The Black Rider: Revelation Road (2014) Movie Script

When he opened the third seal
I heard the third living creature
saying. Come
And I looked, and behold,
one black horse;
And he that sat on him had a balance
in hand
Revelation 6:5
2 years after the event
Wolf Point, Montana
I say... Mr. Drake, please!
It was just a meat pie!
My family was hungry.
I'll pay!
We know from high school!
Look what you do!
Is not right!
Abner! Abner!
You're right, Drake, look at you!
We are all hungry.
Would you forgive him?
Want anarchy...?
Theft, rape and murder
Want to live outside
like them?
Scavengers and cannibals?
Is that what you want?
Then pack and go!
Not what I meant.
I thought so.
We are civilized people
and I keep order...
Come on! Kill him now!
Do not leave! Drives very well.
Get the molotov!
Not understand. Take out the good stuff!
But it is only for emergencies.
And do you think it is!
Hey, my rifle!
Dale with dynamite!
Comes by side!
Dale with dynamite!
You, leech...!
worth one tank of gas!
The Black Rider: Revelation Road
Stay away! It's mine!
I thirst.
Am I going to die?
There is no alternative.
Mr. Drake, president appreciates
effort here at the border.
Your situation is difficult.
Not need praise, but
food, weapons.
The board believes that their rations
are suitable
climate and population.
Are a joke!
My people starve.
Well see, some unscrupulous mayors
these border towns hog rations.
They feed well with their delegates
while the rest suffer hunger,
But do not believe you.
Sea of those.
Of course not.
The next year
every citizen must be identified,
evaluated and have a range.
Believe me, Mr. Drake, there are advantages
having a high rank.
What do you want in return?
To evaluate its usefulness, ULC
asked capture a criminal
called the Pastor in its territory.
Sounds easy; But it is not.
No matter.
It is a priority for President.
Should catch it.
Not return repeated.
Is it a threat?
If there gives us the shepherd,
replace it.
Have a week.
Are you, right?
The northerner who all speak.
Say you never lose a fight.
Just Like Heaven.
I'm cold.
Would you pray for me?
No need.
I will heal you.
According dad, God does not hear our prayers
since that day.
But maybe
Yes you will listen..
What do you want?
Help: I bring a girl wound
Open step!
I need a doctor.
I pay.
Show me what you bring.
No time. Die.
Please open the passage.
I do not like your attitude.
Back tomorrow.
Wait! Stop!
Out of the car!
Hands up!
Okay. All Right.
Shame on you!
Bring a girl wound.
What will reject not pay you?
Drake will know, Sofia.
I'm warning you!
Maybe you speak of that
poison you call liquor
and plants in your basement.
My basement would be
a good place to hide you corpse.
He comes with me.
We'll see.
You really can afford?
I risked his neck for you.
I pay. Thank You.
'm Josh.
No matter. Follow Me.
Can we go faster?
We must draw attention.
What is your problem?
They are hungry.
The mayor keeps them at bay.
But not you?
That will not matter.
Make heal your wife and go.
It is my wife; Just 16
Yes, of course.
Scavengers abducted.
His parents asked me to rescue her.
Is that yours:
Rescuing girls?
Just trying to help whenever I can.
Another religious fanatic.
A what...?
A tip:
Do not try to preach here.
People do not want to hear that.
Over there.
Stab in the abdomen.
Good. Step back, please.
How serious is it?
No I'll steal.
It is better not to see.
Sheriff! Sheriff!
There is a problem in the past.
Take care.
Show me.
you care for her!
Are you surprised?
Think so.
Who cares for others
not last long out there.
And it looks like you've been
active while.
I was in northern awhile.
In the north?
Yes, many need help there.
I heard legends of the north, about a man
a fan that helps people
Are you?
It's everything I have.
Is it enough?
Lord, the wound is deep.
There are many damages.
I'm not qualified.
Are not you Doctor?
is there anyone else who can help?
Not anymore.
My mom was the surgeon
Was it? Where is?
