The Black Raven (1943) Movie Script

You go outside and see everything
is locked up for the night.
Alright, Mr Bradford.
Stay where you are and
keep your trap shut.
Hello, Whitey.
I thought you had ten
more years to serve.
But I was so anxious to get square
with you that I busted out.
I could have knocked you
off when I first came in.
But I had to face the judge when he gave
me my rap and I want you to do the same.
You are crazy. Maybe stir-crazy.
If I am, I got you to blame for it.
I've been laying up there in the Pen.
While the Black Raven has been
doing pretty good for himself.
We were partners when
the dough was rolling in.
But when the law tracked me down
you don't know me from a yellow dog.
All of a sudden you'd got
too smart to take orders.
When I saw what was coming I ..
Protected myself.
Why should I get into a jam
because you were a fool?
That is your story.
The way it looks from where I stand ..
You double-crossed me so
you could grab the works.
You could be wrong about that.
And I could be right.
You weren't satisfied
with a fifty percent cut.
Well, now I am going to give
you a hundred percent payoff.
Andy, come here quick.
Alright. Go easy, man.
Don't break his neck.
I wanted to make sure I had him.
There's no doubt about that.
He don't know his own strength.
We'll take him to my room.
Bring him along.
Bring me that chair.
What's the matter?
Didn't he like the service?
He is suffering from rapid delusions
aggravated by a moronic mentality.
Is that bad?
- It might prove fatal.
I hope it ain't catching.
Let up on me, Raven.
I won't bother you no more.
I'm quite sure you won't
bother me anymore.
What will you do with me?
You still have ten more years to serve.
That will keep you busy for a while.
Don't turn me in.
I'll promise to leave the
country and not come back.
I'd be a fool to take a chance on
trusting you when I don't have to.
I'm told you can slip a hot guy
across the Canadian border.
I don't think I know you.
I am Mike Bardoni.
You are the Black Raven.
Have that mug put my car away.
I would like to dry off
sometime tonight.
Maybe you would like
to see today's paper?
Register please.
- I don't think so.
I'm in a hurry to get across the border.
It's liable to rain all night.
You may as well be comfortable.
Maybe I had better.
Mike Bardoni the big-shot.
In solid with the state organisation.
A shady underground character.
What is the answer?
My racket is paying off big.
So Tim Winfield decides to take
over and makes me an office boy.
When I don't play that way
he tosses me to the coppers.
I'll come back when the heat
is off and settle with him.
Tim Winfield, huh?
He's a bad man to fool with.
Others have learned the hard way.
Alright. So it won't be easy.
Do you think I got where I
did by being a cream-puff?
How about some grub?
I didn't have time to stop and eat.
I'll see what I can do for you.
Listen, buddy. The bridge is washed out.
You'll have to turn back.
Oh dear. Are you sure
I cannot get through?
I just said the bridge was
washed out. I am sorry.
Just a minute, mister.
Are you sure it's impossible to cross?
Listen, buddy. If was possible to cross,
you don't think I'd be standing here?
No. Of course not.
But how am I going to get over?
You are not.
But is there no other way?
This is a matter of life and death.
Whose? Yours or mine?
Please. Now, you're joking.
There must be other roads.
So there is, but they're all washed out.
Have you any idea how long it will
be before the bridge will be fixed?
That just depends upon how
long this storm is going to last.
But if you must wait a while.
There's a little shack down the road
belonging to the Highway Police.
No. If I have to wait I'd much
rather take a room for the night.
Or until the storm subsides.
Then turn back about a mile to a
place called The Black Raven.
They might be able to put you up.
- Thank you.
You are welcome.
The bridge has been washed out.
You will have to turn back.
Do you have any idea how long it
will be before we can get through?
I'm afraid it won't be for some time.
Is there another way across the border?
No, sir. All the other bridges
have been washed out too.
Do you know of a place round here where
we can stay until the storm blows over?
A mile back down the road is a
place called The Black Raven.
I am sure you can get
accommodation for the night.
The black Raven?
- Yes.
Thanks very much.
- You're welcome.
What are we going to do?
- I don't know, darling.
But we're not giving up.
Even if your dad's political influence
stopped us from marrying in this state.
I wish we had not tried to elope.
- Why, dear?
Father is a vindictive man and I'm
afraid he will make trouble for you.
He has no political influence in Canada.
We're not in Canada yet.
No, but we will be.
We'll manage somehow in the morning.
I hope so.
Before father catches up with us.
We'd better get out of here
before this storm gets any worse.
I beg your pardon.
I beg your pardon.
Yeah? What for?
