The Betrayal 2: Revenge (2022) Movie Script

(drums rolling)
(iconic music)
- Yeah. You wanted
to talk to me?
- Yeah. You're gonna have
to get rid of the beard.
The scraggly look,
it ain't working.
Keep it smooth like me.
- I don't remember that
in the regulations.
- Oh, it's protocol,
Captain says.
God says as far as
you're concerned.
- All right. Well then I
guess the beard's gone.
After it's done, I'll use
that smooth, shiny skin
to do the other
imaginary regulation
and kiss your ass, right?
- Smart ass, did you
look at the board?
- Yeah, I looked at it.
- Okay, we got cousins,
we got brothers,
nephews, no fathers obviously.
But, you know, these
motherfuckers are affiliated.
- No way.
- We got Peewee.
Right? And his crew.
We got our snitches.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, they're my favorite.
And then we got Devin and his.
You know, they might be beefing,
but it's all over the place.
- All right. Which
one of these is Snake?
- So we don't got
that yet, okay?
Missing puzzle piece.
So I can't make it stick,
but you know all these
motherfuckers affiliated, right?
- Yeah.
- Yo Richmond, will you
get in here, please?
- Yo what's up, detective.
- Man, I'm looking at a
fucking mess right here.
Smorgasbord of shit.
Will you put your eyes
on it and help me out?
- (gasps) Well, detective;
for number one, you're missing
the main part to this puzzle.
See, the kid Snake,
he has a brother.
Brother name is Ramel Thompson.
But on the streets,
they call him Rara.
- What the fuck
kinda name is Rara?
- I don't know, he
probably got it in jail.
Word is, he just got out today.
- Oh yeah? Okay.
- Oh, fresh off the boat.
- Yeah.
See, I know this information
because his sister used
to do my cousin's hair.
- Your cousin's hair?
- Yeah, my cousin's hair.
- Can we get her on the payroll?
- You got jokes. (chuckles)
- Ain't but shit. You're
a fucking dog, Rich.
Damn, know what? Think
I'm falling in love.
No, just fucking with you.
Get your shit
together, let's go.
- All right, bet.
Where we going?
- Well, you ask a lot
of questions today.
Going to west side of Atlanta.
The best side.
- West side of Atlanta?
- Mm-hmm.
- This gonna be
a long ass night.
All right.
- [Sergeant] Save less
(somber music)
- Being betrayed, can have
you in a cold dark space.
Have you thinking that
you going fucking crazy?
I was with somebody
for four years
who I thought was my everything.
Just to find out I was
another bitch he was playing.
My name is Diamond,
24 years old,
from Brooklyn, New York.
But let me introduce you
into the cold world
of being betrayed.
Control my anger,
don't be shocked girl
Help protect a nigga pride
Help protect a nigga pride
You know you're
rocking with a real one
Why? 'Cause you can
see it in my eyes
Devil praying' on our demise
Back against the wall
- What goin' on, bro?
- Man, wake your ass up, bro.
Snake got killed last night.
- Bro, what?
.- Yes bro, them
fuck niggas shot him.
- Where the fuck y'all was at?
and why the fuck y'all
niggas ain't wait on me?
On God, y'all niggas
be moving stupid.
I need all y'all niggas to
come to my house right now.
Don't go no where but to
my motherfucking shit.
- Man, nigga, I
called you ass back,
three time late at night,
you probably laid up
with a bitch like your
ass probably in there.
And all right bro, I'm
finna call everybody.
- All right bro.
(phone clatters)
- Bae, you up?
- Yeah. What's up?
- Man, Snake ass got
killed last night.
- Oh my God! Baby, I'm so sorry.
What happened?
- I don't even know,
they just called me.
- Damn, I just seen that
nigga too, like last week.
Shit crazy.
- Yeah. Everybody bout be
on the way over here, so.
I don't want you
missing this shit,
so you and little Jay come
over tonight and stay with me.
- Okay. That's fine.
But look, you got a family now.
You got me now, you got kids.
I don't need you out
here doing no stupid shit
because of your homies.
I ain't trying to
bury you, Michael.
- Yeah, I hear you.
And stop calling me
my fucking real name.
I told you about that
shit, it's a pet peeve.
- Nah, Imma call you
by your real name
'cause I need you to hear me
and I need you to
understand me, Michael.
Stop playing with me,
I ain't calling you
no motherfucking TK.
- Yeah, I hear you. But I'm
always be good, trust me.
But come on give me
some before you go.
- No, I'm going to get my baby
and you got enough last night.
- Hey, my mom said
she wants see you too.
- Yeah, when?
- Shit, I don't know.
We might go there
tomorrow or something.
- Okay, that works.
(hand spanks)
(door knocking)
- You hear that shit?
- Yeah.
- Somebody at the door.
(knocking on door)
(man shouts faintly)
- [TK's Cousin] Open
the door, I gotta pee.
- Is that your cousin?
- [TK] Yeah. That his fat ass.
- Stop being mean,
go open the door.
- He aight.
- Michael.
- Stop calling me
by my fucking name.
- Imma keep calling
you by your name.
- Boy Goddamn! You gonna let
me sit out here, I gotta pee.
- Nigga, I really was.
How the fuck you
knew I was at home?
- Bruh, I keep telling,
you keep leave your mother
fucking location on,
everybody know
where you at, bro.
Boy, I keep telling yo ass boy,
cut that goddamn
location off, boy.
I'm trying to tell you, boy
your mama gonna find out.
- All right, baby.
I'm finna go, okay?
- Okay, I love you.
- I love you more.
- Shit, I like you too.
- I love you too, cousin.
- Nigga, go home!
- Bro, I am home. Boy
my auntie pay me rent.
Fuck you talking about?
- No, for real,
bro, I got business.
Hell I got people coming over.
I don't want you to
messing this shit.
- Boy what happened?
I'm trying to come.
- Hell nah, no the
hell you don't.
(rap music)
Can't worry bout no nigga
I ain't going back in
Fuck on everything,
somebody business
I know that these niggas be
mad cause I got all the bush
And I stacked all my riches
My mama said she
wanna push it
'Fore I get out that Honda
and push her a Bentley
I know that these
young niggas tripping
I know that they mad
cause I came through
Your bitch bad so she
giving me brain too
She like it, give
her a new bag or two
And your hoe know that
she is the man too
- Shit, I don't know what the
fuck y'all nigga got going on
Y'all a nigga got pushing up
in broad daylight and shit.
- We gonna have to go
MIA for a minute, bro.
- Man who going MIA?
Y'all got a nigga walking
around like they that nigga.
Man, what these nigga
can do is pretty sure,
not show at the funerals.
I'm bout to slide on
these nigga ass, Glizzy.
You all in my
motherfucking head, Smoke.
- Man Jet, boy, you hot bruh.
You gotta fuck or
smoke right bruh.
We slick, to crash that.
I don't wanna do
no shit like that
in broad daylight nigga.
But shit, I'm hearing what
you're saying though bruh.
Shit it were us and them.
Nigga, really
fucked them niggas.
- Glizzy listen what the
fuck I'm saying, bro.
Them fuckers gonna push
up on us, fast way.
Ain't no telling who
saying what bruh.
- Y'all gonna let
this shit spook y'all.
But we don't move like
that bro. Broad daylight.
No man, no reason handing
ourselves to them fuckers.
- [Glizzy] We definitely
don't move like that.
But shit we ain't hot.
We stepping on shit.
If you ask me, nigga,
I wasn't even there.
I was at my little hoe house,
but if y'all niggas really feel
like this shit gonna
be a situation.
We can put that money together
and let them lawyers handle
this shit.
- Who going tell? That
nigga stepped on already.
I ain't never seen
no dead nigga talk.
You ever seen a dead nigga talk.
- Man, I'm just on the
safe side, something.
- [Glizzy] Bruh, I'm
just like smoke bro.
I'm being on the safe side too.
Shit, fuck all that bro.
Who the fuck sent that hit?
I don't know these nigga, bro.
They got Smoke, what's
up cuh, you hot cuh?
- I don't know no
fuck nigga either bro.
- Glizzy, the nigga dead bro.
You ever see the dead
nigga talk? (laughs)
- Shit never, never
that boy deader than a doorknob,
that why I should
have got my side hoe
to be the sleaze on
that dumb ass hoe, bro.
I'm out there arguing
with that bitch.
Almost, got me spent for real.
Mofo had me all
the way down bad.
- Nah, for real.
Luckily me and
smoke was out there.
We really like your
cousin the Haitian nigga.
- Big sell boy.
- You done got yo ass barbecue.
- I'm talking bout filet mignon.
- Ain't even looked
barbecued, (laughs)
fuck is you talking about?
(phone rings)
- What's up man?
- Hey bro. What the
hell going on man?
I heard shit got
wicked out there.
- Man nigga, Y'all
nigga outta pocket.
Where the hell y'all nigga were?
- Bro? You know how
I be moving, bro?
I had some business
to attend to.
- Man, You talk to cuh?
Man, push up on cuh.
Man, Y'all niggas meet us
at the spot, man.
I ain't doing all
that. All the ick man.
- Shit, say less, I'm finna
pull up with the quickness.
I'll be there. Give
me a couple minutes.
- Yeah, that was straight
out, reckless ass, man.
- Fuck them nigga where?
If I get spent
both them nigga ass
ain't nowhere to be found.
It's crazy.
- Man, I ain't like that
shit we planned bro.
Fuck try to sneak up, had
to handle our business.
(phone buzzes)
- Hello
- Man. Where the hell you at?
- [TK] I'm at the
house bro. Pull up.
- Shit, I'm already en route.
Nigga, I'm throwed the
fuck out right now.
I'm finna pull up.
- [TK] Bet.
- Damn, What happened Cuh?
- Fuck shit went down, nigga.
Goddamn fuck nigga killed snake.
- Bro, You talking about snake?
RaRa lil bro?.
- Yeah.
- Oh hell nah, boy. It finna
be a bloody war and them.
- Damn, right, Fuck all that.
- Man, y'all already know
what the fuck going on,
but that shit ain't
gonna never end,
till this shit supposed to
be over with, the right way.
Already know what goin on bro.
Fuck man, shit been so
goddamn crazy lately.
- [Sergeant] Yo, RaRa,
- Let me call you back.
- [Sergeant] Ramel Thompson.
How you doing? Young man?
You look healthy.
- I'm straight with it.
- But I hear your brother.
Ain't doing so well.
- Yeah, that fucked up.
But at the end of the day,
how I look at it,
if I ain't been arrested right
now y'all nigga ass can dip.
- Yeah. You know you're still
on probation though, right?
- No. You harassing me nigga.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
Am I making you
feel uncomfortable?
What gang you roll
with again? Cupcake.
Show me arms.
- Man, I roll my damn
self. Man, look, man.
I already done fucked
with y'all man.
I gotta go check on my mama.
- All right. All right.
Check up on your mama.
Will you mind sitting down?
I'll make a couple phone calls.
- Man sit down, nigga fuck you.
- You know what?
Watch your fucking mouth.
No, no, no, no, use your head.
- Fuck you too.
- Fuck you, fuck you
- Use your head
- I gotta say it.
- Fuck you.
- Man. Listen, man,
If I ain't been arrested, like
I said, y'all ass can dip.
- All right. You can get going.
Take your nuts and bounce.
Second thought. How about you?
Gimme a phone call.
Here's my card.
- You can have one of
these. And a nice day.
- Okay, All right, everybody.
I'm done talking
to Ramel Thompson.
RaRa is talking to the APD.
- Fuck y'all niggas.
- All right, bye RaRa, bye.
- Aight who there?
- Who the fuck that is?
- Ay who there?
- Cigarette man?
Nigga open the door.
- Who that is?
- Cigarette Man.
- Let 'em in.
- Yeah. Run over.
- Hell, Going on?
- Man, What the hell y'all
folk got going on, man.
- Man I don't know
what going on, bro.
I just woke up. Not
too long ago, man.
- Man, the police
'bout a hundred deep
over there in the
park, man, boy.
They, they say um that
nigga snake got shot.
They say um, Devin and them four
had something to do with it.
- Swear?
- Hell yeah. I ain't
for sho' though.
- Man, my goddamn, my goddamn,
I was just with Shola.
- Hell yeah. They say
he walked up by hisself,
and got fired up.
- Where that was at?
- Um Damn, What the name
of them apartment man,
um Castleberry.
- Man who the fuck
stay out there.
- Mind, yo business
stay out this shit.
- This nigga funny. I
don't know, I don't know,
I can find out though.
- Shit, Let know. I'm gone
ride through in a minute.
- Fuck you got going on bro.
Trying to put a nigga in
the middle, like a hoe.
Man, sit, chill.
- Man, I ain't trying
to hear all that man.
I'm trying to see where
the fucking these nigga ass
gone be at tonight.
- Shit they said they gone
be at goddamn metro lane.
Cuh said he gone pull up
with his baby and them.
- The skate rink? Y'all
nigga ass finna skate?
- Man there gonna be
vibes up there, goofy.
- [Glizzy] And them fuck
nigga gone be up there too.
One them little hoe
said she seen them
talking about that
shit on Instagram.
- Oh yeah.
- Oh yeah boy they do.
(phone rings)
- Oh yeah they do.
- Shit, I'm at the spot.
Borrow some money? Obviously,
you called the wrong nigga.
I ain't your
motherfucking nigga.
Man, bye ho.
- Damn bro, who that was?
- Man, some ho talking 'bout
she needs some
money for her rent.
- Man, ain't nobody gonna
cash out on that pussy.
- Man, I'm not
cashing out on no ho.
Ho can't get nothing but
a four for four outta me.
Hoe better go holler
at vendor Vicky
and get her something going.
How's you doing, no kizzy.
- Man, you hell, boy.
- [Glizzy] Man, y'all niggas
talking 'bout everything
but the right
thing, bro. Goddamn.
Is we slaying tonight or what?
'Cause if not bro, I'ma
go to my little ho spot
instead of sitting with
y'all goofy ass niggas.
- Fo sho' nigga.
J hit up Diamond,
make sure she ain't
out there, we good.
- I ain't even talkin'
Diamond ass bro.
She's still on that
fuck ass bullshit.
- Damn! You still like
that? Where the hell's baby?
