The Big Easy (1986) Movie Script

(singing in cajun)
(horn blowing)
All right, hold it!
Oh, sorry, lieutenant.
(radio) All right,
it's 2 a. m. in New Orleans,
The big easy.
And we're stirring up
that gumbo!
(helicopter in background)
Hey, Remy!
Hey, Teeneg, here you at?
Where you been,
don't you ever go home?
Only when the music stops, Cher.
Hey, who's the dead meat?
As long as you're here,
let's see if you can make him.
Oh man, yeah;
Hello, Freddy.
That's Freddy Angelo,
wise-guy scumbag,
Works for Eddie Di Moti.
He handles Mexican
imports for the family.
Can't find any bullet hits,
spent shells,
Nothing like that;
very little blood.
We figure they lit him up
some place else,
then brought his body here.
Here's his wallet.
They just lifted the prints.
Oh, the drivers license
is missing!
I guess they took it for
proof of their hit.
Standard wise-guy
procedure, right, Remy?
If you're gonna wrap
'em in a concrete overcoat
and dump 'em in
lake Pontchartrain.
But here's Freddy,
dead as Kelsey's nuts,
right in the middle
of the Piazza D'Italia.
Now what does that tell us, huh?
Somebody is sending a message.
To the esteemed president
of the Italian-American
Renaissance Association.
Vinnie "The Cannon" Di Moti.
There you go.
I want you to pick up
Vinnie "The Cannon"
tomorrow morning at his barbershop
and bring him in for questioning.
Hi, Remy.
Cavenaugh, where you at?
I'm doing it.
What is this, the Dodge and
De Soto Follies?
Who would know what
you're thinking about?
Captain, it was Andre's idea.
Is he the brains of
the partnership now?
Hey, what did they do now?
Impounded a boat.
They spent half their shift at
the damned police dock.
What am I going to
do with them?
- Why don't we shoot 'em?
- Yeah!
No, they're too much fun
at Mardi Gras.
Who's that in my office?
Assistant district attorney,
Anne Osborne.
Hmmm, nice neck!
We have written orders
to cooperate.
Her be part of the special
task force
That's investigating
police corruption.
Where did she get
that idea, huh?
She says she's here about
the Angelo murder.
So I'm gonna get myself
some real coffee,
and you're going to give her
whatever she needs.
She's in good hands, Cher.
Excuse me.
Anne, hi.
I'm Remy McSwain.
Your pencil.
Ahhh, Remy.
Lieutenant, I've come to find out
what progress you've made
on the Angelo murder.
What's your hurry,
he's not even stiff yet.
He is dead though,
isn't he?
Oh, last time I saw him, yeah.
You have no clues or leads?
Not so far.
See, I've seen dozens of
these wise-guy jobs.
We usually find out why
the hit went down or who did it,
But we never have enough
to take to court.
He wasn't at the barbershop,
so we picked him up at his home.
Bring him in.
Oh, thank you so much for
coming in, Mr. Di Moti.
This is Miss Anne Osborne of
the district attorney's office.
My lawyer is going to get me
out of here in five minutes.
I got nothing to say
'til then, nothing!
Why, you're not
under arrest, Mr. Di Moti.
Did McCabe give you
that impression?
McCabe, I want you to
apologize to Mr. Di Moti here.
I'm sorry about the
misunderstanding, Mr. Di Moti.
You're free to go
any time you want, sir.
Again, we really do apologize.
We just wanted to express
our sympathy about Freddy.
About who?
Freddy Angelo,
the guy they found floating
in the fountain last night
behind your office.
Yeah, he used to work
for me, terrible!
Nobody's got any respect
for monuments anymore.
Mr. Di Moti, isn't it true
that Mr. Angelo worked for you
for nearly 20 years,
and was still in your employ
at the time of his death?
Can I go?
You know, kid, your father would
never drag me down here.
If he wanted to see me,
he'd come to the house!
He knew a little something
about respect.
Di Moti:
Get out of my way!
I can't believe you were so
obsequious with that man.
What does "obsequious" mean?
It means you had a high-ranking
member of the Mafia
in your office and
you kissed his ass.
Well, let me point
out a few things to you.
First of all, nobody
uses the word "Mafia" anymore.
Down here we call them "wise guys. "
You're not from here, are you?
I only say this to save
you any kind of embarrassment.
I'll bear that in mind, lieutenant.
Anything else?
Hey, you like spicy food;
why don't we have dinner?
I know this little cajun place.
Relax, Romeo.
Tell me what you learned
from two minutes of ass-kissing.
Actually I learned a
lot from that little interview.
Do you read minds?
No, I read people; and
after seeing "The Cannon,"
I can probably tell you why
Freddy sprung a leak last night.
I suppose you know
who the killer is, too.
Oh no, but I bet we find his body
floating in the lake
in a couple of weeks.
Then what will you do?
I told you we never
have enough to take to court.
Hell, I'd close the case
right now except for one thing.
What's that?
I'll tell you over dinner.
Hey, come on, we don't
have to stand in line.
- Hey!
- Hey, man!
How embarrassing.
That's what's great about being a cop.
How you doing?
(singing in cajun)
All right, Willie!
Come on, we're going
to work up an appetite.
Hi, Remy.
I thought we were
here to discuss business.
Business and pleasure,
what's wrong with that?
I can't do this.
Wait, didn't they
dance where you come from?
No, we barely spoke.
This is New Orleans, doll,
the big easy.
Down here dancing's
a way of life, come on.
Feel the music!
Now you're getting it, that's right!
(singing in cajun)
I look in your eyes
Oh yeah, girl,
and I realize
that I'm a man...
(with heavy accent) You see
my grandpapa on my mama's side,
now he was a real cajun.
Born and died on the bayoutish.
I thought you came
from a family of Irish cops.
No, that was on my daddy's side.
He was the first one
to become a cop.
Followed by three brothers,
one son and four nephews.
My cousin, Terry,
joined the fire department.
He's the black sheep of the family.
You were the youngest detective
in the history of the N.O.P.D.
to ever make lieutenant.
I had an in
in the department, sugar.
Careful who you say that to.
Oh yeah, that's right,
you bust cops...
for a living.
