The Black Book (2021) Movie Script

- Good day, Sir,
I was wondering if you might
have a certain book in stock.
- Sure, what are you looking for?
- One of the "For Dummies" books.
- Yes, I got many of them.
Which one?
- "Acting For Dummies."
- Well, I don't think I have that one.
- Okay, I'll tell you what,
I'll be back a little bit later.
And if you can get for
me, I'd appreciate it.
- Oh, of course, of course.
- Thank you very much.
- Not a problem.
You have a wonderful.
- You too.
- Can I help you find something?
- How long have you guys have been here?
- Quite some time.
- I don't remember this being here.
I could have sworn this was
a closed old shoe store,
about a week ago.
- Shoe store.
Surely you must be mistaken.
We've been here for years.
Why, look at all the
dust in this old shop.
- So what kind of stuff
do you have in here?
- Books and the antique odd and end.
- You sure do you have
a collection of things.
- Thank you.
- Probably nothing that
would fit my collection.
- Oh, really?
What sort of collection do you have?
- Oh, it isn't a large collection,
but just a few first
editions, some signed copies,
oh, and mint condition of course.
Of course, sir.
- Again, you probably have
nothing that would fit.
- Well, I may have one or two things.
Oh yeah, what you got?
- In fact, I recently
obtained a fine first edition,
Mary Shelley, "The Modern Prometheus."
Signed by the author in 1818.
- Yeah.
Yeah, that's what I thought.
It's in rough condition.
Yeah, that's not for me.
- It's a bit worn, I suppose.
Here I have an, "Athanasius
Kircher Magnetica Opus."
From 1654 in excellent condition, Sir.
This could fetch a great
price in the right market.
- I've seen books like this
fetch good money and shows in Chicago.
You already have one?
- Not any longer.
But, nah, it's not really
a what I'm looking for.
- So the first one, the
condition isn't right.
And the "Kircher" you already have one.
Or you're used to.
I may just have the book
that you can't pass up.
This is one of the rarest
books in the world, Sir.
The only one of it's kind.
- Really, I doubt that.
- Yes.
Be careful with that.
- I know how to handle books like this.
- Of course, Sir.
It's completely unique.
- How much?
- Well, like I said, it's extremely rare.
But for a collector like yourself,
I could come down a bit
on the price, $5,000.
- 5,000.
- Yes.
If you can't afford it,
it's completely understandable. Sir.
- Well for 5,000 it better be unique.
- The only one of it's
kind in the world, Sir,
it has a fascinating backstory.
- So if you're asking price is 5,000,
what was your original price?
- 10,000.
- Why is such a discount,
what's wrong with it?
- It keeps coming back to me.
- Returned?
So you're trying to sell me buck.
- No, no, not returns, not at all, Sir.
I just keep finding it
in old estate sales that I obtain.
Or perhaps the owner is
looking to make some fast cash.
It's very valuable.
- Okay, I'll take it.
- But if I find out it's junk,
I'm bringing it back and
getting my money back.
- Very good, excellent, Sir.
But I do want to in good
conscience to tell you,
this book has a history.
- Oh no, we've already
agreed on a price of 5,000.
You're not gonna raise the price on me.
- Oh no, not that, sir.
It's just, don't read it.
When you take it home,
just put it up on the
shelf and leave it there,
don't open it, Sir.
And why is that?
- Well, it's said that
this book is cursed.
I don't put much stock
in those things myself
but you never know.
- Well,
I can do with it as a one now, it's mine.
- No, don't read it.
Thank you, come again.
- Cursed.
That was "Raggedy Man In Blue"
by The Travelers on Atlantic Records,
a new band to keep an eye
on as they climb the charts.
Local news time, 9:40.
Reports of vicious animal attacks
have spread closer to town.
- We don't need that mess right now.
- What if it was something important?
- It's the same stuff had
been listening to all week.
Don't worry, I'll protect you.
- You couldn't protect
yourself from crazed midget,
let alone some wild animal.
Look, I'm a tough customer.
I can handle anything
that's thrown my way.
- Oh yeah.
- Yeah.