- Man, that lame-ass,
jack-ass, broke-ass
baby mama won't see me
see the motherfucker, bro.
- Y'all don't even gotta learn.
- I'm tryna tell you.
- I'm tryna tell
you (Glizzy mocks)
Shut the hell up. What
you got? Like three kids.
What the hell you talkin'?
- By one bitch though.
- But I wanted it done this
way. Why don't he look this way?
- Man, get the fuck outta here.
What you talkin' about, nigga.
- Man,
Y'all hell you
talking about, man.
Get on.
- I can't get mad at you. I
have fucking up a swoop, nigga.
- Who told you about that ho?
- Crazy.
- You're better with
your dick here, you know.
(Jet laughs)
- [Glizzy] That funny,
bro. That funny.
- That's funny bro.
- Real funny.
- Got that shit.
- Get yo cry baby ass up
outta here. Crybaby ass nigga.
- Get yo cry baby ass on.
- Hey, be back by five,
bruh Glock getting out.
- Man nigga fuck Glock too.
- Goddamn boy, what the brother
do, he ain't even out yet.
- Man get yo shit ass
up outta here man,
crybaby ass nigga.
(ominous music)
- Hey what you doing?
- Stop playing Jet boy, bruh.
Man you play too much bruh.
- I'm just fucking
with you bruh.
But look, I need to holla
at you for real though.
- Bout what?
- Me and you family right?
- We still on this shit bruh?
- Yeah, Jet boy I told
you I'm in to win boy.
- You need to handle that man.
- Nigga I just told
you, in to win.
- You need to handle that.
- The hell going on?
- Ay I told that
nigga to wait bruh
he was just moving too fast.
Imma knock that nigga Devin
head clean the fuck off.
- Man why the hell y'all
keep making moves out there?
Shit ain't safe for
y'all to be moving dolo.
Y'all shoulda waited.
- Man, RaRa finna
go crazy, bruh.
Just got out, I don't even
think he seen bro yet.
- Shit, them folks gone
be at Metro later on.
- What the hell going on up
there I ain't heard about shit.
- Them niggas going?
If so we there.
- Yeah for sure.
- Come on now y'all
know they going.
- Imma call RaRa and
make sure he straight.
- Man I just seen that
nigga mom at the store.
Boy them folks ain't
doing too good.
- Ah, that shit crazy man.
- Ay TK?
- What lil bro?
- Cortez stay over there.
- Who?
- Cortez, nigga, they
call him Jet boy.
He from Pittsburgh
I just seen him,
at the four way with Devin.
- Shit aight, bet look, I'm
go check on my baby mama.
Imma catch up with
y'all boys later on.
Y'all folks be safe.
- Ay hold up let me talk
to you for a minute bro.
- What's happening bruh?
- Imma need you tonight bruh
for real don't bullshit me.
- I got you, I ain't playing.
- Aight say less.
I know you doing
bad but I seen worse
I know you doing
bad but I seen worse
- Shit, boy you been fucking
them hoes up in this Bentley,
I know it going on.
- Now you know this
an expensive car.
- When I'm gone
meet this nigga man.
- You be doing the most.
- Where my niece at?
- Why you got this on you?
- Man, come on man,
don't start that shit.
- Uncle Devin.
- Whatsup baby.
- So what the hell
is going on with you?
- LeeLee, I told you, stay
out of all this shit bruh.
- No I need to
make sure you okay.
You know I can't function if
shit ain't right with you.
And stop moving like you stupid
out here you got a baby now.
Aight bruh, I hear you
bruh. I don't do that.
- You make up with Diamond yet?
- Man hell no, Diamond
still on that bullshit bruh.
- You know you messed up right.
- You think Einstein? I'm
trying to tell yo ass.
Matter of fact LeeLee,
I ain't got time for you
dumb ass shit right now.
I'm gone go on and get
you up out my hair man.
Matter of fact go
take care of them.
For real, handle business.
- Be safe okay.
- Love you.
- Give him a hug.
- Love you baby.
- All right.
- All right.
- Hell bruh,
I'm goddamn ready to pull
off in a minute though.
Aight bet.
- What's happening TK?
- Man what's up boy where
the hell you been at?
- Shit looking for yo ass.
- Man, you goddamn know I
moved a couple months ago.
- What the hell been
going on in them set?
Y'all nigga name ain't
even ring a bell.
- Shit boy, goddamn bruh got
into it with that nigga Glizzy.
- Who?
- Man you know Shola
man, real name Devin,
be around Carl and
Cortez and them.
- I think I remember him.
- Yeah man that nigga
got into some shit,
and now its my problem 'cause
he got his ass locked up.
- What the hell
he locked up for?
- I fucked around with
that niggas name bruh.
- You ain't shit man
- Yeah I know man,
I try to get his ass bailed
but he got no bond yet.
- What the move is
for tonight man.
- Shit I don't even know bruh,
we supposed to
goddamn go to metro.
- Metro for what.
- They having
something out there.
- Aight Imma slide with y'all.
- Say less pull up.
- Aight be safe.
- Aight you too nigga.
(rap music)
- Why you sitting here
looking like that?
- I'm just sitting here,
when they said the
apartment would be ready?
- I don't know, but I'm really
getting tired of staying
at my mama house. And I
have something to tell you.
- What you gotta tell me?
- I'm pregnant.
- I already know, I
did it on purpose.
- What?
- Told yo ass you
ain't going nowhere.
- Michael, you want more kids?
- Yup five more.
- That's ridiculous.
- Look Aleisha, I know I
haven't been the best husband
I can be, but I love
you. And I love our kids.
So from here on out Imma change.
I want to stay together,
and be a family.
- Really?
- Yes, so tonight, I'm
gonna take you out.
So look pretty for me.
- Okay. I love you.
- I love you too.
- You hungry Parrish?
I took some risks
for that cash
I took some risks
for that cash
I took some risks
for that cash
I took some risks
for that cash
I took some risks
for this cash
I took some risks
for this cash
Ay what you did?
I took some risks
for that cash
I took some risks
for that cash
I took some risks
for that cash
Ran in that spot
ain't have on no mask
Y'all calling my phone
don't care what you say
Keep a glizzy you
know that I spray it
He said he blessed,
that nigga ain't blessed
Ran in his spot
now he on crutches
Whole crew busted, we
ain't doing no test
(very fast rapping)
I took some risk
for that cash
I took some risk
for that cash
I took some risk
for that cash
I took some risks
for that cash
Ay what you did
I took some risks
for that cash
I took some risks
for that cash
I took some risks
for that cash
Ran in that spot
ain't have on no mask
Calling my phone don't
care what you saying
I took some risks
for that cash
Ran in this shit ain't
have on no gloves, no mask
(hip hop music)
- Man turn the AC on bruh
its hot as fuck in here.
- Man sit back on
ride you ain't got
nothing on the gas money bro.
- Nigga I got money and
its still hot as fuck.
- Man you luck yous my sister.
- Bro you lucky you my
brother, I'd beat yo ass again.
- Man we were like ten
and my leg was fucked up.
- But I still won, though.
- Cuh, what the fuck
going on nigga, walk along
and get yo ugly ass
in the car nigga.
- Fuck going on
man, whatsup man?
- Nigga you ain't call,
me I called yo ass nigga.
- Nigga stop lying, can't
call no jail phone back,
black ass nigga.
- Bruh I really
just woke up bruh.
- Man fuck all that, bro you
aight what the fuck happened?
- Shola its some bullshit,
word getting round
jail fast right.
Nigga be talking like oh?
What the hell happened exactly?
- Man them fuck niggas
tried to sneak up on cuh,
nigga had to pop
them fuck nigga.
- Broad daylight tho,
like some fucking idiots.
- Man this is what the
fuck I'm telling you bruh,
it were either us or them.
- Y'all can't let y'all
niggas do the shit though?
- Bruh, nigga tried
push up to the spot
and we had to
handle our business.
- Where the fuck
everybody else at though?
Matter of fact, take
me to the house.
Gotta change and shit, it
going down tonight for real.
- Man the fuck you ain't,
the fuck you ain't.
- Take yo ass in the house,
matter of fact here bro.
- Let me get two dollars though.
( hip hop music)
- Ay bruh they say the
migos got like 15 bricks
and they got 17
million in the wall.
- 15? Boy we gotta hit they ass.
- What I'm trying to tell you,
and I don't trust nobody on
this move but me and you,
you got my back I trust
you with everything.
- You already know it.
- Man yo even that
time we were little.
- Hell yeah.
- You had done ran
into the ice cream man,
how you stole all the ice cream,
I had to come save yo ass.
- You always been
on the bullshit,
then when we was in school
you stole Ski Mask girl.
Ski Mask finna whoop
yo motherfucking ass,
I had to go up and save you bro.
- Man.
- I ain't gone lie though,
that shit were really real.
I just thought where
the fuck my cousin at.
Cause you just
disappeared you know.
Shit changed though, hell yeah.
You a slimey ass
motherfucker nigga.
Why the fuck you do that shit.
I loved you.
(somber music)
- Hey, hey. Whatsup.
- Hey.
- Good to see you.
- Good to see you too.
- You look pretty.
- You changed the hair
up for me, I like that.
Whatsup mini me,
doing all right?
Gimme a hug.
- Bruh, that shit that happened
to Snake fucked up bruh.
We gotta get these niggas bruh.
- Yeah I know, I wish y'all
niggas would've waited on me.
- Bruh it weren't really
shit we could do man.
We got there and bruh just
hopped out the car man.
- Its all good, we'll
get them nigga ass.
Right now bruh,
I'm finna goddamn
pull up on wifey
nigga real quick.
Her ass been tripping lately.
- Oh yeah bruh you
gotta keep her right.
That motherfucker nice.
She gone like it bruh.
- I hope so.
- The way she got them
goddamn kids every Thursday.
- Oh that were we headed too?
- This was so sweet.
- I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.
Anything for you, and
the little one you know.
Glad she had fun too.
- Michael would never
do anything like this.
I just wanna tell you that
I really appreciate you,
appreciate it nigga.
- Absolutely, I told you,
you're a beautiful woman.
I told you that right.
Its my job to keep that
beautiful smile on your face.
That's my job, so far so good?
(children playing)
- This motherfucking
park jumping today.
What they have going on there?
Hold on bruh, that's yo wife
right there. It look like her?
That's her bruh.
- I know damn well this
bitch ain't with no nigga,
my motherfucking kids?
(racks pistol slide)
(phone rings)
- Whatsup bruh? Yeah aight,
I'm finna pull up right now.
Imma get you bitch.
- Say Glizzy, bro,
that shit you did bro.
It supposed to happen.
I know that's yo cousin.
I know blood supposed to
be thicker than water but,
with these streets,
every man hating bruh.
ain't no telling who
you gotta take out bruh.
Shit man, we hot
shit. Eat your food.
Oh shit.
- Diamond!
- Here we fucking go.
- Why the fuck you ain't
got yo goddamn phone bruh.
- Fuck you mean why she
ain't answer her phone?
What do you mean? Why she
ain't answer her phone?
- Bitch shut the fuck up.
Man fuck all that, you gone
let her talk to me like that?
- You fucking all the
bitches in the neighborhood,
you got like seven fucking kids.
- Ay man, this shit ain't
got nothing to do with you,
get yo ass on.
- Fuck you let her talk to
me like that bro, whatsup.
- Boy you got a whole baby
mama, there's nothing for us
to talk about.
- Man fuck that bruh
you kinda on me bruh.
- Don't touch me.
- That how you feel?,
Nah you coming home-
- Don't touch me.
- Oh bet, it like that
for real? Ay Jet boy bruh,
I'm getting tired. Man fuck you.
(children playing)
- Man we been out here all
damn day, its a dead end.
- Nah, it ain't a dead end.
But what do you want to do?
We can let 'em shoot each other
and just play cleanup crew
or we can fucking book
'em and get a promotion.
- You know Jimmy, you
one fine human being.
We need more cops like you
in the precinct, you know?
- Shut the fuck up.
- Shut the fuck up.
Oh, there he goes,
right there, yo.
- Young man.
- Oh, fuck.
- How you doing young man?
You lost? you homebroken?
You need a meal? You looking
like a fucking junkie and shit
What do you got on you? Huh?
You got red tops. Yellow tops.
What else is there? Blue.
Blue tops. You got Skittles,
peanut butter and jelly and
fucking jam. Now spread em.
Spread your fucking legs.
- Cause y'all the police.
- Or they might say kiss the
baby or grab your ankles.
Remember the Reebok punk.
What do you got in here?
What you got in your
fucking pockets?
- Do you have any
weapons on you sir?
- No.
- Cause I poke myself,
It's assault on an officer.
You know that, right?
- Yes Officer.
- I hear a bag. What's this?
Oh shit, see I'm
a fucking psychic.
- How much that goes for?
- Five years easy. So what
are you gonna tell me homie?
What you gonna tell me?
Help me out with this.
- Officer, I don't
want no problems.
How about this?
Let's be friends.
You can keep the drugs.
I give you the money that
I have and you can keep it
and we can just move
on without that.
- Yeah. How about no?
How about you,
gimme something or I send you
upstate so you can room with
your fucking father
and your set claiming piece
of shit homeboys and they
can both fuck you up your ass.
So tell me about the
dead boy Snake. Huh?
Tell me something. What
do you know about that?
- Obviously you barking
up the wrong tree
and I ain't no rat or nothing,
word on the street is that
Glizzy got something to do
with that body, y'all
snooping around bothering me,
looking for.
- Who's Glizzy?
- That's Devin.
- Ah, man, that shit got Glizzy,
His crew running all
over two to the stomach.
One to the head.
You might as well run after
them and chop it over the two.
Before we have a whole pile
of bodies laying around.
Remember the name, Smoke
too that's Glizzy's cousin.
- Is there anything
else we need to know?
- All right. And them boys
beefing too right now.
So check TK and them too.
PB locked up, but check
that gang nigga, Blue.
And I ain't saying
they hard targets,
but Bigs will be your safe
crack. He a open book too.
Just bring hiss ass a pack
of noodle or something.
He'll tell you everything
you need to know.
- You know what? On second
I thought I like you.
You know?
I think you should
look into that.
I think someone's
trying to frame you.
I'm gonna hold this
for your safety.
