The Boarding School Murders (2024) Movie Script


Is anyone up?
Hey, something bad's
going on in the garden!
(door opening)
(door closing)

Someone help!

Woman in video:
You can travel between worlds.
You can communicate
with human ghosts.
- How'd it go?
- Doesn't matter.
Still haven't heard back
From the swedish
scholarship thing?
Swiss boarding school.
And no, I haven't.
The whole thing was
such a long shot anyway.
- Stop moping.
- I'm not moping.
You're practically
dripping with mope.
Let's go shopping.
You seem to forget
what happened
The last time
we went shopping.
It was cheap plastic!
It's still stealing.
It was the most beautiful
bracelet I had ever seen.
I know you don't
like the accolades,
But have I thanked you
enough for that day?
You can thank me
By behaving yourself
at the mall today, klepto.
So, consider this.
The french revolution helped
Traditional gender roles.
Can anyone share how
It positively impacted gender
equality and women's rights?
Gave them
an ideal platform
To demand access to education,
property rights, divorce rights,
The right to actively
participate in politics.
Also challenged the notion
That women should be
confined to the private sphere
And laid the foundation for
future feminist movements.
That's right.
- Teacher's pet.
- Picture the streets of paris
Buzzing with revolutionary
fervor, the cries of justice
Echoing through the air.
The class of ideology,
yearning in the hearts of men
And women,
wanting a better life.
So, the french revolution
witnessed the birth
Of ground-breaking
ideas that would reverberate...
My girl!
I knew it!
"on behalf of the limoux
boarding school in switzerland,
"we are delighted
to inform you
"that your application in the
"helping hands" program
"has been successful!
"we are pleased to extend our
warmest welcome to you
"as a member of our esteemed
educational community!"
- Everything okay, frankie?
- I'm sorry.

- Hey.
- Hey.
Where'd that smile go?
Limoux is one of the most
prestigious boarding schools
In all of europe.
Great women go there -
heads of state, ceos...
- And?
- And I'm me.
Yeah, you -
the most badass history expert
And the most
intelligent girl I know.
I just feel like I don't belong
in a place like that.
Everyone there is
going to be... Better.
We're survivors, remember?
Life can't possibly give us
anything we can't handle
Because we've already handled
it all,
And we've had each other's
back the whole time.
It's true.
We walked through fire.
Yeah. I guess
we are pretty fireproof.
Damn right we are.
I'm gonna miss you.
It's gonna be hard to miss me
When I'm video chatting
with you every night.
It won't be night for you.
Morning, night, I'll make
the time, and so will you.
- Mm-hmm.
- (both chuckling)
Is this...?
I want you to have it.
You're sending me to a foreign
country with stolen jewelry.
It's cheap plastic, remember?
I went back
to the store to buy it.
You went back?
It's a memento.
Now that you're
officially emancipated,
You're free.
You can finally breathe
and spread your wings.
I'm jelly.
Hey... You belong
at that school
Just as much as
those little rich girls.
Can you carry this?
- Ahh!
- (both laughing)
(jet engine blaring)

I belong here.
(exhaling sharply)
okay, let's go.
Miss ainsworth:
Miss frankie logan...
I'm miss ainsworth.
I'm the headmistress at limoux.
Pleasure to meet you.
I trust you had
a pleasant flight.
Yeah, very pleasant.
And it was my first time
traveling anywhere,
So it was all very exciting.
How nice for you.
Well, follow me.
the first order of business
Is to get you
in your uniform.
(door creaking open)
Frankie: Okay.
Nice chair.
It belonged to
the swiss king alexander I.
It was purchased at auction
By the parents
of one of our students
And donated to the school.
There is a detailed limoux
rules and regulations manual
In your room.
I suggest you
commit it to memory.
Yeah, of course.
This place
is so impressive.
It is.
First and foremost,
you must remember that,
From this day forward,
you are and always will be
A reflection of
the grand tradition
Of this hallowed institution.
You are a reflection of
those who came before you.
Is that clear?
"yes, miss ainsworth"
will do.
Yes, miss ainsworth.
And this will be
your room.
Do you have any other
belongings arriving separately?
You mean like a recently
auctioned van gogh or monet?
No, this is it.

