laughing)
- Let's go.
- Yeah, I'm pulling up now.
Ay yo, shit been
real shaky lately,
but you know I ain't
going fold under pressure.
- I'm the best thing out the
H, you get what I'm saying?
Ay, baby, check out my
mixtape, I'm (indistinct).
- Bruh, I ain't worried
about that one part
that shit hot boo-boo, fool
get that shit out my face.
- You better get this
shit while it's cheap,
10 get (indistinct) streets.
Give me $2, with yo
(indistinct) ass.
- Nigga, I'll give yo
ass the (indistinct),
man, get yo J ass on!
- Fuck that nigga talking 'bout?
Do I have to pop his ass?
- Man, he ain't talking bout
shit, lame ass CD's he
trying to promote, lame ass.
- Fuck wrong with
you, lame ass nigga.
- What's up, bro, where you at?
- I'm at the store,
nigga, where you at?
- I'm finna leave the
house right now, man.
You seen my cousin?
- Yeah, I seen his bitch ass.
- Man, watch yo
motherfucking mouth man,
I'm 'bout to come drop
this money off, man.
- Man, nigga fuck
yo cousin nigga.
- Man, chill out, bruh.
Nah, nigga I'm on
the way now, aight.
- Yeah, aight, bruh.
(chill music)
It's your life
- What's up man?
- Fuck it, oh,
it's yo black ass.
- Man, what you got for me?
- Man, who the fuck keep
sending you 'round here?
- Man, stop playing, bruh.
- Aight, man, hold on.
Let me get one of
them cigarettes, man.
- Yeah, hell yeah, 'cause
this motherfucker smell like
booty anyway, goddamn!
- Shut yo musty ass up.
- Damn, stanking ass car man.
The fuck you want?
- Where you at?
- I'm at the store.
- Bring me two pickles, some
hot chips, and a orange juice,
but bring it in like 20 minutes,
I need to stop by Nyla house.
- Man, who the hell
eating all that shit?
- Yo baby, now bye.
- Man, nigga hurry up man!
- Man, hold up, you tripping.
Shit, that's what
I got right there.
- Man, this boo-boo
ass weed man.
- Man, come on
man, stop playing.
Well, go get that shit
from somewhere else then,
I'm saying, that what
going right there,
that's all I got.
What you wanna see the
whole bag or something?
- Yeah, man this ain't
it right here man.
- Aight, say less and
you know something,
I don't know why these
niggas keep sending yo ass
'round here, shit I really
don't even fuck with you
like that, just give
me a lil minute though.
Push it
Push it real good
I'm telling (indistinct)
- Bruh, why the hell
you change yo clothes?
- Man, I had done
got into some shit,
goddamn switched
it up real fast.
- Hey, (indistinct).
- But look though, who the hell
that lame ass nigga
was at the store?
Seen that nigga from some where.
- Shit, some lame ass nigga,
but ay call yo brother man,
see what the fuck
that nigga up to,
so we can slide on (indistinct).
- Let's go!
Where you at?
- Let me drop this off to my
baby mama, I'll be on the way.
- Man, leave that hoe man
let's go push up on these
lame ass niggas, bruh!
- That nigga.
- You tripping!
Aight, man, fuck you!
- So when are you
gonna explain to me
how you came to me the
other day with a whole baby?
- Our baby, you mean shawty?
Stop playing with me for
I slap the shit outta you.
- We have three daughters,
Michael, not four.
- Bitch, we got four.
It was a simple mistake.
You gonna accept it or leave?
- Leave?
And where am I supposed to go?
- Exactly, now shut the fuck up!
I said I was sorry.
- What have I ever done to you?
Besides be the best
wife that I can be?
Can you answer me that?
- Look Alicia, go 'head on
with all that sappy shit.
I said I was sorry.
Now bitch, what the
fuck you want me to do?
- Okay.
- Come here, suck this dick.
- Get off of me Michael!
- What the fuck I tell you
'bout walking away from me?
- What happened to you?
What happened to the Michael
that I fell in love with?
You changed.
(door knocking)
- Alicia, open this
motherfucking door!
- No, Michael, just leave!
- I ain't going no
motherfucking where bitch,
I pay all these goddamn bills.
- I just (indistinct).
- Open this goddamn door!
- I'm gonna call the police!
- Bitch, I don't
give a goddamn fuck!
You know what,
bitch I'ma catch you
when you come out that door!
You know what, fuck it.
Damn, man.
(phone ringing)
- Ay, Blu, where
the hell you at?
- I'm at the store,
where the hell you at?
- That nigga TK over there?
- Hell nah, he at the house.
What's on?
- Man, shit I'm at the
barber shop right now,
shit come scoop me.
- Aight, drop a pin.
- Finna drop that
motherfucker right now.
(door knocking)
- What took you so long and
who you was on the phone with?
- I was on the
phone with Blu ass.
- Oh, well come in, why you
standing there looking stupid?
This your house.
- I was just thinking 'bout
some shit.
- How I know you ain't
fucking with that Amazon?
- Man watch out,
where my baby at?
- My baby?
- Stop playing with me shawty.
- She with our grandparents
for the weekend.
- Oh okay, let's
cook, I'm hungry.
- Nah, I was just going
order us some food.
- Okay, that sound good.
Come here, give me some
of that "Miss you head."
- You can eat this pussy.
- Shit, I can do that too.
(chill music)
Sitting here staring at your
picture with a slight grin
Even though you hate me, I
know you'll let me fuck again
Them soul ties got
you stuck again
And I ain't never
been in love
But I swear to god
I wanna love again
Serious issues, do
you need some tissue
You hate talking to the
only nigga that can fix you
You say I got some
growing up to do
I just wanna fuck with you
Feeling like I'm
stuck with you
Won't toot your horn
or blow your flute
Them rainy nights can
turn into some sunny days
Random sex could temporarily
take this pain away
Major Nine to these
hoes, but you call me bay
And that's only when
you fucking with me
Tell me if you
fucking with me
Pussy that ain't
nothing to me
I just need some help
We be focused on everybody
and everything but ourself
You so hurt, you
don't know how to love
And you don't give a fuck
But self-respect won't let
you let just any nigga fuck
I'm mad I feel
like turning up
Fuck the world
without a glove
Room full of demons I'm still
fighting, I ain't giving up
Tell me if this real enough
and look me in my eyes
Even though I don't know
what I'm doing, but damn
At least a nigga tried
And I ain't never tell you
lies, I'm too G for that
Them soul ties will
leave you heartless
Ain't no keeping that
And I ain't never tell you
lies, I'm too G for that
Them soul ties will
leave you heartless
Ain't no keeping that
That's why I'm
Sitting here staring at them
pictures with a slight grin
Even though you hate me, I
know you'll let me fuck again
Them soul ties got
you stuck again
And I ain't never
been in love
But I swear to god
I wanna love again
Serious issue, do
you need some tissue
You hate talking to the only
nigga that could fix you
You say I got some
growing up to do
I just wanna fuck with you
Feeling like I'm
stuck with you
Won't toot your horn
or blow your flute
Them rainy nights can
turn into some sunny days
Random sex could temporary
take this pain away
- Where the hell you at nigga?