- You can take anyone, huh?
- Anyone.
- Why don't you take me
right now, tough guy.
What was that?
- It's probably just some.
- Just a what?
- It's probably just
someone messing with us.
Hey, leave us alone.
You better leave or you're gonna be sorry.
- Oh, come on, don't.
- Look it's probably just
someone messing with us.
I'm gonna put it into to it right now.
- Just stay in the car.
Let's go back to town.
We don't need to mess with this.
Let's just go.
- Look, I'll be right back.
- Come on, get back in the car.
All right, come out cowards.
- Stop.
Let's just go.
Come back to the car.
Come on.
This isn't funny.
I just wanna go home.
Sorry, I didn't see you there.
Excuse me, I'll be going
back to the car now.
See, I told you I'd bring you dinner.
- That dirty lying.
- Quit playing with that.
I'm gonna tell mom.
- Come on.
You wanna see something cool?
- Mom said to go straight home.
- It'll just take a few minutes.
I know a way in.
- Mom said.
- Mom said, mom said.
Don't be a baby.
- I'm not a baby.
- What was that?
- What was what?
- I think I heard something.
- The building's completely empty.
I've been in there a million times.
- I don't think we should go in there.
- I thought you said you weren't a baby.
Come on.
- Fine.
Hey, wait for me.
- Just give us a name,
a location, anything.
And this can all be over.
- They say no one knows his identity,
that he works in the shadows.
But we know that you
contracted the hitman,
called The Sorcerer, to kill my family.
Did you not have the
courage to do it yourself?
My wife, my daughters.
You tell me where to find him.
- We know, you know.
Just give us something and this ends.
- Tell me, is it true what
they say about The Sorcerer,
that he has superhuman powers,
that anything he touches dies,
that the touch of his
own finger is so deadly,
that even if he scratched his own itch,
he would kill himself?
You think this is a joke?
He murdered my wife,
my children.
His hand.
This is your last chance.
Tell us where to find The Sorcerer
or are we start with your fingers.
Do it.
You were saying?
- I swear, I didn't hire The Sorcerer.
I am The Sorcerer.
High five.
High four.
- No, don't, please.
I'll give you anything you want.
- I can't allow any witnesses.
- Run.
- Help me.
- Give me your hand.
- No.
- Get up, you have to get up, he's coming.
Come on.
You have to get up, we
have to get outta here.
Hurry up, he's almost here.
- Leave 'em alone.
- No.
- Wait, what if somebody touches him?
- Are you telling mom?
- Carrie, time to get up.
Hey, that's all you're gonna eat?
- Well yeah, go on, I gotta get my run in.
- It's our vacation, we
gotta relax and have fun.
- I am having fun.
And besides, if I don't workout,
you might leave me for someone else.
- Better believe it.
Carrie, breakfast is ready.
Carrie, get up, honey.
What is she doing?
Carrie, get up.
Don't make me come in there.
Get up, we gotta get into town.
Come on.
Carrie, where are you hiding?
We need to go into town.
Where are you?
It's not funny.
- Hey, stay near the house.
Izzy, where did you go?
Where did you get this?
- Tulip left it for me,
when we were playing.
- Who's Tulip?
- Just a little girl.
- Where is she?
- In the woods.
Why's a little girl in the woods?
- I guess she lives there.
- Okay.
Let's go inside okay, get unpacked.
Hey, Izz, it's time to get ready for bed.
Mom, do I have to?
- Yes you do.
You wanna have some fun tomorrow,
so you need to get some rest.
But I don't wanna go to bed yet.
- Go take your shower, get your PJ's on.
- Can I play on my tablet for
a little bit after my shower?
- Just for an hour.
- Thanks, Mom.
- Hey, where did you get this?
Morning sleepy head.
- Morning.
- Did you sleep okay?
- I guess.
- Ready to go on some adventures today?
- I was wondering if we
could just stay here?
You feeling okay?
- Yeah, I just don't really
feel like going anywhere today.
- Okay.
Hey, listen.
I know that things have been
really hard on you lately.
You know that your dad leaving
has nothing to do with you, right?
