The Big Shakedown (1934) Movie Script

That will be six cents, now.
- Six cents?
You mean with everything going down,
ice-cream cones got to go up?
That's the sales tax.
The government gets it.
The government? What for?
Why, for the support of the government.
You mean, as I like ice-cream cones,
I've got to support the government?
Oh .. I got to support the government.
My Pop can remember when ice-cream
cones were only three cents.
My father can remember when
there weren't any ice-cream cones.
No ice-cream cones?
Well, how did he people eat ice-cream?
Out of a plate.
- Out of a plate?
Hey, you ..
Anything else besides the water?
- No, thank you.
Oh yes. I'd like a couple
of airmail stamps.
Right this way.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
Call again.
Hiya, beautiful.
- Okay, what's yours?
Nothing you can bring
me on a plate, baby.
A pair of nickels, honey.
I want to phone.
Thanks, babe.
Good day, Miss Norma.
- Hello.
That cough medicine had been
doing my boy Johnny so much good.
And I suppose you want
another bottle, Mrs Murphy?
Could I charge it, now?
- Well, you always have.
You know, I understand some
people actually drink this stuff.
Yeah, I thought you'd be
surprised. Shall I wrap it?
No, I'll drink .. I mean
I'll just take it like that.
Thank you. Goodbye Miss Norma.
- Goodbye.
Is the druggist in?
- I'm the druggist.
You're the druggist?
- Yes, what can I do for you?
I'll take some aspirin.
Well .. the depression is over.
- Yeah.
We just made a 15-cent sale.
Well, at least we have
something in the cash register.
Oh Jimmy, when are you going to make
as store out of this penny arcade?
A store?
- Sure, honey.
A store is a place
where you sell things.
I don't get you.
This isn't a store. It's a free clinic.
Postage stamps,
nickels for the telephone.
"May I look at the city directory?
Where does Mrs Murphy live?"
"How'd you get to 48th Street? Give me a
bottle of cough medicine and charge it."
"I'll pay you on the 1st."
That isn't the way to run a business.
We're just here for the
convenience of the neighborhood.
But it's a nice neighborhood.
That's very funny, Jimmy. But I bet the
landlord doesn't get a kick out of it.
I know. One of these days, I'll have
enough money to buy you a Rolls Royce.
Listen, Jimmy. When you've got as
much dough as that, do me a favor.
Buy me a sirloin steak instead.
[ Whistle ]
Oh, maybe that's a cash customer.
Something for you?
- Give me a bottle of Hercules beer.
No can do. Can give you
Blue Seal or Nightclub.
I want Hercules.
Well, I want a seal-skin
coat, too. But I can't have it.
Alright, give me a bottle of Blue Seal.
What's the matter with Hercules?
- Oh, he's alright.
I mean the beer. The beer.
Well, we don't sell much beer
and this brand fills the demand.
Listen, sweetheart. Get smart.
Stock up on Hercules.
It's the best beer going.
I know, see.
- What makes you so sure?
I work for the guy that makes it.
Oh .. I see.
It's the best beer
going .. for your health.
Well, I only work here.
I'll tell the boss.
I would.
I'll be back.
That will be just dandy.
How do you do? Is the proprietor in?
- Yes.
Jimmy! - Yep?
- Someone to see you.
My name is Wilbur. Robert J. Wilbur.
- How do you do?
Is there something I can do for you?
- I wouldn't be surprised.
Lets you and me sit down
and talk a little business.
I don't want to waste your time. I'm
really not in the market for "things".
What line are you selling?
- I'm not selling. I'm buying.
I represent the Cut-Rate chain stores.
I see.
My company is interested in this area
and is looking for a branch location.
This site here, for instance.
You mean, they are interested in
buying my store? - Exactly.
I've been authorized to make an offer.
- What are you planning to pay?
Which of you owns this store?
Is your name Morrell, too?
- It's going to be. This is Miss Nelson.
Oh. How are you?
Well, I'll tell you two the figure
and you can argue it out.
I am instructed to offer you $800 for
the business, stock, trade and fixtures.
Why, that's ridiculous.
- I'll say it is.
I worked day and night to get enough
money together to buy this place.
Sorry, but $800 is tops.
Yes, or no.
- He'd be a fool if he did.
I'll give you a little tip you can
consider along with the bid.
When Cut-Rate wants a piece
of property, they usually get it.
Think it over.
I'll be back tomorrow. Goodbye.
- No.
- No.
- No.
- No.
- No.
- No.
- No.
- No.
- No.
Now you guys get this
and get it straight.
I'm sick and tired of you ..
I suppose you're going to come and hand
me the same line they've given me, huh?
Nobody is buying beer any more.
- Well, it's getting tough, Dutch.
Yeah, they've figured they don't have
to buy Hercules beer anymore.
