The Big Ugly (2020) Movie Script

It's often said war is waged
over just these three.
Yet, if war is fought
over land...
that land usually has something
to do with God, or oil.
I didn't come here
to West Virginia for God.
That thing
was bullshit.
It was just bollocks.
It's a fucking fairy tale.
So here we are...
with suitcases
full of dirty cash.
And what then?
Invested in
a petrol operation.
...for blokes
like us in a legit world.
Big James isn't
a fan of the new deal
and he's kept that no secret
back in London.
The pilot has
informed me that
we'll be landing
in just a moment.
Hey, you all right?
What's wrong?
You all right, Big James?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, sweet.
Hey, why didn't Suzie
come along?
You know,
I didn't get the note.
- From who? Harris?
- Yeah.
He's bad-mouthed
a deal and Harris knows it.
A smart fella
doesn't cross Harris.
'Cause back in London,
Harris is the top man.
Time to finish those drinks.
We'll be on the ground...
Sure, sitting on the
king's throne has its perks.
- ...way down to West Virginia.
- Mmm.
But it's lonely
at the top.
But here,
deep in the hills of Appalachia,
Harris has a mate.
An oil man.
- Beautiful day, isn't it?
- I knew these had to be your friends.
Ah, you know I got friends
all over the world.
Every ten, 20 years,
some actually come visit me.
Oh, sure.
Thank you.
- It's from all the boys.
- Cigars!
Only the best.
Agent, they're good boys
coming to see me.
- Mmm-hmm.
- They're gonna invest in my operation.
Lot of jobs,
great for the economy.
And hey, if I even sniff
they know how to pronounce
ISIS, Al-Qaeda and KGB,
I'm gonna shoot 'em
in the face myself.
Save Uncle Sam
all that time and money.
I know you will.
Now don't you worry.
Excuse me.
How's it going, fellas?
I got some friends coming in.
I'd like them to experience the peace
and serenity of our beautiful home.
You got some fucking balls
on you, old man.
Well, that I do.
That I do.
I also got some brains.
Educated. I read my history.
This here shit
ripped our nation apart,
until finally,
these cocksuckers just quit.
You know?
They gave up. They lost.
Now, I don't give a shit what
your politics or your ideas are,
but this here shit offends me,
'cause I believe in winning
and losing.
And a real man knows
how to do both with dignity.
You wanna fly a flag?
Go win something.
Riding around with this just
says, "Hey, I'm a fucking loser."
Ah, me old china!
- Look at you!
- Ah!
You're looking great.
You're looking healthy!
Thank you, man.
Give me a hug, man.
Well, we're not getting
any younger, are we?
Oh, you know, fine wines,
fine wines. We just
get better with age.
Well, you look
pretty good yourself.
- My God.
- Yeah.
Preston, I would like to
introduce you to the lovely Jackie.
I didn't think it could get much
prettier here, but it just did.
I'm Junior, by the way.
It's pretty hot, babe.
- Help you down here.
- Oh, thank you.
- Oh, jeez!
- I got you.
- Oh!
- Sorry.
- Easy. Easy.
- Thank you.
- You gotta watch out there.
- Yeah.
- Last step is a doozy.
- Yeah, I'm fine.
- Good to see you.
- Fucking hell!
Look at that. What is this?
Mad Max
in the fucking Thunderdome?
25 million quid
from the streets of London,
now in the hills
of Appalachia.
Preston needs cash flow.
Harris needs a cleaner.
Win-win, for most.
Where are you going?
I gotta sort a bit of
business out for Harris.
Business? About what?
About business,
don't worry about it.
All right, well, bye, babe.
See you later, okay?
An oil deal.
Doesn't make sense.
Cleans up our money.
Makes us legit.
We had a good run,
you and me.
I'm ready.
I make a profit.
I mean, I always have.
But these days,
I can't get a fucking loan,
'cause Wall Street
just don't like my techniques.
You know,
one of the biggest crimes
as Americans is that
our righteous morality
towards nature
rarely extends beyond
our own backyard.
I mean, we love to drive cars,
we love to fly in airplanes.
