The Boat (2022) Movie Script

- Bang! I killed you! - Now it's my turn to play!
- Me of! - I don't give anything, you died.
Give me the revolver! I also want to play.
- No, you idiot! - You're stupid!
- You're the stupid one! - Not you!
- Mom, tell him! - Dead people don't talk!
Say something, otherwise they'll stay like this until tomorrow.
Sorry, love, I hate being the grumpy admiral
When I'm at home.
Let's do it like this, Admiral: try to calm the crew
and when we get home, I'll give you a nice surprise.
Hey, sailor, stop bothering your sister,
otherwise I will take away your position as vice-dad.
Good morning.
Was it that nightmare again?
You have to take it every day. You know that, don't you?
I thought I could do it.
You can't stop from one day to the next.
All good?
Do you want to come swim with me?
- Are you crazy? - I went crazy, yes!
- You awakened the dragon! - You had to get up!
Come here...
- Have you seen any of Federico's films? - No, they are very violent.
Oh, poor thing! She is sensitive.
Stop this!
Tell me the story of a movie, so I can pretend I watched it.
- "Dating App", his latest. - Right.
It's practically the story of a group of...
technological vampires, who...
They use apps to meet people and make new victims.
Tell him you saw it and that it got all messed up, he'll like it.
Right. I got all pissed off with vampires.
And this Claudia?
Claudia is just like what you see on social media.
She's cocky, but she's nice when she wants to be.
The real rich people are Flavio and Elena.
He is a lawyer. Do you know the firm Marino e Associados?
Perry Mason is a favorite among them.
She is a university professor, has 3 degrees...
I'll have to remember the subjunctive...
- It's better to remember. - Right.
And there? What it is?
Wait one moment.
Look there.
Look how wonderful!
One day I will also have a yacht like that.
I would even be happy with a smaller boat.
Being content is the 1st step to unhappiness, girl.
When you play the wise old man...
- Don't call me old on the yacht! - Wise old man...
And there? Is she ready?
I am.
What is that?
- You are crazy? - Hide this!
Save this part!
A week on a yacht is a long time.
There are six of us. It's not much.
Yes, there's still Enrico's girlfriend.
I know, the "girlfriend". It's more like a granddaughter.
Maybe now he really is in love.
The other day I thought you were jealous.
- I? - AND.
- Why? - Ah because...
Oh no, my love...
You are the only woman in my life.
The only one, the inimitable. Come here.
This is my girl.
- There she is. - Hey professor!
- Hey! - And there? Shall we leave without you?
Sorry. It's just that Federico took a while to get up.
You know how it is, don't you?
I know, I know what it's like...
Enrico is arriving with the little girl.
I want a detailed report! How is she?
I'm about to call the police for child solicitation.
But they are so cute! They are boarding hand in hand.
- How cute! - Oh, my love...
It's love. Well, come quickly. We will set sail at 11:15 am.
With or without you.
- Welcome! - We're here!
- Happy birthday! - Thanks!
- Martina, Elena. Elena, Martina. - Nice to meet you, Martina.
- Pleasure. - Here is very beautiful.
Marti, look... the shoes. On board we are barefoot.
- Oh yes. - No problem.
Okay, we'll get you some shoes.
- Look at him! - Old friend!
- Happy birthday. - Thanks.
It's getting old, man.
So as to...
Martina, Flavio. He is the captain of the yacht.
- Nice to meet you, Martina. - "Enchant."
Do not mind. He always plays the asshole.
Listen, I wanted to show you inside. Can I?
"Can I"? How much education! Of course you can.
Your cabin is the first one behind the salon.
- Thanks. - Thanks.
The entire universe spins...
around a skirt tail.
Oh my God! Are you here?
- Careful, this is prehistoric. - So cute!
Were they already dating here?
Not at that time. It's from my high school days.
Flavio and Elena started dating at university.
Federico and Claudia only started dating later.
But they had been friends for a long time.
And you? Have you been alone this whole time?
No, I was waiting for you.
Come, I want to show you something.
Come, come, come.
How wonderful!
Didn't I say it was cool?
How about locking the door?
- What are you doing? - Don't you want your gift?
