The Black Room (2016) Movie Script

Leave us alone.
I know what day it is.
But anniversary or not,
this year I refuse!
I'm not letting you out,
and I am not feeding you.
And you must be quiet!
I know that you know,
that my granddaughter
is in this house, visiting.
She's innocent like I was.
And she's gonna stay that way,
and there's nothing, nothing,
nothing you can do,
because I will destroy you
before you touch her!
Now, shut the fuck up!
And you leave us alone.
You can complain all you want.
You are never getting out!
How is this possible?
How did you?
No! Oh, no. No, please!
No, no!
Yes! Yes! Oh!
Oh, yes! I'm ready!
Oh, darling, I'm so sorry!
-Oh, this is all my fault!
I should have known
it was going to try something
when I wouldn't let it in.
But it ends tonight!
Put your clothes on.
Do you remember this?
Do you?
Not dawn.
No... not dawn.
If you want somebody...
You take me.
Nana, are you down here?
Nana? What's happening?
What's wrong?
Nana, I can't get the door open.
It's shut!
Trust me,
you've made the right decision.
You two will be so happy here!
Can't believe we finally
got our own home!
I told you we'd get there.
I can't believe
it came fully furnished.
Are you sure the
previous owners
don't want any of it?
No, it's all property
of miss black's.
- Ever since she...
- Left
There's nobody around
to claim it.
-Not even her family?
Well, ever since the
horrible incident with their
daughter in the basement,
which would never
ever happen again, by the way,
they want to have
nothing to do with it,
so they... they...
Decided to put the house up
for sale once
the state allowed them to do so
and told my agents
to get rid out it.
-Seems odd.
-No, no!
It's not uncommon
when people face
this kind of family tragedy.
But only because of
bad memories and stuff.
Which is why
we're playing it safe.
We're placing a furnace.
You are very smart.
Refer a friend!
How about we christen
the couch first,
before my back goes out?
Stop it, put me down!
How about...
We start in the kitchen?
Well, to be fair
to the entire house,
i think it should be included.
It's a lot of rooms.
You sure you gonna
be up for that?
As long it's with you,
I'm sure I'll rise
to the occasion.
Oh, that's such a bad pun.
You want a quick word
or hot sex?
-What is that!
-Your welcome.
-Mm hmm.
-Uh huh.
What's down there?
If I'm not mistaken,
the basement.
Well, maybe we can
skip the basement.
As long as it
doesn't get jealous.
Romantic mood officially over.
I'm gonna check it out.
I refuse to be intimidated
by my own house.
It's cold down here.
What's that?
Just me.
Oh, sorry,
i didn't mean to scare you.
Name's Oscar.
I'm the electrician.
You called us about
replacing your furnace.
Right. I didn't think you were
coming until tomorrow.
I had some down time,
so I thought
I'd check it out today.
- That real estate lady...
- Yeah, she let me in.
Yeah, I didn't see your truck
out front. Sorry. This is
my wife, Jennifer. I'm Paul.
I'd shake,
but it's kinda dirty down here.
Got it.
So, listen, you don't
seem to have any problem
with your heating.
Good furnace.
Built to last.
Apparently, there was a fire
here a couple of years ago
and a girl got burnt
pretty badly.
I wouldn't go
sticking your face in there.
These suckers get pretty hot.
Damn hot.
Yeah, well, if we were to
replace this one,
how much would it cost?
Well, I'll let you know
when I'm done
with my assessment.
Just trying to figure out
where all these pipes lead.
Lot of pipe down here.
Okay, we'll leave you to it,
and you'll let us know
when you have an estimate?
Will do.
-Nice to meet you.
-Same here.
Oh hey, you wouldn't
happen to have a key
to this door, would you?
You see, this pipe up here
goes through the wall
into there
and this door, it's stuck,
locked or something.
Sorry, we only have keys
to the main doors.
That's all right.
I'll figure it out.
Thank you.
Where were we?
Wanna have some fun time?
