The Blood Covenant (2022) Movie Script

[soft music playing]
-Any which way.
-Any which way.
That's how it is, right?
This should work.
-Should work.
-[boy3] Sure.
-Come on, let's go.
-[boy3] Sure?
-[boy1] Let's go.
-[boy2] Yeah.
[soft music continues]
[boy1] Never been more sure
of anything. Let's go.
Alright. Let's go.
-Brothers for life!
-[others] Brothers for life!
[girl] Jite!
[Western cowboy music plays]
-Your money or your life?
-[boy2] My life.
Here's another story from a bad man
-True that
There's no time
There's no energy
-[car engine stalls]
-[quick footsteps approaching]
[in Pidgin]
Brother Eddy! I know you're already late.
Please buy a necklace for your girlfriend.
Whatever you can pay. It's original.
[in Pidgin]
Who told you I have a girlfriend?
Ah-ha! I know Madam Kenny. [laughs]
[papers rustling]
It's just this one.
-Take. Keep it.
-Thank you.
Thank you.
It's getting hard
To suppress my liquor
[car engine stalls, car beeps]
The thoughts are too heavy 'cause
'Life is no joke, we cope in comedy
[engine roars and stops intermittently]
[engine revs]
[haunting music plays]
[banging on door]
[persistent banging on door]
[male voice] EFCC, open up!
-[door opens]
-[haunting music builds]
-Freeze! Hey, hey!
-[haunting music stops]
See this one. Fake man. [laughs]
-Why do you behave this way?
-[man1] This one has wet his pants.
Have you been eyeing me?
[man2] Ah, God!
-Hmm. This one wet his pants.
[man1] How're you doing?
-[in Pidgin] What was that about?
-[man4] True, man.
[man1] Step aside!
[man3 snickers]
[man3] Okay!
[man1] So if it had been
a policemen, would you still be here?
-[man1] Right?
-If EFCC had really shown up,
I would have sprayed you with bullets.
Unofficial website for Amethyst Capital,
hosted in Luxembourg.
-[man4] Really?
-[man2] Let me see it.
-I told you this thing is certified. Gee!
-[man2] Ah-ha!
-Whoa, whoa! Everything is looking nice!
-[man5] Yeh!
-Boy! This means a steady payout!
-[others assent in joy]
Gee, give me a handshake!
-[man5] Come on!
-Ah, Gee!
You don't disappoint.
[man2] Sure Guy!
-Give me my cut, quickly. Right away!
-[man2] That's it.
Boss, but if you still want to make clean,
there's a soft deal.
One clean deal we got.
Baba, play the tape for him.
We have one fool in the US,
who we've been preparing for months.
-Sweet one.
[man2] Easy deal.
[man3] We'll make 50,000 dollars from him.
-[man2 Whoa!
-[man3] Your cut is 5,000 dollars.
-[man4] Whoa!
[man4] Clean cash.
-[soft music playing]
-[male voice] What the fuck, Jite?!
That's what
I'm trying to let you see, alright?
[man] It's like you
started taking your own drugs.
-See, Bode, we need two million dollars.
-[static on phone]
Alright? Five hundred K
will be used to fix the machine,
and the rest of the balance will
be used to sort out the expansion.
[Bode] So wait, you want two million
on top of the five
that we lent to you already?
Money that you haven't paid
back one kobo in four years?
[Bode laughs]
Hi, how are you?
You're going on your leave now?
We'll be expecting you back soon.
Well done. Take care of baby, yeah?
-Well done.
This guy cut the phone on me.
He cut the phone on me.
-Good day, sir.
-Yeah, how are you?
I've known this guy for 20 years and see--
Hi baby. Oh, no need to leave.
-I'm done borrowing his chair.
-Hi, darling.
-Hey, darling.
[woman2] Ah, lip gloss!
Oh no, that's fine.
-Do you like my hair?
It looks wonderful.
Has to be perfect for tomorrow.
You know, as the chair of
the planning committee,
I have to set the standard. [laughs]
Yeah, of course you do.
-Okay. So I have to go.
-Ah, yeah.
-Alright, I'll see you later.
Um, what did you want Bode for?
Excuse me?
We were on the planning committee
conference call and Bode had to go
because he said
he had to pick a call from you. So?
The delay at the port is making us
need more money for expansion.
-Yeah, you have it under control, right?
-Yeah, of course. Small thing.
Okay. See you later, baby.
Why didn't you tell her?
What was I supposed to tell her?
That I'm about to lose her father's
company and inheritance
because I can't pay loans?
[tense music plays]
What did you say?
You're a smart man.
And I trust that you're smart enough
not to make that mistake.
[man] Let's go.
Is it the price? Okay,
I'll give you for one point eight million.
And even for you
I will remove the caution fee, so
the total you'll pay
for this place is two point two million.
It's a good deal, boss.
Can this place be ready like in a month?
Of course, madam!
I'm a project manager myself.
If I handle this project, in two weeks,
you and your beautiful
wife will be able to move in.
She's not my wife.
-She's my niece.
-[embarrassed laugh]
You and your niece would move
in but boss, you need to decide fast!
-These properties are going
-No problem, no problem. It's okay for me.
-[hammer banging in distance]
[man1] I'll prepare the--
-[screams] Oh, my God!
-[man2] Baby!
Ah, panic attack?
-No. Paint will cover this place.
-You're fine, right?
Just-- Hey, boss.
-Did you say paint? Did you say paint?
-Boss, boss.
-Criminal! You wanna kill my wife, right?
-Sir, I might fall.
-Paint will cover it, boss.
-[man and woman] Paint?
[woman gasps] Babe, let's go.
Everything is fine, my love.
Everything is just fine.
[female voice with foreign accent]Awesome. How's Saskatchewan?
She's doing amazing.
-Fuck you, bastard!
-[man2] Oh, shit.
Baba, Saskatchwan is where you live.
-How could you forget?
[man2] Fifty thousand dollars gone!
[door closes]
[ominous music plays]
[male voice]
You must be an idiot! A nincompoop.
[man] Because there's no other
reason for this debacle.
[man] It won't happen again, sir.
If you like, let it.
Get out of my office.
Hey, young man, where are you off to?
One of those nincompoops
trying to move Tanko.
-Who even uses that word?
Well, [laughing]
Nwogu seems to be the only one
who uses the word
nincompoop in modern day.
You know what?
Let's just go for breakfast. Bill's on me.
-[car engine starts]
-[pop music plays on radio]
We are a match made in heaven
This car. The seat belt.
It's okay.
Don't mind that Mr. Nwogu.
-See, I couldn't move Tanko either.
-What's this shithole for?
[in Pidgin]
Finally, someone is speaking the truth.
Um, so what are you doing tomorrow?
Tomorrow is my ten-year
high school reunion.
And you didn't think to invite me?
You didn't think I'd like to hang out
with your rich-kid friends from
Stonewall Academy, right?
I didn't but I can still invite--
No, it's okay, please.
I'll go to the beach instead.
You know I've always just kind of wondered
what it was like you know,
for you in that school.
Just picture being in a place where
everyone thinks you don't belong.
Anyway, go get bored.
Just know that you owe me one. The end.
Who owes who?
[in Pidgin]
Performer, you have to give me a cut.
-I don't owe you.
-Don't even think about it. Please!
After breakfast,
you must still give me something.
[ominous music plays]
[man with hoarse voice in Pidgin]
Where's my money?
You dragged me to this place.
Will you pay me?
[pistol cocks]
-[man] Rufus--
-Or will you use it to smoke crack?
Or is it heroin you're doing now?
My contact in Moldovia
[inhales deeply]
wants to run a BEC scam.
Do it,
and I will cancel your debt.
That is more than
one point five million naira. Come on!
Do you want to degrade me?
[plastic rustling]
[man] Why didn't you say this all along?
-[plastic rustles]
[in Pidgin] We'll do it.
It's rich! This is it.
[soft music playing]
I'm doing the best I can.
You call this your best?
Okay, so what would you have me do?
How could you be so reckless?
How could you risk
everything my dad left us?
I had no choice!
Your brothers are in the US,
demanding 500,000 dollars every year
for upkeep. And your mom
is here doing the same thing.
That business was enough.
It was enough to support us.
I am killing myself everyday
to keep everything afloat.
The expansion was my last card.
And you messed it up.
Adaugo, I have done everything
that you have ever asked me.
Except be honest with me.
-I didn't know how to tell you!
-But you told her.
-She's my Chief of Staff.
-Who you want to fuck.
Go on. Lie to my face.
You think I don't see the
way you look at her, huh?
Don't be here when I get back.
[ominous drumbeat]
-[metallic rustling]
-[door shuts]
[metallic rustling]
-[bang on door]
-[man] Ah-ha.
Mama Advantage, what's wrong?
[in Pidgin]
Mama Advantage, what's all this?
Mama Advantage,
what happened? Why are you
-Why are you searching our things?