- They are waiting for us. - Oh, don't you want to?
Oh, shit...
Come here.
Aren't they just going to take a look?
- They must be getting comfortable. - It's been 20 minutes.
It's rude, especially when you're invited.
Relax, my love.
- What's up, little couple? - Look at them!
- Hey! - Peace is over.
- We're here. - Dear!
- Finally... - Come here, boy!
What's up, handsome?
You look beautiful!
- Sit there. - And there? How are you?
- All good. - And the birthday boy, where is he?
- It is down there. - It's been more than 20 minutes.
At least the girl gave something back.
- And you've already settled in, haven't you? - How beautiful you are...
- Hi claudia. - Hey.
- And there? We can go? - Look at him!
- Welcome to my yacht! - I wish you...
- Hi. - Well... Martina, Federico.
- Pleasure. - Claudia, Martina.
- Is a pleasure. - Pleasure. Happy birthday!
Thank you very much.
And there? can we leave? All ready? Raise anchor!
- Go Go. - Selfie, selfie.
- He is well. - Wait there...
Smile! It's not a funeral, it's a vacation.
Don't be cretins.
- Go. - He is well. Wait... Let's go.
- Now, it's my turn. - Do you want to drive?
- Let him drive, dammit. - You said you would let me.
Why does everyone always want to drive?
Get out of there! As for jealousy, it seems like a child.
- Okay, come here. - I'm not stupid, I understand everything.
- 60 degrees... - 60 degrees.
- Here you accelerate, here you brake... - Aim for the coast.
And with the rudder I turn sideways.
That's not a car steering wheel.
- Get out from behind me. - I didn't touch anything.
My God, it's so jealous...
- Well, now let's go... - Go, hard.
- You can go, don't worry. - But... it's stopped.
Take your hand off. Are you on autopilot?
- Yes, because... - You don't trust me!
How many non-alcoholic pia coladas did Enrico drink?
before catching you?
Like this?
He said they met at the pub where you work.
- Well, I was the one who caught him. - Oh yes?
Well, it was my day off. I went there and...
So you were the drunk one.
Otherwise, I wouldn't have fallen for him.
Look, Enrico may seem superficial, but...
has a big heart.
- No love! - Come on, let's fall into the water!
- Wait, I'm slipping! - Come on, come on!
- Wait, wait, I'm scared. - Nothing like that, let's go!
What do we do? Do we dive too, or not?
Elena doesn't like falling. She is afraid of water.
They take vacations on the yacht for the sake of social status.
- I like sunbathing. - Aren't you really coming?
- Not alright. Can go. - He is well.
- Let's go. - Let's go.
- It's warm! - The water is great!
- Is ready? - I am.
- Attention! - Oh, they're naked!
Baby, I'm going to fall too.
- How it is? No! - I go.
- Do not stay. - Come too.
- Are you going to leave me alone? - Come!
- Go, Flavio! - Guys, here I come!
Go, Flavio!
Come on sunga!
Take it all!
In this especial date,
- Best wishes... - My love!
Many years of life
- Can I blow? - Go, blow!
- I'll get the knife. - That.
- I help. - No, you are our guest.
- All good. - Sit there.
Look, I understand you not wanting to hire a captain,
because I wanted to show how well he pilots the yacht and so on,
but what about a flight attendant, damn it?
Couldn't you have brought it?
Martina, know that Federico has never done a damn thing in his life.
He always had chambermaids and maids.
When we camped, he didn't even wash.
He wouldn't even pick up his dick to piss.
I remember you stopped using your dick to piss
because, at that camp, I caught three Swedish women who...
- Yeah, that's true. - What were their names? Bettina...
- Alexandra... - E Ambrid!
And they never forgot the Swedes.
- What a sadness! - Baby, the cutlery is gone again.
- Again? - Let's complain at the port.
- Honey, I only had this knife. - Alright, there's no problem.
Maybe this sponge cake here...
- No, wait there. - No, what about the present?
Cheers, cheers... Cheers, folks.
It's Enrico's birthday. Is important.
- Come on! - Ol!
- Come on, Enrico, take... - Congratulations!
- No, no... - Just a little sip.
