The Blind (2023) Movie Script

(soft music)
(singer vocalizing)
(music continues)
(birds calling)
(music continues)
(shots firing)
(wings flapping)
(music continues)
- I would say the biggest hurdle for me,
is gettin' past the
embarrassment of it all.
(music continues)
It's hard to talk about who I used to be
Not a day goes by
that I'm not grateful,
I mean, I mean to my bones
about how my life turned around.
- Shoot.
We've been into some pretty
dark places together.
I mean,
you turned it around,
made a life for yourself.
I guess I just wanted to know
how you did that?
- You hear these rare stories, you know?
Of how the impossible happened.
this is one of those stories.
(shots firing)
(wings flapping)
(soft music)
(music continues)
(singer vocalizing)
(ducks quacking)
(music intensifies)
(shot firing)
(light instrumental music)
(music continues)
(singer vocalizing)
(music continues)
(music fades)
It was the 1950s, but if
you pulled up to our yard,
you would've thought it was the 1850s.
That's how poor we were.
Dad spent most of his time
workin' in the oil fields.
I wish you didn't always have to go.
- Hell, that's life, Phil.
It's time you grew up.
Take care of things around here.
You got it?
- Yes, sir.
(light music)
- Who's a man?
- I'm a man.
Mama provided a different
set of challenges.
(Merritt yells)
(glass shatters)
- When she had one of her spells,
- Mom, stop it!
- Get outta here!
- You'll go back
to the hospital again!
- Get out!
- All we could really
do is get outta the way.
- No one's takin' me to the hospital.
- You gotta calm down!
- Get outta here!
- [Phil] I started at a
young age, a very young age.
(shot firing)
Come to the woods and bringin'
back somethin' you could eat.
Squirrel, ducks, quail,
doves, whatever was there.
The woods became my home.
Sometimes I would just
sit there for hours,
listen to the woods.
They would talk and I
would try and talk back.
(creatures calling)
(bugs chirping)
I could get lost in them.
They were my refuge.
(pensive music)
But sooner or later, the real
world always comes knockin'.
(soft music fades)
(siren wailing)
(anticipatory music)
(music continues)
(music continues)
(music continues)
- [Merritt] No, no!
No, no!
- Phil!
They're takin' her away again!
- You can't make me!
You can't make me, you can't!
Phil, don't let 'em take me!
- She ain't done nothin' wrong!
- Judy, Judy (screams)!
Phil, Phil, Phil!
- Mom (sobs)!
- [Merritt] Phil!
Phil, Phil (sobs)!
(engine rumbling)
(sullen music)
(girls sobbing)
(music continues)
- She was gone for months at a time.
While they tried the
only medicine they had,
shock treatment.
(Phil knocking)
(sullen music)
(liquid sloshing)
(music continues)
- Why does she keep doin' this stuff
if she knows they'll lock her up?
- She can't help it.
It's in her blood or somethin'.
- We got that blood in us?
- Don't know,
but we'll always look out
for each other, won't we?
- You mean that, Phil?
- Of course I do, Jan.
Si, go get some taters
from under the house.
- Nah, nah, nah.
Hey, last time that possum ran after me,
his teeth were like this big.
(Sy imitates possum screeching)
(Jan giggles)
(Judy giggles)
- I didn't know it at the time,
but just up the road a few miles lived
a girl who would soon become
the most important person in my life,
Kay Carroway.
- Oh, damn it!
- [Kay] Language, Mom!
- Kay, pick up your toys,
they nearly killed me,
and then you go get those over there.
- Compared to us,
- Stay on your feet,
- Kay was rich.
- gonna be stockin'
the store tonight, and I
can't do it without you.
- Oh-
- They owned the general store in town,
so we equated that with filthy rich.
- Y'all could close stores on
Sundays and come to church.
It'd be good for your soul, Daddy.
- Sunday's our best day, Katie-bug.
You may say a prayer for us,
especially about sellin'
them three roasts today
before I have to throw 'em
out and lose money on 'em.
Don't you get caught readin'
them pioneer books in church again.
Just in case.
(Kay gasps)
"Little House on the
Prairie," new edition.
- I don't have this one (laughs).
- I know (chuckles).
Says there's all kinds
of new maps and drawings in there.
- Thanks, Daddy.
- [Phil] Kay wasn't like the other kids.
They judged us.
She didn't.
(soft music)
(engine rattling)
I guess she saw somethin' else.
(congregation chattering)
- Look like the riff-raff's
blowing in from the field.
- Y'all should be ashamed of yourselves.
- Wowie, look at this.
What are these called?
- Hubcaps.
- Dang!
- Pa's truck ain't never had these.
Must be a load of
millionaires here in town.
- [Phil] Turns out there was somethin'
besides huntin' I was actually good at.
I was born with it.
That's how I became the
high school quarterback.
(upbeat music)
(crowd cheering)
(whistle blows)
(team yells)
Down, set, hut!
(crowd cheering)
(inspirational music)
(whistle shrilling)
(team cheering)
Hey, way to play fellas.
- You gotta stop runnin' like that.
You put me out of a job.
- Pretty sure you gotta get on the field
before you can lose that job, son.
- Talk about your pioneer man, Kay.
Maybe he'll walk you off
the field after the game.
- Phil Robertson, the quarterback?
You gotta be kiddin' me.
- I seen the way he looks at you.
- [Reporter] Hey, Phil
Robertson, can I get a statement?
- Nah, nah.
You wanna talk to Si Robertson right her
Real hero of the game.
- Si Robertson?
Did you even play?
- Boy, did I even play?
I was so fast like lightning,
that's why it probably didn't even feel
like you saw me out there on that field.
- Miss Kay Carroway.
- Hey, Phil.
- Hey.
Look, I know we don't know
each other all that well,
but think maybe I could walk
you off the field tonight?
- I'd like that.
- Okay.
So we walked off the field together
and she offered me a ride home.
I didn't even have the luxury of goin'
on my first date without
at least one third wheel.
- And that's when I went down to pet
what I thought was a
dog, and no way, okay?
Turned out it was a five-pound squirrel.
- [Phil] Sorry about this.
- I mean, I really do despise beavers,
but I also respect their
work ethic and determination.
(doors slamming)
(upbeat swing music playing)
- You're gonna stay in the car.
- What do you mean?
- This is my date,
so you're stayin'.
- I'll be skin and bone if I don't eat.
- I hate to break it to ya,
honey, but you already are.
- Hey Jack, I am wastin' away.
- All right, fine, fine.
Quit your yappin'.
I'll get you somethin',
but you're stayin' here.
- All right.
(door slams)
All right.
- [Phil] Sorry about that.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
(singer vocalizing)
(Phil sighs)
- I know girls are supposed to act
like they don't eat
nothin' on these dates,
but I am absolutely starvin'.