's Gone.
It's everything you need to know.
Is she alive?
I do not know.
Listen, we have antibiotics
to keep her alive a few days.
This will cover the expenses.
How many days?
Maybe three.
more would have to ask the mayor,
and I know what his answer.
Do it.
Where is your mother?
Oh, no.
Nice car.
My chief says you
illegally entered the village..
Here we take seriously the law.
I let him in, Victor.
Bring a wounded girl.
You shut.
This is what will happen:
I give you your keys and pay a fine.
If you can not afford...
Do not behave well.
Kill him!
Knees, or I'll kill you.
He did nothing.
It was my fault!
'll Take care of you later.
Take your hands off me!
It's a 1972 Plymouth Roadrunner
With 383 engine, go!
's My new baby.
Treat it well.
What a view! Huh?
Come on, give me a reason.
hang it with my hand holding the rope,
as I feel how you asphyxia
I think it's a bad idea.
Let me think.
Josh McManus.
Do you know? Occasionally come here
religious fanatics.
Rangers crossed
only cause problems.
God talk a lot but do not respect our laws.
But lock them over drinks
and see how they really are.
Where are you going?
Where do I want to reach?
I think you're authentic.
I come all these stories
on a black rider north
a man of God who never lost a fight.
I just tried to save the girl;
Did not want to cause problems.
You came to my village
illegally attacking my delegates.
Now I hang.
's The law.
But... Luckily,
both want the same thing:
A Grace's mother, Sofia,
and town doctor.
The need,
Where is?
Have you heard of Pastor?
Yes, it is something of a prophet.
It's a tramp.
Name is George Hilcott.
Last winter
roamed the people saying crazy things.
One day just disappeared.
Thought he was dead;
Then I heard who was gathering followers
and performing miracles.
Grace ran after him in the summer.
We send people to search.
Some returned empty handed.
Others never returned.
And you think I
I can find it?
My men could not find hay in a haystack
but you have experience and motivation.
But there is more.
Do you know who I was?
A nobody.
Worked at the gas station half time.
Not want to be in charge of anything.
Then came the Day
learned something of myself.
That would not be
victim of anyone.
I killed many men
who thought they could
rob me and harassing me.
half the village was gone,
half sought my leadership
so I gave it.
You see, some want to relive
as before,
not just survive.
I can not afford to think
prophets and miracles,
but I'm not blind.
I have seen unexplainable things.
Pastor... We found their tracks and camps;
But it's like chasing a ghost.
Some believe it is a genuine saint,
and that only a man of faith
can find it.
So you think I can find
because I have faith?
Find the Pastor and find Grace
so will save the girl.
stay to hang morning.
You decide.
're Lucky, jockey.
Next time I'll break it in half.
There you go, with gas and oil.
It's a beauty.
80 miles west.
Know that using this corridor
Christians to smuggle refugees
crossing the border into Canada.
Will return to the doctor.
Do not let her die.
Up to you.
Are you sure of what you do?
The perfect man for the job
appears at the right time...
's something I can not ignore.
Do you see me face religious?
They took no gasoline,
meat only.
Josh, let me out!
Are you kidding?
Sheriff? What it does
Mr. Drake, why
takes our supplies?
She is an outsider. We care
ours first.
But it die.
How is the signal?
The satellite is online.
We're on the move.
We have a problem.
Sofia is not.
Not find her anywhere.
Been slope of self
at all times?
Yes, of course.
Well, maybe not all the time,
now that I think about.
She ruined everything.
Come on!
Is not funny.
Me out.
Sorry, yes?
Come on.
I know this looks bad,
but you do not understand.
Not know how he is.
I am your prisoner,
my mother until he fled.
Had tried to leave,
but they would not let me.
Were my only way out.
Sorry, yes?
What are you doing?
Have enough gasoline to you back to town.
16 km over there.
Do not follow me.
Can not you hear me?
I will not return.
I have to find her.
I must find her.
Do not do this.
Do not trust him.
Not know how it is.