I just beg your pardon. That's all.
Don't bother me, screwball.
Are you the proprietor?
No, no.
He's in the kitchen scaring
up something to eat.
Good evening.
Do you want a room?
Yes. The highway bridge is washed out.
So I heard.
Let me take these.
Never mind. I will carry these.
Alright. This way please.
Register please.
Going to Canada?
Yes. I thought I would
spend my vacation up there.
Excuse me.
Why don't you watch what you're doing?
Sorry, pal. I hope I didn't
break your bottle of Cologne.
I'll show you up to your room.
Andy, there is another car outside
that wants putting away.
Another one?
If this keeps up I'll never get dry.
Let Andy have the key to your car.
Yes. Of course.
Come with me.
Nasty weather for travelling.
That is an understatement.
The bridge is washed out, you know.
I know. Register please.
Yes. Thanks.
Miss Winfield.
Any relation to Tim Winfield?
He's my father. Do you know him?
I know him by reputation.
He's a very prominent man.
You see, we like his blessing.
That's why we plan to get
married across the border.
I can well understand that.
I may as well take you
all up at the same time.
Would you pardon me for just a moment?
If you're ready I'll have
Andy take you on your way.
There is no hurry.
I'll stick around for a while.
I like it here.
Suit yourself.
I am sorry.
This way please.
Andy will be with you
in a minute, Mr Smith.
Thank you.
I hope you'll find this room
comfortable, Miss Winfield.
It's very nice. Thank you.
I can give you a room across
the hall, Mr Bentley.
That will be fine, thank you.
I'll be with you in just a minute.
I'm terribly afraid.
Everything is going to
be alright, darling.
We cross the border and marry in spite
of Mr Winfield and all he stands for.
Don't worry.
Thanks for following me up here, Tim.
I didn't follow you.
What you do means nothing to me.
I won't be surprised if you
change your mind about that.
I don't like to be kicked around.
You'll outgrow your hat, Mike.
There's no-one the organisation
can't get along without.
Glad to hear that.
Because they may have
to get along without you.
Seldom have I had such a
distinguished guest as Mr Winfield.
Do you know me?
I have had business with you.
You seem to have got wet.
- Yes.
My car went into the ditch.
I had to walk half a mile or so.
That's too bad.
Put on this coat of mine, why don't you.
While your coat dries.
That may help me from catching cold.
What business did you have with me?
I don't think you'd be interested
in talking about that now.
Excuse me while I get
a jacket for myself.
There is another car out front.
Pardon me.
I thought you were Mr Bradford.
Andy. Come here.
Mr Bradford, there's
another car out front.
Never mind about that.
That prisoner escaped.
We must search the house from top
to bottom. We have to find him.
Who searches for who?
He may be dangerous.
He is. Very dangerous, and that's
why you must find him right away.
That don't make me anxious to find him.
Where is Bentley?
I've been trying to catch up with him.
I don't give information
about my guests.
You know who I am.
You'd better cooperate with me
if you hope to stay in business.
I warned you to stay
away from my daughter.
You brought her here.
- That's right.
As soon as we reach
Canada we will marry.
You will never get to Canada.
Look here, Mr Winfield.
Lee and I love each other.
Not even you can stop us.
I could kill you for that.
A lot of people have felt
that same way about me.
But I'm still very much alive.
I hope for Lee's sake that you and I
may someday you may be reconciled.
But I won't take that.
Not from her father.
You'll take more than that.
I haven't even started on you.
Lee is not quite 21.
And I am going to have you
prosecuted for kidnapping.
I'll make sure you get the limit.
Don't stand around there.
Do what I told you.
Yes, sir.
Connect me with the headquarters
of the state police.
That's what I said. The state police.
What is going to happen?
Why is father calling the police?
He'd call out the marines if he could
to keep us from getting married.
Operator. Are you asleep?
This phone is dead.
It was alright a minute ago.
You probably noticed there
is a bad storm going on.
Anything could happen.
Once more, I forbid you
to marry this fellow.
And I expect to be obeyed.
You have no right to let a stubborn
prejudice interfere with my happiness.
I'll be the judge of that.
You'll go to your room and you'll
stay there until I can take you home.
You are a fool to think you
could put anything over on me.
Keep your chin up.
The breaks can't always be against you.
- Thanks.
Things look pretty black right now.
You dislike Allen because he had the
courage to oppose you on politics.
Why should you care who I marry?
You've never shown
much affection for me.
You can hardly expect me to show much
love for a father I can't even respect.
What do you mean by that?
Don't you suppose I can understand the
dirty politics that's kept you in power?
