The Blackcoat's Daughter (2015) Movie Script

Daddy, where's the car?
Father Brian?
Sorry to disturb.
Yes of course.
Come in, Katherine.
Sit down.
Thank you Dawn.
Mr. Walch tells me your recital's
coming along very, very nicely.
Sorry I won't be around to see it,
But I'm sure that you'll enjoy performing for your
friends and your parents all the same, won't you?
Where are you going?
I have some personal business in Albany.
How long does it take to get to Albany?
Oh...couple of train.
So about the same exact time to
come back then, I guess...huh?
are you concerned about something?
I mean just wish you could
stay and see my performance.
That's all.
Well, I'm sorry but this time
it just can't be helped.
When do you come back?
After the break...
...with everyone else, I should imagine.
Is something funny?
Why ?
You smiled a little.
I did?
Yes you did.
I was just thinking to say I hope
you have a fun time in Albany.
Headache, you say ?
and my throat kinda hurts when I swallow.
You poor thing...
It would be a shame to be sick over the break.
I know...
Here you are, dear.
So you really think I should tell him?
Rose, of course you have to tell him!
It's like half his.
It's half his problem anyway.
No it isn't.
Not really.
Well it should be.
He's the one who got you in this
situation in the first place.
He knew exactly what he was doing.
Like I didn't ?
He was doing it to me.
And I was liking it.
Don't laugh.
It's so not funny.
Besides it's only been four days.
I could still get it.
You think you're going
to tell your parents ?
Of course, everyone is excited
to have your parents come and
tour the classrooms and share your life
here at Bramford with them.
But that doesn't mean
there's going to be any change when
when it comes to con-duct ex-pec-ta-tions.
If anything, conduct is more
important today than any other day
because today we are all here
today representing Bramford.
And that means that you are representing
all the young women who came before you
and all the women who will follow you
after you've moved on.
Sound good?
Sounds good...
And if I don't see you before you
leave, have a great week off
We'll see you on the...
Rose !
Where are you going ?
I was gonna check out some of the performance.
You okay?
Yeah, of course
Where are your parents ?
They're waiting inside
so I better go.
Okay, well...I'll see you
next week then, okay?
Have you checked your cellular phone?
Maybe they called you there.
I don't have one yet.
They said maybe for my birthday.
You know, bad weather coming in
all over the east coast an'
maybe they got caught up in that.
Planes get delayed.
And Rose, what about you?
I thought we got out on Friday so
I told my parents to come on Friday.
Guess I spaced out.
Were you able to reach them ? just may take a day or so
to change their plans.
- A day?
- Yeah, 'cause they're...
planning on coming
on Friday so they'll
probably still come on Friday.
All right, well...Miss Prescott
and Miss Drake
will be here in any case.
Now do you hear that, Katherine?
It happens that parents get confused and
Worst case is they come on Friday
and everyone goes home
and has a really nice break anyway
After all...we can't let you live here.
Would you look after Kat
until her parents arrive?
I actually haven't been feeling very well.
I have a really sore throat.
I was gonna stay in bed
Uh, Miss Prescott,
You will call Mr Cornish
in a few hours, both on his home
phone and his mobile
- Won't you?
- Of course we will.
Sound good?
Katherine ?
Sounds good.
It's me.
Just calling to see where
you and mom were...
if you're coming...
I guess you could call the school.
Dear Lord,
Thank you for this meal that
you have placed in front of us
on this night.
You know I'm not babysitting
you tonight right, Freshman?
Mr Gordon said you were
supposed to stay with me.
Yeah but what's he gonna do, bust me
for not being in school over vacation?
Mr Gordon said that...
"Mr Gordon said...Mr Gordon said"
What are you, a freaking recording?
- Where are you going ?
- Me ?
And if the sisters say anything, just tell
them I wasn't feeling well so I'm staying in bed.
You do know about the sisters, don't you?
Know what ?
You know they wear wigs, right?
You know they have no hair on their bodies?
No hair anywhere
Next time, check their eyebrows.
Totally fake.
The real ones...burned right off.
That's not true.
You didn't hear about Jen Darling's sister?
Graduated three years ago.
She walked in on them one night...
...worshipping the Devil.
Who told you ?
Don't come in my room, okay?
And don't touch my shit.
