The Black Widow Killer (2018) Movie Script

Janet? Yeah?
Start it up.
ENGINE FAILS TO STAR All right, turn it off, turn it off.
Try it again.
ENGINE FAILS TO STAR It won't start.
Morn, your phone's ringing.
You told me six months
ago when we hired you
that you would be done
the job on time.
Yes, you did.
That's why you were awarded the
contract in the first place.
No, no.
There was two other bids
that matched yours but timing
was the issue, which is why we're...
Mm-hm. Right.
And do you really think
that you're the first company
to prolong a construction gig
just to get more money?
No. No. That that was not an
accusation, that was a question.
Yeah. I'm gonna tell you
what's gonna happen.
You are gonna finish the job
for the agreed-upon price
by the agreed-upon date
and you're gonna it to code
because if you don't, there'll
be no final payment issued.
Well, What? would love
to see you in court.
Yeah, and we have a great lawyer.
It's me.
It's 8:30 in the morning, Mom.
You have to be up early
to get ahead of the game.
Who's that?
What is it? What? don't know.
What's that?
Divorce papers.
You have to get up early
to stay ahead of the game.
Come on. What? don't want to
be late for school.
What? mean, all things considered,
it could have been worse
than your marriage
just running its course.
Oh, just running its course.
That's cute.
I'll remember that when you hit
your 40s and your high school
sweetheart leaves you because your
relationship just ran its course.
OK. Well, it wasn't a total loss.
You had me.
Oh, that's so true.
But if I'm being honest,
that investment has yet to pay off.
Oh, it will.
Morning, girls. How's it going?
Oh, it's bad. Don't ask.
How bad? Not totally sure.
She says What? won't be able
to relate until Daniel dumps me
in 20 years.
He won't. What? won't let him.
Hey, are you going to need a ride
after school?
No. What? have a date with my future
We're on a Monday?
Yeah. See you later.
See you in class? Yes.
What happened? Divorce papers came.
It only took a year. Mm. More than
a year, actually.
You know, my son's going out
on a date tonight, which means
I'm free for consoling my fellow
divorcee with one cheesecake.
Mm. What? meant chocolate cake. Mm.
Don't even pretend.
You know you want it.
Yeah, OK.
I'll text you. Love you. Love you.
Happy anniversary.
Oh, What? forgot.
What is that?
Well, traditionally second anniversary
gifts are made of cotton.
What? didn't go for them.
Open it.
It's beautiful.
Well, it has to be.
What? love it.
What? love you.
You better.
Things work differently
in the public sector
and you're in the public sector.
But there's a contract and it
stipulates that if there's
going to be a delay in the
then they have to let us know
immediately and provide us proof.
What? mean, he's known about
this for the last four weeks.
It's a con.
What? mean, I've seen this before.
We've all seen this before
but we have to go with it.
You just don't want a lawsuit.
Lawsuits are expensive.
What? would be the one to fight it.
And you probably win but you're not
a lawyer any more, Judy.
You're the deputy mayor.
Steven. How have you been?
Good. Good.
I'll leave you guys. Yeah.
They swing by this morning? Yeah.
Yeah, they sure did.
What? mean, What? watched them
jam the papers in the mailbox
then scurry away.
Wasn't supposed to be
that indelicate.
They were supposed to knock on the
door, present them with some...
OK, well, What? will try to look
at them this week.
And if you want them signed,
then What? suggest that you pick them
up yourself.
With some professionalism.
It's not like the last 25 years
have been the best ever, Jude.
No. OK. What? know that. All right.
And What? know that marriage
is not all wine and cake and...
What? get it, OK.
You don't want to feel
like you're in your 40s
and you've wasted the best
years on a bad marriage.
So if you fix it, you get
right back on track, right?
Kinda, yeah.
But you can't fix it.
Steven knows that, you know that,
even Abbey knows that.
What? know.
Sign the papers.
Coast along.
It's been a year.
It's always the hardest with the
birthdays, the holidays.