Do not leave me here alone!
Come on!
Away from me!
Anda, silly, surround it!
Ay! I cut it!
Do not take my baby.
Always works.
Gave me really, Ellie.
Well it had to be real, right?
Truth, Lord?
Ay! My nose!
Look how auto, Bobby!
Can I stay with him?
Bobby McCallister.
What would Mom?
Take only what you need.
Go! At least one lap.
You can drive it home.
But it sell to Honcho.
Do you understand?
Not last three days.
What We Do
I do not know.
For payment we accept that man!
We must do something!
What are you doing? Someone will see it.
I do not care.
I do not care.
Johnny, where are you going?
The people, Mom.
Should I make a delivery.
Where is your brother?
Is back today with prey.
Yuck! I ate meat.
Oh, good.
Are not you going to cry?
To beg for your life?
Not among my priorities for today.
Do not know where to find
Pastor, do you?
Do not say that name under my roof.
We brought ruin.
's What he promised:
Hell and damnation if we arrepentamos.
But I will not deceive me.
Not a prophet;
Is a demon.
But do you know where I can find?
Mom wants to experiment with new flavors.
I've told that
not work here;
But your car is worth 10 times
what your flesh.
Bobby! Someone came!
I'm coming, Mom.
I'm coming.
Fast food, refreshments.
This place sucks.
Chocolates, whipped cream.
No longer exist and never will.
These farmers scare me.
Why do not we kill
and we took the car?
In my country we learn soon
you can not get money
the dead.
Hey, one of these days you tell me
where you are, right?
Hey! None of your business
where I am!
Hello, gentlemen.
I told you not to follow me.
Well, if you want to be dinner,
for me is fine.
I go.
Okay. Find the key.
There are so many.
Just focus.
Easy for you to say.
Bobby, when will be ready
my ribs?
Mom Soon... very soon.
Is not here!
There must be another key.
I seek.
Are you okay?
More or less.
You should kill them.
We cause problems.
Do not you want?
My car was sold to a man named
Is the head of a clearing.
Do you know him?
Yes, I know. Charming.
Where is?
Are we going to walk?
It lies 48 kilometers from here.
This appears.
So we're a team?
We'll see.
Over there.
Hey, Josh.
I think I'll stop eating meat.
Yeah, me too.
What good car, man.
Hey, back!
If you touch these tires
without my permission
Skin you alive and be food for my pigs.
Back, ago.
'm Not sure what happened here.
It is seen that there was a fight.
Where do we go now?
Piece of junk ULC.
No, no, no, returns!
That, friends again.
Where is?
Well, is no longer
on the farm of McCallister.
Think I went looking for Honcho.
The clearinghouse?
Going down the wrong path.
Go to the clearinghouse.
And if Sophia is with him,
get rid of it.
Separate them.
How this all about?
Think you can find the type Pastor
because he has faith and
she will give you bad luck?
Just do what I say.
I told you I can find it.
Not need this rider.
's Been five months
and still can not find it.
Johnny! Johnny, are you?
Yes, Mom.
We ambushed, Johnny.
Go help your brother!
It's in the barn!
Hardly speak.
What is your story?
I had not met a traveler
that was not a jerk.
So, tell me.
You lost someone in the Day?
All lost someone.
My wife, my daughter.
Were saved.
Although I guess is good, right,
because they are in Heaven.
Can you teach me to
believe what you believe?
As a child never went to church.
My mother thought it was a waste of time.
We were not interested.
How things change, right?
Were not clean,
I had to.
Do not you understand?
Where are you?
I do not find you.
Please, please!
My Shepherd.
My Shepherd.
Stay behind.
The'll cut.
I will not hurt you.
That they all say.
I'm looking to Pastor,
Do you know him?
I found it and walked with him,
and then one night I left.
When I tried to go back, I could not,
I could not return.
I can not control it.
The devil,
the devil is in my brain
and I can not get it out.
I can not get it out.
Tells me to do things.
Should not die,
not that way!
's Crazy.