What do you mean, they figure?
I got 2 breweries going here night and
day and you guys can't sell the stuff.
Just because the government
muscles in on a racket.
You guys sit around with a lot of
goose pimples and a yellow streak.
Now listen.
You're not going to sell this beer to
the same judge that's been buying it.
I'm not letting any government
step in and take my racket.
Well, what are you going to do?
- I'll show what I'm going to do.
Gyp, Trigger, Lefty.
Who is doing the biggest
business in town?
Come on.
- Where you going?
I'll show you how to sell some beer.
Hello, Dutch. How are you?
Too good to be true.
- What can I do for you?
I'm taking orders for beer, Reagan.
- I'm sorry but I ain't giving any.
How many kegs, Reagan?
I got in thirty kegs of
Blue Seal this morning.
That's great. My boys will step
downstairs and let some air into them.
Alright, Lefty.
- Just a minute, big shot.
That's the beer I paid for and that's
the beer I'm going to sell, see?
Just get that straight.
Well you get this straight.
I'm still running this territory and
what I say about beer still goes.
Why, for the tenth time
I'd knock your big, fat ..
You sure have dropped
your price, Barnes.
When are you going to learn?
- Learn what?
That your racket has competition.
What are you talking about?
Come out here Dutch, and I'll show you.
I'd like to go back to slug that Reagan.
- Shut up.
What do you say we go down
to Pasquales and slug him?
Don't you chaps know when you're licked.
What's the matter, got a headache?
- Yeah, terrible.
Why don't you take a headache powder?
There's a drugstore over there.
- Yeah?
Nice day.
- Yeah? Who told you?
Well, I read the papers.
What can I do for you?
I've got a bad headache.
Fix me up with one of those
Sills headache powders.
I'm sorry. I'm all out of Sills.
I can make something just
like it in half a minute.
Okay, go ahead.
Be sure that stuff is the same.
- Exactly the same.
What's it made of?
Acetyl-salicylic acid and
bicarbonate of soda.
The same ingredients.
It tastes the same.
Well I can make half the
stuff we sell in this store.
No-one would ever know the
difference except for the price.
Hey, this stuff is alright.
It fixed my head up fine.
Let me have some of this toothpaste.
It's Pearlydent, huh?
Say Smarty, I suppose if you were out
of this you could make it up for me?
Nothing to it.
You never could tell the difference.
Toothpaste, mouthwash, cold cream.
You mean you can make this stuff up so
nobody can tell it from the real McCoy?
That's right.
Listen, young fellow.
If you're not kidding me,
you're going to be a rich man.
I want you to make up some of this and
bring it to my office in the morning.
Here's the address.
Come on, you mugs, I've got an idea.
Now, I'll mark the genuine
Pearlydent, number 1.
And your stuff number 2.
It won't be long now.
- What's the point?
I never use my own judgment.
I'm pretty easy, see.
But if you can fool those mugs in
there you're doing something.
Smells like Pearlydent.
Tastes like Pearlydent.
It is Pearlydent.
You're sampling the wrong jar.
Now, you see even I
couldn't tell the difference.
Well, I guess we got
enough here. Let's go.
Shut up. Shut up!
Up on your feet, apes.
Alright, Jimmy. Pass out those brushes.
It's a toothbrush.
- I know. I know.
What would I be doing with a toothbrush?
- Pipe down.
We're getting into a racket that will
make beer-peddling look like penny ally.
Providing his guy is on the up and up.
- Well, try it and see.
That's what I'm coming to right now.
Alright mugs, follow me.
Make it snappy.
Now look.
I want you to dip in here, see.
And then brush your teeth.
I did wash my teeth last night.
- Shut up.
When you've tried this, try the other
jar. See if you can tell the difference.
You get me? Now go ahead. Dip in here.
Alright Lefty, get in there.
Alright you guys, now
rinse your mouths out.
I want you to try this other jar.
Well boys, what's the answer
on paste number 1?
Was it the McCoy or was it the phony?
It was the McCoy, chief.
I couldn't miss on that one.
What are you talking about?
Number 2 is the McCoy, chief. Number 2.
Are you trying to kid me?
Number 1 was the McCoy, see.
I said number 2 was the McCoy.
You want to make a thing of it?
- I ought to punch you right in the mug.
Sit down. Sit down.
Well, Jimmy.
They're all like me. Not one of
us could tell the difference.
Lefty, what's our racket?
- Beer.
Beer, huh? You're five minutes late.
We're going in the drug business.
- Not me.
I got a brother doing 20 years
for going in the drug racket.
And all they found on him
was two decks of coke.
Pipe down you saps.
I ain't talking about
that kind of drugs.
I'm talking about the
big-time heavy sellers.
How many drugstores would you
say there were in this country?
Oh, about sixty thousand.