"I suggest you
commit it to memory."
(soft music tinkling)
(music continuing)
Come in.
- Yeah.
- I'm jacqueline,
Your neighbor.
They left these at my door
instead of yours by mistake.
Uh, was it also a mistake
to give me two of these?
Oh, the second outfit is worn
When the other
one's being cleaned.
Of course.
So, you got a
scholarship here, right?
Has word gotten out
that I'm a charity case?
If it's any consolation,
They treat everyone
who's not cool like crap.
Like me, for instance.
I've been here
for two years,
And yet, to the other girls,
I still remain like... Crap.
So, want to be friends?
Of course
we can be friends.
Was that awkward
of me to ask?
No, it was, uh... Sweet.
It's okay.
People think I'm awkward,
Especially amidst
all this sophistication.
I don't think
you're awkward.
I think you're just
refreshingly direct.
Is that a good thing?
Where I come from,
no one says what they mean,
So, yeah,
it's a good thing.
Where are you from?
Lyon, France.
Right. That's where you get your
strong french accent from.
I moved around
a lot,
Not always voluntarily.
But that's the price you pay
for having two parents who think
Their job is far more important
than anything else in the world.
How about you?
Where are you from?
Uh... New york.
Is that
where your family lives?
Guess you could say that.
What do you mean?
I'm sorry.
Don't be, it's fine.
We did just become
friends after all.
Well, perhaps I can
fill you in on lyon,
London, and glasgow, and you can
tell me all about new york.
Would you like to come
to lunch with me?
Yes, I'm starving.
You'll want to change
into your uniform, of course,
miss ainsworth will whip you.
That was a joke.
I'm not funny.
No, you're funny,
Yeah, just, um...
Give me a sec to change.
Oh, yeah.
(speaking indistinctly)
Not there.
- Girl: Not ever.
- (girls laughing)
Is that...?
You're not very social?
No, I'm social.
It's just those girls,
They always slide their
dessert towards me,
Even though I'm diabetic.
They think it's funny.
That's messed up.
Really messed up.
So, who are these
fancy young ladies?
That one over there
is annabel volkov.
Her father is vladimir volkov;
he's a russian banking magnate.
And that's maria lewis.
Her parents own lewis tech
solutions, which is worth,
Like, billions.
And that...
Is tinsley wellington.
There's always a tinsley.
Is that a popular
name in new york?
No, not the name;
the girl.
There's always
a queen bee.
Not a queen.
But her family
are minor british royals.
Her mother is all
over the society pages.
Tinsley is a brand ambassador
for a new perfume line.
Thought she smelled funny.
You've met her?
Our paths have crossed.
And it looks like
they're about to again.
Don't let them
intimidate you.
How do I do that?
I don't know.
Just, uh...
Imagine they're naked.
No, that makes them
more intimidating.
I see that you got
A "helping hand" in
the friendship department.
You... Know my name?
I'm frankie.
I know.
My family actually is
responsible for your being here.
They generously
funded your scholarship -
One of
our pet projects. So...
I guess that makes you my pet.
Can you do any tricks?
That's funny.
You sound classy.
But making fun of someone who
doesn't have your privilege?
That's not very classy.
So, you're going to
give me a lesson on class?
Someone should.
Well, this introduction
isn't going very well.
Listen, darling,
You might want to cultivate some
respect for your superiors.
That's right.
There's this
funny thing about respect.
It's earned by people
who deserve it,
Not people
who demand it.
I'm a giver and a leader.
You're a taker.
Do you know
what takers do?
They get on their knees
and wait for my instruction.
You don't belong here.

This is where I meditate.
It's more impressive during the
day, when the birds are here.
You meditate?
It helps me focus
And forget about life
and how much it sucks.
Sounds like you're not in touch
with your inner universe enough.
You know,
life doesn't suck.
Not always, anyway.
You know,
it's not good to dwell.
I'm a dweller, all right.
You probably think
more than you meditate.
You can think about
a problem for a moment or two,
But after that,
it's not very useful.
It just becomes more
worrying than thinking.
You sound
like my therapist.
They made me see one
at the foster home.
Do you want to
hang out here for a bit?
I don't really feel like
Dwelling back
in my room all night.
According to that manual,
we aren't even supposed
To be out here
unless we're supervised.
Um, do you want to
know a big secret?
Like, you can't tell anyone.
I never actually
read the manual.
(both laughing)
Who is that?
Come on.
- There's a basement door!
- Okay!
It shouldn't be locked either.
Are you sure?
I'm pretty freakin'
sure, jacqueline!
(both laughing)
Evening, ladies.
(both laughing)
You didn't get the joke?
No, I think I missed it.
A little cosplay?
I was pretending
to be a thief, you know.
Like you?
Do you want to tell your one and
only weirdo friend or should I?
I was just in the wrong place
at the wrong time.
Isn't that what they all say?
No honor
among thieves, right?
What happened?
Your new friend
frankie has a record.
It took a lot of digging,
but yes,
We have a convicted
criminal among us.
I'm not a criminal.
You committed a crime, so you
are therefore a criminal.
Makes one wonder
how someone like you
Could fall through the cracks
and get accepted here.
And what about your father?
What is he in for again?
Dui, burglary, fraud,
and embezzlement.
The apple doesn't fall
far from the tree, does it?
And plot twist, ladies:
The school knows nothing about
any of this.
But don't worry.
Your many secrets
are safe with us.
Girls, not a word of
this to anyone, right?
I own you...
Helping hands.