Hey, Rachel?
- Hey, Kay.
- Could I get two muffy
sandwiches and a large fry?
What you want? I can pay.
- Hey, no, come on.
You drove, I got this.
(coins clinking)
Uh, you know, I don't really
eat after the games anyway,
so I think I'm just gonna
get something for Si, so.
- You know what?
I changed my mind.
Could you just gimme one of
those single grilled cheeses,
and Rachel, you owe me
a fry from last week,
so don't go cheatin' out on me again.
- [Rachel] Okay.
- Fries are for skinny bones.
- [Phil] In those days,
it was a nightmare dealin' with Mama.
- Where is it?
- When she was good, she was
great. Funny, sharp, kind.
- Ma, what are you lookin' for?
- The money.
Where's the money?
- I keep tellin' you,
we ain't got no money.
At least not in the way you're sayin'.
- Oh no, from your pa.
He's been sendin' it.
- [Phil] But when it wasn't her day-
- [Merritt] I got back
from the hospital and-
- Life was hell for all of us.
Yes, Mama, and Pa did send it.
We've been usin' it.
Jan needed actual clothes for school,
Si needed shoes for football.
Everything around us costs money.
(pensive music)
- Why are you wearing that?
Why are you all dressed up?
- 'Cause I got a date tonight.
- You got a date (laughs)?
Oh, baby, with who, huh?
- Kay Carroway.
- Carroway?
That rich family in town?
Well, that's nice.
(cicadas buzzing)
You gonna leave me, Phil (sobbing)?
You gonna leave me, Phil?
Is that what you're gonna do?
- I'm not leave-
- You gonna leave me?
- I'm not leavin'!
(Merritt sobbing)
- [Merritt] Don't go.
Don't go.
Don't go like your father (sobbing).
(Phil knocks)
(crickets chirping)
- Hey.
- Hey, you ready to go?
- What's wrong?
- Nothin'.
Everything's fine.
- No, I can tell you look
like you've seen a ghost.
- Oh, my Mama's been
actin' up again is all,
but it's fine, we got our date tonight.
(sighs) There's just a lot goin' on.
- Hey, whoa, it's okay.
We can figure it out together.
- No, no, all right?
You shouldn't...
No, you're not gonna have
to deal with any of this.
- Hey, who needs another
muffy at Fertitta's?
I've got an idea.
(soft music)
- Thank you again for bringin' all this.
- Well, just because my
parents own a grocery store
don't mean I know how
to cook anything in it.
- Well, honey, that I can teach.
Always start with some butter here.
- (speaking faintly) baby, okay?
Give us a snack, all right?
No one-
- Coca-Cola?
Dang, she is rich.
- Jan!
- Where's the tea?
Hey, grab me somethin', would ya?
- Hey, I hear that.
You steal a bite before it's ready,
I'm gonna swat you upside
the head with this spatula.
(Kay giggles)
(light music)
Hand me those beans, will ya?
Okay, so make sure this is lump free.
- Smells good.
- Thank you,
now get out (chuckles).
Okay, take one of these and make sure
that's against the knives.
Soaked up with flour.
However you wanna do that.
I do it kinda messy, but some people...
(gentle music)
- Kay, thank you for tonight.
It really meant a lot to my mama,
and though she probably won't admit it,
she really misses my pa
when he's on the job.
- Yeah, yeah.
You know, she seemed okay.
- [Phil] There's this other
side to her, you know?
And you can't predict it.
It just kinda-
- You ain't never have
to be ashamed of that.
(birds calling)
(bugs chirping)
- Wait, shh, shh.
- What is it?
- Hear that?
(pintail calling)
That's a pintail.
(Phil imitates pintail calling)
(pintail calling)
- You love it out here.
- I do.
- It is beautiful.
(soft music)
- We can get a place out here, you and I
a little shack up on the river
and I could spend my days fishin'.
(soft music)
I'm sorry.
A girl like you definitely
don't wanna spend
her time like that.
- My dad used to read me
pioneer stories every night.
- What's a pioneer story?
- You know, like movin' out
west, livin' off the land,
makin' your own butter, that kinda thing
There's always a good love story too.
I used to go to bed dreamin'
about how amazin' that
kinda life would be.
So, yeah, a little place by the
river would be just the thing.
- You really are the perfect
woman, Miss Kay Carroway.
Kay fell right in with my family.
In my mind, we were a perfect fit.
- Phil has been an All-State
quarterback this year.
They've been saying he's gonna
get lots of offers from colleges to play
- Football is such a rough sport to me.
Seems like a waste of time.
I mean, are they gonna pay
you a lot of money to play?
- I'm sure they got scholarships and suc
Am I right, Phil?
- Oh, yes, Sir.
Yes, Ma'am.
- See, there you go, Wanita.
- You know, that reminds me.
Kay, guess who came into the store today
Mrs. Watson.
Now, her boy is nearly
outta medical school.
A doctor, you know?
And I remember, oo, he
used to come around.
He had eyes for you.
(glass clinking)
- Wanita, you look like
you're runnin' empty there.
Well, so is my beer.
I would love another.
- Phil, wait!
I'm sorry about my Mama.
- You ain't gotta
be polite anymore, Kay.
- Please!
Just, I'm sorry about my Mama, okay?
- This not gonna work.
It's huntin' season.
- No.
- I gotta go.
- No (sobs).
- So, you just broke up
with her just like that?
- It was huntin' season.
(Big Al laughs)
- That's a bad move.
- Yep.
One of many.
- How'd you get her back then?
- Hey!
(wings flapping)
(shots firing)
(soft music)
(water splashing)
(music continues)
(music continues)
(Phil imitates bird calling)
(music continues)
(wings flapping)
(music continues)
- Phil!
Phil, it's Kay!
(music fades)
(bell tolls)
- The death of Kay's
father came out of nowhere
and left a big hole in her family.
(Kay sniffling)
I love you.
I'm sorry for runnin' off like that.
(Kay sobs)
It wasn't long after her daddy died
that her mama spiraled down quickly.
She fought a hard battle with alcohol,
and the alcohol eventually won.
I was all she had,
but in a lot of ways she was all I had.
- Wait.
You think it's right that we're doin' th
when we ain't married?
(Phil chuckles)
(soft music)
- I, Phil Robertson promise to
love and be with you forever.
- I, Kay Carroway promise to
love and be with you forever.
(Young Love by Tab Hunter plays)
Just one kiss from your sweet lips
Will tell me that your love real
- [Phil] So after all that,
because of my skillset
throwin' a football,
I headed off to Louisiana Tech.
(team cheering)
- [Coach] Great game, boys!