Can you help me find it?
I do not think let me find it.
I do not think... will not let me find him.
Going to burn, gonna burn, will...
Jesus is for you.
He loves you.
He will forgive you.
Listen to me, okay.
The've got, you got it.
Yes, yes.
You the give away, but
would you help me find it?
how I will help you find it?
Look, here, here.
Only points on the map.
Notes on the map where you saw last time.
Just calm down.
This is where I lost it.
Here you see him last?
Yes, here.
I found it, I found it.
Okay, here.
Take it.
Jesus, forgive me.
Are McCallister.
You should kill them!
They escape, come on.
Why let him live?
You saw what they are.
Come here, my friends!
Never killed a man
if I have no choice.
And almost always there.
Is that what it says your book?
No, that's what I say.
We are friendly!
Have you invented that rule?
Is it serious?
Want to kill us, take it.
I do not need.
This is the plan.
I'll draw them.
Then, count to ten,
and runs into the house.
Do not leave until ready for you.
Wait, no. Josh!
I see. Why are you running?
Three, four, five, six,
seven, eight, nine, ten.
Hello? Is there anybody home?
's Going to find.
They went by.
I saw separated.
The two, shut up.
Look carefully.
I see!
Is not it!
What's up?
Thinks it's clever.
Where's Johnny?
Johnny, Johnny, what happened?
I took my gun.
I do not like this, Bobby.
Maybe we should let it go.
That's what he wants,
meat but just like everyone else.
We're going to find
and your wife too!
I had the opportunity to kill
and I did not.
Go away.
Not scare us!
You were lucky!
It's not luck.
Over here!
Sorry, there
knew there was someone here.
Okay, dear.
It's nice to see a friendly face.
I do not get very often visits.
Listen, get off
to your basement and hide.
Hiding? What is happening?
There are people in the forest
who wants to kill us.
Can you hear them?
That does not worry me.
Young people always fighting.
Love how the trees in the winter look.
Do not they look beautiful?
Come on, we have to hide.
How is it called?
I say Aunt Bea,
but never married.
Maybe I regret not having children.
I was a midwife, you know.
Saw many babies die in childbirth,
guess I removed the idea.
The Good Lord is the only husband I needed.
Aunt Bea?
Hi, do you know?
It's nice to see a friendly face.
I do not get very often visits.
How do I...?
Why are you still here?
Do not you hear call you?
I do not think. I do not know.
Do not you know?
Well, you better start listening.
It's almost time.
What does it mean?
Time for what?
What? The end.
Tell me, how do I hear?
If you want, you will hear.
Jesus is the door.
Whoever enters through Him
be saved.
I do not understand.
Do not understand me, girl?
Do not you know your verses?
All in the Bible,
in the Good Book.
Lord I'm coming, I hear you.
I love how it smells
the forest in the winter.
Does not she look beautiful?
Sofia? Sofia!
The vehicle is here.
I see neither the rider nor Sofia.
What do you want?
The owner of this vehicle,
where is it?
Well, what you're seeing.
Where did you get?
Previous owner,
is he still alive?
I'm not saying anything.
I want to talk to him.
Listen, parasite,
allow you to do your business
because you serve a purpose.
Now serves your purpose.
This is my world.
You you hide behind your walls
but are free men here.
Do not be stupid.
No gasoline you are nothing,
'd finished.
Then maybe longer
allow your boys come to here.
No more games, more fun.
I do not think you want that.
What is it worth to you?
Two barrels.
I should have asked for more.
Okay, I'll be honest,
I bought this car
the crazy farm.
That's it.
Go and talk to them.
Come, let's party.
Where, boss?
No, no, he's still alive.
The McCallister would have taken more.
Still alive and will come by your self.
Do you still have your man there?
Yes, and do what you say
for the right price.
Well, get away a bit.
Not want a battle.
Give your man cell
and ask him to watch the car.
If Sofia is with Josh,
make sure you do not go with him.
Kill it if you must.
Was so fast.
