The Boathouse (2021) Movie Script

[instrumental music]
[wind howling]
[bird squawking]
[instrumental music]
Morning, Anne. How are you?
[Anne] Not bad.
Um, I just got a job.
I got hired to nanny this
summer, for Natalia's kids.
[Albans] Your thesis supervisor?
[Anne] Yeah.
[Albans] Do you think
that's wise?
[Anne] Natalia won't be there.
She's in Europe, I think.
[Albans] Are you worried about
being alone with just the kids?
[Anne] Well, Natalia's husband
will be coming and going,
so I won't be completely alone.
I don't know him very well,
but he seems nice.
And how are your symptoms?
Any difficulty concentrating?
Anything like that?
Um, no. I'm fine, yeah.
I'm trying to get out more.
Trying to do more.
[Anne] Really just be good
to get back to composing.
Maybe being in Natalia's space,
being around her family
might help me, uh, focus again.
[Albans] Anymore blackouts?
Uh, no.
Uh, not since the accident.
- [tires screeching]
- [screams]
You hesitated.
Well, I, um, I may have been
That can happen with Zolpidem.
We can try something different.
No, it's fine.
Um, it's not that bad.
[Albans] Okay. Well, you know,
sleepwalking can be dangerous.
[Anne] You know what, uh,
I don't know
if it actually happened,
I might have just
dreamed it up or something.
[instrumental music]
All right.
[music continues]
[boat engine revving]
Anne, can you grab that line?
Uh... Yeah, sure.
I thought you said
you've been around boats.
No, I said I was in a canoe
at a Y day camp.
- Oh.
- [Emily] I'll do it.
Oh, I can take that.
Nobody's allowed up there
but Natalia.
When is she expected back?
We don't know.
[dramatic music]
[Anne gasps] Who's this?
Does she live here?
He. It's short for Lucifer.
You can feed him, too,
sometime, if you want.
Okay. Thanks.
[birds chirping]
[dramatic music]
[music continues]
There's a bathroom
across from your room.
Oh. Um, I'm sorry.
I just needed a Tylenol.
Thought you were doing better.
Uh, yeah,
I just have a headache.
[Dominic] Well,
hope you're okay.
I sent Natalia an email.
A few emails, actually.
It's just she doesn't know
that I'm here, so...
I thought you withdrew
from the program.
Yeah, but temporarily.
How did you know that?
[Dominic] Brigitte
from faculty admin.
That's why she recommended
you help us out.
I, I had to take a pause
'cause I broke my arm.
But, uh, I'm better now.
- I'm committed to going back...
- [Emily screaming]
[Emily] Leon! Leon, stop!
- I'm telling!
- It's just a puzzle, idiot.
[Emily] Dad, Leon's annoying me!
How's your head now, hm?
[Emily] Dad!
It doesn't say how much time
to spend on each subject.
[scoffs] I vote zero.
Hate to break it to you, buddy,
but this is not a democracy.
Shouldn't they have some say,
- You're the teacher.
- She's a babysitter.
Don't be rude.
[sighs] It's summer. None of
my friends have to do this shit.
- They take drugs.
- Who asked you?
Look, I need to finish my book
in peace,
you need to finish
the tenth grade.
That's all there is to it. Okay?
[Leon sighs]
[Dominic] Cool it
with the attitude, Leon.
[door slams]
[Dominic sighs]
Sorry about that in there.
Leon has been a handful
since his mum took off.
Oh, that's okay.
I'm sure I'll win him over
[sighs] Might be
a long summer, Anne.
You should feel free
to relax, you know,
and have your boyfriend up,
if you want.
- Uh, no boyfriend.
- Hm.
There's no time for that really.
You sound like Natalia.
for the no-boyfriend part.
Uh, so you haven't
heard from her either?
No, Anne. She walked out on us
six months ago.
Oh. I'm sorry.
Yeah, well...
It's been a long day.
I'm headin' in.
[boat engine revving]
If you run out of anything,
call the marina, okay?
I'll try to be back
next weekend.
[Emily] Bye, dad!
[Dominic] Take care.
- [gunfire on video game]
- [knocking on door]
[Anne] Leon?
What you workin' on?
Um, what do you want for dinner?
You look happy in this photo.
Put that back.
When's the last time
you heard from your mum?
