The Blue Rose (2023) Movie Script

["the blue rose"]
(SINGING) The blue rose
Is it real
It's the place
Your soul belongs to
Now you're home
And you can feel
The water's edge
The fate you cling to
The blue rose
[lesley gore, "maybe i know"]
Maybe I know that he's been
Maybe I know that
he's been untrue
But what can I do
I hear the whispering
When I walk by
He's going to break her heart
And make her cry
I know it's me
They're talking about
I bet they all think
I'll never find out
Oh, but maybe I know that
He's been cheating
Maybe I know that
He's been untrue
But what can I do
My friends are telling me
That he's no good
He isn't treating me
The way he should
He really loves me
That's all I can say
Before my tears fall
I just walk away
Oh, but, baby, I know that
He's been cheating
Maybe I know that
He's been untrue
But what can I do
Deep down inside
He loves me
Though he's never around
Deep down inside
He loves me
Someday he'll settle down
Maybe I know that
He's been cheating
Maybe I know that
He's been untrue
But what can I do
He really loves me
That's all I can say
Before my tears fall
I just walk away
Oh, maybe I know that
He's been cheating
Baby, I know that
He's been untrue
But what can I do
Maybe I know that
He's been cheating
Maybe I know that
He's been untrue
[screaming angrily]
[dramatic music]
- Sophie, darling.
How are you?
- Never been better.
I brought pie.
- Ooh.
- And that's when Billy
told me he loved me.
- No way.
- Yes, way.
- Well, are you going steady?
- We'll see about that.
- Look at this rock.
- Daphne Buchanan,
how the hell are you?
- Just fine, darling.
Just fine.
- This pie is divine.
- Well, I truly think I don't
have enough of your art pieces.
Would you whip me
up some new things?
- I have something
in the works for you
that you are going
to absolutely adore.
It's a black rabbit with a
big cockroach hanging out
of the side of its mouth.
- Ooh.
- I actually happen to have
a new painting for you.
- You do?
- Her.
She's somebody sad.
- Push.
One more.
One more.
Stay with me.
Stay with me.
- Ugh.
[phone ringing]
You are never going
to believe this shit.
- Did you break my lock?
- I got a call from the station.
- You know it's
my day off, right?
- They want us to investigate
some sort of homicide.
- Homicide?
Aren't we still, like,
labeled as rookie detectives?
- Yeah, but that doesn't
mean any of the old geezers
down at the station
are any better than us.
Besides, this could
be our big break
if we solve a bloody,
shocking, gruesome homicide.
- Homicide.
Hey, how come suicide
isn't all the rage anymore?
- Suicide is very '30s, '40s.
But nonetheless, we live
in happier times, Dalton.
- Happier times for
cold-blooded killers?
- Or estranged wives.
Pictured here is Harold
O'Malley, a husband
to one Sophie O'Malley.
Maiden name Steele.
- Steele?
Where-- where have
I heard that name?
- Sophie's sister
is Norma Steele.
Quite the socialite
around Hollyweird.
This man was stabbed 28 times.
He was cut up like a pie.
And Sophie wasn't at the scene.
And the cops think she
was kidnapped but I think
that she's the one who did it.
- That's quite a theory.
Are there any other suspects?
- Well, that's why they hire
us-- to come up with some.
- So this is the
O'Malley residence?
- Yes, indeed.
Do blue roses grow naturally?
- I don't think so.
- What is it?
- These are just white roses
that have been painted blue.
- Oh.
- OK.
Well, that's not odd to you?
- It's not that odd.
Maybe they're just
very eccentric.
- Yeah.
I don't know.
Something just feels off.
- OK.
Well, while you're gawking
over common plants,
I'm going to go inside and
look for actual evidence.
- OK, well, have
a dandy old time.
- Yeah.
A blue triangle painted on the
side of the O'Malley house.
- Jackpot.
"My dearest sister, nothing
I do can please Harold.
I fear he may be cheating
on me as the days grow long
and my drive for sensual
intimacy grows short.
I put all my time
into baking pie
after pie after pie
just to please him.