I'm with Amir, we on
our way to (indistinct).
Aight, say no more.
What's up, Su?
- Hey y'all.
TK up there?
- Yeah, he up there.
- Yeah, we know he up
there eating some ass.
- That nigga stupid.
- What's up, y'all?
- What's up?
- Bitch, why the fuck you ain't
answer my call last night?
- Girl, my baby had me up all
night, she's still teething.
- Oh okay.
Girl, I told Pee Wee
that I was pregnant.
- And what he say?
- He really didn't say
nothing, he was happy.
- That's good.
- Why I seen you on
Trouble page with Diamond?
- Girl, my nigga told
me to set her up.
- Set her up how?
- Don't worry, I'ma tell you.
- Oh okay, you know
who she be with.
- Girl, I don't give a fuck.
- Okay now.
- Ay boy, I woulda had some
lil freaks over here.
- Man, here you go
with this shit, bruh.
- Man, anyways.
- I meant to tell you
had them freaks over
here (indistinct).
(voices overlapping)
- Ain't that Pee Wee ass
pulling in right there, TK?
- Yeah, that's that fuck nigga.
- Here, greedy ass girl.
- Thanks baby, I love you.
- I love you too, what's up sis?
- Hey, what's up?
Girl, what he bring you?
- Ay nigga, where all them
hoes at you was talking 'bout?
- Exactly nigga.
- All them hoes you was
'posed to be done had.
- Yeah, yeah.
- They coming through here
later on though, no cap.
- Later on?
- Hell yeah.
- Man.
- That nigga a motherfucking
lie, bruh.
- Ay y'all going see.
- Man, look at this country ass.
(voices overlapping)
- What y'all nigga
ass trying to do now,
I'm trying to slide on
that nigga ass tonight
bruh, on God.
- Man, I'm trying to see
what y'all niggas doing,
its been too much talking
and I ain't seen shit.
- Man, y'all niggas
tripping, bruh,
that's still my
motherfucking cousin.
- Nigga and you still
owe me to this day,
we don't give a fuck 'bout that.
- Man here you go with
this crazy man shit.
- Man, listen, bro,
all I need you to do,
call that nigga (indistinct)
I seen some shit
the nigga posted on IG earlier,
I know they going be there now,
just call that nigga for me.
- Man, what the hell is
you talking 'bout, bruh,
you trying to get
a nigga killed?
Fuck wrong with you, y'all
niggas ain't thinking right now
bruh, that's my cousin!
- Man, scary ass nigga
just do it, bruh.
- Man, fuck that scary
shit nigga, be smart.
- You owe me, bruh.
- Nigga fuck what I owe
you, nigga I owe that nigga.
- There you go with
that crazy ass shit.
- We going slide or what?
- Man, fuck it, goddamn.
What's going on, Cuh?
Man, shit, it's been a lot
going on, man, where you at?
Well, shit, I'ma pull up on you
when I leave from over here.
For sho.
Love you Cuh, hold it down.
- Aight, there we go.
- Man, shut the hell up man.
- Oh yeah, I'm spraying
everything in that bitch,
ya heard?
- Man, y'all niggas hell man.
- Nigga you still owe me,
either you give my
motherfucking money
or we going get yo cousin.
- Ay man, that shit already
in work, fuck all that.
- What's up baby mama?
All right.
I'll be right back y'all.
- Ay man, y'all
niggas ain't hungry?
- Man, I'm hungry as
fuck, high as fuck.
- Boy, I ain't ate
in 'bout two days,
I ain't even going
cap to you, boy.
- I'm bleeding.
- Oh wow, bruh!
- You gotta come
to the ER with me.
- Come on, get out the
car, let me drive, come on.
- Bruh, where the
hell you going?
- Man, I gotta take
Mira ass to the ER, man.
She say she bleeding.
- What happened?
- Listen though, man,
y'all niggas ass wait
on me though, bruh.
I'm sliding with
y'all ass though,
I (indistinct) go
handle my business.
- Aight, bruh.
- Aight, let her
know, what's up, bruh.
- Aight.
- Aight.
- Man, we ain't waiting
on that fuck nigga.
- Man, we damn sho ain't!
Look, we going handle
what we gotta do,
then we going go down
there to the hospital,
with him, we going
do it just like that.
(voices overlapping)
- Hey, girl.
Ugly bitch.
- Worried 'bout some
motherfucking hoes and shit.
- There them niggas
go right there!
- Ay TK, pass me the strap bruh.
- Fuck yo strap at nigga?
You 'posed to have
yo shit on you nigga!
The fuck wrong with you?
- Man, here you go with
this silly shit bruh.
- Come on with the shit, bruh.
- Hello, damn!
I know you seen me calling you!
- Man, who is you talking too?
- I'm talking to you, what's up?
(voices overlapping)
I need some of that money
you out here giving away.
- How much you need?
- I mean, how much you got?
That's it?
(voices overlapping)
- What's going on, bruh?
- Fuck?
(voices overlapping)
- Give me ya money nigga.
(voices overlapping)
- What's going on man, shit
man, you know I pop up.
- That's how you living though?
- Yes, sir, you already know.
(voices overlapping)
- And we not 'bout to
wait on that nigga.
We either finna do
this shit or not.
- Fuck that nigga, let's ride!
- I got a move for y'all.
- Man, look, fuck all that,
what's up (indistinct),
you check up on that?
- I need to get me some money
for that shit.
- We got you on that.
I'm saying you checked
up on it though?
- Yeah, I be checking up on it.
(voices overlapping)
- If that shit ain't back right.
Ay Tez?
- Yo.
- Yeah, you need to hurry up
(indistinct) girls too bruh.
- Bruh I ain't (indistinct).
- Roll down there man.
- Aight, I'ma just pop that
nigga in his fucking head.
(voices overlapping)
- She said she going
pop that nigga head.
Aight now.
(voices overlapping)
(chill music)
Why the fuck these niggas
wanna go against the grain
Why the fuck these niggas
wanna drag a nigga name
True Story
I know some
niggas who hurt me
A couple of
bitches who hurt me
Jury don't want
me to make it
The DEA I know
that he working
Prosecutors wanna handle me
I'm hoping they
don't do me dirty
40 I got that bitch dirty
Shooter on go
and she perfect
I got a hunnid on me
The devil rob me in my sleep
- Y'all niggas sitting
out here playing,
who the fuck that is in
that truck, y'all niggas?