With Oscar, the
pervy electrician standing by?
I don't think so.
We'll lock him in the basement
so he can't watch.
Forget it!
Absolutely no sexual activity
until creepy 'Mr. fix-it'
is gone.
I guess
i jarred you loose.
What the fuck
is this shit?
Oh, gimme a fucking break!
Okay, fuck this shit.
Get me out of here!
Get me the fuck
out of here!
Open the goddamn door.
Oh, Jesus.
Fuck you.
Jesus Christ!
Too many weird fucking fumes
in these cellars.
It's playing with my head.
Help me, dear god!
Hey, you almost done?
It's getting late.
Good news. He's gone.
It's like the second home run.
-I'm filthy dirty.
-That's what I love about you.
No, I mean dirt-dirt. Real dirt.
Unpacking dirt.
Let's take a bath first.
What comes second?
Hopefully, both of us,
if we're lucky.
Look what I found
in the back of the closet.
Wow. Spirit board.
I know exactly
what I wanna do with it.
So do I.
By the way,
Karen's gonna come for a visit.
- Your sister, Karen?
- Uh huh.
Isn't she still in school?
Well. Her school's
so close now.
I said, "wonderful."
I can't wait to see her again.
She's such a...
Joy to be around.
Mm. Somebody really wants
to get laid tonight.
What the?
Someone is playful tonight!
What are you doing down there?
Honey, if you keep that up,
i won't be able to...
Hope you're ready
for some real fun.
Just give me a minute. Okay?
I don't think
i can wait a minute.
God, the weirdest thing
just happened in the bathroom.
Whatever it was, it must have
turned you on big time.
How did you know?
I reap the benefits.
Not yet, you haven't,
but you will.
Honey... yeah.
Woah, honey.
Honey, woah, woah.
I need a little down time,
all right?
You practically
drained me dry.
After all that talk
about doing it in every room
of the house,
now you're not
in the mood any more?
Look, I'm sorry. I mean...
-I warned you--
-really? Okay, I get it.
You're just teaching me
a lesson, right?
Because I made you wait.
-forget it.
Forget it, it's fine.
Let's just go to sleep.
Good night.
Well, the house is great.
It's Jen that I don't get.
You know, one minute she's
sex-crazed and the next
she's just crazed.
Why don't you and I swap wives?
Just for a week.
-Hey, watch it!
I think I can
help you with this.
I'm really good at it.
Do you wanna get punched?
No... please no punching.
But look,
I'm just like you on the inside.
There's nothing more
that I wanna do
than just curl up like a baby
and go to sleep
after the deal is sealed.
But, there's nothing
that pisses off a woman
more than that, okay.
I tried it once with Stacy.
Once. No time off.
When you're right, you're right.
You're not as dumb as you look.
I'm gonna make it up to her.
Yeah. I'll see you tomorrow.
-What, you're gonna make it
up to her right now?
Well, can you film it?
Just... tell her
it was my idea.
Oh, shit. Oh, fuck!
Oh, my god,
you got to be kidding me!
I forgot my key.
Honey, what happened?
I'm doing laundry.
I don't think
you're doing it right.
I'm joking!
I called the plumber.
Couldn't fix it yourself, huh?
Well, this coupled with
your bathtub last night,
I thought it wouldn't hurt
to call an expert
to check it out.
The rest of the day and night
is yours.
I'll do whatever you want.
Order in, go out.
I'm at your service, my lady.
-I can use a little service.
-What's that?
Nothing. Great.
So, what'll it be?
We did spend all of our money
on this house. Seems a shame
not to take advantage of it.
In it is.
Quiet evening,
just the two of us.
You left out "romantic."
I was just getting to that part.
-You didn't tell the plumber
to come today night, did you?
-Tomorrow morning.
If it's him,
I'll tell him to come back.
Come back, my ass!
Took me three buses
to get here!
How's it hanging, Paul?
Karen, impeccable timing,
as always.
It's a gift.
Is my domesticated
other-half around?
