The Blood Drinkers (1964) Movie Script

Death is the final word.
It is the end of life on this Earth
and the soul is released to a higher life.
Under ordinary circumstances,
after the last prayers are said,
the body is laid to a well-deserved rest.
That is how it is under
ordinary circumstances.
As I am a priest, it
has been my solemn duty
to give the last rights and
to ofiiciate at many funerals.
But there is evil in the world.
I had heard and read about vampires
who bring the bodies of
the dead back to life
and that these bodies, bereft
of souls, become vampires.
Vampires who obtain their
horrible nourishment
by drinking the warm
blood of human beings.
This evil that there is in the world
had come into our parish,
to spread dread, and terror,
and untimely death in our community.
Who let that light in?
The cross is blinding me!
Increase pressure.
Do you recognize me?
You're well now.
She's alive,
my daughter's alive.
And now she must have her sister's heart.
Charito, what's wrong
with your lamp, do you know?
I don't know.
Maybe a shadow over the light?
So that is Katrina's sister.
Yes, but I beg of you, try someone else.
We must have her heart.
You'll come here and get her.
Don't talk now, my darling.
Just saying your name
gives me comfort.
Makes me strong and alive again.
I'll get you all the blood you need.
You'll be well again.
Kiss me.
Drive on.
Ho there, Elias!
Come here, Elias.
I'm not a ghost, not yet.
I thought I'd come back
and see how you're taking
care of my daughter.
Remember, you gave her to us.
Hello, Sela.
I'm not welcome here, I know.
Come inside, Marisa.
Thank you, no.
Where is...
- Charito?
- She's not here.
She'll be away all morning.
She went to buy something.
I waited for you to come to the villa.
Not one of you bothered to come.
Didn't you know that I
was going to be there?
Well, it's been almost 20 years.
And you never even tried to see us.
You're the one who abandoned
her, remember that.
You seem to have forgotten,
so let me remind you.
I own the land and the house you live in.
And the girl you call
your daughter is mine too,
remember that!
Come on, let's go.
Mommy, Mommy,
have you got any red...
I shall be waiting for
you at the villa tonight.
Let's go.
Who was that?
Her name's Marisa.
She's related to us.
Don't be afraid.
For dust thou art,
and to dust thou returnest.
Ruben, go with Charito.
- Buenos dias, Padre.
- Buenos dias.
May I offer
my sympathy, Charito.
Thank you very much, Dofia Marisa.
Don't you know that I'm your Aunt Marisa?
I'm sorry but, you see,
I was only a little baby when you
went away from here, so
I don't remember you.
But that's past, my dear.
We must not be strangers anymore.
I suggest that you come
with me, stay a while.
Keep me company at Villa Mierto.
I don't know.
You must do what I ask you to do.
Don't question me, Charito.
A young girl shouldn't be alone.
And I appeal to you, for
I too need some company.
You have no one now.
I'll be a mother to you.
Please do this for me.
She's right, you
know, people are scared.
Your aunt's very kind,
I think you'll be much
better off staying with her.
I'm not really sure
I should leave the old place.
I think we were expecting
some paying guests.
You'll come anyway.
Yes, I will.
Come any day.
I'd better help her.
I think that it was at this time
that I had my first premonition
that an evil thing had
come to our village.
I did not know then that
Marisa was Charito's mother.
There they are.
But something about
her actions struck me as odd.
But of course I had no
evidence that she was involved
in the three strange deaths.
And to contrary, her offer
of shelter to Charito
seemed most considerate.
Good afternoon, I imagine
you must be Charito.
- Yes.
- That's right.
And I'm Ruben.
And, oh yes, I am Victor de la Cruz.
We have come a long way and
I'm deeply sorry to have
heard of your tragedy.
Thank you, Mr. de la Cruz.
My best to accommodate you.
These are my sisters, Maura's
convalescing and the doctor
suggested that we arrange
to stay at your place.
We appreciate your being so hospitable,
despite your trouble.
I hope we're expected.
This is Maura and little sister Rona.
I certainly hope this isn't
too much trouble for you.
I may have to stay with my aunt.
You might not be satisfied.
I am sure it'll be all right.
Perhaps we'll be able to help you.
This place is very beautiful, we love it
and we'll help you all weekend.
The sun is almost ready to set
and we mustn't keep you from your rest.
Well, Ruben, have you any objections?
I presume he's your husband?
No, I'm just a friend.
Ruben, would you help carry
the baggage upstairs please?
Just follow us.
wake up.
Wake up, Marco.
It will be daylight soon.
The others will be waiting.
Where else but the cemetery?