I'm not embarrassed
to put bad cops behind bars.
Why don't you tell
me something about your life.
It's not as colorful as yours.
Oh yeah?
Do you want me to tell you
why I'm not closing the Angelo case?
That's supposed to be why I'm here.
- It's you.
- Oh please!
No, no, it's you really.
I mean, how come an
assistant district attorney
in an official corruption
strike force
is suddenly so interested
in a routine Mafia hit?
Routine "wise-guy" hit,
Yeah, whatever.
What gives?
We have the jurisdiction
to investigate any crime.
You got some kind of police
corruption angle on this case?
No comment, lieutenant.
- You got any evidence at all?
- No comment, again.
Hey, Remy, how's everything?
You like that gumbo?
Remy's great aunt Emeline,
she teach me my gumbo.
But she uses more sassafras
filet in her gumbo.
You watch your mouth, boy,
or you don't get no dessert.
We got Cajun Coush-Coush,
and we got Dobas Cake.
No, nothing for me, thanks.
I have to be up very early tomorrow.
Yeah, we just gonna
take the check tonight, Paul.
What you talking about, Cher?
I mean I want the check, Paul!
Remy done lost his mind.
He knows his money
is no good in here.
then just give me the check.
Paul, have you met Anne Osborne
with the D.A.'s office?
Oh, really?
You looking for that check, Remy.
Right here it is,
all the time.
You honestly don't
see the harm in any of this?
No, I don't see the harm;
these are the perks!
But the restaurant expects
extra protection in return.
Big deal!
And expect the officer
to overlook any code violations.
If all the codes
were enforced in this city,
you wouldn't have a single
restaurant that could stay open.
So now you're defending
organized corruption?
I'm not defending anything,
this is New Orleans.
Folks have a certain
way of doing things down here.
People like to show
their appreciation.
Really, how does it work?
Do you get free suits?
Do you get a little envelope
from Chef Paul every week?
Are you wearing a
wire in there or something?
(horns honking)
I'm serious.
How far does all this stuff go?
Is everything for sale?
What's it cost to beat
a murder rap these days?
Is that what you think about cops?
You've got a real
serious attitude problem.
Being around you for
an evening hasn't improved it.
I've never seen a man break
so many laws in such a short time.
It's very simple when
you're out on the street.
There's "good guys"
and there's "bad guys".
I suppose you're the "good guys"?
Damn right, and we're all
that stands between you and them.
Why don't you just drop
me off at the corner up there.
(tires screeching)
And don't think that
I'm naive, lieutenant.
I know the way the system works,
but things can change.
Oh yeah, are you going
to change it?
Don't you dare
be amused at me.
- Hey, is this your building?
- No, I live up the street.
I have to get some things.
Is that okay?
I'll wait for you and
drive you the rest of the way.
No thank you,
I'd rather walk.
I'll walk with you.
No. Thank you very much for a
very illuminating evening.
Stop, my purse!
Let's go, blood!
Help, somebody help!
Let me go, woman!
Don't screw up!
Scumbag, get your face down
on the pavement right now!
You stay down there
for a second.
Ah-ha, ah-ha.
You a cop?
Yes, ma'am.
Thank god you were here;
I just cashed my pay check.
Stay here and a patrolman will
be by to take your statement.
You think I'm crazy or what?
I'm not taking any chances,
no police!
All right.
A patrol car is going to come
for you in a little while.
Now if you do anything
to my car,
If you even get your
fingerprints on the paint,
they are going to beat
the ever-living shit out of you.
Do you fully understand each
and every one of these rights
as I have explained them to you?
Yes, sir.
It's a good thing
I'm such a pushy guy, huh?
Hey, Remy, listen to this.
Remember Mrs. Williams who
stabbed her husband last week?
We go see her, "Mrs. Williams,
your husband just died,"
"and you're busted for
second-degree homicide. "
You know what she said?
"That bastard, I stabbed
him before and he never died. "
Homicide, McSwain.
Hello, lieutenant.
Hey, Anne, you must be psychic.
I was just thinking about you.
What's new on the Angelo case?
Not a thing.
Why not, aren't you working on it?
Hey, I got a poisoned
nurse in the garden district
and a strangled transvestite
in the French Quarter.
I got a suspicious
asphyxiation in town.
Freddy Angelo has
to wait his turn.
I thought the Angelo case
was supposed to be given priority.
When can I see
a copy of your report?
I'll tell you what,
the Nevelle Brothers
are playing at Tipitina's tonight.
I can give it to you then.
I was thinking that we ought to
keep this relationship
strictly professional.
Hey, why?
I thought we passed a good
time last night.
Didn't you like the music?
The music was very nice.
Didn't you like the
crawfish etouffee?
The food was delicious,
but look, let's just forget
about last night.
There's too much possibility
for conflict of interest.
Oh, really?
Why, are you investigating me?
Of course not, no.
Why don't I pick you up at 8:00,
and don't be late?
No, please just have somebody
send a copy of the report
to my office.
Thank you, lieutenant.
(dial tone)
(man honking)
Hey, Annie!
What are you doing here?
(man continues to honk and shout)
Hey, what the hell you doing?
I got a large pizza here.
Pepperoni with extra cheese.
Move your goddamned car!
You can't get around me that easy.
Where's my report?
- Right here.
- Where?
Under the pizza.
You got to eat the pie
to get to the report.
Go on, girlie,
get in the car!
You write a pretty good report.
Oh, great.
Does that mean we can
go to Tipitina's now?
I'd like to ask you
a few questions.
Now Angelo was shot
at a downward angle.
The weapon was a Mack-10 pistol.
Are you thinking
dope smugglers?
Possibly, but a lot of
younger wise-guys
use Mack-10 pistols, too.
you found his car parked way out
on Choopatalis Street.
Chopatoolis Street.
But you couldn't find any
evidence of a crime, correct?
Yeah, but what it doesn't
say in there is
that Freddy Angelo's car
was parked across the street
from a wharf warehouse owned
by Carmine Tandino,
a very well-known hit man
in the family
of our mutual friend,
Vinnie "The Cannon" Di Moti.
I'm going to check out
that warehouse tomorrow.
