The Betrayal 3: Neva Ending (2023) Movie Script

(dramatic music)
- We need to go ahead
and kill shorty,
get these polices off our ass,
and get this shit back rolling,
and shit, we good.
(dramatic music continues)
- Yeah, this part here
look cool, bro.
(dramatic music continues)
(money rustling)
Come on, bro.
(muffled shouting)
(gun firing)
(smooth guitar music)
- [Diamond] Being betrayed
can have you in a cold,
dark space,
have you thinking that
you going fucking crazy.
I was with somebody
for four years
who I thought was my everything,
just to find out I was
another bitch he was playing.
My name is Diamond, 24 years
old, from Brooklyn, New York.
Well let me introduce
you into the cold world
of being betrayed.
(hip-hop music)
Stroke my ego don't
be shy girl
Help protect a nigga pride
Help protect a nigga pride
Know you're rocking
with a real one
Why, 'cause you can see
it in my eyes
Devil praying our demise
Back against the wall
Head held high
They keep praying
that I fall
- How you doing girl?
- I'm okay.
I'm still tired.
- Why you always tired?
You pregnant again?
- No.
- Bitch, don't look at
me, like you think I done
lost my motherfucking mind.
Motherfucker, all you doing
is fucking and sucking.
What the fuck? Shit.
(hip hop music)
Shame on me, shame on me
Open my eyes so I can
see what's in front of me
Be one hundred
Shame on me
Thought that fool
had my back
Shame on me
I thought that fool
had my back
Shame on me
If I go through it again
Shame on me
Get called out by my
closest friends
Open my eyes so I can
see what's in front of me
Open my eyes
I was blind to what was
in front of me
You gotta pay me up front,
it's the finder's fee.
Oh you fine with no money
I don't think
that's gonna work
- [Woman 1] So where he at?
'Cause I ain't seen him,
in a while.
What's going on and
tell me the truth.
- I don't know, I think
he went to Alabama.
- [Woman 1] What's in
Alabama, or who is in Alabama.
Or am I being too nosy?
- I mean he didn't say.
I don't know.
- So you just decide
to pack your shit and pop
up at my house
knowing I ain't like your
ass, but you all right.
So... just saying, just
saying, what's up boo?
You look like you got
something to say boo.
You can't get it, girl.
You can't get this out my ass.
No way
No way
I came down don't trick
me on these streets
Dog, no way
Nigga trying to play me
Trying to make me
catch a case
Nigga got a whoosh
Boy, I gotta play it safe
Shit, no way, no way
I came down don't trick
me on these streets
Dog, no way
Pussy trying to play me
Trying to make me
catch a case
Make me tryna
- Copping, my man?
- Absolutely, what's up?
- She ain't called my phone,
but I called her back.
She ain't answer. Hey
you fucked that boy up.
- When?
- Shit, you'd just
got out the car,
I don't know.
- Oh.
Shit, my boy popped
the wrong cone.
- Yo, popped up with
the wrong cone?
You know who the fuck that is?
You better not be talking to 12.
Who the fuck driving
shit like that?
- I swear, talking to them
for what, Toni?
- Shit, I don't know.
- You're trying me.
- Nah, nigga.
I don't know, family
switch up sometimes too.
I'd be having to catch a case.
- Whatever, man.
- Yeah, we'll find out who.
- Oh my, I should let 'em in.
- Huh?
- Hey-
- Uh uh.
Close the motherfucking door.
What the fuck is you doing here?
- Oh hey Sandy, what she doing?
Oh big ass with Che?
Can not be real man.
Seen your crazy cousin on
Instagram, man?
Any fool just chasing her good,
man, shit.
Hell if I know nigga,
what the hell y'all niggas on,
I just seen laying big
shit on Instagram.
I swear nigga, you know
I'm with it whenever.
Shit, I'm at the spot
man. Y'all niggas pull up.
All right, say less,
I'm right here.
Shit nigga, that's crazy.
- And the ball is snapped.
- Why you in my house?
- [Man] Why the fuck you
didn't tell me you moved?
I talked to my boys and they
told me you gonna move on me.
- [Woman] So you just pop
up to my house like R.Kelly?
- Okay I ain't-
- This nigga crazy.
- 'Cause I just want to know
get to the bottom of this shit.
- Yeah the bottom of what?
Nigga, you look like a period
- I'm just a
motherfucker in red.
(both laughing)
- Limp dick red.
That's why your ass right here.
You came over here 'cause you
thought you finna get some,
didn't you?
You still all right, you
look all right.
My pussy is off limits.
- Give me some more yak.
You got anymore yak
in the kitchen?
- Get your ass up outta here.
Get the fuck up out my house,
- I ain't gotta go no
goddamn where.
I pay for half of the
money for this shit.
- It's called child support.
You ain't never
support the child.
- Hey that child is out there,
ain't never in this home.
What you going off
back there for?
- Nigga, I'm sick of you-
- Oh that shit.
- Get the fuck up out
my fucking house, bitch.
Get your ass-
- Hey, I'm gone.
- Get the fuck up out my
house, why y'all here?
- Hey y'all, what the fuck-
- Why is he here?
Why is he at my goddamn house?
- Shit, I dunno.
- why the fuck you told
him where I stay at?
I don't even fuck with him
to get you and your brother.
Fuck wrong with you?
- He can't ask about you, mom?
- I don't give a fuck if he
asked about the weather, bitch.
Tell him it's storming
and go inside.
Don't fucking sit here and
tell him where I stay at.
- I'm sorry. Good morning.
- Good morning your ass.
- How you doing? What is
that gun, let me see it.
Give me the fucking thing,
come on.
Mom, stop playing. Come
on, you don't understand.
You gonna, wait, pa!
Come on back in the house.
- Get your ass up out of here,
(birds chirping)
- 12, what's up my man,
my nigga.
- My man.
- What's up man?
- All right.
- Hey what you been up to bro?
- Man trying to get right bro.
What's up with this move bro?
- Shit you know that actually
why I called you up here bro.
I've been doing my
homework. It's official.
It's a go. It's a go.
- It's a go?
- Like yesterday been I
been telling you-
- Where the fuck this
shit at though bro?
- Bro you, you wouldn't
even believe it bro.
Right under our nose.
- Like lil Boy.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Shit right here.
- For sure.
- I'm telling you.
- I'm in here trying to
console this bitch over here
and yo ass in here bringing this
nothing ass nigga to my house.
- What's up, fool?
- I told you not to bring
him over here.
- Damn, that smarts,
that shit hurt.
- Hurt your ass.
- Damn.
Ain't whooped me in 10 years,
now move.
(feet shuffling)
- But what's in it though?
- I say about 70,000.
- Really?
- By the-
- Hell no, hell no don't
worry about it.
Hundred, buy a 10 bag, and
buy two bricks.
But you gotta handle business,
I already know you know
you gonna handle business.
You know how to handle business,
- I'll go crazy on them niggas'
- Go ahead though, these
type of nigga,
you can't play with though.
- Stop.
- Verses me bro.
I handle business, y'all
niggas know that shit.
- What you doing over
here so early?
- Jay walked out.
- Jay walked out?
- I had spent the night.
- Mom.
- What?
- You let people come over
here and spend the night?
You don't even let me
spend the night no more.
- 'Cause I don't let you
spend the night,
'cause your dick be
everywhere, everywhere.
Nigga, your dick over
here, your dick over there.
Why you think she at
my house all the time.
We got our eyes and ears
to the street.
What? Uhuh, uhuh.
So what's this thing about you
and Glizzy? What's going on?
- You know he, that
Glizzy got into a peewee.
- Okay and?
- Shit they say they'd jump
him, so shit you know me man,
little brother had to step up.
- Where's Mamie at because
I'll fight that bitch.
Nah you know I don't play
about my motherfucking kids.
I'll tie that bitch up and
have her watch y'all ass.
I make that bitch
watch good times
since y'all ass fall out, bitch.
I shoot that in a pinky toe,
have that bitch saying, "I'm
nine toes down motherfucker."
They'll be in the street.
Don't fucking play with me.
You do too goddamn
much, you and them hoes.
- Oh you doing all
that preaching.
How long the food gonna take,
I'm hungry.
- [Mom] Bitch, I swear to
God I'll take your life
like I brought it in.
- Man. Stop playing.
Finish cooking, goddamn.
- Play too much.
- [Mom] And your ass.
You don't have to come over
here to prove to him that you,
we good, that nigga either
going see you or he not.
You gotta take your
blinders off, the fuck.
- My brother on a business trip.
(peaceful music)
We ain't talking nigga,
whatchu gonna do about it
This in the bowl, I
need Tupac
Need the money not a hoe
Group up and front, nigga,
we get up and shoot out
- why the fuck is
you still here?
(birds chirping)
- I had to pull up, I
don't really know.
I just came over to see
what was going on,
like what my boy
told me to move.
I tried to find out what,
what's going on.
- Well first of all I don't
like you and I don't have to.
- Okay, I understand why-
- And I don't owe you shit.
They coming to you
because they want you.
I see 'em all the time.
I don't give a fuck if
they in they thirties
they still our babies,
you gotta act like that.
I raised, I raised.
You just popped your
head in and out
'cause you were too
busy with other bitches.
Now they got all this
shit going on.
All this stuff going on
and now you want to pop up
and act like you run
something with me.
- I came here to get some
clarification. That's my boy.
Just wanna make sure-
- Make sure what?
Coming to me ain't making
sure shit with them.
Your problem is you think
a nigga still want you,
baby, that ship done
sailed so bad.
It done sank, got up, resailed,
then sailed some more.
That shit is on the
other side of the planet.
It is never ever
going to happen.
