The Blue Elephant (2014) Movie Script

"The Blue Elephant"
Don't forget to close the tap, Ok.
Darling, don't forget to close the tap.
"New Evidence Related to the
Islamic Museum Robbery"
Was the islamic museum robbed?
When was the last time you
read a newspaper?!, Boss.
Almost 5 years.
5 years!!, this happened 3 months ago.
The bastards spent like a gazillion pounds
renovating it and at the end it got robbed.
They should have spent the money
rehabilitating the junkies filling the streets.
"Al Abasya Psychiatric Hospital"
Dr. Safaa'!
Welcome Yehia!
didn't you miss the hospital?
I missed the hospital and the patients.
Have a seat.
What would you like to drink?
Coffee, half a spoon of sugar
and a glass of water, please.
Coffee, half a spoon of sugar.
How are you doing?
Still staying alone.
There is no...
No, there isn't.
I am more comfortable alone.
Her eyes are fixed.
Pretending to be busy.
Preparing to attack.
Now, you've completed
5 years absent from work.
Of course I am keeping out the legal
affairs because of your circumstances.
But last week, the inspection committee
was going to take a legal action.
if it weren't for my intervention.
I won't allow anyone to
accuse me of prejudice.
But, what upsetted me more
is knowing that you have not
submitted a single paper of your thesis.
What's the matter, Yehia?!
No work and no thesis!
What's left, then?!
Sorry doctor, the research
consumed a lot of time.
Tell me that the PhD is not important
I can understand that.
You can survive without it.
And you can apply for
any fellowship abroad.
But work, is it also not important?!
I finished a considerable
part of the thesis.
You have been saying the
same thing for the past 5 years.
Do you know what this means?
It means that you are ending your
career at the stroke of a pen.
Yehia!, I am not only
the hospital manager.
I regard myself as your elder sister.
The best I could do
to avoid your dismissal
is to let you back in
and you have to attend.
And this will be a special
exception made for my sake.
Come back?, where?
Come back to the hospital.
But...can we postpone it
till I complete my thesis?
My offer is a package
take it wholly or leave it.
Your legal situation is
the most important issue.
If you will attend, that's ok.
If not, I will testimony that
you shall not work again.
And keep searching for someone to hire you
after you get fired from a distinguished
hospital like "Al Abasya".
Ok, doctor.
As you please.
Now, only choosing a suitable
department is left.
Intermediate Care...full.
I have a vacant place
in the senility department.
No, please!, I won't stand
the bedwetting, doctor.
What do you think about "8 west"?
The unstable building?
No, your information is
not up to date, then.
"8 west" is the most
secure prison in Egypt, nowadays.
Something befitting psychotic criminals.
The least dangerous of them, killed his
whole family with cold blood.
Escaping it, is virtually impossible.
What's so funny?!
I am laughing, because you inteneded
to admit me to "8 west" from the beginning.
So you proposed the senility
and the bedwetting.
So that I will easily agree on the prison.
What was the subject of your thesis again?
"Psychoanalysis Through Body Language"
Then, instead of experimenting
what you studied on us.
Use that knowledge in your thesis, doctor.
I will try to.
You were one of the best doctors we had.
No one can forget the tough
cases that you treated.
It will be a great loss
if you waste all of that.
Check "8 west" new building
before you leave.
"8 West Division"
Yes, sir.
Dr. Yehia Rashed.
One second.
He is saying that he is a doctor here
in "8 west", but I never saw him before.
"Men's Building (a)"
Dr. Yehia Rashed.
Dr. Yehia!, welcome back.
I knew from the management that you
will be joinging us, starting today.
I've been here for 5 mins only!
How are you doing, Mohsen?
and how is your family?
Fine, thank God!
Come on in, doctor.
The building was divided into:
(a)Dangerous, (b)Normal, (c)Females.
We have 73 cases
61 of them are accused of murder.
This is the criminals affairs room.
And this is the head of
department office, Dr. Kilani.
And this is the room for inspection and
following up, where the committee meets.
And this is the doctors room.
Come on in, doctor.
Thanks, Mohsen.
Welcome, boss.
We really missed you
and missed your good days.
Dr. Sameh is arriving anytime, now.
Sameh who?!, Zidan?!
Yes, should I make tea?
Make dark black coffee, and boil it, Mohsen!
At your service.
Smoking is not allowed in here.
How are you?, Yehia!
How are you?, Sameh!
Welcome back.
You've lost a lot of weight.
But, you have a bigger belly, though.
What happened to your hair?
are you getting bald or what?
And your nose!, why did it become so big?
How are you Sameh!
You are here with us in "8 west"?
I am here since 4 months.
I am the oldest in the division now.
After the committee, of course.
But, you couldn't find a place
better than "8 west"?
You should have chosen something simple...
Administrative works...
or Mental Retardation.
Maybe you forgot the profession.
My fate!
Tell me, what's new?
The whole building is new.
Come, I will show you around
Come with me.
Inside!, all of you.
Sit down!
This is Saed, he killed his wife
skinned her and put her in the fridge
he will be sent to
"Al Khankah Hospital" tomorrow.
And this is Fox.
He killed a 3 year old girl, first raped her
and then slaughtered her.
On the other hand, Abdul Majeed poisoned
his parents then set them on fire.
He thought they kidnapped him.
And this guy...
What guy!, enough please Sameh
that's good enough.
See you tomorrow.
How are you?, Naguzi!
Is Mr. Awni here?
Doctor!, where have you been lately?
I don't know why you make me feel
like you are my wife.
It would be my honor, if you were a chick
I wouldn't leave you for a moment.
What?!, you will make me doubt you
I was just kidding.
No hasish?
Of course.
But listen!, not in front of Shakir and
Mouris they will be upset like last time.
As if hash is the worst of your deeds.
Don't worry, we will get
a joint outside, come, come.
This one is free.
Poker is my favorite sport.
And reading the players body
language is the best practice.
A couple of days ago
I was staying in a hotel.
Waiting for some people on lunch.
One glass after the other.
I saw a hot chick, coming through.
A Russian chick!, you can't imagine.
Her body, that perfect.
Her eyes!, WOW!, I can't describe it!
She passed by me, and smiled.
And went to play on the piano.
She kept playing for around half an hour.
She didn't stop looking
at me for a moment.
After she finished, I saluted her
and gave her a hundred pounds tips.
Where are you from?...I am from Russia...
where are you staying?...
Blah blah blah...I went down to
the reception to reserve a room.
The best 2 hours of my life!
The whore screamed like hell.
She exposed me!
Even the room service came up
and asked if there was a problem.
I told them no worries, it was just the TV.
We continued 2:00 AM.
She didn't want me to leave.
Saying that they don't have the like of
the Egyptian stamina in their country.
They are fond of the Egyptian stamina!
Tell me doctor...
What is your analysis of this situation?
I don't think it's a good idea
we are here to play.
No, really, what is your explanation
for this great attraction?
Or maybe poker made you
forget your profession?
