The Big Racket (1976) Movie Script

Oh, my God.
Look at this mess.
They've wrecked the place.
Those delinquents. Look!
Look at that! What about this?
They left this behind. Here we go.
Mother of God, I'm ruined.
Yeah, but you're right,
you can't turn them in.
Turn them in?
What are you talking about?
Are you crazy?
If you turn those guys in, they'll return
and set alight to the place.
But we'll protect you.
You can rest easy.
Just pay us.
You can't pay by draft,
we only accept cash.
Yesterday someone came by
and you told them to call again.
So I'm the collector.
I don't have that much money.
Very well.
It doesn't matter.
What's the address here?
38, Piazza Navona, right?
I'll send someone to help you
with the renovations.
Know what they did
to a colleague of yours?
They went in after hours.
She was all alone, the poor thing.
They made her drink two bottles of perfume
and squeezed three tubes of cream up her
Well, you can imagine.
I'm ashamed to say it.
One hundred.
You're going to ruin me.
Look, be reasonable. You tell him.
I hardly make ends meet as it is.
One hundred a week is too much.
- Is this the kind that pisses?
- Yes, the latest model that sings too.
Just count the money,
or we'll make you sing.
- How come she has no tits?
- Listen to me, please
I'm an old man. I've got a family.
I value my life, but give me some time.
Where am I going to find that money?
See this?
If you don't pay, you'll end up like her!
You won't even have
any eyes to weep with.
Oh, my God! That's gross.
Look at that whore
with her bits in plain sight!
What are you doing? Stop!
Are you out of your mind?
You don't want to piss that guy off.
Look at that face.
You'd better pay him every week.
Nicola, what are we waiting for?
Let's wait.
- God, I'm feeling sick.
- He's feeling sick!
The food was poisoned.
- Let's get out of here.
- Take him to the hospital.
Quick! He needs his stomach pumped!
It's okay. It's nothing.
Get out of here, Stefania!
Don't listen to them.
Nothing happened.
It's a joke.
What are you doing, you bastards?
Let go of me.
Let me go, for Christ's sake!
- Well?
- Knock it off!
So you've been poisoning people?
Look at this poor man. He's sick.
Are you going to pay us,
or are we doing things the hard way?
But I can't.
Take out a mortgage
and pay a one-time fee.
- Sure. Good idea.
- Impossible. I work alone here.
Poor man, he's all alone.
We're so mean.
Look who's here.
Who's that, then, your daughter?
She's cute.
Pretty little girl.
- So?
- Pretty and good.
She does well at home and in school
like old-time girls.
- Easy.
- Don't you touch her!
No one's touching her.
Don't you see I'm on the job?
It would be such a shame
if someone did something to her.
Yes, that'd be a shame.
So, when can we call again?
- In one week.
- What?
- In one week.
- That's better.
In a week.
Good boy.
I like you because you're reasonable.
Your daughter is not bad at all.
Be careful. If you go to the cops,
you're going to give me a hard-on.
Bye, kiddo.
- What was that about?
- Looking for a wife?
I hope he won't pay,
so I can take care of his daughter.
About time.
How much?
Don't mess with me.
I'm not messing with you.
What are you talking about?
- That's all we've got.
- I hope that's true.
Who did you bring with you?
- Why?
- That car followed you.
Don't turn around, dickhead.
Fuck you!
Where do you think you're going,
you son of a bitch?
You faggot!
Murderer! You're a rat!
Sergeant Palmieri,
someone's here to see you.
- This way, sir.
- Thank you.
That's what you get
for going hunting alone.
When are you going to stop doing that?
Look, if that's all you came here to say,
you should've saved yourself the trouble.
- Really?
- Pass me my cigarettes.
Here. And your lighter.
They really beat the daylights out of you.
Don't worry, I'll lock them all up.
- All of them.
- What's the point?
Without any evidence,
they'll be out in two days.
- Right. I know.
- I'm after their boss.
Here's the sketch you prepared.
We've been working on it,
but we've had no luck so far.
- What about the informers?
- They won't talk.
He must be a son of a bitch
from out of town.
From where?
What do you mean?
They come from all over the world.
South America, Yugoslavia, Germany.
This place is up for grabs.
- Inspector, headquarters is on the line.
- I'll be right there.
Listen, tell Salvatore
to keep following the Tuscan.
- The Tuscan?
- He'll know. He's their errand boy.
We found out about the racket
by following him.
Okay, I'll tell him.
And I'll keep you informed.
- Break a leg!
- Very funny.
Look who's here.
Calimero, the black jackass!
Stop! Up against the wall!
So much for our Tuscan lead.
- What else could I do?
- Any news from the shopkeepers?
No, nothing.
I'm not surprised. They're afraid.
You should be afraid too.
If you keep straining that leg,
you'll risk ending up a cripple.
- See? I'm going to
- What are you doing?
In two days, I'll be out of here.
Are you crazy?
This is the second time they've wrecked
your place. Who was it?
I don't know.
Did you tell the police?
The police, right.
Why do you care anyway?
