The Black Waters of Echo's Pond (2009) Movie Script

After all these years,
we are blessed.
Omphalos, the lost temple of Pan.
What mastery.
Looks like the work
of Philodysos,
fourth century BC.
What is that?
It's a map of Pandemonium.
The mythical world of the Pans?
All of Classical Greece
considered it very much real,
a place where Pans roamed free...
...seduced by forest-haunting nymphs
of legendary beauty,
a circus where demons
were entertained
by the torture of the damned.
There was even a pond
where beneath
its magical waters
held all the world's fantasies
and nightmares.
Olympus-- heaven.
Hades-- hell.
the pathway to both,
thus more like our world
than any other myth.
Charles, it doesn't look
anything like a map.
You're right. How odd.
What is it?
Seems to be
some sort of ritual item.
Why is it spewing out
fire and brimstone?
The rite of Pandemonium.
It-- it's some sort of
instructional chart
on how to build it.
we must reconstruct it.
Yes, we must.
The modern world has yet to see
anything like this.
Hello, sir. This is Nigel.
We've had success. We found it.
Excellent, Nigel, excellent.
This is everything
you asked for and more.
Charles and the others
are constructing it now.
God damn it.
I told him not to touch a thing
until I was present.
My instructions were exact!
Put him on the telephone
Sorry, sir,
but he stayed on the island
and sent me to the mainland
to contact you.
I will leave for the island
at once.
I'll be there at the dock
to meet you.
God damn it.
Go find Nigel.
He was supposed to be here.
I'll find him.
Hello? Anyone there?
They're dead.
They're all gone.
what have you done?
It wasn't me.
It was the game
Charles constructed
from the cave drawings we found.
It changed us all.
A game. Nigel?
Where is the game now?
I tried to destroy it.
It wouldn't let me.
Sol hid it in a place
it will never be found.
Nigel, you cannot
keep it from me.
This island isn't that big.
Now with your help
or without your help,
we will eventually find it.
I will find it, Nigel,
because that is what I do.
- No.
- I will find it.
Now I want
what I have paid for,
and I want it now.
- Is that it there?
- Pretty sweet, huh?
- Whoo!
- Okay.
Thank you.
- Thank you very much.
- What are those?
These must be
Pete's lobster traps.
Who's Pete?
Oh, my God.
Get off my island!
Pete! What, are you nuts?
It's me-- Anton.
Damn, boy, you did grow up,
didn't you?
I thought you weren't coming
till the 9th.
It is the 9th.
Oh. I'll be right down.
Sorry about that, ma'am.
Hey, how are you doing?
- I take it we're the first to arrive.
- Yeah.
I'm gonna call Renee
and see how far off they are.
- Oh, don't bother.
- Excuse me?
You didn't happen to notice any cell
phone towers on the way in here, did ya?
What's with the dead animals?
It's not exactly the welcome
I was asking for.
Well, the animals need
a little help getting up on my wall.
I gotta cut the head off
and draw the blood out of them first.
Could you please take them off
before my friends arrive?
Did you happen to bring
what I asked you to bring?
Sure did.
Oh! Don't throw it.
Young lady, you ever seen
a grown man cry?
Well, you would have if this would
have hit the rocks and exploded.
This here is
the nectar of the gods.
The house is wide open.
You know the way up there,
don't you?
You two have a good time,
do whatever you're gonna do.
Don't go out in the woods.
I still got traps out there.
She'd better not bring
TV dinners and sushi
like she did in Aruba.
Just because we look alike
does not mean we think alike.
I know, I know. You're the good twin.
She's the evil one.
You're obviously
the smart one.
That's right,
and don't forget it.
Why wouldn't
Erica and Anton tell us
that the pier was a mile and a half away
from the train station?
Probably 'cause
they weren't anticipating
you packing
your entire wardrobe.
Hey, look, there's Veronique.
Wow, she sure didn't waste any time
showing off her new boobs.
- New boobs?
- Yeah.
- Veronique.
- Josh.
Hey, Josh, Renee.
Josh, hello...?
- Oh, so good to see you.
- You too.
We saw you in "Astro Babes."
You were amazing. You were amazing.
You were like Jessica Simpson
meets Meryl Streep.
- Stop.
- Wasn't she great, babe?
- Come, give me a little squeeze.
- Hey, girl.
Playboy, what's going on, sir?
How are you doing, man?
Hey, big man. What's up?
Where's Anton and Erica? Aren't they
supposed to have a ferry or something?
Who invited him?
Don't look at me.
- What's up, Josh my man?
- What up, big dawg?
Come on, hop in, you guys. I got
a cooler full of beers in the back.
I love you, sweetness.
Aww, how did he do it?
On a horse-and-buggy ride
through Central Park.
Aww, that is so romantic.
- Oh, shit.
- So do you guys have a date set?
- You did not.
- I did.
- I did, I did, I did.
