The Black Book (2023) Movie Script

[ocean waves whooshing]
[Man] You may never see me again,
but I must leave you one last task.
You must feel no guilt
in doing what you have to do.
[type writer clicks]
The past must die
to truly serve the future.
[gun cocks]
[tense tune playing]
[lively afrobeat music playing]
[traffic sounds]
[brakes screech, the engine revives]
- [couple laughing]
- You know!
[woman sighs]
[cars hooting]
[in Pidgin] Baby boy,
what will not happen?!
[in Pidgin] It's those SAKS people again.
Should I turn on the siren?
[in English] No, no. Patience. Eh?
[hooting continues]
[car engine approaches]
[gunshots firing]
- [cars hooting]
- [baby crying]
- [people screaming]
- [gunshots continue]
- [dramatic beats playing]
- [man 1 shouting firmly] Come on!
Get out of the car now!
- [dramatic beats playing]
- [man 1 shouting firmly] Come on!
Get out of the car!
[baby crying]
- [suspenseful music playing]
- [baby crying]
Take him. Come on, let's go!
[gun cocks]
Get down, get down!
[gun firing]
[suspenseful music continues]
Come on, let's go!
- [baby crying]
- [man 2] Come on, let's go!
- [nanny gasps]
- [baby crying]
- [Angel] What are you doing?
- They have a baby.
- What's this about?
- Upping the stakes!
Come on, get in the car!
Get in the car!
[continuous gun fire]
- [heavy breathing]
- [eerie tune playing]
SAKS 01 on ground. Ceasefire.
Suspect under control.
[officer in Pidgin] Boss go, go, go!
We are with him! Go!
[man 2] Shit!
Come on, get in the car! Go, go!
Go, go, go!
[engine revving]
SAKS 01 on ground. Ceasefire, ceasefire.
Suspect under control.
I repeat, suspect under control.
[sirens wailing]
[sirens wailing]
[prison door beeping]
[door bangs open]
[door closes]
[prisoner in Pidgin] Sir! Sir, we're here.
Sir, there are a lot of us here.
Sir, we're here. We're greeting you.
It's the boss we're talking to. Sir.
[radio presenter] Hello, Lagos.
Good morning! I'm Sandra Ezekwesili,
and this is the morning news.
A suspect in the Craig family kidnapping
escaped police custody yesterday.
Professor Stella Craig is,
of course, the director general of NEOC,
the Nigeria Energy & Oil Company.
The police
are describing the suspect as male,
dark, tall, and with dreadlocked hair.
["Seun Rere"
by Christy Essien-Igbokwe playing]
[cheering] Yes! Yes!
I finally beat you!
[waves splashing]
[father in Pidgin] You'll keep
boasting from here on out.
["Seun Rere" continues]
Check me out eh, check me out
Check me out, check me out oh!
Check me out, oh yeah!
Check that out, ooh! [laughs]
[in English] Look at that time.
The young are taking over.
Well, the young have to learn speed.
Well, okay. Whatever, old man.
I made eggs.
I think I can survive on just
the taste of, uh, sweet victory.
[father chuckles]
- [son] Oh God!
- Speaking about God,
I have been asked
to preach in church this evening,
and I'd like you to come, son.
You know I won't come.
Yet every day
for two years you still ask me.
I miss your mother too.
Every day.
- But staying mad at God won't...
- Dad,
this is 2020.
Nobody really believes in
God or his son, Santa Claus.
- Jesus Christ.
- That's what I said.
Santa Claus, Jesus. Potato, "potahto."
You know you really ought to
take your spiritual life more seriously.
- What have you got to lose?
- And that's my cue.
Dad, I have to go.
We have a huge pitch with V-Bank.
I might be late. Take care, Dad.
- See you.
- God speed, son.
[kettle whistling]
[tense tune playing]
[women speaking indistinctly in Pidgin]
- [woman 1] Are you only buying akara?
- [woman 2] Yes.
Yes, give him.
[woman 1] Look at Uncle Paul passing by.
[in English] Uncle Paul, thank you.
- [Paul grunts]
- My son told me what you did for him.
[in Pidgin] Thank you. God will bless you.
- God will bless you too.
- Thank you.
- Bisi's mother.
- Thank you. Have a good day, okay?
- Have a good day. God will bless you.
- Yeah, good morning.
- Thank you.
- You guys are eating without me, huh?
[woman in English] This man,
what he did for me, I can't even...
[Paul] Anthony, how are you?
[Bisi's mother] You see my...
[light music playing]
[radio presenter] A suspect
in the Craig family kidnapping
escaped police custody yesterday.
The police
are describing the suspect as male,
dark, tall, and with dreadlocked hair.
Lagos, don't forget,
if you see something, say something.
["Glory, Glory, Hallelujah"
instrumental playing]
[man] Paulo, my man. How are you?
- [in Pidgin] What's going on?
- [Paul] I'm just happy to see you.
[radio presenter] ...that the suspect
is male, dark in complexion,
and may have been seen
around the Oworonshoki.
We got Ekene on line one.
Ekene, good afternoon, how are you doing?
[in Pidgin] Hi, Sandra. What's the meaning
of this game the police is playing?
If they want us to find the person,
they should give us a picture.
What is all this
Nollywood description they're doing?
["Glory, Glory, Hallelujah" continues playing]
Victoria, come in.
[Victoria] Good morning, ma.
- Very nice work.
- [giggles] Thank you, ma.
But your piece is no longer going
to run on tomorrow's front page.
- Ma?
- I have decided
to go with more compelling material.
A journalist assassinated
to bury her report about
drug smuggling at the...
highest levels isn't compelling enough?
That's speculation at best.
Where is the proof?
Ma, you know the evidence
was stolen by her killers.
It doesn't make my research any less true.
Your mother was
the most fearless journalist.
I mourn for her everyday.
But your personal tragedy
does not make a story.