Blah blah blah.
But soon it's gonna be two years,
then three, and then it's all
just a distant memory. Yeah, OK,
What? know that and it's not like
I've been drowning myself in vino
or bawling my eyes out every night.
Some nights.
Some nights
you've been a blubbering mess.
Hey, What? got text evidence
so I'm just saying. Thank you.
Thank you for reminding me.
It would just be so much easier
if What? didn't have to see him
so many times a week.
Get out of the public service.
Go back to your private practice.
You're still gonna have to see him
because of Abbey.
Yeah, until she's in university
which, by the way, What? really hope
that Daniel doesn't try to convince
her to stay
because that's not going to go well.
No. If anything, he's just
gonna, you know, follow her wherever
she goes.
You think so? Yeah.
What? mean, they've got something
that's pretty special.
We both had something pretty special
when we were younger too.
And look how that turned out.
Well, just because we were abject
failures in romance doesn't mean
that our kids are gonna be, right?
Yeah, yeah. More wine.
In time she'll be fine.
What? just want her to be fine now.
What? mean, I'm the kid here.
I'm the one who's supposed
to be all messed up about
their parents splitting up.
But even I'm over it.
You're talking about 7-year-olds,
not us.
How long did it take your mom to get
over splitting up with your dad?
Not that long, but catching him
in bed with another woman
kind of expedited that process.
But hey, it's our anniversary.
Let's keep our parents out of it.
Ah. That was fun.
You sure you're OK to drive?
Yeah. Yeah.
Two glasses of wine in three
OK. All right.
All right. See you. Love you.
See you tomorrow? Mm-hm.
What? love you.
You better.
Mm - little late for a Monday night,
don't you think?
Don't worry Mom, I'm still a virgin.
You don't really think
I'm that dumb, do you?
To believe I'm a vestal maiden, or
to fall for the diversion tactic?
Both. Hey.
Where'd you get it from?
Just something Daniel got me.
Because it's your anniversary.
That's right.
Why didn't you tell me earlier?
Well, What? mean...
Hey, you don't have
to hide being happy from me, OK.
What? think it's wonderful
that your relationship
is going so well.
Really? Yeah.
Don't worry about me.
What? mean, everything in my life
is going magnificently.
And getting to be happy.
All right.
Night. Night.
Love you. Love you too.
Happy anniversary.
Thank you.
So What? guess you're sleeping in here.
Come on, Mom. Sleep it off upstairs.
Mom! Mom!
Hello. What? need help.
My mom is not responding.
Hey, what is it?
Is Abbey home?
Yeah. Why? The two of you need
to come into the station right now.
Steven? Hey. Come on in.
It's a start.
Hi, sweetheart.
Hey. What's going on?
It's Kendra.
Where is she?
When Danny got home last night
after dropping you off...
...she was unresponsive.
What... Steven.. What...
Where is she?
He called the ambulance
and the paramedics got there and...
Paramedics got there and what?
She's gone, honey.
But... She's dead?
Yeah. What? just saw her, Steven.
What do you...
What happened?
We're going to find out.
There are some things
we have to talk about.
So Daniel tells us you
were at a movie together last night.
Yeah. Till what time?
Around... midnight, What? guess.
Yeah. Yeah. No. It was then.
What? was... What? was still up.
Why? Were you just waiting for
What? was going over divorce papers.
Was there anything different
about Daniel last night?
No. He was same as always.
What is it with all the questions?
What? just have to ask.
When you had drinks with Kendra,
was there anything different
about her? She say anything?
Not a thing. OK.
Are we done?
Hey, kiddo. Steven says we
can take you home now, OK.
Listen, What? feel like What? saw
someone last night
outside of the restaurant.
It looked like he was watching us.
Did you get a look at him?
No. No, not closely.
But something... What? mean, something
feels very off here.
All right. Anything else comes up,
you let me know.
And the moment that you know what
What? know. OK?
Take care of her.
Anything she needs.
Whatever What? can do.
