The Bloody Man (2020) Movie Script

(dramatic synth music)
(tense, dramatic synth music)
(tense, dramatic synth music)
(birds chirping)
(upbeat synth pop music)
- [Radio Host] Wake up Winchester.
Hey, it looks like it's gonna be
another hot one today,
but school's almost out,
summer is almost here,
so throw on those shades,
put the top down and enjoy the ride.
(upbeat synth pop music)
All those things you said were true
I bet you never thought
I'd catch on to you
I know it now, should've known it then
But I kept trying to pretend
Now you're here so take the floor
'Cause I don't wanna hear it anymore
And don't talk back
Don't wanna love you
Don't talk back
No, no
Don't talk back
Don't wanna need you
Don't talk back
(upbeat percussive music)
- Dammit!
(upbeat synth rock music)
(dogs barking)
(upbeat synth rock music)
- Morning Sam!
- [Sam] Hey.
(upbeat synth rock music)
- Hey!
- [Sam] Sorry!
(upbeat synth rock music)
(books thud)
(upbeat synth rock music)
(birds chirping)
(tense, dramatic music)
(children laughing)
- [Boy 1] Loser!
- [Boy 2] Loser!
(children laughing)
How is it like tripping on yourself?
(upbeat synth pop music)
- Hey buddy.
Need a ride?
Come on, Sam. Get in.
There's no reason for us both to be late.
But I'm doing the best I can
(upbeat synth pop music)
Why you wanna treat me so bad
Rough morning, huh?
A really rough morning, then.
- I don't want to talk about it.
- Okay, I understand.
I'm only your father.
I could never know anything about anything
you could possibly be going through.
I mean, I was never
11-years-old, you know.
Hey, Cubbies beat the
Reds last night, four to-
- Dad.
Kim refuses to wake me up in the morning.
She made this huge breakfast
for everyone but me.
She's completely taken over the game room,
and she keeps hiding my things,
and she keeps telling me what to do and-
- Kim is not hiding your things.
She needs that room for her writing.
Okay, everybody in the family
has had to make sacrifices,
I realize that, and I'm sorry.
But she genuinely cares about you guys.
- Not like mom.
I just want her back.
- No one will ever be like your mother,
and Kim's not trying to replace her.
She just wants to be your friend.
And I think if you give her half a chance
you'll actually find she's a good person.
- Well, Amy keeps messing
with my stuff, too.
- I'll talk to Amy about
moving your things.
- When? You're never home.
- I'm sorry, Sam, but
without my job, we don't eat.
We don't have a home and you
don't have all your stuff.
Besides Kim's there.
I think it's nice to have her around.
- Whatever. No one cares.
- Why do you have a problem
with everyone lately, huh?
What's going on?
- I just want our family
to be what it used to be.
- At some point, you're
going to have to realize
that the whole world is
not out to get you, Sam.
Bad things happen and it
can be hard, real hard.
But I think if we stick together
like the family we're becoming,
we can tackle anything that comes our way.
(upbeat synth pop music)
How can you do this to me
When you know I can't
Hey Sam!
Come straight home after school, okay?
Tonight's family night.
- Okay.
- I love you.
- I love you, too.
(upbeat synth pop music)
(school bell rings)
(upbeat synth pop music)
(students chattering)
- Pew.
- Psh.
(upbeat synth pop music)
(students chattering)
- What you drawing Sam?
Is that a picture of your girlfriend?
(boys laughing)
You're not gonna cry, are you?
- Little cry baby, you gonna cry?
- Leave him alone, Perry.
- Or what?
- Just try me.
- [Boy] Oh-ho-ho.
(students chattering)
- Okay class, settle down.
You've been pretty good all year.
You can make it two more days.
I hope everyone is almost done
with their independent
research projects for tomorrow.
- Are you done with yours?
- Duh.
- I want everyone to take today
finishing up and preparing for tomorrow.
Feel free to find a partner and
practice your presentations.
- So what's your topic?
- I'm not done with it yet.
- Come on. Let me see what you have.
- It's just something stupid.
- I'm doing mine on
the foster care system.
Do you think that's stupid?
- No, of course not.
- Then why would I think yours is?
(Sam sighs)
- The Bloody Man.
- What's that?
- It talks about it in this comic.
- [Elizabeth] That's cool.
So is he some sort of a monster?
- Yeah, kind of.
He's like this evil being
who's existed since the beginning of time.
- Like the Boogeyman?
- No, he's-
- Ooh, the Boogeyman.
So spooky.
(boy laughs)
- Lay off, Perry.
Sam's report will be
way better than yours.
- This research is supposed
to be about real things,
not some stupid comic book.
- Why do you have to be such a jerk?
- I don't know.
Why you have to be such a dork?
(boy laughs)
- Give it back!
(boy laughing)
Stop it! Just give it back!
- I'll just put this where
you and your report belong.
- No!
- Boys! Stop it!
Both of you, to the principal.
(students chattering)
(upbeat synth music)
(Principal grunting)
- Remember kids, don't forget to pray,
train and feel no pain.
Can you feel the Payne?
- Um, Mr. Payne, sir?
You still have two students
waiting to see you.
- Yeah, yes, yes, uh...
Go ahead and send the Harris boy in.
- Sam, Mr. Payne will see you now.
- I heard there was a bit of an uproar
in Mrs. Darrell's class today.
- Yeah.
- Do you mind telling
me what that was about?
You and Perry were
pushing each other around,
is that right?
Look, I know Perry.
I know how he acts.
You're not like that.
Whether or not he deserved it,
don't stoop to his level, okay?
You're better than that.
I'm sorry.
- Elizabeth brought this down for you.
- [Principal] What you got there?
- Nothing. Just a comic book.
- Realm of the Underworld. I know that.
Isn't that Barbarian Man?
- Yeah. I've all been one of the figures.
- Oh, tough guy, huh?
- Yeah. But it's more than that.
Each toy has a comic and each
comic has a moral or a lesson.
Barbarian Man always knows
the right thing to do in every situation.
(Sam sighs)
I wish I could be that way.
I always try to think
about what he would do
when things get tough.
- Does he spend a lot of
time pushing people around?
- No, sir.
- I didn't think so.
You're a good kid, Sam.
Don't forget, I'll be facing off against
The Machine next weekend at the Armory.
You should have your dad bring you guys.
- Okay.
- Can you feel the Payne?
- Huh?
- Oh, nothing.
Hello, Perry.
Come on in.
I usually don't see you until after lunch.
(door closes)
- So I got chocolate
mint and chocolate on top
and I ate it all with the cone.
- Oh, that's great.
- Can I still have dessert for dinner?
- You're a bottomless pit, aren't you?
- Oh, can I go to Stacy's later?
She just got a new car.
- [Amy] Ooh, can I go
see the new car, too?
- What about game night?
- Ooh yeah.
We can play that, uh, what's it's name?
- Sam, it's your favorite.
- Yeah, what about it, Sam?
- So did you guys have
a good day at school?
- I did.
- You don't even go to school.
- I do, too.
- Kindergarten doesn't count.