-Oh, my god!
You remember my name!
You haven't totally
brainwashed her, yet, huh?
Aw, I thought you were
coming in a few days.
I was bored.
Nice flowers,
you buy those, Paul?
As a matter of fact... I did.
That's so weird,
they were fine
a few minutes ago.
They look fine to me,
but I am going through
my "black phase."
This is the fruit
of your labors.
All those years of
rich relatives really paid off.
I bought this house
with my money-- our money.
Must be nice when
you can work for daddy.
So, Karen, how's school?
Sucks. How's your job?
Quite as usual?
Kinda what you'd be expecting
when you work in a bookstore.
-And how's your job, Paul?
Took a couple of days off
until we're all settled in.
I'm sure they will survive
without you.
Okay. Great you could come
all the way down here
to see us.
Must you be leaving so soon?
Come on, guys, really?
Look, I've got the guest room
almost ready for you.
Come upstairs,
let me show you around.
Good lord, what do you
have in here? Rocks?
Close. Crystals, brimstones.
I'm dating this guy who's
really obsessed with the
whole psychic vibe thing.
Hey, you want
a tarot card reading?
Maybe I can tell you how long
you an Paul will be together.
All right, trouble-maker.
Hope this will do.
So, read any good books lately?
Ha ha.
That gets you every time,
doesn't it?
Listen, do me a favor.
Please, please, please,
make an effort
to be nice to Paul this time.
-I always try. He hates me.
-Because you hate him.
-Because he hates me.
-Oh, great! This is mature.
Look, I don't hate him.
I just think he's a spoiled,
egotistical, self-centered
mama's boy.
-Oh, is that all?
-Yeah. It's nothing personal.
I wish I had a key.
Interesting design choice.
Ah... okay.
You're the flower killer.
What the--
okay, okay, I'll be nice.
I'm just trying
to look out for my big sister.
You know it's supposed to be
the other way around, right?
Yeah, but,
i always try to be different.
Oh, that's for sure.
I did sense a little tension
when I got here.
You seem stressed.
No, no, everything's fine.
-Mostly, I mean.
We need you, Paul.
We need you, Paul.
We need you, Paul.
I'm... so... so... sorry.
Okay, recap.
Dangerous furnace,
washing machine,
creepy electrician...
So, the moral of the story is,
"stay out of the basement."
-Pretty much.
Then, perhaps you can use this.
-What is this?
-It's a necklace.
It's used to ward off evil.
For protection.
Will it protect me
against you?
Nothing can protect you
from me.
We're just discussing dinner.
Maybe he took off.
No, he wouldn't do that.
Jennifer. Karen.
What were you doing
down there?
I was checking
the washing machine.
Oh. Any luck?
No, it's best not to
go down there at the moment.
Yeah, then, for once,
we're in agreement.
So listen, I was thinking...
Maybe we should go out tonight.
Stacy told me about a really
great middle eastern restaurant
that's near by,
and ive heard
good things about it.
I thought we were
staying in tonight.
I know,
but now we have a guest, honey.
And we want to be good hosts,
-Take her out,
show her the town.
-Good hosts?
Uh, sure. I am all over that.
We haven't been out
in quite a while.
Okay, you wanna go upstairs
and change,
and we'll take my car?
Yes, I will go change.
Uh, okay,
he's acting fucking weird.
He's trying to be
on best behavior.
I suggest you do the same.
We're changing
our plans for you.
Don't forget that.
Without a reservation,
it's gonna be a few minutes.
You may wait at the bar,
if you wish.
Bar sounds good.
I could use a drink.
Karen, you?
-I don't like to wait.
Let it go. We came
to have a good time, right?
Good times...
Yes... Jennifer.
I'm ready to have some fun.
-What would you like to drink?
-I'll take a red wine, please.
-A Cuba libre.
-Red wine, Cuba libre.
Tell me about this guy
you're seeing.
What's he like,
what's his name?
Oh, excuse me,
do you work here?