Th...uh, there's someone in here.
I'm sorry. The number you have dialled has
been disconnected or is no longer in service.
Are you okay ?
You can't be warm enough in that jacket.
Are you waiting for someone?
Can we give you a lift somewhere?
You gotta be freezing.
Where are you heading ?
We're gonna get back on the highway and
then we're gonna head east a little while.
How 'bout you, you heading someplace?
- Portsmith.
- Sure, I know Portsmith.
I'm parked right over there. My
wife's waiting in the car
See? Right there.
My name's Bill.
What's your name?
My name's Joan.
Nice, nice name.
Bill, what're you doing ?
Just trying to help.
We'll take her to the next gas station.
I'm trying to help.
Call me later okay?
I don't have my phone.
So that's it?
Stop saying that.
What am I supposed to say?
I'll take care of it.
Can you at least let me drive you there? way
Careful, OK?
Yeah, right.
It's Bill.
From the bus station.
Do you mind if I come in ?
Just wanted to see how you're doing.
I see you're up at least.
I guess you're pretty zonked out there, huh?
You slept for four hours in the backseat.
I'm sorry.
For what?
First rule,
you don't apologise to me, young lady.
I'm happy to help, okay?
I'm sorry...
It's okay.
Why are you doing this?
Doing what ?
Helping me so much?
Do you believe in God, Joan?
No? Just like that?
Ever try to look for him?
It's strange.
People think you look for Him
in some book, or a church or
a statue
...maybe even a candle flame.
But that's not how it works for me.
I look for Him in the
unlikely things that happen.
Little concidences.
When I saw you sitting
at that bus station,
You reminded me so much
of someone...
someone I haven't seen
in a long time...
And then, when you said you were going to Portsmith...
Well...a coincidence like that
I just can't ignore it.
So strange as it may sound,
I guess I saw God in you.
Are you going to Portsmith too?
No, not exactly.
Linda and I are headed
to the town just before it...
We're going to Bramford.
Do you know Bramford?
What's that?
When do we leave?
What's your hurry?
Where's your wife ?
She's sleeping.
Well, hopefully we can...
...get out of here first thing
in the morning.
I, you're pretty hungry.
There's a restaurant next door.
Why don't you get dressed,
come down and have some dinner.
You know how much trouble
I could get into for this?
Do you need a towel?
So what were you doing down there?
Were you sleepwalking?
Do you sleepwalk, is that
what that was?
What about your parents?
Did they call?
They're not going to call.
They just got confused.
Like your parents?
But your parents didn't get confused.
You told them not to come
so you could go out on a date.
- It wasn't a date.
- It wasn't?
- No, it wasn't.
- What was it?
Mr Gordon said you were
supposed to look after me.
I know what Mr Gordon said.
Mr Gordon said worst case they'd
be here by Friday.
- Yeah, I know what he said...
- And now it's too late.
Too late for what?
They're dead.
That is an awful thing to say.
You shouldn't say things like that.
You shouldn't say things like that,
okay? It's just not funny.
You smell pretty...
You should go to bed.
Just go to bed, then when you wake up
in the morning...
you're gonna be okay, alright?
They'll be here on Friday.
They're already on their way.
That's it. OK ?
That's it.
You should go to bed now.
Is there anything else I can get you?
No, you had your chance.
There she is
Linda has an extra coat.
It's a lot warmer than yours.
She won't mind if you borrow it.
She's gonna be along any minute.
So...Portsmith, huh?
Is that your home?
Your mom and dad?
No...friends? Someone?
- Someone.
- That's better than having no one, isn't it?
They changed the decor of
this place a few years ago.
Used to be more of a kid's place,
famous for their chicken noodle soup.
That's how we came by it anyway.
Linda and I used to, uh, spend a lot
of time here with our daughter.
Remember I told you that you,
uh, remind me of somebody?
You reminded me of daughter.
She'd be right about your age by now.
We lost her nine years ago.
Nine years, uh...
tomorrow, actually.
And it's okay, we do okay...
It's difficult but uh...
You know what they say,
time heals all wounds.
And little by little it does
get easier, except...
around this time of year when
we go and lay flowers...
on the anniversary.
I've got a picture.
That's my Rose.
She's pretty.
Yes she is, isn't she?
Have you decided?
