The Blood of Wolves (2018) Movie Script

April 1988
forgive me
Feed him to eat piglets
Open mouth
Full mouth is
Its really unpleasant to be hot and smelly.
Can you do this kind of miscellaneous fish?
Mr. Nozaki, please spare me.
I wont say it even if I die.
Then why are you running away, silly X?
A group of garbage
-Hey, take off - yes
Don't be like this.
Don't mess
Hold it down for me
Can't you cut it? You bastard
- Really happy - my fingers
Do you want to cut another one?
Don't ask, let me let go of me.
Then I ask you, Shang Zaojun.
Who took the money from the treasury of Wuyuan Finance?
Poster and time
- It's me. - Very good.
Its all done by you alone.
No one else knows anything
I am doing it alone.
He won't say anything extra.
Next, I will apologize with his little finger.
Fat sea
There is no need to apologize for that.
No need to mean
What you want above is the head.
Human head? Public nuisance measures
Citizen group commissioned investigation
Shots in the middle of the night in Wuyuan City
Fifty-seventh society based on Hiroshima City in the year of the Showa 49 (1974)
Fighting against the opposite Wuyuan City violent group Tail Valley Group
Also known as the "third Hiroshima struggle"
Let the bastard die.
Yumi sauce and full
Sai Ben
Eat me a knife
Killed Tail Valley cadre
The number of deaths and injuries caused by the return of teeth to blood and blood
Fifty-six cadres were stabbed to death
Eventually developed into a bloody battle
Secret gathering under the broad daylight
Ushered in the outcome of no winner
Hiroshima police arrested the leader of the Tail Valley team
14 years after that incident
The Showa era, when the underworld organizations are divided, is about to pass.
But in Wuyuan, new disputes are just around the corner.
Its the fangs of the Tail Valley group that has been lingering
Jiagu Village Group, a subordinate organization of the Fifty-Child Association
August 1988 Wuyuan City
- Rigang, he urged you to hurry up. - Ok.
Good looking
When is the last contact with your brother?
In April, he called to invite me to see flowers.
If it has not been contacted for four months
You are also very worried.
I am coming in.
How long do you want us to wait?
Have you gone to the South Pole to dig ice?
I am sorry
Ok, eat it, eat it soon.
I am sorry to let you stay in a room where there is no air conditioner.
But April is the period of job mobilization. The words of financial practitioners may have been transferred to other places.
No, from underwear to car keys, luggage is still in the apartment.
what are you doing
Get out of the way
- But its not over yet... - I said that getting in the way is getting in the way. Go out soon.
I'm sorry
The company where your brother works is called Wu Yuan Finance.
Yes, behind the station
Interrogation room 2
The weather is hot.
- When you are on a trial woman, always one-on-one - what?
(Note: Big oogami wolf ookami pronounced similar)
The trial is to let the other party honestly meet each other.
But the Director is really in trouble.
How can you make a newcomer like you?
Come together with the big partner
- What trouble did you have at the county police headquarters - no no
But don't worry, he won't eat yours.
Cold feeling very comfortable
After that, please
Have a message, contact you right away.
Are you going to investigate?
I didn't ask you to come back.
But the Director asked me to partner with the seniors.
Are you really graduated from Hiroshima University?
what? Yes
Why did you come to this kind of country place to do film police when you graduated from a top university?
How much is the other serious work?
All right
Assault check?
Idiot vented the easiest prize
You are a scarecrow. When are you going to stupid?
There is a guy like a cow in the row. I saw it.
- Go and challenge him. - What?
Have you been a dry pill before? Go (Pill violence: the common name of the violent regiment search officer)
Not a high school student
Im so timid, forget it, youll be a traffic police for a lifetime.
Gongmaos work college students cant do it.
Its okay to go find it.
Are you motivated?
Don't worry, I will shoot when there is danger.
The shirt I just bought at Fuwu was soaked yesterday.
Ah, shut my ass
You give me over
Laozi, but the people of the Jiagu village group, do you know?
Today you have to go out
Sorry, this is actually the case.
Don't underestimate me
Wait, wait, I am the police.
(Off: Sumo level)
- Guan Guan - Da Shang Police Officer
Almost OK, Im going to die.
Its a few years for college students to violate the gun and knife law.
- What - ask you for a few years
- That the upper limit is 2 years.
Should be the same for 2 years
- hindering official business - 3 years
- A total of several years - 7 years
In 7 years, Miao Dynasty caught up with killing people.
You frame me or use such mean means.
Do you think that there will be no difference in the smart group? We have lawyers.
Its ridiculous to have a lawyer who sells drugs to make money.
Yes, Miao Dynasty
Go to the parking lot and search for your dealership now?
Just let me find a gram of drugs and let you eat for ten years.
Yes, I asked you Miao, do you know Wuyuan Finances lending company?
The manager is missing.
If you tell me where he is, I can spare you.
Don't know, I don't know anything. Then ten years.
- College students, take out your hand. - Yes.
