The Big Bird Cage (1972) Movie Script

[Soft tribal music]
[Indistinct singing]
my kicks, my shoes
my stomps
I'm here for lying
I know you're jiving
I understand
I understand it
walk pretty for the people
I try to get all you can
walk pretty for the people
if you want your man
yeah, yeah, yeah
oh, walk on, on
doo, doo, doo,
doo, doo, doo, doo, doo
doo, doo, doo
doo, doo, doo,
doo, doo, doo, doo, doo
doo, doo, doo
So that's eddy's wife.
She's not at all
like you described her to me.
I try to get all you can
all you can
You know who that is?
That American actress who
almost got the prime minister
Into a pistol duel over her.
if you want your man
That's the wrong chord!
[Plays chord]
No, it's right.
I'll show you the right chord,
damn it.
Give me that!
[Loud crash]
[Cocks gun]
All right, everybody.
Stack 'em up.
[Cocking guns]
That's right, folks.
This here's a stickup,
and that's a natural fact.
All right, come on. Come on.
Give it all up.
Come on. Come on.
You steal from the rich,
you can keep it.
That's my motto.
The watch, the ring,
wallets, everything, take 'em.
[Indistinct screaming]
Hey, are these people for real
or what?
This ain't a nice place
for a girl like you.
Come on.
No, leave her along.
Come on, boys.
All right, everybody,
down on the floor.
Get down on the floor!
[Dramatic music]
Hey, guys, come back!
Hey, taxi.
[Tires squealing]
What do want me for?
I'm goin' rape you.
What the hell
do you think I want?
Oh, baloney.
I don't believe it.
Besides, you can't rape me.
I like sex.
Ho-ho, all right.
Okay, you're a hostage.
How do you like that?
I love it.
Oh, baby,
you really got some class, man.
Somebody's gonna pay
a lot of pesos
To get you back in a family.
[Tires squealing]
Where are you going, to your
bandit's hideaway or something?
What the hell you mean, bandit?
I ain't no bandit.
I'm a revolutionary.
[Horn honking]
[Tires screeching]
Christ, I know who you are.
You're that crazy chick
that's been shacking up
With half the government.
Now, wait a minute.
I can't get a dime for you.
Man, they'd pay me
to get rid of ya.
You ain't nothing'
but plain purple...
[Siren wailing]
[Sirens wailing]
Maybe this is where me and you
goin' to part company.
[Sirens wailing]
Tell 'em I went the other way,
will you?
[Sirens wailing]
[Water splashing]
[Dramatic music]
We've captured
the female accomplice.
What do you think
you're bloody doing, you idiot?
Shut up.
You're under arrest.
You put us in
a difficult position, Ms. rich.
Of course,
You understand that this is only
an informal summary proceeding.
We have to make
some temporary arrangements.
These things
take time to arrange.
I demand to contact
the American council.
Of course.
You may write a letter.
However, your behavior here
Has already embarrassed
your government.
I wouldn't expect
a very enthusiastic response
If I were you.
I want a lawyer.
I've already told you.
This is your lawyer, Ms. rich.
Believe me, Ms. rich,
I have your own interest
at heart.
As your lawyer,
I advice you that it's best
to let matters quiet down a bit.
Yes, it will take time.
These things always take time.
[Soft tropical music]
Hey, you two, get out.
This way, this way.
[Rooster crowing]
[Dog yelps]
Okay, girls, line up there.
Hurry up.
Hurry up.
You, out.
There will be no
special favors for anyone.
The main rules here
are no fighting
And no fornication
with anyone of any kind ever.
I want you to see something.
[Whistle blows]
[Dogs barking]
[Dogs snarling]
You see.
They know who you are,
And they will always
be able to find you,
No matter how fast
or how far you may run.
[Water rushing]
[Crunching leaves]
[Birds chirping]
[Water rushing]
Django is coming!
It's django.
Where have you been?
I said, where have you been?
I've been through the goddamn
forest, you dumb shithead.
Baby, oh, baby.
Blossom, honey.
You philandering,
fornicating bastard!
You went off with
that skinny honky for two days
And gonna come back here
and call me honey?
Now, wait a minute, blossom,
I told you
I was gonna cut it off
If you tried
to pull that shit on me.
Skinhead cockroach.
Come on.
Come on, jive ass.
Lousy, no-good...