- Yeah. That what I'm saying,
trying to frame me. And
speaking of the devil
and the devil do wear pradas.
I don't know too much,
but I did hear thats
Glizzy girl diamond.
That's staying in
building right here.
- Cha Ching, you're a
fucking cash register kid.
Thanks CI. Have a good night.
- Nigga fuck you.
- That's what they say.
- Baby. You see what I do?
I get money all day. Every day.
Nigga I ain't doing
nothing out here.
- So when we pulled up your
whole mood just changed.
Just get, nigga stop
trying me, for real.
- Bitch stop playing
for I fold yo ass.
Stop playing with me.
- Anyway. So where
we going later?
- Wherever you wanna go, baby.
It's on you tonight.
- Well I'm finna go meet
up with Yasmin and Diamond.
So I hit you later, but
I got your location on.
So play with me if you want to.
- I love you Baby.
- I love me too.
- What?
- What? I said, I love you.
- Yeah, yeah Give me a hug then.
- Bye.
- I love you.
- Sup.
- Whatsup Noodles, I
ain't even see you there.
- I see you got the free
Peewee, motherfucker.
- Girl fuck him. You
done talked to him?
- Yeah, I did.
I did talk to him,
he told me to tell you
ass to stay out the way
he don't want you
in the meeting?
- He say anything about a baby?
- He definitely did tell me
about the kid on the way.
Congratulations to y'all.
- No, I'm I'm not talking about,
I'm talking bout he ain't
say nothing about N-
- What?
- Oh no.
- He ain't say nothing
about nothing else.
- Don't lie, to me blue, sir.
- If he told me, I would
told you, you know that.
- You fucking lying.
Freak. Look like you lying.
- Like you lying.
- He told me, tell you,
stay out the way though.
- Girl, you lying.
- On my motherfucking brother.
- What else He said? Other
than stay out the way.
- He told me y'all
got a little one.
- And he ain't say nothing
about no other little one?
- Other little one?
- He ain't say nothing?
- I just talked to Peewee.
- He ain't say
nothing about that.
- So if, if he did
I would've told.
- Do not lie to me.
- I would've told you.
- Look like you lying.
You look like you
telling a lie for him.
- I wouldn't do that.
- He ain't. Other
than stay out the way,
he ain't say nothing else.
- We want you to
stay out the meeting
- Cause Imma beat yo ass
if I find out you lying.
- Be safe, be safe.
- Crazy.
- I really fuck with
you for real bro.
I dig for real you hard for
real. We vibe out so hard.
- So crazy.
Listen on a serious note,
thank you for
taking me out here.
I know I've been
asking to go on date.
So thanks for spending time
with me and I don't know what
you be doing, but I'm
gonna figure it out.
- Bro. I gotta get
my money, right?
- Yeah.
- Whatever (laughs)
- I be stretching these
niggas out on the daily, bro.
But all those free all
my spare time though.
It gonna be your
bro. Just stay down.
I got you for real
- Promise?
- I promise bro.
- Yeah, whatever it sound good.
But seriously, we gotta
be honest with each other.
So that means all lines of
communication are open and
Don't lie to me and stop
trying to hide stuff from me.
- Bro. Don't worry about that.
Everything good, bro.
Just focus on what was
going on right here.
You diamond into dirt free man.
Man guess what, matter
of fact I just found out.
The nigga got a cheat-
- Devin, What the
fuck you got going on?
Like you need to get
your fucking baby.
- I'm going out tonight.
- Yo baby?
- I'm trying to fucking go out,
like its always
fucking with you.
Its another bitch.
- I'm his baby mama
- Baby mama, since when? Since
when are you his baby mama.
- Devin you need to tell me
what's going on right now.
- Chill bro.
- This is your baby.
You got a baby. You
had a baby on me.
- How old is she?
- Just chill out.
- What you mean just chill out?
What's up bro?
- Hold on. Gimme the baby.
- Damn boy, you act like
you ain't hear a nigga
or something bro.
I see you got babies
and shit with you bro.
The hell you got going on.
- Listen bro,
I got a lot going on
the fuck you want?
- I see that.
But I was just trying
to see if you was good.
If you need anything for
me to handle or something.
- Nigga handle a toothbrush.
This shit handled.
- Damn, I ain't know
it were like that.
- Yeah. It's like that bro.
- Oh I gess TK talking
to the detective.
Don't mean shit then.
- What the fuck you say?
- Now, I got your attention.
You gotta fuck with
a nigga like me.
- Man nigga, spill the beans
and stop wasting my time.
- That nigga TK
telling the detective.
You the one that got
that nigga snake.
- How the fuck you know that?
- Bro, The streets talk.
And I seen him with my own
two eyes. I ain't retarded.
- First of all,
I ain't your bro.
Second of all, stop putting
your arms around me,
like we just cool nigga.
That nigga TK, He a dead body.
- Say less then.
- I was trying to
tell you right there.
- Here, here, you had a whole
baby mommy, are you for real?
(baby cries)
- How old is she
Glizzy, how old is she?
- Seven months.
- Are you still with
fucking with her mama?
We've been together
seven months.
What the fuck are
you talking about?
- Listen, bro. It's
on my little girl.
I fucking with that hoe bruh.
You tripping, man.
- First of all,
watch your mouth.
You got a baby right here.
This shit too much, for real.
I need time to process this.
We gonna take her home
because she's innocent.
She don't have nothing
to do with this,
but I'm gonna need
some space from you
cause I can't do this shit
- Goddamn Latto. You
gonna me leave like that.
You all I got bro, I need you.
I been through hell and back.
I been crossed up all
around the board bro.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry about the situation,
about this unfortunate
event happened before you.
I been crossed
out so many times.
I don't know what the
fuck real now, whatever,
whatever trouble you come with.
I'm a risk taker. Whatever
options you come with,
lets face this shit together.
I can't see myself
going without you bro.
- Look I hear you, but
this is too much right now.
I'm gonna need some time. I'm
about to go out with my girls.
Y'all be safe.
- You some bullshit boy.
(police siren)
- Man, shit you know, I'm not
with that having baby shit.
You too young.
But you know, I can't
tell you what to do.
- You not my dad. I
- I know I ain't your
dad, but you know,
I love you. So I'm
gonna be here for y'all.
So, you just go ahead
and do the right thing.
- Aw, I appreciate that.
I really want you to
be up for your nephew.
- Yeah. Going on bro?
- Going on?
- What's up bro?
- Yeah. Going on nigga?
- Yeah. I think I just
seen them niggas too.
Around the corner.
Yeah man.
You still ain't find
out who did that?
- Shit word on the street,
that nigga Glizzy.
The nigga I told
you earlier today.
He had something to do with
- I ain't even see around now.
You know I would've handled
that though. Look though,
I thought we was doing
Metro lane tonight, man.
- Shit we will goddamn
later on. Later on.
- Okay. Okay. Okay.
- I really gotta go
change my goddamn clothes
- Okay, cool.
Just let me know. You
know I'm with you.
No, I get now.
I pull the trigger first,
nigga gotta feel it.
- For sho
- Hell yeah man.
Don't be bullshitting though.
- Hey man.
Don't show first,
I gotta shoot you.
You know what I'm saying?
Let me know what's going on.
- You ready to ride?
I'm saying you better shoot
first. You with me again.
Hey this nigga with me again.
Where the fuck this nigga was?
- Nigga we all with each other.
- Oh say no more,
Imma handle this shit.
(hip hop music)
I remember
grandma cut me out
'Cause I had a parking
lot in the driveway
Even when lifes trying
to knock you down
You gotta stand tall
Even when lifes trying
to knock you down
You gotta stand tall
- Damn man.
- We got really got ride
on these niggas for real.
We really got ride on
these niggas, right?
We, we gonna ride on
these niggas for real.
I'm ready. Aight, aight.
I gotta lay low cause
twelve in the streets
Life'll hit you hard. Try
to knock you off your feet
I gotta pay attention.
Shit I got the best seat
My name in they mouth
like there's something
in they teeth
Put up the whole house
if you bet it all on me
if you don't pray
is what you preach,
then you can't lead
a nigga the right way
I remember grandma cut me
out cause I had a parking lot
In the driveway
Even when life try
to knock you down
You gotta stand tall
Even when life try
to knock you down
You gotta stand tall
All them folks
try to come round
They won't let it, dog
All them folks think
that they shining now
- I mean y'all niggas
shoot a nigga ass up here.
- Hey man, I seen that
nigga Jet boy on IG.
- That boy TK and
them bind us Shola.
- Oh hell yeah. That is
him back there. That's him
- What's up? Lets head out then.
- Hell no man. I want
these nigga to see us.
We gonna step to
these nigga together.
- Man fuck all that.
- Fuck that nigga lets
mash on these niggas.
- Hold up bro.
- I don't really think
you should go for real.
- No sis, You my
motherfucking twin,
you think I'm finna let you
goddamn Go out here by yourself.
- Bro, this Glizzy gone
protect me for real.
I can't have mama thinking,
you know, some shit happen
to you on my behalf, bro.
- Fuck that
The way them nigga
done murder Snake.
Nah, twin.
I'm fucking gone,
man, fuck that.
- Listen you ain't going.
- Nah, I gone.
Nah, who ain't going.
- You not going.
- Hey regularly, bro.
Hell nah boy Jet boy.
We not going. We not
going to metro lane bro.
That shit gonna be weak as fuck.
We're going to Cascade bro.
And the hoe's is up here.
Y'all nigga push up.
I'm up here. I'm
already up here.
This shit loaded. Oh Lord.
All right bro.
I got my phone on me so
I ain't tripping all bro.
- Bro I don't even know why I
let your ass come anyway, bro.
Anything, Go on bro.
You better get the fuck on bro.
- Stop talking to me
like I'm a baby bro.
- You is though.
- Just stay alert.
Shit might go down
for real tonight.
- Nigga I'm strapped too though.
- Man, whatever, bro.
You better stay in my
motherfucking eyesight .
- Man, whatever bro.
- Jet cousin over there.
- Man sure ain't learned yet,
keep fucking with
them stank ass hoes.
- Whatsup man?
- Damn man where the
fuck you been at nigga?
- You know where I been at nigga
- Hell going on bro.
How you look guy? Y'all
been up really buddy.
- Y'all need give me something .
- Where the hell cuz at?
- Man shit I been calling
that nigga ass all day, man.
I don't know where the
fuck that nigga ass at man.
- Trying to call that
nigga one time bro.
- Say he gone pull up
with his baby mama man.
- Y'all had everybody
talking about that shit.
- What the hell they saying?
- You know the they was saying?
Trying to figure out why y'all
ain't have no little nigga
do that shit man.
- I keep telling that nigga ass
bro, either us or them, man.
- Man, them fools almost
caught me down bad bro.
Fucking with my Baby mama.
And why I got my new folk
coming up in this motherfucker.
- Boy what she at what fact?
- This go right there.
- Y'all niggas hell boy.
- Damn what's going on baby?
- Damn cuh that
nigga getting it in.
- Glizzy, Why the fuck
am I hearing niggas
out here looking for you?
What the you done got
yourself into now?
- Latto chill the fuck
out. Goddamn bruh.
Stop believing everything
you hear on street bro. Good.
- First of all, cut
the attitude shit.
Cause I'm looking
out for you and like,
you know I do care
about you, right?
- Yes bro.
I'm just stressed out bro.
I been losing, gambling.
My mama keep blowing my phone
up about my brother, bro.
Like you right bro? I can't
take that shit out on you bro.
How yo day been? You
done got your hair did,
you looking real
eatable right now.
I'm saying, cause the
other lady ass was
looking stretched out.
- You mean edible babe.
And boy, stop playing with me.
You know I look good, but
we compliment each other.
I just wanna spend some time
with my man. I miss you.
- Understand bro. I'm
right here, right now.
I gotta put you down Lotta.
I'm trying to have my
little Glizzy wrapped
round this motherfucker.
- Boy stop playing with me.
And if you so serious,
why the fuck are you hiding me?
Why I'm not getting shown off?
- Don't start this crazy
bro. Look listen bro.
I'm Glizzy bro.
A bitch can say anything
in a nigga face.
I ain't going for there.
I'm not one of them, bro.
- First of all,
Look, you would know.
And who the fuck
you calling bitch .
You gotta watch your mouth.
- I'm not calling
you no bitch, bro.
I'm just speaking in general
bro. But then a lot of you,
you all that extra shit
bro. So you know what now.
- So we just gonna act like
you wasn't ignoring
my calls last night
- Man, I wasn't
ignoring you man.
I was on drink I fell asleep.
- Or was you with your ho?
- No hoe what's that.
- You ain't got a
lot of keep it Rico.
- Man I'm not lying
what Imma a lie to you for baby.
Give me a kiss.
- He don't even know
that nigga name.
(group shouting in background)
- Hey y'all looking
for that nigga TK?
- Hell yeah boy.
- Man that nigga
standing right here.
- Oh yeah. We finna
come smoke that nigga.
Hey Glizzy.
- Don't be playing.
- Hey hold up man.
- Man that bitch ass
nigga TK right here.
- That nigga ass talking bout
they was going be
up there though man.
It wasn't even up though.
It's crazy.
- What going on, suh?
- Man what y'all been doing?
- Chilling around
chopping up with TK man.
- You talk to Peewee?
- Yeah, I talk to him finally.
I ain't been talking
to him like that.
Y'all don't know nothing
about him having a baby.
- Shit, I don't know. I
don't know everything.
Shit I, I just came back, man.
I don't know nothing.
- TK and them right there
- What that nigga doing here?
That's that fuck
nigga right there.
- There that nigga right
there. (racks slide)
(rap music)
They don't want
the crown really
People dying every day and
you know the street don't play
Cause people lose
their life every day
Spin the block spin
that shit one more time
My block was way too hot
and it was summer time
Cause people lose
their life everyday
My block was way too hot
and it was summer time
They don't want
the crown really
Spin the block spin
that shit one more time
Could die young and
it don't matter yo age
They just wanna ball
and they wanna get paid
- Boy Where I know you from
- Bro, you don't know me.
- Nah, you look real familiar,
I don't forget faces.
- You probably seen
some me somewhere,
but you don't know me bro.
- Alright little bro,
- Bro, you know that nigga?