I do, but unfortunately,
i just started
my ten minute break.
His name is Patrick.
Someone else here
would be happy to help you.
Oh, I don't want someone else.
I just want you.
What the hell
is your husband doing?
He's probably just trying
to get us a table earlier.
-Yeah, that's totally
what he's doing.
Can I let you in
on a little secret?
You couldn't have me
if hell froze over.
What if I told you--
To the keeper that Paul is.
I could provide you with
the most explosive sexual
experience of your entire life.
Four words.
"Never going to happen."
Never say never.
Excuse me sir,
can I help you
with something from the bar?
I'm sorry, sir, we don't
carry milk here. Can i
offer you something else?
Just those two things
came to mind.
You don't know
what you're missing.
Oh, my god! Oh, my god!
How is this possible?
No! I want my breasts back.
Table for three.
In a few more minutes, sir.
-Our table?
Right this way.
I forgot how good
food tastes.
Well, now that we've got a home,
I'll be able to cook you
genuine, home cooked meals.
So, tell me some more
about that psychic stuff
you're studying.
Forget about it.
You guys are just gonna think
it's bullshit an way.
Not at all.
I'm very interested
in the subject.
So, you know about crystals,
astral projections, the occult?
I also know it's quite dangerous
to play around
with some of those things.
Just ask Margaret black.
Oh, I'm sorry, you can't.
She's dead.
-That was the woman
who used to won our house.
How do you know
Margaret black was
into the occult?
Our real estate agent, Monica...
When I pressed about details
about the house...
As it turns out,
young Maggie black
had a dark secret.
One that she kept from
her husband and
entire family, for that matter.
Ever since that party
in her parent's basement...
I think it was
in the early 70's.
I am the god of hellfire.
And I bring you fire.
Peace, joy, love, Satan.
Who invited those girls?
I don't know.
Don't look at me.
I don't know them.
She's the one who knows them.
They're painting the wall.
Oh... I...
I met them at the party,
last night.
Pure magic!
Oh, my god!
They painted everything.
You have to clean it up.
This is not what I wanted.
Why fight what you desire,
Margaret black?
-We can show you
a real good time.
My parents are gonna be
back soon, so I think maybe
we should just call it a night.
The black clouds,
they can give you everything
you truly crave.
What we all truly crave, girl.
If you don't believe us,
just continue to
stand right there.
Wait, aren't you not supposed to
stand outside of the circle?
But why?
All the fun happens within.
Oh! Oh, my god!
Oh, my god!
I can feel. I can feel.
I can feel it inside of me.
You must never leave the circle
during the ceremony.
You fool, you let it out!
We got to get out of here.
We got to get out of here.
Get up!
Get up! Get up!
That fucking hurts.
Stop doing it!
Apparently, it was
quite the bloodbath.
Amazingly enough,
young Maggie black
managed to keep that
conjured demon-lover trapped
in the basement room, hidden.
Away for years and years.
Until the day she...
So, she had a pet incubus.
That's a first.
Well, at some point...
All pets come out to play.
Wait a second,
what's an incubus?
They're demons
of lust and desire.
Supposedly, they come
to women at night and make love
to them while they sleep...
Ravishing them, sexually.
The powerful ones
can do it any time, any place.
Make women explode
with pleasure.
It's hard to fight
what feels good.
So, there you go-- oh!
I'm sorry, excuse me.
I don't know
what came over-- oh!
Are you okay?
Excuse me. Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Death by passion
is the ultimate rush.
Desert, anyone?
Ah! Ah!
Wait a second, you didn't
tell me Monica told you exactly
what happened to Margaret black.
She didn't.
You can safely bet that
anyone who thinks
they can control a demon
is in for a nasty surprise.
They don't make good slaves.
Not even sex slaves?
Humans are
better equipped for that.
Specially in death.
Just think,
maybe Maggie black
is its slave for all eternity.
You had me going there
for a second. I actually thought
you knew Maggie was dead and
walled up in our
basement or something.