- Bruh, we ain't stunting
no truck, I need some money.
- Fucked up.
I still interfere
with my hittas I kept
that rocket on me
Hate that I had to
get rid of my niggas
'Cause I heard they
was plotting on me
(weapons firing)
My closet friends I
knew since we was kids
Say they gone wack me
But I ain't lying I'm
slanging nine bitch
- Man y'all good,
everybody good?
- Man, what the
fuck that was man?
Who the hell going on,
man what the fuck
y'all got going on man?
- Man fuck that!
- Babies out here and shit.
We ain't getting
no sleep tonight.
- No sleep tonight, fuck that.
- We sliding!
- Pee Wee and them
gotta die man,
they trying us like that bruh?
- The nigga gotta die.
- Your baby aight,
man, she good?
- She good, she good bruh.
- Man it's up, stuck there bruh.
- Goddamn, Diamond, damn baby!
Too much going on these niggas
done tried to knock a nigga off.
(voices overlapping)
Man what the hell
you doing nigga?
Take yo shoes off.
Y'all get y'all shoes
off at the door bruh.
- Take ya shoes off?
- Yeah, Diamond be tripping.
(voices overlapping)
Hey, girl, hey, girl
Hey, girl
Lean on me
I'm gonna give you
everything, girl
Everything that
you need, girl
Lean on me
Give you everything
you dreamed of
I dreamed you, darling
Now you stepping
inside (indistinct)
But I'm in love
with her demeanor
Told 'em we'd pop
by (indistinct)
They didn't believe us
Lean on me
Give you everything
you dreamed of
I dreamt you, darling,
now you're stepping inside
Your (indistinct)
But I'm in love
with her demeanor
Told 'em we'd pop
by (indistinct)
They didn't believe us
I told you I wanna
get you everything
Trip across the globe
Whoever knew what the
future might bring
Them pretty thighs,
them pretty eyes
I can't hide
You're down for me,
I'm down for you
I hope you're right
- I know good and damn
well you're not trying
to sneak in my bed at no
eight o'clock in the morning.
- Diamond, it's
eight in the morning-
- I don't give a fuck!
- But stop yelling, boy
they out there asleep, bruh.
- Who is they?
I live alone, uh uh, don't be
trying, no, hell no, uh uh.
- Hey, don't start
that shit now.
- Move, get off me.
Get yo big ass stick
out my motherfucking.
Y'all wake y'all stanking
asses up, y'all ain't speak,
crashing in my shit, the fuck?
- Man, sis go lay down man,
my head hurt shawty, damn.
- What's goin on sis,
goddamn sis, since you up
you can make us some food?
- Excuse me?
- Man, nigga hungry as fuck,
we tried to get
some Waffle House,
Devin raggedy ass
car (indistinct).
- Man, just shut up.
- Bruh, you know that
shit raggedy, bruh.
- Come on with that
lame ass shit man,
baby look listen,
let's go back in here
chop it up boy you tripping,
let me explain, bruh.
- Nah, you can get out
with the rest of them,
'cause you fucking left me.
- Diamond why is you
doing all this extra shit
at eight in the morning?
Bruh, shit got real out there.
A lot of shit was going
on bruh, I forgot!
- You forgot me,
out of all people?
- Diamond, I'm not
saying it like that bro,
I'm just saying.
- Nah, fuck you, move.
- What, what you doing?
- So that's a no about the food?
- Fuck y'all, all
y'all get the fuck out.
Move, get off of me.
- Stop doing that.
- Move, get your big ass
sneaker out my goddamn way,
get the fuck out my house!
- Bruh, she be moaning, bruh.
- She do too much.
(phone ringing)
- Hey bruh, what's
up, y'all good?
I heard about what happened.
- Yeah, we good, you
heard from my brother?
- Man, he locked up.
- [TK] Locked up how?
- We got pulled over on
the way to the hospital.
- [TK] What the fuck happened?
- They ran his name and
said he had a warrant.
- What the fuck, bruh?
Goddamn, you good though,
'cause that nigga told
me you was bleeding?
- Yeah, I'm good, the baby fine,
I'm farther along than I
thought, I'm three months.
- Congratulations.
But yeah, when you
hear from my brother,
tell the nigga to call me,
I'm 'bout to take
Blu to the hospital.
- [Mira] All right, be safe.
- All right.
- Devin, what the fuck?
Why do you have people
shooting at you?
Are you all right?
- Bruh, why you call my phone
with all that extra ass shit.
And who the fuck even told
you in the first place, bruh?
Like that's the shit
I'm talking 'bout,
you need to mine your
own damn business, sis.
And I'm at Diamond house.
- I'm on my way, bye.
- Ay yeah.
- Sis, you ain't
going cook, man?
- [Diamond] Fuck y'all!
- Man I'm saying though,
y'all for sho, for sho that
was Pee Wee them folks, bruh?
- Man I seen TK old lame
ass in the back, man.
- On God.
- That fuck nigga
had me running.
When I see his ass,
I'ma kill him, bruh.
- On God nigga, 'cause my
motherfucking baby mama
and my lil mama was-
- Bruh, I'm for sho, on that
nigga mama I'ma kill him, bro.
- Swear to God man.
- Nah for real, bruh it's up.
Stand on that.
(phone ringing)
- Yeah, I'm all right,
shit I just woke up.
Where you at?
Shit probably in
'bout an hour or two.
All right, love you too.
- Aw, that was Summer?
- Yeah, she good though.
- Yeah, I had saw
them last night,
I wanted to speak, but y'all
had too much going on.
Especially you, especially you.
Cortez, I ain't even
going get on you.
(door knocking)
Who the fuck is that?
Cortez, answer that.
The hell y'all got going on?
- Who is it?
- Smoke, bruh.
- That's who?
- It's Smoke.
- Uh uh, so y'all niggas
just have a fucking
meet and greet at my shit?
- That gang sis.
- I don't give a damn who it is,
y'all ain't even
'posed to be here!
- What's up, bruh?
- Fuck going on, man?
- Bruh, you aight, bro?
- Man this lil shit,
this aight, man.
Fuck going on?
- Ay, what's going on family?
- What's good?
Man, shawty what the fuck yo?
- So, you just walk in
my house and not speak?
- Damn sis, my bad,
what's up sis, you aight?
- Um hmm, hi.
- What's up bruh, ay bruh,
them folk gotta die bruh.
- And that's on my mama nigga.
- My daughter
was out there, bro.
- For sho.
- Man, on everything, I
did see yo baby mama there.
- Yeah.
- Where the fuck
that nigga D at?
- Shit, he in the bathroom.
- You eating?
- Hell yeah, shit I'm starving
I ain't ate all night.
- I bet.
- Sis, let me use your phone,
my shit done went dead.