- Oh, shit.
- Does Erica know about this?
- Yeah, of course.
So do you guys
have a date set?
Yes, sometime in June
after graduation.
Maybe our kids will grow up
to be best friends too.
Kids? Who said anything
about having kids?
Oh, God, Trent's been bugging me
for years to get married,
but he couldn't afford a ring
half that size on his salary.
- No. That's horrible.
- I know.
It's beautiful.
Nice try, Rick.
You're not staying in my room.
Don't think
you're staying with me.
I only got a single bed
in my room.
- Hey, Anton.
- What?
Why is everyone acting like they didn't
know I was coming here this weekend?
Rick, you got some real balls
coming here.
Erica-- she's still pissed
about the bachelor party incident,
and you knew that.
Shit, no, man, I didn't.
Look, what if I have a little powwow
with her, you know, apologize?
My advice to you,
stay out of her way.
On a stormy night
in April 1952,
a merchant marine ship
bound for Iceland
left Bar Harbor.
This was no ordinary trip.
Once the ship got out to sea,
for some unknown reason,
the first mate went crazy
and slit the throats
of everybody on board the ship--
the captain, his wife,
even his children
all sliced from ear to ear
before this monster of a man
took his own life.
The ship eventually
ground ashore
on the north side
of the island.
And when the police
found the ship,
they say that the stench of death
was so thick,
you could smell it
from a mile away.
But that's not all.
In 1971
there were some backpackers
exploring the island
and they turned up missing.
And the rescue team found them
in the hull of the ship--
with their throats slit
from ear to ear.
And on a wall nearby,
dripping in fresh blood,
was the ghoul
of Beacon's Isle.
Even to this day
there are those who say
the ghoul is still here
on this island,
lurking for his next kill.
Beacon's Isle has got a death curse.
You are doomed.
All of you-- you are doomed.
And what if the ghoul
is a real person,
very much alive
and living on this island?
Do they have any idea
who the murderer was?
No one knows.
Hell, you could be
looking at him.
You kids have fun.
How creepy.
- Are you shitting me, man? Come on.
- Oh, my God.
Oh, man, I ain't eaten like that
in a long time.
Say what?
You have a college education
and you still say words like "ain't."
Bro, remember the cheerleader--
the one that you had a crush on--
you know, Charlene Hutchison,
you know, sophomore year or whatever?
You gave her your number
after basketball practice
and you always wondered
why she never called you back.
It's because your balls
was hanging out, man.
- Shut up.
- No, I'm dead serious.
Out of them little tiny-ass PE shorts
that we used to wear.
They looked like that turkey neck
on Thanksgiving.
That's what was
going around the high school.
Did you bring
any other games with you?
Wrinkled too.
So what's on TV?
Veronique, the reason
we came to this island
is to watch the fire,
take in the stars,
get away from it all.
You know, nature.
Yeah, Veronique, come on.
I promised Renee I wouldn't watch
any of the ball games.
- You gotta suffer too.
- Can't we watch a little TV?
No. Watching TV is the last thing
in the world I want to do out here.
Not even
"Astro Babes from Mars"?
- Get out. Put it on.
- No.
No, seriously, that's embarrassing.
- No way.
- That's embarrassing.
Post. Post.
- Keep it up.
- Hey, over here.
Keep it up. Keep it up.
What are you doing? No.
- What are you doing? No.
- What the fuck?
That was a rental, you know.
Looks like there's gonna be
some late fees.
Watch a little--
Oh. Hey.
- Oh, great.
- Hey. Hello. Hello.
That radio station
sucked anyway.
Must be the circuit breakers.
It's an old house. It happens.
- It's okay. I got you.
- Goddamn, Boy Scout.
- A flashlight already, huh?
- Sit tight. It'll just take a minute.
Yeah, hook up some cable
while you're back there, MacGyver.
Come on,
there's got to be a flashlight
or candles around here somewhere.
Guys, come look.
Shit, the lights are out
in the whole house.
Oh, shit!
Dude, you almost gave me
a heart attack.
- Anton, are you okay, sweetie?
- Watch out. Watch out.
- I'm all right.
- I found a flashlight.
Watch your step.
You'll fall through.
You're not gonna believe
what I found here--
a whole 'another room.
These don't work.
Someone must have
sealed this.
Looks like
some sort of game.
Let me see.
Hey, check this out, guys.
It says, "Apollo had forged
a magical flute
from lightning and earth
as a gift to Hades,
the once Eden-like
kingdom of the Pans,
to celebrate
their laughter and song.
But the lure
of the powerful flute
proved far too great
for this once naive, fawn-like race
who soon stumbled
into a deadly feud
- of chaos and destruction."
neither the keenest mind
nor the sharpest wit
is a match for the truest heart.
Each player selects
a game piece..."
Yeah, yeah, we get it.
It's like Monopoly.
You roll the dice
and move a space. Let's play.