I mean, we don't mind getting
that oil from foreign countries,
but God help you if you wanna
drill right here at home.
Well, I don't
ascribe to that philosophy.
I believe you can drill
and do it right.
I learned my trade right here on
this land you all standing on.
I don't frac.
I don't use
bullshit chemicals.
I treat this land with honor.
And leave it like God intended
for it to be.
Dirty cash
from overseas
laundered into a regional
West Virginia bank,
extends one Lawford Oil LLC
a loan
that will never be repaid.
Meanwhile, Preston,
with sole power of attorney
of another LLC,
gifts units to Harris.
The paperwork means shit.
The contract is in blood,
in trust, in friendship.
But this contract
is stronger than most.
All because of the bond
between Preston and Harris.
I got a fucking loan.
I got a fucking loan!
I am pretty fastidious
about my cars.
I keep them pretty clean.
Um, and, uh, I was giving a
ride to a friend the other day,
and he's eating a sandwich
in my car,
and he just made a huge mess,
which, I, you know,
I didn't say anything...
Hey, buddy.
How are you doing, miss?
You mind clearing out
so we can sit here?
- Are you joking?
- Yes, I do. We're very comfortable here.
- Oh...
- Stoney.
Come on. I'm sorry
about that. I'm sorry.
- Sorry, guys.
- We'll miss you.
We guys are gonna
take a little break,
so everybody stick around...
Bet you I get with
one of them tonight.
They're both taken.
- Taken?
- Yeah.
Oh, come on now!
You know what? Fuck me!
I'm an oil man.
You're so much more.
Baby... I love you.
Come here.
I got
me dancing shoes on.
Two shots please, darling.
Thank you.
- Oh.
- Got one for you.
- All right.
- And one for me.
And we're doing this
together, all right?
- All right.
- Ready?
- Yes.
- One, two, three.
- Mmm.
- Whoo!
Damn! Ah!
It's all right, bud.
You like when I howl
like a wolf, don't you?
Yes. I love it.
All right, gaffer?
Come on, son,
where did it all go wrong?
Whoa, whoa,
what are you doing?
Are you coked up, mate?
Fuck off!
I don't touch the stuff.
Do I, babe?
No. No.
Oi, where's Jackie?
She's fucked off.
She's bored of listening
to all these gangster stories
and drinking the Perrier.
Yeah, well, you could use
a little Perrier yourself.
Hey, asshole,
what's your problem?
Hey, hey, hey!
Hey! Boys!
We don't do this here.
Only you could get 86'd
from a bar
called the fucking 86!
I mean, wild animals can't get
thrown out of that fucking place!
You are a humiliation to us.
a fucking embarrassment!
Are you finished,
or shall I pull up a chair?
You better
wind your neck in, son,
or I'll cut it off.
Fi, get him out of here.
Get him out of here!
Left, right, left, right,
left, right.
Let's get you
to bed, eh?
How do women like you get
pulled into a racket like this?
How's that?
I mean, you...
You're sophisticated,
you're smart.
You got great style.
Your... Your beauty is so
bright, it hurts my eyes.
I'm with him because he
pays me to be with him.
- Did not see that coming.
- Mmm.
Aren't we innocent?
I'm gonna
fuck your brains out.
Come on now.
- Here we go.
- All right.
Well, he did it.
No, man, this is bad.
- This is not...
- No, it ain't bad.
It's good.
Good for everything.
It's all right.
Hey, Junior's Junior.
I'm gonna stop it.
I'm gonna stop it.
Calm down, man.
Everything is all right.
Oh, man!
Uh, how much longer
are you guys gonna stay?
About, like, an hour,
or so?
I guess another hour.
What are we?
What are you on about?
I've been thinking and...
I had some thoughts about...
It's all right, love,
it's been a big day.
I mean, six years,
what are we doing?
Oh, for fuck's sake,
love, please.
But baby I just
think that,
I just think that,
you know, if we...
We made some changes,
we'd just...
be happier.
Know what I mean?
Oh, baby, don't do that.
Then you'll just blackout.
Don't want you to blackout.
Oh, hello.
I was wondering
where you were.
Everything all right?
What are you doing out here?
Can't sleep.