Do you think I'm such a fool as to
not know where you get your money?
I can also thank Bentley for turning
you against your own father.
He had nothing to do with it.
I knew about you before I met him.
- You'd better start to forget him.
Because you'll not see him anymore.
Someone tried to break into my room.
A man or a woman?
- A man I suppose.
Why would a woman want
to break into my room?
I guess you are right.
This is no joking matter.
My life may be in danger.
Alright. I will go and look
under the bed for you.
Everything is alright here.
Someone tried to open that door.
That door is locked.
It must have rattled in the wind.
I don't think so. It sounded exactly as
if someone was trying to pick the lock.
Just your imagination.
You look very familiar to me.
Where have I seen you before?
I am sure we've never met before.
I suppose I remind you of someone else.
I never forget a face.
Something about you is
impressed in my memory.
Maybe it's the decorations.
I got it.
You are Horace Weatherby.
The missing bank cashier.
I have seen your picture in the papers.
I don't know what you're talking about.
How much did you get away with?
- I didn't get away with anything.
I'm on my vacation and I have a right to
go where I like and do what I please.
How much did you get away with?
I could find out for myself
by opening that satchel.
No. Wait a minute.
I'll tell you.
Fifty thousand dollars.
That's far from being peanuts.
You'd better turn that money over to me.
No. I won't.
This is my last and only chance
to live and I won't give it up.
All my life I've been nothing but
an animated adding machine.
I wasn't supposed to have
any feelings or emotions.
They just wound me up once a
week with the little salary check ..
That was supposed to make me
tick until the next Saturday.
And traveling back and forth to work
in that crowd in the sweat and garlic.
All I could think of was fresh
air and the out of doors.
I never planned to embezzle any
money but the chance came one day.
And I took it.
That money goes back where it belongs.
I can't give it back now
that I've gone this far.
I have no desire to see
you sent to prison.
If I take that money back you
are free to do what you like.
It's that or stand trial
for embezzlement.
They took me from behind.
- The whole bunch of them.
Take your foot out of that clothesline
and you won't be attacked anymore.
It could have been a fellow that
tried to kill you. How was I to know?
You go up the back stairs.
I'll look around here for a while.
I'll meet you on the second floor.
It's none of my business.
It might be a good idea if you were
to keep out of sight for a while.
I'm not running away.
Mr Bradford. I found a dead man.
I pretty near stepped on him.
[ Thunderclap ]
Hear that?
Something must have hit him
a terrific blow on the head.
It gave me a funny feeling when
I saw him there with your robe on.
For a minute I thought it was you.
Did you look to see if anyone
was hiding in the rooms?
No, sir. As soon as I saw that corpse.
I left right now.
Let me out. Let me out of here!
You'd better stay here.
Let me out of here.
What's happened?
Why is everybody so excited?
Your father met with an accident.
Where is he?
- Best for you to stay here.
You don't think that I ..?
No. You couldn't have.
Oh dear. How awful.
How did it happen?
Evidently someone didn't like him.
There's nobody upstairs.
One of our guests seems to be missing.
Yeah. How about the fellow
that signed the register?
John Smith.
There is your murderer.
- It might be.
Go and see if any cars are missing
and make sure that none leave.
Yes, sir.
Come on in and shut the door.
Where's that money?
Is that the 64-dollar question?
- Quit stalling.
That little shrimp had 50 grand in his
satchel and Winfield took it from him.
Somebody has got that money now.
And it could be you.
So you killed Winfield?
We won't worry about who killed
Winfield. Where is that dough?
I don't know.
Thank you for telling me about him.
Maybe I'm wrong. I don't know.
Maybe that young fellow got himself
a wedding present the hard way.
Anything is possible but I don't
believe that's the answer.
Where is that money now?
It isn't a pigeon that
can fly home by itself.
They should keep that cellar door locked
before somebody breaks their neck.
Mr Bradford!
Mr Bradford.
Mr Bradford.
What is it this time?
- There's someone down in the cellar.
You probably heard a mouse.
- I didn't hear nothing. I saw a shadow.
Plenty of shadows down there.
But they stay put.
They don't move around.
With your imagination you could
see the Statue of Liberty do a conga.
Hello Sheriff.
What brings you out
on a night like this?
The phone operator said someone from
here tried to call the state police.
Then the phone went dead.
That's right.
But he won't need them now.
No? Why not?
Because he's like the phone.
- Dead?
Died kinda sudden, didn't he?
I think he was murdered.
And you act like that's
nothing to get excited about?
Where is the body?
We'll have to go upstairs.
- Alright. Lead the way.
