The Blood of Fu Manchu (1968) Movie Script

You have been chosen
to take part in a great mission,
As the instruments of my destiny.
when my father gives an order,
you will obey,
Or die.
Centuries ago, an ancient race
conquered this continent.
now, their secrets are mine,
and with this knowledge,
I shall master the world.
500 years ago,
The priests of a lost civilization
lived in this city.
They distilled a poison more
deadly than any known to man.
That poison still exists today.
What is your name?
You are fortunate, Celeste.
You shall be our first emissary.
Observe your lover.
the moon is full,
The moon of life.
let her taste the kiss
Of death!
power of ancient poison
transmit to this girl,
So that she will destroy
the enemy in our path.
She shall be the first.
The first of ten.
The old one.
you have suffered torture
for many days
before you showed us the
hidden secrets of this temple,
And yet, you are still alive.
to show your sisters how powerful
is the poison that you carry,
you will kiss him
On the lips.
He will become sightless,
and then he will die.
I've placed Celeste
in your charge.
See to it that her next lover
receives a prolonged embrace.
Nayland Smith.
a most persistent man,
He must be eliminated.
Why are you in such a hurry,
You are too fast for me.
judging by this old map,
A hidden city should lie...
In that direction.
But who knows how accurate
it may be.
Why don't we make camp
and spend the night here?
We are not due to meet Ursula
in melia for another week.
We must push on.
At least as far as the river.
The city must be near the water.
Patience, my friends, that's the
first virtue in archaeology...
You know I haven't the time
to be patient.
Haven't you? Tell me, Carl.
Why is it so urgent
to find the secret city?
It's been lost
for hundreds of years.
Carl, how can a day or so more
mean so much?
I can't explain to you,
Dr. Wagner, yet.
But believe me,
time is important.
Perhaps one day,
you will understand.
Come on, pinder,
only a few miles more.
It's very strange,
I've never seen it before.
What is it?
These kind of rocks
from the heart of the jungle.
Give me your hand.
- Senor, por favor!
- What's happened?
Have a look.
Dr. Wagner,
Brought a pistol? = yes.
Get it.
Dr. Wagner!
Dr. Wagner...
Hold on! Don't let her go!
She will not escape.
Very well.
Each of you has been initiated.
Each of you has her destination.
Rome, Berlin, New York, Tokyo,
To the ends of the earth.
each of you has had
appointed task
With the ten men who are
my greatest enemies.
You will take them the gifts
you bear upon your lips.
The first one leaves
for London tonight.
Please, sir,
a telegram for you, sir.
Thank you, lotus.
Dr. petrie is late, sir.
Shall I make supper?
Carl Jansen.
Uh, yes, uh, thank you, lotus.
- Good evening, lotus.
- Good evening, Dr. petrie.
Thank you very much.
Petrie, you're late. = yes.
Well, it's very difficult
to get a taxi in this part.
I'm sure it must be.
Especially when your mind
is occupied by blonde.
Don't be ridiculous! She's a...
Very old friend of mine.
= I'm sure she is.
But she's still a blonde.
And a dyed one at that.
Well, yes,
we've been serious about it.
Do you know, I've sworn I saw a dacoit
outside when I came in just now.
You're quite right, you did.
he's been huddled over that
brazier since half-past six,
Probably feels the cold,
poor chap.
Well, what does he want?
I don't know, yet.
But I expect
we'll soon find out.
I got this cable today
from Carl Jansen.
- And what's that to us?
- He's in south America.
about six months ago,
I began hearing rumors that
Fu manchu had
turned about there.
Fu manchu?!
so I sent agents out
to investigate,
The best of them being
Carl Jansen.
this is his cable
to tell me that
He's getting close to Fu Manchu.
and judging by
our friend outside,
Fu manchu is getting close to
Now, I wonder...
I must see nayland Smith.
I'm nayland Smith.
Good evening, madam.
I'm nayland Smith.
Can I help you?
For heaven's sake, petrie,
go after...
Come here!
Come here, I tell you!
Who are you, and what have
you done to nayland Smith?
Go put in for an ambulance.
What do you want?
I want to see governor mexical
The governor is very busy now.
You wait here a moment.
The senor wishes
to see governor mexical.
I don't know,
it's very difficult.
Excuse me, sir.
There is a man called Carl Jansen
who wants to be received by you.
Who is he?
An archaeologist.
Send him in then.
You can go.
In there, senor.
Governor mexical.
My dear herr Jansen.
And how is the
archaeology business, huh?
