The BFG (2016) Movie Script

It was the witching hour
when they go out to hunt.
When people disappear.
Matthew believes the witching
hour now arrives at midnight.
The girls say 1 am.
I think it comes at 3 in the morning,
when I'm the only one still awake
As usual.
Like now.
They're drunk all of you!
You could go?
There are children trying to sleep.
Hi. miss. Do not tell Miss!
I'll call the police I will
Never leave the bed.
Never go to the window.
And never look back...
Never leave the bed, never go to the window
and never look behind the curtain!
You do not have to go
unless you have wings
I'm hungry I'm starving.
Where I am?
In the Land of the Giants.
Surely we are very far away.
Yes, it was a distance.
What was that? What was that?
There are more than yours?
Flesh-eating, Machaca-bones.
Chews-hugging men-children, Chorrea-meat,
Traga-maidens sweetbreads Smasher
Bottler blood. Bottler blood?
If and butcher.
The butcher.
Please do not eat me.
You think because I'm a giant
man-eating'm a cannibal.
I? Eat a human Jewish? Please!
Never would.
So, who are you?
What kind of monster are you?
You misjudge me.
I kidnapped.
Well, then you judge me well.
Finally, do not steal to eat.
After all, you're just a little.
I can not help thinking what your
poor mother and father should...
I have no mother or father
They died when I was a baby
So you're an orphan?
Yes. you took me to an orphanage.
You did not know?
I did not know that.
Were you happy there?
I do not hate it
The lady who runs it is incompetent and
It has crazy rules and punish you very much.
How do you punish?
You locked in a dark cellar.
There are rats down there.
Dirty old witch.
The other giants
They are kind like you?
No, I regret to say that the
guys would eat you alive bite.
More than 24 feet,
the population of the Land of Giants
And that's where you are.
In the Land of the Giants now.
But why did you bring me here?
Why you took me?
I had to take
Because the first thing you
would do would spread the news
you actually saw a giant.
And then there would be a big fuss.
And all human beans would be
looking for the giant dresses
all excited,
and then I would be locked up in a cage
to look at me with all the noisy
hypo-fat and crocodiles and giraffes.
And then there would be a huge
hunt for all the guys giants
I will not say
Nobody would listen to me anyway.
I am an unreliable Nina.
If you would.
I would not do it.
If you would. I would not do it.
If you would. I would not do it!
You would say to everyone
probably in the speaker box TV
and radio squeaky
I will not say. I will never do it.
Please take me home.
I'm scared, I want to go home.
You just have to stay here with me.
For the rest of our lives
You mean my life.
For the rest of my life.
Hey, do not you cold?
I'm going to escape.
Listen out. Listen, you.
I warn you.
Never leave the cave without me you.
Or will your poor little purpose.
Your stop me. I escapeth 1000 times
I have instincts.
Instincts. I thought that humans had brains,
but you're not ready I can not stop.
These giant swallow you
like a piece of pumpkin pie.
It is not pumpkin pie pumpkin pie.
And giraffes are giraffes.
Crocodiles are crocodiles
and hypo-fat are hippos.
I can not help but say some strange things.
I can not be right all the time.
Most of the time I left
instead of the right.
Sorry, I did not mean to be rude.
Good. the words sometimes say what you mean
and sometimes two different things.
What were you reading?
Nicholas Nickleby
What's in the bottle.
Dreams are not things.
I do not sleep, actually. I have insomnia.
Oh yeah?
Dreams are actually very mysterious things
All the time you're looking to sleep.
With swollen veins and skin burning.
Boiled eyes. Do you know how to read!
Thoughts rushed in disorder. "
He felt a twinge of reproach, and shrugged "
involuntarily since it is the day since "
He saw the horrible thing... "
No wait
Help me!
You did that!
You judge me well.
I told you. I do not sleep,
so it's much scarier than it needs to be.
It must be.
Now you know you can not sneak around
without being eaten like an onion.
The giants are all murderers and cannibals.
To swallow human beans like sugar cubes.
Jewish beings
You will eat anyway.