- Sixty thousand, huh?
How much of that stuff would
you say this outfit sold last year?
Well, a little better
than eight million.
Eight million.
Think that over, you mugs.
Eight million tubes
at half a buck a copy.
That's four million dollars.
That's where we come in.
We're going to make the same stuff.
Put the same labels on it.
Pack it in the same tubes and sell
it to the same places. For less dough.
We're going to get the benefit out of a
million dollars worth of advertizing.
Listen, kid. You're a
chemist, ain't you?
- Okay.
From now on, you're
working for Dutch Barnes.
But I can't make Pearlydent toothpaste.
That wouldn't be honest.
All you have to do is make the
stuff and keep your mouth shut.
We'll do the rest.
But that's Pearlydent. I thought you
were going to make Morrell's toothpaste.
Yes, that's my last name.
- Yes, I know.
We're going to make Morrell a fortune.
But my stuff is even
better than Pearlydent.
And spend a million bucks
a year advertising it?
Don't be a sap.
We're going to make the
same stuff and sell it for less.
And let Pearlydent spend a million
dollars a year advertizing it.
I'm sorry, Mr Barnes. I can't do that.
Now listen. You're dying
of starvation, ain't you.
You ain't got enough dough in your
cash register to buy your kitten cream.
Here I'm offering a lot of dough to mind
your own business and make toothpaste.
You can make anything
you please. Can't you?
That's legitimate, ain't it?
What I do with the stuff after you make
it isn't any of your business, is it?
Now sit down young fellow
and learn something.
When big money talks, smart guys listen.
I know, but I don't like it.
- You don't have to like it.
You've been bellyaching about what those
cut-price stores do to your business.
Well, here's a chance to take a
first-class smack right back at them.
But .. but I ..
- Now, listen.
I don't want to have to drop a nice,
loud pineapple on your doorstep.
If you ask for it, you'll get it.
Now, let's you and me be friends, huh?
Everything alright, Pat?
- Yeah, okay.
How much Pearlydent
toothpaste do you want?
I don't want any.
It ain't enough.
Well, I'll tell you we'll put you
down for four gross a month.
Four gross a month?
I can't sell that much.
- That's funny. We can.
Well, what do you say?
- No.
Four gross a month.
That's what they're all taking.
But ..
But when do I have to pay for it?
- Not until you get it.
Well, when do I get it?
- Right now.
Hey, Mike. Four gross. Roll it in.
Now. Ain't that the best
Pearlydent you ever tasted?
Yeah. I told you were making
a mistake to turn us down.
A dentist would have charged
you money for doing that.
Now, will it be four
gross or four gross?
But .. but what will I
do with four gross?
I beg your pardon.
Okay. If you need any help, let me know.
How much altogether?
I don't know, boss.
We didn't count it.
Oh, let me count it.
How'd you get in?
They're still using that for
an entrance, aren't they?
I didn't think you came in the window.
- Ah, that's been done, too.
Look at the sable coat! My, my.
You're what?
Well, maybe I'd better whisper it.
Hiya, riff-raff.
Alright boys, put it away.
We'll pay it off tonight.
How many times have I
told you not to come here?
If I didn't come here,
I'd probably never see you.
But this is business.
- That's one name for it.
You don't understand.
- You think I don't.
Don't you think Lily knows
the air when she gets it?
Oh, what's wrong, big boy?
There is nothing wrong, honey.
You know that I'm still
crazy about you, don't you.
Oh, I didn't mean to interrupt.
Think nothing of it, Jimmy.
Come right in.
Now look .. we've got to branch out.
If you're going to branch out, why
not make something useful?
Something like this.
Say, that's an idea.
How much dough is there in this, Jimmy?
You know, compacts, perfume, powder.
There is more money in
than anything in the drug line.
What did you pay for this?
- Two and a half.
What you think I meant? Shop coupons?
Why don't we make all
the junk that women use?
We can make it alright, but don't you
think we're in deep enough now?
You're doing alright.
And you're not in so deep.
Now look.
All you have to do is make
the stuff. And I'll sell it, see.
Sure, and I'll use it. Oh ..
Now look, Jimmy.
Here's a few hundred dollars.
I want you go out and
buy a flock of samples.
You know, all the junk that women
use: compacts, perfume, powder, see.
I tell you what you do.
Buy it in your own store.
Nothing like keeping the
money in the family, huh?
Something else?
- No.
Oh, I nearly forgot. Have you got
something good for poison ivy?
Oh, have you got poison ivy?
- No. You see, my father wants to know.
Has your father got poison ivy?
He hasn't got it, but he feels sometime
he'll go away and sometime he'll get it.
Maybe I said something wrong?
Oh Mrs Fagan. What a lovely boy.
Not loveliness, Nelson.
But good natured.
He's my sister's child.