Ten years, twenty years, whatever you guys
I dont know, I dont know, I wont be a whistleblower.
Joking, interesting
Even today, you can rest assured.
Eat it
Sister, help him bandage
Please sit
In order to investigate the early rice, let me be a bait.
(Business at the front desk: companies behind the violent regiment)
Wuyuan Finance, where the early rice is located, is the front-end enterprise of the Jiagu Village Group.
Is an illegal financial company that relies on loan sharking to make money.
The Jiagu village group relies on the money earned and the tail valley group to compete for the site.
Let it go, no matter what.
Is it not our job to find ways to destroy them before the war?
You also saw the attitude that you just took.
Im scared that he hasnt said it for ten years.
It seems that this is not a simple missing event.
- No... It hurts. - Sorry.
Super shark glycerin
What is this stuff?
Have you practiced karate?
Why don't you fight back?
I am not practicing karate for fighting.
What do you say?
Only for women can be merciful
If the seedlings are holding a gun
You are not here now.
So, is this person called the early rice already killed?
Nine out of ten, no, ninety-nine is killed.
Going to search the Jiagu village group will definitely find out something
Doi, you are not in the cable village of Kagu Village recently.
I heard that the manager voluntarily resigned.
But there is no evidence how to search.
We are not gendarmerie I said, is it inconvenient for you to search the village of Jiagu?
I just said that there is not enough evidence.
Director, what do you think?
It is a fact that the Jiagu village group is expanding the site.
But if there is no physical evidence, we have the risk of being accused.
The Tail Valley group has been unable to bear it.
If they started the war, can you bear the responsibility?
Always help the tail valley group like you
No wonder someone will say that the East Department is a running dog of the Tail Valley Group.
- You said - Ah, calm, calm.
Come again
Dont kiss like you used to.
Ah, thank you, thank you.
thanks for coming
Dry up
You are the people of Jiagu Village.
I know that this building is the site of the Otani group.
We are just going to collect the vacant
What is the island? The whole of Japan is the island.
(the site where the island shima triad said is shima)
What do you say, look at me?
The ears are really bad.
Try again and again
Do you like the island so much, then let your family go to the island?
Shou Xiao returned
Come back here, please
The police officer of the army has worked hard.
- This day is so hot. - The leader is coming soon.
This is not Aron.
I heard that you recently played hot with the mother of the pear club.
Its already stuffed.
Have a cute face like a chihuahua
Its as brave as a Tosa in bed.
The police officer is not the time to make a joke.
Yongchuan, I said that I am not allowed to do it.
Can't you understand Japanese?
You are saying something.
Wait The provocation of Jiagu Village, we cant stand it anymore.
I am not saying, I will endure your bosss release from prison.
Just because we are not good at patience, we are the underworld.
Shouxiao Jiagu Village is now so active
Just want to slap the bosss power to weaken the tail valley before he is released from prison.
You try to make a mistake and get into the individual.
That is in the middle of their arms
I am tired of listening.
The police will let the village go to Jiagu.
We can only take action.
How can I let them go down?
I have mastered the handle that can kill the ancient village.
Can I trust you
The battle plan is here.
- I will come again. - Thank you.
This is my driver
Don't look at him like this, but graduated from Hiroshima University.
Is this child really graduated from Hiroshima University?
Yes, come and give him a welcome party today.
Let me see, let my mother touch it.
- Wait, wait, what are you doing? It doesn't matter.
Mama Sangs male root divination is very accurate.
No need, no need
Pear Aaron, Im going crazy.
Don't worry, I have trained Aron well.
Do you have a seat?
Jiagu Village
Fifty children are coming, what happened?
Oh, yeah.
I thought it was a handsome guy. This is not the tip of the Otani group.
Even the police officers of the Eastern Department are really an adventure.
Surprised, scared, little sister
That side please
Come here to do something small
Said that they want to go to Wuyuans first beauty. - I will bring them here. - That's it.
You are the mother of this sang.
- Its a veritable name. - Thank you.
- Take you to Rukawa. - No.
(Rukawa: Hiroshima City's famous red light district)
Fifty-Five President, I am sorry that this venue is our site.
Are you old enough to even understand the map?
What do you say about this little punk? Try again.
Say who is a little punk?
- Laozi kills you. - You say
Enough, noisy, noisy
Its because you are like this, the underworld will be hated.
Jiagu Village, your education is not in place.
I am sorry
Whoever is provocative will get angry, fifty sons
You are so kind to touch the woman's ass in someone else's territory.
What is the purpose?
No purpose, it just happens to happen.
I was still in the education of Jiagu Village. Do not conflict with the Tail Valley.
Wu Yuan is a mess. Our people in Hiroshima are not good at doing business.
- You said yes. - Yes.
- What is the name? - My name is Yau.
Sauce, dont hurry to get wine.
Take away an envelope when you leave
Suspected that it is cash
Big up and tail valley group collusion
Coin laundry room 24 hours open
I will tie the bandage for you.
