The Black Forest (2018) Movie Script

Oh, dear!
Did I wake you up?
I started to work earlier this morning
so I can get a better booth at the market.
I think you need to eat something special.
Let me fix you some breakfast.
My dear,
I ve been having these strange feelings recently.
You must quit smoking that pipe.
Oh, that s not the problem, my dear.
I have been pondering, thinking...
It s your birthday!
And I never gave you
anything of real value in this life.
How silly!
You don't know exactly when I was born.
Well, but I know when I found you.
It was five years ago,
five years.
I also know, my dear,
that you ve become a very beautiful lady.
And shouldn't spend all your life
here in this forest.
Come on, daddy.
You don't have to give me this.
My dear, keep saving and saving...
Maybe in your next birthday
you can go the capital.
May God be with you, my dear.
I will be back before grow dark.
Bye daddy.
Daddy, what happened?
Go away, cursed child!
There will be only disgrace in this World.
Go away now!
Go very far away
and never come back.
Oh, mother!
My child, I think I fell down. I fell.
You know my child, I ve found remedy
for all the sickness of this life,
but I ve never found a cure for aging.
Don't complain.
At your age
most people are already dead.
You are right.
You must remain still today.
But my dear, I have to go to the market,
we need money.
Let me go instead.
Oh, you are a very strong lady.
I think I will accept your help.
Brethren, Jesus is coming. Hallelujah!
It is with joy that I bring you the blessings.
The anointed Francisco das Graas
is coming to our community
with his words of light.
To bring us happiness, harmony, health and wealth.
Hallelujah brethren!
Sister, we are here to
bring you happy news.
The greatest spiritual leader
Francisco das Graas
is coming to our community.
I invite you to hear his words of light.
I also want to ask you for a little contribution
for the glory of his work.
I am sorry but I can't help.
The Almighty tests us every day.
He knows very well
who turns the back on him.
Well ma am. I think God knows
she needs money more than him.
Well, how is your day?
It could be better.
Papa Pedro says we shouldn't
complain about day s hindrances.
That is true.
I got it!
Run! Run! Run!
Catch them!
I got the bag...
but unfortunately they got the money.
They ran faster than me.
That s alright
Thank you for trying to help.
I want to buy this remedy.
You don't have to buy anything just to help me.
It s not that. I really need a tonic.
To get stronger.
But that one is for constipation.
My mistake.
This is the one I want.
I forgot the money thou.
- Can I pay you later?
- Of course!
Thank you!
Drop it!
Drop it!
Drop it!
Wait, wait.
I give you the gold.
Take it!
But I need your help.
I am dying and I will go to hell.
I deserve it.
But I am afraid.
And you showing up here
must be a sign.
There's a prayer on this book
If read all night long, until the sun rises...
My soul will be saved.
No one knows when will die.
Believe me. I know.
I have to go home.
Daddy worries if I linger.
He is not your father,
you know it!
What I am asking you, is a man s last wish.
Pray for me tonight
Burn the book afterwards.
Don't read anything else.
Burn it!
You will see many things along the night.
But don't be afraid.
Pray inside the circle
And in the morning, all will be over.
Take the gold, go away
and never think about me.
Pretty Girl. You will get better, my child.
I will pray for us
so everything gets better.
In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.
You are such a beautiful girl, my child.
You need to take a bath with rue herb, my child.
By the power vested in me.
For Hecate and Amon.
For the Dead Gods.
For the little ones forgotten
by the men and their subalterns.
You will see edges that guide the
dead man through his path of rest.
Where the boat and the boatman
will guard him.
From the Moon to the Sun.
From Night to Day.
From the shadows to the sky.
From the sight of a legion of angels
against the creator.
For the fallen angels.
Summon the Seraphim,
the avenger of last creation.
Papa, Papa.
No papa!
By the power vested in me
by Hecate and Amon.
From the Moon to the Sun...
For the dead gods.
For the fallen angels against the creator...
I am really sorry! He always looked
stronger than everyone else.
I always thought
I would die before him.
I will miss the stories he used
to tell us at the market.
So will I.
I know how It feels like.
Not knowing what to do,
not having real friends.
We live in a very beautiful place,
but it s tough.
It feels like Earth punishes you
for having feelings.
But I have a purpose in life
that keeps my head straight.
I want to get out of here.
See the world, meet different people...
I don't have money,
I don't know how I will make it,
but I know I will.
Who knows if
it isn't your destiny too.
I want to show you something.
You can't tell no one about
Can I really trust you?
Of course you can trust me, I am not a snitch.
I found this gold.
I am leaving and
I will never come back
It s like in your dream.
Do you want to
come with me?
- Hi!
- Hi!
I can't believe we are doing this.
It s crazy.
If you want to give up,
there is still time.
Where do we go?
We can go to the train station.
