The Black Guelph (2022) Movie Script

(Song: AVA MARIA: By God
Creative and Crimes Against)
Ava Maria
Fucking Government
is corrupt
The Police are corrupt
But we're still out
here making money
What the fuck do you expect?
(Canto) -This is
doing my head in!
[the song continues
to play from a radio]
Yo. What do you want?
I've got weed, coke,
crack, smack, Xanax, Lyrica,
every bleeding pill known
to mankind to sort you out.
Yokes, MDMA, KE(Ketamine). I've got balloons.
I've got a fucking case of
vodka in the boot over there.
A couple of litres of whiskey
too if that takes your fancy.
Anything you need for
the head sons, I've got you.
What do you want?
[sound of children
playing in the background]
It looks nice, doesn't it?
[mobile phone rings]
How are you?
Yeah, no, send him over.
I'll get James to
sort him out here.
Here, let's play
fucking snap, bro.
Yeah, you deal the shit.
I'm bleeding useless.
I'm useless at dealing
them out I am, yeah.
Actually, wait, wait, wait
Did you ever see
a bucket of crabs?
- Shoot down there now?
- Me?
Yeah, shoot down, go on.
Sort them out, come on.
You again mate,
that's some head.
Hang on lads, for Jesus'
sake, I need a fucking
See you, how many
visits is this now here?
A bucket of crabs lads, have
you ever done a bit of fishing?
And you would know this right
that the crabs are all
trying to get out of the bucket
and the first ones at the top,
the rest of the crabs
all drag him down.
Ger, get back down there,
there's another one there.
Ah, for fuck's sake.
Sort the punter out,
sort the punter out.
Lads, one of you
fucking go down.
Fucking hell, lads,
you're going to bleeding
you're going to do my ankles in.
It's good for you.
That's what it's like now.
That's what it'll
be like for you.
You've got to get
out of that bucket!
So, what's the
moral of the story?
To try and get out
of the bucket, pal.
To try and get out
of the bucket, pal.
What do you be on about?
I want to get out
of the head, I do!
No, all I'm saying right is
when you have a kid with them,
it's a whole different
fucking state of affairs, man.
She thinks she has
you by the balls.
Nobody fucking has
me by the balls, man.
It's fucking...
Sort this cunt out.
Who are you looking for?
Working hard in the
rain for a shit wage
Do you have any other ones?
That looks a bit
What do you mean do
we have any fucking ?
Get him little bastard!
Don't let him get away!
Smash him up Canto!
Fuckin cunt!
Fuckin' smart was it?
I'll cut your fucking
head off, do you hear me?
Take that, take that.
Come on, get the
fuck out of here.
Fuck you!
Ye' little Rat!
Leg it!
The bucket is the life,
it's the word of life.
Lads you know what he's saying?
Do you have crabs
(pubic lice), Deke.
Go on, you bollocks.
Not those fucking crabs.
Is that the moral of the story?
It's not them fucking crabs.
Is that the moral of the story?
- No, it's the swimming crabs,
it's the other crabs. - Are they
itchy, Deke, are they itchy?
You need to listen to him, boys.
- I am listening to him; He says
he has crabs. - I don't like
your fucking attitude.
I get you, Deke.
If three of you had a brain,
one would be fucking lonely.
[everyone laughs loudly]
Deke, you're mad Deke,
do you know that?
You're a fucking mad man.
Ah fair play to you,
fair play to you.
That took some balls
to tell us that story.
It took some crabs to
tell us that story.
[everyone laughs]
I'm around you
fuckers all my life.
Just the faces, just
the faces change.
The attitudes are
the fucking same.
I love you all.
Ah, cheers to your crabs.
- Cheers to the crabs.
- Cheers to the crabs, Deko.
- Cheers to the crabs.
- Cheers to the crabs.
Get the eight dropped down ye!
For your crabs, get them in.
Get a bit of hoover
(Cocaine) dropped down ye!
Itchy dick!
accelerated heat beat]
Marine crabs.
We're out here
getting it... Dublin city!
[forboden music]
[Church bell]
Ah, here now.
[wind chime rattles]
Leah, what the fuck?
Are you in there?
[Letter box slams shut]
[rummages through
bag of clothes]
Ah, this is fucking stupid.
Stupid fuck!
Here boys, did you see Leah?
What's the story?
Yeah, what's up?
How are you keeping?
How am I keeping?
Yeah, grand man, same old.
I heard your missus
kicked you out.
That's fucking bollocks
man, nobody kicked me out.
Yeah, we're just having
a little bit of a break,
but what's that got
to do with anything?
She must have lost her
patience; I can relate.
Look man, I don't know
what you want from me, yeah.
I've got all the young
lads out there grafting,
they've got the burner phones.
You're going to get your
money, yeah, but, you know,
I'm doing the best I can like.
That's my advice, Canto:
Stay on top of it.
Yeah, right.
Is that it then, yeah?
What's that?
It's keys to a nice little
apartment there in Spencer Dock.
I can't have you living
on the streets now, can I?
Whose fucking gaff
[house] is that?
You know Gerry Dixon?
Yeah, of course.
Yeah, well old Gerry
was getting too hot.
It's yours now.
Right, cheers, yeah.
Remember, I've eyes
and ears everywhere.
I told you, I'm on
top of it, yeah.
Go on.
[Seaguls scream in the distance]
[Traffic noise]
[Canto's car engine shouts off]
[Car door slams]
[Peoples voices break
through the city noise]
[Many seaguls scream
about from above]
[a car alarm blares
in the distance]
[the plastic bag, Canto
is carrying, rattles]
[a loud dirt bike
screams past below]
[water pours from tap]
[the tap is turned off]
[metalic sound of
a tablet wrapper]
[a glass is placed
on a table counter]
[Dramatic drum beats]
[Drinking glass placed on table]
Leah, love, I'm after ringing
you a million fucking times now.
Will you ring me back, please?
I'm fucking sorry,
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I'll fucking do anything for
you, love; I swear to God. I
I'm a dope [fool],
I know that, yeah.
I miss you.
I miss fucking Rachel; We've got
another baby on the way, love.
We can work this
out, please, yeah?
Just ring me back when you get
(Song: LONG SUMMER by Dubzeno)
Poxy [useless]
Josie's fucked, man.
It's not working.
No, just do it by eye.
Yeah okay.
- Just do 6.8 now in quarters,
you know. - Yeah lovely, yeah,
We have the two
quarters there anyway.
So, I'll just, I'll do a
little eighth there for,
for little Barry to
sell to his mates.
He's just around that Spar, so.
What's that like,
is that any use?
I haven't done anything;
I haven't done it yet but
Don't want to anyway.
Ah! Look... I'm full of
D10's (10 mg of Diazepam)
It's cool, get into it, bro.
Ah, fuck it.
Ye'put me on the
ground like a bumper
Good stuff?
Oh! Stop.
Rocket fuel, man.
Oh, you're going to have me out
for the night you are, Bronco,
you fucking cunt, you know that!
Right so, get that
into you, son.
Ah, it's nice it is,
it's nice, ah, Jesus.
I'd even put a bit of
a mix in that, I would.
I can smell that from
here bro, it's like petrol.
I'd put a bit more mix
into that, fucking hell.
I can smell that there.
That's good, that is.
How many bags have
you got left to do?
I'm nearly done now I am.
I have the two quarters there.
I have to do, there's
an eighth there, that is.
Just do two or three more
and put the rest away for later.
Yeah, that's an
eighth there, that is.
How are we looking, boys?
We need to get moving soon.
Yeah, not long left,
bro; Not long left.
Oh same, I'm just waiting
for my ma to come back,
so I can bounce on.
Yeah, we're done now anyway.
So, all the little
lads out grafting?
Ah yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
They're all on the
suss [working], yeah.
Barry's out there;
He has my number.
Stay on him, yeah.
Yeah, 100% bro, 100%.
I'm jumping out for some air.
[foot steps walking
on a concrete stairs]
What's the story Canto? Alright.
Fair play to you, pal, yeah.
Oi!, tell your mate
Wednesday, yeah.
[Canto sniffs and
takes a deep breath]
[Canto rubs his hands
in anticipation]
[Aggressive knocks
on the wooden door]
[sniffs and spits with anxiety]
[Canto kicks the door]
- Are you for fucking real?
- Alright.
You're after waking Rachel
with all the fucking banging.
How are you, Rachel,
daddy's here.
Fuck off, will you?
First you kick me out for
no fucking reason, yeah.
And now you think
you're going to
keep me from seeing my child?
Your child?
- Have you lost your fucking
mind? - She's my fucking
Where do you think you're
going to take her anyway?
She's our fucking daughter,
I'm going to take her to
- the fucking to the park or
something. - Fuck off, then.
I don't know where
I'm going to take her.
The park? Daddy of the
fucking year, are you?
Don't fucking make
a joke out of me.
Or what?
You were reading all those
WhatsApp messages I've been
- sending you since fucking
yesterday. - Yeah, I was.
I was reading them.
Why didn't you fucking
reply to me then?
Why would I answer
to fucking that?
Because I'm her
fucking da, that's why.