Understand I will do
anything for my boys.
Our boys.
- Yeah our boys get it right.
- Get it right?
Don't make me say real bad-
- We ain't gonna argue no more.
- We ain't gonna argue no more,
oh you ain't gonna come
with the fuck shit.
- You like where you're living,
all right.
Doing well for yourself.
- Okay.
You better humble yourself.
You missed out on my shit,
you better keep fucking
with them dusty ass hoes
with that, fucking
bitches with chest hair.
I know you do.
Stop fucking with them
bitches with chest hair.
You fucking with hoes that
their name Terry and Tom, bitch.
- Hey.
- Hi.
'Sup pretty lady?
- Thanks for meeting me.
- No problem. No problem.
- I'm sorry that I've
been so distant
these last couple of
weeks I've been you know,
working on myself and
trying to figure things out.
- You have been a
little distant.
- Yeah.
- It's okay.
I'll forgive you.
- Thank you.
How you been though?
Did your brother tell you that
I ran into him the other day?
Your brother be tripping.
- That he does.
- He need a little help.
- Yeah.
- But so how the girls be?
I miss y'all.
- I'm good. The girls are great.
(phone ringing)
That's my job.
But yeah I'm good.
I just think that maybe
we should take a break.
- Take a break?
- [Alicia] I'm trying
to work on my marriage
and see how things are gonna go.
- Your marriage?
- Yeah.
- Really Alicia you gonna give
that nigga another chance.
- Yeah but I love him and I
see that he's trying to change.
Plus he got me this car.
- Got you a car.
- Mhm.
- Understood. That's cool.
Can't do nothing but respect it.
- Thank you.
Mm, that's enough,
you should go.
- So you gonna kiss me
then kick me out.
- I mean I shouldn't have
kissed you. Like I told you.
I'm trying to work on
my marriage.
- That's what's up you
Gucci work on your marriage.
- Diamond lives in one of
these buildings.
I just can't remember which one.
- All these fucking complexes
look the same to me.
Just knock on every fucking
door until we find her, man.
- Look, isn't that your
boy right there?
He may know.
- What you want?
I just woke for real like
y'all going to harass me?
I just woke up.
It's a simple question man.
We just need Diamond's
apartment number.
- I don't know, I don't know.
- APT at the fuck beginning.
- I don't know it.
- You live up here.
- Y'all gonna make me
tell you where she stay at?
- Candy Drop Nail Shop.
- Yep. Candy Drop Nail Shop.
- Girl, he's slow.
(loud knocking)
- Man.
- What's up?
- You know I still got the
possession charge on you.
- What about it man?
What you holding the
possession charge over my head?
- We're gonna hold the
charge over your head yes.
- I'll be right back.
- Your nails are wet.
- Okay, I got you.
- Give me that shit girl,
file away.
- Okay girl.
- Now give me the fucking
number. It's either you or her.
- 312, 312.
- Hello? Did my mama call you?
- Yeah your mama called me
but I dunno what she
called me for.
She don't even like
me like that.
- Hey well I know damn
well she like you.
- I'm just saying.
- Well look though,
she missed that
you don't never bring her
grand baby to see her.
- Well I mean shit,
you can get Leah and bring
her open there.
I don't gotta come with y'all.
- Stop playing, your
ass is going.
- I guess oh and I've been
trying to contact Don.
She ain't even
answering the phone.
I really think she moved
back to New York.
- What the hell you
trying to meet her for?
- You don't remember?
You told me to set her up
after that shit
that happened with her nigga.
- Oh. Only don't even worry
about that shit no more, bro.
- And look, don't be not
texting me back at nighttime.
I don't give a fuck if you
with your bitch or not.
- Man, you and my bitch, man.
Look, here for everything.
- I need more than that.
- Here.
- Thank you.
(birds chirping)
(traffic roaring)
- I don't know exactly
that motherfucker though,
but I know it's a d, bro.
10 bags, two bricks and a
hundred in cash.
- A hundred?
- Hundred?
- Fuck we gonna do?
- Then do it.
- Listen if we take it
and get slammed-
- And don't shoot the
first thing moving, nigga.
- Look no Jack the first
thing went to the leg.
- Head, nigga.
- To the leg.
- You crazy as hell nigga.
- Boy, what.
First nigga kill went to
the leg, but you want smoke,
y'all hold down the
first room bro.
If a nigga sneeze wrong,
I'm gonna send that
motherfucker to the ground.
- His ass going straight
in the ground.
- Then go it.
- Say less.
- Ready?
- I'll do it.
- Hey keep designing bro,
fuck with me.
- Simple, simple.
- Fuck with me.
I keep it on that.
(upbeat music)
Jr, thank you sir
Gang, hit it, gang shit
Gang, hit it, gang shit
Gang, hit it, gang shit
Gang, hit it, gang shit
Gang, hit it, gang shit
Gang, hit it, gang shit
Gang shit, trying to
rob me on that same shit
Turning quick into
the same quit
South side come with
Micheal Vick
It I could cut lines again
Only family, nigga,
fuck a friend
If there's smoke we
gonna spin again
No truce, this shit
gonna never end
(all yelling)
(gun firing)
(all yelling)
(hip hop music continues)
- Playing with you-
- Bands-
- No money.
- Give me that shit.
- You don't even have a badge,
(gun firing)
(all yelling)
(hip hop music continues)
You know I'll take his shit
Come for the hood, a
nigga get wrecked
Shit, nigga
(all yelling)
(hip hop music continues)
Only family, nigga,
fuck a friend
If there's smoke we
gonna spin again
No truce, this shit
gonna never end
(all yelling)
(hip hop music continues)
Keep those niggas greasy
That nigga never took
shit from me
Man nine to five, I'm
not stressing
My life is free
- Gang, what's up?
- I don't rep the
nigga like that.
You already know that.
- Yeah look I know y'all meet
with the bullshit like that,
but why I feel like you
the little brother
if Glizzy the older brother,
you still the big brother
'cause you smarter than me.
They said all right-
- Listen bro,
you saying all that the
same way, get to the point.
- I'm saying bro yo
brother on some hot shit,
robbing and at the club,
bro, all type of monkey shit,
you gotta get a grip on him.
- I'm saying bro what
you gotta get my brother?
How the hell you know
all that anyway.
The hell you the police?
- Man, nigga,
I don't got nothing
against your family,
I don't want no smoke.
I'm just saying like he
rocking with snitches
like that nigga Rico we
got tell to like streets
we talking bro, that's
how I know this.
- Man you alright now,
man you gotta get that
shit together man.
What the hell wrong
with you man?
I'm gonna put you on some
real shit man.
- Man all over the line,
man. Fuck with T-lo.
(engines roaring)
- Hey Glock, Glock.
- What's good with you, boy?
- What the hell going on?
- When you get home, boy?
- Man, I just got home, man.
What's good?
- Going on man?
- What the hell, what the
hell you want?
(engines roaring)
- Fucked up man, got home
right here, you know.
- Man, my folk still
working the well, man.
- She ain't never
that ugly though.
Shit, unless you gonna do
a 60/40 my way?
- Only thing I have is a
69 or something.
But check this out, you
feeling this shit,
I could even pay you, man,
why the fuck boy snitching.
- Yeah, well boy, I just got
done looking at that shit, boy.
They put news boy, out there,
- I don't see how man,
the feds all around that boy.
- Yeah, he's my nigga,
he had me.
- Yeah this shit cap right
here, man. Nigga be capping.
Check this out, I heard your
brother was in a shootout.
You heard something about that?
- No.
- Your brother-
- Yeah you have.
- Where you hear that from?
- Man everything I hear
about the nigga looks right,
but basically it just some
he say she say shit though.
But you know, that ain't
nothing to worry about, though.
- You know about that
shit, the streets talk.
Can't tell my little
niggas to cool off
I can't tell my little
niggas to cool off
I can't tell my little
niggas to cool off
We ain't
- Shit, you needed some money.
You know what I'm saying?
I needed some money.
Only get this shit
together though.
But I ain't gonna lie bro.
I think it's time to
do that though.
I wanna do it on them bro,
you know what I'm saying?
- Take that price down man.
- Shit.
- Okay?
- Man we got to man.
Hey I'm gonna tell him
he gonna bring like 15 on
let's get a start and he
keep like a 50 on him.
That'll be a good start for you,
I know you just came
home and shit
so that shit will help you
out you know what I'm saying?
You know you got kids
and all that.
- You sure?
- Now Pastor,
he keep a 50, he might
keep a hundred on him.
- Man call him, tell
him I need like 20 bad.
- I mean call him then-
But Bobby ain't Whitney
The Alex is lean on
my kidneys
Y'all niggas tripping
Running around rats for fun,
niggas acting like Disney
Finesse the kid
'cause I'm with it
I love a free bitch
throw back like a Frisbee
I'm really fun in
the trenches
Whole team yeah, fuck
the bitches
In the field we just
started benching
Yeah fuck the photo with
the pistols came to win this
Yeah, doing it dirty
My bullets can get a
little flirty
So that 11 times then 35
Then 30 more, that's
curry the warriors, nigga
Spitting the truth
99 niggas ain't the group
- Man like you ain't gonna
come down for me man?
- Bro I'm always
showing you love bro.
- You don't show me enough bro.
I ain't making no money man,
please let my man see
the bag man.
Hey can we do that?
- All right, word, fuck come on.
- Shit, get me with it.
- I only do this one time
for you though.
- Say no more.
(dramatic music)
- Hey.
- What we got here?
- Shit bro.
- Dropping 50 in the pandemic.
I need all that.
- It's all good bro.
It's all there bro.
You see this.
- This shit gonna go off.
