The Big Shot (1942) Movie Script

Well, doctor?
It is just a matter of hours.
Maybe moments.
Hello, Duke.
They sprung you, eh kid?
Yes, Duke.
We'll never forget it.
- Ah, skip it.
Duke, we'll always be grateful to you.
What did you bring her in here for?
She don't belong here.
Get her out.
Oh, Duke.
Quit balling.
You don't owe me anything.
Just get married.
Get a house. Have some kids.
They don't pay off big but ..
They pay off steady.
Somebody .. somebody
told me that once, but ..
I couldn't see it.
I was a .. wise guy.
Had all the angles figured.
Yeah, that's it.
A wise guy.
Ain't that so, Warden?
You got a lot of guys up
at your place like that.
Hey .. you got a cigarette for me?
"Five years."
"Ten years."
"Five years."
"Three raps."
"I knew I was washed up and the next
time they would throw the key away."
"I wasn't cured you understand.
I was scared."
"So I decided to go straight."
"Boy, that's a very funny joke."
"Me go straight."
"With what?"
"What did I know? What could I do?"
"Case a joint, knock over a bank. Stick
up a payroll messenger. That's all."
"Who wants to give a crook a job?"
"Not me, if I was handing out jobs."
"I didn't blame them.
I had it coming to me."
"Only that didn't solve the
coffee and cake problem."
"On account of a crook gets just
as hungry as an honest man, see."
"That don't count. Because
he's finished. He's done."
"Why feed a dead man even
if he is walking around?"
"Ask the coppers. They know."
"They're wrapping a cage around
you every time they look at you."
"You can't be a crook anymore
because you used up your chances."
"And you can't be honest
because nobody will let you."
"So what?"
"So you keep moving.
Ducking down alleys."
"Always looking back over your
shoulder like something was after you."
"And something is after you."
"Something you can't hide away from."
"What was it that colored boy
used to sing in Condemned Row?"
"I went to the rock to hide my face."
"And the rock cried out:"
"No hiding place."
"No hiding place."
"That's the way I felt that morning
when I sat in Sarto's restaurant."
"With no place to go and nothing to do."
"I was close to forty."
"A three-time loser with my
past catching up to me."
"Afraid of my own shadow."
Come on, boys. Be good fellows.
No trouble in this place.
No rough-house in this place, please.
How about it, Duke? What do you say?
I said nothing doing.
I want this table.
There's plenty of empty tables around.
- I said I'm sitting here. I want it.
- Duke, Duke.
Go on, get out of here and
bring me a glass of beer.
Get two beers.
And for him a glass of milk.
You got milk?
- Alright.
Bring it out for him.
- Yes, quick.
Frenchy, that's not the way.
You should treat him with
some kind of respect.
After all, he was a big-shot once.
- Ha.
A big-shot.
Look at him. Dresses just like a tramp.
Want this table?
- Ah, sit down.
Why don't you press your pants and
change your shirt once in a while?
Why don't you shave regular?
Drink it.
Or maybe you want it in a
bottle with a nipple on it?
I'll take it from you, kid.
Go ahead. Fool around.
Say anything you want.
What do you keep coming to him for?
We can't use him. It's a waste of time.
He couldn't blow up a paper bag.
He's yellow.
- He had it once.
He's still got. Besides, we need him.
- Why do we need him?
There ain't anything he can do
that I can't do better. Anything.
At least I go the nerve.
You like yourself, huh?
- No, I'm not bragging.
Just talking cold facts.
Well, don't get too good, kid.
When you get like that it ain't so hot.
- Why you ..
Shut up. You set it off.
Oh come on, let's get out of here.
This is a waste of time.
Keep quiet.
You see Duke, it ain't right for a
healthy man like you to be inactive.
You'll get sick.
I don't like it in a man when
he's morbid and depressed.
He's no good I tell you. He's afraid.
I kicked him around. You just saw
me do it. And he just laps it up.
He don't even make a move.
I said shut up. You're too
dumb to see his side of it.
His side of it?
What's there to see?
He won't take chances, naturally.
You ought to understand that.
He's a third-timer.
Next time for him it's life.
Ah, baloney and you know it.
You see Duke, I take
everything into consideration.
The reason I keep coming
to you, this is sure-fire.
All we need is you to plan
the job. Just like old times.
I didn't tell you this before because
the party didn't want me to mention it.
But confidentially.
We got Fleming.
What do you mean, you got Fleming?
It was his idea that we contact you.
You see, we're protected.
What do you say?
Nothing doing.
Hey, come on. Come on.
Think it over, Duke.
Maybe you'll change your mind.
Hey, Sarto.
Is this milk paid for?
Yeah, sure.
Put that glass on the card.
- Sure, Duke. Sure. It's alright.
Mr Fleming is back.
- Thanks, George.
Say, how about Fleming, sister?
I told you Mr Fleming is
very busy. He is engaged.
You told me five minutes.
It's been half an hour.
I'm sorry.
You're very welcome.
- Thanks very much.
I'll see you tonight at 8:30
- 8:30? Alright.
Did my suitcase come?
- Yes, Mr Fleming.
Oh yes, there it is. Thanks very much.
Hmm. Hello.
Come in.
Come in.
How about a drink, Duke?
No thanks.
Pardon me. This is my wife, Mrs Fleming.
Mr Berne. "Duke" Berne.
Hello, Lorna.
Oh, you know each other?
We used to.
But we haven't seen each
other for a long time.
Five years, to be exact with six
months off for good behaviour.
Yes. You should have had
me handle your case, Duke.
I guess I should have.
Well. Go ahead.
What do you want to see me about?
What's on your mind?
Sandor said you wanted to see me.
Oh yes. Glad you dropped in.
I didn't drop in. Sandor and
Frenchy said you sent for me.
Well yes. I did in a way.
I wanted to find out if you
were still active or not.
You know, sometimes
a man in your spot ..
Finds it hard to get back,
to get started again.
What do you mean, Martin?