Imagine one word were to prove inaccurate,
this paper would be
buried in fines and litigation.
We cannot afford that, can we?
[sighs] Ma...
[tense tune building up]
[phone buzzing]
[man 2] Professor Craig...
- [baby crying]
-'s exactly 3:00 p.m.,
and I'm calling as I had promised
to know if you have made up your mind.
Please, what do you want?
- [Angel] Professor,
- [baby crying profusely]
I want to think that you are
a very educated person, a professor.
I beg of you, please.
We have 11.2 million naira.
Just tell us where to bring it.
You're the
anti-corruption crusader, right?
Well, thankfully for you,
money is not my problem.
[whimpering] What do you want?
You will know exactly what I want,
as soon as
you make up your mind, Professor.
Him or the baby?
- Him or the baby?
- [baby continues to cry]
Come on! Goddammit! Him or the baby?!
This is so simple!
But you Nigerians
like to make things complicated.
But... What... Can you make up your mind?
Him or the baby?!
- Him or the baby?
- [professor whimpering loudly]
You want me to shed innocent blood
by killing two people
instead of one, as I promised.
Come on now, make up your mind.
- Him or the baby?!
- [crying] Don't kill my baby!
Don't kill our baby, please!
[baby crying]
Now, isn't this just so simple, Professor?
Isn't this just so simple and easy?
Just look at this innocent baby.
Why would you want
her to suffer on your behalf?
Well but then, I am a good Christian.
A very good Christian.
And I wouldn't want your beautiful baby
to grow up without a father.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you, sir.
[Mr. Craig cries loudly]
Are you there, Professor?
You and your husband
can make another baby.
If you want to see him again,
I have specific instructions for you.
[professor cries loudly]
[reporter] ...Her resignation follows
the recent abduction of her daughter
and husband by gunmen in Lagos, Nigeria.
Their whereabouts still remain unknown.
We will be speaking
with Mr. Akin from Lagos.
This is a woman
who was fighting for every one of us...
- [crowd] Yes!
- ...against those corrupt people!
And of course,
corruption is fighting back.
- Yes!
- We are angry!
- We are angry!
- The street is very angry!
- Very angry!
- We want justice!
- We want justice.
- We call on unity...
[crowd protesting]
[crowd] We're angry!
[crowd continues protesting]
[eerie tune playing]
[man] Craig has been handled.
[in Hausa] Greetings.
[in English] Take them to the farm.
[man 3] Yes, Your Excellency.
Gentlemen, I'm pleased
to announce that my boy, Jubril Dauda
is going to be the new DG of NEOC.
[in Hausa] Thank you, my boss.
- [in English] Praise the Lord.
- [congregation] Hallelujah!
- Praise the Lord.
- Hallelujah!
- Hallelujah.
- Amen!
[in Pidgin] As Christians that we are,
we often ask ourselves whether
God can really forgive our past sins.
You all ask yourselves that.
Because honestly, some of us here,
have done some
terrible things before in our lives.
We have all committed
grave sins in our lives.
But the good news is
that this Bible that we read...
it says, in Second Corinthians 5 verse 17...
[dial pad clicks]
[radio presenter] The police
are describing the suspect as male, dark...
- Baba Bernard,
- Yes?
[in Pidgin] I am going to church.
[in Yoruba] You too have started
going to church? We're thankful.
- Let my dad be a little happy.
- [phone beeps]
[Paul] Everything
you've done previously,
God has done what? Thrown it away.
[chuckles] It is like paper,
a used paper,
dirty paper that has been used, and torn
and thrown away.
[birds chirping]
- [Paul in English] Praise the Lord.
- [congregation] Hallelujah!
- Hallelujah!
- Amen!
Young man,
where are you coming from
and where are you going?
I'm coming from work and I'm heading
to church a few minutes away from here.
[laughs sarcastically]
[in Pidgin] Yahoo boys go to church?
I'm not a Yahoo boy.
- I'm an advertising strategy executive...
- [in Pidgin] What is this?
Do Yahoo boys now have ID cards?
- Open that bag! What is in it?
- Give me my bag!
[in Yoruba] Sir, what's wrong?
what is the matter, anyway?
- Hey!
- You're an accomplice.
- Ah! Officer, please.
- You're an accomplice.
- [Damilola] What did he do?
- [SAKS officer] Leave this place now!
- Ah, please!
- Enter the vehicle!
- Get inside the car! Move.
- Ah, please, have mercy on me.
[Damilola] What has he done?
Move! Move!
Officer, all of this is unnecessary.
This is very unnecessary. I've told you,
I'm coming from work,
I'm going to church to meet my father.
My friend, keep quiet! Give me this phone!
Okay. Call my father.
He will confirm it.
His church is not far from here.
[in Pidgin] Your father is a pastor?
No sir, he's a deacon.
Ah-ah, what is the meaning of this?
Leave me alone, please!
You can't take my picture,
what's the meaning of that?
You can't take my picture! You
don't have the right to take my picture.
- What's going on? What's this?
- Boss...
- You people are harassing me.
- ...I just sent you a package now.
[Damilola] You people are harassing me.
What's the meaning of this?
Carry on.
You're harassing me.
- What's the meaning of this?
- Okay.
See, Officer, this is harassment.
This is harassment
and you have to let me go.
- I know my rights!
- Move!
- I know my rights. Yes!
- Really?
You know your rights?
You want to teach me my job, right?
[gun cocks]
- Kidnapper.
- No, sir, I'm not a kidnapper!
- I'm not a kidnapper.
- Raise your hand!
- Kneel down!
- Please, I'm not a kidnapper.
- I'm not a Yahoo boy. Please sir.
- Turn around!
- I want my father to talk to you. Please.
- Turn around!
Sir please, I'm begging you.
- In the name of Jesus.
- [gunshot]
[tense tune playing]
[melancholic tune playing]
[waves crashing]
- [Paul] "If a man be in Christ...