Tell the story in reverse.
In reverse?!
I mean tell the events as they
happened in a reversed order.
In order to analyze this great
attraction, Mr. Shakir.
The girl didn't want me to leave
she liked the Egyptian stamina.
She screamed...
What about the room service
and the movie playing on TV?
Yeah, right, the room service first
and then..hmmm..the restaurant...
No...the reception
and the room reservation.
Yes, the reception, sorry.
I was waiting for the guests...
You gave her tips, and spoke with her
and before that their was the lunch meeting.
At what time did this
whole story take place?
3:00 PM.
And you stayed till 2:00 AM?!
11 hours! are a legend!
But this whole thing is bunk.
Bunk?...what do you mean?
Bunk...I mean a lie.
The whole time you are checking our eyes
to make sure that we believe you.
And you rubbed your nose when you
mentioned the room reservation.
This was a lie
and your body refused to believe it.
And now you are turning red.
And trying to swallow.
You feel exposed.
Mr. Shakir, there is a 90% probability
that you have sexual weakness.
Which you are trying to hide
by making up stories.
I am sorry Mr. Shakir
but you are the one who asked for it.
I am out.
Not me.
Full ROI.
Old Man.
Full Ace.
The Egyptian stamina!
Dr. Yehia!
Who?...uncle Sayed!
How are you good old man?
He knows that you are coming back.
It is destined for us to meet by the tree.
hmmm..what happened to
this tree, uncle Sayed?
I heard it screaming
while they were severing it.
You are very good, old man, very good.
Look how lucky you are.
I brought you this shirt, I want you to
tailor it properly and make it looks good.
I swear, it is imported, look!
It's a gift for you.
Peace be upon you!
Good morning!
Seems like it was a good night.
Are these genuine Italian glasses?
I have similar ones, but...
Get lost Sameh, I have a bad headache.
Get lost!, choose a better language.
We are here to work.
There are 2 newly admitted suspects.
Choose one of them, when you sober up.
Where are the 2 new cases?
One of them is there.
And the other one, Sherif Al Kurdi, there.
Sherif!...I am Yehia.
Yehia Rashed.
Really, you can't remember me, Sherif!
Yeah, the beard, right?
Everyone is telling me it made me
look very different.
How are you "Sheref"?
I can't believe we are
together again, brother.
Almost 10 years now?
But, you know...
I like this whole new look.
The haircut, and the tattoo.
Are you still into acting or what?
Do you remember college?
The student's union, and politics.
You were a true leader.
A true leader, indeed.
Do you know where we are, Sherif?
Salt?! food...a lot.
Ok, "Sheref".
I will tell them to increase
the salt in your food.
Sherif, if you are not comfortable
here we can go somewhere else.
What happened?
Strange things are mentioned about you
in these documents, I don't believe them.
Is it true, Sherif?
You are in a bad situation, Sherif!
If there is anyone who can help
you, it is going to be me.
There is no such an
illness called "Silence".
You are a doctor, you know better.
The committee will follow up your case
for 3 weeks, starting tomorrow.
Believe should talk to me first
I would if I were you.
Ok...if you don't want to talk, then write.
Who's phone number is this?
But there is an extra digit.
What is this "4" at the beginning?
A prefix?
Come, help me!
Sherif was found in the same room
from which the victim was thrown.
His veins were severed.
His statements were inconsistent.
I didn't touch my wife...
I killed her...someone else did.
The urine samples found beside
the wall, appeared to be the suspect's.
Which shows that he stayed
there for a while.
A circular cut, 5 cms in diameter
was found at the top of the left thigh.
Caused by stripping the
skin using a sharp tool.
After inspecting the victim
it was found that she was sexually
assaulted, hours before her death.
Which caused her abortion.
After inspecting the uterus
the fetus was found to be
approximately 8 weeks old.
Who is this?!
I am Lobna.
Don't you remember me?
How come?!
Of course, I do.
Is it a bad time to talk?
No, not at all, I am free
I was just writing some notes.
Not at all.
I got your number from your sister.
She reproached me for an hour because
I haven't spoken since a long time.
How are you Lobna?
You are the best person who can
imagine my feelings right now.
Yehia, I need to meet with you ASAP.
Tomorrow, if possible.
Are't you free?
No, No, I am free, I have nothing at all.
Where? are you doing today?
Have they increased the
salt in your breakfast?
You know, Sherif...
Yesterday, while I was searching
some of my old stuff...
I found some of our
old photos together.
See, how young you were.
By the way.
Lobna called me yesterday
and she is so worried.
I will meet her today, to calm her down.
Do you have anything to tell her?
Sherif!, after a moment you
will meet with the committee.
Let me hear anything from you
before you meet with them.
I didn't murder...
Amazing!, Sherif!
Then, who did?
The guy sitting right next to you.
Is there someone else
with us in the room?
Seriously?!, Sherif!
We are doctors, man.
Try to understand the
gravity of your situation.
Do you think that the committee
will believe a doctor
faking some cliched
symptoms from the movies.
Are you seeing him now?
Can you describe him?
Why would he kill Basma?
I want to leave.
Answer my question, Sherif.
I want to leave.
By the way, what was that number you
wrote yesterday, is it a phone number?
I want to leave.
Bank account number?, credit card?
I want to leave.
Do you need money, Sherif?
I want to leave.
Calm down.
I want to leave.
You will leave.
I want to leave.
I want you to completely relax.
I want to leave.
What does this figure remind you of?
I want to leave.
I want to leave.
What about this one?
I want to leave.
this one.
Bahr (Sea).
Not a horse, for instance?
Bahr (Sea).
What about this?
Sherif you will be executed.
Do you realize this?
Between you and me
did Basma have an affair?
Can you describe him?
Draw, Sherif!
What's the matter, Sherif?!
What can I do now?!
you are disabling me, man!
Where is your report on this case?!
What?, is there a problem?
Leave this case to me, I will read it
and sort it out, before the committee comes.
What are you talking about?
Sherif is staying with me.
And why are you so upset, are you engaged?!
Try to understand.
They ask for a special format for the
report, which you don't know, yet.
Listen to me, he is finally getting
comfortable and starting to talk.
And the committee will be seeing
3 cases apart from him
what is so special about this case?
Here they come.
Welcome back, Yehia!
Thanks, doctor!
I will wait for you in the office
to drink a cup of tea and talk.
I want to hear from you.
What's the news about your case?
What have you seen?
Auditory and visual hallucinations...
A typical Schizophrenic case.
It's too soon to judge.
Are you comfortable, son?
Look, son...before anything.
We are not prosecutors.
And this is not an investigation.
And your hearing is not impaired
so answer me, so that we can help you.
What's your name?
Your age?
Ok, then.
What's your job?
A mule-merchant.
This is inappropriate, son.
Show some respect and answer properly.
You think we are asking
because we don't know!
Why were you fired from the hospital?
They say you killed
your wife, is it true?
Ok, which type of Schiz.
are you planning to fake?
Paranoia, for example?