-[in Pidgin] Where's Osiano?
I just came in. He's not around.
Where's that my useless brother?
-He's not here. What the matter?
-What is, "What's the matter"?
Where's my rent fee?
Did he not give you last month?
Osiano did not give me anything.
He didn't give me a dime!
[sneers] Both of you want to con me?
Please, don't scatter our apartment.
You've seen that he's not around.
Look, when next
you see that your useless friend,
tell him to give me my money.
Or else, I'll throw both of you out.
Brother or no brother.
Open your eyes.
Do you still see her around here?
I asked a simple question!
Guy, why didn't you give her the rent fee?
Did I not give her my own half last month?
[hesitates] Uh
Things are a bit tough
for me. Don't be angry.
You have used the money to smoke dope.
You've used the money to smoke dope.
I messed up. I'll fix it.
How can you say you will fix it?
If this is how you want to behave
I'll call your sister myself
to come here and punish you.
What kind of life are you living?
Man, calm down!
Didn't I tell you I'd fix it?
-See the useless life you want to live.
-[chair rattles]
Do you want to destroy the chair?
[man1 tuts]
Do you want to eat?
I'm not bothered about food now.
What's his name? Jite said
we should meet him at that spot.
Why was it you he called?
What do you mean, "why was it me he
called?" Do you work with customer care?
Guy, that's my face sponge.
[laughs] You know mine is bad.
So let me quickly rush--
Is it my face sponge you want
to use to wipe your butt?
Stop doing this.
How long have you been using it?
[man in Pidgin] Adaugo
has chased you out of the house.
-[man2 laughs]
-[man1] Hmm?
[in Pidgin] You'd have
to sleep in a hotel this night.
-[Osiano laughs]
-Will you be alone there?
For real. I'd be the only
one, what will I do?
Thank God!
It's my wife you're talking about.
What's that about?
-Oh, she's the wife?
I thought you are the wife.
Is he high?
Is there anytime he isn't high?
Or you want to surprise us?
-Aren't you high?
-[Osiano] Hey!
Behave yourself. Let me be.
Please don't mind him.
Just fix your home front.
That's what's important.
I'm doing my best, man.
I believe everything would be okay.
Why didn't you
tell Obi to give you the bar?
Who is that? Obi?
What is wrong with this guy?
Do you have rashes in your throat?
Obi is a billionaire, and he's our friend.
Why didn't he give you the bar?
Isn't your business pure?
Does Obi pick his calls?
Obi never picks his calls.
I have told you guys not to
mention his name when we are together.
[Jite] Obi is a nonsense guy.
He's meant to be our guy. Over three
years, has he ever picked your call?
If I called him, his phone would ring.
When I text him, he read it.
-He won't respond.
-[Jite] He won't answer you.
Don't call that fucker's name, man.
-[Jite] Whoa!
-[man3] What are you? [laughs]
[Jite] Eddy, what's up?
What's wrong?
You've been moody all evening.
Guy, someone almost killed me today.
He almost pushed me
out of a three-story building.
It's a lie.
I then entered the office.
My fellow man, because he is my boss
You should have
seen the way he insulted me.
Things my parents can't say to my face.
Because of salary, he is insulting me.
Tomorrow, we'll go for the reunion,
-hang out with our mates.
-[wistful music playing]
Billionaires, man.
People who said to our faces at Stonewall
that "These scholarships
kids ain't gonna be shit."
And guy, they are right.
Years down the line, look at us.
They are doing big things. Look at me.
Guy, I'm stuck.
I'm stuck.
[Osiano] Where are you?
Stop blaming yourself.
What is wrong with you?
We are together. Sober.
We're all together.
Let me tell you. Let me make it clear.
Don't let those guys bother you.
Don't let them bother you!
Those guys, most of them
are pretending to be wealthy.
Everybody is facing a struggle.
All of us are struggling.
Have you forgotten who you are?
Eddy, you are a fucking calculator.
-Your brain is working.
-[Osiano] Brainiac!
Look at Eddy. Are you crazy?!
-Are you playing with me?
-Tell him!
-Why are you behaving like this?
-Tell him!
-You're, you're who's beating you down?
-I'm telling you.
-[Eddy] You're my boy.
-[Jite tuts]
-Let's drink up.
[upbeat R&B music playing]
-Baby not far
Hey, man.
[R&B music continues]
See this guy.
[in Pidgin] The guy that
shit on himself on the assembly ground.
Let me love, let me love all night
Love all night
[voices in crowd]
What's up, man? What's going on?
[Eddy] Ah-ah.
What are you looking for here?
Aren't they waiters?
I don't even know why
they allowed these people.
-[Osiano] Man, let us pass--
-[bouncer1] Hey, are you deaf?
[in Pidgin] What are you looking for here?
Guy, calm the fuck down.
See this party, we run it.
[bouncer2 laughs]
-This is our party.
-[bouncer2] You must be kidding.
You guys should get out.
-[bouncer1] First--
-Stop pushing me.
[Osiano] Why are you pushing me?
[Eddy] I'm wearing white.
-[Osiano] Guy, come on.
-[Eddy] Be careful, I'm wearing white.
[voices raised in argument]
-[bouncer1] Where are you going?
-What is going on?
[Eddy] Are you for real?
-[Osiano] What is wrong with you?
-[woman] Stop it!
-Stop it.
-[Osiano] Look at that!
And you guys are just here watching.
You are all just standing there watching.
Wait. Don't touch him.
[Adaugo] What's going on?
Hi Osiano, long time no see.
Hi. [laughs]
This idiot!
People are going in,
they're not showing ID's.
-You're stopping me?
-Don't mind him.
Do I look like a stray?
Do I look like I'm hungry?
Do I look like one of you?
-[bouncer1] I'm sorry.
-Why didn't you show him your party ID?
He didn't ask for ID from anybody.
Guy, you should mind yourself.
-Mind yourself. Huh?
-Sir, I'm sorry.
You know what? Let's go in.
Jite is inside okay? Let's go.
Small power, small power.
See what
[Adaugo] Are you coming?
-Yes. Of course.
-Yeah. We're Coming.
[Osiano laughs]
[upbeat music playing]
No matter what you do
-[Eddy] See Jite.
-[Osiano] What's up?
Sharp guy! What?
[in Pidgin] Go and talk to him, let me
Go ahead.
My guy.
-My man.
-What's up?
[in Pidgin] Where's Osiano going?
He just decided he's in love with Ronke.
-[Jite] Here? Why didn't you--
-[Eddy] What insult! Look at my shirt!
[Eddy] Everything happened fast.
They almost bounced us out of here.
-It's a lie.
-If not for your wife.
They didn't ask anyone for their ID.
Until they saw us.
You are a much bolder man than I am.
What's that supposed to mean?
Sending your wife to beg.
Come on.
You know I'm too proud for that.
But then again,
people like you
don't know any better. Right?
You're still an asshole like you were.
What kind of behavior is this?
And why should I care what a waiter says?
Who are you calling a waiter?
Do I look like a waiter to you?
Could have fooled me.
[man laughs]
Look at this guy!
I can go crazy if he tests me!
[Jite] Yeah.
[Eddy] That's my man.
[woman] Excuse me.
Sorry babe.
Could you come? I need to talk to you.
[Jite] You didn't need to speak to Bode.
[Adaugo] Of course I did.
You think I'm going to sit back and
watch you destroy my father's company?
I was handling it.
Handling it how? Huh?
When Obi comes--
Wait. Obi? Obi is your plan?
Collecting money from a fraudster?
He is not He is not a fraudster.
Obi woke up one day and became rich.
Tell me how you think he got his money.
["Levels" by Flavour intro playing]
-[Jite] Hey!
-Good to see you, man.
-Yes. Come
-Good to see you, too.
-How are you?
-Yeah, good.
-That's my wife.
Obi Williams.
-How are you doing, man?
-So good to see you.
You haven't changed one bit.
Come on.
-[Obi] Hey. How are you?
I'm good.
[in Pidgin] Why are you frowning?
What do you expect?
Should I start jumping?
Over three years,
none of us could reach you.
You are now coming
to pretend like you are one of us.
We should smile and welcome you? [tuts]
[in English]
I know. I'm really sorry about it, guys.
My life has been a roller coaster.
Lots of You know.
You don't say. Everyone is curious.
-How did you make your billions?
[Osiano clears throat]
[Adaugo] We're curious!
You want to know if I'm into fraud? Right?
[Adaugo chuckles]
Come here, guys.
So a few years ago,
I created a platform that basically
does electronic land registration.
Now, I've pitched it
to every state government in Nigeria.
At the moment,
we're in 29 states and counting.
Hold on.
So let's just say
anywhere in these 29 states,
once someone buys a piece of land,
I get a commission. Ching!
No wonder
you're making waves on Instagram.
You're making money without stress.
You bet.
Obi, Obi my guy.
[Obi] Bode.
So good to see you, man.