Yeah, it's very
"Edgar Allan poe" of you.
I'm sure I'll have
very pleasant dreams tonight
after that story.
It'll be a nice tale
to tell our children.
"Hey kids, the gateway to hell
is in our basement,
so go get some sleep."
All right, I got some
extra towels for you here,
temperature should be okay,
but, if you need some blankets
or something, they're in
the closet. All right?
-Anything else you need?
You can tell me
what the fuck is up with Paul.
-Okay, just drop it. All right?
-You can't tell me
you didn't notice.
Those weird remarks
at the bartender, staring at
the waitress' ass all evening,
while flirting with her
right in front of you.
Yes, I saw it.
I get it.
I'm gonna handle it, all right?
We've just been having
some issues since
we moved into this house.
-Do you think
he's having an affair?
I mean, everything's been fine.
It's just,
we've been having some
timing issues, that's all.
-So, are we talking.
Like, premature?
Look, he wants it
and I'm not ready,
and then I want to
and he's not into it.
I don't know.
You know what,
i feel really uncomfortable
talking to you about this.
Hey, sis,
if you haven't noticed,
I'm all grown up.
Paul sure has.
And what's up with this
sudden interest in the occult?
I have no idea. I don't know.
Maybe he's just trying to
show off, or something.
Hello, girls.
Is this a private party
or can anyone join?
-No party.
-Karen was just going to sleep,
and so are we.
Good night.
Good night, Karen.
Ugh, creeper!
You sure you don't want to
invite little sis in to join us?
The three of us could
have a really wild night.
That's not funny, Paul.
Don't talk about Karen
like that. Not even joking.
I'm not joking.
She's pretty hot.
I especially like
her black lipstick.
Good, it'll match the black eye
I'm about to give you.
Touchy, touchy.
-don't even think about it.
If your goal tonight was
to make me jealous,
you failed miserably.
I'm fucking pissed off.
-As long as fucking
is in the equation.
-Are you insane?
You actually think I'm gonna
have sex with you after
the way you behaved tonight?
What do you mean?
I was on my best behavior.
Karen saw what you were doing.
And do you think I'm blind?
Oh, god.
I know you've been wanting it
ever since we moved in here.
If you think that bath
last night, and
washing machine ride felt good,
just wait until you experience
the real me in all of my glory.
You see, I made certain
improvements to this body...
That I think
you'll really like.
Find somewhere else to sleep,
If I'm downstairs,
how am I going to
screw your brains out?
Oh, wow.
Although I have my ways.
Good night, Paul.
You're actually kicking me out?
Exactly what did
Karen say to you?
We'll talk about it tomorrow.
Hopefully, you'll come
to your senses by then.
You don't know
what you're missing.
Yes, I do. But I'll live.
Good. You're still awake.
Can I help you with something,
Actually you can.
And I think I might be able
to help you, as well.
You see,
her loss is your gain.
Wow. Now I see
what Jenny sees in you.
The door's that way,
elephant man.
Maybe I won't mention
this incredible lack of judgment
to Jenny.
You know, for someone
who's so into demons and devils,
I'm surprised you never
considered how it would feel.
How would what feel?
For him to get into you.
Fuck! Jenny!
Help! What's going on?
Oh, my god. Jenny, help!
Somebody help me!
You should not have interfered.
You like it gentle or rough?
Fuck you!
My thoughts exactly.
Paul? Where's Karen?
Good morning, Jennifer.
She came and went.
Had a nine o'clock class.
Didn't wanna wake you.
She said she'd call
in a few days.
Couldn't even stay
for breakfast. Want some?
No, thanks.
Jennifer, I'm so sorry
about last night.
You were right.
I was way out of line.
I promise to
make it up to you...
If you let me.
Yeah, sure.
The eggs almost done.
Could you make sure
they don't burn?
I'm gonna run upstairs.
I think I need a shower.
Now that Karen's gone,
nothing's gonna come between us.
No, ma'am. I'm Leo,
with flow plumbers.