No need
I come
The person who was with you yesterday is the police.
He always comes to my store with a wounded person.
Made me like a doctor underground
Can you quit your job?
I am doing it for you, hurry up and change it. Working with such an uncle will ruin your life.
Only live once in a lifetime
Not that you are too exaggerated.
I always wanted to say this sentence once.
This is the one who puts the loan shark.
I havent seen him recently.
The store has also closed the door
People in Jiagu Village should still be in and out
Thank you so much for helping me pay attention.
But they are also my customers.
Would you like me to buy this?
- this - good
keep the change
I am so embarrassed. I have contacted you.
- Ah Shang - Its so cool.
The group of people in Jiagu Village came to find a man.
- college students - yes
Take photos from my suit pocket
Is this man?
It feels a bit like, but I can't remember it.
A sauce
- - You can touch your chest.
Really? Special service
Thank you for hospitality
- What? - Call you to rush over.
Again he
Hiroshima City
Isn't this a subordinate group of Hiroshima Renzheng Club?
So what
- What are you doing during the day? - Its too hot. Just take a break.
Recapture the territory of the north
Who will be stupid enough to believe that you are just going to rest
Stop Yoko, don't be angry.
I can't stand it this time.
If you don't tell the truth, I will kill you.
Tell me quickly
Killed you
Wait a minute, I am Ah.
You calm down
Its already late, if its hindering me, Ill be with you.
Wait a minute.
Listen to him explaining it.
The bastard shot the sons class teacher. I am the vice president of PTA.
(PTA Parent Teacher Association)
Its not like this, you misunderstood, I just asked her to go to tea.
Thats why your street bus will stop at the door of the hotel.
Yoko, wait, wait a minute.
Yoko calm down and calm down
I am saved, I can only stop you.
The most important thing in life is friends.
How many times have you said that you are looking for a lady to vent?
Even an old friend, I will not help you next time.
I know
For you, although a little less
Little brother, your transportation fee
I won't need it.
How is it compared to this?
Wu Yuan Finances business
Said on the phone
Even if you know, you cant say
Jiagu Village Group is a member of Hiroshima Renzheng Association
Its my brothers generation.
I can't say my own things
Then I will tell Yoko about the woman of Fukuyama.
Wait, I know, wait.
Said that the most important thing in life is friends.
Don't tell me what I told you.
Probably in April
I heard that people in Jiagu Village are making trouble in hotels near here.
Seems to have kidnapped a man
April, silver, owe you personal feelings
Street propaganda is going to cheer. Oh, great.
You guys are hindering me from doing business, please come back.
Witnesses, show me the accommodation register
No, it doesn't work. Can you say hello to Renzheng?
If you think that the police can do whatever they want, its a big mistake.
Hello Dachang Hostel
(Thank you, yes) Let's get a search order and come back.
No. 30, good, good.
Going to seniors?
Where are you going
What are you doing?
- You go to look at the wind. - What?
- What are you doing?
Its not good, its not good.
What's wrong with idiots?
Fortunately, I bought a lighter.
Its not good, its on fire, its on fire.
- just the right fire - what a joke
Big predecessor
Don't be like this, its illegal.
Videotape, go to the surveillance videotape.
No, absolutely no.
What did you say?
Sorry, Im not careful.
Going to seniors? Are you okay?
Who put the fire?
(April, 1988)
This person is the Miao Dynasty.
That is the timeout
That's right, this is the decisive moment of kidnapping.
Really, its really early rice.
Doi, these four people are the people of the Jiagu village group.
Looks like
Its a pity. Doi.
What do you mean, are you misunderstood what?
Dont bother you both.
- Ok, I will apply for an arrest warrant tomorrow morning. - Yes.
College students, dont have a drink, celebrate
Didn't you hear it?
I still can't figure it out.
Arson, theft, private residence, if you have been sentenced for more than ten years, you cant be over
Its not me who steals
And accept bribery from the underworld.
That is the fee that is used in the search.
Another person from Jiagu Village
Mama Sang has rumors that you are "the first name of Wuyuan" Who is listening to?
When I was in the kiln, I planted a pearl in that case. Do you want to try it?
No, no.
Uncle, you are noisy, love what love
What is the island of love, burying you on the island?
Don't be so scary.
Speaking of pearls, people still like pearl earrings.
Deceptive, its already wet.
Its too much
-Mama Sang, try my pearl. -Do you order a bottle of champagne?
Just drink my champagne.
At first, the woman touched her butt but didnt do anything.
- Same as dead fish. - Yeah.
But the pear is really a slut.
Stand for me
- What are you doing? - Looking for death.
I want to kill you.
You give me away
This is the new product that was imported from the Philippines yesterday.
I want to try it.
Wet all
Not wet is wet
Go away
excuse me
- Give you a towel. - Thank you.
Worse, forget the clothes.
Its okay.
Forgot to hang out
The room you live in is quite big.
I live with my husband.
Lie to you
He can't live here anymore.