Why isn't that in your
report, lieutenant?
We're not supposed to draw
conclusions, you know that.
If someone were to ask you,
what conclusion would you draw?
Well, Freddy imported
heroin for a living.
Carmine Tandino's
warehouse is on the river.
Sometimes heroin
comes up the river.
You draw your own conclusions.
I'm impressed.
By what?
Well, you've obviously given
this a great deal of thought.
You're doing a
really thorough job.
Oh, thank you very much.
What do you think,
I do a very lousy job?
No, I didn't mean that.
Why don't you like me, Anne?
I do like you.
Well, why don't you trust me then?
You think I'm a rotten,
dirty cop.
Is that what you think of me?
I do trust you.
I do.
Lace curtain blowing
on a river breeze
Slips across the bed
and it rustles the sheets
It seems everything nowadays
Just reminds me of you
Smell of the morning
in a rainy land
the touch of satin
across my hand
just makes me wish...
I'm not very good at this.
Closer to you...
Closer to you...
I can't do this.
I'm too nervous.
I can't relax.
Closer to you.
I'm very embarrassed.
Oh, no, don't be embarrassed.
Just relax, darling.
This is The Big Easy.
Folks have a certain
way of doing things down here.
I've noticed.
Oh, stop that!
Stop what?
- What?
- That.
What, that, or that?
If I said that I loved you,
would you turn away,
afraid of what you
think you're supposed to say
that's all right, baby
'cause I already know
I can see it in your eyes
I can feel it in your voice
Believe me, baby,
you got no choice
Come here.
Anne: Yours or mine?
Remy: Mine.
McSwain, this better be good!
What, slow down a minute.
All right, I'll be right there.
What is it?
A triple murder in Storyville.
I'm sorry, I'm really sorry.
It's okay.
I never did have
much luck with sex anyway.
Your luck is about to change.
Oh boy, ooo-la-la!
How long does a murder take?
A couple of hours at least.
Come back.
You sure?
I'm sure.
We'll talk about
the Angelo case.
Hey, Hollywood, why don't
you call your mother on the phone.
She hadn't heard
from you in over a week.
Hey, when the hell you going
to make an honest woman of her?
She ain't going to
marry me until I retire.
Yeah, that'll be the day.
(glass shattering)
What, we got a carnival
going on here or what?
Hey, what the hell's going on?
There's a couple
of kids spreading a rumor
that the killers were
in an unmarked police car.
Great, that's all we need.
Don't be looking at us
'cause you all did it!
All right to roll him over,
Yeah, roll away.
Jamaal Washington, huh?
Hey, Jack, everything
under control out there?
Oh yeah, the riot's
kind of turned into a party.
Oh man, I love this town.
You remember Miss Anne Osborne.
It's very nice to see you again.
Yeah, you too.
The D.A.'s office is interested
since there's an allegation
of police officer involvement.
You believe every
rumor you hear?
Do you have any evidence
one way or the other?
Right now we got two
unknown white male suspects,
not officers, suspects.
And one unsubstantiated rumor.
Anything on the victims yet?
You don't want to see this guy.
He kind of lost his face.
We have to wait for
a fingerprint I.D. on him.
The third victim I
think is a Nobliet brother,
also narcotics and
runner for Daddy Mention.
Who's Daddy Mention?
He handles the black side
of narcotics.
Vinnie "The Cannon",
you met him the other day,
he's got the white action.
Why don't you believe
the killers were cops?
If they were cops,
they would have stayed here.
When we arrived we would
have found plants: guns, knives,
all kinds of evidence
that they resisted arrest.
Something every cop
knows how to do.
Doesn't surprise me.
You probably know how to
bribe a jury too; don't you?
Even though you
probably never have, huh?
Hey, Remy, look what I got.
It feels like about a kilo.
That's great work,
Dodge, really great work.
Why don't we pass it around
and all put our fingerprints on it?
What's this?
Heroin, Mexican brown.
Somebody's been
using shotguns here, so...
I figure Tandino.
Carmine Tandino, hit man for
Vinnie "The Cannon. "
Shotguns are his signature.
Resulting in spaghetti sauce.
Captain, you want to take over here.
I think I should take
Miss Osborne home.
Oh, thank you very much.
Watch your step.
Don't they make a lovely couple.
Hey, we'll go to my apartment.
It's closer, all right?
After a while you
get used to stuff like that.
You get hardened.
Everybody gets sick the first time.
Don't be embarrassed.
I'll be fine.
Let me know if you're going
to throw up, I'll pull over.
I'm not going to throw up.
You think Carmine Tandino killed
those men tonight, right?
Even with your head in the toilet
you still want to talk business?
Yeah, I think Carmine Tandino
killed those boys tonight.
Therefore, they must
have murdered Freddy Angelo.
I'd say you're right again.
What does that do to your
theory that the Angelo murder
was a message for Vinnie
"The Cannon" to retire?
Now we know who sent it,
Daddy Mention.
Now we're dealing
with something more than
one wise guy killing
another wise guy.
Well, we sure are.
What's that supposed to mean, huh?
Is Carmine Tandino
the only person in the world
who uses a shotgun
to kill people?
No, but he's one of the few
who turns a profit at it.
You don't think the cops
had anything to do with this?
Cops don't do that sort of thing.
Not even the rad cops.
You're always accusing
the cops of everything.
Okay, then how do you explain...
Hey, hey, hey,
How do you feel now, huh?
Does this stuff ever get to you?
Who me?
Bullets bounce off me.
You are never afraid?
All the time.
Look out for the gator, baby.
(music plays
singing in cajun)
Oh shit, who are you?
I'm Bobbie, Remy's brother.
You scared the hell out of me!
Where did you come from?
I spent the night here on the couch.
Oh my god, excuse me.
I'm sorry if I embarrassed you.
Hey, I just went down
to get us some breakfast.
I'm sorry, I'm really
late for a meeting.
I have to get to work.
- Hey, I'll drive you down there.
- It's okay, I'll take a cab.
- Did you meet my brother?
- Kind of.
Hey, sugar, is something wrong?
What's for breakfast?
Your ass!
Jesus Christ, Remy,
you scared the shit out of me!