I don't give a bollocks
what you think you are.
You don't give a
fucking bollocks.
- No, I don't. - Well, I give a
fucking bollocks.
Go get her right now,
I'm taking her with me.
Go get her right now.
Or what?
Leah, I swear to God, if you
don't get that fucking baby for
You'll what, are you
going to hit me, big man?
Go on, hit me then.
I fucking dare you.
Go on. Put one there.
Yeah! Pregnant woman.
Yeah, the fucking
barring order and all that.
You'd like that, wouldn't you?
I'd love that.
Because you're sick in the head.
Am I?
You're a sick mad fucking bitch.
Now fuck off out of here. And
see the next time you come
around here, you're
going to prison.
The next time I come around
here, you're going to fucking
you'd let me in here.
I swear to you.
You're lucky; She's awake now.
I fucking don't
fucking laugh at me.
I'll be in now, baba.
Fuck off.
Give us a kiss.
Oh, fuck off, Canto.
Get the fuck out
of here, will you?
I'll be coming back.
I'll be coming back, there's
fucking there's going to be
bleeding hell to pay.
See you, Rachel.
Love you, baby.
Fucking mad.
Out of your fucking mind.
[door slams shut]
[door opens, radio news plays]
[taxi diesel engine]
[ship fog horn blows loudly]
[Radio] The findings of a major
investigation into how women
and children were treated in
Irish mother and baby homes are
due to be published.
The investigation began in
2015 after claims emerged
hundreds of babies were buried
in a mass unmarked grave near
a home in Tuam, County Galway.
The Tuam Babies controversy
as it became known sparked
international shock and outrage.
[taxi drives off]
[Door creaks open]
[electrical buzzing sound
in an abandoned building]
[Dan's footsteps land
on a concrete floor]
[Pigeons are startled
[pigeons flying around
inside the attic]
[Silence, apart from
Dan's footsteps]
[silence, apart from a guitar
rubbing against a jacket]
[Dan's footsteps get loder]
[Dan sighs with despair]
[Leaves crumbling
under his feet]
[Dan swallows in contemplation]
[chair bangs on floor]
[sound of a chair pushed
across a wooden floor]
[guitar falls on the floor]
[random strings
strummed on the guitar]
[Dan takes deep breaths]
[Dan sighs in resignation]
[police car sires
in the distance]
[Canto takes deep breaths]
[street noise with a young
child babbling in the distance]
[knocking on glass door]
[Canto sniffs with anxiety]
It's alright, baba.
Look, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
You're a fucking psycho.
I know.
Hello, how are you?
These are for you.
Come in.
And I got loads of gear
here for the little lady.
Daddy's here.
How are you?
Are you playing with your Lego?
[doors slams closed]
(Instrumental: SOMETIME
SOON by Creative Crime)
Hello, hello.
Who's that?
[Somber piano music]
Who's that on the phone?
It's not the Guards
[Police], is it?
Is that your bunny?
Can you say 'dada', Rachel?
She probably needs to see
you a bit more to say that.
Say 'dada'.
Well, you know,
whose fault is that?
Let me in the gaff
a little bit more.
This is a little monkey.
Do the monkey: Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh.
Do do the monkey: Oh-oh-oh-oh.
He's eating his Nanas [bananas].
Do you know how much I love you?
And the job hunt.
Yeah, I'm looking for work, I
just haven't found anything yet.
Like I have to sort out a few
things on my end with the other
stuff as well so, you know.
I'm getting there.
I promise you; I
promise you. Yeah.
She's gotten
So, you still
haven't got anything?
Yeah, no, I have found
anything at the minute but like
I'm in the process
of finding something.
Good, because
Doesn't mammy need to relax?
Doesn't mammy need to relax?
Say 'relax mammy'.
Say 'relax mammy'.
I don't want my kids reared
on the proceeds of crime anyway.
Come on, the proceeds.
Do you hear that?
The proceeds of crime.
Where did you get that one from?
- Don't say that.
- Crimeline?
Fucking Crimeline.
- Proceeds of crime.
- Shut up, Canto, will you?
Taking the piss.
The proceeds of crime.
[Canto laughs]
Mammy's giving me
an awful hard time.
She's not turning you
against me, is she?
No, you love your
dada, don't you?
You love your dada.
Oh, I don't need to do it.
Ah! Stop.
Look, I know, I'm
sorting it all out.
I am.
I'm on top of it... I'm Just...
There's a couple of little
bits and bobs I have to
take care of first
and then I'm out.
Always a charmer.
[Baby Rachel sings]
How's my little baba?
Want to do your book with you?
Will I do your book with you?
Come here!
Oh, what's that?
Is that nice?
Here, let us get a
little picture there.
Here, come here.
A nice little moment there.
Go on, look at the camera, look.
Say 'cheese'.
[windy sounds of the night]
[fire crackles and
a Curlew cries out]
[Virgil beats his chest rapidly]
Whoa, whoa, relax.
Here come on, come
on, come on, relax.
Are you alright?
Come on.
Come over here and
sit down, come on.
Come on, sit down.
Don't touch me!
Right, right,
right, take it easy.
Can I do anything for you?
[Virgil breathes
heavily with panic]
[He beats his chest
rapidly with his hand]
Can I do anything for you?
[Virgil beats his chest
rapidly with his hand]
[Virgil struggles
to find his breath]
Are you alright, come on? Jesus.
Come on and sit down,
come on, sit down, sit down.
It'll pass, it'll pass. It'll
pass. It'll pass. It'll pass.
Just take your time,
take your time.
It'll pass, it'll pass. It'll
pass. It'll pass. It'll pass.
Just deep, deep, deep breaths.
I come here all the time
just to have my telescope.
There's no light pollution;
there's wide open spaces.
And I come here all the time,
there's no one normally here,
but you're here now.
I don't know why you're
here, but you're here.
And it's fine.
I just arrived,
I'm just, I'm just
Look, I'm going to leave
that there for you, right.
It's fine.
Are you okay?
It's fine.
Thank you.
Do you mind if I sit down there?
[the wind blows in over the sea]
[the crackling of the fire
masks Dan's footsteps]
[Virgil's breathing slows]
Are you alright?
Good man.
I'm sorry if I
frightened you there, I
It's fine.
So... Eh!
What's your name?
Pleased to meet you, Virgil.
You're alright, yeah?
Alright, yeah.
[an Owl calls out
in the distance]
Do you sleep in that building?
I'll be going back in now...
You know, in case it rains!
You know?
I'm sorry, Dan
I'm sorry, Dan.
No, you're okay, you've
nothing to be sorry about.
I'm sorry, Dan.
You're okay.
I like to come here.
I go to I go to
I go to the rooftop
sometimes because
there's wide open spaces and
I like to go with my telescope.
There's wide open spaces
and there's no light pollution.
But I'll go; Listen, I'll go.
No, take your time,
take your time.
Just don't be don't be
No, I'll go; I'll go.
Will you be alright?
No, I have to.
Look, I'll see you again, Dan.
Right, bye.
[sound of a bus
travelling through a tunnel]
[Sounds of a busy office]
[a telephone rings
in the background]
[Muttering voices can be heard]
[Diesel engine is
running and birds chirping]
Are you alright, son?
Hiya, ma.
You'll have something
to eat, son?
Ma, to be honest I'm
not really hungry.
[tins banging on counter]
Did you pick up eggs?
You didn't pick up eggs?
Peas, beans
[horn from train blows
in the background]
Ma, would you not
sit down, please?
No love, I have to make dinner.
Oh, Jesus, there's nothing
in this bleeding place.
Have you got a
light there, lads?
Nice one bro.
Give us a shot of
that after you.
Here, will you ring
actually ring Barry there?
(Song: FOOTPRINTS by Paro Pablo)
Alright lads, I'm
looking for Canto.
Ah, he's not around, mate, I'll
look after you, what do you
Ah no, I'm not looking
for anything now.
I'm looking for
Canto; I'm his Father.
Oh Jesus, I'm his mate
Jaya. Nice to meet you, bro.
Nice to meet you, Jaya, yeah.
Where does he live?
Oh, he's down at Spencer
Dock, he is, nice yoke [place]
Yeah... Fifth
floor, apartment 25.
25, fifth floor,
right. Thanks, lads.
Good luck.
- No worries, mate. See you
after. - No bother, see you
later, mate.
Unlike happy hoes I will
sell the hope for victory
[voices yelling in the distance]
[doorbell rings]
[Dan sighs with anticipation]
[heavy wooden door opens]
[door slams shut]
[Jenny closes some files]
Hi Dan, I'm Jenny.
I'll be your solicitor.
I thought you were.
No, Jenny will be
your solicitor.
I'm your barrister, Dan.
[Dan sighs]
Please, take a seat.
Right, yeah, thanks.
[Jenny opens some files]
[Dan takes a deep
anxiously breath]
(FOOTPRINTS by Paro Pablo)
All I've had was bars from the
heart ever since my infancy
Flowing through my arteries
to harmony's to symphonies
I needed to express through
these letters like deliveries
I used to live differently
until I found tranquility
Are you all good, bro?
It stopped me from
killing fiends literally
Where's Bronco?