Got to go.
If you want, you can just
stay home with Daniel.
Need a bit of a distraction. OK.
If you change your mind and you want
to come home,
just call me and I'll come
to pick you up, whatever. OK.
We have to get out of here!
Hey, Judy. What? just heard about
What? don't know what to say.
Thank you.
Can you look someone up for me?
Um... OK. What's the name?
Jason Hall.
I've a Jason Alexander Hall here,
originally from Mill Creek.
Yeah. That's the one.
What? have an address out of state.
Can you print it out for me?
Sure. Thanks.
What are you doing?
I'm just trying to get a bit
organised here.
The school called me this morning
to sub in for a little while.
Are you in this class?
Fourth period.
You know they called an assembly.
About Kendra Wilson. What? know.
I'm Ms Evans.
Abbey Dwyer.
What? understand you and Miss Wilson
were close.
Who told you that?
Oh, the administration told me
you might not come in today.
You or her son Daniel.
You know, it's customary to let
anyone in her class miss the day
so we won't be doing anything
too noteworthy.
In fact, we might just be talking.
You think people are going
to talk to you about her?
They can if they want.
I'll see you in fourth period.
We need to talk about something.
What? saw these last night.
What? didn't even finish reading them.
What? just... What? don't care.
It's about Daniel.
What about him?
What? just think right now might be best
if we Abbey spent a little time
away from him. What? Why?
You're right about Kendra -
this whole thing's suspicious.
No witnesses,
no signs of forced entry.
What? sent her bloodwork
to the lab to be tested.
Could take a few days.
What? just...
You think that Daniel is a suspect?
Because that's ridiculous, Steven.
No, that's not what I'm saying.
What? want to be safe
and until What? can clear him,
What? would just like you guys to
distance yourselves... Daniel.
What? thought he was with Abbey.
God dammit, Steven!
I'll go get him. You know what? No.
Just please find out
what happened to Kendra. Please.
Oh, hey. What? could have come and got
I'm gonna kill Dad. What? take
it that you talked to Daniel.
Yeah. Of course. Dad is such...
Just stop it.
Your father, he, he loves Daniel.
He's just being cautious.
He was in the room.
It was, it was bad timing.
Well, he just made a horrible
thing a whole lot worse.
So where is Daniel?
What? had to convince him to come back.
He'll be here later.
Excuse me. Yeah.
Do you work here?
What do you think?
Fair enough.
Listen, that apartment up there -
was there a man by the name
of Jason Hall that lived there?
You know Jason?
Yes, well, What? did.
Hah! Everybody
coming out of the woodwork.
Some other woman
came here last week.
Got him all riled up so
he skipped out on a month's rent.
You find him,
you let me know.
Thank you.
You know, What? know that
but they know that line
below that, it says "inconclusive".
What? need to you to tell me exactly
what that means.
OK, so that's positive?
What? know What? understand that there's
always room for error but whatever
small percentages, you're positive?
Yeah. OK.
Thank you.
What's up?
What? just... What? got to thinking
about that guy at the restaurant
and... just hear me out, OK.
So What? had a feeling and What? followed
up on it.
Now Jason Hall, he's been living
out of state
for quite some time now.
And when What? went there,
the guy that runs the place, he said
that some woman stopped by last week
and got him all riled up.
And now he's disappeared.
It's not a coincidence, Steven.
What? mean, 25 years
go by and then nothing.
And then Kendra dies
and Jason's doing...
What is this?
Coroner's report. That's who
What? was just talking to.
Heart failure? It's what it says.
But what if it's wrong?
It's not wrong.
There is a chance she could
have been poisoned.
Toxicology specialist tell me
they're fast-tracking the bloodwork.
What? should have answers soon.
How's Abbey? Tell her
I'm just doing my job, right?
You're her father and Daniel's the
love of her life.
She couldn't care
less about your job.
Fine. Whatever. She can think
what she wants.
If I'm right about this...
What if I'm right about Jason?