Hey, I was just
thinking about you.
I should never
have come here.
I knew I didn't belong.
What's going on?
Frankie? Hello?
I'll call you later.
What are you doing?
Just talking to my friend.
Are you okay?
You don't look okay.
I thought coming here
would be a fresh start,
A new beginning.
I guess your past
follows you everywhere you go.
It's awful that
tinsley told everyone
About your prison record.
I didn't go to prison.
It was a stupid mistake,
One by my friend
and one by me.
Tell me, please.
I'm all ears.
Trina saw this
bracelet at the mall.
She wanted it,
so she just took it.
She stole it?
Cashier saw her leaving with it,
and security came,
We took off, just ran
through some back hallways.
Almost made it
out of the mall when a...
Security guard
grabbed her real hard.
And we were just
in this isolated area,
It was just us and him.
Did he... Hurt her?
Might have,
if I hadn't stepped in.
What did you do?
- I punched him.
- (laughing)
- Pretty hard.
- Good.
Cops came, I tried
to explain why I did it,
But I'm a misguided
foster kid,
Who was just
an accomplice to stealing,
So who would you believe?
You were trying to
protect your friend.
It's nice.
It's plastic.
I almost got in a lot of
trouble over cheap plastic.
What about your father?
Is he really in jail?
Sort of.
He's, like, in and out of
psychiatric hospitals.
I barely know the man.
I haven't seen him in 12 years.
We have absolutely
nothing in common.
Well, that's
a good thing, right?
Yeah, I like to think so.
(soft music tinkling)

(soft music tinkling)

(soft music tinkling)
(girls speaking indistinctly
in hushed tones)
Miss ainsworth:
Girls, stay on the stairs.
Do not come down.
(girls speaking indistinctly
in hushed tones)
Yes, please,
as quickly as you can.
There's been
a terrible accident.
(girls speaking indistinctly
in hushed tones)

Who found her?
I think maria did.
Did they think she was...?
I mean what did they
think happened to her?
I'm sure it was
an accident, right?
I overheard the detective.
She could have
fallen or...
Been... Pushed.

Hey, who's that?
That's mr. Limoux.
He's the dean and
owner of the school.
It's been in his
family for generations.
He lives off campus
with his wife and children.
Miss ainsworth:
I realize how...
Traumatic this has been.
And as such,
We will begin
mandatory counseling
With the school psychologist
later this morning.
Detective kraus will also--
Detective krause
Will be questioning everyone,
as well as collecting dna
And conducting
a thorough investigation.
We will be reaching out to your
parents as soon as possible.
Rest assured,
Limoux is,
has always been,
And always will be...
A safe
and secure institution.
Miss ainsworth: Now I'd like you
all to return to your rooms.
Class will resume
as normal this afternoon.
Now, please.
You okay?
I feel terrible, but...
You know they're going
to think I did this.
No way.
Maybe there's a perception
That you and tinsley
didn't hit it off.
And I'm the new, poor kid
with a juvenile record.
There's girls here
who've wished tinsley dead
For as long
as I can remember.
I'm actually one of them.
It was frankie.
Did you actually
witness any of this?
Did tinsley wellington
ever tell you
That she felt threatened
by frankie logan?
Given the fact that she admitted
to being a known criminal,
And that tinsley was the one who
called her out, I mean,
You don't need to be
a detective
To know she's the one
who did it.
It's obvious, isn't it?
Krause: Yes, I will have an
update for you in 24 hours.
My team is examining
the phones
And the electronic equipment
Of some of the
students as we speak.
I will...
Get to the bottom of this.
(phone chiming)
Miss logan?
Frankie: I was charged
as an accessory
To shoplifting
at a retail store.
Shoplifting, not murder.
And you punched
a security guard in the face.
Tell me about the altercation
with miss wellington.
She was wearing a ski mask.
She was just trying
to scare me.
So, she humiliated you
in front of everyone.
Yeah, she did.
And you think that would be
a reason to kill her?
Oh, I don't know.
You tell me.
I did not kill tinsley.
And you have an alibi?
Nobody here has an alibi.
We all have separate rooms, and
it was the middle of the night.
Besides, I thought
you said it was an accident.
Well, that could
very well be.
But people,
especially young people,
Rarely just happen to fall down
stairs to their death.
So, I'm a suspect?
Everyone is a suspect,
miss logan.
(bell ringing)
Reporter: Tinsley wellington,
british royal socialite
Was found dead at the bottom of
the stairs at limoux,
A prestigious boarding school
in the swiss alps.
There's no official word
On the circumstances
of her untimely passing,
But we will keep you updated
As more information
becomes available.
The school's administration
has extended
Its full cooperation,
Emphasizing their commitment
to transparency
And the safety of
their students.
Turn that off.
I know this is
your first class
Since the passing
of miss wellington.
And while I know that
You're all going
to be receiving counseling,
I wanted to let you know
that I am here for you,
In case you want to talk.
But for now,
let's take a moment of silence
In honor of miss wellington
before we begin today's lessons.
Let's close our eyes.
It'll be okay.

