The Black String (2018) Movie Script

[rock music playing]
[woman speaks foreign language]
She says you gave her
the wrong change.
-Did I?
-Yeah, you did.
You owe her
four more dollars.
[speaks foreign language]
[chuckles] Yes, Mrs. Everly.
It won't happen again.
-[speaks foreign language]
-See you next week.
[door opens]
[rock music playing]
[boys laughing]
[phone buzzing]
Honey, it's Mom.
Haven't heard from you
in a while.
Uh, I'm sure you're busy.
But please call when you can. Your dad needs to talk to you.
[gags, coughs]
-[bell tinkles]
-[door opens]
Good evening.
Welcome to Stop-N-Go.
Let me get a pack of Blues
and some rubbers.
Are there, uh, any particular
condoms you're looking for,
like mediums?
There's a pia colada flavor.
-Cherry, black licorice,
I don't--
-[man] I don't fucking care.
Just pick one, okay?
Yeah, that one's good.
Condoms, cigarettes, and, uh,
one giant lollipop.
[register beeping]
Your total is $13.66.
[clears throat]
You guys have a good night.
-You know I'm going to.
-See you.
[bell on door tinkles]
[knocking continues]
[rapid knocking]
[door unlocks]
[phone buzzing]
[man on TV] A lot of people go to work every day to dead-end jobs.
The kind of jobs that aren't very interesting,
don't pay very well,
and don't seem to be
leading anywhere.
But you don't have to settle for a dead-end job.
Call AAS Technology
Solutions today
and find out how training in fiber optics can turn your life around.
[seductive music plays]
Are you sitting at home
all alone
while hundreds of sexy singles are having fun?
If you're looking for adventure,
pick up the phone and call the all-night party line.
Sexy singles
in your neighborhood
are looking to connect with you.
What are you waiting for?
Call 1-900-231-1366
and meet somebody tonight.
Hundreds of singles
are just a phone call away.
Call now.
Hi. I've been waiting for you.
[woman chuckles]
Pick up the phone.
[line ringing]
[woman] Hello. This is Hot Chat.
What do you wanna do?
[rap music playing
on headphones]
-[door opens]
-[bell tinkles]
[Eric] Hey, Johnny boy!
Hey, sorry I'm late, man.
I got caught up.
Fucking Tito made me
watch his snake
eat a fucking mouse, man.
It was fucking crazy, dude.
-Smell this.
-Come on, dude.
You know I can't.
I'm just checking.
-And you passed the test.
All right,
I stocked the coolers,
rotated expiration dates,
and because you're late,
I even cleaned the bathroom.
I gotta get out of here.
-[register beeps]
-What's the rush?
No rush. I'm just...
I'm going out with some chick.
All right, drawer's good.
All yours.
Whoa, whoa,
you stop right there.
Did you just say
you're going out
with some chick?
[chuckles] Yeah,
but you don't know her.
Listen, man.
The ERC knows every pair
of tits in this town.
And there aren't many
left to choose from.
So please invite me.
Who's the mystery woman?
I'm telling you,
you don't know her, man.
Well, come on,
give me a name.
Dena. Sound familiar?
Dena? I know a Christina.
Nice ass.
I know a Gina,
like that Latina.
I don't know a Dena. Is...
-Is she hot?
-I don't know.
You don't know?
How the fuck do you not know?
All right,
promise you won't laugh.
I promise. I promise.
I met her
on a singles' hotline.
Define "singles' hotline."
Singles' hotline. You know,
you call a 1800 number,
and they hook you up
with "sexy singles"
in your neighborhood and--
Phone hotline? [laughing]
Are you fucking with me?
Whoo! [laughing]
You didn't think a dating site
would be a better option?
You got Christian sites,
porn sites, midget sites,
all sorts of sites.
Anything with pictures, man.
-You don't start--
You always swept me
for being lame.
Do nothing but sitting at home,
so tonight, I said, "Fuck it.
I'm taking Eric's advice."
I'm going for it,
just like you said.
If the ERC inspired
tonight's journey,
I will not hold you back.
You have my blessing.
[laughs] Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Take those.
Dude, you do not want
your dick falling off
the first night you pull it
out of the attic.
I'm keeping my pants
zipped up tonight, man.
Hey! Fifty bucks says
she's a he!
And I'm fucking proud of you!
Are you Jonathan?
That's me.
[car door closes]
Let's go.
Do you do this a lot?
What's that?
Call that number,
go out with random girls
like me.
No. [chuckles]
This was my first time.
I didn't think people
called hotlines anymore.
Figured I'd be the only one
on the phone.
Do you think
it was worth it?