I pulled the trigger and was dead.
Very fast, very easy.
When you have a gun
not consider other options.
Is that all? No longer can I,
you know, go to heaven.
Do not kill, right?
Jesus is the way to heaven.
Is the only way.
Turn the other cheek.
He said that, right?
What if someone wants to kill you?
Still causes me load it.
ABCs seems that one has no choice,
fight or die
but when you have faith,
when you believe in truth
there is always an option.
Death is not the end
Are not you afraid of death?
know I'm going to a better place.
Should not be difficult.
Why does God allow
it all happen?
How can
allow suffering?
But now we see the truth.
Now that your hand is gone,
His light, His love,
see how the world without Him.
Nothing to curb selfishness, evil.
But if you know
you're going to a good place,
why do you still fighting?
For you.
For those who are outside,
there is still a chance.
I can help.
Can I help you find the door.
And so worth fighting.
're A good man.
I almost forgot how
is a good man.
Maybe you're the last one left.
Josh is not here, dear.
Where is?
Outside, looking for help.
Keep fighting,
going to succeed.
I'm praying for you.
Pray for Josh.
Josh can take care of himself.
Not understand.
He... is important.
Going to do something.
What will you do?
One man told me that Josh will do...
can not remember.
Maybe it was just a dream.
Showed me a hammer,
a witness, a white man,
a city moving,
a broken spear
a golden bridge, fire endless
a throne of light.
Many people deny the Day,
say that did not happen,
was a solar flare or something.
Are we supposed to even talk about it
especially if the ULC
are nearby.
But I'm no fool;
I know what I saw.
Was in Denver,
at a music festival
y were thousands of people there,
and had to close the street.
Was on a double date with Brian
, my boyfriend,
And my mom and her new friend.
I forget his name.
a light filled the sky.
First we thought it was part of the show,
but then realized
it was something different.
He moved through you,
knew every part of you.
Then we heard a sound,
as a pump or an earthquake,
people panicked, ran
It was crazy.
That was the first time
I saw someone die,
but then I saw them.
People who shone brightly from within,
but were not afraid.
Vanished in light
and flew.
What about you?
Where were you on the Day?
A small village.
I had trouble with a gang of motorcyclists
and killed several.
Not a day passes without
anyone wants to kill you?
One day after I met the Lord,
a little late.
Teach me, please.
I'm not the guy you want.
Perhaps the Pastor can...
But I'm asking you.
I tell you what it says here,
but up to you to believe.
What does it say?
Well, Jesus is speaking,
here says:
I am the way, the truth, and the life;
No one comes to the Father but by me.
Yes, but I do not understand.
Want you to start from the beginning.
Can you teach it?
In the beginning God created the heavens and
The earth was without form and void.
What you must remember is that
salvation can not be bought
or gained like a prize.
Is a relationship.
It is through faith, through devotion
for his sacrificial blood on the cross
opened the door of Heaven.
But we have to accept it.
I resisted for a long time,
not think
He could love someone like me.
No, believed that He would die
for someone like me,
did the things I did.
But I was wrong.
He can do and did.
Does it make sense what I mean?
More than you think.
Stay close to me.
Already arrived.
Take off from here, cockroaches!
're The girl from Drake.
What do you do outside the reserve,
Quiet, come with me.
Hey idiots, stop him!
're In trouble, man.
Now you loaded it, huh?
My turn!
What I have!
Pguenle, pguenle!
Yes, yes!
Wait. I want to see this.
It's mine!
Get out!
Hey, why come
and ruin my party?
'd Have to stick a bullet.
Is my car.
Correction is my car.
Whoever finds it is.
You want it, you have to cambirmelo.
It was stolen.
I have nothing to change you.
But you have.
Yes you have.
Here is a good merchandise.
I pay well for it
in the territories of the king.
I'm not for sale.
Well then, it's over.
No deal, goodbye, goodbye.
O, unless...
Unless what?
Well, you're a good fighter
y Honcho knows how to make money.