Where's your man?
He's passed out.
You wanna grab a drink?
No. I... No, I can't.
Why not?
Well, he's... He's asleep.
Well, that's his loss.
The night is young.
I'm good.
All right.
You know, it's still kickin'
in there.
One or two drinks,
you'll sleep like a baby.
It's your call.
All right.
One drink.
One drink.
All right!
What are you doing?
I mean, come on!
We've got an important meeting
in London tomorrow early,
where it's already
Sunday evening.
Now, come on.
Get in the fucking shower
and make
yourself presentable. Come on!
Wheels up in an hour.
What are you doing, son?
Fiona's missing.
I gotta find her.
I need you in London.
I'm not leaving
till I find her, boss.
Harris! Are we
fucking going or not?
Shut it!
Give me that. Fuck!
All right! Let's get
this show on the road here!
Come on! London is calling.
Were you on last night?
Yeah, I'm always on.
I own the place.
I'm looking for my girlfriend.
English girl, Fiona.
She's missing.
Look, I'm...
sorry about last night.
Don't remember much.
She was sitting right there
till close...
with Preston Lawford's boy.
Did they leave together?
I don't talk about
what people do after last call.
They were laughing and drinking
and having a good time.
- The fuck is that?
- It's milk and bourbon.
It's my dad's old technique.
It'll slow you down.
Easy on your stomach.
Trust me.
Not bad.
Did they leave together?
The oil boys.
They're drilling down south
of Buckley.
How far is that?
It's a few hours,
deep in the hills,
past the Big Ugly.
The Big Ugly?
These were found
in the ladies room.
My phone and wallet.
Sunday, 2:53 a.m.
Neelyn! Neelyn!
Pick up the phone!
I'm lost!
I don't know where I am.
I don't know where...
Come here!
My dad died two years back.
He had a big heart.
He lived hard.
His truck's out back.
I'd like it gone.
There's, uh, clothes in there.
I'm sure something will fit.
You should blend in.
At least let me
pay you for it.
Just take care of yourself.
Thank you.
There she is.
- How was Owingsville?
- Fantastic.
Met with some financiers.
Keeps the job site
up and running. Keeps me here.
Well, I guess
that's good news for some.
So you kept out of trouble
as usual?
Yeah, you know me.
Everybody's trying to
get a piece.
What time you getting off?
PJ, I'm kinda seeing somebody.
What's your man
got to do with me?
Seems like you two
need to talk.
What do we need
to talk about?
We've kinda been
hitting it off.
You've been hitting it off?
Hitting it off.
You've been hitting it off,
or you've been hitting it?
We've just been having
a good time, I guess.
Well, you sure as shit ain't staking claim
on the only hot piece of ass in town.
It's just not happening.
You know what I mean?
You're just not.
No, I mean, I guess we've been
down here for a little while,
so maybe it ain't happening
for you.
Ain't happening?
You know,
she's a real nice girl,
and I...
I like her an awful lot.
So, why don't you back off?
You serious, man?
You'll be all right.
Why don't you
grab my table for me?
Sorry about that.
Just not in my game today,
am I? Sorry.
I didn't sleep last night.
Hey, what can I get you?
Pint of milk.
- Milk?
- Yeah.
Yeah, milk, okay.
In a pint glass,
with a shot of whiskey.
What do you call that?
Milk and bourbon
in a pint glass.
- Okay.
- Junior around?
No, not yet, but he will be.
I'll just have a half, please.
Thomas, I can't...
I can't serve you, sweetheart.
You're out of money.
I'm sorry. I told you.
I understand. Thank you.
- Two bottles of beer and two whiskeys.
- Yeah.
You may have
to drink mine as well.
Why ain't you drinking?
I got things to do.
I ain't got nothing to do.
Drink up, mate.
Fellas, two colds ones
just for y'all.
You sure you don't want
nothing to eat?
Y'all must be starving!
They ain't feed you out there?
- Miss me, darling?
- Oh, Lord, always!
Hmm. I detect a slight
hint of sarcasm in your voice.
Well, you should have been a
cop, not an oil man, right?
Ah! See, the thing is,
oil just pays so much better.