It's good to meet
cool people like you.
Have you called
the number before?
[chuckles] A few times.
So you've been on
a lot of dates like this?
If I told you
I'd been on a lot
of these kind of dates,
you might get
the wrong impression.
What's the impression?
That I'm a slut.
No. [scoffs]
Don't say that.
There's nothing wrong
with being a sl--
I mean,
wanting to make new friends,
that's all we're doing here,
It seems like
you're very uncomfortable.
Like you don't
want to be here.
I, uh...
I'm happy to be here.
We're having a great time.
I apologize for making you
feel uncomfortable tonight.
That wasn't my intention.
You want to get out of here?
So where are we going next?
Figured I'd be a gentleman
and get you home early.
No, I don't...
I don't want to go there.
I don't want to be
in that house with
all those people, you know?
We can go to the movies.
[sighs] Well,
can't really get to know you
in the movies.
Why don't we go to your place?
Hey, uh,
you can't smoke in here.
Manager's rules.
You want a drag?
I quit. I don't smoke anymore.
Well, I hope
you didn't quit everything,
because that would be
really fucking boring.
You like it?
You know, quick drawing.
Nobody's ever drawn me before.
Which part of me
do you want to draw next?
The front...
or the back?
Maybe we should pick this up
another time.
What's the matter?
Are you scared of me,
Don't you like my body?
Look at me.
Look at me.
Do you like my body?
Well, what is it, then?
I'm not good enough for you?
Is that it?
I... I just...
I shouldn't be doing
any of this. It's...
It's not a good idea.
This was your idea.
You called the number,
You said you wanted
to fuck a girl like me.
Isn't that what you said?
I don't know.
You said
you wanted it like this.
Right here.
Say it.
Say, "I want this to happen."
I want this to happen.
Say it again.
I want this to happen.
Thank you, sweetie.
[slow song playing]
[breathing heavily]
Ringworm, scabies, herpes.
Dude, it could be anything,
to be honest.
Oh, shit.
-You do not wanna see this.
-What is it?
What is it, man?
-Dude, what--
-I can't even pronounce it.
Chill out.
Okay, do you realize that
you paid three bucks a minute...
for a fucking STD?
You know that, right?
You don't know it's an STD.
I mean, it could be poison ivy.
I just didn't know
you could get poison ivy
from vaginas.
Maybe it's poison oak.
Or just an allergic reaction.
I-I don't know.
Maybe it was the fried chicken.
I don't fucking know, dude.
It wouldn't grow this fast
if it was an STD.
Or maybe you barebacked
a disgusting phone skank
and you did not use protection.
She wasn't a skank at all.
She was actually really sweet,
and pretty,
and really interesting and...
So, a sweet and cute
and interesting phone skank.
Got it.
People have unprotected sex
all the time
and nothing happens.
[lighter flicking]
Dude, it fucking burns.
You need to see a doctor,
like, now.
I'm not going to the doctors.
You know I hate doctors.
You're going to infect
the whole store with that shit
and I'm not going to allow
that kind of health violation,
not in my store,
not on my watch.
You're smoking weed
in the cooler,
talking about
health violations.
I'm serious, man.
You're not working today.
And you're gonna go
get your shit fixed,
or don't come back.
I'm telling you this
as your friend.
And more importantly,
as your shift manager.
Now get your dirty dick
out of here.
And how long do you say
you've had it?
I just got it this morning.
All right.
-Mostly concentrated
in this area?
Okay I'm gonna apply
some pressure on a few areas.
I want you to tell me
if you feel anything unusual.
All right.
You feel a sharp pain
right here, though?
-Just burns.
Is the rash radiating
down your genitals?
-And you said you penetrated
your partner without a condom?
So, first I'm gonna
tell you this:
don't do that.
It's a bad idea.
All right.
What I'm gonna do
is I'm gonna take
a small sample here.
I can't diagnose you right now,
but I can tell you
I'm not concerned.
I see these kinds of things
all the time.
Patients come back
a few days later,
and it's gone.
Don't you think this rash
is pretty bad to get
after, like, 12 hours?
After unprotected sex?
Yeah, it's not ideal.
All right?
What I can tell you is,
it blisters a lot like herpes,
but it's happening
a lot quicker.
So I have herpes?
We will not know anything
until the lab results
come back in.
How long is that gonna take?
Two days, maybe three.
Can't we get the results sooner?
Look, I looked on the Internet,
and it could be
a number of things.
Ringworm, syphilis, cancer,
MS, poison oak.
Is the Internet your doctor?
No. I am.
What I would do is,
I would track down
your partner.
I'd see if she was exhibiting
the same symptoms.