I came in to get some
plaster for his ears.
Plaster for his ears?
- Adhesive plaster.
Just look at them ears.
Well, they are sort-of large.
- Large?
Why, he was 2 years old before his ma
knew if he was going to walk or fly.
Thank you.
Will you tell me where
I can find a drugstore?
Well, if it isn't Mr Morrell.
Hello Jimmy. I was just
going to ask about you.
How are you, Mrs Fagan?
How are you, honey?
It's a wonder you wouldn't come
round and see me sometime.
Come along, Augustus.
Come in again, Mrs Fagan.
You know, it's the same old drugstore.
Only cleaner.
Well, what can I do for you, Mr Morrell?
I want one each of everything you've got
in the Glenell line of beauty products.
Powder, lipstick, perfume.
This is for you.
For me?
Oh but Jimmy, that costs $38.
You cannot afford that.
No, but Mr Barnes can.
You see, it's really from him.
Oh, thanks so much.
You know what I think about Barnes
and the whole crooked business?
What difference does
it make whose money is ..
It makes all the difference in the world
to me. I won't take it. - Why?
I told you exactly.
- Gee, don't bring ..
Oh, pardon me.
- Certainly.
I'll wait in back.
How much is Pearlydent toothpaste?
- Three for a dollar.
I'll take three.
That stuff look familiar to you?
What's the point?
That's right. It's your stuff.
What's the idea of keeping it in here?
You see I'm so crazy about it I
just can't bear to part with any of it.
You mean to say that stuff your
selling outside, 3 for a dollar is ..
Is the real Pearlydent. We haven't
used a nickel's worth of that.
Oh Jim, why don't
you just snap out of it?
It's dishonest. It's just as crooked as
if you were making counterfeit money.
Except that counterfeit
money is imitation.
And this is even better
than the genuine.
Why don't you use your own name? Why
sell it under somebody else's trademark?
I'm not selling it. I'm only making it.
Do we have to go through all that again.
No, I suppose not.
Oh, listen honey. My hands
are clean. Honest they are.
If he wants to pay me to make cosmetics
and toothpaste, that's his department.
I'm not selling the stuff.
This isn't any more illegitimate than
the tactics the Cut-Rate people use.
Besides, if Barnes will pay someone
to make it, it may as well be me.
He's promised me a big
bonus at the end of the year.
That's what I'm looking for.
As soon as I get that, I'm going to kiss
Barnes and his whole crew goodbye.
I'll make enough to see you get married
and live the way you've want to live.
You don't realize it, but it was
really Barnes who saved this store.
Did you ever stop to think of that?
That's all I ever do think about.
He saved the store alright.
But look what he's done to you.
Oh, honey, don't you love me anymore?
Do you think I'd get all
steamed up like this if I didn't?
Oh, you're such a darling.
And you are such a fool.
Look it over.
From toothpaste to
a national institution.
Eleven products on the list,
and ten of them are best sellers.
How's that for a record?
- Swell.
That will look great with your
picture and some fingerprints.
Don't talk like that, babe.
This is liable to get you a necklace.
A necklace for me, and bracelets
for you. So, what's the low-down?
In 2 months, I see you only on holidays.
Now you spring this word necklace on me.
I've been awfully worried about you.
How's your health been lately?
Oh, I can't complain.
But I do.
- I know, honey.
You've been cooped
up in this city too long.
What you need is some
fresh air. A change.
Meaning .. a breeze?
Now don't talk like that, babe.
I mean a rest, a real vacation.
Now look these over.
Where do you want to go, huh?
There's a nice boat.
- Yeah.
Where is that going?
- I like to see some boats.
Hey, Lefty. Why do you keep
going out with that dame?
Because I like to.
- Like to what?
Where do you expect you're going?
- I expect I'm going to heaven.
Well, it ain't in there.
Oh? Maybe I was just
making a little detour.
You think the boss has got nothing
else to do but mess around with you?
You was only in there this morning.
I know .. but I got
tossed out on my ear.
On your ear?
- Well ..
Maybe it wasn't my ear.
I was just trying to be a lady.
Yeah, but the boss says he's out.
And when the boss
says he's out, he's out.
That should be a swell trip, honey.
Gee. Think of me going to Europe.
I am, baby.
Oh, honey. Why don't you come with me?
It won't be the same without you.
Oh no, honey. Not a chance. I've got
too much work to do around here.
Just tell him Miss LaRue
is calling. He'll be in.
Put it over there.
I'll take your name in.
That "special stuff" is outside, chief.
Well, park it some place out of the way.
It won't stay parked.
Goodbye, darling.
- Goodbye, honey.
Let's go this way.
I want to see Jimmy ..
I told you he was in.
Hello, lover.
- Hello, Mae.
Hello, Mae?