So What? guess you're assuming you see
him outside the restaurant.
Yeah. What? am.
It's a danger,
Well, maybe, but it'll
be 25 years ago next week.
This has nothing to do with that.
What? have work to do.
Given Ms Wilson's passing,
the school has opted to delay
any upcoming tests and extend
any existing deadlines
on assignments by one week.
However, if anyone wants
to hand in their assignments
as planned, go ahead.
Anyone needing to talk,
our doors are always open.
Hi, Abbey.
What? understand Ms Wilson's son
Daniel is staying with you.
That's right.
How's he doing?
Ask him yourself.
Hi Daniel.
I'm Ms Evans.
What? was just letting Abbey know to
tell you that the school is prepared
to grant you an exemption.
Sorry. Who are you?
A substitute.
For my mom?
Can we go? Yeah.
This is the weirdest feeling in the
world. What? have no idea what to do.
Yeah, What? know.
Excuse me.
You're Daniel Wilson, aren't you?
And you're Abbey Dwyer.
Who are you?
What? knew your mother.
What do you want? What? warned her.
What? You all need to leave.
You, her mother, her father.
What? All of you.
None of you are safe here any more.
Leave town now, before
anyone else is killed.
You're saying someone
killed my mom?!
Hey! I'm talking to you!
Daniel! Hey! Daniel!
And he didn't tell you his name? No.
And that's everything
that he told you? Yeah. Who is he?
His name is Jason Hall.
Did he really know Mom?
No, they actually even, they dated
for a time in high school.
Why would he say it was a murder
if she died of a heart attack?
Listen, Daniel, What?
Jason, he's just, he's not the most
stable guy, and they broke up right
before he went to prison. For what?
Vehicular manslaughter.
He killed somebody?
It was an accident and it's, you
know, it's very,
it's very complicated.
But, listen, if you see him again,
and especially if he approaches
you, What? want you to call your father
and tell him where you are.
OK? Mm-hmm.
I'm going to do some e-mails
for your mom's service,
so do you want to... Yeah.
Just going to watch
something in my room. OK.
He served 13 years of a
15-year sentence. Yeah?
And he's been out for 12 years.
OK. OK, so he's off,
he's off the map for a decade,
and then some woman shows
up and he flips out, he ends
up back here,
and then Kendra dies.
OK, so the woman is Kendra.
Why does she go see him?
The accident. Oh, here we go.
Why do you have such a problem
with this?
Because it's a stretch, Jude.
You're a lawyer, you know that.
What? don't care, Steven
He approached our daughter.
What? need you to get me
those toxicology results.
And let me guess, you're going to
go find Jason Hall? Yes, What? am, and
anything else that points to him.
You want proof? I'll get it.
So either Dad or What? will pick you up after school,
OK? And What? don't want you to worry about that man.
If you don't want me to worry about
him, why are you walking me all the
way to the front door? What? just
thought you want me to.
Hi, Abbey. Hey.
Is this your mom? Yeah.
Alice Evans. Judy Dwyer.
What? understand you and Kendra
Wilson were quite close.
I'm very sorry. Thank you.
So, you're a teacher here? Yes.
Listen, there's a man, Jason Hall,
Abbey can describe him to you.
If you see him around, can you let
the Sheriff's Office know?
He just gave her quite
a scare yesterday. Of course.
No problem. Are you OK?
Fine. Thank you. Thanks so much. OK.
I'll see you after school. Mm-hmm.
Was he threatening you in some way?
What are you doing here?
What? just came to pick up some
photos for the funeral.
Hey, Rob. Um...
What's going on?
Toxicology came back. Uh-huh?
They found elevated levels of
succinic acid and
choline in her system.
Suxamethonium chloride in her wine.
What, what is, what is that?
It's poison, Jude.
It kills by paralysis, affects
every organ in the body,
including the heart.
Oh, my God!
So, she was murdered? She was.
I'm so sorry.
Bill? A word? Just leave it with
me, all right? OK.
