The Black Hole (2006) Movie Script

SPEAKER]: Sequence
will initiate in five minutes.
All personnel, clear
north metal area.
How we looking, Shannon?
Oh, we're good to go.
Kent still down there?
I'm here.
All right, let's see what God
has in store for us tonight.
What happened?
The sensors indicate
some kind of an explosion.
I've got it too.
Section 117, northeast quadrant.
There's a radiation leak.
Anything else?
I'm seeing some sort of
anomalous energy signature
at the point of impact.
You're sure we shouldn't be
calling Spencer about this?
Not until I know what
we're dealing with.
The concern is dully noted.
You should be nearing 116.
Stop the car.
Feel it?
The air, it's gusting.
Shannon, are you getting this?
Hauser, what is that?
I can't hear you.
You're breaking up.
we don't know what--
What did she say?
Hauser, I'm losing you.
Kent, I need that beam.
I think I saw something.
Copy that.
Oh my God!
Hauser, I'm loosing you.
Kent, William, I'm
loosing your signal.
My God!
I can't!
Come on!
Come on!
Kent, what are you doing?
You're going the wrong way.
PILOT 1: .
Niner-One reported visual.
don't know if you've
been feeling them at
home, but we certainly
have here at the studio.
A series of small
earthquakes that
has been shaking the ground
beneath our very feet
for the past few hours.
So far nothing to cause
too much alarm, but enough
to leave local scientists
scratching their
heads trying to--
Ellen, in a few moments
we could be going to the
Geological Services Department
at the University of St. Louis,
where, hopefully, somebody
can offer us a better
explanation than anything
that we have to offer you now.
Eric, pick up the phone.
SPEAKER] 219 at 5219.
We're down to reach
the perimeter.
Agent 12, we need you
to update your location.
You know, nothing high.
We're talking like a 3.2, a 3.1.
--just above a 4.0
on the Richter scale.
What's causing some
concern isn't so much--
I'm coming.
Oh, this better be important.
Dr. Eric Bryce.
If you'll please
come with me, sir.
Come with you, where?
There's been an
accident at the lab.
I could use a fresh
pot of coffee, you guys.
How are were looking, Sergeant?
Current readings put us
at just under three hours
before this thing
is going to have
its way with the outer wall.
And length.
We're looking at a 10
minute evacuation window.
What's taking
Hendricks so long?
General, they're here.
I'm sorry.
Dr. Bryce, General Ryker.
I'm in command here.
Where is Hauser?
He's dead.
Follow me.
How is this possible?
I was hoping
you could tell me.
Now, you worked closely with
Dr. Hauser up until about six
months ago, is that correct?
Yes, we worked
together for 14 years.
And you're familiar
with his research?
Yes, but our work
was only theoretical.
We were years from doing
anything like this.
A consortium out of China
started showing results and--
We didn't want to
fall further behind,
so we decided to
accelerate the schedule.
Without consulting me first?
You were no longer a
part of the team, Eric.
We had no obligation to
consult you about anything.
All right, we don't
have time for this.
When did that start happening?
At 2:01 AM.
The Navy detected an
abnormal electromagnetic pulse.
The GPS was linked
to the lab here.
We came on site, locked
down the facility.
We don't have much time.
We're looking at a countdown
of less than three hours,
and God knows what's
going to happen then.
Theoretical has become
a reality, Doctor.
Are you willing to try
and help me or not?
The president, a few
of his top advisors,
and the director of
Homeland Security
have been made aware of what
we are dealing with here.
The president has
also authorized
me to explore all possible
containment options,
including nuclear action.
Who suggested nuclear action?
It's the strongest
response listed
in our contingency plans.
General, a black hole is not
an ordinary object that you
can drop a bomb on and destroy.
It's called a black hole
because its gravitational force
is so strong that not
even light can escape.
I'm not completely
unprepared, right, Shannon?
I explained all this to you.
The bomb blast's energy
will be absorbed by the hole,
increasing its size.
More than likely, it will
kick it like a soccer ball.
And we won't know where
it's going to end up.
Maybe the middle of St. Louis,
killing thousands of people.
It might crack in
two or three or five,
each with its own
destructive growth potential.
Dropping the bomb
is only an option.
That's why I had
you called in here,
so you could start
giving me better options.
I suggest you get started.
- OK.
Well, I'm going to need to see
Hauser's files, all his data
over the last six months.
Whatever you need.
Yeah, I'm going
to need her to help.
We had concerns
you would become
unstable since the divorce, that
your ability to evaluate risk
properly had become compromised
because of the trouble
back home.
What were you thinking?
Staff was consulted
and we voted.
The jury agreed with
Hauser and we moved on.
Well, the least you could
have done was call me.
I wanted to.
I voted to keep you in the loop.
I was overruled.
All right, OK, so that's it.
So you take a vote, and then
you continue with research
that will threaten the planet.
I think they might be a
little more than friends.
Last night we were
just running tests,
the same tests that
we'd run over 10
times before without incident.
They were not the same.
Something was different.
I'm sorry that I didn't
call you before this morning,
but you just haven't
been the same
since you lost custody of Kay--
Oh, no.
Ryker jammed the signal.
What's wrong?
We have move back
to her parent's house.