You bet he's in. He's in my hair.
Why you double-crossing,
two-timing slug.
That's why you must send me to Europe?
Wait a minute, honey.
- Wait a minute?
Breezing me off so you can
play post office with this Queen.
What gutter did you pick her out of?
I don't believe I know you.
Well, how's this for an introduction?
Why, I'll knock your head
off and throw it right in your ..
So, you'd try to take him away from me!
Get off my hair! No!
Get out of my hair! You ..
Now come here! Now stop it!
What do you mean, troubling
with a dame like that?
You stop pushing me!
Now listen you two dames.
What's the matter with you?
Get Jimmy.
There is a couple of phone
numbers for the ash-can.
Maybe we'd better go in for nail-files.
- Shut up.
Where's Jimmy?
- Slim's sending him in.
Mr Barnes, what's happened?
- My tomatoes blew up.
Your what?
- Skip it, skip it.
Fix me up, Jimmy. Fix me up.
Sit down here, Mr Barnes.
There .. I guess that will fix it.
What is that?
- It's an antiseptic.
Oh yes, Odite. I've heard of it.
Everybody uses it. It's the
best antiseptic on the market.
It is, huh?
We could use a new sales item.
Jimmy .. we're going
to make this antiseptic.
Mr Barnes, we can't do that.
- Who is going to stop us?
Odite has German boric in it.
And we can't get it.
We'll make it without the boric.
- Then it won't be antiseptic.
I tell you what we'll do.
We'll make the only antiseptic in
the world .. that ain't antiseptic.
Nothing doing, Mr Barnes.
I've been making this other
stuff for you because ..
Well, there isn't a whole lot
of harm in it, but .. this ..
This is different.
I'll quit first.
Now, be your age, boy.
- Well, I mean it.
You've been doing alright
for yourself haven't you.
Sure. In a way.
It's taken all I've saved on this job
to finish the payments on my store.
It's paid up now and I own it clear.
Now, I'll go back and run it.
Let me get this straight.
You mean to tell me all the money I've
paid you, you put back into the joint?
Every nickel.
Oh ..
How would you like a little bonus, huh?
- Uhuh.
A grand.
A thousand bucks.
You're a swell kid.
I want to help you.
I want to help you get somewhere.
But you've got to play ball with me.
Now look.
Take this thousand dollars.
A little present from me to you.
It isn't right, Mr Barnes.
I can't do it.
Alright, my boy .. if that's
the way you feel about it.
If you don't want to get married and
you don't care anything about money.
It's okay with me.
Take this and think it over.
By virtue of the authority invested in
me as clerk to the county of Queens.
In the State of New York,
I pronounce you man and wife.
Two dollars, please.
It may be hard to believe.
But it is going to be
still harder to combat.
Gentlemen, this counterfeiting is a
fact which our company must face.
As to how serious it is, I don't
ask you to take my word.
I don't even ask you to accept
the analysis of these samples.
I am going to introduce
a witness to the fact itself.
A woman who has been in actual
contact with the counterfeiters.
Will you show the lady in?
Gentlemen, may I
present Miss Lily Duran.
Miss Duran, our board of directors.
How do you do?
Sit down, Miss Duran.
- Thank you.
Now Miss Duran, just tell
us in your own words.
What you know about the
New Way Products Company.
It will be a pleasure.
- Alright, Miss Bates.
What's she going to do?
- Take your statement in affidavit form.
That is, if you have no objections.
Are you ready?
- Yes.
Well, this racket you're complaining of,
was started by a mug named Dutch Barnes.
He did it when his brewery laid an egg.
It was like this .. in April 1933.
This Barnes got hold of a dumb egg
named "Morrell", who owns a drugstore.
Well, it seems this kid ain't
making a go of things, see.
So he got mixed up in this racket
without knowing what it was all about.
They started making toothpaste.
So the kid figures he's just a chemist.
He ain't doing anything wrong.
So ..
How do you think the
Odite Company found out?
I don't know.
But I'll soon find out.
I wonder who did the squawking.
That's why I thought
I'd come to you direct.
For twenty years I've
worked to perfect Odite.
And to make it the
success you know it is.
I am no longer a young man, Mr Morrell.
Maybe you can understand the way I feel.
Maybe you can't.
I think I can.
Of course I knew it was wrong but ..
Well, when you get mixed up
with racketeers, Mr Sheffner.
It isn't easy to quit.
I think I can understand your position.
Also our, shall I say, "informant" ..
Made your position with
these men fairly clear.
That's my reason for coming to you.
Rather than going to
the District Attorney.
But I thought you were
going to sue Barnes?
We've already begun suing him.
I hope you win.
- I hope so.
Because if we don't .. we'll more
than likely be out of business.
I'm awfully sorry.
I understand now.
You will withdraw from
this association immediately.