But it seems like he
wants a Lorelei Lee
and I'm a mere Dorothy Shaw.
After all, gentlemen
prefer blondes.
He hit me.
The anger built up inside of
me like lava in a volcano.
If I could, I'd kill him.
I'd gut him like a fish.
I now fear this volcano could
explode and a world of ash
could overtake.
Please write back ASAP.
I need you to help me
during this difficult time.
With love, Sophie."
- Well, that was quick.
- I think we should give
this Norma gal a visit.
(MY LOVE)"] Roses are red,
my love
A long, long time ago
- So, uh, tell me more
about Miss Steele.
- Sophia or Norma?
- Norma.
- Well, she's quite the
prominent figure around town.
She owns a successful gallery.
She also has a huge
art collection.
She's also known for her
very extravagant parties.
My love
But not as sweet as you
[ominous music]
- Ah, yes.
You're finally here.
- I'm sorry.
You know who we are?
- Oh, but of course.
Detective Lilly and
Detective Dalton.
I'm assuming you've come in
regard to my sister's husband.
- Yes.
That's exactly why
we're here, Miss Steele.
- Oh, please.
Call me Norma.
Well, come and sit.
Might I get you some
tea and cookies?
- Well, Norma, I've never
denied the opportunity
to feast on cookies,
so I'll take it.
- Wonderful.
- Yes, Miss Norma.
- Kiyo, I'd like
to introduce you
to Detective Lilly
and Detective Dalton.
- How do you do?
- Quite well.
How do you do?
- I'm fine.
- Would you fetch us
tea and cookies, dearie?
- Yes, right away.
- Thank you.
- Well, then.
Ask me anything.
- Well, for starters,
when was the last time
you saw your sister?
- It couldn't have been
but eight weeks ago.
However, we always
communicate by post.
- That was going to
be my next point.
Your sister intended for
you to receive a letter,
but it was never sent.
- Oh?
Do you have the letter?
- Yes
- May I see it?
- Not yet.
We still have questions.
- Has your sister
ever lashed out
or done anything she regretted?
- I suppose we've all
done things we regret.
Haven't we?
Are you implying
that my sister could
be responsible for the
murder of her own husband?
- Not entirely, Miss Steele.
- Sophie might have hurt
one of our animals once.
- Can you elaborate on that?
- Juniper, a cockatiel.
A beautiful creature, just given
to her on her ninth birthday.
One day I came home to see
that she had dismembered him.
And that's not even
the worst part.
Shortly after the bird
incident, our parents
thought Sophie
could take up music.
They hired a piano teacher.
That is until-- thank you.
Anything else?
- Do you have any reason why
she would have done this?
- Now I'd like to
make it clear that I
don't entirely not
believe my sister would
be capable of such a crime.
It's just that, well, sue
was the perfect little wife
to Harold.
Well, that is until our
last correspondence.
- Go on.
- I think she had
some small suspicion
that Harold was shacking up
with some jealous harlot.
She never directly told me so.
- Actually, she did.
- Of course.
It makes perfect sense.
You see, Sophie
contextualizes herself
as Dorothy Shaw in this
letter, comparing herself
to Lorelei Lee.
But she was really comparing
herself to Catherine?
- Who's Catherine?
- Catherine Christianson.
She's working over at
the Red Bloom Room.
That little slut.
- Heard some odd stuff
goes on in that place.
- An odd place for an odd girl.
- Do you think she could be
involved in Harold's murder?
- Perhaps.
Maybe she wanted
Harold all to herself.
But that couldn't happen
so if she killed him,
then nobody could have him.
You know, now that
I think about it,
I do remember Sophie
saying something
about a threat she received
from some blonde bimbo.
I'm under the impression
that it's Catherine.
- The Red Bloom Room?
We should go see her.
Another thing, Norma.
Does a blue triangle
mean anything to you?
- A blue triangle?
- At the crime scene, there
was a large blue triangle
painted by the door.
- Could it be the
mark of a killer?
- I don't know.
That's why I'm asking you.
- No.
I don't have any connection.
- Are you sure about that?