Hadn't heard that.
- Hi.
- Hey.
What are you doing here?
Just dropped in for a pint.
Nasty scratch you got there.
Oh, you know,
had a little bit of a dust up.
Man or a woman?
A hillbilly who asked me
too many questions.
Well, how about this one?
When was the last time
you saw Fiona?
Oh, last call at the bar
in Owingsville.
She was pretty drunk, so...
I walked her back
to your room.
- Back to my room?
- Mmm.
Now, to be honest with you,
she did want to go back
to mine, but...
I took her to yours,
'cause that's the kind of guy that I am.
What was that name
she was calling him
there at the bar?
- Whiskey Dick.
- That's it.
Old... Old Whiskey Dick.
Old Whiskey Dick.
- Yeah.
- That was it.
Old Whiskey Dick.
I knew there was something
I liked about you.
Why don't you meet me outside?
Oh, you don't
want to fight him.
All right.
All right, man.
You're good.
- You got him, you got him.
- You're good.
You got him. Come on.
Let's finish this. Come on.
I'm just
getting started, baby.
- Easy peasy...
- I'm just getting started, baby.
All right, man.
All right, all right.
He's drunk. Hey, no...
Leave him alone, man.
Always fucking drunk.
You all right, man?
You need a minute?
Come on, boy!
Want to try it again? Try that again.
Try that again. Right here.
- Ow!
- Junior, leave it.
- He's okay.
- You want another one?
Man, that's too easy.
He's too easy to fight, man.
fish in a barrel, baby.
You got him. Yeah, you got him.
You got him, bro.
Fuck off.
Help him up,
so you can knock him down again.
Come on.
Can't kick a man
while he's down.
Come on, folks. Let's go,
let's go, let's go!
- Junior, no!
- Fucker!
Hey, Junior, get up!
What'd you do that for?
You all right?
Hey, Pop.
I didn't do nothin'.
So Neelyn just...
jumped in a car, drove down
here to pick a fight with you...
'cause you didn't do nothin'?
I guess.
Kind of a crazy
son of a bitch.
Goddamn you.
Goddamn you.
Goddamn you!
Goddamn you!
I want the facts.
She was real drunk.
I walked her to her room.
I swear.
Did the right thing.
Now we heard
the bullshit version.
Why don't you to tell me
what really happened.
I don't know.
I went to bed.
I can't control him.
I'm not a spy,
I'm not a babysitter.
I'm an oil man.
You're the highest paid
motherfucker on this operation.
You're here
to keep an eye on him.
You're here
to keep him in line.
You can't do it
and you're his dad.
Why don't you
have him handle it?
Milt doesn't finesse
a situation.
Milt makes
a situation go away.
This situation needs finesse.
Me and Harris are like family.
Neelyn's like family
to Harris.
And then there's my boy,
who fucking lies to my face.
Now, Will...
Why don't you tell me
what you think happened?
I don't know for sure.
I went to bed after I saw
Junior having sex with
Harris' girlfriend.
Oh, fuck!
It's almost romantic
by Junior's standards.
Before we hear details
we can't unhear,
I'll try finesse.
You a man of God, Will?
Yes, sir.
- Mmm.
- You?
I don't know. I try to be.
I sure do
a lot of prayin' about...
About Junior.
My son.
My only blood.
But he's a goddamn...
You know...
You can't just abandon
your own son,
especially if he ain't got
no mama.
And you're a hell of
an oil man, Will.
And you're a great foreman.
But I could buy me
a hundred of them.
I need somebody I can trust.
Somebody to be a friend
to my son.
To be his brains,
to be his protector.
I don't think I can do it.
And be a man of God.
Yeah, well...
If you can't
take care of my boy,
I'm gonna have to
find somebody who can.
Hey, beautiful.
Hello, handsome.
What's the word on the street?
Uh, Junior's fine.
- Well...
- Junior's fine.
That's too damn bad, isn't it?
What is that?
Quit your job.
No, I'm not taking your money.
Listen to me.
I need the job
more than I need the money.
I need some place that I can
go every day and every night.
It keeps me straight.
- Baby...
- Well, I'm trying.
I know, baby.