So good to see you too, Bode.
I mean, you're now too
big for your old friends.
You don't pick up my phone calls anymore.
Let's just say maybe I'm still upset
that you pissed
on my school uniform during PE.
Guy, come on now. We were kids.
Okay, fine. I'm sorry.
Hey. I'm just kidding.
Come on. That was a long time ago.
I mean, I won't withdraw
my billions from your bank
and blame it on you.
That would be mean, right? Right?
[friends laugh]
Anyway, it's so good to see you ladies.
But the people
I really want to hang with tonight
-are my Scholar boys.
Scholar boys! Scholar boys!
-For life, bro.
-Let's do this, guys!
-[Osiano in Pidgin] Yeah, step aside.
[Obi] Your own babe.
[in Pidgin] I won't lie, I missed you.
Wait. Hey.
Is Ronke Davis feeling you?
-Well, what can I say?
-[Eddy] Yeah.
-What did I miss?
-[Jite] I myself was surprised.
You know what, guys? Enough of this place.
Let's go out to
town and have some real fun.
-On me.
-Hell yeah!
-[hailing] Scholar boys!
You know how we do.
I feel like
pouring out their nonsense drink.
["Levels" by Flavour playing]
[in Igbo] Do you know who you are?
Do you know who you are?
Do you know who you are?
The man is on fire!
The man is eminent
The guy is sharp
With a sharp babe
Yes! Yes!
[in Pidgin] We're the ones
We're the ones here
We're the ones
We're the ones, we're the ones here
[in Igbo] However you want it
We are here for it
[music fades away]
[Osiano in Pidgin]
Obi, my man! How did you do it?
We all drank garri
together back in the days. Oh God!
If your life has been this easy
for you all this while. What happened?
Why have you been avoiding your guys?
Let's leave that alone.
Just move on.
[Eddy] You get out. You are already high.
You don't have your senses working now.
-[Osiano] Shut up there!
-Getting high is your own future ambition.
We're talking about something serious,
you are talking nonsense.
[scoffs] Uncle Ambition!
-[Osiano] Where has your ambition led you?
You squat with me.
-Guy, get out. Fuck you.
-[Osiano] You will sleep outside tonight.
-Fuck you!
I missed this.
I love you. I love you. I love you
Yeah, yes. I fucking love you too.
Bro, where are the drinks?
-I thought you'd never ask.
-[Osiano] You know how it is!
[Eddy] You see what I'm saying?
You see your life?
Osiano! [laughs]
See your life? Is it more than a drink?
Calm down, let's drink.
We came here for the drinks.
[Osiano] Why are you minding him?
Call in the beauties.
[electronic female voice] Okay, Obi.
-Calling in the beauties.
-Is Obi playing with us?
What are the beauties?
Just watch.
[lively music playing]
[Osiano] Guy!
-[Jite] Beauties?
-[Eddy] Ah-ha! Obi.
-Guys, look.
-Look at this.
-Obi, you're
-Look at this man.
You have too much money now,
you can't even take off your own clothes.
[upbeat music playing]
[Eddy] Are you seeing? Wow!
Eddy, are you seeing these girls?
-You are married.
-Forget it.
Adaugo will be fine.
Madam, come and take off my own shirt.
Obi, tell them to get me naked.
[Jite] Look at his high class.
See the premium liquor.
Look at his high class.
You don't mix this drink.
-Why would you mix it?
-Drink it straight.
You guys should stop embarrassing me.
You guys should level up.
[Jite] What's up with you guys?
Let's really get high like the elite.
We'd better not waste this opportunity.
[Jite] Pass it to me.
[Osiano] It had better not waste it.
Osiano, cool down.
[lively music continues]
[ominous music plays]
God! Osi! Jite!
-Hold this rope.
-[Osiano] What the fuck!
-[Osiano] Where is this?
-Hold this rope, let me untie this thing.
-Hold this rope.
-But they tied me too.
Hold this side. Come on.
-What the fuck is this?
-What the fuck is this?
-[Eddy] Come on!
-[Eddy whispers] Guy, fuck!
-[Osiano whimpers] What is this?
-Move your arm.
-What is all this?
-[Eddy] Jite!
-I wish you hadn't woken up.
[ominous music continues]
[Eddy] Obi, what's happening here?
-What is all this? Obi?
-[Osiano groans]
What's going on? What's all this?
Ah Obi, you don't want to do this.
Oh right. I don't want to.
But I have to.
Hey God. No, come on.
Do you really believe
in this jazz thing? It's fake.
You haven't seen what I've seen.
Calm down. Jesus!
[Obi grunts]
-[both men grunting]
-[ominous music heightens]
[Obi yelps]
[Osiano yelps]
-[Obi yelps]
[ominous music continues]
-[Eddy] It was a mistake.
-[Osiano] Jite!
-It was a mistake.
[Osiano] Stand up.
The covenant has been transferred.
Who is this? Who is this guy?
Osiano. Eddy. Where are we?
Who killed Obi? What happened to Obi?
Obi wanted to kill us
and use us for money rituals.
Obi wants to use us to get
[tense music plays]
Who are you people?
-We just came here for a party.
-Self defense, he tried to--
[man] Shut up!
[Jite] Didn't we come for a party?
What kind of trouble is this?
-[Eddy] I don't even remember anything.
-[Osiano] Why would Obi want to use us?
What is going on? What are you saying?
-He can't get away with this.
I'd have loved to see him stand trial.
-Ma, we weren't the ones.
-He tried to wield a knife.
-[Eddy] He had the intention to,
-[Osiano] Yes, ma.
-to kill.
-He held the knife.
Bring them in.
[chair scrapes]
[male voice]
What were you doing at his house?
All I know is that we went to his
house and he tried to kill us.
Why did he want to kill you?
He said it was jazz.
And do you do jazz?
God forbid!
[chair squeaks]
[chair scrapes ground]
[female cop] You know,
your friend Obi was a notorious occultist.
We've traced
the murders of at least four men
and six women to him.
And you didn't arrest him?
Mind yourself.
My friends and I almost died this night
and you people knew he was killing people!
We didn't have proof.
Oh, you wanted him to kill us
so you'll have proof?
-What kind of people are you?
-[chair clatters to ground]
-My friend, are you mad!
-Stop it.
[male cop tuts]
Calm down.
Mr. Etisong has every reason to be upset.
Listen, you are right. Okay?
Every year, over a hundred
people lose their lives
because some misguided men
and women believe that
killing other people is a path to success.
Now, I will do
everything I can to stop it,
even if it means gambling
with the lives of you and your friends.
I've heard. Can I go?
You and your friends can go.
[Mr. Nwaogu] What are you doing here?
-Sir, I was--
-My friend, go over to Tanko's Court.
No salary for you
until you have rented one flat.
[Jite] I'm doing the best I can.
Losers whine about their best,
while winners take home the prom queen.
I'm married to the prom queen.
Maybe not for much longer.
[mobile phone rings]
Good morning, Uduak.
What do you mean, "Bode is there"?
[Osiano] I need it.
You're my guy. I don't want
to disappoint you so it's not like
-I don't want to help you out next time.
-Make sure you pay me back.
-[plastic rustling]
What's this, man?
You've not paid for the last
one you took. It's original,
not something I'll be Oh, boy!
Rufus wants to see you.
For what? We're even now.
Osiano, move!
[Jite] But you said this
guy gave you 50 million.
I'm telling you!
Although he cheated me.
That man moved 20 million dollars.
That's a lie!
Dollars, bruv!
Eddy, are you listening to this guy?
[Osiano] His cut from the money
is about five million.
And he gave me
only a 100 thousand dollars. What's that?
[radio beeps in background]
Eddy] Eh, he tried.
Osiano! Osiano! Woah!
[human sound]
Oh boy, I kissed Uduak today.
-[Osiano] What did you say?
-I'm telling you.
-[Eddy] What?!
-Why? How?
You're playing with fire, guy.
Man, that's true. If Adaugo finds out,
-she'll turn your balls to kilishi.
-I was having so much fun!
Nothing. Nothing can go wrong there
but you know,
I was just so happy about
my loan extension that I got carried away,
-and grabbed her and stole a kiss.
-[Osiano] Grabbed her, stole one or two.
[Jite and Osiano laugh]
[Eddy] I'm not a part of this.
[Osiano] Eddy! Ah!
-[Jite] Nothing is wrong.
-[Osiano] Guy, what's going on?
-Man, I don't know oh.
-I'm happy for you, man.
Good things are happening.
-Good things are happening.
-Ah ah.
-It'll still gets better.
[Jite] What's happening?
-What's up with you?
-See, the guy is just frowning.
What about you?
Have you rented out a flat?
He would have rented out one of the flats.
I sold the whole building.
Go away, stop playing us.
What's wrong with you?
I've sold Tanko for 500 million.
Which of the buildings
do you want to rent?
Tanko's Court.
Ah, do you want
to rent an apartment in Tanko?