- [Phil] Kay was only a junior
in high school at the time,
but we had a baby on the way,
and it was pretty rough on Kay.
Tried to balance takin' care of my famil
and school and football,
but it was too much.
Eventually I had to quit football.
- You ever think about that, man?
You coulda been big.
I'm talkin' like cereal box big.
Wheaties big.
"The" Terry Bradshaw was your number two
"The" Terry Bradshaw.
- I say it worked out pretty good for hi
- Yeah, I'd say so.
Hey, you and him get along?
(We're Gonna Go Fishin'
by Hank Locklin plays)
- [Terry] Can I take
this thing off now, Phil?
- No.
- [Terry] Can I at least sit up?
- I told ya if you wanna come out here,
this is how it's gonna be.
- [Terry] Yeah, I thought you were jokin
- I never joke about fishin'.
Can't be givin' away my secret spots,
not even to you.
All right, take it off.
- Yeah?
- Yeah, now.
Saturday night we're goin' fishin'
- Woo!
Got my hair all messed
up and everything, man.
- [Phil] You're fine.
Take a look.
Don't forget the frying pan
and bring along some manners
Sorta special.
And we'll cook 'em up for dinner
Rollin' up and fryin' up
- Yeah, that's called a fish.
- Woo hoo!
We're gonna go fishin'
next Saturday night
- I think my release is
gettin' a lot better.
I've been hangin' around
after practice every day,
workin' on it.
- You really love football,
don't you Bradshaw?
- Yeah, I do.
More than anything.
Just feels like it's part
of my blood or somethin'.
- I feel like that with huntin'.
That's why I ain't playin'
next year (groans).
- What?
Are you serious?
NFL scouts have been
watchin' you all year long.
Everybody knows you'll go pro.
- Nah.
I'm done.
It's your turn.
- You think I'm ready?
- Of course you're ready.
No one can throw a bomb
down the field like you.
You're the Blonde Bomber.
- The Blonde Bomber?
Guess that's better than
the name you gave Johnson.
- What, you mean Old Stubby?
- (laughs) Why you gotta
do him like that, Phil?
- It ain't my fault he got
them stubby little legs.
- (laughs) Shoot.
- So, I lost my scholarship,
but still managed to finish college.
It was easy enough to
find a job in those days.
The hard part was findin'
one that paid enough.
(toys clattering)
Our family was growin'.
Hey, boys!
And so were the bills.
Aw, I missed you boys.
Come here, come here.
(boys laughing)
(gentle music)
How you been, huh?
Boy, you gettin' heavy.
Those feet smell?
Boy, they smell bad!
You need to take a shower.
(boys laughing)
(music continues)
I'm gonna say hi to Mama, okay?
(boys laughing)
- Hey, baby.
- Hey.
(Kay sighs)
How was your day, hm?
- It was good, until Alan tried to stick
a crayon up Jase's nose.
- Did it fit?
- Hey! Phil (laughs)!
(crickets chirping)
(pencil scribbling)
How's it lookin'?
- I can feed you out in the woods.
I just need to make
sure we got enough money
to keep a roof over our heads.
I just don't wanna be gone
all the time like my dad was.
- You won't.
You got two degrees from Louisiana Tech.
You can do just about anything
you set your mind to, Phil Robertson.
I'm proud of you.
I love you.
- And I love you.
(gentle music)
- I wouldn't change anything about us.
We gonna make it.
- Stick with me, Miss Kay.
I'll put that long green in your pockets
Kay was definitely nervous
about me havin' a job interview in a bar
- Was that me?
Was- the bar interview was me?
- [Phil] Yeah,
it was you.
- Ah, I had a feelin'.
(Big Al exhales)
Yeah, sorry about that.
(upbeat music)
Good to see ya, Frank.
Oh, oh, oh.
(Sally chuckles)
- Keep your hands to yourself, Big Al.
- You know I can't.
Oh, hey, Sally, why don't you go ahead
and grab me a shot of whiskey?
Hey, you know, make it two.
One for my friend Phil here.
Hey, make it quick.
- You got it.
- He's just catchin' up.
- Thank you, Mr. Bolen.
- Mr. Bolen?
You must be lookin' for my daddy.
You can call me Big Al.
- Okay, sure, Big Al.
- Ah.
So, Phil, tell me about yourself.
- I got a wife and three
kids I need to support
and teachin' always seemed
like a respectable thing to do.
- No, no, no, no (exhales).
I don't mean that shit.
I mean, tell me about you.
What kinda man is Phil Robertson?
- Well, I love to hunt.
- Now, that's what I'm talkin' 'bout.
Huntin's sure good up
around Junction City.
Keep you real busy on the weekends.
Somethin' to relieve the
stress of the teacher man.
- Hm.
- Need a smoke?
- Oh, I don't really smoke.
(Big Al laughs)
(upbeat rock music)
- Man, you got a sense
of humor, Phil Robertson.
(music continues)
(lighter flicks)
(music continues)
(lighter snaps)
Hell, I knew we were
gonna get along just fine
the moment I shook your hand.
Thank you, Sally.
Hey, and you best keep these comin'.
We got a lot to celebrate tonight.
- [Sally] All right.
- That's it?
Did I get the job?
(upbeat rock music)
(bell ringing)
(rock music fades)
(train rattling)
My name is Mr. Robertson.
(hands clapping)
If y'all could turn your
handbooks to page 45...
(bell ringing)
(Big Al laughs)
- Hey, there's my guy.
How 'bout a drink,
celebrate the first day?
- I can't.
Miss Kay's got a special
dinner waitin' for me tonight.
- [Big Al] Yeah, of course she does.
She's a classy gal.
Well, you ain't a dang derelict.
I'm just talkin' about one drink.
- Hey, Fred.
- You didn't hear nothin', Fred.
- One drink?
- One drink.
Come on, then.
(crickets chirping)
(pen scribbling)
(anticipatory music)
(match strikes)
(music continues)
(upbeat music)
(patrons cheering)
- Woo!
- Yes!
- Woo!
(crickets chirping)
(sullen music)
- All right.
- Woo!
- Line 'em up!
(music continues)
(Kay blows)
(sullen music continues)
(crickets chirping)
(door creaks)
(music continues)
(music continues)
(music continues)
(music continues)
(door creaks)
(music continues)
(music continues)
(music continues)
- This is as fresh as it
comes, Appaloosa catfish.
That's the filet mignon of the river.
- Jan!
- Hi, Kay.
- [Kay] It's good to see you, sweetheart
- Hey, Phil.
- Hey, Jan.
- How you doin'?
- I'm good, how are you?
- It's good to see you.
- You too.
- Hey, hey, how you doin'?
- Hey.
- I'm Al.
You must be one of Kay's friends.
I know Phil ain't got
no good lookin' friends.