Well, it's rather difficult
to explain, Lorna.
There comes a time in a man's life
when everything seems to freeze up.
Doesn't it, Duke?
You want to get started again but
you can't. You don't know how.
After a few terms in prison,
what are you fit for?
You go through the motions, yes.
But it's not really you.
You are scared.
You are afraid to even talk to people.
If a fresh kid sasses you on the street
you walk away and keep your mouth shut.
For fear it might start more trouble.
You are finished.
Washed up.
Isn't that so, Duke?
Fleming, what's the deal?
Do you mind stepping in the
outer office for a moment, please?
Not at all.
Will you hurry it up please.
How much do you get?
A hundred and fifty thousand.
A hundred and fifty grand? That's over
half what's in that armored truck.
What half? What armored truck?
Do I have to know about that?
That's my fee. $150,000.
Take it or leave it.
I'm sorry Duke. I'm busy.
A hundred and fifty grand.
That's a lot of money for what you do.
You've done alright for yourself.
Hit the jackpot eh, Mrs Fleming?
Duke, I ..
I was just closing up.
Duke, please.
There won't be any trouble.
Bring us some beer.
And a glass of milk for him, Sarto.
Yeah. That ain't a bad idea.
A glass of milk for me.
Hiya Faye, Sandor.
- Hiya, Duke.
Hiya, big-shot.
Well, I see you took my advice, huh.
Pressed your pants.
A clean shirt. A shave.
Hmm, ain't he sweet, boys.
- Frenchy.
Lay off.
Here. Give me a light.
Pull up a chair, Duke. Sit down.
I'm taking Frenchy's chair.
Take your hand off that ..
Give me that gun.
Just like old times, eh Duke?
Here, clean yourself up.
I swear I knew it.
I knew it as you came through the door.
You even walk different. What happened?
I took a look at the route that
armored truck is going to take.
You did?
Boys, our troubles are over. We have the
best man for the job. Can't do better.
Give him his gun.
Here you are, Frenchy.
Sit down.
Now you guys have got to remember
this armored truck is no can of corn.
It's going to be hard to get in to.
[ Door knocks ]
[ Door knocks ]
[ Door knocks ]
What do you want?
- I've got to talk to you, Duke.
No. Please.
I had to see you.
- All of a sudden, huh?
I've been out 6 months. All of a sudden
you must see me twice in the same day.
I was afraid to see you before.
- Yeah.
Afraid of what I might do when I
found out you'd married that guy.
Sure I was, but you were
away for five years.
I was taking an awful beating.
You're all set now.
You can take an awful beating in one
of those things and hardly feel it.
I know. I've tried.
What you beefing about? You got
what you wanted. - Sure I did.
Same as you got what you wanted when you
robbed that bank and got sent up for it.
Duke, if you'd listened to me things may
have been so different for both of us.
You know how desperately
I tried to stop you.
I had hoped you'd cared enough.
I hoped you'd not do it if I threatened
to break off everything between us.
It seems I was wrong.
You were such a big-shot.
You knew all the smart angles.
You couldn't miss.
After they sent you away.
Things got pretty rocky for me.
I had no-one to turn to.
So you married Fleming, huh?
Strictly from hunger.
Go ahead, give it
to me. I love that line.
Your old man lost his practice
and then you got very poor.
And one-by-one he had
to sell his instruments.
The instruments he used to
take slugs out of guys like me.
Go ahead, give it to me.
I'm a sucker for that kind of stuff.
He not only lost his practice.
He lost his license too.
I was to blame for it, no
matter how I looked at it.
Ever since that night you came with that
bullet in you and I had him take it out.
That was the first time he ever did it.
I thought that was his racket.
I kept sending him guys.
And he kept taking care
of them. He had to.
You know how it is once
you get in with the mob.
Well, he did it.
Until they caught up with him.
The cops?
That's how I met Fleming.
He got him off.
After the trial, the old man gave up.
He was sick a long time before he died.
I was working all day and
nursing him all night. Every night.
Well, I got what I wanted.
I'm not beefing.
I'm married to a very repeatable man.
He doesn't stick up anybody with a gun.
He plays it safe. Gets a
big end of everything.
While little guys like you get
shot at and pushed around ..
Sent to jails, to hospitals,
to the morgue.
And I'm supposed to like it, see.
Because he's very fond of me.
He can't keep his hands off me.
Easy pickings, huh?
I got what I wanted, did I?
Go on. Tell me I got
what was coming to me.
No, it wasn't coming to you.
It was a bum rap.
[ Door knocks ]
[ Door knocks ]
Get behind that door.
[ Door knocks ]
[ Door knocks ]
All set, Duke. We've picked
up a sedan just like you said.
The boys are waiting for
you in front of Santo's.
You go ahead. I'll meet you there.
What are you waiting for?
I see you got company.
Beat it. I said I'd meet you at Sarto's.
What are you going to do?
I'm going to meet the boys at Sarto's.
It's the deal you came to
see Fleming about, isn't it?
Duke, you can't do it.
You've got to listen to me.
I didn't want that kind of money
before and I don't want it now.
Don't you realize what you're
letting yourself in for?
You'll rot in jail for the
rest of your life.
I'm rotting here.
Getting myself pushed around.
Bumming meals, living on the cuff.
Take a look at this place.
Cute, ain't it?
You think I'd let you
live in a joint like this?
I could learn to like it.
That's not the way it's
going to be with us.
Put that thing down.
No, Duke. You're not going.
Lorna, give me that gun.
- No Duke, please. Please don't.
Don't make me do it.
I've got a hunch you would.
Yes, Duke.
I would.
Now, smoking this cigarette is going to
cost me just exactly a hundred grand.
At the last minute, he got yellow.
Just like I told you.
I can't understand it.
Imagine passing up all
his dough for a dame.
Step on it.
Are you hurt?
No. I'm alright.
Police. Murder.
Now take your time, Mrs Miggs.
Nobody is hurrying you.