Tell us, so that we can help you.
How many of us are in the room?
No, we are only 5.
Where did that sixth
person come from?!
And what's the name of this guy
sitting with us while we don't know.
This is all acting work.
Bad acting, actually.
What doctor?!
At least you should have
studied the case properly.
Sit down.
This is going to be the case of the year!
What do you think, doctor?
He is going to be a big headache, of course.
Someone like him, can very
easily fake symptoms.
But, he is going to make
a mistake, eventually.
I am not saying that a psychiatrist
can never get ill.
But we have seen a lot of tricks.
I want you to inform the nursing
to keep a good eye on him.
And I need to know why he was
fired from the hospital.
And be a bit tough on him, Yehia!
I want you to provoke him.
I want him to get angry.
I want to see what his anger will show us.
But, wasn't this guy in class 1994?
That means 5 years before you.
Haven't you ever seen him?
I can't seem to remember him at all.
You know that each batch
is 1,500 students.
Yes, yes, that's true.
Lobna!, how are you?
How are you, Yehia?
How are you?
Say Hi.
Sorry, she is a bit shy
you should have seen her in the club.
God bless her.
Go sit there, Karima!
Have a seat.
What would you like to drink?
I will take an espresso, and tea for Karima.
Do you want a cheese cake?
One cheese cake.
Another espresso for me.
You have changed a lot, Yehia!
10 years is not a short period.
You have changed, too.
To the better of course.
No, no, not now.
What's new in your life?
I got married.
And got Haniya.
I work as an HR manager in a bank.
Have you got married?
I was.
You got divorced, for sure.
That's normal, everyone
is divorced nowadays.
Have you got any children?
I used to have Noor.
My wife and daughter died
in a car crash, 5 years ago.
Hania!, you can go play in the kids area.
Take Hania to the kids area.
I am so sorry, Yehia!
I really didn't know.
I called your sister, but...
Don't say anything, Lobna!
That's an old story.
Let us concentrate on the person
that we can still help.
Tell me what happened.
When I knew that Sherif was in "Al Abasya".
I prayed to God that you would be there.
Fortunately, I am responsible for his case.
Sherif and Basma met in a wedding.
You can say love at first sight.
A few months later, they got married.
Their relationship was going well.
Untill 2 months before the accident.
I was in France at that time.
I had some work to do.
And when mom called me.
I knew that Basma and
Sherif were having some problems.
What kind of problems?
She was feeling that Sherif
is treating her differently.
She suspected that it was
due to her pregnancy.
She called me later, and she was devastated.
She was feeling that he
was having an affair.
And she said that she doesn't know
anything about his life anymore.
While he was at home, he always
locked himself up...for days.
And she told me very weird things.
Like what?
He talks to someone, while he is alone.
As if he sees him.
He stays for hours staring at a corner.
And he said that his left arm is
diseased and must be amputated.
These are normal symptoms
for Schizophrenia.
You mean, two personalities?
This is how it is portrayed in the movies.
But Schiz. is actually nothing like that.
It's a mental not a psychological disorder.
It creates delusions.
For example: "The intelligence
is watching me."
"Someone is spying on me."
"My wife wants to poison me."
Go on.
Later, he kicked her out
and changed the door lock.
She stayed with her parents for a week.
He called her, apologized
and begged her to come back.
When she came back, he opened
the door fully naked.
And there was that tattoo that you saw.
After that...
After that he raped her
with extreme violence.
This is what she told me on
the phone while sobbing.
I feel that I am living a nightmare
that won't end.
Please calm down, we are not alone.
I don't know if you knew or not...
But Basma was pregnant
when she was murdered.
Sherif was dying for a baby.
It's unbelievable that he did
this after 4 years of waiting.
Which one of them had a problem?
Him, Sherif.
Suddenly, Basma became pregnant.
He might have suspected that...
I know Basma better than myself
don't ever say this.
The only possibility is that
Sherif wasn't himself for a moment.
Or maybe, there is another
woman in his life.
And he did all of that
to get rid of Basma.
I can't believe that this is
how you think of Sherif.
Don't get me wrong, Lobna.
I am putting myself in
the committee's shoes.
The problem is that your
brother is a psychiatrist
which is complicating his
situation a lot.
I want to see him.
We must get a permission from
the public prosecutor.
Let me see what I can do
and I will tell you.
By the way...
Does Sherif have a bank account?
Yes, I've opened an account for him.
But this is not a bank account number.
Nor a credit card number.
Do you have the key
for his apartment?
Maybe we will find
something that can help us.
Yes, I do, unless Basma's
parents have changed the door lock.
Keep it with you.
Can you come with me?
Come in.
Does your phone have a flashlight?
Yes, here it is.
Hold the phone, Lobna!
I think that this is the same
number that you've given me.
Hold that.
Sherif never liked History.
It's normal for a schizophrenic.
His brain can take him anywhere.
That's Sherif's phone.
It looks like the investigators missed it.
It seems like it was switched off
before the accident.
"Diga, The Tattooist."
I think that this is the place
where he got his tattoo.
Was the islamic museum robbed?
That was 3 months ago.
"The Robbery of the Islamic Museum."
"Al Amal Psychiatric Hospital"
You know about what happened
to Sherif Al Kurdi, for sure.
I needed to gather some information
about the period he worked here.
Sherif has always taken
good care of his health.
But lately...
He became very strange.
We noticed how careless he became.
Personally, I suspected that he might
be taking some kind of drugs.
I tried to talk with him multiple times
but I coudn't understand anything.
Till that time, Sherif was
doing his work properly.
Untill one day, he was sitting with
one of his patients.
And suddenly the patient started
screaming hysterically.
This was simply because...
Sherif stabbed him with
a pen in his hand.
And then?
The hospital board met with him
but couldn't understand his situation.
They decided that Sherif became dangerous.
They had to lay him off.
What's your diagnosis, doctor?
Sherif was my colleague, I don't want
to talk about him badly, but...
When I used to look in his eyes
I was never convinced that he is ill, but...
Let's assume that it's a latent Schiz. case
It wasn't evident, and now it is.
Not to mention his numbers mania.
After Sherif left, we found behind his door
a crazy amount of papers, full of numbers.
Do you still have these papers?
No, we dumped them, of course.
Another thing.
His PhD thesis.
I think that we might still have it.
Here you go.
What was the subject of your thesis again?
Thank you doctor!
Did you ask for a brain scan for Sherif?
Yes, I am suspecting TLE.
Temporal Lobe Epilepsy...
He planned a perfect crime.
By the way, where are you on Facebook?
No, I don't have an account, not my thing.
Come on!, everone does now.
I have around 90 friends.
And 2 subscriptions.
It means they are following me
to get my news.
You were in 1999 class, right?
Ali Sha'ban was in your class.
I don't remember him.
Ali Sha'ban...
The fat guy, with lots of freckles.
Yes, Ali, I remember him now.
He is bald now, and has got 2 daughters.
I have him on Facebook.
He added some good photos for
your class during Luxor and Aswan trip.