- Yes it does, Stinkbreath!
- Amy.
- Michael, Amy's school day
is just as important as yours.
(Michael scoffs)
- Yeah, right.
- How about you Sam?
Anything exciting happen today?
- I got in a fight.
- What?
- Ooh, the little pansy
thinks he's a tough guy, huh?
- You know, it's never
okay to fight, right?
- Well I'm sure he was
just taking up for himself.
- Oh sure, and maybe someday he'll grow up
to be some sort of criminal.
- I don't think one little scuffle
will turn Sam to a life of crime.
What happened?
- It was Perry.
He was messing with me again.
I was just trying to get
him to leave me alone.
- What did Principal Payne
have to say about it?
- Nothing.
- Nothing?
I still don't like the
idea of you fighting.
- Well, I've known Jerry Payne for years.
I'm sure he handled it perfectly.
Besides you won't do it anymore, right?
See? Nothing to worry about.
- Sure, with one more day of school left.
(upbeat video game music)
- Dad!
(upbeat video game music)
I can't see!
- Watch it, idiot, before I hurt you.
- You're always in everyone's way.
Can't you think about
anyone but your stupid self?
(Michael scoffs)
- Stupid, huh?
I'll show you stupid.
- Quit it!
You're hurting him!
(Kim sighs)
- You boys stop it right now.
- He started it.
- I did not.
- Enough!
Go to your room.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Everybody just calm down.
- You can't just come in and
negate everything I say and do.
I'm trying my hardest.
- I know. I'm sorry.
I just want everyone to get along tonight.
- But-
- It's important.
I mean, come on.
It's game night!
- Yay!
(Kim sighs)
- Do we have to?
- It'll be fun.
- So, who wants to be on my team?
What about you Sammy?
I need a good artist on my side.
- No Sammy, be on my team.
I just love having a
good loser on my team.
(Kim sighs)
- And it's your favorite game.
- First there's something I need to
talk with everyone about.
I'm going to be out of
town tomorrow night,
so it'll be just you guys and Kim.
- Can I stay the night over at-
- And everyone is going to stay here
and spend time together as a family.
- What? Come on.
- I don't want to hear it.
I have to go to LA for
a very important meeting
with some clients, but
it won't be that bad.
I'll be back first thing Saturday morning.
- Don't leave, daddy.
- Oh, kiddo.
This is a good opportunity for you
to spend quality time with Kim.
It'll be fun.
- Tomorrow? Of all days?
- Sam, I'm sorry. There's
really no way to avoid this.
It won't be that bad. I promise.
- Dad, please?
(Amy gasps)
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Sam.
(Sam grunts)
- Oh, no, the game.
- Great. Look what you did, stupid.
(tense, dramatic synth music)
- I pledge myself to the stars.
My desires please God.
(tense synth music)
Grant me my wish, oh
power from the other side.
(tense, dramatic synth music)
(Sam gasp)
- Can I come in?
What did you do?
- What do you mean? I'm
just working on my report.
- Your hand. Did you cut it back there?
- Oh.
It's fine.
- Almost done with your report?
- Yeah.
- I think you'll live.
I miss her too, Sam.
There's not a day that goes by
that I don't think about her.
Sometimes I even dream about her
and when I wake up, for a moment I forget.
And then the pain starts all over again.
We're all hurting still, and that's okay.
- I dream about her, too. All the time.
I miss her so much.
- That's okay.
I know.
But just because you hurt doesn't mean
you can take it out on everyone else.
- She'll never take mom's place.
I want her to stop trying.
- Come on, Sam.
- Dad, I don't even understand
why you married her.
- We've been over this, Sam.
I've known her for years
and she's a wonderful woman.
You have no idea how
much she cares about you
and how hard she's trying.
- To pretend like mom never even existed.
- Sam.
She is not the source of your problems.
Going through something like
this can be incredibly hard.
Believe me, I know.
But maybe you can try a little harder
to get along with everyone.
- Okay, I'll try.
- Great.
Well, do you need any
help with your report?
- No. I'm almost finished.
- Okay. Well...
I'm here if you need anything.
- Okay, dad.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- You okay?
- Yeah, I'll be fine.
- Are you sure?
Think you can handle these little monsters
while I'm away?
- I think I can manage.
- I have faith in you.
I'm just not used to being
away from them overnight,
especially on the anniversary-
- I promise we'll be fine.
- I'll miss them.
- You're going to miss all the bickering?
- Oh, but I am going to miss you a lot.
(soft synth music)
- Come on, dad, keep it in your pants.
- Oh, oh!
- Michael.
Make sure he stays home tomorrow.
And don't let Sam give you too much grief.
- I won't.
- And whatever you do, don't
feed 'em after midnight.
(Kim laughs)
(insects buzzing)
(tense synth music)
(tense, dramatic synth music)
- Charles was nervous and sweaty
as he gathered the items
he needed for a spell.
(tense music)
- Charles! What are you doing?
I told you to stop
tinkering with that sorcery.
- Caroline.
This'll be the last time, I swear.
- No!
If anyone found out, they'd hang us both.
- My love.
My love.
You know we need this.
First the tornado, then that hail storm.
This would be the fourth
season we won't have a harvest.
- I don't care about the harvest.
I care about you.
I don't want no dealing with the devil.
- You just don't understand.
This will fix everything.
- I'll fix it!
I'm taking this book to brother William
and let him deal with it-
- Dammit woman!
Give me that book!
- Have you lost all your senses?
- No, you've lost yours!
- This book is full of wickedness!
- No, let me try it! One time!
- Charles, please! Charles!
(Charles yells)
(Caroline screams)
- No!
(Sam gasps)
(tense synth music)
(Michael yells)
(Sam yells)
(Michael laughs)
- You asshole. What are you doing?
- Couldn't get mine open.
Did you lock it?
- No. I don't go in your smelly room.
Where were you?
- Stacy's.
Had give her a little something
before she leaves for camp next week.
- What did you give her? A barf bag?
- Watch it, shithead.
(door closes)
(soft synth music)
- Hey, come on guys.
Last day of school. Let's go.
And we're stopping for breakfast.
- [Amy] Where are we going?
- Robby's diner.
Your favorite.
(Amy squeals)
(Kim laughs)
All right, come on Sam. Time to go.
(soft synth music)
(birds chirping)
- Love you, daddy.
- Oh, love you, kiddo.
Have a great day.
- Bye sweetie.
- All right.
Have a wonderful day.
- Thank you.
Ah! (Chuckles)
Come on, let's go.
Sweetie pie.
(soft synth music)
- Oh mom, I forgot to tell you.
Basketball camp is in two weeks.
I need money for dorms.
- Okay, um, we'll check
the calendar and see.
- Who's gonna watch me?
All Sam does is play video games.
- Mom, I have to.
It's the same time as
cheerleading camp. It's perfect.
- Okay, we'll see.
- Sam, what are you going to eat?
Mommy, can I have pancakes?
- You can have whatever you want, darlin'.
(soft synth music)
(birds chirping)
(people chattering)
(soft synth music)
- Can I go watch Michael play?