She sent me some shit
for Christmas.
Do you mind?
That's really good.
I think I like yours better,
You should be more confident
in yourself.
My mum used to say that.
Is your mom nice?
She was nice, yeah.
[Emily] Did she die?
Yeah, when I was 15.
- That's sad.
- It's okay.
Music helps.
How about your mom? Is she nice?
[Emily] Natalia's very talented.
- At the piano?
- Mm-hmm.
That's why she left us
to go to Europe
so she could perform,
'cause that's the only place
where people appreciate
serious music.
[wind howling]
[dramatic music]
[instrumental music]
[Anne] Five, four,
[bird squawking]
[dramatic music]
- [gasps]
- [Emily chuckles]
[Anne] Hah.
[Laura] Hi there!
- Hi.
- Hey.
Uh, Chris and I are here
to pick up Leon.
Oh. Well, was I supposed
to know about this?
Dominic didn't tell you?
- No.
- Typical.
Hi, I'm Laura, this is Chris.
We just live on shore.
The kids stay with us
all the time.
Oh, cool. I'm Anne.
I've seen you before.
Have you?
This is my first time here.
[Leon sighs]
- Hey. Hi.
- [Leon chuckles]
[Anne] What about the history
essay you were doing, huh?
- What about it?
- Is this a bad time?
[Leon] It's fine!
[Anne] It's okay.
He'll finish it tonight.
Okay, I'll have him back
by 5:00. See you later.
- Bye.
- [Laura] Let's go.
[footsteps approaching]
- [piano music]
- [sighs]
[dramatic music]
[birds chirping]
[dramatic music]
[music continues]
[door opens]
[music continues]
[Laura] Bye, Leon.
See you soon, okay?
[Leon] See you later.
Leon, do you know
where your mom mailed
those Christmas presents from?
Natalia got me a paint easel.
Dad sent them, you idiot,
so we wouldn't be upset.
Hey, don't talk like that.
It's not nice.
You can't call her names.
So what did you and Chris
do today?
Mom doesn't let people in the
piano loft without permission.
[piano music]
[dramatic music]
[music continues]
[Leon] Anne?
Were you playing the piano?
Don't lie to me. I heard you.
It wasn't me.
If you're doing this
to scare me, Leon...
It wasn't me!
Go back to bed.
Go back to bed.
[breathing heavily]
[Laura] We moved to the lake
when Chris went to high school.
Plus, Barney,
he only has to go to the office
a few times a week,
so, perks of tenure.
Hey, so have you read
Dominic's book?
- Literary Orgasms?
- Yeah.
No. Actually, that was
a huge success for him. Yeah.
There was a moment there
when he was almost
as big a star as Natalia.
What happened? Why wasn't he?
Oh, I don't know.
Just had a hard time
following up, I guess.
And with Natalia always
looming over his shoulder...
that must've made things harder.
So what's your story?
Why did you leave your life
to come up here?
[Anne] Hm.
Well, it's a good place
to work on my music.
- Hm. Just like Natalia.
- Yeah.
Well, Natalia is my supervisor.
But her focus is on performance,
and mine is composition, so...
[Laura] She really is a talent.
- Hm.
- Mm.
Are the kids okay?
I mean... they miss their mom.
Look, I don't like gossip,
but Natalia and I,
we talked, for sure.
She was due for a sabbatical, so
when this visiting-professor guy
who she was seeing, um,
when he went home to Prague,
she went with him.
Why would she just
leave her kids here?
Well, technically,
it's, it's kid.
Leon's from, uh, Natalia's
first marriage.
- Emily's from Dominic's.
- Hm.
Anyway. I'm talking too much.
[dramatic music]
[instrumental music]
[Emily gasps, screaming]
[Emily screaming]
What's wrong?
- Emily?
- [Emily breathing heavily]
Sweetie, calm down,
look at me now.
[Emily] He killed Lucy!
[Anne] Who did?
[Emily] Leon! For no reason.
Well, maybe it's not Lucy.
- You think so?
- Yeah.
Sure, there are a lot
of other bunnies around here.
How about a hot chocolate?
- He's the reason she left.
- What?
[Emily] He's the reason
why Natalia left.
She hates him. And so do I.
[flies buzzing]
[Anne] Leon?