He's just in there
having a shite, he is.
Then we'll be good to go.
I'm after using the last of
the bog [toilet] roll in there.
There's none left.
Ha, he can use a bag
of Tayto [crisps], he can.
He can use his fucking
socks for all I care.
We have to get going now.
Don't be fucking blowing
that shite in my face, yeah.
Sorry, bro, sorry.
Ah, will I serve her ?
I'm visionary that's been
trapped inside a dictionary
I'll sort her.
Brought some changes
like a Machiavelli
Socks rolled up I used
to ball like an Irish Pele
Ma & Da would burn the couch
[sound of children playing]
[birds chirping]
Alright, Canto?
Alright, Bea.
I haven't seen you
around here in a while.
No, no, sure I haven't
been around here in years.
How are you keeping?
And how is Virgil doing?
Ah, he's doing well,
he's a great kid.
I seen him there last week and
I waved at him and he looked
like he didn't even
know who I was.
Yeah, he probably
didn't recognise you.
Ah, so, he's grand?
So, are you still working
or what's the story?
Ah yeah, yeah.
No, I'm working
in the same place,
I've been there
about a year now.
That's good.
Hmm. Yeah.
That's really good.
So, what's up with you?
Just looking to see if I can
get a few tablets off you, yeah.
Nothing hard, just a
just a few tablets, I haven't
touched that stuff in years.
I suppose the tablets
are a bit handier
when you're working and that.
Yeah, I suppose they do.
It's been a tough couple of
years, do you know what I mean.
So, who the fuck am
I to judge, what?
What do you want?
Give us five [Indistinct].
Do you have cash?
You know I'm good for it.
[seaguls call out]
Three is all you're
getting, yeah.
[tablet package crackles]
[Birds chirp in the distance]
Look after yourself, yeah.
Yeah, thanks, Canto.
See you around, yeah?
Take care of yourself Bea, yeah.
[child screams agressively
in the distance]
[tablet packet
urgently ripped open]
[water bottle top opens]
[seaguls scream out loudly]
guitar strums random cords
[Upbeat melody]
- (Dan)
- Go sit down.
So, if you don't mind me asking,
are you working or are you
in college or what?
Yeah, study. I'm in
college, I study astrophysics.
Is that all like space
shit and that, yeah?
Kind of.
Essentially, analysing
the physics of astronomy.
Oh yeah, right.
And do you
do you board in the college?
No, no, I live at
home with my ma.
You get on alright
and all, yeah?
- (Virgil)
- Yeah.
- (Virgil)
- She's a good person.
Ma, what the hell?
You promised me you
were done with this stuff.
Oh, I'm sorry love, (slurred
speech) I'm so, so sorry.
Ma, you know this shite, it's
worse than being on the gear
You know what I told you before,
I told you so many times, ma.
They'll rot your brain and
turn you into a zombie.
Oh, I'm sorry son,
I'll be up in a minute.
Sleep it off.
Stay with me, son,
please stay with me.
[Beatrice sighs helplessly]
[Beatrice groans]
[Birds sing outside]
[Beatrice moans in pain]
[Virgil pours water into a cup]
[Beatrice moans quietly]
[Virgil walks across
the wooden floor]
Virgil - Sit up.
Sit up for a second.
Just for a second.
Come on. One, two, three.
Gently, gently.
[Beatrice groans
as she swallows]
Alright, alright. Listen,
gently lie back down.
Oh, you're a good boy.
[the barge creaks with movement]
[Beatrice whimpers]
[Birds sing as
Beatrice moans in pain]
[several loud knocks
on a wooden door]
Who's that?
- (Dan)
- It's your da.
[the door opens sharply]
What the fuck do you want?
Just thought I'd
call over for a chat.
A chat?
Get the fuck out
of my fucking face.
A fucking chat?
A fucking chat?
Who do you think you
are, Oprah fucking Winfrey?
Get the fuck out of here
before someone sees you.
No, could I'm sorry
son if I embarrassed you.
I fucking
[Canto groans with anger]
Slow drum beats
[Canto breathes aggressively]
[sound of a racing heart beat]
Fuck off, just fuck
off, fuck off. Fuck off.
Then I grabbed all the stuff.
Look at this cunt.
You're late.
Yeah, I had to
mind the kids, bro.
Yeah, yeah, keep
your fucking excuses.
Give him the burner, yeah.
And here, did you fucking tell
my dad where I'm living?
Yeah. Why?
You're a stupid
cunt, you know that?
You fucking dope, you.
Fuck off.
Alright, bro, what's up?
What's the story?
What's the story with him?
Dan, seriously, I need to go.
Yeah, relax the cacks
[a bit] there, will you.
Just about now
that's it now, yeah.
Jesus, I'll tell you.
I think that's my
best work. Here.
Be careful now, it's a
bit wet there, right.
Just watch yourself.
It's the bleeding
image of you, isn't it?
[Dan laughs with delight]
What are these?
Ah, here.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
[Virgil rummages
throw canvasses]
[Dan rubs his hands anxiously]
What's this, Dan?
Oh, them? Yeah, my nightmares.
[Dan snorts dismissively]
I have to go, Dan.
Listen, Virgil, if you don't
mind? Can I have your water?
I'm parched.
There's no water in this kip.
How do you stay here?
For there is nothing
either good nor bad
but thinking makes it so.
Ah, for Jesus'
sake, Shakespeare.
How do you have a shower,
if there's no running water?
The grand a [granddad] wash!
Do you ever have that, no?
Sponge, sack, crack,
pits, you're away.
[Dan snorts with laughter]
Bad image.
Can you meet me here
tomorrow morning?
Yeah, sure, I've nowhere
else to be going, have I?
I'm not exactly
rushed off my feet.
Have you got all your gear now?
I'll see you Dan.
Right, listen, good luck Virgil.
See you tomorrow, right.
Safe home.
[Canvas bangs]
[Dan snorts with laughter]
[haunting sound builds]
Ah, God.
[menacing ethereal chants]
(Father Peter) -For your penance
I'd like you to say ten Hail
three Our Fathers.
[menacing ethereal wind wails]
Now, Dan, you're a good boy.
You know you're a good
boy and that's why
you're my favourite.
[menacing ethereal wind wails]
And we're friends, Dan.
(Father Peter) -Friends
look out for each other.
FREEDOM by Tadhg Conroy)
I'll be seek
somewhere you know
Where I can find
something to ease my mind
I can assume it's all there.
I want to be fucking done
with this, you cunt, yeah.
Do you?
Pay me what you owe me.
You hear me?
Be a good little boy.
Next week yeah.
Yeah, fuck off.
I'm searching for
freedom in this life
Fuck, fuck it.
[Ryano disrespectfully laughs]
Oh, you little bitch.
(Instrumental Song:
CLASH by Creative Crime)
[Heavy dance music plays loudly]
[Canto snorts deeply]
You're only fucking nice when
you want something, Derek.
You're a smelly
little fucking rat.
You're a little rat bastard.
[dance music gets louder]
Do not get smart with
me over the phone.
I said don't get fucking smart
with me over the phone.
I'll come over there now and
I'll do fucking damage to you.
I'll chop your fucking legs off.
You didn't mean anything by it?
It fucking sounded like you
meant something by it.
Do you want to get burned
out of your gaff tonight?
No, do you, do you want me
to go over there tonight
and burn you out of
that fucking gaff?
[Canto snorts cocaine
as dance music fades]
[police sirens in the distance]
[water laps against the boat]
- (Virgil)
- Watch your head.
[Dan grunts as he
jumps on board]
[radio plays in the background]
Hiya, ma.
How are you, love?
Sit down Dan, I'll
get your camping gear.
Hello, how are you?
How are you, Dan.
Virgil's told me all about you.
Has he? He's a
good lad, isn't he?
The best.
Beatrice is my name.
Pleased to meet you, Beatrice.
[Radio] There are almost
8,000 individuals living
in direct provision.
I'll tell you; This is an
amazing place, know that?
[Radio] Added to this are
over 600,000 people including
140,000 children who live in
substandard housing in Ireland.
Mind you, you wouldn't believe
what we have to do to stay.
There's a real nice
community around here.
One of the barges down there!
There's a little baby born on
One of their grandchildren.
A real-life water-baby, what?
Life on the canal, huh?
Yeah, I suppose.
You're not tied down;
you know what I mean.
Freedom of the sea.
I don't know about freedom but,
yeah, I get where you're coming
(Virgil) -Here, Dan, I got you a
sleeping bag, a tent and a
Good lad, thanks a million,
You're a diamond, you know that.
I really appreciate
this, thanks.
Better be off, yeah.
Pleased to meet you, Beatrice.
- (Virgil)
- See you, Dan.
- (Dan)
- See you, good luck.
Yeah, you too Dan.
[Radio] for allowing
multinationals to buy up
resulting in
sky-rocketing rents.
Mind yourself.
[Radio] The report states that
almost overnight, multinational
private equity, asset management
firms, have become the
biggest landlords in the world.
[Sound of busy city street]
by Creative Crime)
(Young Dan) -Our father,
who art in heaven,
hallowed be Thy name,
Thy kingdom come,
Thy will be done on
earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day
our daily bread,
and forgive us our trespasses.