- This shit look good.
- Nigga, it's all-
- I told you, I told you,
I told you, I told-
- Stop.
Move bitch, don't move
your shit, nigga.
I'll shoot your bitch ass.
- Grab the bag,
the fuck wrong with you
nigga, bitch ass nigga.
(guns firing)
(peaceful music)
I'm letting go
I'm letting go
- What's up baby mama? I
sent you some money, shorty.
Go buy you something nice.
- Why the hell you looking like
you always got an attitude bro?
Like nigga do everything
for you like what's up,
like why the hell you
acting like that?
- Okay, that ain't
fixing nothing.
You always think materialistic
shit be fixing something.
- Man, nigga ain't said nothing
about no materialistic shit
but if a nigga want to
do something for you bro
that what I'm going to do,
like you sitting here
mad about what.
- I just had a whole
fucking baby.
I'm not saying no material shit.
I need to get my mental
health together.
- I'm saying but you know I'm
fucked up about that shit too.
Like we really can
make another baby
if that what you want to do.
- Make another baby?
- Yeah.
- Outta all the shit your
mama been sitting there saying
I'm ain't need to be
dealing with you no more.
- But I'm saying you stay
listening at my mama, bro.
- She always got something
to say about your dog and-
- All right, be home soon man.
I love you shorty, be safe.
Mama trying to think of
a time when I didn't hate
I got regrets on the day
we met, but I'm grateful
It with you was much
better but wasn't safe
You was trying to give
love but wasn't it
I'm trying to think of a
time when I didn't hate you
I got regrets on the
day we met but grateful
- I should've killed his ass,
- I'm telling you, I
fucked stabbed him anyway.
- Hold up it's Sue, Sue.
- What's going on, Sue?
- Hey you, yeah you know damn
well I'm not talking to you.
- Sue, I told you like
a hundred million times.
I apologize, I really do.
You know I won't place
you in no type of harm,
you know that shit.
- Yeah, okay.
And he drove to Alabama for-
- Alabama.
And he ain't even hit my line.
That's the shit I be
talking about bro.
- When he called me I'm
gonna tell him to call you.
Where Nyla at?
- She probably be at home.
Where Leah at?
- I tried calling her.
- She might, oh might be on
goddamn YouTube or something.
- Well tell her to call me
and I'm gonna tell
Justin to call you.
- Justin? Alright say less.
- Bye Michael.
- No Micheal, I know I ain't
Big ass over there either.
- I know you fucking lying. Big.
Bring your ass over here bro.
- Ah come on, the fuck going on,
- Hey bro.
- I was hungry as fuck.
Boy I had to come and
get something to eat man.
- Man who the fuck was shouting.
- Man, that bitch is
gone to the world.
- Big, bro your ass is tripping.
- I didn't kill the ho, I
gave that bitch,
like five of my daughter
Melatonin bro, that bitch sleep.
- Bro, your ass be tripping,
- What's going on, bro?
- Where the bands at?
- Hey, all right, man.
You know what's going on,
Hey, be safe man.
- Ah, whatever.
- Man, tripping man.
- Nah, I bet you, bro.
I'm gonna beat your ass'
cause where the fuck,
what's she saying what she
wake up bro, then what?
- Oh she not waking up
five melatonin bro.
My daughter be sleeping
all day on one bro.
- Man, where the fuck you
at, bro, hurry up bro.
Y'all got me sitting out
here and shit,
man come on.
Where is your ass.
Tell me about my paper
Tell me what you about
Staying on all this money
trying to go in an account
And I been
thinking to myself
And I been thinking
- Man, intel scoop man,
some shit going on.
My lil street
I can't lay with no freak
You think they try me,
you know I got
(traffic roaring)
- The fuck you got going though?
- What you mean what I
got going on?
- You know how the fuck you
out here running behind here
doing they dumb shit.
- What? What?
What is you even talking about?
- Man, own it man, work with me,
The fuck you doing
out here running
behind on this dumb shit.
Who you think been
doing this shit
while you were locked away bro,
- Man I'd be down if I had
to bury my sister out here,
for running behind these lanes,
- All right, come on bro.
- Yeah y'all ain't here having
an intervention or something?
- Shut up.
- It's your face.
- I'm trying to tell a nigga
about these streets, man.
Help me out, man.
- Man, fuck all that.
- Come on bro.
- Shoes on and shit
- What the fuck going on bro?
You all right?
- Yeah, hell yeah.
I got some behind me, you
know I ain't got no lights.
- Man so you just out here?
- What you mean? You
know I'm out here bro.
- Come on man, Glizzy just
told me about that shit.
But you know I ain't
leaving this bitch,
I made me some money, yeah.
- Oh yeah, I know what
the fuck, nigga, man.
Nigga don't fuck around.
Post it on they walls,
put it up on they walls.
Put it on 'em.
- Niggas ain't have names?
- Man, them broke ass niggas
done spent all they money.
(door creaking)
- Should've killed that nigga.
- Man.
- Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh.
- Bro.
Where the fuck my key at, bro?
You've been having my key bro.
- Goddamn American warrior.
- Where the fuck my key at, bro.
- Imma get your key, bro.
Now where the fuck Reggie at,
- Man I ain't seen his ass
in the last week, shit.
He's probably fucking
someone, fucking perv.
- He's gone too bruh.
- Did last week.
- I reckon that nigga
ass with the police, man.
- Police?
- Everything.
That nigga ass 12.
- Man, I'm not going for that.
I don't hang around no rats,
- Man, he gone to the police
'cause you don't check.
- Man look hold on, one
of these hoes I fuck with,
she said her man is police.
- Your bitch nigga the police,
We all gonna pop his
ass. Got me fucked up.
- Y'all nigga's tripping
boy, fucking hell.
We a wreckage, bro.
- Not wrong, but-
- This man, police has him?
- The fuck wrong with
that nigga, man.
He tripping.
- Undercover ass.
(dramatic music)
- [Masked Figure] Wake up,
little bitch.
Yeah, long time no see.
Where the fuck the
nigga Glizzy at?
- What?
- Your fucking boyfriend.
- I don't know, I've been
here, with your fat ass friend.
I don't, I don't, I don't know,
if this isn't about some money
y'all niggas can have that.
- Bitch do I look like I
want some fucking money?
That nigga killed my brother.
Now tell me where the
fuck that nigga Glizzy at.
- I don't know nothing about
that, I don't, I I, I don't,
I don't know what you want
me to tell you.
- Bitch you got five
seconds to talk.
- I don't know
anything about that.
I'm telling you the truth.
I don't know. I don't know.
- Say that shit again,
won't you?
Now where the fuck your phone?
Unlock it.
- I don't have face recognition.
- Stop playing with me, hoe.
- You have to put my code in.
You have to put my code code in.
- Let's see what shit
we can find.
See what your boyfriend think.
(phone ringing)
That's it.
- I'm telling you I,
I don't know.
I don't know what you want
me to tell you.
- Your bitch, huh?
- The fuck?
- Yeah. Thought so, bitch.
(gun firing)
- Yo, Takeda.
All right.
- What's goin on?
- Hell yeah.
(dramatic music)
We ain't talking nigga
What you gonna do about it
Wrist in the bowl I
need Tupac
Need the money not a hoe
Group up and front, nigga,
we get up and shoot out
I gotta tell my little
nigga to cool off
(all yelling)
- Uh uh, uh uh, y'all
need to get out my shop.
Y'all got to go, I don't care.
Bitch, let me tell
you something,
Y'all got to go, y'all
need to go right now.
This is mine, you need
to go right now.
Go ahead and go.
- Yeah okay.
- Man these folks up in
the hood, man.
Where the fuck you at?
Nigga going extra
They at your neck
like a necklace
Catch a vessel, why
you flexing
Hop on that ass, baby
you put in extra
- What's goin on man?
- Anniversary man,
you know?
- Man, you know right.
- Right, would be fucking late.
Man, what the hell you
looking so crazy for?
What the hell happened?
- They fucking got Diamond bro.
- Who?
- That bitch ass nigga TK them.
- What the fuck they
want with her?
- He didn't even want
no money bro?
But the nigga FaceTimed my
phone a gunshot went off
then they dropped the phone
but I know the nigga was doing
they trying to scare me bro.
They ain't gonna touch shorty.
- Bro, you really think
these niggas killed shorty?
These niggas not built
like that bro.
I'm finna go get Glock
and smoke them,
We Finn go put their
back in together.
Just make sure we straight,
my trigger finger itch.
I can't wait to slap the shit
out of one of these niggas.
(crowd chattering)
- All right.
- The hell they doing, man?
- Charlie ain't ready. That
hoe got to be scared as fuck.
Think that motherfucker
went out the fuck back door
or some shit?
- Nah, go around here,
and see if we can.
- Coming around the
fuck back bro,
coming around the back.
I'm in the back.
Man, can we talk about
these lame ass niggas,
thought they finna just
get up one on me.
- Who?
- Smoke and them.
- Smoke?
- Smoke.
Man, who the fuck that is?
(electronic music)
I tried to reach
(guns firing)
I tried to reach
in my pocket
I see them jays
they be smoking
Notice how they whole
life changed
When I reached my limit that's
how my whole life changed
My head hurts
How you gonna judge me
See those streets with me
- Yes sir.
- Javier Jones?
How you doing, my man?
How long's it been?
Three to five?
That's what the judge said,
- Officer Obie?
Still on the same shit.
- Yeah.
Let me ask you a question.
What do you know about TK?
What's he up to nowadays?
- TK been on daddy duties.
- Daddy duties?
- Yeah Daddy duties.
- Is that a fucking joke?
How many kids that guy got now?
Pops one out every month.