Make up your own mind.
All we want is a good,
clean identification.
I know. I know.
But he ain't none of them.
Leastwise, I can't be sure.
Now, you're doing alright.
If ever a man ..
Had murder written all over his face ..
Hold it, lady. That's the Police
Commissioner. Pay attention to those.
Is this him?
Well, now. It might be.
Grabbed me bodily, he did.
And there I was with bullets spattering
and clattering around my ears.
And him shooting himself behind me.
You got a good look at him, didn't you?
I'd know him if I met him in Egypt.
- You're not in Egypt.
That's him, isn't it?
Now take your time.
I don't know. I .. I'd hate to ..
Would you take a solemn
oath it ain't him?
Why do you hesitate?
- Do you want to protect a killer?
You want to leave him on the loose?
So he can do to another girl what
he did to you? - Of course I don't.
You want him pumping his murderous
lead into family men like us?
I should say not.
- Is that him?
It is, isn't it?
I guess so.
You know it, don't you?
- Don't you?
Yes .. yes.
That's him. That's the one.
[ Telephone ]
[ Telephone ]
Oh, darling. I was just ton my way
to meet you when I saw the paper.
Where are you?
Never mind that. Now, listen.
I've got to talk fast and move fast.
That crazy old dame put
me right on the spot.
When is Fleming coming
back from Washington?
What time this morning?
Okay, I'll be right over to see him.
But Duke, they'll be
sure to pick you up.
Don't worry, baby. Best place to hide
from a copper is right under his nose.
What's keeping him?
I don't know. Maybe the train is late?
Duke, I'm afraid.
Why can't we go away as planned?
- We can't do that.
I've got to have an alibi.
Fleming is my only chance.
If the cops catch me while I'm
running away I'll never clear myself.
I'll have your bags sent
up to your apartment.
Thank you.
You can clear yourself.
I can tell them the truth.
And get yourself smeared over the front
pages of every paper in the country?
Nothing doing.
Fleming cooked up this deal.
If he doesn't come through for me
I'll blast him wide open to the cops.
Oh, good morning, darling.
- Good morning.
Aren't you up rather early?
- Yes, I am.
But there is someone here to see you.
- Oh yeah?
What the devil are you doing here?
- I'm in a jam. I need help.
I read the papers.
You need plenty of help.
But you came to the wrong place.
If you've got any business with me,
see me at my office. Now get out.
Please listen to him, Martin.
He tells me he is innocent.
That he wasn't anywhere
near that hold-up.
Is that all he told you?
What else could I tell her?
What else could you tell
anybody that they'd believe?
Darling, get me some coffee
will you please - Sure.
So, what happened last night?
- How do I know? I wasn't there.
I changed my mind.
- You changed your mind?
That's fine. And you changing
your mind cost me $100,000.
I hope you have a good alibi because
if not, it's your headache from now on.
Well, that's what I came
up to see you about.
I haven't got a good alibi.
I was out walking alone.
Uhuh. That's a fine alibi for
a three-time loser, isn't it.
That's the only one I got.
You got to get me a new one.
And why do I have to
get you a better one?
Because you're in this up to
your neck. You framed this deal.
My dear Mr Berne, that's merely
an allegation on your part.
It has to be corroborated with
conclusive evidence in a court of law.
Ah, can that shyster
talk and listen to me.
If they pin this on me I'm going to
prison for life and I'm not going alone.
You don't think for a minute you can put
that on me and get away with it do you?
Yes Fleming. I can.
See, us guys could never put the finger
on you before because if we did ..
They would send us to
the can for pulling the job.
Well I didn't pull this job so
I can put the finger on you.
You seem to forget a certain Mrs Miggs
placed you at the scene of the crime.
Well, maybe Mrs Miggs
will change her mind.
When the cops let her take a
look at Frenchy and me together.
The cops are not looking for
Frenchy. They're looking for you.
The minute they pick me up I'm going
to start them looking for Frenchy.
You don't think he'll ever squawk with
a 10-year rap hanging over him do you?
You can't afford to take the
chance that he won't.
You've pulled some pretty
rough stuff in this town.
That Romero case was a cutie.
Remember that?
The DA would love to get his hooks into
you. Maybe he can't pin this job on you.
But it might give him a
whole lot of new ideas.
He might come up with something
that would blow you higher than a kite.
See, I figured that ..
You wouldn't want to take that chance.
If I'm in the clear.
You're in the clear.
What could be simpler?
I see, you ..
You said you were out walking
all by yourself, didn't you?
Yeah, yeah. That's what I said.
Not much of an alibi, is it.
Well, we've got to find
you a better on than that.
A much better one than that.
Are you demonstrating this car?
Yes, yes. I am. Are you Mr Berne?
- Well, get in please.
When was the first demonstration?
Friday night.
What time was it?
- Nine o'clock.
How long was I with you?
- Twenty minutes. A half hour.
Where did we go?
Prospect Parkway.
You know they are going to ask
you how you remember all this.
What are you going to say?
The book.
The book? What book?
The salesmen's record
down at the office.
Every one of us, we have to mark down
who we take out, where we go, the time.
Customer's reactions. Things like that.
A whole list of details.
It's all in the book now.
Alright, that's enough.
Go on down Rodney Street.
Well this is pretty new to me.
It's the first time I've ever ..
You're telling me.
Don't get me wrong. I'm not afraid.
I want the money. I need it.
I'm perfectly willing.
The only thing is I don't want to do
anything to get my girl mixed up in it.
Your girl? What's your
girl got to do with it?
See, I've caused enough trouble
between her and her folks.
I don't want to make things worse.
You and your girl. Why do I
have to hear about your girl?
What you looking at?
What's the big attraction?
Nothing. Nothing, Mister Berne.
Mister Berne.
Alright. Stop here at
the police station.
At the police station?
Brutal, that's what it is. Just brutal.
A man's got to be a millionaire
nowadays to afford a steak.
Where is your desk Sergeant?
