The Body (2019) Movie Script

Pawan. At this hour.
Have you seen the time, Pawan?
Is this the time...
What are you saying?
Are you sure?
I see.
Fine, I am coming.
Sir, this is Mr. Shikhawat.
The morgue's manager.
This is a weird case.
Did you check all the units?
All the others are fine, except for one
which we reported to you.
Did you check anything
on the CCTV footage?
Keith is checking that.
Who was on duty?
The security guard. Tara Singh.
Did you record his statement?
He's scared.
He isn't saying anything.
What do you mean by that? Where is he?
He's there.
-Tara Singh.
-What did you see here?
-Tell him what you saw.
I was sitting at my desk
watching a movie on my cellphone.
-Come on. Take it.
I always obeyed my parents.
Who's there?
Who's there?
Who's there?
Who's there?
The lock was broken from outside.
But no one came here from outside, sir.
How would you know?
You were busy watching a movie.
This is not some outsider's job, sir.
The dead woke up and walked out.
Honestly, sir.
Let me go, please.
I told you everything I saw.
Why would the ghost
have to break the lock?
He can walk right through closed doors.
Sir, he can also come back.
-Sir, please let me go.
-I see.
Until we see the CCTV footage,
no one's going anywhere.
By the way, whose body was it?
Sir, do you know Maya Verma?
-Ion Industries?
She died this morning
due to a heart attack.
The autopsy is still pending.
Which doctor attended to her?
Dr. Tanya Mehra, sir.
We've called her here.
One more thing.
How trustworthy is Tara Singh?
All I can say is that he's the only one
who volunteered for night duty.
I can't lose him, sir.
It's hard to find people.
Sir, should we check the elevator?
Does Tara Singh do alcohol or drugs?
No, sir, I never saw him
do such a thing.
We can always do an alcohol test.
-Should we?
-Go ahead.
And don't let the media
find out about this.
I am talking to you.
Sir, the hard disk's been taken out.
There are no recordings of tonight.
Why is this screen empty? The rest are...
Sir! Some cameras are out of order.
Why didn't you
replace those cameras?
I've already applied for it, sir.
This is a government building after all.
You know it takes time.
Blow harder.
How can the computer
hard disk get stolen?
Sir, please let me go.
His breath analyzer test is clear.
The dead can't get up on
their own and walk away.
Someone broke in and stole the body.
At what time did the death occur?
4:30 in the evening.
She returned this morning from Los Angeles
after a business meeting.
Tell me something about her family.
Her family is based in Mumbai.
She was born in Mauritius.
Except for her husband, there are
no other members in her family.
She was about 18
when her father passed away.
Mr. Ajay Puri.
But, Maya Verma...
Yes, sir. Maya Verma didn't
change her name after her wedding.
What does Mr. Puri do?
He's the Director at Maya's laboratory.
He also teaches at the university
as a visiting professor.
Where was the body found?
-Maya Verma's house.
-And who found it?
Ajay Puri.
Ajay Puri?
Let's begin with the wedding rituals.
What's wrong?
I don't want to get married.
It's not funny.
This is no time for jokes.
Is it something I did?
You are responsible for this.
-What is it?
-I know why you're marrying me.
It's for my money.
Why are you embarrassing me
in front of all these people?
You should have said this before.
If I had said it before,
how would this be a memorable wedding?
Come on.
Come on.
Every inch of me
Every inch of me
Every inch of me is madly in love
Every breath spells your name
You're my moonlit nights
And the shining days
My love for you is eternal
And I have no way to express it
You'll never find another lover
Like me
Every inch of me
Every inch of me
Every inch of me
-Every inch of me
-Is madly in love
I am lost somewhere
In the plethora of memories
And I have no sense
Of where I am
My breathing is hard,
And my heart is restless
And even in my restless heart,
The only image that dwells is you
My love for you is eternal
And I have no way to express it
You'll never find another lover
Like me
Every inch of me
Every inch of me
Every inch of me
Every inch of me
Every inch of me is madly in love
Every breath spells your name
You're my moonlit nights
And the shining days
My love for you is eternal
And I have no way to express it
You'll never find another lover
Like me
-Every inch of me
-Every inch of me
Every inch of me is madly in love
Every inch of me is madly in love
Every inch of me
Every inch of me
Every inch of me
Everyone came and left.
You could've at least thanked them.