- ["A Song For Dolu" by Dinachi playing]
...he is a new creation."
Old things are what? Passed away.
- If it's not that, what is...
- [footsteps approaching]
[Baba Bernard panting]
["A Song For Dolu" continues]
[Paul crying]
[policeman] Leave the man!
Move away from there!
[Paul whimpering]
[Paul crying loudly]
[door bangs]
[music continues]
[sirens wailing]
[kettle whistling]
[music fades out]
[radio presenter] The police today
announced the killing of 24-year-old
Damilola Edima,
the alleged mastermind
behind the Craig family kidnap.
According to the statement,
Edima died in a gunfight
with policemen in Lekki.
Dotun and Layla Craig are still
missing since their kidnap five days ago.
- [door opens]
- [footsteps approaching]
Mr. Man,
[in Pidgin] you remember we told you
that we do not
release the bodies of criminals
to their people until
we finish investigations.
[in Pidgin] Sir, I beg. I beg you in God's
name, my child is innocent. I beg you.
Please, my child is innocent.
The family that your child kidnapped,
do you think about them at all?
Do you think about them? No.
You only think about yourself.
You're selfish, you're wicked.
[soft slow piano tune playing]
[camera shutter clicks]
- [cars hooting]
- [bicycle bell ringing]
[buzzing city sounds]
Mr. Edima...
I'm... [exhales]
I'm so sorry for your loss.
Um... My name is Vic Kalu, I'm a journalist.
I know your son is innocent.
I've done some digging.
I spoke to the taxi driver
and some of his work colleagues.
You can make a very strong case
against the police for wrongful death.
I just want to bury my son.
Well... I want to help you, sir.
I can help you.
Will that bring back my son?
- [engine revving]
- [cars hooting]
you have to stop blaming yourself.
This wasn't your fault.
I sinned terribly in my past.
God took away my son to punish me.
I accept.
But accusing my son of what he is not,
that I cannot accept.
[soft music playing]
Going to the station everyday
has not worked.
The police will not release
the records that will clear Dami's name.
Let me help you.
I walked away from that life.
[birds chirping]
[soft music continues]
[music escalates]
[cars hooting]
[in Pidgin] Madam Vic,
this case is very sensitive.
There's nothing I can do.
Ah-ah, Sir Eagle please,
[in English] I will keep you
anonymous as usual.
I would like to see
the case file on Damilola Edima, please.
[in Pidgin] Sir, we told you
to follow due process.
Yes, Officer,
I tried to follow the due process,
but your people are frustrating me.
[gasps] What is this you're eating?
- This is amala.
- Remove your hand.
- Give me that fish.
- [Paul] Officer, please.
- [in Pidgin] Please give me the file.
- Let me eat some.
[in English] I beg you.
This father of a thief...
[in Pidgin] Didn't I tell you
not to come back here again?
- [in English] My son...
- Leave here, my friend.
Please. Please, just let me see the file.
Leave this place!
[loud thud]
[officer 2 in Pidgin] Who is that?!
What is going on here?
- Sir, you again?
- [policewoman] You again?
- [in English] Alright, move. Move!
- [policewoman] Take him out.
[in Pidgin] Go outside! Don't come
and destroy things in this office.
[in English] You father of a kidnapper!
- Move! Move it.
- My son was not a kidnapper.
- You father of a kidnapper!
- Sir, move.
What is your problem?
- My son was not a kidnapper.
- [policeman] Keep going.
Father of a kidnapper!
Like father, like son.
- Useless man.
- Coming to fight in our office.
- You'll see what will happen to you.
- Move!
I... Mr. E...
- Keep going.
- Move it!
[policeman] Keep going!
[tense tune playing]
[Victoria in Pidgin] Sir, there's no time.
Madam, have patience.
You see I'm doing your work.
[radio reporter]
Remember that two weeks ago,
the reps resolved
to investigate the matter
- and come back within ten days
- Sir!
And in fact the
- speaker was talking about summoning the
- One minute, no more.
- information minister to appear.
- Thank you.
It doesn't seem like he has a lead though.
[prisoners] Oh, baby. Fine girl.
- Oh, baby. Hello.
- Fine girl.
- Hello!
- How are you?
- Come here!
- Fine girl, how are you?
- Fine girl! Hello!
- Officer, bring that girl, let's see her.
Officer, we're hungry, we want to eat.
[officer] May hunger kill you!
Bring that girl, let's look at her face.
[sombre tune playing]
Mr. Edima, I heard about
what happened and I'm really sorry.
Leave me alone.
Well, I can get the records for you.
I have friends here who can help.
Madam, time is up!
Eeh, Is there any...
family member I can call?
Madam, let's go now.
Please hang in there.
I'll arrange your bail in the morning.
[wistful tune playing]
- Fine girl, wait!
- Oh, baby!
- Come!
- Oh, baby, wait!
Officer, please water!
- [policemen grunting]
- [Paul groaning in pain]
You're the father of a dangerous criminal,
and instead of you being ashamed,
you are here shouting, making noise.
I'm gonna show you exactly
what happens to parents of criminals
who failed to train their children.
Boys, carry on.
- [Paul groans in pain]
- [policemen grunting]
[wistful tune continues to play]
[eerie tune playing]
[water splash]
[birds chirping]
[door knock]
[car engine approaching]
Mr. Edima.
Oh my goodness, what happened?!
- [door opens]
- Mr. Edima!
I went to sort your bail
and was told that you were released.
I was suspicious.
Mr. Edima, I should call a doctor.
[blurps] No.
I slipped and I fell
into a ditch and hurt myself.
I don't believe you.
I, um... got a copy of the... police report.
As we suspected, it is far from truthful.
curious how they're trying
to pin this case on your son.
Also, I know Professor Craig very well.
But since her family
got kidnapped, she has refused to speak
to me or anyone else about it.