Have you been paying them?
I mean, protection money.
- I don't pay anybody.
- Well, you should.
What if something happened to you?
How about 300,000 a month?
You'll rest easy that way.
Three hundred?
Three hundred thousand lira?
I've already paid 200,000.
I gave the money to a small guy.
Tell me more about it at the station.
Ask for Sergeant Palmieri.
Holy shit.
What the hell's going on?
See you at the station at six.
And don't be late.
Yes, sir.
And two cutlets.
I've already told you.
Just leave me alone.
I didn't see anyone.
I'm not turning anyone in.
What will your daughter think of you?
That you're a poor wretch?
A coward? A rat?
- You bastard!
- Daddy!
- What are you doing?
- You insulted an officer. Let's go.
Come on.
What's going on?
Where are they taking you?
It's okay, it's nothing.
Don't worry. It's nothing.
Daddy will be back soon.
- Out of the way! Let us through!
- Stand back!
What the hell? Unbelievable!
You're going to need a good lawyer.
Leave the man alone.
He wouldn't hurt a fly!
Can I say something?
That was a stupid thing to do,
arresting this poor man.
You shouldn't have done that.
Those guys are keeping an eye
on the place.
If I hadn't arrested him,
he'd have got into trouble.
- What?
- You didn't think of that, did you?
Salvatore, pull over.
Get out. You're free to go.
If you feel like it,
come to the station at 6:30.
Now go.
They caused me two million in damage.
I was lucky.
- You wouldn't believe the threats.
- It's a disgrace.
- Let's hope
- They're criminals.
I understand the shopkeepers
not wanting to talk.
They're fucking scared.
Why would they?
- I don't blame them.
- Me neither.
They tried to talk
to the police chief, to the mayor,
but nothing happened.
Hey, Nico, listen
They don't trust us anymore.
They told me in not so many words.
"What are the police doing?"
We can't possibly
protect them all 24/7.
They saw their faces, right?
We need a formal report,
otherwise there's nothing we can do.
- Our hands are tied.
- A formal report?
Put yourself in their shoes.
That would be too dangerous.
I closed my shop to come here.
I can't just sit around all day.
Calm down, ma'am. Be patient.
Earlier today in front of my daughter
you called me a coward.
I didn't mean it when I said it,
and I don't mean it now.
No, you're right.
A man who's not able
to defend himself
is not a man.
You know
they threatened me.
They said to me,
"Pay up or close down."
How would I make a living?
I only have one daughter
who wants to study.
A father who's not even able to give
his children what he didn't have
is good for nothing.
I'm here to help you.
- Do you know how risky that is?
- Yes, I do.
I discussed this with my daughter.
She agreed.
I'll send her to boarding school.
That's the first thing you need to do.
Thank you so much in advance
for your cooperation.
I hope to catch them red-handed,
I don't want you to take any more risks.
Thanks again.
You're carrying a gun? Asshole!
Get him up! Get him up!
- So you won't pay up?
- Give me the gasoline.
Here's your bill.
Come here.
Come on. I'll hold him.
What are you having?
A very nice Florentine belt!
- You piece of garbage!
- A Bolognese punch.
Fried batter topped with Parmesan.
There, the customer's been served.
It'll be an expensive bill.
Don't pass out yet.
You still haven't ordered dessert.
And the crpe Suzette is on me, guys.
Nice and hot!
Pile up those chairs.
- Fire!
- Burn, burn, burn!
- What a smell.
- Indeed.
- Is it gasoline?
- Yes, it's gasoline.
- What a waste. It's so expensive.
- Holy crap.
We've met before, haven't we?
Am I wrong?
Yes, when you had that car accident.
- I only got a scratch.
- Right, it could've been worse.
What are you doing?
Cleaning the place?
You want me to clean you too, huh?
- Hey, what's he doing?
- He just drank too much.
These beers are pretty strong, Sergeant.
Offer the sergeant a beer.
You filthy rat.
Hey what are you going to do?
Well? Make a formal complaint?
What are you talking about?
- I just slipped.
- You slipped?
I have no choice.
Do you know this guy?
Write everything down.
They're going to tell us a lot.
Look at this guy.
Do you take orders from him?
I don't know him.
It's Rudy the Marseillais.
You give the money to him.
Never seen him.
You're giving me a hard-on!
What about you, Countess?
He's handsome.
Will you introduce me to him?
Yes, soon.
And you?
Me? Don't know him.
Try asking
Damn you! Son of a bitch.
My lawyer! This guy is crazy!
He's beating the shit out of me!
Shut up and cut the crap.
Sit down with the others.
I said, sit down.
- Look at this!
- Palmieri, have you lost your mind?
Don't tell me you believe them?
He said to me, "Either you put out,
or you'll end up in jail."
We were just having a beer,
when he came in and started beating us.
He came with 12 others
and they all started beating us.
- He was there too.
- Shut up! What are you saying?
I thought such methods
had been abandoned.
You can't question people
without a judge and a lawyer.
Salvatore, keep them quiet, please!
I was just asking them who this guy is.