Is that right?
That's right.
- Thank you.
What's up?
That's the stuff, Butch.
Keep them coming.
Have a drink?
- No thanks.
I've got to talk to you a bit.
- Sounds important.
It is.
Alright, let's go in there.
Be back in a minute, babe.
I can hardly wait.
You mean you'd really let me quit?
- Certainly.
Thank you, Mr Barnes.
Jimmy, I'm going to ask
you to do me a little favor.
I want you to be around for a few days
until I can get a guy to replace you.
You don't mind doing that, do you?
- No, no. Of course not.
I'll gladly stay a couple of days.
- Fine. Then everything is all set.
See you in the morning, eh kid?
Gee, Mr Barnes. I sure
feel a lot better now.
Thank you. Goodnight.
- Goodnight.
What's eating the kid?
He thinks he's going to quit.
What do you think?
- I think he ain't.
Send in Connolly.
Listen, Mr District Attorney.
I ain't yellow.
If I was I wouldn't have gone to
Mr Sheffner with that evidence.
Just a girl trying to get
along and keep her figure.
They tell me bullet-holes
ain't being worn this season.
Not in this town, Miss Duran.
We'll take care of that.
Yes, sir?
- Connolly, this is Miss Duran.
Miss Duran.
- How do you do?
She's the state's witness in
the drug counterfeiting case.
I'm detailing your for special
duty as her bodyguard.
You'll be responsible
for her safety at all times.
Yes, sir.
Well thank you, Mr District Attorney.
Somebody will have to
spot the dame for me.
I wouldn't know her if
I was to trip over her.
That's all been taken care of.
The kid I told you
about will run you over.
Is he wise?
- No.
Then he ain't going to be.
Not to tell him is enough.
Hello Jimmy. Come right in.
Jimmy, shake hands with Mr Higgins.
Jimmy Morrell.
- How do you do, Mr Higgins.
The friend of mine I told
you about from Detroit.
He's only in for a couple days
and he wants to see Lily.
Yeah, I thought while I was
here I'd like to look the girl up.
Can you spare a few minutes and
run him over? - Oh, sure.
You know how these farmers are.
He couldn't find his way around his
own bedroom without road signs.
Yeah? You come out to Detroit
sometime and see how good you are.
You know Lily's place?
I know she lives on 16th Street.
- That's right. 324 West.
Want to go right away?
- I wouldn't mind.
Go ahead, boys. I've
got a lot of work to do.
Now, Higgy, don't do
anything I wouldn't.
I couldn't.
See you later.
- Okay.
Be right back.
- Okay.
That's the house, across the street.
Who's the guy outside?
I don't know. Come on, let's go in.
- No. What's your hurry?
Let's wait until she comes out.
I want to surprise her.
Okay. Whatever you say.
Say, that's service for you.
There's Lily now.
Hey Lily!
Why, you crazy jerk!
Give me that gun.
Thanks. Okay.
Dumb punk.
Woman murdered. 324 West 16th.
324 West 16th.
[ Radio: ] "Although so far,
Police have nothing to report."
"Commissioner Doyle announces that
special squads are working on clues."
"That may lead to the solution of
today's newest gangland murder."
Oh Jimmy, don't. I want to hear that.
Please turn it on again.
[ Radio: ]
"The state loses its
most important witness."
"In the celebrated drug counterfeiting
case run by the Odite Company."
"Today's baseball scores."
Say .. I'd have liked to
have heard the rest of that.
Can you imagine that poor girl
coming out of the building ..
And finding that black sedan waiting.
Where are you going?
- Why? I'm going out.
What for?
- I'm going to get a paper.
Say, Jimmy .. is anything the matter?
No, of course not.
Why, what would be the matter?
Nothing darling. Only ..
- I'll be back soon.
I'll get you change.
[ Radio ] "Though many witnesses to the
shooting have already been questioned."
"Nothing definite has been discovered."
"That can positively establish
the identity of the killer."
"Who shot down
Lily Duran this afternoon."
"Police who are working on the case
from a half-dozen different angles."
"Are up in arms and promise that within
24 hours there will be an arrest."
Hello darling.
Hello, Jimmy.
Norma, I want to talk with Barnes.
Why, Jimmy?
- Please go ahead.
It's alright, Mrs Morrell.
Now wait a minute.
That ain't going to get you any place.
I've been in enough places.
Maybe you've got some more friends
you want to introduce me to?
Take it off your mind, kid.
You're all hopped up.
Why, the Cops don't know anything
about this job and they won't.
Only right now, the heat's son.
Thought I'd drop round and tip you off.
Don't make phone-calls, don't go out.
I'm going to make one phone-call.
To the District Attorney's office.
There's no risk in that.
And tell him that you're an accessory to
the season's cutest little killing, huh?
Be yourself.