Please, stay with us.
Please, Marco.
It's been a long time.
Not yet, my dear.
Your time will come soon.
They're dead, but they're walking.
Who were you talking to?
And why do you look so strange?
I'm sure I saw them.
And who was it you saw?
They're walking,
but they're dead.
Your father and your mother?
What is it, Victor?
We're scared.
- She said she saw...
- Saw who?
The ghost of her parents.
I'm not crazy, it was them
and the man with a whip.
He said he wasn't ready for me yet.
It was terrible.
And it was more terrible
than anything Charito could have imagined.
Fortunately for her, she
had found a staunch friend,
a young man of action in Victor,
and she already had an ally in Ruben,
so she was not alone.
The graves are empty.
You have no business here.
You must realize,
arresting someone for murder
is no simple matter.
It's time you move
against Dr. Marco.
You've really done nothing.
I am afraid he may well
find himself another victim.
You stay right where you are.
Another corpse has been stolen.
The body of a very young woman.
It was not surprising that
the police were so mystified.
I had a feeling that more subtle methods,
guided by a higher authority,
might have to be used.
Fortunately I have books in my library
which deal with demonology.
This is my man, Cadiz,
I'd be lost without him.
This man is a jack of all trades.
My own father and mother,
they tried to kill me.
How can such things ever happen?
They were not your parents.
Both of them are vampires.
Bodies without souls,
possessed by the Devil.
And they feed on blood, which they obtain
from their former loved ones.
I have studied these.
Vampires are abroad in our parish.
They really weren't your parents,
they were vampires who
came for your blood.
Is that true, Charito?
They tried to bite me.
I just don't know what to think.
Might it not have been a nightmare?
But what about the graves
now, they were empty.
The books tell us that to
kill a vampire in the old days
a cross was plunged into their hearts.
They say such things
happened in the past,
is there a scientific basis, Padre?
Can a vampire be killed only by a cross?
There is no need for a
cross, but a sharp wooden stake
driven through the heart would suffice.
But why wood, Padre?
There must be a good reason for it.
Here it is.
Vampires, vampires.
Ah-ha, this is it.
This mysterious germ of
the bacillus vampiris
creates in the body of
the vampire a fiery fluid,
similar in chemical
composition to that of hot glue,
so that
no bullet can cause any damage whatsoever
to the flesh or body of a vampire.
The hot glue renders the bullets harmless,
but wood turns the glue into water.
Experience has clearly shown this,
wooden stakes must be used.
It's the only way,
tested by time.
It is strange but true
that ordinary bullets
are not at all effective.
But these were my parents,
is there no other way?
There's something more
powerful than bullets
or wooden stakes.
And that is prayer and faith, my child.
You have not
brought Charito to me.
I'm expecting her.
She had better
arrive here today.
I must have her to save Katrina.
What you mean is you
have to kill Charito.
You seem to forget that
both are my children,
Charito and Katrina.
I understand your predicament.
I'm in love with Katrina.
In all other matters I have
risen above human feelings,
but I must save Katrina.
And therefore Charito has to die?
But her death is of no
consequence or importance.
Katrina needs her heart.
I myself will perform the operation.
And Katrina will live.
I cannot possibly permit this!
No, please, Marco.
Not that.
This is my order.
There is nothing you can
do to obstruct my plans.
Behind that gate is a river of blood.
Like the vampire bats,
the human vampires can do
their evil work only at night.
Thus far, no one but Charito
had seen a vampire and lived.
We therefore set out
under cover of darkness
to try to catch them by their operations.
We function much more effectively
if we go separate ways.
Charito, you and Victor go that way.
Ruben, stay here with Rona.
Cadiz, come with me.
Let's go.
Stay close to me, I'm afraid.
It's all right.
Cadiz, put out the light.
It's long after midnight.
Dawn will break soon.
I'm almost going out of my mind.
I could wish for death, but
even that's not sacred.
It's like
living in a bad dream.
There's so much to live for.
I am grateful.
I have been looking for the right girl.
I've never met anyone I've loved before.
But I've fallen in love with you.
Why is it that we're waiting here?
Isn't the cross feared by all vampires?
That is not true.
Vampires are not afraid of the cross.
It is the icon's reflection
that they really fear.
They're afraid of the glare of the light.
There they are.
Saints preserve us.
Charito, Charito!
Are they really?
Lord, may their souls rest in peace.
Good morning, Auntie.
Auntie, this is a friend, Victor.
I'm very glad to know you.
Come on, let me show you to your room.
You see, you'll be comfortable here.
Dofia Marisa.