Well, except for me, of course.
- That's my sister.
(Jan laughs)
- Okay, okay.
Oh, yeah, okay.
All right.
I mean, I was just bein' friendly.
- Why don't you be friendly
in that direction over there, Al?
- Okay.
- Sorry about him.
- (laughs) No, I'm good.
Hey, congratulations on your new job.
I'm so proud of you.
- Thanks, Jan.
- Did Kay tell you we took the boys
to church last weekend?
They seemed to really enjoy it.
You should come with us next time.
- Yeah, well, I like to spend
my Sunday celebratin' God in other ways.
Who needs a pew when you
can be out in His creation?
- Hey, y'all, how 'bout a toast, huh?
To my man Phil Robertson here,
the newest remedial English
teacher at Junction City High.
He ain't smart but he pretty.
(Jan chuckles)
- [Phil] I can't do, I can't deal.
- Four ducks?
- Yeah, four ducks.
- Four ducks.
One bullet can't take down four ducks.
- Oh, it can if you're Phil Robertson.
- Who's this new friend with him?
- That's Al (throat clears).
He's from his work.
He runs their school.
- Oh, okay.
(upbeat music)
- [Phil] Yeah, it's that easy.
- Woo ee!
- Woo!
- Ow!
(music continues)
(shots firing)
- Told you boys.
One thing I'm better at
than fishin' is shootin'.
- You okay?
- Yeah.
- This here
is some genuine Three Creeks moonshine.
- [Phil] All right.
(music builds)
(music ends)
(Big Al chuckles)
(coffee splashing)
- Daddy?
You goin' huntin'?
- [Phil] You bet ya.
- Can I come?
- You don't know the woods.
You don't know huntin'.
- You could teach me.
- [Phil] Go back to bed.
The next few years were a
bit of a blur, I must admit.
("LA GRANGE" from "RAW" by ZZ Top plays)
Rumor spreadin' 'round
In that Texas town
- You said you know the guy
that owns this property?
- Yeah, I met him once.
- Well, I met his sister.
And you know what I'm talkin' about
Just let me know
if you wanna go
- [Phil] It was that feeling again,
being pulled in multiple directions.
(shots firing)
(music intensifies)
Huntin', partying, family.
The drinkin' began to
overtake everything else.
"Airplanes follow duck (indistinct)."
Well, I hear it's fine
(Al splutters)
I thought it was freedom to my worries,
but it didn't free me from 'em.
It just made me forget about them.
A hmm, hmm
And I hear it's tight
Most every night
(duck call calling)
But now I might be mistaken
(shots firing)
(music continues)
She just will not leave me alone.
- I've heard of worse problems than that
And all I could think was,
"Man, I gotta lay off the sauce."
(shots firing)
- [Phil] They respected Phil Robertson.
They know Phil Robertson was a man.
Who's a man?
(music continues)
(shots firing)
You're so beautiful, Marleen.
(music continues)
Oh, no
(shots firing)
(music continues)
- (chuckles) You wasn't
callin' them ducks in, Phil.
You was commandin' them to come in.
- Back again?
You don't even have the
decency to hang around here?
I'm cookin' you dinner,
(Phil groaning)
I'm cleanin' up after the kids-
- Keep your mouth shut!
(music stops)
- What, you can't even have
a conversation with me?
(glass shatters)
(Phil sniffs)
- Y'all don't need this.
(book thuds)
Class dismissed.
(sullen music)
- [Phil's Father] Who's a man?
(rain pattering)
(music continues)
- [Phil] I was hell-bent
on doin' things my own way.
I always had been.
So, when I had to figure out other ways
to provide for the family,
I went back to the places
that have always provided,
the woods, and the river.
(water splashing)
(mellow music)
(engine rumbling)
(engine idling)
- Take care.
- Oh (speaking faintly).
- Miss Abaleen.
- Phil Robertson.
You been stayin' outta trouble?
- Yes, Ma'am.
- How's your mama?
(water splashing)
- She doin' just great.
- Kay and the kids?
- It's all good.
Got a fresh catch for ya.
- [Abaleen] You back on the water?
I thought I heard you teachin' down
at that school in Junction City?
- Yeah, yeah.
Sabbatical, you know?
Just a short break.
- I got myself plenty for the shop today
You know I don't like
throwin' out no unsold fish.
- This here's as fresh as it comes.
You could put this on
special right up front.
Caught no more than an hour ago.
Have a look.
- Mm hm.
- [Phil] I appreciate you-
- [Abaleen] Mm hm.
- You best make sure Miss
Kay and the boys get this.
- Yes, Ma'am.
(fist thuds)
(engine rumbling)
I'm ashamed to say most of that money
I was makin' didn't go
to Kay and the kids,
but we always found a way to make more.
(upbeat rock music)
Hey, if nothin' else, we were creative.
- All right, y'all, all bets are in.
Got a rivalry as old as time.
Man versus machine!
(engines revving)
Steel versus muscle!
Rubber versus some bare feet.
- Mm hm!
- Yeah, Phil!
- All right.
- Let's go, come on!
- [Big Al] Let's get
this show on the boat!
(men cheering)
(engine revving)
- [Man] Come on, Phil!
- On your mark,
- You got this, buddy!
(beer can rattling)
(men cheering)
- [Big Al] get set,
(upbeat rock music)
(music continues)
(engine roars)
- What you doin' there (indistinct)?
- Woo!
(man laughs)
- Just like old times, gentlemen.
Don't give me that sour look
like I'm tryin' to cheat ya.
It's Hank's car and he bet against me.
You think he hamstrung his own bet?
Hey, come on, now, pay up.
Fair and square.
Hey, don't be bitter.
You and I both know Hank's car
ain't got the gun to come even close
to outrunnin' you if you
only give him 20 yards.
You give him 25, he's got you smoked.
- Well, that's their fault
for not askin' for 25.
(Al laughs)
- Man, ever since I known you,
you ain't never changed.
- Hey, Phil?
Double or nothin'.
- Hold my beer.
(crickets chirping)
(door creaking)
Hey, Babe.
- Guess you decided to finally come home
- I know it's late, I was...
I was, uh,
workin' (sniffs).
- Sell some fish?
- Yep.
- What is this?
- That's money I made.
- Well, how much fish you sell?
- What do you mean?
- There's $11 here.
- I know, I musta spent
some of it, all right?
- Phil, we have three hungry boys.
You put all this pressure on
me to stretch a few dollars.
It is embarrassing havin' a line
of people behind me in
the grocery store waitin'
for me to put stuff back
because I can't afford it.
- It's fine.
We're fine.
The kids are fine (chuckles).
- I don't think we are, Phil.
- Hm, I told you boys, I'm blessed.
I cannot lose.