It just... it all makes me feel like
something very fishy is going on.
Okay. You may be right.
But if this case
is as dirty as you say it is,
I'll suggest that you leave it alone,
so that your life will not be in danger.
The Bible says that,
"Vengeance is mine, and I will repay."
So I'll suggest that
you just... leave it for God.
[chuckles wryly] Leave it for God.
With all due respect, sir,
"leaving it for God"
is the problem with Nigeria.
Do you have any idea
how many young men are...
killed under the pretext
of them being criminals?
- No one speaks for them.
- [bangs the table]
- [ominous tune playing]
- [shower running]
[sea waves whooshing]
[Paul] Aliyu, I have work?
by Jesse Jagz ft. Burna Boy playing]
[engine revving]
[buzzing city sounds]
- Uncle, give me some money
- [Abayomi] What are you doing here? Get out!
[cars honking]
[man 3] Tell me if you see him.
["Violation" continues]
[bus conductor] Obalende!
[music stops abruptly]
- [lady] How are you?
- [indistinct street chatter]
- [lady laughing]
- [club music fades in]
[door bangs open]
Who is it? Wait, wait!
- Do you know who I am?!
- [fist bumps]
- [music stops abruptly]
- [tragic tune plays]
- [chains clinking]
- [man whines]
[Paul clears throat]
- [thud]
- [whimpering continues]
[muffled whimpering]
- [machine whirring]
- [whimpering gets louder]
[SAKS officer screaming]
- [muffled whimpering continues]
- [SAKS officer whimpers in relief]
[sobbing] What do you want?
[Paul] Shh.
Now, which one of you...
killed my son?
Mr. Edima.
[birds chirping]
Mr. Edima.
[bird chirping]
[tense tune playing]
Mr. Edima!
Mr. Edima?
[tense tune continues]
[door opens]
[door hinge squeaking]
[footsteps approaching]
[thud on the table]
[keyboard clicking]
- A politician... a politician's son... please sir
- [heel taps wooden floor]
- [suspenseful music eases]
- [footsteps approach]
- [footsteps recede]
- [suspenseful music eases]
[door locking]
[chilly tune fades in]
[chilly tune intensifies]
[suspenseful tune playing]
[Victoria sighs]
[suspenseful tune fades out]
- [dramatic beats playing]
- [buzzing city sounds]
[cars honking]
- [door knock]
- [door opening]
I'm busy at the moment, come back later.
This can't wait, ma.
We needed to replace him because the
second unit had called in the incident.
[officer sobbing] I swear.
Wait, wait!
[in Pidgin] It was a rich man's kid.
I swear, a politician!
[SAKS officer sobbing]
That's enough.
Let me think.
Close the door.
This is huge!
Where did you get it?
- I can't reveal my sources, ma. [chuckles]
- Of course.
How many people have seen this?
Only us. We have the only copy, I believe.
- [bangs]
- [squeals] Ma!
Your mother was killed
because she tried to uncover
the affairs of dangerous people.
I'm not gonna sit back
- and let you get yourself killed.
- But...
Victoria, I'm doing
this for your own good.
[wistful tune playing]
[telephone ringing]
This better be important.
I have just intercepted
a recording of your boys confessing.
But I have blocked it.
- I'm grateful.
- Don't be grateful.
Tell Senator.
[in Yoruba] The debt he owes me is a lot.
And I will collect.
[tense tune playing]
[dramatic tune plays]
Paul Edima!
You people went to kill Paul Edima's son!
- [exclaims]
- We thought he was just an old man.
Old man? Paul Edima!
The most dangerous man in this country.
Twenty-three assassinations.
One hundred and thirteen
domestic operations.
Participated and plotted
eight coup d'tats
in West Africa since 1984. [exclaims]
There's only one reason
why you are still alive.
And that is because
you gave this man information.
What is it?
I... I just think
he wants to clear his son's name.
- [officer grunts]
- Who did you tell him
we exchanged his son for?
No idea. No, I don't know.
- And you expect me to believe that?!
- Sir, no. No, sir.
He did not know that information.
[SAKS officer groans]
In that case,
we have to eliminate him immediately.
- Sir?
- Sir, what?!
I think we need
to tell General about this.
He still has a deal with Paul.
And when he finds out
whose son was exchanged,
do you really think he's not going
to come after my own son?
[in Yoruba] You think about it.
[in English] Think about it! Think!
[in English] You better
do something to fix this thing.
You'd better, [in Yoruba] Mr. Man.
[DC in English] If this man
is as dangerous as you say,
I fear we may need more resources.
Then make him a national problem.
Get the entire police force after him.
And how do we do that?
You know my commissioner
is going to insist on hard evidence.
[Angel] Ah, hard evidence.
Listen, make the next turn, okay?
- [gunshot]
- [falls with a thud]
Yeah. That's the answer
to your problem. Right?
Paul Edima shot
a decorated police officer.
[ominous beats playing]
[dramatic tune playing]
I'll be right there.
- [phone notification rings]
- [colleague] What's going on?
The police have found
the bodies of Dotun Craig and baby.
[gasps] Jeez!
Where's my drive?
What drive?
I'm sorry but my editor destroyed it.
I think, I know how
to help you find out who killed your son.
[Victoria] Professor Craig...
thank you so much for seeing me.
I came with Mr. Edima.
We believe his son was killed by
the same people who killed your family.
[Prof. Craig] People
complain about the cost of IVF,
but the emotional stress is... unimaginable.
I went through 14 failed IVF cycles.
[wistful tune playing]
They killed my baby and sent a message.
They said "walk away."
I thought they would
spare my husband's life if I did.
But they killed him anyway.
Then I started thinking...
wondering who wanted me out.
[wistful music continues]
The threats began when I started
working on the files for these oil blocs.
[Paul] Thank you. Thank you.
I fought...
against corruption all my life.
I fought and I lost... everything.
It has to mean something.