- I don't know about this, you guys.
- Randophomos,
the ghost oracle,
- and the carnival of curses.
- Curses.
The haunted forest
of the Furies.
Guys, stop it. Pete's ghost story
really freaked me out.
- Did you guys hear that?
- What?
- Wait, listen. Listen.
- Knock it off.
It's the ghoul of Beacon's Isle!
Stop it. You're scaring me.
- Don't you ever make that face again!
- What's wrong with you? What face?
Did you see that?
Did you see that?
Oh, my God, man.
That was so fucking creepy.
Did you see that?
"First, on your quest,
you must pass the haunted forest
of the Furies.
Pray that you do not
stop there,
for these three
demon-like nymphs
named Grudge, Retaliation
and Unnameable
will taunt you
with a deadly kiss."
"Draw a card that corresponds
with the space you land on
and dare to tell the truth.
And be true to that dare.
They can taste secrets
on your lips
and smell the lies
on your breath."
Oh, yeah, baby.
That's why I'm here tonight.
That's where all the action is at.
That's right. I'm right here.
I'll take this creature,
bam! Hit right there.
Then I grab one of these cards,
"Bespeak thy hurt unspoken
by a trust
that hath been broken."
- Billie Holiday CD, dawg.
- Oh, come on, man.
You borrowed my Billie Holiday CD
and you never returned that shit.
It's my Billie Holiday CD, man.
Look, my grand mama gave me that shit.
Look, that's a classic.
Come on, man.
It has to be bad, like really bad.
Fuck y'all.
All y'all are gonna burn in hell.
All right.
I got you your job, man.
You know, as a matter of fact,
I'm the one who got you started
in the mortgage business
in the first place.
Before me, I mean, you was
greener than fucking lettuce.
And in one year
not only do they
promote you above me,
but they make you
a branch manager.
And in all that time
not once do I ever recall you
even saying what?
"Thank you."
Where's the fucking gratitude
in that, man?
Scratch that shit!
The Hathaway loan-- it was mine.
It's fucked up, the way
they took it away from me
after I busted my ass on that
and they gave it to your wonky ass.
Fuck that. I'm jealous, all right?
It's out there.
I'm jealous, okay?
Well, perhaps I shouldn't have
taken that deal.
But if they didn't give it to me, they
would have just given it to another LO.
Oh, man.
I should have at the very least
shared the commission with you.
And, you know, forgive me
for not being more appreciative.
You did hook me up with the job
and, in turn, a career.
And I'm sorry if I never
really said thank you.
Truth be told, man, you are
one hell of a loan officer, all right?
Well, look at it this way--
now that I got some clout there,
I can make sure
you get all the best leads,
you know,
the big money deals.
And I'll repay you tenfold
for all the things you've done for me,
friend to friend.
Come on. Come on.
All right.
Don't you just love
when men hug?
I knew it was all an act.
Are you ever gonna tell me
why they took the deal away from you?
So whose turn is it?
Whose go is it?
"On a bed of nails
rests the burden of blame.
Thou must confess
thy secret shame."
I don't know.
okay, look, there's no right way
to say this, so maybe I shouldn't.
Look, man, just go ahead and say
the shit. Just spit the shit out.
You'll feel better, man.
All right.
Kathy, there's something
I've always wanted to tell you.
I've never forgiven myself
for what happened to your brother.
Rick, don't.
I don't want to talk about it.
I want you to know
that there's not a day that goes by
that I don't regret
giving him those keys.
He swore to me
that he was sober.
I don't know, I guess I was just
so drunk, I believed him.
But all I'm trying to say is
my life has never been the same
and it's never gonna be.
He was my best friend.
He was your best friend
and you let him drive
with 1.8% alcohol in his system.
That's twice the legal limit.
I don't want to play this game
You know what?
I'll never forgive you, Rick, okay?
I only tolerate you because you
were so close with Danny.
And why he chose to have you
as a best friend
I will never fucking know.
Kathy, come on.
You gotta forgive me.
- No.
- Look, that's enough of this,
all right? Rick, look,
this shit has gone too far.
- Come on, Kathy.
- He shouldn't have come here.
Remember me, you and Danny
jumping off the cliffs,
swimming around the rocks
in the cove?
Remember when we used to joyride
in your dad's car,
and when we brought it back,
we had to shut the light off
and put it in neutral
and wheel it in the driveway?
- So Dad wouldn't hear it.
- Yeah.
I will never forgive you,
because you had the opportunity
to stop him,
and you didn't.
And as cruel as it may sound,
I want you to live with that pain
for the rest
of your fucking life,
just like I have to live
with the pain of loss.
Danny was wild.
That's what we all loved
about him.
Look, man, I'm sorry, Rick,
but nowhere in the rules does it say
that anyone
has to forgive you.
Let's just get back to trying
to play this game, man.
Since we're not going
in order,
I'll go.