Married half a year ago
He is an excessive man, owing debt everywhere.
I dont go home, I dont have a good face for me.
I cant stand it.
I am really unlucky.
I also said that there is finally a man to pick up. The result is the police.
Thats really sorry.
I am not lucky.
Every day, the uncle who is more violent than the violent group is chasing the violent group.
And tongue twister
Blue roll paper red roll paper yellow roll paper
That nasty uncle Its already so late.
Stay here tonight.
Still raining?
I go to take a shower
I am going to buy beer.
Borrow umbrella
You are the tail valley group
You remember me
What is the waste? Get on the train.
Hello, you are working hard.
He fired three shots at the office.
- You have worked hard. - Hard work.
Big predecessor
What is this?
I want to ask you, you bastard.
Do you know what you have done?
Which one is going to do this?
But there was a gunshot in front of me.
Idiot, you
Before that, Aaron of their group was killed.
Ah...Aron Aron Aron
This is not true
This is not true, this is not true.
This is not a big police officer.
Your approach is really amazing.
I thought that the East Departments Tail Valley Groups eyes were closed.
I didnt expect to get them alive right away.
Jiagu Village, I am not here to hear you talking about these nonsense.
Is there still a murder case tonight?
Head, do you know?
do not know
We are not very clear about it.
Don't pretend to be silly
But there are witnesses
I saw that the young people in your group had a dispute with the deceased.
We are gangsters, disputes are our jobs
Who are you looking for?
It wont be closed.
I havent seen it before recently.
Where did he go?
Maybe its a golden basin wash. Go back to my hometown to eat my mothers milk.
Forget it
If you want to be proud, lets do it now. I want to stop the confrontation between the Otani group and the Kagu village group.
In addition to persuading the leader of the Otani team, there is no other way.
So the big came to the Tottori prison.
Its great that you dont come innocent.
I havent seen you for a long time.
I am very happy to be here.
But do you think I don't know if our people have been killed?
No, no, if you dont do it now, youre in the middle of the old village.
Can you give me some time?
I will definitely force Jiagu Village to go nowhere.
You skip over and go straight to find the old man is a few meanings
Not because you dont listen to people
The underworld is eating by the face.
Now someone climbed onto our head and pulled it. How could it be silent?
Moreover, it was before your driver caught the job.
You listened well, filial piety
I am just getting old with you.
You have to keep a contract together.
Three days
Get Jiagu Village within three days
After three days, maybe we will do it.
How is it possible for three days?
There is still no clue now.
This kind of thing can always be found
If you can't find it, it's a problem.
Big predecessor
I walked back
Hiroshima Prefecture Police Headquarters
Ombudsman's office
As expected, the evidence is conclusive.
Collusion with the underworld, fire, theft, this is really what it is.
The relationship between the Dashang and Otani groups is in the recording.
Having said that, I heard that the relationship between the big and the underworld is written as a diary.
Is he planning to issue a complaint after retirement?
Let's bring that too. Policemany, is it necessary to continue to monitor the big one?
The illegal acts of the big ones are already obvious. Shouldnt they be disposed of immediately?
Then if he is involved in homicide
In fact, the surveillance is to dig up his past.
You should know that there was a serious underworld struggle in Wuyuan fourteen years ago.
(Fifty-six cadres were assassinated)
At that time, the fifty sons would wash the site of the Tail Valley group.
The county police are also at a loss
The fight ended with the murder of the 50-member cadre Jincun
(Photo of the victim in this case)
Did you kill this man? Even if its big, how is it possible?
After listening to your report, dont you think this is not possible?
Give me a cup of iced coffee
Let you wait.
What you suspect, I asked the group.
The death of Alonnas boy has nothing to do with our group.
What do you say is true?
The tail valley is gone.
After a long time, Wu Yuan is the world of our group.
I can also cover your field.
You specifically called me, isnt it for this?
To be honest, do you think that my pearl cant stand it?
Hurry, always want you.
- I know, then I am welcome. - Hurry, hurry.
Don't be scared to see my second child.
what's the situation
What are you doing?
Go to hell, bastard
Dont stop me, I killed you.
Calm down, calm down
Please calm down a bit.
How can the police do this kind of thing?
Just because its a policeman, so you can do anything.
I dont know anything about the early rice. Even if you know, you wont tell you these policemen.
Just like what you say.
But very unfortunately, we dont have much time.
Anyway, I still have to let you say something.
What do you want to do
Human body, if you get into a foreign body, you will feel uncomfortable.
Its not good if you have suppuration, so help you take out the proud pearls.
Give me a hand, tell you to stop and hear no
Big predecessors can't do this kind of thing
Would you just take it to the police station and let him cooperate with the investigation?
You dare to obstruct me, even you never let go.
You are crazy
Yes, I am crazy.
In order to investigate, I can sell my soul to the devil.
- Stop the hand, stop the hand - come over and hold the leg
- Stop, stop, then you will explain.