- Just to toast. - I'm a teetotaler.
Well, I'm not teetotal. He sends.
- Thanks. - I also want.
- I know. You always drink. - Congratulations!
We wait, we wait, we wait.
A toast.
To Enrico,
the sincere friend that everyone should be lucky to have in this life.
- Congratulations my friend. - Health!
He arrives. Gift.
- The present, the present. - He sends!
Mine and Elena's, and that's it. It was just the two of us, huh?
- I hope you enjoy. - I bet it's in bad taste.
Let's see... what is this?
- No! - Just look!
- Be careful... - How beautiful!
Look how wonderful!
- It's very beautiful. - My wife chose well.
Now stop using that Chinese rubbish.
Fede, we give ours down there.
- Yeah, in private. - That. Let's go.
- Serious? - Come with us for a moment.
Come on, let's go.
Happy birthday.
- What is that? - Open it, come on. Open it.
It's a contract.
There's just one thing missing:
your signature.
Commercial director of one of my father's companies.
Flavio here will take care of the legal area.
It's 10 thousand euros per month, plus benefits.
Company car, paid trips, health insurance.
Everything you need to recover.
Thank you guys, thank you very much, but...
In reality, I came to propose a business to you.
Do you know those relatives of mine down south?
Well, there is the possibility of making an investment.
It's easy money, we'll recover quickly.
- How is the resort in Kenya? - No, forget it.
Sorry about the resort. I know they lost money.
In fact, the idea is to recover the money.
Kenya is water under the bridge. Don't worry.
You return the money when you can.
That's not the problem.
Oh no? And what would be?
We want to protect you.
From what?
To take a step bigger than your leg again.
Why am I not like you?
What does this have to do?
Look, let's do this.
I'll think about it a little, okay?
Okay, but don't take too long.
Well, this is still a party.
Enough talking about work. You've already had your fill.
Listen, I wanted to know something important.
What did Martina give you for your birthday?
I'll talk later, okay?
I don't want to hinder your growth.
It won't get in the way. Tell us the details!
What it is?
My love! Baby, wake up.
Wake up my love. We are adrift.
- We're in the open sea, love. - What?
So it is!
Turn it on, damn it. Call, call!
It's not possible.
What it was?
Love what happened?
Good morning.
What it was?
Federico! Federico!
How are we?
- Someone dropped the anchors. - How is this possible?
Someone came aboard.
Where's Claudia?
I was going to make coffee, but there's nothing left.
- I can't find my cell phone. - We're looking for it.
- It stinks, I lost my cell phone! - We'll look for it in a little while.
What is happening? Flavio!
Flavio, stop for a moment.
Go see if the lifeboat is still here.
hey wait
Wait, damn it.
Look... the boat is gone.
Flavio, what happened?
- We were robbed. - Oh my God...
And water, do we have it? I am thirsty.
The reservoir is empty
and sabotaged the desalination plant.
So let's ask for help. Someone will come and get us.
- And the flares? - They took it too.
The radio is also broken.
And now?
We are adrift,
no food and no water.
How come we don't notice anything?
Everyone was passed out.
Just drinks and some weed?
What was in those joints?
What did you make us smoke?
Herb. The usual marijuana.
- I bought from trustworthy people. - Trustworthy people...
Still, I didn't smoke and he didn't drink.
We didn't notice anything either.
The only logical explanation is that we were drugged.
The strange thing is... I understand stealing from us,
I understand that they took the gasoline, even without knowing how they did it.
But why sabotage the yacht?
Maybe to prevent us from sending an alarm.
You're right, it's weird.
Things like that don't happen in this area.
I think it's something political.
Like, these fucking anti-globalization environmentalists.
Maybe they were targeting us
to make a protest.
- Maybe it's a prank. - As a prank?
I don't know, one of those programs that pranks celebrities,
with hidden cameras.
Maybe it's a prank on me.
Enough of this nonsense!
The world doesn't revolve around you. You're not a star, okay?
- You bitch... - You're self-centered!
- He arrives. Stop, Elena. - It can't stay like this.
- I'm not going to take it. - You'll have to bear it.
Stay calm.