- Can I go sit outside
by myself for a while?
- Can I make you some tea?
- No, I'm okay.
- Are you sure you don't
want to go exploring?
- Yeah, I'm sure, Mom.
- I thought you wanted to
have some fun this week.
- I am having fun.
- Drawing.
Drawing is fun?
- Yeah, I like it.
- That's really good.
Is that you and me?
Who's that?
- That's Tulip.
- Who's Tulip?
- She's my friend,
the one that lives in the woods.
- Oh yeah.
Is she nice?
- Yeah.
Her friend Robin's kind of
mean to her sometimes though.
- Is that kind of like that guy
that's mean to you at school?
- I guess so.
- Is that one Robin?
- No, that's Carrie.
- Who's Carrie?
- She's a girl that Tulip
brings to play sometimes.
- Where's she from?
- She said that she stayed here once,
like a long time ago.
- Why don't we pick up
and at least go walk some trails together.
- Okay.
Oh I guess so.
- Where did these rocks come from?
Hey Izz, stay out near the house okay,
it's too late to be near the woods.
- But Tulip wanted me
to show her my drawings.
You heard me, come one.
- Sorry, Tulip.
- Izzy.
- What, Mom?
I'm not in the woods.
- Okay, just come inside, come on.
- Why, Mom?
I was having fun.
- I know baby, it's getting late.
Izz, who was that man in the woods?
- What man, Mom?
- That man that I saw the
red cap, who was that?
- I don't know, Mom, I didn't see him.
- Okay, just if anyone comes,
you have to let me know, okay.
- Okay, Mom.
- Just go tidy up your
room, I'll make dinner.
Izzy, I told you it's too late.
- What, Mom?
I just thought I saw something.
- Do you want me to help you with dinner?
- Thank you.
- Ow.
- What's the matter?
Where are you getting these?
- It must've been Tulip,
she probably left it for me.
- We don't put rocks in our bed, okay.
I didn't.
- Then where does it come from?
- I told you, it must've been Tulip.
- No more rocks.
Tulip stop, no.
- Izzy.
- No, Tulip stop, I told you would flip.
don't do it.
- Izzy, Izzy.
Izzy, where are you?
Hey, have you seen my daughter?
- No.
No, babe no, I'm serious, I can't tonight.
I can't, I got to get
moving on this thesis.
Yeah, I don't know, I don't know.
Maybe something like some
urban legends or something.
You know Dr. Gordon loves that shit.
No, no, I was just started tonight.
Yeah, I know, I know.
No, no.
Look, I definitely can't tonight,
all right, I can't.
But you know what?
How about you and I do
something this weekend,
something nice?
We'll go there okay.
Yeah, but just tonight,
I just gotta make sure I have something
to run by him tomorrow.
Okay, I miss you too.
All right, all right.
Okay, I'll talk to you tomorrow.
Okay, good night.
I love you too.
Okay bye.
- I don't wanna be a bother
but I was told there would
be a bottle of water.
- Come on.
There's no way this is live.
- No.
- What the fuck.
- And although these
stories sound plausible,
they crumble to myth at
the slightest of scrutiny.
Urban folklore.
Often these tall tales are rooted
albeit it distantly, in truth.
The Candy Man, for example,
and the old TV days,
he was not a slave that was murdered
for falling in love with a white woman.
Meet Dean Corll, the real Candy Man,
who murdered 28 boys from
low-income housing projects,
in Houston, in the early '70s.
Corll's family owned the
candy factory, by the way.
Hence the moniker.
Then again, in Houston in 1974,
Ronald O'Bryan gained infamy
as yet another Candy Man
after lacing Halloween treats with cyanide
and distributing them to several children,
including his own.
And ever since then, superstitious parents
insist on x-raying their
children's Halloween candy
for razorblades.
But there's never been a proven case
where a stranger has intentionally
tried to harm children
by tampering with Halloween candy.
You see, O'Bryan's motive, apparently,
was to collect the insurance payouts
on his children's policies.
He gave poison candy to their friends
as a means of making the poisonings
look less targeted
towards his own children,
thereby it gained momentum.