Your ass is mine, woman.
[Water splashes]
[Pig grunts]
I'm sorry, baby,
But I figured
you needed to cool off.
[Water splashes]
[Rooster crowing]
Django, baby.
What a man, that django.
What a woman, that blossom.
If only we have more like her.
What a revolution
we could have then.
Yeah, yeah.
What an army we could raise
if we only have a lot of women.
Hey, that's a good idea.
Let's steal some.
We're men.
Let's steal some women
for the revolution.
How many
do you think we should have?
100, 200.
Great, man.
Now, from where?
Where are we going to find
200 women we can steal, uh?
There must be some place.
[Water running]
Don't play coy with me, Lucy.
You don't have anything
I'd be interested in anyway.
Hi, there, rocco.
You big stud, what's up?
Nothing's up for you,
bull Jones.
Solve your own problems.
Aw, come on now, rocco.
Doesn't this do
a little thing for you?
Not even a little
tickle down there?
Oh, thank you very much.
Well, what's this?
I was just leaving.
What's she afraid of?
Leprosy, obviously.
All right, ladies, hurry up.
Hurry up.
Never mind the crotch cooties.
They have to eat too.
What's your hurry, rocco?
Your boyfriends
will wait for you.
Ha, what penis envy.
Come on, you too, stupid.
Get up and wash the bugs out
of it like everybody else.
Come on.
[Blow lands]
Do as you're told.
All right, girls.
Step briskly.
We have a few
new guests tonight.
I want to show hospitality
and respect to 'em.
Clean up those rooms.
Pick up them bugs.
I don't want 'em in my toes.
Come on. Come on.
Move it along a little faster.
Ah, go play with yourself,
I'd love to later,
thank you.
My, you smell nice.
I'm sure mickie will love you.
Ah, yes.
Come along girls,
a little faster.
Come along.
I'll show you to your suite.
Number 18.
I think you'll like it.
Firm bed, nice mattress.
The buzzer's on the right.
Ring me, room service...
Thank you...
If you need me.
That one is yours.
We have a new pig,
boys and girls.
Aw, knock it off, Jones.
Can't you see
the chick's got class?
What does a hoe like you
know about class?
She's got no class.
She's just another hoe, too.
Welcome to cottage number two.
We start work at 4:00
in the morning.
You ready?
That'll be the day.
Suppose I don't?
You get your ass kicked in.
Don't worry about it.
I'm gonna be out of here
in a day or two.
Who's gonna spring you?
Your friend, the prime minister?
You mean, she really knows
the prime minister?
I don't know if you know this,
But around here among us
honest thieves and murderers,
A political prisoner
Is about the lowest dirty scum
you can be.
Come on.
Come on, Carla.
Tell us what she had to do
with the prime minister.
She was balling him.
Wait a minute.
She's all right, then.
That makes her a hoe.
She's okay.
No, that's not the same thing,
Not with the prime minister.
Look, whether balling
some clapped-up dude
In the backroom of a bar
at king shit imperial palace,
Baby, it's still hoeing.
She's okay.
Unless she did it for fun.
And she's not a whore.
She's political.
Fun, with that fat creep?
How about it, pig?
Did you like it or not?
I always like it.
Don't you?
Hey, my things are gone.
All right.
Which one of you bitches
took my things?
You must have lost 'em
somewhere, honey.
Nobody in here would ever
steal anything
That didn't belong to them.
I'm gonna call the guard in
And see
what he has to say about that.
You know,
you've got a very pretty face.
Well, forget it, honey.
You're not my type.
I'm only trying to tell you
if you call the guard,
It's not gonna be
so pretty anymore.
Oh, is that a threat?
It's a fact.
I'm only trying to help you.
[Dramatic music]
Come on, girls.
In a line.
You two, get a move on.
Keep it straight.
Get in line.
Come on.
Break these lines up.
All right.
What is this big bird cage?
That's what we call
the mill out there,
That big machine that presses
the sugar out of the cane.
The warden zappa
is nuts about it.
He had the whole thing built
from his own plan,
And he keeps adding to it,
making it bigger and bigger.
The ones who work
in the bird cage
Are the ones
who didn't keep up
Their boulders in the field
Or girls who made trouble,
Like fighting
or stealing something.
That's because people get hurt
sometimes in the big bird cage,
Especially informers get hurt,
maybe even killed.