And I love that
you offered me this.
But I can't take it.
That's just not who I am.
And I hope you
love me for not taking it,
I do. I'm just...
It's just
your pride sometimes.
Come on.
Preston's only got three
things that matter to him.
And oil.
In that order.
Your girl ran off.
Fooled around
behind your back.
Dumped you.
Maybe she's gone missing.
I don't know.
You're lookin' for answers.
And the answers you find
just might lead you
right to Junior.
I owe my life
to Preston Lawford.
I ain't got the time or the
energy to tell that story,
and even if I did,
I wouldn't.
I work for him
with absolute loyalty.
If you go after his boy,
I gotta put you down.
Right or wrong,
it's just what I got to do.
You're looking for Preston.
You must be friends
with that...
I'm from London, yeah.
Well, uh, can I
get you anything?
Beer? Cocktail?
I'll have a Perrier.
We don't got Perrier here.
But I can get you something
like it.
Here you go.
I just did a year.
My hat's off to you, girl.
Hat's off, yeah.
- I'm Harris.
- I'm Kara.
Kara. Very pleased
to meet you.
- Yeah, nice to meet you too.
- Yeah.
You mentioned
the other geezer from London.
You guys family?
It's a very complicated
So, where's Preston?
This is my nephew
and this is my niece.
- How are you, kids?
- Preston!
That was a quick trip
from London.
Well, you said come see
the site,
and I took you at your word.
You took the scenic route,
didn't you?
I did take the scenic route. How are you, man?
I'm good. I can't say
I missed you. You just left.
I know.
Ah! Who's your friends?
We got something for you
this morning.
- Oh!
- Well, thank you, darlin'.
Thank you, son.
Thank you very much.
No, I... I... I... ate.
Harris, respect, for them,
the land,
and most importantly,
the cooking.
Thank you.
Did you make this?
- Mmm, oh!
- Mmm!
- That is so good.
- Here.
- Yeah.
- Mmm-hmm. Oh.
Mmm, I'm gonna keep mine,
all right?
- Take it easy now.
- Let's go. Let's head on back.
Well, they seem to like you.
Yeah? Well, I sat with them.
Month after month,
year after year.
- Hmm.
- Just me and Milt.
No lawyers, no bullshit.
I promised them two things.
A good deal,
and that the water and the
land would be unharmed.
- Mmm.
- Turned around and gave me the mineral rights.
And what happens
if there's a fuck up?
Like an oil spill,
or something?
You know better than anybody
what a blood contract
looks like.
This here motherfuckers
are serious.
They love this land.
They live it.
It's special to 'em.
They remind me every day...
I got a sacred obligation.
Come on.
you don't know where
Neelyn is, do you?
Fiona fucked off
and you're blaming Junior?
Just gathering the facts.
You're on a fact-finding
mission, are you?
Is that what you call smashing
a boy's head in with a rock?
Come on. We're leaving, son.
Me and Junior haven't
finished our discussion.
Oh, well,
that's too fucking bad, innit?
You're coming back
to London with me.
Not gonna happen, boss.
Come on.
Think of the money.
Thousands of dollars
every month
without breaking a sweat
or any bones.
A new life.
I don't want a new life.
I haven't come here
just to chat.
Fiona's dead.
All these years, I've done whatever
you've asked, followed your orders.
Good men do bad things.
Bad men do good things.
Tricky game, trying to label
a bloke with a title.
On the spectrum,
on the far end
of where we operate,
the bad men,
they know the difference
between dark shades of grey
and pitch black.
They see it, smell it,
and they feel it.
And Junior...
he's pitch black.
And after all the shit
I've done in my life,
if I can't stop
a beast like him,
then what's my purpose?
He's Preston's only family.
It's his only flesh and blood.
Let me take you home.
Fight this battle another day.
Hello? Yeah,
we're leaving now.
Wheels up in 15.
What the...
You fucking muppet.
You are
fucking dead to me!
You're dead, dead, dead!
What? What?
Get the...
What the...
You fucking arsehole.
- Any trouble?
- Hell no.
I'm a rifleman myself.
You seem like a rifleman.
I'm good too.