Very bad. Dr. Wagner's dead.
Yes, completely.
Checkmate in two.
Of course.
do you know
I have been trying
to work it out all morning.
Coffee? Tequila?
I have to get to melia.
I have to meet
Dr. Wagner's niece.
She doesn't even know
what's happened to her uncle.
So I turn to you for help,
Melia, not good country.
I must go to melia!
We try to please...
I need horses, good horses.
I'm afraid you are not going
to melia, herr Jansen.
you see, herr Jansen,
you are under arrest
For the murder of Dr. Wagner.
Oh, no.
and since you will,
you will be remaining here,
Perhaps we have a little game
of chess, yes?
No, no!
No, no!
No, no!
Poor you, you're frightened.
You will be more frightened.
you have disobeyed
the master's orders,
And you will be punished.
But you will not die yet.
Dr. petrie not back yet?
It's been over an hour.
He went to the morgue.
Please come in, sir.
- How are you, old chap?
- Petrie, that girl!
What did you find out about her?
Yes, I just got back
from the morgue.
The morgue?
Yes, she was knocked down and
killed by a car just outside this house.
She was carrying enough poison
in her body to...
Kill a regiment, and yet,
she gets killed by a car!
Look, look,
I've got my analysis here.
Like to see it?
Ti can't see.
I'm blind.
Petrie, have you ever heard
of the "kiss of death"?
there's an old inca legend
That some...
priestesses were immunized
To the poison of a black cobra.
they let themselves be bitten
by the snakes,
And then were sent out
to kiss certain chosen victims.
Somehow, the poison
was transmitted.
And after a few days,
the victim died.
but first,
he went blind
Within a few seconds
of receiving the kiss of death.
And this is what
you think you've got?
I'm sure of it.
It's the confirmation
of my theory.
Fu Manchu is in that region
of south America,
protected on one side
by the andes,
And on the other
by the mato grosso.
well, maybe that's so,
But how in heaven's hame are we
going to get your sight back?
I'm convinced that we can only
find the answer to that in south America.
we must go to Santa cristabel,
And find Carl Jansen.
yes, but are you sure you're fit
to undertake a long journey like that
In your present state?
I have to.
Fu manchu is there,
of that, I'm certain.
he found the poison,
And only he may know
the antidote.
the news from Paris, Rome,
Berlin, and Tokyo.
Everywhere, success.
What news from London?
And bad.
Celeste is dead.
And nayland Smith?
Received the death kiss,
yet lives.
He has left London with the help of friends
and is flying south.
Alert all our agents at seaports
and landing fields.
All new arrivals must be
reported at once.
What about the mountain road
from Santa cristabel?
You always said it was a
weak link on our defense chain.
It's bandit country.
That land is covered with
the force of experienced men.
He will take care of Lopez.
Sancho Lopez, a bandit chief.
Nayland Smith has many spies.
Lopez might be one of them.
you can Rob everything
there is to take here,
But this night, you wine
and be merry in melia!
They tell me you can dance.
Tonight, you will dance
for the last time.
Take him to the guard house.
This is the work
of Sancho Lopez.
Ketlan recognized him.
Yuma. = yes.
She has been disobedient.
I shall teach her
a final lesson tonight.
I have better use for a girl
of her... talents.
Send for matteos
the executioner.
You mean the snake.
For yuma.
Tonight, you will find
Sancho Lopez at melia.
Yuma will kill him.
Over here!
That's right, yes, over here!
The journey to the other side
of the road, like the other one!
Senor, the doctor woman come!
- Ah, buenos dias, senora.
- Thank you.
- Welcome to melia, doctor...
- Nurse Wagner.
How many times do
I have to tell you, senor?
We are very glad you are here.
We've been waiting for you
for a long time now.
Hey, nino, nino!
Please, sit down.
You know, to us, you are a gift.
We have been needing a doctor
here for such a long time now.
oh, I have to meet
my uncle here,
Together with a friend,
Carl Jansen.
They are searching in the jungle
for the old, lost city.
Good doctor, our people
are foolish here.
Do not speak of the old city.
There are frightening stories.
But for hundreds of years,
nobody has been talking about the city.
What are these stories?
Sancho Lopez!
Buenos dias, hermanos.
Buenos dias.
we mean you no harm,
but we need food and drink
And a safe place for the night.
Ha, melia is a good place to be,
to be safe.
You are a blessing to my eyes.
Permit me to introduce myself.
I know very well who you are.
Then you have
the advantage of me.