Will you tell me, Mr. Lawyer?
- Do you have a detailed report?
- Yes, the sergeant's writing it up.
He will write what you tell him to.
What will you charge them with?
- I'm charging them with racketeering.
- Where's your proof?
Will you shut those bastards up?
- What's your evidence?
- You need proof, Sergeant Palmieri.
- Well?
- I have a witness.
A shopkeeper who was blackmailed
by these sons of bitches.
I just didn't want him to run any risks.
The others are terrified.
They won't talk.
No one else is willing to cooperate.
That's why I have
to be cautious. That's all.
- Do you recognize them?
- Yes, it's them.
Will you agree to sign the report?
But if you make him sign,
they'll want revenge.
I get it, but I can't accept
anonymous reports.
But you can see, he recognized them.
Never mind that, Sergeant.
I made a decision
to see this through, and I will.
Prepare the report and I'll sign it.
You should have seen them.
The nuns believed me.
"Of course, here's the girl."
They were so kind.
"Sister, bring the little girl back soon."
And the girl thought
we'd be taking her for a ride.
"Of course, take her to her father.
Poor man. Are you sure he's dying?"
"Yes, please, Sister.
I need to take the girl back to her dad."
Aren't you the woman who came
to my dad's restaurant a while ago?
Yes, that's me.
So you remember me.
You'll see what's going to happen to you.
Something you've never
experienced before.
Keep her quiet! Keep her quiet!
You little bitch!
- Finally!
- About time.
Hey, where are you going?
Don't run away!
Get back here!
Where are you running to?
You're my girlfriend now!
Let me go!
Let go of me!
Let me go!
Let me go!
Look at the little virgin's panties!
Let me go!
What the hell did you do?
The shopkeepers filed a report.
They accused you
of putting them at risk.
That's absurd.
- Someone obviously told them to.
- It's possible.
The Public Prosecutor
is being brought into this.
The Public Prosecutor?
Great job!
Now they'll cover it all up
and regroup.
All my work will have been for nothing.
It was all beating and shooting.
We can't use the same methods
that criminals use.
Cops are supposed to respect the law.
And have people file reports.
People like that poor man
who signed his own sentence?
That's on you.
Palmieri, the judge doesn't like
your methods, so
so he's decided
to take you off the case.
Of course.
- You need someone to blame.
- What are you saying?
- Can I go?
- Yes, go.
Unfortunately, excessive zeal is harmful.
It needs to be stopped in time.
Hey, Nicola, I was just
What are you doing?
Are you out of your mind?
They took me off the case, huh?
The prosecutor will investigate.
Ask someone to take
this fucking cast off!
Calm down! One false move,
and we'll all end up in Sardinia.
Don't you get it?
At least we'd be in Sardinia
for a reason.
Hurry up!
Hey, how are you doing?
- This is Denise.
- Nice to meet you.
- Mazzarelli!
- Excuse me.
Sit down. Please.
Have a seat.
So do we have a deal?
A deal? What deal?
I don't make deals with you two.
What do you want?
Alright, Mazzarelli,
if you don't pay, we'll blow this club up.
What did you just say?
If you don't leave immediately,
I'll drag you out by the ears.
- Anything wrong?
- Is he bothering you?
They're good guys.
Aren't you?
What were you saying?
Well, shall we go?
We don't give a damn about your club.
How much money do you make
with the stuff?
The stuff? What stuff?
I don't have anything
to do with the stuff.
Mazzarelli, you're even more confusing
than the news.
Shall we split fifty-fifty?
What? Fifty-fifty?
Fifty-fifty, my ass!
You're right.
That would be too much.
We'll take everything.
Hey, Nico. This is Salvatore.
I'm following the gang.
They have Mazzarelli,
from the gambling den.
I don't think he's enjoying the ride.
What do I do? Over.
I'll be right there.
What's your location?
Where is it?
Come on. Move it!
Don't push me. Go to hell!
- Got a bug up your ass?
- Cut the crap!
What the fuck! Look at this.
You gotta be kidding me.
Hey, Nico.
I'm at the docks in Fiumicino.
Mazzarelli delivered some package.
- I'm sure this is about drugs.
- I'm on my way.
- Alright. Come quick.
- Stay where you are. I'll be right there.
It's good.
It comes from Marseille.
So you screwed me. Happy now?
Because we're good.
Quit breaking my balls.
I haven't even started yet.
She's a lady.
There it is!
Vela 21 to Doppia Vela.
Send an ambulance to the docks
in Fiumicino immediately. Over.
Take care of them too.
Look who's here.
The king of gambling houses
and night clubs.
- Hello, Sergeant.
- Hi.
Didn't work out this time, huh?
Who did this to you?
Tell me, or I'll just let you croak
like a dog.
Nico, you seem to enjoy
acting like a beast,
but compared to those guys,
you're just a dove.
Where do drugs fit in
with racketeering?
Are you giving them drugs
instead of protection money?
Who's Rudy the Marseillais?
- Who does he work for?
- That guy?
He's working with people
who want to make us spit blood.