By the way,
I don't know why you're so upset.
Shaina, please leave me alone.
And go back home.
By the way, you know something.
You should've called before coming here.
Don't worry. No one saw me.
Did anyone get suspicious?
I couldn't stay away from you anymore.
I had to come.
Are you okay?
I feel lonely
when you're not around.
Everything will be fine.
It must be someone wanting
to express his condolences.
I don't want to answer it.
What do you mean?
Who is this?
Fine, I am coming.
What happened? Who was that?
Maya's body has disappeared
from the morgue.
Did someone steal her body?
-Why would anyone steal her body?
-I don't know, Ritu.
Maybe the police made a mistake.
Bodies can't just disappear.
I'll go and put an end to
this drama once and for all.
Do you have to go?
If I don't go,
the police will get suspicious.
Yeah! Mr. Puri.
-Are you the one who called me?
-Yes, I did call you.
Where is my wife's body?
We checked the entire facility,
but we couldn't find the body.
How can it just disappear?
This is a secure facility, isn't it?
What have you all been doing?
We're still investigating--
The cremation is tomorrow.
People are going to come over.
Do you understand?
Mr. Ajay Puri.
We're trying our level best, sir.
We need a little cooperation from you.
Okay, do your job.
But I'll stay here
until the body is found.
Where were you?
I'm sorry, I am SP Jairaj Rawal.
-Where were you?
-At home.
Really? We sent a guard,
he said there was no one there.
That's why we had to call.
Yeah, I had a headache so
I went out to get some medication.
I see.
Don't you have a servant or a driver
to run this kind of errand for you?
-I needed some fresh air.
Which chemist was this?
I asked which chemist this was.
-I went to a 24-hour chemist close by.
-I see.
I want to ask you a few questions.
The body is missing.
And she won't walk out on her own,
Mr. Ajay Puri.
That means, someone stole her body.
Someone definitely wants to
hurt your wife even after she's dead.
Was someone bothering her?
Or, maybe some grudge...
And how does it matter?
Why would anyone steal her body?
What would you do with your enemy?
Look, Inspector.
SP Jairaj Rawal.
Everyone in Port Louis knows
that we are decent people.
You can ask your boss as well.
He knows us pretty well.
And rather than asking me questions
go and look for the body.
Mr. Puri.
Don't you find all this weird?
Have you seen the CCTV footage?
The CCTV's hard disk is missing as well.
Has a body ever gone missing before?
She owned many businesses.
In her position, personal and
social relationships are very delicate.
Think hard.
Anyone who...
There is no one.
Think hard.
I did.
There is no one.
And you?
What about me?
Did you have a grudge with someone
who might want to get back at you?
Not at all.
How is your headache now?
I'm feeling great.
I feel refreshed
after meeting you guys.
You have to wait,
I have some more questions for you.
Because there are no 24-hour
chemist shops around here, Mr. Puri.
Yeah, Ritu.
Did they find the body?
No. But you must do something for me.
The investigating officer
is very skeptical.
His name is SP Jairaj Rawal.
Find out everything you can about him.
Ajay, you can do
this job better than me.
You know a lot of people
who are in the police force.
I don't know anyone, Maya did.
I don't think I can find out anything.
Please, honey.
Check it on the internet.
Maybe you'll find something there.
Why don't you just come back?
I can't budge from here.
No, honey, but I am being questioned.
Listen, I'll call you back, okay.
I had to come.
I've never come across a case like this.
Prima facie investigation
reveals a heart attack.
I can only confirm after an autopsy.
She was scared of flying.
And she took a long flight
from LA this morning.
Sometimes, the stress of a long flight
can lead to a heart attack.
The body's missing.
So there can be no autopsy.
There is another possibility.
What is that?
Do you actually believe that
the dead body is not really a dead body?
In medical terms,
ghosts are called catalepsy.
Even after 12 hours of being
declared dead, people have come back.
Fine, even if I believe you,
it makes no sense.
If she woke up, then why
didn't she make some sort of noise?
Why didn't she ask for help?
She just got up and disappeared.
Because she wasn't alive.
Someone stole her body.
If she died of a heart attack,
how will anyone benefit
from making the body disappear?
The heart attack can be induced.
Through some sort of poison, or
through a very strong substance, right?
Do you think it was a murder?
This is an attempt
to avoid autopsy because
someone's trying to hide a murder.
