The Black Dahlia Haunting (2012) Movie Script

Two little children
A boy and a girl
Sat by an old church door
I'm still having nightmares.
Well, you did just find out that
your brother killed your father.
So are you coming out tonight,
I can't. Gotta get
to the airport.
You're flying away
from me already?
You have a safe one.
I will.
I'll call you when I get to LA.
All right. Miss you.
What is it that you are
trying to tell me?
Please speak to me.
Please speak to me so
that I can help you.
I will help you.
I will help you.
I will help you...
Hi, can you sign in please?
Thank you.
You can go ahead and
have a seat over there.
I make movies.
I'm sure you do.
Do you wanna be in one?
"Hi, can you sign in please?"
Hi, you must be Tyler's sister?
I'm Dr. Owen. Come with me.
I'm glad we found you.
Found me? I'm not
very hard to find.
Well, you're not listed
as the next of kin.
I wasn't?
No, his grandmother is.
Your grandmother?
No, she wasn't my grandmother.
Um. Tyler is my half brother.
My uh, my Dad and I don't
really talk. Or we haven't in
like 7 or 8 years anyway.
Guess he assumed Tyler wouldn't
want to talk to me either.
Why would you think that?
That's my dad. It's
just how he was.
Okay. Well, Tyler is a ward of
the state right now
and I actually have him here
under observation.
You have him here?
Really? How did
you manage that?
I have special privileges.
Can I see him?
Will Tyler remember you?
He's blind.
I know that. Obviously.
Well, we used to talk on the
phone every couple of months.
When was the last time
you talked to Tyler?
I don't know, um,
I don't remember.
Look, I didn't fly
all the way out here
to talk about my family issues.
I need to know if it's true.
If what's true?
If what's true?
Did he do it?
Yes, he killed his parents.
Look, I'll ask you
again, let me see him.
I have to get written
authorization from the state.
That's bullshit.
I'm out here at your request!
I flew out here,
let me see him!
I'm sorry Holly, I can't
just do that yet.
Look, I have a friend of
a friend in the DA's office.
Let me see
what I can do for you.
Good afternoon Tyler.
Dr. Owen...
What are you doing there?
Keeping my mind busy.
Just like you said.
Who is this, in this picture?
Is this someone
you used to know?
Your drawing, it's of a woman.
I'm not drawing anyone.
Ugh, creeper.
Hi. Did you make it in all
right? I hadn't heard from you
yet so I was a little worried.
Yah, I'm sorry I've
just been exhausted.
Did you see your brother?
No, not yet.
The head doctor in charge says
he has to get permission
from the DA's office
before Tyler can have any
visitors face-to-face.
Even you?
Yeah, even me.
So how long will that be?
I don't know, he said not too
long so hopefully like a day or
I hope so. I mean, you can't
stay out there forever.
Yeah, well, I can't get any
broker than I already am.
I'll give you a call tomorrow
after I talk to him, okay?
Miss you.
There's got to be
something hidden
Deep inside
Maybe you've been
hurt before
Leave the past behind
On my end, I always cry
Because of you
So emotionally drained
Tired and confused
I don't want to walk away
but I'm gonna walk away
Need to get away
It's just too hard to stay
even if I want to stay
I just can't stay
I don't want to walk away
But I'm gonna walk away,
I need to get away
It's just too hard to stay
even if I want to stay
I just can't stay
Hey...excuse me...
Do you know where the 210 bus
is? I'm trying to get to
"So what do we do now?"
"For what?"
"For it to pass..."
"How long will that take?"
"Just about two weeks..."
Hi Holly! Dr. Owen here.
Yeah. I know. Saved your number.
Ah, gotcha.
So I was wrapping up earlier
today when I got a call from the
DA's office...
Oh! Okay. What'd they say?
You can see Tyler. It has to be
supervised, but you can see him.
Supervised? Why?
He not dangerous. Not to me.
