The Big House (1930) Movie Script

turner entertainment group and u.s. Department of education
hi, bill.
Hello, john.
See you later.
O.k. Good-bye.
Kent marlowe-
to 10 years.
First time
in prison?
"Sir" to me.
Yes, sir.
How old are you?
24, sir.
Ever serve
in the army, navy, marine corps?
No, sir.
Use tobacco?
Yes, sir.
opium, cocaine?
No, sir.
Frisk him.
You can have
your cigarettes.
No, sir.
That's my sister.
You can have
the photographs.
Thank you, sir.
You'll get
the rest back
when you leave
From now on,
you'll be number 48642.
Give him
the works.
Give him 24.
Two blankets.
Coat, 36.
Pants, five.
Shirt, 16.
Shirt, 16.
Hat, seven.
Shoes, 81/2.
Shoes, 81/2.
your clothes in there.
Arm length,
351/2 inches.
Scar on left
Out this way.
I hate to see
a young fellow like you
in here
for manslaughter.
It was
an accident, sir.
Yes. I remember
your case very well.
You ran a man down
with your car.
Yes, sir. It was
new year's eve.
You were drunk.
Yes, sir.
And now
you're here to pay for that crime
with 10 years
of your life.
Do you realize that?
Yes, sir.
Your sentence
can be reduced by good behavior
and close observance
of the prison rules.
And while you're not,
in the common sense of the word, a criminal,
i want to warn you
against the influences you'll encounter here...
or in any other prison.
Yes, sir.
So you be careful
of your conduct, your associations.
Yes, sir.
And remember this...
does not give a man a yellow streak,
but if he has one,
it brings it out.
That's all.
Well, riker,
what is it?
Do you know who
they're putting that boy in with?
No. Who?
the slickest crook we ever had here-
and machine-gun
Well, a weak
kid like that
thrown in
with a murderer and a gunman?
Now, now, now, pop.
Don't you get
chicken-hearted again.
Well, he might
have a chance in the cell alone.
Yes. I warned them
at the last governor's council.
We have 3,000 here
and cell accommodations
for 1,800.
They all want to throw
people into prison,
but they don't want
to provide for them after they are in.
You mark my word, pop.
Someday we're going to pay
for their shortsightedness.
Yeah, sure.
The whole prison system
is cockeyed.
Here's a face
for you, sandy.
He goes in 265
with butch and morgan.
Come on, boy.
to the left.
Here we are.
Hello, kid.
Take off
your earmuffs.
I said hello.
Make yourself
to home.
That's your flop
up there.
Thank you.
your name?
I said,
what's your name?
Kent marlowe.
Mine's schmidt.
I'm known
the world over
as machine-gun
You heard of me.
That's a cinch.
You never heard
of the delacey gang being wiped out?
Well, i done
the wiping.
500 bucks
for bumping off 3.
It ain't much.
It's cheap.
What's your racket?
What you in for?
Well, you ain't
no morning glory after all.
Press the flesh.
Who'd you croak?
Well, it was
an accident.
An accident?
Yeah. I was
driving a car-
oh, you're all
wet ears. Your nose ain't even dry.
What do you mean?
I'll show you
what i mean, kid.
I'll learn you
a lot of things
before we're through
with you in here.
there's company in the parlor.
Morgan's my name.
Kent's mine.
How are you?
Don't you ever have
any air in here?
Sure. Plenty.
All hot.
How long
you been here?
Three years.
What for?
I can't stand
Hey, my cigarettes.
You took
my cigarettes.
Why, you dirty
little liar. You didn't have no cigarettes.
Yes, i did,
and you stole them.
Aw, stop your
bellyaching before i slough you one.
Come on. Give me back
those cigarettes.
You're dingy.
You didn't have no cigarettes.
Give me those
cigarettes! Aw, get out!
I'll show you crooks
i won't stand for treatment like this.
Hey, guards! Guards!
Aw, stop
your squawking.
Crooks, are we?
Well, mr. High hat, i'll show you-
come on.
Let go of me!
Pipe down.
Pipe down.
Hey, hey, hey. What's wrong in here?
He took
my cigarettes.
Did he, morgan?
I don't know, sir. I was asleep.
Did you take
the kid's cigarettes?
They're no, sir,
both lying. So help me-
less noise, or you'll
spend your first night in the dungeon.
Aw, don't
put the kid in the cooler.
He's green.
He just went off his nut.
He won't
do it again.
Well, you watch your step.
mr. Yellowbelly,
you're going to get
your first lesson right now.
You can't squeal
in stir.
That's that.
Now, lay off
that stuff, butch. Do you hear?
Aw, he's only
stunned. I didn't bat him hard.
Put him
in his bunk.
Now give him back
his cigarettes.
You heard me.
Why, i ain't got
his old weeds.
Don't lie to me,
Say, listen,
i bumped off guys
for calling me
a liar.
Yeah, and look
where you are now.
Who, me?
Yes, you.
Well, look where
you are, too.
That's right, butch,
both of us...
the quick and the dead,
the clever and the dumb.