What is that green thing.
All drink giant frobscuttel
He goes to the wrong side.
All bubbles go up.
Above? Above?
Bubbles going up they give belching filthy.
But what's wrong with a
little burp occasionally
in noisy
But if your tummy bubbles go down and out...
another place,
that could have an unpleasant outcome.
Un whizzpopper.
Yes, the sound of true happiness.
Oh no
It is bubbling!
Are you with someone?
You were chatting
Who do you charlabas?
Why are you so talkative in the morning?
Why do not you sleeping today?
For woke me with your talk.
I have a yaya.
Possibly later.
Fix now
I just have to throw you water
No water no
Water. do not
Come here, come here.
You have a new little friend.
I smell it I'll find
I'll eat it.
I'm hungry
If you're not going to eat that nascomber?
It is a fresh crunchy nascomber.
I do not eat that disgusting trash
How do you know? You've never tried.
Smells bad
You should eat good vegetables ever.
What's wrong with you.
Outside it is horrible.
But inside I smell something very familiar
Yes, go ahead. Eat it, it's great.
Espera! Espera!
You hate the vegetables you eat only beans
I hate vegeterribles. Just as Jewish
oi. Si
And. And.
That's what I said
That's what I said I said it
I hate fruits and vegeterribles.
And the water.
And the water. I hate water
I take this
You are an insult to the giant village
Very hot! Very hot!
Do you have something to wear?
Where did you get the jacket?
Your scraps. She is pretty.
Spend algo7
No it does not matter
Where we go?
To work. What's your job?
And now he asks me to
tell you very big secrets.
I will not tell you. How could I, anyway?
I'm stuck here for the rest of my life.
I catch dreams
I wanna go.
Your you stay here
I will not do it.
If you are a human bean and human beans
They are the prey of those giants out there
so you stay in a nice safe place right here.
It's not possible.
I will hunt dreams every day and go alone.
It is the habit
But you'll leave me here with them.
I will eat.
Not if you stay here
I'll hunt dreams.
I go alone
You stay up there.
Oh my goodness.
You can not keep secrets from me.
It's too late for that
You must take me. Do not
We can not have secrets. I'll tell you mine.
I sneak out at night too
and sometimes theft and lying.
I've never had a better friend,
I told you all that
Get over it. Get over it.
If flesh-eating comes to eat,
my blood will be on your hands.
All you have to do with you
going against my better judgment.
But I have reason on this. I promise
If you snooze you lose.
Hold your breath cross your fingers.
Here we go.
We need to go over these sleeping giants.
Up those stairs, and get up the hill
And where you're going you at this hour?
You know I'm going to work
Interrupted my rest for hunting giant
We can not go hunting giant as well.
Not going to bother Let the
boys sleep during the day.
We're all awake and we might...
Yeah, we might well stir.
What is fuss?
Fuss, you know
Oh yeah. disturb.
Do not stand there Do something
Traga-sweetbreads, go over there
Let's make a career
Look at the clouds! It will rain.
You should not let them treat you like this.
You should not.
Live with nine giant eats beans
They take so I return.
Murmur good dreams.
It's what I can do.
I do something. I do something.
We are here at last.
Now you're in dreamland, Miss.
Share a secret.
Look at all the stars!
Often when it is clear
I hear distant music living
of the stars in the sky.
For real? What else.
I see two little lambs
chatting to each other.
Caterpillars are the worst chatty.
Always arguing about which is
the most beautiful butterfly.
Follow. please.
I hear the footsteps of a ladybug
while walking through the leaves.
But the funniest stories always
I hear from the same plants and trees.
Yes, they are always growing and
living and laughing and chatting
Like you and me.
Come on, time to get off.
I hear everything wonderful
and everything terrible.
Terrible, terrible things.
All the secret whispers of the world.
For real?
You think I'm kidding, right?
It's just that everything
is hard to believe.
A guy once
once I called me "a big, friendly giant."
How should I call you, Nina?
My name is Sophie.
Well, jump. Sophie.