We have to prepare ourselves for when another boat passes
to let you know that we have malfunctions.
He is well?
Make sure it's tight...
- Broken Wave, Broken Wave... - What is this?
- What business is this? - It's a radio.
- A radio that no one has seen before? - Answer, exchange.
Wasn't the radio broken?
- This one isn't ours. - We are saved!
This is Broken Wave.
Are you listening to me? We have breakdowns, exchange rate.
I repeat: we have breakdowns. Exchange.
Shall I speak to the commander? Exchange.
Affirmative, exchange.
What is the situation? Exchange.
We have been without food or water for more than 24 hours. Exchange.
I understand. It happens...
when people from the city play sailors.
What did he say?
Nobody is kidding. We were robbed.
They sabotaged our controls and took our supplies.
We've been adrift for a day. Exchange.
Oh yes. There are a lot of bad people out there.
It's off the trade routes. There are dangerous currents.
Only sharks and smugglers pass through there.
How soon can it reach us?
And why would I come to you?
Because that's the law of the sea!
You have to rescue us
and take us to the nearest port.
Maybe it's like this in your perfect sailor's manual,
but the sea is different from your manuals,
- Flavius. - Merda.
How do you know my name?
I know more things than your confessor, Flavio Marino.
And I can assure you that the same goes for all of you:
Elena Caetani, Claudia Argan,
Federico Colonna, Martina Zaccone
and especially you, Enrico Cerci.
Ask his name. Ask the name!
Claudia, do you want to add me on social media?
Always looking for followers...
May I know who we are talking to?
You can call me Emilio.
Emilio, as "The Black Corsair", by Salgari.
I bet you all like good literature.
Okay, Emilio, what the fuck do you want?
I wanted to know how they were.
Only God knows what was in that bottle at the party.
They must be feeling tired, confused.
Some may be experiencing drug withdrawal effects
and psychotropics.
Like I said, you're off the beaten track,
then no one will come to the rescue.
And your families won't send anyone to look for you.
I've already sent photos and messages from your phones,
to let you know that everything is ok
and that the holidays are great.
Do you want us to starve?
Starve? No no.
A person can go days without eating. Then no.
At least, not yet.
Finding out where I am isn't going to help.
Oh, Flavio.
An experienced sailor,
Who points binoculars at the Sun?
I didn't think he was so naive.
As you can see, I'm not naive,
and I'm your only hope of getting out of this alive.
I think I deserve a little more of your attention. What do you say?
Okay, Emilio, we're listening.
I want to talk to Enrico.
I am here. I'm Enrico, exchange.
Just six numbers.
What you mean? I did not understand sorry.
You are an intelligent boy. Do I really have to explain everything?
The current account password and transfer code.
- He wants money. - What the hell, pass the numbers!
What are you talking about?
I'm the one with the least money here.
I'm not talking about the account where you keep your change.
You know.
I'm talking about the other account, the Luxembourg one,
where they are currently deposited
exactly 1.6 million euros.
I do not know what you're talking about.
I understand, it's a delicate subject.
Chat better with your friends.
Come on, take as much time as you need.
The walkie-talkie battery should last another 48 hours.
It's true that you don't have much time,
but the choice is all yours.
Over and out.
We can give more money!
We pay even more! Let me call my dad.
- Please, let me call... - He hung up. Keep calm.
What is this about Luxembourg?
And how do you have so much money?
In fact, I don't think it's his.
It's ours, but we thought it was lost.
It's the 800 thousand that each person gave to the resort in Kenya.
Are we in this shit because of you, Enri?
He screwed you.
I said we shouldn't trust him,
but you didn't listen to me. He looked like a swindler.
On the other hand,
the best way for a thief to hide
It's pretending it was stolen.
- It has nothing to do with... - Of course it does.
Your little friend must have pulled the same scam
in some mafioso back home from his father.
But the guy isn't a jerk like you two
and now he wants his money back, with interest!
It can't just be a question of money.
You have so much more and he didn't ask for anything.
But he's just mad at Enrico!
He had to pay for the scam and got us involved.
It's not possible. She's right.
How much money do you have? Triple? The quadruple?