- He'll be out in a minute.
May the saints forgive me, but
sometimes I wish I was a fireman.
Yeah, you're telling me.
Only the other day Eileen
says to me: "Tim", she says ..
"How soon do you suppose
we can afford to have a baby?"
How about that? "Afford to have a baby".
Like it was a battleship or something.
"Hold on", I says to her.
"Take it easy", I says.
"Not until we can afford to buy
a teething ring", I says to her.
I hate to tell you the chances I'd take
to get my hands on Duke Berne ..
And get my some of that reward money.
You got it now, Tim.
Tell your wife to go right ahead and
have that baby with my compliments.
Duke Berne.
- Holy ..
Hey Lieutenant! Lieutenant,
come out here! See what I got.
Tim is having a baby.
- What?
Why that is perfectly
beautiful, darling.
My favorite number.
You haven't played it in a long time.
No I haven't. I had almost forgotten it.
- Thanks.
Martin. How do you feel?
Me? Why, I feel fine. Why?
Aren't you nervous? I mean
about the trial tomorrow.
Why no, not a bit.
But you seem a little upset.
Is anything wrong?
Of course not.
Well you know, you haven't defended
an innocent man in a very long time.
That's right.
Not since I left law school and
started chasing ambulances.
You say you were once an honest lawyer?
- Honest but poor.
But fortunately for
both of us I reformed.
And now I've got everything.
You deserve it, Martin.
You deserve everything you get.
Thank you.
[ Telephone ]
I'll get it.
[ Telephone ]
Yes. Who is this?
Listen, Fleming. You're a sucker not
to let Duke Berne take the rap for me.
Yes. That would make it nice
and cosy for you wouldn't it.
Lay off that fancy talk.
I didn't tell you this before because I
thought it was none of my business.
Now it is.
Duke didn't tell you the real reason he
didn't show up for that job, did he?
Since I'm thoroughly convinced
of Mr Berne's innocence.
Naturally, I believe
whatever story he tells me.
Well Fleming, let me set you straight.
Duke didn't show up because
he had a dame at his place.
I know. I saw her fur coat.
If that means you ain't interested ..
Maybe you'd like to know that the dame's
car was parked in front of Duke's place.
And the tag on the steering wheel
said the car belonged to a ..
"Mrs Martin T. Fleming."
I see.
Yes, yes. I understand perfectly.
Yes. You had better be at my office
the first thing in the morning.
Anything wrong?
No, no, no.
Just a newspaperman.
He seems to think that Duke
Berne might jump his bail.
Well, he wouldn't run away now.
Why, of course not.
Under the circumstance, he'd be a fool.
Where would he go?
Besides, he hasn't got a
friend in the world but ..
You and me.
And that's why, you Know, Lorna.
In a way I feel more responsible to him.
Than I would be to a client with money.
That's very sweet of you, Martin.
You know, if we don't do our best.
Our very best.
He might go to prison
for the rest of his life.
Martin, you will do your
best for him, won't you?
My very best.
For you, my darling.
You got to keep on your toes, sir.
The competition, see.
It's quite fierce.
I see. Well supposing you tell
us something about it, George.
What I mean.
Well, there is this contest.
Between all the salesmen in the place to
see who sells the most cars each month.
I see. And how are you
making out, George?
Not so good.
And is that the reason you've been
demonstrating after of business hours?
Yes, sir.
Now George.
Let's get this again.
Absolutely straight and definite.
Yes, sir.
On Friday, May 5th.
Exactly at what time did
you meet Joseph Berne?
Nine o'clock. I had an appointment.
You say you drove down Prospect Parkway?
- That's right.
Now, George.
On Friday evening May the 5th
starting at exactly nine o'clock.
How long did you spend
with Joseph Berne?
A half an hour at least.
You are positive?
- Oh yes, sir.
Your Honor.
The defence will introduce at this time
in evidence this salesman's record book.
Which corroborates all the
testimony given by this witness.
You witness, Mr Toohey.
No questions.
You are quite sure you don't
wish to question the witness?
If the man is going to tell a certain
story and he says those are the facts.
There doesn't seem to be much point
in making him tell it all over again.
Very well.
In that case Your Honor,
the defence rests.
But, Your Honor.
The prosecution is ready at this
time to introduce a new witness.
- Thank you.
Order in the court.
Hey, what's he pulling?
How do I know what goes on
in old man Toohey's mind?
Let him fiddle around. He enjoys it.
Ruth. What are you doing here?
Over here Miss Carter, please.
Who's that girl?
It's Anderson's girlfriend.
Who brought her into this?
Now Duke, will you let Toohey have his
fun. I tell you it doesn't mean a thing.
Be seated.
Will you tell us your name again please?
Ruth Carter.
Where do you live?
- 11 Lake Drive.
Of this city?
- Yes.
Oh, that is of course, you live
at home with your parents?
Yes, except for these past few months.
I've been away in the country.
- On a vacation?
Yes, in a way.
Well no, not exactly.
You see, my father ..
My parents.
They don't want me to be in town.
Miss Carter, how long have you and
George Anderson known each other?
A year almost. Ten months.
You two are very much in love?
But your parents don't approve
of your young man, do they?
Have you any idea why?
No. I don't know.
Come now, Miss Carter. Please.
Well I don't know. They are very strict.
I suppose they think
we're being too serious.
I suppose they think I should wait for
a man old enough to support me.
George says it's because
he's only a car salesman.
But he's working hard
for an agency of his own.
He's trying to save
money for a franchise.
George, should I talk or
should I be quiet?
My dear girl, I am so sorry now.
Please don't be afraid or embarrassed.
You have nothing to hide.
I know how you feel.
It probably seems much more
embarrassing to you than it really is.
There is nothing so scandalous
in what you've been telling us.
I am an older person. I can assure it is
a thing that happens in many families.
Your Honor.
My learned opponent has brilliantly
developed the existence of a romance.
It is charming, it is touching.
A very sweet story. But Your Honor ..