Can you imagine who I found in the photos?
Sherif Al Kurdi.
You knew him very well, then!
I knew him...
But he wasn't my friend, nor in my class.
He was the leader of the student's
union during the "Six-Day War".
But you were together in around 7 photos!
Just saying, because the general
secretariat has very strict rules nowadays
regarding personal relations in "8 west".
You know, we are in a very
sensitive situation...
I told you I didn't know him, Sameh!
Help!, doctor!, there is a
disaster in ward (a).
Get away!
What happened, Fawzy?
I asked him where he got that
tattoo on his arm.
Just making conversations
instead of doing nothing.
As soon as I put my hand on his arm...
I swear to God, I was just checking
the quality of the tattoo.
he gave me a good punch in the face
I fainted right away.
I swear to God I won't let that pass.
If you touch him, I will put both of you
in solitary confinment, tied up.
Do you understand?
Dr. Kilani wants to meet with you
after the session.
Epilepsy: Negative.
Sit down, Sherif.
Sherif left the room.
Who left the room?!
Superficially, Sherif is not lying.
Hmm...whom I am speaking to right now, then.
A friend.
You can call me Na'el.
Na..I am sorry, I heard it Nael
I am sorry.
How are you Na'el?
Tell me then...
Were you the one always
sitting with us in the room?
Are you still in love with her?
Who's that?
You already know...
I regard her as my sister.
And were you going to
marry your sister?!
This story ended long time back.
Yes, the lies my friend, the lies.
I am not a liar.
This in itself is a lie
all human beings lie.
Why did you beat up Fox?
Have you ever loved your wife?
What?, did I make you nervous?
You spoke with Sameh, correct?
Have you ever loved your wife?
For sure.
But let us stay on subject.
Tell me about the day Basma died.
Why not?, I will tell you.
But according to the
rules of the game.
A question for a question.
Who killed Basma?
No, you already know the answer
to this question.
But you are in denial.
You are trying to find an
excuse for your friend.
If my friend did indeed murder...
I will never hesitate to
mention that in my report.
Then what are you waiting for, Boss.
It's as clear as the sun.
Or is it because of Lobna?
Lobna has nothing to do with this.
What do you mean Lobna
has nothing to do with this?
How come?
Can you deny that you have
never forgotten her?
Can you deny that she screwed
up your marriage and your life.
Can you deny that you want
to prove yourself before her.
To show that you deserved her, and whatnot.
Why not say that I want to help her?
That's a good one, too.
But Lobna is still a beauty, isn't she?
I bet your eyes never missed
her chest while sitting down.
Or her legs, getting inside the car.
That's a normal part of attraction
towards a female.
Not me.
Not with Lobna, Sherif.
When I wanted your sister
I looked at her respectfully.
Don't play a fool, Yehia.
No one looks at a
woman he wants respectfully.
If you hadn't inspected her top to bottom...
You wouldn't have liked her.
Who murdered Basma?
"Sometime Love Kills."
(A famous Arabic quote)
By the way, tell me...
How did your wife and daughter die?
Whoever told you the story
must have mentioned this part.
What's wrong, Yehia?, calm down.
A psychiatrist should not
be provoked so easily.
We are doctors!, my friend.
The details, Yehia.
I am obsessed with details.
The car went sideways.
I made it, and they didn't.
Yes, Fate.
Fate going by the speed of 160 kms/hr!
Alcohol can achieve miracles!, my friend!
It can solve unsolvable problems.
But, between you and me...
You can't deny that
some part inside you
was relieved, correct?
Who killed Basma, Sherif?
Ask Sherif.
If somebody told me 3 months ago
that I will be in the insane
hospital at 11:00 PM
I wouldn't have believed him.
Who said that they are the insane ones?
Maybe it's us, but we can't notice.
You haven't changed, Yehia.
You just think so.
I have changed, a lot.
To the worse.
Should I grab a soft
drink from inside?
Should I get you
the patients' juice?
No, thank you.
I am full.
Have you checked Sherif's phone?
I did.
And transferred the photos to my phone.
Are these supposed to be an evidence
for or against his innocence?
I don't know, Lobna.
There are lots of possibilities
more than you can imagine.
Is it possible that
there is a personality
that loves Basma
and the other hates her?
See, Lobna.
We can't deny that Sherif killed
Basma after he rapped her.
The problem is that the
schizophrenic is usually conscious.
That look in the photos...
As if he is showing off
feeling victorious.
What is the best ending possible?
Finding an evidence for a mental
not a psychological disorder
that will deny his responsibility
for the murder.
To be shown ill is better than
to be executed, Lobna.
And the worst?
That Sherif is keeping a secret
and not planning to tell anyone.
We missed something...
How did Sherif know that I am
still living in the same apartment
since we were students?
What's the point of that question?
A couple of days ago
I recieved a mail at home.
With the same drawing
that we found on Sherif's phone.
He must be the one who sent it.
The museum...
And this shirt he was wearing.
The photo taken in front of the mirror
at the time of the accident.
Are you going to hand
the photos to the police?
I am not seeking revenge because
of and old and dead story.
I didn't say so...I didn't say so.
You said it with your eyes.
I know you better than anyone.
Come with me.
Your sister is outside
she wants to talk to you.
Answer her.
This is Lobna, Sherif.
Sherif!, Answer me, Sherif!
I am Lobna, Sherif!
Do you know who is sending her regards?
Always asking: "Where is uncle?"
And mom also wants to
talk to you very much.
Sherif!, answer me.
Answer me, Sherif!
Have you seen what your
animal friend has done?
First, he is not my friend.
Second, go take a bath, Sameh!
Urine and water...
Not a good mix.
No worries, it will dry up now.
What brought you here
in the first place?
You want to know what brought me, doctor?
What brought me is that
we are being fooled here.
He is faking it.
It's very clear.
But he can't trick me.
He can trick anyone, but Sameh Zidan!
In that very same place
stood a hundred before him.
With better acting skills.
And I could expose them
from the first hearing.
I never missed, not a single time.
Do you hear me?
Keep it brief, Sameh.
You came back only
for him, of course.
Watch your words!
You know that Dr. Safaa'
chose "8 west" by coincidence.
And this colleague of yours who is not
your friend, and you got his case.
And this car parked outside
with the chick calling him on the phone.
Also a coincidence?!
No, my friend, I am not a moron.
I am Sameh Zidan!
And the secretariat of health will not
let it pass when they are informed
that there is a personal relation
between you and the suspect.
Aren't you going to stop
being malevolent?
You smuggled a cell phone
to a suspect in "8 west"
and I am being malevolent?!
Wake up, doctor!
You won't forget that she was my wife.
You can't imagine that she
loved me, not you.
Your brain can't comprehend
that you were rejected.
I wasn't rejected.
As much as I loved her
and were preparing for marriage.
I pitied her that she
chose someone like you.
That's life.
I struggled everyday in a train
from Cairo to Faiyum and back.
Studying hard to become
the top of my class.
