The Blackout (2009) Movie Script

December 24
It is an interesting
Christmas night
Last year we had record
low temperatures
This year, today .. very hot.
We have 27 degrees in the center ..
Incredible .. 31 in Burbank.
.. The worse! Mayor Atzelino
trying to save tourism
While multiply
electrical problems.
.. Like water supply
and power supply
He had, all of prosopiko
these areas
n'afisoun their families
and be alert
As if that were not enough
throughout Greater Los Angeles
daylong suffered earthquakes.
We have not yet PRESS
disappeared from earthquakes
You'll know when thachoume
Earthquakes, hot sweat and children ...
Another day in Los Angeles!.
- It looks like it is Christmas music.
- Well, maybe not.
Who said that the spirit
Christmas must be music?
It is a rule.
I'm sure it's written somewhere.
Daniel, stop.
How many of these;
- Seven.
- Eight is
- Seven.
You do not You were so good
I was in proti.Ego
With this worry
And this old building,
very hot without air conditioning.
- Lay the table, sweetie.
You said you do not want to
No, I said I did not want to
What gives an example
children that.
I know it is a problem
and talk to him about it.
- When;
- Soon I promise.
Look, it is
Christmas Eve.
I want to be separate
for children.
This age
it once.
Do not worry sweetheart, this
The evening is wonderful.
"The best
Christmas ever. "
Go .
- Mrs. Devon, I'm glad to see you
- Good afternoon, Mr. Crawford.
-How are things going;
Well, thank God
E have many go home
for the holidays apart from us.
Never mind
They party at 4B.
-Everything all right; - Yeah, just something
power outages.
Anything that does not
can be resolved.
This makes
The Electrician
-Merry Christmas.
Well, Ralph
Tell me that the machines will
withstand the power outages.
- Jesus, Keri!
- Sorry, Sorry!
I tried to
I quickly.
Fine, no
needed to change.
Go back;
Keri, stop,
You're wonderful!
Sorry, just
I'm a little nervous.
Tell me again why
should do it.
- I told you.
- Oh right!
To see everyone in your chest
to get promotion.
I work in this
Crazy, two years now.
I think I deserve this job
also is a great show.
It is very important
for me.
Further, on your love
Seeing my chest.
I said if you do not want
You can not go.
We can make yourself comfortable
in my own salary.
And should you then
sit wherever one wishes.
Why do you think
I would do it;
Why are you dumb!
Would you like to;
Allowed to move
to me if you want.
The whole promise you.
-I am in the bathroom.
How was your journey;
- Exantlitiko!
- How was the public;
Did you get my message;
Not really.
Why are you so elegantly
dressed today;
Sophie makes party.
She called me
and I got to go.
Party!, But you do not
go to a party!
Maybe I started
I go to a party.
Pass and
I think if I make my appearance at the party
with an expensive bottle of champagne
I could
attract more attention.
Since I see that you want
really impressed!
, I see ....
This day will
written in history, certainly.
- what happens;
- There are many electrical problems.
We interruption of
for a long time.
I had to put the battery
I'm sorry, I have good reception.
But to hear.
Did you find the cause?
As if there
nobody out there just you and me.
Something happens.
Thank you for the card
Christmas! I liked very much.
And Merry Christmas,
Merry Christmas and ....
Merry Christmas.
Why did you bring
and Leni;
I could not leave her alone
Christmas we have.
Hi, Sophie.
Glad to see you.
Merry Christmas, Lenny.
We have a problem
Now with mobile ...
You know that will not stay here
the night of Christmas.
Just open the bar
I can not make him
to stay if you do not want.
This is
each time, Danny.
Tomorrow night will sleep
on the couch again.
And guess who should
to resist the smell of drink.
Why can not
go to your sister;
You know why! Can
talk about this later;
Yes, there are people
trying to sleep.
Dylan, why do not you go
to do a shower.
Thanks, I said
that the table is ready.
How lovely!
- I'm going to talk to her.
- Sit down.
Children gather
the table.
Okay, Dad.
There is nothing new yet
by the scientific community
if the seismic
and power outages,
during the day
in any way.
We , weird
reports on this.
In Bekerfiel were
hundreds of small cracks
in desert
emit noxious fumes.
We also learned
that the entire structure
of Steipls Center suffered
damage in many places.
Yet we learned that
the City
closed many
roads in 5
the unstable
the road
From south of Oratz Crash
to the south of the Magic Mountain
Even more alarming
is that seismologists say that
seismic activity
comes from
many places
and growing
their intensity
In Salvador, today ...
feel this?
I think
we still ..
a small earthquake.