Then we take a train to anywhere.
So let s go
Are you alright?
I am alright. And you?
I am alright too.
Hold there motherfuckers!
Drop the bags now or
I m gong to shoot in the face.
Calm down man, no one needs to get hurt
Go Clara
give him the bag.
Didin t you hear, bitch?
Drop the bag!
Go Clara!
Give him the bag
Shut up!
Stupid bitch!
Try to run again and
I will cut your legs off.
There is no need for that man!
Give him the bag Clara
Give me the bag!
Come on Clara!
Give him the bag!
Now bitch!
Go Clara!
No it's my bag!
Now bitch!
What the hell, man!
Are you crazy?
You piece of shit!
This can't be happening.
The blood is the key.
The blood opens the door between worlds.
Give life to flesh and dreams.
Brings death and cast it away.
Drunk and full of your eternal hungry
by the instant of a lifetime.
And here I am,
as the creator of the not created.
As summoner of excluded beings.
I claim my wish by right.
Before the circle of Ram,
inside the house of Kratron,
beneath Paraktor s feet.
I ask life to go back
to my lover s body.
So my child...
It s time for you to learn how to
preserve meat.
Melted lard is great to preserve meat.
But it needs sea salt and pepper leaves,
it helps dry it all.
Must stay a long time on the fire
and you can't stop stiring.
So nothing sticks at the bottom.
The bitter root is to avoid critters.
But you need to smash it well.
My child,
I have found remedy
for all evil in this life.
You can also put star anise
and a little bit of cachaa.
If you make everything right
the meat will last throughout life.
I am sorry Papa.
Burn it, my Lord. Burn it!
Burn it!
We have a demon summoner.
A Satan s worshipper, my brethren.
A witch.
A witch.
A witch who kills little children.
Innocent little children.
In name of Satan.
Let s free the world from
this Devil s daughter.
In name of Jesus!
I lead you soldiers of God.
Attack. Attack!
Demon s daughter!
Catch Satan's daughter!
Stop brethren!
Don't touch anything in this house.
These walls are anointed
by the sperm of evil.
Get out of this cursed place.
Get out!
Get out!
I will pray to cleanse this profane place.
I found you!
Catch the Satan's daughter!
Catch her, brethren!
Catch her now, now!
Catch this demon!
Don't let her scape and
spread evil around the world!
Catch the satan s daughter
in name of Jesus!
We looked everywhere...
She must know this forest very well.
Or she got help from the Devil himself.
Let s begin.
Come Whitey, come.
Come here.
Hey Adelaide you are very skinny,
eat better.
Gretchen, come heremy litle blackie,
Come! Yeah!
Eat to become very plump!
Go Whitey, eat, eat
Jurema eat!
Oh so pretty!
Godofredo I told you already to stop fighting.
There s food for everybody.
If you beat up my girls again,
you will sleep in other place.
Chick, Chick, Chick...
Jos, you useless!
Come wash your mother,
she shitted all over herself.
I am coming!
I am feeding the girls.
Okay, but hurry up,
this stench makes me sick.
He spends more time
with chickens than with his own mother.
That woman doesn't let me
feed my girls in peace.
Chick, Chick
Take it, eat it all. Alright?
I will come back tomorrow.
Capable of fulfill wishes.
Wish you could get well soon, mama.
I miss that tropeiro beans,
that homemade food... so tasty!
That one doesn't know anything.
Cooks food so badly.
You did tell me not to marry.
What mama? Uh?
Speak up mama.
Oh my goodness...
For God sake mother!
What is this?
Holy Mary!
Z, food is ready.
I am finishing here
I will go soon.
Don't take long
or the food will get cold.
What an annoying woman she is.
Doesn't let us do things peacefully
Listen mama. Stay here,
I will serve you some food.
What? I can t believe it!
Did you kill one of my girls, did you?
Stop whining,
shut up and eat.
But couldn't we eat only
the eggs, woman?
Eggs, Z?
Eggs, Z?
Have you notice I am carrying
your child in my belly.
Are you thinking I will sustain a child eating eggs?
Am I some kind of otter?
Am I?
If you don't want to see chickens in the pot,
try bringing some meat home.
But no, you are a shitty poor man.
Ain't got no place to drop dead.
I think it s Jurema. Right, Mama?
She was old
but she could still lay eggs. Right Mama?
Z, quit naming the chickens.
Chicken is chicken, nothing more.
It s utility is to feed people
and lay eggs.
But if you won t eat, you don't have to.
I m eating now, my poor girl is already dead!
Right Mama?
Eat, eat, eat...
Shut up old woman!
- You don't have to talk to her like that.
- How am I supposed to speak?
I have a miserable man
and an useless old woman to take care of.
Carry on, I lost my appetite.
I will go out to catch a breath.
Holy Virgin!