And that's why you detained
Ajay Puri in the facility.
Did you notice him get emotional
while talking about his wife?
It's been ten years since Nancy died.
And yet, I talk about
her like she's still here.
Whereas his wife died today.
If he wanted to make
the body disappear,
he would've done it before.
Why would he get the body to the morgue?
If he has murdered his wife,
making the body disappear
will only make things difficult for him.
-You guys don't get it.
Try to understand Ajay's psychology.
He was afraid that the autopsy would
reveal the truth about the murder.
So, he made the same mistake
that all new criminals make.
He came back and
made the body disappear.
I am your junior, if I say anything--
Sir, I think you treat
every case very personally.
-What do you mean?
-You tend to get judgmental.
You met Mr. Puri for the first time.
And like always, you already
jumped to a conclusion
without any evidence, or witness.
Sir, the truth is,
you still haven't recovered
from the grief of Nancy's death.
It's been ten years
since that accident occurred.
That was not an accident.
Don't forget, Pawan.
He lied to us about the chemist.
-What happened?
Where is everyone?
Please sit inside.
Sir will speak to you when he gets back.
Have you seen the time?
Tell him I've to get home.
Yes, I know.
Do you even know who I am?
I do.
Take a seat, I'll go check what's wrong.
Where is yours?
I have to go to work.
So what?
I am not going to drink alone.
I am high on you.
Take your clothes off and climb in.
Maya, I just got a call from the lab.
I have to go.
It's been three weeks.
I need to talk to you about us.
Maya, I have a meeting.
Cancel it.
You're not answerable
to anyone except me.
I don't know whether I should
be happy, or embarrassed.
Were you happy, or embarrassed
with your job as a professor?
Are you counting your favors?
If you want to repay them
take your clothes off and get in.
I want to go to work feeling happy.
Not upset, alright.
You haven't left yet.
I was looking for my car keys.
They were here somewhere.
I'm glad you didn't leave.
There's no need to go to work anymore.
Ajay won't come to the meeting today.
Print his dismissal letter.
Maya, what are you doing?
Of course, I am serious.
It's my company, and I've decided.
What was that?
Now we can spend
the entire day together.
I didn't call anyone.
You get scared quite easily.
Let's have dinner tonight.
Finish work early and come home soon.
You'd be sleeping...
due to the jet lag.
I am not going to sleep.
Tonight, you're mine.
Sir, someone tampered with the fuse.
What are you doing in this room?
I heard some kind of noise.
Someone was here.
Those are Maya Verma's
personal belongings.
What were you looking for?
I told you to wait outside.
Sir, the cellphone is missing.
Why are you asking me?
Who else should I be asking? Your wife?
Empty your pockets.
Why would I take Maya's cellphone?
Will you do it?
Or, will I have to do it?
That's my cellphone, by the way.
-Now raise your hands.
-Raise your hands!
-But why?
Because I don't trust you.
Sir, he's right.
Let me do my job, Pawan.
What are you doing?
Please, we can't do this.
You will be answerable to my lawyers.
What is this?
First, answer this. What is this?
It was lying on the floor.
So, I picked it up.
The label belongs to your lab.
We supply products
to the morgue as well.
You can check any cabinet here.
You'll find many
of our products here.
What is TH16?
-It's a medicine.
-What kind of medicine?
I'll have to check. We manufacture
many kinds of medicine.
You manufacture medicines
and don't know what this is.
-I know, but...
I don't know what it exactly is.
I don't know.
This is not my department.
It's my sister calling.
She must be worried.
Yeah, Shaina.
Ajay, I found an
article on the internet.
-SP Jairaj Rawal is...
I am fine, but Maya's body is missing.
You can't talk right now?
What's going on?
I'll call you later.
Don't you save your sister's number?
It's her new number.
She must have got it today.
Can I use the bathroom?
My belongings?
Hurry up, I don't have time.
Some journalist has written
-a pretty big article on Jairaj Rawal.
Jairaj Rawal was suspended
for a few days for an alcohol problem.
Later, he was transferred here.
His wife is dead and
his daughter left him.
He was undergoing counseling
for a few days.
Rumors are that he sees his dead wife.
I knew it.
He does look crazy to me.
What's going on there?
-Someone knows something.
Who? The police?
I am not afraid of the police.