Oh, uh, yes I've decided.
- Joan, you decided?
- Excuse me.
Oh, there you are.
Look, we've got some, uh, really
bad weather coming in overnight.
And if we don't get on the road tonight,
we're gonna be snowed in tomorrow,
maybe the day after.
They're gonna pack up our food for us, so
why don't you grab it and meet me out front?
What did he tell you?
Did he tell you about our daughter?
When he told you about
our daughter he said,
HAVE, didn't he?
"We HAVE a daughter."
He told you, you remind
him of her.
He actually said that to you,
didn't he?
It's okay, poor thing...
He tries to say that to everyone.
Of course, I never see it.
Of course it isn't true.
But still sometimes I try.
I saw it once,
I was at the supermarket alone.
And I was standing in the middle
of a long aisle all by myself.
And a girl came 'round the corner.
She was looking on a low shelf for something.
She's about 15.
And she had her money held
tightly in her hand
like children do.
I guess school had gone back already.
- (Indecipherable) -
She was just in her uniform, skirt...
sneakers...with no socks.
Her knees were pink,
It was red from the cold.
But what did she know?
She had her hair in a ponytail
and I could see the roots being
pulled back from her ears.
You don't look anything like her.
It's strange.
I can't see you at all.
Well what did they say?
What did they say?
He said it's all right.
Wait, what's all right?
Who says?
He says I can't live here,
but I can...with him.
Who's he?
You know who.
No, I don't know.
Mr Gordon
He's the headmaster.
You smell pretty...
Dear Lord...
Thank you for this meal that you have
placed in front of us on this day.
Yes, ma'am?
Is there something wrong?
No, ma'am.
In that case,
kindly repeat Grace for
the rest of us.
Dear Lord...
Thank you for this meal that you've
place in front of us that...
and for which we're truly...
Is she okay?
She's fine.
Did Mr Gordon call?
Why on earth would the
headmaster call here?
I don't know...just...
To see if they were all right?
Her parents?
Of course they are all right.
And Katherine is all right as well.
Thank you, Miss Drake.
Drink this, dear.
Get your hands off me, cunt.
Miss Drake, the telephone please!
Certainly, dear.
You ought to be ashamed of yourself.
You will look at me when
I am talking to you!
Miss Prescott?
A word, please.
He really did say he'd come.
He'll come and he'll say he was wrong.
This time he'll say that
I can live here.
He's the headmaster...
Rose, uh, come out here please.
I'm kindly shovel
the path between the houses
Shovel it down to the earth.
Why me?
What did I do?
Mr Gordon will be arriving
this afternoon.
Mr Gordon...
What happened?
Down to the earth...please.
- You alright?
- Uh, yes.
They should be over this way.
Miss Prescott ?
Hi, baby girl.
Wh-Who is it?
They're not coming.
Kill all the cunts.
...they're wigs, right?
You know that they have no hair
on their bodies?
No hair anywhere?
Next time check their eyebrows.
Totally fake.
The real ones...burned right off.
You didn't hear about
Jen Darling's sister?
Graduated three years ago.
She walked in on them one night...
worshipping the Devil.
You can stay here with me...
long time...
Oh my god...oh my god.
Katherine ?
Oh Jesus...
Hey, drop it!
Hey drop...drop it...
Drop it!
Drop the knife!
Drop the knife, goddammit! This is your
last warning! I will shoot you!
I have Satan...
I have Satan...
Did you tell her?
Did you tell her all about it?
I told her.
When you meet these people,
do you say to them...
do you say that she was murdered?
No, you don't.
You don't say
that when she was found,
they had to do a blood test
to see if her head matched the body.
That's enough!
Just focus on the road!
Don't touch me!
Can you please pull over?
Huh? What was that?
I think I'm gonna be sick.
Are you alright back there?
Please, pull over.
Alright, hold on. Hold on.
Bill, please. Just go past it.
We're not stopping.
Hold on, hold on.
Goddammit Bill, don't stop here! we go.
There you are.
You are not wanted here.
I say, you will go from this place.
You will leave here.
You will leave this poor girl...
and you will never come back
I command that you leave this place.
I command that you go out!
I command that you go out!
By the power of Christ!
I command you!
I command you to leave this girl!
And never come back!
I command you to go out!
Don't go.