This is where all my dreams begin
While passing a dream come
It is soft and warm.
And it makes a small buzzing sound,
like music
Saltarines snails!
It is a fizzwizard.
He had not seen one in a while
Behind your arm.
Not that, the other!
Beneath your feet
The other foot
This in your ass!
I have it.
It seems he knows you. Girl.
Look, it's a golden fizzwizard.
I wish I could hear it.
It is very subtle.
You really listen to what these dreams say?
If I do it.
This sounds like your
Hello, beautiful dream
Do something useful, small brokerage
I could not.
You should use your little fingers.
Sophie's Dream "
I have one!
Let him go, Sophie.
Damel, Damel
This seems to be a very very bad dream.
Are there bad dreams here too?
A cause problems.
What will you do with it?
The closure, small beasts.
Says that sleep malo7
Look what you have done.
There will be no forgiveness.
Where are you?
I can not see you!
Great Friendly Giant!
Big Friendly Giant.
I'll call GGA.
You give me a good name.
Where are you going later?
A blow dreams.
It's what I do next.
Because here?
Because I hear his little heart.
What will be the dream, Miss.
Make them all happy.
GGA, your father and your
mother taught you about dreams?
The Giants do not have mothers or fathers.
How old are you?
In years... not...
Giants mostly live alone and live.
GGA, you hear my heart in the orphanage?
Yeah, I hear it now.
What does the dream say?
Well, the child is dreaming
that the phone rings at home.
His dad answers and says.
Mr Gudard talks.
And then he starts coughing because
he has something in his throat.
And he says, 'Yes. what?
Yes sir, I understand. Surely, sir. "
It's me who has to talk, not with my son.
And then his face turns white
and opens her eyes and says.
Yes sir. It is here, sir. Yes sir. Yes sir.
And it gives the phone the child.
Know the President of
the United States asks.
No, "the boy says,"
but I guess you've heard of me. "
And the child picks up
the phone and start having
a long conversation with the President.
Well, let me take care of that,
Mr. President. "
No, no, sir, do it your way. "
And his father is looking perplexed.
And then his mother enters the room
and he tells his dad and faints.
Dreams are so fast.
On the outside, but inside they are long
I heard a sound
Someone is coming.
We have to stop them.
You can not live like this, GGA
GGA, what you did with my blanket?
I forget her. Where is it?
I think I fell into the Land of the Giants.
I you dropped in the Land of the Giants?
The Land of the Giants.
I fell asleep?
Why you not give me a dream?
Why you not give me a dream?
Why you not give me a dream?
You dropped the blanket.
So they must know you were there.
You're not safe with me, Nina.
Y? You're not safe with me.
That does not matter now.
There was a child
He liked to read. He taught me to read.
I used to use that little red jacket.
I heard her lonely heart as you hear yours
Then he saw me like you.
So I had to take it.
I could have brought home
but it was too late.
Not so.
Stop the giants.
We will make them leave forever.
Does the child was scared?
Yes. at the end.
I'm not.
Sophie Valiente.
I'm not.
I'm not! I'm not
you said you could hear the ants talking
and you could hear the stars.
Can you hear me yet?
I feel like these here. I know you are here.
Salta, Sophie.
I need a plan. I need a plan
You're thinking of a plan?
I have absolutely no idea
in the world pussycat.
Well, keep at it.
Sophie, hide.
At last you're home.
I have a yaya.
You're a big boy.
Take care of your yayas yourself.
I will do it. It will.
You have a Jew.
Let's get this over with.
Let's get this over with.
I look it. Boys. Find food.
It is just my job.
It's just my job, guys!
The giants are Gentiles.
Those days are over.
Where is the small and delicious bite?
Get out, all of you!
I found the last.
Encontrare this
The Big Friendly Giant and me.
I won the Whizzpopping "
Get out of my house
And no more turn!
Do not you understand?
Do not you dare.
Salt! Get out of my house!
evil giants
It seems that my dreams
disappeared in the air.
In the air.
I have bothered my life.
I know exactly what I mean
but somehow everything goes awry.