I'll bring back the fun.
Bring it back.
It's my lucky day.
I know I put another trap
out here...
If I have known
they were coming today,
I could have got up
this morning
and done it
when the sun was still up
instead of wandering around here
in the dark like a jackass.
I don't want some city slicker
getting caught in a trap
and having his leg chewed off...
and suing my ass.
"Thou may not have given
much thought of it,
yet whom in this room
doth thou secretly covet?"
I don't get it.
It means, who would you
like to get with?
Come on, babe,
you know it's me.
This is embarrassing. Um...
Come on, girl, just spit it out.
Fine, so I'm just gonna
come out and say it.
Josh and Anton.
Oh, Jesus.
Wait, let me explain.
Anton, because he's the sensitive,
romantic type.
And Josh, because he's
the big and strong,
take-charge kind of guy.
And I always thought
if I could have a combination
of the two,
that I would have
the perfect man.
Too bad, girl,
'cause they're both taken.
And don't you forget it.
Don't look so defeated.
It's just a game, right?
Okay, my turn.
"Apology is an open door,
forgiveness is a closed gate,
bolted and locked.
When unresolved,
issues still await."
Okay, Rick,
there's been something
that's been bugging me
for kind of a long time,
something that happened between
you and I that I'd like to talk about.
The morning after the new pledges
at Phi Kappa Delta
where we crashed out
and spent the night
because we were all partying
really hard,
well, I woke up on the couch
and you were lying next to me
with your shirt off.
- Wait, wait, what the fuck?
- Hey, you know,
hold on one second, okay? You don't
need to get all fucking riled up
because you and I weren't
even together at the time.
No, actually, we were together.
Look, you got your dates all fucked up.
Orientation didn't begin
at the beginning of the school year.
- It began in the summer.
- Let's just give Rick a chance
to explain himself before we jump
to any conclusions, all right?
- So, Rick...
- Yeah, all right.
Explain to me.
No, explain to me
what happened that night.
I gotta admit, I was
just as confused as you were
- when we woke up next to each other.
- Bullshit.
I can't even believe that you never even
told me that this shit happened.
What am I gonna tell you about this for?
You're friends with the asshole.
You know, Rick,
is there anybody in this room that has
something nice to say about you?
- Erica, please.
- Shut up, Anton.
You know, when your father died,
I thought you might actually change,
maybe get your life together,
become more mature.
But instead, you quit school
and right away start throwing
your father's money around.
And how do you show it off
to my husband?
By renting out a penthouse
full of strippers and hookers.
Erica, you've had it in for me
before we even met, okay?
But does anybody here talk about
the good things I've done, huh?
Anton ever tell you
who loaned him that cash
for that little
honeymoon of yours?
You're looking at him,
right here.
Oh, yeah?
With your father's money.
Yeah, well, my father's money
paid for that fucking rock
on your sister's finger.
- Rick, what the fuck?
- Rick.
You gotta walk away right now.
It's getting out of hand.
Okay, fine.
I'll be out of here
first thing in the morning.
Enjoy your game.
Don't let the door kick you in the ass
on the way out.
- I wouldn't worry about that one, hon.
- Fucking prick.
Well, that was fun.
Yay. I'm going to roll now.
"Bestow a sweet peck
of innocent bliss to the person
seated beside thee,
a harmless kiss."
What is this, "Spin the Bottle"?
What's everybody
looking at me for?
Kiss him. What the hell do I care?
It's no big deal.
Hey, do it. Do it.
- Kiss him. Kiss him.
- Do it.
Kiss him,
kiss him, kiss him.
All right, I'll kiss him.
- Who wants margaritas?
- I do.
- I'll go. I'll go.
- I do.
Let's go.
Hey, guys, what was up with that
back there?
Does, like, everyone think
I'm a prude or something?
Well, you wear a T-shirt
over your bathing suit.
- You don't drink. You don't smoke.
- I have asthma.
Erica, I got you a vibrator
for your bachelorette party
and you thought
it was a back massager.
That's so sad. Aww.
Well, at least I don't crawl into bed
with perfect strangers
and pretend it's acting just because
there's a camera in the room.
First of all, B-movie is Shakespeare
compared to porno.
No, sweetie.
Shakespeare is Shakespeare.
A B-movie is porno.
Excuse me.
Well, maybe to a prude
like you.
Shit. This is never
gonna come out.
- Here, put this on. Give me that.
- Okay.
I'll wash it out
before it stains.
Don't let her get to you, okay?
I admire
how outgoing you are.
So what's the matter
with you and Trent?
You guys make
such a good couple.
He's been so distant lately
ever since they promoted
Robert over him.
He won't even talk about it.
Yeah, I heard him
kind of dodge that earlier.
Yeah. We've been together
for five years.
If he can't talk about his feelings
and his problems, then it's useless.
I think what you need
is a good one-night stand.