I want to buy the building.
-[Jite] No!
-[Osiano] Come on!
-You're just playing me!
-C'mon, what's wrong with you?
Do you mean it?
I just sold out!
Oh boy, this guy is crazy.
-Twenty-five million easily, first.
-[Osaino exclaims in disbelief]
Eddy, and you're this calm?
[Osiano] Hold on, guys.
-And you're saying it's not jazz?
-Eh eh.
Are you crazy?
Okay, how do you explain it?
Just last week all of us
-were dying of hunger. Terrible hunger.
-[tense music playing]
Suddenly, we're in a good place. How
can you possibly say it's not black magic?
I have 50 million in my pocket.
-Easy, easy!
-Clean. What?!
Oh Lord, please!
You have 25 million.
-My guy saved his company
-Straight up!
And his marriage.
And also has a mistress.
What's your problem?
-Are you crazy?
-Hey, man! [giggling]
Even at that!
What are you guys saying now?
Do you want to start killing people?
God forbid!
Okay, wait. Let's analyze this rationally.
Let's think it through, logically.
We didn't do anything bad, right?
Except kill Obi.
And so? He tried to kill us first.
You expect us to do nothing and die?
Okay guys, even if we did "science,"
it was an accident, right?
Let's calm down and move on.
What has happened has happened.
[Jite clears throat]
Well, as it stands,
[Jite chuckles]
now, my guy, be calm!
-Osiano, Osiano.
-Chill, bro.
-Fifty million strong!
-Oh Lord!
-Stop. My guy, stop.
Let me upgrade you. [laughs]
-Let's get out of here.
-His dealers are joking.
-Let's go where we'll move
-It's his dealers.
-our bodies, man!
-In two seconds, everything will blow up!
[club music playing]
Throw that
Now we started this palm wine shit
It's up to you as I'm so ready
To catch you
When you feel the vibe yeah
I need to, wanna feel alive yeah
Let me show you how
It's up to you as I'm so ready
To catch you
When you feel the vibe yeah
I need to, wanna feel alive yeah
Let me show you how
So you're looking
For that palm wine trap
Feel alright with the vibe outside
All my guys feeling live outside
When they see
That the babes have arrived outside
No matter what they do
She don't know that we passed them all
Let them reign at the top
They don't last at all
The boys only move
When there's cash involved
Like Lionel wants to win
Never pass the ball
Baba God is involved
So we have to score
You dared on our name
But we laughed it off
That year only now they're catching on
Had to call
My boy Sparks for a classic song
And now my whole team winning
We blasting off
Hey! Friday night we shackin up
Whether trapping or wrapping bro
Make you
Celebrate life with a passion, jor
It's up to you as I'm so ready
To catch you
When you feel the vibe yeah
I need to, wanna feel alive yeah
Let me show you how
It's up to you as I'm so ready
To catch you
When you feel the vibe, yeah
I need to, wanna feel alive yeah
Let me show you how
It's up to you
It's up to you
It's up to you
-[engine roars]
-[club music playing in background]
[female cop] You followed them.
Um, keep an eye on things
and let me know if anything changes.
[Eddy] Guy, you're not yet dressed.
Dress up and let's go.
My friend, get out of the way.
Dress up, let's go!
Go where?
Oh, about that? That's today?
Move out of my way, first. I'm coming.
[TV sounds in background]
Instead of you to join us invest,
do something reasonable,
you're there getting high.
Whoa! Mark Zuckerberg!
-[door rattling]
-[ominous music plays]
How did you find this place?
-Time up.
-What time?
Come and find me.
-Nobody is coming to look for you.
We have no reason to.
The covenant demands it.
Covenant? You and
your covenant should get out.
Get out!
Whoa, how did he find this place?
-What's this about?
-Shut up!
-[door bursts open]
-[ominous music playing]
What happened? Did you forget something?
My guy, what's up? Won't you go to work?
Come and take a drag
before leaving. One for the road.
Rufus, what's going on?
Where's my money?
Which money again?
My five million.
I converted it for you.
I even sent you a confirmation.
I didn't see it. It didn't arrive.
Uh, maybe it has been recalled.
You know how these things go.
It wasn't recalled.
Where's my money?
Boss, stop playing me.
if I don't see my money in two days,
I'll kill you.
Why did you let him in?
Are you crazy? What's all this?
-What's all this now?
Can't I have peace in my own house?
-What's this? Why did you take his money?
-Why did you let him in?
Why did you steal his money?
-Guy, go to work, please.
-[mobile phone rings]
-Hello, babe.
-Eddy, where are you?
I'm on my way.
See, the building
control officials are here.
They're saying our C of O is invalid.
I'm coming.
Where are you going now?
I'm going to my site, guy.
Fuck your site. Ah-ha!
Can't you see the trouble Rufus is making?
Am I a Yahoo boy?
Did I steal Rufus's money?
Do you think I don't have my own problem?
Building control men are at my
site to shut down operation and
you're telling me
nonsense about a rubbish scam.
Hmm? You too?
[Eddy tuts]
For real?!
That old man said it.
-[footsteps stop]
-[ominous music plays]
Which old man?
That Baba!
Guy, sit down. I'll update you.
See. [clears throat]
Last week, Ida and I were at the club.
I went to pee.
As I entered the toilet,
guess who I saw? The old man!
He stood in front of me boiling in anger.
He said, "It is time,
the covenant demands it."
That's the same thing he told me.
Guy, when? Last week?
This morning.
What do you mean this morning? Is it now
just now you stepped out to go to site?
What do we do?
Guy, give Rufus his money.
Eddy Bungus. See.
I checked that account three times.
I'm so sure I sent the
money to the right account.
Get out, guy. You're a smart man.
How can you say there's still jazz
in this century? Can jazz cause this mess?
Stop that! What's wrong
with you? Don't you think!
So, all of a sudden
our lives turned upside down?
Suddenly, the devil is playing with us.
Think about it now!
Let's call Jite
to confirm his life hasn't been upended.
How would a knowledgeable person
You went to school, right?
How is it that we're all
started struggling at the same time?
That's a mere coincidence.
Which dirty coincidence?
So what are you trying to saying?
What's wrong with you?
It's the jazz.
We said we were not
going to do this. Right?
I know where the man is.
Don't worry,
I'm not doing anything stupid.
It's not you I'm worried about.
What the hell are you doing here?
[priest] You are running out of time.
You and your brothers
need to meet me tonight.
And you didn't tell us? Are you mad?
How would I have told you guys?
It's "African science," man. It's jazz.
Are we sure we really want to do this?
We'll do it.
I won't do it.
You'll do it.
What's wrong with you?
Are you crazy? Think about it.
What choice do we have?
[Osiano] My life is at risk.
Do you want to lose your company?
-Or Jite do you want to lose your company?
-I can't even dare.
See guys,
let's all go
to Baba's place. While we're there,
if we don't like
what he says, we'll leave.
[electronic female voice] You
have arrived at your final destination.
Go back where? What's wrong with this guy?
What's all this? How do we
-go inside this place?
-Let's go. Osiano, let's go, please.
[crickets chirping]
[Eddy] Fuck.
[Jite] Osiano!
[Eddy] What's wrong with this guy?
[Jite] Why are you scaring us?
What happened?
Guys, let's just go back.
We've been walking for thirty minutes and
we haven't seen anything. Let's go back.
Guy, you complain too much.
Why don't I complain?
Don't you think
what we're doing is foolish?
You are the foolish one.
How can you say I'm foolish? Does it make
sense? We're just going into the forest.
I see something.
Is that it?
No! That's an amala canteen. "Is that it?"
How many huts did you see
on our way? Does this look like VI?
Just shut the fuck up, let's go.
-Get out!
-[Jite] Guys!
Let's go!
[tense music plays]
[heartbeat pounds]
Guys, are we not losing our minds?
What are we doing in a place like this?
You are welcome!
Just feel at home.
You came late.
-It's almost midnight.
-Where are we?
Why are we here?
Why are you here?
You are a covenant of three.
If one leaves, all leave.
Eddy, what are you doing now?
Since we have
reached here, let's listen. Ah.
Um [clears throat]
Uh, Baba, we are here to understand.
Seventeen years ago, you swore a covenant
sealed with your blood.
And Obi tried to use
the covenant to move to the next level.
But the three of you turned the tables.
And used the power for yourselves.
But now, what you did by accident,
must now be done by design.
[chanting incantations]
[Osiano] Uh, um.
What design, Baba?
What are we supposed to do?
[incantations continue]
[incantations continue]
Sit down.
Why are you guys running?
Were you not the ones who said
we should come? Why are you running?
You, take this.
-Am I the one who should take it?
-[crowd chatter]
-[priest] When the sun is directly above,
-[horn blares]
-you must go to the middle of a market
and use this sponge and soap to bathe.
You must wash every part of your body,
from the top
of your head to under your feet.
Bring that soap and sponge back to me.