It has nothing to do with Kenya.
How much money do you have in Swiss banks?
This yacht alone is worth four times that amount!
Don't come with this class struggle nonsense!
You are a thief!
Listen, Federico, I messed up there in Kenya. I agree.
Right. But first: don't you dare call me a thief.
How many times have I not saved you?
How many times?
Are you silent now? Is everyone quiet?
What did you give me in return? Just crumbs!
Just to clear your shitty conscience.
I'm not a thief. Don't you dare say that.
I'm not a thief, Martina.
I'm not a thief.
I'm the one who doesn't want to die. Give him the code. Come on.
Look, Enrico...
Let's try to get out of this alive.
I don't care about Kenya. It's just between us.
Nobody will know.
You have my word.
This is Enrico. Are you listening?
Enrico! And there? Did it refresh your memory?
Well, the code is...
Very good. And now the code for the transfer. Exchange.
It saw? It was not so hard.
If the numbers are right, I'll call you in a bit.
It's just time to process the transaction. Over and out.
Hey, Martina, come here.
Come here, come here.
I have nothing to do with it. I didn't steal anything.
Disappearing with a million of your friends is what?
The money was available.
I just wanted to build something myself.
I can't be with someone who gets me into shit like that!
Broken Wave, listening? Exchange.
Broken Wave, listening?
We're here. Enrico listening.
Good news, Enrico.
The transfer has been completed.
Now you have to rescue us.
A promise is a promise. Take a look south.
To the south... Where is the south?
Do you see your boat on the horizon? Exchange.
I am, but it's far away.
There is gasoline for the yacht in the boat's trash basket,
a compass, drinking water and food for six.
- You just need to go and get it. - It's far away, damn it.
What the fuck? You said it would help!
How the hell are we going to get there?
That wasn't fair, man!
Look, Enrico, you can't say anything about loyalty.
Your boat is nearby.
They just need to go to him.
Who is a good swimmer?
The choice is yours.
Who knows, maybe they won't learn to deserve things?
- Over and over. - Is it really far?
Does it take a while to go swimming?
At least an hour, but the current is against us.
And the boat is moving. It is not anchored.
It's not possible, it's too risky.
- He wants us to die. - No one will die. Calm!
- I can try to go there alone. - No!
- I'll go I'll go. - No!
He is the best swimmer. Sorry, but that's right.
No, Elena is right. It's too risky.
Better wait and pray someone stops by.
What is more,
It's true that the guy sent messages for us, but...
But someone will be suspicious if we don't answer the phone.
They will come looking for us.
- But then it might be too late... - Guys, it doesn't make sense.
If he wanted, he would send help.
Do you understand that we are wasting time?
But it's not your fault that we got into this trouble.
- I understand. - It's not your fault.
- Okay, I'll go. - Stop nonsense.
He couldn't even do it under normal conditions.
- He hasn't drunk water in 24 hours. - You also do not!
Okay, but the person who is capable of doing so should go.
He is well.
Now let's vote.
Who agrees that Enrico goes?
- No, guys, it's stupid... - Okay, I'll go.
- It's decided. - I go.
It's not my fault? So I go.
I don't run away from my responsibilities.
Swim slowly and breathe regularly.
Take two strokes and breathe. Two strokes and breathe.
You have to dose the energy.
Did you understand?
He's had enough.
It's going in the wrong direction.
The boat is moving away.
He won't make it.
I said it was stupid to tell him to go.
- I go there. - No!
Calm down my love. I go there and come back.
I promise I'll be back.
- No, Flavio... - I can do it. I got it.
- Help! - Enrico!
Breathe, breathe.
Breathe! Look...
- Can you come back? - With you...
He is well. I go.
- It is not your fault. - I didn't realize...
- So, can you come back? - With you.
He comes!
Wait, wait! I am here.
I am here. Take it, hold it.
If my father had seen me on this yacht, he would have been proud.
Did he die a long time ago?
It's been 15 years.
At least he got to see me graduate.
He left the field because he was very poor,
but he ended up being poor in the city too.
I remember he was always drunk.
Screams, beatings...
vomit everywhere.
Is that why you don't drink?
So I don't end up like him?