-I received a call
the other day.
Of course, yes.
My husband called you.
Come on in.
Thank you.
Something about the water pipes
and a washing machine.
We're dying out.
It's this way, in the basement.
Let's take a look
at the little monster.
Oh, you're out. Great!
Where are you going?
I got to go to the store.
We just got
a huge shipment of books.
I thought we were
gonna have a little fun time.
We will, when I get back
and the plumbers gone.
I promise you, we will have
tons of make-up time.
When's the plumber coming?
He's here already.
You called him, remember?
If he needs anything,
you'll take care of him, right?
Yes, I will take care of him.
Okay... see you tonight.
Somebody out there?
Mr. hemdale?
Ah, there's nobody out there.
Hi, there.
Uh, I didn't know
anyone else was down here.
- I'm the plumber, Leo.
I just came to fix the--
Washing machine.
Holy shit!
Wha-- hi.
-Look, it's not that I don't
appreciate the offer, but--
-mm hmm.
I need you inside of me.
Who are you?
Okay, wait, stop okay.
Wait, just wait.
Look, I said... oh, Jesus!
I'm definitely getting fired.
Come on!
You're so fucking hot!
No one's ever
going to believe this!
No one will ever find out.
Get off me!
Give me his keys.
I need to move his car.
And now, take him inside.
She needs nourishment.
It's coming soon.
You did well, Karen.
Paul, hey.
Hey, what happened?
I missed you this morning.
I had an issue
with the plumber.
-Hey, what happened
with you and Jen?
-Everything is in order now.
See, I told you!
Hey, maybe you can
help me with Stacey.
I mean, she's making me
work out twice a day now,
until I lose some more weight.
Maybe you should try
working out in the bedroom.
It's a lot more fun.
That's exactly what I said,
but that's a no-go.
She said no sexy-sexy,
until you lose
at least 10 or 20 pounds.
And I'm like, "well,
fuck you very much, then."
Well, not fuck you,
as the case may be.
Maybe you should bring her
by the house tonight.
What's going on tonight?
House warming?
Something like that.
It would be a celebration.
Celebrations are joyous.
It's Karen. Leave a message.
Or don't. Beep.
Karen, hey, it's me.
Listen, call me back when you
get this. I wanna... I wanna
talk to you more about Paul.
I had the most horrible
dream last night, and I...
Just call me when you get this,
I should restock these.
-Oh, shit. I'm sorry.
-I'm sorry.
-You okay?
-Yeah. It was my fault.
-Don't worry about that.
I'll recover.
-Sorry about that.
-Are you Mrs. hemdale?
Yes, can I help you?
No. But I think I can help you.
You're living in the house,
aren't you?
I'm sorry, who are you?
The only survivor.
The accident with the furnace.
You're the girl.
It was no accident.
There's something evil
living in that house.
Have you been in the cellar?
Have you seen the black room?
Take your husband
and get out!
It'll try to seduce you,
trick you with pleasure,
make you want more.
It feeds off human desires.
But, if you're not careful,
it will literally
eat you alive.
-I've been in the basement.
It's a little creepy but--
-you don't understand.
My grandmother...
Did not disappear,
like they say.
She was swallowed up
by that house.
She died saving my life...
Trying to trap the evil
that was summoned
decades earlier.
Get out,
before it takes you, too!
Body and soul.
Paul, are you upstairs?
You scared me to death!
Oh, what would be
the fun in that?
-What are you doing down here?
-I was looking for you.
What's in there?
I don't know.
I can't find the key.
You sure you haven't been
in there? Cause I can swore
i heard the door slam.
Try for yourself.
You know what, I'm gonna
call Monica, the realtor.
Let's see if she's got a key.
I have a surprise for you.
A couple of surprises, actually.
I was paid a visit, today...
By the girl who's family
sold us this house.
The one who was burned.
Dawn black.
Yeah, how do you
know her name?
Oh, Monica must have
mentioned her to me.