-Uh, [clears throat] Advantage?
See, all I need you to do is
-[car doors shut]
-sit behind the wheel
and be ready
to drive us out of here. Understand?
Ah, I don't understand. What's going on?
It's none of your business.
All you need to know is
that there's one thousand dollars for you.
Yeah? Uh huh.
So, just let the car engine be running.
Huh? Let it steam up, okay?
Don't fail me.
I won't fail you.
[fast-paced tense music playing]
[fast-paced music quickens]
[fast-paced music continues]
[fast-paced music slows]
It is done.
Go and enjoy your good fortune until
you move to the next level.
What is the next level?
I'm just glad this is all over.
We're so embarrassed.
Let's let it slide.
Thank you.
-[workmen] Thank you, sir.
-Thank you.
You can go.
[tense music playing]
What can I do for you, Inspector?
Come on, Mr. Etisong!
Is that anyway to welcome an old friend?
In what world exactly are we old friends?
[laughing] In this one, I hope.
Relax, I'm just here to talk.
-That can be anybody.
We both know it's not.
You know,
you've done well for yourself.
We thank God.
I've met young men like you.
You all think you're different.
Like you would do
nothing evil but you will. You always do.
And when you do,
I will be there to catch you.
Is there anything else
I can do for you, Inspector?
That was the last time
I saw my sister alive.
The next day, she
went for a job interview in Lagos.
Six months later,
the police found her body.
At least, her skull.
In a compound. She was the victim of a
blood-money cult.
Immediately, I
signed up for police college.
And since then I have dedicated my life
to ensure that no girl ends up like Amina.
Inspector, I'm really
sorry about your sister.
I honestly don't know
what that has to do with me.
Thank you for coming, Inspector.
Have a nice day.
Who are they?
[Eddy] She came to my site.
She showed me
the video. She knows it's us.
[soft music playing]
[tuts] But I thought
you said the video wasn't clear.
It doesn't matter. She knows it's us.
She knows nothing. Let her know.
The truth is we
just have to be careful, that's it.
Tell that to this idiot, man.
Have you seen his Instagram page?
He posts like someone
who just got out of the Big Brother house.
Guy! You're not new
to this money thing anymore.
I wonder why
they've not busted you as a Yahoo boy.
Should I give you a microphone?
Fuck you!
-Talk to this bastard. [tuts]
What's wrong with this one?
Osiano, behave yourself.
You gotta be more careful, that's all.
I'm not saying
you shouldn't flex but be careful.
You guys can be careful
on my behalf. Understand?
As for me and my house,
I'm going to live
my life like it's golden, bro.
[club music playing]
A ten-hour beat
-Brother Osiano,
that thing you, Brother Eddy
and Brother Jite are doing, I also--
Stop it!
But if you'll allow me--
I said, "Stop it!"
[club music continues]
The baby na blue
E dey burst my brain oh
E dey gbeke
Egbe kelewa omoge
E dey gbeke, Egbe kelewa omoge
I know what you want.
It's money you want.
C'mon, take it!
That's how it is!
-Brother Osiano,
-I'm telling you.
I'm very courageous!
I can do it! I'm not scared.
I am scared.
Hey, you. [clears throat]
-I want you to go ask her out.
Your Dodge?
Use her anyhow you wish!
-[laughs] Brother Osiano!
-Mess her up
-Vroom, vroom! [laughs]
-Thank you!
It's this night.
-The don!
-You're empowered!
-Bro Osiano!
-Mess her up!
Aw. Hey! You there. Move aside.
-[Ronke moans]
-[Osiano sniffs]
[Osiano laughs]
That's how we roll!
[man] I'm aware of Osiano Ojo.
He's a hacker for Rufus Ebong.
He's not just a hacker.
I believe he knows more than he's telling.
Makes sense. Can I think about it?
-Sure, of course.
I could use you on my team, Gasarah.
You're wasted catching ghosts.
Thanks, Folarin but I'm happy here.
Speak, Corporal, before you burst.
I think we don't need the fraud unit.
We can bust these idiots.
You're right.
What do cult boys do when shit goes down?
They need to go to the next level.
And when they do,
we'll be waiting.
Let's get to work.
[club music playing]
Throw the bread and wine
Uh yeah
As the time goes, one to miss
DJ, bring it down!
Alright. I believe
we all know why we're here.
We're here to celebrate with our very own
-Oh, yes.
-[woman in crowd] Whoo!
But before we go further,
I'd like to introduce
the queen of his heart
[Osiano] Aw.
-[announcer] the first lady, Ronke!
-[crowd] Yeah!
-Please put your hands together for her.
-[crowd cheering]
-Jam those hands together.
-[crowd cheering]
-Keep it coming.
-[voices cheering]
-A round of applause, please.
I'd like to give a toast
to my amazing boyfriend
-[crowd] Aw.
[crowd hailing] Osiano!
[crowd hails] Osiano!
Osiano in the building!
-[tense music plays]
-[crowd hails] Osiano in the building.
-[man] Oh my God!
-[Jite] Hey!
Hey, you guys should
take that somewhere else, man.
Hell yeah, we will.
I'd like to say a very big thank you
to his family and friends who came
out to celebrate this amazing man.
-[man in crowd] Yeah.
-[crowd cheers]
A man that I'm truly blessed to call mine.
[crowd cheers]
You know how it is.
And with that,
I'd like us to raise our glasses.
[crowd cheers]
And wish my baby a
happy birthday. Happy 29th, baby!
-I love you!
-I love you babe.
-Cheers to a good life!
-[speaker id] Cheers!
Tonight is for parte!
-[Jite] Yes sir!
-[crowd] Yeah!
There's enough food,
enough drinks to go round.
-That's what's up!
Make sure you don't leave
here the same way you came.
Tonight we'll have a blast, guys!
-[crowd cheers]
-[man laughs] Yes!
[policeman] Freeze! Get down.
Osiano Ojo, you are under arrest
for fraud and money laundering.
-What is it?
-Guy, c'mon! Why?
-Take him away!
-[Ronke] No!
[Ronke] You have the wrong person.
No, I think you have the wrong person.
[Eddy] Officer!
[Osiano] Calm down, officer!
[Osiano] Officer, you don't need
to handle me like that.
[people protesting]
Osiano, calm down.
Hey, boss, wait! Mama, calm down!
[Eddy] Why do you
people act like this, why?
-[Mama Advantage] What's happening?
-[voices] Stop pointing that gun at us!
[Eddy] Auntie, calm down. It's okay.
-[Eddy] Auntie, calm down!
-[Jite] It's alright.
-[Jite] It's okay.
-[Adaugo] Oh my God!
-Please, can we just leave?
-It's alright. We'll go.
-[whimpering] I'm so scared.
-No, it's alright.
[Kenny] I can't believe what
just happened. [laughs]
I can't.
Eddy, you don't look surprised.
Wait. You knew Osiano was into fraud?
Osi is into what he's into.
It's none of my business.
How? Both of you live together so how
is it not your business?
Ah! Jeez!
-I care about myself.
That's all. I mind my
business and he does the same.
You guys' friendship is really weird.
Osi's my brother.
I love him.
But I don't have to like him very much.
-[Eddy] Hey!
-[Kenny] What the hell!
-[tires screeching]
-[dramatic music playing]
-Eddy, what's going on?
-[motorbikes revving]
[Eddy] Just stay calm.
[motorbike revs]
-Who's that?
Osi's boss. Just stay calm.
[heartbeat pounding]
[Rufus] Do you know who I am?
Do you know what I am capable of?
Make sure
your friend keeps his mouth shut.
Or else you, your beautiful woman,
and all your friends and family
will pay the ultimate price.
Do you understand?
No. That didn't just happen.
Eddy, please don't
tell me that just happened.
-Calm down.
-Calm down?
-What if Osiano talks?
-I'll handle it.
-[cars revving]
-[motorbikes revving]
[Eddy] We can talk to him.
Eddy, what's wrong
with you? Is that a joke?
You know exactly
what we're supposed to do.
Ah ah. Jite, you surprise me.
You feel we'll just talk to him
and all of this will fizzle out?
Eh, but at least we can try now, yeah?
Jite, I didn't expect that from you.
Let's talk to Osiano first.
[Eddy] It's not tied down.
[Osiano] You're a gee, man. A gee.
You're acting like a gee.
What's your problem?
You're in a police
station and you're speaking like this.
[Eddy] Not a chance.
Don't mind him.
He's a fool. Don't you know him?
I'll be out on bail tomorrow.
When I get out, we'll go and see Baba.
-[Jite sighs]
Find out what it will take
to move to the next level.
And end this nonsense once and for all.
[club music playing]
That's what's up.
[Ronke chuckles]
[speaker id] Osiano!
-Who will drink this one now?
-I don't know.
["ODG" by Eltee Skhillz playing]
-[Ronke laughs]
-My song!