(Father Peter) -Take this, all
of you and eat it. [Distorted
(Father Peter) -This is my body
which will be given up for you
(Father Peter) -Do
this in memory of me.
[Piercing sound
penetrates the song]
[Ethereal choir reverbs
through the song]
[gushing echoes]
(Father Peter) -Take this all of
you and drink from it [distorted
(Father Peter) -For this
is the cup of my blood.
(Father Peter) -The blood of the
new and everlasting covenant.
(Father Peter) It will be shed
for you and for all so that sins
may be forgiven.
(Father Peter) -Do this in
memory of me. [Distorted]
[haunting echoes and voices]
[piercing shrill breaks
through the music]
(Father Peter) - When you eat
this bread and drink this cup
(Father Peter) we proclaim you
Lord, until you come again.
Ava Maria
(Young Dan) -For thine is the
kingdom, the power and the
glory, (echoing voice)
for ever and ever, Amen.
[sound of children playing]
(Father Peter) -Behold,
the lamb of God.[distorted]
(Father Peter) -Blessed are
those who are called to his
supper, [echoing distortion]
- (Virgil)
- Dan. Dan!
- (Dan)
- Ah, Jesus what?
- (Virgil)
- Dan, are you alright?
(Dan) - Yeah, look come on,
don't start, don't start.
(Virgil ) - Dan.
Ah, Jesus.
Sit up, sit up.
I'm grand, I'm grand.
I'll get you some water.
Watch your head.
[Ava Maria song fades out]
Oh, fuck.
Fucking bastards.
This place haunts
me, you know that?
I've carried it
with me all my life.
I just had to come back.
Try and figure things
out, I suppose.
Those brothers were
fucking animals.
[ominous sound of a
belt being taking off]
They were bastards.
[noise of rain on glass]
They ruled with fear, you know?
Fucking cold, cold fear.
Right into your fucking soul.
[ominous sound rises]
The dorm room opened, I
tell you Jesus, oh good God.
You hoped it wouldn't
be you they picked.
Anyone else but you.
(Dan) -You didn't
pray, you didn't pray.
(Dan) -There was no
prayers left in us.
All gone.
[Dan cries]
What's that?
Suffer little children
and come unto me, huh?
[haunting vibrations
and a stick swinging]
- (Dan)
- We suffered.
[violent vibrations]
We fucking suffered,
where were you?
Bless me father
for I have sinned.
I've sinned? No.
You lot fucking
sinned, you were wrong.
You evil bastards.
Oh, God forgive them
because I fucking don't.
You bring it on yourself.
You bring it on yourself!
[echoes and distorted
heart beats]
[violent swipes of the whip]
You've nothing to
be sorry about.
(Dan) -Hypocrites, the
fucking lot of them.
- (Dan)
- Hiding behind a collar.
[Baby Rachel, yawning]
[drum beats slowly with tension]
(Instrumental song:
CLASH by Crimes Against)
[A busy night club
with techno music]
How are you?
I'm good, and you?
Fucking right you're
good, you're very good.
Thank you.
You look lovely. I'm
Canto. What's your name?
Pleased to meet you too.
You look like a fucking
angel in that dress,
if you don't mind me saying.
Pardon my French.
Thank you, kind.
Are you on your own here or
are you waiting on someone?
I'm alone.
Alone, with nowhere to go.
That's handy, I'm here
to protect you. What?
You've got a fucking accent.
Where are you from?
I say to you...
You're Spanish or something,
you're foreign, aren't you?
Yeah, I am so, I'm from Brazil.
I have a mate over
in fucking Alicante.
I swear to God, yeah.
Yeah, but it's not
the same thing.
Ah, no, I know that, yeah.
Fuck, do you want
a drink, do you?
Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, what do you want?
Vodka, tequila, I can get
you anything you want.
Yeah, and something else.
Something else?
What else do you want?
You want to go up, do you?
Yeah. Yeah.
I can sort that out for you.
- Do you want to follow me to my
office? - Yes.
Give us a kiss there.
[techno music rises]
This is 100% pure Bolivian snow.
Take you to the fucking moon
and back down again, love.
Do you want to do it off a
coin or do you want to ?
[snorting and loud music]
[music drops and
Sophie snorts cocaine]
Oh my God!
[music rises high]
[music drops in public toilet]
[muttering voices
in the background]
[music rises to ecstasy]
[music drops and people talking]
[music climbs higher]
[music reaches a
climax and fades away]
[pounding distorted
heartbeat fades in]
[night street sounds]
Yup! Pal?
What's up?
- Alright boys, story?
- What's happening?
I'm after running out
of sniff [cocaine].
What have you got?
A quarter left, bro.
Give me it.
We've someone coming
down now for it, bro.
Give me it. Give me it.
She's literally
right there, bro.
I don't give a
fuck where she is.
Fuck her, give me it now.
Don't make me fucking
come up there, man.
Give me it.
Give it to him, will we?
Boys, don't take the
piss [joke], come on.
Give me some love.
Just take it.
Give me some love, go on.
Come close, Canto.
Lovely, lovely, lovely.
Lovely, lovely.
Look! There she is now.
Fucking sexy cunts, I love you.
I love you!
(Song: M.I.N.N.I.E
by Minnie Marley)
All you bitches all
you do is talk about me
- Alright.
- What's the story?
Are you Jaya?
Jaya, yeah, that's my name.
Jaya, the one and only.
What's up with you?
You're better looking in person
than I thought you were on the
Yeah, fucking right I am, yeah.
He's a horrible looking cunt.
Come here, have you got that?
I don't have it on me.
Like do you want to
I've got a lovely gaff over
in Spencer Dock there.
Do you want to fucking
shoot up [go to] my way or ?
I don't mind.
Yeah, take fucking yeah, five
minutes yeah, what do you
Love it. I love it.
Fucking jammy [lucky] cunt, you.
Let's get it fucking on!
Canto -How are you keeping?
Not bad.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
I like the motor, it's lovely.
Ah, thanks very much.
Oh, I feel like
should we do it again?
Jesus Christ.
Bitches making money
(Instrumental song:
BREAKDOWN by Crimes Against)
Oh, my God.
Baby, are you okay?
[Extremely loud German
techno music is playing)
You're alright. You're alright.
(Baby Rachel cries as
the music plays loudly)
Do you fucking mind?
Get out.
Get the fuck out.
Shh, you're alright, you're
alright. You're alright.
[Leah slaps Canto,
baby Rachel screams]
It's okay, baba; It's okay.
You're a fucking scumbag,
do you know that?
Look at how upset
she is (furious)
[Leah and Rachel cry]
Don't fucking touch us.
I'm sorry.
Don't come near us again,
do you hear me.(emotional)
Get the fuck away from us.
Don't ever call me again.
Don't come near me again.
Stop. Baby, stop.
Don't cry baby.
Rachel, I'm sorry. I'm
sorry. I fucked up.
Please don't take her.
[drums beat incessantly
inside Cantos head]
Don't take her from me
please, Leah. I'll stop.
I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry.
I'm really sorry.
I'm innocent... Please!
The voices in my head!
I don't know what to do.
I don't know what to do.
[drums stop]
[footsteps walking]
[Virgil laughs uncontrollably]
Fucking Jesus bleeding
[Dan chuckles]
Put the fucking heart across
me [scared me] you did.
How did your meeting go?
Ah, it was grand, you know?
Look, I'll tell you
some other time.
Oh, Dan, Dan, I want
to ask you a question.
I've been thinking about this.
What do zombie vegans say?
I haven't a clue.
I want to eat your grains.
Oh, sweet Jesus.
No, Dan, Dan, do you get it?
I get it, yeah.
Because they're zombies they'd
eat brains, but obviously if
they're vegans they can't really
eat brains but they can eat
grains, do you know what I mean.
Oh, Jesus.
I want to eat your grains, Dan,
I heard it in college, very
[dog barks]
[jail door slams closed]
[prisoners talk in their cells]
[Canto blows his nose]
[metal door opens]
Alright boys?
Welcome to the gaff.
See Canto, we only
have to get lucky once.
[heavy gut punch]
[gasps in pain]
You fucking rats.
Open your mouth.
Relax will you, you fucking
Open your fucking mouth.
See Noctor here, Noctor's soft.
He has a lot of
empathy, you know.
He'd beat you to death.
Put a bullet in your head.
But see me, I'd have
a lot of fun with it.
I'd pay Leah a little visit
and little baby Rachel.
And I take a potato peeler
to their head and have fun.
I'd take my time.
Now you better get me my money.
Yeah, yeah.
Do you understand?
Do you understand?
[chokes on the gun]
I'll get you your fucking money.
You get up when you're
told to get fucking up.
[choking on the pain]
Get me my money.
[Canto coughs, winded]
[steel door slamps shut]
This little cunt the other day
trying to talk to me about
I says, 'Young fella, I was in
the coffee shops when you were
over in Santa Ponsa still
learning to swim without your
armbands on.'
I says to him, I says to him, 'I
was in the coffee shops when you
thought a coffee shop
was just for coffee, mate.'