Real good.
You see that?
We're both steady, mate.
Well, there's all kinds
of steady, ain't there?
You're a wise man, Thomas.
Okay, sounds good.
See y'all tomorrow.
Good day?
Just got a little better.
Did the early shift.
Now I'm off.
Do you know where
I can find Junior?
- Is that for him?
- Nah.
This is for wolves and coyotes.
Well, turkey season just started
here in West Virginia, so...
Well, I guess
I'm turkey hunting then.
Kind of hard not to like.
I mean, I can tell
you're bad, but...
Well, if you like me so much,
maybe you can set me up
with a place to stay.
Getting on the bad side
of Preston Lawford
doesn't really make
life easier for a girl.
I'll tell you what.
Why don't you tell me why
you care so much,
and if your story moves me,
then I'll help you.
I can't do that right now.
You can smoke in there
if you want. I do.
- Hey, man.
- Hey, hey.
Hey, can I talk to you
for a sec?
Of course, come on in.
You want a beer or something?
Uh, no, not before
I drive down the mountain.
That's why my pops calls you
the smart one.
What's on your mind, man?
Uh, I wanted to
talk to you about...
About Kara, down at the lodge?
You know,
I told you we've been...
We've been spending
some time together.
I like her. I'm with her.
And I told you, on these jobs
in remote areas,
one guy cannot be
staking claim
to the only
hot piece of ass around.
Just ain't fair.
Right. And, uh...
And I've respected that,
you know, when we've gone
from town to town.
But Kara's different.
So what are you saying?
We have a bond.
It's somethin' special.
I love her.
You love her.
So all you're asking...
is for me, or anybody else,
for that matter,
to just stay away from her.
I'm asking you to respect her.
And to respect us as a couple.
That's it.
Okay, man, okay.
- Cool?
- Yeah, you got it.
- Thanks, buddy.
- Hey, I'm happy for you.
- Thank you, PJ.
- You're welcome, man.
- All right.
- True love.
Hey, true love
calls for a shot.
Come on.
A celebration. Come on!
You ain't getting out
that easy.
To you and Kara.
- You guys are in love?
- Uh-huh.
And that shit
is beautiful.
- Cheers, man.
- All right, man.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Come on, Will.
After everything I've done
for you,
you come in here and tell me
what I can and can't do?
Whose name's on the door?
Whose name's on
your fucking paycheck?
Come on, Will.
Hey... Please.
Fix you up.
No. No.
You're done working for me.
That's for damn sure.
Good luck finding another job
that treats you as well as we did.
Hope she was worth it.
Tell me exactly
what happened.
I don't know.
I'm gonna find out.
Neelyn! Neelyn!
Pick up the phone!
I'm lost!
I don't know...
- Hey, girl! Where are you going?
- ...where I am.
Come here!
Hey, girl.
What are you doing?
I'm gonna help you
any way I can.
Fiona's dead.
I'll handle it.
Today or next year?
I'll handle it tonight.
And if it leads me to Junior,
I will handle it
with extreme prejudice.
But I'll handle it.
- Nobody else.
- Is that right?
Just like
you'll handle Neelyn.
He ain't gonna go lightly.
Yeah, well,
we don't do lightly.
He's never betrayed me
like this before.
Yeah, well,
he's on his own now.
Milt's gonna get him.
I'll handle Neelyn.
Nobody else but me.
You and me,
we're cut from
the same cloth, brother.
How's your night going?
Hey, Junior.
What is so dang funny?
You just look beautiful.
I mean,
you always look beautiful.
You're just a whole 'nother
shade of beautiful this evening.
Thank you.
You always know just what to
say, don't you?
You know me.
Say what's on my mind.
No bullshit.
What's on your mind right now?
Guess I'm just caught up
on how damn pretty you are.
So pretty,
I can hardly look at you
without hurting my eyes.
Well, you don't look
so bad yourself.
Let me buy you a drink.
Oh, I'm good. I got my cranberry
on the rocks right here.
Let's put some vodka in there.
I'm good.
And, I don't know,
but, I thought... Oh.
Find yourself
a new babysitter.
I'm done.
Let's go.
- Stoney.