Kayley is not five
miles from here.
Use the fax.
It runs on a different system.
Kayley, come on.
We're going to be late.
Hello, Beth?
Beth, listen.
Look, I thought I told
you we needed some space.
Listen to me, something's
gone wrong with the research.
You have to leave
town immediately.
You're drinking again.
But-- Beth, our
daughter is in danger.
Look, you know these
calls don't work.
Kayley, come on.
Kayley's got a tennis lesson
that starts in five minutes.
I got to go.
Oh, come on.
Aren't you going to get that?
Let it ring.
What did she say?
She going to leave?
Why not?
Because she doesn't
believe what I say anymore.
Did you find anything?
I'm running a
disk check to see
if there's anything
different here than what's
posted on the server.
I'm going to go through last
night's results backwards.
We missed something.
Come on.
Show yourself to me.
Well, Commander, we all find
God in the foxhole, right?
Yes, sir.
Are those numbers
still accurate?
Yes, sir.
Hold on, everybody.
Hold on.
What's happening, Sergeant?
I don't know.
We've got size indicators
pushing up through the roof.
15% in the last 30 seconds.
We're losing time rapidly.
What do you think, Doc?
Let me look at this.
The growth rate seems to be
plateauing, still elevated,
but it stopped accelerating.
Up 26% in less than a minute.
You sure?
Secondary indicators confirm.
Well, the growth
rate should be
determined by the
hole's environment,
the density of its surroundings.
Well, some way or
another, Doctor, this hole's
growing faster
than it was before.
How is this possible?
Look, if it spikes
again, you let me know.
I'm seeing a serious
voltage drop in the main power
line feeding this facility.
Which line?
B7, B7.
My God, that's
close to this room.
But it can't be
accessed directly.
It has to be accessed
through this tunnel here.
Yeah, but if we
lose that line,
we could lose all of the
monitoring equipment.
Corporal Hendricks, yeah, I got
a problem on line, power line--
Check it out.
Take Private James with you.
I need that line
stable again A-S-A-P.
HENDRICKS: On my way.
You all right?
Just never been done
in something like this.
This data doesn't make sense.
You're right, you
were performing
the same series of tests, same
conditions, same parameters.
I told you.
Yes, but-- but there
is some variable,
something that we're missing.
Why don't you pull up the
environmental readings
from the tunnel immediately
following the accident.
There-- there must be
some clue somewhere.
That's strange.
Must be the
plate in your head.
Or the magnet in my crotch.
Hey, you hear that?
This way.
General, the hole's
growth rate is pulling back.
Thank you, Lieutenant.
And power seems to be
coming back on that line.
You were right.
It wasn't just the hole
that was registering,
they were increased
radiation levels
also in section 116, 115, 114.
Almost like something was
moving away from the hole.
Bryce, Shannon.
What is it?
Been another change
in the hole's growth.
Oh, it's going up again?
No, it slowed down.
And the change seems
to be tied to some sort
of power fluctuation we're
seeing on the main line
for the facility.
Power fluctuation?
Yeah, I sent a
team to investigate.
What's wrong?
I think those radiation
readings aren't from the hole,
but from something that
came out of the hole.
That's impossible, Eric.
Based on what
we think we know.
Smell that?
What the?
Looks like something
tore into that thing.
This is Hendricks.
Can you read me?
Get out of there.
In the utility tunnel,
down the set of stairs.
General, you have
to get them out now.
Hendricks, if you
can hear me, you've
got to get out of there now.
Can you hear me?
Get out of there A-S-A-P.
We've got growth again.
What in God's
name was that thing?
I think we found our catalyst.
I read you.
Dr. Shannon, come with me.
We've got a problem outside.
Sergeant, stay on the monitor.
I want two units in the air
right now tracking this thing.
I'm going to need to
follow on the ground.
What about the situation
right here, Doctor?
Whatever that
thing is, somehow it
came out of a black hole.
Well, how does that help it?
Well, every time the
thing takes in energy,
the hole grows.
The two are connected.
But they're separated.
Well, we've seen particles
connected over long distances
on the quantum level.
Have you ever seen anything
on this scale, Doctor?
General, look, I think
that the solution to the hole
is there.
I need to monitor it.
Get me a car.
I'll get some equipment.
If our position
is compromised we're
going to relocate
to a new command
center west of downtown.
Use this to stay
in contact with me.
Channel three.
What do you got there, Shannon?
It's a micro-magnetic
wave analyzer.
It'll help us determine
the entities property.
All right.
The signal is scrambled,
so you can talk freely.
Yes, General.
You might want to worry
less about security
and more about
evacuating the city.
I will when the
time's right, Doctor.
Sergeant Bennett, how are
we looking on the power?
Leading the news now
at the top of the
hour, yet another quake
shaking the greater
St. Louis area.
This most recent--
Who are you calling?
They probably already left.
- I hope so.
- Eric, there.
RADIO] Yes, I do.
We're just now getting
word that scientists
have identified a
single epicenter
for all the moving quakes--
It's feeding off
the power lines.
It's following the
current upstream.
If we're going to get anything
meaningful from these readings,
we've got to get closer.
Hold on.
news has been shaking
and the experts don't know why.
Seismologist at the Geological--
--Services Department
at the University of St.