What did she say?
-No, dawn.
She said this house is evil.
And that people have died here,
and that we should move, now!
-That's ridiculous.
-Is it?
You've been
acting like an asshole
ever since we moved in.
Maybe this house
has infected you.
Look, I've been doing some
research today at the store,
and I found this book.
Do you know what
these Celtic symbols mean?
And then, Karen,
she gave me this last night...
Get that thing away from me!
- Paul!
Are you really going to
listen to the advice
of some 20-year-old twit?
Of course,
she hates this place.
She nearly died here.
You think her memories
are going to be all puppy dogs
and rainbows, Jennifer?
She said something about a room
in the basement... a black room,
maybe that's it.
Jennifer, Jennifer...
Listen to me.
I didn't mean to
raise my voice, but
the girl went through
a traumatic experience.
She lost her grandmother.
She nearly lost her face,
she's probably not
thinking too clearly.
And what about all that family
history you so graciously spewed
out at dinner, last night?
Just rumors,
probably started by that
silly girl, dawn black.
Maybe so,
but I'm gonna find out
what's behind that door.
Who you calling?
I told you,
Monica, the realtor.
I wanna see if she's got a key.
Oh, Bob, margot,
you're nice and late.
What's wrong?
Phone died.
I will add telephone repairman
to the menu.
I'll just call her on this.
Who's that?
Might be Satan.
Better not let him in.
-Howard, Stacey...
-What are you doing here?
-We're here for
your house warming party.
As far as I know,
she was the previous owner.
She's really pretty.
So, who else
did you invite, honey?
I invited Karen, and the plumber
and the electrician.
Who knows?
They may all pop up later.
This is a marvelous house,
and at that price,
you two made out like bandits.
-Can I get the tour?
Just this way.
It's really good cheese.
-You boys be good now.
-Oh, that's asking a lot,
I think you've had enough.
All he ever does
is eat, eat, eat.
Howard, I have something
I'd like to show you.
-This way.
-What is it?
Oh, trust me,
it's to die for.
What re you hiding
down here?
Is it like a torture dungeon?
-Close. Very close.
-Did you guys get a sex wing?
After you.
Oh, this is very good.
50 shades of black, good.
All's dark in here.
Okay, Paul,
what am I supposed to do?
Oh, my god.
What the hell is this--
That's exactly what it is.
Last but not least,
the master bedroom.
Oh, wow.
This is simply lovely.
I'm sure you get a
good night's sleep on this.
Well, yeah, unfortunately,
that's about all I get.
You're lucky.
I'm thinking of
getting Howard neutered.
I mean,
it would make everything
a whole lot easier for me.
What's the big deal with sex,
any way? I've always thought
it's totally overrated.
-Oh, great, it's working.
Oh, my phone was out, earlier.
Stacey, would you mind if
i made a really quick call
and I just meet you downstairs
in a couple of minutes.
Of course.
I'll just go see
what my fat husband
is stuffing himself with now.
Thanks so much for coming.
Maybe next time.
Monica, hi,
this is Jennifer hemdale.
I had a couple of questions
i wanted to ask about the house.
Is now a good time?
No, no problem at all.
I'm used to a 14-hour day.
Um, hello?
Where's everybody?
What is this? Hide and seek?
Um, the lights are out.
Um, hello?
Is somebody--
Who's there?
That's not funny, Paul.
This is why I'm not laughing.
I'm sorry. Our fuse blew.
Yeah, I kinda figured that.
-Mm hmm.
-Where's Howard?
He's in the basement,
helping me fix it.
We could use you, too.
-Mm hmm.
To hold the flashlight.
It's this way.
I'll help you go down. Come.
So, Howard tells me
you're a frigid little bitch.
-Which is a shame...
It looks like you have a
killer body under those clothes.
You know, let's have a look-see,
shall we?
Not bad. Not bad at all.
Prepare her.
Why are all the lights out
down there?
Just me, hon.
The downstairs breaker blew out.