Like I was saying,
Informers always get found out.
All right, you girls.
Off to work we go.
[Dramatic music]
[Water running]
Well, look at our
little Ms. fancy.
You look like you were born
with a coconut in your mouth.
I learn fast.
Almost anything.
Oh, very good.
We'll see
in the long years to come.
You're lucky.
She likes you.
So what?
At first, I thought
you were going to be in
For a lot of trouble
around here,
But I can tell you're smarter
than anybody thought.
You know how to get on
the good side of people.
I don't need any friends,
And I don't want any enemies.
All I want
is to get out of this place.
I heard about you
and your letters,
But I'm gonna tell you
Your letters aren't gonna do you
a damn bit of good.
I don't believe you.
I haven't even had a trial.
Somebody'll get me out of here.
Well, plenty of us
said the same thing.
You'll see.
Get a move on.
You there, up the stairs.
Hurry it up.
[Ominous music]
Please send her
to mad house at once.
[All screaming]
That's horrible.
They don't ever come out,
Not for anything.
Hey, Karen,
you're a big dummy.
Why don't you get in there
with the rest of 'em
Where you belong?
Damn it!
[All screaming]
[Water spraying]
Okay, everyone, everyone,
back to work.
Back to work.
[All screaming]
All: Yay!
There, it ain't gonna be
jamming anymore now.
Oh, blossom, honey,
you a genius with them things.
Ah, it just takes
a lady's touch.
Gunga din.
Fetch me a new jug, man.
This one's warming up on me
something fierce.
All right, "d".
Yep, blossom, honey,
You stick with me,
and one of these days,
You goin' be the first lady
of this here Republic.
You bet your long goody I am,
And when I am,
I'ma kick a few asses, too.
I'll show them society bags
How to throw
a real presidential bash.
Just as soon as we have
that revolution
You've been promising me.
Say, when are we gonna have
that revolution, anyway?
Pretty soon.
Pretty soon.
Tomorrow, the revolution.
Tonight, we feast.
That's my motto, baby.
No shit.
Hey, give me that.
[Engine roaring]
Ace, what's happening?
Me and the boys have been
talking about the revolution,
Things like that.
Yeah, like how to sort of
really get it all started,
You know.
Well, the way they got
the French revolution started.
The what?
The French revolution,
you know, in France.
Oh, yeah, that one.
They started
by storming the bastille.
They did?
Yeah, I guess they did.
And that's what we want to do.
Do you have any bastille
in particular in mind?
As a matter of fact,
we got one all pick out.
It's all full of women,
100s of 'em.
Think of it, man.
What a blow for freedom.
Liberate all those
young pretty girls.
How you figuring
on going about that?
We got to get somebody
on the inside.
Doctor, doctor!
[Mysterious music]
Hey, stud,
looking for anybody special?
Prisoner tsiang.
There she is, over there.
Ah, there you are.
Why you looking so dirty?
You got to get all cleaned up.
Oh, please.
Not again.
Take somebody else this time.
Who are you kidding,
cutie pie?
Come along now.
What's going on?
The warden feels like having
a little company.
Well, it's good to know
There's at least one man around
here who's naturally inclined.
Don't get your hopes up.
Lin tsiang is the only one
he's ever inclined with.
Why not?
She's a good-looking dish,
if you like chop suey.
Wow, you must be pretty thirsty.
But, you know,
I think I'm better now.
I've stopped hearing
those voices almost,
But the others...
They're insane.
I don't want to be in here
Listen, I'll see
if I can get you out of here.
I'll talk to the warden, okay?
Oh, please.
I'll be all right now.
I-I promise.
Look, rina,
you just hold on, okay?
[All whimpering]
[Foreboding music]
Is she coming yet?
He still got his red light on.
You have nothing else
to report.
No, there's nothing more.
I swear it.
Well, I see.
Then listen to this.
Mommy, I miss you very much.
Every night I cry and cry.
When are you coming back?
No, not now.
That's enough.
Perhaps next time if you bring
me more important information
Than useless bits of alcohol
from the infirmary.
Well, we mustn't have anyone
suspecting you,
Not even the guards.
These women have ways of
learning things from the guards.
[Blows landing]
[Dog growling]
Down, boy.
I'm not going anywhere.
We're just looking.
Well, girls,
get out your cups.