[sobbing] Make it mean something.
- [wistful music builds]
- [sobs]
I'm so sorry.
[wistful music fades out]
[Victoria] Okay,
so I've sorted by most valuable
oil fields allocated between '95 and '96.
First owned locally,
which leaves us with four companies,
Lantern, Twin Energy,
PeatPetro, and Holyfield.
Nah, there's... there's
something we are missing.
[scoffs] Well, if you tell me
what we are looking for...
[boat engine revving]
[suspenseful tune playing]
Wait, Patriot Oil...
Uh... It was first awarded in '94,
for experimental drilling
by the government,
eh... sold off because it was barren.
Ta-da-da... Oh!
[suspenseful music rises]
New owners found oil in '95.
And let's see, the ownership is...
- Confidential.
- Confidential.
[paper rustling]
Vic, I need you
to walk away from this case.
What are you talking about?
- [heavy door drags open]
- [tense music continues]
You need to go.
It's the only way I can protect you.
Uh, I think you need to see this.
[female voice] The man, Paul Edima,
murdered a senior SAKS official
in what we understand
to be a retaliatory action
for the death of his son, Damilola Edima,
the mastermind behind the
kidnap of Dotun and Layla Craig.
The Police Service urges
- anyone out there...
- What did you do?
- ...with information about this man...
- We don't have time for that.
- come forward and aid...
- Well, I deserve to know what's going on. our investigation.
The less you know, the better for you.
[tense tune playing]
Why do you know
so much yet say so little?!
How did you find out about the oil blocs?
- I mean, who are you?
- Look, don't pretend
for once that
this case meant anything to you
more than an opportunity
for you to advance your career.
[tense tune continues]
[footsteps approaching]
[whispering] Shh.
Don't make a sound.
- Do exactly what I say.
- What?
- Go low. Go low, go low!
- Excuse me.
- Move. Stay there.
- I should just do what you say?
[light switch clicks]
[ominous music fades in]
[crickets chirp]
- [thud]
- [man groans]
[ominous music intensifies]
- [thud]
- [groans]
[loud groaning]
[whimpering] Oh my...
[gasping in fear] Oh my!
- [men grunting]
- [utensils clattering]
[whispers] Who is...
[falls with a thud]
[dramatic tune playing]
[gun cocks]
- [gunshots]
- [Victoria gasps]
- [gunshots]
- [groans]
[men grunting]
[fist bumps]
- [groans]
- [glass shatters]
[Victoria whimpering]
[Paul breathing heavily]
[Angel laughs]
Paulo, Pastor Paulo.
You are really a man of God now.
Because the Paulo I know
would have wasted all of them here.
- [Angel laughs]
- [Victoria whimpers loudly]
[in Pidgin] Do you still sleep around?
- [whining continues]
- [gun cocks]
[softly] Drop it! Drop it.
Oh, nice. Sit.
You're not going to kill me, are you?
You are a man of God.
That is not what
we are here to talk about.
Whose son was it?
And how many sons
did you send to their graves
when you were
the General's favorite weapon?
Now that the heat is turned on you,
you are getting emotional, Paulo.
Come on.
I kept my side of the bargain.
I walked away.
So why would the General want to kill me?
[chuckles] It's not the General,
it's Dipo.
Oh yes, it's Dipo.
He's afraid that
I will come after his son.
You don't know that.
Oh, the General would
never send you after me.
Dammit, he didn't!
He didn't!
He has never believed in me anyway.
It's always been about you!
- His favorite son, Paulo.
- Oh shut up, Angelo.
He would not send you after me
because you are too incompetent.
I'm gonna send you back to Dipo.
I want a live video confession
of you, Dipo, and his son,
admitting to what you did.
So I can clear my son's name.
[Angel chuckles wryly]
The General would
never do that, and you know it.
I hope for your own sake, that he does.
[tense tune rising]
- [bomb beeping]
- [explosion]
[sprinkler hissing]
[dramatic tune playing]
[dramatic tune stops]
[General Issa] My boy.
I'm surprised you came alone.
I can see you're still the man I trained.
To the matter at hand...
Edima, my condolences.
But what's done is done.
We can talk compensations.
But I need you to walk away,
in the interest of the family.
One million dollars.
all I want is my son's body.
that police commissioner
woman is not one of ours.
My demand still stands.
And I need a confession, on tape...
of Dipo, his son, and Angel.
Edima, I am trying to be reasonable.
Then respectfully, General,
we have nothing else to talk about.
And now I wish to get Dipo,
with or without your help.
you forget you don't have full control.
Do you really want to see what I can do?
[anticipatory tune playing]
[eerie music playing]
- [Angel] Sir!
- [Senator Dipo] My... my General,
don't worry, sir.
We have brought everything...
everything will soon be under control sir.
I made a deal with that man,
which granted him his freedom
and he stayed quiet for 24 years.
You killed the man's only child.
He will not stop
until he gets what he wants.
I would be tempted
to let him teach you a lesson,
if the stakes weren't
so high for me personally.
Be that as it may,
I am left with no option
than to order a fumigation.
[suspenseful tune playing]
I've had to call in
the only person who never fails.
[engine starts]
[buzzing city sounds]
[camera beeps then clicks]
[General Issa] He must die
by the hand of the police.
Their job is to ensure
he has nowhere to run.
[ominous music playing]
This is nonsense. Ridiculous!
One person can't be out there
killing my men with impunity.
- Tighten the noose!
- [reporter] Excuse me, ma!
Give me all known
and unknown associates now.
Can you please tell us
what's going on here?
From this moment going forward,
Paul Edima is public enemy number one.
Ma, please can you please shed more light?
[church bell ringing]
- [Victoria in Pidgin] Thank you, sir.
- Bye.
[cheeky door knock]
Yes, come in.
Ah-ah, Viki-viki.
- Ah-ah!
- Hi, Dad.
When are you going to start
calling me "Father" like everybody else?