I guess we should have
checked the fine print before
we got this place, huh?
When they leave,
we need to talk.
Oh, they're already gone.
It's just you and me now.
What happened?
You know Howard and Stacey.
It got pretty messy.
Did they get into a fight?
You can say that.
Neither of them won.
You find that amusing?
Listen, Paul,
i just got off the phone
with Monica.
You did?
I see.
Did she go
and ruin my surprise?
I don't know
what you're talking about.
Let me guess.
She probably told you that
she never mentioned dawn black
to me by name.
And that she didn't
know anything about
the history of this house, or...
Maggie black's
tampering with the occult, or
the incubus.
As a matter of fact,
that's exactly what she said.
Now you're wondering
how I knew all those things.
Was there any truth to what
that burnt up bitch
told you this afternoon.
I bet you really want to know
what's inside that black room
in the basement, don't you?
Paul, you're starting
to scare me.
Well then, come downstairs and
see what I've been working on
for the past two and half years.
I don't understand
what's gotten into you.
Paul, tell me what's going on.
Paul, stop screwing around.
Come on.
Oh, my god.
Do you like it?
We are going to have a baby.
-No, sorry.
Guess again.
Oh, my god.
Welcome to the womb
of the house. You're just in
time to help with the delivery.
Oh, Karen! Oh, my god!
Oh, Karen!
They are all
serving a purpose, Jennifer.
Sebastian titan set the ball
in motion when he conjured me
to seduce young,
lovely Maggie black.
Oh, she tried to trap me.
Didn't you?
Yes, you did!
Of course,
never realizing that
i had plans of my own.
You see,
demons from my dimension
have special powers.
But there are limits,
and boundaries that
cannot be crossed.
That is, of course,
unless the line
between our world
and yours can be broken down.
In order to do this,
a new breed must be created.
Human on the outside.
Demon within.
You killed Paul, you bastard.
You killed him!
You see, I needed a host body
to plant the final seed.
And Paul provided that.
In order to be truly immortal,
-no, no...
One has to be reborn.
And nourishment is required
to build strength.
Feeding off your sexual energy
has been very productive.
Others require
rougher treatment.
-Where am I? What's going on?
-Oh, my god.
-What the hell is this?
I'm gonna help you.
I'm gonna help you.
Get it off!
Oh, no, Jennifer.
Don't play with the food.
See, I expect this one to be
an especially tasty meal.
Repressed sexual energy
is a very potent source.
It can just be sucked out.
Oh, oh no!
It's finally time.
Now, I must join the party.
When I am reborn,
you will be
the first to feed me.
My new form
will be magnificent.
Jennifer, now!
His is your only chance.
Save him!
Pull, pull, pull.
Fight it. Fight it.
I won't let you have him!
Fight it! Harder!
Oh, my god!
-Jen? Jen, what happened?
-I lost you.
Thank you. Thank you.
You're welcome.
That doesn't look good.
Get up!
It's starting to give birth.
You've gotta
get out of here, now!
What are you doing?
When one's in labor,
you have to push, hard!
Over here.
-A knife?
-It's better than nothing.
Go, go!
-Door's locked.
Don't look!
-Oh, my god.
-Don't look at it.
-Don't look at it!
-It's not "it." It's a "her."
Neither men nor women
will be able to resist me now.
Feel my power.
I bring worlds to their knees
with desire,
and feed on their souls.
When it feels this good,
Who can possibly resist?
"Human on the outside,"
you said.
The only flaw in your plan
is humans can be killed easily.
Jen, Jen!
Back to the
drawing board, bitch.
You think we can get
our old apartment back?
So, I know it's been a while,
but I'm still feeling
the effects of that house.
Yeah, me too.
Well, maybe tonight we can
do something about it, now that
everything's back to normal.
I meant to tell you,
we may have a problem.
Not everything's
back to normal.
It did that to you?
I think I can handle it.
Let's make a baby.
Trust me, you've
made the right
You two are gonna be so...
Just so happy here.