If Mr Toohey is leading to a point.
If Mr Toohey has something in mind.
Yes, Your Honor.
I am leading to a point.
Very well, Your Honor. In that case.
Thank you.
Now, as I understand it ..
Your parents to prevent you from meeting
each other sent you away to the country.
Yes. Yes, I said that.
And of course you were not able to see
George Anderson for several months.
Oh no. I didn't say that.
You mean you did see him?
You disobeyed your parents?
George drove up to see me on weekends.
He came straight from the
office every Friday afternoon.
Miss Carter.
On Friday evening May the 5th.
Were you with George Anderson?
Yes, yes. I told you.
He came every Friday.
He stayed at the village nearby.
At 9 o'clock were you
with George Anderson?
Yes, I was!
George, tell me what I've done.
Tell me. What did I do to you?
Mr Fleming.
Your Honor, I wish to
apologise to the court.
I relied on what my client told me.
And the witness Anderson
corroborated every detail.
I'm sorry, Duke.
You got the wrong lawyer.
I never did have any luck
defending an innocent man.
But you did it, didn't you.
Joseph Duke Berne.
It's the judgement of the court that you
be imprisoned in the State Penitentiary.
For the term of your natural life.
"Five years."
"Ten years."
"Five years."
"Five years."
"Well, there I was. In again."
"This time for something I didn't do."
"That was the funny part of it.
For something I didn't do."
"This time I was in for life."
"In for life. You understand?"
"On top of that I got an innocent kid in
a jam, and he drew a year for perjury."
"All this was on my mind the morning
Warden Booth sent for me."
Here he is, Warden.
Berne. Duke Berne.
George Booth. I thought so.
The last time I saw you, you were
head keeper up at Franksville.
Yes. That's right.
You have come up in the world.
Yes, I did.
But it looks as though things haven't
been going quite so well with you.
Commissioner, if that's why
you brought me in here ..
No, no. I'm not riding you.
A man like you. Duke ..
You were a good crook. Competent.
About the best there was, I guess.
You worked hard for twenty years.
But where are you now?
In jail for life.
Without a friend. Without a dime.
Maybe it's my adenoids, Warden.
Maybe I went wrong on
account of my bum tonsils.
Alright, you're the Warden.
That's your job.
All you got to do is
feed us and work us.
That's all you've got to worry about.
No Duke, that's not all.
While you're here there's is going to
be one idea working in your head.
To break jail.
Every day, every minute you're
going to be figuring and waiting.
I know that Duke, and I just
want you to know I know it.
You've been reading my mail, Warden.
That's all I got to say to you.
Watch your step.
Throw me that ball, will you.
Here you are, Duke.
Don't go away from me, Duke.
Every time I want to talk to
you, you go away from me.
Why do you keep following me around?
Because I've something
I must say to you.
I'd like to tell you how sorry I am.
What have you got to be sorry about?
I ain't blaming you for anything.
I know you're not.
That's what makes it so tough.
You're here yourself, ain't you.
Yeah, but I'm not in here for life
and I know if it wasn't for me ..
Don't be a sucker.
I can't help being sorry
Duke, because I like you.
Because the first time I ever saw
you I knew you were a swell guy.
Go away from me, will you.
Hey, Butch.
All I wanted to say Duke is that if
there is anything I can do for you ..
After I get out of here
I mean, to help you.
I'll do it. Anything.
You can count on me.
Just keep away from guys like me.
Stay away from all these
other guys in here too.
Get yourself some time off for good
behaviour and get out here and stay out.
Stay away from guys like me.
Because if you don't
you'll wind up a crook.
And you'll be a rotten crook too.
Get me? You ain't got the gift for it.
Okay Duke, if that's
the way you feel about it.
How do you like that?
What kind of a trade do you
call that for a grown-up guy?
Criminals ain't what they used to be.
18-carat whacko.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
You ought to see all
the loving cups I got.
Every ballroom contest
I ever entered, I won it.
Hiya, Duke.
Can you do a speciality?
Can you do a .. dance routine?
Can you .. can you play
a musical instrument?
I'm in charge. Putting on the first
prison show here. Must look for talent.
You're wasting your time. He's a high
class guy. He never has nothing to say.
He must be a deep thinker.
I'm telling you guys the Warden
has got his heart set on this show.
And anybody. Anybody who wants
to help out gets special privileges.
Like I got for Tony, for
working on the coal pile.
He knows how to paint scenery. I can do
it for anyone who wants to help out.
Hey, Dancer.
- Yeah?
I got bad news for you.
- What's the matter now?
I check out of here in ten days.
The Warden just told me
the parole board okayed it.
Gee, Quinto. You can't do that. Who
is going to run the spot for my dance?
Sorry, you'll have to get
yourself another boy.
You wouldn't be hanging around here no
longer than you must, would you Dancer?
No. I guess you're right, Quinto.
One of my main speciality dances is all
shot without somebody running the spot.
Too bad.
I'll run that spot for you.
You know how?
I can learn.
Sure. Sure, Duke.
Quinto will show you how.
Come on, it's over in the Auto shed.
Gee Duke, I'm sure glad to
have you on my show.
It's better than working
on the coal pile ain't it?
Sure Duke, anything is better
than working on the coal pile.
Here is the spot and I'll
show you how it works.
Now these are the carbons.
When you turn this knob here it
brings the carbons together like this.
When the juice is on, don't you bring
no metal in contact with the carbons ..
Or it will blow you
right out of the joint.
Then you close the door.
Now. When you get the
cue from the Dancer ..
You're all set to follow him like this.
See, Duke?
I do a dance with this doll. I'm a
Harlem dandy. This is my girlfriend.
Think you could do it?
It's a cinch.
Then you're all set.
Sorry to run out on you.
It's okay.
I'll set it up for you on the stage
tomorrow and you can try it.
Hey, Duke.
That's how my girlfriend will look as
soon as I get this golliwog finished.
A nice layout you got here.
- Yeah.