Don't just walk
into an interrogation room
without knocking, man!
Where are the Storyville witnesses?
Hi. I heard you dudes saw
something last night in Storyville
around the time those
three guys got stovepiped.
They said you saw
an unmarked police car.
What are you talking about?
We was home watching TV.
We didn't see nothing.
Andre, take their statements;
then let them go home.
You be nice to Andre.
That's "we didn't see nothing. "
"We was home watching TV."
Is that right, gents?
You say you love me once,
but I want to hear it twice.
Get me out of here;
I hate this job!
Property's a dirty job, Dewey.
You're next in line.
Remy, remember the guy
who lost his face last night?
Look what the morgue
guys found in his pocket.
Ah, Freddy Angelo's drivers license.
Beautiful, I knew
those guys killed Freddy.
All right.
And what time did he leave?
You're sure?
Carmine Tandino
has an airtight alibi.
He was at Moscos with his wife
and half his family until four a. m.
I've got 12 witnesses
who corroborate his story.
You know who owns Moscos;
Carmine Tandino's nephew.
It's a very popular spot for alibis.
I'm going to talk to Carmine myself.
Remy, I got Anne Osborne on line.
Do you want me to
tell her you're not here?
No, I'll take it myself.
- I can tell her you're not here.
- No, really, I'll take it.
Miss Osborne,
I haven't got the forensics
or the ballistics report
back yet, so...
I didn't call about that.
Look, Remy, I'm very
sorry about this morning;
About the way
I just ran out like that.
Me too.
I'm sort of confused.
Oh no, don't be confused, no.
Things like last
night don't happen to me.
Me either.
Oh, please.
No, I mean it, I really do.
I know too much about
your reputation to believe you.
You want to get out
of my office, huh?
(phone ringing)
Anne Osborne.
Look, I'm going to take
you to lunch.
You look into my eyes and tell me
whether you believe me or not.
No, I can't.
Oh, great, then I'm
going to make us a reservation
for Antoine's for one o'clock.
What did she want?
Who, Anne?
"Anne" he calls her.
She's got everybody
around here scared shitless,
and he calls her
"Anne" for Christ's sakes!
I think that woman
is using the Angelo murder
as an excuse to come
sniffing around our widows...
Widows and orphans fund.
Why don't you relax, son.
Remy's got the lady
wrapped around his finger.
Which reminds me,
what's the beef?
I got a call from the
Sho-bar on Bourbon Street.
There's a new owner in there.
He's having some trouble,
and he wants to talk to you.
I got laryngitis.
He's got this thing about rank.
He don't talk to
no sergeant or flat foot.
Hey, hey,
don't you look at me, Lou.
I got to go
talk to Carmine Tandino.
Oh, come on,
for the widows and orphans.
It will take you five minutes.
It's on your way.
All right, dude,
but you owe me one, huh?
Watch out, loose ball.
Oh, you!
That's 200 bucks.
(music playing)
I'm looking for George Joel.
You got him.
I think your mother
is calling you down there.
I heard you wanted
to talk to somebody.
I wanted to see the captain.
Hey, wait a minute, please.
Come back;
I didn't mean to offend you.
I got a different cop in here
every night shaking me down.
I can't stay in business
like that.
You got cops in here
bothering you?
Why don't you just send
them to me?
Don't get me wrong;
I'll pay, one guy, once a month,
not have cops jumping all over me.
Settle down, all right;
I'll take care of it.
I'll give you a number
you can call anytime, okay.
I knew you were
the right guy to talk to.
What's this?
It's my way of saying thanks.
You wearing a wire?
Help, help!
Hold it, freeze!
Get down!
Internal Affairs, hold it!
What's he chewing?
Spit it out!
Chew all you want, asshole.
We've got everything on video tape.
Miss Osborne,
a telephone call.
Jesus, can't I leave
the office for an hour?
I'm sorry, what?
Step up.
Hold it, hold it.
I got to talk with this man.
Cut him loose here.
What's the special treatment?
Come on, man!
Yeah, he's a cop.
What the hell happened?
They set a trap, and I got caught.
The thing that Dodge
was talking about?
That was supposed to be me.
I can handle it.
I got Lamar Parmentel to defend you.
I know, he's beat your
brains a thousand times,
but he knows what he's doing.
The guys have agreed
the widows and orphans fund
is paying his fees.
You want to keep
your voice down, Jack, man.
Make room and be quiet.
We take care of our own,
remember that.
I'm going to take care of it.
I'll give you a number
you can call anytime.
We got the bribery
conviction locked up.
I don't know, it skirts
the edge of entrapment.
If we get the wrong judge,
he'll throw the case out.
Maybe he'll want to make a deal.
I don't think we
should offer a deal now.
We should get a conviction,
then we can offer a deal.
Anne, I want you
to ask for very high bail.
Let him sweat a little.
Help, help!
All rise.
These are the custodies?
Be seated.
Okay, what have we got?
There are two Tibidos,
your honor.
Unrelated cases.
All right, sit down,
we'll get back to both of you.
You; you look familiar.
Well, I'm certainly sorry
to see you before me, lieutenant.
Extortion, bribery.
Do you have counsel?
I'm his counsel, your honor.
We waive rights and
plead not guilty.
We petition the court
for the earliest possible date
for a preliminary hearing.
Now, the 22nd is
the earliest date I've got.
Your honor, everyday my
client is suspended from the force
does great damage to his reputation,
As well as to the on-going
investigations he's conducting.
All right.
We can get you in day after
tomorrow before Judge Garrison,
If that's all right
with the state?
We're ready, your honor.
Your honor, giving
due weight to the seriousness
of the charges against
a public official,
the state asks for bail
in the amount of $50,OOO.
Your honor, the defendant
has been a police officer
for 11 years and has very
strong ties to the community.
Bail is set at $500.
All right, Tibido, Andrew.
That girl is after your ass.
Why don't you let me try
to make a deal.
What kind of a deal?
Plead you guilty to unlawful
acceptance of a gratuity.
Is that a misdemeanor?
A felony, you'll get
maybe three months jail time.
One felony conviction
and I'm off the job.
What kind of a life is that?
I'm a cop,
it's all I know how to do.