- Jesus don't be playin' no dice.
Only person who can play dice
like that is the devil (laughs),
which will explain why you
riskin' your neck in this bar.
- Hm.
Nah, it's 'cause I like the
music and the company better.
- Mm.
- If you went next door,
you'd think they closed the
bar and opened up a morgue.
- (chuckles) Really?
Well, I heard that the
owners are lookin' to sell.
- Really?
Well, it just so happens
I'm in need of a job.
- (chuckles) I said they were sellin',
not hirin' (chuckles).
- They here now?
(upbeat music)
(door creaking)
(gentle music)
(glasses clinking)
Jim Perkins?
- Yeah.
- Phil Robertson.
Nice to meet you.
I heard y'all might be interested
in doin' a little business.
- What, you wanna buy the bar?
- Well, thought we could talk about
a bit more of a creative strategy.
(train horn blaring)
Hold on.
Hold on.
- Phil!
- Keep 'em closed.
Come on.
- Can I open them?
- Not yet.
Just a little further, little further.
(door creaks)
Keep 'em closed.
Stand here.
Don't open 'em till I tell ya.
- Why does it smell like urine?
(lights buzzing)
- Hold on.
(coin clinking)
- Phil?
- Okay, open 'em.
(jukebox plays All I Need
Is You by Dick Curless)
- (chuckles) It's a bar.
I don't need
You bought a bar?
silver and gold
- [Phil] Sort of.
- Phil, we can't afford a bar.
I don't need
I can't even afford groceries.
- Don't worry about that.
Look at this.
This is a new start for us as a family.
You been complainin' about money,
we'll make some more money here.
You been complainin' about
not spendin' time together,
well, we'll all be here as a family.
- I don't know, Phil.
- Hey,
I'll make it up to you.
Kay, I'm gonna make it up to you.
I know things didn't work
out with the teachin' job,
and I was tired.
I wasn't treatin' this family well.
(music continues)
But this is a fresh start for
the Robertson family, okay?
Alan and Jase, they can even help.
- Look, I know you're a good man.
I fell in love with that.
(Kay sighs)
But it's the drinkin'.
How's bein' in a bar gonna help with tha
- 'Cause I'll be workin', not drinkin'.
Look, you'll keep an eye
on it, I'll keep on it.
I'm gon' make this
work, I want it to work.
(music continues)
You know you're the only one for me.
Darlin' all I need is you
(singer vocalizing)
I love you.
- I love you.
(sighs) First thing we gotta do
is get that pee smell outta here though,
'cause that is horrible.
(Phil sighs)
- I agree.
I thought I had it figured out (chuckles
Finally I had arrived.
A way to spend time with my family,
makin' more money, and still get to hang
with my buddies and run
with them all night long.
- Daddy, when have I dried enough glasse
- That's the point.
They drink 'em, we clean 'em,
and the whole cycle starts all
over again till closin' time.
You're doin' great, keep goin'.
Hey, get some more peanuts in here.
- Okay.
- Hey, Phil, get over here.
I got a couple of friends I would like
to introduce you to.
- Miss Kay, I'm dyin' here.
- Hold on, Billy.
Don't think I don't see you there actin'
like you haven't already
drank the Mississippi
and spent your paycheck tonight.
(upbeat rock music)
- [Big Al] Why don't you
scoot on over a little bit.
(door slams)
- [Phil] I'm tired of your disrespect!
- What is disrespectful about askin' you
to spend one day with your family?
- That's all you do!
Nag, nag, nag, nag, nag!
- The boys wanna see their daddy!
- Oh, don't use your boys to guilt me!
(door slams)
(sullen music)
- Don't act like I don't
know what you've been up to.
You been out drinkin'
that moonshine again.
I can see it in your eyes.
- What the hell does that matter to you?
- 'Cause it makes you
act like a wild animal.
- Oh, you wanna see a wild animal?
Here you go!
(dishes smashing)
(Phil yells)
(Kay gasps)
(Phil sighs)
(sullen music)
(music continues)
(singer vocalizing)
(dog barking)
(engine rumbling)
- [Alan and Jase] Uncle Si!
(Si exhales)
- Come here, boys!
What about it (laughs)?
Oh, man.
Oh, look at you.
Man, y'all growin' faster than
green grass through a goose.
- We missed you, Uncle Si.
- Oh, buddy, I missed you, too.
I missed you, too.
Where's your mama?
- Inside.
- Miss Kay!
(birds chirping)
- You can't catch me, Jase.
(Jase laughs)
- Get him, Alan!
- Tag, you're it.
- Tag.
- Oh, I got you back.
- He becomes the devil, Si.
- Mm hm.
- I've seen it in his eyes.
But it ain't him.
You know that ain't your brother.
(boys chattering)
- Yeah, well, maybe not,
but I mean, come on,
you don't deserve this.
You're raisin' three boys on your own.
- I don't know what I deserve.
Besides, what would
leavin' do to the boys?
They love their daddy.
- Go long, Jase!
- Okay.
- I know it sounds crazy, Si,
but I just know deep in my heart
this family is gon' work out.
(gentle music)
- Well,
you know he ain't gonna change,
not unless he stops drinkin'.
- I know.
But you know, my Nanny
told me that someday
you gonna have to fight for your marriag
When things get tough, that's what you d
You fight.
(soft reflective music)
(upbeat rock music)
- Excuse me, ladies, gimme one second.
Hey, Phil?
There's someone here to see you.
- Who's responsible for this?
- Do you know where you'd
go if you die tonight?
- [Phil] Jan?
- Hi, Phil.
- [Phil] What you doin' here, Jan?
- Well, you ain't returned
my calls in forever,
so I thought I'd check in on you.
- This your new boyfriend?
- Phil Robertson, this
is Pastor Bill Smith.
- How you doin' there, Phil?
- What ya sellin' preacher man?
- Naw, we ain't sellin'
nothin', just offerin'.
Just God and the good news.
(patrons laughing)
- Don't you read "Times Magazine?"
God is dead.
(patrons whooping)
- Yeah, that's not been my experience.
But I have been in here less than maybe
a minute or two and I can already see
you got one mighty chip on your shoulder
(upbeat rock music)
- I should knock you out right here.
- You can try.
- Oh.
Tall words from a preacher man
who can't do nothin' about it.
- Jesus says I got to forgive you,
but that don't mean he
won't forgive me, too.
- Phil.
- Jan, why you bringin' a
preacher man around here?
- Well, I heard you might be needin' one
- Preachers ain't welcome 'round here.
- Let's go, Jan.
He ain't ready yet.
How you doin', Ma'am?
Excuse me.
- Jan, you should stay.
Have a drink.
- I'm gonna be prayin' for you.
- Then you'll be wastin' your time.