And at the end...
She will fall in love with
a drunk loser like you.
I still don't understand how
she fell for someone like you.
Then, ask her.
I will ask your daughter.
I forgot something.
Why did you hit him?
Sameh was in love with my wife
before I married her.
She was our colleague in the hospital.
He proposed, and she rejected.
He has been holding a grudge
against me since then.
That's why you punched him.
I punched him because he
gloated over my daughter's death.
But it's not your fault.
Were you...
Were you drunk at the
time of the accident?
It was Noor's birthday.
The 24th of August.
I was...
We were used to travel on that day.
I remember that we saw
a fish shaped cloud.
And Noor noticed it.
She was very smart.
I bought her a
fish shaped ballon.
I could never say no to her.
Me and Nermin were fighting.
Although I vowed that I won't
fight with her on that day.
She provoked me.
I drank half a bottle of whiskey.
I didn't notice that we were
flying at 160 kms/hr.
We went sideways.
You know...
Time freezes at the moment of death.
I can see it, as if it is
being repeated everday.
To the smallest detail.
The bottle flying out of my grip...
Nermin's scared face...
and Noor's in the mirror.
And me being helpless
not able to save her.
When we landed on the tarmac...
And Noor swimming in her blood.
You know...
This was my first death.
Why haven't you loved her?
I loved her.
As a wife.
And I was going to spend the rest of
my life with her, for the sake of Noor.
Although there was no
middle ground between us.
And now...
I am supposed to cope, and confront the fact
that I was the cause of their death.
Why did you let yourself reach that point?
That's a very difficult question.
Why did I lose you in the first place?
Why did Sherif reject me, when I proposed?
Despite being more than a brother to me.
We spent all of our time together.
He was a role model to me.
But we had pleasure time together.
We drank and smoked together.
And then, I fell in love with you.
But he was right.
If I were him, I wouldn't let
my sister marry someone like me.
Indeed, he was right.
That's not what I meant.
I mean, he never believed
that I could change for you.
Being with Nermin, I couldn't
forget you for a single day.
Neither could I.
I spent a very long time
till I could comprehend that
you won't be in my life anymore.
I attempted suicide once
cutting my veins.
They barely saved me.
You are not the only
one who've suffered.
Can you imagine...
I am still in love with you.
Let's go.
You should be going, now.
I got you in trouble, right?
I was going to beat up Sameh
sooner or later.
Let's go?
Who is this?
What's that?, have you forgotten my voice?
I am not Sherif, I am
speaking from his phone.
I know that you are not Sherif.
Seriously, I am upset.
Who's talking to me?
But, have you seen how beautiful Basma were
in the photos with your friend?
Indeed, can not be forgotten.
I don't know what you are talking about.
That's another lie.
I am not lying.
Haven't I just told you
that every human being lies?
Where are you talking from?!
What happened, doctor?
Where is Mohsen, Ashraf?
What happened?!
Who smuggled the phone to
Sherif Al Kurdi?
What phone?!
Who gave him the phone, Ashraf?
Didn't happen, I swear, doctor!
Finish, I need you.
Have you met Lobna?
Yes, I did.
And you can't imagine how
she is feeling right now.
Do you know why?
Her husband is 12 years older than her.
An old bone...
Different ideologies...
And he is weak, not like you.
Can't handle that machine
that he has got.
By the way, Yehia.
How do you think Lobna
would live, if he died?
I don't know.
And I wouldn't wish her so.
Believe me...
Her life would be better.
Listen to me...
Enough of your imaginations.
Imagination is not a fault.
What is, is to hide it inside of you
and only let it out
when you're drunk.
That's not very courageous.
You know, yehia...
If time goes back...
I would still not let you marry her.
You wouldn't have longed for her
like you do now.
She would have been like your wife, Nermin.
And silly.
I told you already, this is a dead story.
Ok, let's have the same conversation
but after drinking a couple of glasses.
You still like whiskey, right?
Ok, finish, I need to talk with you.
Increase to 300!...300!
The shirt!
Wait outside please!
Please, wait outside!
Come in!
Do you have an appointment
or first time?
Are you the owner of this place?
Mrs. Diga is the owner
but she is busy in a session right now.
Diga!, she is foreign, right?
No, Diga, Khadiga, nickname.
Hmm, Diga, Khadiga.
I will wait for her.
Come inside.
Don't forget the cream, 3 times a day.
Bird of prey?
A feathery hawk?
A bull with big horns?
Or a scorpion?
No, I think that there
is a misunderstanding here.
I am...
Roselle, from Yemen, you will like it.
Is it your first tattoo?
There is a misunderstanding
if you will let me explain.
Very good drink.
I am here to ask
about a job you did before.
This one.
Did he send you?
There is a misunderstanding.
I sweared I won't let him leave
if he ever approaches here again.
I am a doctor.
I am really sorry.
Ok, Molly!
Haven't you ever kicked
something before?
What am I going to do
with your apology?
Again, I am really sorry.
But this guy in the photo
gave me a double fracture.
Are you the one who
gave him this tattoo?
No, I am the one who tried
to remove it, but failed.
Tell me what happened.
This guy is completely insane.
He was mumbling unintelligible words.
What I understood from him, is that he
wanted to remove his tattoo immediately.
And it could only be removed using Laser.
But this is very painful.
As soon as I turned on the machine
he looked at me, laughing, and broke my arm.
And this explains what I did to you.
Does this drawing have any meaning to it?
I have never seen anything like it before.
The style is eastern.
But I am sure that it
was done outside Egypt.
We don't have this
kind of machines here.
What about this one on her thigh?
No, this looks like henna
the cheap stuff found at the beaches.
Why weren't you answering your phone?
I was worried.
I went back to work.
Really, you went back
to the crazy people?
Do you need money?
No, Maya!, I don't need money.
But I was bored.
Time for some change.
What about a trip to "Dahab".
Spend the weekend there...please!
Maya!, I have a lot of troubles
tone it down, please.
Look, I brought a new stuff with me that
can make you run up the pyramids.
And there is a surprise also...please!
What do you think?
I sweared I won't drink it without you.
Good girl.
Long time...
Yehia!, who's this Lobna?
That's an old story
that ended before it even began.
But, your way of talking
about her says otherwise.
Can't you see how you look?
Maya!, you are drunk, darling!
I am not, and if you don't
tell me, I will leave.
Sit down!, you have no where else to go.
Lobna is an old love story.
I haven't seen her for 10 years
and each has gone his separate way.
Do you still love her?
The lighter, darling!
Do you realize that you've never
told me that you love me.
Because I don't.
Maya, we are just friends.
And we've agreed on that
from the first day.
Sometimes we need each
other for a benefit.
But this has nothing to
do with friendship.
You have a strange mind, indeed!
I told you that I love you the
next day after we slept together.
Even if I got married
I will probably come and visit you.
Both of you will come
visit me, or what?
Stop it...
Sometimes I wonder
why I never get bored of you.
You are really strange.