I wanted to make money so I wouldn't end up like him.
"Poverty brings out the worst in human beings," he said.
That's why he put me to study.
He introduced me to important people.
I'm sorry for involving you in this story.
I'm really sorry, I'm really sorry.
I'm scared, Fede.
Flavio will make it.
I'm sure.
When all this is over,
they will line up to interview you.
Let's tell our children everything,
for our grandchildren.
How the war stories told us.
In fact, you know what else?
I'm going to make a film out of it.
If you think about it, it's a fantastic story.
Six friends at sea,
on a drifting yacht,
at the mercy of the waves and a psychopath.
Damn, it works!
I'm already thinking about the soundtrack.
You are an idiot!
And who wins at the end of the film?
Us, as always.
This is my girl.
It is clear.
What did Emilio say when Flavio wanted to locate him?
Which, when pointing the binoculars, ended up revealing himself.
Exactly! Hemingway's heliograph!
Elena, go and rest.
It is an instrument capable of sending Morse signals over a distance!
We just need the Sun and two mirrors.
And it doesn't even need to be against the light.
But, in the book, they stayed and, in an attempt to communicate,
They were discovered and ended up slaughtered.
From the stories of the Spanish Civil War!
Help me.
My father just did his job.
Every accused has the right to the best possible defense.
And we just wanted to defend our friend.
What else are friends for?
try to analyze the situation.
A boat could appear at any moment.
What will happen?
What are you going to do?
Nobody is hurt
and no one will press charges, I guarantee it.
You have my word of honor.
Revenge does not bring back the dead.
You have a lot of money now. You can have a good life.
- If it's not enough, I'll give you more... - No, no, no.
You were doing so well. What a shame!
Why do you always have to talk about money?
What did you say before?
That revenge doesn't bring the dead back?
I thought you were smarter, lawyer.
It's a negotiation, isn't it?
I propose one thing and you another.
Then we make a deal.
This is not negotiation.
It is the execution of a sentence.
And you will do exactly what I say.
Did you understand?
Does this business work?
It has to work.
Of course it works.
Guys, listening? It's Flavio.
My love!
- Are you listening? - My love, you are alive!
How are you? Where are you?
go to our cabin and look for a DVD.
I want you to watch it.
Watch with everyone.
- He is well? - He is well.
He wants to screw us!
It's a trap! He wants to screw us!
I watch, my love. But how are you? Where are you?
He arrives.
I already did what you wanted.
Now let me go.
Oh, I'll let you go.
Go. Go.
Untie me.
I don't think so.
Where? Is not here!
Here, here, here. I found.
Let's go.
Calm down, Elena. I got it. Calm.
The air conditioning is working. All very well.
Thank you very much. This is for you...
- No, you don't need to. - Okay, thank you very much.
Wedding ring...
- It stinks, take that DVD out. - Why?
- Please. I'm asking. - Why? Keep calm.
- Please remove that DVD. - No. No. Calm down.
What? What is it...?
What the fuck?
- I love you, Flavio... - I'm leaving.
I love you.
- I love you. - What the fuck?
Enough, man. Let's go.
Leave me. What the fuck?
Claudia, what the fuck is this?
What rubbish is this, Claudia?
Explain to me, what the fuck was that? You slut!
- It smells, I'm sorry! - Excuse what?
- For giving it to my best friend? - Sorry, Fede.
With my best friend.
- I'm sorry! - Why?
Pardon me! Pardon me!
- Hooker! You and that shit! - It stinks!
You always wanted to have Flavio and you ended up giving it to him!
I have always been your little dog, your servant.
He is going to screw it up!
You cheated on me with my best friend!
- You bitch! - Pardon me!
I'm sorry, Fede.
Fuck you, fuck you...
And, you, let go of me!
- Elena. - Elena.
What the fuck? Drop it.
It's like in court.
He who is right doesn't win.
The smartest one wins!
Go, Flavio, go!
Your friends are waiting for you. Go!
Elena, listen.
Please forgive me. I never meant to hurt you.
Pardon me.
Pardon me.
I never meant to hurt you, I swear.
I swear.
You are my best friend.