[intense music]
What the freak!
You nearly killed me
with that thing.
Yeah, well,
watch where you're going.
Leon, Emily found the rabbit.
You can't just hit me, psycho.
Get back to the house.
Screw you.
[yells] Get back to the house!
[eerie music]
[boat engine revving]
Thanks for coming.
Where is he?
[Dominic] Why would you kill
your sister's pet?
- It was just some rabbit.
- [Dominic] Okay.
Why would you kill some rabbit?
- It was an accident! Really!
- Really? Oh, come on, man!
I was just aiming at things with
my crossbow when it slipped.
Yeah, then you chose to leave it
where your sister could find it.
- Were you mad at her?
- Were you mad at me?
Why would I be mad at you?
Well, you clearly
don't want me here.
That's why you were scaring me
with the piano.
- Leon doesn't play piano.
- No, duh.
I thought
Leon was playing a trick on me.
I'm telling you, she's psycho.
[Dominic] Leon!
- [Leon] Where's she even from?
- Anne was your mother's student.
Right. So she plays the piano.
Dominic, this is ridiculous.
He nearly killed me!
Leon, go get me the crossbow.
- Now, please!
- [sighs]
I shouldn't have lost my temper
with him.
[Dominic sighs]
Don't tell me
you're actually reading that.
- It's a little over my head.
- [laughs]
So now there's a ghost
in the boathouse?
[piano music]
[sighs] That's what I heard
the other night.
Natalia was working
on that piece.
It was part of her next album.
- It was my thesis project.
- [Dominic] Really?
- Mm-hmm.
- I didn't know that.
[Anne] Took two years to write.
You know, I was so flattered
when she told me
she wanted to record it.
But then she started
changing it around
and making improvements.
That sounds about right.
I'm trying to work
on a new piece right now.
It's total shit.
[Dominic] Well, that's what
she wants you to feel.
See, Natalia doesn't really...
I don't know, she doesn't
really create a lot of room
for other people, you know?
How can you compete with her?
She's not just a professor,
she's a performer.
[Anne] A really great one.
You know what, I think
she doesn't even realize
how small she makes us feel.
Well, she's, she's gone.
For now, at least.
You should get her
out of your head.
[Dominic] Can we, uh, go
and sit outside, maybe?
I just never really liked it
up here.
- Sure.
- [Dominic] Great.
How can you stomach it?
- What?
- Being here.
If she treated you so badly.
Well, when Natalia left, I, uh,
I was working on stopped.
Had a grant that was tied
to her being my supervisor.
- And it got suspended.
- Oh...
So, that's the reason
you took the job, huh?
Grant money?
Well, it wasn't just
the grant money.
No, she gave me a studio
to work in. I...
An apartment...
a budget...
And then she took your work?
She didn't even need it.
It was all I had.
But even with all of that,
I kind of feel like
I'm out of my depth
with the kids.
Yeah, they're both hurting. I...
I don't know
how to make it better, I...
I don't know what to do.
Can you just stay?
- But why can't you stay?
- Sorry, kiddo.
I only have an hour
to get into town.
- For what?
- Honey, for some meetings.
That's why, that's why
Anne's here, right?
- She's great.
- Mm-hmm.
See you Friday.
Oh, I think I might invite
Barney and Laura
over this weekend. Maybe
Brigitte from faculty as well.
See you, kiddo.
[bird chirping]
[dramatic music]
[door opens]
[intense music]
[piano music]
[woman] Anne.
[music continues]
[Natalia on recorder]
You're losing it, Anne.
You're not fooling anyone.
[woman] Anne. Anne.
[dramatic music]
[Dominic] Hey.
You look nice.
Oh, thanks.
Are, uh, Laura and Barney
bringing Chris over?
Ah, Leon can entertain himself.
It's the adults' night for
some fun, right?
Laura seemed worried.
- [Dominic] About?
- The kids.
Ah. Yeah, watch out.
Laura is fun,
but she's a meddler.
- [door opens]
- [Laura] Hello, stranger.
[Dominic] Hey!
Hey. Come on in.
The hermit
emerges from his lair.
So how goes the summer anyway?
[chuckles] Hm. Slowly.
- Yeah, slowly, hm.
- [Barney] Well, you look good.
- Thanks. Hm.