Canto, your head
looks wrecked, mate.
The pressure is getting to you.
Shut up you, you little
fucking fool, you.
What the fuck is wrong with you?
Is that your auld fella
[father] over there?
What's he doing with them?
Here you go.
Try them on for size,
might as well get some use.
I can't.
They're only sitting around.
I can't take them.
What? Try them on,
will you? Freshen up.
Who owned them?
My da.
[noise of the barges engines]
Your da?
[the barge creaks]
Listen, can I ask how he ?
You'll be needing socks too.
The drink got him in the end.
I see, yeah.
Will he be alright?
Yeah, no, he's grand.
Will you go on.
Throw them on you.
Now you've got me leaving
you fucking voice mails,
you junkie cunt, you.
Answer your fucking phone.
If I have to ring this number
again because of you I'm going
fucking come over there
and sink that fucking boat,
do you hear me?
Answer your fucking phone!
[busy street, traffic sounds]
Jesus, how do you
know where I worked?
Ah, Virgil told me.
Is everything okay?
Yeah, yeah,
I'm just wondering if you wanted
to go out sometime, you know?
On a date.
On a date?
I don't know what to say.
Well, I suggest you say yeah,
we'll have a bit of craic [fun],
a bit of a laugh.
I know we're two old farts [old
people] and all that but we can
still have the craic.
Speak for your bleeding self.
Ah, I was now, I really meant
myself, you know what I mean?
Can I walk you home?
Good, great.
[seabirds singing and
the sound of the wind]
Where are we going?
You'll see.
You know I'm a good listener.
I'm alright, Dan.
No, you're not.
You're great.
Now, will you tell
me where we're going?
(Instrumental Song: SOMETIME
SOON by Crimes Against)
[somber instrumental piano]
[a Jackdaw calls out]
I visit him every week.
When did he pass?
Five years ago.
[waves crash along the shore]
[a Curlew sings]
[somber piano music builds]
Fancy a bag of chips?
Come on, my treat.
[Seabirds sing aloud]
How are you?
Ah, how are you,
how are you doing?
You're looking beautiful.
Don't sound so surprised.
You don't surprise me.
[sounds of a busy public house]
[sombre piano music
becomes melancholic]
What can I get you to drink?
Are you alright kid?
Go on, you give us a
song, I'm not in the humour.
No, I'm not talented, Dan.
Look, do you mind if we leave?
The place is full of triggers.
We'll go grab a bite to eat.
[wind blows loudly,
as the firre crackles]
[an Owl calls out
from the distance]
There's things in this now
that I haven't eaten in years.
Well, put it all together.
Try and eat it.
I think you have
mine, have you not?
What yours...?
That's it.
It is lovely.
It is lovely, thanks so much.
No problem.
Am I wearing it
on my face again?
Oh my God.
Lovely, thank you.
I've something
dribbling down my face.
Oh my God, it is vegetarian.
Ugh. Vegetarian.
No, stop, look at
that, you've got
what have you got in there?
A tomato.
[Beatrice giggles]
[the fire crackles]
- (Virgil)
- Do you like Dan?
- (Beatrice)
- Yeah.
- (Beatrice)
- Don't you?
[music fades out]
You know what I mean.
He's kind to me.
He makes me laugh, it's
good enough for me, son.
[the barge creaks in the
flowing water of the canal]
Look, Ma...
All I ever want
is to make you happy.
[birds chirp outside]
I know, son.
I know.
[Beatrice sighs]
I love you.
I love you too.
Right, I'd better go to work.
[footsteps on cobblestones]
[Dan takes a deep breath]
[traffic noise fills the air]
[leather shoes stamp
loudy on the cobblestones]
[birds sing out in the air]
by Pdraign N Uallachin)
[a haunting lament song begins]
och och och is ochn
(Gaelic Language)
I brought you this, but
you obviously don't need it.
Yeah, I got a lend of
this off a mate of mine.
You look good, Dan.
There's nothing to
worry about, okay?
Everything is going to be fine.
Shall we go?
[church bell rings aloud]
[haunting lament muisc builds]
[church bell rings aloud]
How are you, Father?
- (Father Peter)
- Sergeant.
Are you alright, scrapper?
[church bell rings aloud]
Dan, remember what we
talked about the other night?
This man here is going to
look after you, okay. (Echoes)
I'll have something nice
for you when you come back.
Come on and we'll hit the road.
Sergeant, seven o'clock Monday.
[church bell rings aloud]
Now, get in there and relax.
[church bell rings aloud]
Ooh, now says she.
Are you alright?
You're very quiet.
I thought you were
a chatterbox, no?
[Young Dan's breathing
becomes prominent)
Are you a GAA [Irish
football] man or soccer?
Jimmy Kealy or
Johnny Giles, huh?
Or a leg man like myself?
I'm bit of a leg man.
Okay, have it your way.
[Youngs Dan's intense
breathing increases]
We'll ride in silence.
[church bell rings aloud]
Mr McCarthy, it'd be very easy
to come in here today and make
these claims about something
that may or may not have
happened over 40 years ago.
Agus ars (Gaelic language)
And again (English)
Mr McCarthy?
Mr McCarthy, can you
answer my question?
Sergeant, seven o'clock, Monday.
Are we expected to believe that
for three years, every single
weekend, members of An Garda
Sochna [Irish Police] and
some other upstanding members
of the community colluded
in some sort of
child sex conspiracy?
[piercing sharp sound]
Daniel, I've been leafing
through your criminal record.
(Barrister Cormac) - Or should I
say criminal records? (Young
Dan) - Please no! (Echoes)
(Young Dan) -Please
I want to go home.
How can I put this politely?
They are quite extensive.
- (Young Dan)
- No Stop!
It appears that you have led
[Young Dan screams in terror]
(Barrister Cormac) -Well, you've
had quite a colourful life.
Three armed robberies.
Objection, your Honour.
My client's honour
should not be questioned.
Did you get involved in a
child sex conspiracy, yes or no?
I didn't get involved;
I was dragged into it.
Objection, your Honour, the
defence is badgering the
Overruled. Proceed!
(Barrister Cormac) -Were you the
victim of a child sex
I said yes.
[lament music broken by piecing
sound and Young Dan's screams]
(Barrister Cormac) -Well, you
Honour, some people would argue
that once a liar,
always a liar.
Those poor men are
the victims, not you.
You're the you,
you're the criminal.
(Barrister Cormac) -You're the
criminal conviction, see that.
These upstanding members
of the community do not have
criminal convictions
because they're not criminals.
C chomh fada an l, gan t a
fheiceil (Gaelic) How long
the day is, without seeing you
Do you agree to waive your
legal right to pursue or press
charges against any
individual or institution?
Och, och mo bhrn go deo
(Gaelic) Och, och my sorrow
forever (English)
T an ghrian agus an ghealach
The sun and bright
gheal ag gluaiseacht faoi
scth moon are moving in
shadow (English)
- (Barrister Cormac)
- Are we good?
Yeah, that's it.
Och, och mo bhrn go deo
(Gaelic) Och, och my sorrow
forever (English)
T ralta na maidine ag
caoineadh deora (Gaelic) The
morning stars are weeping tears
Och, och mo bhrn go deo
(Gaelic) Och, och my sorrow
forever (English)
T na spartha thuas I brat an
bhrin (Gaelic) The skies
above are in a cloak of sorrow
Och, och mo bhrn go deo
(Gaelic) Och, och my sorrow
forever (English)
Go dt go bhfillfidh t ars
n luighfidh an drcht Until
you return again the dew will
not lie (English)
Och, och mo bhrn go deo
(Gaelic) Och, och my sorrow
forever (English)
[Dan cries and a sound
pierces his lament)
(Song: FROM A PLACE by Dubzeno)
Look, I'm from a place where
the streets give no love, no
and no kisses.
From a place that when you go
to jail, young fellas will try
fuck your Mrs.
I'm from a place where
it's caution and cunning.
I'm from a place
you'll be set up
by the same bitch
you're fucking.
I'm from a place where you're
supposed to say nothing,
That's the norm.
And these kids won't
make it out of the area alive
like a stillborn.
I'm from a place where
drugs put food on the table.
And the crack gets
cooked in a ladle.
And the shooter's
parked off by the stables.
I'm from a place
where it's just not fair.
I'm from a place where
daddy wasn't there.
And my ma raised me
and my brother on welfare.
I'm from a place where we
don't like spoofing [Tell
When you see all these
junkies goofing [passed out].
I'm from a place of love/hate
where you don't want to catch
an I plate and end
up with a cell mate.
Mountjoy [prison] living,
first time is landing on the
and getting told to put
a P19 in for swimming
Now that's major.
Officers come around at
breakfast asking do you want a
And when they come back around
you don't give back the razor
That's fucking cooking.
You're off to the rails, bro.
I felt that,
brother. I felt that.
Yes... Yes... Yes...
Is that a new yoke [rap]? I
haven't heard that one before.
That was banging, mate.
I felt that bro! 100%.
Top of the range.
We need to get you
back in the studio.
Trust me, bro; Trust me.
They're not fucking ready for
that shit; I'll tell you that.