- Stop me, stop. - College students, don't come over and help.
Give me honesty
- Say, oh, wait, wait, wait, wait.
- Ok, start - wait, wait, I know your rumors.
If I say it, you cant even be a policeman.
Its very interesting. What rumors are coming to listen?
Its you who killed the big brother of Jincun fourteen years ago.
are these all
Hey, what are you going to do, have you shrunk back?
Honestly, honestly
Came out
Yoshida, even if you dont say, I can also tell you that you sold out them.
How do you want to stop coming one?
Is the head of the head, the head of the head, the head of the head
Human head?
Its the boss who let the big brother of Nozaki put on the rice in the early rice to see him. What did Yoshida do on the early rice?
If we want to do the Shanwei Valley, we need funds.
Let the early rice take out the safe money
How is this enough?
Get more points
Its just that its not enough to spend money on kids.
But this month's sales...
What is this about excusing us?
As long as the threat is early, he will take the money out.
So we scared him
I didnt expect the guy to actually take out the safe at the head office.
Head office?
A Hiroshima loan called White Letter Gold
White letter gold is not Hiroshima Renzheng
Yes, its a company of fifty.
Go fast, go fast, go fast
Go fast
So you admit that you borrowed this place from Jiagu Village in April.
Hello, say it.
I just have to lend the place to them. Is there any problem?
Little brother, wait a minute.
What to do
I can go inside and have a look.
Hey, how are you, really fat?
Its so cute.
This is not a survey at all.
what did you say
Even the torture is used. It is simply unreasonable.
As I expected, the early rice estimate has been extinguished.
But this is not justice
Then I ask you what is justice.
Of course, it is a legal investigation to eliminate the violent group.
Can such a law bind the underworld?
Just because we can't do it, we need people like us.
Say what to destroy
Even if the law is used to suppress the underworld, it makes no sense.
The deeper you dig, the darker it is. The underworld removes the badge. Putting on a suit is no different from the ordinary people. Is this justice?
Its our job to raise them and let them fend for themselves.
If you bite the master
Then take a lesson
So you killed Jincun?
Fourteen years ago, Yoshida said it.
Since then, there have been collusion between the predecessors and the Otani group.
So Im so desperate to protect the tail valley.
I said college students, these pigs.
They are raised to eat.
People will eat other creatures in order to survive
Before you are eaten, you can only start with it. Is it strong?
What do you think of seeing his eyes?
Eyes, no
Hiroshima University will not teach you this.
Its obviously taking medicine.
Let me go, let me go.
Sit down for me
What are you doing?
If there is no evidence, the person will be arrested. Is the police a liar?
Yeah, you thought it was a partner of justice.
Dashang police officer is right. I found the buns from the office.
(Note: the common name for drug bags)
It seems that you have been working with the underworld for a long time.
I have nothing to say now.
I don't know, I don't know anything.
What do you say, you bastard?
- I am a senior. This is in the police station. - No time. You give me out.
- I am really saying, I really dont know. - Say no.
I can't stand it, I have to report to the department.
This department?
Dont hit, calm down.
- Release - Rigang
You really do, dare to call the police liar.
Kill you, feed the pig, make a bolognaise They just put those things on me, its really
Lying also sprinkled a decent
Give me a break, help.
Stop, hear, hear
Open mouth open
I have to let you no longer lie.
Im going to stop, let him play.
on the island
The body of the early rice was buried on the uninhabited island.
How come this time?
Im going to get up early tomorrow, I will get the job early today.
After the lighter was bought, I couldnt put it down.
Is this not a friend?
Is it long hair?
what happened
Has it been reversed?
Don't bother him
Next week is a simulation of the cram school
Then you are looking for this brother to help out.
He graduated from Hiroshima University.
Uncle, you are too annoying.
Sorry, sorry, don't bother you.
You Xi, dont go.
Don't ignore me.
cute child
Sure enough here
What happened? Have you quarreled with a woman?
The reporter of An Yi newspaper is exploring things around you.
It seems to be checking the case of Kimura 14 years ago.
If the media has action
The county police can't pretend to be dumb.
Silver time, how long have you not come to Wuyuan?
Let's go eat some skewers together.
Thank you for your wine
thanks for treatment
Dashang and Jincun were killed in the case
Kimura killed the people of the Otani group
Its a big fight to kill him.
I think we should dispose of it as soon as possible.
But there is no physical evidence.
The diary found no
not yet Hurry and find a way to get a diary
After that, you can dispose of it.
What kind of ghost evidence?
College student, give me tea, tea
What's wrong with you
thank you
Is that island?
And the big agreement is to be until today.
Just over a minute
We will shoot
I am coming here, I will come back to know the old man.
Excuse me
Sorry to disturb in the morning
I have made an appointment with your Director.
Which one are you?
Gao Yi of An Yi Newspaper
Ok, start digging.
Special report on the struggle of the violent group?
Is it not too flat recently?
I am in the process of investigating past cases.
Found the secret of the police here.
About the big one?