How's he paying for that
shit? Wait he doesn't.
I know you're keeping your
nose clean man. I hope so.
I also know you know
what's going on.
- I tell you what, if I was you,
I'd leave that shit alone
'cause these
motherfuckers around here
begging for anybody and they
don't give a fuck who you is,
or what you is officer.
- Man I ain't see your ass
so you got into a peewee bro.
- Man, fuck all that shit
with that nigga, man.
He just rawed a nigga, bro.
- All right, Reggie,
bro, see you tomorrow?
Pull up to the
account right quick.
- You bro be right there.
- All right, come on.
- Man, all right, we just
shot nigga ass up and shit.
I had to get out the way so...
- The fuck you doing
shooting niggas?
- Man, fuck these niggas.
What's up?
- TK, where the fuck
you been at bro?
You pulled off. I been
blowing your shit up.
My boy had to come pick me
up front of the precinct.
- Nigga, I was in the
house asleep-
- But that shit serious bro.
- But Jack Boy, but this
is records bro.
We ain't seen no
paperwork in name bro.
Where hell we put that
shit on nigga name
with no paperwork bro.
- Bro that nigga need to
know everything about me bro.
- 12 pulled up on me and
Twin last night.
- For what?
- Man asking somebody
Glizzy and the homeboy
and they asked about you.
- About me.
The fuck they ask you
about me for?
- Man hell nah man.
Your move messy as hell.
You were telling me we got a
move for a hundred million.
- I ain't say no
hundred million man.
- Nigga, hey, you said
some shit like that.
- I ain't say no shit like that.
I said it was saw
something something,
I said it was little
something in there bro.
What talking about bro?
- You boy old B pushed up on me,
dropping your line too.
- The fuck you say?
- About some batteries or
He said TK, shit, mhm.
- Shit man we're hot.
- Man.
We need to get that nigga
right there, right there.
- Oh oh you know who that is?
- Man, that nigga Z.
- A couple of Ms.
- That nigga Z bro.
That nigga be moving
with a cartel nigga too.
- Bro, yeah?
- You know I know bro.
Hey he can go either
way but shit,
if it was up to y'all nigga bro.
- But you know what I told him
if I was you gotta let
that shit go man.
- See, we just gotta
move small now.
- Nah, wait hold on,
hold on, wait a second.
Nigga, wait.
- How-
- Fuck man, look, look,
listen bro.
Fucking don't crash this,
We gotta follow this nigga, bro.
- We got him right here man.
- We still man, we
follow the nigga,
we see where the spot
is, that's see even more.
Come on y'all niggas
are crazy man.
There you go, down the wire?
- What you think?
- These niggas suspect.
- What hell you gonna
do? Shout at it though?
- Had that nigga for
hundred thousand,
so you hit bitch back.
(peaceful music)
- It's working for the
cartel for me. I know.
So they gotta be the right spot.
- I seen him with him, I
know what he got.
- Don't get too close up on him.
- I know what I'm doing man,
shut up.
I wanna know exactly
where at he's at today.
Man, they got my shit, I ain't
mad at you, I'm just mad.
Fuck that nigga.
I just gotta get Diamond back,
you know that's all
that's on my mind.
- Hundred thousand.
What's up Blue?
Man what's going on man?
- Where've you been?
- What's up?
- They ain't gonna leave.
What's up my boy, man what's
up with y'all? Y'all straight?
- Where the fuck you been at?
- Man you know where
I've been at man.
Stop playing man. Know a
nigga been darked out man.
What's up?
- Where the fuck you
been at then?
- Come on man.
You know what Sound did?
- Sound like he can't mention
about these violences out here.
- Crazy last night boy, real
man, I'm throwing it out.
- Give me This shit.
Give me the shit, where
the shit at, boy?
- Nigga, let me call you back,
my boy.
- Where the shit at, boy?
- The fuck you, the
fuck you think?
I'm Cartel motherfucker.
- Cartel?
There ain't no
fucking Cartel here.
You better get that
shit out nigga.
- Man look what you think
about them, all right boy?
You're through boy.
Get that shit up.
Make the shit smooth for me.
(upbeat electronic music)
- Bro.
How this nigga always find us?
- What's up?
- Yeah what's up man?
- Good.
- Cuz!
- Don't dab me up bro,
always doing stupid shit.
why the fuck you leave her?
- Bro I just came here
to get an oatmeal pie
and a goddamn freeze cup while
y'all having all this paper
y'all ain't got no food
at the house bro.
I nearly died twice bro. I
had to come get something.
- One job to do bro.
- Bro.
If y'all paying me good
and paying me on time
then goddamn maybe I'll do a
good job, nigga I be tired.
- Yeah I know.
- Man.
So what we finna do though?
- See what you finna
do to watch this bitch.
- Yeah.
- Don't let her go nowhere.
- Woo.
(Big humming happily)
Hey boy, what you just paid
me, boy I'm about to watch,
go shop for a Rolex.
- A what?
- Rolex watch, watch, watch,
Nevermind boy, you goddamn.
I just won
Got this shit on lock now.
You know I'm walking like
that but I feel like I'm blind
And all why the hell
- Yeah, you got me, get
me through this.
- This is the spot.
- You out here, yeah.
- Big game.
- That was good for me.
Man I told you I'm on
my goddamn my way bro.
Chill bro. What's up?
- You need to come home then
'cause it's getting late.
- Man nigga, I-
Man look bro, I ain't
finna keep doing all that
with you bro,
like why the fuck we gotta
keep going back and forth
with this lame ass shit?
I told you I'm gonna be
on my mother-
(gun firing)
- The fuck!
- Hold on.
(suspenseful music)
- [Phone] Hello, hello,
babe? Babe, what the fuck.
(upbeat electronic music)
I feel like I'm blind
And I'm like why the hell
all my niggas keep on dying
Don't know though
Don't know about it bro
- Some goddamn money.
- I feel you, I'm trying to go
all in on this, you feel me.
- Shit.
- Shit, you do it, you
know what I'm saying?
- Want me to drop you
off or something?
- Yeah.
- It's a damn day to me.
Nigga on my ass about her too,
still missing, where's my
fucking phone.
- Hey bro, man. I don't
know what the fuck...
I'm gonna call
Diamond again bruh.
She keep on not
answering the phone.
- Goddamn you still ain't
heard from her?
- What the shit going
straight to voice mail.
- Shit what you gonna do?
You gonna call them folk?
- I don't get no 12.
We are in the area where them
niggas be at though, bro.
- Yeah right on, this shit.
- Wanna ride the block?
- Shit.
However you want to
handle things, yeah.
On my heart
So tired babe, I'm
thinking about suicide
- [Phone] Boy what the fuck
you got going on around there.
Michael Lamar Andrews
you better answer me
right motherfucking now.
- I don't know what going on.
I'm just lost as you, but once
I find out I'll let you know.
- [Phone] Don't worry about it.
I'll be right over there
with your nothing ass papi.
Bye nigga.
- Hey what's that?
Y'all think it's legit?
- Hey you know a nigga wore
that J-Raw the other day?
Remember him?
Him and Bell said they were
putting on Raw some nigga.
Nah you wasn't out there?
- He ain't never say,
he just said some nigga.
- Hey call Stacey real
quick. My phone going dead.
- Stacey.
Who the fuck is Stacey?
- Fair, home boy.
(keyboard clacking)
- Who?
- Yo phone?
- Man I ain't telling
I'm talking Blue ass.
- Where the hell you at?
I'm about drop the pin, pull up.
Bad bitch, all right.
20 Gs
Ain't shit changed,
still the same lowlife
I'm just a little richer got
the car to skip the Rolex
I might go
- So what the hell happened
when y'all was out there?
- Verse said he knew
some outta town niggas
holding mad weight,
called Rah-Rah and we put
the play down.
- So what the hell
happened after that?
- Man we put the nigga in
the trunk put five in him,
shit gloved up,
everything went smooth.
- What he died?
- Shit he looked dead to me.
Besides nigga was miles
from home, out of town, man.
So how y'all know it ain't
the niggas y'all beefing with?
- Man I'm trying to
piece this shit together
'cause I know Gliz
ain't do this shit.
I'm trying to figure out
how the fuck they knew
where we were.
- Man
they mama been calling me
since three that morning.
What the hell I'm gonna say.
- Man, shit, tell her
ass something
but this shit gonna get
handled though.
- Shit he ain't going die.
We ain't even gonna
fight next to you.
- We so dead bro.
Snake this shit crazy.
(phone ringing)
- Yo what's up bro?
- [Phone] Man what the fuck
is y'all nigga doing bro?
- Man fuck that nigga.
Fuck he mean what we doing?
Ask that nigga where the
fuck he been at.
- Man TK, shut your
stupid ass up
before I fire your ass up.
Y'all nigga better
lay the fuck low
and don't talk to no
motherfucking police about shit.
- Nigga, fuck you.
- Bitch.
You know what TK I see
you when I get back,
Blue I'll hit your phone,
keep me posted gang.
- All right sure.
- Who the fuck that nigga
think he is, I run this shit.
(loud knocking)
(all murmuring)
Who is it?
- Bitch don't
motherfucking play with me.
I'd swallow your ass.
- Sir.
(all yelling)
- I don't shut the fuck up.
Shut the fuck up.
- Sorry.
- Sorry your motherfucking ass.
Your name must be ass 'cause
I beat the fuck out you.
Y'all niggas in here looking
like a fake ass singing group.
What the fuck y'all is?
NWN, niggas with no money?
What the fuck going on?
- Mama,
you hit me with your bracelet.
- [Mom] I don't give a
fuck what I hit you with.