There's nothing
I can do.
I'm trapped in a place
where everyone hates me.
They don't just hate me;
they think I murdered someone.
So, yeah,
like I said, I feel trapped.
Tell me about your father.
He's incarcerated.
He's in a nut house;
Pleaded insanity
and got away with it... Twice.
Counselor: He was diagnosed
with schizophrenia.
I'd love to talk
about anything else.
- Frankie: What about her?
- What did you think of her?
Are you trying to play
detective, dr. Garcia?
You were with her just
a few hours before she died.
Along with
five other girls.
If what you're really asking
is if I was resentful of her...
...Then the answer is yeah.
I resented her
because she had everything
And made me feel
completely unwelcome
In the one place
that felt like...
It could be
my first lucky break.
That being said,
Despite all the cards
being stacked against me,
I like to still think that
at least I have a chance
At some sort of future,
Even though it might not
seem like that right now.
You're keeping
a positive attitude.
That's good.
It's the one thing I have on
these girls is I'm a survivor.
So, yeah,
I'll keep a positive attitude
and yeah, I'll survive this,
Like I've survived
everything else in my life.
Can I be honest
with you, frankie?
I don't believe
you had anything to do
With miss wellington's death,
And I do believe you
will make it through this.
(pen scratching on paper)
So, you just write down
that I'm innocent?
I've given my assessment as to
whether or not I believe
You have the
psychological profile
Of someone who
could commit murder.
A forensic psychologist
Masquerading as
a grief counselor.
More the other way around.

They say the killer
always returns
To the scene of the crime.
We all return
to the scene of this crime.
We all take the stairs.
Everyone knows
you did it.
Well, I guess I'm surrounded
by clueless idiots.
Leader of the club
right in front of me.
You're going to pay for this,
one way or another.
What's that
supposed to mean?
(scoffing) you know exactly
what it means.
I just don't see how this
situation could get any worse.
Well, who do you think did it?
The thing about
girls like tinsley
Is even their
friends can hate them,
Because they feel
just as inferior
As the ones they torment.
The only reason
they aren't tormented
Is because
they go along with it.
Trina: So, you think it
could be one of her friends?
I don't know
what to think right now.
Wait, I have an idea.

Why search maria's room?
Maybe maria got tired of just
being tinsley's sidekick.
Are you sure
this is a good idea?
Everyone's at dinner.
I told them I felt
sick to my stomach,
Which is...
Actually not a lie.
- What are you hoping to find?
- Frankie: I don't know.
First day...
I think I found something.
Someone's coming.
Trina: I told you
this wasn't a good idea.
I'm in trouble.
Miss ainsworth (over p.A.:)
Everyone meet
in the church immediately.
All students and staff,
Come to the church immediately
for a mandatory meeting.
(exhaling sharply)
that was close.
Trina (on phone:)
yes. Now, get out of there!
Nuh-uh. I'm doing this.
It's now or never.
I have
a question for you.
I'm not sure
I want to know what it is.
What if I left
with her tablet?
Do you think your friend
could help me hack into it?
The answer is no.
You're gonna get
caught, frankie.
It's a stupid idea.
you're right.

We apologize for
interrupting your dinner, but...
We have received information
In regards to miss wellington's
untimely demise.
We heard from
detective krause.
Their preliminary
autopsy report shows
That miss wellington
had an extremely high
Blood alcohol level.
Tinsley didn't drink.
Alcohol is
empty calories.
Miss lewis...
Mr. Limoux: Along with an
excessive blood alcohol level,
There were
tranquilizers, as well.
This evidence points
To miss wellington accidentally
falling to her death
Due to extreme intoxication.
I know that,
while this information
Doesn't change the fact that
miss wellington is gone,
It should offer some comfort.
how's that?
If there is
any solace to be had
In this very difficult time,
It is that limoux remains
a safe institution.
So, you and your
parents can rest assured
That there is not a threat
of a murderer in our midst.
Still not at ease.
It just doesn't sound
like tinsley at all.
Miss ainsworth:
Any more of these interruptions
and there will be consequences.
I realize
that you're grieving,
But that's not an excuse
for this kind of behavior.
You're all free to go.
You may take the rest
of the evening to yourselves.
(students murmuring)
Miss brenet,
May I please have a word
with miss logan in private?
Of course.
See you later.
No need to apologize.
Oh, and what on earth would
I need to apologize for?
For accusing me
of being a murderer?
I never accused you
of anything.
But I do have
some words of advice.
- What's that?
- Be careful.
What is it they say about
intimidation again?
Oh yeah, it's a confession
of intellectual impotence.
Your hard life has given you
a rather cutting quick wit.
Survival mechanism, no doubt.
- Good for you.
- Like your life's been easy?
Please, I see it
all over you.
I hope you got that
Out of your system
Because, if you ever
disrespect me like that again,
I will expel you
all the way back
To the black hole you
thought you'd climbed out of.
Have a lovely evening.