- Honest.
- Thank you for your
time, Miss Steele.
We'll be looking into Catherine.
- You've been quite
the help, Norma.
Thank you.
- The pleasure is
all mine, darling.
- Norma, might I ask you, where
do you get all of this art from?
- You know, I am just
such a patron of the arts.
- Any artist I would know?
- Some pieces are actually
done by Sophie herself.
She developed quite
a talent for art
when she was locked
up in the loony bin.
I think it's best that
you two get going.
- Let me get this
straight, Dalton.
You got-- you got
a plea for help
from an endangered
girl who was involved
in some sort of a
hostage situation.
And you didn't do your job?
- Yes.
That's exactly what I did.
Didn't do.
- And then you completely
blew the protocol
for a potential kidnap victim.
Excellent work.
- You're really beating a
dead horse at this point.
So if you are going to fire me--
- Might I be frank?
Maybe you two aren't
ready for a real case.
- But we already had a real
case, the Daphne Buchanan case.
- And what happened that time?
Do you not remember?
Because I remember.
You two wouldn't stop
lollygagging and taking
precious time away
from the case.
And poor Daphne has
been missing for months.
- We were so close
to cracking it.
And then you went
in and removed us.
And I'll be damned
if you do it again.
- Oh, you will be, huh?
- Yes.
- Yeah.
- I'm going to do what
I couldn't with Daphne.
And I'm going to
solve this mystery.
- This is not a Nancy
Drew novel, Dalton.
- I know.
- We know.
- Hey.
Here's an idea.
Maybe we could actually catch
some criminals if we had guns.
- Not after what happened
the last time, huh.
Should I go ahead and
move this case over
to Detectives
O'Hara and Danvers?
- No.
- No?
I should leave this case with my
two most unqualified detectives
to solve.
That's a superb idea.
- Can you not raise your voice?
- Could you cut the gas, Dalton?
- No.
Because you're yelling
at us for no reason.
- I have a good goddamn reason.
- And that good
goddamn reason is?
- My goddamn reason is
you're a goddamn smart ass.
- Why didn't you just
assing somebody else
on the first place, huh?
- Los Angeles is crime-ridden.
All right.
You have any idea how many
homicides occur on a given day?
- Is that a genuine or
rhetorical question?
- Can we get a real fucking
police car instead of
a pussy pink convertible?
- Too many to count.
- Dad, I promise I'll do better.
- I'm Mr. Vallens here, boy.
- Yeah.
Sorry, Mr. Vallens.
- All right, look, I want to
give you guys a second chance.
- Well, then let's go back
and help that girl Kiyo.
- No, no, no, no.
We'll handle the
Kiyo case from here.
You two, you find
that Sophie O'Malley.
And you find the killer.
- Thank you for
dinner, Kiyo, dear.
- Of course.
Alert me if you'd
like anything else.
[soothing music]
could carve this hole
Let it start
Oh, it's so cold
The echo's telling her
But she already knows
She stays put
In one town
She'd have the chance
through your noise
Become familiar sound
The gray is telling you
The bridges are let down
If you catch a glimpse
of a smile in the night
She's the girl in red
But she'll sing
the blues tonight
She's an open book
Until the pages turn
She's lighting up her window
As the house begins to burn
She puts her eye
With her bath
She drinks every drop
- What can I get you?
- Uh, um, nothing.
- You're standing at a bar, bud.
- Right.
Uh, can I ask you about one
of the girls who works here,
Catherine Christianson?
- Her.
- How long has she
worked here for?
- I'd say, uh, two
or three months now.
- Have you ever had a customer
by the name of Harold O'Malley?
- Names don't exist here
at the Red Bloom Room.
- But all I had to do was ask
about Catherine Christianson
and that's her name so--
- Do you actually think she's
named Catherine Christianson?
Seem like you're living in a
little bit of a dream world.
Need some eye drops?
- (SINGING) I cried in red
To a love that I regret
Made the sunshine
Made the stars glow
But no one told me what it does
To see it go
- I'd like to speak to
Catherine after her performance.
- Yeah.