Don't any of you leave this room.
There he is.
Who is he?
Tim Winfield.
Tim Winfield?
He is one of the big men of the state.
I got to land someone for this murder.
That ought to be easy for
a man of your ability.
Don't you worry about my ability.
What do you know about this murder?
No more than you do at the moment.
I will decide about that later.
Who found the body?
He was looking for an escaped convict.
You think you can explain this murder by
pulling an imaginary convict from a hat?
I thought you could do better than that.
Let's go downstairs. I want to talk to
Andy before I do any more investigating.
Did you find the body, Andy?
- Uhuh.
You're sure he was dead
when you found him?
He didn't say whether he was or not.
And I didn't stop to ask no questions.
Hey. You ain't thinking maybe I done it?
Never mind what I think.
You answer my question.
I didn't have no reason to kill nobody.
But he did.
To keep himself from being
arrested for kidnapping.
They had a fight right
here in this room.
And I heard him say he
could kill the other fellow.
So, you had a fight
with the corpse, huh?
My father objected to Allen and
I being married. That was all.
Let him answer my question.
And I warn you that whatever you
say can be used against you.
Where were you when the
murder was committed?
Right here in this room.
Who was with you?
- No-one. I was alone.
Well, that's not much of an alibi.
The corpse was calling the state police
to have you arrested for kidnapping.
You cannot beat that for a motive.
I guess we can call this crime
solved without too much trouble.
You're more stupid than usual, Sheriff.
That boy is not a murderer.
Maybe you're mixed up in this too.
I've had suspicions about your business
here at the tavern for a long while.
Yes. I noticed that.
It has been very amusing.
Yeah? Well maybe it won't be
so funny one of these days.
You come with me while I
finish looking around upstairs.
You'd better stay here.
- No. I am going with you.
Don't stand there and argue. Come on.
It's too bad you weren't born without
a tongue instead of without a brain.
I didn't want him to think I'd done it.
Alright. He does not think
you 'done it'. So get out.
Yes, sir.
You're not planning on having John Law
get me out of your way, are you?
You aren't in my way.
But I'm not going to have that boy take
a rap for a murder he did not commit.
Ah, the Raven has turned
soft all of a sudden.
He just wants to get
the kid out of a jam.
He's not a bit interested
in the fifty grand.
Believe it or not that's the way it is.
I don't believe it.
That dough is around here someplace
and nobody elbows me out of the way.
I beg your pardon.
What's the idea of pushing
me down the stairs?
I really didn't push you.
Maybe it was an accident.
What you want anyhow?
You have the keys to my car.
Will you give them to me please?
Mr Bradford said no-one
is to leave here.
The sheriff has the murderer.
There's no longer any need
for the rest of us to remain.
Mr Bradford says no-one leaves.
No-one leaves until he says different.
I am afraid to stay here. I know
there's going to be more violence.
And my nerves can't
stand that sort of thing.
It's no use arguing.
If I can stand it, you can. Come on.
You'd better confess.
It will save me the trouble of
looking for the murder weapon.
And it will be easier on you.
I have nothing to confess.
He couldn't do a thing like that.
You must believe me.
Lady. You've got to cooperate
with the law or keep quiet.
If you allowed anyone to cooperate you
may not make such a fool of yourself.
When I want your advice I'll ask for it.
You'll having my advice
whether you want it or not.
You are trying to pin a
murder on the wrong man.
If you're so dead sure he's innocent
then maybe you are guilty.
Maybe I am. You don't know that I'm not.
Are you confessing?
- Certainly not.
I'm merely trying to point out that
you don't know who's guilty.
You're just trying to confuse me.
That's all.
He is guilty.
I'll have no trouble to convict him.
Get in there.
You're no better than I am.
Where did Winfield go when he
took that money from you?
I don't know what you're talking about.
- Quit stalling. I heard everything.
Winfield hid that money someplace.
Where did he go?
- I don't know.
Did you kill Winfield?
Don't say a thing like that again.
Somebody might think you meant it.
Now, why don't you confess and
take life instead of the chair?
I tell you I have nothing to confess.
You're just being foolish. That's all.
You can't beat this case.
Tim Winfield has got a
lot of important friends.
And they'll make it their business
to see that you're convicted.
Run out. Run!
You've done that on purpose.
I am so sorry.
I hope you didn't hurt yourself.
Darn it.
Of course, in a way I am
sorry he made that break.
It makes it look worse for him.
His only chance.
That crooked political bunch would
be only too glad to railroad him.
To get him out of the way.
Yes. That's true enough.
We've got to find the murderer.