Everyone hates me.
My pariah vibes have
rubbed off on you.
Sorry about that.
Maybe it just means
we're socially dead, no?
Wouldn't that be nice?
Try calling your parents,
telling them what's going on?
I don't really
talk to my parents.
I just get the feeling
that tinsley's death
Being ruled an accident has made
things far worse, you know?
Like it's ignited
some sort of vigilante justice.
Well, what do we have
for breakfast today?
- Hmm...
- Oatmeal or french toast?
- (spitting)
- (gasping)
- Oatmeal.
- Hmm.
Also oatmeal.
- (both laughing)
- cute!
What's wrong with you?
Maybe I just don't
like psychopaths...
Or freaks.
Trust me, you're gonna want
to stop this right now.
Or what?
You're gonna kill us too?
(both laughing)
Leave my friend alone!
Miss ainsworth:
All of you,
in my office immediately.
I would be well within my rights
to expel all four of you.
Maria: Annabel and I
didn't do anything wrong.
You spit in our food.
Oh, and there's
also the death threats.
That wasn't us.
- Yeah right.
- Maria: It wasn't.
You're the thief
who stole my tablet.
Do you realize
where you are?
I love this school.
Miss ainsworth:
This is not just a school.
This is a hallowed place
Where those destined to shape
the future of this world
Are prepared to meet
the challenge of destiny.
And the behavior the four of you
have exhibited is despicable.
My parents pay your salary, so
technically, you work for me.
Oh, do you mean
your very wealthy parents
Who chose to send you
to a boarding school
Hundreds of
kilometers from home?
The accusations
and retaliation
Resulting from
tinsley's untimely
And accidental death
end now.
If this or anything
like it happens again,
I will expel each
and every one of you.
Is that clear?
That's all.
Please leave.
Actually, wait.
I have an idea.
Man: I guess this must
be my lucky day.
you know...
In all my years, I've never--
What's the drill?
Haven't your parents told you
it's rude to interrupt people?
Haven't yours told you
it's rude to kill people?
Oh no, they couldn't have.
They're already in jail.
Okay then.
Well, uh, those, uh,
bulbs have just come in.
Beautiful, aren't they?
Avignon tulips -
One of my favorites.
They grow wild
in the northern region.
This is beyond tedious.
There's far worse punishments
Than having to
plant flowers together.
Right. So, let's just
make the most of it.
Those towels in front of you
are for your knees,
So you don't get dirty.
Oh, how thoughtful.
Groundskeeper: Now, it's a
pretty self-explanatory, eh?
You just dig enough
for the bulb
And then you leave
about, oh, three inches...
For this magic stuff -
Fish and feces.
I am not touching that.
Are we getting gloves?
Well, that's the thing,
miss ainsworth was very specific
That, uh, no gloves.
I have a pair in my room
that I can use,
Which I will surely
dispose of after.
Uh, again,
sorry, no gloves.
And I will be staying here
To make sure you use
your bare hands.
This is ridiculous.
Ainsworth is playing
a game with us.
We can sit and complain about it
or we can get it over with.
She's right.
Wait until my parents
hear about this.
Groundskeeper: "out of
the putrid grows the sublime."
That's from
miss ainsworth.
She has a way
with words, doesn't she?
Well, this is unexpected.
I get the impression marie
and annabel want to bond
Over our newfound hatred
of miss ainsworth.
Am I correct?
You're the most literal
person I have ever met.
Not bond. Just...
for spitting in your hood.
Maybe this was
miss ainsworth's plan all along.
I think it was more
punitive, less... Kumbaya.
Let's get
one thing straight:
You're wrong about tinsley.

(exhaling deeply)
(moaning softly)

Is anyone up?
Hey, something bad's
going on in the garden.

Oh my god, maria...
Someone help!
(siren sounding)
Krause: Maria lewis
is in a coma, frankie.
This will be much easier for you
if you are honest with me.
Like I said, I saw someone
Carrying something
near the tulip bulbs
We had just planted.
At 5:30 in the morning?
And then, you saw
that person run away?
Through the basement window?
Do you want to ask me again?
How would you characterize your
relationship with miss lewis?
Not great,
but it was getting friendlier.
But you said
that she believed
You were responsible for
miss wellington's death.
After centuries without
a single incident,
Now limoux has one death
And one attempted murder
all in the same week.
What are you implying,
detective krause?
Mr. Limoux:
You've notified her parents.
Miss ainsworth:
Their child is in a coma;
Of course
I notified the parents.
They're taking
the next flight.
I guess you didn't hear.
Miss ainsworth:
Hear what?
The airport is closed.
There was a massive fire.
They just
announced it on the radio.
They had to evacuate everyone
And reroute
all inbound flights.
How terrible.
Several of the parents
I contacted are already
Making arrangements to
bring their daughters home.
Every parent is going to
want to permanently remove
Their daughters from limoux.
Tell me this is
a nightmare, miss ainsworth.
What the devil is
going on around here?
I hate to say it,
But this fire at the airport, it
could be a blessing in disguise.
How so?
The airport will be
closed for a few days.
it will give us enough time,
Time to get
some answers about...
What's going on
around here.
We need to find out
who put miss lewis in a coma.
They said blunt force trauma.
I mean,
who would do such a thing?
It's all so sordid.
We need to save
the reputation of this school.
Well, I pray that maria
comes out of this all right.
Who's in there
with detective krause?
Miss logan - the american.
In light of what
happened with miss lewis,
The investigation
into miss wellington's death
Has been reopened
as a possible homicide.
It shouldn't have been
closed in the first place.
A good detective
knows to never assume
Or rush to conclusions.
Even swiss detectives
should know that.
It wasn't me,
Detective krause.
I didn't do anything wrong.
I have read in your file that
you recently were emancipated
And are therefore
without support
Outside the comfortable
confines of limoux.
That's right.
Would you agree
to turn over your phone
And your electronic equipment?
Or did you want
to contact a lawyer first?
Like I said,
I did nothing wrong,
So I have nothing to hide.
We just want to examine a
record of your communications.