Why, if I had more nerve, I'd ..
- Not more nerve .. less gab.
Did you ever figure why I sent a little
squawker like you along with Higgins?
I suppose because ..
- To hang a rap over you.
Now you know.
Now I'm not taking any squawks
from you, but you're taking orders.
So just give your ears a
little workout, starting now.
Lay low.
When I want you to come
to work, I'll send for you.
See you around, Jimmy.
Where's the funeral?
- Funeral?
This ain't Sunday. What are
you mugs dressed up for?
We was going to the trial.
Sure .. we thought you wanted
us to look nice for the trial.
There ain't going to be any trial.
What do you suppose I've
got friends downtown for?
And besides.
The State's chief witness
met with an accident.
Now, didn't she, boys? Huh?
Which one of you mugs has
got all that perfume on?
Oh, it's you.
I told him he smelt awful.
Do you know what he says?
He says that ain't perfume,
it's "toilet water".
Imagine him telling me
that: "toilet water".
[ Loud explosion!! ]
What was that?
- We got to get a doctor quick.
There's been an accident. Kelly is hurt.
Somebody get a doctor. Hurry up.
What happened?
One of the mixing kettles exploded.
The iron cover got Kelly on the head.
Alright, bring him in here.
That ought to pull him around.
Say, Doc .. that's pretty good.
What was in that shot you gave him?
- Digitalis.
It certainly brought him
round quick alright.
It generally does.
So, Doc .. this digit ..?
What did you call it?
- "Digitalis".
That's right, digitalis.
Is it a top seller?
I mean is it in demand?
Does it sell much?
Well, naturally. It's a very
powerful heart stimulant.
I would advise you to
take it easy for a while.
And then have a thorough examination.
What did he call that stuff?
Digi .. didg .. digg ..
- Digitalis.
That's it.
Digitalis isn't toothpaste,
mouthwash or cold-cream.
It's life or death. A heart drug used
in desperate cases. Emergencies.
Any imitation we'd make here
wouldn't be worth a dime.
When I want to know
anything, I'll ask you.
In the meantime, you make
the stuff the best way you can.
And remember what I told you.
I'm taking no squawks.
- This is no squawk. I won't do it.
Now listen to me.
You're getting plenty fresh for a
guy with a rap hanging over him.
I'm not scared. I don't care anymore.
Anything is better than
making poison for you.
I'm no murderer.
I won't do it. I'm through.
I thought I'd put some sense into you.
Now get this.
I sometimes drop a guy, see.
But nobody ever quits.
You understand?
So, from now on you pay attention
and take orders just like I told you.
I'm not taking anything
from you anymore.
Lay off .. that's enough.
Well, kid.
You're soaking up plenty of grief.
Why don't you give yourself a break.
What's the answer?
Why, you ..
- Wait a minute!
Well kid, you're making it tougher.
If you won't talk to me,
maybe you will to your wife.
My ..
My wife?
I'm going to invite her down here.
Maybe she has some influence with you.
No. No Mr Barnes, please.
Please don't do that.
Give me that phone.
No, wait. Wait.
Alright, alright.
I'll do anything you want, only ..
Only, don't bring her down here.
I thought you'd listen to reason.
Darling, you needn't worry.
Everything is going to be alright.
Doctor, do you know anything
for expectant fathers?
For expectant fathers I have two
prescriptions: whiskey or work.
In this case, I suggest work.
Come, young man.
Alright, I'll go.
I'll come back just as soon as I can.
If we have to send her to the hospital
later today, I'll let you know at once.
And don't worry.
I still maintain gentlemen, we never
should have taken this case to court.
When we drew the public's notice to the
fact that Odite can be counterfeited.
And sold, for less than
half our price ..
We ruined the very
foundation of this business.
What is the use of all
these post-mortems?
I move that we file a voluntary
petition and bankrupt them.
There is nothing else to do.
I second the motion.
I protest. We can't do that.
Our preferred stock protects us.
But the common stockholders
would have nothing.
I feel that the treasurer's report.
Gives ample basis for the
motion I have proposed.
All those in favor ..
- Please, gentlemen.
I know the way you feel.
You are businessmen.
For me, it is different.
I am a chemist first ..
And a businessman afterwards.
Gentlemen ..
Twenty years ago, I brought from
Germany this product: Odite.
You believed in me. You gave me
money and I made it grow for you.
I made the business grow.
I made a good product.
It has been my whole life's work.
It is still a good product.
The people will buy again.
Gentlemen, give me a little time.
In a few days, I will find
somebody who will ..
We appreciate the loss you sustained in
support of this company in this crisis.
All those in favor of the motion for
bankruptcy, signify it by saying "Aye".
Aye. - Aye. - Aye. - Aye.
- Those opposed?
The motion is carried.
Is a motion for adjournment necessary?