You know,
from the neck down,
a regular guy, butch.
Now, give the kid back
his cigarettes.
Who, me?
Yes, you.
I was only kidding.
Just kidding,
that's all.
Sure. I knew that
all the time.
Now, put them up
in his pocket.
I said, put them up
in his pocket.
It reminds me
of sadie.
sadie was
a good old skirt.
I shouldn't
have slipped her that ant poison.
I should have just batted her in the jaw
get off
of my stones, will you?
Get back in line there!
Hey, is everything
all set?
Here he comes.
Uh, kent, we hear
you're slated to get out soon.
What do you mean?
Who told you that?
Jim's a trustee
over in the warden's office.
He's in
on everything.
And he heard
something about me?
Yeah. The warden says
you're too nice a kid to keep here.
going to sure, let me go? They are.
How soon?
Oh, just as soon
as the warden
the o.k. From the governor.
Are you
kent marlowe?
wants to see you.
What does he want
to see me for?
Why, to tell you
the good news-that you've been pardoned.
Wait a minute.
Well, ain't you
gonna say good-bye?
Sure. Good-bye.
Be good, kent.
So long, kid.
you headed?
Captain wallace
wants to see me.
You can't
go in there. Get back.
What's the row out here?
They said you wanted
to see me, sir, about my parole.
Who said that?
Well, they did-
that trustee over there where...
it's true, isn't it?
They weren't
ribbing me, were they?
Sure. They're
kidding you, kent.
Well, then i'm
not going out?
No. You're going
to be with us for a long time.
Go on. Beat it.
You're not sore,
are you?
the matter, boy?
Are you
going home?
Hey, you!
Don't gang up here.
Come on.
Keep this place clear.
Scatter out.
Hey, pop.
Any letters
for me?
Move on, now.
If there was,
i wouldn't give them to you.
Aw, go on.
Be a sport, will you?
Are there any
letters for morgan?
You know, pop,
if all the screws were like you-
oh, you cut out
the applesauce
and don't be
calling the guards screws.
Yes, sir.
No letters
for you, morgan,
but i've got ones
for butch and kent.
Fine. I'll
take them to them. Thanks, pop.
I used to
milk a cow all the time.
Letter for you,
Letter for-
for me?
Yes, you.
Gee, why don't
those dames let me alone?
You're such a deal,
you can't
blame them.
Where's kent?
seen him.
Hey, stick around.
I'll bet this is a hot one.
Oh, boy.
Look at that.
Why, it's
from myrtle.
But i thought
you croaked her.
No. That was sadie.
This girl is nuts
about me.
About you?
Yes, me!
Wait a minute.
I'll show you.
"Dear sweetheart..."
"how i miss
my great big boy.
You have it."
Hot doggy.
"The only fun i get
is sleeping
because then i dream
about you every night."
The rest of this
is too juicy for you guys.
Nobody gets
to read this
but me
and my pal morg. Come on, morg.
Aw, come on.
Oh, go on.
Oh, go on.
I'm going to read this.
You and me, morg.
Hey, come on. Scram.
Hey, what's the big idea?
Get out of here.
Go on. Go on.
Say, morg...
who do you suppose
would write me a letter?
I'll read it
to you, butch.
Say, if i even knew
a dame called myrtle,
i'd kick
her teeth out.
Go on. Read it.
Who's it from?
Well, it's about
your mother, butch.
My old lady?
Gee, she's been
holding out on me.
I didn't even know
she could write.
Well, it isn't
from her, butch.
It's from a guy
named tony loop.
It's about-
nothing wrong.
Go on. Read it.
"Dear butch,
when your mother was sick,
"she didn't want me
to write no letter and tell you,
"even when
they took her to the county hospital.
"I went to see her
a couple of times,
"and she said you
had enough to worry
"without having
to think about her.
Anyway, she..."
"she died yesterday.
"And as we couldn't
get enough money
"to give her
a send-off,
"we had to let
the hospital take care of it.
"Anyway, we sent her
a bunch of flowers,
"and i guess
that's all.
Yours truly...
tony loop."
Gee, i can't
believe it, morg.
Ma's dead.
I wonder if it
hurt her much.
Oh, i don't
think so, butch.
She probably just
dropped off quietly.
She was pretty old, wasn't she?
About 70...
and as big
as a minute...
and game.
And, say,
the last time i was arrested,
she fought
like a wildcat.
It took two bulls
to hold her,
and she almost bit
the thumb off of one of them.
Gee, she was
a swell old lady.
I wish you would have
met her, morg.
So do i, butch.
Say, morg...
i'm going to make
a break.
I'm going to get
out of here,
and i'm going to give
that little old lady
the swellest funeral
she ever had.
Pipe down, will you?
Here comes oliver.
Hello, morgan.
Got a match?
Good news, butch?
Bad news whenever
you come around.
Great kidder,
isn't he, morgan?
Yes, and he's not always kidding.
You know, that guy's
a stool pigeon if ever there was one.
I wish i could get
the lowdown on him.
I'll knife him
Aw, that kind
of talk won't get you anywheres.