She might know
exactly what that rash is.
In the meantime,
you're gonna take this cream.
You're gonna apply it
three times a day
and I'd also invest
in some condoms.
[footsteps fading]
[door opens]
[door closes]
[line ringing]
-[tone beeps]
-[recorded voice] We're sorry.
You have reached a number that has been disconnected
or is no longer in service.
Hello, sir.
I'm looking for Dena.
Is she around?
-Yeah, Dena.
Yeah, I don't know a Dena.
I picked Dena up
at this address last night.
1366 Torrington Road.
All these houses
look similar.
You might wanna go look around.
I know it was here.
Maybe she goes by another name.
Uh, look...
This is Dena. All right?
She's about 30 years old,
really tall, brown hair.
I've never seen
this woman before.
The only people living here
are me and my wife
and trust me,
you didn't pick her up
last night.
Look, I picked Dena up
right out front of this house.
She told me she stays here
with some other people.
Well, maybe you should
call your friend
and find out
what her address is.
-Her phone got disconnected.
-Yeah, well,
that's not my problem.
Get off my property. Now!
Sorry to bother you.
[on TV]
Hi. I'm Dr. Jason Ronaldi.
Every hour, 12 people die
from the effects of alcohol
and drug abuse.
Addiction is a disease,
an epidemic that we can control one patient at a time.
[woman] When I just moved to America, crack became my best friend
drug addiction hotline taught me is my worst enemy.
Hi. Yes, I called this number
a few days ago and
I met a girl using this service.
I'm looking for some help.
I was wondering if you can
give me some more information.
I don't know, can you look,
over the last couple days,
first name Dena?
[man] I'm not permitted
to give anything away
to any of our customers.
Can you just give me
an e-mail address or something?
I'm not permitted to release any personal information. What do you not understand?
Can I speak to your manager?
I am the manager.
Is there anything else
I can help you with?
-All right, then.
You have a good evening,
Jonathan Marsh.
We'll be seeing you real soon.
[man on TV] Night...
[door thuds]
[low thudding]
[thunder crashes]
[voices whispering]
[rapid breathing]
[voices whispering]
[furniture scrapes floor]
-[voices whispering]
[indistinct whispers]
[latch clicks]
[crickets chirping]
[cutlery clatters]
[pots clank]
-Another cup of coffee?
-No, thanks.
Do you remember
seeing me here last night?
I sat at this table
with a woman,
dark hair,
kinda looked like that.
Sorry, honey.
It's too many tables.
[phone buzzing]
Yo, Eric.
Jonathan, where you at?
I'm at Jenny's diner.
-Are you alone?
Listen, you're in trouble. Come over to my place, and I'll explain.
What do you mean I'm in trouble?
Just get over here now and we can talk, okay?
I'm not fucking around, man.
I'll be there
in five minutes.
[siren wails in distance]
Eric, you here?
[Eric] I'm back here!
Where you at?
[Eric] In my room!
Dude, are you fucking with me?
-I'm here.
Dude, if you're under the bed...
[shouting] Get off!
[grunting] Get off!
-[blows landing]
[voices whispering]
Get off!
-[voice whispers]
-[blows landing]
[voices whispering]
[police radio chatter]
[woman] Did you receive any messages...
[Dena] Say it, Jonathan.
Say, "I want this to happen."
Good morning, Jonathan.
How are you doing this morning?
Not good.
[sighs] Do you remember
talking to me last night?
Do you remember
how you got here?
The police?
That's right.
You're in a bit of trouble
right now,
and you're gonna be
staying here with me
until we figure out
what's going on with you.
Do you understand?
Can you tell me
why you did this
to your friend Eric?
All right,
this happened last night.
-Can you explain this?
-I wouldn't do that
to Eric.
You did this.
Hey, pal.
[Dr. Ronaldi]
All right, Jonathan.
Everybody in this room
cares about you
and wants to see you well.
But right now,
we're all very concerned
about your well-being.
According to your parents,
you've been exhibiting some
very erratic behavior lately.
Some might even call it
conspiratorial in nature.
Can you please tell us
why you did this
to your friend Eric?
I wouldn't attack Eric.
S-Somebody jumped me.
That's not true.
I came home,
and you were
just standing there,
completely catatonic,
like-like a zombie,
and so I went up to you,
and I tried to wake you up.
And then you went
completely fucking apeshit.
I'm sorry for swearing,
Mr. and Mrs. Marsh.
But I'm just...
I'm really frustrated
because I've done nothing
but help you.
Okay? I gave you a job,
I've helped you
with your social life,
I tried to help you get girls
the right way.