What do you mean strange?
with three legs?
Nice one...where did you get that from?
You have a dirty mind!
Am I the one with the dirty mind?!
Let's go inside.
Maya!, don't you ever feel
sympathy towards me?
Don't spoil the mood, and relax.
I have something else for you
forget all of this.
What's this?
This is the blue elephant, darling.
You won't believe this stuff.
This is it's first time in Egypt.
You know that synthetic
drugs aren't my type.
LSD is child's play.
This is called...D.M.T.
A substance discovered to be produced
in the brain of a dying person.
Which helps him relax while
anticipating his next life.
A one hour journey.
Where you will see what you've
never imagined possible.
You know that I don't try unknown drugs.
Aren't you saying that your
life is broken down?
What do you have to lose?
It changed the lives of
those who tried it.
Go on.
Run away.
What happened?
What's wrong?
What's wrong, Maya?!
Calm down.
Dog!, Dog!, Dog!
Dog!, Dog!, Dog!
Are you ok?
Wait for me upstairs, I will finish
this round and come up to you.
Shakir is still upset
but I will sort it out.
Where are you?
Have you heard what happened?
Maya is dead, Yehia!
She was hit by a car in the Ma'adi area.
Was she...
Was she with you?
Yes darling, my prayers with you.
Yehia, can you please take
care of your blood sugar issue.
Who gave you the phone?
Who killed Maya, Yehia?
How strange the human being is!
How could you let her
go out in that condition?!
I didn't touch her.
The photos on your phone say otherwise.
What photos, Sherif?!
Sherif again?!
Always confusing me with you friend.
I will seriously become upset.
Calm down, Yehia!, calm down.
Tell me...
Maya or Lobna?
Who is more delicious?
If you are a real man
say this in front of my face.
Now I think that you will
devote yourself to Lobna.
Like how you killed Basma to devote
yourself to another woman?!
Unfortunately, I am always
the scapegoat to any whim.
Where is the phone that you have got?
Where is the phone that you have, Sherif?
What?, Yehia, stop it.
Where is the phone?
You wrongfully accused me, my friend.
By the way...
I need to have a session with you, urgently.
A session?!
I am really worried about this
whole phone hallucinations thing.
I haven't been excercising
psychiatry for a while now
I am worried that I might
forget the profession.
I don't have time for your games.
Who gave you the phone?
Again?!, the phone thing, Yehia?!
Ok, look...
Let's make a deal.
If you let me have a session with you
and make sure you are ok
I will answer all of your questions.
All of them.
Do we have an agreement?
I need a paper and a pen.
Just a paper and a pen!
Have a seat, and get comfortable.
Look, Yehia!
I think that your chance has come.
A chance to get your life back.
To get the dust off of you.
I won't lie to you...
You've started the way towards insanity.
Just a couple of months...
and you will come join
your patients here.
Enough messing around.
Just a single question
and I need the answer, now.
Who is spying on me?
Everyone is spying on himself
my friend.
If you scratch yourself
you will find me inside.
Aren't you afraid?
Aren't you afraid that you would die
with Sherif, if he got executed?
Be professional, doctor.
Let Sherif meet his destiny
that was intended for him
before he was even born.
But, isn't it a bit strange?
His destiny was intended for
him before he was even born.
What a poor guy, Sherif!
You know...
If anyone is going to die...
It's going to be you.
Al Ma'moon's shirt!
What Ma'moon?!
Tell me!, what is the story
of this shirt, Sherif?
In the apartment.
Peace be upon you, hajji!
Peace be upon you!
How do you do, hajji?
This apartment is for sale, correct?
Yes, son, come in.
Make tea, Om Shaima'.
No need, thanks.
Just excuse me to take a
look at the apartment.
Have a seat, hajji.
Not possible, I will show you around.
I don't want to bother you.
No, not at all, come on in.
Is the furniture also for
sale or...not possible?
Why not, It's less than 1
year old, still new.
It's all beechwood, imported.
Regarding the clothes, hajji...
I take part in a charity
and you know...the orphants.
Sure, it's all for God's sake.
But let's discuss first about the apartment
then we'll check the clothes.
That's right.
Sorry, Hajji, can I ask
for a glass of water
I am dying of thirst.
Of course.
Thanks a lot.
I doubt that this shelf is
beechwood, hajji.
It's all beechwood, son!
Even the shelf?!
Yes, even the shelf!
The bathroom, please.
Sherif will kill himself, next time.
I can't believe that after all of this...
he can get executed.
No, I am not at home.
Ok, we will talk later.
This is Khaled.
You know...Khaled doesn't
know that I smoke.
He is a kind person.
But, he hasn't been the same
since what happened to Sherif.
I feel that...
he is ashamed of me...I don't know.
How did you get married?
He was my client at the bank.
We weren't getting along
for the first year of marriage.
I wanted to get a divorce.
No, I won't tell you.
Why not?
Because I am not supposed
to be telling you this.
I am Yehia, Lobna!
That's the problem.
I have to go now.
Haniya is alone with Karima.
Take care of yourself.
Close the door!
He knows that you are coming back.
It is destined for us
to meet by the tree.
Who are you talking about, uncle Sayed?
The landlord.
The one who knows the secret.
Al Ma'moon.
Come closer.
My skin is tearing.
I can't endure it.
What is the need for puncturing?
Couldn't we just make it a henna?
You have to endure in
order to get the reward.
Be patient, daughter.
Have you seen Bahr?
His name was Bahr.
Who is that?
He was the biggest mule in the region.
His mother was a pure arabian horse.
His color under sunlight...
Had a blue tint, same like the sea.
So I called him Bahr (sea).
What mule?
How do you see...
Have you found the shirt?
The shirt is with me.
This shirt has to be returned.
Burn it, Yehia!
Listen to me.
I have to understand.
How did it reach your apartment.
I stole it, Yehia!
I stole it.
Bring the shirt...
And burn it.
I have to understand, first.
But according to the rules of our game
the question is mine.
And the question is...
Yehia, answer me honestly...
How many times did you close your eyes
and imagine Lobna in your arms?
But without any lies or tales.
Enough about Lobna, already.
Don't you ever get sick of this?
Don't you ever get sick, man?!
I am the one who should
ask you this question.
I am surprised that you still
haven't committed suicide till now.
Are you going to spend your
whole life that way?!
Watching her behind the display window?
Are you going to leave
her to spend her whole life
with a man she doesn't love?
A woman loves a man who seizes her.
And rapes her, then kills her.
There exists pleasure in resistance.
Take it from me.
How do you get into my dreams?
No, I don't get into your dreams.
You are the one who
steps into my world.
The shirt, man.
Bring the shirt...
Burn it...
Then you will find answers
to all of your questions.
Go ahead, my hero!
Go ahead.
I won't burn it, Sherif.
I won't burn it...
Till I understand everything.
No, Yehia!
In that case, you would
be harming yourself.
If you don't burn the shirt...
You will wish you were dead...
And you won't get it
in an honorable way.
Are you ok?