I heard what I said.
Don't be scared.
What are you doing?
Still let me come
found it
The body has also found
over there
People are really interesting
Last time there was also a person who buried the corpse separately.
Ask him why he should be buried separately.
He said that if buried together
I am afraid that my head and body will grow back together.
I feel that I may live.
I am going to use your head.
Go to the head of Jiagu Village
On the date agreed with the Otani group
Dashang finally found the body of Uesugi Yoshiro
Wu Yuandong Police Station issued a national special wanted order for four people, including Miao, Guangxing, who fled.
The head of the early rice was found.
Then I can hunt down the Miaodai group.
I want to kill the ancient village with a bang However, the plan of the big one collapsed in an instant.
Say, dont touch me.
Director Maori received information from newspaper reporters
Transferred the investigation from the murder of Zaojiro Erlang
And ordered him to reflect at home from the next day.
Mr. Ichiyuki, please.
Please wait a few more days.
The body of Zaojirojiro has been found
The investigation is also going on smoothly
Then why was Ah was transferred?
The Eastern Department decided to draw a line with us.
That one
There is nothing to say with your little kid.
I cant come here.
Explain that the agreement is no longer useful
Hurry up
Let me disappear
Big brother has worked hard
Review book
Does the Director let me go to the bathroom?
Please let me go.
I will go when I go.
Will come back
Kyoji, go.
Let me prepare
Jiagu Village gave me out
call the ambulance
it hurts
Everyone listens well.
Now start the action of annihilating the tail valley group
Anything that might become an exhibit
Even the root hair is not allowed to let go
Search by law, this is a search warrant
However, the cadres of the Tail Valley group headed by Shouzhi
I have long since disappeared.
Wu Yuandong Police Station
Is the Japanese police officer here?
I am Rigang.
I am Yongchuan of the Otani group.
In the eyes of the leader, I went to the police officer of Japan.
Its outside now
What happened? Like a ghost.
When did you come here?
When is it related?
I clean up
Our Director is really a man who is not planted.
Was scared by reporters But one thing I can't figure out
That reporter even knows the pearls of Yoshida.
Only us and pears know that.
There is also Yoshida who runs.
It is impossible to go out
However, it seems that the tail valley group cant hide this time.
I even went to hurt the fifty sons.
Shou Xiao, the silly boy
What are you going to say?
The Tail Valley group allowed the attacker to surrender.
Can you please stop here?
Do you want us to stop?
What are you when we are?
Don't be excited, Yoshihara.
There is a hole in your stomach.
Big police officer
They made our cadres seriously injured and went to the ghost gate and left.
This is not a small trip.
What can be solved?
How can anyone who eats squid rice and go to the ghost gate?
There is a younger brother named Along before the Tail Valley group.
But they were killed by Jiagu Village.
Didn't you have a lesson?
That thing has nothing to do with me.
Not you are manipulating behind the scenes?
Try it again.
Do you have evidence?
These 14 years
You have been waiting for the opportunity to retaliate against the tail valley.
Is not it
You are manipulating the ancient village in the back
I want to win the game before the tail of the Tail Valley group.
The helmsman of this fight
Isn't it you at first?
What is the helmsman? I am seasick
So rarely by boat
See how long you can be calm
According to my opinion
Your boat can hit the rocks right away.
Hello, what did you say from the beginning?
Here is the hospital
Noisy Your statement is quite interesting.
Its fine to listen to you.
The cause of the reef is in the head
Human head?
The head of Wu Yuan Financials manager
At that time, you have to take the head of others.
Maybe you want to be clean and beautiful.
Can kill the debt of ordinary people
I have to pay back one day.
Its better to shake hands and talk like this.
You are all this age.
Don't want to eat hard food.
There are three conditions
Compensation 10 million yen
Group tail valley retreat
There is that handsome guy.
Sweep him out
What nonsense
If you sweep the door out
The tail valley group is finished.
I can't manage that much.
If you dont accept the conditions, you have no talk.
Then keep playing
Until one party is completely destroyed
Why do we want our father to retire?
How can this condition be promised?
Must find a solution that everyone can accept
Is it like this?
Are you stupid?
Already already fighting
Shou xiao
Young people are fighting for the dead.
Protecting them shouldn't it be your responsibility?
Can't promise, can't promise
Wait a minute, keep filial, wait a minute.
Listen to me.
Keep filial piety!
Oh shit
Big predecessor, big predecessor, where are you going?
Big predecessor
You drink too much.
I have been drinking for 6 hours.
Last cup
Give me a beer
Its so late, where have you been?
Discussing things directly with the boss
How does the team leader say
Seems to be obeying the filial piety These guys are one by one
I only know how to face my face.
excuse me
Pear, no need to accompany the girl
excuse me
Again, this time
Looking for fifty negotiations
Do you think that fifty will agree to give in?
you're so dumb
How do you think I became the leader of the second lesson?
The handles in this head are all under the handle of the underworld.