Sorry. Nothing like the police
or anything. I just have to be
Well, I kinda figured you'd be
there anyway. What's the catch?
No catch. Nothin' at all.
I told you I had friends.
So anyway, if you wanna stop by
sometime tomorrow afternoon
that'd be great.
My schedule's pretty open after
that and I can let you see him.
Okay. Great.
Yes, Dr. Owen.
Remember when I told you that I
had someone that wanted to see
They're here now.
I know.
I can feel someone
else in the room.
Do you know who it is?
I don't know.
It's your sister.
Dad said I didn't have a sister.
Well, you do...
She's here now...
Hi Tyler.
Do you remember me?
We used to
talk when you were a little boy.
We talked about cartoons and
the little boy down the street
that you liked to play with.
How sad you were
when he moved away.
I remember you said you
liked to draw comics.
No I didn't. I never said that.
I didn't start to draw until
after I lost my eyesight.
I'm sorry.
You're just trying to
get my attention.
You don't have to lie.
I didn't know what else to do.
Dad was right.
About what?
About you.
You didn't give a shit about me
or Dad and that's why you left.
Tyler, I promise,
that's not why...
That's what dad
said you would say.
Say? What?
Whatever you thought
I wanted to hear.
I don't want to talk to you
anymore. Please leave.
I'm sorry.
Sure you are.
I just have a question.
Why are you so damned defensive?
I bet you already know.
I don't know.
You've been questioning my
motive since pretty much the
second I got off the plane.
What is it?
Come with me.
You're suspicious of me.
Why do you think that?
It's very simple. You questioned
my motive for being here.
As far as I know, you have not
spoken to your family or Tyler
for a number of years.
No, I haven't.
Have you been to
your parents' graves?
You mean my father's grave?
Sarah wasn't my mother.
Okay, have you been to
your father's grave?
No, I haven't.
Do you plan on visiting it?
I haven't decided yet.
Your father left you
out of the will.
Yeah, I'm well aware.
He also specified that
if Tyler was a minor
and in the event that
he and your Stepmother passed,
you would not have
any legal rights to him.
Yeah, I am not surprised.
Are you done?
Because this is masochistic.
Tyler is my only living
relative. I flew out here to
make sure he was okay.
Why is that so hard
to understand?
I suppose I should learn how.
Look if you're curious as to
why I'm not visiting
my fathers grave,
maybe you should try to
understand that I'm not ready
to make peace with him yet,
especially after he essentially
brainwashed Tyler
into feeling
the way he does about me.
Don't suppose I could see those?
That wasn't a question.
It's all the same woman.
You know, I've, umm,
I've seen this woman.
I'm not surprised. A lot of
people would recognize her if
they saw these.
No I mean, like, I've "seen
her", seen her. In person.
That's impossible.
Why is that impossible?
Because she's been
dead since 1947.
Whatever, I seen her plain as
day. She was kind of a bitch.
You really don't know
who this is?
Elizabeth Short?
Is that supposed to ring a bell?
The Black Dahlia?
Dahlia's aren't black.
The Black Dahlia was a nickname
that the Los Angeles press
gave to a woman, Elizabeth
Short, after she was killed.
You've really never
heard of this?
I don't know. Oh, wait,
wasn't it a movie?
Elizabeth Short was
an aspiring actress
from Massachusetts.
She had a reputation about her,
of messing with men,
essentially sleeping her way
to the top.
She started to run with the
wrong crowd, got herself killed.
So why would Tyler
be drawing her?
I don't know.
He's a kid I can't imagine he
knows anything about what you
just told me.
Maybe he saw a special about
her on TV and it left some sort
of subliminal impression on him?
I don't buy it.
Well, I'm leaving now.
Going back to New York already?
No. Just leaving the office.
Okay. Alright. Well, stay
in touch, now.
If you want to do this again
let me know, I'd be glad to let
you talk to him again.