They think it's you?
They think I did it.
I'm scared.
Believe me, so am I.
You don't look scared.
I learned to hide
my emotions pretty well...
...But I'm terrified.

(keys tapping)
What's the latest?
Remember how I said
I didn't think things
could get any worse?
You're kidding.
Another girl's been attacked.
She's alive,
but she's in a coma.
I'm officially a suspect.
They've taken my phone
and my tablet,
So I'll be radio silent
until this is all over.
Trina: Don't you need
a lawyer or something?
You know any?
Are you gonna be okay?
I don't know.
I'm tired of pretending
I fit in here.
I don't. I just don't.
Frankie, listen to me.
We're survivors.
Remember? Fireproof.
You're right.
I need to clear my name,
but I'm going to need your help.
Name it. Let's make it happen.
What's your next move?
There's this woman,
miss ainsworth.
She was appointed
headmistress in 2007.
But there's something
odd about it,
And about the fact that maria
Had a cut out
article of it in her agenda.
I'm gonna look into it.
Be careful.

Who's the new man on campus?
I heard detective krause talking
about him.
His name's friedrich.
He's been hired to
hang around and keep watch.
Until they catch the killer.
So, why does he
keep looking at us?
He's not looking at us.
He's looking at me.
Where did he go?
What are you girls doing?
We're going
to frankie's room,
So that she can
murder us in private.
What would
miss ainsworth's motive be?
All these years
serving rich children
With little
or no appreciation.
Annabel: While not having
any children of her own.
Not that we know of.
All of these spoiled girls
Getting everything
in life she never had.
After so many years of festering
She's turned into a...
Psychotic popsicle?
So, if we really want to
search miss ainsworth's room,
We have to come up with
a solid plan, right?
We can't just sneak
in there while she's away.
Why not?
She's spending most of
her time in her office.
Still a risk.
- We need a diversion.
- Frankie: You're right.
Two of us could come up
with a way to distract her
While one of us goes
and searches her room.
Okay, let's do it.
So, jacqueline and I can
distract miss ainsworth,
Keep her occupied,
while you sneak into her room.
Why am I the one
sneaking into her room?
Because her room's
going to be locked.
So, because I'm from
the wrong side of the tracks,
It comes with the territory to
somehow learn to pick a lock?
Do you know
how to pick a lock?
(phone vibrating)
I'm waiting for
an important email,
But it's just a text
from my annoying brother.
Good place
to stash your phone.
So, um, what exactly
are we going to say
To keep miss ainsworth busy?
We'll figure it out.
Where are you ladies going?
None of your business.
Be careful.
Maybe you should be careful;
one of us could be the murderer.
Miss ainsworth: I assure you,
your daughter's safe.
We have every confidence
that this issue
Will be resolved soon.
Yes, of course.
We'll be in touch.
Um, can we talk?

Miss ainsworth:
So, let me get this straight.
You believe
the new security guard,
is flirting with you?
And you'd like
to file a complaint
Based on him
doing what exactly?
Uh, because he keeps
winking at me.
It's-- it's very disturbing.
He-he winked at me, too.
- Mm-hmm.
- Miss ainsworth: Uh-huh.
All right.
Is that all?
Are you going to
let us file a complaint?
Can we do it now?
No. I have to prepare
the paperwork.
I would like both of you
To return to your
respective rooms immediately.
There's something else
we need to discuss.
I certainly hope
it's urgent, miss volkov.
It is.
We think...
Everyone should get
straight a's this semester
Because of the
traumatic circumstances.
Straight a's?
Yes, absolutely.
I've had enough.
I have a splitting headache
And it's only getting
worse by the moment.
So, please
go back to your rooms.
(breathing shakily)
What now, miss volkov?
I can't go back
out there.
The security man, friedrich,
he's freaking me out.
I think I'm going
to have a panic attack.
You're going
to be fine.
I'd like you to breathe
and go back to your room.
Now, now.
Let's go.