- Mm-hm, yeah, just for a minute.
So Sam, I have something for you.
Okay, I know your birthday
is still a few weeks away,
but I can't wait to give this to you.
- What is it?
- Well, I guess you'll have
to open it and find out.
(soft synth music)
- Yes! This is awesome!
This is the one I always wanted.
How did you find it? (Chuckles)
Thank you so much.
(Michael sighs)
- Come on.
- Watch out!
- I know.
I have to get at this time.
I'm on my last quarter.
(tense synth music)
(tense, dramatic synth music)
- Well what a pretty girl you are.
What's your name?
- Amy.
- Amy. Such a sweet name.
I have this for you, Amy.
(tense, dramatic synth music)
Go on.
It's okay.
(tense synth music)
- Amy no!
Okay, Amy, go back to the table.
(tense, dramatic synth music)
- What?
- Why weren't you watching your sister?
(Michael scoffs)
- I was.
- Huh. (Scoffs)
What have I told you?
You are never, ever to talk to strangers.
I'm just glad you're okay.
- Uh, is everything okay, ma'am?
- Okay, you have a man in here
who just tried to give my daughter
something covered with blood.
- Blood?
- Yes, he's right over here...
Well he was, um...
Well let's just, come look.
- Come here.
- He was just here.
- I don't see anyone.
- Well his hands were covered with blood.
I don't know if he was trying
to take her or hurt her.
Oh. (Grunts)
- There's no one out there.
(tense synth music)
(thud on window)
(Sam gasps)
(Michael sighs)
- I can't wait to get my own car.
- Hey, have a good day, honey.
Okay, bye.
(students chattering)
(birds chirping)
(tense, dramatic synth music)
(school bell rings)
(soft, tense synth music)
(pencils scratching)
(soft, tense synth music)
(pencils clatter)
(tense music)
- Sam.
I'm going to need you to come with me.
- What's wrong?
- I can't say right now,
but your dad's on his way to pick you up.
(police radio chatter)
(tense synth music)
- It's a car crash.
(police radio chatter)
- Jen just got here with the cutters.
(siren blaring)
(tense, dramatic music)
- No.
(tense music)
(rain pattering)
(Sam gasps)
(school bell rings)
(soft synth music)
- Hey Sam.
- Hey.
- Mrs. Darrell's gonna write
you up for being late again.
- Don't remind me.
What's that?
- I need it for my presentation.
- Oh.
- I'm excited to hear yours.
Are you ready?
- I sure hope so.
(Elizabeth chuckles)
A very long time ago, there
was a man named William.
He was a preacher in a small town.
(soft, tense music)
- [William] We laid Charles's
wife to rest yesterday.
It has been seven days since
I last encountered the demon.
I have learned that
this beast is hell bent
on destroying our families from within
by many wicked and perverse means.
It will stop at nothing.
I believe I have found a way to defeat
this intolerable
nightmare once and for all
if I am not too late.
(disembodied chattering)
I, William C. Emory,
swear before God our Lord
to fight to end the suffering
of our town at all costs.
(tense music)
- Brother William?
- Yes?
- Rosabelle is missing.
- Go and tell your husband
to meet me at Albany Place.
- But what about-
- Do as I say.
(townspeople shouting)
- He's got her in the barn!
(townspeople shouting)
- Let's go.
- Let her down Charles. She
hasn't done you any harm.
- Just shoot him.
He killed poor Caroline!
- Don't come near me!
I'll wring her neck!
(townspeople shouting)
- Thank goodness-
- No.
(townspeople shouting)
- Charles.
- They're all devils.
- Who are?
- Them! All of them, devils!
- You're the devil.
- These are your neighbors. Your friends.
(townspeople chattering)
Get them out of here.
- Come on everyone, let's go.
Come on, let him alone!
Let's go.
Let's go.
- He's got a screw loose!
- Out!
- Let's go!
- I will handle this.
Let her go.
She's an innocent girl.
I know you're having a hard time
dealing with Caroline's death.
I'm here to help, Charles.
There's no need for anyone else to die.
- Stay back!
- Charles.
- I thought she was the devil.
(Charles panting)
- Don't trust him, preacher.
- [Man 1] Let's just get him ourselves!
- They're all devils.
(Rosabelle screams)
(townspeople exclaim)
- No! No!
(townspeople chattering)
- [Man 2] Go lads, go.
(townspeople chattering)
- No.
My baby girl.
She's gone.
No, baby girl, my baby girl.
- Oh, right, let me guess,
the Bloody Man killed the girl.
What a crock.
(students laughing)
- Class, that's enough. (Grunts)
Sam, I thought your report was rather, mm,
thought provoking.
- It provokes me to think
that he's got a screw loose.
(boy laughs)
- Why don't we all take
a five minute break
before the next report?
- That was a really cool story, Sam.
Is it the story from your comic books?
- Yeah, my mom got it for
me right before she...
- I knew her, you know.
I told you I was in foster care.
Your mom was my caseworker.
She's the one who put me
with the Clark family.
Now I have parents, a big
sister, a little brother.
- Yeah, but do you have a step-mom?
They're the worst.
- I've had every kind
of mom you can think of.
I was in 13 different foster homes.
Trust me, be thankful
for the family you have.
It can't be all that bad.
(insects buzzing)
- Grr, I don't even care. I'm just hungry.
All right, I'll go get the breadsticks.
Oh, stop it. Hold yourself.
If you want room for cake...
All right, she's got to go to the doctor.
You guys can go home.
Oh, let's go to the beach.
Could you, could you two please come in?
Oh yes, of course.
All right.
She seems to be having too much caffeine.
I'm so sorry, but she cannot
drink any more caffeine
for the rest of her life.
Oh, well then I'll just give
her water at the tea party.
I'm sorry, no liquids
for the rest of her life.
Oh, well then I'll just go get her sweets.
No sweets for the rest of her life.
(Amy gasps)
Give it back!
- It's mine, you creep.
Stop taking my stuff!
Have you been playing
in mom's stuff again?
Amy, it's mom's.
You can't just be playing with it.
(Amy whimpering)
(Amy sobbing)
- What is the problem?
- Nothing you would care about.
I want all my stuff right now!
- Why do you have to be so mean?
- Get all your stuff and go to your room.
(Kim sighs)
- Come on.
Dad said I could go to
Stacy's for a while. Swear.
Just give me an hour.
- Please, Michael, give me a break.
You know you're not
going anywhere tonight.
(Amy sobbing)
Amy, calm down.
I've had enough out of you.
(tense synth music)
(Kim sighs)
(tense, dramatic synth music)
(staticky buzzing)
(soft piano music)
- Oh!
(soft piano music)
(birds chirping)
- Come on Amy.
Get that ball.
Get it.
Boys. Let her play, too, now.
Well hey, dear pumpkin.
- Hi
- Hi.
(Laurie chuckles)
(Laurie sighs)
(Laurie chuckles)
See how well your brothers are playing?
- Yeah.
- That is my prayer for your whole lives.
You guys are lucky to have each other.