Great sex cures all.
I could never cheat on Trent
with another guy.
What about with a woman?
I don't go that way.
You should try it.
I have. It's liberating.
You keep looking.
Do you like 'em?
I was noticing
what a great job they did.
They look fabulous.
- Feel 'em.
- What?
Come on, don't be embarrassed.
They feel natural.
Come on.
What's wrong?
Rick? Oh, you pis-
I hope you got enough
batteries for the boom box.
Hey, you know,
I wonder, what would Rick do
if he knew that we were
smoking his shit?
Well, at least he's good
for something.
- What? What's so funny?
- Look what you're doing right now.
You're so fucking rude.
I can smoke
and I did that at the same time.
Okay, my roll.
Let's do this.
Go ahead.
- Are you okay?
- Eight.
- Hey.
- One, two,
three, four, five,
six, seven, eight.
- "Unnameable."
- Shh.
"A fruitless wish
could drive thee mad.
What hath thee always yearned for,
yet never had?"
Sex with twins.
Excuse me, are you talking
about sex with my wife?
Hold on.
Hold on just a second.
Hold on. Listen to me.
You two used to date
and we all know for a fact
have had sex.
So you've had sex
with my girl.
Listen. Why can't I have sex
with yours? It'd make us even.
The same goes for Renee.
Plus I've always wanted
to do twins.
- You're killing me.
- I think it's time to move on, okay?
It's done. Done. Finito.
Ah, doubles.
One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine, 10.
- Oh, my God.
- Whoa. What the fuck?
Did you see that?
Do you think this thing is
on some kind of a timer or something?
- Holy shit.
- Oh, my God. Oh.
Oh, my God.
"Come ye all to the carnival
of curses big and small.
Take thy turn and spin
the wheel of Exum--"
I said that.
You repeated me.
"Of Ex--ll
what was that again?
- Exium.
- "Exium,
who was sentenced
to turn for eternity."
"Carved in stone,
words deep and bold.
Thou must grant
the wish last told."
Light, camera, action,
damn it.
I don't want to play
this game anymore.
Hey, rules are rules.
There's no way you're having sex
with my sister.
This is ridiculous, okay?
It's cheating.
Whoa, whoa, wait a second.
I may have a solution.
Is that really cheating
if we all do it together?
I mean, we're friends.
We know each other.
You two are sisters,
for God's sake.
Look, if it will
make it easier,
you two can sleep with me
and then sleep with Anton.
Hell, or all four of us all together.
Just no grab-ass from you, okay?
- Erica, What? No.
- Hey, let's do it.
I can't feel my toes.
You know that I have always been
a little bit resentful
that you've hooked up
with Anton.
So this is a way
to fix that forever.
I'm really enjoying
playing the hell out of this game.
- This is some fun shit.
- I don't have any toes.
First of all, there's no way
my sister would do this
in a million years.
We roomed together,
and Erica thought
that "420" was
a household cleaner.
She did. She did.
Wait, she didn't lose her
virginity until when she was, like, 21?
- She's still a virgin.
- Why do you bring this up?
Guys, easy.
Let's go, boys.
Erica, hold on.
I guess that's our cue.
- Don't stay up.
- Oh, shit.
Oh, my--
Get the fuck--
I love this game.
Oh, damn,
I got the munchies.
- Come on, let's all go for a dip.
- What are you doing?
We're just screwing
with you guys.
Although the fact that you're
getting into it is really starting
- to make me horny.
- I second that.
Come on. Come on.
- Be careful.
- Just follow me.
- Come on. It's all right.
- Okay, just be careful.
Jesus Christ.
Pete, you scared
the hell out of me.
the lights weren't on.
Did the power go off?
Yeah, it went out
about an hour ago.
Yeah, well, it's an old house.
It happens.
Can you fix it?
Oh, no,
I can't fix it tonight.
Tell everybody I'll be going
into the mainland.
I'll get a box of fuses.
Brought you some candles.
Ain't no big city fire trucks
out here,
so don't go burning down
my house.
Man, that is some good shit.
Man, what the hell
did you put in that thing?
- You want some?
- Hell, no.
Where the hell
did everybody go?
You don't want to know.
It's your turn.
Oh, it's my turn. Thank you.
- Whoa.
- Hey.
It's like it has a mind
of its own.
Hey, hey, what the hell?
I was winning here. Come on, man.
It can't be running on gears
'cause I don't see a crank.
And it's too old
to be running on batteries.
"Kneel before the fabled pond
where Narcissus drowned
after falling in love
with his own reflection.
There thou will find
his lover Echo
who replenishes the water
with her tears."
So romantic.
So depressing.
"The pond may look shallow,
but this watery mirror
is as deep as the soul.
So share not thy vision,
or thou might just fall in."
Says here
you have to roll again.
"Carry out thy vision
seen in Echo's pond."
You've gotta be kidding me.