- Yeah.
'Bout time
you warmed up to me.
Yeah, well, girl's gotta work
her way up the food chain.
You could just start
at the top.
I wasn't sure
I was ready for you.
I'm still not.
- Mmm.
- Slow down.
I don't do slow.
You wanna know what you are?
I'm all business, baby.
You're a vile piece of shit.
You might wanna drop
that boner, son.
Get on the floor.
Get the fuck down,
or I'll blow you a-fuckin-way right now.
I fucking found her.
I know you were there.
She slipped.
She fell.
Hey! Kara!
- Where is she?
- She's safe.
What's going on?
Well, come here.
We're just about to find out.
- PJ.
- Hey, buddy.
And what's your fucking story?
Look, we went for a drive,
just having some fun.
Stoney was there.
Weren't you, Stoney?
Your girl was
pretty drunk, Neelyn.
Drunk, or drugged?
That's your move, ain't it?
- Bullshit!
- Is it?
What's up, Stoney?
That's his move, ain't it?
Speak up. Drunk or drugged?
Put the wrench down.
- Fucking speak up, Stoney.
- Put the wrench down.
You fuck!
Speak up!
Now's your time,
you greasy bitch!
Speak up!
Just fucking
say something, man.
Fucking say something!
He drugged her at the bar.
He drugged her at the bar!
She didn't know.
Then we went for a drive,
and then we parked.
And she... They were
fucking around.
And she seemed into it.
But... But... Fuck.
Talk like
a goddamn man, Stoney.
All right, okay,
she wasn't into it at all.
That's fucking bullshit!
She came back to the bar,
'cause she wanted a real fucking man,
not a bitch.
Maybe she just wanted
a drink.
Every woman wants you,
right, PJ?
That's right, buddy.
Oh, yeah.
Fucked his girl on a keg
behind the bar
while you were all playing
fucking gangsters.
Well, congratulations, son.
You shagged my hooker.
Yeah, free of charge, old man.
Free of charge.
Would have fucked your girl if
she wasn't so goddamn clumsy.
The beating I gave you
is gonna be nothing
compared to what's coming
Kara's way.
Guarantee you that,
you piece of shit.
- What'd you fucking say?
- You fucking heard me.
He won't be touching
your girl no more, Will.
Get the fuck out of here.
No more bars.
No more good times.
You're gonna get your shit
out of the lodge,
you're gonna put it
in a truck,
work and sleep.
That's your life
till we finish this job.
You hear me?
get this piece of shit up to the
mountains as soon as you get his shit.
How you doin', Milt?
Baby. Babe.
Well, go on.
Get on with it.
Or have you forgotten
how to do it?
It was easy having me do it for
you all these years, wasn't it?
Long time since you were
in the trenches.
All the blood and guts.
Drinking man's game.
Ain't no Perrier down here.
No preaching and Perrier.
It was easy when
you didn't have
to blow your best mate away.
What's going on?
He's trying to pluck up
the courage to pull the trigger.
So that he can save
his oil deal.
Isn't Junior the one
we should all be after?
He's up at the drill site.
That's where they took him.
You got a black soul.
Tonight, so do I.
- Wait, babe.
- Come on.
Uh, Fiona...
I'm sorry.
Take care, guvnor.
Hurry up.
I need to do this alone.
Get out of here.
This is between me and Junior.
No, you're not the only one
who wants...
All right, come on.
Over here.
Hey, Buddy.
Let's go.
Let's take a fucking walk.
Come on. Keep moving.
Let's go.
Over here. Right there.
There you go.
Right there.
Thanks for coming
all this way, man.
Appreciate it.
As you know, I'm grounded,
so it's a bit difficult
for me to leave.
Just so you know, Neelyn,
your girl put up
more of a fight than you did.
I'll give her that much.
Yeah, there you go.
There you go. Come on.
Come on!
Come on, motherfucker!
Come on. There you go, boy.
Come on!
Come on. Come on! Come on!
Show a little bit of fire,
Come on!
Heavy decks.
He don't want it no more.
Come on. Just kill him.
Just so you know, Neelyn,
if it was me, I probably would
have done the same thing.