I am Ursula Wagner...
= of course!
You are the good lady who binds
the wounds of my people.
Would you bind my wounds,
If need be.
You, stupido!
Wine for the senorita!
I don't want any wine.
Nobody refuses to drink
with Sancho Lopez.
What's this uniform mean?
It is of no interest to you.
Lovely, lovely.
I have heard of you.
You have an uncle who travels
often in the jungle.
That's none of your business.
Everything here is my business.
This is my country,
and I am its king.
some weeks ago,
he and another man,
Carl Jansen,
Set off to find the lost city.
Where are they now?
I don't know.
And if I did,
I wouldn't tell you.
king Sancho Lopez,
Killer of women
and small children.
That's your title.
Get on with enjoying yourselves!
Terrible affair...
When darkness comes,
they will be drunk.
And then you shall dance
for them.
Careful, careful.
Sit down here.
Well, uh...
I'll just go outside
and get the luggage.
Stay here, will you.
Dr. petrie?
Who is that?!
Nayland Smith!
What on earth?
It's a dacoit knife.
What's this paper?
It's a message from Carl Jansen.
The rendezvous is in melia.
No pictures, only words.
Stop this fooling about,
or I'll kill you.
Music, stupidos!
Get out.
Get out!
He's drunk!
You see, this is the way
Sancho Lopez leaves them.
Everybody dancing!
Come on, everybody, dance!
Go on, you, dance!
Kill him, and you will die, too.
The master wants him alive.
You are honored, Sancho Lopez.
you will meet Fu Manchu
And you will answer
all his questions.
Better be ready, bandit.
Your move, governor mexical.
Wait, my friend, wait.
More haste, less speed,
as you would say.
Alright, Matey.
A stitch in time, saves nine.
After all, this game
has only been going on for...
For three days.
Up there.
Wait a minute, wait a minute!
Where are you going?
I have to see
the governor at once,
It is of great importance.
I am sister Wagner
from the mission service.
Alright, so you're sister Wagner
from the mission service, huh?
Well, I'm sorry, the governor has been in
conference now for the last three days.
You can't see anyone,
I'm afraid not.
Stop her!
- Excellency.
- Go away!
But... there is a woman.
Give her a peso...
No, make it two.
She is the doctor's niece,
Ursula Wagner.
Ursula Wagner?
Your excellency, I must see you!
Carl, what are you doing here,
and where's my uncle?
I'm dreadfully sorry.
I have bad news for you.
Your uncle's dead.
What happened?
We were attacked in the jungle.
His excellency has kept me here
these past three days.
Some stupid charge of murder.
Good chess players
are hard to find.
I can't be too particular.
Anyway, I withdraw the charge.
The game is over.
And what brings you here,
I've come from melia.
They need help,
medical supplies, and food.
But why?
Last night, the village
was attacked by bandits.
Plundered and sacked.
Lead by Sancho Lopez.
the bandits were
in turn attacked,
And many of them killed.
after the fight, at dawn,
I returned to the village
To give what help I could.
One of the bandits is suffering
a strange disease.
He has been struck blind.
Pedro! Pedro!
Where is that fool?
I must find Sancho Lopez!
Call out the guard
and the police!
Call out the...
But Sancho Lopez is prisoner already.
Huh? Prisoner?
Yes, he was captured
and taken away by the others.
An oriental woman
was their leader.
Bring him out.
He is an iron man.
We will melt him.
- Iron maiden.
- Primitive, but effective.
Lopez is not moved by the lash,
And he can do
without food or water.
But doubtless, he is proud
of being a man.
May your soul rot in hell.
I am Sancho Lopez!
I would die before I even tell you
the name of my dead wife.
Now, Sancho Lopez.
Fu manchu, you want to know
where my friends are, eh?
And where I get my guns
and my ammunition, eh?
You work for nayland Smith.
- Nayland Smith!
- Who's he?
for the last time,
Where is nayland Smith?
I've never heard of him.
And I'm in no one's pay.
and if you want to know
where I get my arms,
I buy them from
the governor's men.
We have an arrangement.
Release him.
- Father, are you sure?
- He was telling the truth.
You know this country
better than any man?
Very well.
I will give you back your life.
You shall work for me.
you will seek out my enemies,
And you will destroy them.
Care for a cup of tea? = no.
Well, if they don't need a decent cup
of tea in these backwards places...
No like tea.
Tell me,
which is right road to melia?
Melia? = yes.
Are you asking me
which is the way to melia?
I hired you to take me to melia.