Father means dad.
And I see that you are properly dressed.
I brought you some food.
And so, how about the food for my eyes?
From the hottest
young journalist in Lagos.
- [laughter]
- [Vic fakes a cough]
- Eh?
- Vic [sighs]
I have told you,
printed copies. Printed copies.
You know that my eyes do not
agree with all of this bright screen.
- Uh-uh.
- I'm sorry.
[Victoria laughs]
Give me a minute. [grunts]
- [in Yoruba] Take it easy.[chuckles]
- [Father grunts]
I'll be back.
[suspenseful tune playing]
[papers rustling]
[camera clicks]
"To all the mums we lost on...
June 4th."
They did that last week in Zamfara.
To cover up
the General's illegal mining operations.
If you go after Dipo,
you become a threat
to the General's oil and gas interests.
I have nothing to lose anymore.
You have the girl.
But for how long before
they find her and get you through her?
You need some leverage.
In times like these, I wonder
if giving up that book,
was the right thing.
This time, you have
to run or hide for a while.
It's about time
you get in touch with Richard.
He owes you and hates that man, General.
I haven't been in touch with Richard
since he went deep, deep underground.
[tense tune playing]
[buzzing city sounds]
[Aliyu] On the streets,
they call him Big Daddy.
Getting to meet
with him is nearly impossible.
He has to want to meet with you.
[woman in Yoruba] What is all this rubbish
that you throw all around the place?
Take all this rubbish away
from the front of my shop right now.
Stop disrupting
my sales with your rubbish.
Good morning?
Good morning.
[in English] Please,
I'm looking for Peruvian jacquard.
We don't have it.
Madam please, the person that sent me
said that this
is the only place I can find it.
Look here, young man,
I said we don't have it.
If I had it, I would sell it to you.
[in Yoruba] Look here,
it's too early for this.
[Paul coaxingly] Madam, please, I beg you.
If you don't have it,
can you take me to
the person that can sell to me, please?
[background market chatter]
Okay. Follow me.
[background market chatter]
[woman] Alright, come. Well done.
Well done.
[anticipatory tune playing]
Richard Ejende...
my lover.
You saved him during the coup of 93.
For that, he was very grateful.
I know Issa is after you.
That is why you have
come for Richard's help.
Richard owes me.
Richard is dead.
When Richard tried to leave,
the General killed him.
The only reason he did not kill you
was because you gave him the Black Book.
There's no day that goes by that I don't
wish that I can put a bullet
in Issa for what he did to my Richard.
If you kill him,
someone will take his place.
Well, see I keep my business
away from personal affairs.
Issa has not hurt my business.
[muted gunshots]
When people wanted to meet Big Daddy,
they met Richard.
But I have always been Big Daddy.
[muted gunshots]
You created the Black Book.
You could've destroyed him with it
but then you handed it to him instead.
You never stood up to him.
Until they killed your son.
I can take away
all his power, if you help me.
Issa is too fearsome
an animal for me to get involved with.
There are some grudges
that should be taken to the grave.
Joshua! Joshua, come in!
[sirens wailing]
[guard] Joshua! Joshua!
Edima, you have brought
your trouble to my door.
You'd better leave. Now!
Where is he?
You must be the glorious Jes.
- [gunshot]
- [tense music playing]
[cars honking]
[background market chatter]
[tense music continues]
[tense tune escalates then stops abruptly]
[heavy breathing]
- [gun cocks]
- [car engine revives]
[Senator Dipo] Are you telling me
one man, one man
[in Yoruba] only, is bigger than
the entire police force? Ah-ah.
[police commissioner] I appreciate
your concern, Senator Dipo.
- [door opens]
- [in Yoruba] It can't be so.
[in English] You have my assurance that
the culprit will be apprehended soon.
- [Senator Dipo] Good! My commissioner!
- [Commissioner] Yes.
- Good night.
- [bulb switch clicks]
[gun cocks]
Madam Commissioner, I would advise
that you remain calm...
and no sudden movement.
Two things...
the SAKS men...
murdered my son and framed him
on orders of very powerful people.
I want his body for burial.
- Do you have evidence?
- I did.
[in Igbo] Shut up!
[in English] You break
into my house to convince me,
that some of my men, men...
...whom you have killed,
are now working with criminals?
Is that what you'd have me believe?
If I wanted your men dead,
why did I leave them on the streets?
What's the second thing you want?
Her life is in danger.
I can get you the men
you want if you can protect her.
That would depend now, wouldn't it?
Can she corroborate your story?
[tense tune playing]
[in Pidgin] Deputy, how are you?
[in English] Well done.
I have to commend
all your hard work so far. Well done.
- Thank you, ma.
- Alright.
So, any update on the Edima case?
We're making progress, ma.
Yeah. I'm sure you'll fish him out
the same way
you fished out the boy, right?
Okay, refresh my memory...
how did you catch the boy again?
It was an anonymous tip, ma.
The SAKS boys were very lucky because
the boy was armed and dangerous.
Well, didn't he escaped from custody once?
[in Pidgin] Yes he did.
The boy was as slippery as a snail.
- Slippery like a snail.
- Wow.
[in English] Well done. Well done again.
Osaretin, uh, before you go,
[in Pidgin] please come. Um...
I've been... I can't seem to
find one detail here. Now, tell me again,
eeh... what kind of rifle
was retrieved from the criminal?
[suspenseful tune playing]
Cause I've been checking
and there's absolutely no record
of any type of weapon
amongst the items found on his person.
[gun cocks]
You presented a weapon to the press.
Now there's no record
of it in the inventory.
Sir, um, let me explain.
The only explanation
I want to hear from you
is a full statement
why you murdered an innocent boy!
You can save
your low-level acting for the press.
Now get out of my office!
[glass shattering]
[commissioner] Osaretin.
- [explosion]
- Osaretin.