- [Barney] Trim.
[Barney] Anxiety's
really workin' out for you.
[both laughing]
Ah, one good thing to come out
of all this, I guess.
Oh, yeah. Just one good thing,
nothing else?
- It's not like that. No.
- [Barney] Yeah? Good.
Because you know you shouldn't
be jumping into anything else.
- I'm not.
- Good.
[indistinct chatter]
[Barney] What is wrong with you?
[Dominic] Nothing.
[Barney] You-you driving a boat
like that?
[Dominic laughing]
[indistinct chatter]
[Barney] Yeah,
I like to see that.
- [intense music]
- Seriously, look.
If you need anything,
anything at all...
[glasses clinking]
You can have some, right?
I mean,
with the accident and all.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
A glass or two is fine.
- Wow.
- [both chuckling]
- Thank you. Cheers.
- Cheers.
Um, so you know Dominic
from before?
- Before Natalia? Yes.
- Yes.
I introduced them.
So then did you know
Dominic's first wife?
Well, then, uh,
why did they split up?
[Brigitte] Um, well,
they didn't.
Jemma died in a house fire.
She was lovely. A doctor.
Dominic likes
his ambitious women, mm.
[Anne] He doesn't talk
about her.
Well, it's a pretty sad memory.
I think Dom will tell the kids
when they're older.
tonight we're having fun.
How's the new book coming along?
- Mm, nearly done.
- Great.
- Really?
- Well, don't sound so surprised.
Well, it has been some time.
I mean, you should really stop
by the faculty club more often.
There's plenty of people there
who'd be interested
in knowing
what you're workin' on.
Mm, it doesn't hurt
to be a little bit
political, either.
Well, I'll take that
under advisement.
But admittedly, the kids
have been taking my focus.
Before, um, Anne, I mean.
And how has that been
working out?
Well, um, Leon nearly killed me
a couple of days ago.
- What?
- Well, it wasn't on purpose.
He had just made
this booby-trap thing.
Well, needless to say,
Leon is no longer in possession
of said booby trap.
- [Laura] Well, that's a start.
- Mm-hmm.
[Barney] Speaking
of boys being stupid...
Oh! Oh, my God, Barney, don't.
- He's obsessed! Yes!
- I am not obsessed.
[Barney] I'm just annoyed,
that's all!
Anyway, so I have this student,
and he's one of these kids who's
never worked for anything...
Something you would know
anything about?
And he hands in his story
for my short fiction class,
and I'm reading it,
and as I'm readin' it,
I realize
this is goddamn Joyce!
Barney wrote his dissertation
on Ulysses...
Yeah, I mean, if you're gonna
rip someone off,
you pick somebody obscure,
Does anybody really read
Joyce anymore, Barney? Really?
- I read Joyce.
- [Barney] Thank you, Brigitte.
Anyway, so I called this kid in
and I confront him,
and he's all like,
"Oh, professor, I didn't know,
I didn't know," and I'm like,
"Jesus Christ,
man, you've been here
for four years!
I mean, how long have you been
pulling this shit for?"
You're a real joy,
you know that?
Anyway, so I go through
all the proper channels,
I call a tribunal,
at the end of it all,
doesn't it turn out that
his parents are major donors,
and can't I just look the other
way. I mean, for fuck's sake!
How the hell is anybody
supposed to grow up
and have an original thought
But, Barney, okay,
this is where we disagree.
I mean, really,
what is an original thought
and who owns it? There's nothing
new under the sun.
All the greats knew that.
Joyce knew that.
It's called standing
on the shoulders of giants.
You, Dominic,
do you steal for your books?
- It's inspiration!
- Oh, excuse me, I'm sorry.
You, Dominic, are you inspired
to steal to benefit your work?
[Dominic] No. No.
[Barney] No.
But to Laura's point,
every great artist
has influences
and they use
pieces of their work
and bring it into their own,
[Anne] I don't know,
I think Barney's right, I think
that what's original
is what really matters.
You know, art can be subjective
and open to interpretation,
and when someone creates
something that no one else
ever has before,
it's like it's part of their DNA
that can't be owned by anybody
Or else...
What's the point of authoring
anything at all, you know?
If all you're gonna do
is repurpose, repackage
and recycle every idea
that comes to you...
I think it's dangerous.