I'm going to break
this place wide open.
Yeah, and then
what will happen to you?
Down in the dungeon
with the rats. Huh.
No. We got to take
our medicine, butch.
It's all right
for you to talk.
You'll be going
out of here in a few years.
But what do i gain
eating this dirt?
I'd go nuts if i
didn't start trouble once in a while.
I'd rather
stand up and fight,
and even if i got
the rope,
it's better than
sitting here rotting in this stinking hole.
Aw, cut out
that talk, butch. Do you hear?
Who, me?
Yes, you.
I was only kidding.
Hey, listen, butch. How about that hot number of yours?
The gang wants
to hear it again.
Go on. Read it.
All right. I'll read it once more.
Seen kent
around anywhere?
Yeah. He's
around the corner with oliver.
What about
Morgan? Who knows
anything about him?
But butch-
listen, oliver.
That guy
will kill me someday.
He packs a knife.
Oh, he packs
a knife, does he?
Don't let that
worry you.
That knife's
going to get him into trouble.
Say, listen,
you guys.
If i ever catch
either one of you double-crossing butch,
i'm going to get you.
Do you understand?
Now, kent, you keep
away from this rat.
What do you mean?
He's the only guy
that's been decent to me since i've been here.
I was only trying
to give him some good advice.
Yeah? Well, beat it.
Do you hear?
I'll give you
some good advice, kent. You're in a tough spot,
but you've got to
learn that whining and double-crossing
isn't going
to get you anywhere.
I'm not whining,
and i won't stand for your ribbing.
What right
have they got to poke me in a cell
with butch and you,
a robber, bragging about it?
Oh, i see. Too good
for the rest of us, huh?
Well, if you're wise,
you'll stand up and take your joe
like a regular guy.
Here's a letter
for you.
Get wise, kid.
Play up to morgan
and butch.
They run
the joint here,
and if they're
after you,
they'll make it
tough for you,
but if you're
friends with them,
they'll let you in
on their plans.
What do you mean?
I'll tell you later.
Oh, i wouldn't
do that.
Kid, you trust me.
I'm your friend.
These three dames
were crazy about me, see.
Say, hey, butch.
Butch, i had a dream last night.
Aw, cut it out.
You're full of hop.
The dames
said to me, they said, "if you'll come up"-
l-l-i was sitting
on a velvet cushion,
and-and about
a thousand beautiful blue-eyed blondes
was dancing
all around me.
Aw, gee, i'd go nutty
over a rag doll.
Hey, look. Ohh. Look!
A beautiful butterfly!
Aw, you're crazy.
That's a racehorse.
Look at
that sucker run.
I bet he makes
the top of the wall in 10 seconds.
Say, look at the build
on that filly.
I'll take
the thin one, butch. This is mine.
Say, what do you bet
my racehorse can't trim that one of yours?
You're on.
Hey, mr. Butch,
i'll hold the stakes.
Who's going
to hold you?
Come on. Get up
your cigarettes. Let's have a race here.
Come on.
Put them out there.
All right, you boys,
make your bets.
I'll cover
all your bets.
Two packs of weeds
on my thin one.
All right, make all your bets.
All right, cover this, butch. I'm betting on morgan's bug.
Come on. Get in there.
I'm covering.
Say, listen, you...
what about these?
Now, you-you can't
because the hawk gave me this
to buy him a pair
of s-s-suspenders with,
and if i don't
bring them back,
he'll t-t-tear
my head off.
Aw, come on.
Get in there with them.
Oh, yeah.
All right. Come on, now.
All right, come on, now.
Give me the bugs.
I'll warm them up.
All right.
Watch them run.
You all ready?
You all set?
All right,
there they go.
Look at him go.
Look at him go.
Look at that bug go.
Hey, butch,
y-your-your- your b-bug
looks like it's
coming to-
there he goes. Over the line.
Over the line.
I win. I win.
That's just too bad.
Chewing gum.
Hey, no wonder that bug couldn't run.
Chewing gum.
Who done that?
Come on.
What porch-climbing
crook done that?
You did.
Who, me?
Yes, you.
What's the big idea?
You wouldn't double-cross
a pal, would you, butch?
Any more
of you guys think i pulled a phony?
Not me.
You, joe?
You, putnam?
You can't get away
with that, butch.
You're asking
for it, ain't you?
One wiggle
out of you,
and i'll give it
to you.
Listen, you guys are liable to get the hole for this.
Yeah? You'll
get the hole, just 5' 10".
They'll have to dig it
big enough for two.
Oh, yes?
Look out, butch!
Ditch that knife.
Here comes wallace.
Well, what's
coming off here?
Me and morgan
was just rassling a bit, sir.
Sure you weren't
mixing up a little fighting with it, huh?
Who, me? No, sir.
You better not,
or i'll fix up
a lot of dark days
for you.
Gambling, huh?
No, sir. Not me.
How did those cigarettes
and tobacco get here?
Well, uh...
i was packing them in my shirt, sir,
and... morgan and me
starts rassling, and i get sweaty,
so i lay them out
on the ground to dry.