Gina's going home tomorrow,
And she's got
a little surprise for us.
Give me that stuff.
Let me get in here.
Oh, chateau green liver 1912,
Guaranteed to make you feel
like orangutan in heat.
Mm, it's just about now
cocktail hour.
Step up, girls.
Belly up to the bar, girls.
Belly up to the bar.
Let me have that cup.
Thank you.
Where did that come from?
She works in the infirmary.
Wait a minute.
That ain't from them jars with
the guts in 'em again, is it?
No, this time,
it's the good stuff.
What happens if they find out
that she took it?
Then she don't go home
Or for a long time
after that, either.
[Dogs barking]
Hey, hey, here she comes.
Oh, shit.
Sorry, big girl.
It's for your protection,
you know.
The hell it is.
It's for my protection from
that big sex maniac over there.
Can't you make her shut up?
Make her shut up.
[Blow lands]
Shut up.
We know all about you.
You're getting ready to get
yourself in some real trouble.
Somebody else here
is in real trouble too.
No! No!
Come on, baby.
It's solitary for you and
the bird cage in the morning.
Come on.
No, no!
I didn't do it.
Leave me alone.
Let me go!
No, no!
How was it, lin?
Was it good, huh?
Leave me alone, please.
Come on, lin,
tell us about it.
Yeah, we want to hear.
You owe it to us.
Hey, lay off of her.
Can't you see that she's
obviously shook up over it?
There she goes.
Damn it.
She has no right not to tell us.
She's the only one around here
that ever gets any,
And she won't even
tell us about it.
It's criminal!
Doesn't anybody
even know a new dirty joke?
'Course, some people around here
don't need talk.
You can tell what they're
thinking just to look at 'em.
you take this big dyke here.
You can tell by the way
she looks at me
Exactly what she's thinkin',
And it ain't nice.
You can tell how she'd love
To put those big horny hands
on my skin,
Press that big, ugly body
down on top of me.
Hey, wait a minute!
[All yelling indistinctly]
So help me you little bitch,
I'm gonna get you.
I will.
[Lively marching band music]
I sure hope all of this
works like you said it would.
If it doesn't, just make it.
Well, baby, this is it.
Good luck.
This is for the revolution.
That was very good, boys.
Very good.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Our guest of honor today
needs no introduction.
Your friend and mine,
governor Carlos Rodriguez.
Up yours, pig.
[Muted explosion]
Aw, shucks.
[Engine roaring]
[All screaming]
Get back in there!
Get in there, all of you!
[All screaming]
Thank you.
Thank you.
Oh, you'll be all right now,
Yes, I'm well now.
I promise.
Sure you are.
I told that to the warden,
and he let you out.
And you know what else?
You're going to a party.
Some government people
are coming to inspect the camp,
And some of the girls
have been chosen to meet them.
Now, this is our chance
to get some help.
Don't you see?
Oh, yes.
If we can only talk to someone.
We will.
But first,
we've got to get you cleaned up.
The warden wants to see you
looking pretty.
Oh, yes.
Of course.
We are an almost completely
self-contained community,
Supplying all of our own needs
By the honest labor
of our own hands.
I want you all to notice
the beneficial effect
On these young women of good,
clean work,
And if you should
come away from this visit
With the restored faith
in the human qualities
I have stressed...
Come on, zappa,
let's meet the girls.
Well, yes, yes.
Thank you, gentleman,
senator, Mr. secretary.
I see you found your things.
Sure did.
And I really need
something to wear right now.
I wish I could go,
Just for a chance
to talk to some real men.
Aren't you going?
I'm considered a real
troublemaker at the moment.
I'll talk to them for you,
For all of us.
I'll tell them what's
it's really like in this place,
And when I get out of here,
I'll see that something's done
about the rest of you, too.
do you really think you can?
Sure, I've got
some pretty big friends.
All I need is just to talk
to somebody from the outside
Just for a few minutes,
just to get a message out.
I don't think those fellas
come here for conversation,
They come here for coochie.
Shut up about that.
I can't stand to think about it.
If only I could get laid
by a real man once in a while,
I think I could stand it.
[Soft Hawaiian music]
Don't worry,
I'll steer you through this.
I know how to handle
these creeps.
This is just my bunch
of bananas.
Good God.
Do you see what I see?
You're right.
That's her.
What the devil
is she doing here?