- Nigga here, use
the house phone.
- House phone, what
type service you got?
Bell South?
- AT&T.
- The fuck (laughs)?
- I never knew they
still made house phones.
- Oh my God.
Man, my grandma don't
even got no house phone.
- That's fine, I do.
- When we see 'em, them
boys gotta die boy,
I ain't playing with
none of them fuck niggas.
Gonna spin all that shit.
Yes, sir, (indistinct).
- Goddamn, 'cause you
aight nigga, what the fuck?
- It ain't nothing but
a little scrape, son.
I ain't tripping.
Told y'all niggas ass I
kept seeing that red truck
riding by, bruh.
- Ay you did say that,
you said that shit
like four or five times,
but I ain't think them
(indistinct) come to the hood
and try to spin something.
- Oh yeah and that gay
hoe that was with them,
that hoe got popped too son.
- How the hell you know?
- Come on man, you know I get
wicked with that glizzy fool.
- Nah (indistinct)
the food done man?
- I know for a fact
somebody else got hit too.
I was letting them
(indistinct) go crazy boy.
- Hell.
- Man, fuck all that. Where
the fuck yo cousin at bruh?
- Man bruh to be real bruh,
my mind been everywhere else,
keep that shit one K,
bruh I ain't been
thinking 'bout that shit,
but he was with
him (indistinct).
- Yeah, yeah, and I know and
all of a sudden his ass MIA!
Where the fuck he at, D?
D, I ain't smelling
that shit, bruh.
- Dead serious, it
ain't right, bruh.
- I'm saying, what the hell
y'all niggas getting at?
- That nigga set us up, bruh!
- I'm just saying though, D.
- That's my cousin, bruh.
- I'm just saying.
D, listen, hear me out.
- What, bruh?
- First he with us, all of a
sudden we get shot at, bruh.
What the fuck you mean
what happened, nigga?
- Man, that's my cousin,
nigga (indistinct)
- Call him.
- I'll call him!
- Call him.
- Call him now.
- I suggest you do that.
Hey, bruh, I suggest
you do that, bruh.
- 'Cause if I find his
ass before (indistinct)
on my grandma, D.
I ain't going back
on my word, bro.
- Listen bruh, ain't none
of that going on bruh,
I'm actually telling y'all
nothing ain't going on.
- Call him, I don't
wanna hear that shit man.
(voices overlapping)
His ass going die.
- Man, y'all need
to shut the fuck up.
- His ass gonna die,
his ass gonna die.
(voices overlapping)
We ain't even gotta
explain about that shit.
- On my word bruh.
(voices overlapping)
- Man, I called the nigga
phone five to seven times,
he still ain't answer.
- Come on bruh, he ain't
answer the phone bruh?
Better find the nigga ass
before we do (indistinct).
(voices overlapping)
- That's for real nigga,
my daughter was out there.
- I told you I seen him in
(indistinct) with Pee Wee,
but you said I was tripping.
- Oh, that's the shit
you was telling me about
the other day?
- Yeah.
- Oh yeah?
(voices overlapping)
- So that's some slime-ass shit.
- So here ya go.
- Man it's up, bruh.
(door knocking)
- Get the door, Smoke.
- Fuck.
(voices overlapping)
- [Diamond] If one more
person knock on my door
without my knowledge.
(voices overlapping)
- Oh my God, are you okay?
- Yes, I'm good, bruh.
- What the fuck happened?
- Lele, the less you know,
the better it is, bruh.
Just know it's some real
slime shit going on.
- Yeah, I heard Amir was home.
- Yeah, we know.
- Everybody know
that but you huh?
- Okay, did any
of y'all get hurt?
- Hell nah, we straight shawty.
You need to check
on them niggas.
- I was scared as fuck when
I heard about the shootout.
Did you call Mom?
- Lele, I know damn well
you ain't tell Mama.
Boy, what the fuck wrong
with ya, you told Mama?
- Y'all need to lay
low for a minute.
This shit is ridiculous.
- I definitely agree.
So when is the baby coming?
- I'm sorry, what?
(voices overlapping)
- Oh really, Alicia?
- You didn't tell her?
(voices overlapping)
- Lele, I know damn well you
ain't said no shit like that,
bruh, you smarter
than that, bruh.
We got the same blood!
- So when I start throwing shit,
somebody gonna answer me then?
What fucking baby?
- Man, Alicia what the
fuck you got going on, man?
- Devin has a daughter.
- Damn these folks
done shot sis.
I don't know what the fuck
I'm finna tell these folks,
but I know when I see these
fuck niggas, it's up on God.
That nigga 'Mir, he
somewhere hiding,
'cause that nigga
nowhere in sight.
Now I gotta take his
sis to the Urgent Care,
'cause she don't
wanna go to the ER.
- Nigga, what's up?
- I'm so fucking heated
with y'all, shawty.
Is you aight, bruh?
- Hell yeah, we straight,
you know we can't
speak on too much,
you know what's happening.
- Man, where's my brother at?
- He right here, you want him?
- Hell nah, I don't want
his (indistinct) ass.
Tell that nigga
ass when I get out,
man, I'ma beat his ass.
Y'all just stay out
the way for me, shawty,
I'll be home, let me call
my baby mama real quick.
- Aight, nigga, love you.
- Aight love y'all too, man.
- Yeah.
- Yo ass be straight tripping!
- Man sis just calm
down, are you good?
- Devin get the
fuck out my house.
- Man, baby look let me
explain, just listen to me,
you tripping man.
- Devin get the
fuck out my house!
Matter of fact, all
y'all get the fuck out
my goddamn house!
- Damn what we do sis?
- What we do sis?
- Man listen (indistinct).
Man, look, Diamond
listen, you tripping.
- Get the hell out my-
(voices overlapping)
- Man hell nah.
- Get out my goddamn house,
get the fuck out my house!
Matter of fact, all
y'all get the fuck out
my goddamn house!
- What we do sis?
- Come on let's go man!
- What the fuck
y'all got going on?
- She tripping bruh.
- Nah, bruh you tripping, bruh.
How the fuck you gonna have
a whole 'nother baby, bruh?
(voices overlapping)
- Man, I'm just
saying though, bruh,
you got too much going on.
- Maybe I should go.
- Yeah, you should go
before Diamond get back.
- Man, get up outta here man.
- I'm confused, because
I thought she knew.
- Yeah, bruh you
ain't even tell us
and we 'posed to be ya partners.
- Man, nigga I just found
out too, DNA just came back.
Can't talk, just as
(indistinct) as y'all niggas.
- Damn, son, so the
baby really here?
- She's seven months.
- Sheesh.
- Man, who the hell
shawty is, man?
- Man, that freaky
ass April, bruh.
- You laughing, I gotta
(indistinct) bruh.