- That, that peoples little bro.
- I knew it bro. I
knew I wasn't tripping
He acting like he
don't know me bro.
- He done lost a little weight.
- I knew I wasn't tripping
I knew that nigga ass bro.
(heart beating)
- Yeah I got yo bitch ass now.
( guns jam)
- Fuck?
(ominous music)
( Glizzy panting)
- Who the fuck is going on out?
- Wait, wait, wait
hold up one sec.
Take your eyeglasses off.
Are you sleeping?
- No. I'm wide awake
right now, dude.
- Are you getting your sleep?
- Yeah, I'm fucking
getting my sleep.
- All right. Cuz you're
looking a little haggard.
You gotta stay on your
toes man. For this job.
For example, GBI
just came through.
We got the IDs on these
fools Reed family.
All right.
Devin, Glock his brother Damien
and then Henry Jr, Smoke.
Reed family causing
ruckus as usual.
Then we got these two beauties.
We got, Cortez Little.
Jack Boy Original.
And then we got Jericho
Johnson, Reckless.
Okay. And we, oh we
just got a new one.
We got this Anthony,
Nazinga, Ogun, Ogun. Some
Swahili shit or something.
So that's the new,
that's the new info.
Those are our prime suspects.
- So we got these
fucking six. These five.
- Hold on, hold on.
Yeah, we got a DOA? on site?
The hallway?
Excellent. O'Bannion?
- Yeah?
- You want to see a dead body?
- Always, let's do it.
- Of course. Of course.
Where's the fucking body?
Who moves the body before
homicide gets here?
- The fucking body's
not there man.
Someone obviously took it.
- Fucking Bankhead bullshit.
Fucking precinct fucked up.
Who called this in?
- A fucking resident
- Obviously anonymous.
We got video.
- Yeah, we got video.
It's right fucking there.
- Where is Richmond?
- I don't fucking know. She's
going to get the footage.
- At the leasing office,
the leasing office.
Ain't gonna knows shit.
They should already
had this video tape.
- Jim, would you
shut the fuck up?
I'm sick of this goddamn shit.
She fucking coming.
Fucking Jimmy show.
- Don't Jimmy me.
Hey Richmond, you get the video.
- So apparently the camera
right there doesn't work.
- Doesn't work. Of course,
Of course it doesn't work.
Of course, of course
it doesn't work.
- Yo, detective.
Woke up early in the morning
had to get me some money
Told the young
nigga pipe down
My bitch she bad and bougie
We live our life
like a movie
Had to play the other day
I can show you how
to make the money.
Come through on
the Greyhound.
This is the life
I deserved it
Told lil baby,
is you worth it?
Quarterback shit
waiting on my receiver
I'm gonna show you how to
score a fucking touchdown
Catch a play while
you're lurking
- Ay sid, what going on?
Devin wanna know
when he coming home?
- And he could really come
and get the rest of his shit.
And I heard about
what happened too.
- Man. Hell yeah, man.
Rico got shot.
- Yeah, no, Ray
called and told me.
But you might as well
just let him know.
I'm leaving in a couple weeks.
- Leaving, where you going?
- To New York.
I'm not playing.
- New York?
- Yeah. I'm leaving.
- Man that shit crazy, man.
- Yeah, I will.
- I tell the nigga.
- Ay bruh, hurry yo ass up man.
- Alright. Why the
hell you rushing?
- Man, You know I ain't
telling you. So what's up then?
- Hey you all right?
Heard about what happened.
- Hell yeah I'm good, you good?
- Pop the Trunk man. I'm
finna fit this shit in.
- Man what the hell
you see that shit?
- Hell yeah who
the fuck that is?
- It look like 12 ass man.
- What the hell
they got going on?
- They might be
here for Devin ass.
Might be looking
for Devin ass man.
- The hell? Man,
call that nigga ass
let him know what going?
- I'm finna call his ass.
- Lets get up outta here.
- Yo Diamond.
Get over here for a second.
- Can I help you?
- Yes you can.
We want to talk to you
about your boyfriend,
Devin and his homeboys, leaving
bodies all over Atlanta,
especially the Bankhead one.
What can you tell us about this?
- I can't tell you
shit about that,
because I haven't
spoken to Devin.
But what can y'all tell me about
that baby that he had on me
since y'all know everything.
- Yeah. I can say. I heard
that baby ain't doing so well.
It's premi crack
baby, who struggles
Without the nipple on the pipe.
- Easy Jimmy.
- See if you fuck with
us, we can fuck with you.
- Am I being arrested
for anything?
- No, of course not.
But you can take my card.
Get back to me.
Don't be scared. Hide
it in your pillow
or your fucking sock, hide
it from the home boys.
I don't give a shit.
Just get back to me.
I'd appreciate it.
- Have a nice day.
- Certainly
- She's definitely lying.
- Yep.
- No doubt about it.
She wants to ride for her
man. She's about it bitch.
- Ride for her man?
What the fuck does that mean?
- Don't say that again.
- Say what?
- She's a down ass bitch.
- So wait-
- Or, or, or, Was
it bottom bitch?
- So wait. We've got bodies
and I'm worried about words.
- I'm just saying, don't say it.
- Especially when
they're stupid as those.
- PC priorities, I assume.
- Get the license plate?
- Yeah, I already got it.
- All right. We'll get on it.
- Man. Get your ass up man.
- Man Jet boy, come around here
with that country ass shit.
- You need to go holla at that
girl before she leave nigga.
- Man holla at her for what
nigga ? Leave and go where?
- She said she finna
move back to New York
on your stupid ass nigga
- Did see all that plans.
Y'all better get the fuck on.
- She just be talking bruh
y'all niggas know that.
- She said, you gotta go get
the rest of your shit nigga.
All of out.
Man, Let me call her nigga.
She just talking shit, y'all
dumb ass going for that shit.
- What's up boy?
- You know,
I'm having a welcome home
party for your brother today.
So I expect you there on time.
- I already know, ma'am,
I'm gonna be there and
I'm gonna be on time.
- Bring Diamond. I haven't
seen my baby in the minute.
- You ain't gonna
see her for a lot,
lot of more minutes mama,
I ain't talk to Diamond.
She ain't fucking
with me right now.
- I wonder why. Well, whatever.
Be on time and
bring some drinks.
Not that cheap brand
shit either nigga
- Stop playin with me. I
ain't got no cheap shit.
Aight Jet, you
gone slide or what?
- Man I guess so man,
I gotta go get Reckless ass
though. We'll come through.
We ain't got shit else going on,
- Where the hells she cooking?
- Nigga I don't know. I'm
right here with your black ass.
- Shit You know it's
gonna be something good.
Just come, just come nigga.
- LeeLee what's up bro?
- Hey, what time you
going to mama house?
Cause she just called me.
- I already know. She
just called me too.
I'm finna hop in the shower
and then I'm on the way.
- Okay. Can you bring the baby?
- All right LeeLee bro.
- Man who the hell
was that at Cascade?
- Man that little
folk latto man.
- Latto? See that's why your
stupid ass locked out now.
You the messiest
nigga I ever seen.
You always get caught up.
- Jet boy bro. Do I
be in your business?
Don't beat my ears
up by this, bro.
I don't stay in yo business. I
don't stay in Smoke business.
- Where yo hoe at
Smoke, exactly.
- Stay the fuck out
my business boy.
- All right. I ain't finna
go get your shit no more boy.
Don't give a fuck about
all that shit nigga.
- Ah this nigga kicked yo shit.
- Who knocking on my
goddamn door like that girl?
You expecting somebody?
- Yeah, my friend. Okay.
You got friends?
- Who you? Latto
- Latto did I hit it?
Is Leah here?
- I just wanna see Leah.
- Right now, just
want to make sure.
- Hey, I'm sorry.
How you doing?
- Girl not too good.
- What happened?
- Girl, I went out
there to meet TK
and them niggas got into a
whole shoot out while I was out.
- Why the hell would
they start shooting
while you out there?
- I got hit in my arm
and I fell to the ground
and that shit caused
me to loss my baby.
- I'm sorry. I'm
sorry. I'm sorry, baby.
This is not fair.
I swear to God.
- What PeeWee saying? You
told him you talked to him?
- Girl, PeeWee is
pissed. Thank you mama.
- You good baby.
- PeeWee belong to the life.
- I know he is, its about to
be so much war in the city
behind this shit.
- Damn, I need to tell you girl,
I ain't saying Glizzy shot
me. Glizzy was out there.
When that shit happened.
- Glizzy was not out there.
Are you for real?
- I recognized the dreads.
- Are you sure?
I'm real. That
man was out there.
- Why the fuck is this nigga
always in something, man damn.
Can't stay outta shit
- I'm sorry. It's not even
about him its about you
- Look I'm I'm happy
that you're okay.
Cuz this shit could have
went a whole different way.
You know what I'm saying?
- Thank you. Thank you
for coming to see me too.
- I'm sorry about the baby.
I'm gonna let you
get some rest. Okay?
- Okay.
- I love you come
here, all right.
- I'm gonna text you later.
- All right.
- Where she going,
you all right?
- Yeah. She leaving.
- She leave. How's she
just gonna leave you.
Ain't gonna open my, Hey,
Hey, don't open my door open.
Don't be open my own door.
I'll be opening my
door in my house, girl.
- Bye Latto.
She just gonna roll her
ass in my house. Take that.
Bitch you gone win the lotto
round my fucking house, bitch.
- Diamond? Man. Come outside
your building right quick.
I'm on the green.
I need to just talk to
you right quick, bro.
I need to just talk to
you right quick, bro.
It ain't gonna take
nothing but five minutes.
Goddamn bro.
She doing too much right now.
All these late nights
I had to get it right.
It didn't come overnight
I had to sacrifice
Money on my mind like
a money making bitch
The moral of the story
shit I'm trying to get rich
I'm trying to get rich
In this life of
mine I can see
I'm trying to
be all I can be
In this crazy world with
people coming and then leaving
Life can be deceiving thank
God that you breathing
- Hey mama.
- Get your motherfucking
hands out my head.
- What the fuck wrong with you?
- Don't fucking play with
me man. Deadass for real.
Don't fucking play with me.
- You go with that dumb shit.
- What Dumb shit?
- Shit you on what
you talking about?
I just got out, you tripping.
- Why the fuck is
this broke ass hoe
talking about you
got her pregnant?
- What all hoe is
you talking about?
- What hoe I'm talking
about? That young ass
17 year old bitch?
Yeah, yeah
- Man, you talking,
I don't know what the
hell you talking about.
I ain't got no hoe 17
pregnant. I know you lying.
- Why the fuck this hoe out here
talking about you
got her pregnant?
- I been locked up
this whole time.
- She told me she
was two months.
So you was fucking
her before then.
- Fuck that, you believed her?
- Yep.
- For what?
- Cause that's something
you'll do, nasty bitch.
- Man, you gotta be
talking about TK hoe.
- Nah, I'm talking
about your hoe.
- So you believe her?
- I believe her.
- For what?
- That's something you would do.
- Man, aight man,
I'm finna go ahead and
talk to my mama man.
You gonna do this shit,
the minute I get outta jail
and all that dumb ass shit.
You should just take your
way back to your mama house.
- Yeah man, where Diamond at,
man, give her the
phone right quick.
Man, Just give the phone bruh,
yo smart ass mouth bruh.
Aight. Can you come
outside real quick?
Meet me at the green walk.
Is she, is she come-
Man Diamond gone snatch her
phone. Boy I swear to God.
- And Devin, why am I
meeting you out here again?
- Bruh why the fuck you
ain't put a nigga own
on what Diamond got going on.
What the fuck
Diamond got going on?
- I mean, I thought
she told you.
- You know damn well,
she ain't say to me, bro.
- That's on you though.
Understand something.
I only fuck with you on
the strength of Diamond.
You feel me?
Like you got out here knowing
that you got a baby by so many
bitches in the street. Like
that shit is embarrassing.
You fucked up this time,
Devin that's on you.
- Yeah man, don't beat my ears
up about that bullshit bro.
You always talk
some bullshit bro.
Please just go in there and
tell Diamond, come here bro.
Matter of fact, my
mama wanna see her
She just asked about Diamond ass
and my brother just
got outta jail.
- Mm Glock, fine ass damn
But you know my daddy upstairs.
And you know he don't like you.
- Yes, to my Glock.
I thought your daddy in Florida.
- Shit He was until last night,
he came back and
he came straight
here probably 'cause of you ass
- Man that big shoulder, swole
short light looking
ass motherfucker.
- Nigga, don't talk
about my daddy.
You out here looking
like BoyzIIMen,
cause yo bitch left you.
- Whatever bro. Look just tell
Diamond nigga love her bro.
- Mm I won't. How
about you do it?
But you can tell that nigga
Smoke, I said what's up though.
- I ain't telling Smoke
a bitch ass thing.
Fuck you talking
about lame ass hoe
- That's cool.
I don't fuck with
you, anyway nigga.
- Breaking news this morning
in Metro Atlanta. Police are on
the scene of a real
life who done it?
Gunshots reported in the
Bedford Pines apartment complex.
The police arrived on the scene
to find shell casings in a
pool of blood with no victim,
no body and no witnesses.
First things first
I ain't lost shit
that I couldn't get back
Nigga get off my line,
Nigga I don't know
where you bitch at
She know she getting
her shit smacked
Infatuated with money
bitches love seeing big racks
I been way too long
Pushing weight I
ain't on the scale
Ain't got too much to say
I put my life in the song
- So look, I know I'm supposed
to be a the house right now,
but we just found Amir
car and he missin, so
I'm with Sandra.
- What?
- Yeah Amir is missing.
I'm with Sandra right now,
so you and Devin go
ahead and handle that.
I love y'all okay.
Be safe.
- Love you too. Fuck.
(knock on door)
- Whatsup bruh?
- They talking about
Amir missing bro.
- Nigga what?
- Amir missing boy
- Who?
- Y'all ain't
heard from him man?
- That nigga ass, have
that shit in the hood.
- Looking for him, for what?
- Man, move real fishy.
- Fishy, like what?
- Somebody finally
caught up with his ass,
Shit it is what it is
- Boy, you ain't
heard from him either?
- Ain't heard shit
from him, bro.
What the hell mama at? She
ain't cook shit in this bitch?