That fool of a warden.
We got to get her out here
before she talks to anybody.
[No audio]
This is a friend of mine,
I think you might be interested
in talking to her.
Excuse me.
Ms. rich,
Someone has asked to speak
to you privately for moment.
You see, already.
I told you I had people
in high places.
We'll be out of here like that.
[Snaps fingers]
Just get her out of here.
Keep her quiet.
Will do, warden.
And remember,
if anybody messes up my bed,
I get clean sheets tonight.
Yes, yes, just get going.
Please let me talk to them!
[Fabric tears]
Back, boy, back.
Please let me talk to them!
Help with the door!
[Dogs barking]
That ought to shut you up.
Oh, I'm gonna get you.
What a bitch!
And I'm gonna
get out of here, too!
One way or another!
[Foreboding music]
[Glass shatters]
[All screaming]
[Dogs barking]
Get away from there.
No one is to come near here
Come on, get back to work.
Work, work, work!
I have tolerated
enough lax within this camp.
From now on,
There will be
iron-fisted discipline here,
And for those
who refuse to bear their share,
This woman is dead too.
What does that fool
zappa think he's trying to do?
[Soft tribal music]
Look, can you help me?
[Speaking native language]
I've been sent here
by mistake.
I need to make a telephone call,
Get a message out.
[Speaking native language]
What, a telephone?
Here, come on.
Here, phone.
[All yelling]
[Fabric tears]
Please don't hurt me.
[Fabric tears]
[Dogs barking]
[Dogs barking]
Nothing like that
ever happens to me.
[Engine roaring]
So you see,
This will be the punishment
For anyone who attempts
to escape from here.
Take this lesson to heart.
From now on, your workloads
will be increased.
There will be no recreation.
No more lingering.
There will be discipline
in this camp.
All right, girls.
That's all the entertainment
for today.
Back to work.
Back to work!
Hey, sister.
What's she done?
Tried to bust out.
Got a lot of guts, huh?
just didn't know any better.
There's no way out of here.
There ain't, huh?
No, so the best thing
that you can do
Is make the time pass
just as easy as you can
And take up with someone here
that has some pull with men.
Can you dig it?
Yeah, who?
I pull in a lot of weight here.
You understand what I mean?
And I needs me a new flunky
to wash my clothes,
Hang 'em up dormitory, dry...
who do you think you are?
You ain't bigger than a minute,
And if you don't keep
your black ass out of my way,
I'm gonna get in your eye hard.
Stay away
from the new prisoner, mickie.
You, no talking, uh?
[Taps cup]
Hey, hey, hey.
Pay attention here,
all you dumb trash.
Which one of you dykes
thinks she runs this place?
Who are you?
My name's blossom,
but that don't mean shit.
All you have to know
is that now I run this place.
Any other questions?
Where do you want
to be buried, nigga?
[Blow lands]
And it's miss nigga to you,
That was easy to settle.
Try that on me, pig.
Oh, ho, ho.
Okay, break it up.
Break it up!
What's going on here?
What's the matter?
I've got a bellyache.
All right.
You've seen enough.
Make up your minds right now
which side you're gonna be on.
[Dramatic tribal music]
Stop! Stop!
Hey, stop!
Stop it.
You two, stop it right now.
[Water splashes]
[Water splashes]
[Water splashes]
Ah, shit.
We've had enough.
You win.
So far, so good.
You're gonna get it from me
when we get back to camp.
You'll see!
Say, old buddy, I think it's
time for me to take shade.
[Playful music]
Vamonos, Miguel.
I need it today.
Mail boat's late again.
You know, Miguel,
There are some pretty nasty
people in the world,
People who could
really be attractive
If they'd just
loosen up a bit.
You know what I mean.
[Unzips zipper]
[Unzips zipper]
Big shoes?
14 1/2...
[Zips zipper]
Can I buy you a drink,
That'd be ever so nice.
It's no use to lie to me.
I know of the trouble
that you've caused here,
And you may be sure that you'll
be made to pay for it
Unless you give me information
Regarding the whereabouts
of your friend, django.
I don't know any django.
[Blow lands]
[Blow lands]
You have been identified.
We know.
Lying will only cause you
to suffer.
Now, where is django?
I told you
I don't know any django.
Don't you think I'd tell you
Before I let this fat pansy
slap me around?