I do not want to lose you.
Listening. Listening.
I'm asking for forgiveness.
I didn't mean to hurt you.
- Hey. - I swear.
No! No...
What did you do?
What did you do?
No, no... my love...
Claudia, breathe. Breathe, my love.
Breathe, my love, please. Please breathe.
It was nothing, it was nothing...
Somebody help me here... Somebody fucking help me!
My love...
What did I do?
What did I do?
All I wanted was for...
Wedding ring!
It stinks! It stinks, help!
Wedding ring!
Wedding ring.
Wedding ring!
Please, Fede!
Go there and talk to him.
And what will I say?
I don't know.
He will torment us our whole lives.
He will come to torment us all our lives.
He will come to torment us all our lives.
"I was capable of killing and robbing the damned old woman.
And I wouldn't have even a hint of remorse, I swear.
If I killed her and took her money
and then dedicate it to the service of all humanity
and for the general good,
Don't you think this little offense would be canceled
for thousands of good works?"
To all life...
What the fuck do you want now?
It's from "Crime and Punishment."
"For one life, thousands of lives saved
of misery and ruin.
One death,
in exchange for hundreds.
It's a question of arithmetic."
Old Fyodor...
What is the theme of "Crime and Punishment", Enrico?
I'm sure you've already read it.
and punishment.
The book...
talk about guilt
and punishment.
And redemption.
Enrico, if you didn't understand that the book talks about redemption,
So you didn't understand anything.
What do you want now? Enough of this game.
What the fuck do you want?
May you understand that the justice of men has absolved you,
but it did not redeem him.
I am here to bring divine justice.
That's what I said.
It will torment us for the rest of our lives.
I told you, he will torment us for the rest of our lives.
For the rest of your life...
They. Hey, Elena.
- Calm. - For the rest of your life.
- Elena. Elena. - I said, I said...
- Hey. Hey! Look at me. - For the rest of your life...
Sit down a little. She stays calm.
Look, a boat.
It's a boat.
There's a boat there. Let's go.
We're saved, damn it!
Shit! Shit!
- Help! - Hey Hey!
Hey! We're here!
- Help! - Help!
- Help! - Help!
Elena! Elena, we are saved!
Elena, what is it?
What is it, Elena? Get down from there!
What the fuck, Elena? Get down!
Martina, what is this business?
Hi, Donkey.
Hi, Donkey. All very well?
Now it is.
How do we deal with the unexpected?
Leave it to me, don't worry.
We're almost there.
Right. I'm listening.
You were that girl...
I grew up fast, didn't I?
Yeah, I know.
It happens,
when your parents die in front of you.
Daddy told you not to cry.
Do you hear the siren?
It's the doctors coming to save us.
Here, stupid. You can stay.
Stay calm. I am here.
- Good evening, sir. - Goodnight.
We saw a Morse Code SOS coming from here.
We came to check.
You did well.
This is correct when we are at sea.
But it is no longer necessary.
We received the report
and the rescue operation was immediately activated.
I'm waiting for my colleagues.
- What a son of a bitch. - Did you think it would be easier?
So can we go?
Of course, you can go.
- Let's take care of everything. - Is really everthing fine?
It is clear. Why?
Because that doesn't seem to be standard procedure.
because he is alone on the boat without his uniform,
Even though it's against the rules?
And finally,
As far as I know, these old motor boats
They were retired a long time ago.
Everything is under control, my lord.
So you won't mind if I check it out on the radio.
There is no necessity.
Stop wasting my time.
- And get out of my way. - Are you threatening me?
Do not move.
I told you not to move.
Emilio, don't do that. Don't do that!
- No! - Damn...
I am so sorry...
No... don't do that!
Emilio, what did you do?
Are you listening?
What did you do? Are you listening to me?
I'm sorry, Stupid. I had no choice.
We have to leave.
I'll pack everything up here and I'll pick you up right away.
Martina, you are two murderers.
- We are the victims, understand? - I did nothing.
- Stay quiet. - I did not do...
I don't want to hear your lies anymore.
Hey, you kid!
There's a gun pointed at your sister now.
And there? What are you going to do now?
Now run here and see if you can bring food and water!