Odogwu na good spender
What's going on, Africa
Jibi jibi jibi jibi jibi
Jibi jibi jibi jibi jibi
Jibi jibi jibi jibi jibi
Jibi jibi jibi jibi jibi
Jibi jibi jibi jibi jibi
Jibi jibi jibi jibi jibi yo!
Ajibi jibi ye, ajibi jibi yo
[Jite] Let's sort it out.
Keep them entertained, alright?
Okay. Girls night, right? Ada?
-Get up. You guys get up and dance.
-[music continues]
If you get the money, oya spend the
Money, make you spend the money ah!
Shey you get the money
Shey you get the money
Open it!
[door unlocks]
Make you spend the money jor
Tell them bring the champagne
[horn blares]
-[footsteps shuffle]
-[door shuts]
Tell them bring the champagne
Inside casket
Odogwu na good spender
[in Yoruba] I spend money and they say
Fifty bottles on display
Fifty bottles on the way
Hey, hey, hey hey
Spending money like a criminal
Balling balling them dey see me now
Bend it, bend it
Likey Janemena, likey Janemena
Them dey feel me now
Jibi jibi jibi jibi jibi
Jibi jibi jibi jibi jibi
Jibi jibi jibi jibi jibi
Jibi jibi jibi jibi jibi yo
Ajibi jibi ye, ajibi jibi yo
Ajibi jibi ye, ajibi jibi yo
Jibi jibi jibi jibi jibi
Jibi jibi jibi jibi jibi
-[tires crunching gravel]
-[crickets chirping]
-[seatbelt unclicking]
[door opens]
Brother Osiano, can I come?
Don't start again, please.
Stay in the car. We'll be back soon.
[car doors slam]
[Eddy] I wish we didn't
have to involve this guy, man.
-I wish we didn't have to involve you.
-[brush crackling underfoot]
What are you saying?
What's that supposed to mean?
Because the only reason you're here is
because your life is at risk too.
You're afraid to die, right?
Otherwise you'd have left me to rot.
-What are you talking about?
-Don't you know this guy?
Guys, let's focus please.
We don't even know
what we're going to face.
A shark that is moving in the ocean
will not move backwards.
Baba please, what does that mean?
The three of you have become one,
and you must produce one human sacrifice.
What did you say?
Only then, can you appease the gods.
-Baba, stop it! Ah ah.
-[Eddy] Wait.
You want us to get a human sacrifice?
The gods have spoken.
Their demand is clear.
-Baba, forget it.
-What is all this, man?
-Hey wait first, let's--
-Leave me!
Wait, let's hear what he has to say.
I'm not going to kill
someone with you guys.
Baba please give us something else.
Anything, please.
We can sacrifice cow,
goat, anything, name it!
Giraffe, goat, lion. We'll get it for you.
One hundred, if you want. Ah ah. Please!
Baba, we can't do this. Baba, this one--
Where are you go
Baba, calm down.
Do you know what you're touching?
You don't have a choice
in this matter. You know, right?
Who doesn't have a choice?
Osi of Lagos, you're a drug addict,
fraudster and now you want
to add ritualist to your list.
Tell me, do you have
someone you want to kill?
-Eddy, calm down.
-Don't tell me to calm down!
If not for this guy,
nobody would be in this shit.
Don't tell me to calm down! Ah ah.
We could die.
Leave him. Let him keep talking.
You're done talking, right?
Right? Go on!
When you're done talking,
let me tell you, eh,
you'll participate in this next task.
Fuck you!
What's all this? Can you guys just
calm down so I can fucking think?
What's wrong with the two of you?
What do you
want to think about? Thinkerbell!
What do you mean by "think"?
We're doing this thing. Come on, man.
Let me tell you,
this guy knows he's already involved.
This his anger is a sham.
-You're deceiving himself.
-Don't touch me!
Get out!
Guys, what if we don't have to?
What are you saying?
What if we do the human sacrifice
without doing the human sacrifice?
Tsk. Einstein, what's this? Further Math?
-Break it. Say what you want to say.
[Jite]I supply drugs to a government hospital.
They have a mortuary.
The security guard
will let us in. No questions asked.
Armed robbers,
random people that no one claims.
[tense music playing]
We go in there, grab one and get out.
Is it going to be that simple?
Yeah, it's going to be that simple.
Makes sense.
Baba wants a human sacrifice.
We'll give him a human sacrifice.
That's it!
How's it? Have you guys forgotten?
-What are you guys doing?
-[Osiano sighs]
Good. We'll do this thing.
[Eddy] We're here!
Not to turn on the car till you get back.
-I didn't forget.
-[doors open]
I heard you.
-[slow music playing]
-[speaker id] Why are they so many?
There was just an accident on the highway.
[Osiano] Who touched me?
-Are you crazy?
-What's wrong with you?
-Someone touched me.
-[Jite] See this guy.
Are you high?
What the fuck is your problem?
Why won't I be high? Huh?
Can't you see where we are? [pants]
We're at a fucking mortuary, bro.
-[distant footsteps]
-[Jite] Let's go!
-[security guard] Someone's coming!
[Osiano whispers] Man
-[footsteps approach]
-[men grunting]
-[man1] Let's drop this one here.
-[man2] Whoa!
[men grunt]
[man1 sighs] I'm tired. Seems like a lot.
[man2] There are
a lot of dead bodies here.
[man1] I swear. It's not easy. Whoa!
[man1] Whoa, whoa!
-Wait, what's wrong with you? Eh?
-[man1 pants]
-You're senseless.
-[man1 pants]
-What do you mean by that?
-Imagine you have a private jet,
will you sleep under the bridge?
[man2] You don't have any sense.
-[man1 exhales]
-[man2 tuts]
-[man1] Please, don't--
-[man2] Please let's go.
[men panting]
[man2 gasps]
See the security man sleeping on duty.
[clattering sounds]
I'm dying of cold.
[metal scrapes]
[freezer door bangs shut]
-[Jite] Come.
-[Osiano pants]
[men murmur indistinctly]
[men murmur indistinctly]
[men murmur indistinctly]
[Advantage] My guys, [laughs]
-[R&B music playing on radio]
-I'm on my last trip.
Once I'm done, we're hitting the studio.
We're recording a banger.
Yes, I'm on my last trip.
Okay, no problem. See you tomorrow.
[Osiano] Open the door.
[banging on car]
[Osiano] Open the boot.
Take the girl out shopping again
Got my baby popping again
And then we hack it again
[boot slams shut]
[keys jangle in ignition, engine starts]
Brother Osiano, what's that?
-It doesn't concern you. Just drive.
-[Jite] Are you crazy?!
[car seatbelt alert beeps]
[Eddy] You guys should calm down.
Why are you shouting at him?
[car seatbelt alert beeps]
[music continues playing on radio]
The thing was shock with you tonight
Diallo, Diallo
Make you no just mean
Make e know baby like Diallo
[tense music playing]
[policeman] Bring your car papers!
[glove compartment rattles open]
[Jite] Greetings.
Where are you coming from?
We're just coming
from somewhere. We live around.
We follow this route regularly.
Who asked you this question?
You're very presumptuous.
Ah ah.
What do you do?
Real estate agent, Officer.
Say what? If you're into real estate,
why are you riding in such a car?
[Eddy] I'm just keeping a low profile.
You know how Lagos is. It's not safe.
So you're into real estate?
If you need a house, I can get it for you.
-[officer1] Just peacefully give us
-[officer2] Clear your papers with bribe.
-[officer1] some money so you can go.
-[officer2] Right!
Why am I the one giving them money?
[Eddy] Give me cash, now.
I don't have any cash.
I gave all my cash to that guy.
-[officer1] It's like the police barracks.
-I don't have.
-[Eddy sighs]
-Ah, officer.
We'll see you again.
We live around. We don't have any cash.
-Do you tease Jesus? You think I'm a fool?
-[Eddy] Officer, calm down.
-C'mon, everyone, come down!
-[Eddy] Boss, don't act that way.
-Who said Come and open your boot.
-Officer, calm down!
-I say come and open your boot. Everybody!
-Boss, calm down.
-[car ignition beeps]
-[officer1] I say come down!
[Eddy] Boss, it's not yet that serious!
Thank God.
Brother Osiano, I zoomed off. [laughs]
They cannot catch us. [exhales]
-They cannot catch us.
-Nice work.
Ah, Brother Osiano, I don't feel good.
Fuck! No.
-[Osiano] Advantage!
-[Jite] Oh God!
Osiano! Osiano!
-[tires crunch]
-[Osiano fearfully] Jesus.
[tense music playing]
Oh, God!
[Eddy] God!
-[Eddy] What's wrong with him?
-[Jite] Fuck!
-[Jite] Put him down.
-[car ignition beeps]
[Advantage groans]
Lord! Jesus!
Jesus! Jesus!
[Advantage moans]
-Ah, I think I am dying.
-[Osiano] What?!
-Stop it. You're a man.