Probably, you enjoy it,
But you do know,
and you will tell me.
[Dramatic music]
[Gun clicks]
This is just a warm-up
exercise, smart mouth.
I told you,
I don't know nothin'.
I don't know this django...
Smarts, doesn't it?
Do you want some more, huh?
What happened?
Suicide attempt.
Threw herself
on a husking knife.
Another one.
What is happening here?
Warden zappa
has doubled the quotas.
He is losing his mind.
No, let me die.
I want to die!
the warden wants to see you.
Well, well, well.
What have we here?
A new man around the house,
My friend,
Sam Smith.
Samuel s. Smith.
So nice to meet you.
Welcome, indeed.
The more the merrier,
I always say.
Samuel s., huh?
"S" for savage.
Rocco's gotten rather silly
in his old age, I'm afraid.
Why, you bitch!
I'm only 29.
Well, come and meet the boss.
Uh, warden, this is a fellow
I met down in the village.
His name is Smith.
That's right.
Sam Smith.
He's all right in my book,
warden zappa.
We need a new man around here.
I am looking for employment,
Mr. warden.
Why here, especially?
So far from ordinary society?
seems I'm not too well-suited
For ordinary society.
I can't imagine why.
It's true.
I can use another man,
especially right now.
All right, but I must be able
to count on your loyalty.
Fear not, warden zappa.
He's one of us already.
It's done, then.
You can start now
And help rocco take a prisoner
to the infirmary.
She's unconscious,
So you will have to be careful
with her.
This way.
Are you awake, sweetie?
This is our new playmate.
Name's Smith.
We're going to take you
to the infirmary now.
That's right, sweetie.
Sam Smith.
Hey, what happened to you?
Are you all right?
I'm terrible,
But not for long.
Not for long?
What do you mean?
I'm checking my black ass
out of here.
Well, fancy meeting you
in a place like this.
Do I know you from somewhere?
You should.
You and your boyfriend
got me in here.
Oh, yeah, now I remember.
You looked a lot better there.
Thanks a lot.
All right.
So you know.
You're gonna blow
the whistle on us?
You know one reason
why I shouldn't?
That wouldn't get you
out of here.
You got any idea what would?
If you're up to it.
Try me.
This time I'm gonna get
that little chick,
And I'm gonna kick her ass
all the way to China.
[Suspenseful music]
Stop! Stop!
What are you doing, Karen?
- Help her.
- Hold her.
I can't hold her.
She's all slippery.
- Stop her!
- My God.
She's all covered
with chicken fat.
Karen, no!
Stop her!
Get her, for Christ's sakes!
[Blows landing]
Oh, help me!
Stop it, Karen!
God damn it!
Come on, you're not
working hard enough.
Come on, girls, keep moving.
Let's shake a leg here.
Turn that wheel faster!
Come on, you, faster.
You've ruined the mill!
It's cool.
She's an old friend.
Oh, yeah, hi.
Listen I got to make this fast,
first lady.
Just tell me when.
Tonight, just before dawn.
Ace and the boys are gonna be
waiting for us across the river.
Now, you think you can arrange
little riot about that time?
Hell, yeah.
I run this place.
Oh, yeah?
Christ, you wouldn't believe
what I had to go through
To get into this place.
So you've broken the machine.
You must repair the damage!
We shall require a person
small enough
To crawl between the gaps
And another strong enough
to support the weight of her.
It will be dangerous.
You will be responsible
for her safety.
[Suspenseful music]
It's going to fall.
It's perfectly all right.
[Loud crash]
Come on, get her.
Help me!
Help you, you fucker!
Get this thing off.
Help me get this off, please.
Both sides.
Hold it. Hold it.
Come on.
Hold it up.
Pull it up!
[Solemn music]
[Foreboding music]
What's the matter with you?
[Foreboding music]
Hold it!
What do you think you're doing?
What a lot of fools you are.
You think you're gonna get
anywhere this way?
Half of you won't get ten steps
Before you get a bullet
full of lead.
Some of us will!
That's enough.
You're out your fucking head.
It's better than going on
like this.
You'll just make it worse.
I don't have to argue about it.
I'm just telling you
to back off.
[Dramatic music]
Warden, it is not safe
for you to be out here
Without armed guards
we'll need more armed men.
Many more.
Rocco, go and call
for an army detachment.