Louis are still not sure
what's causing these temblors,
but one thing is certain--
I'll be in my room, mom.
Why don't you get
started on that homework?
REPORTER 5: --are
pinpointing the epicenter
of the quakes here in
the Midwestern Quantum
Research Laboratory, known
here locally as the NQRL.
So far--
How are we doing, people?
We're losing time.
Are we back online yet?
We're up.
Someone could find
me a cup of coffee.
I'll be eternally grateful.
We're going now live--
Ryker, are you seeing this?
You're telling us
that you're tracking
some sort of an electrical
phenomenon in the area
close to the--
I'm here, Doctor.
I've got a ringside seat.
--video feed to you guys now,
but basically what we have from
here is some kind of
concentrated electrical forms,
like the shiny ball of
electricity that seems to be
following the power lines.
How long have you been
following this thing, Russ?
over 10 minutes now.
And I first picked it up
from about two miles out,
so that should give
you an idea of--
I'm General Ryker,
Director Hayes--
- Here's your coffee, sir.
- Bless you, soldier.
Oh my--
Oh, whoa.
What is that?
So now you're telling me
we're dealing with a black hole
and a monster?
Yes, sir.
I know it sounds crazy, but Dr.
Bryce is convinced that the two
are somehow connected.
That this thing might be
the key to closing the hole.
And you think he's right?
At this point, I think
it's wise to take his advice.
We don't have any other choice.
I mean, we're
dealing with things
outside our base of knowledge,
outside my base of knowledge
HAYES: And your situation there?
GENERAL RYKER: We're a little
over an hour until that hole
cracks the accelerator wall.
Given that fact and the
appearance of the creature,
I think the times come to
start thinking evacuation, sir.
I'll handle the media.
You stay focused there.
Yes, sir.
I understand.
Dr. Bryce, are you there?
Are you there?
I'm here.
located our creature?
streets are about to get
a little more crowded.
Homeland Security
has just issued
an official evacuation warning.
How much time do we have?
We've got just under
40 minutes until breach.
ERIC BRYCE: Start packing up
all your nonessential equipment.
If this thing finds its way to
a high voltage power source,
I think your clock is going
to evaporate in seconds.
I'm going to have to
pull the helicopters in,
so you're on your own out there.
ERIC BRYCE: That's fine.
Sergeant Bennett,
before you leave,
make sure you upload all the
data of the systems there.
On it now.
REPORTER 8: Immediate
evacuation of St. Louis
and all surrounding areas.
I repeat, the immediate and full
evacuation of St. Louis and all
surrounding areas.
No further details
at this point,
other than one
inside source saying
that the evacuation
is not directly
related to a terrorist threat.
Am I getting this right, Ben?
I got to get in here.
You don't look so good.
Why don't you take care of it?
But those who have,
have said that this
is all probably
having something to do with
the series of earthquakes--
Hey, now, listen, when
those copters come in,
I want men down
there ready to load.
Said the president
and his aides remain
tight-lipped at this point.
What I can tell you is that
the evacuation procedures are
currently being--
- Kayley.
--by the Department
of Homeland Security.
- Kayley.
- Get your things quickly.
We need to go.
- Come on, mom.
I already did tennis.
What's the big deal, anyway?
REPORTER 8: Hearing our
numbers ranging between 2,000
and 3,000, which I
know may sound high,
but actually it's not
enough to control--
MAN 4: Attention
to all citizens.
Evacuate immediately.
What's going on?
I don't know,
but we need to go.
Officials have just
ordered the complete evacua--
Call your father.
It says that all
circuits are busy.
Keep trying.
Speculation still
running rampant,
but one thing is clear,
movement out of the city
has all but ground to a halt.
All highways and major surface
streets are now gridlocked
with few stretches
breaking five miles an hour.
Government officials are
trying to reroute traffic,
but those attempts, so far,
meeting with little success.
This thing is
blazing white hot.
You can almost see
the radiation trails.
It's almost like it's more
energy than it is matter.
Ryker, you there?
How much longer until
you finish that uplink?
I need more time, sir.
How much?
I don't know.
Just a few minutes.
OK, listen, let me know
as soon as it's done.
I want to check some
of those numbers
against the power recorders.
All set?
ERIC BRYCE: Oh my God.
things electrical intake
really is connected
to the hole's growth.
GENERAL RYKER: What is it?
got to evacuate.
Ryker, get out of there now.
You're breaking up on me.
thing's about to tap main grid.
Did you get that?
No, sir.
You're breaking up on me.
Try it again.
Get out of there now!
Wait, there's somebody there!
Ryker, get out of there now!
The entity's about to
tap into the main grid.
You've got to get
out of there now!
Hold on, everybody.
Code flame spiking
at 10%, 20%, 50%.
Listen up, everybody.
We are evacuating now.
Leave remaining
equipment behind.
That is an order.
Doctor, I am moving the command
center to the Soldiers Memorial
We'll get there
as soon as we can.
Power down as soon
as you finish here.
Yes, sir.
OK, we have to figure
out some way to get
that thing off the transformer.
We have to buy Ryker
enough time to evacuate.
But how?
It's reacting to the siren.
It also reacted to
the alarm at the lab.
Maybe it hears sounds
or feels the vibrations.