Trust me, bro.
Whoa, next to blow brother.
Something light, something
light, something light.
Something nice and light.
Here have me...
Here lads, lads I have
one for you, yeah.
What's this going to be?
Selling 50s in the car.
I suck the did dies
[breasts] off your ma.
You little muppet [idiot], you.
[Mass laughter, interrupted
by fast drum beats]
[Chaos in Canto's
head, echoing distortions]
(Canto) -Beatrice!
(Screams out loud)
Virgil, open that fucking
door right fucking now.
- (Canto)
- I fucking rang you.
Don't open that, don't.
Shush, shush, ma,
shush, ma. Shush.
I'm going to talk to him, okay.
No, no, no, no,
don't go out, please.
- Fucking right in there. You
tight pair of cunts. - Stay.
I swear, open the fucking door;
I'll sink the fucking boat.
Virgil, open the fucking door.
[the door is kicked in]
Canto, relax, I have it here for
you, mate, I have it here for
Leave him alone, Canto.
You have some fucking
neck on you [cheeky], Beatrice.
How many times did
I fucking ring you?
Leave her alone.
How many fucking times?
Leave her alone.
Leave her alone.
- (Beatrice)
- Get off him, Canto.
You watch your mouth.
(Canto) -Get off me,
get the fuck off me.
- (Beatrice)
- Get off him.
- (Beatrice)
- Get off him.
Get off him.
Get the fuck off me.
What's that?
It's 50 short, I'll make
up for it next week.
50, get fucking get fucking
Get up, right.
Get back you. Watch it.
(Virgil) -I won't fall
again behind. I promise.
Canto, get off him.
- (Virgil)
- I promise.
(Canto) -I'm not the
fucking Credit Union.
I know, I'm sorry Canto.
It's just these things happen.
She took nine, just fuck off.
Beatrice, I swear I'll kill him.
Do you want him dead?
No, no.
I'll make you watch me
cutting his fucking head off.
I believe you.
Don't do it again.
I fucking swear to God.
(Canto) -Fucking
watch your mouth too.
- (Canto)
- Pair of junkie cunts.
Oh, son.
It's okay.
Oh my God, your face.
Oh, son, oh your face.
It's fine.
(Jaya) -I can't even remember
the name of him, they're down
the fucking
they're down at
the Las Americanas.
The Las Americanas strip, bro,
that's the one yeah, exactly.
[Echoing distortion of reality
with fast drum beats]
[Echoing, distortion
and drum beats intensify]
[Drum stops suddenly to give
way to pounding heart beats]
How was work?
Same old.
I wanted to see you, son.
Just to say about last night.
Ma, it's okay.
it's not.
It's not okay.
I'm your mother, I'm meant
to be protecting you not fucking
putting you in harm's way.
I'm so sorry.
[Ship blows its horn
in the distance]
I'm promising you here
and now I'm staying clean.
Don't say it unless you mean it.
I am promising you, son.
I'm after booking a doctor's
appointment for later on and
I just need a bit of help.
And I know you don't believe me
and it's going to take time for
me to earn your trust again but.
I'll never put you
in harm's way again.
I swear to God.
[noise of traffic passing]
[a container ship's
horn blows aggressively]
(Song: HOLY NIGHT - by
Edel Morrell and Crimes Against)
It doesn't feel right, you know.
It's not sitting
well with me at all.
But, Dan, you signed
the agreement;
there's nothing we can do now.
Like I'll just sign another one
saying I've changed my mind,
that's all I do.
No, there's no way of going
back - you signed the agreement,
there's nothing we can do now.
There's nothing you can do?
I'm sorry, I understand that
You don't understand,
that's the thing.
Are you okay?
You seem to have forgotten
we had a meeting scheduled.
Yeah, I've been up
to my eyes all week.
Yes, I can see.
So, what can I do for you?
I want to undo the agreement.
What do you mean?
Everything's done.
You know you're coming into
a lot of money, Dan, don't you?
You do know that, don't you?
Yeah, you should be happy.
Money won't undo what's been
done to us by them bastards.
Dan, my advice is to let it go
and move on with your life.
You will have enough money for
the first time to build a nice
Most people don't have
the luxury to avail of this
kind of opportunity
for a fresh start.
Move on?
Move on?
If it was that easy, I would
have done it years ago.
You know what the
worst part of it is?
They never said sorry.
[Cormac takes a deep breath]
I took your testimony, Dan.
Just listening was a
harrowing experience for me.
Utterly terrible.
I understand.
After all, justice has been
served and this money should go
in some way to redress
your grievance.
You're now a wealthy man, Dan.
I've done this for you.
And what did you do, huh, Judas?
Judas, yeah.
Dan, there's something you're
not understanding here, okay?
I represented the
State, not you.
And as far as I'm concerned,
everyone - including you
got exactly what they wanted.
It's blood money.
[Cormac swallows]
Dan, let's cut to
the chase here.
You've been a lifelong criminal.
I am the person who
got you a second chance.
You're lucky I don't punch
the fucking head off you.
Dan, you're just a
scumbag in a bad jacket.
It's funny, because you're just
a scumbag in a shirt and tie.
You prick!
You should be
ashamed of yourself.
I had enough of you.
[Road traffic sounds ring out]
Beatrice Murphy?
I am Peter Doyle, I'm a
bailiff from the County Court,
acting on the jurisdiction
of the Sheriff's Department.
I'm here to serve an
eviction notice today.
No, no, it couldn't be.
I have another month.
I went for an appeal.
I have the documentation here
and unfortunately today,
we have to serve an eviction.
I can give you an hour
to collect your belongings
if that's any use to you.
But you will be evicted
from the barge today.
Ma, what's going on?
No, no, no, no, these
barges are our homes.
This is a fucking
total piss-take [joke].
Fines lads, for actually
trying to survive.
- I know, love. I know.
- Is he for real?
- No, this is not fucking no.
- Listen, mind yourself, lovie.
No, come on.
- (Dan)
- Right here
(Bailiff) -Sorry, ma'am,
we're just trying to do our job.
What the fuck is going on here?
Baldy head, what's
going fucking on?
- Dan, stand back will you,
love. - He's evicting fucking
all of us.
We've had enough for one day.
You don't move every five days.
I'm a bailiff from
the County Court,
I'm here to serve
an eviction notice,
there's been a number
of unpaid bills.
Yeah, yeah, we know.
- Come on, get the bags. Just
get out of here. - Ah Beatrice,
this is not fucking on.
I'll fucking deck one of them.
Listen love, we'll give
you a ring, I'll be onto you.
No, no.
Now you mind yourself.
Wise lads,
proud of yourself, are you?
- Sorry ma'am, we're just here
doing our job, that's all. -
Proud of yourself, yeah.
Jesus Christ.
[steel gate slammed closed]
[Silence other than
busy street noise]
I hate to see you having
to stay here, you know that.
Ah stop, I've stayed in worse.
It'll be grand.
Right, come on, listen
we'll see you later right.
(Beatrice) -Hi, I rang ahead,
Beatrice and Virgil Murphy.
Read that; Sign there.
There's your room key.
You're in room 5;
You'll be sharing.
You need to be out by
11am, back in by 10pm
or else you're on
the freephone number.
And my advice is don't go
on the freephone number.
[Sounds from a chaotic
homeless shelter]
[voice of an argumentive
woman shouting]
[sounds of bottles
falling on the floor]
Ah, there he is.
[Canto's panicking
and laboured breaths]
Will I go after the prick?
No, leave it.
We'll get him another day.
by Creative Crime)
Your man said he's
coming around the corner,
about two minutes
coming around there.
He's meeting us
for a few tablets.
He's on the way, yeah?
Sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet.
Now, will you hang on, lads,
I've someone calling me there.
It might be one of them.
Here, Canto, it's fucking Ryan.
Ah here, fuck off.
What's he ringing you for?
Will I answer?
Yeah, answer that
fucking pig [police] cunt.
Put it on speaker, you
haven't seen me mate,
don't fucking say
you've seen me.
Right, right,
right, right, right.
- (Ryano on the phone)
- Jaya!
Alright, pal,
what's the story?
Where's the other fella?
Yeah, no I haven't seen Canto,
he's off grafting, bro.
Yeah, I can't get a hold of him.
If you see him tell him to
fucking ring me straight away.
Do you fucking hear me?
Yeah, yeah, that's
no bother, mate.
That's no bother, yeah.
I'll I'll see if we can
get a hold of him for you.
You fucking better,
I'm telling you.
Yeah, no worries, no worries.
I'll get, I'll get
I'll let you know.
Right go on. Fuck off.
You need to fucking
ring him and sort that out.
Because we're in the
fucking shit now, mate.
I'm going to have a fucking
mental breakdown with this cunt.
You need to sort this out.
You need to, I'm not
fucking getting into this shite.
I'm not getting into this shite.
You fuck off out of my face.
(Bronco) - Relax, relax, relax.
(Jaya) - No, I don't give a
bollocks, I don't give a
(Jaya) -I'm not taking
the rap for this.
(Jaya) -I know he's
under pressure,
- (Jaya) - I don't give a
bollocks, we're all under
pressure. - Yeah, fuck you too.