- [Bill] All right then.
All right, God bless yourself.
- You put her up to it.
- I didn't.
I swear, I didn't know
she was comin' around.
- Don't lie to me.
(hand slams)
I saw the way she was lookin' at you.
This is just you tryin' to control me.
All of you.
- Phil, please, please.
- I swear to God, you better
hold that tongue of yours.
- [Kay] Phil, you're hurtin' my arm.
- If I found out you been tellin'
people about our business-
- [Kay] Phil, you're hurtin' me.
(sullen music)
(hand slams)
(music continues)
(patrons chattering)
(engine revving)
- What'll it be, boys?
- Hey, sweetheart, that
pie recipe she gave me,
my boys, they go crazy for it (chuckles)
They do (chuckles).
- [Phil] Where you been?
Pretty late for grocery shoppin'.
- Well, when am I supposed to go?
Been at the bar all day, Phil.
- You were with him, weren't ya?
- What are you talkin' about?
- That guy from the bar.
(engine revving)
- Phil, I'm tired.
It's been a long day and you been drinki
through most of it.
- My drinkin' ain't got
nothin' to do with it.
How long you been
runnin' 'round on me, hm?
Answer the damn question.
- I ain't runnin' around on you.
- I know you're lyin'.
(hand slams)
(engine revving)
- Phil, I ain't havin'
this conversation now.
Not when you're drunk.
- I ain't the problem.
You're the problem.
You're ruinin' my life!
- Oh, yeah?
Well, you been ruinin' mine for 10 years
(pensive music)
- Get out.
Get out and take your kids with you.
(pensive music intensifies)
(rain pattering)
(music continues)
(engine rumbling)
(music builds)
(engine revving)
(tires squealing)
(truck crashes)
(music fades)
(crickets chirping)
- Good Lord, Phil.
I can't hardly believe that.
- I can't believe the thought
of what I did most days.
But that was a point
where I'd lost it all.
the boys,
the bar.
Just like that.
(rain pattering)
(Kay knocking)
- Kay, what's happenin'?
What's goin' on? Come in.
Come on in.
(rain pattering)
(thunder rumbling)
(spoon clinking)
- Thanks.
- You can stay as long as you want.
- I can't trouble you like that.
- Trust me, it's no trouble at all.
- You're not worried
about Phil findin' out?
- He kicked you out.
Why don't you go freshen up?
I'll listen for Willie.
(Jan blows)
- Thank you, Jan.
- Of course.
(bugs chirping)
(truck creaking)
(Phil groans)
(glass shards clattering)
(thunder rumbling)
(rain pattering)
(owl hooting)
(thunder rumbling)
(knob creaks)
(water splashing)
(Kay sobbing)
(Kay exhales)
(water splashing continues)
(pills rattling)
(pensive music)
(music continues)
- Are you okay, Mama?
- Hey.
What's goin' on?
- It's Mama.
(sullen music)
- Okay, okay, just go
back to bed, all right?
Back to bed.
I'll check.
(pills rattling)
(water splashing)
(music continues)
Kay, are you all right?
(music continues)
(lock clicks)
(music continues)
(water splashing)
(splashing stops)
(music continues)
(music continues)
- I was thinkin' about
somethin' real stupid.
I was about to do it.
I just kept thinkin' about
those boys (sobs softly).
I'm their mama.
I can't just leave 'em alone.
- No, you can't.
- I really believed it was
gon' work out with Phil.
I really did.
But it's over (inhales shakily).
I just don't know what to do.
- Well,
you can start by gettin'
up off the bathroom floor.
(Kay exhales)
When I was little, and
Mama was in the hospital,
and Daddy was on the oil rigs,
I used to cry myself to sleep every nigh
And then
one Sunday,
I heard the preacher down at church sayi
that at some point in our lives,
we are all going to
feel desperately alone,
like we're the only soul
in the whole entire world,
and that that would be
the most important moment
in our whole entire lives
because when we realize that with Jesus,
we ain't never alone.
I stopped cryin' myself to sleep at nigh
and I started prayin' instead.
I'll watch the boys tomorrow.
There's someone you gotta go see.
(Kay exhales shakily)
(birds chirping)
- Hey, that was a good one.
I appreciate ya.
God bless ya, I'll see ya on Wednesday.
- [Kay] Pastor Smith?
- Yeah?
- Hi.
I'm Kay Robertson.
- Right.
Jan told me you might stop by.
It's good to see you again, Miss Kay.
It's been a bit.
- I'm really sorry about my husband.
The first time at the bar-
- Would it surprise you if I told you
I get that reaction a lot?
- I guess not.
- How's your husband?
- He kicked us outta the house yesterday
Me and my three boys.
- Sorry to hear that.
- Look, Jan said to come talk to you,
maybe you might be able to help us out.
But I don't really know
what I'm doin' here,
or what even to say and...
I guess I got into some
trouble last night,
thinkin' about some things
I shouldn't have been thinkin' about.
I'm really sorry.
You must be so busy.
- It's not a problem.
You know, Miss Kay, it's the strangest
thing you should come by.
I was just now right now in a meetin'
and we was talkin' about what
to do with one of our little places
that just became vacant.
In fact, it's right over there.
It's right across the street.
Now, does that sound like somethin'
you and your boys might be interested in
(soft emotional music)
- I don't know what to say, Pastor Smith
- Just Bill is fine.
Or Pastor Bill if you wanna be formal, h
- Come on.
(music continues)
- So we live here now?
- Yeah.
This is a gift.
We're gonna take real
good care of it, you hear?
(music continues)
- [Phil] Kay got a job
and took care of the boys.
She was determined to make somethin'
of a life for them.
As for me, I finally had my freedom,
but it certainly didn't feel
like I thought it would.
(Big Al knocking)
- Phil!
(knocking continues)
Phil, you in there?
As I live and breathe.
Man, I got a call from Nancy
down at the sheriff's station.
They found your truck completely totaled
but couldn't find your body.
I done a lotta crazy things in my life
but I ain't never done smashed
my truck up good enough to be canned
and put on the shelf in it.
- Who's a man?
- Hell, I'd offer to help you clean up,
but this is a lost cause.
(flies buzzing)
This a gar hole, son.
(cans rattling)
- What's the day?
- [Big Al] Sunday.
(Congregation Singing)
I heard an old, old story
How a savior came from glory
How he gave his life on Calvary
To save a wretch like me
I heard about his groaning
Of his precious blood atoning
Then I repented of my sins
And won the victory
- Mama, can we take those?
- No, Alan.
Those are for kids that don't get
no presents at Christmas.
But just a few.
Leave some for the other kids.
(gentle music)
(music continues)
(birds calling)
(mellow music)
(knife scraping)
(soft melancholy music)
- Get outta here!