The meeting stands adjourned, gentlemen.
Rules or no rules, I'm going in there.
Please, sit down. The doctor
will be here in just a moment.
Do you feel alright?
- Do I feel alright?
Say, I'm not having the baby.
I was beginning to get the
impression that you were.
Tell Dr Hall and Dr Reid, this is a
breech presentment. They need to see it.
Ask Dr Boutelier if he can help me.
- Yes, doctor.
Is she alright?
- Well, uh ..
The case isn't going
exactly as we expected.
Well, what's happened?
I've a right to know.
I know you have.
That's why I'm telling you.
It's your wife's heart.
- Her heart?
She can't stand much anaesthetic.
We may have to inject digitalis.
Oh no. No, you can't do that.
No. I won't allow it.
- Now try and take this calmly.
After all, the decision rests with me.
Listen, doctor.
You may think I'm crazy but
you've got to do what I say.
Her life depends on it.
- What do you mean?
Don't use the digitalis you
have here at the hospital.
I can't tell you why,
but don't. That's all.
I'll get some from my own store.
Please. I'll go right away.
But doctor, you've got to wait.
Very well.
It was a mistake to tell him.
Oh, doctor.
- Right away.
How's the pulse?
- Very slow and irregular.
I've got to go down 10th Avenue.
Come on, step on it.
I'm doing the best I can, Boss.
Pulse still 62, doctor.
She's not responding.
We'll try another injection.
Give this to the doctor right away.
- I'm sorry.
You mean they've ..?
- They've taken your wife downstairs.
Doctor, did they take
my wife downstairs?
Your wife rallied as well
as could be expected.
And the baby?
We had to choose.
Your wife's reaction to the stimulant ..
Didn't enable us to save the baby.
You'd better go home now
and come back tomorrow.
Well, there's the layout.
It's cost me plenty of money.
But it's made me plenty.
Think you can handle it?
I ought to be able to. I was with
one of the biggest plants in Newark.
For three years.
That's fine.
When can you start?
Tomorrow, if that's what you want.
That's soon enough.
Well that's one coin
you won't see again.
Say, I wonder what happens to them.
I've tossed in a couple of
hundred trying to find out.
Why, they dissolve.
That's nitro-hydrochloric acid.
That would dissolve an elephant.
Buck teeth and all.
Just like that.
I know a lot of guys I'd
like to see take a bath in it.
Well, I'll see you tomorrow.
- Okay, goodnight.
What do you want?
Who is it?
Tom .. what are you doing?
Wait a minute!
Give me a break, will you.
Don't, I tell you! Wait a minute.
Listen, I'll give you everything I got.
Put that thing down will you. Please ..
[ 3 Gunshots! ]
Stay where you are.
Where's Barnes?
- He's in there.
Now, I'll to the District Attorney's
office and you're going to jail.
You're crazy.
- You can't do that.
You're in this as deep as we are.
- Maybe I'm in it deeper than you are.
Only I'm all through with it.
I'm going to take what's coming to me,
and you'll get what's coming to you.
I'm sure sorry for poor old Barnes.
You're sorry for Barnes?
Look at what we're making into
gravel, and you're sorry for Barnes.
I told you guys we'd get into trouble
going into the drug business.
My brother got twenty
years for peddling dope.
Yeah, but this wasn't peddling
dope, this was different.
Yeah? Well, the twenty years ain't.
Break it up, mugs. Get working.
Sorry, we don't sell stamps anymore.
You don't sell stamps? Well, how do
people write letters without stamps?
Try the Post Office.
This is a drugstore.
Wait a minute.
What's the matter here?
He won't sell me an airmail stamp.
- Sure he will.
Well, you see ..
- Listen, handsome.
From now on, we're a
neighborhood drugstore again.
We will take care of the neighborhood.
If this young fellow wants
stamps, that's what we're for.
Just to show you I won't take my
business no place else, I'll buy six.
You see that?
- You're the Boss.
Oh yeah?
Anything else?
- No, no.
Oh, you got something maybe
that's good for snakebites?
- You mean you were bitten by a snake?
Well, you ought to see a doctor.
Well, I wasn't exactly bitten,
but did I have a narrow escape.
I was chased by a snake that long.
- How long?
That long. A big black snake.
Oh, but black snakes aren't poisonous.
Black snakes ain't poisonous?
Listen. If a snake makes you jump off
a 50-foot cliff, it don't have to be.
Thank you.
Well, if it had only been a
rattle-snake, we'd have made a sale.
I don't care.
That's what we're here for.
To give people what they want.
Credit, gossip, stamps.
Medical advice, slugs for the telephone.
We're going to be just a
neghborhood drugstore again.
I don't know. I may never be a success.
But I'll never be a sap again.
Well .. hardly ever.
T-G o