They'll make you spit blood too.
Listen to me. I need names.
Who's behind them?
Nico, if I'm going to die,
what's the point in being a snitch?
But if I live
we'll gut them together.
Call an ambulance, will you?
It's on its way.
So, do you have the money?
We're here to collect it.
The money?
After what you did to my daughter?
Who gives a fuck about your daughter?
Give us the money.
My daughter killed herself.
My condolences.
Come on! Go get the money.
We haven't got all day.
- She killed herself.
- Again? Cut it out!
Because of what you did to her!
Because of what you did!
Did you see that, Stefania?
It's over.
It's over.
No one's ever going to hurt you again.
No one will come and hurt you
any more, Stefania.
No one.
Don't piss me off today.
What are you going to do?
What do you want?
I'm just the manager here.
The manager, my ass.
You paid everybody else but us.
What are you talking about?
So you're not going to pay?
You're paying everybody else but us.
I guess we'll come and buy groceries
with some friends.
- Manager, my ass!
- But
Let's have fun.
Rebel against the dictatorship
of consumption!
The capitalist bourgeoisie
is about to end!
Get out, you bourgeois pigs!
Police? These criminals
are trashing the place.
Nobody move! Stay where you are!
Let's teach a lesson
to these labor exploiters!
Let's destroy everything!
You've no right to do this.
I declare myself a political prisoner.
Take it easy!
These people have nothing
to do with politics.
They say they want order,
but all they want is chaos.
- Political prisoners, my ass!
- Yes, that's what I thought.
Do you think any of them will talk?
- Dunno.
- Give me some hint or names.
I see, Sergeant.
What else could we do? Those people
were smashing up the place.
But if their parents are prepared
to pay for the damage,
let's not make
such a big deal out of it.
- Hello, sir.
- How are you doing?
- We should let the kids go.
- Of course.
- Nothing else we can do.
- Sorry I bothered you.
All lawyers, follow me.
- Lawyers and their clients!
- Hello, Palmieri.
What can we accuse them of?
Being young?
Well, being young doesn't mean
What's wrong?
I've been busting my ass,
I almost got shot in the back,
and now that fucking lawyer
That means you're on the right track.
What are you doing here?
- Don't you have a lawyer?
- No.
Do you work on your own?
I'll take care of the kid.
Ah, look who's here. Uncle Pepe.
- How are you?
- How are you doing?
Long time no see.
You're not involved in the racket,
are you?
Jesus, Nico.
Is that what you think of me?
I raised that kid. He's my nephew.
My brother's son.
- You didn't teach him your craft?
- My craft? Are you serious?
I make a living like this,
but my craft has no future.
Do you want me to let him go?
I always pay when I ask someone
for a favor.
Of course. That goes without saying.
Do you know anything about the racket?
This is an abuse of power.
I'm going to file a complaint!
See you tomorrow in my office.
The Colosseum.
Your uncle will get you out. Don't worry.
This is an unacceptable abuse!
I know the law better than you do!
I will not be intimidated!
This is not over!
Better than any lawyer, huh?
Get out of here. You're free to go.
- Am I?
- Sure.
Stay away from them.
I don't want to see you here again.
Thank you, Sergeant.
Lovely souvenir.
How are you doing?
Miss, I'd be pleased to
What the hell, Nico?
That's not funny.
You do this all the time?
What do you mean?
I even give them their IDs back.
Or they wouldn't be able to travel back
to their countries, happy ever after.
- Happy?
- Yes.
They all come to Rome to do penance
and I help them with that.
They pay to atone for their sins,
so the Lord forgives them.
- Right.
- By the way
Thank you for forgiving my nephew
and letting him go.
He fell in with the wrong crowd.
- Know anything about it?
- It's a serious problem.
New people, big business.
Racketeering used to be about
smuggling, gambling clubs, prostitution.
These days,
they're targeting shopkeepers.
Then they're going to aim higher
at hotels, construction sites, factories.
In another six months,
they'll have the whole city.
- Who are they?
- Good question.
My friend, they're people from Milan,
Marseilles, Sicily, Calabria.
- The scum of the earth.
- You don't know any of them?
I know a few of the underlings
but not the big fish, I'm afraid.
Would you like to be in with them?
Are you kidding, Sergeant?
Not at my age.
I'd have to start from the ground up.
I'd have to start as an underling
collecting money.
Then, if I'm good enough,
I'll work my way up
and take over a whole area.
That's when you get to meet
the big fish.
I need information.
I can only get it from someone inside.
Get out of here.
If they catch me, I'll end up dead.
- You weren't born yesterday.
- But I don't want to die tomorrow.
Look, in order to get information,
I have to use the same methods.
I give you my protection.
You organize the jobs
and I guarantee no one will interfere.
You keep the loot, I get the information.
- What about the kid?
- If he works with you, he'll be protected.
- Really?
- But remember
Don't shoot anybody,
otherwise I'll lock you both up.
Are you in?
Deal. We can do that.
I'll fill you in as soon
as they give me my first job.
I was counting on that, Uncle Pepe.