Well, good luck with that.
The performers and clientele
never speak to one another.
Besides, she scurries off like
a little mouse after her shift.
- Well, then I'll
follow her home.
Where is home?
- She doesn't have one.
She's staying at the
Belladonna Inn right now.
- About Harold O'Malley.
That name doesn't ring a bell?
- No.
Can't say that it does.
- Very well.
I'm going to show you a
rather gruesome picture.
And I want you to tell me if
you recognize the man in it.
- A face.
Something not a lot of
people show around here.
Often people wear masks to hide
something about themselves.
Wouldn't you agree?
- What's up with the triangle?
- I think you know.
This isn't the first time
that you've been here.
Detective Dalton, I'll think
of you when I dream in blue.
- An open book
Until the pages turn
She's smiling out the window
As the house begins to burn
- Hey.
Are you OK?
Let's go.
Let's go.
Lilly, are you all right?
Do you need me to drive?
- I got it.
- Are you sure?
- I said I got it.
- Maybe we should slow down.
Watch out.
[tires squealing]
- We almost had her.
- OK.
Well, maybe if you hadn't
been driving like a mad woman,
we wouldn't be stranded on
the street, now would we?
- You were the one who
wanted to follow her.
- Yeah.
At a reasonable speed.
- Oh my god.
Do you know how to fix a tire?
- It's a flat, Lilly.
- And?
- No, I can't.
- OK.
Well, we're fucked.
- OK.
Well, at least I know
where she's going,
so let's just, like,
get a cab and, like,
resume in the morning.
- No.
We're walking to the
nearest auto shop.
- Lilly.
- Let's go.
- OK, fine.
- Let's get a move on.
[muffled boom]
You see that, too?
- Yes.
I want to run.
- Me, too.
Something tells me
that I should stay.
- What is it?
- Somebody sad.
- I'm sad, too.
Dalton, no.
[suspenseful music]
[tiny bell ringing]
- Yes, Norma?
- Sit down, dearest Kiyo.
Have a drink.
- What are we celebrating?
- A toast to the arts.
- To the arts.
- Kiyo, might I
ask you something?
- Anything, Norma.
- What are your
thoughts on purgatory?
- Purgatory?
- What if I told
you that you were
floating into it as we speak?
- If you told me that I--
I don't know what I would say.
- Well, you better
come up with something.
Why did I receive a phone
call from the police station
informing me that you had
slipped one of the detectives a
rather concerning note?
- What?
- Oh, I kindly explained to them
how you suffer from psychosis
and how you often have
episodes where your mind alters
your sense of reality.
It's troubling that you would
betray me in such a way.
- That isn't true.
- Oh, I'm aware.
But the police aren't.
- I know what's going on here.
I know what your plan is.
And I won't stand for it.
- You're right.
You won't stand for it.
[clears throat]
- Ah, yes.
You're finally here.
- Pardon?
- I've been waiting
for the two of you
ever since I saw you
in my dream last night.
I suppose now it's really you.
So what can I do to help you?
- I'm Detective Dalton.
And this is Detective Lilly.
We're investigating
a homicide case.
And we'd like to speak
to one of your occupants.
- And who would that be, dearie?
- Catherine Christianson.
- Room 808, the love nest.
- Great, thanks.
And your name was--
- Yes?
What is it?
- Are you Catherine
- What do you want?
- We just want to talk to you.
- About?
- I think you know.
- I don't.
I'm sorry.
- We just want to talk.
- Goodbye.
- Harold is dead.
- He's dead?
- Yes.
- How?
- May we come inside?
We can-- we can better
explain it to you that way.
- No.
I'll meet you at the hotel
restaurant in 30 minutes.
We can discuss it there.
[cheesy music]
- I always knew Harold
was going to get his.
He was a real asshole.
Did he ever mention
his wife to you?
- Oh, sure.
I mean, I didn't know
that much about the girl.
But from what I heard,
she was sweet and all.
But his sexual appetite was
too much for her to handle.
- What would you
two do together?
- Wouldn't you like to know.
He'd come all the way
up here just for me.