(pills clattering)
(pills clattering)
(breathing heavily)
I still can't believe you
let her into the room.
What were we supposed to do?
Tie her to her chair?
I don't know. You could have
come up with a better lie.
I know, we messed up.
Sorry, but if we pushed
it any further,
She would have
gotten suspicious.
Miss ainsworth (over p.A.:)
attention, everyone, please,
Immediately head back
to your respective rooms.
We will be in contact
with everyone of you shortly.
Let's go.

(krause speaking indistinctly)
(krause speaking indistinctly)
(krause speaking indistinctly)
(knocking, door opening)
- What's going on?
- (krause clearing throat)
You were right.
There was indeed someone in the
basement who came in and out
Through the hallway window.
The weapon,
a shovel from the school barn,
Was hidden away
in the boiler room,
Where miss lewis
was attacked.
And you're going door to door
to tell everyone in school?
What shoes were you wearing
When you last came
in contact with miss lewis?
The shoes
I'm wearing right now.
You said that you never set foot
out the garden that morning.
Now, I need you
to think for a second.
Are you certain that you did
not make it to the school barn?
I never set foot
anywhere near the barn.
Ah. What size shoes
do you wear?
What does that have
to do with anything?
That would be forty-one
and a half for us,
I think, eh?
Miss logan,
would it be all right
If we had a look
around your room?
I have nothing to hide.
(krause singing in german)
What have we got here?
Yeah... Uh-huh.
(cane tapping)
They're not mine.
The pattern is a match,
And I think it's
the same size, too.
41 and a half,
that's rather large for a woman,
Over here in europa, anyway.
I said, they're not mine.
I have no idea
how they got in here.
Miss logan, you have
the right to remain silent
And, uh, to not participate
with the police.
You have the right to legal
representation by an attorney,
Private or publicly funded,
and you also have the right
To notify next of
kin of your detention.
This is not happening.
You know
that I'm innocent.
So, why don't you try
to do your actual job
And find the real killer?
(breathing heavily)
(breathing heavily)

Hey, mom?
I know I've never
done this before, but...
Here goes nothing.
I'm not even sure
if I believe in all this.
But just in case,
I thought I'd reach out.
(door opening)
Like I said,
I thought I'd...
I'd reach out 'cause...
I don't know what else to do.
You know, I've always
tried to make you proud.
I'm starting to think
maybe trina was right.
I don't know
why I try so hard.
So, anyway,
If there's anything
that you can do to help
From up there or...
I'd really appreciate it.
I miss you.
(locks clicking)
What's going on?
You are free to go.
- I am?
- Krause: You are.
You have been exonerated.
Excuse me?
Miss ainsworth had
installed a surveillance camera
Outside your room.
When we looked at the footage,
we saw you come out,
Head to the garden, and
immediately call for help.
You did not have time
to get to the barn
Or carry a body
across the garden.
You are free.
Can I ask for a favor?

Hey, maria.
It's frankie.
You actually look
really good, considering.
Not everyone
can rock a coma.
Listen, I, uh,
read somewhere
That talking to people in your
situation can help, you know,
Help you wake up faster
Because, not to rush your
healing process, but I--
Really need you to
open those beautiful eyes.
Please, wake up.

(phone chiming)
I was going nuts.
You'll never
believe what happened.
I was in detention
and then I got exonerated.
I'll explain it all later,
but one thing is for sure,
I need to put
an end to this.
The only thing you need to do
is stay out of trouble.
I need to know
what they found out.
What who found out?
Tinsley and maria.
I think they were onto someone.
Frankie: And I need to get
to the bottom of this.
Trina: I don't know
what you have in mind,
But I already know
it's a bad idea.
I need you to get your
hacker friend on the line.
I need to get
into maria's tablet.
(trina sighing)
trina: Fine, I'll get her on it.
Okay, it's done.
You should have full access now.
That's a beautiful
photo of your wife and kid.
How old was she back then?
What kind of game do you think
you're playing right now?
I've had you followed
by a pi, mr. Limoux.
Excuse me?
Well, your conduct
was irreproachable.
That being said,
my pi is good,
The best money can buy.
I don't know if
this is some kind of joke,
But this is enough to get you
expelled, miss wellington.
I suggest--
Well, don't you want to
know what he found?
He got a hold of your
monthly bank statements.
He found some recurring payments
made to miss jane ainsworth -
3,000 euros every
month since 2007,
Which coincides with the year
that she was appointed
As your new headmistress.
What are you trying to say?
You had an affair
with miss ainsworth, mr. Limoux,
While you were married.
You paid to have her abandon
her child
And keep quiet about your
extramarital relationship.
3,000 euros per month -
not bad for a teacher
For whom it wasn't easy
to make ends meet.
And that's how you got her to
just give birth to her child
And dump her up in
the foster care system...
...And keep her
mouth shut, of course.
Why are you doing this?
My parents.
They're very proud
of my brothers -
Straight a students.
One is the captain
of his football team,
The other is in oxford,
and me, well...
I'm the black sheep.
I need better grades,
mr. Limoux, much better grades,
And I was thinking
maybe you could help me.
I don't want
my grades to be too good,
But you know,
good enough -
A couple of a's,
a lot of b's, a b plus or two.
It has to be believable.
I wouldn't want anyone
to raise an eyebrow,
If you know what I mean.
exhaling sharply)
How is your wife,
by the way?