Here's your wallet.
Take care, Sergeant.
Nobody move! This is a hold-up!
Take it easy!
- Sit down!
- Calm down!
Excuse us, ladies,
but this is a hold-up.
That's beautiful!
You have good taste!
Magnificent. Is that yours?
What did I tell you?
Welcome to our hotel,
ladies and gentlemen.
May I have your documents, please?
It's the American Express group, right?
Alright, quick.
Write everything down.
Don't get distracted.
If you have watches, pearls, diamonds,
you'd better leave them with us.
There have been robberies
in our rooms.
We wouldn't want unfortunate incidents
to happen again.
- What's your name, sir?
- Cooper.
- Cooper? A camera.
- Eighty dollars.
Eighty dollars? What's your name?
- Cho.
- Cho. 80 dollars.
Last year at the fair,
with all the wallets Uncle Pepe stole,
he bought a villa by the sea.
Doppia Vela to Vela Quattro.
Robbery at the Fleming Hotel.
- Nico, it's the hotel in front of us!
- Vela Quattro to Doppia Vela.
- Now what?
- Start the siren and wait.
Thank you, that's enough
A siren indicates a robbery.
We need to close, my friends.
Thank you, my friends.
Go to your rooms. Thanks.
This is Palmieri.
I'm close by the hotel.
I'm heading over.
Look how much stuff he got.
Let them leave first.
- What if?
- Wait.
- Now go.
- Closing the stable door
Now what?
Talk to the manager
and try to buy us some time.
This is Sergeant Palmieri.
We were too late. They're gone.
Over and out.
- Anything yet?
- It's a big organization, Sergeant.
Very big. They've got the means,
the protection and the men.
The people who run the operation
are from Marseilles.
The Sicilians take care
of the kidnappings and the smuggling.
The Calabrians take care
of manpower.
Do you know who the boss is?
The snake's head is too high for me.
But I've heard that
they're organizing a big heist.
Hundreds of millions
from the station's deposit box,
to show banks and industries
that they can do as they please.
At all levels.
- Do you know who's in on it?
- Some big fish, I guess.
Be careful.
There'll be many of them. Bye.
Remember the guy from last time?
I went in and I said, "Morning, I'm Ringo.
Give us the money."
If he had tried to talk,
I'd have shot him.
Cut the crap, you jerk! Shut up!
Pull over.
Don't play the hero. Get inside!
- This is a hold-up! Don't move!
- Up against the wall!
Don't mess with me or I'll shoot!
All units, surround the building,
but don't interfere.
Move into position
and wait for my signal.
- Unit one?
- In position.
- Unit two?
- Unit two, in position.
Unit three.
Unit three, in position.
Unit four?
Unit four?
Unit four, in position.
Hello, Nicola? Hello, Nicola?
I'm behind the wagons,
covering the south side. Over.
Salvatore, the hold-up's ongoing.
They're inside now.
Let's wait till they come out.
Over and out.
Great, guys. They're trapped.
The police are in position.
It's our turn.
Move it, asshole! Come on!
Back off, or we'll kill them all.
They've got hostages.
Don't shoot. Don't interfere.
Move it!
Move it, asshole!
Get in!
Don't move, or I'll kill you!
Let's go!
They let the hostages go. Move in.
Fucking piece of junk!
Fucking piece of junk!
- What's going on?
- A hold-up. They're killing lots of people!
- Here.
- What are you doing?
- Wait here.
- Where are you going? Are you crazy?
- Let's go!
- Come on!
Gianni! Gianni!
How are you, my love?
- What happened?
- Nothing. Easy.
I'm Sergeant Palmieri.
I'm Engineer Rossetti.
I just got back from a skeet shoot.
I heard the shots, so I stepped in.
Thank you for your help.
Make yourself available
for the investigation.
What investigation?
They'll want revenge.
What's going to happen to us?
- What's going to happen to you?
- Nothing.
Let's see what the newspaper says.
Listen to this.
"Skeet shooting champion
versus the Mob.
"Dead and wounded people
at the station.
"The intervention
of skeet shooter Gianni Rossetti
"was decisive in the crossfire
with the police led by Sergeant Palmieri."
Listen to this. They mention me.
"The champion's wife declared,
'It was terrifying. I got really scared.
'I'm used to firearms and gunshots,
but this was a really terrible scene.
'The shouting, the dead, the wounded.
There was blood everywhere.
'People freaked out.
'They ran away,
they trampled each other.
'They shouted while
the machine guns kept shooting.
'Tens of cops on the ground,
some of them dead,
'the wounded dragging
themselves to safety.
'I was terrified'
Come on!
Stay still!
- Gianni!
- Let her go!
Rip her pants off!
Who goes first?
Look what they're doing to your wife.
You can't do that to her anymore!
What did you expect?
Another medal?
You dirty whore!
That's what you get
for helping the cops.
- Watch!
- Enough. She passed out.
Say what you want,
but I don't like it this way.
Let him go.
You asshole.
Did you like the article?
I really needed to pee.
That's what you get
for playing the hero, you asshole!