Someone broke into Maya's locker
and stole her cellphone.
And the TH16 bottle which
I threw away was in the locker.
Now the police have it.
But how is that possible?
-Did you tell the police anything?
-Have you lost your mind, Ritu?
But they will make you spill it.
Get out of there.
The bigger problem is that
except for us, only Maya could've
known what's happening with her.
And she is dead.
I did everything right.
There was no chance
she could have survived.
Could she have survived?
Do you believe that I get
emotional about my cases?
Stop looking at everyone
as the murderer.
Sometimes, accidents do occur.
But that was not an accident.
But his wife had a heart attack.
Stop looking for the murderer,
and look for the body, Jairaj.
I love you
So says my heart
Whether I am alive or not
I love you
So says my heart
Whether I am alive or not
Say it once for me
Love me beyond my imagination
Love me beyond my imagination
Love me beyond my imagination
You're late again.
Yeah, there was an accident in the lab,
so it took a while.
I called at the office.
Kriti said that you
left in the afternoon.
-I went out to collect the samples.
-I tried your cellphone as well.
My cellphone was in my briefcase
and the briefcase was in the car.
I am sorry, Maya,
I didn't see your calls.
Your body's fragrance...
There's something here.
What is it?
Grey hair.
What did you think?
You're taking a lot
of stress these days.
-Who is it?
Shaina, I've been
calling you for so long.
But you don't answer my calls.
So says my heart...
I am with Maya right now.
We're in the middle
of an important discussion.
Can I call you later?
Shaina was thinking about you.
Love me beyond my imagination
It's hard for me to admit...
that our relationship
is no longer what it used to be.
It's grown stronger.
And yet, you come home late.
Maya, what's wrong?
The song has made me sentimental.
I started thinking about us.
I am afraid of losing you.
You won't leave me, will you?
You won't leave me, will you?
I won't.
My destiny has
Only your name written all over it
Believe me
When I say it
Love me beyond my imagination
Love me beyond my imagination
Love me beyond my imagination
Love me beyond my imagination
Love me...
Beyond my imagination
He's in the toilet.
Love me beyond my imagination
Mr. Puri.
Mr. Puri.
Mr. Puri.
Mr. Puri.
Sir is calling you.
Come with me.
-I am feeling dizzy.
Give me a minute.
Mr. Puri.
Mr. Puri, come out, please.
Are you coming out,
or should I come inside?
You were in there
for quite a lot of time.
I am not feeling well.
I want to go home.
Come with us. We found a clue.
The footprints are fresh.
This is the only clue we have.
What clue is this?
Don't you know?
How would I know?
Yes, that's true.
Actually, the body has
been dragged through here.
Tara Singh told us that
there's a back door this way.
That is how we found out.
These shoe marks are absolutely fresh.
By the way, can you show me your shoes?
I like them, so I just...
You can't afford them.
I know, sir,
that's why I want to see yours.
Have you seen this place?
My feet will get dirty.
You don't have to audition
for a movie after this.
Take them off.
Let me see them, please.
I get it.
Take a look.
My sole's completely different.
So you have nothing to worry about.
Take them off.
Pawan, pay up.
You lost the bet. Now pay up.
We had a bet.
I told him that your shoes
will definitely fit this mark.
I am not the only person in this
world who wears a size 43 shoe.
Note that down.
Keith, bring him inside.
It is said that the names which are
written on sand get easily washed off.
Their love is not true.
I knew it.
That your love is not true.
You're sounding like a child.
This is just a delusion, nothing more.
Did you bring me here for this surprise?
I am leaving, bye.
Where are you going?
That's my car.
Unlock the car, please.
Take your own car.
There's a limit to jokes.
So that was the surprise.
Isn't it perfect?
I want to be in front of you
Make me your mirror
You're the definition
Of everything I say
Blame me if you want
Or complain if you like
I'll bear every pain
Only for your sake
I want to be in front of you
Make me your mirror
You're the definition
Of everything I say
You are my passion
Since I met you
I found my salvation
And that's when
The happiness in your eyes
Reflected on my lips permanently
And I found my love
Become my destiny
I've come to hold you
Hold you
I want to be in front of you
Make me your mirror
You're the definition
Of everything I say
Why is it taking so long, Keith?
Let's go.
How did the sprinklers come on?
Go and check the switch panels.
Come on, everybody,
let's go to the lobby.