I think you're right, but why?
Well, space is a vacuum.
It's pretty much silent.
Maybe it's from some far reach
of the universe that's not used
to these kind of frequencies.
I've got an idea.
- OK.
That's it.
Upload's complete.
Where's Tolland?
I haven't seen him in a while.
He didn't look so good.
No, no, no.
Sergeant, out of here.
I'll take of this.
Go on.
MAN 5: All
personnel must evacuate--
BENNETT: Tolland.
MAN 5:
All personnel
must evacuate immediately.
All personnel must
evacuate immediately.
All personnel must
evacuate immediately.
Not your typical experiment.
You ready?
Definitely got his attention.
Get down!
You OK?
That'll give Ryker time
to get out of the lab.
Here you go.
Stay still.
Now what?
I'll call the general.
I think I know how to
get rid of the hole.
General Ryker.
General Ryker.
Come in.
General Ryker.
Whatever it did to
the truck, I think
it did to this signal boost.
How about checking the entity?
I'm not worried
about that now.
Let's go back upstairs
to our chopper pilot
reporter, Russ Martin.
Russ, what do you see?
I am over the
East St. Louis power
substation, where this
thing is on the move again.
It's leaving by way
of a major trunkline
that leads out of the facility.
And from what I can
tell, it appears
to be heading towards
the Central Street power
station, which is the main--
Move it, man.
Come on.
Hustle, man.
Sergeant Bennett, what's
taking you so long?
I can't find him.
I can't find Tolland.
MAN 6: Bravo team, get
the truck loaded now.
Get out of there
immediately, Sergeant.
We got to go, man.
The ground's beginning to give.
BENNETT: Give me
two more minutes.
That's an order, Sergeant.
If I'm not back
in five, lift off.
Yes, sir.
BENNETT: Tolland!
What are you doing?
I'm going to
smash that window.
We're taking the truck.
Wait, whoa, whoa.
Hold on.
Simple works.
To-- Oh my God.
Are you OK?
Oh, I'm fine.
- We have to get out of here.
- OK.
Come on.
We have to get out
of the building.
Let's go.
We're ready.
This way.
Come on.
Come on.
Let's go.
We've got to get out of here.
Sergeant Bennett!
Sergeant Bennett!
We're now going back live to
Russ Martin in the helicopter,
where all morning long
he's been tracking
that electrical entity.
That's right, Bat.
We are just inside the
grounds now at the main power
substation, and it seems
to be-- no, it's heading
for the main transformer.
Russ, are you all right?
We have got sparks
20, 30 feet high here.
I don't know what this
looks like on your screens,
but I tell you, from up here--
Move it.
Go, Lieutenant.
That must have been it.
The hole must have
cracked the outer wall.
We have to reach Ryker.
All circuits are busy.
Try again.
Look, with the nuclear
option still in play,
I don't want to be out of
contact with him for too long.
RUSS MARTIN: The black
energy passing has literally
tortured the grounds of NQRL.
REPORTER 9: Russ, are you
saying that the NQRL is gone?
RUSS MARTIN: From what
I can see, unless it's
underneath this thing.
Wait, hold on a second.
OK, this thing appears
to be growing, and--
what am I looking at?
It's pulling things in
from the right and left.
REPORTER 9: Pulling things in?
Russ, that doesn't make sense.
Yeah, that's right.
If I didn't know better, I
would say, what I'm looking at
appears to be some
kind of black hole.
What's happened to
the doctor and Shannon.
We lost contact with
them a few miles away
from our substation.
There was a large explosion.
Could you see if
they were all right?
There was no way to tell, sir.
MAN 7: All right,
ladies, let's move.
Everybody has their orders.
I don't want to see
anybody standing around.
Sir, Ryker.
Major Samson.
I'll take you to command.
Did you manage to download all
the data out of that facility
- Yes, sir.
But the analysis has
been put on hold.
By who?
It's about time you
joined us, General.
For a second there I thought
maybe you'd been sucked in,
become part of our problem.
Nice to see you off your
horse for a change, General.
Yeah, I think I can
only let the second string
carry the game for so long.
Another update.
It's now been confirmed.
Sources at both the
Pentagon and the Department
of Homeland Security
are now officially
describing this dark
mass we're seeing
just outside the downtown area
of St. Louis as a black hole.
Now, the best way
to describe a black hole, it's
a gravitational field so strong
that even light can't
escape it's grip.
straight to the point,
since it emergence
less than half an hour
ago, the hole has consumed
everything in its path.
It's uprooting trees,
it's destroying buildings,
it's even been tearing
apart several major highway
REPORTER 10: This is the
reason for the mass evacuation
here in the St. Louis area.
And as crazy as this is,
given the earlier events,
this is what someone
was worried about.
REPORTER 11: So now,
where does this leave us?
I mean, is there any way
to even stop this thing?
OK, thanks.
Ryker's on his way to the
new command center now.
And General Tate?
He's already there.
I want a new direction.
This thing's already
dangerously out of control.
sources putting those numbers
as high as 5,000
with an expectation
that they could double, if not
triple, in the next few hours
if something isn't done to
stop the hole's advance.
Details still spilling in,
but the general picture that's
been developing here
is that some sort of as
yet undisclosed experiment--
Any luck?