He'd get drunk.
I'd do what he paid me for.
Then he'd leave.
It was all fun and games until
he started getting aggressive
with me.
You know, I wouldn't be
shocked if he flipped his lid
and hurt his wife.
Harold got crazy
when he was drunk.
- Do you know where
Sophie might have gone?
- I don't.
I'm sorry.
- Did you ever happen to
threaten Mrs. O'Malley?
- What would I get out of
threatening a client's wife?
I mean, yeah, Harold had
a big package and all,
but nothing to kill for.
- (WHISPERING) Did you
ask about the triangle?
- Triangle?
- Does a blue triangle
mean anything to you?
- As a matter of fact, yes.
That creepy girl who
works at the front desk,
she came to my room one night
and presented me with a drawing.
It was rather juvenile
drawing, a blue triangle.
And as I took it from her,
she started crying blood.
I've heard of that experience
happening to a few people.
But her eyes just
started bleeding.
Surely, there's something to it.
- Did she say anything when
she gave you the drawing?
- No.
She just smiled at me,
that skin-crawling charm,
a sickening smile, truly.
[cheesy music]
- What does the
blue triangle mean?
- We-- we don't know.
- All right, well, thank you
for your time, Catherine.
If you need anything
else, just give us a call.
- Please don't go just yet.
What if she comes after me next?
Please, you could stay
for just a few hours.
We could go back to my hotel
room and dine on champagne cake.
- She does make a good point.
Maybe we could get her to
spill some crucial information.
- All righty, then.
- Gee, thank you so much.
I tell you, they have
the best cakes here.
- OK.
- Oh, it's going to be
just like a sleepover.
- No, it's not.
- Life is so strange sometimes.
You never know what decisions
you're going to make.
They're going to
alter the future
in ways your tiny brains
could never understand.
And if you think about it, fate
really brought us here together.
- Fate is a funny thing.
You know, I never wanted
to be a detective.
My father was one and his
before him and his before him.
I guess I just wanted
to prove myself to dad.
I wanted to show that I
could be half the man he is,
which is not much of a
man, but a decent amount.
- What about you, Lilly?
What are you doing in such
a male-dominated field?
- It's a long story.
- I love long stories.
- OK.
I had a friend.
And she was incredible.
And her name was Audrey.
We did everything together,
like how friends do.
And we were even roommates
for a point in time.
And one night, she hadn't
come home from work.
And I got really worried.
And I was like, she'll be--
she'll be back in an hour.
And then an hour turned
into a day and a night.
And then-- and then
they found Audrey.
- Yay.
- Dead.
She'd been taking advantage of.
The cops barely did anything
to catch the culprits,
especially after they
found out that we were--
anyway, the-- the point
is that, like Dalton, I
guess I just did
this to prove myself.
And in a way, I guess I have.
But every day, it just
gets a little harder.
- I'm so sorry.
The world is such a scary place.
But I am a firm believer
that everything--
everything happens for a reason.
In the great context of time
and humanity and the universe,
we all have to end
up on the other side
where the grass is greener
and the flame burns brighter.
I know just what we need.
Have you ever played
with tarot cards?
- No, no, no.
No more spooky demon stuff.
- No, no.
It's not like that.
Pick three.
[eerie music]
- Yeah, that's not good.
- Help!
[gentle music]
- This is where
we must keep them.
You know what you have to do.
You know what I've taught you.
- Eat up.
- Mm.
[chuckles] Where is my daughter?
- She will do just
fine with the others.
- I've forgotten her name.
- Now, you remember what I told
you about names, don't you?
- There are none.
- That's right.
That's right.
- Why are you doing
this to me, to us?
- You aren't enjoying it?
- No.
I'd like to go home now.
- You are home.
- No.
- Who is that?
- Why, your daughter, of course.
- No.
- Now, this only hurt a bit.
- No.
- So stay still.
- No, please, no.
- Stay still.
- When shall we three
meet again, hmm?
In thunder,
lightning, or in rain?
- When the hurlyburly's done.
- When the battle's
lost and won.
[thunder clap]
[ragtime music]
[door opens]
- Honey?