- Come on man, you can't
just be out here hitting
these lil stanking hoes then
getting anything pregnant,
you tripping, son.
- That shit crazy though,
he talked this shit
right up (laughs).
- Fuck bro, Alicia, you
keep running yo mouth,
man, you need to
get the fuck on.
- No, you kneed to
handle your business.
Call me later.
- Man, get up outta here, man.
(horn honking)
- Who the fuck outside now?
- Girl, why the fuck Pee Wee
got locked up last night?
- For real, for what?
- Man, yo baby
daddy used his name.
- Girl, get the fuck out,
man, Michael stupid as fuck.
- Girl, now I gotta
bond his ass out.
- My bad, sis, let me know if
you need something, I got you.
I'ma get on his ass
about that stupid shit.
But how you feeling,
is my niece okay?
- Yeah, we good girl, thank God.
- That's good, 'cause
girl I was scared as fuck
when you called me.
Let's see if we're gonna
get some gas real quick.
All right, girl.
- Girl?
- Hm?
- Is that that that young
hoe Pee Wee was fucking with?
- Who bitch?
- Man, that young
ass girl right there?
- Oh shit bitch,
yeah that's her.
- I'm finna get out.
- No the fuck you not, not
after what happened last night.
- I'm finna say something!
- No, you chill,
I'ma say something.
- No, I'm finna say something.
Fuck that, we both getting out.
- Excuse me!
Excuse me!
- What's up, do I know y'all?
- Bitch, you know
exactly who I am!
- Bitch, don't walk up
on me like you bout some.
- Bitch, don't act like
you don't recognize me,
you the same young ass hoe
that was fucking on my nigga.
- Yo nigga?
Oh, you must be talking
'bout my baby daddy.
- Baby daddy?
Bitch, that's my baby daddy!
- I guess that makes
two of us, huh.
Now move along, you
finna upset my baby.
- Hold on bitch, we don't
play them games 'round here.
Come on, you pregnant.
- You stupid bitch.
- Fuck that, this hoe
out here talking 'bout
Pee Wee her baby daddy,
hoe, I'll spit on you!
- Aight, I guess we'll
see in seven months, huh?
Lay another hand on me,
you going to jail, bitch.
- Jail, bitch, we don't
give a fuck 'bout no jail.
Pussy ass hoe, I'll
beat yo ass right now!
(voices overlapping)
- Take the picture.
- Taking it, hoe (chuckles)!
- See you at the baby shower!
- Girl, what the fuck?
- Man that hoe just tried me.
- I know, but I'm
talking 'bout her saying
Pee Wee her baby daddy,
is that shit true?
- I don't know and that's
what I'm trying to figure out.
- That shit gonna be
so fucked up if it is.
- Man, I wanna beat
that hoe ass, on God!
- I mean shit, she
still right there,
let me go knock her ass out
and then we can pull off.
- Man, I'm for real right now.
- Girl, I'm for real too.
- What time it is?
- Shit, it's almost six
o'clock, I gotta go get Leah.
Aight, but I got her
next time, bitch.
- [Mira] Right.
- What's the deal nigga?
Fuck you is?
- Ay which one of
y'all niggas Devin?
- Why, what's up?
- I'm Devin, what's going on?
- Nah, I know exactly
who the fuck he is.
- Man, who the fuck that was,
man I'm tired of spraying
these pussy ass niggas bruh.
- On God bruh.
- I don't know who
the fuck that was!
Who the fuck (indistinct)?
- Man, fuck that, I'm spraying
the city up tonight, on God!
- Bruh, this shit crazy as fuck,
don't nobody know where
Diamond stay at bruh.
Somebody gonna die tonight!
- Man take me to the
(indistinct) man,
I'm finna spin
this motherfucker.
- Ay bruh, who
the fuck was that?
- Why the fuck you always
popping up outta thin air bro?
- I stay in the
next building bro.
- Nah that boy right bruh,
why the fuck you always
pop up outta thin air bruh?
- I stay in the next building!
- Tez, let him breathe man.
- Nigga might know something.
- Man fuck that, D.
- Man, who the fuck
that was, nigga?
- Man, who the fuck
that was, nigga?
- I just asked you that!
- Where you at?
- Finna leave the house
with it, what's up sis?
- Why the fuck you ain't tell me
yo brother got a bitch pregnant?
- 'cause he don't,
what the fuck?
- Man, yes he do, I just
slapped the hoe out!
- Man shawty don't be out
here fighting, where you at?
- I'm with Nyla.
- Tell my baby, I love her!
- Man, she talking
'bout fuck you.
- That's cool, ay, have
you heard from my brother?
- Man nah, fuck him, but
when I do hear from him,
I'ma cuss his ass out!
- Aight shawty, call me back,
y'all folks chill out.
- All right, whatever, bye.
- Shawty crazy.
(voices overlapping)
- Devin!
- What's up bruh?
- What's going on now?
- Man, you need to
take you ass home,
it's too much
going on right now.
I'ma talk to you later.
Ay, we gotta spin that
shit right bruh, fuck that.
- Excuse me, miss lady?
- Oh, I'm so sorry.
- Oh no, you good, you
good, how you doing today?
- I'm doing good, how are you?
- I'm doing pretty good, just
about to head in the house.
- Oh, you live here?
- Yeah.
Do you?
- No, my brother
girlfriend does.
- Oh, okay.
So, what's your name?
- I'm Alicia.
- Marcell, nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you too.
- All right, well Miss Alicia,
can I call you sometime?
- Yeah.
- All right.
Got you locked.
All right, beautiful,
you be safe, okay?
- Okay, thank you.
(chill music)
- Oh yeah, that's
it, that's you.
That's it, that's
you, man, what?
- No it's not,
it's (indistinct).
- You 'posed jump out the
airplane in that, right?
Came outta nowhere
Made me feel
something I wanna feel
- That's you, that's
you, you get that,
you dead wrong, don't do that.
Life really ain't fair
Life ain't fair
'Cause now you're
in need of help
Late nights, staying
up thinking about you
I can't sleep,
looking at my phone
Wondering if you're
thinking about me
In my head, this feeling
that comes over me
Every night
I think I've
fallen (indistinct)
And I pick up
because (indistinct)
(door knocking)
- Damn, why you ain't
answer your phone?
- Wait bitch, why
the fuck it look like
you've been crying?
What the fuck going on?
- Girl, what's up?
- Devin has a baby.
- Wait, so y'all having
a baby, y'all pregnant?
When the baby shower?
- No,
he had a baby on me.
- What?
- Wait, what?
By who?
- And when, bitch?
- I don't know, his sister
and them was here earlier.
That's what she said.
- Oh.
- Ain't no way in hell bitch,
I'm just saying so
what we 'bout to do
'bout this nigga or whatever,
I mean, do I need to
get Dad on the phone?