I felt?
My love!
Just try
I do the right thing.
I know my love
always trying.
But his brother
you are ...
- Common;
- Annoying.
Come not
go to the party.
That was the agreement.
If your brother becomes
here I will go to the party.
- Come Stay!
- Danny!
- Stay, Stay.
- Danny, do not you dare!
- Danny. Danny, No!
Do not resist!
If you resist you will need
to layer the sheets.
What do you do;
We e. ....
- Play;
- To play too;
Darling, you must
prepare for the evening.
- Collect the table;
- I pick it up!
Your brother
will not have helped;
- Why not help the
your sister to pick up the table; What-Do;
- Play.
- Do we play;
'Slei, you can go to play.
for an hour.
And you ...
You know who is
the store in the basement;
Go down and bring that
the great gift that is inside.
- Is it for me;
- For both sasi.
Whatever you say.
"Whatever you say."
And once you get back
wash the dishes!
This earthquake
was great
I know
Do you panic children
Stream has paid Sophie
You are good;
Damn! Kyle!
- Go.
It may be necessary.
- I want to come too.
- Will not be long.
I want to help
Okay, go.
Do not be late.
He turns and you say
looks almost naked.
And not lost
I knew what to do.
I had to hang on
What else did.
And what it does;
By getting the phone.
I went out into the hallway and say ...
"Lenny would not believe."
"I just took off her dress
and look ....
One of the
beautiful breasts!
And I say,
"Me, why you call me;"
"We only got you
e have many phone got them. "
How many
your mother;
Come, come! Relax
You have nice eyes!
Stop the
bullshit, Sophie.
I throw since
came from Manhattan.
And why not;
I like you
like, why not.
That came today
so it is;
Look no need
to keep secret
Freeboard is true,
You are very beautiful!
It is tempting.
Then why not
do something about it;
Why is Ethan
other problems.
Claire, what a surprise!
I thought you were home
and dreaming.
Damn, Claire waited
- Get out of my face.
Did you see chick,
well so quickly;
You wanted a divorce, not me
We did discuss
this long.
Yes, but eventually
you, you did.
I know, but ...
- But what;
I do not know.
I do not know
what I want anymore.
I thought I knew but ...
- As soon as I saw with it ...
- Something happened!
But I do not care.
I will overtake.
Want to
to overtake;
I think.
To be ilikrinis,
I do not know how I feel.
Look it's Christmas, and no
It is time now for such decisions.
Come inside now.
And think
after Christmas.
Ethan, I
Me too.
Below please.
Stay here, okay;
no joke.
give them.
Come on Lenny, Christmas
we do not spoil.
Look I have no intention
to spoil anything.
Other ...
Let's go go ...
Lenny, is my party
Take a taxi if you want to go.
Very wild chick.
It did not give them.
He wants no candle;
party left to rest.
It saves the
so easily.
All day we had
power outages.
Who knows when
the tide will come again!
We Learn
candles, what you say;
Sophie, do you
no flashlight;
I think I
somewhere here.
I saw this.
- Did you see what;
- How to look.
- What thing;
- Having looked at this motherfucker.
Motherfucker, that
you talk like that.
Claire, I said that there
run anything with it.
Ethan, I'm not stupid.
You know I have eyes and see!
I found them.
Do I get one;
Do we
more comfortable lenses;
Are you well;
I have to go to
Danny and the kids.
- Give me a torch.
- Why ignore;
What happens;
In listening to this;
Sophie, who
location near you;
far as I know.
Freddie here 'customer.
I live downtown
Los Angeles, Grant 'venue arith.16
We interruption of
long time.
Did you know
what happens.
It appears that the entire
the network is broken.
Did you know
what happens.
Ntani.Eisai well;
Yes, the room is dark,
you can not see anything.
Where is the
Kyle and 'slei;
The 'slei and I are in the elevator,
but returned back because I heard ...
-Something on the walls.
- Where are the kids;
- And in the rafters ...
- What are you talking about;
The 'slei stayed in
Lift the lens.
And I came
the stairs.
Are you well;
Someone is there.
Something is amiss.
Open, Open.
Open the door.
Come on, buddy.
Come on, come on.
Maybe they should be
let placed.
- Listening shots, Beth
-That should let them.
Break the door.
Step aside!
K. 'customer,
I'm the cleaner.
I open
We came to see
what happens.
What do you do in
in our apartment;
- You have no right to be here.
- De fuck. Something is out there
What are you talking about;
Out of here,
leave now.
- I do not want to go out there.
- Calm down.
Calm down.
I want to leave
not understand;
Not to think.