Don't lie to me.
I wouldn't lie.
No, sir.
Let them alone.
What's that
you said?
I said,
"yes, sir."
Another move
out of you,
and you'll go
to the dungeon.
Who did that?
I did, wrestling
with butch.
Well, the next time
i see you,
you better
have it fixed.
You get me?
Bring that stuff.
I hate his guts.
It's a good thing
i warned you.
If wallace had seen
that knife...
yeah. You ain't
such a bad skunk as i thought you was.
Come on, get a move on, all of you.
I'll move.
I'll move.
Stle blows]
Fish again.
That dirty, rotten,
stinkin' codfish.
Yeah. It's spoiled.
Oh, look!
It's-it's terrible.
It's even killed one
of our poor little bu-bu-bu-
nice tenderloin steak
with mushrooms all over it.
I'd like to ram it
down their throat.
Pipe down.
You talking, butch?
Who, me?
No, sir.
I'll get them someday.
He's on
the hunt, butch.
Tell the guys
to pipe down.
Pipe down.
Pipe down.
I can't eat that stuff!
Who did that?
Me! What do you
think of that?
I want some food.
I don't want any more of this swill!
Shut up!
You give me
some food to eat!
I'm not going
to eat that junk!
Shut up,
all of you!
Come on!
Give me some food!
Come on!
Give us some food!
I ain't afraid
of your guns!
I ain't afraid
of nobody!
Come on, you yellowbellies!
Let's show 'em!
That volley went against the wall.
The next time,
shoot to kill!
Butch, sit down!
Sit down, butch!
It's your last chance!
Cover all the entrances.
Listen to me, you men.
I have treated you squarely,
and you know it.
If you got any grievances
within my power to correct,
come to me!
You can't get anything
by starting a row like this,
so i'm warning you
for the last time-
i'm running this show,
and i'm ready for you.
That's all.
Who started this?
Take him out!
The knife...
The knife.
Butch, in the aisle.
Search him!
I ain't got nothin'.
No hard feelings, see?
on him, sir.
You had a knife.
Who, me? Yes, you.
No, sir. Someone's
been stringing you.
In the dungeon!
What for?
I was only kidding.
Sure. I understand.
That little joke will
just cost you 30 days on bread and water
in the dark!
Come on. Move on!
I'm sorry
about butch.
You're what?
I say, i'm sorry
about butch.
Who is it?
Your lawyer.
Hello, john.
Hello, canton.
What's up?
Got a little
surprise for you.
Kid, i got
good news for you.
You're going
to be paroled.
Yeah? When?
20 years from now?
Don't be funny.
You're going to leave this joint tomorrow.
Tomorrow? Aw,
quit your kidding.
I'm not kidding.
It's all settled.
Just came from the warden's office.
The next time,
you'll play it smart.
Ha ha! You say-
hello, sis.
What's the matter?
You look so pale.
You're not ill,
are you?
No, no, but you don't know
how terrible it is here.
What have they done
to get me out?
i'm sorry, dear.
What do you mean?
We've done
I saw the governor
He was very kind.
He said he couldn't
do anything.
What kind of a dame
would you like to have me get for you?
Any kind.
How'd you like
a little gal like that?
Say, you're a lawyer,
not a magician.
O.k., kid.
I'll be around here
with a car in the morning to pick you up.
So long.
Oh, kent, please.
I know
you're big enough to see it through.
You've got to.
But you don't know
what it's like in here.
Every hour,
every minute is torture. I'll go crazy.
Honey, but, listen.
You've got to-
anne, listen.
Tell them to try again.
All right. All visitors out!
Good-bye, good-bye,
Bad news, kid?
I got to serve out
my full time.
No, you haven't.
If you get the goods on somebody,
you get plenty
of time off.
And if you block
a big job,
it may open
the gates for you.
How are you?
Oh, you're going to be
a great comfort around here.
Da da dee dum dum
dee dum dum dum
dee dum
dee dum dum...
who's that?
New guy to take
butch's place.
Doesn't speak
any english.
What are you
I'm going out
of here tomorrow.
I thought you had
another year.
Yeah, i did,
but good behavior got me off,
and that's
a very good thing for you to remember.
Think of it-
bright lights, good food, women!
Say, i saw that sister
of yours in the visitors' room just now.
Yeah. That the girl
that owns the bookstore?
Swell-looking kid.
You know, i think
it's great, kent,
the way your family
stick by you.
Gee, i wish
i had a family.
I haven't
even got a home.
Outside, all of you.
Come on, rasputin.
Frisking party.
Shut up.
This your coat,
Yes, sir,
but that's not my knife.
No. It's
butch's knife. You know that.
Smart, eh?
Trying to
cover up butch.
No, i wasn't,
You don't think
i'd be crazy enough to do a thing like that
the day before
i go out, do you?
Shut up.
Well, this will
just cost you your parole.
Oh, you can't
do that, sir.
I tell you, i never
saw that knife before. It was planted on me.
i came in the cell,
took off my coat, laid it on the bunk.
There was no one in there
but this fellow and...
and then kent-
you did that.