And you do this to me,
You called me.
You said to come over,
that I was...
That I was in trouble.
I didn't call you.
Okay? I never called you.
Do you see now
why we're all concerned
about your well-being?
-You think I made this up?
-Considering your track record,
I think your parents
have a right to be concerned.
One bad day in high school
doesn't mean
you can throw it in my face
the rest of my life.
Jonathan, it was more than
one bad day, okay?
It was a lot of bad days.
it's happening again.
This rash is real,
and I want it tested.
Toxins, poisons, bacteria,
malignant tumors, all of it.
[breathing heavily]
Dena wanted to poison me.
Jonathan, listen to me.
Nobody here
wants to poison you, son.
-[Mr. Marsh] Jonathan?
-[Dr. Ronaldi] Hey, kid.
Jonathan, come on,
wake up, buddy. Come on.
Wake up, Jonathan. Jonathan!
Wake up, Jonathan.
Can you hear me,
Give him
the full 72 hours.
[voices whispering]
[clock ticking]
[clock ticking continues]
[music playing on car stereo]
It's gonna be so nice
to have you back home again,
just where you belong.
Doctors don't always know
what's best.
Sometimes moms know.
Oh, my God.
-[Mr. Marsh] What?
-You're bleeding.
-Oh, shit.
Just try to keep it
off the upholstery,
all right, kiddo?
["This Old Town"
by Clay George plays]
Uh, you know what? I'll, uh...
Let me take this up
to your room
and you go clean up
your nose, okay?
Think of this as vacation.
No responsibility, no stress.
In a couple of days,
you're gonna feel all better.
I hope so.
Of course you will.
[Mr. Marsh whispers]
How long has he been in there?
[Mrs. Marsh] I don't know.
It's been a while.
[Mr. Marsh] Once he had
some razors in there.
-Is there anything sharp in
there for him to hurt himself?
-I don't remember.
[Mr. Marsh]
I'm not the one who goes
in the bathroom anymore.
We're so happy
to have you home.
-That looks good, honey.
Oh, uh, you know what,
why don't we, uh...
Why don't we get
those other ones, huh?
Less dishes for your mom, kiddo.
[cutlery clatters]
Here you go.
[clears throat]
Thank you.
Bet it's been a while.
Bet it's nice to have
a home-cooked meal, huh?
Are you serious?
Look, I appreciate you guys
offering to take care of me
the next couple days,
but I think it's better
if I get my truck
and stay at my place.
You know what? [sighs]
You're staying with us,
all right, for a while.
Whatever medications and creams
the doctor gave me,
I can use at my place.
You're not--
You're not going to your place.
You're staying with us, okay?
There's no discussion.
It's my apartment, my truck.
Please give me my keys now.
Mom, where are my keys?
You don't need
to be driving, honey.
Your dad and I can get you
where you need to be.
[sighs] I can get me
where I need to be.
[Mr. Marsh] You know what?
You've been driving
on expired tags
since last year.
All right? We don't hear
from you in months,
and then you just spent
72 hours in a psych ward.
Now, you're not getting
that truck,
and you're not getting
that apartment.
[exhales in frustration]
-[wood splinters]
-Nice. Real nice.
How is living with my parents
supposed to help with stress?
I'm embarrassed,
you're embarrassed.
Let's save each other
the trouble here.
All right, you know what?
Dr. Ronaldi doesn't think
you're fit to live by yourself.
-Fuck Dr. Ronaldi.
-That's great.
We can't afford
to keep paying half your rent
while you figure your life out.
Figure my life out?
What do you think I'm doing?
I've been figuring it out.
I'm following every fucking step
in this book
that you guys gave me.
This "figuring
your life out" book
that you guys gave me.
What more can I do?
I work 60 hours a week.
Oh, yeah, and we're so proud
of your accomplishments
at that liquor store.
-[Mrs. Marsh] Honey.
-[Mr. Marsh] No, no, honey, no.
No. You know what?
He needs to hear this.
All right? His friends
are starting careers,
and he can't figure out
how to pay car insurance.
You guys want me to be better?
Believe me, this is real.
Dena was real.
I should get support
from my parents!
P.S. It's not a liquor store.
It's a lifestyle
convenience boutique.
That's awesome.
-[door opens]
-[breathing heavily]
[woman on TV] Pick up the phone and call the all-night party line.
Sexy singles
in your neighborhood
are looking to get in touch
with you.
What are you waiting for?
Call 1-900...
[woman screaming]
[liquid bubbling]
[voice whispers] Jonathan?
[glass shatters]
[wind blowing]
Dad, we have to go.
We need to leave right now.
It's here. It's here for me.