You were supposed to be taking
some time off.
What... Are you OK? What's going on?
Listen, do you, do you remember
Jason Hall? Yeah, of course.
Jason was the youngest kid
What? ever prosecuted. OK, well,
What? need to find him, because What? think
that he has something to do
with Kendra's murder. Murder?!
Toxicology came back.
There was poison in her wine.
Oh, my God! Why would Jason Hall
have anything to do with that?
Look, it's a really long story,
but he's involved, and What? know
it, and What? need you to talk
to Steven and get him moving
in that direction. OK?
I've been pushing this on a hunch,
but What? know that I'm right,
and he just, he's, he's not
listening to me. Well, OK,
What? prefer to leave police
matters to the police.
Bill, when have What? ever let you down?
OK. All right, I'll speak to him.
Thank you. Thanks.
So, that weird guy was telling
the truth? Something like that.
And you really think he has
something to do with it?
Well, that's what
I'm trying to find out.
Oh, my God.
What are you doing? Let him go!
Abbey... Let him go!
He didn't do anything! Abbey! What?
He didn't do anything!
Abbey, back off! What, you think
he killed his own mom?!
He has no-one left!
You just need to arrest
someone, is that it?!
Abbey! You didn't do anything!
What? know, but you have to stop,
It's all right,
just give her a minute.
Really? Hey!
Don't you worry, we're gonna
get you out, OK?
We're gonna get him out.
You can't really believe
that he did this.
We found poison in the basement.
She bought the wine the day
before, and by all accounts,
including his own,
he was the only one with access,
and his prints were on the bottle.
Steven, he has no motive whatsoever!
That you know of. But you've been
questioning him? Yes. And?
Nothing. So you're just kicking
the kid while he's down?
You think this doesn't bother me, Jude? Do you think
it doesn't break my heart, seeing him in there?
What? can't ignore the evidence.
But you know that he didn't do it!
What? don't know that!
What? don't know that. What? can believe
it, but that doesn't help.
How's Abbey holding up? She's a
She hates me.
She's disappointed in you.
And she wants to see him.
OK. She can see him tomorrow.
And Jason Hall? What about him?
Oh, come on, Steven! This comes
back to the accident!
You know it! No, What? don't!
What? don't know that. I'm really getting
tired of this accident thing, Jude.
It is the only motive that exists!
How? How? How is it?
What? don't, What?, What? don't know yet, but you
know what, you're gonna get Daniel out of that chair
and you're gonna put Jason in it.
Excuse me?
No, What? will not excuse you.
This isn't your wife speaking.
You saw to that. This is your boss.
The mayor is my boss, not the deputy
mayor. Who What? somehow doubt,
when it comes to you and What?, that
he'll side with you on that.
Steven, look at these.
Where did you get these?
What? got one in the mail yesterday,
and Kendra, she got one before she
was murdered.
What? mean, it says "vengeance"
and "judgement".
Steve, come on. That's not Daniel,
that is Jason.
This is, this is the warning
he was talking about.
Possibly, but... you wouldn't
forecast like this if you were
trying to get away with murder. OK, what if, what
if he's, what if he's not trying to get away
with it? What if he's warning them because he knows
that he's messed up and he might do it again?
All right. OK. I'll look into it.
OK, you're just going
to look into it?
OK, Jude, What? believe you. OK?
It's enough to bring him in,
but What? can't flip this whole
investigation or let anyone go
because you handed me a couple
of cryptic pieces of paper.
What? What? didn't fabricate those!
What? know! You're only facing "Jason this, Jason
that," I've got Abbey actually smacking me
in my face. There's a kid in there who I've known
his entire life, and his mother who was my high
school friend is lying dead on a
slab in the morgue!
What the hell makes you think
I'm not doing anything?!
You know why you were surprised
by this divorce, Jude?
Because you didn't see it coming.
You didn't see the signs,
you weren't listening.
And when you did listen,
you didn't hear.
I'm going to walk.