Over and out! He is going to screw it up!
Dumb, are you okay?
- Are you well? - Yes I am well.
Hi, Donkey.
Look at him... Calm down. Slowly.
Drop the bag there. Enri, go there and search him.
That's it, leave the bag there.
Take off the coat.
Look, look, take it.
Ready. Now, sit there.
Make yourself comfortable.
Tie him up. Tie these two up.
Did you bring everything?
Are you sure you know how to use this weapon?
Are you sure you want to find out?
- What a good boy. - Hold tight.
Give me some water, Federico. Leave it for a while, damn it!
He finished. I took everything.
That's what the very rich do.
They don't even leave leftovers.
You're her brother, aren't you?
You were the other kid in the car with her.
We're not alike, are we?
She looks like mom and I look like dad.
Emilio and Martina.
- They were the names of your... - Our parents. Yes.
From your parents.
What is your name?
What difference does?
Were you in love?
What if I was?
You risked your sister's life for revenge.
You are crazy.
Any psychiatrist would agree.
But believe me...
With everything we've been through, it would be strange otherwise.
- I killed you! - Now it's my turn to play!
- I don't give anything! You died! - Give me the revolver.
- I want to play too. - You idiot.
- You're stupid! - You're the stupid one!
- Not you! - You!
- You're the stupid one! - Mom, tell him!
Didn't I say you were stupid? Dead people don't talk!
We were the happiest children in the world.
The happiest.
And then, suddenly...
they pulled us out of the carcass of a car,
where we saw our parents agonize and die.
Don't cry, little one.
Everything is fine.
It was an endless hour,
even though the OR said that help arrived in 7 minutes.
- Sailor? - Yes?
You have to leave here to get help.
Go get help, sailor.
Since we had no relatives, we ended up in an orphanage.
They were already called "Family Houses" at the time.
But I guarantee it looked like something from a Dickens book.
We were finally adopted.
But it was a shame that our new father
He had a habit of lying in our bed at night.
Do not let me alone!
- Please! - I am here.
The hatred accumulated for years...
unresolved traumas...
the lack of empathy and...
a certain tendency towards sadism.
This is how psychopaths come into the world.
Why didn't you kill me?
We didn't want to kill you, Enrico.
We wanted to destroy your perfect world.
Breaking up with your friends, so you understand what it's like.
So you know what it's like to live feeling guilty.
- It was an accident. - So it is.
That's what the judge said.
It was our father's fault,
because I wasn't wearing glasses that day.
And from the police's conclusions,
considered inadmissible due to formal defects.
Not to mention the testimony of a 10 year old boy,
who said the ambulance only arrived an hour later.
With Flavio's father defending you,
The surprise was that the judge didn't order us to be arrested.
I wasn't even there that night, Martina.
They had been invited to a night out at the Golden Club.
Only members and close relatives could enter.
I was not there.
I was just their kids' poor friend.
It was Federico who was driving that night.
That's it, guys! A toast!
I lived 15 minutes down the road.
They called me and I ran to see them.
Nobody had been there yet.
If they knew that Federico was driving,
after drinking so much,
he would never get out of jail.
All his father's money wouldn't save him.
It's just that I...
I am teetotal.
I never drink.
I never put a drop of alcohol in my veins.
What is more,
Marino e Associados lawyers defended me.
It was guaranteed.
I stayed there.
It was simple...
and I accepted.
Martina, forgive me.
But I didn't kill your parents.
Well, now we kill them both.
What the hell is that? Put that gun down now!
You told him everything, asshole!
But we are not like them. We are not like them!
Do you know what I always liked about your films, Federico?
What do my films have?
- Don't listen to him. -In his films,
the villain always wins.
- And? - Ask yourself a question.
- So as to. - I will kill you!
Who is the villain here? You or me?
Put the gun down. Leave it there. The boat is there.
We are saved.
What is happening?
Hey Hey! Look at me! Look at me, Federico!
You can't save him. The water was poisoned!
I'm leaving!
It was not him.
You understood?
No no! No!
What did you do?
What did you do?
What did you do?
You are ready?
Translator: Daniel Bezerra DREI MARC