Let's go. Move it. Hurry up.
Sorry, ma'am.
We're just lighting a little fire.
Just to warm the place up a little,
it's freezing in here.
Come on. Out.
Get out.
Let's have a barbecue.
What the fuck?
Let's go.
Gianni, help me!
- This is the Marseillais.
- Rudy?
- Yes.
- Tell me.
Everything's ready. Today, closing time.
At the bank, Credito Laziale.
Credito Laziale? At closing time.
- Scared?
- No, no.
- I'm not scared.
- You going to chicken out?
I've never chickened out.
I'll be there.
- What about the kid?
- The kid?
- Is he going to work with you?
- Yes, of course.
The kid will be there.
We'll both be there. Don't worry.
- It's important.
- Alright.
- Margherita, give me a token.
- Right away. There you go.
- Is that the police station?
- Yes.
- I need to talk to Sergeant Palmieri.
- One second.
Sergeant Palmieri's office.
- Please put the sergeant on.
- Who's speaking?
I can't tell you,
but he's expecting my call.
- It's very urgent. It's important.
- The sergeant's on a mission.
- Can't you get hold of him some way?
- I'm sorry, that's impossible.
It's a matter of life and death.
I'm his uncle.
It's a matter of life and death.
Thank you.
- Nothing?
- Nothing.
I'll take the keys.
- What are you doing?
- You're back at it again?
Take them both to the station.
I'll call ahead.
This is Sergeant Palmieri.
I arrested two of the guys.
Great. By the way,
your uncle called several times.
- My uncle?
- Yes, he was worried.
He said it was a matter
of life and death.
Ah, thank you.
My uncle's always joking.
Hello? Police?
There's a hold-up at the bank.
That's right. No, it doesn't matter
who I am. Hurry.
Attention all units.
There's a hold-up at the bank,
Credito Laziale.
This is Sergeant Palmieri.
I'm on my way with three men.
Don't move! This is a hold-up!
Take it easy. Shut up!
Don't do anything stupid.
Up against the wall. Keep calm.
Move it. You too.
Up against the wall!
Don't freak out. Calm down.
- I said, up against the wall!
- Okay, take it easy.
- Who's the manager?
- I am.
Do me a favor.
Put the money in here.
Take it easy, you guys.
Especially the kid.
- Just give me the money.
- Of course.
All of it. Yes.
The cops are here!
We're screwed, Uncle!
Calm down.
- They're inside, Sergeant.
- Lower your weapons. You too.
- That's Nicola.
- Your friend screwed us.
- I'm going to kill him!
It's the police!
Stop it!
If you do that again,
I'll beat the hell out of you.
Uncle Pepe, I'm here.
- Let me in. I didn't send the police.
- You're lying. Stay where you are!
Don't be a jerk. You're trapped.
There's nothing you can do.
Get me a car with a full tank of fuel.
And 200 million cash.
I'll come out with the hostages.
Shoot, and it'll be a bloodbath.
- Take it easy.
- You've nothing to fear.
I'm coming in unarmed.
Here. Whatever happens,
don't shoot.
I'm not carrying a gun.
Let the hostages out, I'm coming in.
- Don't move, or I'll shoot.
- Hey, what are you saying?
It's Nico.
Come in, Nico.
Put that gun down, Picchio.
Come on.
He went in on his own.
He's unarmed. He's crazy.
- Those guys are criminals!
- They killed a child!
They killed one of the employees!
It wasn't me. Do you understand?
Someone called headquarters.
- I'll kill you!
- Picchio!
I know, it's partly my fault,
but I've always helped you.
I've never missed an appointment.
- Then what?
- Nothing's going to happen. You'll see.
I'll fix this.
Do you really want to shoot me?
Do you?
You want to kill me?
- No.
- Good.
- Murderers! They're all murderers!
- They killed a hostage!
They killed a little boy!
We should reinstate the death penalty,
like in the USA!
Count the money, sir.
- Check if anything's missing.
- Alright.
It's all here.
Listen, Uncle Pepe
Information about Rudy the Marseillais
and a couple more of those bastards.
- Who's behind them?
- I don't know, but it must be big fish.
They have a meeting in a few days.
They'll talk about how
they're going to carve up the city.
Do you know where this meeting
will take place?
That I don't know,
and I guess I never will.
- We'd better leave.
- Nico, you have to help the kid.
Or he'll be in a lot of trouble.
I'll do what I can.
Thank you, Uncle Pepe.
No, the bank's closed.
There's a hold-up.
Who I am?
I'm the jerk who organized it.
Call headquarters. Get the car here.
And tell these people to back off.
- Come on.
- It's dangerous.
- Don't worry.
- They're going to kill us.
Picchio, come on!
Here they come!
Let's give them what they deserve!
Save the kid, Nicola!
Uncle Pepe!
Let him go!
Picchio! Picchio!
You were taken off this case,
but you went rogue as usual.
And yet again, someone got killed.
A kid.
With your reckless methods,
you got your superior into a jam.
There's obviously going to be
an investigation.