Stay away from that truck, boys.
It's gonna go up.
- And Neelyn?
- Move him, move him, move him.
Get him up. Get him up.
Go, get some halon in there.
Now. Fast!
- All right.
- Check him out. Is he bleeding?
Boys, get the fire extinguishers.
Let's get this out.
He's all right.
Get the hell
out of here!
Look who's here to save
the fucking day.
Put it down.
Fuck you.
Put it... down.
What are you gonna do?
Don't do this.
Do it.
Do it!
You don't have the balls,
do you?
You've always been
a fucking coward.
This is my purpose.
Hey, go.
Nobody gets down
off this mountain.
How you feeling?
Did you feel it?
You always feel it.
Did it feel better?
Killing never makes it
feel better.
It's the booze that
makes it feel better.
It's over now. It's done.
Six years she wasted
on a prick like me.
If you loved each other...
there's no waste.
They stopped Harris
coming up the mountain.
He might make trouble.
Wouldn't expect anything less.
When he gets up here, Milt,
it's all between him and me.
I can't have you involved.
We was 30 years old.
PJ was three.
Me and Linda,
we flew off to London to celebrate
our five-year anniversary,
left PJ with his grandma.
We was coming back one night
from a magical night.
She was dancing
on a street corner.
Car came around that bend
so fast,
she was dead before she hit
the cobblestones.
Driver was drunk.
But what made it worse,
he was rich.
Connected London elite.
And arrogant as fuck.
He was gonna walk on some
bullshit wrongful death charge.
My lawyer, even though he knew
everybody in town,
he told me that was how
it was gonna go.
Said if I wanted any justice,
it was waiting for me...
in a warehouse.
Two days later,
that drunk fuck
was never heard from
or seen again.
Me and Harris...
we became blood brothers
for life.
He just did it as a favor?
I was a young, rich
oil man, Milt.
I could have paid him
anything he asked for.
He didn't want a dime.
Just wanted to be friends.
Maybe one day I'd teach him
the oil business.
We got away with it.
But I'm convinced...
that the Lord has been
making me pay with PJ.
When he gets here, Milt,
it's just about him and me, all right?
Listen, Preston's men
are coming up this way.
Deputy's got all the roads
blocked down below.
I know a trail
to get us outta here.
Old logging path,
take you out to the highway.
Hey, Kara.
I shot-gunned PJ
in cold blood.
Lots of witnesses.
Neelyn finished him off,
cops are gonna be after me.
You ready to run with that?
You sure?
Yeah, because I said...
- Hey, get off that truck. Get down.
- Thank you very much.
You guys
are lookin' good, right?
You. Follow me.
How you doin', boys?
I'm sorry.
It ain't all one-way traffic.
Yeah, I know.
But I needed more time.
Thought I made that clear.
Some things a man's
gotta do for himself.
If I had handled this,
it'd be over by now.
I know.
Let's drink.
- It's locked.
- Oh, shit.
It's not locked.
Get in the car.
You hear that?
Oh, no.
Follow this.
Get outta here.
No, I'm not leaving you. No.
I need this.
I can't leave her here.
Follow it.
It's your way out.
We got him.
They're on the move
by the exit road.
He's my boy, Harris.
You'd have done
the same thing.
You would've wanted
the vengeance...
if only to protect your honor.
Don't do it.
I have to.
You know I can't let you.
I guess we're at odds then.
You know you're no match
for me, brother.
Maybe, maybe not.
Your call.
One more.
- Here's to...
- Friendship.
One that lasted...
a whole lot longer than most.
Come on!
Behind the truck.
Got him! We got him!
- Go around!
- Go around. Behind him!
Get on the radio!
Get out of the way!
Shoot, shoot!
Don't let 'em get away!
It's often said war is waged
over just these three.
Yet, if war is fought
over land,
that land usually has something
to do with God, or oil.
I didn't come here
to West Virginia for God.
I'm done.
These here
motherfuckers are serious.
They love this land.
They live it.
It's special to 'em.
Harris left behind
a little nest egg in Panama.
I gave that info
to Kara and Will.
I hope
they make it out.
I think
they'll do just fine.