I can't talk right now.
Ritu, stop calling me.
Or else, we'll get caught.
You can't imagine the condition I am in.
-Where are you?
-I am coming to you.
Don't be crazy.
I'll tell the police
that you didn't do anything.
You were with me.
Turn the car around.
-Ritu, turn the car around.
I am going back.
She's somewhere around.
I can feel her, Ritu.
She is dead, Ajay.
That's what we think.
Maybe she knew that I
was going to poison her.
And this is her trick.
Stop scaring yourself.
Ritu, why is this happening?
Why doesn't she leave me alone
even after she's dead?
-She just sent me a note.
Ritu, she must have
seen all your messages.
Maybe she knew about us.
Does she know...
You must hide.
I think your life is in danger.
Maya is planning all this.
She isn't dead.
-She is planning to kill us.
-How can she plan all this on her own?
Someone's helping her.
-I don't know.
But right now she can
do anything she wants.
And no one's going to catch her.
To hell with her money.
To hell with everyone else.
Get out of there.
Let's go somewhere far away.
There's no one here.
-I must hang up now.
-Okay, sir.
Don't call me back.
I am deleting your call logs.
Take care of yourself.
I don't understand why you're upset.
Shaina. You're still awake?
-I am scared, brother.
-What happened?
Sometimes, I see a dream
that feels like reality.
What happened?
I dreamt that Maya tried to kill me.
It seemed very real.
Brother, I am still suffocating.
That was not a dream.
She is alive.
-How is that possible?
-How do I explain it to you?
Keep your doors and windows closed.
I'll see you in the morning.
-Where are you?
Talking to your sister?
-Yes, it's her.
She must be worried.
Do you want to talk to her?
It got disconnected.
You will stay right here.
I'll be right back.
-You can't take my phone.
-Says who?
Listen! Where are you going?
Sir, someone triggered the fire alarm.
What's going on here?
I checked. It was his sister who called.
Doesn't he know anyone else
except his sister?
Sir, do you still think
he's hiding something?
He's hiding a murder!
But you won't believe me.
The lab report for TH16 has arrived.
Good, read it.
It is a cardio-toxin made from the venom
of a snake called the Taiwan cobra.
And it's used in anti-cancer
medicines in very minute proportions.
Is that all?
There must be more. Read ahead.
No, sir. It's a very lethal drug.
And if it's induced in the body, it can
cause a heart attack in eight hours.
What did I tell you?
Where are you going, sir?
Tonight, you're mine.
Only mine.
Now you know that I am the reason
behind everything that happened.
How did I get here?
This is where it all started.
And this is where it will end.
What do you want?
I want to have a drink with you.
What's in it?
Whatever it is, it's in both the glasses.
Maya, I am not a murderer.
I don't know what came over me.
You're such a coward. It's just wine.
Please don't hurt her.
It's not her fault.
She was just...
Ajay, this was my last prank.
Is anybody there?
She forgot her phone here.
Who is this?
This is the waitress
at the Trinity Night Club.
How did you get this phone?
This phone belongs to my wife.
She passed away today morning.
We used to visit that
club quite frequently.
My wife is 29 years old.
She is slim and tall.
She is dead, isn't she?
She could be alive.
She has big eyes.
-And she always orders red wine.
-I don't know.
Her friend called.
And he's coming over
to collect her phone.
Which friend?
I don't know.
Try to remember, please.
Who was that?
No one.
Who was he, Maya?
You were talking to him about me,
weren't you?
We were talking about business.
Don't lie to me.
You won't like it,
but he's my new lawyer.
New lawyer.
I need some changes in the asset
division of our marriage contract.
There you go again with your jokes.
Laugh all you want,
but you will regret it later.
Do you want everyone under your feet?
Not everyone...
just you.
I can't help myself,
it's so easy to fool you.
So, he is not your lawyer.
No. He's my psychologist.
-You need one.
-Don't get angry.
I don't understand
your sense of humor.
My wife is seeing a psychologist
and I don't know anything about it.
What's wrong with you?
I love you.
And it's driving me crazy.
Whose number is this?
I found a random phone that has
calls coming in from Maya's number.
Ajay... I am scared.
Come back soon,
and let's go somewhere far away.
Listen carefully.
Some guy called Tony is coming to
Trinity Night Club to collect her phone.
Is this important?