I didn't do it!
Don't lie to me!
I didn't do it!
I guess the dungeon
will cool him off a bit. Strip him!
I'll get you
for this, kent!
Do you hear me?
I'll get you for this!
On your way.
Do you hear me? I'll get you!
Shut up.
Cell 48.
Who are you?
they got you?
Yeah. Where
are you, butch?
Second hole
away from you. What happened?
They found
your knife on me.
My knife?
You mean it was
planted on you.
Who done it?
Never mind who.
You tell me,
old pal.
I'll get him
the first day i'm outside.
I'll get him
Oh! I knocked over
my cup of water!
Oh, forget it,
They'll bring you
another cup tomorrow night,
the bighearted buzzards!
Can that noise,
will you?
Hey, morg!
When i get out of here,
i'm going to make a break, do you hear me?
Yeah. I'll do it
if i have to kill a flock of screws.
I'm going to use
my brains.
Ha! Your what?
Well, maybe i ain't
got no brains,
but i got strength,
you hear me?
Hey, when my time's up,
i'll bet you i'll still be standing on my feet.
You hear that,
And you-i bet you travel
out of here feetfirst.
You know, that's
a swell idea.
Oh, what do you mean,
a swell idea?
Use your brain!
Goin' home
i's a-goin' home
i wish you
would go home.
Quiet life...
gee, but he was
a s-s-swell guy,
and s-s-smart, too.
One time he du-du-dug himself
out from underneath a w-w-wall,
and it took him
18 months to do it in.
Yeah? What did he do
with the dirt?
Oh, he-he ate it.
he s-s-said he did.
Aw, dry up.
The plan of mine would be all right
if we had somebody
to work it out.
Yeah. Morgan's
the guy to do it.
You know, he and butch
finish their stretch in the hole today.
Come out here, butch.
Come on, come on.
Get out of there.
Oh, i'm coming out.
well, i'm still
on my feet.
Get morgan out.
I ain't heard his voice now for a week.
I told him he'd come out
of there feetfirst.
He's flat on his back.
Bring in
a stretcher.
Get tony out.
You dirty screws!
You croaked my pal.
I'll get you
for this.
Shut up, or you'll spend
30 days more in the hole.
i was only kidding-
just kidding, that's all.
Son of a-
he's just
a weak-kneed guy.
He ain't got
no backbone.
But me-
i'm on my feet.
Shut up!
Take morgan
to the hospital.
Come on. Let's go.
Slight congestion.
Carter has just
passed away.
Carter. Oh, yes.
Put him in the morgue.
Have the wagon
take him away tonight.
Yes, sir.
Will he be
all right, doctor?
Oh, yes.
Yes, i think so.
Number's 44789.
Watch the canadian border.
Watch the best hotels.
That's his racket.
That's the first break
we've had here in five years.
We'll get him,
How did he make his getaway?
Went out
in the dead wagons.
Well done.
I beg your pardon.
Good evening.
If you'll
just look around,
i'll be with you
in a minute.
I'm in no hurry.
Here's your book,
mr. Garrett.
How much
is that?
$2.00. $2.00.
Thank you.
Good night.
Good night.
Have you found
what you wanted?
No, i haven't.
Well, just what
were you looking for?
A book on
the pacific islands.
A romance?
No, no. Something...
would give me an idea of the life there.
I'm quite sure
i have something in a new shipment
that came today.
I'll go and get it
if you don't mind waiting a few minutes.
Not a bit. No.
May i help?
Why, yes.
Thank you.
I was just going
to look in these boxes.
I think the fiction-
the, uh, travel books are in the bottom one.
Let's have a look.
Here. Let me help.
Well, thank you.
You don't mind,
do you?
Why, no.
Of course not.
it's lovely of you
to go to all this- all this trouble.
Not at all.
I'm glad to help.
You know,
it's a fun-
stay where you are!
I thought
i recognized you, mr. Morgan.
I saw you in
the visitors' room at the prison.
I remember you, too.
Hello. Hello.
Give me-
give me police headquarters.
Yes. Police.
Never mind.
Well, why didn't you
go through with it?
well, because i just
couldn't send you back there, that's all.
You may go now,
mr. Morgan.
I'll take that gun.
Oh, good evening.
miss marlowe.
Oh, excuse me.
I didn't know you had company.
Oh, that's quite
all right.
My friend, mr. Everett,
sergeant donlin.
Glad to meet you,
mr. Everett.
Same here,
Face is kind
of familiar.
Haven't i met you
No. I don't think so,
Well, maybe not.
Mr. Everett is one
of my best customers.
Is that so?
I thought it was
past your closing time till i saw the lights.
Well, it is, but we were
unpacking some books.
Oh, i see.
Mrs. Donlin like
the book i sent her?
Well, i have another one that
i'm sure she'll be crazy about.
I'll get it for you.
It's in the next room.
Don't bother.
She'll drive in tomorrow.
Oh, what's that?
The boys are after
someone, i guess.
Well, i'll be
running along.
I'm glad to have
met you, mr...
uh, everett.