- She can't help it, it's
in her blood or somethin'.
- We got that blood in us?
- [Phil] Don't know, but we'll always
look out for each other won't we?
- You mean that, Phil?
- [Phil] Of course I do, Jan.
(sullen music)
(birds calling)
(music continues)
- Are we there yet?
- Are we there yet?
- Are we there yet?
- Not yet.
- Are we there yet?
- Not yet.
- [Alan] Uncle Si, how much further?
- [Si] Oh, Lord.
What did I say?
- [Alan] If we come, no complainin'.
- [Si] Uh huh, what are you doin', Alan?
Jase, what's he doin'?
- [Jase] Complaining.
- [Si] That's right, uh huh.
(car rattling)
Phil, it's Si, are you in there?
(duck calling)
(door bangs)
- You made it back.
- I did.
I did.
It's good to see ya.
Look, I knew I'd find you out here,
but maybe I shoulda called,
givin' ya time to clean
up the place a bit.
Ya ain't gotta live like
no wild man anymore, Phil.
(sullen music)
- It's better for me out here.
- Oh, Phil, how's that?
- I don't have to be anything but me.
- Well, that may be true,
but hey, I think you should come back.
You know?
Work on some things.
- And what work would I need?
- Well, I been hearin'
about a lotta things.
(door opens)
Ain't much from fit to talk about
in front of little ears, though.
- [Alan] Daddy?
- Al?
What you doin' here, boys?
Come on, now.
Ain't ya gonna give your pa a hug?
What, you don't recognize me?
- Hey, Jase, hey, hey, hey,
hey, it's okay, it's okay.
You all right?
- I think y'all should leave.
- Yeah.
- Say hi to your mama for me, boys.
- You change your mind-
- I'll see ya around, Si.
- Come on, boys.
(pensive music)
(fist slamming)
(music fades)
(crickets chirping)
- All right, boys, hungry?
- Eat, eat!
- (laughs) Yeah.
(Willie babbles)
- Alan, you wanna lead us?
Good boy.
(Willie babbling)
- Dear Jesus, I miss my daddy.
Please make him a good man.
- [All] Amen.
(Willie babbling)
All right.
What do you want?
Some of this?
- [Alan] They're yum.
- All right.
(boys speaking faintly)
- Thank you.
(bugs chirping)
(soft music fades)
(sullen music)
(fridge door opens, closes)
(cutlery rattling)
(singer vocalizing)
(pensive music)
(music continues)
(music continues)
- [Phil] You're the only girl for me.
- You gon' make a good dad.
I'm proud of you.
I love you.
(lid closes)
(emotional music builds)
(objects crashing)
(glass shattering)
(music intensifies)
(crashing continues)
(music continues)
(singer vocalizing)
(music softens)
(Phil grunting)
(Phil yelling)
(pensive music)
(Phil yells)
- [Phil] I can't (whimpers).
I can't!
I can't!
(birds squawking)
(music continues)
(music continues)
(engine rumbling)
(music continues)
(pen clicks)
(music continues)
(music continues)
(music continues)
(engine idling)
(music continues)
(music fades)
(Kay knocks)
- You drunk right now?
- Nope.
I think I saw him, Miss Kay.
- Who?
- The devil.
I think he might be me.
I'll quit drinkin' this time.
I promise.
- No.
I'm done with promisin'.
- Kay!
I'm sorry.
I messed it all up.
Miss Kay!
- Phil,
you need help.
More help than me and
the boys can give ya.
You need to change.
(soft melancholy music)
- Miss Kay,
I'll do anything for you and the boys.
I swear.
(objects banging)
Gimme a minute.
- It's really okay, Phil.
(objects clattering)
You know,
it's beautiful out back.
You wanna?
How 'bout you meet me out there?
(objects rummaging)
(gentle music)
- Nah.
(Phil sighs)
Not quite sure what to say.
- [Bill] Just say whatever's
on your mind, Phil.
(birds chirping)
(water rippling)
- I guess it were...
Everything I ever touch is goin' to hell
- You know what I would do if everything
I touched went to hell?
- What's that?
- I'd quit touchin' things.
(Phil chuckles)
Do you know what most
stories have in common?
Most of 'em are about
climbin' the mountain,
becomin' a God,
provin' just how good you are,
that you're good enough.
It's a whole different story.
This is about God comin'
down from the mountain,
comin' to you, tellin' you,
"Phil, you ain't got nothin' to prove."
Hey, that chip on your shoulder,
shame you've had your whole life.
It don't mean nothin' to Him.
In fact,
He come down to take that away.
(gentle music)
- That sounds too good to be true.
- Oh,
it's too good for all of us.
- How's it happen?
- You got to die, Phil.
And then you need to be born again.
(soft reflective music)
(music continues)
- I'm ready.
(music continues)
(birds chirping)
(music continues)
- Your daddy's lived a hard life.
That ends today.
We gon' bury that old man.
This dirty river water represents a grav
But, a new man is gonna rise up.
Phil, from this day forth,
who's gonna be the lord in your life?
- Jesus Christ.
- With that confession,
I baptize you in the
name of the Father, Son,
and Holy Ghost for the
forgiveness of your sins.
(anticipatory music)
(music continues)
You ready?
(water splashing)
(music continues)
(music continues)
(music continues)
(water splashing)
(music continues)
All right brother!
(music fades)
(Jingle Bells by Glenn Miller plays)
Dashin' through the snow
In a one-horse open sleigh
O'er the fields we go
- [Phil] Good boy.
Laughin' all the way
(Willie crying)
- I know.
- Daddy?
- Hm?
- When do you have to leave?
- What you mean?
- Don't you got somewhere to be?
- I ain't got nowhere to be.
You good with that?
All right.
Jingle all the way
Oh, what fun it is to ride
in a one-horse open sleigh
Jingle bells, jingle bells
- Mm, smells good.
(music continues)
(slide whistle plays)
(music continues)
Hey, Jase, lemme see that.
(Phil chuckles)
(music continues)
Thanks, buddy.
(knife scraping)
(Phil blowing)
(whistle twittering)
(scraping continues)
(paper scraping)
- You gonna buy Jase a
new one now you broke it?
- I didn't break it, just fixin' it.
You know, I had a moment today.
Maybe bein' sober for the
first time in a long time.
Lots of people make duck calls, right?
They sound like ducks, sure,
but pintails sure don't
sound like a mallard,
just as much as I don't
sound like you when I talk.
- So what?
- "So what?"
- Thanks for bein' here today.
Meant a lot to the boys.
- I've been tryin'.
- You been tryin'.
- I know it ain't been perfect.
- No.
Truth is, I been fightin'
for us for 10 years.
I just had nothin' left in me.