Siblings are so sweet.
- Yeah.
- They can be your best friends in life,
if you stick together.
Promise me you guys will
always protect each other.
- Promise, mommy.
- Good.
- Promise, mommy.
(dramatic music)
- [The Bloody Man] Do
you really mean that?
- Sam?
(tense, dramatic synth music)
(Kim gasps)
(tense, dramatic synth music)
- [The Bloody Man] Amy.
(Amy gasps)
(tense, dramatic synth music)
(tense, dramatic synth music)
(Amy whimpering)
(Amy sobbing)
- What is it?
- There was, there was a scary man
out my window and, and...
(Amy sobbing)
There was a scary man.
- I want you to calm down and go to sleep!
And if I have to tell you one
more time, you'll be sorry.
(Amy sobbing)
(tense, dramatic synth music)
- Michael.
- I wasn't, I just-
(Michael sighs)
Oh, it's you.
- Something's wrong.
- Yeah. You're in my room.
Get out.
- Have you noticed anything
about your lover's house?
She has power.
We don't.
Or have you been too busy to notice?
- Uh, I've noticed.
What do you want me to do about it?
- Dad's not here to fix it, so we have to.
Come on, let's just check the electricity.
- All right, fine.
Let's go check the fuse box.
- Let's go.
(tense synth music)
- I don't know, Sam.
I've never done this before.
I'm not exactly an electrician.
It doesn't make sense.
Everything looks okay.
- Something's weird tonight, Michael.
- No joke.
We're being held like hostages.
This is bullshit.
- Have you noticed Kim acting strange?
- No stranger than normal,
trying to play mommy.
- No, like she's meaner.
- You only think that because she tries
to make you act like a normal person,
instead of the brat you are.
(Michael sighs)
Maybe it's 'cause dad's
gone and she can be herself.
She doesn't have to keep
up her show for him.
- [Sam] Hey, candles.
(Michael and Sam gasp)
- What?
(tense, dramatic synth music)
(mouse chitters)
Get off me!
(tense, dramatic synth music)
- Hey, watch it.
- Didn't mom get you this?
- Yeah, so go easy.
- I'll spare you.
This time.
What's it about, anyway?
- I've been doing this report on it,
but there's something about it, Michael.
It seems so real.
(Michael chuckles)
It's the Bloody Man.
And I think it's more than just a com-
(door creaks)
(tense, dramatic synth music)
- The Bloody Man?
I know him.
I've been reading about
him in your comic book.
I know a story about him.
(Michael chuckles)
- All right.
Let's hear it then.
- Okay, well, a long, long time ago,
there's was a family of five people.
The dad died of old age.
His son was so sad. His
heart was completely broke.
But late one night, he
was in his room crying,
and the phone rang, but
it wasn't his real phone.
It was his play phone that was ringing.
It was his dad calling.
He was so happy he could
finally talk to his dad again,
but it wasn't his dad.
It was the Bloody Man.
And then the Bloody Man
made a million knives
come from all over the
world and stab his mom,
and then the baby got shot.
At the exact same time,
all the phones all over
the world started ringing.
- That's not in the comic.
- That's the craziest
story I've ever heard.
- He shot a baby?
- I'm not done.
The Bloody Man was coming to
kill the boy a with a chainsaw,
but then the aliens
showed up to save the day.
They were getting ready to
take the Bloody Man to jail,
but when they left the
house, instead of the police,
the devil himself was there.
He was going to make them all his slaves.
But just in time, the boy
pulls out his bazooka and blows
them all to smithereens!
- Amy, something is
seriously wrong with you.
- It's a true story.
I read it in a book.
- You can't even read.
- Um, maybe it was on TV?
(Michael chuckles)
- Stay in school, kiddo.
(Sam and Amy chuckles)
Now, if you want to hear a true story,
not one that's a creation
of some demented mind,
I've got one for you.
(upbeat synth pop rock music)
(teenagers chattering)
- Babe!
You got any more Spam?
- [Girl] You ate it all.
- Who puts Spam on their pizza?
- It's good.
- Found it.
(dramatic music)
- What's that?
- Only a gateway to hell.
- Oh, come on.
Those things are so bogus.
- I don't know.
My friend had one once and
it made his lights flicker.
- Really?
- Yeah.
He got so scared that he took it outside
and set it on fire and threw it away.
The next day, it was back in his house.
- Wow.
- Gosh.
- That's seriously the
dumbest thing I've ever heard.
Completely unbelievable.
- Swear.
- Mm, no, I meant the part about
you having any friends.
(teenagers laugh)
- Hey, I thought we were going
to play seven minutes in heaven.
- No.
This is way better.
If you allow the spirits
to enter your world,
this really does work.
(tense, dramatic synth music)
- Steve.
- Okay. Seriously, guys.
Let's do this.
- I'm not touching that thing.
- She says that every
Friday night. (Laughs)
- Fine.
Everybody else in?
- [Steve] Sure.
- Okay.
- No way. Not me.
- Don't be a dipshit, man.
- I'm not getting possessed by some demon.
- Mm. That's too bad.
It might be an improvement.
(girls laugh)
- Okay.
(inhales deeply)
Clear your minds, and
place your hands here.
(inhales deeply)
- Oh, spirits.
Please tell us.
Does Bonnie have herpes?
- What?
(Steve laughs)
- What's herpes?
- I'll tell you when you're older.
- I'll start.
Are there any spirits
here with us tonight?
Will you reveal yourselves if you're here?
- Is it working?
- I'm not moving it.
- Are you?
- Of course I'm moving it. It's fake.
(glass shatters)
- Guys!
My mom's gonna kill me!
(boy gasps)
- I got it.
Just go clean yourself up, klutz.
- He's bleeding.
Are you okay?
- Okay.
Steve, do you think you
can be serious for once?
- Fine.
(inhaling deeply)
- Is there anyone here with us?
(dramatic music)
- It's Steve again.
- I didn't do it this time.
- What's your name?
- Carol.
- Hi Carol.
I'm Peggy.
- I-N-E...
- Carol, why are you here?
- Warning.
- Carol, what's the warning?
- Bloody?
- [Peggy] M-A-N.
- Bloody Man?
What is that?
- Carol, what's the Bloody Man?
- [Steve] What?
- Why did it do that?
- Peggy, stop messing with us.
- It's not me, it's the board.
- This is the biggest crock of-
- Okay, seven minutes in heaven it is.
- Oh no, you're playing this one.
(boy sighs)
- Does mommy only get to be
in heaven for seven minutes?
- No, Amy, mommy's in heaven forever.
- Just let me finish.
So they get out a bottle.
- Okay, so, we each take
turns spinning the bottle.
Whoever the bottle points to,
you get to spend seven minutes
in heaven with all alone.
- I'll go first.
- Let's not get excited.
Here you go, Kev.
(upbeat synth rock pop music)
(girl gasps)
(soft music)
- Right on man.
- Okay.
Come on.
- I don't know about this, man.
- Shut up and get in.
(teenagers laugh)
(soft music)
(girl chuckles)
- Bonnie?
- Yes?