- He didn't even know about it.
- Never mind, Nicola.
You had nothing to do with it.
It was my idea.
- And you know that.
- Good, good.
You organized gangs
with the worst delinquents.
Well done.
You knew I was investigating this case.
If we don't stop them, they'll make us
pay for the air that we breathe.
With my reckless methods, as you say,
in dealing with the organized gangs,
- I was about to catch them.
- But you were not allowed to do so.
You're going to have to answer for this.
For the moment, you're fired.
Wait a minute
What did you just say?
You're fired. You're out.
- At least tell me who tipped you off.
- What?
Oh, yes, it was an anonymous tip.
From high up.
Very high up, right, sir?
Hello, sir.
Two hundred targets a day?
For two months?
What if I asked you
to shoot a different target?
It's time you kept your promise.
Remember when you said,
"If I live, we'll gut them together"?
Well, you're living.
Living? Hardly.
Anyway, Sergeant
there are things you don't do
with the sirens blaring.
I'm not a cop anymore.
You just have to tell me
where and when they're going to meet.
Leave the rest to me.
Go in.
Look who's here. Sergeant Palmieri.
Hi, Domenico.
Would you work for me?
With my machine gun?
- Who's the enemy?
- The guys who took over your position.
- Have your cop friends do it.
- No, I need someone more resolute.
Someone who can shoot like you.
- What's in it for me?
- I'll get you out of here.
And then?
Then I'll get you a fake passport
and you'll disappear.
How do I know you won't screw me?
I can screw you
as much as you can screw me, so
It works both ways.
Are you in?
I'm in.
I already killed three people
in silence.
This doesn't make a sound.
While they were asleep.
They were murderers.
If you get me a machine gun,
I'll shoot them in the dining hall.
I'll kill them all.
Three hundred murderers less
in the world.
I'm not asking you to kill them
but the man who raped
your daughter.
Uncle Pepe, everything's ready
for the day after tomorrow.
There's no point in getting out.
What do you want with a guy like me?
- I've never held a gun in my life.
- Uncle Pepe, I need you.
I need you because you're a wise man
with a nice smile.
Before I can start smiling again,
they have to die.
All of them.
Is it sweet?
Nico, come on, hurry up!
If someone sees you here, I'm screwed.
What the fuck are you doing?
Try that again and I'll kill you.
Get in.
- Here you'll have food and beds.
- Ah, nice. Magnificent!
It looks like the Grand Hotel.
What do you want, security or comfort?
I'd prefer to have both.
I warn you, if I see one bedbug,
I'm out of here.
How nice. We have everything,
a dining room, a lounge.
And dead rats.
A kitchen, and another tenants.
May I? Pleased to meet you.
- Nice to meet you. Mazzarelli.
- The gambling guy. Las Vegas.
Not Las Vegas, Las Garbatellas.
Uncle Pepe. May I?
Guess not.
you're the machine gun soloist, right?
From the shooting
on the streets of Milan?
It was a massacre.
I'll kill you!
One can't even have coffee in peace.
I'll kill you, you bastard!
Stop! Stop!
Knock it off!
I'll kill him!
Listen, I'm the boss here.
Do you understand?
Don't you want me to kill him?
He's a murderer.
We are all equal here, alright?
- That goes for you too.
- I'll beat the fuck out of him
No, you're not beating anyone.
Are we clear?
We're going to have to stay here
for a few days, so let's stay calm.
You too. Are we clear?
- Of course.
- Very clear.
You want to fight a war against
the racketeers with these four clowns?
Sergeant, I think
you're out of your mind.
I already told you. I just need you
to tell me where they're going to meet.
- I'll handle the rest.
- Yes.
What are you going to do?
Make us play the heroes?
They'll kill us before we even get there.
There'll be many of them.
All the big fish will be there,
like the Calabrian.
They'll arrive with an armed escort.
- Where?
- At Barrera's factory on Via Cassia.
What do they produce?
Officially, agricultural tools
and machinery,
but it's a cover for their drug trade.
Why would they choose
such a place?
What location is safer
than a big factory out of town?
Do you know when
they'll hold the meeting?
In four days, they'll all be there.
At night?
Why would they meet at night?
It's a Saturday.
There won't be any workers around.
Then we go in Friday evening
and wait for them.
Regaleali, Vallelunga.
What a fine wine!
What are you going to do
with all these fireworks?
Is this the Festival of Piedigrotta?
- What about bullets?
- I'll give them to you in due time.
Then pay me
and get me that passport first.
You'll get that when I'm ready.
That's assuming you're still alive.
- The deal's off.
- Then try to leave.
If you're all here risking your lives
it's because every one of you
has a very specific personal reason.
They raped your daughter.
And she took her own life.
They broke your back.
They destroyed you.
You're nothing but a wreck.
They raped and killed your wife.
We all have the same people to blame.
I'm also driven by a personal motive.
This is the only chance I have
to do what I think is right.
I think you're crazy, Sergeant.
We're a little crazy.
But we have one goal in common:
If you decide to stay, you'll have
to run the risk till the very end.