Limoux and ainsworth?
Maria and tinsley were both
aware of their affair.
And now, so are we.
We could be next.
We need to get
maria's tablet to the detective.
Mr. Limoux:
Stop it, jacqueline, please!
You can't send me away again!
Well, look who's
back from jail.
what are you doing?
You're out,
so he's going to send me away.
Stay away.
Everyone just stay away or I'm
going to kill her, I swear!
Please, put the knife down.
Did you know?
Miss ainsworth and mr. Limoux
are my birth parents.
I just need a father
And a mother who care
about me just a little bit!
I'm not asking for much!
We do care.
I care.
Right because that's what
caring mothers do, huh?!
They give up their child?!
I was young, and scared,
And terribly stupid,
And I have
regretted it ever since.
You cannot even comprehend
how much I have regretted it.
Oh, please,
just shut up already!
She felt bad for me.
So, a little over
two years ago, after finding out
That I wasn't doing too well,
she came to london to get me.
I thought you said she found out
about us on her own.
Who do you think
the money was for? For me?
It was always for her.
You jeopardized everything.
Yes, and my only regret is
that I didn't do it sooner.
They gave me a new name,
a fake backstory for me.
The only condition was that I
kept their secret to myself.
Jacqueline, please,
put the knife down.
And let the cops
settle this, hmm?
So, I can spend the
rest of my life locked away,
Like your father.
He's getting
the help he needs.
how do you know?
You're ashamed of him.
You don't even talk to him.
I'm not ashamed of him.
I'm angry at him
Because, every time
they let him out,
He let me down,
he didn't take care of himself.
He's crazy!
Your father is crazy! I am not!
You were supposed to
help me, not cause trouble.
You being here is all me,
all my doing.
A girl like you, a criminal,
would have never had the chance
Of walking through the doors
of an institution like this,
Unless someone with
"helping hands" was there.
What are you talking about?
I made them choose you.
I pushed your
application through,
Right to the top
of the pile.
My father asked me
To take care of his
tinsley wellington problem,
So he needed someone
to pin a murder on.
Who better than
a straight-a student
With a criminal past?
Well, I haven't hurt anyone.
You have. But it's not too late.
For tinsley, I used one
of my diabetic needles...
...Injected her with a nice
cocktail of meds and vodka.
So simple, quick.
And I did it all for him.
He told me that,
if I handled this,
Then... He would treat me
like his daughter at last.
- Miss ainsworth: How could you?
- He cried.
I had no choice
and I feel terrible,
But he's my father and
there's nothing I wanted more
Than to be reunited
with him.
I didn't even
have to push her.
Well, barely.
Of course, we then
found out that she told maria.
So, same thing, hmm?
I injected her too,
Then slammed
her head with a shovel.
not hard enough.
You tried to frame me
By putting those
hiking shoes under my bed.
At the end of the day, I knew
I could pin it all on you!
I had to wait
until you got here.
Tinsley blackmailed
my father in may last year.
You waited until the start
of the next school year
To make your move.
I can still help you.
How and why?
Because I know what
you're going through,
Because we have a lot
in common, you and me.
Both abandoned
by our parents?
That can mess
someone up real good.
I want you to have this.
You mean it?
Now, please, jacqueline,
put the knife down.
Are you...
Recording this?
You framed me!
Miss ainsworth:
No. No!
No! No!
- (whimpering)
- okay.
Are-- are you all--
We both deserve
whatever comes of this
And I will gladly testify
at your murder trial.
You are truly evil to use
our daughter like this.
(breathing shakily)
(girls chattering excitedly)
Maria: So...
What are your plans
For the summer
in the city that never sleeps?
I'll be working at the foster
home, giving them a hand,
Probably hang out
with my friends.
- Maria: Nice.
- What about you?
I just spoke to the new dean.
He's got a job
for me out here.
Probably feels
bad about my coma.
I love this whole
pity thing.
Apparently, I'll be
helping out in the garden.
That whole feces experience
was a game-changer for me,
Loved getting
my hands dirty.
Don't be a stranger.
Text me.
Will do. You, too.

Yo, what's going on?
I thought you'd be here already.
I had to come
say hello to someone
I should have
visited a long time ago.
You sure?
I'm sure.
It's time.
See you soon.

Hi. I'm frankie logan.
I'm here to see my father.