What? You didn't actually
see something, did you?
Come with me.
Where are we going?
Follow me
and I'll show you.
Oh, whoa.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Where are you going?
I'm right here. Are you leaving me?
Hey, can I come?
Oh, man, I don't know
what I would do if I were you,
but you have to admit,
that is pretty damn hot.
I mean, well, it's not like
she's cheating on me
with a guy or anything--
you know, like that.
It's fine with me
if it's fine with you.
I mean, this is cool.
This is cool, right?
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
My turn.
often akin to poisonous drinks,
tell thy friend
what thou truly thinks."
Based on my observation,
if you really want to elevate
your status in this company,
it's gonna have to start with
a considerable attitude adjustment.
Now the whole
"I'm black and I'm proud" thing
doesn't fly in the corporate world.
You have to be a team player.
Now quit the Y.
Join the country club.
Take up golf.
It's called "building relationships."
And what's the deal
with your attendance lately?
You know that desk
and that phone at work?
Think of that phone
as your ATM machine.
You have to be on that phone
to get the money out.
You don't get the apps--
you can't get the loan.
If you don't get the loan,
then you don't get paid.
Remember your ABCs--
"always be closing."
What the fuck is wrong
with you, man?
Will somebody please help me?
Is that you?
Come on.
Come on, man,
please untie me.
So tell me why you did it.
Dude, I don't know
what you're talking about.
Jesus, Trent, are you
out of your fucking mind?
You sabotaged my loan file.
It really wasn't my intention.
Wrong fucking answer.
We can do this all fucking night.
I don't give a shit, all right?
I already know you did it.
Why did you do it?
I got greedy,
plain and simple.
I got myself into debt
really bad.
And I just needed one big payday
to get things back on track.
I saw an opportunity
and I took it.
But like I said,
I had plans to make it all right.
How was I to know
that closing that deal
would get me promoted?
I just needed the commission.
If you needed money,
all you had to do was ask.
You were just trying
to show me up.
No, man. No.
It really wasn't intentional.
- That's exactly what it was.
- Let me go. Let me go!
You wanted to show everybody
what a fuckup Trent was
and how good old
motherfucking "White Chocolate"
could save the day.
You've come
to save the day, huh?
"I can save the deal for you.
I can save the deal."
That's what you wanted to do.
No, man.
Come on, man.
Please don't, man,
I'm begging you.
Look what we got here.
I wonder if this
motherfucker works.
Sounds like this motherfucker
got some gas.
No, man, please don't.
I'm begging you, man, stop.
I'm sorry, man.
I said-- did you hear me?
I said I'm sorry.
Everybody's fucking sorry.
They always say they're sorry
right at the 11th hour
or at the point
that they get caught.
How are we gonna make this right
between us, Rob?
- How are we gonna make it right?
- Oh, God.
Motherfucker, take this!
Okay, I don't want to drown,
you guys.
You got shit for brains?
We're two hours
from the mainland.
This entire island's filled
with deadwood and dried brush.
If you set this dock on fire,
the island, my house,
all of us will be turned
into kindling.
Pete, you're scaring me.
You try to set my island
on fire again,
I'll gut you like a fish.
Anton, are you okay?
That was creepy.
What's wrong?
Oh, fuck.
I just stepped on something.
- What?
- Hold on. Ow.
It hurts.
- Baby, are you all right?
- Let me see.
No. I cut my foot open.
- Is she okay?
- Let's get you fixed up.
Hold on.
Here, I'll come with you.
Yeah, it's okay, baby.
Don't worry about it.
It's okay, bro.
I got it.
I'll come back with some
fresh towels in a minute.
Are you sure?
Hang on a second. I'll come help.
- No, it's okay, baby.
- Don't worry.
Baby, let me come
with you.
No, baby, it's okay.
Have fun.
It's locked.
Guys, the door's locked.
- Hello.
- Just a minute.
Just a minute?
- Hey.
- Where were you guys?
- What took you guys so long?
- I used three rolls of gauze.
- She had a real deep cut.
- I got you towels.
- Whose shirt is that?
- It's Anton's.
Why are you wearing
Anton's shirt?
She was cold, dude.
What's the big deal?
It's not like I've never worn
his shirts before.
Okay, come on,
let's go find everyone, okay?
What were you and Renee doing
when we showed up?
I told you,
I was dressing her wound.
Why was the door locked?
Locked? It wasn't locked.
Come on, let's go.
Yeah, actually, it was.
- It must have jammed or something.
- Jammed?
What's the matter with you?
I was--
I was just on my way
to the bathroom.
You guys finished already?
Are you kidding?
Haven't you ever heard of halftime?
Do I sense a little
hanky-panky over here?
Ahem-- and...
you'll never guess with who.
Oh, my God,
what happened here?
Where is everybody?
You know what? Let's get the boys.
Let's go find out.
- Come on, give us a peek.
- No.