Why don't you know it?
I thought you knew the right
road to melia.
Excuse me, do you speak english?
Yes, of course. Can I help you?
Well, yes, as a matter of fact, this fool
of a driver seems to have lost our way.
Where were you going?
The jungle is no place
to get lost in.
Carl Jansen!
Nayland Smith?
Thank heavens you're here.
Now you can lead me
to Fu Manchu.
The girl.
You will accompany Sancho Lopez.
Wherever he goes, you go.
when he has accomplished
his deed,
by destroying nayland Smith,
You will destroy him
with a kiss of death.
You understand?
Remove her.
I'm ready.
You know what to do?
- I know better than you think, Fu Manchu...
- What do you mean?
your enemy is not nayland Smith,
but, uh,
A man named Carl Jansen.
- Father.
- Let him speak.
He passes himself off
as an archaeologist.
I believe he's a spy.
- For nayland Smith?
- Who knows? He's clever.
I thought, at one time,
he was spying on me.
You would know this man
if you saw him?
As I know my own brother.
You want that I kill him, too?
you will be given guns
And an escort of my dacoits.
Carmen will be your companion.
Now I know that, that you trust me.
You fail, and you die!
How much do you pay me?
Freedom is not measured
in terms of money.
Take him to the grotto.
Horses are ready.
By tomorrow night's full moon,
it will be over.
Why the full moon?
What's so important about that?
The whole world will shortly learn
how important it is.
This sickness will finish
when the moon is at its fullest.
Until then, death will stand
beside him at all times.
- Oh.
- Back so soon?
There was nothing
to keep me at melia.
the mission sisters have gone
taking care of the sick people
Oh, good, good.
And nayland Smith?
Well, he's worse, I'm afraid.
I let him talk to Carl,
against my better judgement.
He's very, very weak.
We must save him, Dr. petrie.
only an antidote
as strong as the poison
That struck him down
can save him.
The answer lies somewhere here.
Nayland Smith talked
quite clearly.
there is a link
between his illness
And the ghastly plan
of Fu Manchu.
In Santa cristabel,
I heard the news.
that all over the world,
important people,
heads of state, police chiefs,
Influential men have been
struck down like nine-pins.
All have, at some time,
have incurred the enmity of Fu Manchu.
Look here, doctor.
Here's melia.
And this is our position now.
here, I believe,
in the heart of the jungle,
Is the hideout of Fu Manchu.
Are you sure?
If I were, I would've called up
a regiment to attack the stronghold.
It must be guarded
like a fortress.
But two might succeed
where a hundred men might fail.
Well, it...
Well, it seems a desperate measure,
but we're running out of time.
I agree.
Do you think nayland Smith
will be safe here?
Yes, he'll be as safe here
as anywhere else.
I think the jungle
is too thick for horses.
I think we can do
without your men.
We have escorted you
further than we were ordered to.
Get back to melia.
Alright, mount up.
Filthy spy, talk!
Or would you rather
I cut off your tongue?
I will tell you anything
you ask of me.
First, your name.
And who do you work for?
Is it Jansen? Huh?
So it is.
Now, tell me about Jansen.
He is to meet me...
Before sundown.
Ride deep into the jungle!
We'll have to leave the horses.
Cup of tea? = huh?
Let me.
Once we get to the Ridge,
we'll be in open country.
Beyond that, the grotto.
Cold tea, no horses.
I wonder why I go abroad.
Come on, petrie.
Get back under cover.
Fu manchu, a present for you!
Dr. petrie.
This is an unexpected pleasure.
Not for me.
Who is this girl? = a nurse.
I thought she might be useful,
Lin tang.
See that senor Lopez
is suitably rewarded.
so, Dr. petrie,
You have replaced the late,
lamented nayland Smith.
Nayland Smith is very much
alive, Fu Manchu.
Allow me to show you something,
your friend, nayland Smith,
received the kiss of death,
As did some of the most important men
in the world's capitals.
Men known to be
my closest enemies.
But they are only the prelude
to my drama, Dr. petrie.
the same poison that
has been given to ten,
Can be given to millions.
And shall be,
if the world disobeys me.
When the moon is full,
Those who have received the kiss
will die at once.
and then, I shall announce
to the world
That it lies completely
within my power.
as a further demonstration
of what its fate will be
if it continues to defy me
I shall, at the same time,
Commit an act that will
be long remembered.
in these containers,
Is enough poison
to destroy a thousand men.