-[Osiano] Wait!
You're already famous. You'll be famous.
You will have more fame
than Wizkid and Davido. Don't forget--
Osiano! We need to get to Baba
and then take him to the hospital.
-Now. We need to go now. Let's go!
-[tense music continues]
[Advantage groans]
-[Jite] C'mon, let's go!
-[Advantage] Ah!
[Osiano] Let's go.
-[car ignition beeps on]
-[Advantage grunts]
[Advantage] Help me.
-[Osiano] Move the fucking car!
-[Advantage groans]
-[ominous music plays]
-[brakes squeak]
Eddy, come and help me
get the body from the boot.
Brother Osiano,
please don't leave me here alone.
-Leave him.
-I won't leave him.
[car door opens]
[takes deep breath]
See, don't say anything
when we get there, please.
-[Osiano] Easy!
[Advantage groans]
[Advantage whimpers]
-[Jite] Baba.
-What have you brought for me?
[bag zipper opens]
Where is the sacrifice?
This is your sacrifice.
What is this?
You think you can cheat the spirits?
The covenant requires
a sacrifice, by your hand.
This one will do.
You have angered
the gods with your actions.
You must do the sacrifice
tonight to appease the gods.
Eh eh, Advantage!
-No! Oh, God!
-Osiano, calm down!
Let's take him to the hospital now.
Osiano, think about it. Osiano, look.
He's losing a lot of blood as it is.
If we take him to the hospital,
the police will surely arrest us.
Please, think about it.
I don't know what to do anymore.
Hmm? [mumbles]
[in shaky voice] What is going on?
[Osiano whimpers]
Brother Osiano, please help me. [grunts]
Please help me.
Guys! No, come on.
-[Jite] Guy, get out of the way.
-[Osiano] Go on.
The hospital is better.
Are you guys for real?
[priest] Jite.
[chanting incantations]
[chanting incantations]
[chanting incantations]
[chanting incantations]
Are you guys serious?
[chanting incantations]
-Please this is our brother.
-[priest grunts]
You can't be serious.
-Let's take him to the hospital.
-[priest in Yoruba] He is ready.
We can still make it.
Let's take him to the hospital.
[Jite] What must we do?
[Advantage] Help me, please.
You know what?
You guys continue with your freak show.
-I'm out of here, man.
You three are one.
The covenant is one.
All must partake.
Not me!
Advantage, stand up.
[in Igbo, English]
Jite please, this is our brother.
[Osiano sobs]
-He's our brother. No!
-[ominous music heightens]
Advantage! No!
[Osiano wails]
[Eddy yells] No!
[Osiano wails]
[Osiano whimpers]
[Osiano sobs] I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
[dramatic music plays]
-It is done. The covenant is secure.
-[Osiano wails]
[Osiano wails]
-I hate you guys, man!
[Jite] Hey.
[Eddy] This is how you want
to burn this poor girl.
Huh? Fucking murderers!
[Jite] Calm down. We're burning evidence.
Osiano, please give me lighter.
[exploding sound]
[Eddy] I never want
to see you guys in my life again.
-[Gasarah] You're doing big things.
-[soft music plays in background]
It's a pity Advantage
isn't here to witness it all.
I mean, didn't you just announce
the pre-sale on your latest development?
What can I say?
God has been very kind.
God's blessings all round.
Three years ago,
I took a confession
from a low-level politician who
killed his fiance a day to the wedding.
He came to confess after he
heard his spiritual adviser boasting
that he manipulates people to
believe jazz is real for his own powers.
I never caught the man but um,
the description he gave
matches the description you gave
of your friend, Obi's Baba.
Funny enough, as I researched into
you and your friends,
I realized that in your case
at the Lagos Building Control Agency
was open when an old man
paid a visit claiming corruption.
[Gasarah] You know,
you should talk to your friend, Jite.
Rumour has it that
his wife hooked up with
a man at you 10th year reunion.
What's the name of the
man that they claim had her?
Bode Davies.
I hate men who kiss and tell. Disgusting!
I wonder if it had anything
to do with extending a bank loan.
Osiano's case
started after a whistleblower
called the senate committee on health.
I guess you heard that
there was a fire at police headquarters.
All evidence against
your friends burned up.
Of course you heard.
I love coincidences.
I mean, it's more powerful than jazz.
Don't you think so?
Is there anything else?
No, you can go.
And uh,
[soft music playing in background]
-[soft music continues in background]
-[silent chatter]
[doorbell rings]
[doorbell rings]
[doorbell rings]
[Jite] Man, what's your problem?
I've been calling you for a while.
You've just been misbehaving.
Look, Jite, what's your problem?
Do I owe you money? Eh?
Can't you see the time?
Dude, it's 1:00 p.m.
So what?
So? It's too early. Ah-ha.
Hey, Jite.
-How's Ada?
She's great.
I'll send your regards to her.
-Susan. She's up.
I think she wants to play
before she heads back to school.
Of course, she does.
Just give me a few minutes.
-You're not going to stay long, are you?
[softly] Okay.
[Jite] Oh boy, as it stands,
I think we need to see Baba
I sent ten million dollars
to my suppliers in India
for my next year's supplies.
They never got it.
-Shit, man. That sucks.
Are you sure they're not lying to you?
Of course not.
We have been using
Maharesh Pharmaceuticals for, what,
like twenty years.
They're fucking reliable, bro.
Maharesh Pharmaceuticals?
I hacked their shit last month.
I don't understand.
Osiano, are you saying you stole my money?
I'm just a hacker.
I didn't know it was you, man.
-Don't get upset.
-I shouldn't get upset?
Osiano, I shouldn't get upset?
Are you crazy?
But this is my life, man.
This is my company!
Everything's going to fucking shit.
Where's my money?
Are you kidding?
Are you crazy? Where's my money?
Look, Jite. I'm really sorry, man,
but you know there's nothing I can do.
[Jite] Tsk.
Osiano. You fucked up, I swear.
[tense music plays]
I knew you would be the one.
I knew.
-So at the spa today,
there was one lady that was so bitchy.
And I was just looking at her, like,
do you know who I am? [scoffs]
-I just thank God I've changed. If not
-If not
-Yeah. You have changed.
I need to get
some biscuits from the kitchen.
-Do you want some?
Maybe chocolates or something?
Okay. Chocolates.
I will get you chocolates.
Babe. Did Maharesh trace the money?
-No, they didn't.
So now all you need
to do is just go back to Baba.
-[heartbeat pounding]
-[ominous music plays]
How do you know about Baba?
-[Jite] We'll try, right?
I don't expect you to speak like this.
[Ada] I heard you and Eddy talking,
the night of Osiano's arrest.
[indistinct background chatter]
I followed you that night at the club.
[ominous music continues]
I saw when you escaped.
When you changed cars.
When you headed to the bush.
I followed the bush path.
He told me that because
you and I were married for so long,
that our covenant was strong
and that it would
ensure that you sealed the covenant.
He invited me into his hut.
He kept some of the blood from Advantage.
-[ominous music continues]-And anointed me with it.
To give you
the strength to seal the covenant.
So you knew all along
and you just didn't say anything?
Baba said I would know
the right time to tell you.
I don't think I can do
what he's asking me to do.
What is he asking you to do?
As it was with Obi,
now it must be with you.
You must sacrifice
your brothers and someone you love.
Like what kind of person
does something like that?
The man I love.
The man who's willing
to risk everything for his family.
His wife and his two kids.
Two kids? Are you pregnant?
Babe, I just want you to let you know that
the future of our family
is worth more than the lives of Eddy,
Osiano and Uduak.
Uduak, what does she
have to do with anything?
Babe, it's okay.
Loving or liking her
was just part of destiny.
We've been together since we were 13.
This is the final step.
Sacrifice her,
and then, we have the life of our dreams.
This is it.
We've always wanted this.
Babe, I don't know
if I can do this. I swear.
I don't know if I can do this.
You don't have to do it alone.
We will do it together.
[ominous music plays]
[Kenny] Adaugo called me today.
What? Why?
She said Jite was going to call you
to invite you to a boys night out.
There's no chance I'm going for that.
Oh, c'mon, Eddy. They are your brothers.
You can't just cut them
out of your life forever. No.
Kenny. It's more than you're
imagining. It's not as simple--
So what is it?
Baby what is it?
We're happy.
We have everything we want.
And everything we've ever asked for.
But there's this shadow inside you.
And it's because they're not in your life.
even if you don't want to do this for you,
do this for me.
For our son.
We deserve to have the best of you.
The best.
Ah, from this emotional talk to food?
-After that emotional talk?
-Are you joking? I'm six months pregnant.
-You just go for food?
-I'm allowed. [laughs]
I'm allowed. [laughs]
-These-- your cravings are wild.
You caused it.
How? What two of us did,
you're now putting it on me.
[Kenny laughs]
Okay Ronke, I know you can't make it.
But please,
I really think they should make up.