I want them here tonight.
Warden, tonight?
They're too far away.
Tell them to hurry, then!
Lock the prisoners up
for the night.
Now, moreno!
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
All right,
everyone back to your cottages.
Come on, all of you girls.
I want to speak to the warden,
everyone back to your cottages.
You too.
Now move.
Come on, hurry up.
That's right,
you silly bitches.
Back to your cottages.
It's tonight.
Pass the word.
It's tonight.
Pass the word.
[Quietly] Tonight.
Pass the word.
[Dogs barking]
Lights out, girls,
in ten minutes.
Where are the others?
All present
that are still alive, sir.
Okay, sleeping uglies,
If a frog comes in
and kisses you,
Don't open your eyes.
It's the girl across the aisle.
Speak for yourself, sir gay.
Please, rocco, I'm sick.
I want to go to the infirmary.
Take two aspirins
and go to bed.
If you don't feel better
in the morning, call me.
You, close the door.
That came up awfully sudden,
didn't it?
I just think
she lost her nerve.
I just think
we better keep an eye on her.
Got ya.
All right, you chippies.
Now, I don't know just
when this party's gonna start,
But when it does,
anybody tries to back out
Is gonna get their ass kicked in
that hole with Karen and mickie.
Don't worry.
We have all we can stand.
- Yeah, that's right.
- That's right.
That's it.
Now, let's be sure
we're good and ready.
Oh, damn.
The little bitch
got blood on my trousers.
Looks like jism
with a kidney condition.
Please, you've got
to let me speak to the warden.
It's important.
Girl, you're ill.
No, I'm not.
Please call him.
I have some information for him.
What kind of information?
I-I can only tell the warden.
I'm afraid
that's impossible right now.
All right, I'll tell you,
But you must go
to the warden right away.
[Plays chord]
You can sleep in my room, Sam.
Say, how would you fellas
Like to have some
very special coconut wine
A good friend of mine
brewed up in his own still?
I thought that might
loosen things up a bit.
Good idea.
[Buzzer sounds]
Why does he always have to call
at a time like this?
Don't get lost, s.S.
Remember, I saw him first.
I thought he'd never leave.
Let's have a drink in my room
Where we won't have any of these
free rollers coming around.
Why, that'd be just swell,
brown eyes.
Yeah, right on.
Yeah, that's it.
Shh, not so much noise.
Yeah, that's good.
That's good.
Make sure it stays on.
Now, that wouldn't dent
a fly's ass.
Make it sharper.
Oh, come on.
Now, this is the way
to get a party started.
[Pours liquid]
[Strikes match]
Oh, what a man!
I'm sure the troops
will be here tonight,
But you cannot expect them
this soon.
Well, well, see if you can get
the base on the telephone.
You should learn
to relax more, warden zappa.
Getting agitated
is bad for your heart.
I am not agitated!
Don't you have work to do
in the infirmary?
Seems to be dead, sir.
Idiot, let me have it.
The line's been cut.
Well, I wanted to talk to you,
but you wouldn't listen.
I think I should mention this
incident in my report.
Just a moment.
You know something
about all this?
What is it?
go and fetch your friend Smith.
He hit me...
Down here.
Oh, I'm sick.
Sam, baby?
What are you...
Hi, rocco, honey.
I was just getting some
of the good stuff for the party.
Put that down.
Gee whiz.
[Blow lands]
All right, lover boy.
I know where to put a bullet
So you gonna bleed inside
all slow and painful,
And I will if you make
the slightest little squeak.
Get the tape.
[Dramatic music]
Okay, lard ass, up.
You know what to do?
I guess I can figure that out.
Move it.
[Dog barking]
Nice doggy.
Easy, doggy.
It's okay, girls.
It's django.
Ah, you looking good, girls.
You looking good.
This here's a hostage.
You can do
whatever you want with him,
Just so long
as you keep him quiet.
Oh, ah.
Excuse me, girls.
Coming through.
All right, kitties,
gather around.
It's Christmas morning.
Here you go, honey.
There's one for you.
Here, take this.
Sorry, honey.
You're gonna have to gift wrap
this one yourself.
Ooh, Nora well.
Used to work
on the big bird cage.
Don't leave me alone
with them, my friend.
Have mercy.
Kill and burn, girls.
Kill and burn.
Say, I have an idea.