And although these real life stories
have candy and urban
environments as elements,
they have nothing to do with
repeating names into mirrors
or hooks for hands, I'm afraid.
Mr. Vittol.
- Dr. Gordon, what about snuff films?
- You read my dissertation.
Same thing.
Not a single law enforcement
agency in the world
has been able to obtain
any proof whatsoever
that anyone has ever been paid
to murder another human being
on camera for entertainment.
In fact, the million dollar
reward for verifiable proof
that even the existence of one
snuff film actually exists,
remains unclaimed for decades.
Now that's not to say
that there hasn't been
some convincing fakes,
most notably in 1991, actor Charlie Sheen,
watched a Japanese film
so graphic in nature,
he was convinced it
had to be a snuff film.
He was so shaken that
he took the VHS tape,
yes, VHS tape.
To the FBI in a panic.
Well agents quickly deduced
that it was clearly staged
as part of a horror film
series and nothing more.
Now with the agents having
a good laugh at his expense,
Mr. Sheen was not winning
that day, I can assure you.
- What about red rooms on the dark web?
You know like not indexed, hidden websites
where you can literally
get anything you want,
guns, drugs, contract
hits, shit like that.
- Wayne, if I recall correctly,
"Silk Road" was shut down in 2013.
- But there are other websites
out there just like it.
- Do I smell a thesis?
- Yeah.
Yeah, I think so.
- And you'd like to explore
this snuff film myth
as it pertains to folklore
in the internet age.
- Yeah, more or less.
Oh shit.
We can see you Wayne.
And the camera behind you.
We want to see you turn that
camera off before we do.
Now Wayne.
- Oh God, no.
We can hear you Wayne.
You don't have to type all
those big college words.
Now decide.
If you want, we can choose for you.
How about a nice Columbian necktie?
- No, no.
No, just stop,
stop, please stop.
How much to spare his life?
You're out of Bitcoins Wayne.
But you still got nearly 10,000
in your checking account,
that will do.
- Okay.
Okay, just tell me how.
Tomorrow, you will receive instructions.
And don't even think about
involving the police.
Or he will die.
- No.
Come inside Wayne, to make the exchange.
- Can I just leave this here
and you send him up to the door?
You know, that way I never.
Come inside.
There are still plans to discuss.
You can leave the money on the table.
I will trust it's all there.
Here, I'm in here, don't let me go.
- It's okay.
- Remain seated please.
- Dr. Gordon, I came to help you.
Dr. Gordon, I came to help
you, why are you doing this?
- Showtime.
- As authorities are
continuing their investigation,
they're urging everyone to stay indoors.
They believe the infection may be airborne
and it can be passed
through casual contact.
- No, change that.
- Please continue
-to stay in your homes.
-Dad, I'm scared.
- Do not let anybody in.
We will stay with you throughout the day.
- Jennifer.
- God.
- Let me in, please, I need you.
- What happened to you?
- Please just let me in.
Just don't let me die.
Don't let me die.
Let me in.
Let me in.
- Everything's busy.
I have tried Jennifer, 911, my mom.
- Probably all jammed up, cable's out too.
- What's going on?
- Come here, honey.
- I'll be right back.
- Where are you going?
- My dad's old scanner in the attic,
I wanna see what's going on.
- What are you doing, Brad?
- "They're here."
Was the message sent out by The Pentagon.
This footage was sent to us by a viewer.
- You'll have nightmares.
- What was that?
- I don't know.
- We are waiting on President
Armstrong to make a statement.
We've been told the
president will be speaking
from the Presidential
Emergency Operations Center.
The PEOC was built by FDR
under the east wing of The White House
to provide a secure place in
the event of an emergency.
We are going to the president now.
- My fellow Americans and
citizens of the earth,
we are under attack.
The enemy is of an alien nature.
All attempts to communicate
with the aliens have failed.
The CDC, NASA and The Military
are working together to find answers.
I urge you to stay in your homes
while solution is investigated.
What we know at this time
is these aliens are symbiotic by nature
and are moving from host to host
in an attempt to find nourishment.