[ominous music playing]
Of course you know how to control him.
You are the best thing
that ever happened to him.
You know. [laughs]
-How are you doing?
So we have a meeting, uh,
so I just need you
to take the minutes for me.
Just set up right there.
And I'll just tell you a few things
I need you to also do for me.
So it's going to be a very long night.
I think a drink would help.
Okay. Uh, yeah. Okay. Sure.
[Uduak sighs]
[ominous music plays]
-Thank you.
-You're welcome.
[Uduak gasps]
Seems like Jite wants to mend all fences.
-[Eddy] Really?
I didn't know you two were fighting.
How would you know? You don't care.
I came, so I do care.
All of us are here. So?
[soft music playing]
I've missed you, brother.
-Me too.
-Bring it in.
[Osiano laughs]
-Hey, girl!
[both] Mwah! [laugh]
-Oh, pregnancy glow.
-Oh please. Thank you.
-How are you doing?
Good you came. I'm excited.
[ominous music plays]
Tough guy.
I'm good. How are you?
[Osiano] Sweet.
I got us a short-let rental.
-Yeah. Three rooms.
And I got people to come
give us a massage, paint nails.
-No way!
-We're getting pampered.
Where is Ronke?
I thought she'd be here by now?
Oh she actually called
and said she can't make it.
But it won't waste.
-Waste? No, it's alright.
-We'll have fun.
I'm going to pee.
[Eddy laughs]
Some things never change.
Just like old times.
Is it only that?
What are you doing now?
I hope you haven't started doing heroin.
Judge of the Jungle.
You're still
the same judgmental fuck, right?
Just like old times.
Like old times.
-Okay. Perfect timing.
-Perfect timing.
-Thank you so much.
-What would you like?
-Um, anything fruity.
-[tense music plays]
Okay. Thank you.
[Kenny in appreciation] Oh!
[tense music playing]
[mopping sound]
[Osiano grunts]
Guys, I have
Guy, what's wrong with Osi?
I didn't mean for you to see this. [pants]
What're you on about? What's wrong?
Go back!
Are you crazy?
Take a look.
That's your wife.
Why is my wife tied up?
One wrong move and she'll be gone.
Why is my wife tied up?
Jite, my wife is pregnant!
-Yes. And so what?
-What the fuck are you doing?
I have to save my family, man.
From what now? That's my wife.
She's pregnant.
I will take care of your family.
Don't worry. Everything will be good.
Because of? For what?
Because I have to seal
the fucking covenant like Obi.
What do you want me to do?
-It's fake.
-It's not fake.
It's not fake!
I swear, if anything happens
to my wife or child.
I will murder you. I will kill you.
What the fuck, man!
-[door clicks shut]
-[mouths] Fuck!
[car seatbelt alert beeps]
[horns blare]
[chanting incantations]
[chanting incantations]
[chanting incantations]
[chanting incantations]
[chanting incantations]
[chanting incantations]
[chanting incantations]
[chanting incantations]
[chanting incantations]
[Ada] You can see she's alive. Huh?
How am I sure
you're not going to hurt her?
We have no reason to.
She will wake up none the wiser.
And what will you tell her happened to me?
[Ada] Captive.
Hold on.
Will you at least let me say goodbye.
Ten seconds.
Don't try anything stupid.
Baby, I'm sorry.
Time up. Let's go.
What did you think I was going to do?
Pick the knife on the table?
[priest] It must be completed tonight.
[Uduak whimpering] No! Priest!
Jite, please don't do this! Jite, please!
[Uduak sobbing]
It's the ones who know you that hurt you.
That's how it is.
You know karma is a bitch, right?
Jite, take the knife.
Make it snappy.
See you on the other side, bro.
-[priest chanting incantations]
[chanting incantations]
-[chanting incantations]
-[Eddy] Ah.
-[chanting incantations]
[Eddy] No!
[chanting incantations]
[chanting incantations]
[chanting incantations]
-[chanting incantations]
[chanting incantations]
[chanting incantations]
[priest in Yoruba] Wait, Jite.
Leave them.
[priest in Yoruba]
They can run but they can't hide.
[in English] Kill anyone you love
and then go after the two.
-Kenny! Kenny!
-[Kenny whimpers]
-What the hell is going on, Eddy?
-Babe, let's go.
Why is Jite trying to kill
you? Why did he kill Osiano?
[tense music builds]
-Can we go? Let's just go.
Not until you tell me what is going on.
Okay. When we were young,
we did some dumb blood covenant stuff.
Obi got into jazz and tried to
kill us on the night of the reunion
because of jazz.
But we ended up killing him.
Now, Jite wants to do the same thing.
Jite is trying to kill us.
If we don't go now, he's going to kill us.
Eddy, you did jazz?
[Kenny whimpers]
[tense music playing]
-Kenny, let's go, come on.
How many people?
-You killed people!
-I'm not into that life anymore! Let's go.
This guy will kill us.
If not for me,
for the baby. Kenny, please.
[Kenny panting]
[Kenny whimpers and pants] Wait.
Jite, no. Please.
Jite please, I need to go to the hospital.
Wait. Jite, no please. [chokes]
-[Ada choking]
-[ominous music playing]
[car door opens]
Get in the car.
-Get in the car!
[Kenny] Eddy! Eddy!
-The car is not starting.
-[Kenny yelps]
It's not starting?
Jesus! It's not starting.
[car engine stalls]
[Eddy in muted voice]
What's going on? The car's not starting!
[Kenny] It's not coming [screams]
Ah Eddy, he's here!
Eddy. [sobbing]
[ominous music playing]
Go! Oh God! Move!
[Eddy] What's happening?
-Where Where's Jite?
Fuck. It's the battery again.
Eddy Where's Jite?
-[thud on car]
[whimpering] I don't want to die.
[Kenny] Ah, Eddy.
[whimpering] Eddy.
-Babe, let's run. Let's run away.
-No, don't go. Don't.
[screaming] Eddy, let's run away!
Baby, let's go!
-Don't go!
-[Kenny screams]
[Kenny screams]
Jite, leave my wife.
-[Eddy grunts]
-[Kenny screams]
-[Eddy grunts]
[Jite grunts]
[both grunting]
[Eddy] Jite, see what you've become.
-[Jite grunts]
-[Jite] I did what I had to do.
-What did you have to do?
[Eddy grunts]
You killed that poor girl.
-[Eddy] You don't--
-Jite, no!
-[knife slashes]
-[Kenny whimpers]
-[Eddy grunts]
-[Kenny sobbing]
-[Eddy grunting]
[fast-paced tense music plays]
-[Eddy grunting]
-[Kenny sobbing]
Jite, no.
-Jite, you can still stop this. Please.
Jite, stop.
Jite, please.
Leave my wife out of this. Please.
-I did what I had to do.
-You don't have to do this. Jite, no.
-I did what I had to do.
-You don't have to do this.
[tense music builds then stops]
[Jite] Fuck!
-[Jite grunts]
-[Eddy coughs]
[Eddy] Babe, are you okay?
[ominous music begins again]
[priest] I knew it would be you.
The seal of destiny is upon you.
You have completed the covenant.
All you have to do
now is kill the one you love
and appease all the gods.
[in Yoruba] If a woman
sights this, it will ripen her.
[spluttering] Eddy!
Eddy! Eddy, no, no. [screams]
-[Eddy grunts]
Why me? You're a wicked soul.
Why me?
-[Kenny] Eddy, he's
-[priest groans]
[priest] My curse be upon you!
[ominous music plays]
[brakes squeal]
[hand brake grinds]
I'm sorry.
I don't want to ever
see you again.
[car door opens]
[car door shuts]
[car door shuts]
[wistful music playing]
[wistful music gently stops]
[dramatic music plays]
[ominous music plays]
[ominous music continues]
["Running" by Ladipoe and Fireboy DML]
Ladipoe and Fireboy vibes, man
Here's another story from a bad man
-But you knew that
There's no time
There's no energy
I'm just running. Running, running
Sweet white wine
'Cause there's no Hennessy
-I'm just running. Running on vibes
-Even though the country dey tire me
I dey catch cruise, Eko Miami
If only bad news
Could be bribed, take all my money
I like my lies sweet, taste like irony
But that's the reason
I dey vex, my nigga
Heavy is the head but forget, my nigga
Crown don dey bend
From the stress, my nigga
It's getting hard
To suppress my liquor
So I'm drinking more wine
At 4:30, I'd rather
Be online than out with company
Man I'm tryna numb my mind
The thoughts are too heavy
'Cause life is no joke
We cope with comedy
I really no dey see your face
That's why
We switch lanes, no dey indicate
Everybody wan blow
Who dey pick the date?
God, when will I
Be the one they imitate?
But most times
I feel no one can relate
When there's no time,
There's no energy
I'm just running, running, running
Sweet white wine
'Cause there's no Hennessy
I'm just running, running on vibes
subtitle translated by: Ayolope Koiki