I need to hit you with
some breath mints and batteries,
Now what the fuck y'all got
going on?
'Cause I don't know
these niggas.
- I don't know, mom-
- Hey.
What the fuck you laughing for?
- Where you brother at anyway?
- Shit I don't know.
I don't care.
- You don't care?
- You don't care?
- You don't never know
'cause you ride
with a bunch of these
knucklehead assholes.
- You don't care?
So you don't care about your
motherfucking brother? Badass?
I don't know these
get your ass the fuck
away from me
'cause I'm talking to my child.
Boy I'm gonna put you
in the fucking ground
if you don't get this together.
- Don't turn that word off boy.
- Boy your friend gonna
make you get fucked up.
Talk to me.
- I don't know what happened.
We were all together that day.
- My face up here.
- I don't know what happened.
We were all-
- My face the fuck up here.
- I don't know what happened.
We were all together that
day and Rock got shot.
- Mm. And what about you?
- Shit I'm still here.
- Bitch you act like
that's a prize.
Nigga, I didn't get you
outta the bucket machine.
I got you outta my pussy.
Keep fucking around and
playing with me,
I'm gonna put you back.
Go get your goddamn child.
And say something else.
- Get your shit together.
Now all of y'all rest
of y'all motherfuckers
clean this shit the fuck up
and don't let us have to
come back over here again.
Hold on, goddamn it I'm talking.
- Bitch I'll fight you.
- Well let's go.
Let's get the fuck, let
go of my shirt.
Always talking shit.
(bell ringing)
- Only one they got.
- What you say?
- Nah, she was just tripping?
I guess I ain't call her
back on time. I don't know.
You know how a female be.
(dramatic music)
- Call you back.
- Shit bro.
Let me get two Backwood too.
Russian cream.
(plastic rustling)
- Hey hold on real quick,
hold up.
- Shit imma call you back.
Imma call you back.
That man better answer
the fucking phone.
Fuck, he's not answering
the fucking phone, boy.
(gun firing)
I got some niggas
dead and gone
They want the fuck
best for me
I lost some niggas,
pray to God
They want the worst for me
I love it but
(peaceful music)
- That shit crazy.
- Janelle, what's up?
- Hey what's going on.
- Some bullshit man.
- It's good, man.
- Damn.
- I get me some.
- So.
- Yeah.
- Good, well anyway I ain't
gonna bother you too long,
you ain't you ain't call
my phone in so long.
- Nah, I got some
business tell you.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
What you been doing man?
What you been on?
- Oh you heard, I'm
getting that money,
and you checking back in-
- Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah.
Not today, you know
that time's gone.
- I know that you got
time, I know what's up.
You said that it was
urgent to meet you,
so I ain't got nothing going
on just gimme some money.
- Yes so this video going around
and I wanted to know what you,
what you know about it,
shit, I can't hear your name.
They're talking about Glizzy
so shit I had to see
what was going on.
- Man I ain't shit going
on, I'm chilling man.
I'm getting my money.
- You sure about that?
'Cause the streets talking
about you hard.
- Man, what video?
Lemme see the video.
- No cap, I'm coming for
that boy Snake.
I done heard what that boy
Glizzy and Jack Boy did,
so I ain't gonna speak
on it too much,
but that boy there-
- You know this nigga?
- Nah, but everybody
in here say he a snitch
so shit you need to see
what going on with that.
- Oh the boy a rat?
- Yes.
- Okay well send me that,
send me that video now.
Send me that now.
- All right bet.
- What you about do?
- Nothing.
What you about to do?
- Oh you know.
Go to the spot man. I'm
gonna call you from there.
- All right bet.
(door rattling)
- Boy slime the slime, man.
- Yeah.
- Move with you.
- What's up?
Looking at your shit.
- What's going on?
- Bitch, you on there.
- Snake?
- Who?
- That nigga there.
You gonna slime the slime?
He out here slighting.
- Nah, bro, he out
here tomorrow.
What's up?
- You gotta cut him
more, it'll be all over.
- You gotta be wise.
- Nah man.
- Dreadlocks or something.
- Take a look at this shit man.
- See for yourself.
- Shit all on there.
- You sliming the slime.
- Shit, for real,
that's bullshit.
(engines roaring)
- You gotta know man,
you gotta know.
I'll follow you and tell you.
- All right so-
- Stay on the bullshit.
If you think you-
- Slime the slime.
Slime the slime.
He's a fool.
- Yeah.
- Imma need that money soon.
(suspenseful music)
Where my money at?
- I can't talk to you
about Pancho man.
Shit came across the
situation on the road,
caught me lagging over
there in the zone man,
fucking took everything man,
I'm gonna get your money
back though. I promise you.
- It been three days already.
- Bro I know I been got,
now I'm searching for the
niggas and everything man.
But the way I can call some
trouts up and get them back,
all right I promise I can
set it straight.
(music intensifies)
- Call your people right now.
- Say less.
(suspenseful music continues)
Fuck, fuck, no man, come
on man, come on man.
(suspenseful music continues)
Come on Pancho, man.
Man you got me dead wrong
man, I got you Pancho man.
Give some time man. Fuck.
- Yeah sir.
There's few right here.
You know what I'm saying?
Everything, everything
on this scene.
- What's going on, boy?
Got it.
- You got that?
- Yeah I got the
motherfucker going for 34.
I ain't like five on it though.
- I don't know about it,
I be paying 32 though.
- Shit you buy five of
'em right now
I give it to you for 32.
- Right now?
- Shit, I got 'em. They pretty.
Fuck me.
- Yeah, damn. I need this.
Pack them up, I'm
gonna get some.
Thanks for everything.
- Family.
- Family, family, everything.
- We good.
- Yeah.
- My man.
Nephew, you heard from Diamond?
- Nah you gotta
holler at Glizzy.
- No, I'm not gonna
call that nigga no more,
fucking Glizzy man.
Tell shorty she need to
come holler at me man.
- All right I got you.
- Appreciate it.
- All right.
20 Gs
Ain't shit changed,
still the same lowlife
I'm just a little richer got
the car to skip the Rolex
I might go grab
Gonna go freeze with
my scanner, please
I'm just a popular
Started at the bottom
in the base now we
- Yo who the fuck is on my car,
- Hold the fuck up? Stand the
fuck down, get the fuck back.
I'm Officer Bradley
APD. I'm looking for TK.
- I'm TK Mr. Clean.
- Y'all TK.
- Y'all play man.
Y'all motherfuckers want to
play today okay, okay, okay.
I got you motherfuckers
in the lineup
since all y'all TK today.
Motherfucker you TK.
Why the fuck is you
playing with me?
Y'all back the fuck back.
I said back the fuck back.
Is you Michael Andrews?
Y'all get the fuck
back. I want this nigga.
- What the fuck you want?
- To talk to you, talk to you?
What the fuck is up with all
these murders in my city?
- Murder, what the fuck murder?
- What you know about
Anthony's murder?
- Anthony? Never heard of him.
- So now you got amnesia? What
you know about Snake murder?
- I don't know shit about shit.
- Ain't know shit about shit,
Okay, okay, what about Rah-Rah?
- We don't know shit,
man. The fuck you want?
- That's your boy, huh?
- Don't know shit about it.
Nigga, we being
detained or what?
- Nah, not today but next
time I see you,
hopefully I fry your ass so I
can book you and your niggas.
- Get the fuck out the block.
- Fuck you, nigga.
- Get off the car, nigga.
- Yeah Scar,
remember that shit, scar
nigga, fuck that car.
- Fuck you nigga.
- Jesus.
- Hey got your food here.
- Thank you so much, keep the-
- This your tip here?
- Uhuh.
- Oh thank you!
- Thank you.
Have a good one.
- Same to you.
(phone ringing)
- Hello?
- Hey how it looking
like over there.
- Shit man we got nothing,
we sold out right now.
I went on my phone to come
through that motherfucker now.
Shit you can gimme about
an hour though?
- An hour all right.
- All right, bet.
- All right, an hour my ass.
- What's up Twin? Damn I thought
I told you gimme an hour.
- Hey my boy you already know
what the fuck time it is.
- All right now Twin, we
getting down like that?
- Hey man. Run on packing man.
- I ain't running shit, nigga.
(gun firing)
- Run no motherfucking packing?
These niggas let me down,
I can't tell you no more
Fuck around nigga and
let me kick in some doors
All these scars representing
all my battles of war
My mama said
- What's up baby?
- Hey.
- How you doing?
Everything good.
- Mhm, but I gotta talk to you.
- Talking about what?
- All right so I went to the
doctor today and I'm pregnant.
- You pregnant?
- Yeah.
- Who you pregnant by?
- Is that a joke, nigga?
Stop playing with me.
- I'm dead ass.
- You, who else.
- You're keeping it?
- Of course I'm gonna keep it.
I'm 14 weeks.
I can't get no abortion.
- The fuck you mean you
gonna keep it?
You know damn well I got a wife.
- What the fuck that
gotta do with me?
- Shit I got something
to tell you too.
- What?
- My wife pregnant.
- What? What the fuck?
Nigga, your pull out game weak,
what the fuck you mean
your wife pregnant.
- She pregnant.
- You ain't even supposed
to be fucking her.
Bro, get the fuck out.
Get the fuck out Michael.
And don't come back.
(upbeat music)
Boy, you know I've
had to go away
I had to make things
right with my life
And say bye to you
- Why you ain't been
answering the phone?
- I ain't been in the mood,
- Why? What's wrong?
- Girl I went to the
doctor and I am pregnant.
- So what you trying to do?
- Girl ain't shit I can do.
I'm 14 weeks.
I can't even get an abortion.
- Bitch you stupid.