I'll see you at home. OK.
Hey! Mom?
What's going on?
That was Jason Hall.
He's here? Yeah.
All right, make the call.
You know what to say. OK.
Jason, what the hell?!
Told you, you were driving too fast!
- Dwyer.
- Hello, Steven.
Who's this? An old friend.
Jason? You know, What? must say, What? was
surprised to find out you and Judy
split up. You seemed
so perfect together.
What can What? do for you?
What? think it's more of a question of
what What? can do for you.
I'm listening.
The boy didn't kill his mother.
OK, then, who did?
YOU did.
Jason, I'm here.
You wanted to meet face-to-face.
Why don't you come on out?
What? don't have time for games, Jason.
Look, What? know Daniel didn't
kill Kendra.
What? sure as hell know
What? didn't kill her.
You want to prove it wasn't you,
you need to come out here
and talk to me.
Come on, Jason!
This is she.
Whenever you're ready.
We have no idea why he was there.
He might have been
investigating something.
There was a call to his office
from an unknown number,
about a half-hour before,
and we're looking into that,
but he told no-one
he was going out there.
We found these in his desk.
Do they mean anything to you? Urn...
One of them was sent to Kendra,
and one of them was sent to me.
Wait, what is this?
There were three.
He got one, too.
What do they mean?
What? think these are from Jason Hall.
You really believe he's involved,
don't you.
Yes, Bill, What? really do.
Whoever it is...
...we are going to find them.
What is, what's happening
with Daniel Wilson?
He is going to have to stay
where he is for now.
If we find Steven's murder tied
to Kendra's, it'll be a different
story. Which, if your instincts are
correct, is just a matter of time.
But for now we just have to wait.
I'm sorry.
Sir, we can't keep them waiting
any longer.
What? have to go.
Hello? Hi, is this Judy?
This is she. Great.
This is Alice Evans, from Abbey's
school. Oh, right. Hi.
Hey, are you still looking
for that guy you were talking
to me about? The one that scared
Abbey a few clays ago?
Yes. Yes, What? am.
OK, What? don't know if it's him,
but What? did see someone that fits
the exact description Abbey
gave me at the motel today.
The one with the gas station
across the street.
Well, What? was in there and he came
in while What? was getting gas,
and What? watched him
go across to the motel.
OK, great. Thank you.
You're welcome.
Good evening. Hi there. I'm Judy
Dwyer, I'm the deputy mayor.
Sheriff Dwyer's my husband.
What can What? do for you?
You have a guest staying here
by the name of Jason Hall?
I'm not allowed to give
that information, ma'am.
OK, well, you know, why don't you call the Sheriff's
Office and tell them that you're not cooperating
with me, and the next people to walk through that
door will be the police and probably the mayor.
Then we can all discuss the hourly rates you
provide for some of the girls around here. OK?
It's Jason Hall.
Yeah, he checked in last week.
What clay? Saturday.
Saturday night. ls he still here?
As far as What? can see.
Take me to his room.
This is it here.
What the hell's that?
Hey, that's you, isn't it?
Call the police. Right now.
That's quite a bit of work in there.
How did you know to come here?
What? asked one of the teachers at the
school to keep an eye out for him,
and she did. Well, they've got an
APB out on him, so... Good.
Jason Hall was the one driving
the car that hit
Shannon Collins and Kyle Hanson.
So, how do you and Kendra
and Steven figure into this?
How do Abbey and Daniel figure
into this? We found something.
There's blood here.
It's fresh, in the last day.
There are a few drops
on the door as well.
We can't tell yet
if it's coming or going.
So, something happened in here.
That's not all.
There wasn't a single fingerprint,
not on any of this. Really?
Not one. But what about the rest
of the place? Prints everywhere,
but it's a motel, so... What do you
think that means, then? First guess?
He's very meticulous with his arts
and crafts. And a second guess?
He didn't do all this. He has help?
No, if anything, he
clashed with someone.
And then they took him
from this place.
And then they planted this.