You wait in your room until
I see what can be done.
Stand where you are.
Don't try to make another break.
Stop! Or I'll shoot.
[ Gunshot! ]
I heard a shot.
Yes. I thought so too.
It must be the thunder.
It wasn't thunder. I was standing by
the window and I saw the gun flash.
I am afraid Allen has been hurt.
Don't you be frightened.
He had plenty of time to get away.
He might have tried to
come back on my account.
Don't worry about something that
will probably never happen.
Why doesn't that copper come downstairs
and go on about his business?
I really don't know.
Maybe The Raven is cooking up something
with him to put the skids under me.
Mugs bother me.
Maybe one of you knows
where that money is.
I'll not give you a chance to scram
with the dough while my back's turned.
I assure you ..
- Never mind about that.
I'll see that you stay put.
Come on, start moving.
Get down those stairs.
I don't like it down there.
- Neither do I.
Who asked what you like? Get down there.
I guess that will hold you.
I thought I knew you.
I seen his shadow
creeping along the wall.
What are we going to do?
Fight for our lives.
Where is that copper?
Outside catching cold. I hope.
Maybe the girl here knows something.
She could have been slipped the satchel.
What's he talking about?
He has an idea that someone
has a satchel full of money.
You aren't kidding anyone.
There's 50 grand around here someplace.
- There's also a murder to be solved.
If you don't top talking about that
there's apt to be another one.
Now you're quite satisfied no money
is here, perhaps you'll untie us.
It's around here someplace.
You stay right where
you are until I find it.
I have the place to myself now.
I can give it a real going over.
I'm afraid I had
overlooked this possibility.
I haven't heard a sound.
- I doubt there's anyone else down here.
We can't know for sure.
It's all your fault.
If you'd given me the keys to my car
I wouldn't be in this predicament.
You must get me out of here.
I'll find something to
break down the door.
Let go of me.
I won't be locked up down
here with a murderer.
Shut up or I bust you one.
I must get away from this awful place.
- Look here.
You're better off down here
than you would be up there.
What's going on here?
There is someone hiding over there.
We'll find out who that is.
Come out with your
hands up or I'll shoot.
So you thought you could
escape the gallows, eh?
I'll make sure you don't try that again.
Go on, get upstairs.
I'll have you free in a minute.
Did I hurt you?
- No.
[ Gunshot! ]
Where did that shot come from?
Did you fire that shot?
- I did not.
Allen. Allen, are you hurt?
No, darling. I wouldn't have been caught
if it hadn't been for those two nitwits.
Andy, you go on about your work.
Mr Bradford, it wasn't my fault.
I was locked down in the basement.
Get out of here.
What's the matter with you?
Have you lost your mind again?
There is a dead man in there.
A dead man?
That bullet was meant for me.
That's another murder for you.
Go ahead and solve it.
Maybe you can pull
something out of the hat.
I give up. The Sheriff can
handle this to suit himself.
It has stopped raining. I can leave.
Will you give me the keys to my car?
You can have them as
far as I'm concerned.
I'll be happy to see
the last of this place.
You must see the sheriff before you go.
- Yes. I will.
You heard him. Give me my keys.
Look here, Sheriff.
Maybe you didn't commit the second
murder but I have got you for the first.
Sheriff, you're making
a terrible mistake.
We will see about that.
Just a minute, Mr Weatherby.
You killed Tim Winfield.
No. That's not true.
I didn't kill anyone.
You're going to run away and let
young Bentley suffer for your crime.
If that's another murder
I'm going screwy.
Move over, Sheriff.
Who fired those shots?
What goes on here?
Here is the man who
killed Winfield, Sheriff.
I wouldn't suspect he had
the nerve to kill a rabbit.
Just a minute, Sheriff. Let me explain.
- Shut up.
What makes you think he killed Winfield?
The evidence was clear enough.
Although it did take a little
intelligence to unravel it.
Also, he has the money.
The other murderer.
Is there.
He was an escaped convict.
Whitey Cole.
Who was after me.
Why did you kill Winfield?
I didn't mean to kill him.
But when he took the money from me it
was just as if he'd torn my heart out.
You see, I'd gambled everything
on that last chance to live.
And without the money it was useless.
As I sat there thinking about
that I got desperate.
I picked up the footstool.
And followed him into a room where
he'd gone to hide the money. I hit him.
As hard as I could.
I wanted to hurt him but I
didn't think it would kill him.
And then I threw the
satchel out the window.
Planning on picking it up when I could.
Mr Bradford, you're hurt.
I guess Whitey has paid off.
I hope you will both ..