- Man just go 'cause I don't
need all the extra shit.
First TK came in here with the
bullshit and now here you go.
- Oh you told him what he say?
- He's spazzed, acting crazy,
acting stupid like he
always do, I ain't got time.
- Fucking that married man.
All these scars representing
all my battles of war
My mama said yeah
when it rains it pours
I can't take it no more
I can't take it when
these niggas do me dirty
When it rains it pours
I can't take it no more
I can't take it no more
I can't take it no more
I'm trying to make the
shit with the birth
Trying to break the curse
- All right Mr. Andrews,
thank you for coming in today.
My name is Dr. Os
and I'm gonna be assisting
you and your wife.
She reached out to me
and to also see exactly
how you guys can improve
and work on your marriage.
- I thought we was doing better.
I thought you said you
was gonna change,
you was going to stop
with all the females.
What's going on with you?
- [Counselor] So I do
sense that you're not,
you don't want to be here
and that's okay.
- I mean babe, what the
fuck is you talking about?
- I went through your
phone Michael.
- You went through my phone?
- Yeah.
You still messing with
your baby mama,
and you told me you was done.
- I definitely wanna
give you a chance
to give your perspective
on what had happened
throughout the course of
your marriage.
- So you telling me you
went through my phone
while I was asleep?
- I only answered it 'cause
it was ringing, and who is TK?
- What I tell you by
touching my shit?
- So when did the
cheating start?
- You go looking for shit,
you find shit, don't you?
- So you still messing
with your baby mama?
- Don't add my shit up.
- I went through her phone
while she was in the shower.
I seen her kissing like
five, six different niggas.
- You know what Michael?
I've been nothing but a
good wife to you
and this's all you have for me.
- And she was in nudes too,
like naked pictures and shit.
- Okay so that triggered...
Okay and what what did
you do after you saw that.
- Bro don't be fucking
playing on me
like I ain't see you with
that fuck nigga
the other week in my
goddamn charger at the park.
I did my dirty work after that.
- So are you still currently
cheating or what's going on?
- I have a newborn.
Oh now your ass
looking confused.
Look, I ain't got no shit,
I got my kids in the room.
- Are you serious right now.
- So you had a child
in the midst of, okay,
how did she find out?
- I brought the baby home.
- After all the shit you
put me through, Michael,
you a real fuck nigga, or
should I say TK?
- Understand this shit
right here, shorty,
you can't do what a nigga do,
all that tit for tat shit,
it'll get your ass slapped.
- So I just wanna make sure
I'm hearing this correctly,
you brought a newborn
child into your home.
You and Miss Andrew's home?
- Yes I did.
- Okay.
- Call me a fuck nigga again.
- Where you going because
I'm not done talking to you.
- But I am, I'm gonna
go see my child.
Matter of fact why don't
you goddamn call
that nigga Jay you was
with the other day.
- So how did she react?
- How she react?
She started crying so I told
her she ain't got no trouble
but to deal with it.
- Michael can you just wait?
- I'm finna go, Alicia,
about damn time, you good.
(phone buzzing)
Who the fuck's on your cell?
Oh that's who the fuck
you with all day, huh?
- Can you gimme my phone please?
- Bitch I paid these
goddamn bills.
I choked her to the wall.
- [Counselor] So with
the baby and the cheating
and the pretty much the
infidelity and the abuse.
Do you really wanna stay
in your marriage?
- Michael can you please
just gimme my phone.
Give me my phone.
- Y'all talk about power.
(dramatic music)
- I have to finish my drink,
call me when you get home okay?
- Denise.
- Let call you back.
Y'all following me?
- I'm Detective Richmond and
I'm here to ask you questions
about your son Devin.
- Yeah, Glizzy.
- Okay.
- Well in case you didn't
know he's a prime suspect
in a lot of murders that's
been going on in the city.
When the last time you
spoke to him?
- Last week.
- Last week. What day?
- Tuesday.
- Tuesday.
At your house, y'all went
out to dinner?
- What this got to do with me?
- Well ma'am it'll be
safer if we get to him
before the streets get to him.
- Yeah because we really care.
- Am I free to go?
- Carry on.
- You're a free citizen.
- See you.
Sticky chubby shit
No machete
My biggest flex is
I ain't gotta flex it
All that moving on us,
I like that Jefferson
Ain't no pressure on no
- I been hearing shit out
here in these streets man,
like I'm worried about you.
- Don't start all that.
I'm good out here.
- What you mean you
fucking good?
What the fuck you mean
like you ain't fucking good
if you got niggas out here
looking for you and shit.
- Why the hell you-
- Bro I got a fucking baby.
Your baby like I don't want
nothing to happen to you.
You got a child out here.
- What you mean
something happen to me
like I'm gonna die something?
- That what you acting like.
That what you wanna do?
- Hell no.
And that's what you tell me,
I hope you hope you
die, you said that too.
You said that to me.
- Okay.
I thought shit all the time
but you still my baby's father.
Like for real.
Like I'm being dead ass
serious. Like come on.
- You right bro. I been
thinking about that myself too.
Like I'm gonna get
baby girl right.
Get this future
started for her too.
You know what I'm saying?
I got some ideas on, I
ain't been like,
just in the street doing
dumb ass shit.
I been thinking about shit too,
I got some business ideas
and all this shit, bro.
- What kind of fucking
plans you got for her?
- Look man I got her, I got her
bank account and everything.
I've been putting money in
that motherfucker every week.
- So how the fuck you going
do anything if you ain't here?
- Listen, look, look, no
look hear me out.
- Got me looking dumb.
- Look baby, look now
hear me out for real.
Listen I need you and baby girl
to stay all the way out the way.
I don't need you going
to no grocery store,
I don't need you going
no fucking club,
I really don't even
want her to go,
I want her to be home
schooled bro, no for real.
- So me and my baby
can't go outside
'cause some fucking shit
you got going on?
- Man this shit ain't new bro.
Come on brother, you know
you knew about this shit bro,
when you got with me, bro.
- Bro I don't give a fuck.
I still had a fucking baby.
I got a fucking baby.
You need to fucking calm
the fuck down.
- You knew what the fuck
you get yourself into bro.
- Calm the fuck down.
- Like nah you calm
the fuck down.
- Calm that shit down, bro.
- Do it end of the day bro.
You pulled up with some money.
Want some money don't you?
- I do.
- Some money, okay.
Stop playing, and that,
damn, you gonna keep-
- But I'm for real, don't
fucking, uh uh.
- I knew it-
- I want some money.
- I already know-
- 'Cause you played
and you need to pay so that's
why I do want some
fucking money.
But I mean I do fucking
love your stupid ass.
- I love you too bro.
You gotta stop tripping
like that, that's too much.
- No that ain't too much.
Come on baby.
Come on give me like two
more hundreds, two more.
- Fine, yeah, two more.
Look though we gonna sit down,
we gonna talk to real
about that business there.
I wanna put that in her
name you feel me
that way we can have her
already going,
I ain't gotta take nothing,
you ain't gotta take,
gonna be in her name, she
turn 18 she gonna be good.
Man, call when get home.
- Will do.
- Drive dirty too.
- (laughs) Fuck you.
You like them.
- Hey Jack bro.
How long we we have, brother?
- Hey man, I'll start
that shit bro.
Go to church if you
want preach bro.
- It's really just,
bro you silent.
I'm talking about one them came,
you been like that since
I've known you bro.
I'm trying to see if
I'm tripping.
- Bro we been brothers
since second grade bro.
When I was finna beat your ass.
John, my cousin shoes, huh?
Your cousin had them
spidermans on,
they used to be dirty as
fuck too Jack.
- My nigga pimped me
out wearing damn shoes.
I told his ass not to
wear them damn shoes man,
- I tell you.
I gotta get down, man.
I think about pulling the
banks off bro.
Think about it, me and you
going crazy like we used to.
We were going crazy.
- Bro I knew there was
some bullshit bro.
Glizzy, we not finna rob
no goddamn bank.
What the fuck be wrong
with you man?
You fell behind your
ass on ATL school, ATL,
all that stupid ass shit, man.
- Man watch out bro,
shit I don't know
what the fuck these
niggas want bro.
Shit I don't know, they
wanna run some,
I don't know what they want bro.
What the hell we
gonna do then bro?
- Bro I'm telling you
what we gonna do.
We gonna stick to the script.
We going go get
regularly them folk
and then loot them, the
word around town,
they be having them niggas
at Lakewood on Smith.
We go and fuck they shit up,
they ain't even gonna
see it coming.
- I do like that.
I do like that.
Look, we gotta get
Diamond back first
then we slide on they spot.
Well yeah, I do like that.
- What you want to
call smoke then?
- Hell nah, just me and you.
Come on Jack.
Me and you can handle
two or three out of them.
- For sure, I'm ready for that.
Bro this shit so crazy
bro, these niggas got sick.
Bro I'm done with them,
this just got personal.
- Man what me and that
nigga TK gave my whole clip
to the face.
- Oh we back on that?
I bet I sprayed one of
them niggas worse than you.
You talking about face?
I'm talking about face and
body, inside out a nigga.
Two ribs, graphic TV.
- Oh that. See that boy?
I need that one I need that,
let's get it.
- Oh well.
(soft knocking)
- Hey nigga. What's going on?
- Hi.
- Okay then for sure.
- Hey man for sure.
- Press hyped up on that.
- For sure.
Hey man, shit something
light, something light.
Hey man hit a lick on
that lame nigga's man G.
- G? Who the fuck G?
- Man,
G who we be getting bricks from.
Lame ass nigga, yo he
going on about,
somebody said get
about the hour,
talking about they was low,
they low yo.
That mean they had all the
funds that nigga was running.