It's up to you.
If you need someone to cheer you up
while you get killed
count me in.
If we stick together,
we can make it, I'm sure.
Come here, you bastard!
Son of a bitch!
Give me my clothes back.
Cut it out!
Stop, you bastard!
Give them back.
What are you doing? Drop dead!
- Get out of here!
- Help! Help!
- Hello?
- Who's there?
Some idiot threw my clothes
over the gate.
- Good Lord, you're naked!
- Quick, I'm cold!
- Just a second.
- Give me back my clothes.
What are you going to give me
in return?
- This is all I have.
- Then give me that, good girl.
I'll open the gate. Come in.
I'll make you some hot milk and butter.
- Give that to your sister!
- I didn't mean it like that.
The butter's for you
- Wait for me.
- Come on, hurry up! Let's go.
Coming. Here I am.
Don't rush me.
If I get nervous, I won't be any use.
That's just an excuse.
Come on, man!
- Tell me you like it.
- Yes, I like it, but hurry up.
- Are you done?
- Don't distract me.
Will it bear our weight
if we get inside?
I think so.
But when they turn it on,
it's going to be difficult.
Then get up there
and go as far as the first grating.
- Alright?
- Alright.
Follow him. Get to one of the gratings
further down.
- After the second pillar?
- Yes.
- Mazzarelli?
- Eh?
Where's the john?
Anywhere you want.
Take this. It's a good rifle.
I'll use the other one.
You're forgetting one minor detail.
The passport.
Have a nice trip.
- Here, Uncle Pepe.
- No, no. Nico, it'd be wasted on me.
When I see a weapon,
I shit my pants.
You can use it better than I can.
- Are you giving up on us?
- Of course not. I'm not a stinker.
If you're gonna have fun,
I'm gonna have fun.
With what?
With these fireworks.
I'll light them over their heads.
Uncle, would you go up there
and watch the entrance and exit?
- Up there?
- Yes.
Alright. The higher you go,
the more you get hurt.
I always end up flat on my ass.
But, Nico I'm scared.
Me too, Uncle Pepe.
Me too.
Let's go.
I'll cover the entrance,
I'm younger than him.
- Alright, go.
- It's the best place.
I'll kill them all from up there, eh?
I'll let them in,
and once they're inside, I'll shoot them.
- All of them.
- But wait for my signal before shooting.
Before you pull the trigger,
wait for my signal. Understand?
Yes, of course.
Mother of God!
Hey, Nico
You're feeling scared, huh?
Here, have a little sniff.
Here they are. They're coming.
Can you see him? It's Barrera.
He's the owner of this place.
The other guy's Rasparo, into money
laundering and currency smuggling.
The best of criminals.
And that's Cuomo, the Calabrian.
He's into kidnapping.
And that's Wow!
That's Lou Jemair,
from the Marseillais clan.
Robbery, drug trafficking, smuggling.
And the last guy
Yes, that's Oreste Sacl.
From the industrial triangle.
Gambling, nightclubs, drugs.
They're all here.
Nico here's that son of a bitch,
Rudy the Marseillais.
With those four rats behind him.
Mazzarelli, who's that?
I don't know. I can't see his face.
Who can it be?
We'll have to start
with a spectacular act.
A hostage won't pay?
Send their body to the press.
A shopkeeper refuses protection?
Punish them,
so the whole neighborhood will know.
The lawyer.
The others will think twice
before refusing to pay.
The lawyer.
Factories, industries, associations
will all have to pay if they want to work.
Even private citizens will have to pay.
If they refuse, blow up their gas pipes.
Even their houses, if necessary.
Let them know that
they can't defend themselves.
Make them live in fear.
One phone call will be enough
to make them pay.
Do you have children you love?
Then pay.
Did you invest all your savings
to buy your home? Sell it and pay.
Do you have a salary?
Share it with us.
Do you have a dog, a horse, a cat?
Pay, pay!
It'll be like tax.
And evasion is not acceptable.
In the States, it was a major crisis
with people starving
that gave rise to racketeering.
We'll do the same,
but we're going to need support.
Politicians, judges, cops.
- What if they refuse?
- All of them!
Politicians want chaos too.
People's insecurities benefit them.
Besides, we'll pay them off.
We'll blackmail them, we'll threaten them.
We'll kill them, if necessary!
I knew he'd screw it up!
They're wiping us out!
- Run!
- Where?
Help me! Help me!
Look who's here.
Bitch, what do you think
you're doing?
Can't you see I'm immortal?
You can't You just can't.
You can't do anything!
You know me, I'm the lawyer!
Get out of here!
Get out of here! Leave!
Did you see that, Stefania?
Daddy kept his promise.
He took them all out.
All of them.
You know, the first pig I killed was
No, wait.
Wait for me, I'm coming.
I'll tell you in person, Stefania.
Nicola! Nicola! Watch out!
For fuck's sake.
There's only the two of us left.
Why don't we make a deal?
Without the guns.
They're all dead, Sergeant.
You're a murderer, just like us.
You've also killed people.