Men and free women from border areas,
games are about to begin!
Each champion
will fight until only one remains.
A man who once killed a polar bear
with his hands.
Scourge of the Pacific Rim,
the Destroyer!
The Revientapanzas!
The Ripper!
And finally,
the latest challenger
The Black Rider!
Okay, whatever,
place your bets!
So what do you think
Do you think you can beat them?
Your accent Where did he go?
That's just for show.
I get well, right?
Yes, I guess.
No, it's great.
Look, I was a professor of Theatre
at the Center for
Advanced Studies St. Charles.
An accent makes me mysterious, dangerous.
I have a good feeling about
you and me working together.
I just want this over with
and go away.
you have to go so fast?
You can make a fortune.
Look, I handle everything.
A girl is dying
and you do not waste my time
with your games.
Am looking for a PhD, Sofia
Thought I was dead.
Who told you that?
O disappeared, do not know.
Who am I,
the gossip of the village?
Ya win him these fools.
Well, no more bets.
The first fight will
The Black Rider compared to Revientapanzas!
Y... Him Fight!
Oh, come on!
Get Up!
And the winner by knockout,
the Black Rider!
Y... Him Fight!
And the winner is the Black Rider.
And the winner is Black Rider!
And the winner is Black Rider!
Black Rider!
Your new champion...
Wait, wait, wait.
Been a stimulating day here
in the pit.
Some of you bet against fighter Honcho
and now regret having done so,
but as our host
is so generous,
scheduled one more fight to
find their true champion.
An opportunity to regain your credit!
We had an agreement, Honcho!
Still have it.
If you win the tournament, win the car
but the tournament is not over yet
Freeman and ladies
border areas
is the Black Rider
against the Beast!
Place your bets!
No more bets.
Beast, beast, beast, beast!
Hey, where do you think you're going?
We're done here.
No, no, no, we're just starting.
Hey, get off the car, man.
You can not leave without them.
Hey, what are you
standing there like idiots?
Go for it!
Oh, hey we move.
Oh, no, no, no.
We leaking fuel.
How far is
Pastor camp?
I do not know, nobody knows where it is.
man put a mark on the map.
Josh, the man was crazy.
Just look.
Remains as 32 miles away.
We fail to arrive.
Can you patch it?
No time.
Already come.
You did everything possible, Josh.
More than any other he had.
No, it is not.
You were right, I got
Josh, where did you get that?
there is always a better way.
Taught me that, and it's true.
Josh, you taught me to seek peace
not to be afraid,
even death.
Violence, anger, revenge
, you turn away from Him.
You do not want to do this.
Josh, thanks to you I am a believer.
I believe Jesus died for us.
I believe that He protects us and opens
You believe it too.
Do not lose your faith.
What is happening?
Why are not stopping?
As if
could not even see us.
Would you like to meet the Pastor?
Yes, please.
Follow me.
What about the car?
Everything will be provided.
Do not worry.
Sister Martha.
Eat, drink, we have enough.
Hmm, where did you get these?
Thought you were dead.
Hi, nice to meet you
, please.
What is going on here?
I do not know whether
to be happy or worried.
So the Lord wants us to be.
That was before,
and it will again.
Wow, this is amazing.
Are growing very well, but how?
're Back.
It seems
find what you were looking for.
'm Raul,
mechanic here.
A word was stopped without saying
and wandered through the meadow.
We're used.
He is the Pastor.
That's what they say, but for us
Bro. George.
Always is should be.
I do not know how he knows, but he knows.
I do not know myself.
I have Just a hunch of what I do, and I do.
This morning I read and prayed for guidance
to reach the coast.
Felt the sudden urge
to walk towards the highway
and there I found
Joshua brother and sister Sofia.
Know our names.
You told me, right?
Oh, I guess I know them well
no more.
Brother Raul,
please towed the car of
brother Josh to camp.
I have a hunch.
Can you help me kill?
I've tried everything.
's Dying.
Okay, come back later.
Probably have many questions.