What's going on?
- What you trying to do?
- I mean, the baby
here now, so I mean,
but it's nothing I can do.
- Well, shit.
Wipe your face, let's
get up, let's go out,
let's do something.
- Go where?
Do it look like I'm in
the mood to go somewhere?
- Ay, Cosmopolitan just
opened up bitch, tonight.
- Do it look like I'm in
the mood to go somewhere?
- Man, girl, you tripping.
- Wait, wait I'm listening,
but I'm trying to figure
out why this nigga, Rico,
ain't answering his phone.
- Bitch, check
his location, duh.
- You motherfucking right.
- Ha, told you-
- He at Tez spot, let's go!
- Oh yeah, he ain't
no motherfucking.
(voices overlapping)
(engine idling)
- Ay how you doing shawty?
- What's up?
- Shit, where y'all headed.
- Not with you.
- Oh yeah, why y'all
gotta be like that?
- Shit (chuckles), anyway,
you know this nigga?
- Who the fuck is this?
- Aight, say no mo', I'll
catch you later beautiful.
I'ma get her.
- Oh yeah it's up, I'ma get
that hoe, Diamond, on God.
- She thick as fuck too.
- Man, I'ma find out who the
fuck that was, I'm telling ya.
- Man, that's on God,
I'ma find that boy
and put that boy in a
casket, think I'm playing.
I'm gonna whoop that boy.
Where the fuck you
was last night?
- Bruh I had done goddamn hopped
in the car and pulled off,
I ain't know y'all ass was
finna have a real live shootout,
y'all boys dangerous
as fuck for that shit.
- Nah, fuck you!
- The hell I do?
- Nah listen, stop that,
it real smoke out here.
I just want these lame ass
niggas to stop being pussy
and face me, all that running
and hiding, I ain't with that.
- I feel that.
- Nah, nigga, fuck that.
Where that fuck nigga
Pee Wee at, nigga?
- Shit, I seen his
girl on Instagram
talking 'bout
Freeham, or some shit.
- Freeham?
Fuck that nigga locked up for?
- Well, fuck it, I'll
get his brother then!
If I don't get his
brother, I'll get his hoe!
Don't make me none.
- Facts.
- Bruh, you need to
call yo cousin too,
nigga ain't sleeping on that
either bruh, call that nigga!
- You need to get that nigga
on the (indistinct) ASAP!
- You still on that, bruh?
- Bruh, yes, call him!
Bruh, you trying to save
that nigga, call him!
- I'm finna call
him bruh goddamn.
- Man call that nigga ass,
he already been moving
crazy out here shawty.
- Aight, I'm finna
call him (indistinct).
- You need to call
that nigga ASAP nigga.
- Like right now.
- Ay, man.
What the hell apartment
that hoe stay in, man?
- I think she stay on the right,
apartment on the right.
- Oh yeah?
- I don't even see nobody, bruh.
- The fuck you doing over here?
- Damn, what are
you watching me for?
- Man, who the hell you
talking to like that?
I'll snatch yo little ass up.
- I was just going
to see my friend.
- Who, Pee Wee, the
nigga locked up!
- Where, why?
- What you mean why?
Don't worry about it.
You need to worry
about your situation.
- Don't talk about
your niece like that.
- It's not my fucking
niece, you're in 10th grade,
you're not having that,
you're in 10th grade,
you're not having that baby.
- And?
- And my ass, you a little
hoe out here, you moving
like a slow hoe at that.
Niggas out here talking
'bout you and shit,
I don't wanna hear that.
- Man, ain't nobody
talking 'bout me.
- Yes they is, your
name ringing bells,
you like, you a
lil THOT out here.
- Whatever, like I said, I
was going to see my friend.
- You're not, come on let's go.
- Ugh, what the fuck?
(tense music)
- Ay hold on man,
y'all niggas watch out,
that's my brother car.
- Who the fuck is you, boy?
- Man, who the fuck is you?
- This my brother-
- Man, who the fuck is you?
- What nigga?
- Bruh, stop talking back!
- Bruh!
(voices overlapping)
- Shut up, stop talking back!
- That beef shit.
- Ay, boy, what the hell
you looking like that for?
- Fuck nigga, what
you got going on?
- Nigga, you was just
coming to pick me up.
(voices overlapping)
- Give a fuck what
you on, nigga.
Looking goofy and shit, nigga!
We in the club
and we acting up
Niggaz scheming
so the forty tuck
Nigga, you ain't like that
Why the fuck is
you acting tuff
Shorties is grilling me down
They tryna fuck
I'm making my way
to the dance floor
Then I do the buck
- Ay bruh, so tell
me why my brother
called me talking 'bout
I need to lay low.
- Bruh, something telling
me that these niggas
got something up
there sleeve, bruh.
- Man, nigga, why
wouldn't they, nigga?
- Stupid ass nigga, y'all
did just go over there
and shoot the nigga shit
up the other day, nigga.
- Bruh, I'm talking 'bout
these niggas ain't posted shit.
- Man shit, is you high
or something nigga?
Who the fuck finna put some shit
like that on IG,
Instagram nigga?
- So how you know?
- Man, 'cause we just
rolled through there.
- You rolled through
there with who nigga?
- Man, shit don't
worry 'bout all that,
man we just rolled
through there,
boys talking 'bout (indistinct).
- The hell going on?
- Going on my brother?
(voices overlapping)
- What's up?
- What's up fool?
- You heard from
the nigga Devin?
- Hell nah, bruh I'll shoot
that nigga with no problem,
man why the fuck y'all
niggas ain't call me 'bout
that shit last night shawty?
And you know they posted 'bout
that shit on IG too right?
- Saying what?
- That some niggas
pulled up in a red truck
and started shooting
at they ass.
- So, shit nigga, I want
my fucking money period.
- Fuck 'em.
- There go the Cigarette Man
right here.
- What's going on, fam?
- You aight?
- The hell going on my boy?
- What you got for me,
you ain't got none of
that pressure shit do you?
- Man, Zaza man, come on man,
you know I keep
the real one man!
(voices overlapping)
- I got to smell
that shit nigga.
- The real one.
- Oh yeah, that shit.
- That one for you,
that's especially for you right,
'cause you always
running yo mouth.
- Country ass nigga.
(voices overlapping)
(man yelling)
Is there a heart
Is there a heart in
the house tonight
- Man get yo King
Kong looking ass on.
Over here singing and shit,
bruh how the fuck you find me?
- Boy, you know you keep
that motherfucking location
on boy, 'cause what
the fuck going on?
- I'll give it to
you, bruh, hold on.
(phone ringing)
Go 'head, handle
that, handle that,
handle that, handle that.
Oh, don't play with him.
That boy got that
stimulus motherfucker.
(phone chiming)
Bro, my bad bruh
what the fuck boy,
I just came to see my cousin!