And I think
that he should burn for it.
Burn him?
- [chuckles]
- Burn him.
Burn him. Burn him.
- [Laura chuckles]
- Burn him.
- Oh, Jesus, here we go.
- Burn him.
- Burn him! Burn him!
- Burn him.
[Anne and Bradley chanting]
Burn him! Burn him! Burn him!
Burn him! Burn him! Burn him!
Burn him! Burn him! Burn him!
Burn him! Burn him! Burn him!
- Burn him! Burn him!
- Burn him!
Burn him! Burn him! Burn him!
[dramatic music]
[singing in foreign language]
[Dominic] That went well.
Seriously. You charmed
the pants off everybody.
Especially Barney.
[chuckles] Oh. Ugh!
I don't need to think
about Barney
with his pants off, that's...
[both chuckling]
What were these nights like
when Natalia was here?
I wanna help you.
No, really. I...
I wanna make up for everything
Natalia did to you.
Well, I know that your grant's
an issue, all right?
I wanna pay for your tuition.
- Dominic...
- No, let me, okay?
It'll, it'll do me
some good, too.
[Dominic exhales]
Um, you know
that this is the week
that I have to go into the city,
I told you...
when you hired me
that I needed the 18th off.
- I don't remember.
- [chuckles] Yeah?
Listen, though, um...
What if I don't want you to go?
Then convince me.
[instrumental music]
[both moaning]
[dramatic music]
[instrumental music]
[indistinct chatter]
[piano music]
[Dominic] No, starboard,
starboard. Anne, starboard.
- Wait, what do I do?
- Ah, there, starboard. Here.
Cut the motor.
[instrumental music]
[indistinct chatter]
Whoa, there.
[indistinct chatter]
- Anne!
- Hey!
- Hey. What are you doing here?
- [Anne] Hi.
Um, I'm actually going
to the registrar's office.
I'm re-enrolling in the fall.
- [Brigitte] Oh, that's great.
- Yeah.
[Brigitte] You got in touch
with Natalia?
Uh, no, but I figured
something else out.
Oh. What's that?
Um, Dominic is paying
for my tuition.
I just need to find
a supervisor now and...
Dominic's paying your tuition?
Well, now I'm not tied
to Natalia.
But you will be tied to Dominic.
Don't you think?
- He's not like her.
- I know.
But Dominic
likes to be in control.
He's kind of all or nothing,
and it's easy to get swept up.
Anyway, it was good
bumping into you.
Just be careful.
- Well, I'll see you soon.
- Bye.
[knocking on door]
Hey. How you doin'?
[gunfire on video games]
So, how's home school going?
- Okay.
- [Dominic] Good.
[exhales] I know it's been
a bad couple of months and...
maybe I haven't been around
Look, I know,
I know it hurts like hell
when someone you love
leaves, but...
but the important thing
for you to know
is that... it wasn't about you.
You know?
It's about the guy
she was banging.
Look, just, watch your mouth,
all right?
- Where did these cuts come from?
- Nowhere.
- Leon.
- Nowhere. Let go of me.
- Don't touch me.
- Let me see.
You don't know what it's like.
You're never around,
and Anne, she's crazy.
She goes into fits.
What are you talking about?
[Anne] Is something wrong?
[engine turns off]
Have you seen the cuts
on Leon's arms?
- What?
- [Dominic] His arms.
He's been cutting himself, Anne.
He says you knew.
Dominic, he's lying.
He says
that you're have seizures.
- They're not seizures.
- [Dominic] Then what?
The meds I'm taking,
they make me sleepwalk.
What are you talking about?
What meds?
I have to take them for anxiety
since the accident.
[Anne] Uh, I'm sorry, I...
Oh, God,
I'm really feeling sick.
[Dominic] Anne? Did you know
this was happening?
[shower running]
[dramatic music]
[knocking on door]
When Leon said
that you were playing piano
in the middle of the night...
was he telling the truth?
I don't know.
It's possible.
Dominic, if you want me to go,
I will.
- I can get the money back.
- No.
[Dominic] No, no.
I don't want that.
Anne, come here. Please.
What about Leon?
he's going through something.
And I know him. He's a liar.
[boat engine revving]
[Emily] Go, Anne!
[Dominic] Anne, not so go.