I'm surprised you haven't introduced us.
Is that polite?
I'm so sorry, Charito.
This is Dr. Marco and
Miss Tanya, his assistant.
And where are your friends, the police
with the handcuffs?
This is no time to be joking.
Forgive me, it is a joke.
You see, I know some of your friends,
the Provincial Constabulary, you know?
The arm of the law.
I went to the police, Doctor.
Is that why you carry a gun?
Right here.
What is this?
A .38 or a .45?
You're very observant, Dr. Marco.
Thank you, and take my advice.
Don't depend on the police.
I had to call the police
because of some murders.
I'm sorry.
Please excuse me.
Don't be alarmed, Charito.
I have the strangest feeling,
seems to me I've seen him before.
Ah, I must congratulate you
on the beauty of your sunsets.
Please excuse me.
Charito, you'd better
go up to your room.
Goodbye, Charito.
I'd better be going now.
I'm absolutely terrified.
Don't be frightened,
and as for Dr. Marco,
I'll notify the police,
you can stop worrying now.
Good evening, young man.
I'll thank you to hand
me your gun, my friend.
The gate.
Now, my friend.
If you will follow me.
Next time I see you here,
I will kill you.
What's stopping you
from doing it right now?
Very simple,
I do not want any policeman
nosing around here
until I have finished my,
my work.
After tomorrow,
you're perfectly welcome to come,
it'll be a pleasure to kill you.
And now get out.
What do you want me to do?
I told you, I want you to arrest him.
And that's the least you can do.
But where are your
witnesses and the evidence?
Is there even a bit of that?
Do you want me to arrest him
on the basis of mere suspicion?
Perhaps I was,
but I'm telling you that
Dr. Marco's up to no good.
All right, suppose we just broke in
using the excuse that
we had an emergency call,
so we all rush in and then what?
You're laughing at me.
I'm thinking of how Marco could sue us
for illegal detention.
Allow me to interrupt.
Of course, Padre.
Hello, Victor.
May I see the corpse of the
last victim who was killed?
Certainly, Padre, go right ahead.
Open up there.
Please observe those marks on his neck.
There, the marks of a devil.
I've seen enough.
There seems to be a red
glow, let's go back there.
This is Katrina.
I want you to meet my daughter.
It is time that you met your sister.
My sister?
yes you are,
you are twins.
We're twins?
You see, it was 20
years ago when I left,
I left and I wanted to take you both.
I was forced to leave you with Elias.
He concealed you from me.
So I took Katrina with
me to another country.
But, but why would my
father want to hide me?
Unless... but what about my mother?
Elias was not your father,
he was your father's brother.
Are you saying, but, where's my father?
He was so despondent he killed himself.
He killed himself?
I can only hope that wherever he may be
he has forgiven me.
It was a terrible mistake.
I was young.
I wanted
so much
more than I deserved.
You have any doubts,
only look at your sister.
Look at her carefully.
Look, she's moving, she's alive.
Charito, you must
go away from here at once!
Leave her like this?
I can't.
Your life is in
danger, go while you can.
What is it?
Don't ask
any questions, just go.
Go now!
What's the hurry?
Give it to her.
Wake up,
wake up.
Have mercy, please let her go!
No one is stopping her.
When I'm ready, she will come back to us.
I just wanted her to
meet my servant Basura.
I can depend on him.
Red, my dear, remember,
the color is blood red.
Basura is calling.
You must discard all other thoughts.
In all that you do, you shall
be completely in my power.
You shall utter no word without
the permission of Basura.
You may go.
Better go now too, Charito.
And always have this in mind...
When you see that color
you are to return here.
It means that Basura
is calling to you here.
And you will come back running.
Remember, Basura is your master.
Basura is watching.
You may go now.
Charito, Charito!
Better take her to the doctor.
Nothing wrong with her.
Heart normal.
Blood pressure, pulse, she's normal.
Are you very sure, Doctor?
I examined her as thoroughly as I could.
I'm afraid her case may be something new
to medical science.
We could take her to a hospital,
if you wish.
Charito, try to remember.
Who was behind you?
There must've been someone.
Please think, you were
running and fell down.
Please think, Charito.
Try to think, whom did you
leave behind at the villa?
It was Dr. Marco
and his servants, I think.
And Tanya.
Who else?
- And...
- Yes?
And there was my sister.
That can't be so,
she doesn't have one.
I think we'd better go, Charito.
I'm going to take you home now.
Speak, Charito.
It's one of two things,
she's either lost her mind or...
You were about to say, Doctor,
that this is a case
of Charito being possessed by the Devil?