- Come on.
- No.
- Show us what we've been missing.
- No.
- Pretty please?
- No.
Who said you could flaunt your
naked body in front of my husband?
You are such a slut.
Could you be more obvious
about wanting to fuck my fianc?
How could you?
Oh, my God.
Renee, would you please
just talk to me?
Stop running around on your foot.
You're gonna make it worse.
Erica, open the door, please.
Give me a break. An hour ago you were
gonna let me sleep with your sister.
- Well, that didn't happen, did it?
- I want to know
the real reason you were
in Anton's room for so long.
What are you getting at?
I want to know
what you were doing, Renee.
- What were you doing?
- What are you getting at?
When I saw you,
you had this classic
guilty expression on your face,
like you knew you'd been caught,
but you were gonna play it off
like nothing had happened.
- The door was locked, for chrissakes.
- The door was not locked. It was stuck.
Why was it closed anyway?
I don't know why it was closed.
What do you think?
What, do you think
I fucked Anton?
Is that what you think?
Don't you try
to turn this around on me.
Don't you fucking lie to me!
You were gonna hit me.
No. No.
I just raised my fist.
To hit me.
Renee, I'm sorry.
Renee, I'm sorry.
I love you.
Don't use that word
with me.
No. No!
It was bought
with Rick's money anyway.
Honey, you're taking this whole thing
the wrong way.
Josh and I--
we get childish sometimes.
You know,
best friends do that.
If Josh is really
your best friend,
why did he say to me
when I was alone with him in the water,
"isn't it about time
you got a piece of a real man?"
He put his hands
all over me, Anton.
That's the real reason
I came back so quickly.
What? What do you mean,
he said that?
- Ow! What the fuck?
- Did you grope Erica in the water?
She says you practically
molested her.
What the fuck
are you talking about?
She just told me, Josh.
She was bawling her eyes out.
She's full of shit.
I didn't even touch her.
Jesus Christ.
I think you fucking broke my nose.
You motherfucker.
You can't stand the idea
that I would touch your girl...
while you were fucking mine.
Erica, this isn't funny.
Ugh, I can't stand her.
I don't like playing games.
Renee, did you--?
Come here.
I can't stand her.
MY things.
Why are you doing this?
We know why you came here
this weekend.
I came here to spend time
with all of you guys.
You must think
we're stupid.
I don't know
what you're talking about.
"Anton, because
he's a sensitive, romantic type."
And Josh is the "big,
strong, take-charge kind of guy."
Help me!
Help me!
Oh, fuck.
You scared the shit out of me.
I'm hearing Veronique
screaming out there--
- What the fuck is wrong with you?
- You fucked Rick, didn't you?
You fucked Rick, didn't you?
Pete! Pete!
Open up! Help!
Is anybody here?
She had her hands
all over you, Danny.
All over you, man.
I think she was more into you.
I still can't believe it. She was hot.
Why did you lie, Rick?
Whoa, Kathy. It's me-- Rick.
Jesus Christ,
what happened to you?
- He'll kill me.
- What?
I think he killed Veronique.
Look what he fucking did to me.
Whoa, whoa, slow down.
I can't understand what you're saying.
What don't you
fucking understand?
What the hell?
You've gotta be
fucking kidding me.
Is that any way to treat
somebody's home?
Watch your step.
Watch your step.
Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
I thought we were going in your boat.
Why are we at Pete's boat?
The keys to my boat
are back at the house.
- 'Cause I'm an idiot.
- Oh, God.
I've got a plan.
L 911 YOU. I got you.
L 9011 you.
Oh, fuck.
Come on, we gotta wrap that up,
stop the bleeding.
Let me find you
something here.
Come here. Let me see.
Come on.
Oh, fuck.
All right, just hide here
until I come back, okay?
Come on. It's gonna be okay.
Come on, Kathy.
I won't be gone long,
I promise.
Yo, it's Rick.
Is anybody here?
Where are my keys?
What the fuck?
Oh, Veronique.
Nos no! no, no, "C.
What, you don't like
her new look?
What about my new look, baby?
Want a peek?
I've always wanted her eyes.
And now I have them.
- Give him the money shot, sis.
- But of course.
Watch this.
Did they look as good on me
as they did on her?
Are you insane?
Don't act so innocent.
We know what you did to Josh.
Wha-- no, wait.
I-- I didn't.
All you did
was save us some trouble.
Now it's your turn.
I was-- I was faithful to you.
Why couldn't you be?
Kathy, it's me-- Rick.
- Come to save your girlfriend?
- Come on, man.
There's no need for this.
Of course there isn't.
You've already fucked her, right?
- So why bother?
- Trent, man,
she needs medical attention.
Kathy's hurt really bad.
I'm gonna hurt you too.
- Where did he go?
- I don't know. I can't see him.
- You think he's dead?
- You may have knocked him out.
I can't be sure.
Come on, just...