- Right about that.
- Yeah I'm up here.
Come on.
(peaceful music)
- What you doing?
- Just handling a
little business.
- This look like big
business to me.
- You know everything
big business right here.
- Yeah I know who I'm
fucking with.
- Hey I appreciate that
you stealing me early too.
- You know I got you.
- Going hard.
- I got you.
- I knew you want me
to come over here too.
- Uhuh. See this ain't
even going like that.
It ain't going like that.
- Yeah stop the cap I'll leave
then if it's like that, hey.
- Boy, don't play with me.
- Oh yeah?
(relaxing music)
Uh, just like that.
- Something you can
always afford.
- Mhm, that nigga didn't know-
(woman moaning)
(relaxing music continues)
You know what the only place
we ever got along was in a bed.
- Man shut the fuck up.
- No, for real.
For real.
- For real.
- So shit, let me put you down.
- I mean that put me
down my way.
- So, shit I went to buy
some weed right?
(upbeat music)
- What's up girl?
- Hey, hey.
- Y'all trying to get
the fuck up?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- And you know I was
sitting there
and them folks was like talking
about the video and shit
that I showed you earlier.
- This is good.
- This's the same video
I showed you earlier.
- About Glizzy?
- Yeah.
- Oh I gotta tell you all that,
just know.
- What they were saying?
- Shit.
They was just looking at me
and talking about you know
what you did and shit.
It's my ex and I done
got the video,
we done be watching that
video all day.
- Ex?
- Yo, who?
- I told you them folks,
the street really be
talking about you hard.
- Then what?
I don't know about that.
You gotta have a nigga
back though for real.
- I just want you to be safe.
- I'm safe right here.
- All right.
- Harlem, we down
there broke man.
- What's up with you?
- Hey.
Oh who had this here?
- It's a good lil spot, man.
- Oh where's she at?
- She's asleep.
- Where PeeWee, you not
heard from him?
- Hell nah you only
goddamn person
who goddamn got in
contact with me.
- I'm just trying to
figure out like
why he keep popping
up and leaving.
Like what's, what's going on?
- Shit I don't know.
- It's like he got something
going on in Philly.
- Philly, the fuck
you mean Philly?
- I don't know he said something
about like some money move
that he had going on up there.
- Money move and I
got last brick.
That nigga tricky, huh?
But when you do talk to the
nigga, tell nigga call me.
- I will.
No machete
My biggie flex is
I ain't got flex it
I'm just moving on up,
I like the Jefferson
- Man. What the fuck man?
- What you mean?
- Man, what was that,
that's cold bro.
- What's up?
- Oh shit.
Man I'm gonna kill
everybody man.
- What the fuck, bro?
They can't even tell
who he was bro.
He battle with these fools, bro.
Only way they knew who
he was about his tattoo.
- Man that was straight
my boy out here, bro.
I can't tell him what
the fuck he done did.
He had too much shit on you man.
How you know you
wasn't with him?
Who the hell you fucking with?
- Shit I just know last time
I seen him look in his eye,
the desperation look.
Then he wanted to go on the
I tried.
I'm like there bro you want
us to go move with you,
wanna move?
- Yeah really.
- Man really, fuck her man.
- The hell you mean fuck her,
- Like I said, fuck her,
y'all didn't care nothing
about my cousin.
- Who your cousin.
- Amir.
- Wait, what you mean bro?
- Shit ain't over if
they go home,
you know you ain't happy when
you was the nigga one on one.
- What the hell you
trying to say bro?
- I said what I had to say bro.
- Man, you tripping bro.
No bro ain't gonna do
no shit like that bro.
- What the fuck bro.
We need to handle that.
You know what's up.
- That's the truth sir.
- Man listen we gonna handle
that about Amir and cuz man.
Y'all niggas tripping.
- Yeah bro.
We just wait up, no we're not.
Told y'all. I told y'all bro.
- Nigga, I ain't hear that.
- Bro, I don't bro.
Not today.
- Call phone bro.
We still gotta put that
big together.
- Same thing every time.
- We get all that bro.
- [Phone] Your call has
been forwarded
to an automated voice
messaging system.
At the tone, please
record your message.
When you finished
recording you may hang up
or press one for more options.
- [Detective
Richmond] Hey Summer,
this is Detective Richmond.
I'm just calling to inform
you that we have found a body
and it has been
identified as Anthony's.
I'm so sorry for your loss.
I apologize for having to
leave this as a voicemail
but I've been trying
to reach out
and I have no other
means of informing you.
- Hell y'all be calling
niggas at the wrong time.
I was fucking folks up.
- Damn nigga, just one?
- That's how many I have,
that's it.
You gotta make something shake.
- Ain't that shit worth
being put out there?
- For sure, but look though,
I think I know who did it.
Did that shit wrong.
- Nigga, who?
- You know the nigga goddamn,
you said be having that shit?
Damn, I'm dumb bro.
- Where the hell the nigga at?
- East half of the block,
little Chicago.
- We need to go wipe down.
- Y'all niggas ready?
- For sure.
- Yeah.
- Get your shit, y'all.
Y'all false, y'all tripping
Hit that bitch one
time, ain't no taste
Turning key shit,
that's my baby
That new Ford it came with
All right, let's go.
I gave my heart to
the streets
And they took my soul
I be damned nigga
Hit it like you know I
pack the bowl
All these niggas really act
Yeah they play roles
Even in the summer
my heart cold
These niggas claim its done
Get behind the wall and fold
Nigga don't keep it real
- What's up?
- What's up?
- So I heard you guys do deals.
- Yeah, whatever you want.
This shit can't even fold
So I got a duffle bag, Louis
Bitches trying to fuck
me, trying to sue me
If it's smoke dog,
don't approach me
You better have good
luck, like a four leaf
Yeah, yeah
We slide around
lurking everything
I gave my heart to the
streets and they took my soul
I be damned a nigga
Let know I keep that bold
All these nigga really act
Yeah they playing roles
Even in the summer,
heart cold
These niggas claim it's done
Get behind that
wall and fold
Niggas don't keep it
real no more
They done forgot the code
If I catch the ops
- Yes!
- Still in this game?
- Yeah, man.
- Okay.
- Oh shit.
- This a nice lil trap spot.
- Hell yeah.
- Come get it?
(door crunching)
- Down, get down.
(guns firing)
- Fuck nigga, where is it?
- Put that motherfucking
freezer bro. Chill out bro.
Chill out bro.
Know I had to get with it
I gave my heart to the
streets and they took my soul
I be damned a nigga carry
Like you know I
- Fuck nigga, tell me
where the rest-
(people yelling)
- Shit's in the chimney, bro.
Don't keep it real no more
- I got two more, fellas.
- Yeah, fuck me.
We the ones
started this shit
The rest of these
niggas stay hosed
(guns firing)
(upbeat music continues
- Fuck.
- Fuck, come on.
(engine roaring)
(guns firing)
- Fuck man.
- Fuck man.
- Yeah type of shit that was.
- Man I ain't even hit shit man.
What kind of car that was man?
- Man I ain't see, for real.
- Man that car was real,
put the fucking glasses on.
I just fucked Rose in
(knocking thudding)
On the floor, I tell
'em catch me
I might put in make it scrap
Two in the blue, and I get
a big butt, like an ocean
You can't kick it with the
gang you have low motion
(loud knocking)
(door creaking)
- I see you. What the fuck
you keep on knocking for?
- OG told me to push up on you.
- Yeah come on nigga.
Where the fuck my
daughter at nigga?
- OG I ain't even
talk to Diamond,
Diamond be tripping like
she not answering my phone
and stuff, like
calling the phone,
send me the voicemail
like I ain't,
you know we been beefing,
like everyone-
(phone ringing)
- [Phone] Call has been
forwarded to an automated-
- See what I'm saying?
- She ain't just not answering
my call for no reason,
so I'm finna shake, tell
me the real, my nigga.
Last time I spoke to
Diamond bro like,
we were beefing, whatever-
(gun clacking)
- I need the real.
- Man look.
I, I, I, I, I know where she at.
I know who got her.
- Point me in the
right direction.
- Oh nah I'm going to get her.
I'm gonna go, you gotta let
me handle this, I don't like,
like I can handle this all,
I got this, I can handle it.
- Nah, you don't get enough,
my nigga,
let me point me in the
right direction.
- Let me handle it, homie.
- I got something for you.
We ride now.
- Oh I thought you finna see me,
- No we, we in this together.
- Oh let's do it.
(dramatic music)
Let's do it together.
- I slide on all them
fuck niggas.
- Nigga, you were-
- Glizzy this, Glizzy that.
Nigga, fuck Glizzy. I spent
all them bitch ass niggas.
- Man if you don't get
get your kick cut
kick push shoe wearing ass on,
you ain't talking about shit,
- Man fuck you fat ass nigga.
- Bro I'll get down like
that bro, I fuck hoes.
(traffic roaring)
(crowd chattering)
- You fucking stupid. (laughs)
- So, the hell going on,
you look shiny, look nice.
- Y'all look rather
fucking, ah, nigga, damn.
- My bad. Why they crying man?
- You tripping.
- Yeah man.
- Y'all look rather
fucking dapper.
What the hell y'all going?
- Know how we come man
everything going on.
But what's up though?
Everything good?
- Nah do I look good?
Do I look fucking good?
- Damn bro I told your ass
you ain't got no business out
here trying to be gangster.
- I'm out here moving
for you bro.
- Bro you ain't moving.
- Man, I told both of y'all ass,
y'all ain't doing this dumb
ass shit in broad daylight bro.
- This man ain't wanna say shit
till we got to the barbershop
what I supposed to do?