And sent the letters.
Exactly. OK.
Why would somebody do all that?
To implicate him.
What'cha doing? Nothing.
You want to talk about anything?
No. OK.
Listen, What? want you to stay home from
school for a couple of clays, OK?
Yeah, sure.
Whoever killed Kendra, killed Dad,
didn't they?
Yeah, sweetie, What? think so.
Why aren't they letting Daniel go?
What? don't know, honey.
What? asked them the same thing.
You think it's that Jason Hall
guy who's doing this?
Honestly, Abs...
...I don't know any more.
You're going to find him,
though, right? Yes.
I'm going to find him.
Come here.
I'm so sorry.
So, how far back are we going?
25 years.
Is that the one? That's the one.
Thank you.
"3am crash. Driver..."
"One other survivor,
Shannon Collins."
Please! Don't leave me!
Jude! Judy, come on! We can't just
leave them under there!
Hi. Judy, we need to get
down to the old bridge right away.
Why? What's going on?
Just... get down here.
Yeah, OK, I'm on my way.
Stand behind the line, please!
What's going on?
It's Jason Hall. He's here?
What? don't think that Jason Hall killed
Kendra, or Steve, or himself.
We don't know that. He could
have easily got himself up
there, tied the noose and jumped.
Might have felt us getting too close
and decided that was it. No,
Tyson, this isn't a suicide.
And today, it isn't a coincidence.
What does that mean? Well, today
it's the 25th anniversary
of the accident.
That wall in his motel room -,
someone they set that up to make it
look like he was guilty. And this, What?
Mean, it was all staged to look
like a suicide so that... so that it
tidies everything up for us.
You know, you're on that wall, and you got a
letter, too. What? know, What? know that.
And that's why we have to find out
what happened after the accident.
What? mean, What? can't find any
information on Jason's family.
What? know that he lived with his
mother, but she died when he was in
jail. Yeah, we looked into that.
There is no other family.
What? have to find Shannon Collins.
You know where she is? No.
But What? know where she was.
Bill, I'm going to need a court order for Shana
Collins' medical records from Pine Grove Hospital.
I'll be there in about two hours.
All right.
That should be enough time
to get hold of the judge.
Here it is. Oh, great, thank you.
What? remember Shannon.
Horrible accident.
She was here for nearly 18 months.
She's something of a
legendary case here.
Medical miracle, really.
She flatlined for six minutes
at Mill Creek Memorial in ER.
Doctors brought her back. In a coma
for many months, then she came here.
What? worked on her myself.
Four operations to reconstruct
her shoulder and hip. Eight
operations to reconstruct her face.
My last surgery, actually.
It won't start!
One good photo to work from leaves
you very little to work with.
And in all that time she never said
a word. What? guess a broken heart's
the one thing we can't repair.
But after the last surgery,
she finally spoke.
She said it made her feel
like a new person.
Is this your mom?
Alice Evans. What? could swear What? saw
someone that fits the exact
description at the motel today.
Are you OK?
Right in front of me.
Thank you.
Yeah, she's a new teacher
at the school.
694 Old Orchard Road. Thank you.
It's beautiful.
Where did you get it from?
Just something Daniel got me.
Hey, you've reached Abbey Dwyer.
Leave me a message.
Abbey, honey, you call me as
soon as you get this, OK?
Abbey! Abbey!
Abbey! Abbey!
Where are you?!
Where are you?!
All the note says is it's my life
for Abbey's. But no specific place?
No. Are you sure it's
Shannon Collins? Yes.
Bill, she has been here the whole
time. What? have met her!
What? mean, but it's not her, she's, What?
Mean, she's different.
She's completely changed. She's
going under the name Alice Evans,
and I'm guessing the dead woman that What? just found,
that's the real Alice Evans. It all makes sense now.
What do you mean that makes sense? Steven was
killed at the old mill, so we did some digging.
Kyle Hanson's family closed
down the place and moved away
after his death, but they still own
it. Oh, my God!