To name
God, Eddie.
You good sir;
Yes, fine.
For you, sir Krofort.
Good equipment
you are here.
- Yours is;
- Yes.
It is a bit old but ...
- Do you like;
- Yes.
He was one of his hobbies,
my father.
Sorry, Sorry
- Ok calm down
Ethan, Ethan.
We must go
to find children.
Not open
You do not understand, our children
is out there alone in the dark telios
And I am telling you that you do not go anywhere
if you do not know what happens.
Who do you think you are;
You do not know.
Eddie, what do you calm down.
You freak them all.
This is why you brought with you;
I'd think
before running to save us!
Do not tell me what you
gave permission for everything here;
No, the building is
of my families.
And .... so you know;
Forget it!
You and wireless e;
I got the other day, but
I have signal.
I think I should go
higher to try it.
go to the terrace;
Ralph, Fred
has agorofovia.
You Agorofovikos;
Scared of
Not exactly, I fear
This is a
I love people, but
in very small doses.
Are trends panic
I can not.
I hate to panic
very afraid.
Can somebody give us
say what the heck happened.
It was huge, huge.
What was huge;
What are you talking about;
- An animal,
Did you see;
-No, you idiot, it was Skotina.
Just got to Sophie,
I started to shoot.
The wise;
So that means
that you do not know what it is.
Fuck you.
It had
a long tail.
And tentacles.
What he wants to
Danny, children
danger ...
We do not
interested in how it is.
What do you do;
I say stay here.
And if you want
and you sit.
This is not good.
- I'm afraid.
- Everything will be fine.
Come on, come on, you
do it.
No, it
very dangerous.
If there is something
out there we have to go now.
No, I will wait here until
to restore the power supply?
And then we wait
come to the police.
It appears that
Battery empty.
No, no. Not so fast.
Something else is.
What the hell
is this;
Who's there;
It may be that
the young couple know ....
Let not pay
and rent.
Give me the flashlight.
Come stop,
no joke.
Do you see anybody;
I think, but do not know
whither they went.
It can be
You are good;
You are the young couple;
You are the young couple;
Wait there.
Broke the lens.
I do not know who you are
and do not care.
But the children of his brother
I am out there alone.
And we're going to
not find want you want.
Think logically, your e have many.
This thing epiteithete
when it is dark.
Jeez! Well not see
The Discovery Channel?
- De again.
- Believe me, I know what I say.
I do not believe that now is the
katalili time to become a hero.
I must go and see what they are and that I think
should be something like a bat ...
and if living in the dark
then we must be sensitive to light.
What do you mean;
What I
can say is that ...
can be
and toxic.
You're crazy;
Seriously, if the theory
you are wrong;
And if not;
Seriously, believe it;
Look, I must go and
to be distracted ..
And once you do,
You can stay psychremos ...
go down the stairs
and go from here.
Let's do it then.
Okay Danny,
we will.
Get ready everyone;
to descend the stairs.
I hope you're right.
Do you see anything;
Not even.
- Are you well;
Yes, fine.
No, no.
I live here almost
six years.
But today I will leave it
there is a wild animal here.
Wild animal;
Sorry, I do not know how
to describe it right!
Say it in Ralph
so, to whom;
The electrician
who ate it.
You know what this is
who ate the electrician;
There is an animal
escaped from the zoo.
And the worst is
that eats people ..
and that
another move.
How do you know this;
Deterioration lights
flicker in the hallway.
It's like having
electromagnetic field.
On the other hand, can be
just a weird coincidence.
All right.
-Be near me.
Get all of a knife.
will not help us this.
We leave.
not lost.
Elizabeth and I
we go from front.
"And you from behind
-Why do not we all go down the stairs;
Well, we're going
all the stairs ...
and then split up
into two groups.
We're going to find children
and you get to the exit.
You can
ask something;
To know
you use it;
Yes, my father took
hunting with him when I was small.
Watch is full, keep away
your finger from the trigger ...
and once you're done simply
aim and tap the.
- Are you well; ;
- Fine.
Well ..
- Wait.
- What;
I love you.
Children, go
I gave in today.
What happens;
No, wait.
Let's try.
Listen Go Find others
trust in you, I'm going back.
Dude, you're
wrong from there.
Where is
your girl;
Where is
your girl;
Just got her.
Just got her.
We must go,
follow me.
- What is it;
- I do not know.
I do not know what's going on
on children, but .....
not to go.
Is anyone in;
- K.krofort; Jeez!
- Thank God!
- Have you seen our children;
- In Kyle, and Ashley;
-Not lost;
- Yes, since I cut the power.