Why is this phone here?
And why does it have
only Maya's number?
Why did it ring now?
Why did the waitress answer the call
when I called back?
Slow down, I am confused.
Maya wants to say something.
What are you saying?
You have to find out who Tony is.
He's helping Maya.
And then what?
Then, I promise, we'll leave everything
and go somewhere far away.
Just do this one last job for me.
Go to Trinity Night Club
and follow Maya's new friend.
Sir, the door was open.
But I locked him in.
Do I carry a duplicate key?
No, you carry poison.
What do you think?
You can arrest me and
my lawyers will do nothing?
I think you're going to cooperate.
You're taking advantage
of my politeness.
Then kindly take a seat.
What else is there to talk about?
You know...
you killed your wife
by poisoning her with TH16.
And then you made the body disappear
so that you can escape the autopsy.
Am I right?
You're in the wrong profession.
You should have been a fiction writer.
And you should have been in jail.
I've done nothing.
TH16 is produced in your lab.
We found it in your pocket.
It causes a heart attack.
Your wife died of a cardiac arrest.
And you say you
haven't done anything.
Do you think I am stupid?
Do you think I am stupid?
If I had poisoned her,
why would I be carrying the
bottle in front of the police?
You don't have any
evidence against me.
You have no idea what we have.
Then find Maya's body.
Fine, tell me.
How did you meet your wife?
Trying to be my friend?
Is this a date?
I don't befriend murderers.
How did the two of you meet?
Because you have no stature
to marry a girl like her.
You have no stature
to talk to me like that.
She loved me.
And you loved her money.
I see.
What else do you know about me?
I know that you smile when you lie.
The smile is a crooked one.
When did you see her
for the last time?
This morning.
And you're not sad about losing her?
Not at all?
I've already cried a lot.
Really? Then be prepared
to cry some more.
Your wife hired a
detective three months ago.
I found this agreement
from her lawyer.
It's between her and the detective.
She also changed
the marriage contract.
What is it called?
I need some changes in the asset
division of our marriage contract.
According to your
new marriage agreement...
if you get divorced...
none of the companies
would pay you anything.
What was that detective looking for?
And only you know the answer to that.
But before your wife
could divorce you,
you killed her.
We'll prove this.
Pawan's gone to get Tony D'Costa.
He's dead.
I am telling you he's dead.
Take a look.
He was right here.
He was here.
I just saw the body.
How far are we
on the arrest warrant?
We're on it, sir.
And it will be done soon.
Ritu, why did you
call me on this number?
Ajay, it's over.
What's wrong, honey?
Get out of there!
Tell me what's wrong.
Tony D'Costa is Maya's detective.
I know.
Did you find him?
He found me.
There was an envelope
lying outside my door.
It contained a pen drive.
Wait a second.
Is his name written on the envelope?
There was no name on it.
But there's a folder on the pen drive
called D'Costa, and it has...
I am sending you the contents.
Yes, I got them.
There's more.
We were bugged.
Listen to this.
When will you do it?
Maya's leaving for LA tomorrow.
We'll have to do it
as soon as she comes back.
She is scared of flying.
It stresses her out.
And it can easily
lead to a heart attack.
Ritu, she knew about us.
This is her trick.
She wants you to know.
Because she is crazy.
She wants to scare us.
Listen, get out of there right now.
You know where to go.
I'll see you there.
But those people won't let you leave.
Your safety is more important.
But how will you get there?
I'll be there.
Don't worry about me.
What has happened, Ajay?
Why did we ever meet?
What was that noise?
Ajay, the elevator...
Are you okay?
Listen, are you okay?
Someone's here, Ajay.
Feels like someone else is here.
Ritu! Please stop thinking
about everything else.
I am with you.
I am there.
Please get here as soon as you can.
I am scared.
I love you, honey.
I can't live without you.
Me neither.
Let me go!
Where is he going?
Let me go!
-What's going on here?
-Wait, Mr. Puri.
You are in my custody.
To hell with your orders.
Someone needs my help.
-Your help?
Who do you think you are?
You have no right to question me.
Well, the police will be there.
Tell me.
Who is this girl?
Why do you think that
someone wants to kill her?
I saw Ritu for the first time
at the university.
I had gone there for a lecture.
It was not a special day.
But after I saw her, it became special.