- You ain't hear
what I just said bro?
Amir missing boy.
You ain't heard from him?
- I ain't heard
from his ass bro.
Ain't could find that bitch.
- Bro, listen to what I'm
saying bro. Amir missing bro.
Our cousin, you
ain't heard from him?
- Bro, don't keep pressing up
on me about this shit Glock.
I don't know bro.
- The fuck you getting
all defensive for?
- Keep playing me like
that for real bro.
I told you I ain't
heard from him.
- Bro, you and Amir
got me shit everyday,
And you ain't heard from him?
- Man, bro, you got some
real big nuts right now, bro.
You a mama's boy bro.
Real bro.
Fuck you talking
about. Get outta jail.
I was out on the street nigga.
You get out, get you a
bank roll, red velvet cake
throwing you a party
and shit nigga,
stop playing me.
- I ain't trying to
be a street nigga,
but you know that nigga.
- Hey bro,
I'm finna get up outta here.
Before I do something to you.
Hey look at that dude bro.
- Damn cuh that shit was weird.
- Remember them folk
came to the hood.
We had that shoot out.
- So y'all think Amir got
something to do
with that shit bro.
- Shit I ain't about to
bro. We pull up to the hood.
We get shot at and
we ain't seen him.
- How you feeling?
- I'm good. Suck that shit up.
Pull your balls up and
find something to eat.
I don't need that shit.
- You always taking up for him.
Like that's your favorite son?
I don't have favorites.
If you want to
motherfucking know nigga
Why the fuck you think
I accept that bitch
in that damn bathroom.
Don't fucking play with me.
- Aight mama.
- Who coming in my house?
- Man whatsup?
- Whatsup man?
- Oh dude. Tell TK got going on
(Mama screams)
- How you gone come in my
shit and not speak to me?
- Mama you tripping.
- You didn't even
give me a chance
to say how you doing though.
Come on what you cook.
- Goddamn mommy be tripping.
Tell, tell man tell
TK got me locked up.
I knew I should have took
my titty out your mouth
a long time ago.
- I don't know
what happened cuh.
- He used my name.
- Shut yo goddamn mouth.
- [Mama] Nigga what you
waiting on you on a diet?
- Whatsup how you feeling?
- Fuck you.
- Damn that how you feel?
- Why you use my name then?
- You know why?
- For what though? TK.
- I got a lot of shit on me.
- A lot of shit like what?
- A war nigga.
- What type of war?
- You know, I do
need street niggas
- Man, you got my baby
mama shot TK. What's up?
- I been out there.
- Man where the fuck you been?
- Hey, Hey. Hey,
Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey,
- Why you taking up
for that nigga man?
- Nigga I just broke
y'all the fuck apart.
Shut the fuck up.
All you do is talk.
You should been a bitch.
- Whatever man.
- you should be more
worried about your bitch,
dying on my couch.
- Look at you.
You got, I know I should
have stayed with my dad.
- And I keep telling you,
you and that limp dick nigga
could have stayed together.
Cause both of y'all
with that soft shit
but you can get the
fuck up outta here.
No, you finna stand right here.
Stay your ass right there.
What you going to jail for?
- You know I had
to use your name.
- I swear to God you
if sit here and talk,
you know, I had your name
- For what?
- I got a lot of
shit on me that why
- That's on you nigga.
The only thing
shit is the toilet.
Get in there and flush it.
If you got fucking
problems, you don't use him.
I raised both of y'all
better than that.
Y'all gotta realize y'all
all y'all fucking got.
And y'all be going back
and forth with each other,
with bullshit and bitching.
- Tell him that.
- Shut the fuck up, nigga.
- Man, I'm finna just
move the fuck out man
- Baby, ain't nothing
wrong with your feet.
You can put mud in front
of motherfucking jail.
- Man, I get up out here.
- Peace out, bro.
- I ain't taking up for
neither one of they ass.
- What you talking
about that ain't right?
Get your skinny ass
up out of here nigga.
- I keep telling you
to stop fucking up
and you still fucking up.
I'm sick of doing shut for
you and taking up for you
and making sure shit
go right for your ass.
You fucking up with me. You
fucking up with your brother.
You fucking up with
your, your wife.
Keep your Dick in your pants.
Keep your head on straight
and keep your money in your
motherfucking pocket.
And you won't have
these fucking issues.
- You right.
- I'm sick of you shit.
But I die for yo ass.
I die for that nigga too.
He think I don't know.
Oh, he don't believe it.
- But you know mama,
I run these streets.
He don't do shit out here.
I do it all. I do it all.
- Last time I checked
the only thing running is
your mouth, in prison.
So you could stand in front
of me like you in a line up
or like you trying
to mac the bitches.
I got enough black to
bury all y'all ass.
I do it to get my insurance,
but I'll be damned.
I will be fucking damned,
if I ain't the bitch
taking y'all out.
Get your ass up outta here too.
I love you too fucking much.
- I love you too
mama, I'm outta here.
- Hey baby.
- Hey mama.
- Now you want me to lie to you?
You want me to
tell you the truth?
- Tell me the truth.
- I birthed em sure,
And one thing I know about him,
girl he ain't shit.
Don't nobody care about that.
You so busy trying to love on
something that ain't loving
you. You lost a whole baby.
At the end of the day,
I gave birth to them boys and
I know they don't love shit,
but the mirror and money.
Being his ride or die
and all that bullshit,
you gonna ride your ass
just where you are at
honey. On my couch,
with a gunshot wound and
no baby. You gone learn.
- I know
- How you gonna say, you
know, you know what I do know.
I know your ass
sitting right here,
no baby with a gunshot
wound and a cup, my cup.
I got my glass
though, wooo wooo.
You gotta know your worth.
And if you feel like
you only worth 5 cent,
then they going to
treat you like 5 cent.
You are here and I love you.
And the only reason this
shit happened to you
is because you took your fast,
messy ass out there trying
to be the eye on the street.
So you could get a news to
every motherfucking body else.
And you became the news.
Now I'm on your side,
five million per cent.
But you messy as fuck.
And that's why it seem like
sometimes I don't like you or I
just don't have
nothing to say to you.
If you start fucking
with my child right now,
if you start with fucking
Justin, aka PeeWee,
I don't know what the fuck
y'all call him that for.
Well, yeah, he talk a lot
of shit , like a little boy,
but anyway,
you gotta remember that you
are your own woman and you
really round here sitting
like if I don't have him,
I don't have nothing.
This ain't no fucking
love movie bitch.
That nigga is going to do
what the fuck he want to do.
And I know cause his
daddy ain't shit .
And I gave birth to him.
You better know your worth.
You better know your worth.
Cause right now you short
changing yourself and I don't
nothing but five
motherfucking dollars.
Everything else he got for free.
Don't forget, know your worth
I love you.
- I love you too.
- You eating all my damn food.
One K, One K, One K, One K
Oh oh, oh, damn oh
My nigga Delta in them pots
Oh, oh, oh, damn oh
I really having this shit
I'm really having this shit,
I'm really having this shit
I'm really having this shit
Got a mega deposit
Jump in that caddy I
make that bitch hum
- Man goddamn, when
you gone go home boy?
- I'm not staying here no more.
- Do what you need to do,
do what your ass need to do.
Alright man, where the
hell latto at nigga?
- Man you talking
about, what's up?
- Man you know my arm hurt bruh.
- Well, that's on
your stupid ass nigga.
You ass didn't say shit
when I ran the red nigga.
Running for my
motherfucking life.
- Yo ass had no gun either.
- Aight, You had a gun and
look at your stupid ass
- Shit gone be all right.
- Bro you always coming over
here, take some shit bro.
- Don't start that
fuck shit bro.
- Come on. Come on bro.
Hell yo. Whole head bro.
Where Latto at bro?
- I should went to my
hoe house bro, goddamn.
- Where she at?
- Put a nigga out on perc bro,
what's up bro?
- I think about 125,
- 25 goddamn Jet boy bruh.
- Boy when you get your percs?
- Man on the third.
- I need yours know
what I'm saying.
- For sure.
- Yeah, hey man,
shit but look though.
But what did you try to tell
me at Glizzy spot. Oh yeah.
- Latino bitch, held the plug.
- The plug?
- Yeah, the plug, nigga.
The house folk got to
work. What you mean bro?
- No one trying to work one on.
- Boy you got to be the
greenest bean I know.
Put yo ass on a
green bean head boy.
- What?
- That hoe finna set
yo stupid ass up.
- Nah.
- Man this nigga dumb
as hell bro. Stupid.
- Yo bro, you better
not had told your hoe,
where the spot at bro?
- Nah. Hell no.
I'll never do that.
- Where the hell
that nigga Smoke at?
I thought he was behind us
- He was bro, but he had to
stop at his little hoe house,
On some business bruh.
I really don't know where
the fuck that nigga at.
- Man, shit, I'm
finna get ready to go
to my goddamn mama house bro.
Y'all nigga seen cuh?
- Yo speaking of cuh where
the fuck cuz is at man?
Where the fuck cuz is at man?
- You know cuh probably
have a whole problem, bro.
Look how diamond doing me bro?
- I ain't even gonna cap.
Cuh baby mama was out there.
That shit probably
humbled Cuz ass up bro.
- Probably spooked
him out of it.
- Yeah for sure.
- Don't spook them out bro.
- Man, that shit probably
sent that boy to church.
- I ain't gonna say
he holla at RaRa.
- Hey, hand me about two of them
goddamn percs before I die bro.
- Fifty ball.
- Fifty ball? I know I'm
good. All the strength.
- Boy, you still owe me now.
- Man, Jet boy, you
on some bullshit bro.
- I'm gonna slide,
boy catch up with me.
- Aight, fuck with you.
- Need help up man?
- I'm straight man.
(Jet laughing)
- Y'all nigga ass, I'll
beat y'all ass out my shit.
- What's up boy?
- Man, been aight man.
Alright. But when you came home,
- Shit about a couple
months ago. For real?
- Yeah. How you been man?
- I been all right man,
take a day at a time.
- Everything all
right with your bro?
- Shit man, fuck that nigga bro.
- Man you can't be like,
you know what we talked about
when we were Down the road.
- You know what
he did too though?
- You right I
definitely know though,
but you gotta learn to
forgive and forget though dog.
I mean, you gotta be
the bigger man, man.
We, we out here now.
- That same shit he
ain't wanna talk about.
- But saying you gotta live.
You know we been
through down there bro.
Everybody ain't built for
that. Forgive him man,
You know what I'm saying?
- Good to see you.
- Good to see you man.
- Don't talk about
that nigga man.
- You ain't got no
phone number now?
- 444244434
- All right, I got you
man, be safe all right?
- Fo sho man, good to see you.
- Good to see you too.
- Oh yeah bro. You ain't
hit that hoe last night.
Oh that hoe hit you?
- Bruh stop playing.
Stop trying me like that.
That shit ain't even funny.
(Mumbled greetings)
- Gave me a shot real man.
That jail shit ain't
where its at, boy.
- Boy what man? Hell nah.
When I went like two years ago,
boy, my little stanking
bitch left me behind.
I'll never go back boy.
- Hey man. Where the
hoes at though, man,
y'all niggas having
deep conversations.
I just caught some
fine shit outside.
Whoa, think her name Red.
- Red, how she look?
- Listen.
- Show this man.
- Man. That's Reckless hoee man.
- Who?
- Man Glizzy boy.
- Exactly, nigga
ain't my partner.
- That's sad though.
- Hoe choose me in a way.
- Oh, you say Suh,
about this shit I asked
you about earlier, bro.
What going on?
- What you talking about?
- What I asked you earlier, bro?
- Suh always talking in code,
you pregnant or something?
- Why the fuck would
I be pregnant, bro?
Since you keep asking
this, I can tell you.
Like when you was gone,
Momma had me move with
Auntie Pam and shit.
Yeah, she wanted me to stay
closer to the school and shit.
She had all them
folks in her shack.
She had 17 year old girl.
I think I was like eight.
Long story short bro.
for about three years she
molested me and then I tried to
tell mama and he started
doing after that.
- What bro? Why the fuck
you ain't been tell me?
I wanna go kill these
fuck nigga right now bro.
You supposed to been
told me that shit bro.
- Yeah holding all that in.
- I tried to say something bro.
I tried bro.
I wrote y'all and everything.
- When?
- They wouldn't let that
shit go through bruh.
I said, I tried
to say something.
- Man, be all right though.
I'm telling you man.
It's all love nigga.
Keep your head up man.
You good?
- I, I mean I'm
straight now bro.
I'm 28 years old, bro.
I don't even think about that
shit like that no more bro.
I'm over that shit
bro. For real.
Let's stop crying,
like some pussies bro.
Let's slide.
- For sho lets get
up outta here man.
(hip hop music)
Standing on the head,
falling off the deep end
Remember I ain't
had this bread.
I ain't had these rings
Remember I was fucked up
ain't had nobody to depend on
But when I won
they holla we win
He ain't have
nobody to believe in
He on that drink been moving
slow it got him leaning
They watch our pockets try
to keep up with what we spend
And I'm a boss bitch I
never show my weak hand
I'm eating
Remember sleeping
on the floor
I can't do that shit no more
Stuck inside the middle.
Got me looking like
Which way to go, mama
say don't need friends.
Guess I gotta let 'em go.
They thought
one was cheating
Found another way to store
No K swiss, remember
when no Reebok
30k on my wrist, bitch
this ain't no G Shock
They no I ain't gang 'cause
if I win you know we raw
They seen that I'm popping
now they tryna ride my wave.
Can't surround
myself with snakes
Ain't no telling
which one fake
And we putting markers down
Ain't no more Section Eights
Nobody ever fed me
I made sure we all ate
I can't let the fam starve
I do whatever it takes
Standing on the edge
falling off the deep end
Remember I ain't have this
bread I ain't have these rings
I was fucked up didn't
have no body to depend
But when I won
they holla we win
Say they ain't have
nobody to believe in
He on that drink bitch moving
slow it got him leaning
They watch our
pockets try to keep up
With what we spend
And I'm a boss bitch Imma
never show my weak hand
I'm eating, facts
Nowadays I'm eating like
I'm supposed to nigga
Remember those days roaches
ran out the toaster nigga
Remember days couldn't even
get you to post a nigga
But since I made it
You been trying to
get close to a nigga
Fall back, remember
when I used to call
And you ain't call back
Yeah I was stressing smoking
some blunts bigger
than Walbachs
I swear I gave you all my
love I want it all back
I want it all back
I swear that pain
cut me so deep
But these pills
keeping me numb
Can't breathe like
I need new lungs
Can't believe how
you did me wrong
Standing on the edge, bout
to fall off the deep end
Remember I ain't
have this bread,
I ain't have these friends
Remember I was fucked up
ain't had nobody to depend
But when I won
they holla we win
- Goddamn cuh whatsup?