- Your ass supposed
to be on point.
- Exactly.
- I move first.
- And got your ass popped.
- All right look man,
what the hell going on?
- They said somebody hit a
main artery and I'm sick.
I was sick some from
dying or some
but they gave me primo
percs though.
- Percs?
- That's good.
- Yeah, I'm trying to
get some more.
- Can I borrow a
little something.
- No you don't want me
to get down with you
this is where I'm at.
Man bro what the fuck are
you doing, damn.
Love you bro, come to mama.
Hey baby, oh watch your legs.
You, you finally want the show,
where the hell you
been superstar?
Boo boo I'm supposed to be
the one crying.
I got shot in my leg.
- Going out doing all that.
Man you don't have to
worry about that baby
need to be out here
trying to have a business.
- I'm set, I'm still, I
can go home, I'm good.
They the one who told me
I still need to be here.
- Gotta heal up,
that's what's up.
- Get her.
- Take you from mama.
- I love you baby.
Get her real quick man.
- All right man, real shit
though, man, nigga love bro,
nigga ain't trying to
tell you nothing wrong,
you gotta stay the fuck
out these streets huh?
Shit ain't for you bro.
We gonna leave with her,
and look,
we got something for you.
Hold that down, bro. Make
sure you have it close, bro.
- Love you.
- Love you too.
(upbeat music)
Love you baby.
And I know, bands on me
Yeah I know
And I know, bands on me
(relaxing music)
When I'm fucked up I
do dumb shit
Like giving niggas in
my DMs my attention
Did I mention I've been
playing with myself
All alone on facetime
Doing shit I can't
tell no one
No one but you
'Cause you wouldn't judge
me, I'm just coming for you
Til I fall asleep
And wake up next day just
thinking this all was a dream
This is my reality
This is deep inside of me
- What's going on with you?
You okay?
- I got into a fight
but I'm fine
so I just wanted to
apologize to you
for how I was acting
the other day.
I made a mistake.
- You made a mistake?
- Yeah I did.
- Alicia,
I thought you told me you
was back in good terms
with your husband.
Was he the one that
did this to you?
- I just wanna apologize
and forget about him
and move forward with you.
- Really so you expect
me to accept you back
after you wasted my time
and you embarrassed the fuck
outta me the other day Alicia.
- What do you mean?
- Look, you know I care
about you right,
about your wellbeing
and all that?
Give me some love.
Gotta keep it real with you,
found a new girl, her
name's Shayla.
We been getting pretty close.
Look Alicia.
I think I just gotta stop
fucking with you completely.
It's just too much man.
I got this weird nigga
Slims following me around
asking me for money and shit.
It's too much, it's
way too much.
So best of luck to you.
(singer vocalizing)
- Yeah, get some of that
paper right too.
- Hold on, that TK's spot?
(upbeat electronic music)
- Let me holler at you Mr.
Sneaky Link.
- Hey are you home.
- Bro? What the fuck?
- I need to come over there.
Are you home?
- [Phone] Hey what the
fuck going on bro?
- A lot going on. I can talk
to you when I get there.
Are you home?
- Yeah, who else gonna-
- Who the fuck you on
the phone with?
Better not be a fuck nigga.
- That's my brother.
- How the fuck you know him?
- That's my brother.
- Who the fuck is that
bitch ass nigga.
- Bro, bitch as nigga.
- TK is Lily baby daddy bro.
- How the fuck you let
that go on Glizzy?
- I don't know man, this
lame ass nigga, bro.
Bro, this nigga been under
my nose the whole time bro.
The whole time.
- How?
- I don't know how the fuck
I missed this shit bro.
I ain't never met this
lame ass nigga.
And Lilly is, it's his, oh
my god brother.
That's Lilly baby daddy. Fuck.
- Get your big ass
out of the spot.
- Game over man.
(peaceful music)
Who wouldn't have a heart
Never had shit
Finally got you.
- Get the fuck over here.
Sit down here.
- Who the fuck-
- Fuck you, nigga.
- Devin, you have no
idea how long
I've been waiting to
talk to you.
- Detective Bitch Ass,
what the fuck you want?
- I wanna keep my city safe.
I think getting you
off the streets
is gonna help me do that.
- Man this shit ain't got
nothing to do with me.
- Hmm, nothing to do
with Rah-Rah?
- Who?
- Rah-Rah.
Fucker who's got holes
all over him.
- I don't know the fuck that is.
- You don't know who the
fuck that is. You kidding me?
I'm just supposed to
expect that you're stupid.
- Man look, listen bro, you
checking in the wrong spot.
You better look at your mans.
- I know you got something
to do with that shit.
- Shut the fuck up.
- Fuck you bitch.
- Like Anthony man, oh man.
Anthony was a good man.
Jack Boy, Jack Boy, Jack Boy.
- Who the fuck is that?
- That's you.
- I don't know who the
fuck that is.
My name Cortez Little, sir.
- Cortez Little?
- Yes sir.
- Hold up.
- Well fuck Cortez Little.
- That's me.
- Alias Jack Boy.
- Man, I don't know nobody named
no motherfucking Jack Boy man.
Man, don't attach no
motherfucking Jack Boy to my
My name is Cortez Little, sir.
That's the mother name
my mother gave me sir.
- Yeah, but the streets
gave you the name Jack Boy.
And you know, you know all I
hear on the streets nowadays
is Jack Boy, Glizzy, Jack
Boy, Glizzy, Jack Boy, Glizzy,
Jack Boy, Glizzy, Jack Boy,
I got lots of dead bodies man.
I got Anthony, I got Snake, I
got Rah-Rah filled with holes.
You know what Glizzy,
he's in the other room,
one of you guys are gonna talk.
- My friend died y'all got
me in this motherfucker.
I was on the way somewhere
very important.
Y'all gotta fuck shit up.
- I mean-
- You and this bitch ass
nigga right here, man.
All your little friends.
- Lemme ask you,
you talking about my girlfriend.
- I'm gonna take your-
- Where the fuck is Diamond?
Huh? Tell me about Diamond.
We've been missing her cute ass.
I wanna get her back.
Your ass probably has her in
fucking a closet somewhere man.
- It's very funny.
- Right next to Rah-Rah
with bullets in him.
- I don't even know the...
Rah-Rah who the fuck is Rah-Rah?
Y'all got a-
- Big ass motherfucker.
- Y'all got the wrong person.
- Tattoo all over his fucking
face. Shut the fuck up.
- Yeah, shut the fuck up
like your boss said, bitch.
- What happened to Anthony?
- Hmm? Anthony?
- Yeah.
- I don't know.
- Snake.
- Snake?
I don't know no damn Snake.
Last time I checked man
Rah-Rah had holes all in them.
- Ain't got nothing to
do with me bro.
- Who's it got to do with then?
- Do your fucking job.
- That's what I'm doing.
- Wrong way buddy.
- Let me help you out man.
Gimme a name.
- Don't fucking touch me.
Give me a fucking lawyer.
- You love Diamond.
- Fucking right.
- You wanna keep her safe,
you wanna make yourself safe
so you can take care of her.
- You a grade A asshole.
- Got one question for you.
- I got no answers for you.
- What about Jack Boy?
(peaceful music)
AV the great
(singer vocalizing)
- Hey, that shit looking pretty.
We all go back up but we need
to go ahead and kill shorty,
get these polices off our ass,
and get this shit back rolling
bro and shit we good man.
- Hell yeah 'cause the shit
I found out last night,
my wife's kin with Glizzy.
- What?
- That shit crazy.
Yeah this guy here look
cool bro. I'm gonna fu-
Where they at, the
fucking police?
Why the fuck you looking back?
- Hi Evans, this is
Detective Richmond,
send someone that's in
the area of Walnut Street,
I have a whited
sedan pulled over
a couple of black males
in the, in the vehicle,
and I think that may be
murder suspects.
Again to someone that is close
to Walnut Street, thank you.
- Bro.
- Fuck bro.
- Sir, you failed a
signal back there,
I'm gonna need to see your
license and registration.
- You know what? Fuck this shit.
(muffled screaming)
- I need both of you to get
outta the car right now.
Pop the trunk.
Pop the fucking trunk right now.
(dramatic music)
Hands up where I can see
them, don't fucking move.
(muffled screaming)
(gun firing)
- So how much you niggas
going to pay me
to keep this shit a secret?
(upbeat electronic music)
Bands on me, and I know,
bands on me
And I know, bands on me
Bitch I fuck
Know it
Bitch you can't ride
it for free
You know they ain't
bigger than me
Beat it up for a fee
I'm trying to grind
and fuck with my girl
'Cause she got a
payment on lease
Yeah, been in these streets
Hands wet, that's the
way that we eat
I'm getting cash, yeah, yeah,
Watch me go get it
Eat it, be fixing
these bitches
I ain't got time
You feel me, they got skin
in this, these bitches
Y'all want smoke they
know I have the biggest
2,500 after the rent
I'm not below, they
know I be getting it
Fly young nigga
Everyone go, you
know I kick it
Bitch I'm a fly young nigga
Everywhere I go you know
I keep my piece on me
Over here you know I
gonna smoke
I ain't gonna finesse,
you know I'm gonna smoke
I ain't gonna finesse,
you know I'm gonna smoke
These niggas gonna
twist, they gonna choke
Everyone know I got the
bands on me, yeah, yeah
Everyone know I got the
bands on me, yeah, yeah
Everyone know I got the
bands on me, yeah, yeah
Chains with your bitch
Got the fat nigga
like I'm Ali
Everywhere I go, bands on me
Everywhere I go, bands on me
Everywhere I go, bands on me
Yeah, yeah
(person singing in Spanish)