Everything to work with, huh.
Yes, sure.
They give you everything
to work with in this joint.
Food to eat.
Clothes to put on you.
Get a place to sleep.
Radio shows, baseball
books from the library.
Yeah, and I'd give
it all back to them ..
For a hole in the wall
and the outside to live in.
With nothing but a hunk of stale bread,
musty clothes and no dough, no nothing.
Boy, would I grab it. I wouldn't kick.
No sir, I wouldn't kick.
What's on your mind?
What's on your mind?
The same thing that's on yours, I guess.
Yeah, I got it on my mind.
Listen pal, don't even think about it.
Don't give it a thought, see.
Let me do all the thinking.
Get me?
- Yeah.
Coming up.
How's everything going, Dancer?
Fine. The show's going to be so good the
Warden will send us on the road with it.
You hope.
Well, a guy can dream, can't he?
Your time is up.
- So long.
Hello, darling.
Hello, George.
How have you been?
- Alright. And you?
Mother and father have
been wonderful, George.
Especially, father.
He says it's his fault
that you are in here.
It won't be so long, darling. The Warden
says you'll be out in a few months.
Father says ..
Darling, I have got to talk so fast.
I have got so much to say to you that ..
Well anyway, father is going to
give you a job when you get out.
I don't need him to get me a job.
But George, don't be foolish.
Don't be like that.
Everybody has been so kind.
You never knew how many friends you had.
Even Lorna.
- Who is Lorna?
Mrs Fleming. The lawyer's wife.
She looked me up.
She wanted to know if there
was anything she could do for me.
That was sweet of her, don't you think?
Yeah. Only I don't know
why she'd be interested.
Maybe because she's had
trouble, she is sorry for us?
She left her husband, you know.
She did?
I think it had something
to do with the trial.
You know, George.
I think there was something
between her and that fellow ..
You mean Duke? Duke Berne?
She can't see him. It's against rules.
But she asked me to give
you a message for him.
Hey, Duke.
- Yeah?
That kid, Anderson. Why do you
keep chasing him away from you?
I got reasons.
You got reasons not to chase him.
He just got a new job.
Driving the Warden's car.
A swell break for him.
He'll be going to town
almost every day now.
Driving the warden on business.
His wife to do some shopping.
Thought you might like to know.
- You're welcome.
Hiya, Duke.
Hiya, George.
Listen Duke, I got to
talk to you a minute.
Go ahead, shoot. What's on your mind?
I just saw Ruthie.
She gave me a message for you.
Yeah? What is it?
It's from Mrs Fleming.
What is this?
A clam bake?
Give me a hand with this stuff.
I want to take it over here.
Now look, Quinto.
Everything is set like
I was telling you.
I got somebody on the outside.
- Fine. But how do I get paid off?
You'll get paid off alright.
Contact this party when you get out.
She's got plenty of dough.
She'll take care of you.
Got it?
- Right.
You sure the car hasn't gone by already?
Are you sure we haven't missed it?
No, ma'am. You can't miss the
old crate the Warden rides in.
It has sixteen wheels on
it and roars like a lion.
There she is.
Come along, Judge.
Here we are and a million things to do.
Yes, first fitting today.
Return tomorrow.
Well, it doesn't cost us anything.
I will only be about twenty minutes.
- Yes, ma'am.
How do you do, sir?
- Hello, Mike.
Thanks George, I won't
need you anymore today.
Here comes the car.
Hi, everybody.
- Hiya.
Afternoon. Mr Slocum. I'll just change
these clothes and come right back.
The old Queen Mary has got
chilblains or something.
There's a funny kind
of rattle under her.
It might be her drip pan.
- Okay.
I'll take care of it, George.
Okay Duke. Thanks.
Hey, Rusty. Look what
you're doing, will you.
You got to put tape on all those
wires or you're going to get a short.
I'll do it myself. You go and
get me some .. some ..
More twine.
- Alright, alright.
You're awfully touchy lately.
I don't know what's got into you.
Say, Mr Slocum. Did you see the
new step I'm going to do? Watch.
You are sensational.
Wait until you see the show.
It will murder you.
Hey, can I do anything for you, Dancer?
- No, I'm alright.
How about this golliwog?
Can I help you with this?
No. I'll set the stage myself.
Good luck. I hope you know 'em dead.
- Thanks. Thanks a lot.
Hiya, Duke. Say, I hope
they like this show.
They got to like it.
They can't walk out on you.
How you doing?
Now look, you got to get it right.
Quit worrying, will you.
But how are you going to do it?
You tell me not to worry.
Right after the stretch you go
into the scissor kick, don't you?
Yeah, then I do the rocking-chair.
- And then you do a whirl round. Right?
That's the finish.
- I got you, pal.
But how are you going
to do it? It ain't rigged.
It will be rigged. Come on,
pull yourself together.
Those boys are good jugglers.
What are they up for?
They got tired of juggling those things
and started juggling the boss's books.
Hey, you fellahs were great.
We worked in San Quentin.
Listen, help strike the set, will you.
Sure, we'll give a hand.
- Help 'em, George.
Hey, Mike.
- Yeah?
Pull the plug. I want to trim my lamp.
Okay, Duke.
- Mike, you won't forget.
At the start of the dance
everything up full.
Kill everything but the
spot that Duke is running.
Yeah, I know. I know.
Okay, fellahs. Come on,
you got to check me.
Hiya, Dancer. How you feeling?
I feel fine.
You look like you got stage fright.
- I'm always nervous before I go on.
Better get hold of yourself.
You're going on in a minute.
Okay Mike, plug it in.
Alright, Duke.
Everybody keep cool. Just take it easy.
Everybody sit down.
Take your seats, men.
Duke, you're crazy. You won't make it.
- Let go of me will you.
Duke, they'll kill you out there.
You sit tight. The lights
will be on in a minute.
It's a break, Warden.
Duke Berne. The Dancer.
And George Anderson.
Take care of him, Ellis.