- Coming.
- (SINGING) It must have been
that something so important
- You're joking.
- I finally
perfected the recipe.
We can try it
tonight after dinner.
- Forget about it.
[thunder clap]
[piano music]
- Hello?
Where am I?
What is this place?
Can you say something?
- Help me.
- Sophie?
Sophie, darling, was that you
playing a few moments ago?
Why did you stop?
Sophie, darling, what
are you looking at?
- The lady in black
in the corner.
Who is she?
- Sweetheart, there's
nothing there.
Oh, my poor sister.
Well, OK, then.
Play again, hmm?
[piano music]
- Absolutely marvelous, so
much better now that that piano
teacher is out of the picture.
Come with me.
There's something fun I'd
like to do with you, mm hmm.
Poor Juniper, such
a beautiful bird.
- Why does he have to stay
in the cage like that, Norma?
- Well, if we ever let him
go, he'd never come back.
- Oh.
- Some people say
that sometimes, we
have to let go of
the things we love.
But why do that?
If you love something,
and you want to keep it,
to love, to look at,
why give it away?
- Do you think Juniper
is lonely in there?
Do you think he
wants to be free?
Oh, for sure.
But if we set him free, that
would be one less lovely thing
to look at.
But he-- he's somebody sad.
- I'm sad, too.
- Well, there is a way
for us to set him free
but to still keep
him with us, hmm?
[suspenseful music]
- Oh, shh.
Grab his wing.
- Pin the feet too.
- It's beautiful.
You must show mother
and father when
they come back from their trip.
- Stop it!
Oh, my god.
- No!
[suspenseful music]
- Dalton!
[horn blaring]
- Watch where you're going.
Are you trying to get killed?
[suspenseful music]
- Be careful.
Who was it?
- Nobody.
No one's there.
- And you locked the door?
- Yeah.
- Now, eat your dinner
before it gets cold.
So how was work today?
- Same old, same old.
What did you do all day?
- I cleaned the house, made a
couple phone calls, took a bath.
Oh, and I had the
strangest dream.
- In the bath?
- Yes.
I feel like it was snowing.
And I was walking
through the woods.
- Was I there?
- No.
- Oh, and then this-- this tree
was so magnificent and tall.
But then my eye line got
blurred by something.
So I flipped around
and I saw this portal.
It was a triangle all in blue.
And a fox was there.
He was leading me
into the portal.
But I awoke.
- Sounds like a hell of a dream.
Don't fall asleep
in the bath on me.
I don't need you drowning.
I love you.
- I love you, too.
Strawberry pie?
- Mm, yeah.
[baby crying]
- You need to go check on her.
If you don't, she'll be mad.
- Rose.
- I'm not joking, Dalton.
[baby crying]
- It's your baby too.
- Really, Dalton?
[baby crying]
[baby fussing]
[baby crying]
- Dalton!
- I'm fine.
- Is this what you want?
Have it.
- Get her pacifier, Dalton.
Get her blessed
pacifier Dalton, now!
- Please.
- Rose!
- (SINGING) Now that it's gone
This beautiful day
There's nothing to do
But say
My darling sweetheart
[baby crying]
- (SINGING) One more
perfect day is through
My darling sweetheart
One more perfect dream come true
[baby crying]
[thunder clap]
- What the fuck?
- Oh, heck.
Oh, my neck.
- San Ysidro Hills
Psychiatric Center?
- What is this place?
- Oh, darlings, I
knew you'd come back.
[rain pouring]
- Come on.
- No.
- Now, don't worry.
Miss Sophie is going to
take good, good care of you.
Keep your eyes and ears open.
Sophie's new exhibition is
right around the corner.
- (WHISPERING) We need to
find a way out of here.
- It's a little late
for that, Dalton.
- They never let me smoke.
They never do.
I just want a goddamn cigarette.
They never let me smoke.
- Oh, my god.
Is that Daphne Buchanan?
- What's she doing here?
[whip cracks]
- I would kill someone
for a fucking cigarette.
- Is that Kiyo?
- I can't tell.