(Jaya) -We're all
under pressure.
- (Bronco)
- Go on.
It's on your fucking head, mate.
It's on your head.
I don't give a fuck.
I don't give a bollocks.
I'm not taking I'm not
fucking taking the rap for that.
- (Bronco)
- Go on.
- (Jaya)
- Sort it fucking out.
(Instrumental Song: SILENNIGHT - by Crimes Against)
[Heavy handed knock on the door]
Ah, Canto, what's the story?
Yeah, I'll get the few
quid for you, yeah.
The fucking money now.
Yeah, yeah, I'll
get the money now.
Get that fucking money.
I'll get it.
Where is it?
I'll get it in a minute, yeah.
What the fuck are you doing?
Where the fuck are you going?
(Freddie) -Sharon, give us that
few quid you have will you,
- (Sharon)
- It's for the baby.
(Freddie) -Sharon,
don't start please.
(Freddie) -If he comes, there's
going to be bleeding murder.
(Sharon) - It's for the baby.
(Freddie) - Please.
- (Sharon) - It's to feed the
baby. (Freddie) - Please can you
just give us the few quid.
- (Sharon)- I don't have any.
(Freddie) - I'll get it for him
tomorrow, please.
(Freddie) -Just give
me it please, I beg you.
(Sharon) -How am I
going feed the baby?
- (Freddie) - Sharon, please.
(Sharon) - What's the baby going
to do, what?
- (Freddie)
- Sharon please.
- (Sharon)
- What's the baby going to do?
- (Freddie)
- Sharon please,
(Freddie) -I'm telling you,
give me the fucking money.
(Freddie) -Give me the money.
(Sharon) - [choking] Please!
- (Freddie)
- Give me the money.
- (Freddie)
- I'm telling you.
(Freddie) - I'll punch the head
off you. (Sharon) - Get off
(Freddie) -Give me the fucking
money. (Sharon) - That's mine!
(Freddie) - Give me the fucking
money [shouting] (Sharon) -I
don't have any! [Choking,
(Freddie) - Give me the fucking
money. (Sharon) - Get off!
- (Canto)
- Stop. Hey!
- (Freddie)
- Give me the fucking money.
What the fuck are you doing?
Get the fuck off her.
What are you doing?
What the fuck is this?
[baby screams in terror
from the bedroom]
You fucking head
fucking junkie
Get the fuck back,
don't touch her again.
I swear to God, you touch her
She fell, man.
Here, I have your money.
Shut the fuck up.
You're alright.
{[the baby screams in tears]
Mark me.
Come here, you're
alright, get up.
[Sharon wimpers
as the baby cries]
Here, here's your few quid.
Shut the fuck up.
Shut up!
Don't fucking say another word.
I don't want your money, yeah.
Keep it, I don't want it.
I have it.
That's enough.
That's enough, yeah.
Sort that fucking kid out.
Yeah, alright.
Sort that kid out or I swear to
God, the pair of you, yeah.
That's it.
Take that.
Put that back in your pocket.
Sorry, Canto.
This is
I really am sorry.
[Indistinct chatter]
Casey Walsh, Alexander Sheehan)
That's a house wife that is!
(Dan) -Can I talk
to you outside?
- (Lads)
- Whoooa!
For what?
For a few minutes.
What do you want?
A few minutes, I said, didn't I.
(Lads) - A bought that!
Go away out of that...
Don't touch that, yeah.
Go away out of that lads.
Yeah, doggy, doggy, that's what
you do. That's what you do, bro.
Yeah! That's right. I
know I'm in the wrong!
What's up?
Look, son
I know I wasn't there for you.
I'll stop you right there.
We're not fucking
doing this. Not now.
Just hear me out, will you?
I know I wasn't there for you.
I know I know that now.
But from now on I
want to be, you know?
What do you want like?
I want to be part of your life.
One of your mates told me
that you're having the the
the babby [baby] christened.
Oh, did they yeah, mouthy little
fucking cunts that they are.
So what?
I want to go.
you have some fucking neck
on you, do you know that?
What the fuck man?
I'd be fucking lucky to be
going myself at this stage.
It's a long fucking story, yeah.
My business.
Yeah? Well, I've a lot of time.
She's thrown me out, yeah.
We're not talking.
I'm out on my fucking
hole [bum] now.
I can't see I can't
see little Rachel, I can't
I've got a fucking
baby on the way.
So, it's all fucked.
Don't do what I did. Hmm?
Don't take the coward's way out.
Son, you're better than that.
That's not you.
Right, next month,
the 12th, yeah.
The christening,
it's next month,
the 12th, you're invited,
I'm inviting you to it.
I'm giving you one
fucking chance, man.
I swear to God.
I swear, I won't let you down.
I have to get back
inside to the boys, yeah.
I'll see you around then, yeah.
Alright, thanks son.
Don't make me look
like a cunt, yeah?
I promise you, I won't; I won't.
Right, da. Take it easy, yeah.
See you.
[doors slams closed]
[people talking]
[knocks on the door]
[sniffles with anxiety]
Can I come in?
No, you can't.
Leah, please, don't do this to
me now, just five minutes.
Five minutes to talk and
I'll fuck off, I promise you.
Please, Leah.
Right, come on.
[seaguls scream]
[Leah slams the front door shut]
Rachel asleep, is she?
- (Leah)
- Hmm.
Leah, I'm sorry.
You're sorry?
That's all you've
got to say, is it?
Things have just been
getting out of hand.
I never thought it
would come to this.
I fucking
I should have never brought
anyone around our our child.
- No, you fucking shouldn't
have, Canto. - I know that.
You know you shouldn't have.
Rachel standing in her
cot, shit up to her eyes.
Some scumbag snorting
coke, what the fuck were you at?
Can you forgive
me for that? Ever?
'Can you forgive me for that?'
No, I fucking can't.
What were you thinking?
I wasn't, I wasn't, I
- No, you weren't thinking, were
you? - I'm a fuck up. I'm a fuck
I don't know what's
wrong with me.
There's fucking
always something.
There's always something,
like fucking in me
it's just like look
if you give me one more
chance, yeah, I can fucking
I can fix myself.
I know it's all about you.
Please, I'll get a job and I'll
go fucking straight and I'll do
everything I'm supposed to
go for you, for Rachel and for
our new little baby.
You said all that before, Canto.
I mean it now.
I fucking mean it,
I swear to God.
What kind of a thick [stupid
person] do you take me for?
Please, Leah, please.
Oh God.
I'll fucking do anything
for you, please.
Just give me one
more fucking chance.
Oh, will you get up?
I'll do anything.
Get up, Canto, will you,
for fuck sake, get up.
I'm sorry, I just
Can you give me another chance?
Right, you listen to me.
You clean yourself up, right?
Yeah, of course.
You have to clean yourself up.
Get a job, go straight if you
want to even think about
going near Rachel again.
Because if you fuck up, Canto,
I swear to fucking God
I won't, I won't.
I'm going to fucking
I'm going to be there
for her, for you.
I'm going to fucking take
care of you. I'm going to be
Don't make a thick [fool]
out of me, do you hear me?
I'm not. I promise.
Because if I let you around
her again and you fuck up,
I swear to God, Canto, it
won't be worth your while.
I'll throw myself off that
balcony if I fuck up again,
I promise you.
You're going to give
me another chance?
Yeah, if you sort
yourself out, I
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
I love you so much.
You're all I have.
I'm going to take care
of you now, I promise.
Canto, stop now will you.
You're not going
to take care of me.
I'll take care of myself.
Because we're not
getting back together.
But I thought you
were after saying
No, I didn't say that.
I said you can have one
more chance with Rachel.
I'm going to give you
a chance to be a father.
But me and you, done.
And I'm not going back on that.
I don't know how many times
or how many different ways
you want me to say it.
- No chance?
- It's not happening. No.
But I can see Rachel.
If you sort yourself out, yeah.
I love you so much, I
know you don't love me
but I love you so much.
I feel a lot better now.
I'm glad.
You're an angel.
[Silence apart from
quiet office noises]
The manager's ready for you now.
Ah, right, cheers, thanks.
No problem.
Thank you.
No bother.
How are you?
Kevin, Dan, I'm
the manager here.
How are you,
pleased to meet you?
- (Kevin)
- Take a seat.
- (Dan)
- Is there a problem, like?
Not necessarily, Dan.
I mean it is your money after
all, you can do as you please.
But 200,000 is a lot of money.
We have some schemes
here, and I'm in
a good place to advise
you on your options.
I can bring you through some.
No, no, you're grand.
Look I'll just take
the money, all of it.
You're positive?
Look, that's no problem,
but I wouldn't be doing
my job if I didn't ask.
I understand.
Anyway, we've a bit of paperwork
to get through and then
we can get you sorted
by the close of business.
So, if you want to just
read through some of the
terms and conditions there.
You can sign and date it at the
end there as well, it'd be
There he is.
- (Ryano)
- Stay on him.
Stay on him.
(Noctor) - Canto, don't
move you little bastard.
(Song: IT'S TOO LATE by
Damien Dempsey & God Creative)
Come on you cunt.