Yeah, whatever.
Speak to me.
Speak to me.
Speak to me,
tell me what you want...
Ugh, disgusting.
Did you know how to fire the gun
before you lost your sight?
I mean, I saw people on TV do
it. It didn't seem that hard.
How were you able to aim the
shotgun in the proper direction?
Well, they were talking.
They were saying
'Don't shoot, don't shoot'.
So you kind of got lucky?
In a sense, yes.
How did you find the shotgun?
I had a gut feeling
about it,
where it was.
So it wasn't like you were
guided by something, or someone?
I guess that was my feeling.
I want to talk to you about
something else before we finish
Your drawings. You've been blind
since you were 10 years old.
But you keep sketching things
that you couldn't possibly
have seen before then,
in particular, the woman that
keeps appearing in them.
It's one thing that you draw
your room...
... its another thing that you
draw someone who has been dead
for over 60 years.
Is this someone who you saw on
television before you lost your
The internet? A book?
I see her. Here with me.
In your room, this facility?
she speaks to me.
What does she say to you?
To hurt the ones who hurt me.
Your father?
Has she said anything else to
you? Maybe her name?
her name is Elizabeth.
Sir, block three
and block four are down!
Get the hell out of there!
There's no need to
dream anymore...
There's no need to
hide anymore...
To lie anymore...
To carry the guilt of your
father's touch anymore...
Good evening, Betty.
Look at me.
You don't look so good.
I'm not.
I know what you did.
Got no money for no
back alley butcher.
What are you gonna do, you know?
At least I didn't
get a black eye.
Don't tell them you love them.
Don't do that.
You didn't have to do it.
Not by yourself.
Not like that.
You could have helped? How?
I know a guy.
Yeah? You're lucky.
He helps girls in
this situation.
You know how it is,
Norma Jeane.
They think they can do anything
they want to you,
and even if you try to say
something, you disappear.
Jenson? Jenson...
Good boy.
What is this place?
You don't feel it all around?
Something cold.
Something familiar.
This is where he
disposes of everything.
My dress,
the knives he used on me,
my blood.
You could almost call this home.
I don't understand.
What are you doing to me?
You don't know?
Just like with your brother,
I'm gonna help you hurt the ones
who hurt you.
My father's the only one who
hurt me, now he's dead.
You haven't told me
thank you yet.
You didn't pull the trigger.
I helped him pull the trigger.
Did you help him
kill his mother too?
She had contempt.
For both of you.
You're sick!
No, I'm smart.
You said someone else
is planning to hurt me?
You really are blind. And I
thought it was just your
"911 emergency.
Do you require assistance?"
My name is Malcolm Gonzales.
And I would like to
report a murder
that I am about to commit.
The dead speak to me and
they tell me what to do.
I am going to put the phone
down now, so that you can find
me and that you can stop me.
I'm leaving.
Do you need anything
before I go?
No, I think I got this.
Okay, goodnight.
I'm not the one
you're looking for.
I knew you were coming.
How did you know?
I have a gift. So do you.
You see things.
Looking for this?
How did you get in here?
Your door was unlocked.
I take it there are
no objections?
You really need to find
someone to talk to.
So what would you
like to talk about?
I don't know, what would
you like to talk about?
I still hear the voices
inside of my head.
And I've done everything
that I can do
to get rid of them.
But it looks like now there's
just one more thing to do.
But I'll be free...
...and so will you.
Really nice makeup job.
You don't like being touched.
I don't like men touching me.
Why is that?
I don't know. You're the doctor
why don't you give me a
Someone made you not
like to touched.
Someone hurt you...when
you were a child.
Please move away from me now.
You know why.
I'm not touching you.
It feels like you are.
I see you in there.
It's been so, so long.
But I always knew
that I would see you again.
I see, I'll be right there.
Tyler's escaped.
I suggest you come with me.
Tyler's gone.
Are you still in there?