[Clears throat]
I'm afraid this
is just gonna have to wait.
It'll be all the better then.
I got a present for you.
Whoo, my baby.
Okay, girls,
we goin' kick some ass tonight.
Yeah, that's it, yeah.
[Dogs barking]
[Dog growling]
Warden zappa!
No, no.
Well, you're finally
gonna get to use that thing
For what it was made for.
No, I can't,
Not like this.
Oh, yes, you can.
Come on, boy.
Up, boy, up.
I'll get it up.
[Muted screaming]
All: Hey, hey, hey.
Me first.
I'm next.
It won't last.
It'll last,
or he'll lose it.
Don't... don't.
Will you shut the bastard up?
I'll shut him up.
[Muted screaming]
Tell me what you're up to,
or I'll...
All right, all right.
It's django, the bandit.
The new guard, Smith, is django.
Find him.
He can't be far.
Yes, sir.
[Whistle blowing]
Guards, over here, quick!
You, turn on the floodlights.
- Yes, sir.
- Quick, search the grounds.
I want you to find this new man,
Smith, right now.
Bring him to me.
Go on!
Oh, well.
So django, I presume, huh?
You win.
I give up.
I know when I'm lit.
My goose is cooked,
And so is yours,
you faggoty ass son of a...
Jesus, I've never had one
like that before.
And the game's on.
Let's go.
Kill those mangy maggots!
Burn, you son of a bitch!
[Suspenseful music]
[Fire crackling]
Come on!
[All screaming]
Come on!
[Fire crackling]
Where do you think
you're going, blabbermouth?
Hey, easy, easy.
We may need her.
Which way did that django go?
I don't know, but
they're meeting their friends
At the river.
Well, let's get moving.
That way.
Come on.
[Fire crackling]
[Foreboding music]
[All screaming]
[Yelling indistinctly]
Wait, come on!
Get it!
You mother fuckers!
God damn them!
[Fire crackling]
[All cheering]
Let it burn!
[Fire crackling]
[Water splashing]
Come on, baby,
we got to get to the river.
[Fire crackling]
[Fire crackling]
No! No!
Where are you going,
you old bastard?
You can't...
It's falling!
It's falling!
[Water splashing]
[Distant gunfire]
Come on, honey.
This way.
[Distant gunfire]
Aw, shit.
Django, no.
I'm sorry, honey.
Don't forget.
You show that society trash
How a real first lady
throws it first.
Oh, no.
Oh, no, django, baby.
Oh, you...
[Water splashes]
[Water rushing]
We can cross the river
at the top of the falls.
It's shallow.
[Dogs barking]
The dogs.
They're getting closer fast.
[Dogs barking]
It's gonna be harder with her.
Are you going to kill her?
You know the rules
about informants.
We don't have to follow
the rules anymore.
We're out now.
The dogs.
Let's go, quickly.
This way.
[Dogs barking]
[Water rushing]
[Dramatic music]
It's one leg.
It's busted, God damn it.
The dogs will catch us.
Leave her here.
You stay
right where you are.
We'll make a splint,
and we'll carry you.
We'll be all right now.
We're across the water.
I'm the odd man out this trip,
but you can make it.
You're crazy.
Give me that.
If you don't go now,
you're gonna be dead anyway.
I'd be doing you a big favor
if I shot you.
You just leave the fink with me.
Pull me over there.
Then tie our friend
to that tree.
The dogs will come for her, see,
And I can get a shot at 'em
before they get at her.
Promise me you'll let them
take her alive.
It'll be better for you
that way.
I promise.
[Dog panting]
We'll be back.
Get yourself a good lay for me,
will ya?
[Dogs barking]
[Suspenseful music]
[Gun clicking]
[Dogs barking]
I can't go on anymore.
You got to.
Look, we can get out now
if you just keep going.
Keep going?
There's no place to go.
Well, I guess that's it.
We're friends.
We're friends of django!
[Peaceful music]
Old man there is a good man.
He'll see to it that you get
to Hong Kong all right.
Only for a little while.
I'll be back.
Then we'll see.
I can twist these comic opera
Right around
my little finger.
They haven't heard the last
of Terry rich in this country.
Have they found out
about blossom and django yet?
Not yet,
But they're out there somewhere,
in the mountains fornicating,
Making up for lost time.
They'll turn up one day,
And vivo LA revolucion.