I am here to congratulate you
for your great acting.
Complete insanity, indeed.
You are a doctor, respect yourself.
Tell me the truth, Sherif
I might be able to help you.
We are colleagues in the end.
Your friend told you not to
talk with me, right?
Your drunk, loser friend.
I killed her.
Now we are starting to
understand each other.
She betrayed me.
So, I killed her.
Any man in my place...
Would do the same.
If time goes back...
I would still kill her.
Yehia on the other hand...
Does he know any of this?
Yehia is the one who agreed
with me to perform this act.
So that you can end up in a hospital
instead of being executed, right?
What will he get in return?
That's the problem...
Yehia wants to marry my sister.
He's been mad about her
for a very long time.
An old story...
which he never forgot.
But my sister is married.
I knew something was wrong.
But he doesn't know.
What do you mean "doesn't know"?
Yehia is schizophrenic.
Since his family's death.
He doesn't believe that he
agreed with me on anything.
He speaks to himself.
And claims that I am the
one speaking to him.
He speaks to himself
from his own phone.
And answers from my phone.
that someone else is speaking with him.
Yehia can't imagine...
that he is the one who chose
my ward and my case.
He is even denying that he knew
about my case from the news.
Before he came back.
And why are you telling on him?
Because he threatened to kill me
when I told him that he
can't marry my sister.
Yehia is insane!
And he has been holding a grudge
since the time I refused
to let him marry my sister.
Please try to help him.
I am dead, either way.
Oh my God...
Yehia is a colleague
regardless of anything.
And he was always one step ahead of me.
I wouldn't wish him illness, for sure.
Yes, for sure.
Don't worry.
Don't worry, Sherif
and try to stay calm, ok?
Don't talk with him about anything.
And I will handle it.
Doctor Yehia!
You are late, doctor.
Sorry, I had an appointment, uncle Sayed.
Your appointment was by the tree.
What tree, uncle Sayed?
Om Al Sho'oor tree.
The outside tree?
Do trees grow inside, doctor?!
What do you think about
Sherif's confessions?
I think that Sameh is lying.
A complaint from a hateful person.
But you actually
knew Sherif before?
Why did you deny it
when I asked you?
I didn't remember him
he wasn't in my class, doctor.
He is 5 years older than me.
He looks totally different now.
And what about his sister?
Would you really believe this nonsense?
Would I threaten someone
to marry his married sister?!
I never said that she is married?!
I assumed that she is married.
It's nothing but lies.
And as I told you before
Sherif Al Kurdi is a schizophrenic case.
Sameh's evaluation shows
that he spoke with him.
And that he is normal
not schizophrenic.
Sameh only had one sitting with him
and he mixes work with personal life
and above all, he loathes me.
Ok, keep Sameh out of this
and answer me.
Do you have any relationship
with Sherif's sister?
As I told you, doctor...
I don't know her.
Security says that a car entered the
hospital a couple of days ago at 11:00 PM...
ID name: Lobna Al Kurdi...
She was visiting you...
and you left a note to the gate security.
Where have you been for
the past 5 years?
Do you realize what isolation
could do to anyone?
I am not sick, doctor.
We haven't said that
you are sick, Yehia.
Anyone who undergoes an
experience like yours
is likely to go through
some thought disorders.
Some people get out of this
state, gradually...
Others never do.
And, I didn't?
That's what it looks like.
And this is better than to consider other
possibilities, which you wouldn't like.
But I didn't break the law, doctor?
What happened is enough for escalating
the subject to the general secretariat.
Which means you will be dismissed.
That's an end, I wouldn't wish for you.
To avoid that I will transfer
you from "8 west"
to the senility department, "26".
A quiet department, with little problems.
You will be relieved there.
The last person to realize being sick
is the patient himself.
I called you, you didn't answer
so I got worried.
Lobna, what brought you here at this time?
He came home and had a fight with me.
He told me that I am an irresponsible
person, and that I have no feelings
and a shame for his family
since what Sherif did
which is of no fault of my own.
I told him we can get divorced.
He accepted immediately.
As if he was waiting for me to say it.
He packed his stuff and left.
Why are you so silent?
Lobna, I left Sherif's case today.
It wasn't my choice.
Your brother told Sameh
that he killed his wife.
And he also said that
I was threatening him.
Sherif is insane.
Maybe I actually did those things.
That's impossible.
I am tired.
Lobna, I am not ok.
I don't know what I am doing.
I can't tell reality from
imagination anymore.
I hear things that never happened.
And I see...
I see things that didn't happen.
I am not ok!
Your brother might be saying the truth.
You are drunk, Yehia.
When I drink, I am usually sober.
That's not it.
All the symptoms that
I see on your brother...
are actually mine.
And I tell it as if they are his.
But I haven't seen any symptoms on you.
Yehia, you...
You have got to stop drinking.
You are going to become insane.
If the whole world said
that you are sick
I am telling you that you are not
Yehia, you are not.
You are not sick, Yehia.
You want to die.
For the past 10 years
and I am unable to.
I won't stand it, if you disappear
again from my life, after I found you.
Stay in the dark.
I am ok with that.
At least I would be living for
a hope even a false one.
But if you disappear
again from my life
like the previous time
I won't forgive you, Yehia.
I won't forgive you, Yehia.
I will die.
I will die, Yehia.
Get behind!
Thank you, sir!
I am a doctor here.
Not allowed.
Dr. Safaa'!
Dr. Safaa'!
Open the door, please.
Let him in.
Sherif asked for you by name.
He threatened that he will break
Sameh's neck, if we open the door.
We won't have time to act.
Please do something, Yehia.
Get back...get back.
I am going to need this device
with me, please.
Here you go.
I can't stand seeing
these idiots, outside.
Take this.
Make it pitch black.
Don't make any noises, Sameh, be nice.
Loosen it a bit, Sherif
he is going to die.
Did you know that they
don't slaughter pigs?
Because of the amount of
fat around it's neck.
How they kill it then, boss.
It has to be stabbed in the heart.
But here...
There are no skewers
don't you have one?
Why don't you let Sameh out of this?
You won't benefit from his death.
What are you looking for?
You don't need any device.
Believe in yourself, doctor.
You are sane.
Believe me, I am here only to...
To protect him.
To protect him from your
crazy friend, Sherif.
Protect him, by killing him, right?
You are still not able to differentiate
between me and your crazy friend, Sherif.
Try to understand...
Sherif is the one who
wants him dead.
For some reason that
I personally don't know.
But me, on the other hand
you can consider me a peacemaker.
In that case...
Look, Yehia...
I am willing to forgive
anything in the world
except a bad sense of humour.
I really can't understand
what you are trying to achieve.
I will monitor myself using this camera
under the effect of a new
type of medication.
To make sure whether I am sane or not.
Lobna, please, there is no time.
Help me so I can help Sherif.
I will lock myself inside
the room and give you the key.
And tomorrow, at the same time
come and open the door for me.
Don't worry.
I know what I am doing.