Good night,
mr. Everett.
Good night,
Good night,
miss marlowe.
Good night.
Why did you
come here?
To square a bad deal
i got from someone in prison.
do you mean?
Well, i was framed,
and they took
my parole away from me
the day before
i was to go free.
Do you know
who framed you?
Yeah. Yeah,
i think i know.
Well, good night,
miss marlowe.
I won't
bother you again.
Are you
going away?
I don't know.
I think i understand
your bitterness.
If you're ever
around here again...
drop in.
Oh, you don't
mean that.
Of course i do.
Gee, you're
a peach of a girl.
I picked him up one night
and trailed him to a bookstore.
He goes under
the name of everett.
How is she?
Is she blond?
Yeah. He's morgan,
all right, all right.
Plenty smart, too.
I lost track of him
for a couple of weeks.
When i found him,
he was actually working.
I sent out a man
to spot him.
That night
he quit his job.
Must be a woman in the case.
I know the woman, too.
Then you got
a line on him.
Sure. I haven't
lost one yet, have i?
All right, eddie.
Let's go.
Hello, dick.
How are you?
Hello, everett.
Nice to see you, mary.
Where's your sister?
She's in
fine. The backyard.
Hello, anne.
How are you?
Good afternoon, everyone.
How are you, mr. Marlowe?
Oh, fit as a fiddle.
Younger than ever.
Me, too.
Mrs. Marlowe,
how are you today?
I'm fine, thank you.
Anne tells me you're going away, mr. Everett.
We are going
to miss you.
Well, that's
awfully nice of you.
You know, coming here
has meant a great deal to me.
Oh, you must stay for dinner.
We're going
to have corn bread and fried chicken.
And strawberry
Better stop. I'm liable
to miss that train.
Oh, you're not going that soon.
Yes. Leaving
in an hour.
that's too bad.
i know somebody
that's going to miss you.
Why, dad!
"why, dad" me.
I wasn't
born yesterday.
No. Me,
neither. Heh!
She's been sighing
around all morning.
I wondered
what was the matter.
Now, dad.
I'm ashamed of you.
Come on, john.
Don't listen to him.
so subtle, dad.
Yeah. I can't
help it. L-
oh, now, don't
pick on me, ma.
Ha ha!
You love it!
Oh, i'm glad
to see anne happy again.
Well, anne,
i hate to go.
Oh, you'll
come back someday.
I don't think so.
The minute that dick
walked into that place where i was working,
i knew there was
no chance for me to continue on here.
Wouldn't it be better
if you went ba to prison
and served out
your time?
No. They'd give me
seven more years of it.
I've got
a pretty good grip on myself, anne,
and i'd like to make
a new start,
and my only hope
is in some other country where they can't get me.
Well, i suppose
you're right,
but i'll-
we'll miss you.
Will you really?
You know i will.
Anne, i have no right
to tell you this,
but, you know, i get
sort of a choky feeling
every time i think
i'm never going to see you again.
Oh, don't be angry at me
for saying that, will you?
I'm not angry.
You see, it's the only way
i have of telling you
how much your friendship
has done for me.
What are you
going to do?
Work. Does that
please you?
You know,
as soon as i get to the islands,
i'm going to get
a little plantation.
I've heard of a chap
who made a fortune out there.
Oh, that sounds
Doesn't it?
You know, if it
weren't for you,
i wouldn't mind
and yet, if it
weren't for you, i wouldn't be going.
Gosh, how are you
going to figure that one out?
I don't know.
Hello, morgan.
Let's see what you've got on you.
I guess
you didn't know
who this fellow
really was, miss marlowe.
That's too bad.
Sergeant, please.
Wait a minute.
I'm sorry this had
to happen here, anne.
But i...
now, let's get going.
Oh, mother!
I love him!
Oh, if they'd
only give him another chance!
You're going
to find things
than ever here.
The state has
closed the mill.
You know
what idleness does to a man,
so you better
watch your step.
Yes, sir.
All right, morgan. Let's go.
Yes, sir.
We're going to have
a lot more trouble with that bird.
You'll see.
I think you're wrong,
I believe he wants
to go straight.
Two weeks
with the old gang,
and he'll be
right back where he was.
I hope not.
Hello, morg.
Get back over
that deadline,
or i'll knock
your block off.
Who, me?
Yes, you.
Pop's getting
How's all
the dames outside?
See my initials
carved on many
bedposts, morg?
How have you been,
butch, huh?
Oh, o.k. You know,
the food's getting worse here, too.
Hello, morg.
How are you?
Well, what's the gang
been up to, butch?
Six of us is going
right out
through that gate.
You aren't
kidding me, are you?
No. I'm giving it
to you straight.
Me and the gopher
framed it.
The gopher?
Why, he's been
the prison gardener for seven years.
He's had an idea
in the back of his bean, though.
There he goes now.
For three months,
every day,
he's been going
to that gate.
The screw's
used to it,
don't pay no
attention to him.
Every once
in a while,
why, he has
an extra big bunch of flowers,
and the screw opens
the gate, savvy?
I see.