What's wrong with you guys?
Stop, Jonathan.
-Just sit down, Jonathan.
-What are you doing?
-You're not going anywhere.
-We have to go.
What are you doing?
Get off me.
-Just relax.
-Fuck. Just... Fuck!
It's all right.
It's just a dream.
[Jonathan grunting]
-Open your mouth.
It's gonna make you feel better.
There you go.
-Just relax.
It's not real, okay?
-[muffled grunting]
-There it is.
-Open your mouth. Hold him.
-[Mr. Marsh] Shut it.
-Now just open your mouth.
It's okay.
[Mrs. Marsh]
No, Jonathan! Stop! Stop!
[birds chirping]
[man on intercom]
Jonathan, I'm sorry.
I can't let you in here.
Look, I just need to grab
a couple things.
I need shoes. I need money.
I've been instructed to call the police
if you try and enter your apartment.
Eric, I need to talk to you!
[rap music playing]
[dog barking]
Excuse me, sir?
I-I don't mean
to bother you.
I just, uh, lost my phone
and wallet last night.
Is there any way
you can spare any money?
I'd really appreciate it.
-No problem, man.
Excuse me? Sir?
Excuse me.
I don't mean to bother you.
This is really embarrassing,
but any chance you have
a couple of dollars
you can lend me?
I just need
to make a phone call.
How much you need?
Just... A couple of dollars
would be great.
Okay. Okay.
You're not gonna buy liquor
with this, are you?
No, I... I don't drink.
You gonna get high?
No, I'm just...
This is really embarrassing.
I'd pay you back if I could.
I just...
-I just need
to make a phone call.
Here's your fucking money.
What was that?
You remember me now? Hmm?
Yeah, you tried to punk me
in front of my girlfriend.
"What size condoms do you wear?
You want the pia colada?"
What are you,
some kind of fucking
stand-up comedian?
Man, you were in my store.
I wasn't trying to punk you.
I was trying to help.
why don't you help yourself
by getting some fucking shoes?
All right? And if I ever
run into you again,
and I see you eye-fucking
my girlfriend like that,
I'm gonna beat the fuck
out of your little
crackhead ass.
All right?
Take your money.
I don't need it.
Are you serious right now, dude?
Are you fucking serious
right now?
You wanna go?
You wanna go,
You see, I'm an alpha male,
and you are my bitch.
-[man] Break it up!
-All right?
Hey! Break it up! Break it up!
This guy's accosting
your customers, man.
Hey, you can't--
You get out of here. Okay?
You can't beg for money
on my property.
I'm not begging.
I'm a paying customer.
-I know how it works.
-You go now.
Okay? I call the police.
Hey, nobody wants you,
all right?
Get your crackhead ass
out of here.
You see this? Oh, yeah.
It's all over you.
I hope your girlfriend likes it
when your dick falls off.
-[alpha male]
What the fuck was that?
[man] You should go
to a doctor, man.
Hey, man, what was that?
No, for real, what was that?
Dude, what the fuck was that?
Hey. Hello, there. Hello--
Whoa, hey, what was that, dude?
Some guy.
[rap continues]
[line ringing]
[Eric on machine] Yo, you've reached the ERC.
Leave a message after the beep.
Holy shit.
"Are you experiencing
sudden bad luck,
illness, addiction, heartache,
or feeling persistent evil?
Let me destroy the evil
before the evil destroys you."
[door opens]
Hey. No shoes, no service.
If you can make
an exception...
I'd really like to speak
to this lady.
Are you fucked up?
Look, I just really wanna
talk to Ms. Melinda.
What do you wanna talk
to Melinda about?
Well, I'm experiencing
everything the flier says.
Bad luck, illness,
feeling persistent evil.
The day I got this rash,
Melinda was watching me
at Jenny's diner.
Why would Melinda be
watching me the same day
all this shit started?
There's no way
this is a coincidence.
Wait here.
There's a guy here to see you.
-Yeah, what does he want?
-He's got a rash.
[Melinda] Can we trust him?
Does he have money?
I don't know.
He says he met you in a diner.
He's got a rash on his arm.
How big is the rash?
What is his...
-I'll give him this.
Give him the...
You need this.
Well, it's not free.
How much?
How badly you want help?
That's all I got.
Give me your watch.
Spiritual defense safety kit?
Level three.
-What do I do with this?
-It's just to get you started.
Melinda will meet with you
at Blue High Shack.
-You know where that is?
-6:00 p.m. Don't be late.
-Why can't we just meet here?
No, we don't bring
that kind of shit
into our store.
It's bad energy, dude.