Started a long time ago
Fifty children collude with the upper level of the county police
In the past, the police received a house for them as a gift.
Use this as a basis to threaten them. Those guys will definitely be afraid.
"Surprised, scared, little sister"
This kind of tightrope life is when it is a head
Finally, I will stay
Then revenge
And I have to drag the county police on my side. Its just stupid.
what did you say
In fact, the older generation
I think you are a very good policeman.
But you should almost stop it.
If you do this, the last death is definitely you.
Is this ok?
Listen to me, dont do this.
Go to the headquarters and confess all your previous actions.
Including the 14 years ago, everything was explained.
In this case, at least your life can be saved.
Only this road can go.
Your tone of voice is just like the running dog of the county police.
But its not that Ive read college.
Just like what you said, I also know that it is a tightrope.
And the relationship with the underworld will definitely die very badly
Tightrope to the end
Not falling into the underworld, it is falling into the police. Only these two situations
In order not to fall
Can only move on
College student
I have already taken the wire.
In this case, in order not to fall off the wire, it will not fall.
Can only move forward
You want to arrest me here now.
Then sent to the county police there.
Its too boring for a person to drink. Lets find another drink.
No, I will go back today.
Really disappointed man
So no woman wants
Right, let the pear introduce you to the introduction.
Woman, of course, I have
Stinky boy is still stubborn
How come you, call me first, I will ice the beer.
Don't you come in?
What happened to you, then suddenly
what happened
You are shaking
Have you encountered any terrible things?
After that night, I lost sight of it.
This pair of tits is a saint.
Who are you going to touch next?
Let me pinch
Miao Dynasty
You realize that the ancient village group is finished.
Three days later, the Miao Dai Guangxing and other three people fled
Arrested in Ehime Prefecture
The Miao Dynasty confessed to the crime of killing the early Jiro and abandoning the body.
And the cadres of the Jiagu Village Group are also involved.
Wu Yuandong Police Station was able to conduct a mandatory search of the office of the Jiagu Village Group.
Jiagu Village, this time I can finally arrest you.
Nozaki Kosuke is arrested for suspicion of murder.
What the hell are you talking about?
Let go
Director Maori announced that the case of the murder of Zaojiroro was closed But at this time, the big picture is still missing.
Search fifty sons
Yes, the big one is likely to be kidnapped by the fifty sons.
But if there is no evidence, there is no way to search for people.
But he has been missing for four days.
Isn't he going to stop talking? Maybe where to go on vacation?
Speaking of his diary found?
Since I am missing, I went directly to search his home. I quickly found out the diary.
Why did you disclose the information to the reporter?
What are you talking about?
Reporter to the East
Know what I reported to you
Why are you coming to investigate me?
Who asked me to dispose of it as soon as possible?
I say you
Isn't this going to be counterproductive?
His Majesty the Emperor also carried out a blood transfusion in the afternoon...
Didn't you have a message for 4 days?
Its really disturbing.
Mr. Yin Ci can help, ask the fifty sons?
How can I do it?
I and fifty are not brothers.
If you are in trouble, I will be in danger myself.
I said that you are not a good friend of Ah.
Ah, this is two different things.
Really a ruthless man
You have been taken care of by him.
Without him, can you make a difference in Renzheng?
I am also very desperate in street propaganda.
Not at the beginning, I want to make a difference.
Nothing is so deep and subtle.
(Tibetan Bodhisattva)
But where did you go?
He and the underworld are too deep
Inextricable relationship with the Tail Valley Group
I couldnt get out of it when I noticed it. You seem to be mistaken for one thing.
For Ah Shang
The underworld is just a chess piece.
Including me
Occasionally feed a meal to maintain a relationship
But he and the tail valley will be like family
Maintain a family-like relationship just to use the brainless underworld for yourself
He is really in the heart, only the people
In order to protect the people, you can easily shoot against the underworld.
So the underworld will be afraid of him.
This said that if there is anything, give this to you.
this is
Taniguchi, police (58 years old)
Showa 25 years
Beginning around April of the Showa 56
Collusion with the construction of the bamboo construction of the large construction company
Have evidence of receiving cash, have photos
Hiroshima Prefecture Police Headquarters
"Sakura" at Akashi Street once beaten Miss
Has been leveled
Illegitimate woman
Yukimi (23 years old) with Casablanca Club
But these are the police intelligence.
Because the most afraid of that person is not a triad
But the police
Let's go outside.
That one
Why did the older generation collect police information?
Grab the bosss handle and wont be dismissed.
He has been worried if he is not there any day.
No one can hold the gangsters
In this case, we ordinary people cant do business normally.
I also want to get this information.
How busy it was for him?
Beauty plan
This is the best I have hosted many of the old policemen of the county police.
It is said that the county police are also desperately trying to find this note.
Seems to have a spy
Is the spy inserted to cover up their own wrongdoing?
what happened to you
It's nothing
I am like a fool
As a result, everyone is full of ghosts.