And you six guys go through, is that it?
Simple, ain't it?
Sure. What happens
when you get through the inner gate?
We crash
that outer gate,
and there's a car
waiting outside.
When does it
come off?
Thanksgiving day
at noon.
Most of the screws
go home to turkey dinner.
We'll give them
a bellyful.
You know it means
the rope, butch, if they catch you.
Who's in on it?
Well, me
and olsen and joe and the hawk.
The hawk?
That means blood.
No. He promised me
he wouldn't bump nobody off.
Why, he croaked
his own mother.
Sure, he did.
He cut her throat.
He was sorry for it.
He's all right.
Anybody else
in on it?
Well, there's that
big swede and kent.
Say, listen,
you're all wrong about that kent guy.
It was a russian
that planted that knife on you,
not kent.
We caught him doing
the same thing to another guy.
I was sure
it was kent.
No. After you
made your getaway,
they put the gopher
in the same cell with me and kent,
Kent ain't
in on the plans,
but he's got to go
out with us.
We ain't
tellin' nobody
till we get ready
to make the break- outside of you.
Not for me, butch.
I'm going straight.
You wouldn't
kid an old friend, would you?
Hello, morgan.
You got me all wrong, butch,
but i just don't play
a sucker's game, that's all.
How are you?
Hey, listen. Don't
let that gang know
that you're going
They used to have
a lot of respect for you.
Hello, morg.
Welcome b-b-back home.
Hello, morg.
Hey, listen,
don't gang up here.
Come on.
Take a powder. Take a powder.
See you later, butch.
Hey, you.
Come here, you.
Let's see that book.
Where is
that bride's confession
i told you to get me?
Well-well, you see,
it's wor-worn out.
Well, you get me
Say, you don't mind
if i take a powder, do you, mr. Bu-utch?
No. Go on.
Scram. Scram.
Hey, kent.
I want to talk
to you.
Morgan, i want to
explain to you about that knife-
yeah, butch told me
all about it.
What you've done
doesn't interest me.
It's what you're
going to do.
Are you in
on this break?
Yeah. They took me
in on it.
I know.
It's dynamite.
They haven't told me
all their plans yet.
You keep out of it,
do you hear?
Not that i care
about you,
but i met that family
of yours, kent.
They think
the world of you.
Now, you've caused them
enough trouble,
and if anything more
happens to you, they'd never get over it,
so you keep out
of this break.
It's murder,
and you'll hang for it.
Hey, you.
Morgan trying
to turn you against the gang?
Yeah, that's what
he was doing, all right.
You wouldn't think it
of him, would you?
Aw, he's a rat.
I wonder
what butch will say.
Think i'd better go
and tell him.
All right.
You tell him.
This guy could catch
fish with his hands.
He'd reach
under the rocks
and get ahold
of a fish...
say, butch,
you take morgan in?
Morg? Sure.
You sure
he's going with us?
Sure, he is.
He can't wait.
Don't lie
to me.
Who, me?
Why, i never told a lie in my life.
You know
he's not going with us.
I just heard him
telling kent to keep out of it.
Yeah. Said it looked like
a trap to him. Get me?
You suppose morgan
will go yellow?
Who, morg?
something's changed him.
Yeah, something's
changed him.
You don't suppose
he'd rat on us?
What's that
you said?
You don't think
he'd squeal?
Say, listen,
he wouldn't squeal on nobody.
He's changed,
that's all right,
but i'll croak
the first guy
that says he's
a double-crosser.
So kent's got
his ear to the ground,
and he'll soon have
plenty to tell us.
He thinks the gang
have guns,
but he doesn't know
where they're hidden.
I promised him we'd
cut his time in half
if he brought us
this information.
Stool pigeons.
I wish we could
run this place without them.
Yeah, well,
we can't.
Who's in on it?
All of butch's gang.
How about giving them
That would only
keep them quiet for a few weeks.
It isn't
any one group.
It's 3,000 idle men
with nothing to do but brood and plot.
You can't put them
all in solitary.
We can crush them.
That's what's
happening to them right now.
We've tried
to crush them, with this result.
Search every corner
of this prison,
but you find
those guns.
Don't worry, sir.
If those guns
are here,
i'll have them
on your desk
thanksgiving day.
And now to record
our thankfulness
on this glad
thanksgiving day,
let us rise and sing
hymn number 84.
Ring the bells of heaven
there is joy today
a lost lamb is returning
from his sinful way
glory, glory
how the angels sing
glory, glory
loud hosannas ring
with songs of thanksgiving
let our voices ring
today's the day
hear the angels sing
open the gates
and let the king
of glory in
open the gates
and let the king
of glory in
and now let us kneel
in prayer.
Our father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come,
thy will be done
on earth
as it is in heaven.
Give us this day
our daily bread
and forgive us
our trespasses,
as we forgive those
who trespass against us,
and lead us not
into temptation,
but deliver us
from evil,
for thine is the kingdom
and the power and the glory
forever and ever. Amen.
The lord bless you and keep you,
both now and forevermore.
Noon, swede.
Come on, scram.
what's the dope?