Remy, Remy,
they've got a video tape.
Did you ever see
a jury watch a video tape?
It's like watching
Mike Wallace on "60 minutes. "
I can't go to jail.
Can I help you?
Yeah, I called about...
a nickel magnet.
Yeah, I got it right here.
You're not wearing
a quartz watch, are you?
It's a powerful magnet.
If you're wearing a
quartz watch it will ruin it.
I ain't got no time for no watch.
Good, 183.
Yeah, I know.
(alarm ringing)
(music plays, Bobby singing)
Hey, brother.
Hey, what's the matter?
Don't you recognize
your own brother, brother?
Jesus, Remy!
You know Mardi Gras
ain't till February.
What are you doing
in that get up?
Oh, a little undercover work.
I thought you were suspended.
Who told you that?
She said you were framed.
Look, this is hard as hell
for me to explain to you.
You don't have to
explain anything to me.
Look, I want to be honest
with you.
In this particular case,
It was a setup.
But, I've been on the take
in little-bitty ways
since practically
the first day on the job.
I know that.
Oh, yeah?
Who told you?
What do you think,
I'm stupid?
Nobody had to tell me.
I know you give mama
the money for my tuition.
It sure don't
come out of your salary.
I'm just glad I can
finally thank you.
I didn't want you
to know about that.
I remember once,
I must have been about six or seven,
I was looking in daddy's
pocket for a candy bar,
and I found seven to eight
$10 dollar bills.
You knew about daddy?
Yeah, I knew about
daddy and all the relatives.
I just...
I figured it was understood.
I didn't understand it.
I didn't have any
idea daddy was on the take
- until I was on the job myself.
- Are you serious?
You were eight years
old when daddy died.
I should have asked you.
It's not too late;
want to ask me anything else?
Have you been having sex?
Don't you want to introduce
your mama to your lawyer, son?
Mama, this is Lamar Parmentel.
Ah, the renowned
queen of the McSwain Clan.
How delightful to finally
meet you in the flesh.
I know all about you, Lamar.
You're the man that
got the governor acquitted.
I know you're going to to
do a fine job defending my Remy.
Yeah, mama, yeah.
Of course, you know
about his outstanding record
and the citations they gave him?
Did he ever tell you
about saving the drowning boy?
The baby was in the water.
Hey, where you at?
Who is that?
That's the prosecuting
attorney, mama.
Yeah, ain't she cute?
Oh, yeah.
Oye, oye, oye,
criminal district court,
section 8, city of New Orleans,
is now in session.
The Honorable
Jim Garrison presiding.
What occurred next?
I saw George Joel hand
the defendant the white envelope.
I saw it very clearly.
And what did the defendant do?
He accepted the envelope.
And from the balcony
you weren't able
to hear the conversation
between this George Joel
and the defendant,
isn't that the case?
Yes, sir.
You testified there were eight
$50 bills in the envelope?
That's correct.
Can you produce this money
in court?
Sir, the defendant dropped
the money
in the center of
the crowded bar.
It was clear the people
in the bar took it,
but we just couldn't search
everybody that was there.
Thank you.
Mr. Joel,
did the defendant promise
that these uniformed officers
would stop harassing you?
Yeah, if I'd pay him,
he would.
What would happen if you did
not make this payment?
If I don't pay,
the police close me down.
Have you ever been arrested?
The prosecution stipulates the witness
is currently under indictment.
I'm sure I don't have to remind
the court that clergymen
and bankers are seldom
witnesses at criminal trials.
Is it not true that you would say
anything the prosecution wanted
to avoid being sent to prison?
- Yeah.
- Objection!
- I mean no.
- Sustained.
Lieutenant, you said you went
to the tavern to see an informer?
Yes, ma'am.
Now if you were engaged in
your duties as a police officer,
why did you run away from
the Internal Affairs officer?
He did not identify
himself as a police officer.
I thought he was a mugger.
Were you armed?
Yes, ma'am.
And you ran away from a mugger?
I was calling for assistance,
which is proper police procedure.
Was it also proper police procedure
to chew and swallow the envelope
that Mr. Joel gave to you?
What envelope?
Lieutenant, earlier today
officer Crinky swore under oath
that he saw you accept
an envelope from Mr. Joel.
Were you here for that testimony?
Yes, ma'am.
Are you calling your fellow
officer a liar, lieutenant?
No, I just don't know what
envelope you're talking about.
The envelope Mr. Joel gave
you containing eight $50 bills.
Objection, your honor.
Counsel is drawing conclusions.
The $50 bills you threw in the air,
the envelope you ate!
I have no further questions.
The witness may step down.
Your honor, tomorrow the prosecution
will present a video tape
that will not only corroborate
every state's witness,
but will refute every statement
the defendant has made.
And show that in addition
to the crime charged,
the defendant has per jured
himself before this court.
(gavel banging)
This court is adjourned until
10 o'clock tomorrow morning.
(phone ringing)
It's 3:00 in the morning.
Yes, but this is McCabe;
sorry to bother you.
But somebody just blew
up Carmine Tandino's warehouse,
- With him in it.
- No kidding!
There's another body too,
nobody knows him.
- Maybe you can make him.
- I'll be right down.
I don't think
you better come down here.
Deputy Soup is talking
to the TV guys.
Film at 11:00, huh?
Meet us at the morgue in an hour.
Hey, it's a free country,
isn't it?
I'll meet you at
the scene in 15 minutes.
(radio playing)
(phone ringing)
Anne Osborne.
Carmine Tandino was
just killed at his warehouse
down on the Third Street wharf.
I thought you would want to know.
Hey, Remy.
Pssst, come here,
come here.
Oh, Remy, I told you not to come.
I'm not here; where are the bods?
This way.
It looks like the killer
set a fire to destroy the bodies.
The fire explodes
a drum of paint thinner,
and the explosion
blows out the fire.
(glass breaking)
How did you identify Tandino?
Oh, yeah,
he had a glass eye, way to go!
Ain't that a beautiful shooter.
This is the guy we can't make.
He must have been hiding
here when they killed Tandino.
Oh god!
Hey, I know him,
that's Tandino's older brother.
I didn't know he had a brother.