They are small creatures,
similar to ants in collective behavior
and transfer from host
to host through the eyes.
Signs of infection include pasty skin,
a look of fatigue and red or bloody eyes.
Now we do know that if a
symbiote does not find a new host
within minutes of leaving a deceased host,
that symbiote will die.
As we look for resistance
for those infected,
I urge you to protect yourselves,
seal your environment,
do not leave your home or place of work
and do not open windows
or doors for anyone.
They may be infected.
- Help me.
Need scissors.
- I'll get them.
- What are you doing?
Hold this.
- No, why are we doing this?
- Didn't you see the president?
- No, I shut off the TV.
- There's been some kind of invasion,
small ant-like creatures,
they get in through your eyes.
They control you to their
next source of nourishment.
- Wait, wait, wait, wait.
So they're saying, we're food?
- Got 'em.
- We seal this place up, best we can
and then stay put.
- What about sis?
- I didn't see you.
I'm so sorry.
- Don't let them.
Don't let them.
No, no.
- Darling, we need more tape.
- Okay.
What is it baby?
- What, where?
- She was just there.
- There's no one out there.
I could have sworn I just saw her.
- Let's go get some more tape.
Jenny's outside.
- Help.
- Jenny.
We can't.
- We can't save our daughter?
- She's dead already.
- Since mankind first
saw it's own reflection,
we have been fascinated by her own image
staring back at us.
Ancient cultures believed that a mirror
was a reflection of the soul.
Which is why breaking it is bad luck.
And why vampires have no reflection
because they have no soul.
Others like myself.
Believe they are a portal
to other dimensions.
Whatever you do do not
think about a white bear.
That's right.
Do not think about a white bear.
There was a study once
where people were told not
to think about a white bear,
they spent the next few minutes
trying everything they could
to not think about a white bear,
but failed.
When we try to suppress a
thought, two things happen.
We consciously searched for thoughts
that do not involve white bears.
Conversely, we analyze each thought
to make sure they don't
involve white bears.
The problem is both thought
processes involve white bears.
So when you go home tonight
and you look into the mirror,
do not say, "Mirror, mirror on the wall."
But seriously,
never ever look into the mirror and say,
"No devil, never odd or even, lived on."
See you on Monday.
- No devil never odd or even.
Hey Jill, what's up?
Are you coming to the party?
- I'm getting ready now.
Are you guys already there?
Yeah, we just got here.
- Well text me if Zack's there.
Girl, you need to stop
obsessing about your ex-boyfriend.
- Yeah, yeah, I know.
Hah, what?
- Do you remember the phrase
the professor said in class today?
The white bear?
- No devil, never odd or even, lived on.
Oh yeah, now I remember.
Hey, make sure you don't say
while looking into a mirror.
- Too late, I think I already did.
Hurry your ass up, we're here
and so is Zack, FYI.
- All right, see you later, bye.
- Hello Shannon.
- Oh my God.
- Thanks for inviting me.
- Hello.
Oh my God.
911, what's your emergency?
- I think something's
happened to my friend.
She was supposed to meet up
with us, but then I got a call.
She was screaming.
- Did you hear anything
else, another person maybe?
- No, just screaming.
- Green, I think I found something.
No devil, never odd or even, lived on.
Does that mean anything to you?
- Doesn't sound familiar.
- It's from class.
- What does it mean?
- I don't know.
Just our psych professor
told us you should never say it
in front of a mirror or something.
- The girls say it's some superstition
about opening portals in the mirror.
- What time was the?
Wait here.
I hope this works.
No devil, never odd or even, lived on.
Help me.
Easy, easy.
You're safe.
- The professor.
- He's not gonna hurt
you anymore all right.
-Let's get outta here.
Are you there?
- Jill, Brandi.
- How do you suppose we get outta here?
Are you there?
- I think we have to say
the phrase backwards.
Hello, detective.
- Backwards seems forwards.
- Yeah, I know.
- I think we should say the phrase.
- No way.
No devil, never odd or even, lived on.
- Shannon.
Oh no.
- Hey, can you take this
box to the book store,
I think it closes in an hour.