Ladies and gentlemen.
And now, time for the
blue elephant performance.
Sir, Al Ma'moon.
Come closer.
It's the devil possession, sir.
May she never be forgiven
she who tattooed your woman.
She brought her a
vicious copulating demon.
Able to detect the talisman
half way across the world.
It will manifest itself
in the form of a black dog.
That will take possession of you
and knock you out like a dead person.
Will copulate with your women
using your own body.
Without you knowing.
A warning, that you might keep away.
Goes by the same name as his
grandfather Satan, in heaven
before he disobeyed the
lord and got banished.
O Lord!, Protector!
Guardian!, Full of Mercy!...
Vomit, son, vomit.
Everyday, you shall put your finger
in your throat and vomit.
Empty your body, and fill it up with salt.
Clean yourself and wash with salt.
Salt is pure, will purify you.
Salt keeps away the copulating demon...
Burns it...
Baffles it...
And kills it...
This shirt is your best protection.
It has the name of God. Embroidered.
Protected by 9 digits.
That can not be read nor
interpreted by any demon.
To arouse you, if it knocks you out.
And brings the help of a
protector to assist you.
Digits that will close
a shelter around you
that can not be opened by
any type of weapon
nor by Satan, using
whatever type of key
nor by Nael the copulating demon.
Get out of my face
you and your stupid shirt.
It won't leave you
before it takes away
your most precious belongings.
The shirt!
The shirt!
The shirt!
Are you ok?
Are you worried about me?!
How long have I been out?
I don't know, but it's
almost morning, now.
I couldn't leave you.
On the 25th
they arrested a woman who stole
some stuff from the bathroom.
And they hanged her on Bab Zuweila
(One of Cairo's old gates)
On Wednesday, the 7th
a man called Al Ma'moon
killed his wife.
A couple of days later
he cut off his own arm
out of remorse for killing her.
He was admitted to "Kalaoon Hospital"
for the insane.
Then, what I saw has actually happened.
It is mentioned in Aljabarti's
book that we found.
What have you seen exactly, Yehia?
I saw an identical life to Sherif's
but in another time.
The Shirt...
Al Ma'moon...
And all of what's mentioned here in detail.
I am not sick.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
One second.
I am doctor Yehia, from "8 west".
Of course, I know you, Dr. Yehia.
I am Mervat, responsible
for the females ward.
Where is uncle Sayed?
Uncle Sayed, the one always sitting
in that house, or by the tree.
Uncle Sayed, the tailor...
He died 4 years ago.
This tree fell on him.
He always loved sitting here.
I hope you aren't upset from last time.
No matter how much you scream
nobody will hear you.
The door is locked outside.
The wimp working with you is lying on the
bathroom floor and wouldn't hear you anyway.
If you make any move
I will break you arm.
What do you want?
Take whatever you want.
I am not here to rob you.
One question...
Are you the one who
gave Basma the tattoo?
I dealt with Sherif
not with his wife.
I didn't say that she
is his wife, you lying whore.
What tattoo did you give her?
A flower.
Bring the book from which you drew.
I don't remember.
Bring the book...get up!
Bring it!
A sinful talisman!
This was not supposed to happen.
Everytime it went just fine.
But this time, it turned very differently.
The whole story is a
tattoo that is drawn...
And a spell that is read out loud.
And gets eaten by a dog.
Isn't it so?
You dirty whore!
Basma came to me...
And told me that she was
in conflict with her husband.
He was sick of her.
And demons can do what Viagra can not.
It comes...
And takes possession of the man.
And sleeps with his wife.
And no one can ever know.
And everyone is happy in the morning.
Oh my God...
This is how it goes.
When sexual pleasure is achieved...
Life goes on.
If there is no sexual pleasure...
We keep accusing each other...
Coldness and weakness.
And keep hurting each
other with dull knives.
What about the dog?
The dog that eats the spell
gets locked in the bathroom.
For one week, till I make sure
that the woman is fine.
And then I poison it.
As soon as it dies...
Everything goes back to normal.
But this time, you didn't kill the dog?
The dog died of its own.
I thought it was over.
But in Basma's case, it was something else.
Something that can not be dismissed.
Something that I have never seen before.
I understood the science of
converting letters to numbers.
It is called Alawfa' (Numerology).
Each letter has an equivalent number.
And the meaning of the word
when it is converted to numbers
and is written in boxes
the number acquires power.
A hidden energy through which
demons can be harnessed.
A calcaulation that can either protect
and would be called a veil.
Or destroy and would be
called a curse.
And this was the case
with Sherif and Basma.
The shirt always had the numbers
protecting from Nael the copulating demon.
The numbers translate to God's
name, The Protector.
The only protection name
able to stop Nael.
As for each demon, there is a name
that weakens and expels it.
Sherif was asking for it.
And Nael was distracting me
trying to make me burn the shirt.
I am dying.
No, you won't die, Sherif.
No one will.
Don't ever give up.
Help me.
What, Yehia?!
Are you going to prevent me from
killing him, using a pen.
The shirt, Sherif!
What is this?, what happened?
Wasn't I supposed to burn?
I haven't seen this shirt
since a long time.
You remind me of
school kids, Yehia.
That always go to the principal
when they get into trouble.
The highest rank!
He is never able to protect them.
Put the shirt on you son
you might catch a cold.
Seriously, Yehia!
Sorcery and witchcraft!
Is this how it ends for you?
You are the last person I would imagine
following these superstitions.
Shame on you!
We are doctors!, for God's sake!
What would the hospital
say about this now?
We are encouraging ignorance.
Instead of encouraging science.
All of this because I tried to make you
see yourself more clearly!
The shirt!
Get out of my head!
Instead of thanking me!
Thanking you?!
I said what you couldn't say.
Freed your imaginations.
That you were hiding.
Without me
would you've gained back your confidence?
Would you've gained back Lobna?
Unfortunately, all of what
you are doing will change nothing.
Can this bring back your daughter?
What a poor kid!
Of course you are thinking
she is in heaven now.
You should have seen
how she/it looks like.
It has everything you can imagine.
But it's boring.
The real life...
is here.
My name is...
(Unintelligible demon talk)
(Unintelligible demon talk)
(Unintelligible demon talk)
(Unintelligible demon talk)
(Unintelligible demon talk)
(Unintelligible demon talk)
"The Protector"
You are the one who sent the letter...
I used to lose consciousness...
for days.
And then wake up...
To find everything has changed.
Then I thought about you.
Despite all of what
happened between us...
I knew...
that you would never give up on me.
Nor on Lobna.
"8 west" final report showed
that Sherif might not have been
responsible for the crime he commited.
Doubt tipped the scales in his favor.
He was admitted to "Al Khankah Hospital".
To be treated till he becomes sane again.
And he might go out.
Life granted me another chance.
I became a new person
after this experience.
A person prepared for life.
And left a whole world behind me.
And asked for forgiveness.
But the difference between reality
and imagination will always be...
A door...
Called curiosity.
"The Blue Elephant"