Nothing seems to work.
All right.
Just stay calm, Honey.
We're going to be OK.
There's a lot of gas
stations in this town,
we're going to find another one.
I give up.
There's no getting through.
How much further
to that memorial?
About 2, 2 and 1/2 miles out.
KAYLEY: No, it's me, dad.
Kayley, how are you?
I'm fine.
Where's your mother?
She's here.
Thank God.
Where are you?
We're just a few
miles from the house.
We're right near this thing.
Eric, we're almost out of gas,
and I don't know what to do.
I'll come and get you.
Tell me where you are exactly.
We're in the corner of
State and 59th street.
Stay there.
I'm coming for you.
All right, I'm
going to pull over.
ERIC BRYCE: It's on the way.
TELEPHONE] So you've
maintained visual
contact with the creature
through the news copters,
but completely lost
contact with the scientists?
is affirmative, sir.
No one's heard from Dr. Bryce
or his associate, Ms. Muir,
since evaluating the facility.
I think it's safe to
assume they're dead.
MAN 8: Ryker.
My only recommendation is
to wait a few minutes to see
if they somehow make contact.
Doctor Bryce is convinced that
the creature might hold the key
to stopping the hole's advance.
MAN 8:
10 more minutes,
and we have to start
thinking action.
We're going to be fine, Honey.
Come on, Eric.
Why are you so mad at dad?
You know, we just
don't get along.
You'll understand
when you're older.
- Dad says the same thing.
Hey, how are you?
I'm all right.
Let's hurry, get into the van.
You didn't tell me
Shannon was coming.
Let's go.
We're in a hurry.
the onlooker's perspective,
it may seem a bit chaotic,
but we're transporting people,
we're getting help to them, and
we're getting people treated.
RADIO] So you're
saying there's a good chance
these people will make it out
of here alive?
We're doing all we can.
In a situation like this,
that's the best you can ask for.
Three minutes.
standing here overlooking
the 5570 interchange where
you can see the number of cars
we're talking about.
An entire city's
worth of vehicles
crammed under six
major highways leading
out of the St. Louis area.
There is no way to handle
this kind of volume.
Ever since the
call for evacuation
earlier this morning, the
highways have been at a near--
Dad, I'll keep trying.
Eric, what's going on?
What's going to happen if you
don't get in touch with them?
The president's going to
authorize a nuclear strike
on the black hole.
It's all right, Honey.
Don't worry.
It's not going to happen.
WOMAN 1: Ah,
yeah, can you hear me?
Cindy, can you tell me where
you are, what you're seeing?
I'm at a dead standstill
here on the 40 West, trying
to get out of the city--
OK, I'm going to get out here.
What do we do now?
I have important
information for General Ryker.
Sir, get back, or I'll
be forced to shoot you.
Then shoot me.
Sir, we have
critical information.
Get back!
Everybody, move back!
MAN 9: This
is an evacuation red zone.
You might want to be sure to
stay with me here on this one.
It appears as though the
eastern edge of the black hole
is closing in on the stadium.
Where exactly are you, Russ?
just south of the stadium,
but you can see
the hole advancing.
I have never witnessed
destruction on this scale
The amount of debris already
in the short time is immense.
It's probably not clear
from where you guys are,
but from up here, real close--
You could just about see--
supports this-- starting
to-- hold on, here it comes.
It's ripping.
It's starting to tear apart.
This is truly unbelievable.
I don't know if
you're getting this,
but, if I didn't
know better, I would
say I was watching Lego Bots
being sucked up by a giant--
the whole thing is gone.
Guys, the power of this black
hole is absolutely frightening.
And I've got to be
honest with you,
I am starting to wonder how
anyone is seriously planning
on stopping this thing.
GENERAL TATE: Time's up.
Sir, we still have not
received word from Dr. Bryce.
And I think we have no
option but to start making
immediate preparations
for a full nuclear strike
on, both, the hole
and the power entity.
You can't do that.
I have an option.
I like your timing, Doctor.
General, this is Dr. Bryce and
his colleague, Shannon Muir.
We've been
working with General
Ryker since early this morning.
HAYES: Dr. Bryce, just in time.
Everyone here is aware of
your involvement today.
But frankly, we can't
delay any further.
Now, I need to understand
what it is you're proposing
and how you plan on getting it
done, or my decision's made.
Now, you have three minutes.
All right.
I checked the rate of
increase of the hole's growth
against the power authorities
record of outages and surges,
and the two match perfectly.
It is my belief that the entity
and the hole are connected.
And that if we can get
the two of them together,
the reaction will
send both of them
to another part of the universe.
You know, this sounds
awfully convenient to me.
General, let's say that this
is a plane of the universe.
Here we are, point
A. And let's say
we have some distant
planet, or galaxy, point B.
Now, we've always been
taught that the shortest
distance between two points
is a straight line, like this.
But Einstein believed
that the power of gravity
is so great that it can bend
light, space, even time.
So the shortest distance
between two points
is no longer this,
but is in fact, this.
With point A literally
touching point B,
creating a temporary tear
in the fabric of space,
so that something
that's very far away
can show up on our
doorstep in an instant.
Now, somehow, this entity
is using black holes
to travel back and forth
across the universe,
maybe even back and
forth across time.