[Emily] Faster! Faster!
[Dominic] Okay, Anne,
go, go, go!
Watch the buoy. Keep to
the left to the buoy up there.
- [Anne] The what?
- [Dominic chuckles]
[Dominic] The buoy.
It's like a lane, stay to the...
[Anne] Hey there,
uh, I was just wondering,
do you have any mail for me?
[woman] I have something
for 88 A-Sharp.
- Thanks.
- What is it?
It says it's for Natalia.
Open it.
It's from that producer
Natalia was working with.
It's an advance copy
of her new album.
With your sonata?
It's not mine anymore.
[crow cawing]
[piano music]
[car indicator ticking]
[music stops]
You're making me want to slit
my bloody wrists.
[instrumental music]
[Natalia] Just stop, Anne.
[Anne] I'm sorry
I'm such a disappointment.
[Natalia] Let it breathe.
[exhales sharply]
[piano music]
You're rewriting it.
[line ringing]
[Anne] Hi, this is Anne Wilson.
I'm a-a patient with you.
Is the doctor in?
I'm actually calling because
I, I need to switch my meds.
Sleepwalking is getting worse
and, um,
I'm starting to hear things.
I can't keep that matter
to my head and, um,
I have this feeling
that I've been here before.
[Emily] Who are you talking to?
I was just talking to my school.
- Laura's here.
- Okay, I'm coming.
- Want to go fishing?
- How about after Laura goes?
- When's Dominic coming back?
- Um, Friday, I think.
He's working with his editor
this week.
Is he almost done
or is that just a line
to keep us from worrying?
I don't know.
We don't really talk about it.
That's surprising.
You guys just seem so close.
Is that a problem?
What happens
when Natalia comes home?
Well, they're separated.
Anne, those kids, they've, uh,
they've been through a lot.
And Dominic,
I-I just, I really don't know
if he's... seeing right.
It's not like that.
Not like what?
Woman to woman, what do you
think's gonna happen?
I think that you're bored
and I think
that you're trying to meddle.
I really care
about this family, Anne.
I've been around a lot longer
than you have.
Trust me,
it's not gonna end well.
Dominic's confused.
You're confused.
And you know what?
I did see you here.
I'm sure of it.
I don't know
what to tell you, Laura.
I'm not going anywhere.
Oh, do you really need the net
if we're just fishing
from the dock?
[Emily] You never know. Last
summer dad and I caught a trout.
[Anne] Hey, Leon.
Here you go, sweetie.
- [Leon] Hey, that's mine!
- I'm allowed to use it.
[Anne] Maybe there's another net
around here.
- Give it.
- Leon!
- Kids, stop it.
- [Emily] I need it!
[Anne] Leon!
Please. It's important to her.
- [Emily] Leon, you idiot!
- [sighs]
- [Emily grunts]
- Oh, Emily!
Emily, let me do that.
Careful, sweetie.
- Losers.
- Am not.
- [Emily groans]
- [Anne grunts]
[dramatic music]
Are you insane?
[Natalia] Hey!
You can't just take my music.
- You're stealing it!
- [Natalia] I'm not stealing it.
Yes, you are!
You put my song on your album.
Did you think
I was a freakin' idiot?
It's called paying your dues.
If you can't understand that,
we can't continue.
[Anne breathing heavily]
[indistinct chatter]
[Monroe] So when's the last time
you saw your wife?
[Dominic] Uh, just before
She brought the kids up
for Leon's sailing regatta.
[Monroe] So you weren't
with the family?
[Dominic] No, no, I stayed home.
I had a deadline on my book.
[Monroe] What about Ms. Wilson?
[Dominic] Uh, Anne just started
with us in-in June.
So your kids were here alone?
[Dominic] No, my friend Laura
took Leon and Emily
to a sailing regatta
on Saturday,
they stayed the night
at her place on shore.
Uh, the next day when
they got back, Natalia was gone.
I came up from the city
as soon as Leon called.
I was furious
because, because I thought
that she just walked out
on them.
- Without saying anything?
- That's right, yeah.
Was that unusual?
Well... she'd been
threatening to leave.
She, uh...
She had a lover.
What do you think happened here?
Well, Natalia liked to play
piano late at night.
If she slipped
and hit her head or...
[Monroe] So it was an accident?