Then I saw you get baptized in that rive
and I was (inhales sharply)
I was full.
I was so full of joy.
(soft emotional music)
My heart was so full,
and I had this little voice.
This naggin' voice sayin'
it's just gonna start all over again.
And you was gonna break our hearts.
- I'm sorry, Miss Kay.
I never wanna put you through that again
- You remember why you quit football?
- It was huntin' season.
- Well, partly 'cause you are stubborn
as an ox stuck in mud.
But the other part, that
was 'cause you wanted
to take care of us.
Take care of your family
just like you always had.
Now look, I know you're gonna stumble.
I know it ain't gon' be perfect.
But maybe if you just keep that in mind,
how much you really do love your family.
- Yeah.
Maybe it might be right
to get away from it all.
Old friends, temptation.
We'll get ourselves a little place.
I could fish the river.
- Well now, that might be an idea, Phil.
(Phil chuckles)
Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas, Miss Kay.
(soft emotional music)
(music continues)
(music continues)
(birds chirping)
(gentle music)
Before I came along, everyone
thought the duck calls people
were makin' were great,
but truth is, they were missin' somethin
They looked the same.
You know, one duck call
looked like another,
but on the inside, somethin' had changed
Turns out,
that could make all the difference.
(dog barking)
(horn honking)
(doors slamming)
- Phil?
(Big Al banging)
There he is.
My man.
- Keep it down.
Everyone's still sleepin' in there.
- Well, they're missin'
out on the best fish, then.
We come to get ya, get your things.
It's a day after Christmas tradition.
We'll hit the water,
and head to State Line
Road for a party after.
- I ain't drinkin' anymore, boys.
The Phil you come lookin'
for is dead and buried.
(Big Al laughs)
- Dang, you startin' to scare me, Phil.
Look, it's been ages
since you partied with us.
Come on, now.
You know it's gon' be a grand time.
Get your freedom back for a night.
What's it gonna be?
Who's a man?
(crickets chirping)
(coffee pouring)
(pouring stops)
- Daddy?
- Shh, wake your brother.
Put your warm clothes on.
Your mama said it was okay.
Come on.
(gentle music)
(water splashing)
(birds calling)
(music continues)
Come on, boys.
Stay close to Daddy.
Good boy.
(music continues)
(ducks calling)
(music continues)
Look right there.
(ducks quacking)
(duck call calling)
You try.
(duck call squawking)
(ducks quacking)
You try boy.
(duck call squawking)
(ducks quacking)
(music continues)
(singer vocalizing)
I started taking the kids
to the woods a lot more,
teachin' 'em about huntin'.
I'm just down here, fishin', huntin',
tryin' to sell these duck calls.
In the end I guess Kay
got her pioneer lifestyle
and I got my family back,
not because I deserved it.
Lord knows I didn't.
But that's the thing I learned about God
We don't have to be good enough
'cause he's good enough for us.
I finally figured it out.
Just took a little time.
- Yeah, well,
seems like I might not have
as much time as I thought.
- [Phil] How so?
- Well, I ain't told
anybody else this but,
it's my heart.
(Big Al exhales shakily)
(music continues)
I got a aneurysm.
Doctor said it could be two years,
two months.
two days.
Any moment, really.
- You called me up and
asked me to tell you
what I'd heard, how I got out,
made a life for myself.
Well, that's the secret, I didn't do it.
Only God can pull off a move like that
because of Jesus.
Stop always makin' it only about me.
That's what I finally learned,
how to give my life away.
Funny thing is, once I gave it up,
that's when I got it all back.
Everything I been chasin' all these year
Funny how that works.
How you gotta come to the end of yoursel
to find the beginning of God.
(inspirational music)
- I gotta tell you, Phil,
that's startin' to make a lotta sense.
(gentle music)
(Big Al exhales)
(music continues)
(upbeat music)
(boat engine rumbling)
(Precious Memories by Len Wade plays)
As I travel
On life's pathway
Knowing not what years may hold
(Big Al chattering faintly)
(Phil chattering faintly)
As I ponder
Hope grows fonder
- Come on, boys.
Precious memories flood my soul
- Hey (speaking faintly).
(all chattering)
- Oh, gravy?
- Gravy.
(all chattering)
How they linger
How they ever flood my soul
- We're happy to have you.
- Thank you.
- Hello.
- Thank y'all for comin'.
Why don't we say a little prayer?
(music fades)
- Father,
we thank you for another
great day on planet Earth,
for the bunch of ducks
we killed this mornin',
and the grub on this table.
In Jesus' name we pray, amen.
- [All] Amen.
- [Phil] Y'all dig in.
(all chattering)
Unseen angels
Sent from heaven somewhere to my soul
- Who got that apple butter?
How they linger
Stop hoggin' the corn down
there, will you pass it down?
(chattering continues)
And the sacred past unfold
Precious memories
How they linger
How they ever flood my soul
In the stillness
Of the midnight
Precious sacred scenes unfold
Precious memories
Oh, how they linger
How they ever flood my soul
In the stillness
Of the midnight
Precious sacred scenes unfold
In the stillness
Of the midnight
Precious sacred scenes unfold
Precious memories
Oh, how they linger
How they ever, ever flood my soul
Precious memories
Oh, how they linger
- Y'all have just witnessed
what happens when Satan controls a man.
You've seen it in living color.
It's embarrassing and shocking,
but y'all saw the initial me.
The acts of the sinful nature are obviou
Y'all just saw the acts
of the sinful nature.
They're obvious.
Jesus beat death for us, removed our sin
cleans us up and guarantees
he'll raise ya from the dead.
I wanna remind ya of the
gospel I preach to ya,
which you received, I did, 50 years ago.
And on which you've
taken your stand, I did.
I'm standin' on the death barrel
and resurrection of Jesus.
You really can have love, joy, peace,
patience, kindness, goodness,
faithfulness, gentleness, self-control.
You can have those
qualities for your own life
if you come to Jesus through faith,
believe he died before he was buried
and raised from the dead.
He's seated at the right
hand of the Father right now.
It's a wonderful thing,
and I highly recommend you
just start walking by faith.
My question is, you got a better story?
I'd love to hear it.
We could be wrong, but I doubt it.
(gentle music)
(music continues)
A lotta people said,
"If you played ahead of Bradshaw at Tech
and he went on to win four Superbowls,"
they said, "Man, what in
the world happened to you?"
I really don't know what
to tell 'em except Bradshaw
went after the books and
I went after the ducks.
And I think we're both pretty happy, so.
(gentle music)
(music continues)
(music continues)
(music continues)
(music continues)
(music continues)
(music continues)
(music continues)
(music continues)
(music continues)
(music continues)
(music continues)
(singer vocalizing)
(music fades)