Yes, my mother, Grace,
are here?
No one here by that name.
Eh, no.
No, no, that's impossible.
It seems to me,
is my height.
It has 60-odd years.
's Doctor.
I know all my people.
She is not here.
What is this?
What do you want?
What would you pay?
She is here.
We heard it was here.
Need it.
The life of a child is in danger.
Someone told them that she was here?
Who was it?
Was it trustworthy?
I do not think so.
I do not understand.
Why would I lie about this?
If not here, then where
J... osh!
Josh, look, look!
That's impossible.
How-how did that?
How did?
Not really know.
Pray for the sick things
to heal, and they do.
Pray for little things to grow, and grow.
Gold evil that
not approach, and will not come.
Can you do that
by a person?
In the village one girl is dying.
Can you help?
Knew God had a reason for our meeting.
You need something from me
and I need something from you.
What do you need?
Forgive me.
Excuse me, I must explain.
I was in a coma.
For a life of bad decisions
drugs, crime, prisons.
I was not a nice man.
Said he would not wake up,
but woke up that day
Heard a voice and saw a light,
a light
still there on the edge of my sight,
a chorus that is always
pass over my ear,
I can almost feel when I reach.
Since I woke up, the memories of my life
and are replaced with visions
wonderful Lord.
People, Places, Travel
wilds of different eras.
Saw the deserts of Egypt
like I was there.
I saw the first temple in Jerusalem.
Was like I was sitting at the table
with Jesus and his disciples.
Remember their faces.
languages I've never learned.
I need your help to continue his call, Josh.
I've been here helping people
waiting for what comes.
And last week called
came again, desire.
Must return to the Holy Land.
There is another equally
out there somewhere I
and together we will meet in Jerusalem
and we will see what happens beyond.
Do you want a ride
Middle East?
No, only the coast.
God will provide safe conduct from there.
But you will pass through
the village before para-
I doubt that will be
so simple, but I will.
What time is it?
It's almost sundown.
I can not believe it.
How long were in there?
Time moves so rare
with brother George.
You get used.
Have a leak.
Not anymore.
It became patched.
It's a beauty.
I can look under the hood?
Yeah, well you can.
If I had not seen it with my own eyes
I would not have believed.
Yes, I do not.
Scripture does not say anything about this?
Speaks of two witnesses in Revelation.
But actually
not specify who they are.
Just who are prophets with the power of God.
are two olive trees and
two candlesticks standing
before the Lord of the earth.
Lord of the earth?
Satan, the devil.
Should preach to people,
the world
and his words are like fire
kill anyone who tries to harm them.
And then the beast will rise up and destroy.
Man and
thought I had problems.
Are you okay?
Sorry about your mother.
Just do not know if
is alive or dead.
Your people will be.
We knew this day would come.
Do not worry,
are protected.
Found this in your fender.
What is it?
- Oh, no.
- What is it?
He never wanted to come back
bring your mother.
What are you saying?
Already arrived.
Where is?
Here I am.
Violence is necessary.
- What?
- I give up.
No, you can not.
Is he?
Okay, brother Joshua,
is fine.
's Him.
Get him to the truck.
He is not going to no
party with you!
Oh, shut up please!
Brother Joshua,
have faith in God's plan.
Have faith in God's plan.
Have faith, faith in God's plan.
Record the building.
Kill anything that moves, starting with him.
Call the ULC.
I have
Tell them what they want.
No one was home,
is clear.
Come on. Bring the car.
Let's go!
Where is she?
Where is my mother?
Hey, Abner!
Here come your way.
No one sleeps tonight.
No one gets in or out of here
for any reason.
Do not take your eye off him.
Nothing will happen.
Do not do this, please.
I've seen what he can do,
Abner is true.
It's not a trick.
You have to let go, please.
Remember one girl who came
to my house to beg
willing to do anything
looking for a place to live, food.
And I gave you a place to live,
you and your mother.
So you thank me?
Where is she?
Are you still alive?
Will you return to normal?
Will you do what I tell you?