Nigga been calling your
phone, texting your phone,
social media, everything, bro.
You been aight?
- I lost my phone bro.
I lost my phone and I got a
lot of shit going on. My nigga.
You probably wouldn't
even understand.
- I wouldn't understand,
bruh don't hit me with no
weak ass bullshit like that.
Nigga How long I
been knowing you?
It ain't nothing the world I
wouldn't understand about my
dog bro. Cuh I know you
don't talk a lot bro.
What's up nigga? Holla
at your dog, man?
- Shit bro, aight. On
top of that, nigga,
Summer bugging.
She's trying to get me
for these baby daycare
fees, babysitters,
all types of shit.
I fucked up a play that I
had. And then on top of that,
my mom got cancer. My nigga,
they want 70,000 to take on,
take on the chemo shit. Yeah.
- 70,000 Bro. Goddamn
So they gone let her
take out about 70,000.
- Yeah bro.
They want 70,000 man. This,
this was my last play with
the cartel shit. Yeah.
Cause you know I got the
baby on the way you feel me?
Then I was gonna go legit.
I don't know why God
crossed me like this man.
He must want a nigga
to die young man.
- Stop talking like that,
bro. Nigga we all we got,
if you 70,000 dollars in a hole,
we 70,000 dollars in the hole.
You could have been holla'd
at a nigga about that bruh.
What about that? What?
Sure I'll put a play together
right now, if you want me to.
- Ah shit man, I'll do
this shit his last time,
but you gotta put that just
on me bro. I'll do that
shit dolo.
Can't have nobody with
me. I need all this bro.
- So you don't need
no extra hands?
- No, I got it.
- Sure bro. Look any time
anything going on like that,
Holla at you dog.
- I got you bro.
- For sure nigga
stay dangerous bro.
- Love you bro.
- Love you too bro.
- What's up man? Glizzy Right?
- Who the fuck is you nigga?
- I'm Marcel.
You Aleisha brother, right?
- How the hell you
know my sister?
- We friends.
You talk to her. I'm supposed
to meet with her today.
She ain't answering
the phone with.
- She probably with
her other nigga.
- So you got jokes though nigga.
But listen, I been meaning
to holler at you anyway.
I've been on this earth
longer than you man.
And that energy that you
putting down the world,
it ain't a good look.
Just trying to tell you.
- Nigga LeeLee must
sent you or something.
Listen bro. I don't know you.
We gonna keep it that way.
Long as my sister happy.
You good.
- Look nigga, I'm just trying
to look out from you. Okay?
I had a little brother just
like you hardheaded fake ass
gangster. Think he
know everything.
You know who where he at
now? That nigga in the dirt.
- Fake ass gangster?
Nigga, try that
fake gangster then.
- Its you train of thought bro,
you gotta change your thinking.
Look bro, it's a church,
I go to down the street.
I can put you on to something.
- Man miss with all
that church shit bro.
Nigga ain't no God for real,
we only say that bullshit,
when we in trouble.
Soon as shit back good,
We back doing the
same old bullshit.
Look, I believe in God for
real, but the end of the day,
I can't figure out why
the fuck he let bad shit
happen to good people.
- It's to test your faith.
You gotta have faith.
My nigga, listen,
you gotta have faith,
even when you don't have
nothing to have faith in.
Not a reason to.
- Listen preacher man.
Save that sermon for my
sister. Nigga I'm out.
- Hey man, where the
fuck we finna go,
cause I'm hungry as fuck.
- Nigga we just
left my mama house
- Man, I don't give a damn.
I gotta eat three,
four times a day.
Nigga, goddamn.
- Hey bruh, ain't that
goddamn Glizzy homeboy though.
- You goddamn right.
We finna light that bitch up.
(ominous music)
- I'm finna slide
with y'all niggas.
- Nigga no the hell you ain't,
stay in the goddamn car.
- Why you always trying
to handle these things.
- Man bitch, stay yo ass
in the car just wait.
(gun slide racks)
- I got him lets
get it, come on.
- Ay, ain't you Glizzy homeboy?
- Fuck y'all niggas.
- Go, go, go, go, go, go.
- What this nigga doing
at my door like that?
- What took you so long?
- Its cold as fuck out there.
- What's up? You know
who, what's up then?
- What you doing with that bag?
What's the bag for?
- Listen, I was in the midst
of handling business bro.
But you said this an
excellent situation.
So I rushed over here and I
need somewhere to stay for a
couple days, bro.
You say you'd fuck
with a nigga if
I need somewhere to
stay for a couple days.
- Yeah. How long is
the couple of nights?
- Why that even matter?
You say you rocking
with me right? Now rock.
- Aight listen, I need to
know what you been doing.
What you been up to?
- I ain't been doing nothing
but living that fast life.
Leaving that geezer lifestyle.
- Glizzy Can you be
serious for one moment?
Like damn, you was
in another shoot out.
- Don't ring a bell this way?
Goddamn stop interrogating
a nigga bruh.
- Bro. I know you was there.
Cause my friend was
there. She got shot Glizzy
- No. I'm sorry to
hear about your friend.
I'm not trying to
be fun of that.
The fuck that gotta do with me.
- Nigga, she saw you and she
saw the niggas you was with.
Can you just please
stay out the way?
It's so much crazy shit going
on in this city right now
and you doing all this?
Like why is your
name always in shit.
- Come here. Bro. Come here.
Come on. Cause you can come bro.
Come here. I gotta
tell you something bad.
Come here. What's up.
- You not lying to me. Are you?
- I don't. I don't
shoot bitches.
- Okay, I hope you're right
because her nigga is home.
He's outta jail and he's about
to go up about her and I'm
trying to make
sure your ass ain't
in the mix bout this shit.
Okay? Cause I know you.
- I'm saying what
friend is this again?
- Leah.
- Leah, black skin?
- Yeah.
- Oh, okay, okay. But
look, I hope she get well,
I'm sorry about these mishaps,
but my name coming up and shit
I hope she get well, baby.
I ain't got nothing
to do with that.
- Come here, show
a nigga some love.
- How you day been?
- I'm good.
You just want lay down,
cause you ain't got
nowhere way to go.
- Stop playing with me.
You said you're down for me tho?
- Yeah.
- We can go to my room. Come on.
You must think I got it
Why they always try to
ride a nigga wave though
Probably main reason
why they fell off.
I can't fall for it.
I'm too player though.
Probably the main reason
why I ain't fell off
Why they always try to
ride a nigga wave though
Probably main reason
why the fell off
- This shit crazy, bro.
I really been goddamn
losing it right now.
I'm really trying to get down
to the bottom of this shit
- I already know
shit goddamn crazy,
how snake died bro.
I ain't even get a chance to
see my nigga before he lost.
- I would goddamn made
that shit work bro.
I already know y'all
goddamn tight as fuck bro.
- We gotta do something
about that bro.
Like nigga got to die bro.
And who the fuck is
this nigga Glizzy bro?
Why the fuck keep hearing this
nigga? Like where he at bro?
- I don't even know where
the hell that nigga be at,
but I know where the fuck that
nigga bitch stay at though.
- Where the fuck that bitch at?
- Oh shit boy she stay
over there in Capital Home.
- Go get that bitch then.
- You already know, goddamn.
- Hold on. Let
call TK real quick.
- Hey call TK. (starts
mumble rapping)
- Ay bro where the fuck you at?
We finna pull up
on you right now.
Got some good news nigga.
(somber music)
- Where the fuck
this hoe at man?
- Man goddamn we ain't
fucking clairvoyant nigga.
I don't know what door she
staying in tonight or nothing.
- Y'all niggas ain't check
the whole page or nothing?
- Nigga, I been did all that.
- What the fuck the
issue is then nigga?
- Hey fuck all that. There she
go right there, walking down.
- Boy hell yeah,
that little cup with
that dirty ass bonnet on.
- Oh this must be
a fucking joke.
- Bitch get yo ass on.
- Get in the car, get
the fuck in the car.
(creepy fairground music)
(somber music)
- Man. That's some
real fuck shit man.
- Hell yeah. These nigga gonna
have to die for this shit.
- Damn Right they is.
There go RaRa right there too.
- Whatsup bruh?
- Whatsup bruh?
- TK what's happening?
- I mean, we bout to start now.
(Mama crying)
- The Lord is my shepherd.
I shall not want,
he maketh me to lie
down in green pastors.
He leadeth me beside the still
water. He restores my soul.
Ye though I walk through the
valley of the shadow of death.
I will fear no evil
for thou are with me,
thou rod and thou staff,
They comfort me.
We say to the family today
that God makes no mistakes.
Mother, He have given
you a bright young man.
Now he say it's time for
him to come back home.
As we say here today, family,
friends, and loved one.
Our last goodbye to
Dayshaun Lamell Thompson, ashes
to ashes and dust the dust.
May God rest upon his soul.
- I wanna thank y'all
for coming out today,
showing my baby some
love, I appreciate that.
I know he was, you know,
and Lord forgive me.
But them motherfuckers
they gone pay
for what they did to my baby.
- Promise. I'm handle that shit.
- You better
- I'm handle that shit,
I'm handle that for all of us.
(melancholy music)
- Audio preview
- Imma call goddamn wife.
So she go ahead and
get dressed for me.
- Why you get with dre man?
- Stop playing. You know
my goddamn wife man.
You know that B.
- Hello?
- Hey, can you get dressed?
I'm about be on my way.
- Ready for what, Michael.
We haven't even seen each
other in like two days.
- I told you I was
on the mercy trip.
- Why do you feel like you
have to continue to lie to me?
We've been married for almost
five years and it's the same,
bullshit Michael. I'm
tired of the shit.
- Okay. Can you
please get dressed?
Where my kids at?
- They're not here
because I needed a break.
I'm doing everything alone and
I'm pregnant and I'm tired.
- That's why I wanted to take
you out and just ride and talk
to you. I told you
I'm gonna change.
- Well actions speak
louder than words
- Bih, I mean baby, can
you please get dressed?
I'll be there in 30 minute. Bye.
I love you.
- I love you more.
- All right.
I got something for
that cheating hoe.
She think she gone play me bro.
Hey man I gotta call my BM man.
She something serious.
- We one you want to pull up on,
you finna make me call
one my hoes. Options.
- Hey man. Say man hol up.
I'm gonna call that.
- Whatsup?
- [TK] What's up, baby where
you at? Can you see me?
- Boy, what you want?
You can send me a picture of
that dick first and I'll think,
about it.
- You know, I miss
you where you at?
- I'm finna go have a
spa day with the girls.
Go get something to eat.
- Oh yeah, for sure.
Gone head and get that
pussy waxed for daddy.
- Why? You must finna lick it.
- Hell Yeah.
You know I am can't wait,
wait, lick on your ass.
- Not the booty bandit.
- Look I'm gonna call you right.
- Yeah. Whatever TK.
- I love yo crazy ass.
- I've always loved you more.
- For sho.
They say they got a
glizzy for you bih
I gotta stand tall
can't pray for them man
They say you overcome
the storms you in
I gotta make sure I
don't go back again.
- Where's Jimmy been at? I
ain't seen him around lately.
- Jimmy went and did
something very Jimmy.
Earned himself a
little vacation.
- Why does that not surprise me?
- Yeah. I know he is
a crazy motherfucker
and says stupid
shit, but I like him.
- I won't tell
him. You said that.
I'll keep that between us.
- What's the word
on the streets?
- Same shit I've been hearing.
It may be a setup tonight.
When I spoke to Rico.
- Setup? When and where?
- I don't know just yet.
I just know he text me and
I'm trying to be discreet
cause I don't wanna
blow my cover.
- Yeah, yeah.
Of course not. Just
keep playing it cool.
So I heard there's
a funeral today.
- Oh yes. How did
we forget that?
- I was about to ask
you the same question.
I've been watching their social
media sites and everything,
but whole Jimmy situation got
me in a little sidetracked.
- Damn, I'm so pissed right now.
How the fuck did we
miss the funeral?
- I don't know.
- Well, I guess it
wasn't any mess,
since we weren't
called out there.
- Yeah. It's pretty
quiet on the streets,
but I feel there's
something going on, man.
- It's Atlanta. It's
always something going on.
- Yeah. Still
something's out there.
We need more information.
I think we should go
visit our favorite snitch.
Maybe run into Diamond.
- I don't think she
like us too much.
- I don't give a shit.
- Alright, let's go.
I just got some head
in the back seat
Damn, got some lil
hoe wanna molest me
Pussy so wet I
bought a jet ski
- Hurry up god damn
- I'm coming Michael.
- Oh my God, Michael.
- Flowers for you baby.
- Thank you.
- What's the special Occasion?
- I told you trying to
change, be a better husband
You know, be home
with you and the kids.
Watch TV, cook, talk
over shit like that.
You know what I mean?
I feel like gonna
be that husband.
- Yeah. Well I appreciate that.
And I do miss the times we
had like in the beginning of
our relationship.
- Yeah, I do too.
Got something for
you. Close your eyes?
- What is it?
- Close your eyes.
- This my car?
- All for you baby. I
had to upgrade yo ass.
- Oh my God, Michael. Thank you.
I really miss you, Michael.
- I really miss you too.
Now, pull that skirt up.
Show me, How much
you miss daddy.
- Michael?
- Hey, now I'm intent on
seeing that motherfucker baby,
You tripping.
- So we good getting in the car?
I just got some
head in the backseat
Got some little
hoe wanna molest me
Pussy so wet I
bought a jet ski
No offense but
I got the best d
- I'm really in hood
right now. Actually.
Yeah. There's a whole lot of
bullshit been going on, bro.
If you need any answers,
I'm like an encyclopedia
- Slim, What's up my man.