So it made contact
with this black hole
and just chose to come here.
No, not exactly.
It needs a weakness in
the space time fabric
that allows the entity
to punch through.
Now, as a result of Dr.
Hauser's experiment,
it found that weakness
in the here and now.
Oh, this is just a bunch
of egghead mumbo jumbo.
If we don't take practical
steps against this thing,
it's going to eat the whole
eastern half of Missouri.
General, hear him out.
Look, even if I bought
into this proposition
that somehow popping this
entity back into the hole
will destroy the
both of them, how
do you suggest we
actually control
the creature's movements?
I mean, how do we get
it back into the hole,
when everything suggests
it's moving away from it?
It is not moving
away from anything it.
It is moving toward
increased voltage sources.
Now, if we can redirect all
of the energy and electricity
in this area to a
single substation,
I think we can
isolate the entity.
And then?
Well, it responds to sound.
We can manipulate its behavior
by using certain frequencies.
General, what about we
bring in special forces
and equip them with
concussion grenades?
Now, a shipping
container equipped
with large magnetic coils could
trap the entity in its field
for the short period of
time needed to airlift
it back to the black hole.
Tate, can you handle this?
Well, we still don't
know if it will work.
We can do it, sir.
Divert the power and
move a team into place.
This is your shot, Dr. Bryce.
Thank you.
Well, nowhere
yet from Washington
on a plan to stop
the destruction.
Meanwhile, the black hole is
advancing at a steady pace.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, OK.
We're going to go
here to Russ Martin.
What a dramatic display.
This black hole
is not letting up.
It is basically following
a path from the stadium
to the Gateway Arch.
The old courthouse building
is about to become history.
Those were just panels
from the observation deck.
Oh, man.
It's pulling apart.
The Gateway Arch is
being pulled apart.
Look at the rain of debris.
The St. Louis Arch
is falling apart.
I don't believe my eyes.
The St. Louis Gateway
Arch has just fallen.
Are you all right?
- I'm all right.
What are they going
to do, Shannon?
He's inside.
It's OK.
He's figured out a way
to stop this thing.
- There's food and water inside.
Come on, let's get
away from all this.
MAN 10: Bravo team,
what's your status?
Coordinates for the target.
MAN 11: ETA is good.
This is Heavy 52.
MAN 11: Copy that.
I have visual on
the power plant.
Heavy 290.
MAN 13: LC is safe and secure.
MAN 14: 18,000s or 18,000.
We are at the staging area.
Good luck boys.
Be careful.
All right.
Gear up.
Locked and loaded.
MAN 15: This is 49.
I've got you at 3 o'clock.
Drop zone is about 100
meters straight in.
49, we're coming down now.
MAN 15: Roger that, 52.
You're at 15 meters.
12 meters.
10 meters.
5 meters.
Disconnect now.
All right, this is it.
Both sides, go!
Go go go go go!
MAN 16: Go go go.
Don't be shy.
Grab a grenade.
Copy that.
Secure the perimeter.
Are we going to
be able to touch
our communication with the
entity ZM interference?
Cameras and mics
and multiple feeds.
Any data loss on one,
to be placed on another.
Steadiest connection we have.
What about the sonics
blasting through the line?
Well, the computer
removes the blasting frequency.
That allows us to
maintain contact.
All systems up and ready.
OK, command, you can
divert power now.
Divert all power.
MAN 17: All the power, sir?
You heard me.
All power.
And pray that this thing
falls for our little trap.
We will.
Don't do one.
Just turn them all off.
Turn them all off.
Yeah, OK.
We're doing it, sir.
MAN 18: Power is off.
I repeat power is off.
OK, guys, we're looking live.
Target is moving.
Target is moving towards
the abduction point.
Looks like it's taking the bait.
Take your positions.
202 on the lead.
101 is fallback.
You ready for this?
Locked and loaded.
Target is closing.
Building speed.
PILOT 2: I'd say less than five.
I feel like I'm in
a stupid video game.
Everybody stay quiet.
PILOT 2: Delta, ready yourself.
Target is closing.
100 meters to engagement.
100 meters to engagement.
Come in.
We have visual.
Preparing to engage.
Hold your position.
Everybody stay quiet.
Our presence may
have been detected.
Command, do you read?
I repeat.
Our presence may
have been detected.
Spread out.
Get ready to circle back.
Round one, go.
Round two, go.
Round three, go.
We have two men down.
Hold your ground.
Round five.
Fall back!
Hold your ground.
MAN 19: Target is no
longer responding.
Request permission
for extraction.
Stand your ground.
Stand your ground.
My God.
I want all key personnel
evacuated immediately.
General Tate, get ready to
go nuclear on this thing.
- Nuclear is a mistake, General.
- Get him out of here!
I'm telling you,
do not go nuclear!
Take him outside!
Take him now!
Ryker, you explain to him!
You had your chance!
Give up!
You're going to
get two of them.
You're going to get three.
There's no chance anything
you do will have an effect!
Let him go.
Stand back.
Look, General, you
can't let them do this.
You're heard him, Doctor.
You had your chance.
Now, make sure you
all get to safety.
Safety where?
The bombs are not going
to solve the problem.