[Dominic] Mm, yeah,
I assume it was an accident.
Sorry, what is that
supposed to mean?
- How did you get to the island?
- Sorry?
If your wife never left,
then your boat was here.
Uh, right, yeah, I had to take
a water-taxi over.
So if your boat was here,
what made you think
your wife left?
Well, after a few days,
it, it became pretty clear.
So not when Leon called,
but a few days later?
[Dominic] H-honestly,
I don't exactly remember.
Did you know Natalia?
Yes. She was supervisor
for my masters.
[Monroe] So you have been here
before, before June, I mean.
- What? No.
- [Dominic] Uh, sorry, detective.
[Dominic] Uh, we just found out
that my wife is dead.
[Monroe] Of course.
I'm gonna head back down.
[door opens]
[dramatic music]
- Anne?
- Dom?
[Dominic] Yeah?
What are your feelings for me?
[exhales sharply]
I'm safe with you here, right?
[Dominic] Yeah. Of course.
You're safe.
So what are your feelings
for me?
Look, I'm tired. Well, here.
Here. Come,
sleep in my bed tonight.
You're okay.
Leon, try to eat something.
[Leon] I'm not hungry.
[Dominic] I know you feel
horrible. We all do.
Is that why
you've been banging her?
- [Anne] It's all right.
- No, it's not.
Apologize to Anne now. Now!
You're so unfair!
Stop telling me what to do!
I know you wish you weren't my
dad. You're just stuck with me.
I've had enough of him.
Hey. Why don't we go
for a canoe ride later, hm?
[Dominic] That's it.
Way to go, Anne.
You want to turn with me, right?
[indistinct chatter]
[dramatic music]
Let's go.
Why won't you listen to me?
- You can't do this to me!
- Hey. Hey!
[Anne grunts]
[Anne breathing heavily]
[tires screeching]
[intense music]
[instrumental music]
Emily's asleep.
Thank you.
Can I tell you something?
Sure, of course.
I love you.
Do you love me?
Anne, I feel...
I do, I, I have...
very strong feelings for you.
I just...
I can't. Right now I can't.
Well, that's not what you were
saying all those other nights.
I know.
Anne... Anne.
Stop. Anne!
Stop. Stop. Please.
I can't. I'm sorry.
You are treating me
just like she did.
- No, no. Anne, I am not.
- Yes.
Anne, Laura told me
you were here before.
Were you?
I told you I was
in a car accident that night.
[exhales sharply]
[dramatic music]
[piano music]
You're ruining it.
- [Leon] Ruining what?
- [gasps]
I can't get it out of my head.
It's okay.
[Anne] I'm so scared.
Of what?
Him. Him.
- [breathing heavily]
- [Leon] I hate him.
I hate him.
[dramatic music]
[Dominic] Kids, let's go.
This won't take more
than a couple of hours. Hey.
- I want a pink dress.
- I'm not wearing a suit.
Well, we'll have to see
what they have, there isn't
a lot of selection around here,
all right?
We'll be back soon. Let's go.
[door opens, shuts]
[cell phone vibrating]
- Hello?
- [Monroe on phone] Anne Wilson?
- Speaking.
- [Monroe] It's Detective Monroe.
Do you have a minute?
Of course.
I wanted to speak to you
about your whereabouts
last Thanksgiving.
- Why?
- A neighbor said...
They saw you and Natalia
the day she died.
Can you tell me
where you were?
Yes, um, you know,
I was actually
in a car accident.
It's affected my memory
a little bit.
[Monroe] I'm sorry to hear that,
but we're trying to sort out
the details, and we're gonna
need to talk some more.
How about you come down
to the station first thing?
Of course.
Can I get back to you?
Why don't we just say
9:30 a.m. tomorrow?
We do wanna
get to the bottom of things.
Okay. I'll see you first thing
tomorrow, Anne.
[intense music]
[music continues]
[Emily] Anne, we're home!
Come see my dress!
- [Anne] Where's Leon?
- I don't know.
Uh, by his, uh,
his camp, I guess.
Are you wearing
Natalia's lipstick?
You don't like it?
Can you talk right now?
I know
you wanna be left alone...
but I just wanted to say
that my mom died
when I was your age.
It was one of the hardest things
I had to go through.