I don't know about devils, Padre,
that's not exactly a branch of medicine.
Doctor, does medicine permit
you to have faith in God?
Oh, Padre, come on,
I say my prayers and go
to Mass every Sunday.
Yes, I know.
If you believe in God,
you also believe in the Devil.
Yes, and against Satan
we only have one weapon.
That's Jesus Christ.
She needs us.
Get the key.
Relax, my love.
She's a real vampire now.
You promised me, she would not
become like the rest of you!
That is why I permitted you to treat her!
- You promised me!
- You be quiet.
You should be very happy
that she still loves you.
How can you say that she loves me?
My own daughter tried to attack me.
It is your blood that
she needs and prefers.
Only the blood of loved ones.
It will be daylight soon, Master.
I know.
Leave us alone.
All of you!
My sister needs help, she's at the villa.
But they say you have no sister.
It's true, Ruben.
I have a sister.
And our mother is Dofia Marisa.
And is your mother with your sister?
My sister's a living corpse
and she feeds on blood.
Marco and Tonya bring it to her.
Did you say
your sister is a vampire?
Padre, say
a prayer for my sister.
Yes, child.
The power of prayer is
beyond our comprehension,
for a time it appeared that
we might have conquered
and overcome the monstrous
evil that was in Dr. Marco.
We're free.
We're free.
Oh Marco, I
feel as if I've been reborn.
I'll always find you wherever you are.
In Heaven or on Earth,
I'll always find you.
And you will always be mine.
I love you, Katrina.
And you will always?
No power in Heaven
or Hell
can make me stop loving you.
Dr. Marco had
said that no power in Heaven
or in He could kill
his love for Katrina.
But the Devil does not give up, ever.
There is no power in prayer without faith,
and the faith must be in our own selves.
And so the Devil again had his way.
Bring me blood, I want plenty of it.
You'll be all right, darling.
You'll be all right.
Hang on, hang on for me.
How is she?
Prepare the instruments.
Whose blood are you giving her?
Mine, give her all of mine.
You gave her
your blood only tonight.
Do as I say!
Why did you stop?
Take a look.
The tube is dry.
Her heart is weakening.
It has to be replaced with a new one.
This very night.
You look better now.
And now dear, don't
let anything worry you.
Victor, I wish you could stay here.
You'll be all right.
Rona, I want you to stay in
the house and watch Charito.
Let's go.
I don't much like
the idea of leaving them here.
We should be back before tonight.
Maura, you stay close too.
I am depending on you.
All right.
Victor would
have been better advised
not to have left Charito alone.
But he is a restless
young man and besides,
he did not fully trust the
inaction of the police.
And so we laid to rest
the poor unfortunate girl
who was the latest victim.
The only solace is that she
was buried under the ages
of all the religious rites.
As the holy funeral
procession was in progress,
the powers of evil finally
appeared in the open,
gathering their forces
for one last effort.
It's time to leave this place.
There is still time.
Katrina needs her now.
It's all red.
I don't know.
- It's horrible!
- Sounds like bat wings.
Good God, what's that?
Prepare the instruments, Tanya.
Come with me, my dear.
You know it's impossible now,
it's too late to save Katrina.
At least let me have Charito.
Be silent!
I will never permit it!
Keep away and be silent!
I command you.
As a mother, I defy your power, Marco.
Victor, Victor, she's
not in the house, Charito!
How did it happen?
We turned around for a
moment and she was gone.
Where could they have gone?
Let's find Dr. Marco.
That's enough, we're leaving.
Biru, the box.
- There's no one there.
- Here, follow me.
I know what to do, this way!
And indeed,
Victor did know what to do.
I had taught him that vampires
fear the glare of light
most of all.
It was only in darkness
that they had any power.
More ammo.
It's Charito!
Rona, blind them with light.
It's time to leave, Master.
Leave her and let's go!
Katrina will live.
My darling.
I'm tired,
I want to rest.
I won't let you go.
I can save you, dearest.
It's time for you to let
me go.
It won't be long now, I
will get you a new heart.
And you'll be alive again.
Wait for me!
Goodbye, Marco.
Yes, Satan will be with
us always on this Earth,
his power can be stopped
only if we take to heart
and believe in the power of Jesus.
We never saw Dr. Marco again.
I knew that we would not ever catch him.
For who can trap the Devil himself?
But we can save his intended victims.
At the beginning of my story,
Katrina was in her coffin.
But now, at long last,
she found repose and rest
which had been denied to her.
And she went to her just reward,
may her soul rest in peace.
In the name of the Father and the Son
and of the Holy Ghost, amen.