The Blue Light (1932) Movie Script

THE BLUE LIGH Good day Mister.
Can we stay here tonight?
Tomorrow we would like to go
to Monte Christallo.
Who is this person Junta?
Ernst, come in.
Bring the book here,
it is about Junta.
Horst, it is now the right time to
read about the Blue Light
on the mountain.
Did Junta really live?
Have we arrived?
Does this road lead to
Santa Maria?
Hey Sir...
Is he mute or
doesn't he understand German?
Bye... bye...
I am the hotel manager
of Santa Maria.
Oh thank God...
finally somebody who speaks German.
Did you come to pick me up?
What are these strange
These are the boys of the village
who fell off the mountain.
That's my son.
You are not very joyful here.
It's a full moon,
a bad day for Santa Maria.
What does that have to do
with the moon?
A curse on our village
since the big flow that came down
from the Monte Christallo.
When it is full moon, there is
a blue light shining on the rock.
Each time the young boys
want to go up and each time...
and each time one cross more.
I planted a cross for my youngest son.
Tonio! Tonio!
Why are you so against
that girl?
She is not normal.
How can she climb towards
the blue light...
on the steep side of
the mountain...
while the young boys fall down
every time?
This Junta,
she's the damned devil's witch.
Do not close the shutters, it's such
nice weather.
It's a full moon.
Ah yes, the blue light...
My son... six months ago...
he was the fourth victim this year...
Silvio! Silvio!
There she is,
the devil's witch. Damm you!
It's all her fault, it's her fault.
Guzzi! Guzzi!
Guzzi! Guzzi!
Guzzi... Guzzi!
I'm here... I'm here.
Hey... what's the matter?
Have some... eat.
I was on the street, early this morning.
All of a sudden I saw a crowd in front
of Maria's house.
I heard Maria, who shouted:
""Junta, Junta!!!".
I was afraid and ran away... then I saw
the threatening crowd.
They ran after me with sticks...
they threatened me with their fists and
they shouted: ""Aaaa... aaaaa..."
They threw stones at me... I was running
but they came nearer and nearer...
Then a man jumped from a window...
he stood there with his arm like this
and shouted: ""Stop!".
Junta, where are you?
Junta... Junta...
Hi! Ah... Hello...
What do you have there?
Is that milk?
It's very nice here. I'd like
to stay here...
Now I must go.
I want to leave here before
it gets dark...
but I will come again.
Tomorrow, I will come again.
For sure.
See you again.
See you again.
I wanted to say something.
Tomorrow, I'll go back to the mountains.
I might stay over there for a few days...
so do not get worried.
Good day Sir.
So Junta, here I am again.
And this is a small contribution
for our life in common.
This is bread.
Bread. I know.
How nice, how nice...
But where shall I sleep?
I guess you sleep there...
and the little boy over there...
And me?
To sleep?
To sleep!
Ah... I understand,
I understand.
But where?
you can sleep here.
You' ll sleep very well.
Junta, little witch...
you make me behave like a fool...
If only we could speak
with each other
it would be perfect.
I have been here
for many weeks now and...
I'm afraid... I'm afraid...
I'll not go back ever...
back to the people...
Ju nta... Ju nta...
what's happen ing with you?
Junta... little Junta...
Junta... Junta...
what's happening with you?
Come and show me what
you brought from the village.
Let's have a look.
my little Junta...
How can I explain it to you...
you cannot understand me...
What's the matter?
Those crystals...
they are a danger for you...
and for the whole village.
But they could be a blessing.
The peasants should be
told about it. Let me go now.
Don't go.
Stay with me.
It's a real treasure...
it must be found...
and brought to the village.
You'll never have to run around in
these rag clothes anymore.
I'll come back.
Very soon
I'll come back.
See you!
It's not here...
that you should climb.
But here, at this side...
till those rocks.
And then, do not climb there,
but here, and you will
find the entrance to the grotto.
We understand. Goodnight.
That's how the poor Junta of
Santa Maria died.
But her memory lives on in the village,
the people who persecuted her so much
they got rich with the stones
of the Monte Christallo.
End of the story of Junta.