- I have to be honest.
I've never been with a girl before.
(Bonnie chuckles)
I mean, I've been with a girl before,
like, in the same room, like, like,
with my, my mom or, or sister.
I, I mean, I guess I just haven't gone
all the way in a sense.
I've kissed a girl before.
Yeah. Plenty of girls.
Unless you're talking
about non-relatives then-
- Kevin.
- Yeah?
- Shut up.
(soft synth music)
(tense music)
(Bonnie gasps)
- Whoa. I think I felt
the earth move. (Chuckles)
- Is somebody back there?
- Huh?
- Peggy, stop screwing around.
- Are, are you okay?
- Yes.
I just, I don't like
being locked up in here.
- With me?
- No, that's not what I meant.
I just...
I'm just a little scared, I guess.
- Of what?
- The Bloody Man. (Chuckles)
- Don't worry.
- [The Bloody Man] Right here with you.
(dramatic music)
- Sorry about your tablecloth, Peggy.
Did you guys get everything cleaned?
- [Steve] How did you get out of the...
- Where's Bonnie?
(Bonnie screaming)
- Help me!
Help me!
- That boy turned bad?
- Wait, is that a real story?
- Sure it is.
It was in newspapers and everything.
- Listen to this one.
William was putting away his books
as someone watched from the shadows.
(tense music)
- You can come out, Charles.
I know you're there.
I'm not afraid of you.
(tense music)
- You should be.
Don't touch me!
- I want you to know that I'm here for you
and that I understand.
- What?
- Have something to eat.
- I don't want your food.
- I'm sure it must be hard,
with everything that you've gone through.
The farm, Caroline.
I'm sure you felt like
you had no where to turn.
(Charles breathing heavily)
Have you heard of the
legend of Beloso Magnus?
Magnus was a loner,
didn't have many friends.
He was as skeptical of most
people as they were of him.
In a village of good upstanding families,
Magnus didn't fit in.
In his travels, he had gotten his hands
on a dark magic book and was using it
to make money, win duels.
It was working wonders for him.
But his village didn't take kindly
to having the devil's work going
on right under their noses.
The villagers all got together and decided
to take matters into their own hands.
They stormed Magnus' land late one night
and slaughtered him.
Legend has it in the
last moments of his life,
Beloso Magnus vowed to come back
and destroy as many people
and families as he could.
Tell me, Charles. What
destroyed your family?
(Charles breathing heavily)
(tense, dramatic music)
- To be continued?
That's stupid. What happens?
- I don't know. I don't have part two yet.
But what I do know is that it's
the real story of the Bloody Man.
- Wait, so Charles was possessed?
No way, the Bloody Man is
supposed to turn into the person.
- The Bloody Man is scary.
- The Bloody Man is more powerful
than you can even imagine.
He's ancient and evil.
- Why is he evil?
- He kills people. Kids, entire families.
That's his whole purpose.
You can tell stories about
aliens and Ouija boards,
but this is the real deal.
(tense, dramatic synth music)
- Don't be such a wimp.
- [Sam] What if that's
the Bloody Man in there?
- Shh!
(tense, dramatic synth music)
(toys clattering)
(exhales heavily)
It's just your stupid toys.
(Sam sighs)
(dramatic music)
(Amy screams)
- Did you see that?
- See what?
- There's somebody in the closet.
- What the hell is going on in here?
- There's someone in the closet.
- They're just scared
because the power's out.
- Well, they wouldn't be scared
if they were in bed where
they're supposed to be.
- Just chill out a bit.
It's not a school night.
- I don't care what night it is.
You are not in charge.
- I miss daddy.
- I have had enough of you.
- Wait! Everybody just calm down.
We'll all go to bed.
- Stop. You're hurting me.
- Oh, well I would never hurt
you, precious little angel.
- Come on, Amy. Let's go.
- And clean up this junk.
- Everything's going to be all right.
There's nothing to be worried about.
We'll all have a fun day
tomorrow, and dad'll be home soon.
Get some rest, okay?
- That's a great idea, Michael.
I'll take it from here.
(Michael sighs)
- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.
(soft synth music)
I love you, Michael.
- Does he love you?
- Yes.
- Hm.
(tense synth music)
(toys clattering)
(Sam gasps)
(tense synth music)
(door creaking)
(tense synth music)
- Amy?
(tense synth music)
(Sam gasps)
(lighter clicks)
- Come over here.
- Kim. I just, I had to go...
- It's okay.
You're not in trouble.
(Sam sighs)
(tense synth music)
Look, I know how hard it is for you today.
I know how much you miss your mom
and how close you guys were.
- You don't know anything about her.
- Shh!
Sam, I'm here for you.
I understand.
I really do.
I've seen you struggling
the last few months,
dealing with her death,
fighting with your siblings,
trying to find your place in this world.
Your mom was a good woman.
- She was the best.
- And she loved you very much.
She was the only one who understood you.
And just like that, she's gone.
- And now I'm all alone.
- I know, Sam. I'm so sorry.
- I'm so, so, so sorry!
(tense, dramatic synth music)
(Sam choking)
(tense, dramatic synth music)
- Yeah, I know, but I can't right now.
My step-mom's on the warpath.
- [Stacy] I'll just come over there then.
- Stacy, you're crazy.
- But I want to see you.
- [Michael] I wanna see you, too.
- Just wait until everyone's
asleep like you always do.
Just go to the end of the
street and I'll pick you up.
- Michael, call the cops.
- What?
- Kim just tried to choke me to death.
- Oh shut up, stop being such a brat.
- I'm telling the truth. I swear.
- [Stacy] What's going on?
- Oh, nothing, just my
idiot brother being stupid.
- Give me the phone.
- Get off of me.
(tense synth music)
Can you believe that?
(tense synth music)
- Michael? Is that you?
(Sam gasps)
(tense, mysterious synth music)
(doll giggles)
Ugh, Amy.
(tense, mysterious synth music)
(tense, mysterious synth music)
- It's because he's gone
on some business trip,
today of all days.
- I'm so sorry.
I'll make it all better for you.
- [Michael] Oh yeah?
- But first I have to see you.
- I wish.
He made a special point to tell us
that we had to stay home
and bond or some crap.
- [Stacy] He's just being a dad.
My dad was the same way when we
adopted Elizabeth and Alex.
- Yeah, I know.
- [Stacy] But he's not there, so get-
(tense, dramatic synth music)
- Hello?
(tense, mysterious synth music)
(dramatic synth music)
What did you do to the phones?
- Nothing. I didn't do it.
- Stop lying.
- [Sam] I'm not lying.
I swear.
- Why are you acting like such a maniac?
- I don't know where Amy is.
I think Kim did something bad to her.
- Oh yeah, so bad.
She's letting her stay up late
and they're in there playing.
(Michael sighs)
Stop it with all the
craziness, Sam. Seriously.
- Oh yeah?
Look at my neck.
She tried to choke me to death.
- Some Halloween paint, Sam?
Either you're a crazy
liar or a complete idiot.
Probably both.
- What?