Yeah, the poor guy's retarded.
The family kept him at home.
He did a little work
sweeping up the warehouse.
Oh man, now
they're killing retards.
Then why ain't you dead?
This is where they work up-
watch your step!
...the Mardi Gras stuff
and all that.
Some of these...
Hold it.
You okay?
Who does this remind you of?
That's for the World's Fair.
They got about 10
or 12 pieces of the thing.
Let me show you this one
cause when I was a kid we used...
Wait, hey!
Miss Osborne, are you sure
that you want to see this?
What the hell is this
man doing here?
What the hell is this man
doing here?
Better yet, what are you doing here?
Yeah, what are you doing here?
I got an anonymous call.
They ripped the heart
right out of his chest.
Why would they do a
thing like that?
- Voodoo.
- Daddy Mention.
The heroin dealer?
And voodoo priest.
That's Daddy Mention's thing.
Yeah, the heart of
your enemy makes you strong.
So, what you're saying
is that Daddy Mention
killed Carmine Tandino?
Supporting your theory that Tandino
murdered Daddy Mention's
men the other night.
What we got here
is a cute little drug war.
Doesn't satisfy you,
Miss Osborne?
Not particularly, no.
I'll see you in
court tomorrow, McSwain.
That's a woman for you,
Jack, never satisfied.
Order in the court.
All remain seated.
What's her problem?
It seems her key piece of evidence
was erased when a powerful magnet
was placed beside it
in the police property room.
What, the video tape?
New Orleans is a marvelous
environment for coincidence.
Your honor, because
the key piece of evidence
has been suspiciously tampered with,
the state is compelled to drop its
charges against Lieutenant McSwain.
The defendant is ordered
released and bond is vacated.
Court is adjourned.
All right!
Great job!
Lamar, Lamar.
I told you I'd get him off.
(singing in cajun)
Miss Osborne.
Would you come with me, please.
What, where?
I really can't tell you right now.
Is this supposed to be a joke?
No, it's no joke, my friend.
Well, am I under arrest?
What are the charges?
Well, you were jaywalking
over there,
and when you ran across the bridge,
that's trespassing.
And that I'm going
to call resisting arrest.
You don't happen to be a relative
of Remy McSwain's by any chance?
Look, Cher,
listen to your uncle Solse,
put your pretty face in the car.
I thought so.
(singing in cajun)
Do these cajuns know
how to throw a party or what?
Listen all, I want to be
serious with you for a minute.
Most of you all know that
a policeman's life
is made up of short pay,
long hours, mortal danger
and very little thanks
from the public which we serve.
Every once in a while,
we win one.
Every once in a while
justice triumphs!
Remy, come here!
I want you to raise your
cup or your glass,
raise your nose
if you have to.
I give you the police department
of the city of New Orleans.
And the fire department.
Okay, the fire department too.
Hey, get some of this
food over here.
We done burned 10 chickens,
I don't know what all.
Come on, let's party.
Now you're adding
kidnapping and false arrest
to your list of crimes?
You're not under arrest.
Did Uncle Solse give you
that impression?
Uncle Solse, apologize.
I'm sorry for that little
I suppose now you're going to
tell me I'm free to go.
You're free to go any
time you want.
Where is the telephone?
Up on the porch,
I'll show you.
I'll get it myself.
Oh, that pretty girl's
got a mad on.
Hey, look at this.
Where is she coming from?
She got some nerve!
Hey, Anne, I thought you were
great in court today.
I want to be a lawyer too.
I lost!
- What the hell is she doing here?
- A pushy broad, I told you.
Hey, look at this.
Yeah, she don't look
bad in shorts, no.
When can you be here?
You were saying some pretty
hard things
about my boy in that
courtroom today.
Yes, I did.
He's a good boy.
He could be a lot better,
Mrs. McSwain.
Are you gonna help him with that?
You got your work
cut out for you.
What did he do,
drag you out
of the bathtub, or what?
No, I was running.
(music playing)
You used to call me
in the morning
You used to call me
late at night
Now you don't
call me any more
Talk all night long
on the telephone,
But now you don't call
me any more
You used to call me daddy,
Oh daddy, oh daddy
But now you don't
call me anymore
Why, oh why,
tell me why,
Why you don't
call me anymore.
(speaking French)
Dance with me,
come on dance with me.
I cut a hell of a rug,
you know.
- Come on.
- Take your hand off me.
Come on, dance with the boy.
Dance with him.
(singing in French)
Aren't you gonna look at me?
All night long
on the telephone
But now you don't
call me anymore
Why, oh why,
oh why tell me why,
Why you don't
call me anymore.
Are you satisfied?
Are you still mad at me, huh?
You don't get it,
do you?
You're a cop, you're supposed
to uphold the law.
But instead you bend it
and twist it and sell it.
I saw you take that bribe
and resist arrest and
per jure yourself under oath.
Don't forget I ran
a red light too.
You still think it's funny,
don't you.
Why don't you face it, Remy,
you're not one of
the good guys anymore.
(knock on door.)
- Remy, good to see you back.
- Hey, dudes.
I want you to do me a favor.
Sure, Remy,
anything you need.
Take me off
the widows and orphans fund.
Jesus Christ, Remy,
what do you mean?
I don't mean nothing,
just take me off.
The widows and orphans
will do just fine without me.
Hey, don't even think about it.
Remy, look at this.
What's this? Retirement papers,
you finally did it.
As of December 31,
you're the ranking officer
of the homicide bureau.
- The fight is yours, baby.
- I don't believe you.
Your mother didn't
believe it either.
Are you finally
gonna marry the girl?
New Year's day.
I'd be honored if
you'd be my best man.
You bet I would,
you little huggy bear, you.
Bye, daddy.
What's so funny? Come here.
Dodge, De Soto, McCabe,
Foster, in my office.
Welcome back, Remy.
Foster has an interesting angle
on the Freddy Angelo murder.
Second division pulled two floaters
out of the canal last night.
They turned out to be
mexican deep sea fisherman.
Suffering from an acute
case of lead poisoning.
They worked out of Vera Cruz
with long records of smuggling.
What's this got
to do with Freddy Angelo?