I am familiar with your grace
There are no secrets
I can hear
The voice that's forlorn
I am familiar with your grace
There are no secrets from me
I can hear
The voice that's forlorn
I know there's a yes
Hidden in your denial
I know there's a yes
Hidden in your denial
The way you smile without a reason
And keep forgetting things
Without saying a thing
Your hints, and your excuses
For testing my patience
This unheard saga
That I just heard from you
I know there's a yes
Hidden in your denial
It was important to make a decision.
And I chose Ritu.
I know you're lying.
You don't love me at all.
You can never leave her.
And I cannot continue like this.
And let's go somewhere far away.
It wasn't going to be that easy.
You can't divorce Maya.
And you can't leave me.
You cannot do anything, Ajay.
I can get rid of her
without having to divorce her.
And keep all her money as well.
Maya can get a heart attack.
Are you crazy?
I asked Ritu for more time,
but she didn't listen to me.
And then you poisoned Maya and killed her.
You got what you wanted.
Now please take me to Ritu.
I wish you had confessed earlier.
We wouldn't have had to stay up
all night.
Maya is alive and she will kill Ritu.
Would you prefer jail or a mental asylum?
You've listened to me so far.
How about a little longer?
She was prepared.
She must have spit it out.
You don't get it.
There are neuroleptics
that dissolve in blood like water.
It slows down the pace of breathing.
The heart stops beating for a while.
And when the effect wears off,
the body returns to normal.
Only a madwoman would
take this kind of a risk.
She is mad.
She loves playing with people's minds.
And she can never accept defeat.
Please take me to Ritu now.
I am at Ajay's house.
We found the morgue's detailed plans
and the escape route.
He knew the morgue pretty well
from the inside out.
We also found his sports shoes.
The size and print match perfectly.
-One more thing, sir.
-In his house?
-Yes, sir.
-Did you send it?
I've sent the footage to Keith's mobile.
You can check it.
We found this at your place.
What is it?
How would I know how
this ended up in my home?
-Where is Maya's body?
-I don't know!
Where is Maya's body?
You're forgetting that the place
where you found all the evidence
is Maya's home as well.
Maya has set this whole thing up.
And she's laughing at me right now.
He must be helping her.
Maya has the money
and power to disappear.
Prove that Maya is still alive...
and I promise I will let you go.
How can I do that?
Listen to me.
He's turned this into a circus.
Fine, I'll see you there.
Come with me.
A female's body has been found.
Goodbye, O companion
Whether we meet again, or we don't
Goodbye, O companion
Whether we meet again, or we don't
But I shall always be yours
Goodbye, O companion
On this painful and lonely journey
May God be your benefactor
Our saga
Is so weird
You're not around
And yet, you're the closest to me
Goodbye, O companion
Even the moments without you
Get me high
Where is the body?
-Where did you find it?
-In the lake.
Okay, go ahead.
I am coming with him.
It was a good plan.
If it wasn't for the body,
I would have believed
that Maya is doing all this.
And we found no one
at the address he gave us.
There is no girl called Ritu.
We asked around.
No one knows anything
about a young girl.
Do you know what I think?
There is no Ritu in the first place.
It's just a voice in his head
that provokes him to kill his wife,
so that he can take her money.
And inform the judge
that Mr. Puri is in our custody
and we can bring him
to court whenever we like.
Bring the body.
I am coming with the dead body.
Get up.
What's happening to me?
Your eight hours are almost up.
It reminds me of my wife.
She died ten years ago.
-Nancy! Nancy, are you okay?
Those people could have saved us.
But they didn't do that.
We were still alive.
It was you and Maya.
Maya is never wrong.
Maya you are driving on the wrong side.
Let's go.
That kid has seen us.
You'll be fine. Don't be scared.
Stay here. I'll go get your mom.
I'm coming.
That day changed our lives forever.
Look at this.
Isha, my daughter.
Isha saw you at the university.
As the saying goes,
"Time heals every wound."
But revenge is a dish best served cold.
The only motivation for me
and my daughter...
for the last ten years, was revenge.
Maya can get a heart attack.
Everything that happened
to you in the last eight hours
was a part of our revenge.
Now I have your confession,
and the evidence as well.
But sending you to jail
wasn't enough punishment
for those ten long years.
So, Isha poisoned you eight hours ago...
with the same TH16 that you used
to kill Maya.
And now...
The scores have been settled.