What are you doing here, girl?
I m here to buy an egg.
What kind of story is that buy an egg?
What are you talking about?
I just look like an idiot, but I'm not.
I know you.
The preacher mentioned you.
Go away now!
Devil who comes in the middle
of night to tempt me, girl.
I need a service from you,
I will pay you with a bag full of these.
Do you want me to believe
you have a bag full of these?
A piece of shit, like you.
What kind of service do you need?
Why didnt you make this sorcery?
You have skills for creation...
Everything I touch dies.
Oh! get off!, get off!
Look what this hooster did...
Oh my goodness, my little Godofredo,
Why did you do this my boy?
I loved you so much.
You died for a stupid reason.
Where is the note?
The note is lost.
What do you mean lost?
It was here.
I don't know, it is lost.
No can't be true.
Calm down, calm down
We will find it.
Don't...don't walk like that
You will spread it more
Let's finish this.
May your soul never find rest,
while those who carry your gold
walks on the living world.
May the doors for the Deadlands be close to you
while your treasure is in filthy hands.
I am sorry.
I promise I will set you free when I find the gold.
May I be there, may I see it and understand.
Where is my gold?
Agnaldo, is everything alright?
Agnaldo? Agnaldo?
Die demon!
This is Hell god damn!
Get them out of here!
Get them out of here!
Get them out of here!
Get them out of here...
Get them out of here!
Don t worry.
They will go away when the sun rises.
Get out now!
Take off this curse from me.
You stole from me, killed him.
You deserve this.
I mean it!
I will shoot you in the face!
If I die
They will never go away.
Please help me!
For God sake!
Look what they've done to me!
Oh, no, where s the head?
- I had to take off the thorns.
- What are you talking about?
What do you mean "take off the thorns"?
You promised.
You promised you would help me.
Without the head,
there is nothing I can do.
They will catch me,
help me! help me!
Get out!
Death is like a dream that is not dreamed by us.
- It is the end of a cycle designed by other.
- Get out!
Get out!
I ve figured out how to end all this.
But you will not like it
Anything, I do anything.
Nobody takes the curse to the grave.
Damm it!
There must be another way.
If you stay buried for three days
they will think you are dead.
Like I told you no one takes the curse to the grave.
Are you ready?
Of course not!
When we get out of this,
the money and I willl be like saints.
You will come back...
Won t you?
Three days, I promise.
For the little ones forgotten
by the men and their subalterns.
You will see edges that guide the
dead man through his path of rest.
Where the boat and the boatman
will guard him.
She is praying, she is praying
I can hear her, I am listening.
From Night--
My brethren, finally
we caught her.
Stop! stop!
We found the demon summoner,
with the help of our Lord Jesus Christ.
The daughter of the evil,
defiler of tombs was defeated!
Glory my Lord!
What have you done?
Who has never sinned, throw the first stone.
This poor girl is not the demon.
I know that because God gave me the power
to recognize it.
But the Demon is here, indeed.
I feel it.
He is hidden inside her,
with what purpose?
Manipulate her actions, control her will.
But the wicked can be expelled,
in the name of Jesus!
Throw my hands, because
I have the power of God on Earth
and her soul will be saved.
And don t forget who gives to the poor
lends to the lord.
Hallelujah and glory to God!
I will get some fresh eggs for us to eat, ok?
Good morning, my love!
It s only good for you that don't
have to wash an old woman s shitted clothes.
Be patience, dear
Things will get better.
Hum... Only when I born again.
Mother of God! Have patience.
My goodness, this woman is hard.
Oh my lord...
Where are my pretty girls?
What is going on?
Where are the eggs?
No eggs?
What is the problem?
Cold tushy?
Let me see these eggs, let me.
Ah, ah, ah Z!. Ah Z!
I am feeling so much pain
There is something wrong with our baby Z.
I am feeling it!
Don t say that!
Calm down,
I will get you inside.
We were wondering if you would wake up.
It was a severe beating.
You ve been off for two days.
But you are a very strong girl.
Look Abigail, she is well.
It s like I always say
It's not worthy to sacrifice someone who is not awake.
I really thank you!
Thank you very much!
I ve been searching for this book
for a long time.
Don't think it was an easy task, It wasn't...
It wasn't...
Nobody ever touched the
Lost Book of Cipriano
was idiot enough to invoke a demon
and drop the sacrifice in the middle of a ritual...
A silly girl wanted to cut my throat
while reading a book...
Stupid children,
they talk too much,
But I have to thank you for that.
Thank you very much!
Even so, to catch you was a hard task.
We put the whole congregation after you.
A rat hides very well in the woods.
It s like I always say:
Give the people someone to hate,
and they will do anything for you.
And you know the best part of all this?
With that ugly face of yours,
now we have the book and a virgin!
And do you know what I can do
with these things?