That's why I don't mind
coming here, good coffee.
No thanks.
Don't know what
you're missing...
So you're Tyler's sister?
Didn't know he had one.
Sorry to hear about what
he did to your parents.
We worked the case. I actually
connected Tyler with Dr. Owen.
It's a shame, he seemed
like a good kid.
Yeah, he did.
Too bad.
Two little children
A boy and a girl
Sat by
An old church door
Her little girl cheeks
were as brown as the curls
That fell on
the dress that she wore
The boy's coat was faded
And hatless his head
A tear shone
in each little eye
There are ships sailing
through many ports...
but not a single one goes
where life is not painful...
What are you waitin' for?
You got me all tied up.
I'm ready.
I'm all tied up!!
And I'm READY!!
What are you WAITING for?!?!
Welcome back, Elizabeth.
You still don't know
who I am, do you?
Do it again!
You spoke to me.
I was just a child.
I never asked for any of this.
I couldn't help who
my grandfather was.
Steven Cordell...
my Grandfather...
The man who took your life...
That was never me...
I love you. She won't
follow us anymore...
Oh god...OH GOD...
Oooh God...oh God...
Ha ha!
I can feel her.
I feel her inside of me...
She tells me...
To hurt the ones that hurt me...
Just like she did with Tyler.
Our father raped us,
just like your grandfather did
with Elizabeth.
She and I...
We're just like any other girl.
Deep down inside...
We can't get enough of the
bad things you do to us.
She wants you.
I want you.
Ha ha ha ha.
I like it, come on.
Is that all you got? Come on
you weak son of a bitch, give it
to me.
Come on! Please.
You can't get it up! You wanted
to touch me! You got me right
Come on you son of a bitch.
Do it!!
Fuck...fuck me...GO!
Come on! Come on! Do it!
Ohhh. AHHHHH!!!
Elizabeth wanted me
to tell you something.
Elizabeth wanted me to tell you
that you remind her
of someone.
That you remind her
All backed up...and
you still can't cum.
Fucking son of a bitch.
I guess I got lucky.
I can tell it
anywhere, anytime
I can smell it in your smile,
nothing's wrong
I can make it anywhere
but we want what you say
I can call it anything
but what you are
I can chuck it anywhere
but where you are
I can think of anything
but what you want
I'm gonna break your sunshine,
It feels like
the cruellest love
It's taking me, breaking me
Smells of a perfect lust
Taking me, breaking me
Your brains are a filthy lie
It's taking me, breaking me
I can talk it anytime
or anywhere
But I can make you hate
yourself when people stare
I can talk for days
where you get nothing through
I print that pain big now
I can be a doctor
with my Persian foot
I can be a hero
when the scabbing takes
I can be the trauma thing
you never are
I'm gonna break your sunshine,
It feels like
the cruellest love
It's taking me, breaking me
Smells of a perfect lust
Taking me, breaking me
Your brains are a filthy lie
It's taking me, breaking me
Just a moment,
I'm not getting it
Not getting it
Up the wall
I'm not getting it
Not getting it
I'm not getting it
I'm just kidding
Jump from up,
I'm just kidding
Chances are I'm just kidding
Vince Vaughn,
I'm just kidding
My advise to you
I can make
more scabs for you
My brains are sailed
by Troys
Get off my mountain, boy
Sunday is gloomy,
my hours are slumber-less
Dearest, the shadows I live
with are numberless
Little white flowers
will never awaken you
Not where the black coach
of sorrow has taken you
Angels have no thought
of ever returning you
Would they be angry
if I thought of joining you?
Gloomy Sunday
Gloomy is Sunday
in shadows I spend it all
My heart and I
have decided to end it all
Soon, there'll be candles and
prayers that are sad, I know
Let them not weep, let them
know that I'm glad to go
Death is no dream for,
in death, I'm caressing you
With the last breath of my
soul, I'll be blessing you
Gloomy Sunday