For this thing, Im desperately trying to defeat the big predecessors.
The older generations are also aware of the above activities and still protect them.
Is this not a triad style?
Why is he so desperate? Mother knows it.
In order to cover up his own crimes.
The older generation, 14 years ago, killed people.
He wants to hide this fact...
not like this
What is not
14 years ago
Killed Jincun
it's me
Sai Ben
Eat me a knife
The member of the Otani group is also my husband.
But that person came to me if nothing happened.
Still want to get my body
I thought I was going to go to jail.
Then I immediately contacted A Shang
Its me, calm down.
Calm down, calm down, its me.
never mind
Its me, calm down.
For me
Said that children can not be born in prison
At that time, I had already had a friend in my stomach.
So he handled all of it for me.
60th year of Showa
Higashioka Hideyuki inspection (25 years old)
Hiroshima University
In the 63rd year of the Showa era, Wu Yuandong police station went to office.
Wu Yuandong Police Station Criminal Second Class Assigned to the police
Inform the county police headquarters
Partial report completed
Monitor my actions and make a report
Let go
Let's let go, let go
The forensic section is still collecting evidence.
Don't you tell me not to come in?
The autopsy results of the Guardians inspection of the police station
The blood of the corpse contains a lot of alcohol and sleeping pills.
Presumably taking a sleeping pill after drinking
Falling to death
Is the death inspection minister involved in an incident?
Is there any possibility of suicide?
The body was stabbed more than ten times
How could it be an accident?
Right, have you heard that? The fifty sons have already started to act.
It seems that a lot of young gangs have gathered to Wu.
Ah, its gone, what can I do?
It seems that this fifty is a real thing.
I just heard from the forensic department that there are many foreign bodies in the stomach.
foreign matter?
Said to be pig manure
Is it killing here?
What do you say?
Don't hinder me from working
Get out of the way
Didn't hear it?
I have fifty hoods.
If you find , I can leave it.
You also want to be low-key, think for yourself.
Can't understand?
There is only pig manure.
And the relationship with the underworld will definitely die very badly
Tightrope to the end
In order not to fall
Can only move on College student
I have already taken the wire.
In this case, in order not to fall off the wire, it will not fall.
Can only move forward
I saw that I remembered it.
The uncle is very uncomfortable, so he feeds him.
The pig is also very full.
Can the police do this kind of thing?
Please forgive me
He will be killed
Can't do this kind of thing
What are you talking about?
The way to get information is too naive
Are you jealous?
I thought you grew up.
The ombudsman is out of order!
Are you really graduating from Hiroshima University?
For the majority of graduated college students
Its too hard.
You still learn how to behave.
Good job
To praise you
Are you serious
But doing this is no different from Ah Shang.
For the great predecessors, the underworld is just a chess piece.
This is what you said.
You have worked hard
You have worked hard
So here, in order to wish everyone in the conference
a new level in the future
Breaking the mirror
Hello there
Hello there
Mr. Fifty, I haven't seen you for a long time.
Introduce my little brother today
This is Sakai Silver Times.
Is a true patriot
I am a well.
The people in Jiagu Village are already finished.
So let the silver come over and help lead Wu Yuan.
That's great.
Please take care
When it comes to the patriot, I dont lose it to him.
These are the people of the county police headquarters.
is it
Everyone is in the heart of Japan.
I also ask you to take care of it.
Here Let everyone wait, the preparations have been completed...
Going out the door, the right side is the toilet. order to cheer everyone up
We invited the Taiko team to play "And Taiko" for everyone.
Flash off
The enemy came to the scene
this way
Not a mess?
I haven't seen you for a long time.
Its an adventure to meet in this place.
Surprised, scared, younger sister...
The demon outer road is like a demon outer road.
go to hell
Give it to you to finish it.
After the incident, the group will also let you out.
Hard work
Are you one after another?
My name is Fujioka.
I just cut the head of the fifty sons.
Hikaru Handcuffs
One of the shackles
Now arrest you with the current murder suspect
19:56 arrested prisoner
Is this the diary of the big one?
But the content inside is basically a fantasy on the big
The last page is what I wrote.
September 63, Showa Hiroshima Incentive Conference
Escape from the scene of the 50th killing
In the past, I also participated in the incentive conference.
September 63, Showa
Hiroshima Incentive Conference
Escape from the scene of the 50th killing
I know, I know
How about this
Return you to the headquarters immediately
Follow me as a secretary...
Can I stay in Wuyuan for a while?
And bad police are not being brought to justice.
that's true
I know
I was discovered by you I havent had a good relationship with Ah Shang.
I told him many times that I didnt want to do this.
But he insisted that I do this.
Is it a beauty plan...
I am sorry
But Ah is my benefactor
I told you about it.
I used to marry a violent man who eats soft rice. Its terrible.
At that time, Ah Ah saved me.
You have slept with others, no loss.
Besides, you are not around Ah, want to monitor him?
Dont blame anyone of you.
Why are you smoking too?
Um, pumping