- Yes sir, Warden.
There is a break.
Sound the alarm.
Get back in there.
Here's one of them.
Warden, I wasn't trying to make a break.
You weren't?
- I tried to stop them.
Take him back to his cell.
- Get going.
Get that rope out of there.
Duke. Duke!
Are you alright?
Yeah. What you doing here?
Where's Quinto?
I'll tell you later.
Hurry please.
Now, what about Quinto?
He quit at the last minute.
He got cold feet.
What do you mean, he got cold feet?
- He ran out on you.
So I had to come.
Thanks, kid.
How have you been?
Oh, Duke.
Yeah, I know.
Only I can't do two things at once.
Warden Booth, you got to believe me.
I didn't have anything to do
with that break last night.
I'd like to believe you, George.
But take a good look at this.
That's a guard's blood on that knife.
I swear I never saw it before.
You brought it in here.
And this, and this.
And you brought in the gun that
Duke Berne used to shoot his way out.
I didn't.
Then who did? How did they get in here?
There was only one car came in and went
out those gates that wasn't checked.
And that car was mine. And you drove it.
I tell you Warden Booth,
I don't know a thing about it.
You must have known.
You helped make this and were hand
in glove with Dancer and Duke Berne.
I wasn't.
- You ran out when they did.
But I tell you I was only
trying to stop them.
Don't lie to me.
- I'm not lying.
You are facing trial with twenty
years hanging over your head.
With this and this against you.
That guard is a very sick man, George.
Should anything happen to him,
you know what that means?
It means that you're faced
with a charge of murder.
What can I do?
You can come clean with us.
You can give us the facts.
You can tell me where Duke Berne is now.
I tell you Warden, I don't know.
[ Buzzer ]
I'm sorry.
George, that was the doctor.
That guard Haskell is dead.
You realize of course, this makes you an
accessory to Duke's escape, don't you.
Yeah, Mr Fleming. That's why I
didn't drive the getaway car.
I figured they'd throw the
book at me if I got nabbed.
Listen, Quinto.
Even if you didn't drive that car you
are still an accessory before the fact.
But Mr Fleming, you're
wife drove that car.
Doesn't that make her, what do
you call it .. an "accessory" too?
Oh, I see.
A little blackmail, eh?
- Well, Mr Fleming ..
I just figured you won't let your wife
get a ten year rap if you could help it.
You know, for a smart guy, you've
certainly got yourself in a swell spot.
I ain't in no worse a
spot than your wife.
But you see, my dear Quinto.
Mrs Fleming is no longer my wife.
She hasn't been for quite some time.
And that's where your
little scheme falls through.
But Fleming, you wouldn't let them
send her to prison, would you?
Oh, yes I would.
I'd even let them send
you to prison if I had to.
If you had to?
What's on your mind, Fleming?
- Look, Quinto.
You said you were meant
to drive that car, didn't you?
Where to?
- Now wait a minute.
Nobody double-crosses Duke
and gets away with it for long.
Let me worry about that will you.
Where is the Duke's hideout?
I ain't saying.
Okay Quinto, if that's the
way you feel about it.
That's the way I feel about it.
Goodnight, Mr Fleming.
- Just a minute, Quinto.
What did you say the number
of police headquarters was?
Oh, I remember: Spring 3100.
Wait a minute.
Listen, Mr Fleming.
Where are they?
I had to drive Duke to the Adirondacks
where your wife was to wait for him.
Where in the Adirondacks?
- Bald Ridge.
They got a cabin from
a guy called Travis.
Bald Ridge, eh? Travis's cabin?
Goodnight, Quinto.
Spring 3100.
There ought to be another
way to build a fire.
I'd take steam heat any time.
Okay Duke, come on in.
Breakfast is almost ready.
Well, that one has got me.
I was better on the rock pile.
I don't know how Daniel
Boone ever did it.
If you only knew how funny you looked.
Never mind the wisecracks and
get some of this iceberg off me.
You got a fine sense of humor. If I sat
on a tack, you'd laugh wouldn't you.
My great big outdoors man.
- Yeah.
Now, what's the matter?
What's the matter? I'm cold.
Here you are, darling.
Is that better?
Oh no, no.
Maybe it's the altitude?
No, it ain't the altitude. It's the air.
There is too much fresh air up here.
They ought to mix it
up about four parts ..
Cigarette smoke and one part air.
Then maybe a guy could breathe.
Fill your lungs full of that nice,
good, clean cigarette smoke.
Then come on out in the
kitchen and give me a hand.
I will if it don't freeze up and
drop off before I get there.
What's that for?
- To open the can with.
Yeah, but how?
Duke Berne, do you mean to stand there
and say you never opened a can before?
Yeah, I opened a can before.
It had a combination on the
outside and dough on the inside.
Oh, Duke.
- Yeah. It cost me plenty.
Where's the Travis place?
About eight and a
half miles up the hill.
Much snow on the road?
- Well, yes and no.
Depends on how you look at it.
Can't wait to hear you
figure it out, brother.
Maybe you can learn to mix this batter.
It's very simple.
Batter? What kind of batter is this?
- For buckwheat cakes.
Say, I ain't had those
since I was a kid.
You know, my old lady used to
make them. Boy, they were good.
- Blow 'em away.
This is a job that calls
for sitting down.
Duke, what's happened?
Are you hurt?
This thing threw me. What is it?
Dopey. It's a rocking-chair.
Yeah. I ain't seen one of
them things in years.
Go on, sit in it. It's safe.
Hey, it's alright too.
You look very comfortable,
darling. Here.
I'll get you some music.
You know, my old lady used
to have one of these things.
I can see her now.
Used to like sitting
in front of the fire.
Yes, sir. There she would sit.
Just a sitting and a rocking.
And a looking, and a looking
and a rocking and a sitting.
Back and forth.
Back and forth.
She always said there was nothing like
sitting in front of a big open fire ..
And a good old rocking-chair.
Said it was kinda soothing
and relaxing to your nerves.