The ULC surgeons needed after the war.
I sent them.
To my knowledge, still alive.
Sorry, I lied.
Was necessary.
I'm with you, Joshua.
How ES?
Who are you?
I know, Joshua.
You, Lord.
Is not possible.
Your non
Have not yet returned, this time
is yet to come.
You can help.
Can do anything.
Yes, but at the right time
and for the right reason.
Pastor touched me and prayed for me.
Is it true that you can heal?
Only God can heal, Joshua.
The witness is an instrument.
By the hand of God through him
what seems impossible can be possible,
but the decision is yours.
Do I have a choice?
There is always an alternative.
Means I podra-
back to them?
Rachel and...
And your daughter and her parents.
We are waiting.
All you have to do is
hold my hand.
But they need me here.
If I do not help them, how can they a-?
Pastor, is part of your prophecy
Son, fear not, the prophecies
will be fulfilled,
one way or another.
A river is calm
the other is dangerous.
On a boat many will be saved;
At the other many will be lost.
dye... May not want that responsibility.
I'm tired of fighting.
Never enough,
by everyone except, there are 100 that-
matters a lot to that person.
I matter to me.
Tell me, Lord, what do I do?
Someone comes.
Ignore them. No one enters today.
Is not slowing down.
I do not like this.
How much longer?
Land like in 30 minutes.
One, Two, Three,
four, five,
six, seven, eight.
This life is only temporary,
Mr. Drake, remember that.
Do not store up for yourselves
treasures on eart
where moth and rust destroy,
and where thieves do not break
and rob
But lay up treasures in heaven
Shut up!
Shut up!
Hey, what's happening?
Hey, come here, help me.
What happened?
Are you crazy?
Drake sent me to the gallows.
Then I will.
Anything is better to see her die.
Molly not going to do
She is not one of us
. He is an outsider.
Josh, did you find Grace?
No, but I found someone
much better.
How are you?
Not feeling well.
What you're gonna do, do it fast.
Do not let her die.
Will arrive in 5 minutes.
's Time to go.
Prepare it.
Not me you're going to cause problems,
heard santn?
Not the kind of problems
you understand.
Chief, cut injectors.
It will take weeks to fix.
You said you had commissioned him.
I gave two bullets in the chest.
Was dead.
Drop me Pastor.
Not seem so dead,
Where is everyone?
No more support, Drake.
It's over!
Do you think this is over?
You have no idea who you're dealing.
Come on.
Come on, move.
Abner, stop.
Not worth what you are paying.
Please release it.
Chief, is not yet ready.
Mount using all.
Oh, gosh.
At the airfield.
Are you okay?
Yes, barely.
Come on.
What are carrying the airfield.
Take this, thou forsake not.
Abner, stop!
I can not let you do this!
I have no choice!
Yes you have no choice!
I must... I must...
Keep your hands up.
I do not know who they are, but have no idea
what they are getting into.
I Do not deliver, neither today nor ever.
We reward them well.
Are mistaken if they think they can
change the prophecies.
I do not know what you're talking about.
I suggest
seeking a deep hole to hide.
The President will hear of this.
You hear about you.
Is it improving?
's Dying.
It can not be.
You did me.
Why not upgrade?
I did everything I could.
As far as I understand,
else depends on Him.
He fought so hard for me.
My parents will miss me so much
and I miss you.
Must return.
But do not want to go back.
I want to go with you, Lord.
Have a sweet spirit.
These latter times are tough times,
filled with sadness.
Are they good?
No more worries about the world
Come with me.
I'm sorry.
I do not understand.
I do not understand.
There is a captain with a freight ship
and willing to take us across.
No you're coming, right?
Could stay with me.
I would.
But I have to do this.
I have to go there with him.
I want to be part of this.
Come with us.
Something tells me I should stay
and I think I should ignore.
Are you sure?
Stay with me.
I can not.
Be dangerous.
I am not afraid.
Need something?
Josh McManus,
You're a hard man to find.
I need your help.