[wolf howling]
-[wind whistles]
-[chimes tinkling]
[door creaking]
Did you bring anybody here
with you?
No, it's just me.
I don't want any bullshit.
Do you understand me?
-I said, do you understand me?
Yes, I do.
Show me your rash, Jonathan.
What do you think it is?
This is worse than poison.
We have work to do.
It doesn't matter
how much money they have,
how nice they smell.
Doesn't matter. They're vile.
They're filth.
You've already been
to the house.
You know
who you're dealing with.
What is this?
It's the start
of the cleansing process.
If you have what I had,
time is not on your side.
[voice warbling]
The solution is to make...
Spread it out.
They tried to seed you
with that woman.
If it took root,
you'll find it
just under these scabs.
-Find what?
-You'll see.
It's not that far
beneath your skin.
Dig all of it out.
Dig it all out.
[exhales][bell tolls]
[grunts, panting]
Stay focused. Stay focused.
[gasps, grunts]
Oh, God!
[heaving breaths]
Oh, God!
Don't stop until it's all out.
Don't leave the circle.
Don't leave the circle.
[groaning weakly]
Don't leave the circle.
Don't leave the circle.
Don't leave the circle.
[voice whispers] Jonathan.
Hey, you. You okay?
You all right?
[rap music playing
on headphones]
-[door opens]
-Where is she?
-Where are you going?
-I need to talk to Melinda.
-No. You can't go--
-She owes me.
-You can't go in there!
-[Jonathan] I don't care.
-Winter! Winter!
-Get out!
-Get out!
-It's okay. I'll handle this.
I'll handle it.
What can I do for you,
What happened last night?
What did you do to me?
You started
the cleansing process.
It's what you wanted.
It's what you need.
Explain to me what I saw.
I pulled black shit
out of my arm.
In the morning, it was gone.
You saw everything
you needed to see
with your own eyes.
You know exactly
what's going on.
That is the problem.
I have no idea what's happening.
-Help me.
-I gave you everything
you need to help yourself.
If you're too stupid
to figure this out,
then you deserve
what's coming.
I know your fragile mind
can't handle this, Jonathan.
But there are evil forces
out there.
Forces sent to kill you.
If you want answers,
go back to that house.
See for yourself
what they're doing
to people in there.
[rap music playing
on headphones]
[Mr. Marsh on machine] Hello. We are not available now.
Please leave your name
and phone number
after the beep.
-We will return your call.
Mom, it's me.
I'm sorry about what happened.
I didn't mean to hurt you guys, but I just need you to understand.
I know what's happening to me. It's...
something I'm going to fix.
By myself.
[car starting]
If you or Dad
don't hear from me soon...
I love you.
[opera playing on speaker]
[door opens]
Oh, God.
They... used me.
They used you for what?
-For what?
[voices whispering]
Fucking Melinda was right.
They're fucking witches.
Oh, fuck!
-[Dena sobbing]
-[car doors slam]
-Shh. Stop!
-Don't leave me here!
Just tell me
how to stop this.
How do I stop this?
I'm sorry.
What are you doing
in my house?
Don't know who Dena is?
Tell me who's upstairs.
Who's half-dead
in the bedroom?
Listen, son,
I'm gonna call the cops.
You can tell them
whatever story you want to.
You fucking liars.
How about I call the cops?
I'll tell them Dena's upstairs.
I'll tell them
your fucked-up cult
is sacrificing people.
I'll tell them
what you did to me.
I don't know who Dena is.
I don't know anything
about a cult.
You better put that knife down
before you get yourself
in worse trouble.
You don't even fucking
think about touching me.
Yeah? The cops
are gonna find you,
and they're gonna
throw you in jail
for a very long time.
No. They're gonna find you.
You're fucking crazy.
Eric! Eric!
[door beeps]
-[Eric] Holy shit.
What the hell
are you doing here?
Everybody's been
looking for you.
I know you and I haven't fixed
what went wrong at your house
the other night.
I'm really sorry
for flipping out,
but as your best friend,
I'm telling you I need help.
I'm here for you.
Whatever you need.
Look, I know this doesn't
look good, all right?
And I'm this close to getting
in big fucking trouble,
but I had to figure it out.
Why me? Why am I sick?
Why am I all fucked up?
What'd you find?
Witches, man. Witches.
Using black magic.
It's real,
and it's all happening
at 1366 Torrington Road
just like I always said.
Wait, you think...
-You think witches
are doing this?
Look, this coven,
they sent Dena out
to fucking find suckers like me.
And here I am, all right?
Look at me.
Now they're gonna sacrifice me.
They're gonna kill me!
They're trying to kill you?