The hole will continue to
grow and grow and grow, taking
in the entire city,
then the country,
and then the entire planet
will collapse in on itself.
Tate and Hayes have a plan.
It's a worthless plan.
I'm sorry Doctor.
What if we didn't have
to trap the entity?
What if we only had to
lure it back into the hole?
I'm listening.
What if we rig one of
those generator trucks
with enough electricity to
attract the entity, right?
Then we just drive the truck to
the black hole with the entity
until past the gravitational
point of no return.
Those trucks generate
1,000 amps max.
That thing is sitting over
there in that substation
like a bear in a tub of honey.
Why is it going to leave
the substation to chase
something with 1/100 its power?
It wouldn't.
Not if we turn off all the
power to the substation
and all the power to
the surrounding area.
It'll make that truck look like
the brightest star in the sky.
And if it doesn't work,
what's the difference?
Who's going to drive?
I will.
No, we will.
I want you to help
Dr. Bryce here.
He'll explain what
needs to be done.
This is between you and me
and whoever you need to help.
- Yes, sir.
Lieutenant, thank
you very much.
I want this generator truck
packed with as much power
as we can.
This just in.
We have now been informed that
the government's first plan
of action for
dealing with the hole
has proved a total failure.
Will the president
now consider
the nuclear weapons option?
Well, you know,
it's interesting
because it's not currently
known how many people are
still remaining in the area.
MAN 20: Please
keep moving moving.
Do not block the intersection.
All vehicles are subject to
military evacuation orders.
You are in an
evacuation red zone.
Please keep moving.
Yes, sir.
That is affirmative.
We'll have full military
evac in less than 20 minutes.
Keep me updated.
I need to contact the president.
Tell him he needs to work on
his address to the nation.
We're still waiting
for an update,
but we do have word from the
Department of Homeland Security
that they are close to issuing
a report to the White House.
We can only guess--
Where you've been?
Just wanted to make
sure that Dr. Bryce knew
the least we could do is
get his family to safety
before dropping the bomb.
We're only doing
what has to be done.
I know that, sir, but
that doesn't make it right.
How are we looking from
an evacuation standpoint
out there?
squared away, sir.
Whenever you're ready to leave.
How are we doing?
We're almost done.
Got to move fast.
The president is getting
ready to address the nation.
Anyone who wants to get
out of here has to go now.
- Inside.
I'll finish up here.
You go.
Eric, what's going on?
They're saying on the radio
that the president's going to go
ahead with the nuclear strike.
- He is.
My God.
Listen, the general has
arranged for the two of you
to get on an army helicopter.
Hey, but what about you?
I'm going to stick around.
There's one more thing
I'm going to try.
We're running out of time.
OK, you guys hurry on.
Everything's going to be OK.
Don't you worry.
But take care of her.
You get your
people squared away?
Dr. Bryce's wife and
daughter are on their way
to the copters.
What about Bryce?
He and Shannon are wrapping
up the last of the equipment.
For what?
I didn't take the time to ask?
Well, take the time to
call them and tell them
they had better DD
Most Ricky Tick,
because we're on the
clock now, and it's not
stopping for anybody,
especially not
a couple of airdales
who've already cost us
more time than we can afford.
- Yes, sir.
If you'll excuse me.
Is there something
going on around here
that I don't know about?
I don't see how
that's possible, sir.
You're in charge.
Turn it on now.
Now, if that doesn't
look like a meal
to that energy-eating piece of
crap, I don't know what will.
That's excellent.
GENERAL RYKER: Lieutenant.
One second, General.
I bet when you woke up
this morning you didn't
think you'd be driving a
truck into a black hole,
especially with me.
No, I thought I'd wake
up, have a few more drinks,
pass out back on the couch.
But I'm driving.
Unlock the door!
What are you doing?
What are you doing, Eric?
Come on!
Can't let you do this, Eric!
Will you step off--
I can't let you do this.
You can't!
No, Eric!
Damn it.
Sorry, ma'am.
- Lieutenant.
- Sir.
Wait for me at the copter.
Yes, sir.
Shannon, there was
no need for both of you
to get on that truck.
Come on now, the
copter's waiting.
Yeah, they can
leave without me.
- Look.
- Shannon.
If he's driving,
the least I can do
is help him figure
out when that truck is
going to hit the
point of no return,
so he can jump when he needs to.
You can do that
from the helicopter.
No, I can't.
The computers with the
modeling software are here.
We break them down,
set them back up,
it's going to be too late.
You'll die if he
doesn't make it.
Which is why I have
faith that he will.
I understand.
What's happened
to our scientists?
They're staying behind.
They're trying one last
time to stop this thing
before you drop your bomb.
And why wasn't I informed?
Because you wouldn't
have allowed it.
Well, just so
as you understand,
when it comes time
to drop the bomb,
this isn't going to
affect my decision.
We're ready with your
address Mr. President.
Let's hear it.
My fellow Americans,
it is with great sorrow
that I come to you tonight to
explain the chain of events
which forced this
government to unleash
a nuclear weapon on its
own citizens and to mourn--
The thousands of people
lost in the tragedy.
The sacrifice of the citizens
of St. Louis was not in vain
Dr. Bryce, if you can
read me, where are you?
I'm about three miles from
the substation, General.