- Where are you taking us?
- To see Sophie, of course.
She knows you're
dying to meet her.
- Yeah, well, how would
she even know that?
- Her sister, of course.
- Norma.
- Norma.
She let us into her trap.
She's the one--
- Detective Dalton,
you're holding cell.
- Yeah, as if I'm
going in there.
- Detective Lilly, you'll wait
here for a moment, please.
[door closes]
- Dalton, your cellmate, Juliet.
- What in the hell
is going on in here?
- Don't you mean, what in
heaven is going on here?
- Oh, OK, all right, a
little Juliette, huh?
- (WHISPERING) Keep quiet.
Come with me and you'll be safe.
- Well, maybe you've
seen her in your dreams
or walking down a lonely street
at night or in the mirror,
staring back at you.
- Kiyo, why are you
walking so fast?
- You've got to keep up.
- Where are you taking me?
- This is a bad place.
They've captured us.
You'll be next if we
don't get out of here.
- Wait, what?
- What do you want to know?
- OK, well, for starters,
where the fuck are we?
And who is Juliet?
- Who?
- Juliet, Dalton's cell mate.
- That's not what that's
called where I'm from.
- What are you talking about?
- Never mind that thing.
It doesn't concern us.
Let's just hope
Daphne doesn't fuck up
the plan with that
chatterbox she calls a mouth.
- Nurse.
Please, listen.
Rose and her painting
have gone missing.
- Rose?
That's impossible.
Do I need to medicate
you again tonight?
- No, come quick.
- Fuck.
- I'm sorry.
- I'm sorry.
- I don't know what happened.
- I don't know what happened.
- Mommy, please.
- Mommy, please.
Stop that!
- Wait, I have to
tell you something.
People often use masks to hide
something about themselves.
Don't you agree?
Have you ever been in love?
- I don't know.
Are you in love?
Are you?
- Are we going to die in here?
- I can't die anymore.
- What does that mean?
I still don't understand.
- Some art isn't meant to be
understood but appreciated.
- It smells like death in here.
- Probably because it is.
[eerie music]
- Oh, my god, Catherine.
- Miss Steele, we
have a problem.
- What problem?
- Rose is gone.
She's not in her cell.
I fear something
may have happened.
- Oh, never mind that.
Are the detectives
still in our custody?
- I believe so.
I didn't see the girl as I
was leaving Juliet's room.
- You mindless buffoon.
Do you have any idea--
- I'm sorry, miss.
I'll-- I'll fix it.
- Mm, your name's
Delilah, by the way.
- I had a dream last
night, a nightmare really.
There was a little
house upon a hill.
And I lived there with
my family, my twin.
We were happy, joyful.
It was snowing one winter.
And we would all go sledding
in the ice and snow.
We were young, vibrant, happy.
And then a man came,
a man in a mask.
- Please, god, no more.
Please, no more.
- And he brought me
to the next hill over,
a bigger hill, a bigger house.
You'll like it
here, he says to me.
You can do anything you want.
But I was forbidden to
go into the basement.
But one night, my curiosity
got the best of me.
So I creeped down the stairs.
And I opened up a mirror
into a cold, dark room.
I flipped a switch.
And that's when the fluorescent
lights and the stench came.
Bodies, bodies everywhere.
I screamed.
And the man must have
heard me, because he
came running down the stairs.
He burst through the
mirror and threw me
onto the pile of bodies.
I made a break for it up
the stairs and out the door.
I began falling, tumbling,
falling, tumbling, falling,
And that's when I
hit the ice and snow.
It was so cold, not like
the hill at my old house,
but like the hill of ice
cold bodies in the basement.
And then I woke up.
I woke up to you here.
- Detective Dalton.
- Miss O'Malley?
- It's Steele now.
- No, don't leave
me with her, please.
- Uh uh uh, quiet down.
- No, no, no.
You cannot go.
No, please don't
leave me like this.
- I said shut up.
- Oh, I've always
admired you, Dalton.
Well, I knew that you'd
wind up here eventually.
Everybody winds up
here eventually.