Abbey's got to be there. What? mean,
that is the only place left.
But What? still don't understand.
What does this have to do with you?
Look, Bill, it doesn't matter. You just
get as many people there as you can.
Try it again. It won't start!
We have to get out of here!
Jason, what the hell?!
What? told you, you were driving
too fast, Jason!
Oh, my God!
Somebody's under there!
Kendra, get back in the car!
What did you do? She's dead.
Steven? Steven!
Judy, you don't need to see this.
We just killed someone?!
No, HE did! What?!
We have to get out of here!
It's my dad's car!
They'll know it was me!
But they won't know it was us!
What are you talking about?
Were WE driving like that?!
Did WE do this?! No!
We can't just leave. We have to.
It does no good for us to stay.
But it's wrong. No, it isn't!
We didn't do this. Kendra...
You can't be serious!
We, we can't just leave
them under there.
We can't just leave Jason alone.
Jason will go into town
and tell the cops what he did -
it was an accident.
You were alone in the car.
You got that? Steven, let him go!
You got that?!
Come on, let's go. Come on, Jude.
I'm sorry.
Hello, Judy.
All those years, you never
knew What? saw you.
All of you.
At least Jason had the guts
to admit what he did.
But what choice did you give him?
It was an accident!
Then why did you run?!
You let your little boyfriend
tell you what to do.
And you ran away.
Leaving me to die.
It was wrong, and you knew
it was wrong.
You knew it!
...please, don't you think that
What? haven't thought about that night
1,000 times? What? mean, what
else could What? have done?
Oh, yeah. Dodge that guilt.
You've outrun this for 25 years.
Now it's time to make it up to me.
Everyone else has paid their debt.
Now it's your turn.
Everyone else? Why, why didn't you
just kill Jason Hall and
leave it at that?
What do you mean? Why
didn't What? kill him first?
What? needed him.
What? knew all What? had to do was rattle
his little cage and he'd come
running to save his precious
little Kendra. He took the fall
for her, you know that?
You and Steven just got lucky.
To tell you the truth, at first
What? wasn't going to kill him.
What? thought maybe he should live.
He's faced the music,
he's served his time.
Then What? realised he was worth so
much more to me
as a dead-end scapegoat.
The cops would think he killed
her, then Steven.
But now they won't. Oh, but they do,
thanks to you.
And now that he's dead, well...
And the real Alice Evans?
Severe chronic depression
can be fatal at times.
Which brings us back to you. After
you admit to Jason's murder
for killing your man
and your little BFF,
all this will be over.
A suicide confession?
Not on your life.
What about Abbey's life?
She has nothing to do with this.
You're right, she doesn't.
So don't make her suffer.
Is she safe?
You know, What? actually like her.
She's smart, beautiful, in love.
Her whole future ahead of her.
Just like What? did! Shannon...
...I am so sorry.
Too late.
You're not going to
get away with this.
That would be such a cliche
if it wasn't so ironic coming
from someone who's avoided
the noose for so long.
What? did nothing to you!
What? wasn't driving! Do what What? say, or
What? shoot you like What? shot your man!
And then What? kill Abbey. No.
Then What? disappear.
I've become someone new before,
What? can do it again.
Where's my daughter?!
Abbey! You two, go with her!
Dispatch, this is Deputy Tyson.
What? need an ambulance. Abbey!
Abbey. honey!
Abbey! Oh, my God, Abbey!
It's OK, it's OK! It's OK!
Are you OK? Yeah. Are you OK?
Are you OK?
Get her out of these! Right away.
It's all right.
We just got on with
the rest of our lives.
And then a day becomes a month,
and a month becomes a year, and...
You kept your secret the whole
time What? prosecuted him.
What? spoke to him during the trial,
and What? told him that What? wanted
to confess, but he said
that he didn't want me to -
it wouldn't help him, and it
would only hurt the rest of us.
And he'd already ruined
so many lives...
But he was right. He was right.
Was he?
He was.