[footsteps descending]
Big daddy, it is done.
- [door opening]
- [Father sighs]
[wistful tune playing]
So you knew this man all along?
[soft liturgical music playing]
You wanted to know who I am.
Between 1982 and 1984,
there was a drug trafficking boom
from South America,
through West Africa to Europe and America.
To the Nigerian government,
it was a menace,
but to General Issa, our founder,
he only saw opportunity.
He took over the drug trade.
[soft music playing]
[men chanting war songs]
[Paul] We were
recruited into a private squad,
run by a former military chief
we call the General.
[bullet shots]
We were young men,
trained by the best to do the worst,
and feel the least.
We oversaw
several coups across West Africa.
To ease the flow of jobs,
the press was bought off.
[tense tune playing]
Anyone who didn't
fall in line was eliminated.
We were on, what we called, "fumigation."
Everything that moved,
needed to be killed.
Our target was a journalist
[type writer clinking]
who had uncovered
the General's biggest drug smuggler, Dipo.
We tracked her to her house in Surulere.
- [typewriter clicking]
- [gun cocks]
[typing stops]
[young Paul] Where is it?
- [whispering] Please.
- [gunshot]
[tense tune playing]
[drawer being jiggled noisily]
[Paul] It was a fumigation,
the child had to go.
[Victoria] What day was it?
[shouting] What was the date?!
- It was June 4th...
- 1996!
[wistful tune playing]
[Victoria] A journalist...
[in shaky voice] investigating a...
prominent drug trafficker was
...killed in her home.
You... killed my mother.
If I could take it all back...
You thought... paying for my upkeep would...
wash the guilt off your...
- bloodstained hands?!
- [bang]
- I was trying to protect you.
- [screams] You killed my mother!
Victoria, you're in danger.
I was safe until he showed up.
[dramatic tune playing]
That's... why you wanted me to walk away.
[Victoria sniffs]
Never, ever...
come near my life again.
- Victoria, wait!
- [shouting] I...
expected more from you!
Reverend Father Omotosho.
You should have
called the police on this... criminal!
Instead you harbored him,
and you took his blood money.
I'm ashamed of you!
- [tragic music fades in]
- [Victoria sobbing louder]
Please help me.
[continuous gunfire]
- [gunshots]
- [men shouting] Get down. Down!
- [men shouting]
- [Victoria screaming]
[gunfire continues]
[suspenseful music escalates]
[tragic music fades out]
[somber music playing]
[phone ringing]
You're still a hard man to kill.
I admire that.
Which is why I'm happy
I took out an insurance policy.
You will bring yourself to Kaduna,
and I will let her go.
You have 24 hours.
[suspenseful tune playing]
[aeroplane blade whirring]
You said you can take away all his powers.
Tell me how.
[eerie music playing]
[Paul] When I refused to kill the child,
Issa was gonna send Angel to kill her.
If you want that child to live...
there is a way...
if you are brave.
[in Hausa] A life for a life.
[in English] A life... for a life.
[guns cock]
- [tense music builds]
- [fly buzzing]
Exceptions can be made, sir.
And what value would
justify such an exception?
The book, sir. It is real.
[Dipo chuckles]
Every mission, every operation,
every one involved in your trade.
I documented everything.
0-52-8-8. Issa. Cocaine, 20 kilos.
0-94-8-8. Dapo Igiebor. Staged car crash.
Order by Dipo.
2-10-5-8-8 Emeka K. 2 kilos.
- Kano...
- That's enough, soldier!
[breathing heavily]
you are willing to wager this book?
[ominous music playing]
[General Issa] I want everything.
You go free, she goes free.
And I get everything.
[ominous music builds up]
[chain clinking]
[Paul] I had to protect her.
[dramatic music playing]
[Paul] The General built
all his powers with the Black Book.
I gave it up for her.
And I'm gonna take it back for her.
I'm gonna take back everything.
[Big Daddy] Are you sure
the safe is still in the vault?
[Paul] Yes.
[Big Daddy] How can you be so sure?
I trained many of General's men.
I still have friends on the inside.
[dramatic music builds up]
[dramatic tune fades in]
[music fades out]
It's good to see you. You look well.
Yeah, I'm okay.
The General owns
this entire stretch of land.
The ranch where his home is
and across the lake. Here is the farm,
where he maintains
a strong room five floors underground.
Heavily guarded, just like the ranch is.
And your girl is being held
on the ranch, in the guard room, here.
Behind the stable.
And there's only one way there.
Okay. The obvious tactic
would be an extraction.
That means first of all,
you have to show on how
we can match
with the guns that the General has,
both the police and military.
And all the roads
and links have been sealed,
to the farm, to the ranch, everywhere.
And even if we extract the girl,
it is going to be very hard
to take her out of that place.
Okay. So, that's where
Big Daddy and her girls come in.
But first, for that to work,
we need the military
and the police out of here.
Today is Friday.
- [in Hausa] It's Friday.
- That's it.
[in English] Okay so, this is
what happens every Friday.
[Paul] Worshippers from across
the state are all gathered. Alright?
And so the police is stretched.
If something is to happen,
all of this, the military, the police,
will all be needed somewhere else.
[suspenseful tune playing]
[music fades out]
[tense music playing]
- [tense music escalates slowly]
- [engine ignites]
- [bomb beeping, then explodes]
- Run! Run!
[sirens wailing]
[man on police radio] Calling all units.
All units come in. [in Hausa] Code red.
- [engine revving]
- [tires screeching]
[anticipatory tune playing]
Come in, farm squad. Can you read me?
- Farm Squad, come in.
- [men cheering]
- [men jeering]
- [bikes zooming]
[tense tune playing]
In order for this to work,
I have to go in unarmed.
I hope this girl is worth it.
Big Daddy!
[in Hausa] Big Daddy,
how are you doing? Welcome.
[in English] Zara, Chi Chi, Baraka!
[in Hausa] Greetings.