- Listen, I'm going to go see what
the problem with the phones are.
Now go to bed before I choke you to death.
(Sam sighs)
- Oh no!
- It got her head!
- [Amy] Hey, that's my girl.
- [Kim] Okay, let's put
her back over there.
Put her head in her lap like that.
- Yeah.
- Amy!
- Hi Sam.
- Amy, get away from her.
- She's having fun.
Can't you let the poor
child play with her toys?
- Don't you hurt her.
- Sam. Now I'd never hurt Amy.
She's the sweetest little thing
in the whole wide world.
(Amy giggles)
I can't say that about you.
Maybe you could take a lesson from Amy.
- Amy, please.
Let's just go to bed
like we're supposed to.
- But I'm just playing dolls.
- See Sam?
We're just having a good time.
- If you come with me right now,
I'll let you sleep in
my bed for a whole week.
Just come on.
- I don't think that's a
decision that you should make.
We've been over this. I make the rules.
- And the rule right now is play.
- Wee!
(Amy giggles)
(tense, dramatic synth music)
(Amy screams)
- Give me back my sister!
(Amy sobbing)
- What are you doing, you little brat?
What are you? Jealous?
- I know what you want to do to her.
I see exactly what you're
doing to this family!
- You are not the savior
of this family, Sam.
(Sam grunts)
(Amy screams)
(Amy sobs)
(dramatic synth music)
So, if you'll excuse
me, I'd really, really
like to play with your sister. (Laughs)
Goodnight, Sam.
- No!
(tense, dramatic synth music)
(tense, dramatic synth music)
(insects buzzing)
(tense synth music)
(tense synth music)
- The main phone line is cut.
(Sam gasps)
- Michael, look.
- Are you nuts?
Dad is going to murder you.
- I didn't do it.
I really think the Bloody Man is here.
I think he's making
Kim act the way she is.
- Listen, Sam, I get it.
Mom's gone, dad's away,
and you don't like Kim.
We all get it. But this is your life now.
Grow up.
- Where are you going?
- I need to get Kim to
help me with the phones.
- No, wait.
- What's your problem?
- You don't understand.
- No, I don't.
My brother is losing his mind
and you better get that
paint off your door
before anyone else sees it.
- It's not paint. It's blood.
I swear it is.
(phone ringing)
(tense synth music)
(Michael sighs)
- Hello?
- [Stacy] Michael, you have to help me!
- Stacy?
What's wrong?
- [Stacy] Please come over quick!
He's gong to kill me!
- What? Who is?
(Stacy screams)
(phone line drops)
(tense, dramatic synth music)
- Michael!
- I've got to go save Stacy.
- What do you mean?
- She needs me!
- Please don't go.
We have to get Amy away from Kim.
- Nothing is going on here.
It's all in your crazy head.
Your obsession over these
legends and tall tales
and, and everything that's
going on here is your own fault.
- My fault?
- Yeah.
- Michael, if it wasn't for you,
mom would still be alive.
- Sam, you know nothing.
Seriously, you don't want
to have this conversation.
- Then why did mom leave work that day?
Say it.
- Fine, you want to know?
You really want to know?
(soft music)
- Oh, look at that.
(phone ringing)
Hey Mr. Payne. Jerry.
Hey, what's going on?
Oh my gosh. Sam's award program.
Okay. I thought it started at one, not 11.
Okay, all right, all right.
Thank you so much, Jerry.
I will, uh, I will hurry. Okay, bye.
(soft music)
- No.
She left work that day
because you skipped school.
I saw you leave.
- No Sam.
- You're a liar!
- Stop blaming everyone
else for everything.
I didn't want to tell you,
but you're completely out of control.
- You're out of control!
- You'll never get it.
I'm going to Stacy's.
- No, stay and help me.
- You deserve whatever it is
you think is coming after you.
- I hate you, Michael!
I hate you!
How we shared so much precious blood
Killing time
(Sam sobbing)
With no regard to who
or what's in control
It's like we've started
losing track of our souls
(door slams)
(doorknob jangling)
(Sam grunting)
(tense synth music)
(Kim laughing deviously)
(synth pop music)
We're living in borrowed times
No denying
- Come on.
- Michael?
- Where's Stacy?
- She's in bed.
- I need to see her.
- Michael, what's this about?
- It's okay, mom.
(tense, mysterious synth music)
What are you doing?
- Are you all right?
- I won't be after my mom kills me.
Why are you banging on the door so late?
Why not just come to the window?
- Stacy.
Are you all right?
- Why wouldn't I be?
- You called me and said someone
was trying to murder you.
(Stacy laughs)
- That's really the excuse
you came up with to come over?
- Stacy, I'm serious.
- Michael, what's gotten into you?
- You called me.
- I called,
but the line was busy.
I just figured Kim took
the phone off the hook
and made you all go to bed.
Are you okay?
(Kim laughing deviously)
- Let me go!
- You can go.
But I get Michael and Amy.
You never liked them much anyway.
Michael left you here to die.
(tense synth music)
- Amy.
- And that little brat can't
even leave your things alone.
- [Laurie] Promise me you'll
always protect each other.
- No.
(Kim laughing deviously)
What do you want from us?
- Why, Sam, your lives, of course.
I've so enjoyed destroying your
precious little family from within.
- We'll beat you!
- You know very well you can't hurt me.
No one can.
(Kim laughing deviously)
(tense, dramatic synth music)
- Sam has lost it.
He thinks Kim is trying to kill us.
- What are you talking about?
Trying to kill you?
- I know.
It sounded weird to me, too,
but there is some weird stuff going on.
Creepy stuff.
And Sam keeps talking about some demon.
- The Bloody Man.
- Michael, listen, I'm
really worried about you.
Why don't you just take a minute-
- What am I doing?
I have to go home.
- What do you mean?
- I have to get back to Sam and Amy.
- Michael, just wait.
- Let me borrow your car.
- [Stacy] Um...
- Take care of Sam, okay?
- Michael, bu-uh...
(upbeat synth pop music)
- What is this?
Go to bed.
(upbeat synth pop music)
I've been losing touch 'cause
I've been holding onto
Someone that I just can't reach
I've been driving at full speed
Been so long since I've seen
Close call
Close call
I've been driving too fast tonight
I've been driving too fast
For your love
- Come on.
It's a close call
Close call
Hey Sam?
Come on, I feel bad about what I said.
(soft synth music)
I shouldn't have told you all that.
- Michael, please believe me.
We have to get Amy away from Kim.
- I really think Amy's fine.
- Amy's fine.
- Amy.
Thank God you're alive.
I thought-
- He thought Kim
was trying to kill you.
Sam's having a really rough night.
Come on, let me put you to bed.
- Kim says I can stay up.
(tense synth music)
- Where is Kim?
- Hiding.
- What?
- They're probably just
playing some sort of game.
- This isn't a game.
- This isn't a game.
Come with me.
Kim needs us.
- No way.
- What's wrong? What does she need?
- She needs us to go to her.
- [Michael] Let's go find her.
- Come to Kim. She needs us.
- Why is she acting this way?