You realize
how powerless you are
when stuff like that
gets taken away from you.
[sniffles] I don't want you
to ever feel that way.
I know Dominic hasn't been there
for you,
but I'm here, if you want.
I'm sorry I accused you
of lying.
How did your mom die?
[Anne] Car accident.
That sucks.
So does this.
[Emily] That's the thing, dad,
if I just had...
- Where are you going?
- We're going for a walk.
Just me and Emily.
I'll come.
[Emily] So, Anne,
if you imagine me on a scooter,
what color would it be?
It would be purple.
Emily, how are the bites?
Should we put some spray on? Hm?
[Emily] Yeah, I did,
but the bites still are itchy.
[Dominic] Oh, yeah?
Well, just don't scratch 'em,
[indistinct chatter]
[intense music]
[indistinct chatter]
[laptop keys clacking]
Okay. Ahem.
- How's writing?
- It's good.
I'm actually getting something
done for once, you know?
You know, makes me think maybe
I should clear this place out,
turn it into my study.
Fresh start, or something, hm?
It's a good idea.
You know, I haven't been able
to get over my writer's block.
Not since Natalia took my music.
Do you want me
to play something for you?
Um, honestly, I kind of work
better with silence.
If that's okay.
[Anne] Sure.
[laptop keys clacking]
I'm sorry for the other day.
I don't want you to feel like
you have to do anything
you're not comfortable with.
Do you mean that?
You know,
I really owe you and Natalia.
I learnt so much from her,
even though
she was... challenging.
And you've given me the gift
of going back to school.
I think
it's time for me to leave.
Look, Anne...
it's not that
I don't want you around
and-and I don't neces...
[Anne] I get it.
Maybe we could
pick things up again
when everything calms down.
Time apart is probably
what we both need.
After tonight, I'll be gone.
[dramatic music]
[breathing heavily]
[line ringing]
[Monroe on phone] Hello?
[Anne on phone] Detective!
[sobbing] I'm scared.
[Monroe] Ms. Wilson?
What's going on?
Please help me.
He's out of control.
He's losing it.
[dramatic music]
[engine starts]
[Dominic] Anne?
Hey, what's going on?
I was having a bad dream.
Are you, are you bleeding?
You okay?
- Go back to sleep.
- Oh...
Go back to sleep, Dominic.
Anne, did you drug me?
You know, I think
you're having one of your,
one of your episodes.
you're not thinking straight.
- [Anne grunts]
- Anne! Anne!
Wait! S-stop!
Just wa...
- Wake up.
- I am awake.
I'm not gonna let what's mine
be taken all over again.
Anne, I'm not taking anything.
Anne! Anne! Listen, please.
Snap out of it.
[Leon] Anne...
[Dominic] Leon?
W-what's going on?
[Dominic] Leon, listen to me.
Go back to the house
and call the police.
- He killed your mom.
- What? No. No!
[Anne] Did you know
that he was married before?
His first wife,
she died in a house fire.
- Did you know that?
- [Dominic] Leon...
[Anne] Do you think
that's a coincidence?
Listen, Leon,
it was an, an accident, okay?
No, no, it wasn't. He killed her
and killed your mom, too.
- Stop!
- You killed her?
[Dominic] No.
[Anne] He's lying.
Leon, listen to me.
Anne is not well, okay? She
needs help. Do you understand?
No. Look what he did to my face.
Um, I'd...
He did this.
[Anne] Leon, we're next.
[Dominic] What the hell
are you talking about?
She's making all of this up,
Just stop! Stop!
- [grunts]
- Hey! No, kiddo. Hey.
- [Leon groans]
- [Dominic] No!
[Dominic] No! No, no!
[Anne] Dominic?
[Dominic] Anne!
[Dominic groaning]
[Dominic breathing heavily]
[Dominic breathing heavily]
[instrumental music]
[Anne] I didn't feel safe.
He was being so erratic and...
I tried to leave.
Then he attacked me.
Um, and then Leon came
and distracted him.
And, um...
it all happened so quickly, I...
I'm sorry, um...
[Monroe] It's okay.
You've all had a long night.
Okay. Let's, uh, go over
the timeline again.
[piano music]
[music continues]
[instrumental music]
[music continues]
[music continues]
[instrumental music]
[music continues]