Noon. Watch me.
Don't go through
with it, butch. It's a trap.
They'll get you.
We'll get through,
if someone don't double-cross us.
mow you down.
Yes, sir.
I want
to see you in my office.
Yes, sir.
Who's in on this break?
I don't know anything
about a break.
Morgan, you're a liar.
They've got guns
hidden somewhere.
You know
where they are.
If i did,
i wouldn't tell you.
What kind of a rat
do you think i am?
Not even if we opened
the gates for you?
Is that all you've
got to say to me?
I'll have plenty
to say to you later.
Hold him here.
I can't get anything
out of morgan, sir.
Don't worry.
I've got the dope from kent.
The break
is set for noon.
Noon? Just one minute.
What are they going to do?
Kent couldn't
tell me.
I've doubled
the gun guard.
Don't you worry.
We've got them.
Where is he?
Why doesn't he
There he is.
Frost is killing
the flowers,
so i picked
a whole lot today.
Make a big bunch,
don't they?
Fine. Thank you.
Grab all those guns.
Get those screws
and take them to the cellar.
O.k., butch.
Joe! Joe!
What do you
want, butch?
We've been
Yes! Morgan
done it. Morgan!
I'll get that guy
if it's the last thing i do.
Joe! Get those screws,
put them in the hole.
We'll need them later.
Come on, you guys.
Come on.
Get in there!
Any of you guys
not with us, come on, clear out of here!
Come on,
get out of here.
They're making it
hot for us.
We'll fix them.
Go and get sandy!
Come here, sandy.
Come out of there.
Come on.
Get over there.
Over there.
Come on.
You go to the warden.
Tell him to
open those gates and let us go through.
If he don't,
we're going
to bump off every screw in here
and throw them
out in the yard.
with wallace.
Yes, beginning
with wallace.
Here, take that gun.
Hang that out that gate.
All right. Open it
just a little bit.
Not much!
All right. Come on.
Put it through there.
All right. Come on.
Come out.
Get to moving, you.
Get out there.
Butch said if you
didn't open the gate and let the gang out,
that they're going
to kill all the guards beginning with wallace.
I'll see them
in hell first.
Let them have it.
Come on out of there, wallace. Come on! Shake it up!
Wallace, you said your prayers?
I don't know any prayers.
Go ahead, shoot.
Miller! Miller!
Give them the gas bomb.
Open those gates
and let us go through,
or we'll send
the rest of these screws straight to hell!
You dirty double-crosser!
They'll get you for this!
Shut up!
Butch! Joe!
Joe! Joe! Get me
another screw out of there!
What's the matter,
Morgan locked the door.
He's got the key!
Butch, come here.
Morgan's got the key.
He's locked the door.
They'll kill me.
They'll kill me!
I didn't mean to squeal!
I didn't mean to-
they made me do it!
They made me!
Don't tell butch. He'll kill me!
So you double-crossed
the gang, huh?
You turned them in?
Don't let them
get me, morgan!
Don't let them
get me!
I guess you're not
to blame, at that.
You stay
where you are.
I'll attend to this gang.
Don't tell butch.
I didn't mean to do it!
The army tanks
are here, sir.
All right.
Send them in.
What's that?
We'll get the rope
for this,
but i'm going to get
that rat morgan
if it's
the last thing i do.
Where's morgan?
Morgan, you in there? Come out of there, you rat!
Come out of there,
you rats!
Get out of there! Come on!
Is morgan there?
All right.
Is morgan in there?
I know what you're
coming for, butch,
but i'm not going
to be killed
for something
i didn't do.
If you come
one step nearer...
he shot me
in the arm, butch!
I warned you, joe!
I didn't double-cross the gang.
You stick your head
out of that door,
and i'll throw a slug
between your horns.
Stand back, pop!
Shut up!
I'll tell him.
this is pop riker.
You're all wrong,
Morgan didn't
turn you in.
Even the screws
are protecting him.
Come on. Let's
go in and get him.
Wait, butch. My eyes!
I must be losing
my sight. I'm going blind!
You're all right.
It's only the gas.
Morgan, we're coming
after you, you snake.
I warn you, butch.
Stay where you are! Stay where you are!
Joe! Joe!
Bring me some more
bullets, joe.
Sorry, butch.
Did i get you?
I'm on my feet,
Don't lie to me.
Who, me?
Yes, you.
Listen, butch.
It was kent who sold out
the gang, not morgan.
You know i wouldn't
double-cross you, butch.
Sure, i know
you wouldn't.
I was
only kidding, that's all.
Just kidding.
I knew that
all the time.
I want to
thank you, warden, for all you've done.
All ready for
a new start, morgan?
Yes, sir, i am.
Have you made
any plans for your future?
Yes, sir.
I thought i'd
go to the islands of some new country
and take up
government lands.
Good idea.
New friends,
new surroundings,
hard work- that's a man's salvation.
Are you going
Well, i don't know,
I wish you luck. You deserve it.
Thank you, warden.
Well, so long, pop.
So long, morgan.
See that you don't
get homesick again.