Maybe Kim-
- Come to Kim.
She needs us.
We must go now!
(Amy coughs)
(Amy panting)
- Are you okay?
- Oh, she's fine, which
is more than I can say
about the two of you.
- Kim, something weird is going on.
I got a call from Stacy,
but it wasn't her,
and I don't even know how
because the phone lines are cut.
- Good. I would have hated to
have done that for nothing.
(tense, dramatic synth music)
- See? I told you she was evil.
- Evil?
(chuckles) That's such
a quaint, little word.
(Kim laughs deviously)
(tense, dramatic synth music)
(Kim laughing deviously)
(tense, dramatic synth music)
- It's play time.
(dramatic synth music)
(children screaming)
(phone ringing)
- Hello, please help us.
We're at 1218-
- Michael, is everything okay?
- Who, who is this?
- [Woman] What do you mean?
It's mom.
- Mom?
But, you, you can't.
You're dead.
- Just like you'll be.
(tense, dramatic synth music)
(The Bloody Man laughing)
(Michael grunting)
- Come on.
- [Sam] Michael, let me in!
Hurry, the Bloody Man is after me!
The Bloody Man-
- Is here.
(tense, dramatic synth music)
(Michael yells)
(tense, dramatic synth music)
- Michael, let me in!
Come on! Please.
- Leave me alone!
(Amy sobbing)
- Oh.
There you are.
(tense, dramatic synth music)
(Amy screams)
(Amy grunting)
- Stay in there, Amy.
Why don't you pick on
someone your own size?
(tense, dramatic synth music)
(Amy sobbing)
(Amy gasps)
(Amy whimpering)
(tense, dramatic synth music)
- Mommy, help me.
(Michael grunting)
- Come on.
(dramatic music)
(Michael yells)
(Michael grunting)
(tense, dramatic synth music)
(Michael grunting)
(Michael grunts)
Yeah, don't mess with me.
Oh, come on.
(Michael grunts)
(Michael choking)
(tense, dramatic synth music)
(Michael yells)
(tense, dramatic synth music)
- Wanna play, Amy?
(tense, dramatic synth music)
- [Laurie] To my barbarian man,
who can win any battle
he puts his mind to.
Love, mom.
P.S., you have no idea how hard it was
to save this gift until Christmas.
(Sam sobbing)
(tense, dramatic synth music)
- Release him! Release him!
Release him!
I know you, Beloso Magnus,
and I know someone who was
there when you were created.
(tense music)
(thunder rumbling)
(upbeat, intense music)
- I am Barbarian Man!
(Charles sobbing)
If you conjure him, you must conquer him.
(Charles yells)
- [Amy] Sam?
- Come on.
- Are we gonna get killed?
- No. I'm not gonna let that happen.
- What are we gonna do?
- I don't know yet.
What's wrong?
What is it?
- I'm sorry I always take your toys.
Please don't be mad at me.
- No, don't be sorry.
I'm sorry for being such a jerk.
You can play with my
toys anytime you want.
- Like right now?
(Sam chuckles)
This is me.
This is you.
- And who's that supposed to be?
- The Bloody Man.
- Well, I'll just have to do this to him.
- Can you really kill the Bloody Man?
- I sure hope so.
(Michael sighs)
- This is crazy.
(tense synth music)
(The Bloody Man laughing)
(Michael gasps)
(Michael grunts)
(Michael grunts)
(tense, dramatic synth music)
(Michael grunting)
(breathing heavily)
(The Bloody Man laughing)
- Sometimes it's wise to
believe in scary stories.
- What do you want from us.
- To destroy you, of course.
You and your loved ones.
- We haven't done anything to you!
- The fact that your family even exists
makes my soul lament...
If I had one.
I only need the smallest
fracture within a family
to come in and do what must be done:
To destroy every last one of you.
- [Michael] You can't!
- Oh?
- Sam!
- Their deaths will be
exceptionally delightful.
- No!
(inhales deeply)
- You'll get to watch as the flesh
is peeled from their bones.
- No, no.
Go away!
- I will call my evil self,
and we will get those, that scepter!
- No.
- Kick!
- You'll never catch me.
This is my scepter.
And by doing that, I have Snoozy
who can make people go
to sleep by one bite,
and the only thing that can
reverse that is the scepter.
- Ah!
- Ah.
- Missed me, missed me.
Now I'm gonna kick you.
- Oh no, Snoozy.
(Michael screaming)
Did you hear that?
- [Amy] Hear what?
- It sounded like Michael.
(tense, dramatic synth music)
(muffled grunting)
(Amy gasps)
- Sam! Amy!
Help me get these ropes off.
Hurry up, before he comes back!
Where were you guys?
- In the closet hiding.
- Ew.
What is that?
- [Michael] Don't ask.
- It's so gross.
- You got that right.
- I'm so sorry for not believing you.
- I haven't exactly been the
best brother lately either.
- That doesn't matter.
I'm supposed to show you
that brothers look after each other,
no matter what they're going through.
- You're the best big brothers ever.
- Okay. Let's get ready.
(upbeat synth pop music)
It's you and me
Meeting in secrecy
I'm flowing with an electricity
The night is filled a thoughts of you
'Cause we move closer
to each other eagerly
You know I cannot wait to
- [All] Yeah!
(upbeat synth pop music)
(tense, dramatic synth music)
- Where did he go?
- Get out here you coward!
Come and fight!
- Shh!
Did you hear that?
- It's him.
Let's go.
(tense, dramatic synth music)
(tense synth music)
(muffled yelling)
- Kim!
- Quick! Untie me!
We gotta get out of here!
- Are you the Bloody Man?
- What? There's someone in the house.
We've gotta get to the police.
Now untie me so we can get away from him.
- Wait. Did you not see
her rip her own face off?
She's a monster.
- No, that was the Bloody Man in disguise.
Trust me.
- Look, guys, I don't
know what's happening here
or who that man is, but I'm
gonna go call the police-
- The phones are dead.
He cut the cord.
- Look, let's just leave.
Let's go to the police station.
- You don't understand.
I'm the one who brought him here.
I need you guys to stay and help.
- No, I don't understand.
- He's right.
And I know Sam knows what to do.
- Please, trust me.
- Okay.
Stay here.
I'm going upstairs.
(tense, dramatic synth music)
- I don't know.
It seems kinda-
- Trust me.
I'm your step-mom.
I'm not just someone who's
trying to play mommy.
Now wait here.
(floor creaking)
(footsteps thudding)
(tense, dramatic synth music)
- What do you think?
- She's gonna need our help.
We can do this alone.
(tense, dramatic synth music)
(footsteps thudding)
- Well, that's the last of him.
I took care of it.
- Just like that?
- But how?
- I'm the parent, Sam.
- But Kim, we were fighting him for hours.
You were up there for a second.
- Look, there's no reason
to have an argument.
I told you I took care of it.
- So the Bloody Man's dead?
- You kids have such vivid imaginations.
- You don't believe us?
Who tied you up if he's not real?
- Enough!
(tense, dramatic synth music)
- Yeah. How did you get tied up anyway?