Tt turns out mexican customs had
a wire tap on both of these guys.
And guess who their last
phone was from?
Freddy Angelo.
That's right.
We know Freddy Angelo was in Vera Cruz
three days before he was killed.
Narcotics said that Freddy never dealt
with anything less than 20 or 30 kilos.
That can explain a gang war.
One kilo of heroin
always seemed kind of small time
for all these people
to get killed over.
But 20 or 30,
that makes a lot more sense.
Where's the rest of it, huh?
Did anybody talk to Daddy Mention?
What is he gonna tell us?
"Come on in, fellas,"
"it's in the back under the sink. "
Come on.
Hello in there.
Hey, don't!
It's not what he says,
it's what you hear, Einstein.
Daddy Mention's the number one
suspect in a string of murders,
and you don't even talk to the guy.
We all know it's a gang war.
Daddy Mention is trying
to move in on Vinnie's action.
That sounds neat,
but I don't buy it no more.
Why not,
it works for me.
Anne Osborne.
What the hell
does she know about it?
I don't know what she knows about it,
but she knows something,
which is a lot more than you guys.
You haven't done
shit since I've been gone.
They're doing our job for us.
One creep kills another creep,
that's one less to worry about.
Why not let them wipe
each other out?
Because we're the police.
We've got guns and we're
supposed to be the good guys.
I'm going to talk
to Daddy Mention myself.
All those dinners with Osborne and
you still don't know what she knows.
Remy, you're losing your touch.
(marching band playing)
You should become
a defense lawyer, my dear.
You meet more colorful people.
You're going to love Daddy Mention.
He's a doctor of roots,
fruits and snoots.
You don't have any scruples at all,
do you, Lamar.
Is there anybody that
you wouldn't represent?
Darling, every man is entitled to
the best defense money can buy.
Oh, there you are.
I thought I lost you.
Why does Daddy Mention
want to see me?
Actually, it was my idea.
I thought you might be interested
in what he had to say
about the rash of
killings we've had of late.
I know you've been looking
into one or two of them.
Daddy's expecting us.
Daddy, this is the young
woman I was talking about.
Well, well, well.
Anne Osborne, Daddy Mention.
How do you do, Mr. Daddy
... Mention.
- Excuse my left-hand.
- Are they all yours?
21 children and 14 grandchildren.
I got lost in one of those
bible verses that says,
"be fruitful and multiply. "
I didn't read any further.
You kids run out,
Daddy's gonna talk some business.
You're a very lovely lady.
Thank you very much.
But let's get down
to business, shall we.
Mr. Parmentel tells
me you're looking into
the murder of them Italian boys.
Carmine Tandino and Freddy Angelo,
as well as Jamaal Washington
and Michael and Darnel Nobliet.
All of them allegedly
worked for you.
That's what I want to
talk to you about.
The police are putting
out this story
that there is a
gang war going on.
- Do you believe that?
- What do you believe?
My people didn't kill no Freddy
Angelo or what's his name Tandino
and cut his heart out.
- Then who did?
- I don't know.
But I know they're
killing my people too.
Why didn't you go
to the police with this?
Daddy's had some unfortunate
experiences talking with the police.
There's a policeman
to see you, Daddy.
Give me a minute.
I didn't know you
represented this sleazebag.
I only represent sleazebags, my boy.
What the hell are you doing here?
I came by to talk to "Chubby. "
I don't know that
he wants to talk to you.
I didn't know the
two of you were like that.
There are a lot of things
about me that you don't know.
Stay here!
Out here!
Daddy's been shot!
No, no!
(tires screeching)
What's the big secret, Anne?
And don't you bullshit me, now.
What evidence do you got on
the Freddy Angelo murder, huh?
So you're beginning
to think cops were involved?
- Yeah.
- Why?
That was an unmarked police car.
It's a piece of shit four-door.
Besides, only cops drive like that.
What do you know?
We have an eyewitness who saw
two men in an unmarked police car
dump Freddy Angelo's body
into the Piazza D'Italia.
Why did they think it
was an unmarked police car?
They saw a blue light and
a radio in the front seat.
Why did you withhold this
information from the police?
The police are the suspects.
Hey, get back.
Out of the street.
There isn't no gang war...
Is there?
So what are you gonna do about it?
I don't know.
The police department is my family.
These people are killers, Remy.
What do you want me to do,
go undercover
in my own precinct house?
No, I have a better idea.
Come on.
Anne, this is my cousin Frank,
Uncle Earnest.
you remember Uncle Solse,
cousin Pete.
Guys, thanks for helping out.
Uncle Solse,
I want you to check
everybody coming in or out,
no matter who they are.
You got it, Remy.
- Remy, what's going on?
- Ask her.
Are you the
desk sergeant on duty?
Do I look like
the king of Mardi Gras?
Then this is for you.
What the hell.
Hey, captain.
There's some broad
here with a search warrant.
Do you believe this shit?
Anybody who does not cooperate fully
and cheerfully with this investigation
will wish his mother
and father never met.
- Was your car damaged?
- It was in the lot for two days.
What was the nature
of the damage?
If you told me about this,
we could have sent out invitations.
- Is that car 17?
- Right.
- What district?
- Seven.
Sorry, boys, I've got orders
to pat everybody down.
Take out your weapons.
This lawyer is leading
Remy around by his nose.
- Try his dick.
- Higher, Solse.
Don't you touch me,
you dirty old man.
Andre's afraid of the dark.
Dark my ass,
it's a jungle out there.
If that don't work,
I piss on them.
There it is,
right there.
No, those are junkers over there.
That baby hasn't been out
of here in three months.
- Not a bad shot.
- Thanks.
I want this car dusted
for fingerprints.
You'll find mine
all over the hood.
Are you gonna come over
and clean up by my house?
You're gonna pay for this, bitch.
- Eat or work?
- Work.
- My place or yours?
- Yours.
That way I can leave
any time I want.
Did you find something?
You look a little strange.
No, just fried oysters
at 1:00 o'clock in the morning.
Why don't we just
call it a night, huh.
Who are you calling?
A cab.
Why don't you just stay here.
I'll sleep on the couch.
Thanks any way.
Oh, now. Wait a minute.