Yes. Dena infected me,
all right? She marked me.
And now they're coming
for their harvest, all right?
I pulled some of it out.
Look, right here.
Black string, dude.
It's in there.
But the doctors
never looked for it.
You cut your arm open, dude?
Yeah. With this.
I mean, but I had to.
I-I had to pull it out.
I need you to come with me,
all right?
I need a witness.
They won't believe me
by myself.
Just come with me.
Will you come with me?
Yeah. Of course, man.
Look, I know you think
I'm crazy. [chuckles]
I mean, I would think I'm crazy.
But I'm not, all right?
We have to get them
to remove the curse now
and if they don't...
If they don't
remove the curse, what?
Then I have to... destroy them.
Whoa. What do you mean
you have to destroy them?
-What does that mean?
-You know.
Shit, man.
Okay. Okay.
Okay, place is still open.
I gotta close up. All right?
So why don't you go wash up,
eat some snacks,
then we'll go find these people
and we'll talk to them.
You promise?
-Scout's honor.
Sounds crazy, doesn't it?
To be honest,
a little bit.
I got you, man.
Dig all of it out.
Dig it all out.
Mrs. Everly. Isabella.
What are you doing here?
What's wrong with your arm?
Oh, nothing.
It was an accident.
[siren wailing]
[speaking foreign language]
[siren chirps]
Sorry, I have to go.
Why are the cops here?
Dude, you've been missing
for three days.
Your parents are worried
about you. We all are.
Tell them
everything is okay in here.
I'll go out the back door.
Dude, I called them, okay?
You need help.
This is for your own good,
-Just please--
-You dumb shit!
Yo! Yo! Jonathan!
Hey, you put that knife away,
Jonathan. Hey!
-Yo, Jonathan!
-[police radio chatter]
Put the knife down.
Look, I know where
her dead body is.
-1366 Torrington Road.
-Put the knife on the ground.
I'll surrender!
If you just take me
to that house.
I'm not fucking resisting.
I'm on your team.
Blue Lives Matter.
Hands up. Don't shoot!
Just take me
to that fucking house, please!
-Yo, put that knife down.
They're gonna shoot you, bro.
-Goddamn! Stop!
Put the knife on the ground.
If you put the knife down,
they won't shoot you.
Why did you fucking
call them?
-Come on.
-[knife clatters]
-Hey, hey, shut up, man.
-I'm not a criminal. I'm not--
I'm not a criminal. [sobbing]
-Give me your hand.
They're gonna kill me!
Fuck! Let me out!
-End of the road.
-You're gonna be okay.
-Right arm.
What are you doing?
Are you taking any drugs
or medication?
-Jonathan, do you hear me?
-[machine beeping]
-How's his pulse?
-Pulse is 170, satting at 98.
You're going to feel a prick.
-[man 1] No touching.
No touching.
-[man 2] No. No.
-Hey, it was in my bedroom...
-Settle down.
-...and now it's fucking gone.
-Stop. No. No touching.
[chatter echoing through vent]
Now what do you think
you're doing?
This is a level-three
safety circle.
It's protecting me from things
you can't comprehend.
You know the rules.
You're gonna have to
clean that up.
I don't want anybody
coming in here
and fucking with my circle.
Oh, I don't intend to mess with
your little Dungeons and Dragons
voodoo anti-curse spell.
You can tell Dr. Ronaldi
all about it.
-Right now. Let's go.
[Dr. Ronaldi]
You know, Jonathan,
I have to admit
I'm a little bit disappointed.
You failed your drug
and alcohol test.
Marijuana, cocaine, ketamine.
That's not possible.
It's all right here.
-How've you been feeling
the past couple of days?
-Like crap.
But now you're gonna
blame everything
on that bullshit drug test.
Forget about the drug test
for now
and concentrate on
what we can control in here.
You don't feel the medications
are working or at least helping?
No. I don't.
I don't think you are.
The nurses, the pills,
this place, none of it.
How's your rash?
Tell me about your rash.
This? This? Fucking painful.
You wanna give me
some more creams?
Some aloe vera?
Maybe it's just a sunburn.
Oh, wait.
Maybe the black shit
that I've pulled out of it
is just a manifestation
of my anxieties.
-Yeah. That's it, huh?
-Do you have to be
so aggressive?
Oh, my God,
instead of playing games
like I'm a little kid,
tell me what you really think
is wrong with me.
-This is just a simple case
of sleep paralysis.
I'd say that life stress
and substance abuse
has triggered a severe psychosis
that's gone so far
as waking hallucinations.
But if you stop listening
to this psychic
and you start listening to me,
your board-certified
you're gonna find
that these symptoms
are completely treatable.