- Hold on, hold on bro.
Hold on. What's what's up man?
- That new phone.
- Yeah, actually it is.
- Apparently it
doesn't work too well.
Cause you haven't
been calling me.
- Ah, I really don't know
what your number
looks like though.
- Oh yes you do.
I need that information, man.
- What information?
- Information about the shit
that's going on that you don't
tell me. That, I don't know.
I want to know it.
- Hm fucked up.
- Yeah, snitches
are bitches right?
- Yeah. They some bitches.
- Yeah.
It's take some
pride in that. Yeah.
Like the way the streets are?
- Nah, They terrible bro.
- Yeah. Dead bodies.
- Yeah. I'm not trying
to be next either.
- Yeah. Well here's your phone?
Use it.
Call me or else,
I might have to have a little
conversation with the boys in
the hood, about our
last conversation.
They'll like that.
You little snitch.
Fuck you. Give me
some information.
- Fuck you too.
- Hello? Girl where y'all at?
- We right here you so extra.
I could be crying
and cursing you out.
Could bring some drama
up to your folks house.
You woke up and you
switched like that day.
And ever since babe,
you know that it
ain't been the same
Boy, you just
played yourself.
Got my own and name
and I got my own wealth
I didn't need your deposits
Just needed you solid
And you won't understand.
- Okay. So can you please
go to the nail shop?
Just look at my shit.
- Why you wasn't
answering the phone?
- My bad babe.
My phone is in my bag, but
look, I need you to take these.
Okay. And go put
'em up everywhere.
Okay. Everywhere.
You can put 'em put 'em
- Where's my money?
- I'm a cash app you
momma, I got you.
- I need my coins.
- Girl Imma cash app you,
you know I'm good
for it. Come on.
That's my little cousin.
Yeah. I'll be paying her
to put my stickers up.
- You really pay her?
- She just checked
the fuck out of you.
- Yeah let's go
I'm just putting you
down. Don't up with this.
Don't do second chances
gonna try that again.
Never again.
No, never again.
I wanted you right beside
me, your body on my body.
The way, we be kissing.
I swear I'm going miss it.
You did me wrong.
- You stalking me?
- Man, Where the
hell you been at?
I been calling you
all goddamn day.
- I told you I was with the
girls and I went to the studio
with Mercy.
- Who the fuck is that?
- A producer? I talked
with you about that.
Me and the girls
was there together.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Let me hear a song.
- Okay.
Don't play with
that drug shit
Don't play with your friends
- That supposed to be about
me or something. Yeah.
Cause you gonna stop
playing with me.
Cause I'm not one of them.
I'm not playing with you.
You know what I got going on.
- Yeah. Whatever Michael.
- Baby stop playing with me
Come here give me a kiss.
- No.
- You look sexy.
- I guess. Come on. Stop. Woooo.
- Man. Come on.
- Bro, you gotta
stop yelling at me
like I'm a broad or something.
- Man you older than
me by what 25 seconds.
Man whatever man,
What the fuck happened
the other day?
They were telling me
about a shoot out?
What the fuck
going on with that?
- Man, suh.
- Man, suh nothing.
Didn't I tell you them niggas
ain't yo motherfucking partner
Fuck around with them
you get into a shootout
and you ain't had
your phone on you.
Bro, I'm telling you twin,
stick to the books, bro.
I'm a handle these street
shit. I'm telling you,
- Bro, you ain't
gonna be treating me
like I'm a lame or something.
- Nigga cause you is.
- Hello?
God What happened?
(hip hop music)
Way that I'm living the
only way to fuck with you
Way I'm feeling,
way that I'm feeling
Tell me why this
niggas love you
When you dead and gone,
kill myself right now
My perfect soul,
Nigga try to drag you down
hope you can stand strong
If I get rich right
now niggas come
Around that don't belong
I see these slow down, man
you really were tripping
And let yourself
think that they love
Man who was you kidding?
I saw the barrel of that
40 and forgot I was winning
I wrote this letter
down in blood
I hope you fuck
niggas get it
Suicide, I ain't never
had shit nigga do or die.
When I look up in the
mirror asking who am I
I ain't really
never had shit
I'm only out here trying
to get rich, suicide
I ain't never had
shit, nigga do or die
When I look up in the
mirror asking who am I
I ain't really
never had shit
I'm only out here
trying to get rich
Suicide, they probably
treat me like in Machiavelli
Probably get shot down in the
street and be on television
I was in 6th grade
with that heat
Wasn't gone leave with me
And bitch I really been
on go anybody can get it
I was crying from misery
Real niggas turn history,
fuck niggas got harder
My feelings got darker
- Hey, Hey girl.
Hey. Hey.
- Hey girl.
- Okay, good. I'm so
glad we used to hang.
You Glizzy girl ain't it?
- Like who wants to know?
- I just asked you, right?
- I don't have time for this.
Well I bet you got time.
You hear what that boy
Glizzy been up too.
That ain't my business.
- How you know Glizzy?
- What you mean how I know him,
don't worry about
how I know him,
but I just know that everything
around that nigga dies.
- First of all, you
shouldn't be spreading rumors
about Glizzy
You shouldn't be putting
that out in the streets.
You shouldn't say that about
him because that can really
affect him.
- Well word on the street
is that he killed Snake.
- Glizzy didn't kill anybody.
- Ask him. I bet
you won't ask him.
- Have a good day.
Watch your back.
- You smelling good.
What's up baby?
- Don't touch me.
- No kiss, what's
wrong with you?
Why you acting like that, bro?
What? You done seen
on Instagram now?
- Did you kill somebody?
- What kind of police
ass question is that bro?
Who the fuck you
been talking to?
- It's not who I
been talking to.
It's who been
talking to me Glizzy.
- Bro. Where the fuck you
heard this shit at bro?
- Does it matter?
Everybody in the streets
Glizzy killed somebody.
Glizzy killed somebody.
Everybody knows but Latto.
- Latto who the fuck
you been talking to bro.
And when somebody ask
you about that business,
you shut them the fuck down.
- Why should I have to
shut somebody down? Glizzy,
if you don't keep
me in the dark.
And if you be honest with me,
then I shouldn't have to tell
nobody anything and nobody
should be telling me anything.
- Latto look, listen,
shit went left.
I handled business. It's
simple as that, bro.
Shit what if I handle business?
If a nigga come in the car
right now and try to get you,
I'm gonna handle business,
but I ain't got nothing to
do with that business though.
- What is your business?
- Why the fuck you think
they call me Glizzy?
- Who the fuck are you?
- Man. Look that business.
Ain't got nothing to do
with you though. You know?
I got you though, bro.
- Nigga got me.
Can you protect
me? Am I in danger?
Am I in harm's way? What
do you mean you got me.
- For sure. For sure,
I could protect you. I just
told you you my business.
I handle business.
- It's, it's a lot Glizzy
its too much. Just get out.
- What?
- Yeah. Get outta my car.
- What?
- Get outta my car.
- You on some real bullshit.
- That was a good workout. Huh?
- It was a good workout
how you feeling?
- I feel good.
You looking good.
- Thanks babe.
- You're welcome.
- Glizzy, come here.
I don't get it.
Like why you always act
like the world owe you?
- Mamma, I just
walked in the door
and you already get on my case
I ain't even say nothing,
I ain't said nothing bruh.
- See that's all that
smart mouth ass shit.
You ain't gotta say
it's all over your face.
Where Glock at?
- I don't know a Glock at,
you said come over here.
I can't straight. I ain't try
to look the Glock in that.
I don't know where Glock at.
- The fuck you mean
you don't know?
Didn't I always tell you
keep a track on your little
- Man.
Glock be having his
own stuff going.
What you faked it with
a baby or something?
Hey that man grown up bro.
- Why you talking
to mama like that?
- LeeLee stop
talking to me bruh.
- Damn that shit get
on my fucking nerves.
You so stuck in your ways.
Y'all don't know a struggle
cause I ain't never show you a
struggle, but you
insist on testing me.
- I don't insist on that.
I just don't understand
why I gotta be a counselor
to a grown man.
This man grown and there bro,
that y'all that's crazy to me.
How many times I gotta keep
telling y'all about that bro.
- Say something else.
You ain't gotta always
talk back, Deddy.
I'm sick of yo shit.
I'm just trying to get
you some knowledge to you.
So you won't mess up
like a lot of these
other young niggas have.
- You don't see how
people keep dying. Really?
- LeeLee why the fuck you
keep talking to me bruh?
I don't wanna hear that bro.
You know what? I don't
wanna hear that, bro.
Okay, stop talking to me like
that, I don't want you bruh.
- Stop talking to
your sister like that.
- Well you tell her stop
talking to me like that.
Bruh she keep talking.
- Because it's your mouth
that's the fucking problem.
- All right bro. All right.
- Where you been at?
- Hey ma, Hey you too, ma
How your day been?
- It's going good.
Just need to get some things
in order. I need for you and
your brother to tighten up.
- Hey whatsup bro?
Bitch ass tho.
- You see what they be doing?
- Listen, y'all auntie thinks
something happened to Amir.
And the way these three
set up y'all know he gone.
- What?
I need you to let whatever
you got going on your brother,
a fucking alone.
- Bruh stop saying, y'all
need to worry about y'all
y'all need to stop
worrying about me.
- Stop fucking talking back
with yo smart ass mouth, nigga.
You always got
something to say, look,
y'all gotta have
each other back.
I'm not getting that
call about my boys.
I chuck this shit down
in the blink of a eye
and paint this whole
bitch red about y'all.
Whatever it is,
squash it, Damian.
- You right mamma.
- Devin.
- My bad bro.
Anything else from
now on? I swear,
I'm gonna break my
foot off in y'all ass.
Y'all need to keep a
location on each other,
at all times.
- I told him that.
- So you think, Amir
really dead mamma?
- Man, what she just say, man.
- Is he Devin?
- All signs point
to him being dead.
And I can't have that for y'all.
Y'all gotta have
each other back.
Don't let nothing
break y'all bond.
Now, bow your heads and
hold each other hands.
Hold his hand.
Dear heavenly father.
I ask that you watch over to
protect all my babies Lord
from this wicked world.
I pray, I plead the
brother Jesus over them.
So no hurt, harm or danger
will come over them, Lord.
Protect them in these streets
as they sleep and through
everyday life,
guide them in every endeavor
Lord in your mighty name,
we pray.
- Girl. What's up?
- Nah girl, I'm good just,
I got a lot on my mind.
- Girl,
I know you ain't
sitting over here crying
about Glizzy black ass.
- Leah. I'm just really
trying to figure out
how I get in this shit.
Like how did I get involved
with somebody like that.
- Girl, please?
You act like you,
the only one that I got into
some shit like that, man,
look at Nyla ass and how
she is with TK. The fuck.
- That's different.
That's her baby daddy.
You know what I'm saying?
That's a different story.
Me and Glizzy Not even
on that type of time,
we just started rocking
not too long ago.
- I mean, yeah, but you
gotta understand, Latto
like we all done being
stupid over a fucking nigga.
Like we will be okay.
- You sound like mama T.
Her ass been talking
to you too much.
- Girl, you know, she
been schooling my ass.
I had to goddamn, get my stuff
together with PeeWee ass.
Like, and honestly,
like I been seeing some
drastic changes in him,
but still girl.
Like you just gotta know
your worth honestly.
And don't be sitting over
here crying about his ass.
- What, no you ain't,
crying over his ass.
- Girl
- Oh you hard, you got a
nigga afraid to even tell.
- Move, Glizzy, damn stop
reaching your hand on my plate.
You probably need to wash
your hands, your dirty ass.
- I did wipe my hand. I
just got out the shower bro.
Stop playing man, give a nigga
some of them chitlins man.
- No, where I put my phone.
- Okay man. You being
stingy with the plate.
I appreciate you coming
out here for real.
- Yeah. Cause I
don't wanna be here.
- What's up man? Why
you acting like that?
What's up?
- What do you wanna do?
- What you mean?
- Like with your life?
Do you have any goals? Do
you have any ambitions?
I wanna help you meet them.
- I mean, I can't give a
straight answer on that bruh.
Cause I really focus with
the stock market shit, B.
But I wanna put my hands in
the real estate business too.
I'm don't be having
time for that shit.
- Nah, you need to make time.
And if you serious, you know
my mom's a real estate agent.
So I see if I can
get her to help you.
- Look at you trying to turn
Bankhead into Bookhead .
- (laughs) You so lame.
- I just, I wanna see
you win, you know that.
- Who the fucks that?
- What the fuck you looking at?
- Fuck you looking at?
- What the hell. What the
hell y'all talking about?
- She keep looking at me,
don't keep looking at me bro.
- Why you got beef?
- What the fuck, what
is you looking at?
- Hey man, you know
its out with me.
- Why is y'all
beefing like this?
- Girl, I told you he was
out there when I got shot,
he fucking shot me.
- Nah I ain't shot shit,
fuck you talking about?
I don't shoot hoes.
I don't shoot hoes
- You doing too much calm down
- You did, you did, you did.
- I ain't gone keep going
back and forth with you.
- You shot me.
- I ain't shot shit,
fuck you talking bout.
- Don't put your
motherfucking hand in my face.
- What you mean? I ain't going
back and forth with you bro.
- What the fuck is
you talking about?
Stop trying to play dumb.
- Ay look baby let me
tell you something,
I ain't going back
and forth with you.
Your nigga already
owe me some money,
I'm about to beat
his ass at the store.
- That shit ain't got
nothing to do with me.
- She playing crazy.
- I don't know shit.
- You don't know nothing?
- That shit ain't got
nothing to do with me.
- I ain't going back and
forth, I ain't shot shit.
- Yes the fuck you did.
- I ain't finna keep going
back and forth with you.
- What's going on?
- And I already told
you when I got shot,
that nigga was out
there, I seen him.
That nigga was out there.
I don't know what the fuck
him and PeeWee, got going on
but I don't know how the fuck
I get in the middle
of that shit.
- He don't tell me nothing.
He lie to me all
the time about shit.
(rap music)
- Ay that's the shit
I be talking about.
I know, I'm a problem.