Nigga better chill
the fuck out boy!
'Cuz, let me hold something.
- Bruh stop
motherfucking begging
all the goddamn time nigga.
- Bruh let me hold
something, bruh goddamn, bruh
you having it, bruh
let me hold something.
- Big ass (indistinct), goddamn.
- Fuck up man.
- Where that fuck
nigga Amir at though?
- Man, that pussy ass
nigga somewhere hidin,
I'ma kill that fuck
nigga first chance I get.
- Nah, for real, I want
that nigga dead myself,
I don't know why the fuck
I trust that lame anyway.
- Y'all niggas moving stupid,
y'all see the way that me
and Pee Wee got there man.
I was gonna pull that nigga
through the fucking
goddamn window man,
buss that nigga brain, man.
- No cap.
- Hell yeah man, Pee Wee
mad as fuck,
especially at TK, bruh.
- I know it.
- He said that nigga, he
moving too fast anyway.
- Nigga, I ain't
sparing shit no mo'!
- Nigga, you ain't sparing shit,
nigga, we ain't sparing shit,
nigga I'ma kill that nigga!
We gonna whack all these
pussy ass niggas bruh.
- It's up on the nigga Devin.
- No cap nigga.
- Nah, for real.
- No cap, let's get it.
Ran up on $100,000
Spend that shit
on some jeans
Shop for her,
she gave me a car
'Cause she know I'm okay
Baby, I see (indistinct)
I keep a hundred on me
I got a hundred on me
I keep a hundred on me
- Hello?
Two of 'em?
Why you know that
number done changed man.
Hell yeah man, you see
what the fuck goin on.
(door knocking)
Aight, man.
- Damn good you opened
the goddamn door nigga!
- What's up bruh?
- What's up?
- Fuck going on with you?
- Man move out the
god damn way nigga.
- Tell me why Diamond done
changed the goddamn locks on me?
- Changed the locks?
- Hell yeah.
(voices overlapping)
Man she packed all my shit up.
- Man, you out bad.
- Man come on man you
gotta have a plan.
Ay, you ain't seen nan
one of them fuck niggas?
- Man I ain't even been on that,
I been on some other shit man.
Look though, D.
- What?
- They came and
bought the last two.
That's yours man.
- Yes sir.
- Yes sir.
- Oh guess what though?
First one of them
fuck niggas we see,
boy, spin them
niggas' ass, bruh.
- For sho.
All of them opps getting
popped, (indistinct).
(horn honking)
- Fuck all that, that's
hard boy, boy you juiced up.
- Ay what happened to them
lil percs I had gave you,
you ain't got none?
- So, you can't answer
yo fucking phone nigga?
- Who the fuck that
is blowing bruh?
- She blowing like crazy,
that's a new hoe ain't it?
(horn honking)
- Yeah, fuck that hoe.
Man, see this the shit
I be talking 'bout D.
- Man, I know that
ain't who I think it is.
- Come on D man.
- Cuss these hoes ass out man.
- You always doing
this shit bruh!
- Man, that hoe going
crazy out there, man.
- Man, dumb ass hoe,
get the from this
spot stupid ass bitch!
Fuck wrong with
this dumb ass hoe?
Ay, get the fuck on.
- Nigga, fuck you!
You wasn't saying all that shit
when you was in this
fucking pussy nigga.
So why the fuck (indistinct).
(voices overlapping)
(defiant music)
I got my (indistinct),
don't make me use it
In this motherfucker
I'll shoot (indistinct)
(door knocking)
- Who the fuck that is?
- Ma, I just told
you I was pulling up.
- I don't know you nigga!
- Can you open the door please?
- No!
- I gotta pee!
- Bye.
What number I'm
thinking of nigga?
- Ma, come on, really?
- Yeah.
- Oh my God!
If your horny
Let's do it,
ride it, my pony
Now open this goddamn door
Now open this
Come on for I pee on your
goddamn flowers now, Ma
- Nigga, who the fuck you
think you talking too, nigga?
- Damn.
Come on, Mama, you
play too goddamn much.
- Get yo stanking ass
on, always talking shit.
(chill music)
- So baby you did all
that, to say all that,
so why you here?
- Damn, I can't come see you?
- You got eyes nigga don't you?
- Ma, you hell.
- I know I am, I'm
heaven too baby,
when you get to know me,
just pray a little bit.
- I pray for you every night,
you don't even know it.
'Cause I'm an angel, I'm
an angel on that ass nigga.
- Shit, you like the devil
all that damn red on.
- Boom, boom, bitch I got
that, I got that, I got that.
Pull over, all this
ass is fat nigga, boom.
- Ma, I don't wanna
hear that shit.
- Ain't nobody asked you
what the fuck you wanna hear,
ya daddy heard it,
that's why you're here.
- You ain't shit (chuckles).
You ain't shit lady.
- You keep telling me what I is
and what the fuck I ain't.
- I gotta blunt, you
wanna smoke, oh damn,
I see you got one in your mouth.
That motherfucker
skinny as hell.
Wanna smoke mines?
(both laughing)
- It's certain shit that
I'm not gonna stand for
and first of motherfucking all,
nigga you ain't gonna
talk about my blunt.
I don't talk about your hoes,
you don't talk about my blunt.
- Shit, my shit gonna get
you higher (indistinct).
- It had to get you higher,
you keep slinging
cock 'round here
and got babies popping out
like motherfucking M & M's
or Pez dispensers,
fuck you mean?
- Shit, that motherfucker
slang every night ma.
- So, I heard about some
new girl, who this bitch is?
- Crystal, that was my girl,
she was a lil fine
lil something.
- That bitch made of glass?
I'm sick of hearing
about these hoes.
Put yo dick down, tie
that shit to yo leg nigga,
do something other than fucking.
- She 'posed to be
on her way over here.
She on her way over here.
- So, you bringing
hoes to my house?
- Want you to meet her.
- Meet who bitch?
- Crystal!
- Don't give a fuck, I barely
met the baby mama that I like.
- Shit that motherfucker,
she on house duty.
She can't come out right now ma.
- Who the fuck said?
Give me that goddamn lighter.
Who the fuck said?
- Me.
- You?
- Yeah.
- So you running hoes,
you fucking hoes.
- Off the goddamn clock.
- Nigga, who the fuck
you think you is, Future?
- Man broke, freaky ass hoe,
stop playing with me for real.
(voices overlapping)
- Y'all niggas
tripping out here boy.
Man look at that hoe man.
That hoe tripping!
Get that lil bitty
ass car up outta here.
- Man them niggas got to be
out here, they stay out here.
- I'ma kill one of these fuck
niggas first chance I get
nigga that's on God.
- On God bruh, then they
got Pee Wee locked up
behind this shit man them
niggas gonna die, on God.