Except for the fact
that this is no delusion.
I know you can't wrap
your little brain around it,
but there are witches
in this world,
and stuff like black magic
and fucking demons
sent to kill me.
You're not dead yet,
Look, Jonathan,
the only way that
you're gonna get out of here
is if you stop running
and you start facing
your problems head-on.
Next time this entity
attacks you,
don't move.
See what happens
when it approaches.
You'll realize it's not real.
It just feels real.
Do you understand me?
I'm gonna die in here.
It's gonna be your fault.
[woman crying]
-[door opens]
-[woman screaming]
[door shuts]
[Melinda, echoing]
Don't leave the circle.
Hello, Jonathan.
How'd you get in here?
The same way you did.
You're probably confused
by all the things
that have been
happening to you.
I'm not confused.
I know exactly what's going on.
Should I call the cops now?
We've already dealt
with the police.
They weren't interested in me,
so let's not waste time.
You're not gonna get away
with this.
I've told everybody
what you're doing,
what you've done to Dena,
what you've implanted in me.
They know where you live.
You are not remotely capable
of comprehending the gravity
of what's happening here.
Jonathan, if you could see
[voice deepens]
the doors we've opened,
the portals
we've looked through.
[normal voice] Very few people
have ever experienced
something this...
this horrific.
But you will, Jonathan.
I've got you figured out.
That's why you haven't
got me yet.
Melinda told me.
I know everything.
Listen to your doctors,
Stop running.
Dena served her purpose,
and now it's time
for you to serve yours.
Embrace it.
Is that a threat?
Tonight is going to be special.
Nurse! Yo, nurse! Help!
This guy's a murderer!
-He's here!
-[footsteps approaching]
-Whoa, whoa!
Calm down, Jonathan.
-Call the cops. He's right here!
-Calm down.
-This is the guy
who tried to kill me.
-Through Dena.
-Who are you talking about?
It's all right, buddy.
Look around. Look around.
He's not here now.
He's not here now.
He was just right here.
All right, buddy.
It's okay. It's okay.
There's no one here, all right?
There's no one here.
-So... Hey--
-He's right fucking there, man.
Well, he's not here now.
Let's get you back
to your room, okay?
I want to know
what his name is
and who let him in here.
This is bullshit,
letting him fuck with me
like that in here.
I will check the registry
for you,
but you gotta
calm down, dude. Relax.
You've been doing good.
Don't start going backwards.
He said tonight
was gonna be special.
-That's a threat.
That's a goddamn threat.
-Hey. Watch your mouth.
You know what happens
when you talk like that
around here.
Doesn't matter, Wally.
I'm getting the fuck
out of here tonight.
Hey, a little help now.
-[woman] What'd you get?
Hey, where do you think
you're going?
[overlapping chatter]
[all shouting]
[voices echoing]
[man] Stop!
[tires screech]
Jonathan, settle down.
Someone grab the Haldol.
Okay. Okay.
I'm good. Please.
Please. Please don't.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
[sounds fade]
It's gonna be so nice
to have you back home,
just where you belong.
You have my blessing.
Say it, Jonathan.
Say, "I want this to happen."
Do you know
why your mom is crying?
'Cause she thinks
you're gonna kill yourself.
That's why you're in here.
This is your last stop, Jon.
No. Come on.
[voices whispering]
[breathing heavily]
[shaky breathing]
Just relax.
-[creature growling]
This isn't real.
[breathing heavily]
[muffled screaming]
[muffled groaning]
Take all of it out.
Take it all out.
[raspy breathing]
[blood gushing]
Oh, my God!
[woman on PA]
Paging Dr. Cline to 452.
Paging Dr. Cline to 452.
Paging Dr. Tower.
Paging Dr. Tower.
Dr. Tower, if you will.
Code Red in 347.
Hello, Mr. Marsh?
Yeah, this is Dr. Ronaldi
over at County Psych.
There's been an incident
involving Jonathan.
I need you and Mrs. Marsh
to get over here right away.
This is something that
we should not be discussing
over the phone.
I just need you to get here
as quickly as possible.
["I Was All Over Her"
by Salvia Palth playing]
Don't know what I wanted
I have a memory
Back at that party
I was all over her
We didn't make out
Or do anything
I just remember
I was lonely
I guess I am always
It's not a problem
It's just something
I got used to it
Every stranger...
Hey, you need a ride?
Come on, hop in.
We'll take you
wherever you want to go.
Be our good deed
for the week.
It's okay, sweetie.
Come with us.
-All right.
-All right.
[piano playing]
[rock music playing]
[country music plays]