- I was just playing with you guys.
I know how much you
like silly little games.
I mean, look how stupid
you look in those costumes.
What do you think you're doing?
Fighting some kind of demon or something?
(Kim yells)
(tense, dramatic synth music)
- I knew you weren't the real Kim.
Where is she?
(swords pinging)
(swords pinging)
(Michael grunts)
(The Bloody Man grunts)
- What are you guys doing?
I told you to stay downstairs.
- He's down there. He
tried to kill us again.
- Kim, he looks like you.
- Come on.
(doorknob jangling)
(Kim grunting)
- [Kim] I can't.
I can't get it.
- We can't escape this.
We have to stay and fight.
Whoever conjures the
Bloody Man must defeat him.
- But how? You're a kid.
- For my family, I can.
- We gotta get to a safe place.
- Look, I know it doesn't
make a lot of sense,
but we have to stay and
fight this, once and for all.
As a family.
- Okay.
For my family, anything.
(tense, dramatic music)
- Guys, what's going on?
- Sam?
- I understand now.
You guys, what did you think?
This whole time?
- Kids, get away from her!
She'll hurt you.
- No, guys.
It's me.
You gotta believe me.
- Help me!
Stop her.
(Kims grunting)
Come on guys.
(tense, dramatic synth music)
(tense, dramatic synth music)
- Who are you?
(glass shatters)
- Are you guys okay?
(tense, dramatic synth music)
(tense, dramatic synth music)
(heavy breathing)
I see what you mean.
It was so brave for you
guys to fight that monster.
(tense, dramatic synth music)
- No! Get away from her!
It's me.
I'm the real Kim.
- I know this is really
confusing for you guys,
but you've, wait, but
you've gotta believe me.
She's the monster.
I'm Kim.
- She's been trying to
kill you all night long.
Can't you tell?
I'm trying to protect you.
- She only wants to hurt you.
- What do we do?
- Sam, you know what to do.
Now come over here and
let's kill this thing.
- Sammy, please. It's me, buddy.
(tense synth music)
- No.
- I'm so sorry I doubted you.
I'm sorry for blaming everyone
else for my own problems.
I know it's not easy raising us.
I know you're on our side.
You're not here to take mom's place,
and you do care about us so much.
(tense, dramatic synth music)
And the truth is I love you.
I want you to be my new mom.
(tense, dramatic synth music)
- Why are you saying these things?
(The Bloody Man gasps)
(tense, dramatic synth music)
- Because this is my family...
And I love them.
(tense, dramatic music)
(The Bloody Man grunts)
(Sword clatters)
- Sam.
You know they don't love
you, not the way you deserve.
They'll never truly understand you,
and you'll always feel
alone at this world.
(Sam yells)
(body thuds)
(tense, dramatic synth music)
(tense, dramatic synth music)
- Don't mess with my kids.
- You saved us.
- You're our hero.
- Nah. Just your brother.
(tense synth music)
(doorknob jangling)
(all gasp)
(tense, dramatic synth music)
- Kim?
What happened here?
Are you guys all right?
- Daddy!
(soft synth music)
- It's okay, dad.
We're all okay, thanks to Sam.
- Yeah, thanks to our Sammy.
(soft synth music)
- Okay. Seriously.
Somebody is going to have to
tell me what's going on here.
- It all started late last night
after Kim had sent us all to-
- No.
- No.
- No more stories for you, Amy.
(soft, bright synth music)
(upbeat pop music)
When the future's come and gone
This love
Will always be a beacon to the truth
If you can just hold on, onto
We can jump that bridge
of light together
'Cause now you're in this place
Where space is face to face
We're going out of phase
This line in the sand
Is where we've come to finally take a
(upbeat pop music)
Lazer rays
You're my DeLorean
(upbeat synth pop music)
Lazer rays
You're my DeLorean
You see tomorrow isn't promised
But still
Where you wanna go with this life
What will they say about us
When love
Shows the people we
were out of this world
Beyond what's said and done
Where age is one to one
And living past these days
It's time
Our minds
Will control, heart and soul
The end of time we'll finally take a
Lazer rays
You're my DeLorean
(upbeat synth pop music)
Lazer rays
You're my DeLorean
(synth pop music)
They'll finally see how
You and me now
Running out of time
We will finally take a stand
(synth pop music)
Lazer rays
You're my DeLorean
(synth pop music)
Lazer rays
You're my DeLorean
(synth pop music)
Lazer rays
(synth pop music)
You're my DeLorean
Lazer rays
You're my DeLorean
(birds chirping)
(people chattering)
- You're stupid.
- Stop.
- Nobody likes you.
- Perry, don't.
- Perry, don't do that.
Perry, stop it.
You're hurting me, Perry.
Perry, no.
- Stop, go.
- Perry, stop!
(Perry sighs)
(synth pop rock music)
Running from you
Can't find my way tonight
And I'm all alone
Something strange is taking me
And it won't let go
Strangest feeling
Creeping up on me
Don't ever let it find you
Don't ever let it slip away
Break all the ties that bind you
Don't ever let it slip away
(synth pop rock music)
Finally got your way
I'm spinning in a daze
And you have control
You're stuck here with me
And now you'll see how the story goes
Strangest feeling
Creeping up on me
Don't ever let it find you
Don't ever let it slip away
Break all the ties that bind you
Don't ever let it slip away
(synth pop rock music)
Strangest feeling
Creeping up on me
Strangest feeling
Creeping up on me
Don't ever let it find you
Don't ever let it slip away
Break all the ties that bind you
Don't ever let it slip away
(synth pop rock music)
Don't ever let it slip away
Don't ever let it slip away
(synth pop music)
He hides in the darkness
He's under your bed
He knows where to find you
He's inside your head
Your heart's beating faster
There's nowhere to hide
Trapped in a nightmare
One you'll have to fight
You know he's watching
every step that you take
He's closer to nowhere
And now it's too late
You're lost in illusion
You're out of control
Run for your life
Or he'll steal your soul
He hides in the darkness
He's under your bed
He knows where to find you
He's inside your head
Your heart's beating faster
There's nowhere to hide
Trapped in a nightmare
Beware the Bloody Man
He lurks in the shadows
Creeps into your dreams
No one can stop him
Strange as it seems
Hold onto yourself
Don't fall under his spell
Or you'll be forsaken
and taken to hell
(dramatic synth music)
He lurks in the shadows
Creeps into your dreams
No one can stop him
Strange as it seems
Hold onto to yourself
Don't fall under his spell
Or you'll be forsaken
And taken hell
He hides in the darkness
He's under your bed
He knows where to find you
He's inside your head
Your heart's beating faster
There's nowhere to hide
Trapped in a nightmare
Beware the Bloody Man
He hides in the darkness
He's under your bed
He knows where to find you
He's inside your head
Your heart's beating faster
There's nowhere to hide
(Perry yells)
- [Perry] Mommy!
(Perry yells)
- Should we help him?
- Nah.
Beware the Bloody Man
You're trapped in a nightmare
Beware the Bloody Man
Trapped in a nightmare