Took your mind off your troubles.
She had plenty too.
Like the time we was wondering about
paying off the mortgage on the house.
Well, she'd set herself down on the old
rocking-chair in front of the fire ..
And she started rocking,
and there she would sit.
Rocking and a sitting.
Rocking and a sitting.
Back and forth. Back and forth.
Pretty soon we knew that
everything was going to be alright.
And by golly it was.
You know what happened?
She got the mortgage paid off?
Nope. The house burned down.
[ Radio: ]
"This is station WFAB."
"On the last note of the chime
the time will be exactly 9:30."
"Courtesy of your station management."
"And now some late news flashes."
"Twenty-five persons were
injured. One seriously."
"In an explosion today in the Pacific
Refinery plant, 3 miles east of here."
"Local and state police."
"Are still searching for Joseph Berne."
"Known as Duke Berne."
"Who escaped in a daring
prison break last night."
"Killed in the break was
convict Frank Smith."
"Alias: The Dancer."
"Amos Haskell, prison guard who
was stabbed during the escape."
"Died early this morning."
"The Grand has indicted convict
George Anderson for the murder."
"District Attorney Watts has
asked for a speedy trial."
"And says he will demand
the extreme penalty."
Terrible, isn't it Duke.
What's terrible about it?
That kid George Anderson.
- I know what you mean.
They'll send him to the chair.
So what? What am I
supposed to do about it?
I didn't say you had to do anything.
Alright then, forget it. That kid's got
to take his chances like anybody else.
It's none of my grief.
Of course it isn't.
If he minded his own business
he wouldn't be in this jam.
No. No, he wouldn't.
What's that?
- I said, no he wouldn't.
Alright then, quit talking about it.
Duke, you don't have to do anything.
- I know I don't have to do anything ..
And I ain't going to do anything
except take it on the lam.
Right now, this minute. Just as
soon as we can get out of here.
Go up into Canada.
As far as we can get and lose ourselves.
A pretty big place, Canada.
- Yes, I know.
There's lots of chances there. I'll get
a job and work and do good. You'll see.
I'll build us a little place like this.
Far away from everything.
Get a new start. A good, clean start.
Whatever you say.
What do you mean?
What do you mean, "whatever I say"?
Why don't you say something?
It sounds swell, Duke.
You bet your life it's swell.
That's the way it's going to be.
We're going to get what's coming to us.
The past is done, see.
It's over. It's finished.
That kid is not the first to take a rap
for something that wasn't coming to him.
I know.
But he's such a kid.
Such a decent kid.
Then why did he come messing around? Who
asked him to act like my kid brother?
Sitting around telling me about his
girl: Ruthie this and Ruthie that.
What do I care about his girl?
I guess it's because he liked you.
That's his hard luck.
And it's his hard luck I'm the only who
can help him, see. Because I can't.
He don't mean nothing to me.
I ain't sticking my neck out.
Let him take his own rap. Sucker.
No, it's no use. It won't work.
I was just talking.
A guy can talk himself into
anything if he talks hard enough.
When a thing stinks, it stinks.
I understand.
Do you?
Then you are smarter than I am.
All my life I've only had
one idea in my head.
If a guy ever did anything for
anybody else he's a sucker.
Now look at me.
Worrying about ..
A kid I hardly even know.
Duke, it's not him. It's us.
Don't you see?
We'd never get a kick out of anything.
If that kid took the rap.
No matter where we went.
You mean that everything we've done
in the past would keep coming up.
Is that what you mean?
Of course that's what I mean.
It would always be there.
Every time we looked at each other.
Getting into everything.
Every little kiss.
Every laugh, every
mouthful of food we took.
Like poison.
Maybe you're right.
I wouldn't know.
I'll take your word.
Come on, let's get your things
together. We got to go down.
I'm all ready, Duke.
You never did get to eat my
buckwheat cakes, did you.
No, I didn't.
Maybe I'm just as well off.
Come on, let's go.
They are kinda well done, ain't they?
Yes, they are.
Well, come on.
Take a look upstairs.
Come on.
Duke! They've caught up with us.
What will we do?
We got to make a run for it.
I'm afraid we won't make it.
I've got to. I've got to get to the
warden before they get to me.
They're coming closer.
Hurry. Faster, faster!
Get down.
We've lost one of them.
Get down and stay down.
Faster, Duke.
That's one guy that won't
bother us anymore.
Suckers, we made it.
Take your hand out of that drawer.
Turn on that light.
Hello, Fleming.
The cops caught up with us.
They killed Lorna.
- Yeah.
Yeah, Lorna is dead.
Duke, I didn't know. I never dreamed
anything like that could happen.
So you did send the cops.
That's all I wanted to know.
What are you going to do?
- Get out of that bed.
Listen, Duke.
Stay right where you
are with your hands up.
Hello. Get me Warden Booth,
State Penitentiary.
Duke. Duke, don't. You're crazy.
You'll never know how crazy I am.
Lorna asked me to save that kid,
the kid that you double-crossed.
And that's the way it's going to be.
This is Duke Berne. Listen, Warden.
I want to give myself up
for the killing of Martin T ..
Duke Berne?
"Operator, operator.
This is Warden Booth."
"Trace that call please."
"It will take some time, sir."
"Hurry, hurry please."
"We'll have it for you
in a moment, Warden."
"Please make it fast.
There has been a killing."
"Warden, we've traced that call.
It came from Edgemont."
"The residence of Martin T Fleming."
"Get me that number again."
"You are still connected, sir."
"Duke Berne."
"Duke Berne!"
The name is ..
Martin T Fleming.
Smoking the same cheap brand, huh?
Yeah. They thought they
had it all figured out.
They knew all the angles.
Hey, nurse.
It's dark in here.
What kind of cheap dump is this,
trying to save on the electricity.
You can hardly see your ..
Hand in front of your face.
Now, please don't excite yourself.
0kay, okay.
Just .. get me some light.
# t-g #