It is important to seal
the door is something in the hallway.
What do you mean something;
You will not believe me
and you say.
It is a black
with a large tail.
-Have you seen;
- Yes, on the fourth floor.
- This means that it is more than one.
- Oh my God.
- The shit.
- Stop!
Did you know with
What we do here.
I have no idea.
How could and
entered the building.
I want to say that I do not believe that simply
came from the main entrance.
What you have here;
I got all
tools with me ...
Can not
to breathe.
It may have carbon monoxide over
of this monster.
- Carbon monoxide;
- Smells like ...
- Smells like ochy.
- Yes mallonl.
Take a
for everyone.
Calm down.
Have and fosforouchous
I see tubes.
Yes, but only for
near far do not see so well.
Yes, but only light
we have here now is just that.
nothing else.
And I thought that ...
monsters do not
able to light but ...
I understand that have
an electromagnetic field.
I only want to
know is what they want here.
I understand that these monsters
when they are like to suck ...
ilektiki the action.
And come after 2 seconds
in any power outage;
Unfortunately, yes.
Things go
increasingly well see!
-What do we do now;
-Where is Eddie miss much time
Chestikame! can
watch himself.
Yeah right.
My God!
-What 's wrong;
-Take this.
- It was very wild.
-To kill;
Not really.
Where is
the other two;
- Brett and Kerry;
- No God!
- Holds up to go down;
- Yes.
Just go down
everyone to the exit.
The Dylan, Beth and I
look for children.
- I do not think that is a good idea.
- Better to be together.
You came to
extra children.
We have discussed this, but we know
more hope if we are all together.
Okay, go.
I'll get Eddie.
- Come on you.
- Go.
Can children
not make it.
I do not believe that there
why not go all the basement.
Only men.
The women sit down
here and take care of Eddie.
I'll come with you.
- Sit here.
Take it.
Just aim and
press the trigger.
In the head.
In the head.
Go first;
I know the place.
It is very dark there
through on this to be close.
- Kyle.
- Kyle.
- Ashley.
- Ashley.
- Ashley.
- Kyle.
What are these;
I think it is
the same type ....
like the monsters.
I think
is their food.
Or something ........
Come see something.
You seem to be
he comes from below.
find the children.
- Kyle.
- Ashley.
Come on let's go.
It will come;
- Come on let's go.
- Ashley.
My God!
- Beth, calmly.
- What is happening; What happens;
-What; Dylan
- No. Dylan.
Dylan, let me.
- Dylan, no.
- Ochi.ochi
Daniel, do not go there
You should not see.
Not really.
Not really.
Ashley, Ashley.
Danny must
To find the Ashley.
- Damn.
- What;
- Damn.
- What;
We must go
Go away.
Come on, Danny, come on.
My God, I thought
that kill you.
It's fantastic.
Give me
Beth gun.
Come, go.
Fred, yes, come.
My God!
Claire, who is
my wife.
Below, we go down.
Go, go.
I know one more
-You must leave.
This building is
party wall with next.
If you climb to the roof we will,
go to the next building and go.
One of these
Eddie got monsters.
I went upstairs to get away but
should go down ...
Probably should
that many up.
My God!
Sir Krofort!
Come on, come on.
What do we do now;
go back.
There is a
broken elevator there.
No problem.
will be easy.
Will climb
and will go on the roof.
- I agree.
- Okay.
Wait I thought
that will be discussed in a bit ...
We must go.
To the set;
At the end of
runway left.
From here.
One, two, three.
One, two, three.
I love you.
Go Fred.
Come on let's go.
Can not
to do so.
I can not do it, I thought
that do not go in there ..
- Must beisi.
-Just you delay.
There is another exit;
Not only from here.
Wait no
Kerry, go, go.
- Ethan, go, go.
Come on, Freddie, you
Shit! Shit!
Do not tell me that
and you have fear of heights;
When I was little
I had dreams of something ...
My God!
It's Ashley.
It's Ashley.
I think it is in
top of the elevator.
you can
climb from the other side.
Since there is
I think we can get
a hatch that is above.
Run, run.
It will not make it.
Try ..
Ethan I can not do.
Beth, go ahead.
Come on, Freddie.
Freddie, grab
my hand.
Grab my hand.
Hear me;
Mom, Mom.
Mom, try
to catch me.
Hold on, Ashley come.
Go, go.
Not really.
Not really.
Elizabeth, go ahead.
Mom, Mom.
Ashley, come.
Come on, sweetie.
Are you well;
- Are you well; Are you well;
- Yes.
Quickly climb,
God, I climbed
sweetheart, climbed.