Oh, my God.
Come on.
Let's go.
Come on.
Robert too.
I found him
in the basement.
Oh, God. How?
You don't want to know.
Oh! Oh, fuck.
Come on, come on.
Come on, let's go. Get up. Get up.
- Come on, Kathy.
- Come on, hurry up.
What are we
gonna do?
- I'm gonna find Pete.
- Hurry up.
Pete, it's Rick and Kathy.
Are you around?
It's me.
It's Kathy and Rick.
Hey, we're--
we're your friends.
He's no friend of mine.
Anton, please
put the knives down.
You broke Erica's heart, Rick.
I told you I didn't want any hookers
at my bachelor party,
but, no, you had to
have it your way.
I brought the girls,
but I didn't make you sleep with them.
Just calm down, man.
If Erica hasn't forgiven you,
she will.
Just give her some time.
She won't!
She's dead.
And you're next.
That had to hurt.
Are you two okay?
Yeah. Thanks.
What the hell
is going on here?
I couldn't even begin
to explain it.
You have to get us
off this island now.
Do you have a phone
or something?
Well, I had a radio
until somebody smashed it up.
What about your boat?
Does it work?
The same person
that smashed the radio
took the keys to the boat and my shells.
I only got one shot left.
I suppose I can
hot-wire the boat.
Well, what are we waiting for?
Let's go.
Whoa, not so fast there, slick.
- You two ain't going anywhere with me.
- What?
Oh, no, I'm flying solo
from here on out.
Please, you have to
take us with you.
No, I don't have to do nothing, darling.
It's my island, my rules.
Now, I've seen some pretty sick shit
here tonight.
I ain't taking my chances
with you two.
You can hide until I bring back
the authorities.
Come on, man.
She's hurt.
"Come on, man" nothing.
You sit tight.
I'll be back in about
an hour or so.
Shit. We're fucked.
- What do you think?
- Fuck, I don't know.
- Well, shouldn't we check it out?
- No, Pete said to stay here.
He only had one shot.
That means two things.
Either he killed Trent
and we're safe,
or he didn't.
And if he didn't, then what?
Fuck it. I'd be willing to take
my chance with that rowboat.
Fuck it.
- Anything to get off this island.
- Let's go.
Shit. We're fucked.
Shh. Keep your voice down.
What if he hears us?
- Well, now what?
- I--
Maybe we should go back
in the house.
Are you kidding me?
We're way better off
holing up here until morning.
I'll stand guard
while you get some rest, okay?
He'! '
I'm not gonna close my eyes
until we're off this death trap.
- Did you hear that?
- Where is it coming from?
What the fuck is that?
Seriously, I can't take
this shit anymore.
- I want to get the fuck out of here.
- Just shut the fuck up for a second.
It's down here.
Oh, shit!
Don't look. Don't look.
Oh, my God.
Get it out of here.
Get it out of here.
Well, what do you want me to do?
I'm not going out there with it.
Just take it outside, and throw it
out the fucking door in the water.
- Just get it out of my sight.
- Shit.
Fuck. Oh.
All right. All right.
Happy now?
Yes. Thank you.
Come on, wake up, man.
I told you not to drive.
- Jesus, you scared me.
- You unbelievable bastard!
- What the hell are you talking about?
- You killed Danny.
- You were driving the car.
- What?
I saw what you did.
You moved his fucking dead body.
You killed Danny.
You're fucking nuts. It's that game.
It's gotten inside your head.
It shows you
what you want to believe.
I don't believe a word you say!
Wait, wait, Kathy.
Listen to me.
When we were heading back
to the car that night,
I did see Danny
stumble and fall.
And I knew right then and there
I should have stopped him.
But you know what?
I didn't. I let him drive.
And that will haunt me
for the rest of my life, Kathy.
But I wasn't the one
who was driving.
You're a liar.
This isn't gonna bring him back.
He is dead.
And there's nothing I can do or say
that's gonna change that.
You know, when you snitched
about that bachelor party to everybody,
I lost everyone.
Now everyone hates me
because of you.
Haven't I suffered enough?
You could never
suffer enough!
Oh, shit.
Rick, are you gonna answer
the question or what?
Simple answer--
yes or no.
- Ask him again, babe.
- Okay.
"In Echo's Pond,
sights thee have seen.
Choose to make them reality
or dream."
Rick? You pig.
- Rick, what the fuck?
- He's no friend of mine.
Rick, is there
anybody in this room
that has something nice
to say about you?
Don't think
you're staying with me.
I only got a single bed
in my room.
- Grow the fuck up, Rick.
- I will never forgive you.
Nowhere in the rules does it say
that anyone has to forgive you.
Don't look so defeated.
Don't let the door kick you
in the ass on the way out.
- Why did you lie, Rick?
- You're a liar.
- You broke Erica's heart, Rick.
- You killed Danny!
You could never
suffer enough!