[in Yoruba] Are you all good?
- [in Hausa] Ah, greetings to you all.
- Greetings.
[anticipatory tune playing]
- [dramatic music playing]
- [gun cocks]
[ominous tune playing]
[suspenseful music builds]
[in Hausa] Bring quick, eh.
[suspenseful music continues]
[Paul] I'm sorry.
[Victoria chuckles]
What difference does it make?
You're not saving me now, are you?
If they don't kill me today,
how soon before they find me again?
Not if you take all of them down.
So, what?
You're a good guy now?
The General, Angel, me,
we are all part of
an evil system that needs to be destroyed.
Finish the work that your mother started.
Never speak about my mother!
If they kill us,
I hope yours is a sad, horrible death.
[General Issa] I agree completely.
[door opening]
[General] You are well within
your rights to seek justice.
You see,
this man killed your mother.
Remember all the pain you have felt.
All the emptiness,
- because someone killed your mother.
- [Vic whimpers in rage]
Vic, don't let him
turn you into one of us.
- Do it!
- [gunshot]
[groans loudly]
[Victoria crying]
- [in Hausa] Hands up!
- Hey!
[General] As you can see,
the girl you came for
would gladly kill you.
[laughs sarcastically]
[Paul] General,
this kind of play only works
when you have full control.
Right now, you don't have full control.
[dramatic music playing]
[guns cocks]
Open the safe.
[safe lock beeping]
[door drags open]
[phone dialing]
[phone ringing]
What do you mean
the police is
responding to terrorism threats?
The terrorists are at my farm!
Look, there are
herdsmen attacking my farm.
Send your men immediately.
You're still here, you idiot?
If that safe leaves the farm...
[suspenseful tune playing]
Zamfara 2-0-1-3-2-0-2-0.
They will kill me.
What do you think we are going to do?
- How long do you need?
- Twenty-five minutes.
[in Hausa] Big Daddy, that's it?
[in English] Nope!
Once we secure the farm, kill them.
[tense music continues]
- [guns cock]
- [Victoria yelps]
- [men jeering]
- [cars honking]
- [whistles]
- [gunshots]
Chi Chi, share the groundnut.
[dramatic music playing]
It's a narrow alley.
[tense tune playing]
Baraka, how are we doing?
This is not helping.
[in Hausa] A little more time.
- [brakes screeching]
- [gunshots]
Big Daddy!
Just keep going.
Trust me. Just trust me.
[brakes screeching]
[guns cocking]
It appears you are out of moves.
It's a dead end, eh?
Where is it?
Where is the damn safe?!
Where is it?
You've got bigger problems
than that safe, my friend.
[tape in Hausa] No way! You are
mining illegally under the cover of herdsmen.
You will not get away with it!
[phone ringing]
Now, who did you send that to?
Talk to me. Who did you send that to?
Talk to me, for God's sake!
[car doors slamming]
[tense tune playing]
Shoot him!
[gun cocks]
Shoot him!
- [in Hausa] Are they coming?
- Yes.
- [louder] Are they coming?
- Yes!
[tense tune playing]
[in English] Stop there, you.
[drops the gun]
Hey, I said stop. Stop that!
Looks like you're alone, my dear friend.
[Angel chuckles]
This is Kaduna.
And any man who has a gun, I control.
I am a woman.
And no one controls us.
[gun cocks]
[Big Daddy laughs]
[in Yoruba] Is this man crazy?
[in English] Put it down!
- [women ululating]
- [gunshots]
[Paul] The General must
believe you have the safe.
And when they are
focused on chasing you down,
the safe will quietly cross the lake.
- [gunshots]
- [wistful tune playing]
[wistful music continues]
In this country,
there has always been a hierarchy.
People like me, people like you,
then, bloody civilians.
I give orders, you follow orders,
and civilians,
sheep as they are, they obey.
We allow them
a sense of democratic freedom,
but retain power and knowledge.
So their delusions of
liberal society do not lead to anarchy.
That is the natural order of things.
I always believed you knew that.
The information in that safe
brings this Federal Republic together.
If it goes out, the country burns.
Do you know what you have done?
If you think I will
spend one day in a civilian court,
you do not know
how this country really works.
It is not the civilians
that want you, General.
Two weeks ago, your men murdered
four officers of the Nigerian Army,
protecting your illegal mining operations.
Zamfara 1-0-3-8-2-0-2-0.
How dare you?!
There is a way out, General,
if you are brave.
[General inhales sharply]
[distressed breathing]
There are many things
that I thought you were,
but a coward was never one of them.
[soft omnious music playing]
[Paul] Victoria,
when you first came into my life,
I wanted you to walk away,
I wanted distance.
Because I was not
brave enough to face consequences.
Consequences brought
upon you by the things I did.
[soft music continues]
You may never see me again,
but I must leave you one last task.
To open the Black Book,
a safe full of unspeakable things.
Things of the past, things in the present.
[people rioting]
The safe will answer many questions
and bring many powerful people to justice.
[Senator Dipo] Is this
how you will treat me? Is this...
Wait, Paulo.
[Paul] You will also find that
your mother was betrayed
by a woman you look up to.
Goodbye, Judith.
[Paul] I leave this safe with you.
Knowing I too must pay for my crimes.
When that time comes,
you know where to find me.
[safe door squeaks open]
[dramatic music playing]
[Paul] To open this safe,
you must be braver than I ever was.
As brave as your mother,
who knew we could not
continue living in the dark.
She knew that silence is the enemy.
[suspenseful tune rises then fades out]
You must feel no guilt
in doing what you have to do.
The past must die
to truly serve the future.
I only ask for a day,
to do the one duty I have left.
One last journey with my son,
to bring his body back home.
[slow sorrowful music playing]
[sorrowful music escalates then fades out]
["A Song For Dolu" by Dinachi playing]
Subtitle translation by: Ayolope Koiki