Don't you know?
Don't you?
Don t?
I can do anything I want!
I can ask for everything!
I think I will be the president
of this fucked up country
And whoever vote for me
will be saved.
Who doesn't will suffer the pain
of the absolut misery.
Bring darkness smoke,
that consecrate this tainted ground.
The sons of the man draw the blood
that feed their children in the dark
and fetid gardens of your dwelling.
I offer you the immaculate purity,
in return for the wishes of my will.
In return for this offer,
I wait for the sons of men,
I take the blood that feed your children.
You will be raped in hell forever!
Take your filthy hands off the girl.
She belongs to me!
Damn you!
You are not silly as you seem.
Even better, It will be more pleasant to cut your throat.
Soc, talk to me!
Soc, are you listening?
Soc, no.
No, for God sake Soc, talk to me.
Good to see you are awake.
Welcome to the World of Living.
You woke up just in time.
It was very hard to catch this frog.
Where is the gold?
There. I tried not to touch.
I don t see the ghosts anymore.
I think it worked.
Thank you!
I took a look at this book.
It seems old.
Very old.
You don't strike me as the reader type.
I don't like it.
But you don't need to go away
just because I am asking you something.
You need to rest more,
You are weak still.
I have to go.
I think you should not roam alone,
with so much money.
Can I go with you?
Don t worry.
I will not be alone for a long time.
Be careful! Watch out your steps.
Ah my tummy!
Everything is going to be alright.
Everything, right?
Ok, lie down Mama.
What a fright you gave me!
Everything is going to be alright.
I will give you a medicine
and Maria will make you a tea
Right Maria? Lemon grass?
Yes, I will get it.
But just because I will
make me some, that s all.
Ok, go.
Here, the medicine
Open you mouth.
Then drink the tea Maria will bring, ok?
Good night!
Wait Mama.
I will check on the girls.
What happened Maria?
For god sake, speak out.
There is something here, Z.
It s a rat.
The biggest rat I ve ever seen.
Talk, talk to me what happened.
I don't know what it was, Jos!
I think it was a rat...
But a hairless one
that walks on two legs...
I don't think it was a rat, Z.
It was not a rat.
Come here, Maria. Come, come here.
Let s get out of here.
Be careful...
Ah! it is Mama.
Mama, what have I done?
For God sake!
Ah Z! What are you doing?
Lower that.
Maria! Maria, Maria...
Talk to me!
It can't be true,
no Maria.
You are my wife,
Stay with me.
Get off, go away!
I will kill you!
Criatum, Alemetum, Criatum Ordenum Demonium.
Come here! Come here!
Go to hell you son of the Devil!
Now it s your time devilish girl!
You destroyed my life,
my mother is dead, my son is dead.
my wife is dead too.
Now it s your time
I will send you to hell,
You daughter of the Devil!
It won t save you now.
You ll go to hell anyway!
I didn't want anyone to die.
Mother of God...
My little son is moving.
What is happening, my lord?
My son is moving!
My boy is alive.
What do I do, now?
I can't do it!
I won't cut Maria
Save my son!
Go! Save my son,
you owe me!
Go, go!
Take it away from me, for God sake!
Have mercy my father!
Forgive me Jesus Christ!
The blood is the key.
The blood opens the door between worlds.
Give life to flesh and dreams.
Brings death and cast it away.
Drunk and full of your eternal hungry.
By the instant of a lifetime.
And here I am
as the creator of the not created.
A summoner of excluded beings
I claim my wish by right.
Before the circle of Ram.
Inside the house of Kraton,
Beneath Paraktor s feet
I ask.
May life comes back
to my lover s body.
That the powerful little creatures
leave the world of the living.
And my love be back to it.
Abandon the land of the dead,
And stay on his feet in human form.
So be it!
Here and now!
Give me what I want
And return to your World.
Calm down!
Calm down, calm down...
You were far away, for a long time,
but now you are here with me.
Calm down, calm down...
You didn't die, you didn't die.
You are fine.
Everything is fine.
I loved you too much to let it happened.
I found this gold...
I am leaving and
I will never come back.
It is like your dream,
do you want to come with me?
Hey, son of a bitch!
You found me!
It was easy to follow you.
You are a nice girl who likes the wrong guys.
Demon Nefastos,
I offer you this sacrifice, My blood.
Come to the World of Living,
I command.
Give me the wish of your flesh.
Come paint the Earth with blood.
I evoke you Nefastos. Here and now.
I hope she worths the price we paid.
Nothing worths the price we paid.
Save the world does.
But which World you are talking about?
Shut up!
We already talked about.
She brought the demon,
she is the only one who can cast him away.
I disagree.
But if you will die again,
I want to be there to watch.
He arrived.
We must run now.
Come one, come on...
He is coming,
We have to leave... Come on...