- Oh yeah?
- That bitch tripping man.
- Man these fuck
niggas was on some shit
when I picked up Slim
the other day, man.
- Man fuck these niggas, they-
- They gonna be
out here, hold up.
- That's on my mama.
- Why the fuck
you keep calling
my phone for, bro?
(voices overlapping)
- Babe, that's what I'm trying
to tell you that was not me.
- Bruh, there them fuck
niggas right there.
(foreboding music)
- How is you gonna tell me?
Hold on, bruh, hold on, bruh.
- Man, fuck that, man.
- Man, my girl tripping, bruh.
- Ay, hold up, babe,
I'm telling you.
(voices overlapping)
- That wasn't me man, you always
be listening to other folk,
bruh hold up bruh!
- Nah ain't no hold up, man!
Fuck that, man we
finna get out this car
and handle business.
- Babe, that's what I'm sayin
you always calling me
at the wrong time, bruh!
You always calling
me at the wrong time!
(voices overlapping)
- What's up now with all
that shit y'all was talking?
(weapons firing)
- Bitch!
- So you just gonna
sit there on ya phone
and pretend like I don't
know what's going on?
- Ma ain't nothing goin
on, get up out my mind.
- Baby, we talk shit,
and we kid, and we play.
And I can't stand that
bitch, Lord knows I can't.
- I already know.
- But fucking her over
ain't the way baby.
She still here, four kids later.
You not understanding, baby.
Karma is a bitch.
- Yo, I don't
believe in karma, Ma.
- There's a lot of things
you don't believe in.
- You right, that's
why I call you.
- I can't fix all
your problems baby,
who the fuck I look
like, the Michelin Man?
- Shit, my Super Woman.
- I am, but sometimes I
gotta take my cape off.
Let me tell you something,
the only reason I'm
not with yo daddy,
because he ain't
want shit, but hoes.
- Oh, that's why
he ain't 'round me?
- I stayed there through
all his baby mamas,
I stayed there through
all the times he cheated,
he left, he lied, he
went, he came back,
I stayed there, 'cause I
thought being strong and riding
was gonna make him love me.
Even at his age, he still
wasn't ready to grow up
and the hardest thing I ever
had to do was choose myself.
- Um hmm, that's right.
- It's gonna kill you when
that girl choose herself.
And the only thing you can do
is look at yourself
and say dummy.
Now, you keep fucking 'round
and you are gonna
lose the only thing
that put up with your shit.
And my name damn
sure ain't Tissue
and I ain't putting up
with none of that shit.
- She ain't goin nowhere, Mama.
- You keep saying that.
- She ain't goin nowhere.
- You keep saying that baby.
- I got her wrapped
around my finger.
- Oh my God, I had so much fun,
I haven't done this
since I was like a kid.
- Me too, definitely felt like
a big kid, but it was fun!
- Yeah, thanks for inviting me,
I really needed the fresh air.
- Well, you know,
I'm here for you,
talk to me about anything.
- It's a lot, so you
might wanna sit down.
- All right, well you
lead the way, beautiful.
Ay, girl, ay, girl, ay girl
Oh no, no
Lean on me
Come and get your
everything, girl
Everything that
you need, girl
Lean on me, give you
everything you dreamed of
I dreamt you, darling
Now you stepping
inside (indistinct)
But I'm in love
with her demeanor
Told 'em we pop
by (indistinct)
They didn't believe us
Lean on me, give you
everything you dreamed of
I dreamt you, darling
Now you stepping
inside (indistinct)
But I'm in love
with her demeanor
Told 'em we pop
by (indistinct)
They didn't believe us
I told you I wanna
get you everything
- Well, all right now.
We done did all that
teary, teary shit.
Now you know your mama love you,
but you know the man from
the church coming over later.
- Ma, you ain't shit,
you freaky as hell.
- You goddamn right, nigga,
he bought me my Cadillac.
Now get yo ass up
outta here, nigga.
- Cadillac, I can
buy you a Benz.
- I didn't ask you
what you can buy.
Buy them goddamn babies
some motherfucking Pampers.
Buy yo wife something,
that's what you need to do.
Buy that bitch a hard,
'cause she soft as fuck.
But you know what I'm
saying, that's okay.
That's why you walk on her,
because the bitch
like a doormat.
Get yo ass up outta here, nigga.
All right, now get
yo ass on outta here.
- I'm gone, Ma, I love you.
- Love you too, son,
you gonna be all right.
You know that right?
- I'ma always be all right.
- You better, I'll come around
there and shoot that shit up.
Oh shit, where my shit
at fucking with you,
I done left my
shit (indistinct).
- Get yo ass up outta here.
- I'm gone, man.
- I love you.
- Love you too!
(chill music)
(sirens blaring)
- Snake, Snake, what the
fuck wrong with this nigga?
- What the fuck, man?
- Snake, Snake?
Ay, bruh call TK!
- Nah, nah we gotta go.
Here come 12, here come 12!
- Bruh, call TK, bruh!
- Fuck!
(siren wailing)
(defiant music)
Butterfly girls
Ay yo go, you go
Before a nigga say
you gonna play with me
Around and around
with that K
Every nigga I'm
around here dirty
Ready to rub a
nigga (indistinct)
Shoot them nigga in his face
Never doubt what he say
Okay, let's go, let's go
It's a robbery
And I'm gonna stand on it
Send that boy to god
Can't risk him
taking stands on me
Suicidal thoughts
You think
(indistinct), homey
Once you meet them
demons, don't try to fight
You don't stand
a chance, homey
Don't try to fight, you
don't stand a chance, homey
Kill 'em fast with the
watches, (indistinct), Bobby
Found a Houston with my
beats, Whitney, (indistinct)
Little (indistinct) rub a J
with my habit, (indistinct)
Yeah them hoes in the pocket
Try stepping out on my
niggas, (indistinct)
Straight move on
the freak, bitch
We're tag teaming
like the Hardy's
35 girls, nigga,
I tell all my
bitches probably
Little bitch wanna go
viral, (indistinct)
I'm in the shower,
looking down in the tubby
Thinking ghost
like his power
Do it dirty in the hour
Bad bitches wanna fuck me
Fucking on the Eiffel Tower
A friend wanna tag in
Come on, baby, (indistinct)
Butterfly girls
Butterfly girls
Before a nigga say
you gonna play with me
Around and around
with that K
Every nigga I'm
around here dirty
Ready to rub a
nigga (indistinct)
Shoot them nigga in his face
Never doubt what he say
Okay, let's go, let's go
It's a robbery
And I'm gonna stand on it
Send that boy to god
Can't risk him
taking stands on me
Suicidal thoughts
You think
(indistinct), homey
Once you meet them
demons, don't try to fight
You don't stand
a chance, homey
Don't stand a chance