You're gonna be over here
first thing in the morning.
Hey, I won't try
no "cha-cha," I promise.
The bed is yours, huh.
No thank you,
but I'd rather go home.
Oh, Annie.
Are you gonna be pissed off at me
for the rest of your life?
Hey, can I get you anything?
No thanks, I'll be asleep as soon
as my head hits the pillow.
If I can't have you...
can I have my gator?
If you want
something to play with,
Go and find yourself a toy
Because baby my
time is too expensive,
And I'm not a little boy
If you are serious...
What is this,
"let's scare Bobby week?"
You're gonna give me
a heart attack before I'm 21.
Shhh, Anne is sleeping
in the bedroom, be quiet.
And you're sleeping on the couch?
Yeah, what about it.
Where am I supposed to sleep?
I thought you college boys
like sleeping on the floor.
Yeah, well, we don't.
(squeak, squeak).
(thunder clapping)
I know that deep down
inside of me
I believe you love me
Forget your foolish pride
You know that life
is too short to have sorrow
You may be here today
and gone tomorrow.
- Good morning.
- Morning.
Hey Remy,
is the coffee ready yet?
We're all out of coffee.
Why don't you go get some coffee.
- But it's pouring.
- Take my raincoat.
- I don't have any money.
- Here's some money for you.
I want you to take a cab
to the farthest place you can find
and have a nice large breakfast.
I want you to take in a movie and
I want you to give me a phone call.
I know that deep down
inside of me,
I believe you love me
Tell it like it is.
We have to get back to work.
Cha-cha, cha-cha.
What was that?
Get away from the window!
Do you see anything?
Dial "911."
Tell them shots fired
at this address,
I'll meet them
out on the street.
I'm a cop.
He's dead.
Oh, my god.
Hold that tight!
Where are they?
Call the hospital and
tell them we're on our way!
(police radio)
Move over!
Oh, god.
Jack, they tried to kill my baby.
Is he gonna be all right?
I've got to talk to you, Jack.
What is it?
Nothing, mama,
just police business.
Come on.
I was going over
the logs last night.
Some of them have been
tampered with.
Vehicle logs, patrol logs,
arrest logs.
All different departments.
What's that tell you?
Only someone in command
has access to the files.
So that's either me or you.
Was it you?
Who is it, Jack?
You got a wire on?
No wire.
Just you and me.
You've got a friend
in Mexican Customs, don't you?
You got that right.
What happened,
once you found out about
Freddy Angelo's heroin deal,
you decided to rip him off
and go into business for yourself?
It was a good idea.
We got a lot of scum off the street
with very little cost
to the taxpayers.
Somebody shot my brother, Jack!
They thought it was me,
he was wearing my coat.
Jesus, you think I had
something to do with that?
You're like my own flesh and blood.
I don't know what happened.
Somebody panicked.
Who panicked?
You've been behind this thing
all the way from the beginning.
Freddy Angelo and the Mexicans.
Yeah, and Carmine Tandino
and the boys in Storyville.
- And Daddy Mention.
- Garbage.
Where's the heroin, Jack?
If I told you,
you wouldn't believe me.
There must be more than
five million dollars worth.
It's a very big pie.
And you're entitled
to a fair slice.
So why don't you
take it and walk away.
You taught me a lot
when I first came on the job.
What was okay,
and what wasn't okay.
Is dealing heroin, okay, Jack?
Is murder okay?
I just wanted to go out a winner.
Thirty years.
Your daddy never
cared anything about that.
All he wanted to do
was chase the girls.
And he caught the best one.
I want to spend
rest of my life with her.
You touch my mother again
I'll kill you!
You can't talk to me that way.
He's gonna be all right!
Gentle savior, oh Lord.
(engine starts)
So Kellom has an alibi
for every one of the killings.
Then somebody is pulling
that trigger for him.
Don't you have
any idea who it is?
I've run out of ideas, Annie.
Charity Hospital,
give me intensive care.
Mrs. McSwain, please.
Remy, I still can't believe it.
I can't believe it either.
He admitted it right to my face.
He was all the time
so good to us, you know.
Take care of Bobby.
I'll call you later.
Bye, mama.
(ship's horn)
There's something
you should know.
I had that magnet
placed in the property room
next to the video tape.
A guy owed me a favor.
And you promoted him.
You knew that too, huh.
Before I got promoted,
I used to be a bag man for Kellom.
Just nickel and dime stuff.
You figure it's the system.
That it's not going
to make a difference
if you take a few
hundred here and there.
You figure you
deserve a good life.
For a decent living
for doing a dirty job.
You tell yourself you
can be just as good a cop.
I know.
But you can't.
Anne: Wait a minute.
Maybe we should
look at this another way.
How did those two Mexican smugglers
end up in the industrial canal?
Came down from Lake
Pontchartrain, I guess.
How did they get there?
A fishing boat, probably.
Where's the boat?
How are we supposed to
know where to find the boat?
Dodge and De Soto
impounded a boat
the night that Freddy
Angelo was killed.
They're the killers,
those two clowns.
Hey, captain.
You're crying all over our future.
We don't have any future, boys.
Maybe you don't.
We've got a plane to catch.
We've got to get rid of this shit.
Captain, just put the stuff down
and get out of here.
We're dumping it.
We don't have to listen
to you any more!
I'm not gonna tell you again!
Oh, shit.
Just stay here.
(dock creaks)
Oh, Jack.
Hey, Remy,
where are you at?
Throw the gun up on the deck.
Climb up on out of there.
We had a perfectly good
situation here
And you had to screw it up on us.
You turned on us, Remy.
I didn't turn on you.
What are you talking about?
We're all family, aren't we?
- Can't we work something out?
- That's that old Remy.
What do you say,
what's it gonna be?
Move out on the dock.
I've got to hand it to you guys,
the way you handled that situation.
I mean it was genius.
Real genius.
What do you take us for?
- You see them?
- I can't see a goddamn thing.
They've got to come up
for air sometime.
The bitch is over here.
Come on.
What's that?
He's on the other boat.
We got 'em now.
Next stop, Tahiti.
- Are you all right?
- Uh-huh.
Jesus Christ, it's gonna blow!