You need to hurry.
The White House is
going to authorize
a strike in a few minutes.
I know.
Is Shannon there with you?
Is she on a
different helicopter?
She refused to come.
Get her on the line right now.
I'm here.
As countless
Americans and likely
the entire planet were safe
from utter annihilation.
So such sacrifice
should always be
looked on with great respect.
There were many
in St. Louis who
tried hard to help evacuate as
many as they could in the hours
leading up to the strike.
And it is without question
that some of them, our bravest,
lost their lives tonight
in such noble endeavors.
They are our greatest
unsung heroes.
Excellent, Mr. President.
What are you doing, Shannon?
Why didn't you get on
one of the helicopters?
And let you have all the fun?
Listen to me.
Tate may drop the bomb
before I manage to get
the entity back in the hole.
You need to get
out of there now.
I'm not going
anywhere, not until I
make sure you're
not in that truck
when it crosses the
point of no return.
I love you, Eric.
I'm-- I'm not leaving.
We're doing this together.
All right, lovebirds.
Don't forget I'm in on this too.
I'm not going to let you two
showoffs take all the credit.
OK, General.
Then get ready to
lose us some power.
I'm here.
These are the times
to come together.
No one in this
nation or this world
can walk away from
today's event unaffected
because they remind
us of just how
fragile our existence can be.
So I ask you to join me to
reach out to your neighbors,
your families in
a way that you may
have thought of in the past.
But never actually done.
Work through differences,
forgive past mistakes.
And hold each other
close in support.
Out of such destruction,
proving that together,
we can always rise above.
Thank you for your time.
And God bless America.
Excellent, Mr. President.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Send the bombers up.
It's a go.
Mr. Secretary.
Confirming we have a go.
All right, people,
we have approval.
The launch is go.
The launch is go.
Initiate watch.
Initiate watch.
Mission is go.
MAN 22: Roger, team leader.
I'm set.
Just so you know,
bombers are in the air.
Try and delay them if you can.
Not possible.
You're going to have
to beat them to it.
We're taking the power down.
Doctor, I doubt if I can
get you back online again.
I'll be pulling for you.
MAN 24: Turning off power now.
Come on!
It's taking the bait.
You're a heck of
a soldier, Doctor.
Was that Bryce?
Still working on his plan?
Well, at least you
have to give the man
credit for his determination.
You're at three miles.
ERIC BRYCE: This thing's
faster than we thought.
Well, we are now finally
hearing news from the White
House that the president has
scheduled a press conference
one half hour from now.
Downtown St. Louis
has been destroyed.
What people remain
here are panicked.
Perhaps all we have
left, is prayer.
Are you sure we made
the right decision?
I'm not sure how many
choices we had, sir.
How far out am I?
You have less than two miles
until you hit the outer limit.
Is the entity with you?
Of course it is.
I have have no visual
on secondary target.
No visual on secondary target.
PILOT 3: Repeat.
No visual on secondary target.
Got a visual on
secondary target.
Heading towards primary.
The secondary has
somehow attached itself
to a vehicle of some kind.
A truck.
And they're heading
towards primary.
Did you have anything
to do with this?
You've gotten so
used to those stars,
you've forgotten
you're a soldier.
I could have you court
martialed for going
around behind my back.
You're right, General.
If I had to do it all over
again, I'd still go around you.
Sky Fox One, this
is Blue Leader.
Initiate target acquisition.
Sector Sierra, Echo,
Tango, Zulu, Lima, Five.
PILOT 3: Setting target.
SHANNON MUIR: Eric, you're
close to the point of no return.
OK, I see it.
Tell me when I'm a mile out.
Tell me when I'm one mile out.
You're coming up on it now.
Five, four, three.
- OK.
PILOT 3: I have secondary
target on unidentified vehicle.
Closing on target one.
Do you want me to engage?
Think of the
ramifications of this.
There is no
guarantee the bombing
is going to kill this creature.
It seems to me it's
worth the chance.
If you kill this thing,
and Dr. Bryce is right,
we're destroying the only
chance of stopping that hole.
Give him another minute.
For all our sakes.
PILOT 3: Do you
want me to engage?
Do you want me to engage?
- That is negative.
Unengage with Sky Fox One.
Hold visual on target.
I say again, hold
visual on target.
Holding visual.
I repeat.
Holding visual.
Give them another minute.
It looks like your
horse gets his chance.
It's not just
my horse, General.
The whole world's
riding on this one.
you're getting too close.
You've got to jump, now!
No, no, no!
Eric, can you hear me?
PILOT 3: Sky Fox going cold.
Weapons off.
Sky Fox heading back to base.
All right!
Well done, sir.
Excellent job.
Eric, can you hear me?
Well, somebody's got himself
some new beachfront property.
Do you want me
to do another pass?
You'll be running out of fuel.
Don't worry.
We'll find him.
I lost him.
Where is that faith
you told me you had?
Don't loose it.
I've got a lot of
confidence in him.
He's a fighter.
What's that there?
Make another
pass on the right.
Oh, you look great!
Oh, you all right?
Let's go see Shannon.
Hi, Shannon.
Good job, General.
Thank you, Doctor.
You have one heck of a
father here, young lady.
We did it.
Oh, we did it.
All right.