Do not worry. That happens to everyone.
Not as it happens to me,
it is most terrible speak English.
Well, I think you speak beautifully
If? for real?
Simply beautiful.
That is the most beautiful gift
anyone has given me in my life.
Snails jumping!
What an absolutely splendid.
This wonder.
I have a plan. A plan?
Let's see the Queen.
Really we need your help
We can be there at dawn.
Well, you're gonna give your queen
a whole causes problems.
We must do it. There are things to do.
The Queen will dream that the
nine giants are in England.
And they are eating small children
We should put an army
Make sure you have a bit of me.
And some of you
Su Majestic la Reinita
The Queen will sound a little girl
She is sitting in her window.
Then wake up and I'm there.
We are there
And then what happens?
Big Friendly Giant then takes a step forward
and bows and she says.
Your Majesty. I am your humble servant.
You mean you actually see me?
No, even a month Monday, Nina.
GGA, Hurry. We are going to discover.
I'm trying to hear the different
rhythms of Jewish men and Jewish lady.
No, stop.
Hazlos Parar. Pralos.
Giants. giants
Horrific. They are eating children.
No, stop. Do not! Do not!
Your Majesty?
What's up?
I had the most horrible nightmare.
Well, it was just a dream.
Let me get you some tea.
I dreamed that children were kidnapped
from their beds in boarding schools
and they were eaten by
the most horrible giants.
There were many.
It was the meat-eater
and Traga-sweetbreads
and Chorrea-meat
and the..
I am sorry
The giants lay their hands on the windows
and they drew the children
with their fingers
It was so bloody, so vivid, so real.
Tan real, Mary.
Kids just disappeared.
What happens, dear? These white as a ghost.
Sit down. Mary, sit down.
You're shaking. What happens?
It's just that
It is so strange, Mom. So strange.
Have you seen the papers?
No, I have not seen yet.
Look. It's the same dream you had.
Children have disappeared in the
night are not. They took them.
But not for giants.
Well, they could be involved.
Open the curtains.
Yes. mom
I do not think so
There's a girl standing at the window.
It is not like this. Mr. Tibbs.
Indeed, ma'am.
She is standing right there, Mom.
You do not sonaste.
If I sounded.
How did you get there?
Let me handle this Mom low.
No, do not do it.
A giant put you there.
Yes, he did.
Mrs. He is waiting in the garden now.
What this? What this?
My best friend.
He made his dream. Did?
Did? Did?
The garden of the Queen.
The actual window, please.
Because you and your giant came to see me.
I would remember that.
Your Majesty, if the mix was good.
Yes. I remember.
You have a plan. You need me.
Yes. so is. Debena call it now?
I guess we should.
Will Promise you will not hurt, ma'am?
In the garden, please.
I'm ready.
Queen really wants to meet you
I do not know why not come out.
Get down from there. Girl.
Mary, take it down and give breakfast
Mr. Tibbs, find out where it comes from.
No no. Just fear. He has never done
anything like this in her life.
Be brave.
He promised he would not hurt.
Mr. Tibbs. tell the guards to depart.
Sr. Tibbs
Get away. Gentlemen, please.
Dear. come here
Your Majesty, I am your humble servant.
His Majestosa, I am your humble servant.
I am pleased to meet you.
His Majesty, monarch, ruler..
Of the foreign lands.
I come with my little
friend Sophie to give...
To me that?
Thank you, I'm sure yes,
but not in my pajamas.
Giants. Man-eating giants.
People have been disappearing.
We verified intelligence.
Perhaps we need assistance
I will return to you.
Nancy, Ronnie is there?
Well wake him.
Her Majesty the Queen.
Over here, sir. just follow me
Follow me. So, sir.
Watch your head, lowers his head.
Now stop the other side sir.
Beware antiques, sir
Carefully above. above.
So is. Upwards
And slowly..
Calm. Yes sir.
Snails jumping! What was that?
That was the lamp
I'm so sorry, Your Majesty.
He has never been in a house before.
His cloak. Mr.
Which room so splendid.