Multiply that ten thousand
times, and...
already my agents
are nearing London,
Bearing with them such a gift.
And upon my signal,
the poisonous cloud will be released.
That will be my message
to the world.
Or the same death will be
the fate of millions more.
I do not doubt that after that,
The rest of the world
will accept my command.
Already men are dying.
and in the great cities
of the world,
My orders have been obeyed.
we have travelled many miles
To fulfill our master's
Now, we are about to perform
our last serving.
after we receive a signal
from our master,
We shall release the contents
of this urn.
Everlasting death.
horrible, inescapable,
Get them out!
if I wasn't
an english gentleman,
I'd tell you what you were,
you pot-bellied bastard!
I remember you.
We had a fight, eh?
Now, I win.
Come with me.
in a few hours,
The moon will be full.
Carl must be out there
My tea is in my thermos on my
back, and I can't get at it.
He's our only hope.
It's getting cold, and I need it!
Dr. petrie.
Have you lost hope?
it's like the grains of sand
Dropping through an hourglass.
We have no time on our side,
my dear.
do you believe that
all of those men,
nayland Smith and the rest,
Will die when the moon comes up?
Yes, and I feel worse
than death.
the whole of London
will be destroyed
because of this terrible plan
of Fu Manchu,
Proving to the world that he has the power
of infinite destruction.
I see terrible signs
in the smoke.
Death and destruction for us.
The trees are withering.
and the rocks are crumbling
And screeching.
It is almost time.
Have the prisoners brought up
from their cells.
Come here.
My good friend, Fu Manchu,
agreed to protect me.
- Yes, sir.
- To help me.
- Yes, sir.
- Well... help!
Open here.
Yes, sir.
Quiet! Quiet!
Let us out,
or do you want some more?
Sancho, we must.
- Go on!
- Alright.
Come on then, come on!
Hurry up. What's the matter with you?
Come on, you...
How are ya?
Oh, wait a minute!
Below here is the fuel store.
- What does he use for fuel?
- Oil, many thousands of gallons.
There is no way out here.
Come on!
How's your head, Lopez?
My head?
Couldn't be better!
Vamos, amigos!
This is as far as you come,
my friends.
You can't get away on your own.
With this,
I can go to hell and back.
Now, lose yourselves,
or I start shooting.
- Sancho, you can't!
- She's right.
Ursula. Watch!
- Here.
- Thank you.
if you value your hide,
Make no sound.
They must have escaped
by the old tunnel.
Carmen knows the way.
They will not go far.
But if they should manage
to reach the waterfall?
They will not escape.
From this vantage point,
a man could hold up an army.
Who wants to hold off anybody?
For heaven's sake, man!
There's your answer, petrie.
Quick, get Ursula down to the
Ridge, among the trees.
And I, senor?
Of course.
Hurry, I'll cover you.
I need no cover.
I'll take my own chances.
You'll have to now.
Be off, get going.
And I shall take you with me.
I know this territory.
Dr. petrie!
Kiss of death.
Perhaps she has the antidote
in her blood...
Get down! Get down!
Go fast! I'll cover you! Go!
They have gone by the waterfall.
There is only one man
left on guard.
they have got away
by the waterfall,
And there's only one man holding
the rear guard on top of the cliff.
One is enough.
tell the men to wait
until it is dark,
And then to circle around
to pin him down.
in the meantime,
Let him wait,
like an ant upon an anvil.
Never knowing when
the hammer blow will strike.
But the others will escape.
there is no escape
from the death
That Carmen carries with her.
He's still alive.
I think we can save you,
old friend.
Now listen,
only the women are immune.
they are the carriers
of the kiss of death,
But they also carry
the antidote.
now, I have here a girl who's
been touched with the poison,
and I think that her blood
Will counteract
the poison in you.
A poison to kill a poison.
Wish I had some transfusion equipment,
but there's no time.
Hot water!
Be brave.
We have no time for refinements,
Mr. Jansen.
instead, we shall give you
a fond caress
From the angel of death itself.
when given through
the kiss of a woman,
The plague takes six weeks
to complete its work.
but in your case,
the serpent shall strike you
directly on the mouth,
And you die.
at the same time,
you will have the
satisfaction of knowing
that all my other enemies,
including nayland Smith,
Shall also perish.
Nayland Smith!
Bow to me!
Beg! Beg for your lives!
There's enough oil
to blow the place sky high!
The end for the lost city.
And thank god,
the end of Fu Manchu.
my dear, old friend,
I wish I could be certain
of that.
The world shall hear
from me again.