I'll get you, Canto,
you fucking bastard.
I told ya, I told ya,
- (Canto)
- Stop that thick cunt.
Fucking scumbags.
(Noctor) -Get out
of my fucking way.
(Noctor) - Or your gaff
[house] will be next.
Some day, some day
Ah, here, Canto,
what's the story?
- (Noctor)
- Back up on Sheriffer!
Ah, for fuck sake.
They'll be coming for you
Run you dirty rent boy.
Get away from him canto. Go On!
Go on out of that.
I told ya, I told ya,
they'll be coming for you
it's too late, it's too late
Boys, block that fucking park.
Fucking cunt.
The Glock, the knife,
the stash, The GREEN,
the WHITE, the GOLD,
the cash is king
the chain, the ring,
the car the bling
the moth, the club,
the plug with the deal,
your mates are snakes,
they turn like a wheel
your flats are infested
and rats will squeal
- (Ryano)
- Get in.
With jealousy, greed,
and envy they breathe
Paro from mixing the
Coke with the weed
you fill up a clip
and located the fee
- (Ryano)
- Get out of the way.
- (Noctor)
- Move the fucking wheelchair.
- (Noctor)
- Bastard.
- (Noctor)
- A bollox! Here's back up!
The shower, the blade,
the blood down the drain
the hospital bed where
your soul left the stage
they lower your body
six feet in the grave
They're screaming 'Don't go'
but she knows it's too late
I told ya, I told ya
they'll be coming for you
they'll be coming
for you, its too late
it's too late, it's too late
- (Canto) - Right... Keep you
head down son!
It's too late, it's too late
it's too late, it's too late
it's too late, it's too late
they lower your body
six feet in the grave
They're screaming 'Don't go'
but she knows it's too late
it's too late
[slow drums bangs and
police sirens scream past]
FREEDOM by Tadhg Conroy)
Whiskey, please, Deke.
We don't serve the
likes of your kind in here.
Do you want me to turn
this place upside down?
Find I ove inside a
drink inside a drug
Smoke and snort
inject and drink get numb
Some say you can
never have enough
Do what you want.
Some will say you
can never have it all
Nice one.
But that's not true
Cause I'm search
in for freedom
How are you, lads?
Freedom lets become alive
I have to say lads,
it's a very stressful job.
Chasing criminals
around this town,
I'd say so.
Can I take a smoke on you?
Be my guest.
Are you sure?
I forgot to go to the shop.
Oh, that's so good.
You know lads,
I'd love your job.
Sitting around, skulling
[drinking] pints all day, having
the craic
with the lads in Deke's.
You see, there's me, I'm a fool.
I thought that you'd be
around the town grafting,
making money.
But no, you're wasting money.
Do you know where Canto is?
Can find some thin
to ease my mind
I haven't see him.
Yeah, me too.
I have to say, he's been
a real thorn in my side,
this Canto fella.
Do you get me?
I'll leave it with you two lads.
Thanks for the smoke.
Prick, that thing.
[music fades, to a busy street]
[seaguls scream in the distance]
by Crimes Against)
[Soft piano keys
play a somber song)
Good girl.
Please, step forward.
Heavenly father, in your love
you have called us to know you.
Led us to trust you.
Bound our life with yours.
Surround this child
with your love.
Protect her from evil.
Fill it with the holy spirit
and receive it into the family
of your church, that it
may walk with us in the
way of Christ and grow
in the family of your love.
[euphoric melody
lifts the spirits]
(Baby Rachel tries to speak)
(Virgil) -I could go anywhere,
you know what I mean,
I could stay here and I
could go to America, yeah.
- (Virgil)
- Dan.
First class honours.
Ah, deadly.
I'm very proud,
do you know that.
How did the christening go?
I just want to thank
the both of you,
You know what I mean, for
everything you've done, like.
I really appreciate it
and I'll never forget it.
Are you leaving, Dan?
Good luck.
I suppose you have to
do what makes you happy.
there's the barge back.
The engine's fixed.
Keep that envelope.
All the receipts and
all are in it and
there's a few bob
in it as well just to help
you get back on your feet.
Thanks, Dan.
Just look after
yourselves, right?
- (Virgil)
- Dan.
I just wanted to say,
for everything.
You've been great.
Look, you know.
Take care, right?
And look after
your ma, will you?
I will, I promise.
Good man.
I'll see you.
See you.
I'll see you.
[children play loudly
and birds sing]
[Childrens voices fade out]
[a sound of rumbling doom
play inside Canto's head]
[a pacing heart beat
adds to the sound of doom]
{[footsteps join the
symphony of chaos]
[the footsteps get louder]
- Something you can plug, as
well. Do you know what I mean? -
Can I talk to you?
Fuck's sake.
[the chaotic sounds disappear]
Just give us a minute, will you?
Go boys.
Yeah, just a sec boys, yeah.
Yeah, no bother, bro.
Don't go far, yeah,
this won't take long.
(Song: I'M NOFLYING by Paro Pablo)
[rap music and traffic
in the distance]
Like a fucking eejit [idiot],
I gave you another chance
and then you just threw it
right back in my fucking face.
The stupid cunt that I am.
But you still wore the
suit though, I like that,
you look great, man,
very dapper.
I'm no good at this, right.
I don't know what to
say to make it right.
I was a terrible father.
Look I'm...
No good.
You know, so am I, so
we have that in common.
What's that?
Look after the kids.
Baby Rachel and the
other one on the way.
Be better than what
I was, will you?
So, that's it then is it, yeah?
Right, see you.
[paper bags crackles]
[distorted radio sounds]
[Silence apart from footsteps]
Dan, are you okay?
You can tell me.
You can talk to me.
Just go, will you.
Whatever it is we can talk it
out, and we can get over it.
Just go, will you.
You know you can
trust me, don't you?
Look at me, Dan.
[Dan takes a deep
breath impatiently]
Look at me.
You know you can
trust me, don't you?
Just go, will you.
Will you just go?
[very aggressive knocking]
[sinster noises ring out]
[sinister church
bell echoes loudly]
[a swooping noise drags Dan
into the depths of the abyss]
(Young Dan) -Our Father, who art
in heaven, [sinister echoing
hallowed be Thy name,
Thy kingdom come,
Thy will be done on earth
as it is in heaven.
Give us this day
our daily bread,
and forgive us our trespasses,
as we forgive those
who trespass against us.
Lead us not into temptation
but deliver us from evil.
For Thine is the Kingdom,
the power and the glory
for ever and ever. Amen.
[heavenly church bells
and an uplifting voice sings]
[Church bells rings loud]
Follow me!
Follow me!
[piercing sound and
Church bells rings]
you know tomorrow is the
tomorrow is the day, Daniel.
We're going to go on
our little trip, remember?
Remember we spoke about it?
Good boy.
Get some sleep.
You're going to need your rest.
[a demonic symphony
rises in volume]
Dan! [Gently quiet]
Dan! [Increasing urgency]
Dan! [Shouting in panic]
Fuck! [Whispers]
[sinster shrill subsides]
[Dan struggles to breath]
[Dan's breathing
becomes more laboured]
[Bronco rattles car keys]
Cheers, man.
Thanks very much, bro.
What are you doing?
Ah, I'm going to fucking
I'm going to just get my head
together, park up in Dekers,
Where are you staying tonight?
No, no, I'm going to just
fucking sit in the car man and
everything out.
Bro, look if you want, you
know yourself, crash at mine
for the night, on the couch.
Cheers brother, I'm good.
Are you sure?
No, I really appreciate
that, brother, yeah.
Are you sure, yeah?
Love you man, thanks
very much, man.
Bro, you know where I am.
Shout me if you need anything.
No, I'm just going to
keep the head down.
Anything, just shout me, yeah?
Thanks man.
Love it.
[door slams and the
car engine starts]
[somber piano keys play]
I love you, son.
I love you too, mam.
[Canto takes a deep breath]
[Car door opens abruptly]
Get him out of the car.
The fuck?
Get the fuck off.
Get him out now.
Get the fuck off me.
Who the fuck are you cunts?
I don't even fucking know you.
Ryano, I mean what the fuck?
I've got the money, man.
Oh, you've got the money?
I've fucking got it; I'm not
bullshitting you, brother.
I've got it all, I'll fucking
pay you double man.
I've got a fucking stash; I can
get it out in five minutes, man.
- He's got the money. - Fucking
sweet, bro, we're sweet.
I've got all your I've
got all you fucking money;
I swear to God, mate.
I can go and get it right now;
it's stashed around
the corner, man.
It was never about the money.
Ryano, please man.
- I know I fucked you over a
bit. - Get him in the fucking
Ryano, don't do this, mate.
I know I was slow with it mate,
but I've got the fucking money.
- I have got it.
- Get him in the fucking van.
- What the fuck do you want from
me? - Get him in the fucking
I'll give you everything I have
man, please don't fucking do
this, man.
I've got the fucking money.
Ryano, please, man.
I've got the fucking money.
Don't fucking do
this to me, man.
[van doors slam closed]
[piano keys play
slowly and loudly]
[piano keys finish
play to silence]
by Crimes Against)