His suitcase, sir.
This room is so giant
telescopes need all intelligent
to see what happens at each end.
Do you always talk like that?
Yes. Your Majesty.
He has never been to school.
Please GGA, begins.
There is only one word for that,
Your Majesty
It is much better than the Nascomber
That is nascomber?
Is that horrible stinky vegetable that
I am afraid that is all you have to eat.
Not seem to have taken on appetite.
Sirvele el caf a GGA.
What is that? What is that thing.
His giant is magnificent.
Sophie, dear. Starts.
Debes estar famlica.
It's delicious.
Please. Majesty.
What is that horrible drink?
Would you prefer you?
Rather Frbscuttel.
I have a gift for you, Your Majesty.
Frobscuttel delicious bubbly.
It's personal for you.
How nice
His Majesty would be kind
enough to honor me with...
a toast?
Bubbling in the opposite direction.
All bubbles go up.
If we whizzpoping music.
He likes music? we bagpipes
Generals have arrived. Mrs.
There is a long history to this,
but no time.
We're on our way to the Land of the Giants.
GGA will show the way.
General, GGA.
10 hours giants will hunt again
and I intend to stop them.
And where is the Land of the Giants exactly,
Where is it?
Gentlemen, your men follow GGA.
I promised that Iran only
once the Land of the Giants.
Not find it the second time.
Just look at those bubbles.
I believe in the GGA.
Wonderful bubbles.
The Land of the Giants
Wait here
GGA. I ask if they have a plan.
ARF? Tiencs un plan?
GGA. You have a plan?
Does cause problems, you'll giants?
Yes, I'll give the boys the
most horrible dream of despair.
If serum does its job awaken trapped
in the most horrible remorse.
And if the beans with machines do their work
then I think we have a chance.
Look what you have done.
There will be no forgiveness
It is necessary. Now, back.
Sophie's dream. Heart's Desire '
We have brought the hunt
the Land of the Giants.
That is the dream of Sophie.
A fizzwizard gold.
I had not seen in a while.
But what does it say?
It tells the story of Nina
it sounds a life where you have
family and friends.
Small children also own someday
You will have great success
and funny moments.
To tell the truth, sometimes he despairs.
There are hard times and soft times.
The vegetables come and go.
But in the end,
she remembers the good deeds.
Now, Sophie
that story is the desire of your heart.
I know.
Does the serum came to you, no?
It is the dream of Sophie.
But then I wake up.
And you wake up.
But not here.
No, you have more dreams to chase,
my little runner
but not in the Land of the Giants.
But still I'll have you.
Do you still hear me when I call?
Are you forgetting something?
Are you forgetting this?
Mi amigo ARF.
Where are this majestic?
I'm so stupid.
saltarines snails. forget sleep.
Sophie, Sophie
And we have here?
You're a cannibal!
Poor children!
You are a very bad giant.
He has no regrets.
Run Sophie, run.
, Just meat-eater. It's over. boy.
It's time to stop now.
I am always hungry.
The giants were taken far
to a place you've never heard
and a place you never go.
The Queen sent them Nascomber seeds.
It was all they had to eat
and only they have to get used to.
It's time to wake up, dear.
Good morning, Sophie.
I had a dream last night.
In the dream he was awakened by a
sound beautiful floating by my bed.
Walk to the window and on the horizon
I saw a man with long legs,
with suitcase and trumpet in hand.
You could see all the way
to the Land of the Giants,
I could see the garden that had GGA.
Fruits and berries had
cauliflowers and tomatoes
Although he refuses to have Brussels sprouts,
but nascomber keep growing next to their hut
How else would the FrobscutteP
I saw the stone door and crooked windows.
His cloak hung by the door.
I saw the crow's nest, on his boat bed
I saw his chair and the
fire in the fireplace.
With a nice stew
He could see the scattered pages
of the book he was writing.
I was happy
and I was happy.
When I feel alone.
it is not as often as before
I talk to him and he really listens to me,
because GGA hears whispers
the secrets of the world.
Good morning, GGA.