I'm not having
no more problems
I wake up and
get them dollars
Fuck the cops and
free my father
I got a circle full
of real steppers
Won't let nothing happen
they'll kill for me
We be in money, but
we still thugging
All at the table
like the last supper
Pussy pink fitness,
sky blue Hondas on me
I been getting cake
- Let me call this
knucklehead ass boy of mine.
- Yeah, pop, What up?
- Boy wake your
nappy head ass up.
And why the fuck your mama
calling me and telling me you
fighting over at
her house and shit?
- Man its eight o'clock
in the damn morning, man.
- Bitch is nine o'clock.
Time went up an hour.
Anyway, I'm finna be
on my way over there.
See what the hell going
on with all this bullshit.
- All right, Pop, whatever.
- All right. I'll see you later.
- What's up bro?
Damn y'all never gone
answer the phone bro?
- Hell you been nigga,
yo ass been MIA.
- Hell bro. I had to lay
low for a little bit.
I just came by to tell you
about your folks though, bro.
- My folk?
- Your wife?
- Fuck you mean my wife?
- Nigga bruh, I already know
bruh. Can't cap me down bro.
Anyway bro, your
wife cheating on you
with some nigga that
stay in my building.
I just had to tell you.
This regular Bill, yo
wife that's her, right?
This her getting her back
bent in and jaws locked
by this nigga?
- How you hear? You know man,
just go ahead and
send me that shit bro.
- And she, she doing
in the building.
He stay in the building, across
from Glizzy girlfriend too.
- Yeah, I ran into that hoe.
- But you what you
got for me though?
- I don't get shit
for you nigga,
I'm gone lock my goddamn door.
- Man y'all niggas ain't shit.
- Yeah whatever, thanks for
the tip bitch ass nigga.
- All right I'm gone
catch you. (door slams)
- Hell going on?
- Why the hell y'all niggas
ain't been on my phone man?
- Why they send yo ass,
you pulled out when we
got to that shootout.
- I know y'all
niggas ain't saying
I had something to
do with that shit.
- Man, y'all niggas
had me at Metro skates
then go to Cascade, that was
some last minute shit bro.
- Man. Ain't me man.
It TK, thinking a
nigga folding bro.
- That nigga ass tripping bro.
- Straight up, hold on bro.
- Yo what going on?
Yeah I'm right here
with Quandale right now.
Aight we finna pull up, yeah.
- Who The hell that was?
- We finna pull up right now.
- Open the damn door.
- Ay whatsup pop?
- Open this goddamn door
before I kick it in.
- Tripping, tripping.
- Boy what the fuck
is your problem?
And where the fuck
is Justin ass at?
- Why the hell he
ain't answer his phone?
I been calling him
for two days now.
- I don't even know.
I haven't seen that nigga
since we got into at mama house.
Know she moving.
I had carry all
that heavy ass shit.
- Hold on, yo mama moving?
- Yeah, she got her
a big ass house,
you might miss her or something?
- Yo mama know what's up.
Anyway, you and your brother
need to cut that bullshit out.
All that fighting and shit at
her house. Stressing her out,
running her blood pressure up.
- Yeah, Imma get right
- Yeah. You better get right.
Now, where, where your wife
and my grand baby's at?
- I don't know. I
guess they at home.
- I'm gonna pray for you son.
- Yeah. Do that.
Cause I need it.
- Who the hell is that.
- Man? Pop.
This my damn house,
you tripping.
- You know what,
you right? Imma go.
Cause that might be yo mama.
Even though I don't mind,
mind tapping that ass though.
I'm gonna go.
- Watch out bruh.
- Remember what I said?
- What's up TK? What's up Dad?
- What going on?
- Bro why the fuck you
come on out loud and shit
see you blowing a
nigga high, bro.
- I don't give a
about none of that TK.
- Hey, Hey, what
the fuck happened?
- Dad. The nigga used my
name got me locked up now.
He got my baby mama shot.
- You know why?
- Why TK?
- Cause nigga,
handle yo bullshit.
- Cut that bullshit out
right now. Both of y'all.
- Man. Dad. You the one.
- Look I'm telling you and him,
if I have to come
back over here,
I'm whooping both of y'all
ass. You understand me?
Hey, I don't want
to hear it now.
Now I'm on the way
to go see your mama.
See what the fuck
she got going on.
And y'all need to goddamn
hash this shit out, dab it up.
Whatever the fuck y'all do.
But I'm gone.
- Yeah whatever.
- What going on pop?
- Whatsup y'all?
- Fuck wrong with that nigga?
- PeeWee what going
on? TK whatsup bro?
- I haven't heard from you
as for pulling up that night.
End up in the big ass shootout.
- Y'all niggas had
me at Metro skate.
Then switch up to Cascade,
at the last minute.
No, I wouldn't do no
slime shit like that, bro.
- Nah, I told him you wasn't
thinking like that bro.
Straight up
- Nah, man.
It just crazy how nigga just
be disappearing and shit bro.
Feel what I'm saying? Shit
that pop out in a minute.
- What's going on fool?
- What the hell y'all
niggas got going on?
- All right man.
So you know we done snatch
Devin little hoe right?
- Snatched the hoe?
- What? Like you
fought with her?
- Man. Nah, you know we
kidnapped that hoe, she over
at the spot with B man.
- Hold on. Y'all
niggas did what?
How the hell y'all
manage to do that?
- Yeah. Cause I lost they ass.
- Yeah. Don't even
worry about that.
They gone need a miracle
that fuck nigga dead.
- No cap.
- So what the hell
we gonna do with her?
- Yeah. Cause I sure
her people looking for.
- I ain't gonna do nothing
to that big ass hoe.
Just make that hoe talk,
you know what I'm saying?
- Now we talking,
man shit them fonem
got away with too much.
- You see? They ain't
found but about yet.
You know what I'm saying?
- Damn, y'all niggas ain't
waiting on nothing to do that.
What the hell happened now?
- Man? What the fuck y'all
niggas been doing out here?
Ain't even gave y'all folk
the green light to do shit.
What the hell going
on with y'all?
- Man. We out here up
in the skull nigga.
- Man fuck the skull,
RaRa. Come on, man.
We move better than that.
- Come on now bro. We can't
let that fuck nigga Glizzy
get up on us.
- Man nigga fuck Glizzy nigga,
We move the right way.
Y'all nigga moving
sloppy as Hell TK.
And you know that.
- Man, Wee bro that shit,
ain't how you think it is.
- Bro. So how it
supposed to be then Blue?
Tell me Blue. Tell me.
- Wee bro. We just
thought you wanted us
to take the initiative.
- Blue. When the I ever
said take the initiative?
When I ever did
that Blue? Exactly,
Now everybody crying
this bitch. What's up?
- Man TK run this shit now man.
Nigga yo ass been out the way
- Man, TK ain't running shit
that nigga don't run nothing.
You know that? Come on RaRa
- Bro, We ain't forget shit.
We just ain't wanna sit around
and wait on y'all niggas.
- Wait on what Q what?
What Y'all waiting on?
- Ay you tripping
man, acting like
we against you or something.
We out here handling shit.
I ain't say y'all
niggas gotta get me,
but y'all nigga ass
tripping, you heard me.
Y'all nigga done
put my baby mama in the
midst and y'all nigga
got my baby mama shot bro.
- Man nigga, fuck
your baby mama, nigga.
- I'm saying RaRa, you wanna
get hit or something RaRa.
- Man hit, hit.
- Let me handle all
the business bro,
stop all this
motherfucking bullshit.
- Chill out.
- That nigga tripping man.
- Ay look, ain't got
nothing lined up.
Try to slide on something.
- Hell yeah man. I got a
little hoe right here man.
You gotta move?
Who Mimi? Man that
hoe been a freak dog,
she burnt and turnt.
- (laughs) I just
be missing her man.
That why I got her right here
now while I got a chance, man.
- Listen, bro.
Just make sure you strap up.
- Man, you know babe
playing like that.
She must burnt you or something.
- Fuck no, I'm just
saying she get around.
- What the hell happened with
the move with Glizzy man?
RaRa ain't telling me nothing.
- Man, I don't even know.
They really ain't even
been speaking on shit.
You really don't need to speak
on. You know what I'm saying?
Nigga moves funny.
That's why this move right
here just for me and you man.
Don't even tell TK bro.
- Right man trust man,
I ain't tell that nigga,
I'm gonna start on my
own little shit man.
- Yeah for shit sho'
nigga that how it
gotta be. Nigga be keeping
the a nigga out the business.
- Yeah bet man say no more.
And it ain't no
shame. If I did it
Then I did it and it
really ain't no thing
I still pop it at your fitty
Yo loyalty can change
If you win it,
then you with me
Me and you ain't
got the same niggas
Cause you ain't gang nigga
and you ain't gang up
Fresh up on the porch
we on the same thing
You can't hang out where I'm
from if you ain't gang gang
Young nigga who run around
With two guns
like he John Wayne
Still strapped up like
the navy or the army
Can't let her whore
me, I'm a annoying
Try to crash me everyone
catch you on the back heat
- That niggas smoke be
having that shit on bruh.
- What smoke?
- Smoke man, with the bag man.
- Man fuck that nigga man.
I ran all them niggas
ass bout five, six
bad the other day bro.
- Ran off on smoke, bro.
- Man them niggas
ain't the only niggas
in the city having no strap bro.
- So you know that though.
- I'm dangerous too.
We ain't starting no
motherfucking smoking Glizzy
Feel what I'm saying? Come on.
We finna go in the club,
do what we do, bro.
- Turn up on these pussy ass.
- Come on man. You tripping.
- Oh god damn bruh
You ain't never talked
to that nigga Rico
about that bull what the fuck?
- Yeah. Rico still
bullshitting bro.
What? What's up with
that Laydo bruh,
he still owe a nigga
for them bags bruh.
They ain't playing like that.
- Boy matter of fact,
I can't wait to catch him
bitch ass. I swear, oh look.
Oh them fuck nigga
think he done ran down.
- He in the background
with that, look.
- Flexing this bitch I
got my boy with me yeah.
Y'all know what
the fuck going on
We on the floor tonight we
see what the fuck going on.
Finna turn up in this
bitch. Yeah for sho'.
- Oh you think he a trackstar?
He a runner he a trackstar.
- Oh he poppin, oh look
at that nigga poppin
oh he lame as hell.
He popping everything bro.
- We got these bitches.
- Get me boy, pull up.
I can't let them trick me
these street dogs no way
Trying to play me
Trying to make
me catch a case
Nigga gotta move smart
got to play it safe
Shit no way
No way, I can't let them
trick me all these street dogs
No way, pussy try to play me
try to make me catch a case
Nigga gotta play smart
got to play it safe
- Come on.
- Empty out your
pocket right now boy.
- I ain't nothing but the
clothes on me, damn man.
- Shut the fuck
up, say something.
- Where the money at man?
- Thought we wasn't
gone catch yo bitch ass?
- Hell nigga.
- Lucky I don't
kill your bitch ass.
- Fuck man.
- Get on the ground
nigga, fuck wrong with you
Don't look up.
- God damn bro.
- Fuck nigga.
- Ay man what's going on?
- Get you bitch ass home.
(rap music)
Yeah, where you
from, Atlanta
Say what you tell em
Bitch I'm winning
The hottest in
the city, for sho'
Do it rich
Yeah I'm from Atlanta,
bitch you know I'm with it
I can't be fucked with cause
I'm the GOAT up in my city
You don't stand for shit,
Imma stand for something
'Cause that sucker
shit I ain't with it
They keep telling me
drugs heal the pain
But I ain't putting
that in my kidneys
Okay but where
you from? Atlanta
Tell me something,
I'm winning
I'm the real shiesty bitch
the hardest in the city
Bitch don't worry, cause
know I spent the ticket
Why you pants so tight?
'Cause I put like
60 in these skinnys
Born at home baby, straight
from rags to riches
Name a hoe that's harder
tell em meet me in my city
Know I'm popping shit don't
like nobody fucking with me
Explosion on
all type of shit
I coulda been
bought me a Bentley
All they have is
impression fuck it
Push it to the fullest,
invest that paper
In them guns ain't
running out of bullets
Where I'm from I say Atlanta
AKA the South,
trigger finger itchy
Think I'm slipping
must be dumb
Draco 100 rounds,
all these pistols
Have been drawn, I
won't play about my fam
No, understand it or my mom
And this pain
running so deep
Might take some
drugs to keep me numb
Fuck with me
won't get no sleep
Set this bitch off
just like a bomb
Yeah I'm from Atlanta
Bitch you know I'm with it
I can't be fucked with cause
I'm the GOAT up in my city
You don't start for shit,
Imma stand for something
'cause that sucker
shit I ain't with it
They keep telling me
drugs heal the pain
But I ain't putting
that in my kidney
Okay but where
you from Atlanta
Tell me some I'm with it
I'm the real shiesty bitch
the hardest in the city
Bitch don't worry just
know I spent that ticket
Why you pants so tight?
'Cause I put like
60 in these skinnys
Yeah I'm from Atlanta
Where them kids
be toting hammers
Where the fam came
through on Christmas
Bitch I ain't
believe in Santa
But if the cables cut off
Its okay to grab an antenna
More pain really tripping
Flip through every
motherfucking channel
From Atlanta where
they call the ghetto
In the neighborhood
bitch, we all kinfolk
I ain't never really
like the schools
So I played asleep
when I know I been woke
Atlanta where they
call the hood at
In the bricks you
might see a hood rat
No phone where I'm at home
Can ride on Silver
street and watch
I'm from Atlanta where them
young nigga pour deuces
In them phantoms,
in the hood
Don't be surprised
if you see em sliding
In them phantoms
Boy they beefing
choosing sides
This shit get
deeper than bandanas
I might spend
a rack on shoes
There was a time
I got on sandals
Yeah I'm from Atlanta
Bitch you know I'm winning
I can't be fucked with cause
I'm the GOAT up in my city
You don't stand for shit,
Imma stand for something
'Cause that sucker
shit I ain't with it
They keep telling me
drugs heal the pain
But I ain't putting
that in my kidneys
Okay but where
you from, Atlanta
Tell me something,
I'm winning
I'm the real shiesty bitch
the hottest in the city
So what you pay?
Bitch don't worry just
know I spent the ticket
Why you pants so tight?
'Cause I put like
60 in this skinnys
(hip-hop music)