- What's that supposed to mean?
- Oh, why purgatory, of course.
- Uh, I wouldn't expect
you to understand.
You clearly don't have
an artist's brain.
- Yeah, well, if
I had your brain,
I wouldn't fuck
with a detective.
- Run faster.
- I don't know how
much further I can go.
- Go in.
[baby crying]
- We're running in circles.
We have to find another way.
- Dalton.
- I've been looking
for you everywhere.
Where have you been?
- Everywhere but
where we need to be.
- We need to find
Daphne and Rose.
If we aren't back
here in three minutes,
you need to come looking for us.
- OK.
- Well, this isn't where I
thought we'd wind up tonight.
But I'm happy it's with you.
- We're going to end
this tonight, together.
- Daphne, Rose.
[suspenseful music]
- Fuck this.
- Keep going.
Don't stop.
Keep going.
- Watch where you're
going, literally.
You are a very, very
good, detective, too good.
But I wanted you to find me.
I wanted you to find me.
You know I can't let
you go to her, right?
The flame, you know what
I have to do to you now.
- Sophie, please, I know
you're better than this.
- You don't know the
first thing about me.
If you did, you would know
that this is what I have to do.
This is why I was
put on this Earth.
This is my purpose.
- What purpose?
Killing people?
- I am not killing anyone
because nothing ever truly dies.
You're just going to be in
a very dark place for a very
long time.
- Sophie, stop it.
I know you're not a bad person.
I know Norma made you
do those bad things.
- You don't know shit.
- Yes, I do.
She created this facade,
this fabrication of a world
unlike ours.
And you're trapped here,
just the same as us.
- You're wrong.
- No, I'm not.
- Really?
And how the fuck would
you even know that?
- Because I saw you.
- You?
- Yeah.
- You're the lady in black?
She-- she tried to kill you.
And Juniper--
- I'm so sorry that you
did those things to you.
- This is real, isn't it?
- Come with me and Dalton.
- No, I can't.
I can't.
- You can.
You can set everyone free.
- I can't do it.
- Norma doesn't hold
any power over you.
You're your own person.
You can be free, too.
- I want to.
I really do.
- OK.
Come with me.
- No.
If I go back there
she's going to kill me.
- I'm going to make sure
that that doesn't happen.
We will make sure
that Norma goes
exactly where she needs to go.
- No, I just--
I love her so much.
What do I do?
- I know.
But sometimes we-- we have
to let go of the things
that we love.
- (SINGING) I used
to dream about a day
When you and I would go away
I dream of you at night
I dream of you in the sunlight
I dream of you, of you all night
Sometimes I think
back on the past
Back when the cars
drove oh, so fast
On graduation day
The last I saw your face
You kissed me on the cheek
And I cried relentlessly
I dream of you at night
I dream of you in the sunlight
I dream of you in blue all blue
Sometimes you find
only one person
To satisfy your thirst
But when they're
gone then the blue
Without you there's no more you
And do you recall
back on the old times
when you'd fall in love, in
love, in love and love and blue
Oh, oh I dream of you in
blue, in blue, a dream of you
I'll think of you
when I dream in blue.
[baby crying]
(SINGING) Lay me down
on a heart-shaped bed
Pretend it's our wedding
Pretend we just met
Pretend we're in
one of those movies
They rent in the back
of every seedy place
we pass on the interstate
The signs say heaven
waits on the other side
Just hold me through
these lonely nights
We'll have a blue
wedding tonight
Hold me through
these lonely nights
We'll have a blue
wedding tonight
To get the room with
a heart-shaped bed
Make something
gross reel romantic
Make me so no one will
ever want me again
Cause when I sleep with faith
I only find a corpse
in my arms on awakening
Just hold me through
these lonely nights
We'll have a blue
wedding tonight
Hold me through
these lonely nights
We'll have a blue
wedding tonight
So get a room with
a heart-shaped bed
Tell me something
Get a room with a
heart-shaped bed
Just hold me through
these lonely nights
We'll have a blue
wedding tonight
Hold me through
these lonely nights
We'll have a blue
wedding tonight